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Bechardas Thakkar

India Culture Center celebrated India’s 73rd Republic Day event in a spectacular way on January 30th via Zoom, Facebook Live and Youtube Live with over 250 attendees watching the event live across the channels. See article on Page 2 and photo collage on Pages 6-7.

P2, 6-7

Bechardas Thakkar, the owner and the president of East West International Inc. Hillcroft Avenue, Houston, left his human body for his onward Journey on January 19, 2022.



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Indo-American News • Friday, february 4, 2022 •



February 4, 2022

ICC Celebrates Republic Day with Engrossing, Virtual Video Production By Vandana Gadde Houston: The India Culture Center celebrated India’s 73rd Republic Day event in a spectacular way on January 30th via Zoom, Facebook Live and Youtube Live with over 250 attendees watching the event live across the channels. ICC President, Jasmeeta Singh, ICC Secretary, Santosh Verma, ICC Director & Event Chair, Pavana Gadde, Event Co-Chair Dr. K.D. Upadhyay, ICC Board of Directors, ICC Board of Trustees and event planning committee had meticulously planned the event to be a high-quality video production, made to be thoroughly entertaining for the Indo American Houstonians. Renowned Kathak dancer Guru Kumar Sharma and his dance troupe, Kathak Rockers, were specially invited to perform at the event. Sharma is well known for performing in many dance Reality Shows, including the popular ‘Chak Dhoom Dhoom’, ‘Jhalak Dikhlaa Jaa’, ‘I Can Do That’, India’s Got Talent, Dance+, India’s Dancing Superstar. He and his dancing troupe have performed in more than 60 national and international shows. Kumar Sharma and team performed several incredible traditional and fusion dances at the event with breathtaking backdrops and gorgeous outfits. The highlight was Kathak Rockers performing fusion dances for “Despacito” and “Shape of You” which garnered much excitement from the viewers. Several dignitaries graced the event including the Consul General of India, Houston, Aseem Mahajan; Houston Mayor, Sylvester Turner; Fort Bend County Judge K.P. George; Stafford City Council Member, Alice Chen; Houston City Council Member, District J, Ed Pollard and Stafford City Council member, Ken Mathews. Talented artists from Houston area dance schools, Infused Performing Arts, Story Tellers School of Dance, Nritya Kalpna team, Kalpna Bora and team, Virtuosi of Performing Arts by Keka Kar, Uma Nagarsheth and dance team performed beautiful patriotic dance performances. It was remarkable to see the excellent dances choregraphed beautifully. In concluding, the event was enriched by a magnificent show case of New Year celebrations from different parts of India – North, South, East, West – showcasing diverse cultures and traditions from various regions of India. Artists and actors showed the rituals followed during the new year festivals across India wearing traditional outfits from each region. It was a beautiful display of customs and celebrations.

way in a virtual setting. The entire event was prerecorded and played across several online channels to preserve the high quality video production. “Great program, we thoroughly enjoyed it” commented one viewer on Zoom. “Wonderful show executed with complete perfection” another remarked. Overall, the ICC India 73rd India Republic Day event was well received with compliments from viewers across all channels.

The ICC appreciated the support and generous donations from its sponsors: Malik Jamal from Discount Power; Rajiv Bhavsar, ICC Trustee from Wallis Bank; F. Sabir from FS Group; Gujarati Samaj of Houston; ICC Board of Directors; ICC Board of Trustees and ICC partnering organizations, for making the great even showcase possible. The ICC celebrated this Republic day in a grand and unique


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Indo-American News • Friday, february 4, 2022 •

