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Indo American News • Friday, October 08 , 2010

Friday, October 08 , 2010


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Gardens, Halwa and Business: Prince Charles’ First Day in India NEW DELHI (CN): A long walk across the manicured lawns of Rashtrapati Bhawan’s Mughal Gardens, a taste of President Pratibha Patil’s favourite recipe, as well as a chat with India’s top businessmen and best brains -- Prince Charles Saturday had a packed first day of his Indian visit, during which he will open the Commonwealth Games. Prince Charles and his wife, Camilla, were received here in Delhi by the Commonwealth Games Organizing Committee chairman Suresh Kalmadi. The heir to the British throne will be declaring the Games open Sunday

evening, jointly with President Patil, at the opening ceremony in Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium. Prince Charles, accompanied by his wife, called on the President at 5.30 p.m. ‘They had an informal chat for about half-an-hour. After that, they went for a walk in the gardens,’ said a Rashtrapati Bhavan official. The beautifully-tended Mughal Gardens seemed to have entranced the royal couple, who walked along the sculptured green terraces for about 40 minutes. Patil, and her husband, Devisingh Shekhawat, were showing off the key elements of the Gardens, from

Prince Charles and his wife Camilla in India, received by Chairman Suresh Kalmadi, Organizing Committee, Commonwealth Games.

the verdant central lawn to the musical fountains. ‘The prince was also aware of project Roshni and wanted to know about its details,’ said the official. Project Roshni aims to turn the President’s Estate into a eco-friendly and sustainable habitat. Indian delicacies were also offered to the Prince, which included a dish of pineapple halwa, made from a personal recipe of Patil. Prince Charles took part in a Trade and Promotion reception at the British High Commission, where he met with prominent Delhi-based


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Indo American News • Friday, October 08, 2010

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Go-Ahead to Navi MumbaiAirport by October End: Praful MUMBAI (NDTV): After much controversy over the construction of Navi Mumbai airport, Civil Aviation Minister Praful Patel has said that the Environment Ministry will clear the new airport by the end of October. Patel said “ compromises can be made in the design and there is no hesitation in moving non-aeronautical assets.”

The Navi Mumbai airport has been a bone of contention for both the Aviation Ministry and the Environmentalists. The Navi Mumbai airport is scheduled to begin operations in 2013 at Panvel, about 20 kilometres away from the Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport. It’s expected to handle

an additional 60 million passengers every year. However, Environment Minister Jairam Ramesh had expressed concerns over the proposed blueprint’s impact on 400 acres of forests and mangroves which protect the Mumbai coastline. Two rivers would also need to be diverted.

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businessmen, like the Airtel chairman and managing director, Sunil Mittal and industrialistpolitician, Naveen Jindal. India is among the top investment sources for Britain, topping $14.24 billion annually. After that, he attended another reception to mark the golden jubilee of the Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi. It had a personal connection

as the foundation stone for the prestigious educational institution had been laid by his father, Prince Philip, the Duke of Edinburgh. At the reception, he met with students and directors from the 15 IITs around India. He also looked at old photographs of his visit to the institution thirty years ago, and expressed hope that the IITs will further cover themselves with glory in the future.


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Indo American News • Friday, October 08 , 2010


Brooks Entwistle: The Insider with Outside Connections The managing director of Goldman Sachs lives it up, immersing himself in local culture

MUMBAI (Mint): In February 2006, when Brooks Entwistle came to Mumbai to set up shop for Goldman Sachs in India, he was the only employee for the first few months. Operating out of a hotel suite in south Mumbai, every time he answered a call he would say, “Goldman Sachs”— and if the caller was looking for him, “Let me see if Brooks is around.” A few seconds later, in an effort to portray an image of a larger force on the ground, he would pick up the phone in another room, stir his coffee and say, “Brooks speaking.” Today, Goldman Sachs has a team of 3,100 employees in India, including those at the firm’s service centre in Bangalore. When I approached the normally reticent managing director and country head of Goldman Sachs for this meeting, he insisted that it would have to be at Koh by Ian Kittichai, the new Thai restaurant at InterContinental Marine Drive. He stayed at the hotel when he came to Mumbai to head Goldman Sachs. More importantly, he loves spicy Thai food. Entwistle attributes his love for spices and the mountains to a childhood spent in Colorado, US, where he grew up eating spicy Mexican cuisine. As we settle down, I discover Entwistle’s Thai connection goes beyond food. He lived at Preah Vihear, in remote northern Cambodia, bordering Thailand, for two years in the early 1990s as part of a UN team to prepare Cambodia for free and fair elections. In the war zone, where shelling was a daily occurrence as the Cambodian People’s Armed Forces and the Khmer Rouge fought each other, Entwistle learnt to “manage cross-cultures and to build businesses under difficult circumstances”. He served as a district electoral supervisor, effectively the governor of the district; his partner in the mission was a woman from Sweden; the civil police in Choam Khsan, where he was based, was from Ghana; the military observers from Russia, Uruguay and Poland; and a young Australian soldier ran the radio station. Then there was the Pakistani peacekeeping force.

