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Dr Edward de Bono’s

Lateral Thinking & Serious Creativity™ focus | innovate | implement

Practical, proven methods for challenging current thinking Harness creativity so that it works for you, when you need it Solve problems and generate new ideas on demand

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Dr Edward de Bono’s

Lateral Thinking™ How do you tackle problems? Wouldn’t it be good to be the person who always has an idea when it is most needed? How does your organisation ensure its business model is relevant? In an increasingly competitive world, traditional methods of problem solving can only take us so far. We need to go beyond problem solving to generate new concepts and new ways of doing things. Individuals and teams must learn to apply creativity ‘on-demand’ - instead of just hoping they will stumble on innovative ideas.

Lateral Thinking™ is a systematic approach to the creative thinking process. Delegates learn to use deliberate techniques to stimulate creativity and, as a result, gain competitive advantage.

“Excellent! I feel like my thinking has been Utilities Company upgraded.” “Very well presented and interesting, thought provoking, gives clear structure and tools to take away.” Educational Body “Very good addition to my job as a creative thinker. Was genuinely surprised at how many extra ideas I was able to generate. Essential for any creative thinkers out there!” Corporate Trainer

“Interesting techniques and will be useful when I need to come up with new ideas.”

Formula 1 Team

“The best - and most practical - course I have attended in my 36 years of working life.” Police Constabulary

“Very good, everyone is leaving with a really positive attitude toward work.”

Utilities Company

“Helpful and complements my belief on creation/design.”

Entertainment Company

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Workshop Benefits:


Lateral Thinking™ will equip you with solid,


You’ll find out how to harness your own creativity so that it can work for you, when you need it.


You’ll learn to solve problems and generate new ideas to meet the challenges of the modern business environment.


You’ll leave the workshop with skills that you have practised and can apply immediately on return to your workplace.

practical methods for challenging current thinking.


Dr Edward de Bono’s

Lateral Thinking™ Lateral Thinking™ Workshop Content: This two-day workshop takes you through an easy to learn, simple to apply thinking system. The system is broken down into three subject areas: 1. FOCUS – Tools to help you and your team focus on specific areas for innovation. All too often creative thinking is randomly applied and so doesn’t solve the problem it was needed for. Using the focus tools ensures your Lateral Thinking gives you a targeted solution to a specific issue. 2. IDEA GENERATION – The core of the Lateral Thinking™ process, these tools show you a way to think differently. Using a systematic, formal process the tools give you dramatically different solutions when you need them for ‘on demand innovation’. 3. HARVESTING – It is vital to conclude a creative thinking session with a system for the collection and evaluation of those all important ideas. Lateral Thinking™ gives you tools to harvest the best ideas and prioritise next steps.

The Need for Creative Thinking The limits of logical thinking Why creative thinking is a learnable set of skills

The Lateral Thinking™ Techniques Alternatives - How to use ‘concepts’ as a breeding ground for new ideas. Focus - The discipline of defining your focus from the outset, and sticking to it. How to generate and use a Creative Hit List. Challenge - Breaking free from the limits of the accepted ways of operating. Random Entry - Using unconnected input to open up new lines of thinking. Provocation & Movement - Explores the nature of perception and how it limits our creativity. The provocation techniques are designed to challenge these limitations. Movement is a new mental operation that we can use as an alternative to judgement. It allows us to develop a provocative idea into one that is workable and realistic.

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Implementation of Ideas Harvesting - At the end of a Creative Thinking session we normally only take note of the specific ideas that seem practical and have obvious value. We need to make a deliberate harvesting effort to collect ideas and concepts that are less well developed. Treatment of Ideas - How to develop ideas and shape them towards their practical application in your business.

“Excellent workshop. Trainer was extremely knowledgeable and personable too! Great to hear lots of real-life examples where these techniques have worked for other companies.” Pharmaceutical Company


Dr Edward de Bono’s

Lateral Thinking™ Dr Edward de Bono: Dr Edward de Bono is the world’s leading authority on conceptual thinking and driver of innovation, leadership, creativity, and problem solving. Author of over 80 books in 27 different languages, his tools and methods have brought astonishing results to organisations and individuals worldwide. His advanced training solutions help individuals and businesses to implement organisational creativity.

one of de Bono’s illustrations

Dr. de Bono has developed simple, practical and powerful thinking techniques. His workshops include Six Thinking Hats®, Lateral Thinking™, Power of Perception™, Focus On Facilitation™ and Simplicity®. All are easy to understand, yet have the power to change thinking behaviour, increase productivity, foster team-building, and evoke profitable innovation.

“This is the most useful thought provoking course I have ever been on.”

Police Constabulary

“Very good. Two days well spent.” Oil and Gas Provider

“I really enjoyed the programme. We went into a lot of detail, and experienced a hands on way of working through problems.” Science and Health Provider

Who Should Attend: Lateral Thinking™ is designed for all executives, managers, professionals and advisors who are concerned with making their organisation more innovative in the face of growing competition and the emergence of new business models. Attendance of a group of managers from one company is highly recommended. This will support the implementation of the techniques when they return to the workplace.

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Dr Edward de Bono’s

Lateral Thinking™ Training Options: Train You Public workshops are the best method for training individuals and small groups. Delivered across the UK, they provide a great opportunity for different companies and individuals to come together and learn the tools.

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per 2 day a event

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Train Your Team In-house workshops are the ideal opportunity to train teams and whole departments within your organisation. Providing clarity of training focus and excellent team building opportunities, it reduces delegate travel, workshop cost and environmental impact as we train at your premises, in the UK or internationally. Call Us to Book:

per Delegate

based on 15 delegat a es per 2 day a event

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Train Your Organisation Become an officially accredited corporate Lateral Thinking™ trainer. Roll out the renowned techniques across your organisation.

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+44 (0)20 8334 7140

creativity ideas thinking

£175+VAT £100+VAT per Delegate per Delegate

for participant manuals

Plus a one off f fee of Plus a one off fee, £3,350+VAT f r Tr fo Tr£3,350+VAT ainer Ac A cre r ditat a ion from (plus participant manuals) for Trainer Accreditation

Dr Edward de Bono’s

Lateral Thinking™ Trainer Accreditation: Indigo are excited to offer you the opportunity to become accredited to train Lateral Thinking™. Just follow these simple steps...

STEP 1 - Attend an Indigo Public Workshop - 2 days

See the workshop as any other delegate would. You hear the common questions, objections and delegate feedback first-hand. Most importantly though, you get to see a Master Trainer in action, delivering the workshop to the highest level.

STEP 2 – Attend the Trainer Accreditation Workshop - 2 days

Learn every aspect of the thinking model, and the best ways to deliver this training, so you can maximise your delegates effectiveness using the tools.

STEP 3 – Stay in Touch

When you become an accredited trainer, you become part of a global club. This club ub offers ongoing support, and an Indigo specialist is appointed to provide you with regular updates and techniques to help your progress.

With a series of Accreditation programmes running throughout the year, this 4 day process is the most cost-effective way of bringing the de Bono tools to your organisation. You will be taught by one of Indigo’s Master Trainers, who have trained thousands of delegates to the very highest levels.

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INDIGO - Edward de Bono's Lateral Thinking  

Boost your creative problem-solving and idea generation. Dr Edward de Bono’s Lateral Thinking ™ gives the creative process a structure that...

INDIGO - Edward de Bono's Lateral Thinking  

Boost your creative problem-solving and idea generation. Dr Edward de Bono’s Lateral Thinking ™ gives the creative process a structure that...