Kekiongan 1964

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NOVEMBER 22 , 1963



published by the

students of

indiana institute

ol technolo y









vvas a


year lor the warriors

kalblleisch hall

anthony bldg.

the nevv chief

proposed alumni quadrangle

As in years before, Tech students worked hard and played hard in 1964. At the same time they saw tangible evidence of the continuing development and growth of Tech which included: the inauguration of Tech's new president: the acquisition of the Anthony building and many new classrooms for the Freshman Division; the acquisition of a new dormitory, Kalbfleisch Hall, which was made possible by the generous gift of Mr. and Mrs. Carl Pierson: and the plans for additional dormitory and living space for students in the proposed Alumni Center which will be started as soon as gifts from Tech alumni make it feasible to begin construction. •

In honored memory of the distinguished educational achievements of the founder of this college .... In heartfelt gratitude to those whose generous gifts created this structure . . . . To the welfare of all students who in years to come will share these facilities.... To the glory of Eternal God and for the good of all mankind .... We dedicate and name +his building KALBFLEISCH HALL.


.:, I I

..• rtl


, Mrs. Pierson, President Thoma , Mr. Pierson.


•• I


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Tech moved into t he Anth ony Building at the beginning of the Spring Term 1964. Above are students on the steps between classes and at work in the Engineering Graphics room.


• •







Tech Day consists of demonstrations and displays in Dana building, physics labs and computer lab. Students and instructors take part to explain the different displays being presented in the laboratories.

Danc ing . . .

~us ' c . . .




' Bathtub Gin ... "

the ''roaring twenties''


First Snow





Student Lounge

Tinker Toys?

... • .. • - - •- •- • - .. • - - -.. • -- - • • • .... • ..... • "' ... .... ' • • • • • • • - • - •• •• •- -- - - - -"' - -"' ..... • • • • •-• • • • • - - ' • -• • • --• • ~










rTech has coeds. This is Linda Copland entering the library.


. -.

,.• •



.... -

Greeting the Queens

(wn o,'\1\E ALUMNI

> Queens

,.... - .-r t \;



Left to Right: Sh arron Poyser, Queen Mary Ann Snow Karen W oodward .



Back Row, Left to Right : Frank Ello , Ra Iph Rieh I. Charles Broc kett, Tom Martin (seated) .



" In todat s world , engineering and science hold ore ot the ~eys to freedom from want, fro m ignora nce, from disease, from slavery imposed by man af'd nature. But engi,eering and scien ce are only a rreans not an err:J. tf they become the end, then rpa n is less human and a g reat deal less than his Creator intended him to be. It is the ai m and purpose o f th is college that its graduates shall use their


techn ological edu ca tion s wisely and gene ro usly, fo r the common good. "As we cha rt our course into the fu t ure, we who are the off icers a nd t rustees of th is institutio n are deeply grateful for the fine stu de nts, the able teachers and the fait hfu l friends who have built this college, a nd sustai ned it through years of struggle, a nd given it an ho no red na me." From t he Preside nt' s Ina ug ural Address , May 23 , 1964

The Inauguration of Edward Charles Thoma as Third President of ·-



Indiana Institute of Technology

May Twenty-third Nineteen Sixty-four





President Thoma receiving congratulations from his fam ily after his inauguration. Left to Right: David Th oma, Gary Thoma, Dr. Edv.ard Thoma, holding Mark; Mrs. Thoma, Barbara Thoma, Mrs. E. G. Thoma (Dr. Th oma's mother), Mrs. David Thoma .

President Thoma delivering the commencement address of June 13 , 1964.



Presid e nt Thoma Conferring honorary degrees on; Left to Right: Dr. Edward Th oma John Edward Martin , Fra nk Ellison Best, E. Ross Adair, J. Forrest Bige low.


President and Mrs . Thoma at the Inaugural Ball.



... 3D

The Glee C Jub directed by Professor Loren Yaggy provided music for the Inauguration.

The Inaugural Ba ll was attended by students , faculty , alumni and fr iends of the college. •

tech students take time out for

ames alter classes


Dean Ruh l and Gary Thoma ass isting President Thoma and Harold Belt in p reparations for the trip east to expia in th e pro posed Alumn i Cent er to a lumn i groups of th at area .

Richard Bl an~ and Cnarles Lepley are shown d iscussing th e mode l of t he proposed Al umn i Center with President Tho ma .



vicepresident and treasurer








ol faculty DR. RALPH YOUNG



dean of engineering



dean ol students



Ass istant to th e Pres ident


Assist ant to the President


MAC FUELBER Business Manager and Dire.ctor of Purchases




CATHERINE WALSH Secretary to the Board of Trustees, Secretary to the President and Foreign Student Advisor



Reg istrar and Dir ector of Admissions KENNETH LOUGHMILLER

Director of Industrial Relations

RICHARD DERMER Director of Resea rch and Development


Director of Placement


I PAUL ARNOLD Freshman Advisor

EVELYN BOWYER Assistant Registrar


GORDON C. WARNES Student Recruitment •




aerospace engineering to the indete rminate , stressed-ski n stru ctures. Mathematics conti nues (in its radica lly advanced forms) to be a n import a nt too l in this field. Th is department continues as one usi ng the most advanced scie ntific info rmation to he Ip develop and produ ce modern means of transpo rtation throug·h ou r atmosphe re and through spa ce beyond.

Tooa s a e rodyna mic cou rses are qu ite different from t~ose of a few years ago since supersoni c flow causes sig 'lificant heati ng a nd thermodynamics ha s to be carefu lly t aken into account. Earthbo und Pav igation courses have been sup planted by spa c ia l Pa ig afon. Structura l ana lysis co urses have shifted he emohas is fro m triang ulated , determinant frames Benja mi n Dow ( C hai rm a n).

Bennett Kemp, ex pia ining the wind tunnel on Tech Day.



The Departme nt of Chem ical Engineering aim s ro d evelop the stu dent into a well-rou nded , competent, and socially a d justed grad uate. The development of t he ab ilit y to THINK is para mo unt . The pro ject method of in stru ct io n is used in the labora to ry wh ich is eq uip ped with standard pilot plant a p pa ratu s such as st il ls, evapo rato rs, filter p resses, and ma ss and ene rgy tra nsfer units. The c urr·culu m covers basic scien ces, enginee rin g sc'ences, a p plied science (eng ineering), and gene ral sub jec+s, wh ich gives a broa d fo undation enab l'pg t he stude nt t o be e mployed in de sign , ope ra +io, s. sa les, tea,c hing, a nd resea rc h.

J ohn C oc hra n, J oseph W . Cranmer, Tod B. Dixo n ('C hairman) .



civil engineering

Robert C. Ruh l (Cha irm a n) , Eugene Tig ges , Do nald Coc hra n, Wil liam Shrader.

Civil Eng ineering is the oldest of all the eng ineering f ields. It has always been concerned with projects of both public and private nature th at effect the social and economic life of the people . Originally, Civil En gineering wa s concerned with the co nst ruction of bridges, roads and building s wh ich are st ili majo r areas in t he Civil Eng ineering field . In the last ha If-century, add itiona I area s have been added t o the field of Civil Engineering, such as; water supply, wa ste d is posal, city plann ing, and t raffic engineerin g . The se are of import ance f or t he public he alth and welfare.


L. .


electrical engineering Electrical Eng in eer ing encompa sses many and varied fields. The g raduate electrica I engineer may find him self wo rk ing in the fields of radar, guided miss iles and sa tellites, at omic energy, electronic co mputers, radio co mm unica t io ns, television, contro l system s, p ower generation and distr ibu tion, and other numerous speci alized phases of Electrical Engineering .

Peter Sorensen , Dr. W illiams, Arthu r Price , Ma urice Simmons , Ea rl Devlin , John W hitney.


Left to Right : Edwa rd Guin d on; Lasz-

lo Szegedy; Robert Swin de ll; Ro bert Blair; W arren Hoffman ; No rm an Long , (Depa rtment Chairman ).

mechanical engineering The Mechanical Engin eer is resp onsible for the designing and building o f ma chin es t o produce power and the ma chines to utilize th at power. Every manufactured article. no matter wh at it s nature, req u'res the se rvices o f Mechan ica l Engi neers bo th 路n the design of the ma chines b y wh ich it is manufactured and in the ope ration of the fa ct o ry itself. Creative thinking is nurtu red and encou rag ed in .Lhe Mechanica l Engineering Labo rato ries.

Er ../ n Ha ria k Ivan Pia nc k, Cleo Q ... inn , Robert Marsha ll, Howard Aa c klin.

chemistry C hem istry is t he scien ce of change . and serves as one of the main fo un dat io n st . o nes f or oi l Science and Engineering. It is or'le o f the essential ba ckg rounds f or every educa t ed man in t his Technologi ca l A ge . The Department o f Che mistry not o nl y serv es t o provide inst ruct ion in b asic C hem istry f o r all Sci en ce and Eng inee ring d isciplines, but offe rs Ad va nce d C o urses in C hemistry f o r th ose interest ed in Re search in ind ustry o r in furt her study in Graduate Schools.

Vo nne M uessli ng , Loren Yagg y, Margaret Huff, Mary We imer (C ha irman ), He len Dinius , Da rrow Fox, Sha hnaz Q ureshi .

english department

mathematics department

The pri mary purpose of the English Department In o ur com p lex society, scientific progress de-

in an engineering school is to teach the eng ineering

pend s on the mathematician , the engineer and

student to express himself effectively in both speech

many other sci entists whose pri mary t ool is mathand writing. The Eng lish Department offers courses

ematics. The Department of

in composit io n, literature, and speech so that the

Mathematics offers

a we ll-ro unded co urse for the yo ung mathema-

student may become a well-ro unded perso n able to

t icia ns, as we ll as the essential mathematics f o r the

meet the chal lenges in Iif e.

eng ineering, physics and chem istry students. Do na ld Hend e rso n, 'Ha rry 1Me llin , H ugh Ha rp , 'Ro b e rt Lee per, G o rd o n C o le, Ric ha rd Sa rbe r, Ju ona Santana , Jame s Do hn e r, W aIter Bartle tt , Ch a rles Ca rr (Cha irma n) .






