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Indira Global Business School 'Manomay' Sr. No. 64/65, Gat No. 276, At. Post - Parandwadi, Tal. - Maval, Dist. - Pune - 410 506. Maharashtra.

íbmoHo$Z dm VXÕm©Õm©jaoU dm & AdÝܶ§ {Xdg¥ Hw$¶m¡X²XmZmܶ¶ZH$‘©{^… && A person should make his day fruitful by studying and doing good work.

Learning is a continuous process of active engagement with experience. It may involve an increase in skills, knowledge, understanding, values and the capacity to reflect. Effective and continuous learning leads to change, development and a desire to learn more. As quoted by Chanakya “continuous study ensures a trained intellect, from intellect comes practical application, and from practical application results self-possession.” One has to continuously learn in order to grow in life and enhance the knowledge and experience that has been acquired. In today's competitive world the significance and potential of experiential learning in the management education cannot be undermined. Experience-based learning can be regarded as the earliest approach of learning for human race. Traditional pedagogy assumed the acquisition of knowledge and understanding by the mind as a passive exercise, experiential learning combines mental, emotional and psychological stimuli. Learning through experience at Indira Global Business School will enrich an aspirant's knowledge and assures the management degree holder to take on the corporate world. Keep Learning and Applying!!

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The Chairperson

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VISION & MISSION VISION To develop leaders to meet the diverse and challenging demands of global business, industry & society.

MISSION To provide a knowledge environment that will enthuse, encourage and empower students and faculty to develop contemporary competencies to lead in the emerging global business scenario.


ADVISORY COUNCIL Dr. Tarita Shankar Chairperson, Indira Group of Institutes Prof. Chetan Wakalkar Group Director, Indira Group of Institutes Mr. Anant Nadkarni V.P., Group Corporate Sustainability, TCCI Dr. Ajoy Kumar CEO, Max Neeman Medical International Mr. Robin Banerjee CFO, Suzlon Energy Ltd. Mr. M. Paralkar Advisor- HR and C.S., Tata Motors Ltd.



Dr. Tarita Shankar Chairperson - Indira Group of Institutes

Notwithstanding the vagaries of the economy over the past few years, one thing that has stood out clearly is that the skills we learn and the knowledge we gather in our early lives can never be lost to us. While these assets certainly do help in doing our best when the conditions are favorable for growth (both personal and economic), they matter more during difficult times. This has never been stressed by the most proficient of thinkers in the world of business and it is as much relevant in our professional lives as in our personal lives. The growth story today may not be what it was a few years ago; yet there is no gainsaying that the fundamentals of our economy are still strong. We are targeted to become the third largest economy in the world by 2020. And the need for trained Managers can only grow. As such it is evident that we will need to sharpen our armory of knowledge and skills to fight any traces of recession and slowdown that may threaten the country; and surely as we will overcome this hiccup, we will need to continue to upgrade our professional knowledge and abilities to cope with situations in business that challenge us. And nobody can deny the satisfaction of having overcome a good, healthy challenge; that of turning it into an opportunity. However, our success in meeting challenges lies in the quality of our preparations. Indira Global Business School, Pune is one institution that identifies the needs of the student and attends to it- be it through constantly upgraded pedagogy, or infrastructure aiding the teaching/ learning process or ensuring holistic growth through greater social contact with peers and others, sports and extracurricular activities on campus. Setting high national standards in the field of Management education, which is reflected in the relentless winning of awards and accolades from alumni to recruiters over the past few years, I am sure you will find IGBS, the institution of choice for your post-graduation, be it in Business Management or Computers. Welcome aboard!

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THE GROUP DIRECTOR The last decade has been a period of transition, continuous learning and adaptation for most companies across all industries in India, as there has been fierce competition from both within the country and outside. Global Economy and Business Environment is going through an unprecedented turmoil, the impact of which is also being felt by the Indian Economy and Corporate Sector. Gearing up to face such an environment will require visionary leadership skills, innovative ideas, swift implementation and a Darwinian survival instinct. I feel, we Indians have some of the best talent to meet the requirements of today's corporate world and we at Indira would like to take the lead in imparting the necessary skills and knowledge essential to excel in this environment.

Prof. Chetan S. Wakalkar Group Director - Indira Group of Institutes

Our well planned programs offer each candidate an opportunity to enhance their knowledge and focus on their holistic development, through a judicious blend of co-curricular and extracurricular activities. This is facilitated by our faculty, which is amongst the best in the country. The teaching pedagogy followed is interactive in nature with emphasis on practical knowledge and pro-active self learning. Our programs are conducted at our ultra-modern residential campus in Pune having some of the finest amenities to make learning at Indira a memorable experience. I look forward to welcoming you at Indira

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DIRECTOR'S MESSAGE With the beginning of the calendar year 2013 India, as an economy, has completed two decades of the era of Liberalization, Privatization and Globalization. Globalization has definitely improved lives of citizens of this nation by opening numerous opportunities especially to youths. At the same time global financial integration has caused global disaster in a jiffy such as seen during the past few years. Recent recession, in my opinion, has given a body blow to raw capitalism in the West. India as an emerging market has become an important destination for the global business houses. It goes without saying that all the local as well as global business houses are constantly in the search of two things – Technology and Talent. I am sure that you will agree to the fact that a Business School is catalyst in nurturing the talent and handing over it to the Industry.

