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April 15, 2022


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Spectacular Royal Wedding of Lord Ram & Sita

Houston Iftar 2022

Congressman Al Green honored the Houston Iftar organizing Committee with the U. S. Flag, which flew over U. S. Capital & a Congressional Certificate in recognition of organizing a very successful Signature event of the City of Houston since over a decade, which was received by Chief Patron Syed Javaid Anwar, Honorary Chair Nasru Rupani & Coordinator Muhammad Saeed Sheikh, Ayman Kabire, Murad Ajani, Yusuf Mogri, M. J. Khan & others.


Vaisakhi Special Shri Sita Ram Foundation, USA and Sri Rama Jaya Niketan Temple hosted a spectacular Sri Ram Navami Festival 2022 for Greater Houston community at large on Saturday, April 9th, 2022 on the new temple grounds at 5500 Queenston Blvd, Houston. Photo credit: Royal Photo & Video. SEE PAGE 2.



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Indo-American News • Friday, April 15, 2022 •



April 15, 2022

Along with Sri Rama Jaya Niketan on Proposed Temple Grounds

Shri Sita Ram Foundation Presents Royal Wedding of Lord Ram & Sita Temple and Foundation team convey their heartfelt humble appreciations to donors, sponsors, participants, media, vendors, devotees, organizers and volunteers

for being part of the celebration and contributing to Lord Ram’s service. The Foundation and the new temple thanks all Houstonians who attended, the many volun-

teers, the vendors, other temple organizations and performers who performed at this unique celebration of Ram Navami, which has never been seen in Houston ever before.


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106.1 FM EVERY 2ND SUNDAY TUESDAYS 3:10 - 3:40 PM 1:00- 1:30 PM

Shri Sita Ram Foundation, USA and Sri Rama Jaya Niketan Temple hosted a spectacular Sri Ram Navami Festival 2022 for Greater Houston community at large on Saturday, April 9th, 2022 on the new temple grounds at 5500 Queenston Blvd, Houston. This First ever festival on Temple grounds was well received by about 7,000 devotees who rejoiced and participated in the festival. Sri Rama Navami is one of the important festivals celebrated by Hindus all across the globe. It is the auspicious appearance day of Supreme GOD Maha Vishnu in the human form as Lord Ram. Devotees celebrate Lord Ram’s birth anniversary in many different ways. Ram also known as Rama is popularly known as Purushottam, the best amongst mankind and always exhibited 16 qualities of a human being which made him an epitome of humanity. Devotees celebrate this day to invoke auspiciousness into their lives and those around them and reminisce the standards set by Rama for righteous living. In many traditions, a discourse is followed after the celebration where the Gurus highlight how Rama encountered challenges in his life seamlessly with love and being mindful of the well-being of others. Most challenging yet graceful journey of Lord Rama is popularly known as Ramayana, which is in the form of book in at least 22 languages including Hindi, English, Sanskrit, Spanish, Chinese, Thai, Laotian, Tibetan. Ramayan extolls how Rama held his duties and relationships in every phase of his life righteously and it also serves as a guide for human beings. The festival was initiated by Hanuma Swami ji and Arun Verma ji followed by Hanuman Chalisa recitation by Vedic Academy Kids. To understand and relate to the tradition, the celebrations were conducted with a mix of tradition and theatrical presentation through music, dance and elucidation. Devotees expressed their joy for presenting the festival in a unique relatable way . The Foundation created a unique environment where devotion was mixed with the feeling of attending a Royal marriage celebration. The entire grounds were decorated in a festive manner with streamers, Balloon gateways, and full blown marriage decorations representing a Royal wedding. Separate Huge tents were pitched on the grounds to represent Ayodhya, Janakpuri and the Shaddi Mandap. The Shaddi Mandap , where the marriage took place had a large stage, carpet area for people to sit plus several hundred chairs to sit and watch the proceedings. There were also 50 smaller tents where various food and merchan-

