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March 18, 2022

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Houston Indians Celebrate Yogi Win

Ricky Kej in Houston


Amitabh, Rinku in “Jhund’

The Indian American diaspora of Houston celebrated the thumping victory of Yogi Adityanath, Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh , also known as UP. This was part of a victory of the BJP party in 4 state legislature elections seen by all of India SEE PAGE 3



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Indo-American News • Friday, MARCH 18, 2022 •



March 18, 2022

Indo-American Association (IAA) Opens its 2022 Season at Wortham Theatre Center

Grammy Winner Ricky Kej Brings Post-Covid Spring to Houston

Houston: Finally, after two years of COVID winter which began in March 2020, Houston welcomed the post-Covid Spring of life with 2022 Season Opener of Indo-American Association (IAA) with none other than Grammy winner Ricky Kej from India and his team of environmentally conscious musicians. The enthusiasm and excitement for Ricky’s concert was all too palpable in the air even before his performance as people began to arrive at the Wortham Center – perhaps because of long Covid fatigue and somewhat saintly look of Ricky. As soon as the concert started, it became clear that the audience were in for a unique experience that blended the music, the imagery and the environmental context which kept everybody thoroughly engrossed and engaged. At the One Earth Concert, Ricky indeed presented “his” magical musical compositions to Houstonians. Yes, “his” music because of its uniqueness that touches the human soul. The blend of music and the images playing on the screen were too powerful whether it was the music for the river Ganga, Ma Kaveri, or elephants and deer in the forest, or human life in unknown islands in the ocean, they all conveyed the need for harmony between the nature and human. The first thing that strikes a listener about Ricky’s music is that he is NOT a run-of-the-mill music composer from Bollywood film industry. His music is not simple “tunes” of Indian popular songs, nor does it trigger a dancing urge. But it really represents serenity and spirituality the way it presents and portrays nature. Be it Ganga or Kaveri River, wild animals, or other creatures of nature on earth, it makes the listener part of them. It portrays mother nature not just through a visible picture or photography but through sound waves energy that also appeal to the human senses to bring the nature alive. No wonder the song entitled “Celebration of all creations” was a real hit along with “We are Together” – the lights’ song which concluded the evening. Ricky was accompanied by other Grammy Nominees including Lonnie Park and musician Keith Middleton of “Stomp” from New York. The stage artists also included Ricky’s associates Varijashree Venugopal and Shivaraj Natraj from Bangalore, India along with a group of musicians from Fine Arts Strings of Houston. Indo-American Association Houston (IAA) is a non-profit 501 © (3) organization incorporated in