3 EGMH Observes Shraddhanjali: A Tribute to Mahatma Gandhi


Houston: Eternal Gandhi Museum Houston, EGMH, along with Arya Samaj Greater Houston, Unity Houston, Ismaili Jamatkhana Center and other organizations commemorated 74th martyrdom anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi for truth and nonviolence as Shraddhanjali, a tribute to Mahatma Gandhi on Sunday, January 30, 2022, at Arya Samaj Greater Houston. Mahatma Gandhi said “I shall conquer untruth by truth. And in resisting untruth, I shall put up with all suffering.” He was never afraid of death. Currently, the world is encountering several challenges including intolerance, impatience, and terrorism. It is essential to follow the ideas and principles of Mahatma Gandhi, especially truth and nonviolence, not only to achieve international peace and prosperity, but achieve the same within one’s own heart. Eternal Gandhi Museum Houston is a non-profit organization whose mission is to promote the universal values of truth, nonviolence, love and service. The Shraddhanjali program started at 3:00 pm with a gracious welcome by Sanjay Jain, President of Arya Samaj Greater Houston and also a member of Board of Trustees of EGMH. Dr. Rakesh Agarwal was a brilliant Masters of Ceremony for the program, which initiated with an Invocation from Rev Mindy Curtis, former Associate Minister at Unity Houston, Acharya Dr. Suryanarayan Nanda of Arya Sam-

aj of Greater Houston and Zainab Khuwaja-Khawaja-Ali representing Shia Imami Ismaili Muslim Community. As a symbol of purity, truth, knowledge and understanding, the symbolic Diva was lit by distinguished guests in attendance including Consul General of India Aseem Mahajan, Sita Kapadia and Atul Kothari. The program started with a beautiful rendition of the bhajan Prabhu Ji Hamey Prem Sagar Se Bhar Do (O’ God fill us with unfathomable love) by Smriti Shrivastava, director of Swar Sangam School of Music and the precious children of the DAV Montessori School and DAV Sanskriti School of Arya Samaj Greater Houston. Next, on behalf of Congressman Al Green’s office, Mr. Sam Merchant presented a Certificate of Recognition to the Trustees of EGMH. Fifth grader Ayushi Kawedia from Austin Parkway Elementary School, was the 2nd place winner of the annual Mahatma Gandhi Week speech contest. She delighted the audience with her winning speech, “My thoughts on

February 4, 2022

Global Warming.” Consul General of India, Shree Aseem Mahajan was the Guest of Honor and he addressed the audience with his thoughtful speech on the significance of the martyrdom day and the significance of Azadi Ka Amrit Mahotsav. The talented Kamal Haji, Director of the Zikr Band, presented a beautiful rendition of “Allah” and “Lab Pe Aati Hai Dua” (I sing this prayer from my heart) and “Allah Tu Hazir” (God you are present) bringing tears of joy in the eyes of many in the audience. Next was inspiring video messages from Fort Bend County Judge K P George and Houston City Mayor, Sylvester Turner. Dr. Manish Wani, Co-Founder and a member of Board of Trustees of EGMH, gave an informative update of the museum with a brief video glimpse of the ongoing construction and interior design of the museum. The program concluded with a vote of thanks by Co-Founder and

a member of Board of Trustees of EGMH, Mr. Atul Kothari. Swar Sangam School of Music,

directed by Smriti Srivastava, then sang Vaishnav Jana To and Raghu Pati Raghav Rajaram while everyone in the audience came up to the garlanded picture of Mahatma Gandhi to pay their respect. A short reception followed with tea and snacks. We do sincerely apologize that due to technical difficulties, we were unable to show the program virtually on YouTube Live. The video of the program will be made available on our EGMH YouTube page soon. For a virtual tour of the museum please visit https://egmh. org/virtual-tour/