dize vendors were selling their respective wares. The entire area was vibrant with a unique blend of a festival, a carnival, a marriage celebration and devotion. A separate area was also designated for a children’s carnival area where children were kept busy with several games , mechanical rides , horseback & Buggy rides . Similar to any modern day Hindu wedding, Devotees celebrated Birth of Ram, Haldi (Turmeric) Ceremony for Ram, Mehendi Ceremony for his consort Sita Devi followed by Baarat, Grand Marriage Procession where Lord Ram’s idol was carried in a decorated horse carriage escorted by 30 men carrying beautifully decorated umbrellas. Marriage procession was led by a devotee holding the flag of Lord Ram, Surya pathaka, joined by Consul General of India in Houston , Sriman Aseem Mahajan, Arun Verma and a large contingent of ladies & devotees carrying many ornaments, flowers and food items. Several dance groups led the Baarat; e.g. South Indian Kolatam, North Indian Garba and Maharashtrian Leziem dances were performed and were a sight to watch, as they led the procession. Lord Ram’s name was chanted by ISKCON devotees as Lord Ram made his way to his wedding stage called Mithila mandap. Prettily adorned Sita Devi’s idol was carried on a Palki to the wedding stage by ladies dressed in pink. One hundred and eight devotees prepared 108 sweets for the wedding. Entrancing dances for the divine couple were performed by several esteemed dance schools of Houston on the main stage. The devotion of the participants was evident in their efforts. Hanuman Swamiji along with his team of 6 priests conducted a spectacular wedding of Sita Devi and Lord Ram. It’s the tradition of famous Badrachalam Rama Temple of India to host Sita Rama Kalynam, the wedding of Sri Rama with Sita devi before consecrating a new temple. The same tradition was honored here. Celebrations concluded with exchanging of garlands, signifying the newlywed couple to accept each other’s fragrance inwardly for a harmonious life. The first phase of Temple construction is planned to be completed by next year. Some of the deities that will be installed in the Temple are of Lord Ram, Hanuman, Sita, Laxman and Yadadri Lakshmi Narasimha. Hanuman Swamiji recognized and appreciated many philanthropists who came forward to donate towards temple construction. Temple land was donated by Arun Verma ji and Vinnie Verma ji of Shri Sita Ram Foundation of USA. Temple board request all devotees of Houston to donate towards Temple construction at

By Geetha Ravula


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Willy, Nanayakkara and Associates remains in full operation during this global health event. Attorneys, legal assistants and support staff will be available via phone and / or video conferencing between 8:30 AM and 5:30 PM CST. Thursday free consultations can also be scheduled by phone and video. Please contact us at (281)265-2522 or visit our website at www. for more information.

Indo-American News • Friday, April 15, 2022 •


April 15, 2022

Attorney George Willy at DNC Retreat Charlotte: George Willy, a prominent immigration lawyer, was invited to a retreat in South Carolina as member of the Leadership Council of the DNC (Democratic National Committee). At this retreat DNC shared with the members of the council the electoral efforts being made by the DNC both in the upcoming mid-term elections and the Presidential election in the horizon. He had the opportunity to meet and discuss policies with some of the elected officials as well

as the DNC leadership. Mr. Willy served in Governor Ann Richards Administration in the early 90’s and then remained a fixture in the Clinton Whitehouse for many years. He was invited to the Whitehouse for consultations on immigration, South Asian affairs and related matters. After a few years away from politics he has resumed political engagement. He felt that recent attacks on our democracy cannot be allowed to go unchallenged.

Attorney George Willy with Pete Buttigieg, United States Secretary of Transportation in the Biden administration and former presidential candidate.

Attorney Willy with Minnesota Senator Amy Klobuchar, also a presidential candidate.