the State of Texas in 1993, has presented many cultural and performing arts programs from the Indian sub-continent during its 29 years history to preserve the awareness of Indian cultural heritage for future generations of Indo-Americans and to enrich the cultural diversity of Greater Houston. The 2022 Season Opener of IAA with Ricky Kej was in keeping with the quality tradition of IAA, and will be continuing with performance of Abby V, the award winning singer, songwriter and music composer; Rasika Shekar, versatile queen of flute and Nightingale of Music; Rukmini Vijaykumar, chor e o g r a p h e r, Bhartanatyam dancer and film actress; Andean-Indi*/5&(3*5: an…Melody of Folklore from South America and India featuring VictorMurillo, Louis Quintano, Edwardo Cassipia, Pt. Gouri Shankar and Indrajit Bannerjee; Renowned violinist Dr. L. Subramaniam and Houston Symphony; Indian Ragas…Making Classical 3$8/,1( $33(/%$80 Cool; Ustad )250(5 ',675,&7 )250(5 86&,6 )250(5 ,00,*5$7,21 )250(5 ',675,&7 )250(5 &2168/ $662&,$7( 5(*,21$/ ',5(&725 2) -8'*( ',5(&725 2) *(1(5$/ &2816(/ Shujaat ,00,*5$7,21 ,00,*5$7,21 Khan, the G r a m m y ANDHRA MIRCHI HUM FM MASALA RADIO RADIO MIRCHI Award Nomi107.5 FM - HD-3 106.1 FM 1050 AM 98.7 FM nee; and Ye TUESDAYS THURSDAYS EVERY 2ND SUNDAY TUESDAYS 4:00 - 4:20 PM 4:00 - 4:30 PM 3:10 - 3:40 PM 1:00- 1:30 PM Jo Desh Hai Mera….Cel$&/53"- 5*.& ebrating Gan-*7& dhi Jayanti in !' ' % '%) %' ) !' !> %*'# %! =! # collaboration % )= ' # $ !* ' % ' # $ !' ' ! & '# =! # & ! ' # )%# #$ % !' ! = @' with Eternal !" # $ '3&& !' ' %*'# %! &$* % % ! % Gandhi Mu$0/46-5"5*0/4 A > !& B ! = @' # % " # $ seum Houston !' ' *%! # !& >!' C# #& % 5)634%":4 (EGMH). ?#& % A > !& B ! = @' ¾ 46("3 -"/% 59 # &'# %(# %! Detailed ? ' !> '%)# %*'# %! #7" ' !)%# %! .0/%":4 , 0 % ) /4.4 information !' # %! ¾ "5-"/5" (" '! %$% * ' ' # %! >!' # #$%# %*'# %! on these pro ='!&*= !&' #D %# % # #$# grams is avail!#'$ ' % # ) ' /1 # *&#* !E ?" = @' F #G able on Web " & site: www. IAAHOUS % %*# %! TON.ORG. Chandra K. SHIVANTI T. WILLY # #$%# %*'# %! ATLANTA MANAGER ] Mittal, PhD, is 7% "6*'7 ) )! % %*'# %! 6*'7 ) )! a co-founder of the IndA m e r i c a n Willy, Nanayakkara and Associates remains in full operation during this global health event. Attorneys, legal assistants Association and support staff will be available via phone and / or video conferencing between 8:30 AM and 5:30 PM CST. Thursday free consultations can also be scheduled by phone and video. Please contact us at (281)265-2522 or visit our website at www.grwpc. (IAA).

By Chandra K. Mittal

com for more information.

Indo-American News • Friday, MARCH 18, 2022 •


March 18, 2022


Yogi Victory Celebration at Houston’s Hillcroft Houston: Last Sunday March 13, Hillcroft Avenue in Houston TX was resonating to the sound of drums and chants of Hanuman Chalisa that one would usually associate with the streets of Varanasi or Prayagraj or Gorakhpur in Uttar Pradesh State in India. What was the reason ? The Indian American diaspora of Houston were celebrating the thumping victory of Yogi Adityanath , Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh , also known as UP. This was part of a victory of the BJP party in 4 state legislature elections seen by all of India as a victory for good governance, law& order, and inclusivity Yogi as he is popularly known just completed his first term as the democratically elected Chief Minister of UP and was reelected to a second 5-year term with a resounding two- thirds majority (275 out of 403 seats) in the UP State Assembly (legislature). He was elected on his track record of restoring law and order in a state that was known for its huge amounts of crime, his quelling of scores of mafia gangs that went around the state terrorizing people under previous UP state governments, infrastructure development of UP that had languished in the last 10% of Indian states in infrastructure since 1947, his adroit handling of the Covid epidemic, and his good governance of UP – a state with a population of 240 million people. If UP were a country it would rank sixth in terms of population and its electorate would rival that of the US in numbers. A few examples of his life altering people centric governance in his first 5-year term are as follows: 1. 14.78 million new gas connections to families who were us-

ing wood burning stove that cause respiratory illnesses among the women of the house 2. 4.3 million new houses to people who were living in huts and who had never known a solid roof over their heads 3. Muslim women were afforded protection from the dreaded Triple Talaq which allowed a man to divorce his wife by simply saying the word talaq (divorce) thrice. What relation does all this have to the Space City Houston and its inhabitants? Houston is home to 300,000 Indian Americans who are all vested in improved relations between the city of their work (Karma Bhumi) and the largest state in the land of their birth (Janmabhoomi) namely UP. They want to increase the people to people contact between Houston and Texas on one hand, and UP on the other. The want to increase the presence of American companies from Texas and Houston in UP under the make in India program started by Prime Minister Modi and being aggressively implemented by CM Yogi. They want to increase the tourism from Houston and Texas to the holy and historic cities of Varanasi, Ayodhya, Mathura, Sarnath, Prayagraj

