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April 29, 2022


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Indo-American News • Friday, April 29, 2022 •



April 29, 2022

Storytellers School of Dance Presents “Reflections” Kathak Performances

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Houston: Storytellers School of Dance (SSD) brought its fifth season to end with an exciting, colorful, and energizing display of Kathak performances on April 24, 2022, at the Stafford Civic Center in Stafford, Texas. The nearly 500 people that attended “Reflections” were treated to resonating ghunghroos, lightning speed chakkars, and the melody of live Tabla. In attendance as Chief Guests were the renowned Tabla Maestro Pt. Shantilal Shah and his wife, accomplished vocalist Aparna Shah. The two-hour program was a nonstop collection of different items showcasing the Benaras Gharana of Kathak. Ekta Popat, founder and artistic director of SSD, is a disciple of Guru Shambhavi Dandekar. Ekta and 140 “storytellers” (as she likes to call them) put on a flawless display of their undiluted artwork. Their vibrant costumes, coordinated multicolored lighting effects, meticulous movements and graceful stage presence brought a jaw dropping experience to those in attendance. Master of Ceremonies Gangadhar Hiremath kept the audience engaged and provided educational insight about each of the items. Live Tabla was provided by Nishad Kanhare accompanied by Ekta’s Padhant (recitation). Among the items performed was a traditional Taal presentation that consisted of Thaat, Aamad, Parans, Chakradaars, and Tihaais. In items like the Sargam and the Taraana, the senior students demonstrated intricate footwork, beautiful hand movements, and fast chakkars in synchrony. The crowd favorite was a lighthearted, mischievous adventure of Krishna with his Gopis performed by the youngest students of SSD. Ekta mesmerized the audience with her Thumri, which portrayed one of the many pranks Lord Krishna plays on Radha and highlighted the depth of their beautiful relationship. Ekta switches between the characters of Krishna and Radha so effortlessly. Her facial expressions and gestures, also known as haav-bhaav and adaa, left a striking impression on the audience. Storytellers School of Dance offers authentic Kathak education in the Houston area and administers examinations in Kathak on behalf of Bharati Vidyapeeth University. There are 150 students in training (ranging in age from 3 ½ to 76!!) and Ekta firmly believes that with the right attitude and effort, anyone can learn to dance.

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Willy, Nanayakkara and Associates remains in full operation during this global health event. Attorneys, legal assistants and support staff will be available via phone and / or video conferencing between 8:30 AM and 5:30 PM CST. Thursday free consultations can also be scheduled by phone and video. Please contact us at (281)265-2522 or visit our website at www.grwpc. com for more information.

Indo-American News • Friday, April 29, 2022 •


Indo-American News • Friday, April 29, 2022 •

April 29, 2022




April 29, 2022

JVB Preksha Center Conducts 20th Family Retreat Camp in Austin

Austin: Under the spiritual guidance and presence of Samani Malay Pragya ji and Samani Neeti Pragya ji, JVB Preksha Meditation Center, Houston conducted its 20th Annual 3-day Family Retreat Camp at Radha Madhav Dham (a 200-acre representation facility of Braj, India) in Austin, TX from April 15th to 17th 2022. About 125+ participants from the Greater Houston area, Dallas, San Antonio, Austin, North Carolina, Orlando etc. places participated to enjoy the calm and scenic surroundings while nurturing their souls through powerful discourses, yoga, meditation, and relaxation. The camp commenced on Friday by Pramod Bengani, Director of JVB Houston by delivering the welcome note. All attendees introduced themselves and their families, sharing their interests and eagerness to experience this special camp. After the introduction, Samani Malay pragyaji started the program with part 1 of her lecture series “Rejuvenate your mind”. Parallel session for Kids from ages 4 to 12 yrs. was also conducted by Samini Neeti Pragyaji on the topic “Do Good and Derive Good” and sessions for Youth from 13 to 18 yrs old was conducted by Shri Alok Jain on the topic “Why, What and How of Jainism”. Saturday and Sunday morning sessions started with powerful