Ch manIa 1 Pate l. Rich ard Reeves, Ra Iph Bracht, Koza buro M iya kawa , Cha.rma., Dan路el Over.

physics department If, as has been said, " this is the atomic ag e ," then this is the age of physics. Nu clea r weapons and mac hines are products of the physics laboratory. Eac h new day find s the physicists of our nation expanding the horizons of man' s knowledge. Therefore, Indiana In sti tute of Technology me ets the need for train in g in physics by offering ba sic and advanced courses designed to prepa re a student e ither for direct partici pation in industry, o r for a scient ific ca re e r of the more trad itional +ype .

engineering graphics The engineer mu st have a thorough knowledge of Engi reering Graph ics if he is not to be co nsidered a n engi neering ' i l"terate . This is the language by which the e ng inee r co mmunicates with others of his profession, dra ftsmen and techr t:ians for .,vhose wo r~ he is responsible to hi s employer, and o ~hers in his broad fie ld of endeavor. Industry ha s indicated that it considers this one of the most important subject s of 11h 路t:h a ne路t~l; emplo ;ed gradua te engineer mu st have knowl et:)ge. Engineering Graphi cs ass ists in the develo pm en t of creed 1e abl t 1 b / training in space visualization. It develops the p0 11ers of :Jnalysis and synrhes is. It provides a superio r means 0f de 1eloping , C1nd reco rding , ideas for posterity . It is, in otrer 11ords, a tool of greatest importan ce t o all wh o . . n r oate a future in Eng 1neering. Lee Bernhardt ( Ch oirm on). Dwight Case


Mered ith Sprunger ( Depart me nt Chairman)


Phil lip Kennell

Robert Bahney

r. {

Georg e Mend enhall

Ro be rt M acy

Jerre M cM anama

The Humanities and Social Scie nces in the colle ge curriculum present the H istoric, literary, artistic, and phi losophical heritage of our culture along with the accumulatio n of knowledge in the be havioral sciences .


and social sciences 35

Pre sident Thoma shown accepting the AnthQny Building Directory from Dona ld C ath ca rt , presid e nt of th e Senior cla ss.

Mr. and Mrs . All a n Lee

Gerhardt Kennepohl with his son . .. a future Tech man 1

Sandra Yaggy accompan ied t he Glee C lu b at th e org an for comm e nceme nt .

• •



Summa Cum laude Graduates James Claffee and Alexander Davidson .

s Firs+ Row: Omar R. Abbas, BCE ; Damascus, Syria ; Org a nizat ion of Arab Students, President, Vice- President; a~ions Un ited C lub .

Narottam Agrawal, BSChE ; Bo mbay, India; Ind ia Association.

Second Row:

- "".

Shash ikant M. Anandpura, BChE ; Bombay Ind ia; President's List (I); Dea n's List (2).

Melvin Appelbaum, BSMath; Queens Villag e, New York; Pres ident's List (4); Dean 's List (4) ; Student C ouncil. Treasurer , Cla ss Representative; Physics Club; Math C lub; Jud o Club, Presid ent ; Nu cleus Reporter; Computer Lab Assistant.

Third Row: Bahram Ayne9Sazian , BSM E; Teheran , Iran ; Mechan ical C lub; Society of A utomot ive Engineers; Iran ian Student Organization; Glee Club.

Elbert J. Batchelor, BSCE ; Pink Hill , North Carolina; Association of C ivil Eng ineers, Sgt. at Arms.

Fourth Row :

Doyle H . Baum , BCE; Mentone, Ind iana; De an's L"st (8)路 President's List (3); Associa t ion of Civil Eng ineers; Varsity Bas楼etball Team; Ass istant Physit:etl Ed ucation In structor.

Ranjit S. Baweja, BEE; Ludhiana, India. 38


First Row: Blase Bonatsos, BME; Xylokastron, Greece; Theta Xi, H ouse Manager.

Charles D. Booker Jr., BS Math ; Nashvill e, Tennessee; President's List (2); De an 's List (8); A lpha Omega Tau , Vice- President, Chaplain; Bowli ng Club; Ph ysics Lab Instructor; lntramurals.

Second Row: Charles Crothers, BS EE; Fort Wayne , Ind iana; Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers.

Lawrence D. Dixon, BSC E; Qu incy, Illinois; Dean 's List (I); A ssoci ation of Civil Eng ineers.

Third Row: Claude G. Dunne Jr., BSCE; McGehee, Arkansas; A ssociatio n of Civ il Engineers.

Howard W. Engle Jr., BSCE ; Preston, Maryland; President's List (I); Dean 's List (3); Ameri ca n Society of Civ il Eng ineers; Student Council; Sig ma Ph i De lta, Chaplain .

Fourth Row: Mohammad Hefez Erfani, BSCE ; Tehran , Iran; President's List (I); Iranian Student A ssociat ion; Varsity Soccer Team ; Va rsity Vo II ey b aII Team .

Aquiles Felizola, BSM ath; Caracas, Venezuela. 39

First Row: Jitendra Gaglani , BChE; Bom bay, India; Chemical Eng ineeri ng Soci ety; India A ssociation, Treasurer.

Richard W. Goodman. BCE; Ri sing Sun , Maryland; President's List (2); Dean 's List (2); Nucleus Staff, Ad Mgr.


Second Row: John Grasberger, BS ME; Erie, Pennsylvania ; Flyi ng C lub; Varsity Tra ck.

Howard Grayless, BSEE, El Option; Albion, Indiana; Institute of Electrical an d Electro nic Eng ineers; Theta Mu Pi ; Varsity Clu b; Varsity Tennis (3), M ost Valuable Player 1963-64; lnramura ls.

Third Row: George P. Gryfakis, BEE ; Grand Rap ids, Michigan ; Dea n路s List (2); Society of A utomot ive Engineers.

Eugene Allen Gulliver, BSCE ; A lbany , New York; A merican Society of Civ il Engineers; Alph a Gamma Upsilon; Varsi ty Bowling; Bowling Clu b .

Fourth Row: David Howard, BEE, El Optio n; Fort W ayne, Ind iana.

Ronald Jaye , BSAeE ; Buffalo, New York; Ameri can Inst itute of A eronautics and A stro nauti c<;; Varsity Fert:路ng Team , C apta in of Epee Team. 40

First Row: Keith S. Jorgensen, BSCE ; Bogota, New Jersey; De an's List (3) ; A ssoc iation of C i vi I \Eng i nee rs; N ucl eus; Alpha Omega Tau; Bowling Club.

Robert L. Kinsley, BSEIE; Hershey, Penn sylvania; Inst itute of Electrica l and Electroni c Eng ineers.

Second Row: Richard L. Kizer, BSC E; Fort Wayne , Indiana; President's List (2); A ssoci ation of Civil Enginee rs; Nucl eus.

John Lauterborn, BSEE: Van couver, Canada; Insti tute of Electrical and Electronic Eng in eers.

Third Row:

I .

Charles W. Lepley, BEE (Controls Optio n) ; New Be rlin, Pennsylva nia; Dean 's List (I) ; In stitute of Electrical and Electronic Eng ineers; Student C ounci l; A lpha Omega Tau; lntramura ls.

Carlos E. Mayorca, BME ; Caracas, Venezuel a; Mechanical Cl ub, Pre sident; Phi Iota Al pha; Soccer.


Fourth Row:



Peter Minuth, BSChE : Du sseld orf, Germ any ; Dean 's List (I) .

Edgar J. Morton, BC hE ; Toront o, Canada; Pre sident's List (I); Chemi cal Engineering Society, President; Student Cou neil , Vice- Pre siden t ; Editor of the Nucleu s; Soccer Team C oach. 41

all s First Row: Don J. O ' Donnell BSCE, BCE; Paulding . Oh io; De ar"~ s L'st {I }; American Soci ety of C ivi l Engineers.

Jack C. Penn, BEE, El O ptio n ; Creve C o eur, Illinois ; Pres· d ent s List ( I); Inst itut e of Electri ca I and ElecJ_ronic Engi neers; Research and Develo pment Lab Technici an.

Second Row: Gene W. Peotter, BSAeE ; Sturg eo n Bay , W isconsin ; Dean's List (I ); American In st itute of Ae ro nautics and A stronautics; Inst itut e of Aero nautical Scien ces Speaker Award (2); Aero. Dept. Lab A ssis tant (5) ; G lee C lub; lntra mura ls .

Kenneth Perrin, BEE ; Defiance, Ohio; Dean's 'List (2)· Inst itute of Electri cal and Electro nic Engineers.

Third Row: William

T. Ploof, BAeE ; C o rinth , New Yo rk.

Syroos Rassadi, BSC E; Tehran , Iran; Iran ian Stud ent C lu b , Secretary.

Fourth Row: Bradley A. Rayl, BSC E; A nde rson, Indiana; Presi de,t s List ( J ): A merican A ssocia t ion of Civil Eng ir eers· Bovtli ng C lub.

John Richard Sanders, BSEE; Ci ncin nat i, Oh io ; Deans List (2)· Inst itute of Electri cal and Electro nic Erg .f'le P,r':· f ~~~a Omega Tau; G lee Clu b.


s First Row: H. M. Shah) BEE & El Option; Bombay , Ind ia; Inst itute of Electri ca l and Electron ic Eng ineers; Nations Unit ed.

R.. H. Shah, BSCh E & BSChem. ; Bomba y, In dia : President' s List (1) ; Dean 's List (2) ; America n Inst itute of Chemi cal Eng ineers; C hem ica l Eng ineering Soci et y; Ind ia A ssociation.

Second Row: Abel Shahverdian, BSCE ; Tehran, Iran ; Dean 's List (5); A ssoc iation of Civil Engineers ; Student C oun ci l; J unior Cla ss Pre siden t ; Theta M u Pi, Pre sident; Soccer Team .

Raymond E. Sprague, BSEl E; Westfie ld, Penn syl van ia ; Pre sident' s List (2) ; Dean 's List (6) ; Institute of Electrical and Electronic En gi neers.

Third Row: Ralph Sutherland, BC E; J amaica, West In d ies; A s•

socia t ion of C ivil Engineers; West Indian Student A ssociation.

Dale L. Tubbs, BSEIE, M at h O pt ion; W estfie ld Pennsylvania; President' s List (1); Dean 's List (5); Insti t ute of Electrica l and Elect ronic Engineers; N ucl eu s.


Fourth Row: ,

John C. Tyner, BSM E; Wabash, Ind ia na; M echan ical C lu b , Secretary; lntramurals.

John B. Updegraff Ill, BSEI E; Warren, Pennsylva nia ; Pre sident's List (I) ; Electronics Cl ub ; A lpha O mega Tau; Tennis Tea m; lntramurals.



First Row: James C . Vesey BSChE. Met. Option; Leavittsburg, Oh io; Chem ical Engineering Society; Ameri ca n Society f or Metals; Amer ican Chemical Society; A lpha Gamma Upsilon, President, Vice-P resident, Record路ng Secretary, C orresponding Secretary; Intramurals.

Ph illi p Vogel , BSME ; Fort Wayne, Indiana; Mechan ical Eng ineering Club , Vice-Chairman; Society of Automotive En gineers. _

Second Ro w: Harry Wayman, BSME ; Sarasota . Florida. James W . Webster, BSM E; Fort Wayne, Indiana; Dean 's List (3).

Th ird Row: Marcus

Wh itman , BME ;

Ru shville, New York; Society of Automotive En gineers; A lpha Omega Tau , Treasurer.