and many others. They want to take their friends from Houston and show them what a great place UP is and promises to be under the leadership of Yogi. So, a band of motivated Indian Americans took it upon themselves to celebrate this great and deserved victory by Yogi on March 13 in Houston. The rousing tunes of the ancient and great prayer Hanuman Chalisa and shouts of Jai Shri Ram, & Bharat Mata Ki Jai (Victory to Mother India) rent the air. Drums that reminded one of war drums on the ancient battlefield of Kurukshetra (of Mahabharat epic fame) and festival drums on the modern streets of Varanasi & NOIDA made people sway to their lilting rhythms. Snacks and sweets were distributed to all passersby celebrating what Indian Americans hope will be the start of a great journey to cement the relationship between Varanasi the most ancient and longest continuously inhabited city of the world and the holiest city of Hinduism, and Space City Houston which is their adopted home. The hope is that there will be a long people-to-people, commercial and diplomatic bridge between Houston and UP that will outlast governments and result in a mutually beneficial relationship. It would also serve as an example to the world of how a non-corrupt, progressive, people centric, good governing, government, could lift 10s of millions out of poverty and provide a sustainable way of existence going forward. That is an idea that most people could support, especially the people of the world’s oldest democracy and the world’s largest democracy – natural allies, and partners in an everchanging world !

Pradeep Sulhan, P.C.

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Indo-American News • Friday, MARCH 18, 2022 •



March 18, 2022

YLDP Houston Students Learn about Defining Strategic Leadership

By Prisha Menon Houston: When we think about the process of growing a plant, we gravitate immediately towards the factors that are necessary to help the plant prosper in its selective environment. Though certain areas can only provide specific resources, through natural selection, only a few are able to survive. Like these plants, we humans require certain characteristics to grow in our journey towards becoming our best selves, despite the environments we are placed in. Therefore, in a group environment, those that exhibit determination through strategic thinking are the ones that can rise above the rest and ultimately work more effectively. Strategic thinking- the art of considering multiple perspectives while also embracing a growth

mindset. A question that many people tend to ask is the differentiation between what makes a strategic thinker successful from others. To answer this, we can visualize a staircase. Through this staircase, we find many different paths that lead us to a certain destination: one may have obstacles, while another may take a much longer path. As Mrs. Soumya Seetharam stated in her talk with us in YLDP (Youth Leadership Development Program) of Houston, “this staircase can go in lateral directions”, but the strategic thinker is able to take the most efficient path through their ability to seek discomfort and create shared visions. The act of seeking discomfort is an essential part of strategic culture which allows a team to prosper. Looking back into ancient Greek art, we see a consistency of idealized figures that draw people

to the conception that everything was perfect in their society. In contrast, the art piece by the name of The Seated Boxer from the Hellenestic Greek period showcases the naturalistic stance of a boxer who has been bruised. Through this representation of discomfort, we can understand that society is not just what we limit it to be: with this ability to step outside their comfort zone, an individual can bring in different perspectives because of integrating oneself into new experiences.

Communication is a vital aspect expressed in a strategic thinker. With a leader being able to create a shared vision for an entire team through their consistent communication, it keeps the team from polarizing and getting off track from the end destination. A strategic culture is one in which people are not reticent but assertive in their presentation of ideas, which allows them to learn from one another even in a competitive environment. Uniqueness is a quality that we cannot disparage. Accordingly, a strategic thinker is one that can utilize these uniquenesses to grow with the tenacity for the team effort.