HGH Chairman Dev Mahajan Retires, New Chairman is Rasesh Dalal Houston: Hindus of Greater Houston wishes to announce its Chairman Shri. Dev Mahajan retiring from the HGH Advisory Council after having served his 10-year tenure. Upon his retirement, Shri Rasesh Dalal, VPSS will assume the role of Chairman of the Advisory Council. HGH held a meeting at Arya Samaj on January 22nd, 2022. Sanjay Jain, President, Arya Samaj of Greater Houston welcomed all and thanked the services of Shri. Dev Mahajan for over a decade. Thara Narasimhan, President of HGH, thanked Shri Dev Mahajan who has been Chairman and member of the Advisory Council for many years and a pillar of support for HGH. She particularly highlighted some of the key programs introduced by Dev Ji to HGH and presented a slide show of pictures, noting that Dev Mahajan was part of the very first BOD of HGH in 2001. Partha Krishnaswamy, Past President of HGH thanked Dev Mahajan for his leadership and vision. He particularly thanked Dev Mahajan for being the visionary to bring Hindu leaders and subject matters experts together virtually during the first months of the COVID pandemic. Sharad Amin, Past President of HGH noted that

under the visionary doer, highly principled leadership of Dev and decisively dependMahajan, HGH was able. He is the finest as a transformed from a leader can be, and HGH concept of “Unity in has been fortunate to Variety” to “Unity benefit from him at the in Diversity”. HGH helm, and to have a perwhich was originally fect role model to emujust conducting anlate”. As a required parnual Janmashtami liamentary procedure, events, blossomed he proposed the names into a much larger of the new leaders of umbrella, engaging HGH Advisory Counwith the interfaith cil – Rasesh Dalal as community, youth the Chairman and G.N. awards, and several Prasad as vice-chair. Outgoing HGH Advisory Council Chairman Dev Mahajan matters of the Hindus with incoming Chairman Rasesh Dalal. Thara Narasimhan secat large. onded the proposal and In his speech, Dev Mahajan HGH can emulate, he noted. He the attendees overwhelmingly aphighlighted the fact that Rasesh thanked his wife Sushma Mahajan proved the names Dalal was the key contributor to for being supportive of all his efRasesh Dalal accepting his the virtual meetings during the ear- forts while the audience respond- nomination as the Chairman of ly stages of COVID. He brought ed in a standing ovation thanking Advisory Council said that HGH up the need for engaging youth her services. He stressed the im- primarily brings all the Hindus tothrough HGH Youth Awards and portance of financial commitment gether under one umbrella in the Hindu Youth Camp. He thanked and contributions to HGH from all Greater Houston area. Irrespective Vijay Pallod and his family for the participating organizations and of being members of 37 different being key supporters of youth temples and added that it is crucial temples across Houston, the core causes. He highlighted the Arya to the long-term sustenance and tenet of Hinduism remains the Samaj Youth volunteering servic- success of HGH. same. He said he will continue es during the Thanksgiving meal. Dr. Venugopal Menon noted that the meeting of Hindu leaders once He also stressed the importance of the success of HGH is primarily every 3 months. He shared some HGH being part of the mainstream the result of the visionary work famous quotes of Dr. Sarvepalli organizations to educate people of Dev Mahajan. He added, “to Radhakrishnan “Hinduism cannot about Hinduism and what Hin- describe Dev, beyond being my be defined but only be experience. dus stand for. Sewa International friend – here are some adjectives: Hinduism believes that all roads is one of the good examples that he is a visionary, an achiever, a lead to one God”. He requested all Indo-American News • Friday, february 4, 2022 •

leaders to continue to spread the knowledge of Sanatana dharma. Giyarpuram N Prasad thanked HGH for the opportunity and noted it’s a great honor to serve the community in the role of Vice-Chair of Advisory Council. He cited the concept of altruism that could be used in engaging youth. He also noted that success can be achieved when we have a set of leaders that are enthusiastic to reach the goals. Anjali Aggrawal thanked Dev Mahajan for being a key contributor to HGH youth programs and how she personally benefited from the programs. Vijay Pallod stressed the importance of leaders to have a long-term view to sustain HGH success benefitting future generations. Dr. Randeep Suneja will join as a new member of HGH advisory council. He thanked Dev Mahajan and Sushma Mahajan for being the pillars of the Hindu Community in Houston. Shekhar Agarwal recollected the memories of working along with Dev Mahajan and cited his contributions beyond HGH, Mahatma Gandhi library and Patanjali Yogapeeth. Texas Hindu Campsite Board members Subhash Gupta and Ashok Danda thank HGH for its contribution and Vijay Pallod followed up to explain the project of Youth Camp to the audience.