You can help prevent


Be the voice for those who can’t speak up for themselves. If you see or suspect ANY abusive behavior of a minor, call the Texas Family and Protective Services at 1-800-252-5400

Indo-American News • Friday, April 15, 2022 •




April 15, 2022

2,000 Attendees Throng Bayou City Center for the Houston Iftar 2022

Houston: As the public activities have started to transpire, for the Houstonians, beginning of Ramadan 2022 meant the exciting news that in-Person “Houston Iftar: Annual Ramadan Dinner with Mayor” was happening on April 10, 2022 at the established picturesque Bayou City Event Center near the METRO Depot. During pandemic in 2022 and 2021, this event was held as the largest North America drive-thru & virtual iftar occasion. This tradition of Houston started 23 years ago when around 200 persons gathered in front of the City Hall to break-fast with the Honorable Lee P. Brown. This Houston Iftar 2022 was attended by around 2,000 persons, and everyone enjoyed the candid talks, spiritual messages, inspirational supplications, sumptuous Iftar & Dinner, and together established the Mughrib Prayers. “Muhammad Saeed Sheikh: Next year being my last year as Mayor: As such this event has to be larger, bigger, & better: This event should be upgraded next year to more than 3,000 persons”: Exclaimed Honorable Mayor of Houston Sylvester Turner, as he addressed the gathering, and gave this challenge to Coordinator of Houston Iftar Muhammad Saeed Sheikh, President of the Houston Karachi Sister City Associations (HKSCA). Every year for the past 12 years,

this event is diligently organized by Abu Dhabi, Baku, Basrah, Istanbul, and Karachi Sister City Associations of Houston, along with The Islamic Society of Greater Houston (ISGH), The Ismaili Council for Southwestern US, and esteemed 50+ organizations. Houston Iftar 2022 was ably emceed by young Sister Nadeen Mustafa. Proceedings got started with recitation of Quran by Imam of Turkish Center Houston; followed by National Anthem of USA presented by a University of Houston student. Everyone was warmly welcomed by Chairperson of the Organizing Committee of the Houston Iftar 2022 Nasruddin Rupani of Ibn Sina Community Clinics, and Coordinator Muhammad Saeed Sheikh of the Houston-Karachi Sister City Association (HKSCA). They especially thanked Mayor, Congressman Al Green,

Elected Officials, and the many Heads of the Diplomatic Missions in Houston, for their presence in large number. Nasruddin Rupani of Ibn Sina Community Clinics amidst ovations informed that Institute has taken care of more than 1 million patients. This was followed by speech of Mayor Sylvester Turner, who was introduced by the Chief Patron of the event Philanthropist and Entrepreneur Syed Javaid Anwar of Midland Energy. Honorable Mayor Sylvester Turner highly appreciated Syed Javaid Anwar for his most generous contributions towards the Houston Iftar and US society at large; especially as he unites Republicans & Democrats. He said Houston indeed has diversity is an asset; but it is truly strong when we have Diverse and Inclusive.

Through courtesy of Syed Javaid Anwar, Governor of Texas Greg Abbott sent special video recorded message of greetings, deliberation, and tranquility. Honorable Congressperson AL Green gifted to the Organizing Committee “Flag of USA that was flown at the Capitol of USA”; as an appreciation to the Houston Iftar 2022 Committee for bringing together people of diverse background. President of ISGH Ayman Kabire in his speech said Muslim community is indebted to all the elected officials to have supported during pandemic & all other calamities; and we have tried our best to assist our neighbors in the larger society. Guest Speaker of the evening was Shaykh Kamal EL Mekki, who is dubbed as the Black Belt of Dawah (outreaching with the true message of Islam); spoke about

