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Writing Dynamics™ plan | draft | edit

÷ Grab your reader’s attention ÷ Ensure your key messages are understood ÷ Save you and your reader time; write with clarity, brevity and impact

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Writing Dynamics™ Many talented business professionals work hard on their communication skills; they are successful in meetings, and amaze customers and stakeholders with their insightful knowledge about business. But when it comes to sending that all-important follow up letter, email or report; they let themselves down with a cluttered, unstructured and poorly written document. The result – documents get skim-read or, at worst, binned.

The two-day Writing Dynamics™ workshop teaches you a powerful writing system developed by a team of award winning writers that breaks the writing process into three separate areas; planning, drafting and editing. It enables you to produce documents of the highest quality while saving you precious time. The workshop increases the impact of your written word through selecting an appropriate writing strategy, managing the reader’s attention and using innovative techniques to highlight the benefits of the subject for the reader.

“Really enjoyed the course. It was informative with good materials and an excellent tutor. I can see myself using nearly everything I’ve learnt and I am no longer concerned with writer’s block.” Government Office

“A great insight into writing. Has given real zest for improvement”

Food Manufacturer

“Had the right balance of teaching, of theory, then practice. The days flew.” Entertainment Company

Workshop Benefits: Writing Dynamics™ shows you how to:


Get your reader’s attention


Ensure your key messages are understood


Save you and your reader time

Our three-stage writing system helps you PLAN using creative and structured thinking, DRAFT in record time and EDIT for impact.

+44 (0)20 7924 8760

“I think it was excellent and would recommend it. I would also consider other Indigo courses because of it.” University

“Excellent. Wish I had the chance to do this ten years ago.”

NHS Hospital

“Really enjoyed it. Useful, practical and delivered well. Would definitely recommend it to others.” National Consultancy

“Possibly the best course I have ever been on.” Housing Trust

Writing Dynamics™ Writing Dynamics™ Workshop Content: During the two-day Writing Dynamics™ you will learn the three stages of our ‘tried and true’ writing system. By applying the ‘Five Step Writing Process™’ to all forms of writing, and by using our renowned tips, you will both save time and improve the quality of your work.

Stage 1: Planning to Save Time and Improve Quality

Stage 3: Editing to Get and Keep the Reader's Attention

‹ Clustering and Brainstorming to get you started

‹ Becoming your own editor

‹ Establishing Your Key Points: The Pre Cluster™

‹ Applying the Editor's Six Obsessions™ for

‹ Identifying the document purpose ‹ Marking Relationship and considering your reader

professional results

‹ Building your Introduction and Ending

‹ Using the One-Minute Editor™ for quick quality checks

‹ Selecting a structure to persuade your reader

‹ Managing text for clarity, impact and persuasion

‹ Outlining a sequence to your ideas

‹ Applying the Axe for simple, clear results ‹ Creating energy to get your reader's attention

Stage 2: Drafting to Prevent Writer's Block and to Save Time ‹ Overcoming Writers block ‹ Managing your time by creating the ‘write’ environment ‹ Writing ‘rough’ – for conversational, uncluttered text ‹ Building Momentum ‹ Drafting quickly and easily ‹ Developing your draft into sentences and paragraphs

‹ Adding movement to your message ‹ Giving your text visual impact ‹ ‘Telegramming’ for sharper focus and key messaging ‹ Learning the Editor’s Checklist

Personal Feedback In addition to the modules noted, each participant benefits from direct, personal feedback on their own writing. Send us samples of your writing before the workshop for evaluation by our team of professional writers.

“Writing Dynamics™ is a very good course that effectively taught writing techniques that can be applied every day. The course book is also excellent for reference.” Local Council

+44 (0)20 7924 8760

Writing Dynamics™ Workshop Objectives: ‹ Achieve quality and improve productivity - by following a special system developed by a team of award-winning professional writers. ‹ Address the comment we often hear from our clients: “No matter how strong our professional expertise, our credibility suffers when we cannot write clearly and persuasively.” ‹ Increase the impact of your writing on the reader: by selecting an appropriate writing strategy, by managing the reader’s attention, and by using techniques that highlight the benefits of the subject for the reader.

“A well structured programme. It was informative and provided great new skills to put into practice.” NHS Hospital

“Very knowledgeable trainer. The course ran very smoothly and was very informative. The pace of the session was perfect and was tailored to suit everyone’s needs.” Transport Company

“Excellent! I would recommend it, thoroughly enjoyable.” International Bank

Who Should Attend: Participants who attend our workshop write a wide variety of technical and non-technical documents. Examples include: ‹ Correspondence - Briefings, E-mails, Faxes, Letters & Memos ‹ Manuals - Procedural, Product Inserts, Reference Guides, Service Manuals, Technical Fact Sheets & Training Materials ‹ Marketing - Audio/Visual Presentations, Brochures, Business Profiles, Media Releases, Newsletters & Press Kits ‹ Reports / Summaries - Annual Audits, Business Proposals, Risk Analyses, Vision Statements

+44 (0)20 7924 8760

Writing Dynamics™ Training Options: Train You Public workshops are the best method for training individuals and are delivered in different cities throughout the year, allowing individuals and small groups to attend an event with other companies present.

£875+VAT group discounts available

per 2 day event

Book Online:

Train Your Team In-house workshops are the ideal opportunity to train teams and whole departments within your organisation. Providing clarity of training focus and excellent team building opportunities, it also reduces downtime, travel and environmental impact as we come to your premises, in the UK or internationally. Call Us to Book:

£460+VAT per Delegate based on 15 delegates

per 2 day event

+44(0) 20 7924 8760

Train Your Organisation Become an officially accredited corporate Writing Dynamics™ trainer. Roll out these renowned techniques across your organisation.

£100+VAT per Delegate

Plus a one off fee of

£2,825+VAT for Trainer Accreditation plus participant manuals Call Us to Book:

+44(0) 20 7924 8760

c ommunicate clarity brevity impact

Writing Dynamics™ Trainer Accreditation: Indigo are excited to offer you the opportunity to become accredited to train Writing Dynamics™. Just follow these simple steps...

STEP 1 - Attend an Indigo Public Workshop - 2 days See the workshop as any other delegate would. You hear the common questions, objections and delegate feedback first-hand. Most importantly though, you get to see a Master Trainer in action, delivering the workshop to the highest level.

STEP 2 – Attend the Trainer Accreditation Workshop - 2 days Learn every aspect of the communication model, and the best ways to deliver this training, so you can maximise your delegates effectiveness using the tools.

STEP 3 – Stay in Touch When you become an Accredited Trainer, you become part of a global club. This club offers ongoing support, and an Indigo specialist is appointed to provide you with regular updates and techniques to help your progress.

With a series of Accreditation programmes running throughout the year, this 4 day process is the most cost-effective way of taking the tools to your organisation. You will be taught by one of Indigo’s Master Trainers, who have trained thousands of delegates to the very highest levels.

Contact Us: +44 (0) 20 7924 8760

INDIGO - Writing Dynamics  

This two-day workshop teaches participants the secrets of how to achieve written skills of the highest quality while saving time by followin...

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