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Friday, November 03, 2017 • Vol. 36, No. 43

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November 03, 2017


Friday, November 03, 2017 | Vol. 36, No. 43


Indo American News

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Spectacular Diwali & Dussehra Festival P7


Happy Guru Nanak Jayanti

Bollywood Blast 2017

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November 03, 2017



November 03, 2017

Seminar Offers Emotional and Practical Guidance for Surviving Spouses BY PRAMOD KULKARNI

HOUSTON: As the first-genera-

tion South Asian immigrants gain senior status, one of the major challenges facing them is the loss of a spouse The emotional and practical aspects of life as a widower were the focus of a seminar organized by the Indo-American Cancer Network (IACAN) on Sunday, October 29 at India House. IACAN received support for the seminar from the Indo-American Chamber of Greater Houston (IACCGH) and Share Our Secrets (SOS), a mentoring organization for young professionals as well as seniors. The seminar achieved a tremendous community response with more than 150 seniors in attendance. India House staff was kept busy adding more and more chairs to accommodate an overflow gathering. The emcee for the seminar was Rathna Kumar, Directors of the Anjali School for Performing Arts, who herself had suffered the tragic loss of her husband, Anil, about two years ago. In her introduction, Kumar thanked IACAN for organizing such an important seminar and expressed her wish that such an event could have helped her when she was first dealing with these issues. The first two speakers revealed the emotional aspects of losing a spouse. Bhaskar Rao, a professional engineer, lost his wife, Shashi, in November 2012. “Losing a spouse is inevitable,” Rao began. “Living alone afterwards did not help. I was dysfunctional at work and at home. I started seeing a psychological therapist. The therapist had a different focus and different culture in mind. He wanted me to let go of Shashi and find a new life and move on. Those things did not sit well with me. After six months, I stopped seeing the therapist.” “What set me on the road to recovery was mentoring teenagers and younger students. It helps to have a support group to overcome the initial process of grieving.” Rao has started an educational foundation in his wife’s name to help mentor students in Houston as well as in the states of Telangana and Jharkhand in India. The second speaker was Rahat Sultana Khalil, who retired after working for a financial institution and founded an engineering com-

Panelists at the IACAN seminar included Swapan Dhairyawan (left) Kumari Susarla, Andrew Hardwick and Ranvir “Biki” Mohindra. Other speakers at the seminar were Bhaskar Rao and Rahat Sultana Khalil.

pany with her husband. A resident of Houston for the last 47 years, Ms. Khalil lost her husband more than 20 years ago, “Despite the passage of 20 years, the sense of loss remains,” Khalil explained. “I knew my husband since I was 15 years old.

Bhaskar Rao said he found solace in mentoring teenagers and young students.

He was my soul mate. His passing was very sudden. However, since we owned an engineering company, my presence was needed at the office the very next day. I had to pick up the pieces and did not have the time to grieve. The support of my staff was very important to me. We were like family. I also had the support of my children and my dear friends. We were a group of four couples, who did everything together.” “The single status makes a difference in a large gathering of couples. It becomes awkward. One has to consciously find interest in new things and new doors, which I did. For me, driving long distances on my own was my therapy. Also, recalling good memories is honoring and celebrating your life together. It is my dear friends and an optimistic outlook to life that keeps me going.” The third speaker was Kumari Sasurla, the president of IACAN. A medical technologist by profession, Ms. Susarla lost her husband two years ago. In her remarks, Sasurla quoted a Harvard study,

which found that widows outnumber widowers by a ratio of 3:1. “Regardless of gender, we Indians rarely talk about death. It is not a pleasant subject,” Susarla said. “If we can prepare for the loss of a spouse, we can minimize the stress on our families.” Susarla then explained the practical aspects of dealing with the death of a spouse. For Hindus, it is important to keep handy the contact information of a funeral home that provides cremation services. “I had attended a funeral service where the family did not realize that the priest did not bring with him the supplies needed for performing the rituals at a funeral,” said Susarla. Then there is the paperwork after death. “We can obtain the certified death certificate copies from the funeral home. It is important to get at least 10 to 15 certified copies because many financial institutions and insurance companies require these original certificates.” Subsequently, the employer has to be contacted to ascertain the full extent of accrued benefits. The Indian consulate has information about how to transport a body to India at a cost of about $10,000.” Susarla said if the spouse was a social security recipient, the check deposits end immediately. “You have to make sure to keep a sufficient balance. There will be other bills to pay. Just because you’re having a crisis, the rest of the world will continue to demand payment for services rendered. My husband used to prepare the budgets and send them to me my email. I was so thankful to him for preparing such a budget.” “It is important to keep handy all the social security numbers, insurance contracts, birth and marriage certificates, titles of cars and homes, bank account numbers, etc.,” explained Sasurla. Rathna Kumar agreed with Sasurla’s comments about learning how to live alone. “I did not know you have

to put air in your car tires. I did not use to pay a single bill. You learn, but you learn the hard way,” she said. The next speaker was Andrew Hardwick, public affairs specialist for the Social Security Administration in Houston.

Rahat Sultana Khalil said it was important to step out of your comfort zone and open new doors.

“Social Security provides benefits for widows and widowers,” said Hardwick. “There are benefits also if there are children below the age of 16. If you’re under full retirement age, the social security benefits are reduced.” Hardwick asked people sign up on the “My Social Security Account” to receive up-to-date information on their social security accounts. After


the death of a spouse, it is necessary to furnish a copy of the death certificate and proof of marriage to receive benefits, he said. CPA Swapan Dhairyawan, representing the IACCGH, presented a financial checklist for the surviving spouse. “During the early days of grieving, it is important not to put your house up for sale, or give away money to your children or charity. Do not allow a salesperson to talk to you about buying financial products. There are ambulance chasers,” cautioned Dhairyawan. SOS founder, and expert in NRI financial matters, Biki Mohindra also stressed financial literacy for the surviving spouse. He counseled, “Simplify your financial assets by consolidating accounts, settle your affairs in India because your children won’t be able to deal with those assets,” Mohindra said. “Make sure your spouse and children know about your financial affairs. Secondly, everyone needs a will, if you don’t want the State to decide how your assets should be distributed. The cost of not having a will is ten to hundred times the cost of paying for a will.” “You must file for probate within the time deadline. It is also important to liquidate your hard assets to generate sufficient cash flow. Prepare for medical expenses to add up,” he said. Mohindra closed his presentation by stating that he will be talking to India House and other organizations about having a continuing series of financial literacy classes for seniors. The seminar concluded with a Q&A session emceed by IACAN’s Arlene Thomas. For access to Swapan Dhairyawan’s checklist and Biki Mohindra’s presentation, visit iacannetwork.org.

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November 03, 2017



November 03, 2017


Rhythm India Leaves Audience Mesmerized @ Bollywood Blast 2017 BY VANSHIKA VIPIN VARMA

HOUSTON: The turbo-charged

spectacular Bollywood Blast 2017, enthralled audiences last Sunday, October 29, at the Miller Outdoor Theatre after being rescheduled from its regular Labor Day weekend, due to Hurricane Harvey. Each year, Samskriti organizes the much-anticipated Bollywood Blast, which is a delightful and captivating homage to Bollywood, with unique themes presented by different dance schools. And this year, one of the most adored and cheered dance schools of Houston, Rhythm India was up on stage beguiling audiences with their spectacular performance. Arzan Gonda, the Artistic Director & Founder of Rhythm India Dance Company, directed the show. Rhythm India’s performance at Bollywood Blast was last seen in the year 2014. Arzan founded Rhythm India in 2005, with a group of 8 children, over a period of time, Arzan’s passion and love for dance grew into a business and today Rhythm India has close to 400 students, with exceptionally talented instructors on board. Rhythm India has successfully conducted a workshop with the legendary Bollywood choreographer Saroj Khan and many other choreographers like Shakti Mohan, Swarali Karulkar, and Shampa Gopikrishna. Arzan takes pride in making her dance classes fun, accessible and challenging. What really sets Rhythm India apart is the fact that they hold their dancers and performances to a high standard of technique and energy. In spite of them performing year round at various festivals and concerts, the passion and zeal and enthusiasm is the same in all their shows. They like to take the audience on a journey and to be able to feel their passion, emotion and intention. And the journey last Sunday at the Miller Outdoor Theatre was truly an enriching one.

Photos: Navin Mediwala & Murali Santhana

Rathna Kumar, Artistic Director of Samskriti

Rathna Kumar, Artistic Director of Samskriti, inaugurated the show. The vision of Samskriti is to unite cultural traditions between the East and the West. It is the leading organization that has enriched the Houston arts scene by bringing world-class artists and scholars and has enlightened and educated audiences about the rich and ancient art forms of India. This is the 15th year of their success story with Bollywood Blast, which started way back in 2002. Samskriti has brought in tremendous diversity by allowing different choreographers to present their

Indo American News (ISSN 887-5936) is published weekly every Friday (for a subscription of $40 per year) by IndoAmerican News Inc., 7457 Harwin Dr., Suite 262, Houston, TX 77036., tel: 713-789-6397, fax:713-789-6399, email: indoamericannews@yahoo.com. Periodical postage paid at Houston, Texas. POSTMASTER: Please send address changes to Indo American News,7457 Harwin Dr., Suite 262, Houston, TX 77036 R. SRINIVASAN AND COMPANY