George Michael Windsor, BMetE; Oakville , Ontario Canada; Dean 's List (3) ; Chemi cal Engineering Soci ety; American Society f or Metals; Freshman Class Secretary; lntramu rals .

Fourth Row: Billy E. Young; BSEE. Math Opti on; Hickory. N orth Carolina路 Student Council; Interfraternity Counci l; S'gma Phi Delta; Weight L:fting Club; Institute of 1 E ectr'cal and Electronic Engineers; Physical Educat on Instructor.

Mohamed Zaharna, BSEE : Gaza, Palestine; Arab s~ Joer+ C Jb, Secretary, Treasurer.


Rafael A. Zavala-Reyes. BSEIE; Caracas, Venezuela; President' s List (I); Dean 's List (2); Phi Iota Alpha , Presi dent; lntramurals.



Former Governor of Indiana Henry F. Schricker, center, receives honorary Doctor of Laws degree. At left, assisting in ceremony, is Dr. Ralph W . Young, dean of the faculty, and at right, President Edward C . Thoma, who is shown presenting the formal citation to Schricker. Top honor graduate was Rudy Scha low, center, who achieved a perfect 4.0 grade point a verage and was a.c corded summa cum laude honors during t he mid-year commencement on December 14, 1963 . Shown extending congratu lations to him

• -· '' \!¥~·


a re , left to ri ght, Former G ove rn e r of Indiana Henry F. Schricker ; Jam es W. Sha nk, e xecuti ve engineer of Chrysler C o rp .; Donald 'C. Burnham , president, Westinghous e Electric Corp,. , and Dr. Edward C. Thoma , Tech president.






s First Row: John Adair. BSPh , M ath Option; Rome City, Indiana; Ph ysics Club; Physi cs Lab A ss istan t.

Armando Alizo, BC E: Caracas, Venezuela .

Second Row: Richard C. ~lank, BSEE; Bri st ol, Connecti cut ; Pres-

"" "4'11-

ident's List (3); In stitute of Electrical and Electroni c Engineers , Vi ce-Chairman ; Senior Cla ss Trea surer ; J unior Class Se cretary; Student C o uncil ; Sigma Phi Ep silon; Bo ard of G overn o rs.


Joseph CaparroHi, BCE; Dobbs Ferry , New York ; A ssociation of Civil Engi neers; Theta Mu Pi , Vi cePresident; lntramural s.

Third Row: Gerald C. Charbeneau, BSEE : Mt. Clemens, Mi chigan; Dea n's List (3); Institute of Electrical and Electro ni c Engineers; Bo ard o f G overn o rs, Ch ai rman; Dorm Coun selor; lntramu ral s.


Ralph E. Christman, BSEE : Q uaker City, Oh io; Inst it ute of El e ctri ~al and Electronic En gineers; Caswell Engi nee r ing Draw ing Award; Th eta Mu Pi, Trea surer, Ch aplain .

Fourth Row: Benedict N. Daniels, BC E; Lusb y , M aryand; Dean 's ..


List (2) ; A ssociation of Civil En gineers; Varsity Ba seball Team.




BSEE ; Claremont, N ew H ampshire; N ewman Club, President, Trea su rer; Sigma Ph i Epsilon, Chaplain; Inter-Fraternity Counci l; Varsity Socce r Te am; l ntra murals.




s First Row: Peter File , BSEE ; Le vi ttown , New York; Nucleus Sraff; A lpha Omega Tau , H istorian; Kekiong an Amateur Rad io C lub; A ssist ant Eng in eering Graph·cs Instructor; lntramura ls .

Ch imanlal Gandhi , BChE; Bom b ay, Ind ia: Dean 's List (2) ; Chemical Engineering Soci ety; Ind ia A ssociation, Treasurer; Nations Un ited Club.

Second Row : Niranjan Gandhi , BME ; Bomba y, Ind ia; Mechanical Engineering Club; India A ssociation; N ations United C lub.

Donald L. Gecks, BSEE, El Optio n; Cincinnati, Ohio; President' s List (5) ; Dean 's List (3) ; Iota Tau Kappa; Institute of Electrical and Electronic Eng ineers, President, Vice- President; C o mputer Lab A ssistant; Research and De.velopment Lab.

Th ird Row:

. -a

Waker German, BME; Lima, Peru ; Mechan ical Eng ineering C lub; Society of A uto motive Eng ineers; Phi Iota A lpha; Int ernational C lub, Vice-Cha irman; Varsity Soccer Team .

Vincent C . J ing, BEE ; Toro nto, Ontario, Canada.

Fourth Row: Ma loy I. Jones, BEE ; Elk Park, North Carolina; Dean 's List (6): Institute of Electri cal and Electronic E,g·neers; Inter-Varsity Club , Pre sident.

James E. Kane, BS ..tiE ; Somer Point, New Jersey; /e t:hanical Eng'neering Club: Society of A utomo i te Eng·neers· Dean s List (3); Sigma Ph i Epsilo • I ':e- Pre ~ dert: Do rm Counselor. 48



First Row: Gerhard Kennepohl, BSChem; Robli n, Ontario, Canada; President's List (I); Dean 's List (2); America n Chem ical Society; Newman Club; Glee Club.

Vinay Khanna , BM E; New Delhi, India; Mechan ical Engineering Club; Theta Xi .

Second Row: ..


Charles L. Kitchen , BSEE, Math Option; Dawso n, Ill ino is; Presid ent's Li st (9); Dean 's List (I); Iota Tau Kappa A ward; Alpha Gamma Upsilo n Scholastic Award; Iota Tau Kappa , Vice- President; Prep Physics Instructor.

llko .K. KowalenkoJ BS M E; White st one, New York; President's List (I); Society of Automotive Engineers; Alpha Omega Tau; Varsity Soccer Team.

Third Row: Ram Lala , BCh E: Sinnar, India; Chemical Eng ineering Society; Ind ia Associat ion, Trea surer; Interna tional Ciub; N ations Un ited Club.

Bumiung Lee, BSC E: Seoul, Korea; Pre sident's List (I); Dean 's List (1).

Fourth Row: Roger Lehman, BSEIE; Fort Wayne, Indiana; Dean 's List (I): Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers; A lph a Omega Tau , Secretary.

David W. Lyn , BEE: Mandevi lle, Jamai ca, West Indies; Dean 's List United C lub. 49

(1): Newman Club; Nation s

First Row: Siavash Masoudi, BSC E: Teheran, Ira n; Dean' s List

l2). W . Ronald Mercer, BSME; Fort Wayne, Indiana, Dean 's List ( I); Society of A uto mot ive En gi neers, Treasurer.

Second Row:


Charles J. Myers Jr., BSEE; Bluffto n, Indiana; Presid ents List {II ); Iota Tau Kappa; A lpha Gamma Upsifon Award ; Pul liam Scholarship; Electri ca l Engireer Lab A ssista nt (I); Institute of Electrical and Electronic Eng ineers. Sam i Naami , BSCE; Baghdad, Iraq; A rab Club.

Third Row: ...

Francis vania .

J. Novack, BSEE; West M iffl in, Penn syl -

Edw ard J. Ondak , BSEE; Canton, Ohio; Alpha Gam ma Upsilon; Bowling Team; Weight Lift ing Club; Dean's List (2).

Fourth Row: Angel Padilla , BSEE, Math Option; Fort Wayne, Ind iana; Institute of Electrica l and El ectronic Engireers; Theta Mu Pi; Inter-Frate rnity Council; Dean 's List (2).

Rudy D. Schalow, BSE E, Math Option; Flu shing, Jeu (or!--: President's List (13) ; Iota Ta u Kap pa, Pre~id~nt;

Iota Tau Kappa Outstanding Student 11ard路 Coolidge Award in Ph ysics; Pul liam Eng i"'eerrg Scholarshio Award; A lpha Gamma Upsi lo n Sc.~o asfr:. Av1ard; Eng ineering Graph ics Lab A ss's ant 路 Student lnstrut:tor of Physics and Advanced ~ geora路 Am erican In stitu te of Electrical Eng ineers, Se-:.refor ;路Theta tA u Pi, President; Sophomore Class Pres.cJent; A/e'ght Lifting. Club; lntramurals.



s -

First Row: ..

Richard A. Segletes, BSME; Phila delphia, Pennsylvania; Mechan ical Engineering Club, Vice-Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer; Society of Automotive Eng ineers; Dean 's List (2); Student In structor, Engineering Graphics Department.

Mad husudan Shah, BSC hE; Ama In er, I nd i a : Va rsi ty Tenn is Team.

Second Row: Satish Shah, BChE : Bombay, India; Chemical Eng ineering Society; Ind ia A ssocia tion: Dean 's List (2) . Ralph A. Spencer, BCh E; Fort Wayne, Indiana; Dean 's List (3): Chemical Engineering Society; Phi Kappa Theta, Secretary; Varsity Basketball Team.

Third Row: Viiay J. Thakker, BSME: Bomba y, India; American Society of Me.chanical Engineers; Society of Automotive Engineers; Ind ia A ssociation; International Club.

George V. Theodore, BEE; Corinth ia, Greece : In stitute of Electrical and Electroni c Engineers; Theta Mu Pi; President's List (2); Dean 's List (1); Varsity Soccer Team .

Fourth Row: Rudolf Weber, BSCh E; Sulzbach Rosenberg, Germany; Che mical Engineering Societ y: American Socity of Metals.

Frank R. Whittington, BME: Fort Wayne, Indiana: Mechanical Engineering Dean 's List ( 1). 51


Nucleu s Editor;

John K.C. Woo, BEE; Broo k l yn ~ New York; Institute of and Electro nic Eng ineers; C hinese Stud ent Associ ation~ Secretary; G lee Club; Varsity Fencing Teaml C o-C apta in; lntramura ls; Physics Lab A ssistant.




First Row : Warren E. Barnes, BSEE ; Fort W ayne, Indiana; Dean 's List (7) ; Student Coun cil .

Mahlon L. Bartlett, BSC E; Fort W ayne, India na; America n Societ y of C ivil Engineers.

Second Row:

Herbert A. Behrman, BS C E; Deshler, Oh io ; De an 's List (2); A merican Society of C ivi I Eng ineers.

John L. Bissinger, BEE ; W est Un ion, Oh io; Dea n's List (3); In st itute of Electrical and Electronic Eng ineers.

Third Row : Ted L. Blaney, BSCh E; Mansfi eld . Oh io ; Iot a Ta u Kappa, Pre siden t's List (5) . Dean 's List (4). Ke kionga Feather, Maharaj h Award ; C hemistry Lab A ssist ant; Sigma Phi Epsilo n; Stu dent C ou ncil; In t erf ra tern it y C oun cil; Nucleus; G lee Clu b ; Inte rmurals.

t - ~

• •

David E. Bowser, BSEE; M oscow, Pennsylva nia; Presiden t 's List (2) . Dean 's List (7); Inst itute of Electrical and Electronic Engin eering ; Sigma Phi Delt a; Student C ou nei l; Inte rfratern it y C oun cil; IntramuraIs .