Dr. Shriram S. Nerlekar Director – IGBS

We, at Indira Global Business School are committed to nurturing the talent of our students for making them successful executives and leaders in the world of management. We strongly believe in creating a Questioning Mind full of inquisitiveness and hence we constantly expose our students to various situations which pose challenges for them and give them right questions. Students at Indira Global Business School are ensured an environment that is conducive even for their entrepreneurial abilities. For accomplishment of these coveted career goals we rigorously follow a philosophy of Learning through Experience which leads to empowerment of our students. We are sure that the two years at Indira Global Business School is going to be the most memorable time in your studentship. Over a period of these two years you will be equipped not only with expertise in domain, skills and techniques to mark your entry in the global business but also with sound value based thinking, ethics and principles to become a good global citizen and a sensitive human being. I am happy to welcome you as a member of Indira family.


THE GENESIS About the SCES Shree Chanakya Education Society (SCES) was established in February 1994, under the visionary leadership of Dr. Tarita Shankar, with the aim of providing top quality education in the fields of Business Management, International Business, Engineering and Information Technology. Since inception, the Institutes managed by SCES, have maintained high academic standards and have successfully provided trained manpower to the industrial and services sector of the country. With a modest strength of 60 students pursuing a single course, SCES has grown steadily and today boasts of 14 Institutes, having more than 8000 students from all over India pursuing multi-disciplinary, graduate & post-graduate programmes.

The IGBS campus is located imposingly adjoining the MumbaiPune Expressway, on a beautiful site amidst open fields and clusters of large trees in a beautiful, green valley which gives a sense of endless space to the quest of mind and soul. The infrastructure is dynamic in nature because of our constant attempt to maintain pace with the development opportunities available to us. Our infrastructure acts as a facilitator for the effective delivery of our curriculum and nurtures the quest for knowledge. The MBA program at IGBS equips students with fresh insights and alternative ways of thinking, helping them to succeed in highly unpredictable and non-linear conditions, making global leaders out of them.

About the Institute IGBS has been established with the explicit vision to train managers with a global perspective who can provide sustainable impetus to growing international business. IGBS has established its presence in Pune as a premier B- School offering MBA course affiliated to University of Pune and approved by AICTE, New Delhi. As a driving philosophy, the belief is that the emerging global environment has created a scenario where managers have to face greater situational challenges, predict and handle the vagaries of the market and provide sustainable strategic solutions to corporate issues. Such an environment requires professional graduates not only armed with the necessary knowledge but also the confidence of facing extreme competition with greater articulation.


WORLD CLASS INFRASTRUCTURE The Campus The IGBS campus is located imposingly adjoining the Mumbai-Pune Expressway. IGBS believes in providing an environment that fosters continuous improvement and innovation with related technical support and facilities to enhance student learning and faculty effectiveness. The sprawling built-up area over 2000 square meter has modern classrooms, tutorial rooms, seminar halls accommodating over 250 students, computer center, a communication lab, library, faculty and administrative blocks, conference room and other facilities. The campus is wi-fi enabled which makes teaching and learning a memorable experience for the faculty and the students. The campus also has modern sports facilities.

Classrooms The classrooms are well equipped with the necessary audio – video linkup to assist in our teaching pedagogy. Classrooms are designed to promote maximum interaction between the faculty and students. Each classroom has Internet connectivity through wireless local area network.

Computer Center IGBS uses technology to provide a competitive advantage in its core areas of education and creativity. The computer center equipped with LAN and wi-fi connectivity accommodates 120 students. State-of-the-art hardware and software ensure high quality uninterrupted services. We have dedicated web, mail and database servers to cater to the needs of our community.


WORLD CLASS INFRASTRUCTURE Library and Information Services The library of the Institute has an excellent collection of text and reference books, periodicals, CD's, magazines and journals covering the various fields of management and general reading. There are more than 1341 titles comprising 4267 volumes and also access to online databases like EBSCO and J-Gate which provide management, business and research information to students and faculties. The database resources are accessible from campus LAN. A well furnished reading room facility is available for the students. There is a continuous updation of library resources as per the requirement and suggestions of the faculty, industry and students.

Hostel Indira boasts of extremely comfortable boarding and lodging facilities. Modern hostel with required amenities is an ideal means of boarding for those students who prefer to stay within the security of the campus.

Other Facilities The Institute has facilities for sports like, badminton, cricket, football, table tennis and other indoor sports which provide a superb medium of entertainment and serve as stress reliever. Cafeteria and canteen provide nutritious and diverse meals to the students.


MBA PROGRAMME Masters of Business Administration (Affiliated to University of Pune and Approved by AICTE, New Delhi) MBA is a two year full time programme leading to Masters Degree from University of Pune on successful completion of the programme. The programme aims at imparting the contemporary domain knowledge and skills required to be dynamic and successful business manager. The programme also focuses on building entrepreneurial abilities. The programme comprises of 4 Semesters and adopts the Choice Based Credit System (CBCS) and Grading System. Choice Based Credit System (CBCS) offers wide ranging choice for students to opt for courses based on their aptitude and their career goals. CBCS works on the fundamental premise that students are matured individuals, capable of making their own decisions. CBCS enables a student to obtain a degree by accumulating required number of credits prescribed for that degree. The number of credits earned by the student reflects the knowledge or skills acquired by him / her. Each course is assigned a fixed number of credits based on the contents to be learned & the expected effort of the student. The grade points earned for each course reflects the student's proficiency in that course.