February 4, 2022

Atul Vir in Dealerscope 2022 Hall of Fame Las Vegas: The Dealerscope 2022 Hall of Fame honors five leaders who have consistently excelled throughout their illustrious careers in the appliance, consumer technology, and retail sectors. Among the winners is Atul Vir, Founder and President Equator Advanced Appliances, based in Houston. Atul Vir isn’t just an executive; he’s also a founder, inventor, and author. The CEO of Equator Advanced Appliances holds 18 different patents in appliance technology, and in addition to his success, he’s been widely cited as an expert and thought leader on business ethics. It all began with his idea of selling all-in-one washer/dryers to the North American market. Though Equator started as an import/export company, it has now grown into a massive appliance firm that sells its products, in many categories, in North America as well as in Europe and Asia. Vir is the author of the 2020 book Underdog Thinking: A Bold Idea, a Business Adventure and 101 Lessons Learned Along the way. Vir explained how he got his start in the appliance business: I was a new immigrant to the U.S. and was looking for new opportunities, so I decided to get into business for myself. I started Equator because I had experience working for an international company that operated in Europe and Africa. I started dabbling in various imports and exports, and about a year later, came up with the idea of a combo washer-dryer. The idea came to me one day at home. We were living in an apartment, and my wife was spending every Sunday doing the laundry, going to the coin-op machine, put-

ting clothes in and coming back, then 45 minutes later transferring to the dryer and coming back, and then going back again to pick up the clothes. It seemed like a real chore. I remembered we had used a combo washer-dryer in England when we were there. I discovered that there were no combination

washer/dryers here in the U.S. and decided to explore the idea. I went back to Europe and found a company from Italy that would make it for us. And that started this long quest. I cashed out my credit cards to buy the first container, and brought it in, and started selling them one by one. And you know, I just grew it from there, until the business expanded and after a few years, it became a full-fledged appliance company, and that’s what we’ve been doing for the last 30 years. Equator has expanded from the early lines of laundry, refrigeration, dishwashers and cooking to a whole bunch of other products like wine coolers, floor care and climate control. With the pandemic, we have expanded into Health/ Wellness and Outdoor appliances. -- Tom Samiljan, Stephan Silver, Dealerscope


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Indo-American News • Friday, february 4, 2022 •


February 4, 2022


”Papaji” Bechardas Thakkar, 89, Passes: A Pioneer of Little India HOUSTON:Bechardas Thakkar was the owner and the president of East West International Inc. on Hillcroft Ave. in Houston. He left his human body for his onward Journey on January 19, 2022. His funeral service was held at Sugar Land Mortuary, Sugar Land on January 25, 2022. His family members, friends and well-wishers attended to pay tribute to this remarkable individual who was loved and respected by all. Bechardas was born in Anjar, Kutch, India and spent his childhood and early life in Mumbai. He came to the U.S.A. in the a early 80’s and started 220 Volt appliances and electronics business followed by additional businesses. The life of Bechardas

Pratimaben provided utmost care till the last moments of his life. The family wishes to express their deepest gratitude to the medical personnel for their wonderful care whenever needed. They also appreciate and thank all their friends who were of enormous help during the final difficult period. The family is very thankful to all those who attended the funeral service. Special thanks to Darshak Thackar who provided the music and bhajans and Mukund Gandhi for organizing the memorial event. Many thanks to all the family, friends and those who were close to Papaji and Maji for their love and support throughout the years. Thanks to all the media for making announcements of Papaji’s passing.