“Bhaktamar” by Samani Neeti Pragyaji followed by Meditation and Pranayam by Samani Malay Pragyaji. Samaniji also explained briefly the importance of Pranayam and how it can help us in our daily life. The session indeed was recharging and filled everyone with positive energy. A parallel session was conducted by Samani Neeti pragyaji with kids for meditation and morning walk. Samani Malay Pragyaji led 4 more interactive and learning sessions throughout the camp which included lectures, presentations and practical experiments on different meaningful topics of “Rejuvenate your mind”. How to Go higher, Go Deeper, Go Beyond and Break The Cycle, were a big hit. The participants of the camp have already started implementing this in their daily lives. Samanijis used everyday examples in their presentations,

delivered tips that can be utilized to transform one’s habits via different discourses. The audience appreciated situational examples that they could relate to in their daily lives. Samani Malay Pragya ji appreciated the hard work of Samani Neeti Pragya ji in preparing the presentations. Each presentation took around 12 hours of hard work. Rajendraji Maru, a visiting scholar on Memory Improvement from Indore, India, shared his experience and discussed different ways to improve memory. The retreat had concurrent kids programs, where they focused on learning on various fun filled topics such as “Treasure finding”, “Learning with Fun”, ”Who is best friend”, “How powerful is your Brain” and other creative and playing activities conducted by Samini Neeti Pragyaji. The Youth sessions were conducted by Dr. Sunil Anchaliya on

the topic “Applying Jain way of life” and “Heart function and perfection” along with Samani Neeti Pragyaji, Pramod Bengani on the topic “Material vs Spiritual Prosperity” and “What and How of Jainism” by Alokji Jain. Almost all attendees from ages 30 yrs to 72 yrs old participated in cultural evening on Saturday night, where they expressed and shared their learning. Seven different teams were formed to present a 7-8 minute skit on pre-assigned topics given to each team by Samaniji. Creativity peaked in each of the team skits, and the audience enjoyed the entertaining and fun presentations. Nitesh Jain and Rajat Khater played the perfect host for the evening. Youth team presented their abstract from Material vs. Spiritual Prosperity conducted by Parmod Bengani. All participants appreciated the great bouquet of programs, ac-

tivities, and also the way arrangements were handled professionally by the volunteers. Food arrangements were handled by Anju Bengani, Mukta Jain, Anusha Jain, Seema Jain, Jigisha Doshi and Sarika Gandhi, everyone talked highly about it. Kids activities were taken care by Dimple Sangoi and Shital Chheda. JVB Vice President Sachin Jain and Secretary Kuldeep Lunia managed the entire camp operations and execution. The Annual camp concluded with an interactive session with Samanijis. At the end everybody was emotional as this was the 1st camp since the pandemic broke out. JVB President, Amit Sacheti, expressed his gratitude to Samanijis, all attendees and volunteers for making this a memorable and successful event for one and all. Samaniji brought the event to a successful close by reciting Mangal Paath, with everybody taking the resolve of implementing things learned during the camp and to come back next year. ​​JVB Preksha Meditation Center is home to a specially designed Preksha Dhyan ‘Pyramid’ Meditation Hall and is located at 14102 Schiller Rd, Houston, TX 77082. For more information and for current and upcoming programs please visit or call 281.596.9642.


Indo-American News • Friday, April 29, 2022 •

April 29, 2022

Indo-American News • Friday, April 29, 2022 •




April 29, 2022

Silambam Sisterhood: Carrying Forward the Legacy of Classical Dance By Lavanya Prabu