Fourth Row: William Bremner, BS -Physics , BS-M ath . A shtabula, Oh io ; Pre si dent's List (5); Dean's List (4}; Physics C lub; Judo C lub ; Math. Instru ct or, Ph ysics Lab A ssistant.

David W. Cassell, BSME ; C ol umbus, Oh io; Dean's List (5}; Studen t Christia n Fellowship. 53

s First Row : Donald M. Cathcart, BSME; Olanta, Pennsylvania; ~e ionga Feather; Mechan ical Engineering Club; Tau Kappa Epsilon; Flying C lub ; Weight Lifting C ru b路 Student Senate; Senior Cla ss President; Intramurals. Louis J. Cooke, BEE ; Pen sacola, Florida: Institute of E ec1 r' cal and Electronic Eng ineers; Newman Club; Kaopa A lpha Psi .

Second Row: John R. Cromie, BME; Fort Wayne, Indiana; Dean 's L'st (2)路 A lpha Omega Tau .

Thomas Daugherty, BSEE: Math. Option ; Fort Wayne , Indiana; Dean 's List (2); President's List (8): rnst itute o f Electrical and Electro ni c Engineers; Iota Tau Kappa; Lab Assistant; lntramural s.

Third Row: Sohrab H. Devitre, BChE; Bombay, India; Dean 's L;s (I); H istory Student A ssistant; India Students A ssociation; Chem ical Eng ineering Soc iety; N ation s Un;ted Club .

Jerry E. Drall, BSEE : Miiwaukee, Wi sconsi n; Dean 's L'st 16) 路 Fres~man C lass Pre sident; Sophomore Class Secre ary路 Student C o uncil; Te ch Manor Club; Tre 4-a -Au Pi.

Fo urt h Row: Cad E. Eichman, BS .;1 E; Spri ngfield, Ohio; Dean 's List (5) S0ciet ~ o! ,A utomotive Engineers. W illiam Eng, BSEE: Ergle11ood, ~lett Jersey; Physics Sude I s;rJ':tor




First Row:




John F. Famulare, BSEE ; Fly Creek, New York; Newman Club; lntramura ls ; Varsity Tra ck.

Floyd E. Foust, BSME ; Scott, Oh io; Mechanical Eng in eering Club; Sigma Phi Delta; Student Senate . •

Second Row: Randolf L. Germann) BSCE; Wau seon, Ohio; President's Li st (I); Dean 's List {4}; American Society of Civil En g ineers.

Richard W . Goodman, BSCE; Rising Sun, Maryla nd; President's List {3); Dean 's List (3); Am erica n Society of Civ il Engineers; Nucleus .

Third Row: Kenneth L. Hoffman , BMe; Monroevill e, Indiana; Presiden t's List (3); Dean 's List {3); Mechani cal Engineering C lub; Glee C lu b ; Epsilon Phi.

Theodore L. Jay, BSCh; Garrett, Ind iana; Dea n's List {2): Ameri can Chem ica l Society; Chem istry Lab A ssis tant; lntramurals.

Fourth Row: Bruce R. Jones, BSME ; Bango r, Pennsylva nia; De an 's List {5) ; M echanical Club; Sigma Phi Epsilon; Student Council; Varsity Tra c k; Society of Automotive En gineers; lntramurals.

John Karlyk, BSM E; Boonton, New Jersey; Mech anical Eng ineering C lub; Society o f A uto mot ive En gineers; Inst itute of Electrica l and Electro nic Engineers; Varsity Tra ck; Newman C lu b ; lntramura ls .


First Row : David L. King , BSChE; Montpelier, Indiana; Chemical Eng ineering Soc iety ; Theta Xi, Corresponding Secret ary: lntramura ls.

Edward W . Koos) BSCh; Fort Wayne, Indiana; Dea n's List (3); American Chemical Society ; Chem istry Lab A ssistant.

Seco nd Row: Richard J . Kroll , BSAeE; Richfield Springs, New Yo rk; American Inst itute of Aeronautics and A stronaut ics, Treasurer.

Lawrence R. Lambert, BSCE ; American Society of Civil Engineers, Record ing Secretary.

Third Ro w: Charles J . Landers, BSEIE; Fort Wayne , India na; Deans List (6); Inst itute of Electri cal and Electronic Engin eers · Stud ent C ouncil; Freshman Class Secre t ary.

Alfan Lee, BSA eE: H ong Kong , China.

Fourth Row: Richard E. Le Grand , BSCE; Portsmouth , Oh io ; Dea s List (4)· Association of Civil Eng in eers, Secretary: lrter-Fraternit; Council; Theta Mu Pi, C orrespo" d •ng Secreta r f.

Charles F. Lehman , BSEE: Iota Tau Kap pa, Secre a ~· Tre,;; 'J re r : Pres 1de nt s List (6) ; 0 ea n' s List (6) ; Casuel f 1/cJrd: lnst·tute of Elet:trical and Electronic E~ a ~~er · I~ 11rr aP Club • Presid ent, Vice-President, 'e;_, .. ,~, P ~search and De 1elopment Lab . 56

s s First Row: Edward M. Loescher, BSChE; Cleveland, Ohio; Dean's List (3); Chemistry Lab Assistant; Chemical Engineering Society; Phi Kappa Theta, President; Interfraternity Council; Newma n Club; lntramurals. Donald J. Lomont, BSME, Math Option ; New Haven , Indiana; President's List (4); Dean 's Li st (6); Iota Tau Kappa; Caswell Drawing Award ; Sigma Ph i Epsilon Award; Eng ineering Graphi cs Lab Assistant; Mechanical Eng ineering Club; Sigma Phi Epsilon; Student Senate, President; Sophomore Class, President; Senior Class, Vice- President.

Second Row: Carl L. Lundvall, BSME ; Lewistown, Pennsylvania; Pres ident's List (2); Dean 's List (7); Mechanical Eng ineering A ssistant; Society of Automotive Engineers; Tau Kappa Epsilon , Treasurer; Intra mura ls. Robert W . McGirr, BSPhysics; Brighton, Massachusetts; President's List (3); Dean 's List (7); Ph ysics Lab A ssistant, Physics Student Instructor; Physics Club; Nu cleus Staff; A lpha Omega Tau, President.

Third Row: Shrenik Mehta, BS ChE; Bombay, India; Dean 's List; Chemical Eng ineering Society; Ind ia A ssociatio n; Nations United. Richard A. Morris, BSEE: W oodburn, Indian a; Nucleus Staff, A ssociate Ed itor.

Fourth Row: Henry NiHa, BEE; Sa cra mento, California; Institute of Electrical and Electronic Eng ineers; Hawaiian Club, Preside nt. Diliphumar Parikh, BSChE; Godhra, Ind ia; Dean 's List (I) ; Chemical Engineering Society; India A ssociation.


First Row: W illiam L. Porter, BSME ; Mario n, Indiana; Stude nt C our'lcil, Secretary; Inter-Fraternity Council; Tau Kappa Epsilon, Trea sure r. Ha rold Eugene Be bert , BSM E; M c Knightstown , Pe nrsylvania ;Dean's List (I}; Soci ety of Automotive Eng路 neers; Phi Kappa Theta , Vice- Presid ent; N ewman C lu b.

Second Row:


Leon Wendell Reynolds, BSChe m ; Will shire, Ohio; President's List {I ); Dean's List (3); Ameri can Che mical Soci ety; Chemistry Lab A ssistant; lntramurals. John Sc hre iber , BSEE; Fo rt Wayne, Indiana; Pres'dent's List (I}; Dean 's List (I); In st itute of Electrical and Electroni c Engineers; Sen io r Class Trea surer; Junior Cla ss Presid ent; Student Council; Tau Kappa Epsilon, Secretary; Inter-Fraternity C ou ncil; Intra murals .

Third Row: Ronald L. Sheffer, BSME; Dover, Pennsylvania; Dean s List (I); Mechanical Engineering Club; Theta Mu Pi Secretary, Corresponding Sec retary , Chaplain; lntramurals. William T. Shepherd Jr. , BSAeE; N o rth A rlington, New Jersey; Dean 's List {I); Ameri ca n Insti t ute of Ae ronautics and A stronautics; N ucl eu s Staff; Tau Yappa Epsilo n, President, Corresponding Sec reta ry; Inter-Fraternity Council; Flying Club: Glee Club; lntramurals.

Fourth Ro w: Victor A. Sm it h, BSEE; Be lvid ere, N ew Jersey ; Deans List (I); In st itute of Electrica l and Elect ronic E"g'neers路 Student Council; Sigma Phi Epsilon, Pre sidert, Treasurer: Inter- Frat ernity Coun cil; Boa rd of Gv 1ernors 路 lrtramurals. Russel Ste el, BSEE ; President' s Li st {I}; Dean's List '6J lnsftute of Electr ical and Electronic Engineers: ~~ Joer+ Council, President; Sigma Ph i Epsilon ; lnterF '" a~~Srnit 1 Counc'l; ~Jeuman Club.


s s First Row: Woodrow C. Stillwagon, BSME, BSCE; Mt. Vernon, Ohio ; De an's List (1), Wa ll Street J ournal Aw ard, Kekionga Feather; Socie ty of Automotive Engineers, Secretary; Am erican Societ y of Mechanica l En gineers; American Society of Civil Engineers, VicePresident; Stude nt Council; Varsity Soccer, Gol f , Baseba II. Adam M. Takamoto, BEE, M ath Option; Waipahu, Hawaii.

Second Row: layne F. Tekulve, BAeE; Lawren ceburg, Ind iana; America n Institute of Aerona utics and A strona uti cs, Treasurer, Secretary; Flying Club; Weight-Lift ing Club. Walter A. Trumbull, BSChE; Fort W ayne, Indiana.

Third Row : Neville F. Vatcha, BCh E; Bombay, India; Indi a A ssociatio n, Secretary; Nations United , President.

Marcus Whitman) BSME; Rushville, New York; Dean 's List (4); Society of Automotive Engineers; M ec han ical Engin ee ring Club , Secretary; Alpha Omega Tau , Vice-President.

Fourth Row: James E. Wilde, BEE; Attleboro, M assachu setts; Dean's List ( I); Alpha Omega Tau.

Raymond E. Wisniewski, BSEE (Electronics Option ); Lakewood, Ohio; Pre sident's List (3 ), Dean's List (8); Institute of Electri cal and Electronic Engineers; Newman Cl ub; Bowl ing Team, Captain; Nat ional Intercollegiate Bowling A ssociation. 59

spr s First Row: Bruce Worster, BSEE & El; Fort Wayne, Indian a; Dea'l s List (I); Institute of Electrical and Electroni c Eng路 neers.