Indo-American News • Friday, MARCH 18, 2022 •

March 18, 2022

Indo-American News • Friday, MARCH 18, 2022 •



March 18, 2022 A Magical Confluence of Dhrupad and Carnatic Music

Classical Arts Society’s “Dikshita Dhruvapada” By Vidhwan TV Ramprasadh Houston: When The Classical Arts Society of Houston wanted me to perform an exclusive Muthuswami Dikshithar concert, I was extremely happy, more due to the fact that I belong to the lineage coming out of Muthuswami Dikshitar (17751835). I am a student of S. Rajam, who had his training from Ambi Dikshitar (1863-1936), the son of Subbarama Dikshitar (1839 -1906), who in turn was the grandson of Balaswami Dikshitar (1786 -1859), the brother of Muthuswami Dikshitar. I proposed that we do a concert which I have named ‘Deekshita Dhruvapada’, based on the fact that Dikshithar, an orthodox South Indian classical music composer composed these compositions in a style totally alien to the shores of Cauvery river in Tanjore. He drew so much from his influences from Dhrupad, while living in Varanasi for five of his early years with his Guru Chidambaranatha Yogi. My understanding of the Dhrupad influence on Dikshithar started in Chennai in the year 2004, when I started interacting with Dr. V.V. Srivatsa, a great authority in the music of Dikshithar. He introduced me to Ramkali and the treatment to be given to the Raaga and Kriti. The exploration of krithis of Dikshitar which have a Dhrupad influence has led me to work on an entirely new dimension of music, which I would not like to classify under Carnatic Music or Dhrupad or Khayal Music, but rather pure classical music - deep, immersive, meditative and inclusive in nature. Here the rasa of the raaga was more important to me, than the progressions which my training in Carnatic Music would naturally draw me to. If Dikshithar could compose this genre of composition in the 18th century he must have had a definitive vision of what he was creating. I have extended my ex-

CLASSICAL ARTS EXCELLENT SALES OPPORTUNITY Established insurance agency in SW Houston looking for young sales representative

English/Hindi/Gujarati speaker preferred

Will train. Salary plus commission Call 832-661-3233 or email resume to

Saturday, March 19, 2022 from 10 am to 12:45 pm via Facebook.

plorations keeping his compositional style and the most important thing in my mind was to sing in a manner which would do full justice to the composer. I am sure all connoisseurs of music – Hindusthani music and Carnatic music or even those not initiated into Indian Classical music, will find enjoyment in this concert, especially for the meditative quality in the selections offered.

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Indo-American News • Friday, MARCH 18, 2022 •

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Send us the correct answer before March 22, 2022. Email us at Please send us your solved Sudoku for your name to be published.