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talent. The sole objective of this year’s show was to showcase the influence of the various Indian regional dance styles, that included the North, South, East and West of India, and the impact those unique styles have had on the evolution of Bollywood Dance through the years. The thrilling and fast-paced show was divided in two integral parts, the live dance performance and a short film “Bollywood Bachelor”, and both of these parts were so seamlessly connected that it took the audiences on a hilarious roller coaster. The short film was conceptualized by Rhythm India, and written & directed by the talented Yaksha Bhatt. Yunuen Perez Verti flew in from Vancouver to shoot and edit this film that casted Aurko Dutta, Prateek Karkal, Meha Gargi, Sujata Sachdeva, Jesal Kapasi, Manik Joshi, Harpreet Chawla, Arif Memon, Uma Nagarsheth, Aarav Dutta, Preity Bhagia, Dilshad Patel and Rishi Goswami. It is rare

to see a coherent intermingling of a live dance performance and a short film, and the skillfully gifted Arzan and her energetic team gave their heart-felt performances to live up to the expectations of the much anticipating crowd. Some portions of the mesmerizing twohour journey was screamingly funny, filled with barrels of laughter and having the audiences in splits. Such a captivating show it was that the audiences were seen deeply absorbed, not wanting to lose any content even for the split of a second. The breath taking and highly energetic opening act was performed to the song Sadda Dil Vi Tu from the movie ABCD, and had dancers constantly swaying away with different props and masks. This power-packed performance was a graceful and intense offering to Lord Ganesha, complimented with a massive projection of the Lord on screen, and a live one dancing away to glory on stage. There were several activities that stole the show that evening

and one of them was the Arzan Gonda starrer Bharatnatyam and Kathak Jugalbandi performed on the popular song Mere Dholna. It was really inspiring to watch one of the non-Indian Bharatnatyam dancers whose expressions and sways were just spot- on. The perfect blend of music, choreography, props, costumes, and lighting created an enchanting and dazzling magic. One such popular highlight of the evening was the performance to Mast Magan, in which the glittering costumes were so well complimented with the dry ice and the lighting effects on stage. The spectacle then transitioned from this beaming new-age performance into the Mughal legacy with a popular chartbuster from Deewani Mastani. A scintillating performance powered with loads of back-flips was seen in the South India medley Malhari and Top Lessi Podi remix. While Dholna and O re kaanchi represented their respective regional flavors with dandiya raas and bamboo dance of East India, the drool-worthy High Heels and Kala Chashma got the audiences foot-tapping and grooving on their seats. They almost hit the ‘dance floor’ thanks to the exhilarating and peppy Girls like to swing, fused brilliantly with Broadway and Charleston vintage aesthetics. The finale on Tamma Tamma Again, had all the 130 plus dancers and cast members take their final bows, leaving audiences craving for more. The superlative performances of Rhythm India team formed a ARTICLE CONTINUED ON PAGE 10

For Photo Collage, see page 4

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November 03, 2017

Failing Efficiently


American Leadership Forum Announces New Vice President of Development – Manisha Gandhi

HOUSTON: Daniel W. Snare,

YLDP Houston students with Dr. Latha Ramchand, Dean and Professor of Finance at the C.T. Bauer College of Business at the University of Houston



On October 14, at India House, members of the Youth Leadership Development Program had the incredible honor of meeting Dr. Latha Ramchand, the Dean and Professor of Finance at the C.T. Bauer College of Business at the University of Houston. She has a Ph.D. in finance from the Kellogg Graduate School at Northwestern University, and is a gold medalist in Economics from Bombay University where she graduated with a Master’s degree in Economics. Dr. Latha Ramchand’s presentation featured the unexplored power of failure, and the impact that missteps bring along the path towards success. She discussed the impor-

tance of effective failure—defeat that results in the promptness to succeed. As a highly successful woman, Dr. Ramchand amazed us by opening up about her own experiences of defeat that shaped her into the acknowledged woman she is today. She proved that opening up about failures is equally as important as recognizing them, she herself admitting that returning to the Kellogg Graduate School of Management after leaving after her first year was the hardest, but most pivotal choice that she made for her career. Dr. Ramchand’s disclosure of this personal defeat brought out an admired qualitycourage. We have to learn to use our moments of defeat as sources of motivation that will embolden us to work harder and achieve. “I failed” does not translate to “I am

a failure.” This central message is what resonated with our group the most. M issteps are crucial, setbacks are vital, and errors are pivotal. Failure is what leads to success. All of us understand this concept, but as high school students, we often forget to exercise it when we are constantly trying to survive in our overly competitive academic environments. Dr. Ramchand asserted the importance of speaking up about personal setbacks, instead of dismissing them. As students, we have to be more open about our failures and be able to discuss them to truly learn from them and mature. Ultimately, failure is just another tool in our toolbox that we have to train our minds to use to succeed throughout life.

President of the American Leadership Forum, Houston/Gulf Coast Chapter (ALF) is pleased to announce the appointment of Manisha Gandhi as its new Vice President of Development. “Manisha is uniquely qualified for the position. She brings a strong and varied background in business development, strategic planning, communications, marketing, volunteer management and fundraising,” said Snare. Manisha comes to the American Leadership Forum, Houston/ Gulf Coast Chapter from BakerRipley where she served as Director of Resource Development. She began her career in the financial services and insurance fields before shifting her focus toward philanthropy. She served as Director of Development for Akshaya Patra USA (in the southeastern United States), a global nonprofit that provides food for children in India. She also serves as a correspondent for TV Asia USA. Gandhi is a graduate of the University Houston and is a Senior Fellow of ALF’s Class XLWorkforce Development. Gandhi said she is honored to have the opportunity to join the ALF team. “I am very excited about serving ALF and I look forward to expanding and strengthening

Manisha Gandhi

ALF’s collective service to our communities and our region,” she said. About American Leadership Forum: The American Leadership Forum (ALF) is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to join and strengthen diverse leaders to serve the common good. ALF does this through a yearlong Fellows Program in which leaders can engage in dialogue, explore differences, and build relationships. ALF strengthens Fellows’ capacity to address public issues collaboratively and builds a strong leadership network to work for positive change in our community. Since ALF’s founding, more than 1,200 leaders from the greater Houston region have participated in the Fellows Program, now celebrating its 35th anniversary. For more information, please visit www.alfhouston.org.



November 03, 2017


Houston Diwali & Dussehra Festival 2017: A Show Par Excellence

HOUSTON: Once again Shri Sita Ram

Foundation presented PAR EXCELLENCE spiritual aspects of our rich and proud culture and showcased it to all Houstonians here and to the world via internet. On October 28, in spite of the cold, people gathered from near and far to witness the spectacular victory of Good over Evil to a capacity crowd at Skeeter’s Stadium in Sugar Land. The celebration of this victory created an air of euphoric energy that took over the stadium. Even the moon and the stars shined bright with their fullest power along with the million plus lights inside and outside the stadium as Lord Rama battled and defeated the demon. In the battle reenactment, Directed by Kiron Kumar with added fire effects the demon Ravan cowered when he faced the stern and powerful Lord Rama and eventually fell to His arrows. Play on Ashtalaxmi presented by Ashirwad School was equally enchanting and mesmerizing and was brought to life by Director Geetha Ravula. Eyes filled with tears of joy and hearts swelled when we From left: Indian Consul General Dr. Anupam Ray, Judge Ed saw our Lord Rama’s Emmett of Harris County, and Dr. Arun Verma Crowning Ceremony. Seeing him on the throne, wearing the king’s crown, gave everyone the biggest goose bumps of their life! We prayed, we laughed, we cried and we thanked Him for being there for us! Spirits were high and every soul danced blissfully. A festival of lights ensued and the victory was marked with Ravan Dahan followed by a spectacular fireworks display never seen before in Houston. What an exhilarating feeling to see the sky light up in beautiful showers of color! Everyone was in awe and thoroughly enjoyed this amazing display of fire in the sky. Joyous emotions escalated with every Photos: Bijay Dixit burst of fire with continuous chants of Jai Shri Ram! The mighty Lord Ganesha took position ebrating Rama and the defeat of Ravan were at the entrance of the stadium, making sure spotted everywhere, jubilantly winding that no obstacle entered the grounds where their way through and around the crowds of his children gathered on this evening. The people that came together to celebrate from chanting of God’s glory at the temple built all over Texas and some from neighboring inside the stadium and at the field level for states. Dressed head to toe in flashy red and this event spread the aroma of bhakti and gold, the dancing Hanuman’s spread smiles faith throughout the venue. The chanting of infectiously throughout the stadium. Mantra Pushpam and the Aarti led by priests The stadium reverberated with folk music of different temples was truly divine. and dancers from different parts of India. The rangoli by Sangeeta Bhutada was The magnificent parade of over 45 floats breathtaking. Out on the field, a gigantic painstakingly decorated, depicting historiLord Hanuman overlooking the magnificent cal and mythological characters wearing stage, stood strong in front of the demons era costumes was breathtaking. The efforts Ravan, his brother & son. Dancing little of Ravi Puri were evident in the creativity children in Lord Hanuman’s costumes cel- he brought to the several floats along with

those brought by several area temples and organizations. Included for the first time were floats from the City of San Antonio, the Sikh Community, US Desi Gals and many more. Houston Mayor Turner had made a commitment to be at the festival. The Dussehra parade was lead by Indian Consul General Dr. Anupam Ray, Vedanta Scholar & teacher Joseph Emmett and Judge Ed Emmett of Harris County, who were the parade Marshals for this year. Dr. Anupam Ray presented a check of $5,000 to Sewa International and a $10,000 check to Judge Emmett on behalf of the Foundation to assist the victims of Hurricane Harvey. The Foundation had earlier donated another $10,000 for the same cause. The energy of the evening kept the celebration going into the evening with no end

in sight. People were inebriated with joy and happiness. A never-ending variety of food, beverages and ‘Prasadam’ ensured everyone was taken care of to the fullest extent. Beautifully decorated and glittering shops/stalls with fabulous jewelry, clothes, toys and the jostling crowd reminded one of the famous Chandni Chowk in Delhi, India. Indeed the newly created Meena Bazar was a hit with the shoppers. It was more crowded than even Chandni Chowk. Children’s face painting, petting Zoo, free balloons, moon walk, play area and an active Fire truck and a police cruiser from the City of Sugarland kept them entertained throughout the evening. The free photo booth, the Meet & Greet booth and the Ram Sita Booth were crowded venues for every camera in the crowd. The food, shopping, the stage program, the parade and much more entertained the crowd throughout the evening. The celebration of this significant cultural event was successfully executed with all elements of a great Diwali Festival including Ravan Dahan, Maha Aarti with more than four thousand candles, fireworks, entertainment, an abundance of food and beverages, and immense joy & happiness. The attendees looked forward to next year’s event which is expected to bring a still more spectacular Diwali & Dussehra Festival; since the Foundation keeps on raising the bar for itself to showcase our proud culture with an ever increasing intensity & extravagancy. The Foundation wishes to thank all sponsors, volunteers, participating and supporting temples and organizations. -Shri Sita Ram Foundation