J ira ir Y. Yessayan, BSME : Fort Wayne, Indiana; President's List (1), Dean 's List (3): Mechan ical Engi '1eer路 ng Club, Secretary.


Second Row: Dick Young , BSEE ; Alb ion, Indiana ; Institute of Electrical and Electronic Eng ineers.

Richard Zdyb BSME; Utica, New York; Mechanical Eng ineering Club.

Third Row: John F. Zink, BSEE & El; Be lvidere , New Jersey; Tech Manor Club Award; Institute of Electrical and E路ectronic Engineers; Sigma Phi Delta.


-I --


rs First Row: Abdou Abou-Antoune, BSEE : Taa labaya, Lebanon; Iota Tau Ka ppa; President' s List (4) ; Dean 's List (4); Inst itute of Electrical and Electroni c Eng ineers; l11t ern at ional Club, Cha irma n, Treasurer; Natio ns Un it ed C lub.



BSCE; Athen s, Greece; A merican Society of C ivil Engineers.

Second Row:


Wesley A. Arford , BSME : Clearfield , Pennsylvania; M echanica l Eng ineering C lub; Tau Kappa Epsilon; Interco lleg iate Wrest li ng ; lntramural s.

Keith D. Austin, BSEE; Smethport, Pennsylvania; Inst itute of Electrical and Electroni c Engineers; Student C ouncil ; A lpha Omega Tau ; lntramural s.

Th ird Row: Richard Bussen, BSEE ; New Paris, Ohio ; Institute of Electrical and Electron ic Eng ineers.

Larry L. Cherry, BSAeE; Find lay, Ohio; Ameri can Institu te of Aeron autics and A stronauti cs, Secret ary ; Student Senate ; Inter-Fraternity C ouncil, Trea surer ; Sigma Phi De l+a; Flying C lub; Weight~i fti ng 'C lub, Trea surer ; lntramura ls.

Fourth Row:

John Chin , BSME ; New Y ork, New Yo rk; Dean 's List (I}; Student Co uncil; Board of G overnors; Sigma Pi, Treasurer; Ch inese Cl ub ; Weightlifting Club; Vars't y Volleybal l; Engi neering Graph ics In stru ct or ; We ightlift ing Inst ruct or ; lntramurals .



First Row: Dennis W. Chirikos, BSME ; Chicago, Illinois . James N. C~affee Jr., BSM E, Math Option ; Lenoir, N orth Caroli na; Iota Tau Kappa, President, VicePresiden t ; Iota Tau Kappa Outstandi ng Freshman Aw ard; A lpha Gamm a Upsilon Scholarship Aw ard; Charl es L. Zoltani G old Medal; President' s Li st (I I) : Society of Automotive Engineers, Tre asurer ; Eng ineering G raphi cs A ssistant ; Mechan ical Eng ineerin g A ssista nt.


Second Row: E. R. Congleton, BSChE: Mid land, M ichigan; Iota Tau Ka ppa; Chem ical Eng ineering Soci ety; Jud o Club; lntramura ls .

Alexander B. Davidson, BSME, Math Option ; St. Catharines Canada; Iota Tau Kappa, Se cretaryTrea surer; Caswell Award; Presi dent' s List (1 0): Dean 's List (2).

Third Row: C. K. Dhotre, BSEE ; Bombay India; Dean 's List (I); Ind ia A ssociation, Pres ident; Nations United Club.

Intern ati o nal


C. David Dow, BEIE; Monessen, Pennsylvan ia; Institute o f Electrical and Electronic Eng ineers; Math Club; A lpha Omega Tau, Pre sident, Vice -President, Secretary; Nu cl eus Repo rter.


Fourth Row: Russell C. Dunlap, BSAeE ; A kron, New York; President's List (I ): American Insti tute of Aero nautics and A stro nautics; Weightlifting C lu b.

Bruce F. Eakle, BSAeE ; C lay , West Virgin ia ; Dean 's List (3). 63



First Row: Richard W. Ernsting, BSEE and El Option; Fort Wayne, Indiana; Dean 's List (1 ); Nu cleus; Institute or E ectrical and Electronic Eng ineers .

Gerald S. Essenmacher, BSEE; Harbor Beach, M ich路gan; Dean's List (I) ; Inst itute of Electri cal and Electronic Engineers; Phi Kappa Theta, Treasurer; ewman Clu b.


Second Row: Donald F. Forbes, BCE ; Kingston , Jamaica; American Society of C ivil Eng ineers; Newman Club; West Indian Student A ssoci ation; Soccer Team.

Hugh B. Fowler, BSMath ; Fort Wayne, Indiana; Dean 's List (5).

Third Row: , Jayant Gala , BEChE ; Bombay, Ind ia.

Charles R. Gallion, BEE ; Fort Wayne,

Indiana ;

A pha Omega Ta u, Secretary.

Fourth Row: Gary J. Goods+ a I. BSEE: M onroeton, Pennsylvan ia; Dean 's List {5)路 Institute of Electrical and Ele ctroni c Eng in eers.

Carl W. Goodwin, BStv1E ; Pine City, New York ; Bosebd.l Teom.


s First Row: Harish J. Ganatra, BME ; Bombay, Ind ia; Dean 's List

(I); India A ssociation; Internationa l Club .

Gregory L. Harp, BSME ; Mechan ical Eng in eering Club; A lpha Omega Tau, President; Bowling Club.

Second Row: Donald Hitzeman, BSEIE; New Haven, Ind iana: In st itute o f Electrical and Electronic Eng ineers.

Bob D. Hobbs, BSEE ; Cunn ingh am , Kentucky: Iota Tau Kappa ; President's List (4}; De 0 n's List (2); In stitute of Elect rica I and Electroni c Engineers.

Third Row: Robert E. Kenyon, BSEE, El Option; Canton , Ohio ; Institute of Electrical and Electron ic Engineers.

Kenneth Lee King, BSC E; Gree nville, South Carolina; Dean 's List (3); Am erica n Soci ety of Civil Eng in eers, Pre sident ; lntra mura ls .

Fourth Row: Roger R. Koons, BSChE; St. Marys, Oh io; Iota Tau Kappa; Alpha Gamma Upsilo n Scholastic Aw ard; Presid en t's List (6); Dean 's List (2} : Chem ical Engineering Soci ety; G lee Club ; lntramurals.

Edwin Kurcz, BSEE Institute


El Optio n; Chicago. Illinois;



Treasurer; Newman C lu b. 65


En gineers


First Row: John M. Kviring, BSME ; Weiland, Ontario, Canada; Presidents List (1), Dea n's List (10); Caswell Engineering Drawing Awards ; Te ch Manor Club, G overnor; lntramura ls .

David Leong , BCh E; New York City, N ew Y ork; American Institute of Chemical Engineers; America n Society for Meta ls; Chinese Student Soci ety.

Second Row: Alexis Machado, BEE ; Mara cay, Aragua, Venezuela; Weight Lifting Instructor; Latin-American A ssocia t io n.

Manuel Medina, BEE; Guayaquil, Ec uad o r; A ssoci ation of Latin -American Students, Sec retary; Socc er Tea m.

Th ird Row: Roger York.


Montgomery, BS Met. Eng .; Utica, New

Paul F. Schreiber, BSME ; New Haven , India na; lv1echanical Engineering Club.

Fourth Row: Lowell Kent Sherman, BSEE; Electronics Option; Columb;a City, Indiana; Presi denfs List (I), Dean's Lis+ (4): Insti tute of Electrical and Electronics Eng i"eer·ng· /ars.ty Ba sebal l; lntramurals.

Harvinder Singh , BEE ; Pun jab, Ind ia; Dean 's List ( I )•


First Row: George Ga ry Sm ith , BSEE, Math Option ; Carman , M anitob a, Canada ; Dean 's List (4); Institute of Electr ical and Electronic Eng ineers; Board o f G overnors; Physics Lab A ssista nt ; lntramurals.

Arthur D. Szabo , BSEE , El Option; Parma Oh io ; Dean 's List (I); Inst itute of Electri cal and Electro nic Eng ineers; A lpha Om eg a Tau .

Second Row: Norman H. Tarr, BEE ; Orlea ns . Ind iana; Inst itute of Electrical and Electronic Eng ineers.

~arlo Velatini , BSEE; Kankakee, Ill ino is; In stitute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers; N ucl eus Staff, News Ed itor, A ssociate Edi t or; Newman Club ; Weightlifting C lub.

Thi rd Row: William W. Walton , BSEE : M ill erst own . Pen nsy lvan ia; Dean 's List (1). Gerald W. White, BEl; Wi lliamsto n, N o rth Carolina; Dea n's List (I) : Student Council; Inter-Fraternity Coun cil; Sigma Phi De lta; W eig htl ifti ng C lub; We ightlifting Instructor.

Fourth Row :


Jerry Wolfe , BS MetE; A lbion . Indiana; America n Society for Metals; Stud en t Senate .

Steven T. Zakrzewski, BSME ; President's List (2); Dean 's List (4): M echan ica l Eng ineering Club . Cha irman, Vi ce-Chairman . 67


s -


who's vvho in the Ted Blaney; Maharajh Award ; Kekionga Fe ath er Award.

senior class

Doyle H. Baum; Iota Tau Kappa Award; Archie T. Keene Award.

James Claffee ; Award .

Donald Award.




Errol 'R. 'C ongelton ; Iota Tau Kappa Award.





vvho's vvho in the senior class

Thomas H. Daugherty ; Iota Tau Kap路 pa Award .

Do na ld L. Gecks ; Iota Tau Kappa Award.

Roger Koons ; Al pha Gam ma Upsil on Award ; Iota Tau Kappa Awa rd .

Dona ld Lomont ; Iota Tau Kappa Award ; Sigma Ph i Epsilon Award.

Bob Hobbs ; Iota Tau Kappa Award. 1


vvho's vvho in the senior class

Charles J. Myers ; Iota Tau Kappa Award ; Alpha Gamma Eps ilon Award ; Pulliam Scholarship Award. Rudolph _Schalow ; Institute of Electron ic and Electrical Engineers Outstanding Student ; Iota Tau Kappa Award; Coolidge Award in Physics ; .Pu lliam Scholarship Award; Alpha Gamma Upsilon Award.

Edgar J. Morton ; Editor of the Nucleus.


Gene W. Peotter; Iota Tau Kappa Award路; American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics Outstanding Student.

Woodrow Stillwagon; Wall Street Journal Award; Kekionga Feather Award.