Specialization Offered: · Marketing Management (MKT) · Financial Management (FIN) · Human Resources Management (HR) · International Business Management (IB) · Supply Chain Management (SCM)


SYLLABUS Semester III Specialization Subject Code 301 302 303 304 305 306

307 308 309 310 311 312 313 314 315 316 317 318 319 320 321 322 323


Marketing Management

Finance Human Resource International Management Management Business Management Generic Core Courses (Compulsory & Common for all Specialization) Strategic Management Enterprise Performance Management Startup and New Venture Management Summer Internship Project Subject Core Courses (Compulsory subject for Respective Specialization) Contemporary Financial Regulatory Labour Laws International Business Marketing Research Framework Economics Consumer Behavior Merchant Banking and Performance Export Documentation Financial Services Management And Procedures Subject Elective Courses (Select Any 4 from respective Specialization) Integrated Marketing Income Tax – I Employee Health International Management Communications & Safety Product Management Project Finance Employee Welfare International Marketing Strategic Brand Strategic Cost HR Audit International Management Management Marketing Research Personal Selling Lab Corporate Human Resource International Financial Reporting Information System Financial Management Qualitative Marketing International Financial Outsourcing of HR Global IT Management Research Reporting Standards Customer Relationship Corporate Financial Public Relations & Global Logistics & Management Restructuring Corporate Communication Supply Chains Marketing and the Law Equity Research Quality Management System Designing Organizations for Uncertain Environment Finance for Marketing Credit Analysis Lab in Recruitment Legal Dimensions of Professionals and Appraisal and Selection International Business Marketing of Banking Operations - I Lab in Job Design Global Strategic Financial Services - I and Analysis Management Tourism Marketing Treasury Management Lab in Training International Relations & Management Agricultural Marketing Financial Instruments Lab in Labour Laws – I Foreign Language for and Derivatives International Business – I Business to Business Financial Marketing Statement Analysis Futures & Options Back Office Operations Principles of Insurance Rural Financial Institutions Social finance for Inclusive Growth - I

Supply Chain Management

Essentials of Supply Chain Management Logistics Management

Managing Material Flow in Supply Chains Inventory Management Purchasing & Supplier Relationship Management-I Six Sigma Supply Chain Planning Supply Chain Coordination Decision Modeling for Supply Chains Theory of Constraints Theory of Constraints

SYLLABUS Subject Code 101 102 103 104 105 106

Semester I Generic Core Courses (Compulsory) Accounting for Business Decisions Economic Analysis for Business Decisions Legal Aspects of Business Business Research Methods Organizational Behavior Basics of Marketing

Subject Code 201 202 203 204 205 206

Generic Elective Courses (Select Any 4)

Semester II Generic Core Courses (Compulsory) Marketing Management Financial Management Human Resource Management Decision Science Operations & Supply Chain Management Management Information Systems Generic Elective Courses (Select Any 4)


Management Fundamentals


108 109 110 111 112 113 114 115

Business Communication Lab MS Excel & Advanced Excel Lab Selling & Negotiation Skills Lab Business, Government & Society Leadership Lab Personality Development Lab Foreign Language - I Lab Enterprise Analysis - Desk Research

208 209 210 211 212 213 214 215

Emotional Intelligence and Managerial Effectiveness Lab Statistical Software Lab MS Project Lab Life Skills Lab Geopolitics & the World Economic System Business Systems & Procedures Computer Aided Personal Productivity Tools Lab Foreign Language - II Lab Industry Analysis - Desk Research

Summer Internship Summer internship project is an integral part of the MBA programme. At the end of the second semester, students are required to undertake an internship project in a business organization for about eight to ten weeks. The project acts as an opportunity for the students to make application of theoretical knowledge gained in the classroom. It provides a platform to enhance the knowledge, sharpen the skills and planning the career in the light of practical experience gained during the project.


SYLLABUS Semester IV Specialization

Marketing Management

Supply Chain Management


Sales and Distribution Management

Environment Strategic Supply Chain Management Knowledge Management in Supply Chains


Retail Marketing


Rural Marketing


Service Operations Management International Marketing

Subject Code 401 402 403

408 409

Finance Human Resource International Management Management Business Management Generic Core Courses (Compulsory & Common for all Specialization) Managing for Sustainability Dissertation Subject Core Courses (Compulsory subject for Respective Specialization) Services Marketing International Finance Industrial Relations International Business


Export Documentation & Procedures MKT Marketing Strategy


Marketing Decision Models


Marketing of High Technology Products E-Marketing

413 414

415 416 417 418 419 420 421

Marketing to Emerging Markets & Bottom of the Pyramid Marketing of Financial Services - II Cross Cultural Relationship Marketing

Corporate Finance

Strategic Human Indian Economy and Resource Management Trade Dependencies Subject Elective Courses (Select Any 4 from respective Specialization) Income Tax – II Organizational Design Environment & Global and Development Competitiveness Infrastructure Finance Global HR Marketing to Emerging Markets & Bottom of the Pyramid Behavioral Finance Employee Reward Cross-Cultural Management Relationship Marketing Financial Modeling Change Management Foreign Exchange Using Excel Management Indirect Taxation Conflict & Negotiation E Commerce Management Financial Risk Lab in CSR Enterprise Resource Management Planning Online Trading of Lab in Industrial Global HR Financial Assets Relations Banking Operations – II Lab in Legal Compliances WTO and Intellectual Property Rights Wealth & Portfolio Lab in Mentoring Global Competitiveness and Management and Coaching Strategic Alliances Fixed Income Best Practices in HR International Diversity Securities Management Technical Analysis

Designing HR Policies

Green Logistics & Supply Chains Enterprise Resource Planning Purchasing & Supplier Relationship Management – II Supply Chain Risk Management Project Management Supply Chain Performance Measurement Supply Chain Management – Financial Perspectives SCM Global Logistics Supply Chain Practices– II

Foreign Language for International Business – II

Commodity Markets Competency Mapping and Derivatives Practice of Life Insurance Information Systems Audit Practice of General Insurance Financing Rural Development Social finance for Inclusive Growth - II 15

CO-CURRICULAR ACTIVITIES AT IGBS IGBS has consistently focused on designing practiceoriented learning through a contemporary and contextual programme. Students are provided exhaustive industry interface by means of guest seminars, workshops and industrial visits. Keeping consensus with the learning through experience philosophy, IGBS spends huge resources in making their students successful. In order to ensure the holistic development of students i.e. from “Campus to Corporate”, a number of workshops, seminars and guest lecture are conducted at IGBS.