the true essence of Ramadan, as it brings in persons traits of patience, perseverance, and empathy. Shaykh Kamal EL Mekki added: “Real reason of Ramadan is to Connect with the Lord of the Universes; The Most Merciful: Some people worship and others help humanity, but without properly connecting to God: 8% of the year is Ramadan to give our best to become disciplined by controlling our desires & not be controlled by our desires.” Shaykh Kamal EL Mekki was earlier introduced by Former City of Houston Councilperson and Former President of ISGH Masrur Javed Khan, who also mentioned about the need of lessening of tensions & violence across the globe; the imbalanced allocation of resources & wealth; and the need to stand for good & stop evil. Following the motivational supplications by Imam Mohammad Ahmad Khan of Maryam Masjid, and Aadhan by young Aquib Gazi, around 2,000 enjoyed the Iftar and Dinner prepared sumptuously by Tempura Restaurant & Catering; Fadi’s Mediterranean Grill; Sweet Factory of Houston; and nice assorted beverages by Famous Food. Everything was nicely served by Ismaeli Muslim Volunteers of Houston. For more information, please visit: email:; or call 281948-1840.


Indo-American News • Friday, April 15, 2022 •

April 15, 2022

Indo-American News • Friday, April 15, 2022 •




April 15, 2022

JVB Houston Honors Chairman Swatantra Jain and Mrs. Bimla Jain takeaways for the attendees followed by a vote of thanks. As a conclusion to the ceremony, the attendees were reminded how the words Reflection and Inspiration capture the essence of individual transformation, and together represent a phenomenon that guides an individual on the path of self-improvement and self-purification. Also, how JVB Houston is playing a vital role in enlightening the path of humanity by teaching them the art of Self-awareness through Preksha Meditation, providing them the knowledge, and inspiring them on their personal journey of self-transformation. Samani Ji’s offer regular discourses

that are available to all, free of charge. JVB Houston has recently opened again, following the shut down in March 2020 because of pandemic. Once again, the community is able to enjoy the beautiful and serene surroundings of the JVB Preksha Meditation Center and participate in its various programs in-person. JVB Preksha Meditation Center is home to a specially designed Preksha Dhyan ‘Pyramid’ Meditation Hall and is located at 14102 Schiller Rd, Houston, TX 77082. For more information, please visit or call 281-596-9642.

EXCELLENT SALES OPPORTUNITY Sitting are - JVB Samanijis. Standing are Martin B. Cominsky - President and CEO, Interfaith Ministries for Greater Houston Swatantraji and Bimla ji Jain, Vijay ji Goradia and Jugal ji Malani.

Houston: JVB Houston recently honored its Chairman, Mr. Swatantra Jain and his wife Mrs. Bimla Jain for their philanthropic contributions to several organizations in Houston. The timing of the ceremony was dictated by Mr.& Mrs. Jain’s latest sponsorship of Sahitya Sadnam (A modern library of Jain scriptures, original manuscripts, books written by famous JVB Acharyas and others) which was inaugurated on January 15th in Ladnun, Rajasthan by Acharya Mahashraman Ji and his entourage. The library has an aesthetically

pleasing and a contemporary modern design, and latest technology. This is a great gesture on Mr. & Mrs. Jain’s part, as this library would serve the educational needs of the University students, Research fellows, many Sadhus, Sadhvis, Samanis,’ and the general public for a long time to come. The library was dedicated to mark the 50th anniversary of Sadhvi Kanak Prabha Ji as a Pramukha (head) of JVB’s Sadhvi’s and Samani’s and represented the culmination of a 3-month long celebration of Sadhvi Ji’s contributions to the society at large, both in India

and at JVB’s international locations. The ceremony in honor of Mr. and Mrs. Swatantra Jain was captioned: Reflections and Inspiration and was marked by Welcoming them, showing a video of the Sahitya Sadnam including Acharya Mahashraman Ji’s visit to inaugurate it, an interview with Mr. Swatantra Jain to bring out the highlights of his transformational journey in becoming an important philanthropist, brief comments by some of the dignitaries present, an inspiring Pravachan by Samani Malaya Pragya ji, and some key

Established insurance agency in SW Houston looking for young sales representative

English/Hindi/Gujarati speaker preferred

Will train. Salary plus commission Call 832-661-3233 or email resume to


Shiv Mandir & Nav Grah Sthapana Sat, April 23, 9am - 4pm Sun, April 24: Havan, 9am - 12:30pm; Aarti 1 pm