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November 03, 2017

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November 03, 2017



10 November 03, 2017


Rhythm India Leaves Audience Mesmerized @ Bollywood Blast 2017 ARTICLE CONTINUED FROM PAGE 05 priceless magnetic connection with the audiences. Some of the incredible performers brimming with energy were as young as six years old. The very talented Arif Memon executed the lighting design for the show, while Navin Mediwala and Murali Santhana were the official photographers, and videography was by Murali Santhana’s MS Filmz. After the show Arzan Gonda thanked everyone. She mentioned, “This show has been a labor of love. I am extremely grateful to the wonderful team of dedicated dancers, filmmakers, our film director, actors, back stage managers, technicians and volunteers who have all gone above and beyond of what was expected of them. With over a 130 plus performers and over 1000 costumes straight from India, the coordination and team work has been crucial in making this production come to life. Our back stage manager and

Job Posting:

backbone of the production was Rashna Oak who made sure everything ran like clock work and smoothly backstage. Special thanks to my Guruji Smt. Chhaya Khanvate and my family”. Houston loves watching shows that sweep them off their feet, and the next Rhythm India performance will be for the Half - Time show on the March 30 2018, as the Rockets take on the Phoenix Suns. Rhythm India offers classes in Stafford, Katy, Sugar Land & Bellaire. For further information on Rhythm India visit www.rhythm-india.com or call 281 968 9479.

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Director/Photojournalist – Multi-Platform Content

KTRK-TV’s Programming Department has an immediate opening for a Director/Photojournalist…a Creative Genius who excels in all aspects of Compelling Visual Storytelling whether it’s a newscast or producing Short and Long Form Content. Qualified candidates will work on a variety of multi-platform station projects from idea concept to execution. Must be a “passionate” consumer of multi-platform content with a strong understanding of how to generate content that engages audiences. Excellent Directing, Shooting, Editing, Lighting, and Producing Skills as well as In-depth knowledge of Ross Overdrive, Panasonic AJ-PX5000G 2/3 ENG Style Camcorder and Final Cut Pro Edit System are required. Must be a hard-working, high-energy team player and effective communicator with a “can do” attitude. Must also be organized, efficient, capable of juggling multiple projects, and able to work under tight deadlines. Candidates should have at least 5 years major market experience as a Director/Photojournalist, a clean driving record and Must provide Samples of their Work. All applicants must be willing to work any day or shift needed. To be considered interested applicants must apply on-line at www.disneycareers.com by uploading a resume file, cover letter and list of references. Please reference Job Requisition # 497986BR No telephone calls please. KTRK-TV is an Equal Opportunity Employer Female/Minority/Veteran/Disability/Sexual Orientation/Gender Identity

Job Posting:

Executive Producer, Multi-Platform Content

KTRK-TV’s Programming Department is looking for an Executive Producer with a proven track record in broadcast and digital content creation. Will work on a variety of multiplatform projects for the station including both short and long form, live and taped shows and stories. Must be a “passionate” consumer of multi-platform content with a strong understanding of how to generate content that engages audiences. This person must be a creative genius who can not only constantly come up with creative & relevant content ideas, but also possesses all key production knowledge necessary to produce, present & promote this content in a compelling manner. This is a Hands-On position requiring excellent writing and producing skills, in-depth shooting & editing knowledge, and the ability to be on camera when needed. Must be a strong team leader and effective communicator with a “can do” attitude. Must be organized, efficient, and capable of juggling multiple projects and working under tight deadlines. Candidates should have at least 5 years producing experience in a major market. All applicants must be willing to work any day or shift needed. To be considered interested applicants must apply on-line at www.disneycareers.com by uploading a resume file, cover letter and list of references. Please reference Job Requisition # 498657BR No telephone calls please. KTRK-TV is an Equal Opportunity Employer Female/Minority/Veteran/Disability/Sexual Orientation/Gender Identity



November 03, 2017

Jeremy Gyan Malhotra – Kathryn Ann Davis Wedding Celebration


Pradeep Sulhan, P.C.

Certified Public Accountant 14340 Torrey Chase Blvd. | Suite 110 | Houston, Texas 77014 (281) 583-2993 | (281) 580-8700 | Fax(281) 580-7550 www.sulhancpa.com | pradeep@sulhancpa.com

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The Malhotra family and relatives with the bride and groom, from left: from the Chicago area: Daniel Murphy (holding son Shiva); Dr. Jayant Malhotra, the groom’s uncle, his daughter Meena Murphy and daughter Shashi Nila; from Houston: Alexandra Shepherd and fiancé of Stefan Malhotra, the groom’s older brother; the bride and groom; the groom’s father Jawahar Malhotra and grandmother Shakuntla Malhotra, seated; and from Frederick, Maryland, the groom’s cousins Pam Jaggi, husband Rajiv Jaggi and sons Tanay and Rohan


Shri Lakshmi Puja Hindu Wedding Markand Puja Engagement Shri Ganpati Puja Simant Laghu Rudra Vastu Shanti Mundan Sanskar Navchandi Puja Shanti Havan Shri Gayatri Havan Shri Satyanarayan Puja 5645 Hillcroft Ave. Suite 701 Houston, TX 77036 | TIMINGS 9:00 AM to 8:00 PM

Sugar Land Ballroom g❁ Parkin mple ❁A

Jeremy’s grandmothers Edith Giacchetti, 92, (left) from Paris, France and Shakuntla Malhotra, 89, from Houston, Texas attended the wedding.

Before the wedding celebration at the Dumbarton House in Washington, DC with the bride Kathryn Davis and groom, Jeremy Malhotra, on the left: Alexandra Shepherd and fiancé Stefan Malhotra, the groom’s older brother; and on the right, the groom’s father Jawahar Malhotra.

At lunch with Jeremy and Kathryn Malhotra, the day after the celebration, were the extended family of the groom from Washington, DC; Paris, France, Houston, Texas and Fredrick, Maryland.



ASHINGTON, DC: They met seven years ago while volunteers in the US Peace Corps in Togo, a slither of a country in the hump of Western Africa. He was stationed in the tiny village of Aheppe in the southeast while she was in the northwest, ten hours to the north by jungle taxi. But the distance and the drudgery of riding in a barebones taxi with strangers picked up along the way, along bumpy roads, passing by the tall, branchless-till-the-bushy-top

boabap trees, couldn’t deter them once they had found each other. So, it was with some degree of surprise when Jeremy sent his parents a picture of the side profile of Kathryn looking up to a baopap tree. And at their wedding celebration, her parents remembered how they knew “this thing was serious” when Kathryn asked if Jeremy could join the family for a short vacation in South Africa. It only got more serious as time passed by and they both had completed their two-year tour in the Peace Corps. After a short pe-

riod working in NGOs in Washington, DC, they both went for their Masters degrees at Columbia University in New York and after they finished in May 2016, moved to Yangon, Maynmar (better known to many Indians as Rangoon, Burma) where Kathryn worked for the Clinton Health Initiative as the head of the Malaria Eradication Program for the region and Jeremy worked with NGOs doing conflict resolution work until he relocated this past May to Washington, DC to work with the State Department. This past Saturday, October 28, the young couple celebratCONTINUED ON PAGE 12

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Have you planned for your future? People don’t plan to Fail, They Fail to Plan

To plan your future, contact:

Jesal Patel ARPC, CLTC, LUTCF Financial Adviser*: Eagle Strategies LLC Life Member MDRT Ph: 281-221-5061/713-499-7670 Fax: 832-201-5394 Website: www.jesalzpatel.com *Financial Adviser offering investment advisory services though Eagle Strategies LLC, A Registered Investment Adviser. Registered Representative offering securities through NYLIFE Securities LLC-Member FINRA/SIPC, A Licensed insurance Agency. Agent with New York Life Insurance Company. 3200 Southwest Freeway, Suite 1900, Houston, TX 77027 (713) 9614545 California Insurance License # 0F53803



12 November 03, 2017


Seva Clinic Observes Health Promotion Day with Free Vaccinations

Mayor Reid of Pearland (center), Memorial Hermann leaders and Seva clinic team.

Seva Clinic volunteers



Seva Clinic in Pearland, a charity medical clinic observed Health Promotion Day on Saturday October 21, administering free Flu shots and Tetanus shots. Seva clinic is a recent addition to the Pearland and is a free medical clinic for people in need. Recently lab services are added, and pediatric services are provided every second Thursday of each month in the same times. A community pharmacy has teamed up to provide free or inexpensive medications. Volunteer medical personnel

run this clinic provide mainly primary care. Patients with medical emergencies, trauma and complex medical problems should go to the nearest Hospital. The Seva Clinic emphasizes prevention and keeping our community healthy and avoid expensive hospital visits by addressing basic medical care. In line with its core mission on Saturday, October 21, 2017, Seva Clinic observed Health Promotion day and administered free flu and tetanus shots to the Pearland community at the Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW) Hall at W. Walnut St, Pearland. Mayor Reid of Pearland and Memorial Herman South east CEO Kyle

Price gave opening remarks. Dr. P. Vaduganathan thanked the Seva Clinic members, Memorial Hermann South east hospital for getting us the Flu shots, Nurses and members from Brazoria County Health department for administering the Tetanus shots, and nursing students from San Jacinto school of nursing, Robert Turner High School students, UH College of Pharmacy students who enthusiastically participated in the event. The clinic is open every Thursday between 5.30 pm and 7.30 pm. The address is: 2335 N Texas Avenue, Pearland, TX 77581 and is located at the intersection of the Rail road track and Broadway.