Entwistle, 43, started his career in Goldman in 1989 as an analyst in investment banking in New York. While working in Hong Kong in 1991, he came across a UN advertisement in the Far Eastern Economic Review seeking volunteers to conduct elections in Cambodia and decided to jump at the opportunity. Indeed, there was a deeper reason. He was looking for Long Se Bina, a Cambodian boy whom Entwistle’s parents had adopted under a sponsorship programme of World Vision, an international relief and development organization. In April 1975, when Khmer Rouge forces began their final assault on Phnom Penh, 50-odd small children from the same orphanage where the boy lived were airlifted out. But Bina and others, who did not meet the cut-off age, were left on the streets to fend for themselves. At the request

of Entwistle’s family, the Red Cross launched a hunt for the boy but the file was closed in 1978, a year before Vietnam took over Cambodia. Now, Entwistle’s eldest daughter Bryanna, 9, is of the same age at which Entwistle lost his “brother”. He plans to take his three daughters to Cambodia this Diwali to complete the circle. Back at Goldman Sachs in New York since 1995 after completing his MBA at Harvard Business School, he periodically used his vacation time to serve as an election monitor with the Carter Center in places such as Liberia and Mozambique because he loves to work in “countries emerging from conflicts”. The Cambodia elections were free, fair and technically perfect. But the Khmer Rouge took over his district after six months, undoing at first blush almost two years of hard work by the team. Entwistle knows well that elections are but one piece of the puzzle of getting a country back on its feet. “Nation building is an incredibly complex, long-term process. Elections alone cannot do it. There are many issues such as leadership, governance and rule of law… This takes place over a generation,” he says. Had he not been an investment banker, Entwistle would probably have been a diplomat with a deep interest in international affairs and foreign policy. He has tracked India closely since the late 1990s, when he returned to Hong Kong for a second stint to help start the Asian technology group of Goldman Sachs. In 2000, both he and wife Laura came to the Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad, for campus recruitments, competing with each other: Entwistle for Goldman, and his wife for her firm, the Boston Consulting Group. In 2003, when he went back to New York, the family thought it was for good, but when the bank chose to end its decade-old relationship with Kotak Mahindra Bank Ltd and go it alone (as it wanted to offer the whole suite of products while the joint venture was only for securities and investment banking), the mantle fell on Entwistle to head it. In October 2005, he came here on

a secret trip with Laura, one that convinced them India was the place to be. Within a few months, only a duffle bag in tow, he was here, on his 50th trip to India, to “dig into a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity”. Laura joined him a few months later with their daughters. Since then, Goldman Sachs has invested at least $2 billion (around Rs 9,200 crore) in 45 firms. It now offers investment banking, broking, offshore asset management, fixedincome securities, private equity and non-banking finance business. It has applied to the banking regulator for a licence to get into commercial banking and the business of buying and selling government bonds. It is also keen to start its domestic asset management business. Its employees include 16 managing directors, some of them hand-picked from rival banks such as Bank of America-Merrill Lynch, Deutsche Bank, Morgan Stanley and UBS. Initially, at least 25% of the employees of the Mumbai office were from the global office, to help build the culture, but now Entwistle is the only nonIndian here. Won’t he move out soon after mentoring Sonjoy Chatterjee, his newly hired co-head in India, for the top job? Entwistle says there is no immediate plan as they have a “full life” here, deeply embedded in the community. His wife is the president of the American School in Mumbai and heads the Mumbai chapter of Room to Read, an international non-profit organization. They have church meetings in their home every week. “I wake up every morning and

see there’s so much to do,” he says, digging into jasmine rice mixed with green chicken curry. Entwistle collects old travel posters, antique maps, first-edition books and old movie posters. His office has a poster of Nargis Dutt’s superhit film Mother India. Her son Sanjay Dutt and thespian Dilip Kumar are his neighbors in Bandra’s Pali Hill. “I have a reading problem,” he tells me sheepishly, adding he could be Amazon’s biggest customer in India. Coincidentally, he spent his last birthday with actor Aamir Khan, discussing movies and education over dinner at a friend’s place. Entwistle doesn’t consider himself an outsider in India. He is an “insider in India with strong outside global connections”. What is his advice to expats who come to India to build a business? “There is no manual on how to do it. You must go local from Day 1. Make India your home. Don’t think about your next posting,” he says. One morning in 2007, while dropping his daughters to school, they saw a few cows, a goat, a horse, and finally, on Linking Road, an elephant. His eldest daughter Bryanna screamed with joy, saying, “Daddy, it’s just like living in a movie.” For Entwistle, unlike his daughters, life in Mumbai is not surreal. It’s real and hectic and he is still trying to figure out how to find zones of silence. But he is not complaining. He sleeps 5 hours a night, gets up for an early run through the quiet lanes of Bandra and packs in as much as possible to live life fully, completely submerged in local culture.