Parivartan encompasses various inputs like: 1. Communication Skills 2. Sector Reviews 3. Aptitude 4. Business Quiz 5. Regular Online Tests on Vocabulary, Domain Knowledge and Aptitude 6. Movie Club 7. Article Review Sessions 8. Book Review Sessions 9. Field Projects

The Co-Curricular activities at IGBS focus on the following

C) Outdoor Management Training: Learning Through Experience


Industry Academia Interface: Bridging gap between Industry and Academics


Industry Specific Inputs: Specific inputs pertaining to present industry scenario & business model analysis of various sectors by industry experts with whom Institute has entered into MOU.




Industrial Visits: In consonant with the 'Learning through Experience' philosophy, industrial visits are all inclusive component of the curriculum. The very purpose of such visits is to enhance the practical understanding, augment the problem solving skills and deal with industrial relations. Parivartan: Making Students Employable. “Parivartan” is an initiative which moulds the students as per the industry requirements enabling them to better equip to pursue their corporate endeavors.



IGBS approach to outdoor management training (OMT) is to teach management principles, develop team spirit and leadership competencies and fully support the target of the event through larger than their life ideas. Visit to Kanha National Park : This tour increases the awareness of students on environment protection management by interacting with Forest Directors, Officers, Guides and Naturalist to help improve awareness about the environment. Lohgad Fort Trek: This trek includes various management activities and role plays which are conducted on top of the fort.

D) Overall Development: Physical Fitness 1. Yoga 2. Zumba

Admission Procedure The MBA program of Indira Global Business School (IGBS) is affiliated to University of Pune and approved by AICTE, New Delhi. The admissions to the same are done as per rules & regulations framed by the Directorate of Technical Education, Mumbai (DTE), time to time. Admission Process: All admissions are done strictly as per the process laid down by the Directorate of Technical Education (DTE) of State Government of Maharashtra. Eligibility for Admission: A three-year bachelor's degree (10+2+3) or equivalent in any discipline from a recognized university with minimum of 路 50% marks in case of Open Category 路 45% marks in case of Reserved Category Candidates seeking admission are required to appear for Common Management Admission Test (CMAT) 2013. Students with valid scores of any other Entrance Examination approved by DTE can also apply. The details of various dates (schedules) are published by DTE in their information brochure as well as available on their website Interested candidates must regularly visit the DTE website for eligibility, procedure & participation in the Common Admission Process also referred as CAP. Candidates are advised to do their registration online with DTE, submit preferences of Institutes, and get documents verification done at designated ARC centers allotted by DTE. After confirmation of application form DTE will display the merit list. Candidate will get admission to a suitable college as per his/ her merit and the preferences filled. Our Institute is a part of CAP process and candidates desirous to get admission at our Institute may give us as their preference. However please note that the allotments (Round Wise) are done by DTE.

The Institute DTE Code for IGBS is MB 6777. After allotment by DTE the candidates must report to the allotted Institute within date & time given for that particular round by DTE. The candidate must fill the requisite application form with one attested copy of academic & other supporting documents along with Institute's fees. Candidate will have to submit ORIGINAL documents at the time of admission before they can be confirmed through DTE Online Admission Reporting process, the very same day of admission. These documents will remain in the custody of Institute for the verification of same by DTE & University authorities. Please ensure a print out of Receipt of Online admission from DTE site, within reporting hours of the particular round. This is a proof of confirmation of admission. Failure to do so will result in seat treated as vacant by DTE & will be passed on to candidates of next round. Reserved category candidates should submit all documents prescribed in point 4.1 of the MBA Brochure published by DTE. For specific queries you may personally visit our Admission Cell in the campus. Rules for cancellations of admission A student desirous of cancelling the admission from MBA program will require to apply to the institute in writing. Rules for cancellation of admission as prescribed by the DTE shall be followed for cancellation and refund of fees.


FACULTY PROFILE Core Faculty Specialization


Dr. Shriram Nerlekar


Dr. Karunakar Jha Dr. Abhilas Pradhan

Professor Associate Professor

B.Com, M.Com, PhD, SET & AMFI Certified Mutual Fund Advisor MA, MBA, PhD BA, MA (Eco), PGDPM, PhD

Dr. Priyanka Shrivastava Mr. Aatish Zagade Mr. Praful Sarangdhar Ms. Shradhha Kokane Mrs. Priyanka Darekar Mr. Abhinay Nirmal Mr. Vijay Sonaje Dr. Rajasshrie Pillai Mr. Aakash Kamat Mrs. Supriya Desai

Associate Professor Assistant Professor Assistant Professor Assistant Professor Assistant Professor Assistant Professor Assistant Professor Assistant Professor Assistant Professor Assistant Professor



17 Yrs

Marketing Economics & Research Methodology Marketing Human Resource Marketing Finance and Banking Human Resource Marketing Finance Human Resource Marketing Finance

28 Yrs 11 Yrs 07 Yrs 07 Yrs 07 Yrs 05 Yrs 03 Yrs 03 Yrs 03 Yrs 08 Yrs 04 Yrs 03 Yrs

Visiting Faculty Specialization Mr. Praveen Tungare Mr. S. K. Vaze Mr. J.P. Singh Mrs. Manisha Bhosale Mr.Prasad Kalbhande Mr. Sudhir Daphtardar Mrs. Sonia Jain Mr. Sanjay Sukhtankar Mr. D K Sakore Mrs. Manjiri Latey Mr. Dilip Thosar Mr. Rohinton Cooper