Sugar Land: The rubies of Guru Sudharani Raghupathy’s silambam are spread all over the world and on a glorious night in Houston, four of those rubies came together to provide a sparkling evening of splendorous dance. Smt. Smita Magal, Dr. Srimathy Mohan, Smt. Priya Murle and Dr. Lavanya Rajagopalan, all students of Padma Shree Guru Smt. Sudharani Raghupathy and Artistic Directors of Silambam institutions in Dublin (OH), Phoenix (AZ), Chennai (India), and Houston (TX) respectively, presented ‘Milestones@Silambam’ – a collaborative performance as a part of the ArtStream series of Silambam Houston, which celebrates its 20th anniversary this year. The program was held on April 9, 2022, at The Silambam Cultural Arts Center in Pearland. The month of April has seen a number of cultural events hosted in Houston and this was one of the most awaited events due to the caliber of the artistes. The performances by the artistes exceeded expectations and thrilled the assembled audience which included the Mayor of Pearland Mr. Kevin Cole, and Pearland Councilmember Mr. Luke Orlando. The event which was well attended by art connoisseurs and dance fraternity in Houston, commenced with a melodious Krithi, ‘Shaarade Karunanidhe’, in praise of goddess Saraswathi in raga Hamirkalyani. The gracefully presented invocatory item was a perfect beginning to what was a well thought out line up of pieces. The

next two items were both compositions of the famed Tanjore quartet. The first being the jathiswaram in Saveri raga, showcasing the strong nritta of the dancers in perfect adherence to the Tanjavur baani and the next being the famous Huseni swarajathi. This was the centerpiece of the margam and was performed elegantly by the four dancers with ease, command, maturity and subtlety in expressions that comes only with years of training and experience. Both the jathiswaram and the swarajathi were group adaptations of the original choreography by the Tanjore Quartet passed on to the dancers through the guru sishya parampara. The second half commenced with a solo presentation by Dr. Srimathy Mohan wonderfully depicted the greatness of Lord Nataraja of Chidambaram as described by Muthuswami Dhikshitar in his Panchalinga Krithi ‘Ananda Natana Prakasham’. Following this was

Dr. Rajagopalan’s brilliant presentation of the very famous ‘Theruvil Vaarano’ which evoked the audience’s sympathy for the heroine who longs to have a glimpse of her beloved Lord Nataraja. Next was padam ‘Yaarukkaagilum bayama’ presented by Smt. Priya Murle. Smt. Murle’s depiction of the fearless heroine was outstanding. The last solo piece of the evening was the javali ‘Chelinenetlu’ in ragam Paras. This piece was rendered by Smt. Magal in which she beautifully depicted the heroine pining for her union with her Lord. Following this was a delightful medley of thillanas, all compositions of Vidwan Madurai N. Krishnan, specially compiled and arranged for this event, performed by all the dancers with great synchronization and precision. The event concluded with a Mangalam incorporating a short verse from Guru Sudharani Raghupathy’s performance at the United Nations in 1981 for Human Rights Day.

The event spotlighted ‘A Wish

For Hope’, a San Jacinto South Theater Department project inspired by the experience of several refugees of YMCA International. It was heartwarming to watch the spirit of sisterhood amongst the artistes and their happiness at each other’s success. Credit must go to their Guru for nurturing and encouraging them to stay united while carrying forward their tradition. Evident throughout the event was the love the artistes exhibited for their Guru. Wishing all the Silambam Institutions the very best in their future endeavors. Lavanya Prabu is a dancer, dance teacher, and founder an of the Tatvam School of Dance in the Sugar Land area of Houston.

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Indo-American News • Friday, April 29, 2022 •

April 29, 2022

Indo-American News • Friday, April 29, 2022 •




April 29, 2022

Dartex Industries at 2022 OTC JOIN US FOR THE

PRATHAM HOUSTON GALA 2022 Saturday, May 7, 2022 5:30 PM CT

Special Guest: Indra Nooyi Former Chairman & CEO, PepsiCo

Hilton Americas-Houston 1600 Lamar Street, Houston, TX 77010

Honoree: Swatantra Jain Philanthropist & CFO, Pratham USA


T.J. Sinha, a longtime exhibitor at the Offshore Technology Conference at his company Dartex’s booth in 2018.