At home: Brooks Entwistle’s advice to expats: make India your home, not a transit point. Jayachandran/Mint


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Indo American News • Friday, October 08, 2010

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online edition:

Indo American News • Friday, October 08 , 2010




Indo American News • Friday, October 08, 2010



Indo American News • Friday, October 08 , 2010


Indo American News


South Asia News of the Diaspora

Candidate Musharraf Admits Training Kashmir Militants Against India LONDON (PTI): Former military ruler Pervez Musharraf has admitted that Pakistan had trained under underground militant groups to fight in Kashmir, the first such admission by a top leader of the country. Musharraf’s candid remarks came days after he announced his return to active politics from London where he has been living in self-imposed exile. “They (underground militant groups to fight against India in Kashmir) were indeed formed,” Musharraf told German magazine Der Spiegel in an interview. Asked why did Pakistan train militant underground groups to fight India in Kashmir, the former President said Nawaz Sharif’s apathy to the Kashmir issue was one of the reasons, so was the fact that the world had turned a blind eye to the dispute. “Yes, it is the right of any country to promote its own interests...

General Musharraf has formed a political party to contest elections in 2013 and admitted training militants to fight against India in Kashmir.

when India is not prepared to discuss Kashmir at the United Nations and is not prepared to resolve the dispute in a peaceful manner,” Musharraf claimed. “The (Nawaz Sharif) government turned a blind eye because they wanted India to discuss Kashmir,” he said. Musharraf indicated he had no regrets for the Kargil intrusion, that led to an armed conflict with India in 1999, and argued that each country had a right to promote its national interest. Musharraf slammed the international community, particularly the West, for persistently ignoring the Kashmir issue, and for singling out Pakistan for all blames. “The West was ignoring the resolution of the Kashmir issue, which is the core issue of Pakistan. We expected the West -- especially the United States and important countries like

Germany -- to resolve the Kashmir issue. Has Germany done that?” the former Pakistan military ruler asked. Musharraf launched his political party theAll Pakistan Muslim League in London and announced his intention to contest the 2013 election. “The West blames Pakistan for everything. Nobody asks the Indian prime minister, why did you arm your country with a nuclear weapon? Why are you killing innocent civilians in Kashmir? Nobody was bothered that Pakistan got split in 1971 because of India’s military backing for Bangladesh. The United States and Germany gave statements, but they didn’t mean anything,” he said. Musharraf, who overthrew Sharif’s government in a bloodless coup in 1999, had also as Army chief presided over the Kargil misadventure that had threatened to scale up into a full-fledged war between India and Pakistan.

NEWS BRIEF: President Obama says the US is in a fight for future” with countries like India and China which are not slashing their budget in the key sector detrimental to shaping lives of millions of students. “Think about it. China isn’t slashing education (budget) by 20 per cent right now. India is not slashing education by 20 per cent. We are in a fight for the future - a fight that depends on education,” Obama said at a White House Summit on Community Colleges.



Indo American News • Friday, October 08, 2010

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online edition:


Indo American News • Friday, October 08 , 2010


Qatar Airways is Airline Partner for Indian Business Summit MUMBAI (Business Wire India): Qatar Airways, one of the world’s finest five star airlines, today announced that it has been named

the official airline for the premiere Indian Business Leaders Summit and Golf Tournament. The summit and the tournament are scheduled to be held on November 11 and 12,2010, at the Oxford Golf and Country Club, Pune, India.The summit is being organized by the Exito group, a business solutions company. Qatar Airways has been adding new

destinations to its wide network, recently in India; Qatar Airways has added 11 additional flights from New Delhi, Amritsar and Cochin. In May 2010, the airline was awarded as World’s B e s t Business C l a s s airline and also Wo r l d ’s B e s t Business Class Catering by Skytrax. The Indian Business Leader’s Summit and Golf Tournament gives an opportunity to network with India’s best business thought leaders through power-packed presentations by global and regional leaders, the exchange of best practices and strategies, and interactive panel discussion. The summit will address the most important and complex

issues currently faced by government and business CEOs in today’s rapidly changing world. “We’re delighted to partner with one of world’s finest airlines, Qatar Airways for premiere Indian Business Leaders Summit and Golf Tournament.,” said Alem Young, Exito Group. “With unrivalled business class experience, is truly the airline of choice for business travelers across MiddleEast. Exito Group clearly welcomes the association of such a leader in the Airlines Sector to the summit and looking forward to a wonderful partnership,” he added. Qatar Airways currently operates a modern fleet of 85 aircrafts to over 92 diverse cities across Europe, the Middle East, Africa, Asia Pacific and North America.