Thakkar remains as a beacon of inspiration for all of us. He lived a down to earth, very simple and honest life. He was a man with integrity, vision, character and with a strong devotion to his family. His wife Laxmiben Thakkar - affectionately known to all as Mummy or Maaji to many in Houston - was the founder of Shri Jalaram Saibaba Temple at Hillcroft Ave. and in Sugar Land. with full support from Bechardas Thakkar - who was also affectionately known as Papaji. Bechardas had gone to California to visit his children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren. However due to medical problems, he had to be hospitalized and subsequently, he passed away. His sons Anilbhai, Pankajbhai, daughters Jyotiben and

ZAH Launches Bapsi Sidhwa Literary Prize Houston: The Zoroastrian Association of Houston has launched the Bapsi Sidhwa Literary Prize for Zoroastrian authors. Organized jointly by FIRES and the ZAH Library, Zoroastrian authors presented an opportunity to pay tribute to a writer and humanitarian who has been acclaimed and admired all over the world. The Prize of $ 2,000 and a trophy will be awarded once every two years to a writer who best captures the mood, spirit, and settings that were the essence of Bapsi’s novels. Aban Rustomji, Chair of FIRES and the ZAH Library Committee, welcomed the guests and recounted Bapsi’s accomplishments and the honors and awards she has received. Several speakers talked about different aspects of Bapsi’s life and her connection with them. Arzan Wadia, President of FEZANA, flew to Houston to address the gathering and commend FIRES and ZAH for creating this Award. He lauded Bapsi’s body of work and urged that this award be expanded eventually to include nonfiction, poems, and other literature. He hoped that the first award of this prize will be presented at the World Zoroastrian Congress in July this year. Nozer Dungor, President of ZAH, spoke of the unique nature of Bapsi’s works, and was thankful that Bapsi chose Houston to make her home. He also thanked the ZAH Library Committee for taking this initiative. Rich Levy, Executive Director of the publication IMPRINT, gave a video message, recounting

Indo-American News had serialized Bapsi Sidhwa’s first novel, The Bride, in 1983.

his friendship with Bapsi over the last 25 years. He admired Bapsi’s strong commitment to issues facing the women of the Indian subcontinent. Bapsi’s dedication began with her very first novel that was based on the true story of a young Pakistani girl who ran away to escape from a brutal marriage, but she was hounded and killed. Rich related several comments and praises from reputed authors of Bapsi’s books – authors like Salman Rushdie who so admired her work “Cracking India,” based on the partition of India and Pakistan. He also listed many of Bapsi’s accomplishments, her teaching at several Universities, her service on IMPRINT’s Board of Directors, and all the awards and recognitions she picked up along the way. Amanda Focke, Head of the Woodson Archives at Rice University, has started a Bapsi Sidhwa Collection that includes her manuscripts, drafts, lecture notes, and her written word “behind the books she wrote”. This treasured

collection spans Bapsi’s entire adult life from 1943 to 2018 and is available online at the Woodson Archives website. Sadia Uqaili, appearing by video, talked about the documentary she is filming on Bapsi’s life. Titled, “Bapsi: The Silences of My Life”, the film recounts the highlights of Bapsi’s life and candid interviews with Bapsi. Sadia believes that the documentary will educate and inspire a whole host of young writers who would aspire to follow in Bapsi’s footsteps. A brief 3-minute snippet of the documentary was shown that made the audience want for more. Quoting Bapsi, “We all have so many stories inside of us waiting to be told.” Teresa Russo, Professor at the University of Toronto, actively participated in the formulation and details of the Prize with ZAH. She pointed out that Bapsi was the first author to introduce Parsees as the main characters in her novels. She particularly singled out Bapsi’s “Cracking India.” Feroze Bhandara, Bapsi’s brother, gave a loving account of Bapsi’s childhood and her life as a young adult and her personal challenges, culminating in her success and worldwide recognition. Abrar Hashmi, Consul General of Pakistan, praised Bapsi for her pluralism and for bringing the marginalized, the poor, and the challenged to the center of her novels. He cited the high Pakistani Government Award, “Sitar-e- Imtiaz” which recognizes excellence. During the wrap-up, Feroze Bhandara generously donated $5,000 to be used towards the prize.