(This is a partial list and will be added to in the coming weeks)

To sponsor an event, call RAVI GOEL 281-235-5413 PANDIT JI 832-278-0100 BAL SAREEN 337-540-6001 ASHIMA PATEL 832-563-6689 PREM GOYAL 281-300-8632

2223 Wirtcrest Ln., Houston, TX 77055 • • Facebook: @hwstemple FOR PUJA INFORMATION, CALL PANDIT BHAWANI SHANKAR SHASTRI 832-278-0100

To schedule reading, help in kitchen or sponsorship call Prem Goyal 281-300-8632 or Pandit ji 832-278-0100

Indo-American News • Friday, April 15, 2022 •

April 15, 2022

Indo-American News • Friday, April 15, 2022 •




April 15, 2022

The Wedding was Elaborate, but the Shahs had Prepared for Years By Jawahar Malhotra

Houston: When Mahesh and Alpa Shah started to plan out their daughter Mosum’s wedding to Umang Jain, they didn’t really have to look too far. They already knew the venues across the metropolitan area, could plan out the menus in their sleep, knew all the major wedding planners and were close to the vendors for party items. They already trusted their favorite DJ – Yogi G - to handle all the music and sound for the event. “Still, it was a great deal of constant work for 6 months”, recalled Alpa, “because we kept adding people and programs to what turned out to be a four-day wedding event”. And since they are co-owners of the 30 year-old Ma- The bride and groom plunged into the roof-top pool after the Pithi ceremony at the Marriott Marquis hotel. dras Pavilion restaurant – renamed Indian Summer two years ago – ing artists, and delicious food paste of turmeric, sandalwood, along with Rajan Radhakrishnan, cooked on tavas and in a tandoor, rosewater and herbs was applied they had the experience to pull off all creating a lively evening. This on their faces and palms. The mera huge event. After all, they were was just the beginning of the feasts riment continued as the bride and the ones chosen to serve lunch whose menus were master planned groom were plunged into the pool to thousands when Indian Prime for four days by Mahesh and Alpa. by their friends. Minister Narendra Modi visited And helping them in planning evThat evening the sangeet was the city for the “Howdy Modi” ery detail was event planner Rathi held at the Marquis, decorated event at the NRG stadium in Sep- Menon. lavishly by Dipti of Mandap CreThe next day, the Pithi ritual was ations with a rickshaw as a centertember 2019. But when its your daughter, carried out at the roof-top Texas drop for photos opps. Both sides things can get quite elaborate very lazy river and pool of the down- of the families did the garba, raas quickly. Before too long, there was town Marriott Marquis Hotel, and Sanedo folk dances, to the aca mehndi planned for 175 guests within sight and across Discovery companiment of singing by Sushiin the well-lit backyard by the side Park from the Hilton Americas la Patel and Hemant Bhavsar with of the lake at the Shah residence in where the wedding reception was Darshak Thakkar on drums. Lined to take place. The bride and groom around the Grand Ballroom were New Territory. There was music, mehndi paint- were seated on a low bajat and a many food “stalls” named Kuch

The newlyweds in front of the mandap at Chateau Cocomar after the wedding with their parents.

Khichdi Hai, Bhel Baja Baarat, Desi Takos, Chandani Chowk to China, Hum Chaat Hai, Garvi Gujarat and many more. The juice counter served Aam panna, Guava Juice and Mix Berries infused with jalapeños. The next day, March 12, the venue shifted to Chateau Cocomar, a 37,000 square foot French-Inspired estate tucked away privately in a forested corner of Champions Forest. There, the mandap was set up outdoors in the forest. The baratis arrived at 11am with the groom in a convertible Rolls Royce, and all the groomsmen and brides aid

danced energetically to the dholl and Bollywood music. Carbon dioxide cannisters were blasted off as Mosum was carried in in a Palki for the wedding that ended at 2:30pm. After the ceremony, the guests were treated to a sumptuous Gujarati and Rajasthani lunch. The reception that night was at the Hilton Americas where the Dawat Catering crew, led by Rajan Radhakrishnan and Mahesh Shah have served so many occasions that they are almost part of the hotel! This time, Rajan placed his full attention on the arrangements made over countless days.