Jeremy Gyan Malhotra – Kathryn Ann Davis Wedding Celebration CONTINUED FROM PAGE 11 ed their wedding in the historic Dumbarton House on Q Street in the heart of the Washington, DC. It was a close affair with family and many friends who came from across the country and beyond: Jeremy’s mother’s family from Paris, France and Geneva, Switzerland; his father’s family from Chicago, New York, Washington, DC, Maryland and Houston; and Kathryn’s family from England, Minneapolis and Cleveland. The wedding itself was non-religious and non-traditional, with respect paid to Hindu traditions too. Afterwards, following drinks and hors d’ourves in the garden, the reception was held in the downstairs banquet hall which spilled into a tented addition. The wedding was made extra special as Jeremy’s two grandmothers were there to attend Edith Giacchetti, 92, from Paris, France and Shakuntla Malhotra,

89, from Houston, Texas. Unable to attend but there in mind were Kathryn’s grandmothers Rose Sullivan, 90, of Cleveland and Ann Davis, 88 of Chicago. Kathryn Davis, who just turned 32, was born in New York City but raised in Minneapolis, Minnesota with her younger sister Beth. After finishing her Bachelor’s degree in International Studies from George Washington University, she spent two years in the US Peace Corps in Togo, Africa and later received a Masters in Public Health from Columbia University in May 2016. She will be relocating to the US after finishing her work assignment in Myanmar later this year. She is the daughter of Michael Davis, who retired as the Executive VP of Human Resources at General Mills and his wife Celia who has a photography business, both of Minneapolis. Jeremy Gyan Giacchetti Malhotra, 31, was born and raised in

Houston, spending most summers with his mother’s family in Paris, France. He received his Bachelors from the College of Media and Communications at the University of Houston, Main Campus in 2009 then worked in the US Peace Corps for two years in Togo, Africa. He received his Masters degree from Columbia University, with specialization in International Security Policy. After almost a year in Myanmar, he has joined the US State Department this past May. He is the son of Indo American News Publisher Jawahar Malhotra in Houston and Dr. Claudine Giacchetti, a Professor of French Literature at the University of Houston, Main Campus. The couple will spend a week long honeymoon in upstate New York and Montreal, Canada before returning to Washington, DC where they will settle for now, depending on where their work may take them in the future.


November 03, 2017



14 November 03, 2017


November 03, 2017



16 November 03, 2017


Manyavar Houston, The Indian Wedding Trunk Show!

HOUSTON: In the tapestry of life, festivi-

ties and celebrations are always vivid and vibrant milestones. One such remarkable milestone is a “Marriage Celebration”- it sparks joy and happiness between families. The Indian “Shaadi” could go on for days or even a month, with all the elaborate traditional rituals and practices that so beautifully hold our longstanding cultural heritage. In a wedding household both the families and guests eagerly await the big day, to create memories that will last a lifetime. It undoubtedly is a joyous occasion through and through, however the preparation and planning for the grand occasion can be daunting and stressful. Finalizing the dates, booking the venue, working with the wedding planners, shopping- all so engaging yet a little tiresome, every minuscule detail working towards the success of the grand event. Have you ever observed an old wedding album? And paid attention to couture, trends and the backdrop, to be in awe of the moment and what was trending in fashion back then? These spectacular memories etched in time, almost become epoch-making time pieces, descriptive of the times gone by. And hence it’s more than befitting for the bride, the groom, their families and friends to be dressed in their magnificent best to create memories that will last a lifetime. The next question that arises is- Where to shop? And Manyavar is the one place that has all the answers to your celebratory fashion needs. Manyavar is India’s leading celebration brand with the awareness and acceptance from a global audience. Creating couture with Indian elegance for nearly two decades, understanding the nuances of style, com-

fort, fits, colors- offering exquisite celebration attire for brides, grooms, their families and friends. The collections include exquisite Sherwanis, Fine Indo-Westerns, Royal Band Galas, Jackets, Kurtas and matching accessories for Men such as Safas, Malas, Jutis, Pocket Squares, Dupattas etc. Manyavar is now present in two locations in the USA, one in New Jersey and the other in Houston, this works great because now you don’t have to wait to shop until your next trip to India With the wedding season just around the corner, Manyavar Houston is hosting a Wedding Trunk Show, this gives you an opportunity to come see and experience the latest wedding collection. Also bringing together the knowledge and advice that most people would be looking forward to, for custom designs and fashion for a wedding or a celebratory occasion. A trunk show makes it so much easier when you want to narrow down on the look for your big day or any occasion, or to try on exclusive collection and

accessories that you would have only seen on the net or in pictures, to have closer look and experience the grandeur. The House of Manyavar introduces Mohey, an exclusive collection of women’s ethnic wear. It’s not just a brand, it’s a mission and a mandate. Founded with the core Manyavar values. Each piece of Lehenga, Gown, Saree and Suit is handpicked for its unmatched signature. Across the concept, fabric hues, cut, stitch, embellishments - the attention to detail, sets it apart. Virat Kohli and Anushka Sharma are the brand ambassadors for Manyavar and Mohey. They are a favorite among the leading brands with the former being one of the most marketable athletes globally. They now appear in a Manyavar video that has gone viral with over 5 Million views and counting. The sweet romantic commercial was released during the festive Diwali season. The ad begins with Kohli and Anushka sitting together at a wedding and watching the newly-wed couple talking to each other. They ask each other what one might be telling the other and Kohli and Anushka take turns to present their views in a funny yet heartwarming way as to how they would do if and when they tie the knot. Virat promises to cook for 15 days in a month with Anushka taking a jibe that she would eat it without complaining no matter how bad the food is prepared. Anushka then wittingly promises

to keep all of the other half’s secret passwords locked in her heart while also allowing him to win at carroms sometimes. Virat responds by claiming that he will not watch any of the season finales of premier TV shows without her and promises not to make her hurry up while preparing to go out somewhere. The jovial background music turns to a more serious one as Virat promises to take care of Anushka forever and receiving a likewise response. The video ad, title Naye Rishte Naye Vaade’ meaning ‘New Relationship, New Promises,’ ends with the brand emphasizing on the entry of the women’s brand (Mohey) to their existing portfolio (Manyavar). The wonderful chemistry of the couple looks great in the commercial. The Manyavar flagship store in Houston is located at 5912 Hillcroft Avenue, Houston Texas 77036. The wedding trunk show is scheduled November 3rd thru the 5th. A fashion show is planned from 5pm to 8pm on Saturday and Sunday. The new Mohey wedding collection will be on display and fashion consultants from New York will be at the store to collaborate and help you plan your “best day”. Please call (281) 501-9933 to book your appointment with a fashion consultant. Come and be a part of the Indian Wedding Trunk Show…Lets help you create your own Shine and Sparkle!



November 03, 2017


Sexual Abuse in Our Community: A Statement From Daya

HOUSTON: In light of recent news

both nationally and here in Houston, Daya is taking this critical moment to speak out against the pervasiveness and silence around sexual violence in our community. Perpetrators and victims come from all ethnic, religious and economic backgrounds. Daya is outraged over these incidents, we offer our support to all who are or have been victims of sexual predators, and we reaffirm our mission to end domestic and sexual violence in the Houston community. Sexual assault is any type of sexual behavior that occurs without the explicit consent of the recipient. This not only includes sex but also touching, grabbing, attempts at sex and lewd remarks and gestures. The abuser may be a family member, a co-worker or a community member who, in most cases, is seen as a person of authority. Like in domestic violence, maintaining power and control over the victim is at the center of sexual assault. In cases involving children under the age of 18, consent is not possible and, therefore, any sexual act between an adult and a minor is, without a doubt, considered sexual assault. Sexual abuse and assault thrive on secrecy and silence. Societal stigma and victim blaming silence victims and drive them to keep their experience a secret. Instead of blaming and shaming the victims, we must hold abusers accountable, regardless of their position in the community, their fame, or their wealth. The blame for sexual assault should solely lie on the perpetrator. As reports of powerful individuals abusing others flood our newsfeeds, we want to channel our outrage into awareness and action. Daya stands with the brave survivors who are sharing their stories within their families, in courtrooms, and on social media. We also stand with the countless survivors who have been silenced but are yet to come forward. Every day we work with survivors

by providing support and advocacy to help them find justice and peace in their lives. We speak openly in the community about sexual assault, knowing that spreading awareness will equip our community to support survivors, hold abusers accountable, and one day prevent these horrendous acts from happening. We ask you to join us in taking a stand against sexual assault against women and men and especially against children and teenagers in our community. Together, we can empower families break the silence and secrecy surrounding sexual abuse and help stop the generational cycle of abuse. If you or anyone you know needs resources or support, call our confi-

dential helpline at 713-981-7645 or visit us at www.dayahouston.org. ABOUT DAYA Now in its twentieth year, Daya empowers south Asian women, their children and families who are trying to break the cycle of domestic and sexual violence and reclaim their lives. Daya empowers these women by offering counseling and advocacy, promoting community awareness and by advocating at the policy level. Daya’s approach fosters individual freedom and respect leading to healthy families. For further details contact Rachna Khare, Executive Director (713) 842-72223 / rachna@dayahouston.org