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February 4, 2022

India Culture Center India’s 73rd Republic Day

A Virtual Celebration Sunday, Jan. 30, 2022

See article on page 2

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February 4, 2022


India Culture Center India’s 73rd Republic Day

A Virtual Celebration Sunday, Jan. 30, 2022

See article on page 2

IS NOW HIRING IN BAY CITY Chemical Chemical Engineers: Engineers: Req. BS Chemical Engineering w/3 years specialty chemical mfg. experience Process Req. 3 yrs. Chemical batch process exp. BatchBatch Process Operators: Operators: Process Tech Certification not required. AnalyticalChemist: Chemist: Req. BS Chemistry, w/3 years basic Analytical knowledge, exp w/ analytical equip. (GC, GC/ MS, HPLC, FTIR, AA) Bench Top Top Chemist: Chemist: Req. BS Chemistry w/3 years exp. bench Bench formulations & analytical techniques w/3 yrs. specialty chemical mfg. exp. Email resume to: Great pay and benefits. EOE/AAP Indo-American News • Friday, february 4, 2022 •


February 4, 2022

Anjali Agrawal: Presidential Scholar Candidate

Houston: Anjali Agrawal, a graduating senior at Harmony School of Innovation - Sugar Land, has been named a candidate in the 2022 U.S. Presidential Scholars Program. The candidates were selected from nearly 3.6 million students expected to graduate from U.S. high schools in the year 2022. Inclusion in the U.S. Presidential Scholars Program is one of the highest honors bestowed upon graduating high school seniors. Scholars are selected on the basis of superior academic and artistic achievements, leadership qualities, strong character and involvement in community and school activities. The U.S. Presidential Scholars Program was established in 1964 by Executive Order of the President to recognize some of our nation’s most distinguished graduating seniors for their ac-

complishments in many areas: academic success, leadership, and service to school and community. It was expanded in 1979 to recognize students demonstrating exceptional scholarship and talent in the visual, creative, and performing arts. In 2015, the program was expanded once again to recognize students who demonstrate ability and accomplishment in career and

technical fields. Annually, up to 161 U.S. Presidential Scholars are chosen from among that year’s senior class, representing excellence in education and the promise of greatness in America’s youth. A distinguished panel of educators will review these submissions and select approximately 600 semifinalists in early April. The Commission on Presidential Scholars, a group of up to 32 eminent citizens appointed by the President, will select the finalists, and the U.S. Department of Education will announce the Scholars in May. U.S. Presidential Scholars are honored for their accomplishments during the National Recognition Program each June. To commemorate their achievement, the Scholars are awarded the Presidential Scholars Medallion. Anjali is the daughter of Reema Gupta and Shaurya Agrawal.




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February 4, 2022

Have you planned for your future?

People don’t plan to fail, they fail to plan

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Indo-American News • Friday, february 4, 2022 •



February 4, 2022

Indo-American News • Friday, february 4, 2022 •

SUDOKU/BOLLYWOOD Place a number in the empty boxes in such a way that each row across, each column down and each 9-box square contains all of the numbers from one to nine.

Send us the correct answer before February 8. 2022. Email us at Please send us your solved Sudoku for your name to be published.

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February 4, 2022 Streaming in February

Looop Lapeta, Gehraiyaan, Great Indian Murder Mumbai: Mark your calendars for the movies and web series that will start streaming on several OTT platforms in February from Deepika Padukone’s Gehraiyaan to Jim Sarbh’s Rocket Boys. Netflix: Looop Lapeta, Streaming on: February 4 Helmed by Aakash Bhatia, Looop Lapeta follows the story of a woman (Taapsee Pannu) who is in a sticky situation as she has to rescue her boyfriend (Tahir Raj Bhasin) from underworld within a given time period. A remake of Run Lola Run, the trailer of the film promises that it will be a fun ride. The film also stars Dibyendu Bhattacharya and Shreya Dhanwanthary, among others. Netflix: The Fame Game, Streaming on: February 25 The ‘Dhak Dhak girl’ of Bollywood, Madhuri Dixit is all set to make her digital debut. The actor will play the role of a Bollywood icon Anamika Anand in the series, which also stars Sanjay Kapoor, Manav Kaul, Suhasini Mulay, Lakshvir Saran and Muskkaan Jaferi. The official synopsis of The Fame Game reads, “Bollywood icon Ana-