BSc, FICWA BSc, CAIIB BA, LLB BSc, MCM, MBA DPT, MBA MCom, LLB, CAIIB, PGD(Banking) B.Ed, MA(Economics) BSc, LLB, MBA(HR) BTech(Agricultural Engineering), PGDM-IIMA, NET MS(Sports & Adventure) PGDM- IIMA B.Sc. Marine Electronics Engineer Six Sigma Green Belt – DIMAIC

Management Control Systems International Finance Legal Aspects of Business, Labour Laws-I Information Technology, MIS Security Analysis & Portfolio Management Advanced Financial Services Managerial Economics Industrial Relations Case Study In Marketing

40 Yrs 39 Yrs 25 Yrs 10 Yrs 21 Yrs 35 Yrs 13 Yrs 40 Yrs 18 Yrs

Business Communication Case Study In Finance Personal Grooming

16 Yrs 22 Yrs 25 Yrs


STUDENTS' ACTIVITIES Students' Council This is an ofď€ cial representative student body which acts as a liaison between management, faculty and students. The main role of this students' council is to coordinate for the various activities conducted for the students all through the programme, lend a helping hand for different in-house events, ensure communication of management, director and faculty directives and suggestions and inculcate Indira culture in every student of the Institute. The students' council is headed by a president and supported by vice-presidents for different areas. The brief description of major roles of council members is:

President The president is a key link between director, faculty, administrative staff and students. The president keeps track of the duties performed by other council members, build a good rapport with other students in the Institute and establish good networking with other student's councils within the Indira Group of Institutes.

Vice-President (Discipline) The role of vice-president of discipline is to ensure the regularity of students for in-house and outdoor sessions, enforcement of discipline regarding punctuality, dress code, behavior etc.

Vice-President (Events) The vice-president of events coordinates for the in-house extra-curricular events, procure information about events of other institutes, enthuse and encourage participation of the students, maintain participation records etc.

Vice-President (Placements) The vice-president of placement acts a liaison between placement cell and students, ensures the updation of placement notices, maintain records of students' applications, guiding students, ensure participation and code of behavior etc.


EXTRA CURRICULAR ACTIVITIES Students at IGBS do not just excel in the classroom. The impetus is on a holistic learning, both within and outside the classroom. Consequently, extra-curricular activities are pursued with a lot of enthusiasm and gusto.

Sprint It is a sports initiative by IGBS students and has undertaken various competitions for MBA students. Different indoor and outdoor games are a regular feature of IGBS. While Sprint, a ď€ ercely competitive and fun ď€ lled activity is held once a year. Through Sprint the Institute wishes to exemplify the energy, enthusiasm and reverence of the IGI culture. It sees wholehearted participation from students and faculty alike.

Splash Splash is a cultural event, founded to give expression to hidden talent of students. During splash students make a number of performances such as singing, dancing, drama, mime, fashion show etc. All these acts keep the students enormously energized and bring on a beautiful bond of togetherness with the Institute.

Movie Club Educating students about the basic management concepts and ground realities through a medium of movies and drama is a creative feature of IGBS. In the movie club various movies having excellent learning lessons are screened from time to time. Such screenings are followed by discussion and experience sharing between the students and guided by a facilitator.


Students' Achievements – Making IGBS Proud IGBS won BEST COLLEGE TROPHY at “Aashayein 2013” organized by ''iFEEL'', Lonavala HR Event


Management Event

Apurva Kale, Neha Patil

Finance Event


Management Event

Pallavi Zende, Priyanka Pimpare



Management Event

Sujit Kumar, Prashant Katrabad, Nitesh Shelke, Gaurav Purbia, Supriya Kadam, Nikita Agarwal, Bhavesh Rasal

Capture It


Cultural Event

Harshal Ahire

Face Painting


Cultural Event

Ashwin Maid, Teena Charbhe, Srishti Anu



Management Event

Abhishek Jadhav, Vikram Charthankar

Outbound Event

runners up Management Event

Govind Kumar, Ketaki Mandare, Vikram Charthankar, Umesh Waghmare, Abhijeet Parvekar, Rajesh Lakimale, Rohan Kakade


IGBS achieved 5 position in “DHRUV 2013” organized by PUMBA Face Painting- DHRUV 13 Bidding- DHRUV 13 Drama- DHRUV 13

Winner Winner Winner

Cultural Event Management Event Cultural Event



Sports Event


Runners up

Sports Event

* * * 22

Ashwin Maid, Nikita Jhadav, Sujit Kumar Rahul Pathade, Nitesh Shelke, Ashish Bhujade, Punit Mewara Rohit Ujagare, Indu Bhat, Roshan Korde, Snehal Bangare, Sheetal Ujjainkar, Sumit Ronghe, Sharad kumar Shrivastava, Teena Charbhe, Mayuresh Sonawane, Shreyas Chandak, Prassana Rajuriya, Tushar Jadhav Deepika Sawant,Neha Patil, Karishma Girme, Pallavi Zende, Tina Charbhe, Anushree Dhanorkar, Bhavna Batra, Pooja raut, Ruchika Sahare, Binti Kumari, Sheetal Ujjainkar Sharad Shriwastava,Sachin Bhote, Najaf Parker, Haider Ali, Amit Sutar, Rohit Patil, Umesh Rathore, Amit singh, Nikhil Khadse, Prassana Rajuriya, Gaurav Purbia, Prashant Bhosale

IGBS won First Prize in Face painting at “NIRMAAN 2012” done by Mr.Ashwin Maid and Mr. Srujan Kumar Team IGBS won First Prize in Treasure Hunt at “NIRMAAN 2012” by Mr. Vipul Mundke, Mr. Vivek Shelke, Mr. Sagar Patil, Mr. Pitush Ganvir, Mr. Upendra Ektapurkar IGBS won Second Prize in Photography at “NIRMAAN 2012” by Mr. Abhijeet Parvekar



The 12 Indira Marketing Excellence Awards, 2013 were organized on 9 March, 2013. Students of Indira Global th Business School rocked the Evening with their outstanding performance. The glimpse of 12 Indira Marketing Excellence Awards, 2013 were:

Dr. Tarita Shankar & Prof. Chetan Wakalkar, interacting with audience

IGBS students performance

IGBS students performance

Marketing Excellence Awardees 23

VISIT OF Dr. APJ ABDUL KALAM The iconic past President of India Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam visited Indira Campus. Aptly known as 'People's President' truly ignited young minds at Indira.

Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam addressing Indira Students

Prof. Chetan Wakalkar, Group Director, IGI with Dr. Kalam

Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam with team IGI


THE 6TH INDIRA INTERNATIONAL INNOVATION SUMMIT (3I) Indira college of Engineering and Management, a part of the Indira th group of Institutes, recently organized the 6 edition of the annual “Indira International Innovation summit” and announced the winners for the 4th “Engineering Excellence awards – 2012”.With the theme being 'Competitive Edge: Driving Growth and Profitability through Innovation', the key focus areas of the summit were developing an innovation culture; strategies for innovation to stay ahead of the competition; consumer-focused innovation: connect with the customers to turn insight into new products; trend spotting: anticipating the next big thing.

Dr. Shiram Nerlekar, Director IGBS felicitating Mr. Ajit Joshi (COO Neelsoft Technologies)

Mr. Abhigyan Jha (Founder & CEO, Undercover Productions Ltd.) interacting with students

Dr. Tarita Shankar & Prof. Chetan Wakalkar, addressing the 3I Summit

3I Summit Awardees 25

INDIRA SUPER ACHIEVERS Recognizing the young achievers from varied sectors, IGI celebrated its Super Achievers Awards for the 12th year in a row. The awardees interacted with the students of IGI during knowledge sharing sessions. Representing the gamut of industries from manufacturing to banking and financial services, airlines, oil exploration and broadcasting, it was a virtual pot pours of talent as each winner spoke of his passion and his/ her take on the secrets of their success.


Inauguration & Lightning of Lamp by the Dignitaries

Super Achievers being awarded

Indira Super Achievers

Indira Super Achievers

UTH KRANTI Indira Group of Institutes organized the first Uth Kranti Awards on Saturday 3rd November, 2012 at Balgandharva Rangamandir, Pune. These awards were conferred on 5 young social activists who have contributed to the positive change in society. Indira Group of Institutes salutes these young change drivers. Indira Global Business School was organizing institute for this function.

Dr. Shriram Nerlekar, Director, IGBS introducing the chief guest

Dr. Tarita Shankar welcoming chief guest Mrs. Neelima Mishra

Indira Uth Kranti Awardees from left to right Mr. Santosh Garje, Mr. Navin Gulia, Ms. Alakagauri Joshi, Mr. Ajit Kulkari, Mr. Sarang Gosavi 27


About SHRI: The Singapore Human Resources Institute (SHRI) is the only not-for-profit professional HR body in Singapore, representing over 3,000 human resource professionals. Founded in 1965, SHRI is committed to promulgating and maintaining high standards of professionalism in human resource management and development. An active player in the regional HR scene, SHRI is a member of the Asia Pacific Federation of HRM (APFHRM). Indira Global Business School has a exclusive tie-up with Singapore Human Resource Institute (SHRI) for imparting professional inputs to students and faculty members. These inputs include HR Accreditation of students opting for HR Specializations and Managerial Competency Assessment and Accreditation of all the students.


TRAINING AND CONSULTANCY at IGBS IGBS strongly believes that its role in society is not just to provide good managers, but is also to provide sustainable solutions to underlying problems in society and industry. Management at IGBS have maintained the same philosophy and taken proactive initiative towards the said societal responsibility in the form of “NOESIS – Management Development Cell of IGBS”. NOESIS which literally means “Knowledge gained out of Research, Reasoning and Perception”, is the management development cell of IGBS. The sole purpose of NOESIS is to create knowledge out of Research & Reasoning and further apply to underlying problems of Society & Industry in the form Research, Training & Consulting. Our motto at NOESIS is the pursuit in excellence. Service Expertise

Training: "Finance for Non-Finance Executives", Training at Crompton Greaves

Finance for Non-Finance Executive Personal Effectiveness Social Media in Business Customer Relationship Management Professional Sales Management Excel for Business Executive (Basic & Advance Module)

Research: Designing of Questionnaire Surveys Data Analysis & Interpretation Field Studies Report Writing

Consulting: Consultancy services in various corporate functions of Finance, Human Resource and Marketing, to suit client requirements.

Foremost Clients: Crompton Greaves General Motors Precision Investment Services


INDIRA EDITORIALS Tapasya Tapasya, published thrice a year, is the journo – magazine which forms a lucid bridge of communication between the corporate and students. The content is in the shape of interviews, articles, features, biosketches of successful corporate leaders, etc. Tapasya enjoys the contribution of some of the best known names in industry which makes it a highly readable and authentic representation of the corporate world's thinking on contemporary management concepts. Tapasya reaches top corporate all over the country and has a circulation of over 5000 copies. The theme for the last issue of Tapasya was “Sports Management – aiming higher…..reaching farther.” The objective was to introduce a newfound professionalism in the way we organize, perform and conduct sports events in the country and the involvement of sportsmen of caliber in the management of sports and sportsmen augurs well for the country's performance internationally. Indira Management Review IMR is a vehicle for disseminating today's' thinking on everything that moves business. As such, it welcomes serious writing in the form of, critiques, posers, academic or research papers, etc. that promote new thought on accepted concepts or initiate new concepts.