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Indo American News • Friday, October 08, 2010


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Indo American News • Friday, October 08 , 2010

Expressive Paintings by Deaf & Dumb Artist MUMBAI (Femina): Varsha Kharatmal cannot hear; neither can she speak. But her expressive paintings say it all. Their vibrant iridescent jewel colours shimmer enticingly on the walls of the AC Gallery at Nehru Centre, where she’s holding an exhibition along with her husband Ramachandra, who is also an artist. “Do your paintings have a message? Are you trying to say something through them?” I ask the attractive young artist. She turns to her husband who translates the questions in sign language. Her eyes light up as she gives me a wide, radiant smile, and throws her arms wide. “She says that she loves bright colours and beautiful things,” translates Ram. And that is all the explanation that Varsha Kharatmal needs to give. Her acrylics on canvas have a distinct individual style Varsha paints stylized figures, mostly women. Her style is reminiscent of Jamini Roy and Nandalal Basu. With skin tones ranging from light almond to golden wheat, rich chocolate to glowing coffee, they depict the archetypal Indian woman. The figures are curvaceous and voluptuous, the faces sensuously round, the eyes expressively large and fish-shaped. Whether it’s the depiction of adivasi girls performing a dance, or a group of young collegians in a coffee-shop, the details of dress and accessories are amazingly sharp and intricate. Nose-pins, earrings, hair ornaments, layers of necklaces and every drape of the clothes are beautifully portrayed.

A series depicting a Peshwa with his wife, deep in conversation, or relaxing on a jhoola is complemented with rich backgrounds. Whether it is a mrudungadharini (a musician) or a couple of flour mill workers husking rice, they are grace personified. And then there are the series of ‘faces’ (portraits)-each with eyecatching expressions and detail. Her talent was evident from childhood. Her art kept bursting forth from her fingers. At school her paintings were always the best in class, and held up as an example to the rest of the students. She comes from a modest background, but her parents always encouraged her to find her own niche. Realizing her potential and passion, she enrolled at Satara’a Kala Mahavidyalaya, where she met Ramachandra Kharatmal. Two batches her senior, he was attracted by this enthusiastic young girl with bright eyes and a brighter smile. He was also mesmerized by her paintings. He helped her overcome the obstacles she faced, sharing his notes and explaining the oral lectures. Soon their friendship developed into romance and marriage. “Our paintings were always the best in college,” reveals Ram, a trifle shyly, after some prodding. Three years ago, when her baby was born Varsha took a temporary break. But her paints and brushes beckoned, the baby co-operated, and Varsha found herself back at her easel.




Indo American News • Friday, October 08 , 2010

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Indo American News • Friday, October 08 , 2010




Indo American News • Friday, October 08 , 2010


Laxman’s Heroic Stand Despite Back Injury MOHALI imagine such an (Cricinfo): MS ending in fourDhoni hailed and-a-half days the duo of VVS when the match Laxman and started.” Ishant SharIndia’s tarma for their get of 216 was match-winning not the most stand of 81 that intimidating helped India but Australia’s fight back after fast bowlers being reduced hit back on the to a seemingly fourth evening hopeless 124 to limit India for 8. Laxman to 55 for 4, and played a decontinued to cisive role in make steady guiding India inroads on the to a second final day to successive win leave the hosts while chasing, VVS Laxman, Suresh Raina and Pragyan Ojha come together in an reeling. Ponfollowing up embrace moments after sealing victory, India v Australia, 1st Test. ting rued the his unbeaten unavailability a niggle that forced him to drop century against of Doug BolSri Lanka at the P Sara Oval with down the order in the first innings linger - who had to leave the field 73, also undefeated, to seal a one- and bat with a runner in the sec- with abdominal stiffness - against wicket win and spark off wild cel- ond. He was supported admirably the lower order. “We failed to take by Ishant, who scored a deter- a couple of wickets quickly,” he ebrations. “VVS was really remarkable in mined 31 to revive India’s hopes said. “Bollinger’s injury probably this match. He helped the team after Australia’s seamers had put didn’t help us there; we needed a overcome a batting collapse. Lax- their team in sight of a win. “Is- fresh bowler to give it a shake but man remained at the crease, hit hant showed good character when that’s the game. “Full credit to Inboundaries, rotated the strike and the batting collapse took place. It dia; they outplayed us today. We kept the scoreboard moving all the was no doubt a big task. Only two- tried our best. It was satisfying eftime,” Dhoni said after the match. three batsmen remained and Lax- fort from the boys. I told them to “For me, it was a very special in- man was on the other end. But they just take the scorecard out of the supported Laxman well and that mind. The partnership between Isnings by Laxman.” Laxman’s performance stood worked for us,” Dhoni said. “Our hant and Laxman was great and it out as he played with a sore back, heart rate went up. Nobody could made the difference.”