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18 November 03, 2017 Making It Better in India


Need Community Forum to Discuss Individual Morality

Editors: It is laudable that India has moved up by thirty notches DTheearIndian American community

into the top 100 in the World Bank’s latest Doing Business: Reforming to Create Jobs rankings. A vast improvement in its business regulation and performing well in areas such protecting minority investor rights, getting credit and getting electricity have helped the country move up the rankings. The government will see the jump as a vindication of reforms over the last three years and a yardstick for improvement in its governance. That’s fair enough. However, the rankings focus only on Delhi and Mumbai, understating the problem in smaller towns. A lot needs to be done to spur growth and raise investor confidence. These include cutting the maze of regulations and ensuring robust infrastructure for companies starting a business in India. Indian companies have to comply with a dozen procedures to start a business in Mumbai. That is indeed cumbersome for local entrepreneurs compared to five procedures that industrialized countries (OECD) follow. But there are many factors that are taken for granted in these countries such as urban spaces into which industry can move or stable electricity supply. So, India lags in areas of starting a business, enforcement of contract and dealing with construction permits. It takes 1,445 days, longer than it was 15 years ago, to enforce a contract, placing the country in the 164th place on the global ranking on enforcement of contracts. That’s appalling. We need comprehensive judicial reforms that include more judges and procedural reform to speed up the judicial process. Dealing with construction permits is a hassle too. This must change, and the onus lies to improve governance squarely lies on the states. Rightly, the report underscores the need “to deepen the ongoing investment capacity of the states and their institutions to implement change and transform the framework of incentives and regulation facing the private sector”. The country direly needs private investment, but the institutional shortcomings that stymie infrastructure projects must also be resolved. These projects must be viable. So, the need is to identify, invest and execute sound projects that have all the clearances, and expect only financial closure. Enforcing the bankruptcy code, a significant reform to resolve corporate distress, will help clean up banks’ books and enable them to lend again. India takes the fourth spot in the global ranking for protecting minority investors, thanks to the robust corporate law and securities regulations. Administrative reforms in paying taxes has made compliance easier for tax payers. With the adoption of goods and services tax, the government must ensure efficient post-filing procedures as well. Similarly, cutting the time taken to comply with import regulations at the Nhava Sheva port has made it quicker to trade across borders, and access to credit has been strengthened. These are welcome. -- Hema Ramakrishnan, The Economic Times

has come a long way in Greater Houston. In the 50+ years that the community has grown here, so have the organizations and businesses and services offered by them, to the community in which we live. The community has been intellectual, affluent, sociable and charitable. In the recent week news sections, there were 3 major stories which you covered Indian Americans: One a death of an adopted child which was the doing of the father. Another was a celebrity RJ and comedian who plead guilty in a minor sexual offense. Another was a lady executive in her mid-life years who siphoned off $1.5 million out of the corporation where

she worked. What comes out of this is the moral fiber and ethics of an individual. All the cases and events are subject to interpretation of each individual. It may be a layman who will take the story prima facie; or their are educated and well read persons who may want to read between the lines and may not be judgemental. As a society we progress, we reach new heights, we make inroads into Mainstream America but catching up on the ethos of deceit, perversion and cruelty in all the cases above is a pathetic situation. The world and 21st Century is a fast moving and very individual centric period, if we do not fall back to our strong socio cultural roots and the age old philosophy which our Dharma

has been passed on to us, the news reports are going to be more bleak. We are much of a closed society and feel difficult to open up and talk about issues. Our places of worship and organizations in which people volunteer need to provide platform and inner circle mentor ship which talks about issues and matters. Instead of being judgemental we need to be creating a strong base and roots so that their is no waywardness. There is no one way for solving these issues. It starts from home and then to the community in which we live. There needs to be a forum to discuss such issues. Let’s put our thoughts and minds together and see how we can be better individuals and avoid such issues in future. -Swapan Dhairyawan

Time for Community to Break Silence on Sexual Abuse

Dear Editor,

This is in response to the news item dated 10/27/17 in your digital edition about Mr. Sunil Thakkar, host of Masala Radio, pleading guilty to the charges of sexual abuse of a teenage girl two years ago. Lately, sexual harassment, sexual abuse and rape charges against movie producers, television personalities and a past president have been making headline news. More women including celebrities are coming forward with their tales of abuse by these men resulting in a social media campaign, #MeToo, through which we are learning of the extent of the sexual abuse of ordinary women in workplaces, at home and elsewhere In this particular incident involving Mr. Thakkar, what is more troubling is the fact that his victim was an underaged girl. I am sure I am not alone in feeling outraged by this incident.

In order to stop sexual harassment from happening, we can begin by educating and empowering our young sons and daughters to protect themselves from predators. There are several domestic violence and sexual assault organizations in Houston that can provide the information and resources that the parents need to help their children in this regard. Those who care for and about children have to be pro-active considering sexual predators have no specific profile. A predator can be anybody that the child may consider to be seemingly nice and powerful - a neighbor, relative, mentor or coach. Knowing the South Asian community as I do, I understand the reluctance we have in acknowledging that these problems exist among us too and that we are not immune to it. The victim and her family in the Thakkar case should shine as an ex-

ample. They had the courage to come forward and seek justice on behalf of their daughter. Sexual abuse and assault thrive on silence and secrecy. For every victim that speaks up, there are nine others who choose to stay silent. It’s time our community breaks the silence surrounding sexual abuse of women and girls and help break the generational cycle of abuse. Sincerely, Lakshmy Parameswaran, MA LPC Lakshmy Parameswaran is a licensed counselor specializing in domestic violence, sexual assault and women’s issues for twenty-five years. She is a founder and board member of Daya Inc., an organization serving South Asian survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault in Houston: www.dayahouston.org.

Our Prayers to Both Families Involved in This Tragedy

Dear Editor:

Just Heartbreaking to hear this! Unfortunately, we had another tragic case this month in the state of Texas with the case of Sherin Mathews RIP in Richardson Texas. Parents – our most important job in life is to protect our children at all times as to our best ability. When that line is crossed, you’ve become

a stranger. As shocking to see this happening, ST has been a role model of our family for ages since we came to Houston. Negative comments about him on here and on social media will not do anything but give pleasure to your emotions. The fact that this involves an adult and a child is just not justified in any

right whether it was plea or verdict. These type of cases shouldn’t even come up in our system but sadly it does! All we can do is pray and hope for a better tomorrow. Our prayers to both families involved in this! -Bala G


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November 03, 2017



20 November 03, 2017


TiE Houston’s Panel Discussion on Commercial Real Estate

HOUSTON: TiE Houston, in

partnership with the Houston Angel Network (HAN), proudly presented a panel discussion on Commercial Real Estate on October 27, 2017 at the Hess Club. Moody Rambin Company was the event sponsor. The concept of bringing this panel together was to demystify Houston’s commercial and to hear from Houston’s own successful entrepreneurs and investors about various aspects of investing in real estate. Both TiE and HAN members had expressed interest in learning how to get involved with commercial real estate development projects, options to be either an active or passive real estate investor and learn about trends in multifamily projects. Panelist were Leo Womack (President, Gulf Equities Realty Corp.), Ricardo Rivas (Principal and Chief Investment Officer, Allied Orion Group), and Howard Rambin (CEO & Founder, Moody Rambin). Moderating was TiE Houston Charter Member Jiten Karnani (President, Deccan Development Company).

From left: Juliana Garaizar - Managing Director, Houston Angel Network, Howard Rambin - CEO & Founder, Moody Rambin, Leo Womack - President, Gulf Equities Realty Corp., Dr. Arun Pasrija - TiE Houston President, Ricardo Rivas - Principal and Chief Investment Officer, Allied Orion Group, and Jiten Karnani - President, Deccan Development Company.

The evening began with valuable networking. TiE Houston members, HAN members and guests took the

opportunity to meet and greet with our panelists and moderators as well as fellow entrepreneurs. This also gave those who are just starting out the chance to speak to and connect with those already involved in the real estate community. In addition to bringing in experienced panelists and exciting topics, TiE strives to highlight the journeys, successes, and needs of its members at all of their events. Gary Katz of Katz Water shared that by taking advantage of the TiE network, he learned about the U.S. State Department sponsored Global Entrepreneurship Summit (GES) in India. His application was accepted and will be attending as part of their delegation at the end of November. He says “I can now leverage this to tell oil companies they can get some amazing P.R. by funding testing and validating our technology which will be showcased at the global summit.” He expressed his gratitude to TiE for sharing such a variety of opportunities. To learn more about Katz Water go to www. katzwatertech.com. Juliana Garaizar (Managing Direc-

tor, Houston Angel Network) shared HAN’s vision and mission in Houston and beyond. HAN is the oldest angel network in Texas and most active angel network in the USA. Its members have invested more than $73M in more than 235 deals since its inception in 2001. In addition to the importance of ongoing funding through their angel investors, she shared the importance of education to maintain the overall health of the entrepreneurial ecosystem. She was excited to share the upcoming Angel Capital Association (ACA) Angel 101 Workshop, which she will be participating in as a panelist along with other distinguished members of the angel investment community, happening on November 13, 2017. The seminar will provide insights into angel investing as an asset class, with a focus on anticipated returns, portfolio strategy, valuation of earlystage companies, conducting due diligence, understanding term sheets and angel involvement in portfolio companies after the investment. To learn more about the workshop and summit go to http://houstonangelnetwork.org or www.angelcapitalassociation.org. Just before the panel, Dr. Arun Pasrija (President, TiE Houston) then addressed the crowd with a little background of TiE. This year they are proud to celebrate their 25th anniversary. With the focus of being dedicated to fostering entrepreneurship TiE has grown to over 11,000 members and 2800 charter members throughout 58 countries. Charter Members, who are successful entrepreneurs and/or business executives, make the pillars of each chapters. They commit their time to help next generation of entrepreneurs - a “leveraged give back” which creates jobs, economic activities and wealth in the community. Houston chapter has a strong and vibrant charter member community helping meet’s TiE’s mission and making it a meaningful part of Houston’s start up eco system. Dr. Pasrija was also proud to announce the appointment of charter