Continued on Page 9

We Thank You From the bottom of our hearts ...... The wedding of Mosum & Umang went off as smoothly as it did only due to the love, dedication and tireless support of Rajan Radhakrishnan!

..... And our devoted and energetic staff, some shown below, from left, Keshvan, Nitu, Sibin, Sathiyaraj, Shakab and Felix

Mahesh & Alpa Shah

Rajan Radhakrishnan, Partner

Dawat Catering • Indian Summer Restaurant �� ���������� ��� ��� ����������� �������

Indo-American News • Friday, April 15, 2022 •


April 15, 2022



Continued from Page 8

There were several stalls serving sushi, paneer, Italian liquid pizza, khichu-khow suey, and 20 other hors d’ouvres in the large lobby and a guest list of over 700 who were truly amazed. Dipti with Mandap Creations turned the Grand Ballroom into a veritable white rose garden with a water fountain and crystal decorative pieces. A giant LED screen at the center and large screens at two corners allowed guests to view all the action and entertainment. The wedding party pranced onto the floor and as the newlyweds came in, indoor fireworks electrified the moment as they danced their entry number. As guests listened to speeches by the parents, siblings and best friends, dinner was served at the tables in three courses thalis of North India, Asian and South Indian food, “something that had never been done before”, remarked Rajan, who organized the food service and supervised in exhaustive detail every minute of the reception for a whole week. The food was meticulously prepared head chefs Sibin and Sathiyaraj and their team from Dawat Catering and Indian Summer restaurant while Shakab and Keshvan managed the food arrangement. For dessert, there was a special treat performance honoring the Shahs as the Executive Chefs of Hilton Americas made Fire and Ice, smashing huge balls of chocolate on a block of ice and then setting it on fire!

Saturday, May 7, 2022 5:30 PM CT

Hilton Americas-Houston 1600 Lamar Street, Houston, TX 77010

Special Guest: Indra Nooyi Former Chairman & CEO, PepsiCo

Honoree: Swatantra Jain Philanthropist & CFO, Pratham USA


Indo-American News • Friday, April 15, 2022 •



April 15, 2022

ZEE5 Global’s ‘Oru Awesome Thudakkam’

the popular series Fingertip Chennai: ZEE5 Global, the and some of the most awaited largest platform for Southfilms like Yaanai featuring Asian content announced a Arun Vijay and Priya Bhavani compelling content line-up Shankar of the Blood Money in Tamil at a glittering starfame, Thamezharasan starring studded gala – Oru Awesome Vijay Antony, Suresh Gopi, Thodakkam in Chennai. Sonu Sood and Remya NamIn attendance at the soiree beesan.   were some of the most noted All eyes were also on the stalwarts of the Tamil entercast and crew of Vilangu, the tainment industry including most-watched Tamil original renowned director, screenwritseries on ZEE5 Global along er, and producer Vetrimaaran with the lead cast and crew of who is releasing his first origithe immensely successful Manal series Nilamellam Ratham, laysia to Amnesia and Vinodfeaturing Ameer and music haya Sitham.   by Yuvan Shankar Raja exWith the strengthening of its clusively on ZEE5 Global. already robust Tamil content He was joined by the multislate, ZEE5 Global bolsters its hyphenate Prakash Raj who position as the go-to platform stars in a riveting drama sefor multilingual entertainment. ries Anantham, the legendary The exciting line-up comes actress Radikaa Sarathkumar who stars in the edge-of-the- Archana Anand, ZEE5 Global’s Chief close on the heels of superstar Ajith’s Valimai, which seat thriller Karamegam and Business Officer. premiered on our platform the political drama Thalamai teen dance drama Five-Six-SevenSeyalagam along with the latest Eight, the revenge saga Kolaigara last month, fetching the fastest heartthrob on the block, Kalidas Kairegaigal directed by S.R. Prab- 500-million streaming minutes on Jayaram, lead of the coming-of- hakaran and Aindham Vedham a ZEE5 Global. Talking about the focus on Tamil age drama Paper Rocket.   mystical thriller. The showcase of In addition to these, ZEE5 new offerings included a sneak- content, Archana Anand, Chief Global’s upcoming Tamil content peek into interesting titles like Business Officer, ZEE5 Global slate also includes director Vijay’s Alma Mater, Ayali, Season 2 of Continued on Page 11 'BNJMZ 0XOFE 0QFSBUFE 4JODF