online edition:

CWG 2010: India Piles Golds NEW DELHI (HT): Five times in all on Tuesday, the tricolour was raised and the national anthem rang out from stadiums at opposite ends of Delhi. From the Karni Singh Ranges to the K D Jadhav wrestling arena at the Indira Gandhi Stadium — where the shooting and wrestling events were held, respectively — the news of India picking up five golds in a day reverberated across the city, drowning out even the applause over India’s dramatic first Test win against Australia in Mohali. It was a rare great day for Indian sport. Monday may have been a tale of missed chances, with weightlifters falling short of marks they had earlier set and having to stay content with silver and bronze medals, but Tuesday was nothing short of spectacular. It started with Gagan Narang and Abhinav Bindra, India’s top marksmen, blowing away the

competition with their sublime shooting. The duo won the country’s first gold in the 10m rifle (pairs) event. They scored 1193, surpassing their own Games record set four years ago in Melbourne. Not to be left behind, the little known women’s pair of Anisa Sayyed and Rahi Sarnobat added another gold to the kitty. They fought off the Australian challenge, coming through with a total score of 1156, another Games record. The icing on the cake at the ranges: two more silvers for India, leaving the opposition gasping for breath. Where the shooters left off, the grapplers began their date with history. Looking for a perfect score, all three Indians in action on the first day of the Greco-Roman wrestling event sailed into the finals. It was then a matter of how many golds and how many silvers.

“We Were Wary of Laxman.”: Ricky Ponting MOHALI: Australia’s bowlers had been wary of VVS Laxman, despite his bad back, going into the fifth day at Mohali, Ricky Ponting has said. “Just having some dinner last night with a few guys I was sitting with, I really felt that [we should beware] the wounded player [Laxman], and batting down the order I felt he would make a big contribution today,” Ponting said. “I was trying to make sure that we weren’t thinking they were going to be a batsman down again in the second innings and get too carried away.” Laxman batted at No. 10 in the first innings and sat out the

fourth morning as Australia set India a target. He could not bat at his usual No. 6 position on the fourth evening as India’s chase ran into rough weather. The Indian team said he would bat on the last day if required, and he walked out at the fall of the nightwatchman Zaheer Khan. Laxman stood tall as India lost wickets and guided the tail to victory. “Even with that [bad back] today he showed what sort of class player he is,” Ponting said. “He has been a bit of a thorn in our side there’s no doubt about that, I guess him and Sachin [Tendulkar] would be the two who’ve done the most damage over the years, a couple of

guys who’ve played a lot against us and have got good records against us. I hope his back’s pretty sore for next week as well and he can’t play.” The match was marred by some questionable umpiring decisions. Michael Hussey and Gautam Gambhir got rough calls on the fourth day, while Ishant Sharma was sent on his way today with the game in the balance, before the lbw appeal against Ojha. After a match of such close margins, Ponting reaffirmed his faith in the UDRS, the use of which had been refused by India at the start of this series.

Indian winners included grapplers Ravinder Singh (60 kg), Sanjay (74 kg) and Anil Kumar (96 kg).

Shakib Knocks Down New Zealand

DHAKA: Bangladesh rode on an outstanding all-round performance from Shakib Al Hasan to beat New Zealand by nine runs in Mirpur, making Daniel Vettori’s pre-match comments about his ability seem almost clairvoyant. Shakib was scintillating with the bat in the latter part of Bangladesh’s innings, unleashing a range of shots in the batting Powerplay to lift Bangladesh to a competitive 229. He

then tormented the visitors with the ball, scalping four invaluable wickets including a double-strike in the 15th over to remove the rampant Brendon McCullum and Grant Elliott. He then returned to bowl a brilliant penultimate over in the rain-curtailed run chase, giving away just three runs and claiming the wicket of Nathan McCullum to give his side an unexpected 1-0 lead in the five-match series.