ACCOLADES TO INDIRA Indira Global Business School has come to acquire a unique 'institutional equity' with all its incumbent attributes such as Excellent Curriculum and Faculty Inputs, Infrastructure, Corporate Internship Program and AcademiaIndustry Interface. The curriculum design is a unique blend of theory and practices and promotes diversity in learning as well as teaching by supporting increasing interface with real world learning. At IGBS Industry-Academia interface is given tremendous importance. Interface with industry has expressed itself in the unique “Super Achiever Award” series and “Global Entrepreneurship Programme”, and our placement bears witness to its effect. Courses are intensive and specically designed for a rewarding career in management, with a keen perspective towards corporate responsibility and sustainability. Some of the acknowledgment by Industry, as mentioned for reference, speaks about our dedication to quality: Exemplary Leader Award:  Dr. Tarita Shankar, Chairperson - Indira Group of Institutes Asian Education Leadership Awards, 2012:  Innovative Leader Award: Prof. Chetan Wakalkar- Group Director, Indira Group of Institutes ET- Now-National Education Leadership Awards:  Best B-School Communication Plan for Placement: Indira Group of Institutes Amar Ujala B-School Awards:  Best Emerging Business Awards: Indira Global Business School Dewang Mehta Business School Excellence Awards:  Best Placement Team: Indira Group of Institutes Asia's Best Emerging B-School Awards, 2012:  Asia's Best Emerging B-School: Indira Global Business School World Education Congress:  Young Achiever Award: Dr. Shriram Nerlekar- Director, Indira Global Business School Bloomberg UTV Powered B-School Excellence Awards 2012  B-Schools with Industry Related Curriculum in 'International Business' – Indira Global Business School  Best Emerging Business School – Indira Global Business School

Chanakya says: A learned man is honoured by the people. A learned man commands respect everywhere for his learning. Indeed, learning is honoured everywhere.


OUR RECRUITERS Following is a list of the corporate which have visited us in the past: ABN Amro Bank Aircel Ltd. Aloha Technology Asian Paints Ltd. Aviva Life Insurance Company Pvt. Ltd. Axis Bank Ltd. Bajaj Allianz Financial Services Bajaj Allianz General Insurance Co. Ltd. Bajaj Allianz Life Insurance Co. Ltd. Balaji Telelms Ltd. Bank of Baroda Bharat Forge Ltd. Biocon Ltd. Birla Sunlife AMC Ltd. Blue Star Ltd. Bombay Stock Exchange Ltd. Business Octane Solutions Pvt. Ltd. Cadbury India Ltd. Café Coffee Day(Amalgamated Holdings Ltd ) Calsoft Pvt. Ltd. Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) Credit Rating Information Services of India Ltd (Crisil) Darashaw Deepak Nitrite Ltd. Deutsche Bank Eclerx Services Ltd. Emcure Pharmaceutical Ltd. Entertainment Network India Ltd. (98.3 FM Radio Mirchi) Federal Bank Ltd. Forbes & Co. Force Motors Ltd (Bajaj Tempo Ltd)


Fortune Park Hotels Ltd. Freight Systems India Pvt Ltd Furniture.Com(Victoria Furniture) Geometric Global Greaves Cotton Ltd. HCL Infosystems Ltd. HDFC Group Helix Technology Solutions Private Limited Hindustan Coca Cola India Pvt Ltd Hindustan Motors Ltd. Hiranandani Group HSBC Group HUECO Electronic India Pvt. Ltd. HyperCITY ICICI Group Idea Cellular Ltd. INCAT - TATA Technologies Ltd. ITC Fortune(ITC Ltd.) Jotun India Pvt. Ltd. Kansai Nerolac Paints Ltd. KOTAK Group L & T Infotech Ltd. Lexi Pens Pvt. Ltd. Madura Garments (Indian Rayon And Industries) Mahindra Group Matrix Cellular (International)Services Pvt Ltd MCX Stock Exchange Ltd. Mother Dairy Fruit & Vegetable Pvt. Ltd. Nitman Software Pvt. Ltd. OnMobile Global Limited Essel Mining & Industries Ltd. Oracle India

Oriental Bank of Commerce Overture Comunications Pvt.Ltd. Philips India Limited Piaggio Vehicles Pvt. Ltd. Quick Heal Technologies Pvt. Ltd. Reckitt Benckiser (India) Ltd. Redington India Ltd. Reliance Consumer Finance Reliance Capital Reliance Mutual Fund (ADAG) Reval Analytical Services Pvt Ltd (Virtua Research Corp) Samsung India SBI Life Insurance Co. Ltd. Scorg International Consulting Pvt. Ltd Shree Pre-Coated Steel Ltd. Stanley Works Taj Group of Hotels TAM Media Research Pvt. Ltd. Tamara India Tata Consultancy Services Ltd. ( TCS ) Tata Teleservices (Maharashtra) Ltd. (TTML) Tata Teleservices Ltd. Tech Mahindra Ltd. The Leela Kempinski Palaces Hotels & Resorts Toshniwal Group Unitex Logistics India Private Limited Vantage Insurance Broker Pvt. Ltd. Vimal Energy Inc. Virgin Mobile(India) Vodafone Voltas Zycus Infotech Pvt. Ltd.


Dress Code

Maharashtra Prohibition of ragging Act 1999 which is in effect from 15th May 1999 has following provisions for Action against

At Indira, we believe in inculcating a sense of discipline and belonging in the students by observing a strict dress code. Students are expected to wear formal dress (shirt & trouser for gents; sari / salwar kameez for ladies) throughout the week, except on Fridays which will be observed as 'casual-day'. On the occasion of guest lectures, seminars, etc. students are expected to be dressed in the Indira uniform. A student failing to adhere to the dress code will not be allowed to attend the lectures and will face disciplinary action.