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Indo-American News • Friday, April 15, 2022 •


April 15, 2022

‘Dasvi’: Great Ideas, Sirjee. It’s a Pity They Get Lost


Place a number in the empty boxes in such a way that each row across, each column down and each 9-box square contains all of the numbers from one to nine.

Send us the correct answer before April 19, 2022. Email us at Please send us your solved Sudoku for your name to be published.

Solution Next Week By Shubhra Gupta Abhishek Bachchan is a perfect match for the kind of character he is playing. It’s a pity that the material never quite knows whether it is an exaggerated parody or a sharp comedy with realistic overtones. An illiterate politician learns the value of education during his jail term. What an idea, sirjee. But why make it such a comic bookfantasy? Are the filmmakers telling us not to take their film seriously, undermining its message? Very soon into ‘Dasvi’, which should ideally have been spelt ‘Dasveen’ to account for the ‘chandra-bindu’ in the word, Ganga Ram Chaudhary (Abhishek Bachchan) an ‘eighth pass’ chief minister of Harit Pradesh (standing in for Haryana, given the plethora of Jat accents and witticisms) finds himself in prison. Also Read |Amitabh Bachchan responds to trolls as he promotes son Abhishek Bachchan’s Dasvi on release day: ‘Kya kar loge’

Kya jail hai, sirjee. It has the feel of a modest resort, with Chaudhary disporting himself in a room with mod cons and gadgets, watched over by an obsequious jailor (Manu Rishi Chaddha). All the inmates are orderly and wellbehaved, no bristling gangs, no reception committee, zero scary incarceration feels. No one gets beaten up; grunge and grime are carefully kept out of sight. The only one who barks orders is the newly-arrived prison-in-charge Jyoti Deswal (Yami Gautam), and everyone falls in line, except of course our hero who roars, till one fine day, he begins purring. So does she. Padhaai-likhaai to the rescue, got it? As Bimmo aka Bimla Devi who swiftly learns to play political games while shifting from frumpy salwaar-kameez to stylish saris and expensive handbags, Nimrat Kaur gets her oar right in. Too bad the plot paints her a petty villain: why doesn’t a woman have the right to be ambitious? Abhishek Bach-

chan has the rare gift of not taking himself seriously, and is a perfect match for the kind of character he is playing: it’s a pity that the material never quite knows whether it is an exaggerated parody or a sharp comedy with realistic overtones. For a film which wants to nod to inclusivity and gender-upliftment with ‘ladies-log’ as figures of authority, both Nimrat and Yami are reduced to standing by (the latter even joins the cheer-leading club), while Bachchan gets all the smart lines. Will Bimmo get to make a serious stab at the kursi? Maybe that can be the peg for ‘Baarveen’. Now that would be an idea, madamji. Cast: Abhishek Bachchan, Yami Gautam, Nimrat Kaur, Manu Rishi Chaddha, Danish Hussain, Arun Kushwah, Chittranjan Tripathy Director: Tushar Jalota Rating: 2.5 stars -- Indian Express