Yadav (Pratik Gandhi) have to investigate the death of a minister’s (played by Ashutosh Rana) son. The six suspects of the high profile murder include a waiter (Shashank Arora) who was at the party where the murder happened, a man (Raghubir Yadav) who thinks of himself as the Mahatma of today, and the Chief Minister of the state whom Rana’s character wants to dethrone. From its trailer, the show, helmed by Tigmanshu Dhulia, looks like a perfect murder mystery. It is based on the novel Six Suspects by writer Vikas Swarup. Amazon Prime Video, Gehraiyaan, Streaming on: Februmika Anand has it all but is her life ary 11 perfect or a perfectly crafted facade? Deepika Padukone, Siddhant In a world of glitz, glamour and Chaturvedi, Ananya Panday and fame – the lines of what is real and Dhairya Karwa starrer relationwhat is not can often be blurred.” ship drama is directed by Shakun Directed by Bejoy Nambiar and Batra. The film is said to deal with Karishma Kohli, the family drama complex modern relationships. is produced by Karan Johar’s DharDeepika’s Alisha is in a relamatic Entertainment. tionship with Dhairya’s character Disney Plus Hotstar: The Karan. Ananya plays her cousin, Great Indian Murder, Stream- who is engaged to Siddhant’s charing on: February 4 acter. But things get complicated DCP Sudha Bhardwaj (Richa when Deepika and Siddhant’s Chadha) and CBI officer Suraj characters get involved and fall in love with each other. However, the makers of the film have confirmed that BROADCAST PRODUCER Grehraiyaan doesn’t deal with the issue of infidelity. Are you a Sensational Producer ready to dominate in one of the biggest SonyLIV TV markets in the country? Do you love commanding hours of breaking Rocket Boys news coverage from the control room? Do you want to work for the local Streaming on: news leader with great pay and exceptional benefits? Do you have a soft February 4 spot for Disney? Focussed on the lives of Dr Vikram If you’re nodding your head, then our News Producer opening might be Sarabhai and Dr right for you. We are looking for an aggressive, proven, passionate, colHomi J. Bhabha, laborative, cool-under-pressure News Producer who knows what it takes Rocket Boys tells to put together a fast-paced, creative, highly-showcased newscast. the extraordinary stories of the two Responsibilities legendary nuclear • Know how to handle big stories physicists who cre• Dig for informative, interesting high impact content to use in conated history while structing newscast building India’s fu• Know when it is time to abandon everything for breaking news, ture. weather or traffic Actor Ishwak • Come up with and pitch unique story ideas every day Singh plays Dr • Collaborate with team to select and prioritize content Sarabhai and Jim Sarbh essays the Basic Qualifications role of Dr Homi • Excellent news judgement Bhabha. Created by • Complete understanding of how a 24/7 newsroom works on all platNikkhil Advani and forms, including live streaming directed by Abhay • High level of skill and proven leadership in breaking news situations Pannu, the series • 3 years of experience line-producing in a medium or major market also stars Regina Cassandra, Rajat Required Education Kapur, Dibyendu • Bachelor’s degree Bhattacharya, Saba To be considered interested applicants must apply online at disneycareers. Azad, and Arjun Radhakrishnan in com, Ref Job# 919759BR. pivotal roles. -- Indian Express Equal Opportunity Employer Female/Minority/Veteran/Disability/Sexual Orientation/Gender Identity

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Indo-American News • Friday, february 4, 2022 •


February 4, 2022


Indo-American News • Friday, february 4, 2022 •

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