By Jawahar Malhotra Houston: After a two-year hiatus due to the Coronavirus, exhibitors and participants from across the world are once again gearing up for the 2022 Offshore Technology Conference, warily confident of a resurgence in the oil and gas industry. The four-day event will be held again at from Monday, May 2 through May 5 at the NRG Park and Stadium. . For the third time, Dartex Industries, started by the veteran oil and gas professional T.J. Sinha manned

his own booth within the Danish Pavilion area. Dartex Industries has a plant in Delhi to manufacture high pressure gaskets, flanges, needle valves and flowline equipment. Sinha has worked worldwide in the oil industry for the past 48 years and has established offices in Faridabad (southeast of Delhi), Houston and Esbjerg, on the western coast of Denmark. Sinha has developed a professional network of clients worldwide. He welcomes people to his Dartex Industries Booth No:3672 which will displaying the APTEK brand of Instrumentation Valves.

Visit us at Booth 3672

Contact TJ Sinha 281-302-8756 USA OFFICE 17315 Bonnard Circle Spring, Texas 77379 EUROPE OFFICE GL Faergevej 1, 1-10 6700 Esbjerg, Denmark Indo-American News • Friday, April 29, 2022 •

April 29, 2022

Indo-American News • Friday, April 29, 2022 •




April 29, 2022

2022 Southwestern National Bank Scholarships

Houston: Southwestern National Bank Scholarship Program is funded by Southwestern National Bank (Member FDIC) to recognize and assist outstanding high school graduates reduce the financial burden for college. Southwestern National Bank Scholars are selected based on their financial need, academic achievement, and community involvement. Each year a total of $5,000.00 will be awarded to five selected scholars. Each scholar will be awarded $1,000.00. Eligibility 1. Demonstrates financial need for college tuition, book & supplies, and expenses 2. U.S. high school graduating seniors 3. Has a minimum GPA of 3.0 on a 4.0 scale (un-weighted) 4. Will enroll in an accredited U.S. college full-time for the entire academic year 2022/2023 Documents Required (To be considered, all the following documents must be submitted) 1. A completed Southwestern National Bank Scholarship Application Form 2. An official high school transcript 3. Copies of the most recent document(s) demonstrating the

financial need (Family’s 1040 Federal Income Tax Return Form, qualification for School Free/Reduced Lunch Program, etc.) 4. Two letters of recommendation from a teacher, counselor, and/or other advisors 5. A two-page typed essay stating why you should be awarded a scholarship. Please include Financial need for this scholarship for educational purposes • Personal and academic achievements. Give specific examples • Academic plans and career goals. Give specific examples.

• Past and current involvement, as well as future towards making a difference in your community Application Process & Award Announcement Please send your application package to Southwestern National Bank, Attention, Scholarship Program-Ling Chuang, 6901 Corporate Drive, Houston, Texas 77036. Applications and all supporting documents must be received by May 15, 2022, for application to be considered. 3. An interview may be part of the application process for all semi-finalists. 4. Scholarships for the 2022 Scholarship program will be announced by mail in June 2022. Please Contact Us For scholarship application and information, please contact the Scholarship Coordinator by e-mail at

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Indo-American News • Friday, April 29, 2022 •


April 29, 2022

‘KGF 2’: Too Much Sound, Lot of Fury, Little Impact By Shubhra Gupta

of goons, some who look as if they’ve wandered out of the sets of ‘Mad Max Fury’, some from the old Westerns. Srinidhi Shetty is the heroine-there-only-to-buoythe-hero. Dutt, in his ‘Agneepath’ avatar minus the menace, should have made a worthy enemy, but is made to do nothing but open his mouth and roar. In her tasteful saris, and that trademark white streak in the hair, Raveena Tandon leaves a little more impact: she is also responsible for an act which has ensured the erasure of the wild and valorous deeds of Rocky from our history books. As Prakash Raj’s raconteur says, with a smirk, ‘don’t dramatise it so much, after all it’s fiction, right’? With the exception of these moments, and some bits of the action, KGF 2 comes off largely dull. Too much sound, a lot of fury, little impact. -- Indian Express Cast: Yash, Sanjay Dutt, Prakash Raj, Srinidhi Shetty, Raveena Tandon, Anant Nag, Archana Jois Director: Prashanth Neel Rating: One and a half stars