With Relocated t tigers, Sariska t throbs Again ALWAR (Zee): The tigers have brought tourists back to Sariska. The tiger reserve in Rajasthan, which had lost its sheen after its tigers went missing, opened to a great response from wildlife enthusiasts and holiday makers this year, thanks to five big cats relocated here. The Sariska Tiger Reserve in Alwar district, which opened to the public Oct 1, earned over Rs 300,000 from the sale of entry tickets in the first two days alone, according to of official figures. The Sariska reserve, some 110 km from state capital Jaipur, opens to the public Oct 1 through to June 30 every year. It is closed during the monsoon months. While Indians are charged Rs 60 as entry fee, foreigners pay Rs 450. As many as 7,000 people visited the park on Saturday, a day when entry is free for Alwar residents. The reserve on Sunday attracted 1,200 wildlife enthusiasts, forest officials said. “We are really happy that Sariska has once again started to attract tourists,” a senior forest official

said. A report by the Wildlife Institute of India in March 2005 confirmed that there were indeed no tigers left in Sariska Tiger Reserve, and found poaching to be one of the main reasons for this.

the reserve. The Sariska Tiger Reserve, originally a hunting preserve of the erstwhile Alwar state, was declared a wildlife reserve in 1955. Spread across 866 sq km, it was declared a tiger reserve in 1978.

Facing flak from different quarters, the Rajasthan government decided to relocate tigers from Ranthambore National Park in Sawai Madhopur district to Sariska. And from 2008 till now, five tigers -- two males and three females -- have been relocated to

Some of the other wildlife found in the reserve include leopards, jungle cats, hyenas, jackals, chitals, sambars, langurs, wild boars, fourhorned deer and several species of birds. With the relocation the Sariska Tiger Reserve is set to save the tigers.

Indo American News • Friday, October 08 , 2010


India Wildlife t tour 2010: Come Enjoy the Wildlife

By SuB u haSh h Khandpal many more. (MN:) India Wildlife Resorts, an Tour planner Anil Rana, India award winning wildlife outfitter Wildlife Resorts will walk you specializing in adventure vacations through each wild and enriching to India’s most exotic wildlife des- journey. Incredible orchids add tinations, is now offering unprec- vivid splashes of colour to the edented wildlife tour packages to rainforest, and the India. Designed espe- “The key feature mammal species cially for wildlife and of wildlife packages are exciting too – nature lovers, these is their flexibility as sloths, monkeys non commercial travellers can book the and the excitetours feature special ment of watching activities to remote tour according to their a magnificent wild locations that allow requirement.” tiger stroll through travellers to encounnative habitat, explore bamboo ter the largest volume of wildlife thickets and Sal forest while riding possible. on the back of an elephant. An expert in wildlife and nature India Wildlife Resorts began with travel, John shares his personal ex- a passion for nature travel and toperiences and illustrates “With its day it is recognized as the ultimate abundance of forests, concern for adventure source for wildlife lovconservation and truly astonish- ers. The company caters to wildlife ing wildlife, India is well-worth enthusiasts, providing unequalled an extended stay. Being one of wildlife interactions, value packed the top destinations in the world itineraries, small touring groups for people interested in birds and of non commercial wildlife viewnature, these tours are an excellent ing. India Wildlife Resorts‘ unique introduction. “ travel style allows travellers time The packaged tours ranged be- to explore and enjoy the amazing tween 4 days –to – 28 days. Of all wildlife that is encountered during the packages, famous one includes once-in-a-lifetime journeys. tours to-Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary, That’s why we have designed Sariska National park, Rantham- a wide spectrum of packages to bore National Park, Kaziranga choose from”, says the Director National Park, Corbett National India Wildlife Resorts. Park, Kanha National Park and


Temple hours: Monday - Saturday: 9am- 11am and 4pm to 7pm; Sandhya Aarti 6.30pm. Sunday 9am- 7 pm., Champak Sadhu. • 13944 Schiller Road.

Hindu Worship Society Temple

Priest – “Bhibhdutt Mishra Ji”. Open for Darshan all days, except Thursday, from 8am -10am & 5pm - 8pm. Sunday 11:30am to 1:30pm – Regular Puja, Religious discourses and Prasad. Website

Parkash & prayer everyday: 6-7:15am, Evening Diwan: 7:15-8:30pm, Special Diwan: Wed: Sikh Center of Gulf 7-8:30pm, Sun: 10am-1:30pm, Langar everyday. 8819 Prairie Dr., Houtson TX 77064, 713Coast Area 466-6538, 281-635-7466, 832-633-5092 Satsang & spiritual discourses, Sun: 10.30 am.-12.30pm. with simultaneous prog. of Hindi, Sanskrit and Moral science for kids, dance classes for children and adults every Fri:8 pm,

Shri Radha Krishna Four artis daily: 6:30am , 12 noon, 7pm & 9pm. Tuesday & Saturday 7:10pm. Sunday Bhajan and Kritan at 6pm. Maha Arti 7pm, More information Located at 11625 BeechTemple nut Houston, TX 77072. 281-933-8100

Please note: The above section for Religious Services has been provided as a free service for many years. We are now updating this section to make it informative for our readers. To help provide this service on an ongoing weekly basis, we are making these listings available for a nominal annual charge. Give prominence to your religious services with a special block ad for an annual cost of only $150. That is only $2.88 per week. Regular business card size to advertise a special religious or community event is only $30 / week. Call us @ 713-789-6397 today! Thank you for your support.