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March 18, 2022


‘Jhund’: A Film about Sports and the Game of Life By Rachana Dubey

STORY: Former sports coach Vijay Barse invests his time and hard-earned money to train underprivileged kids in football, to keep them away from drugs and crimes seeded in Nagpur’s underbelly. REVIEW: There’s a pink-andwhite wall, with iron fencing in most parts. It has a gate, which is locked and is being guarded to bar people from the adjacent slum to tion? Do some of them or all of One of the centrepieces of the cross over to the other side where them get a chance to leap onto the film is the subtlety with which the educated and wealthy families other side? All this and more is an- several issues including caste didwell. That image, metaphorically, swered through in the near-three- vide, societal judgements, class indicates the zone that this film hour runtime of the film. difference, economic difference is venturing into. It’s underlined As a writer and director, Nagraj and women’s education and rights further with the closing visual of Popatrao Manjule manages to hold are interspersed into the screenthe film, where an airplane is seen one’s attention for most part of the play. The downside is that some flying right above the hutments of film, however, the pace slackens of these issues divert the attenMumbai’s slum area. in the second half, and it could do tion of the proceedings, breaking Nagraj Popatrao Manjule’s with a tighter edit. Also, what one the overall rhythm of the story. -Jhund is not an outright sports does rue is that the pre-interval is Times of India biopic, even though it follows high on energy and the post-interWords are seldom sufficient to the usual beats of a good sports val run is high on drama – a bal- describe how wonderfully Amdrama. The film is a commentary ance there could have earned the itabh Bachchan aces the roles he on what we as a society can do to film a few more brownie points. chooses to play. This time, he’s a help the have-nots identify their There is a smattering of some retired sports professor who, deplus points and cross the bound- colourful characters in the first spite hurdles and financial shortary to leap onto the other, bright- half which adds to the energy and comings, invests himself and his er side. Amitabh’s Vijay Borade even induces humour. While the hard-earned money to protect and (modelled on Vijay Barse, a retired narrative moves addressing sev- nurture kids from the slums of sports professor Vijay Barse, who eral issues, there is adequate effort Nagpur. Here again, he has perfect has trained countless street kids in to show some engaging on-field and complete command. football and formed an NGO Slum sports, too. The arcs and storyThis one’s a dramatic sports Soccer) speaks adequately about loops for every spotlighted charac- film, which may not have the it in a crucial part of the film, set ter have been crafted well; again, typical thrilling moments around in Nagpur’s bylanes, shot wonder- it would have had a greater impact every corner, but the point it tries fully (Sudhakar Reddy Yakkanti). a lot more if the editing was more to drive home will definitely kick The camera slickly romances the focused. your insides hard. -- ToI city’s landscape, especially the jhopadpatti (slum) where PART TIME NEWS most part of the film is set. PHOTOGRAPHER Although the proceedings in this KTRK-TV, the Disney owned television station in Houston, TX is looking piece begin at a for a creative, hard-working, and dedicated part-time News Photographer/ modest pace, they Editor. pick up wind in no time. Vijay Borade Responsibilities is on the cusp of retirement from his • Shoot and edit news stories and breaking news in a fast paced, deadjob as a sports proline-driven environment fessor in college, but • Work as a team or independently to portray compelling stories from in no mood to hang concept to completion his boots yet. He’s motivated enough to Basic Qualifications conduct adult education classes in his • Demonstrate good news judgement house for the locals • Proficient in lighting, audio and non-linear editing for television news at his own expense. • Experience operating a live truck The opposition from • Team player with exceptional work ethic his son, aiming for education abroad, is Required Qualifications evident but understated. When kids in • Two years television news experience a neighbouring slum • Clean Driving Record catch Vijay’s atten• The ability to work under deadline, multi-task and prioritize assigntion while playing ments football with a plas• Must be able to lift and carry minimum of 30 pounds of equipment tic barrell, he begins • May require standing for long periods of time to coach them in the • Flexibility to work any shift/any day including weekends and holidays game, which graduand business dictates ally distracts from their life which is riddled with crime Required Education and drug addiction. •High School Diploma But how far does he really go? Do they For consideration apply on-line at:, Req. # all give up their life 939816BR in the dark alleys Equal Opportunity Employer Female/Minority/Veteran/Disability/Sexual Orientation/Gender Identity of crime and addic-

Job Posting

Indo-American News • Friday, MARCH 18, 2022 •



March 18, 2022

India Restores Pre-Covid Visa Services

New Delhi: The government on Wednesday restored all currently valid five-year etourist visa given to citizens of 156 countries and regular paper visa to nationals of all countries with immediate effect. These visas were suspended since March 2020 following the Covid-19 outbreak. Officials also said all currently valid old long duration (10 years) regular tourist visa given to nationals of the US and Japan have been restored. Fresh long duration (10 year) tourist visa will also be issued to the US and Japanese nationals. “The government took the step keeping in view the improvement in the Covid-19 situation in the country and considering the need for further relaxation of visa and travel restrictions,” the ministry of home affairs said. Nationals of these 156 countries will also be eligible for issuance of fresh e-tourist visa as per the Visa Manual, 2019. Currently, valid regular (paper) tourist visa with validity of 5 years, issued to foreign nationals of all countries, which remained suspended since March 2020, shall stand restored. Fresh regular (paper) tourist visa up to five years validity will also be issued to the nationals of the eligible countries subject

to the restrictions imposed from time to time, the official said. Currently, valid old long duration (10 years) regular tourist visa which too remained suspended since March, 2020, shall stand restored for the nationals of USA and Japan. Fresh long duration (10 year) tourist visa will also be issued to the nationals of USA and Japan. The foreign nationals on tourist and e-tourist visas will be able to enter into India only through designated Sea Immigration Check Posts (IPs) or Airport ICPs by flights, including those under the ‘Vande Bharat Mission or ‘air bubble’ scheme or by any flights as allowed by the DGCA or Ministry of Civil Aviation. In no case, the foreign nationals will be allowed to enter through land border or riverine routes on tourist visa or e-tourist visa. The government instructions will not be applicable to Afghanistan nationals who will continue to be governed by the separate instructions issued by the Union home ministry regarding grant of -eEmergency X-Misc visa, the official said. -- ToI with inputs from agencies 'BNJMZ 0XOFE 0QFSBUFE 4JODF