The most striking aspect of KGF part one (2018) was its setting. At every opportunity, the camera pulled all the way back so that we could get a bird’s eye view of the massive gold mines of Kolar burrowed deep in the earth, and there, toiling away ceaselessly, millions of faceless men and women. Slaves really, yoked to their backbreaking work without pause, trodden under the iron boots of their cruel masters. Its scale reminded you of those old MGM movies set in biblical times. The humans who strode about in KGF had to yell and shout in order to be seen and heard. Therefore, the background music that they forget about plotting. The which had you reaching for ear- film swings haphazardly between plugs. And therefore, larger-than- the past, which shows us Rocky’s life characters, led from the front devotion towards his mother by Rocky (Yash), who announces (Archana Jois), and the present, his arrival as both messiah and in which he swings between being a saviour and the guy who cracks avenger, rolled into one. KGF Part 2 is more of the same, the whip and roars at the workers only bigger. But alas, not better, to never stop working. We get set-pieces after set-piecdespite the film corralling such Bollywood stars as Sanjay Dutt es in which Yash swings heavy and Raveena Tandon, and branch- hammers and pulverizes armies ing out of the country, to dip its shovel in the Middle East, MULTI-SKILLED JOURNALIST with its lighter patina of brown and beige, the darker Job Description shades reserved KTRK-TV the Disney Owned station in Houston, TX is seeking a colfor the Kolar gold laborative, ethical and empathetic multi-skilled journalist who loves to dig fields, which form and enterprise lead stories. the burnt-earth backdrop for the We want a self-starter and storyteller who can work effectively with a doings of our hero wide range of personnel to create compelling high impact content on all Rocky and his faithplatforms. Candidates must have a passion for uncovering and reporting ful denizens. the facts, and with integrity above all else. The multi-skilled journalHis unruly mane ist must be a dynamic communicator and strong leader with the ability is still the same, to authentically engage and connect with a diverse audience. The person but this time around will have the ability to move the audience between linear and digital platRocky appears in a forms. The multi-skilled journalist will participate in the editorial deciseries of sharp suits, sion – making process as it relates to story assignments, sourcing subjects standing out against featured in story assignments, sourcing subjects featured in stories and the thousands of developing community relationships to expand the diversity of voices in extras dressed in our storytelling. mud-brown humble clothes. What’s The ideal candidate will have a proven track record and generate impactalso familiar is the ful content by uncovering stories through investigation and research. We swagger, and the want a team player who can turn visually creative, memorable stories that dialogue delivery, provide context and perspective. which he gets to scatter amongst an Responsibilities array of characters • Ability to shoot visual content, report, write, edit and produce stories on – a very bad guy deadline for multiple platforms, such as linear, digital and social platkitted out in tatforms. toos and a compli• Offer creative and innovative ideas for elevated storytelling cated hair-do called • Superior on-camera presentation Adheera (Sanjay • Excellent writing skills, possess solid news judgement and ethical Dutt), an Indian decision-making skills prime minister who • Demonstrate a strong commitment to the community, which includes looks and sounds representing the station and participating at various community events like Indira Gandhi • Inspires with humility and inclusive behaviors (Raveena Tandon), a bunch of rivals Preferred Qualifications spread across the • Minimum of 3 years of experience in a medium sized market length and breadth • Proficient with AP style of India, a CBI of• Must be flexible with working hours (late nights, overnights. Weekends ficer hot on his and holidays) and adaptable to change. tracks, and gaggles of cops who regard Required Education him with dread and • College degree or equivalent fear. The trouble with For consideration apply on-line at:, Req. # films busy work- 963708BR ing on their look is Equal Opportunity Employer Female/Minority/Veteran/Disability/Sexual Orientation/Gender Identity


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Indo-American News • Friday, April 29, 2022 •


April 29, 2022

Indo-American News • Friday, April 29, 2022 •

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