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• Commercial • Residential • Real Estate Investors 281-507-3015 12000 Wilcrest Dr, Suite # 204 Houston, TX 77031 Jitendra Patel, REALTOR




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Indian Filmmakers Embrace Edgy and Indie Style as Seen at Toronto Film Festival By Linda Barnard Koechlin, an exotic beauty who makeshift laundries. One of them, TORONTO (Star): There was no looks far younger than her 27 Munna (well played by newcomer Masala on the menu among Indian years. Prateik Babbar) falls for Shai as films at this year’s Toronto Inter“This is more real because Bol- she photographs him at work in national Film Festival, rather a lywood’s always been a dream a large and primitive backstreet gritty, urban realism that filmmak- world,” adds Koechlin, who co- laundry, called a dhobi. ers hope will find an audience at wrote the script for Yellow Boots Yet even as Arun shuns her, he home and abroad. finds himself The three — Dhobi slowly falling in Ghat, That Girl in love with a mysYellow Boots and terious woman The Sound of Mumwho once lived bai: A Musical — are in his Mumbai far removed from apartment, alwhat Yellow Boots though he only star Kalki Koechlin knows her from calls the “shy glanca video diary she es” from beautiful left behind. young women in Arun lives in a colourful dress and chawl, a rundown lavish production one-bedroom flat. numbers found in The movie is set popular Bollywood amid the city’s action-costume“landscape of comedy-musical extenements,” extravaganzas known Aamir Khan, right, and Kiran Rao talk about their movie, ‘Dhobi plains Rao, who Ghat,’ which premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival. as Masala films. said it was imI n d i a n - b o r n Carlos Osorio Toronto Star portant to her to Koechlin, whose parents are both with her partner, Anurag Kashyap, shoot in this scrubby world of tileFrench, stars in the low-budget in- 38, who also directs. “He’s the roofed, crumbling buildings which die drama about a rootless young l’enfant terrible of Indian films,” is in danger of disappearing as the British woman working in a Mum- she says with a smile. city becomes more modern. bai massage parlour giving happy Taking a risk on a small indie “I was a little worried because endings to clients to pay her bills film like Yellow Boots, which pre- it looked like they were coming while she searches for her absen- miered at the Venice Film Festival to see one of my big Bollywood tee father — a risky subject for before coming to Toronto, is to be films,” Khan said of the Toronto conservative India. expected for a new breed of Indian crowd who packed the premiere. Dhobi Ghat stars Bollywood su- filmmakers who shoot on a shoe- “That was the energy in the theatre perstar Aamir Khan in a very dif- string. But what about Bollywood before the film began and I warned ferent role for the actor, playing an royalty like Khan, who definitely them. But when the film began, emotionally distant and troubled plays against type as a self-ab- they really got sucked into it. I was artist. sorbed artist in Dhobi Ghat? watching them and they were imThe Sound of Mumbai: A Mu“This film is very unusual and mobile. They were into the film.” sical, a documentary about slum not what my audience is used to Khan is a superstar and home kids who perform for one night seeing me do,” admitted Khan, 45, and known as an on screen perwith a professional orchestra with who along with his wife and the fectionist. He’s starred in movies life-changing results, shows Mum- film’s writer/director, Kiran Rao, from action and romance to combai’s poverty in a way that will be premiered Dhobi Ghat at TIFF in edy. His 2009 comedy Three Idifamiliar to those who saw Oscar- September. ots was the highest-grossing Bolwinner Slumdog Millionaire. ExUnlike his usual crowd-pleasing lywood film of all time. The latest cept this is real. roles, Khan plays terse, dislikable movie from his production com“I think the world is understand- artist, Arun, who has no trouble pany, the rural-urban satire Peepli ing and the world is more interest- shutting out Shai, an American- Live, was chosen as India’s entry ed to see the other kind of Indian based Indian-born photographer in the Oscar Foreign Film race. cinema because they realize it’s back in Mumbai to document So why would such a bankable not just Bollywood. In that sense, the work done by the city’s poor- star risk it all on an edgy drama it’s opened up to the world,” says est, including the men who toil in shot in Mumbai’s poorest corners?