. ' 4BU QN

12900 Cypress N. Houston, Cypress, TX 77429 BGUFS t XSFDLFS hours


Indo-American News • Friday, MARCH 18, 2022 •

March 18, 2022

A legacy to honor, roots to remember. Your life is filled with love, honor and rituals that will be passed through many generations. By making your funeral, cremation and cemetery arrangements before the time of need, you can ensure your personal legacy lives on. Dignity Memorial® professionals can help you plan every detail.



Indo-American News • Friday, MARCH 18, 2022 •




March 18, 2022

Sivaratri Prayers Energize All at Chinmaya Mission’s Saumyakasi Sivalaya

By R. Thatte, J. Mistry In a cherished annual tradition, Sri Saumyakasi Sivalaya at Chinmaya Mission Houston (CMH) celebrated Maha Sivaratri on Monday February 28th, followed by Maha Mrtyunjaya Homa on Saturday March 5th. With the pandemic still looming in the greater Houston area, Chinmaya Mission Houston organized the event following all CDC guidelines and safety of devotees in mind. Monday’s full day program started with Mahanyasa Purvaka Rudrabhiseka in the morning. The entire altar around the Sivalinga was adorned with varieties of vegetables and the resplendent form of Lord Siva towered above with His nourish-

ing and soothing smile. The main celebration featured the Mahanyasa chanting performed for the purity of body and mind and was followed by the Rudrabhisheka. On that most sacred morning, the vibrations of auspicious chanting along with the meaningful rituals stilled the minds and purified the senses of all who had gathered to pray at Saumyakasi Sivalaya. Since the number of devotees that could be in the Sivalaya was restricted, across the Sivalaya, inside the Chinmaya Smriti hall, more devotees participated in a concurrent Rudrabhiseka conducted by Sri Raghuram Bhat of Sri Krishna Vrundavana. A replica of the Shivalinga as worshiped at India’s Kashi Vishwanath Tem-

ple was also placed in the temple courtyard for devotees to offer their Ksirabhiseka, and this year, Mother Nature provided pleasant weather throughout the day, making it a very happily blessed experience for devotees. After the morning session of prayers, the chief priest Sri Ganesh Sathyanarayana continued the Sivaratri prayers with the Laghunyasa purvaka Ekadasa Rudrabhiseka starting at dusk. As the Sivalaya resonated with Rudram Chamakam and other holy chanting, devotees were immersed in the divine aura of Lord Siva’s Grace. A beautiful array of lamps arranged in the shape of a Sivalinga in front of the altar made the glowing face of the Lord of Saumyakasi shine on in

the hearts of those who lingered at the Sivalaya full of devotion. The significant evening of sacred bliss concluded in pure silence with midnight meditation. This year, the temple saw a substantial increase in the number of devotees visiting the Sivalaya as compared to the previous year. Pre-registration was required to book darshan time in advance, and most of the devotees followed this guideline. However, no devotee was turned away due to lack of registration as the CMH volunteers diligently assigned available time slots via on-site registration. Later that week, on March 5th, about 100 families congregated again in Chinmaya Smriti Hall to participate in the annual Maha

Mrtyunjaya Homa performed for the physical and spiritual well-being of all. Every year, this powerful prayer to invoke God’s Grace reassures devotees that any hardship of the body, mind, or intellect is overcome through faith and devotion to the Lord Siva who symbolizes the immortal auspiciousness. The Sivaratri celebrations were also streamed online on Chinmaya Mission Houston YouTube channel. Over the past two years, Chinmaya Mission has been adapting to the evolving pandemic situation, providing emotional and religious support through its activities. For further information on activities of Chinmaya Mission Houston, contact Jay Deshmukh 832.541.0059 or Bharati Sutaria 281.933.0233.




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March 18, 2022


Indo-American News • Friday, MARCH 18, 2022 •



March 18, 2022

Indo-American News • Friday, MARCH 18, 2022 •

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