member Juan Arjona to TiE Houston board. Juan is currently the Senior Business Development and New Ventures Manager for TechnipFMC and the Vice President of The Colombia Texas Chamber of Commerce. He will be hosting the next Charter Member lunch in November. The highlight of the evening was the hour long panel discussion. With an open forum the audience was able to ask and receive the answers to a wide variety of topics revolving around Houston’s commercial real estate. Is investing in real estate as risky as people make it out to be? Did hurricane Harvey impact the market as heavily as some news stories would have you believe? Can retail space survive the boom of online marketplace? How does one even get started in investing in commercial real estate? Howard Rambin of Moody Rambin answered the first question with an analogy that most of us could understand. He said “The security of real estate is that no one can toss it in the back of a pickup truck and steal it” but cautioned that in his decades long involvement in this space he’s seen the devastation the market can cause when investors are not prepared to ride inevitable rise and fall. His best piece of advice? Diversify. Leo Womack, Gulf Equities Realty Corp., echoed Howard’s advice and added the importance of being aware of the boom. Trends cause great excitement in any industry but it’s important to understand the actual potential long term sustainability. This allows any investor to understand how aggressive they should be prepared to get in and out before the bubble bursts. Finally, Ricardo Rivas, Allied Orion Group helped put a lot of rumors to rest. Being that Allied is the second largest property management company in Houston he’s learned a thing or two since joining them in 2001. He stressed the importance of strategy when making a decision as to how one chooses to enter into commercial real estate and being adequately prepared to stay in for the long haul. Jiten Karnani wrapped up the evening’s event by sharing encouraging trends and newly formed resources for those looking to get into the market. He also put out a call to action from the audience to help create an even stronger support structure to put Houston on the map for its commercial real estate right along with oil & gas, medical, and technology. Having not been able to get to all of the questions the audience was prepared to ask, don’t be surprised if a follow up event is announced. TiE Houston is an active chapter hosting a variety of events throughout the year covering a variety of topics that impact the entrepreneurial community. Their next event is a “How to pitch to investors” workshop in partnership with the Houston Technology Center (HTC). For more information please visit www.houston.tie.org.


21 A Chinmaya Spiritual Voice Offers New Study Groups


November 03, 2017


Trained by the Chinmaya Guru Parampara, Br. Shweta Chaitanya will guide the new Study Groups every week at the two locations: On Mondays from 7:30 PM to 9:00 PM in Katy (please contact shweta@ chinmayamission.org for details about location) and on Thursdays from 7:30 PM to 9 PM in Clear Lake

HOUSTON. The human quest for

happiness is fascinating. Each of us searches for what we think makes us complete – wealth, power, physical comforts, academic achievements, worldly fame, significant relationships, and so on. Often, we wonder why our efforts do not yield that lasting sense of happiness. In her pravachan in Chinmaya Smriti on Oct. 29, Brahmacarini Shweta Chaitanya of Chinmaya Mission Houston reflected, “We spend so much time catering to the needs of our body, mind, and intellect. Can any of those three be a dependable, secure, constant source of joy? We live with a compromised idea of happiness. Let us make an effort to become close to that great goal of complete happiness. Let us learn to trust, love, and be close to God; let us give time to study and reflect on scriptures; let us develop an intimate relationship with the Supreme. May our efforts become pure seva, and may we lose ourselves in the love for the highest Knowledge that brings true happiness.” Her clear logic kept the audience very attentive, and her apt, relatable examples from everyday life juxtaposed with ideals showcased by saints and devotees resonated with everyone. She engaged the audience from the beginning of her pravachan

at Ansh Labs, 445 Medical Center Blvd, Webster, TX 77856. Seekers of all faiths are welcome to benefit from this opportunity. For more information on Chinmaya Mission Houston and its activities visit www.chinmayahouston.org or call Jay Deshmukh 832-541-0059 or Bharati Sutaria 281-933-0233

Photo: Jayesh Mistry

with an amusing anecdote about the challenge of cutting a jackfruit with un-oiled hands and made all think again as she concluded with the deeper significance behind that metaphor. The young Brahmacarini who completed her university studies with a post-graduate degree from Columbia University has also the ability to appeal to youth with her secular exposure and contemporary approach. Thorough yet gentle in her analysis, the young brahmacarini has a strong background having started young at Chinmaya Balavihar Houston. Maturing through a rigorous two-year Chinmaya Vedanta Course at Sandeepany Sadhanalaya, Mumbai, she is equally at home with older adults and their perspectives. Equipped

with her practical understanding and the depth of her spiritual self-study, Brahmacarini Shwetaji now offers a valuable forum to delve into Vedantic wisdom. Offering a Study Group format in two new locations in the greater Houston area – Clear Lake and Katy, Texas, the brahmacarini will initiate study with Tattva Bodha, a text authored by Bhagavan Adi Sankaracarya. The text, which is composed in an interactive question- answer format, addresses the fundamentals of Vedanta, and explores questions about human life and freedom, diversity in creation, and the concept of God. The multi-dimensional personality analysis and a very scientific logic presented in this text make for an interesting and compelling study.


22 November 03, 2017


Happy Guru Nanak Jayanti Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji is cred-

ited with starting the Sikh religion. He was the first Guru of the Sikhs and is worshipped next to God. His sole aim in life was to unify the Hindus and Muslims and form a universal religion of brotherhood and compassion. He believed that true salvation could be achieved only by devotion of thought and excellence of conduct. In the contemporary world, Sikhism is spread far and wide in not just India but also America, Africa, Europe, etc. The life history of Guru Nanak Dev is very motivational and inspiring. We give you a short biography of Guru Nanak Dev. Born in a middle class family on

April 15th, 1469, Guru Nanak was born in a village called Talwandi, situated in what is the present day Pakistan. The place is now known as Nankana Sahib and is located 40 miles from Lahore. His father was an accountant named Kaluchand and his mother’s name was Tripta Devi. When he was born, an astrologer prophesized that he would grow up to be a spiritual leader and was blessed by God. He would attain much fame and glory and would be worshipped by one and all. When he was five years old, Guru Nanak spoke in detail about God and his spiritual existence much to the surprise of others. By the time he was fifteen, he had

November 03, 2017

mastered Hindi, Persian, Punjabi and Sanskrit. But one thing that stood out was his unquestioned love for God. His way of life started to worry his father who decided to teach him some business. Once, he gave

Nanak Rs. 20 and told him to start a business in Lahore. While on his way to Lahore, he met some meditating sadhus who had not eaten for days. He spent the amount to give them food. Upon his returning back, his father asked what he had done with the money. He said he had done his true duty and told him that he fed hungry souls. Next, he was sent to a grain shop to work. He spent his entire earnings on the poor and deprived and never kept anything for himself. He got married when he was 18 years. But he left his domestic life for a higher calling and to quench his thirst for spiritual knowledge. He preached that God was om-

nipresent and did not adhere to any kind of ritualism or worship patterns. He led a life of purity and clarity and believed that the attainment of enlightenment would relieve one from the cycle of birth and death. He visited many places to preach and spread his knowledge, which includes Burma, Iraq, Tibet and Sri Lanka. Guru Nanak composed a set of poems known as “Japji” that is recited as the Morning Prayer. It forms the first chapter of Guru Granth Sahib, the holy book of the Sikhs. These thoughts and poems inspire many till date and are considered the epitome of good living. -culturalindia.net

2. Heat a broad kadai with enough oil. Keep a heavy, taller (than the kadai using) box/ dabba near the kadai, without touching the flame or the kadai. Place a kitchen cloth or towel,

folded over the container. This is for tapping the ladle over the oil. 3. Once the oil is hot, put flame to low or medium and hold the boondi ladle in slanting way, above the oil, so that the handle rests over the dabba. Pour batter all over the ladle rather than at one place. Quickly start tapping the handle of the ladle over the dabba, so that the batter gets sprinkled in the oil. 4. Once the bubbles reduces and you could see boondis, remove it from oil using a wire mesh ladle. Never let it for more time, otherwise it will get crispy and brown. Drain in paper towel. Repeat to finish. 5. To make sugar syrup, boil sugar

and water until one string consistency. That is, if you swipe the back of the ladle with your fore finger and check between your thumb, a string should form. 6. Switch off the flame, add lemon juice, cardamom and rose essence. 7. Add the prepared boondi, mix well and keep it closed for minimum 20 mins or until all the syrup is absorbed by the boondi. 8 Chop finely and fry the pistachios in ghee. Add to the soaked boondi, mix. 9. Grease you hand with ghee. Take palm full of the boondi and make ladoos. Repeat to finsish and arrange in serving plate. -rakskitchen.net

Special Recipe: Motichur ke Laddoo Ingredients: Besan, coarse – 1 cup Orange food colour – 1/4 tsp Milk – 3 tbsp Salt – a pinch Oil/ ghee – to deep fry Pistachios - 12 Sugar – 3/4 cup Water – 1 cup Cardamom – 1, powdered Rose essence – 3 drops Lemon juice – 1/2 tsp Method: 1. Take besan (kadalai mavu/ chick-

pea flour) in a mixing bowl, add salt and whisk well or you can sieve too. Add milk, food colour and required water to make a thick batter. Refer video for consistency.