For Khan it’s all about pushing boundaries for an audience he thinks will appreciate this new style of realism. “I’m looking forward to seeing how they react. I think it’s a very unusual film for Indian cinema. For mainstream audiences, it’s hugely unusual for them to see a film like this whether I’m in it or not,” he admitted. Early scenes in the movie see a one-night stand between Arun and Shai. While the onscreen action is very vanilla by Western standards, it’s controversial for conservative India. “The film may not be for a larger audience,” Khan observed. “I guess when the trailers come out, I think they would get a pretty good idea as to what kind of film it is and they are primed for it.” If Dhobi Ghat risks offending some at home, Yellow Boots is far more controversial territory with

Koechlin’s Ruth reaching beneath flimsy sheets for a “handshake” at the end of her massages. “This kind of stuff is not talked about but I feel it’s very much in an Asian culture. There’s a lot of it,” she said. “A lot of Bollywood traditionally is escapism and a lot of song and dance, obviously. But also the story has always been innocent, it’s for the whole family to go to. I think there is a new kind of cinema that’s based much more on real real events, things that don’t get talked about,” added Koechlin. She points to directors like Vishal Bharadwaj who have used source material other than Indian stories; in his case, Macbeth. And while Slumdog opened doors for Indian filmmakers encouraged by the huge success of director Danny Boyle’s made-in-Mumbai drama, “it’s been going on before Slumdog,” Koechlin pointed out.


We are looking for cooks and wait staff. Call for more information. Ph: 713-751-9121




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Indo American News • Friday, October 08 , 2010

H C Presents Goradia Innovation Winners Ht $100,000 in prize money awarded through grant from Vijay Goradia to early stage companies commercializing innovative technology in the Gulf Coast region HOUSTON: Houston Technology Center (HTC), a business accelerator and the largest business incubator in Texas, announced the winners of the Goradia Innovation Prize awarded to early stage companies that are commercializing innovative technology within the Gulf Coast region. “The Goradia Innovation Prize

lion Photonics received $50,000. Rebellion Photonics is an advanced optics company that has invented a revolutionary technology using hyper-spectral imaging that allows users to see the chemical composition of an object in real time while simultaneously taking a still photograph or video. First Place winner, SeprOx Cor-

Honorable Mentions received $2,000 each and included Advanced Guidance Systems, LLC, Barinetics Corporation, C-Voltaics, General Methanol, and OrthoIntrinsics, Inc. The selection of awardees is based upon the commercial potential of the innovation, the soundness of the business plan, the

Craig Richard, Greater Houston Partnership; Trevor Burgess, Lime Rock Partners; Dr. Marie Goradia; Robert Kester, Rebellion Photonics; Allison Lami, Rebellion Photonics; Vijay Goradia; Andrew Clark, Houston Angel Network; Dr. Tom Caskey, UTHealth; Walter Ulrich, Houston Technology Center.

inspires entrepreneurialism, which supports the Gulf Coast region with job growth, and takes innovation the last mile to reach customers, consumers and patients,” said Walter Ulrich, president and CEO of the Houston Technology Center. This year’s winners were announced at the Gulf Coast Innovation Conference & Showcase (GCIC&S) to a sold-out crowd of over 550 attendees on September 30. “GCIC&S brings together Gulf Coast academic and research institutions to highlight trends around the commercialization of technology,” continued Ulrich. “This was the perfect event to announce the first recipients of the Goradia Innovation Prize.” The Grand Prize winner, Rebel-

poration received $25,000. SeprOx Corporation is commercializing a revolutionary system that separates pure (>99.95%) oxygen from air for use in hospitals, nursing homes and welding/fabrication shops. Second Place winner, Nano3d Biosciences, Inc. received $10,000. Nano3D Biosciences, Inc. seeks to create the industry leading standard for 3-dimensional cell culturing solutions. Third Place winner, Blue Box Health, Inc. received $5,000. Blue Box Health, Inc. is a technologyenabled case management corporation focusing on early detection and mitigation of chronic disease decompensation, first product is Blue Scale for heart failure patient care.

potential for job growth within the region and the likelihood of significant long-term success. A structured and disciplined process is used by a prestigious panel of judges to evaluate the finalists and select the prize winners. The Houston Technology Center gratefully acknowledges the support and contribution of Mr. Vijay Goradia, his wife, Dr. Marie Goradia, and their family, for donating $1 million to fund the Goradia Innovation Prize which will be distributed over the next 10 years. Named among Forbes’ top 10 “incubators changing the world,” The Houston Technology Center provides education, insight, and access to capital that entrepreneurs need for commercialization.

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