! CH •






First Row: John Land g raf, Dave H ic kma n, J im W ag ner, Ra y Thompson. Second Row : C oa ch Bo b Ma cy, Ro n Zig ler, Mike G'ger Carl J a cquay, Dave C arroll, Ass' t . C oa c h Jerre Mc.A a,ama . Th ird Row : Ross C ole, Geral d Fle tc her , J ohn Gre s, Jonn W ' nebrenner.

s Pia ;ing the fast movi ng bra nd of ba sketball that is becoming a t rad it io n a t Tech, the Warriors rae ed-uo a 24 and 5 record . The team began the season u ith seve n consecutive victories and averaged I 04 points per ga me. // i•h aggressive and alert tea m wo rk, t he Warr ors captJred their second R.I.T. To urney champ·orsh"p. Pon Zigler was se lected the Most Va luable P a 1er of the tou rnament. Dave Hic km a n a nd Ron Z g er 11ere selected for the all-tourney team . Te ch o a;e,J Tri-State before a ca pacit y c rowd fo r the BJ"g 'rg Bo.ler Trophy. Tra ili ng 50 to 46 at half 1me . he eam lead b 1 Pon Zigle r made a comeud'=.t ard 110n go"ng awa;. T/P ~ol of the t~am's come-fro m-beh ind , spirited ~eo"~"' effor s nos the frst tl1 anc h e~te r co n~est. BeTech's Cheering squad.



hind 29 to 8 early in t he fi rst ha lf a nd losing 58 to 38 after the first stanza, Tech came charg ing ba ck. Led by Dave C a rroll and Dave H ickma n, Man chester's lead wa s cut t o two poi nts with 20 seco nds left in t he game . Ron Zig le r's equa lizi ng shot wa s b locked as t ime ran o ut. By defeating Grace o n th e last ga me of the reg ular sea so n, the Warrio rs beco me co-c ha mpions of the Mid -C e nt ral Confere nce . This ye ar Tech rece ived its first inv itatio n to play in a post sea so n t o urnam·ent. On rece iving the inv itation Coa ch Macy we nt swimm ing in t he icy St. J ose ph Ri ve r t o ma ke good a pro mise made at th e begi nning of t he se aso n. The C oach pro mised t he tea m he wo uld ju mp in the rive r if Tech pla yed in a post season t ourn ey . Tech's oppone nt in t he NA IA playoffs wa s Man chester. The W a rrio rs fell be hind ea rly in the g a me and we re able t o get wit hin two po ints of Manchester at o ne time . But Man c hest e r p ulled o ut in fro nt again a nd were not t o be de nied . The Hono ra ry Captai n, Dave C a rroll lead the team in sco ring during the sea son with 23 .4 averag e per game a nd a school re co rd of 6 79 poi nts in o ne season . Ro n Zig ler 's 472 re bounds du ring the season est a b lished a sc hool re cord . J ohn Gres was selected t he most improved player as he averaged 9.6 poi nts pe r ga me a nd t ot aled 72 ass ists. Ro n Zig ler wa s se lected as the Most Val uable Player on the tea m. Dave C a rroll a nd Ro n Zig ler shared the Bert Means Award .

R.I.T. TOURNEY liT . . . . . . . . . 87 ; II T . . . . . . . . . 99 : liT . . . . . . . . . 84 :

NAIA PLAY OFFS liT . . . . . . . . . 77 ;

. . . . . . . I 04

Ma ncheste r

GAME RESULTS Overall record: 24 wins, 5 losses MCC record: 7 wins, I loss II T . .

. . .

96 ;

II T . . II T .

li T . II T . IIT . II T . II T . IIT . II T .

II T . II T . IIT .

II T . II T . I IT .

. . . I 22 : . . . . . II 7 ; . . I 00 : . . . 92 ; . . . . . I I8; . . . . 84 : . . . . . 7 7; . . . . 76 : . . . 98 ; . . . . . . 93 : . . . . I 20 : . . . . 90 ; . . . . . 92 : . . . . 93 : . . . I OS; •

II T . . . . . . I OS ; IIT . . . . . . 73 ; II T . . . . . 9 7; IIT . . . I3 I : II T . . . 95 : II T . . . . 127 ; IIT . . . . . . 9 3 ;

II T . .

. . . I 06 ;

II T . . . . . . 89 ;



Fighting for a rebound.

Steven.s . . . . . . . . . 45 Lawre nce Tec h . . . . . . 86 Drexel . . . . . . . . . . 55

Dribbling Dave.

Ma lo ne . . . . Sp ri ng Arb o r . G iffin . . . . H ills da le . . . A nd e rso n . . So uth western U. Grace . . . . Bluffto n . . Sa int C lou d . . Frankli n . . . Ma rian . . . Hun tington . . C o nco rd ia . . Tri- Stat e . . . Ma nc he ste r . . . Dave npo rt Tayl o r . . . . O livet . . . . . . Tri- State Sp ring A rbor . . C o nco rd ia . No rt hwood H un t ingto n . . Davenpo rt . . G race . .

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . of Texa s . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ...... . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

79 95 76 87 77 95 77 78 109 97 89 102 8I 8I 95 83 95 58 I IS 77 88 I 04 91 70 82

Tip it in Da ve!

Easy lay-up.

One wet coach keeps his word .

Anyones ball.

Tech and Tri-State battle for rebound.

Warriors Pow-Wow.




Mike tips one in.

Ray's hook scores again.

Looks like two more .

Up for gr abs.






Please, please miss.

Kee p UP the good work .


. '--











\__ frECH itf , '

' I~





.. ,.,.,."


Techs trophies after the Rochester Invitational Tournament.

Junior ¡ varsity basketball The Jun io r Varsit y Basketball Team promises t o be a good so urce of material fo r C oach Ma cy's varsit y squ ad . Th e J. V:s compil ed a 16 wins a nd one loss reco rd, with t he o ne d efeat at Tri-State . The team ma inta ined a n averag e of 85 po ints per game. Russ Col e lea d the team in sco ring .

Tech s.cores on easy la y-up.


First Row: S eve Pittl; Dan La mbert ; Dan He lker; Kent Scherman; Don Kiew itt· John J on e s. Second Row : Tom Minnella ; Ar'- Go ds 1 ein; Bo b Chatl os h; Don Rodda ; Ben Dan i e~ s. Third Row : Bob Wask iewica , Man age r ; Fred G as pard o ; Ed St. Cla ire· J·m W agner; Paul C iruzzi ; C oa ch Mc Manama .

The 1964 ed it io n of the Tech baseball team, coached by Jerre Mc Manama and captained by Dan

He l ~er

and Dan Lambert, co mpi led a reco rd of


5 w·ns and 9 losses. Tech pla ced fourth in the con -

+erence with a conferen ce record of 3 wins, and 5 defeats. Da n Lambert was Tech's most valuable p a ;er and was selected o n the all-conferen ce team. Lambert ¥tas the win ning pitch er in all three of Tech 's con feren ce victories. Fred Gaspa rd o was the leao ·ng hitter for the Warriors with a batting aver-


age of .348. Looks like a hit.



. .


. . 0:

Tech .

Tech . . .

. . . . I 2;

Defia nee

Ball State


Tri -State

. .


I. '


Tec h . .


Gra ce

. . 0;

Gra ce

. .


Hunt ington

C o nco rd ia


Gra ce

. . . .

Te ch . . . . . . . . . 4 .'



Tec h .

St. Fransis


C o ncordia

Tech .

Tech .

Tech .

. . . .

. . . . .

Te ch .

. . . . . . . 5·

Tech . . Tech .


. . •

Tech . . . .




-- -










9 •

. 5

. . . . .

. 4

. . . . . .

Huntingto n


Tri-State .


. - .





. . . 2I



. 3 . 3


. . . 2 •

Final strategy session .


. 5; 4;

- .

Te ch . . . . . . . . . .

. .

. 3

First Row : R. C ole D Albert , R. Tho ma s, M. Wa rn oc k, R. Andrews Second Row : D. Disq uay , B. Ma thews, C. Mc Kim, R_ o tt . L. Bo rP man n J Gres, C oac h Kennell. •




The cross-count ry team under coa ch Kenne ll and led by co-capta ins M ike Wa rnoc k and Dan A lb ert compiled a record o f six win s and t hree losses. The harriers completed their f irst sea son in the Aid -Cent ral C ross-Count ry Conference and placed f i rst in the conference meet. Dan A lbert was t he most valuable player, th e ot her let termen were Mi ke W arnock, J ohn G res, Bo o Th o ma s Ross A nd rews, Bi ll M ath ews and Brian ,J/ e a on. 1/.th the retu rn of all t he let t ermen , the prospe~ ts f o r nett yea r's t ea m are b righ t .



First Row: Den n;s Fawcett , Ro n Gar uc kis, W ood y Still wa go n, A I Kruetzma n. Second Row : Ed G illen , J a ck Scog g an , J oe Za c hari a s, Dea n Gau d reau .

Coa ch Dow 's 1964 golf team managed t o 路 come home victorious three time s in seven matches during the spring term. The team tied Grace fo r th ird place in the Mid-Centra l Con feren ce . A bignt spot occ urred in the sea son whe n the Warrio rs trave led t o Purdue Un ive rsity fo r the Little State Golf Meet . Sma ll Indiana colleges belonging to the Nationa l Association of lntercol le igate Athletics competed in the tournament. Tech placed third in the fie ld of thirteen team s. Ja c k Scoggan led Tech with a score of 156. Jack was the second -lowest medalist in the field.

GOLF SCOREBOARD Tech . . Te c h . Tech . . Tech . . Te ch. Tech . . Tech . .

. . . . . . S'/2 : H unt in g to n . . . .. . . . . 111h : C o ncord ia . . . . . . . . 7 : Tri -S ta t e . . . . 8 1/ 2 : M a nc hester . . . . . . . . . . 5 ; Tri-State ..... . . . . . 8 : C o nco rd ia . . . . . . 4'/2 ; H u nt in g t on . . Litt le Sta te G olf Meet NA IA 3 rd p la ce

9 1/ 2 31/ 2 8 6 1/ 2 10 7 I 0 1/ 2

Slamming Woody Stillwagon .

Ja ck Scoggan was the team 's most valuable pla yer and wa s se lected on the MCC all-con ference team.

Tech s olle1 ball team completed the sea so n with 45 ' ·ns aga inst 34 losses. Other statistics for the season nc ude a third-pla ce t ie in the Midwestern l"ltercolleg'ate Volleyball Tournament and we won the fd-Central Vo lleyball Tournament at Concordia D\ defeating Concordia , G ra ce and Huntington. The high light of the sea son was Tec h' s partici pation in the Nationa l Col legiate Volleyball To urna ment at he A· r Fo rce A cade my.

Tech 's practice session.


Dave was All-Conference honorable mention .


Bob Chr i ~t made AI I.Conf erence .

Tec h in a ction .

First Row : R. Ke rb e r, C . Ram irez, D. Arb itrio, T. Till aw i, W . Still wagon, M. Rose, M. Pena, E. Muzzuli n, V. Rosyns ky. Second Row : S. Krose, Ma na ger ; S. Pittl, Capta in; B. McGowa n, P. Hoffman , E. St. C la ire, A . Fiorentino, P. Goetze, C o a ch Mc Man ama . Third Row : J . He a sley , J. Nottke , J. Cooper, K. Taylor, J. A bu- Ha md eh, J. W e ber, F. Sayegh.


s •• cc .