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Place a Number in the empty boxes in such a way that each row across, each column down and each 9-box square contains all of the numbers from one to nine. Send us the correct answer before November 08, 2017. Email us at indoamericannews@yahoo.com or mail to 7457 Harwin Drive, Suite 262, Houston, TX 77036. Send us your solved Sudoku for your name to be published (for first three entrees only & 1 submission per month).


Mama’s Punjabi Recipes

Nimbu Achaar, Namak Bina (Saltless Lemon Pickle) vigorously. 4. Place the jar in the sunlight for a week to allow the lemons to ferment and soften. Make sure to shake the contents vigorously at least once everyday. 5. After a week, pour in the sugar (and the mirch, if desired) and shake the contents again, leave again in the sun for a day.

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restricted to a salt-free diet, below is a reprint of Mama’s Saltless Nimbu Achaar recipe. A little of this pickle can add a little zest in otherwise bland food. It is reprinted with some additional information and directions. Many people, especially the elderly, are restricted to a salt-free diet for health reasons, mostly heart disease related. For these people, in order to enjoy their food, it is important to find alternate methods to add flavor to an otherwise bland diet and several natural ingredients offer some help, like nimbu (lemons or limes); adrak (ginger), amchoor (green mango powder) or sirka (vinegar). Although sodium-free salt is also available, it is high in potassium, which some people cannot tolerate. Lemons grow on small evergreen trees that are native to Asia and India, Mexico, China, Argentina, and Brazil produce 59% of total production. The sour juice of the yellow fruit is used both for cooking and cleaning purposes while the pulp and rind are also used in cooking and baking. The juice of the lemon is upto 6% citric acid, with a pH of around 2.2, giving it a sour taste which makes it a key ingredient in drinks and foods such as lemonade and lemon meringue pie. Lemon juice is also used as a short-term preservative on certain foods that tend to oxidize and turn brown after being sliced, such as apples, bananas, and avocados, where its acid denatures the enzymes. Indian cuisine hardly ever uses lemons or lemon juice except in pickles or as a garnish for salads and on some savory snacks like chaat or as a rub for roasted corn-on-the-cobs. And nimbus are almost never used in Indian sweets or even in murrabas (preserves).

6. Check if the lemons are tender and ready to eat. The more the pickle stays in the vinegar, the softer and tastier it will become. Ingredients: • • • •

500gm nimbu (lemons), preferably the small, round yellow ones 1 cup sirka (white vinegar); 1 tsp chinni (sugar) Spices (to taste): mirch (red pepper), if desired

7. Eat the achaar with any dish or but itself with a crispy parantha. It is tasty to eat the achaar with crusty white bread too. Enjoy!!!

Directions: 1. Wash the lemons; wipe and dry them well. Make sure there is no water at all on them otherwise the achaar will not last as long and will spoil quickly. 2. Cut the lemons in half and place the halves in a glass jar. If you want and have the patience, pick out the seeds for a much more appreciated pickle. 3. Pour the vinegar into the jar, close the lid and shake the contents

Shakuntla Malhotra is a skilled cook of Punjabi dishes made in the oldfashioned style that she learnt as a young woman in her ancestral home in Lyallpur, India (since renamed Faisalabad) before it became part of Pakistan after the Partition in 1947. People have often admired her cooking for its simplicity and taste that comes with each mouthful. Even in her late-eighties, she continues to cook daily and agreed to share her delectable Punjabi vegetarian recipes for future generations.




people love to eat achaars and relish add to their meals. the tart and sour tas Most of the achaar te that they s the brands which are of ten loaded with spice y use are ready-made, store bought of salt that is used as s, but most of all a staggering amount a pr Usually it is a good eservative. idea to keep any ac haar in the fridge so This is especially tru that it won’t spoil. e of the homemade longevity is water that may have crept ones for which the greatest threat to while making them. achaars, can be ke pt unrefrigerated fo r many weeks as lon These homemade in them and the lid g as there is no water on the bottle is tightl y closed.

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Rukh: Manoj Bajpayee Remains Underused in this Puzzle Around a Chronicle of Death


‘ ukh’ means direction, or aspect. In the film, we see a bunch of people flailing, looking for a mooring, and getting some clarity. It’s what we do when life, in all its messiness and problems and small joys, is being lived. The sudden death of a character causes not just grief, which is a natural outcome, but also leaves a puzzle behind. Who was he? Did anyone really know him? Who is his wife, son, father, old friend? And also leaves us asking that most thought-provoking question – do we really know anyone, even our most intimate

relations? The film gives us the point of view of Dhruv (Gourav), who is left holding a crumbling home in the absence of his father (Bajpayee), as he seeks answers from his worried mother (Tambe), old grandfather who is losing his memory, and the unctuous old friend (Mishra), who was also his father’s dodgy business partner. There’s a somberness to the way this chronicle of a death unfolds, which holds your attention. Some scenes sit heavily, though. And if you are an alert viewer, you will figure out what happened much

before the big reveal. But the rest holds. Some interesting casting choices are in here. As the young fellow, fighting his own weaknesses, and being confronted with his father’s, Gourav veers appropriately between resentment and bewilderment. Mishra plays an unethical businessman, and a guy with distinct shades of grey; nice to see him play an un-benign character. But I do have a quibble. There’s not enough of the powerhouse Bajpayee in the film. I was left wanting more of his ‘Rukh’. -indianexpress.com

Jia aur Jia: Haphazard Execution Kills this Tale Despite an Attractive Premise


wo young women are unexpected partners in a touching coming of age tale: this must have been the intention of ‘Jia Aur Jia’. The premise is not wildly original but still attractive enough. There’s something about a couple of strangers having to figure out the bends in the road ahead as well each other, which can be very engaging. But the execution is so haphazard and so amateurish that you’re left wondering : how do these movies get made? Is there no Bollywood version of checkingfor-quality before the flick gets

slung out? Jia (Chaddha) and Jia (Koechlin) do an outlandish female version of meet-cute, proceed to squabble all

over Sweden, while learning big lessons about life and beyond, and deliver a dud. Both these actresses have been capable of much more, and have created characters with heft. But here they get no help from the script, which is shockingly all over the place. Or, as a popular phrase goes these days: `kuchh bhi’. After a while, a slouchy fellow with a tousled mop (Goni) shows up. His name is Vasu, and he does ‘nothing’,

Happy Birthday

except help the girls knock back copious quantities of vodka. One Jia is quiet and broody, the other is bright and chirpy. One chokes and splutters, the other smokes and drinks. One wears six inch stilletoes and flouncy chiffons, the other short shorts and cool singlets. On a rugged road trip. Oh well! A random relationship, involving pretty pink gowns and bewildered priests and marriage vows, crops up. There’s also a thread about death and dying, which leads to teary interludes, but we’ve long stopped trying to make sense of it all. -indianexpress.com



November 04, 1971

Anushka Shetty November 07, 1981

26 November 03, 2017 3rd ODI: Bumrah, Kohli, Rohit Keep India’s Streak Going BY KARTHIK KRISHNASWAMY


ANPUR: (ESPN Cricinfo): India 337 for 6 (Rohit 147, Kohli 113, Santner 2-58) beat New Zealand 331 for 7 (Munro 75, Latham 65, Williamson 64, Bumrah 3-47, Chahal 2-47) by six runs. Elation, after a seventh straight bilateral ODI series win, for India. Heartbreak for a New Zealand side that has been among the best prepared and most tenacious limited-overs teams to visit the country in recent years. Why is this only a three-match series? New Zealand came to Kanpur with a poor record in ODI deciders in India. In each of their three previous attempts, their batting had let them down: they fell short of 200 in both 1995 and 1999 and, on this day last year, imploded to 79 all out. It’s not the proudest record, and on Sunday New Zealand were set quite a task to break their decider duck in India. With Rohit Sharma and Virat Kohli scoring hundreds and becoming the first ODI pair to combine in four double-century stands, India set them 338 to win. They had only completed two bigger successful chases. That set the stage for the two teams to trade punch and counter-punch in a riveting microcosm of the entire series. Colin Munro set things rolling by stepping out and carting the third ball of the innings over the midwicket boundary. The next three balls disappeared for fours, and Bhuvneshwar Kumar - steady, dependable Bhuvneshwar Kumar - was dazed and bemused. Trying to somehow cramp Munro for room with round-thewicket bouncers, he sent down three wides in his third over, and by the end of his first spell was nursing figures of 0 for 51 in five. But at the other end, Jasprit Bumrah kept things sane, extracting whatever little help a flat Green Park pitch could give him by hitting it hard with maximum backspin or, in the case of his slower offcutter, sidespin. His first spell read 4-0-12-1, Martin Guptill an excellent choice for 50th ODI wicket. New Zealand remained on track, with Munro and Kane Williamson adding 109 for the second wicket and moving the score to 153 for 1 in the

If there are stumps around, Jasprit Bumrah will hit them, India v New Zealand, 3rd ODI, Kanpur, October 29, 2017