Last Week’s Solution

Compelling Tamil Line-Up from ZEE5 Global Continued from Page 10

said, “At ZEE5, we cater to every South Asian language speaking community by bringing them the most diverse range of content in the language of their choice. Our Tamil content library today is quite unparalleled with a mix of latest blockbusters, TV Shows and more, and we have seen a tremendous response to our latest releases. We are thrilled to announce this fantastic content line-up of 10+ Tamil Originals and blockbuster movies with the best of talent that will add on to our already rich library, and showcase it to audiences across the globe.” Siju Prabhakaran, Chief Cluster Officer – South (Linear & OTT), ZEE Entertainment Enterprises Ltd. said, “We have been successful in creating a strong content repository for ZEE5 Global, offering a diverse range of content to viewers by leaning on our strong legacy and market expertise. The year is about to get more exciting as we bring to you over 10 captivating original series and some of the most anticipated blockbuster

movies, which will be available for our viewers in India and worldwide. The vibrant slate includes shows such as Anantham featuring the prolific Prakash Raj, Vetrimaaran’s original series Nilamellam Ratham, new themes like Paper Rocket by Kiruthiga Udhayanidhi, the return of a popular IP Fingertip and many more to keep you captivated and at the edge of your seats. Besides, we are also keen to bring to fore stories which are the vision of promising budding makers and showcase fresh talent which may define the future of the Tamil OTT segment.” Highlighting the content lineup and stellar cast, Punit Misra, President, international business, ZEE Entertainment Enterprises Ltd said, “We are delighted with the exponential growth of ZEE5 in establishing itself as a prominent player in the global South Asian OTT ecosystem, especially our success with Tamil content. We believe our clear design thinking and strategic approach to building a compelling slate along with our partnerships with the best of talent in Tamil Nadu and other

key markets, will help accelerate the platform’s popularity further. What sets us apart is our approach to content design, which we call #SoultoScreen, which rests on an intimate understanding of the culture and people, creating stories and characters that are inspired from their life and crafted to stoke their imagination.” ZEE5 Global is known for its diversified content across 100+ taste clusters and its focus on real, relevant, and resonant storytelling. Today, ZEE5 Global is home to an unparalleled 170,000 hours of content. With a rich library of over 3,500 films; 1,750 TV shows, 700 originals, ZEE5 Global offers content across 18 languages: Hindi, English, Bengali, Malayalam, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, Marathi, Oriya, Bhojpuri, Gujarati, Punjabi, including six international languages Malay, Thai, Bahasa, Urdu, Bangla and Arabic. The platform has an exciting line-up for 2022 that will add to its extensive library of content offering a larger catalog to entertainment seekers.

Last Week’s Winners

Kumud Athavale, Ramana Vadrevu, Sanchali Basu, Krishna R. Vuddagiri, Kousalya Gopal, Prabha Barvalia, Umesh Poojary

Indo-American News • Friday, April 15, 2022 •


April 15, 2022


Indo-American News • Friday, April 15, 2022 •


April 15, 2022


$20K Check for Manish Arora from FCCRS Houston: The Foundation For Children Cancer, Research and Support, a Houston-based nonprofit held a donor appreciation lunch at Nirvana Restaurant last Sunday, April 11 for those who helped fundraise for Manish Arora, a 43 year-old cancer patient at M.D. Anderson Cancer Center who is battling diffused large Bcell lymphoma. The virtual fundraiser called Umeed (Hope) was held on Sunday, February 27 with a musical interlude of 90 minutes. Satyajit

Indo-American News • Friday, April 15, 2022 •

and Keka Kar used local talent, to produce an awesome interactive virtual concert beamed across India and the US over Zoom and YouTube Live to raise funds. Over 400 viewers from all over the world tuned in. Receiving the check from the Kars was Manish’s mother and father, who traveled here to be with their son, as well as his brother Vipul who stood by Manish’s side since he arrived last December with the assistance of Dr. Bansal (standing next to Manish).


April 15, 2022


Indo-American News • Friday, April 15, 2022 •

April 15, 2022

Indo-American News • Friday, April 15, 2022 •



April 15, 2022

Indo-American News • Friday, April 15, 2022 •

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