The soccer team , under coa ch McManama , finished the sea son with a 3-5 record and averaged 3.5 goals per game. The high point of the sea son wa s a 13-to-1 vi ct ory over Purdue University; the team also beat Concordia College and Tri-State College. Sophomore Steve P'ittl set a new school record by scoring 21. goals this season . The only loss through graduation will be Woody Stillwagon, who did an excellent job as goa lie. The prespects for next year are good . Steve shows record -break ing form .





First Row : Thomas Faul ner, George W agner, Jr., James Sund). Seco nd Row: Melvin Youn g , Denn y Fawc ett , Gera ld Pra bodh Kothari Hen ry W ahl (Coa ch) .

The 1964 Tech fen cing team made a fair showing this year. Ne lson Straddling (saber) wa s the outs anding fence r with 13 wins and 2 losses. John Woo (roil) is the only fenc er to graduate. John fenced 'or he A r Fo rce befo re fe nci ng at Tech. The foi I earn had a good year Nith 5 wins and 2 losses. The saber and er.: ee team s both had records of I win a d 6 losses A t the e nd of the season three men, elson Straddl ng Capta in of the saber team, George N agner, Captai '1 of the foil team, and Jim j.~ day. foil team, -11ere inv1ted to compete in e .a iona ,A ma e.;r Lea gue Fen ci ng Tournament i ChiccJgo. Coach Hen r y Nahl is loor ing forward o d be er yeor nex yea r ha ' ng secured electronic ''edpons .,,hich cJre u e':l rr '' in al l un iversities. ZORRO s tri ~ e s ~gain!



Tech .

Tech . Tech . Tech . Tech .

• •

.6 . 7 .6 . 3 . 4 .9 . 6

Foil Saber Epee







4 3 3 7 4

2· I .•

Chicag o U. Chicago U. N otre Dame

0; 3·

Iowa State . Cul ver M i li tary


Detroi t U .







5 5

• •



3 6 5 0 3

6 6

2 5


7 8 7 8 9 6 7

Coach Dow , M. Shaw. B. Crissman, C. Dittman, D. Coo per , H Gra yle ss, D Crosse B. Komandt, R. Riehl. •

s The tennis team completed a success ful year with an 8-2 record and p lac ed second in the Mid -Ce ntral Corte ren ce. The two defe ats were at the hands of he ough Concordia College team. The tennis team vtas t N ce victorious over Grace College , Fo rt IJ ayne Bible College, Huntington College, a nd T ri S a e College. T e eam pia ted some ve ry rough matches and ne ter gave up .,,jthout a struggle . In o ne matc h Dray on Cooper nJmber two man, f o ught so we ll i oo 1 his opoonent ove r two ho urs to stop him. T e team pia ted up to the hig h etpectations of Coa ch Do 11. ~erior Ho ,;ord Grayless wa s chosen the most taluable pla 1er and v1 ill be the onlt lette rm a n lost through graduation . Of the first stnng, three freshmen and one sop~omore 11dl be returning. The succ ess of this season olus the ~ tr en gth o f f our returning le ermen gites T erb a strong c.o ntend,ng team f o r se erol seasons. Co op e r sla ms o ne b ac k.



ORA YTON COOPER Criss man 's ba ckha nd . HOWARD GRA YLESS



. • •

• •

First Row: Bob Tho mas Haro ld Huss , Edward Ko pa la , Gerald F , e•c~ooer Dan A bert. M t ~e Warnoc k. Second Row : Jim Wag Bo b Cror"~an Don Ze nner, Brian W eldon , Ross A ndrews, Ba si Aref'd , Dan Lambert. Thi rd Row: Ed St. C laire , Rich ard , Jc~ A F1oren tino Ralph Riehl, Ed Hammeroacher, Ed il. .. rp 'I Die .< Sc~uttz.

DJr.,.,g the 1964 varsity tra ck season, two school records 11ere bro~en and one wa s tied . Ed Murphy oe l.ered his high hurdles reco rd by two tenth s of a sec.ord. The nev; record is 16.9 seconds. Dan ,A oer ', Dan r :JSS, J im Wagner, and G erald Fletcher bro .-e ne ~aiLmile rela 1 record with a time of I :3 5 6. Dan f fbe rt tied the two-mile record with a ime of 0:4 I .2. Tecn paced thi rd in the conference meet held at H t"g..,on a slim 4 8 po ints behi nd seco nd-pla ce Grace. The 1/arror s lost some ;ery close conte sts , such a~ ~ 65 ·o 62 lo~~ to Defiance and a 69-to- 67 defeat a · r..J rat:~. r...J~ro1d F ett:her led the team in points scored for ne seasor 11ith a 35.5 total. Dan Lambert and A r Harn rr0r 11ere also h'gh po'nt marers with totals 'j'" ~J~ I o f ~' A '".J rr.J j / r~~oec.t ;e /·

Neck and neck.


Jumping the hurdles . •

Over easy .

Hurry-up teammate .





First Row : Walter Bohl man , Bruce Ryder, Treas urer; W i lli am Bremner, Presi d ent ; W ill iam Ch i rolas. Second Row: All en Fen d erso n, Mi lt o n Perlman, Lewis Born mann , V ice- Pres id ent.


The goal of the Phys ics C lub is the advance ment and diffusion of knowledge pe rtain ing to the science


of physics and it s a p,pl ication to hum a n weifare.

ol physics

The orga niza tion ha s acqu ired a laboratory for experime ntal projects. Besides these pro jects, the organiza~ io n 's

goa l is reac hed by trips into indu stry

and noted lectu rers in t he fie ld of ph ysics .


The objectives of the Arab Student Club are: th e promotion of better understanding with the Amer ican people , the d issemination of true a nd adequa te information about Arab people , the extension of help and gu idance to Arab students at Ind iana In-


stitute of Tec hno logy, and the sec uring of schol arships for the benefit of Arab students. M'embersh ip


in th is organization is available to any Arab student


and any student interested in the Arab world.

First Row : Farouk Saad , Sa ba h Ra yyes, Sa mir Ali, J a mil M. Ab u- Hamde h. Second Row: Ja la l A. EI-Sa leh , Moh ammed

J abba r, Fa is al Sa yeg h. Third Row: Hassa n Shaa ba n, Chr isto W assouf, Tha bet Kheiry.


rhe A ssociation of Civil Eng ineers of Indiana Institut e of Technology is dn o rg ani·2:ation of students and f aculty in th e civil eng i nee ring department. The purpose of th is orga nization is to attempt to


com m u n ica t e to the student some of the d iffi cuI t ies he will experience in his chosen field. Thi s is acco m-

of civil

plished by inviti ng as guest speakers men from dif-


ferent bran ches of th e civil eng i neering field.

F1 r ~ t P ow •

~ o ... "r..,l '

- ~


S ~ r "n ~

j• "...,~ ..... r; o) rJ ,. r~ 5 ~ r 'c.. '.) r1 ~ ~ / d


~ . Pre .. d ~ n t ; D R. He tt i n r~ e r , Tre a s I ~~-Pr6s d~n·· L. R. Lambert, Re8 r... '' f'l ~ S~ r ~ 9 o r t cd 1- r m s. Se con d

Row: Mah loy Bartlett , A lice Kupper, lraj H ag hnazarza d eh. Thi rd Row: U. R. Suth erla nd , Kaniel Oberst, Kenneth King , Richard LeGrand .


First Row: Hasmukhla l Shah , Sec retary-Treas urer : Sh iris h J asa ni, Presid ent; J oseph C o ncanno n, Vice - Pre sident. Second Row : Mahendra Bha tt , J ayant Ga la , Vijay Patel , So hrab Devitre . Th ird Row : Am rut Pate l, Th o mas Ba rb iere , A rv ind Pate l. Neville Vatcha , Dili p Pa rikh.



The Chem ic a I Eng ineering Soci ety is ope n to any


student i·n Chemical Eng ineering. Its purpose is to


help develop the student in his profes sion by d is-


seminating knowledge relatin g to the pra cti ce and theory of chemical engineering for him.


First Row : P. Shah, Hu sai n Jam sa , Hasmukh la l Shah, B. Sata, Ratilal C hmeda , Nal in Va idya , Yogesh Tr iuedi. Seco nd Row : Harris h G anatra l Nira nja n Gan dh i, Madhu Shah, Chiman G a nd hi, Vijay Patill Vijay Thakka r, So hrab Devitre, Prabodh Kot ha r i. Thi rd Row : Ra vi Bo t hr a , Sa nto s h To Ia ni Fe ro ze I ra n i A rvi nd Pate l, Amrut Patel, Nevi lle Vatc ha l Secretary ; Chand rase n Dhotre, Pres ident . I



The pu rpose of th e o rganiza t io n is t o provide better understanding between the Ind ia n students


and non- In dia n students at Indiana Tec h and to extend gu ida nee to new In dian stud ents. Members hi p is available to any student wh o is interested in Indian cultu re . Our participation in social fun cti o ns may enhance close r t ie s between the In dian students a nd the Am ericans.


The Indiana Tech Electrical A ssoci ation is an association



prom oting


growth in students in the field of Electrical and Electronic Eng ineering. It prepares the student for hi s profession by field trips into industry and guest


speakers from industry in these field s.


Th e association is an affili ate of the American Institute of Electrical Engineers, and membership is


open to any student enrolled in the electrical or


electronic departments.

Kenneth Perrin, Keith Austin ,路 Ri ch ard Gibbs , Chairman ; Edw in Kurcz, Trea surer; W i lliam Wa lton, Ro nn y M aloney. Second Row : Ronal d Casteel , Me lv i n M i lls, W il frid M aillet, Char les Landers , Bo b Hobbs, James Ta ylor, W. J. W i IIiams. Third Row : Harold Youn g, Charles Lehman, Don ald Hitzeman , Tom Daugherty , James Fe ldw isch, Vi ce-Cha i rma n; N orman Tarr, Dick Young , Bruce W orster, Lawren ce Presler. First



Th e Iranian Student C lub is an organization of stude nts fro m Iran now stud ying at Ind iana Institute


of Technolog y. Its purpose is t o promote bet t er unde rst and ing between them selves and the Ame ri-


ca n peop le, and to ass ist the students in coming in

organization _

closer co nta ct with one another .

First Row: Mike Barzegar , Secre tary; lra j Ha qhnaza rza d e h, Pre s1 dent ; Alizadeh Mohsen , Treasurer. Se con d Row: Mo ha mmdd Almai, Nosrotollah Ashtar1, Mahm ou d Parvizi , Ali M. Emami.