25th over. The counter-punch, this time, came from Yuzvendra Chahal, the only other bowler apart from Bumrah to get something out of the surface. He did this by means of hard-spun legbreaks - one drifted away from Munro and broke back in to bowl him through the gate, the other, dangled slower and wider, forced Williamson to miscue a slogsweep. New Zealand, suddenly, were 168 for 3. Enter Tom Latham, New Zealand’s most improved and most impressive batsman on this tour. In Mumbai he had swept his way to a matchwinning hundred; his innings here was perhaps even better, showcasing not just deftness against spin but also pristine timing against the fast bowlers, particularly square on the off side and off his legs. He dominated a 79run stand with Ross Taylor, and then added 59, off just 40 balls, with the scrappy and highly effective Henry Nicholls. When Bhuvneshwar, producing the perfect yorker on a day when little else went right for him, ended that stand, New Zealand needed 32 off 19 to win. Not the worst time for your biggest hitter to walk in. Except it wasn’t to be Colin de Grandhomme’s day; his indecision played a part in Latham being run out for 65 off 52, and he didn’t seem to have his hitting gloves on either. With Bhuvneshwar and Bumrah landing a dew-sodden ball there or thereabouts in the closing overs, the target slipped

away from New Zealand’s reach. It came down to 15 off the last over, but they were never going to get it against Bumrah in this sort of form. New Zealand could have been chasing significantly more than 338 had their bowlers not pulled India back through the last 10 overs, in which they took five wickets while conceding only 85. Three of those were the result of catches at long-off - a not insignificant detail, for it encapsulated the value of the fifth boundary fielder in the third Powerplay. In the last five overs of the second Powerplay, when mid-off was usually inside the circle, Rohit and Kohli had hit six fours and a six in the arc between deep extra-cover and long-off. India scored 56 in that five-over period, and Kohli and Rohit looked unstoppable. But the relaxation of field restrictions gave New Zealand a bit more control. Rohit and Hardik Pandya fell to Mitchell Santner’s changes of pace and trajectory while going for big hits, while a Tim Southee slower ball undid Kohli’s attempt at clearing long-off. Between the end of the 40th over and Kohli’s dismissal, India had only managed three boundaries. MS Dhoni and Kedar Jadhav manufactured three fours and a six thereafter, and India picked up 35 off the last 20 legal balls of their innings. Those runs would prove quite handy. Rohit and Kohli came together in the seventh over of India’s innings,

when Shikhar Dhawan spooned Southee to mid-off, and immediately gave the sense of settling themselves for a long stay. Kohli looked in rare form right from the time he walked in, flicking an off-stump ball to the right of midwicket to get off the mark and then punching Southee through the gap between cover point and extracover, but despite this he slipped into a sidekick role, happy to get off strike and watch Rohit do his thing. He did, however, become the fastest player to 9000 runs in one-day cricket. Rohit’s innings contained all the classic Rohit ingredients - the backfoot punches, the front-foot pulls in front of square, the drives down the ground - and also a determination to rectify the mistakes of his previous two innings. He had been out playing across the line in the first two ODIs, and didn’t repeat that mistake here. In the eighth over, for instance, he got a full, middle-and-leg ball from Trent Boult, similar to the one he flicked in the air in Pune, only this time he showed the full face of the bat and picked up four to the left of mid-on. Once he got his eye in, boundaries flowed to all parts. The fifty came up off 52 balls, the hundred off 106, and with Kohli following in his slipstream a total in the 350-370 range looked possible. India didn’t get that far, but they eventually got far enough. Just about.


Pakistan Cruise to Win on Lahore’s Big Night


AHORE: Pakistan 180 for 3 (Malik 51, Amin 45) beat Sri Lanka 144 for 9 (Shanaka 54, Amir 4-13) by 36 runs Shoaib Malik scorched his way to a 23-ball fifty, Mohammad Amir scythed through Sri Lanka’s chase to claim his best T20 figures, and Pakistan gave a raucous home crowd an evening to remember, as they trounced Sri Lanka by 36 runs, and swept the series 3-0. Although Friday’s match had been tense, this was yet another limitedovers mismatch in a tour that has been full of them. On a smoggy Lahore evening, Pakistan’s 180 for 3 always seemed beyond Sri Lanka’s thin batting order. Dasun Shanaka’s 54 off 36 balls was valiant, but even while he was at the crease, Sri Lanka were too far behind the rate - none of the other batsmen having found their range. Amir, who had taken the first wicket, also knocked out the lower middle order, taking 4 for 13. At times in the final over, he bowled with three slips in place, as Sri Lanka limped to 144 for 9. Plenty of Sri Lankan flags were on display at the Gaddafi Stadium, as Pakistan fans showing their gratitude to the touring team, but atmospheric conditions at the venue had a bearing on the match as well. Dew was in evidence from early in the evening, and Sri Lanka’s inexperienced attack found themselves hampered by it, particularly towards the end of the innings. The last over of the Pakistan innings - bowled by Vikum Sanjaya - was particularly damaging Though legspinner Shadab Khan also found conditions difficult, Pakistan’s seamers were good enough with the wet ball - Faheem Ashraf and Hasan Ali also taking three wickets between them.

Shoaib Malik is down on one knee as he carves a full-length delivery over cover, Pakistan v Sri Lanka, 3rd T20I, Lahore, October 29, 2017


November 03, 2017

NRIs Will Not be Able to Continue Their Small Savings Investments N D -- The Government of NSC, it states that the investment in EW


India has amended some of the rules relating to investing and holding of government-backed small savings schemes such as Public Provident Fund (PPF) and National Savings Certificate (NSC). According to the new rules, such small-saving accounts will close the day account holder’s (or investor’s) residential status changes to a non-resident Indian (NRI). An NRI is a person residing outside India who is a citizen of India or a Person of Indian Origin (PIO). A central government notification dated 3 October 2017, which was published in the Gazette, states that, “Provided that if a resident who opened an account under this scheme (PPF), subsequently becomes a nonresident during the currency of the maturity period, the account shall be deemed to be closed with effect from the day he becomes a non-resident.” In a separate notification regarding

the certificates is deemed to be encashed on the day the holder becomes an NRI. In another notification by the Ministry of Finance, dated 29 September 2017, PPF account holders were asked to link their account with Aadhaar. According to the notification, where Aadhaar number has not been assigned, the depositor shall submit proof of application of enrolment for Aadhaar. Not only the new investors, even those depositors under this scheme who have not given their Aadhaar number at the time of application for such deposit, shall submit their Aadhaar number to the Post Office Savings Bank or Accounts Office concerned, on or before 31December 2017. Though NRIs will not be able to invest in PPF, NSC and a few of the other small savings schemes, there are various other investment avenues

in which they can invest. For instance, an NRI can continue to invest in the National Pension System (NPS). However, if an NPS subscriber’s citizenship changes, and she is no longer an Indian, her NPS account would be closed. However, many other avenues of investment remain open to NRIs

wishing to invest in India. These include: equity market, mutual funds, fixed deposits, and real estate (both residential and commercial, but not agriculture land). However, these investment are also subject to fulfilment of rules and regulations issued under the Foreign Exchange Management Act, 1999. -- LiveMint

India is One Reason Cartier is Around Today, Says Company Heir M : Francesca Cartier such as the Orlov and Hope Diamond UMBAI

Brickell is a sixth-generation Cartier who got interested in the story behind the family name and how it became a globally recognized luxury brand. Cartier was founded in Paris in 1847 by her great great greatgrandfather and it was the third generation, Cartier Brickell’s great-grandfather and his two brothers, who took it to the global stage. The company was run by four generations of Cartiers before it was sold. Today the brand is owned by Compagnie Financière Richemont SA . Cartier Brickell was in Mumbai for a conference hosted by Saffronart on The Timeless Legacy of India Jewels on 6-7 October. India has been a source of inspiration for the world’s leading jewellery designers including Cartier, Harry Winston, and Van Cleef and Arpels, and some famous jewels

originate from or trace their design roots to India. Cartier Brickell spoke to Mint about Cartier’s India connection. How did your great-grandfather, the youngest of the three brothers, describe his work in India? The first time Jacques visited India, it was 1911 and he had arrived for the Delhi Darbar. The Delhi Darbar was a time to meet as many princes as possible in one place. He had his suitcases, like a travelling salesman. He had carried what was in fashion in Paris at that time, which was quite delicate, garland-style of diamantaires and necklaces. However, in India it was not the women who were buying the jewellery, it was the men. And they were not buying for their wives or their lovers, like they were in Paris. They were buying for themselves. So the biggest commission he got at the Darbar was something that he hadn’t really thought of bringing.

Cartier Brickell has been telling Cartier’s story through Creatingcartier. com and is now working on a book to tell the family’s side of the story. Location courtesy: The Imperial. Photo: Aniruddha Chowdhury/ Mint

It was a simple silver pocket watch. That was all the rage at Paris at that time and the maharajas obviously looked to the West and had seen this pocket watch and wanted it too. How important was India for Cartier? India was one of the most important markets for us. It was not just about

the commissions we got from here. But around then the theme of orientalism and India was very much in vogue in the West. Cartier tapped into this. Besides, India was also important for buying gemstones. Right from his first trip in 1911, Jacques started meeting gem dealers. -- LiveMint


India’s Oldest Art Gallery? In Bhimbetka Near Bhopal


HOPAL: Which is the oldest monument or site you have visited? The Taj Mahal? It’s 364 years old. How about the Golden Temple? 413 years old. 445-year-old Macha Pichu? Or the intricate stone temples of Khajuraho? They’re a thousand years old. Let’s go as far back as Harappa and Mohenjodaro, both of which thrived around 5,000 years ago, as did the Egyptian pyramids of Giza. Can you think of any site older than that? There is a site, in the heart of India, that was inhabited by humans 100,000 years ago? You read that right: 100,000 years ago. In fact, it exhibits the earliest signs of human life on the Indian subcontinent—the first signs of humans in India. In fact, the caves, or rather rock shelters, were not discovered until 1957, when V.S. Wakankar sighted them during a train journey to Bhopal. Having dedicated his life to rock shelters, he had seen similar formations in Spain and France. Out of the 750 shelters in the area, 243 are collectively known as Bhimbetka. Local folklore suggests the presence of Bhim, one of the Pandavas from Mahabharata, at this site. Thus the name. The oldest drawings are from the Upper Paleolithic Era and are in hues of green and red. Large animals like bison, elephants and tigers are depicted. The paintings from the Mesolithic Era bring in the addition of humans hunting such animals with weapons like spears, bow and arrows and sticks.

Red paintings superimposed on older white ones. Photo: Harnoor Channi-Tiwary


28 November 03, 2017


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November 03, 2017