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Indigo Simulations

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Develop advanced stakeholder management Understand the rational & non-rational reasons why people resist change Communicate to maximise buy-in and support

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Indigo Simulations

Leading Change™ Implementing change is at the core of business success. We know that the human aspects of a change project should be treated in the same way as the technical or mechanical aspects, but this is often where it fails.

Indigo’s Leading Change™ simulation gives participating teams a chance to “live” the challenges of managing an organisational change initiative. The one-day simulation is based on a comprehensive model of how and why human beings react to change: i.e. a range of commercial, personal, emotional and ‘political’ factors. Based around a scenario of planning the integration of two organisations after a merger, the team based simulation challenges teams to decide a series of integration options (e.g. staff reduction, IT systems, integration and policy changes) that have different cost saving and revenue growth implications. Teams have to manage the human reactions to the change, and it is the careful balance of these business and human (hard and soft) factors which determines the final success of the initiative. The simulation was developed in conjunction with Maurizio Zollo when he was an Associate Professor at INSEAD.

“The great thing is to be able to use the simulation and get participants to become actively involved in solving problems and getting more real hands on experience; what I really value is that they take away with them a real life experience” Ashridge Management School

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Workshop Benefits: 1

We develop skills by “doing” then reflecting


Mistakes in simulations don’t cost anything


You receive honest and immediate feedback about your actions


It’s innovative, highly interactive and engaging


Discovering is more powerful than “being told”


It actually changes behaviour


There aren’t necessarily any perfect “right answers” and that’s realistic

Indigo Simulations

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Think Your Leadingon Change™ Who Should Attend:

Learning Outcomes:

Managers for whom consulting, influencing and building consensus is important for getting things done

Participants develop the key skills needed to lead change:

Project and Programme Managers

Developing advanced stakeholder analyses

Project Team Members

Understanding the rational & non-rational reasons why people resist change

Consultants Prioritising a wide range of stakeholders

Account Managers

Balancing conflicting interests Using networks to influence stakeholder attitudes and opinions

“The change simulation is a highly effective learning tool which gives us an unusual opportunity to test strategies and ‘see’ the complex picture of cause and effect.”

Communicating in order to maximise buy-in and support

PA Consulting Group

Advantages of Simulations: At this workshop, you will develop your skills in: A Scalable Solution: Whether you’re looking to have a small team experience the Simulation, or you want to roll out the experience globally, this online method of delivery means your tailored simulation programme is ready when you want it, and where you want it run. Flexible Solutions: All of Indigo’s Simulations can be incorporated into your existing training programmes. Our comprehensive training-for-trainer model means you can focus precisely where and how you want our simulations to work; whether at a team building event, used to support classroom developmental learning, or for evaluating performance. A Shared Experience: Multiple groups of 3 people (around 1 computer) share the same experience. Groups can work in different locations, providing they have internet access. a b c

Results Based Learning: Each team gets differing results depending on the quality of analysis and decisions they take. Your facilitator will help teams get off on the right foot and then pull together and embed the key learning points at the end of the simulation.

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Indigo Simulations

Leading Change™ Training Options: Train You Public workshops are the best method for training individuals and small groups. Delivered across the UK, they provide a great opportunity for different companies and individuals to come together and learn the tools.


per Delegate per 1 day a workshop

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Train Your Team An in-house workshop provides the ideal opportunity to train teams and whole departments within your organisation. Providing clarity of training focus and excellent team building opportunities, it reduces delegate travel, workshop cost and environmental impact as we visit your premises. Call Us to Book:

£315+VAT per Delegate

based on 15 delegat a es per 1 day a workshop

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Train Your Organisation Become an officially accredited corporate Leading Change™ trainer. Roll out the Simulation workshop across your organisation. 1 licence is used by 3 delegates per computer. As an accredited Simulations Facilitator, you simply: 1. PLAN - plan your session. 2. PURCHASE - buy the required number of licences and play the simulation. 3. PLAY – the simulations exactly when you and your team are ready. Call Us to Book:

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Licences from

£200+VAT per Delegate

Plus a one off fee, from £2,825+VAT for Trainer Accreditation

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Indigo Simulations - Leading Change  

Indigo’s Leading Change simulation gives participating teams a chance to actually experience and live through the challenges of managing an...

Indigo Simulations - Leading Change  

Indigo’s Leading Change simulation gives participating teams a chance to actually experience and live through the challenges of managing an...