Ragging: Ragging within or outside of any educational Institution is prohibited. Whosoever directly or indirectly commits, participates in, abets or propagates ragging within or outside Educational Institution shall, on conviction, be punished with imprisonment for a term up to 2 years and / or penalty, which may extend to ten thousand rupees. Any student convicted of an offence of ragging shall be dismissed from the educational Institute and such student shall not be admitted in any other educational Institute for a period of ď€ ve years from the date of order of such dismissal.

Drug / Alcohol Policy Students of Indira must abstain from drugs and alcohol during their stay at the Institute. Violation of this policy will lead to cancellation of admission.

Ragging is Prohibited as per the decision of the Supreme Court of India in Writ Petition No. (C) 656/1998.

Hostel Rules Attendance The Students of INDIRA are required to maintain a minimum of 85% attendance per semester. Any student failing to meet the above standard is liable to get his/her term cancelled and in addition will not be allowed to participate in the Campus Recruitment Program. Minimum attendance required in each subject per semester is 70% and lack of attendance in any subject also results in Term Not Granted (TNG) for those subjects. Feedback based on a monthly monitoring of attendance helps students maintain the minimum required attendance.

The boys and girls hostels at Indira have a set of rules which have to be adhered to strictly by the students. Each hostel is headed by a warden who acts as a facilitator and observer to maintain the discipline in the hostels and ensure its smooth functioning. Students opting to stay in the hostel will have to sign an undertaking in accepting the rules set by the management. Ragging of any type will not be accepted and the concerned student(s) admission would be canceled immediately.


DISCIPLINARY & MANDATORY POLICY Anti Ragging Committee, Indira Global Business School, Pune. Name of the Member Dr .Shriram Nerlekar Mr. Shailesh Mulay Prof. Shraddha Kokane Prof. Vijay Sonaje Mr. Bhagwan Patil Mr. Rajesh Bhosale Ms. Harsha Pasule Ms. Neha Patil Mr. Gaurav Thakur Mr. Shashank Mishra Mr. Vishal Rathod Ms. Bahvana Batra Ms. Snehal Kamble Mr. Balasaheb Jawalkar Mr. Milind Kulkarni Mr. Chandrashekhar Aslekar Mr. Rajendra Kamble Mr. Chandrakant Bhote Mr. Pravin Kumar Gosavi


Designation Director Admin Ofcer Assistant Professor Assistant Professor Jr. Clerk Warden- Boys Hostel Warden- Girls Hostel Student- IGBS Student- IGBS Student- IGBS Student- IGBS Student- IGBS Student- IGBS Local Media Representative- NGO Representative- Parents Representative- Parents Civil Administration Police Administration

Grievance Redressal Committee: The Grievance Cell has been constituted with the object of setting up a framework for: Providing a forum for employees to ventilate their grievances relating to ofcial matters imparting a degree of objectivity and fair play in the consideration and decision, there on serving as a bridge in interpreting the views of the management to the staff and vice versa, inculcating a feeling of participation in sharing the complexities of administrative and management responsibilities of the employer and to foster a sense of belongingness in one and all in the institution. Committee: 1. Prof. Shrikant Bhojkar - Senior Retired Professor 2. Dr. Karunakar Jha - Chairman 3. Dr. Rajasshrie Pillai - Secretary 4. Mr. Shailesh Mulay - Member * Note - appointment of ombudsman is as per university of Pune. For details refer circular no. CA4197

Womens Grievance Committee: The institute has active cells for prevention of sexual harassment and violence against women on campus as per the recommendation of honorable Supreme Court and University Grants Commission. The purpose of the cell is to ensure a safe environment in the campus where students, teaching and nonteaching staff should feel comfortable while doing their work. The honorable Supreme Court has dened sexual harassment as physical contact or advances, demand or request for sexual favor, sexually colored jokes or remarks, display of pornography, any other physical, verbal or non- verbal behavior with sexual undertones. Committee: 1. Dr. Rajasshrie Pillai: Chairman 2. Mrs. Priyanka Darekar: Member 3. Mrs. Supriya Desai: Member

DESTINATION PUNE Pune, the cultural capital of Maharashtra, is settled on the banks of the Mutha river and is renowned world over as `The Oxford of the East'. Important national institutes like the National Chemical Laboratory, National Defence Academy, National Informatics Centre, C-DAC etc. are located in Pune, which is also one of the automotive and software hubs in India. With students forming a large chunk of the population, the city has several multiplexes, clubs and eateries to suit varied palettes and pockets, picnic spots and entertainment avenues; while festivals such as the `Ganesh Utsav', `Sawai Gandharva' and the like offer a delightful cultural fare. Marathi is the official language in the city. However, most people are fluent in Hindi and English too. With 40% better green cover than any other Indian city, Pune, the University Town of India is dotted with heritage structures of immense historical importance like the Aga Khan Palace, Shaniwarwada and the Raja Kelkar Museum. Pune is home to many prestigious corporates viz. Bajaj, Tatas, Firodiyas, Kirloskars, Thermax, TCS, Infosys & Wipro.


Shree Chanakya Education Society's

Indira Global Business School 'Manomay' Sr. No. 64/65, Gat No. 276, At. Post - Parandwadi, Tal. - Maval, Dist. - Pune - 410 506. Maharashtra. Tel. No. 9272212310 / 9272212311 / 9272212312 email : website :

IGBS Prospectus 2013  

Indira Global Business School Prospectus year 2013

IGBS Prospectus 2013  

Indira Global Business School Prospectus year 2013