First Row: Stevan Za rzewski, C hai rman· R1cha rd Seg letes Vic e Cha ;rm an; J ira ir Yessa yan . Se c reta ry; Fra nk W hi tting t o n, Trea su rer· Floyd Fo ust. Second Row : J o hn Ka rlyk, Ra vic hand Bot hra , Pau l J . Par er, R1c ha rd L. H ixso n, Ro bert Ba ill argeo n, Ma r.c us Wh itman Do n Cath cart. Third Row : Ravi R. Talwar, W dliam L. Sark, W ill1 am H. N iemey e r, Richard To mc heski , Kenneth L. H offman , Gre go ry L. Harp.



The Mechani cal Engineering Club is a local affili ate of the Fo rt Wa yne section of th e American


Soci ety of Mech ani cal Engineers.


The objectives of the club are to advance, promote, and teach new pha ses of mechani ca l engineering . This is accomplished by programs wh ich include talks by experienced engin eers, and field trips to industries in the Tri -State area. Membership is re stricted t o students enroll ed in the Mechan ical Eng ineering Department.


judo club




Left to Righ t : Joseph Costanza Pa ul Beck. Ea rl Hartle , Dio n Snyder, Ron Patterson .

The purpose of the Indiana Institute ofT ech nology

ate Judo A ssoci.atio n and is fu lly acc red ited by the

Judo Club is to promote Kodokan Judo o n this cam -

Jud o Black Belt Federation of Am erica . The cl ub is

pus. The club was founded in the spring of 1962 and

under the jurisdiction of t he C hicago Black Belt A s-

wa s fully accred ited by the school in De cember

soc iation and all p romotions are sa nctio ned by thi s

962. The club is.. a member of the Natio nal Collegi-

associ ation.



Practici ng the mat t ec hniques .




Earl Hartle throws Ron Patterson.

Tech judo club shows its good form.




Dr. Miyakawa approves the form . '



Now its Ron's turn.


Dan Harlnett, Ed itor in Ch ief

Sam Medici, Assistant Editor

kekiongan The pages of this year's KEKIONGAN have recorded o n them many faces, names, fa cts a nd eve nts wh ic h we hope will remind you of you r school, fr ie nd s, and the happiness you enjoyed he re at Tec h. Obtaining a degree meant long and tiresome


ho urs of study but education is more than work . It represents the tot a I su m of your effort both schola stically and soc ially, which, when combined, makes a well-rounded individual. We hope that in years to come you can loo k ba ck o n these pages and be proud of yo ur accompli shments and see your dreams and a mbit io ns come true. It is with pride that we present this yearbook t o an outstand in q class

The Class of " 64." The KEKIONGAN Staff

Joe Concetnnon Assi,tant Ed itor



Ma iling the KEKIONGAN to Alumn i

K. F. Fung , Ph otogra ph er

Da rrow Fox, Faculty Mod e ra tor

The staff relaxi ng after completing th e KEKIONGAN . 10 5

First Row : Edward Fin negan, Vice -President; Charles Le hman, Pre sident ; Ri ch ard Sm ith, Trea su rer. Second Row: Joseph Costanza , Edwin Ku rcz, Ja mes Steuck, Joseph Mudd. Third Row : Vincent Bo be r, Louis Cooke, A lle n Fen derson, Raymond Stann , Ric hard Fink.


The N ewma n Club is an organization f or Catho lic studenrs desi gned to help the stud ent in his re-


ligio us, soc ial, and cult ural life. Th e c lub is guided by a chaplain appointed by the Bis hop of th e Diocese. The inspiration of Cardinal N ewma n is th e gu id ing light of the cl ubs whi ch now exis t at more than 300 colleges and universi ties in the United States .


The Kekiongan Amateur Radio Club's objectives are to promote amateur radio activitie s among. interested students and to bri ng together students who have an interest in the practical application of communications. To qualify for membership a student or faculty


member mu st have a Federal Communications Com -


mission License ranging from novice to advan ce d. Instruction for these licenses is provided by the


qualified members to those who wi sh to take the


examination s for them .



First Row : John Cochran , Faculty Adviso r ; Ri ch ard Webster, Secretary-Treasurer; Jerry Ryan , Pres ident ; Lawrence Pre sler, Vi ce-President. Sec o nd Row: Richard Hixson , Don Mohney, James Shirey. Third Ro w: Lewi s Bornmann, James Feldwisc h, Harry Looker.



P. C onarroe, R. G ibbs, ed it o r ; M . You ng , L. Ce nova, H . Krainin, T. Owenger , P. Tillo t so n.


nucleus W e of the staff like to f eel that we have ma intained the ri ch tradition of The Nucleus by presenting to the student b ody all res pon sible informati o n of co nce rn . 0 u r m a in i ntent a s the o ffi ci a I p u b Ii c a t ion of the ca mpus is t o stim ulate the mind o f o ur fellow st udents b y pre senting noteworthy news. We believe in India na Te ch and her students, and princ iples; and we consistently suppo rt all organi路za ti o ns and progra ms that co ntri bute to t he growth of the co llege and t he stud ent. Whenever controve rsy arise s, we intend to present both si des lest we fall prey t o irresp onsi ble reporting. 108

Dick Gibbs, editor of "Nucleus," presenting President Thoma with a ched from profin of the Roaring Twenties Dance .

. .... •·


....~-~--.. · ---­

- --




., ~~

Deadline to meet.

':t ,. II








Student take s time to catch up on latest campus news .


First Row : Jerry W olfe, Recording Secretary; Don ald Le mont, Vice Presid ent; Walter Chrush, Presid ent ; N orman Lo ng, Faculty M oderator; Don ald Cath cart, T rea sure r; Floyd Foust, Correspond i ng Secreta ry. Second Row : Fran cis Kushner, Samuel Uh ler, Th omas Spa gnolett i, Charles M in k, Kenneth Plummer. Th i rd Row : Chr is Ho ls t , M elvin M ix ner, Dan Bi lic ki , Karl Carter, To m Dravis. •


Th e Student Se nate is an o rganization composed of ele cted students of each cla ss. It se rves as a liaison


o rg a niza tion between the administration, t he stu dent body, and other colleges in matters relating to stud en t a ctivi t ies.

J 10

The Society of Automotive Engineers at Ind iana Institute of Technology is a stu dent branch affiliated with the nationa I society . It is spon sored by the Mechanical Engineering Department and is open to al l eng ineering stude nts who are interested in the advan ce ment of the automotive ind ustry .

society of automotive engineers



First Row : W . C. St illwag on, Chairman; L. Brantman . Vice C hairman; Ro bert Berry, Secretary: Howard Ma cklin, Fa culty Adviser; James C laffee . Treasurer. Second Row : J oh n Karlyk. Richard H ixson, R. Merc er. Carl Lundva ll, Marcin Wh i tm~n Edw ;n Sch oe ny. Th ird Row: Walter German , Richard Seguetes , Frank W hittington, Edward G illen , Vincent J. Bober.


The Indiana Tech Flying Club was formed to give members an opportunity to fl y, t o obtain their licenses a nd to learn to fly at minimum cost. Da y and night, loca l and cross-country fl ights are made at slight expense to the members. The o rganization has two pla nes: a Cess na 140, a nd a Cessna 120, both of whic h are hangared at Smith Fi eld. Mem -


bership is open to all students and fa culty of Indiana

flying club

In stitute of Technology .



First Row: Roge r Kerber, Pres id ent; David Roe mer, Vice Pre si dent ; J ohn H. Webb Jr., Treas urer. Second Row: Ro bert W ood s, FIig ht Coord inat or ; Ed ua rd o Go h I, Sa f e t y o ffi c e r ; Jim W idenhofer, James Taylor, Carl Ma tthies, Ronny Mal o ney. Third Row : Athn iel C. O tt ley, Fred Ga spard o , Steve Smith , J ohn R. J ones Jr., M em bershi p Officer; Homer Fa qen , J ose ph Cormican.



First Row : Thoma s Ha ley, Br ian W el d on, Ro nal d Ga ruc kis, Dam on Osterhou t . Second Row : Geo rge D. Peru a, Jr., Roger H o pe, Frank Ell o, J ames Tayl or. Third Row: J o hn Le nz, Daniel Bilic ki, Ja co b Brem anis, Rolli n C oo k.





The purpose of the Tech Manor Club is to provide the self-government of dormitory student s, to repre-


sent dorm itory students to the College adm inistra-


t ion , to promote schola st ic attainment, and to promote the soc ia l development and general welfare of the students living in the dorm itorie s at Indiana In stitute of Technology .


• •


Firs t Row: Mrs. Carla Ve lat ini, Mrs . Robert Stanton , Mrs. Samue Ja'mes, Mrs . Ma nuel Med ina , Mrs. Ka rl Bur ns, Mrs. Thoma s Hnat, Mrs. Rona ld Chapman , Mrs. W ilfrid Ma il le t , Mrs. Do 'l Tc., ·r, Mrs. A lex Dav idso n, Vice- Pres iden t ; Mrs. Ma rt in C soban . Second Row : Mrs. A lex A lizo, Mrs. Carlo Blase tt i, V rs. Ke '-h A ust'n, Mrs . Lawrence Lam bert, Treas t.trer; Mrs. A e ... ·s Nl a cr a d o Mrs. Rando lf Ge rma nn , President; Mrs. Ge ne

Egge rs , Mrs . Joseph Boeh rer , Mrs . George W alker, Mrs. Leo na rd He bert , Mrs. Carl Eic hman, Mrs . Michael Giger, Mrs. Lawrenc e Drennan . Third Row : Mrs. Melv in Young, Mrs. Be njam in Dow, Adv iso r; Mrs. Ric hard G oodman, Mrs . Gary Smi th , Mrs. Bruce Browa nd, Secretary; Mrs. Gera ld Ba ss, Mrs. Ro bert He nri ks e n, Mrs. G reg o ry Ha rp, Mrs . Erland Mak i, Mrs . Marcus W hi t ma n, Mrs. Pau l Bal o gh, Mrs. David Lang .

indiana tech students' vvives club Organ ized in Ju ly 1957, the purpose of Indiana Tech St udents' W ives C lub ha s been to further soc ial act iv:ti es, acq ua intances, and fr iendsh ip among the wives of students of liT. W ives of all married stu dents of li T are e li g ible fo r membership . The clu b arra nges program s of varied types for r e members. These may range from an address on he social problem s of our time by a local autho rity

to bingo or a humoro us skit give n by members of the Cl ub. It is also the purpose of In diana Tech Stude nt s' W ives Cl ub t o co ntribute t o and wo rk fo r the good of the College wh enever possi ble. At banquets held twice a nnu a lly wives of g radu ating students are presented with thei r P.H.T. (Putting Hubby Through) degrees.

Bake Sa le in Hanser Hal l.

Mrs. Alizo, Mrs. Hodge, Mrs . Barnette, Mrs. Browand.



·~1 111!.• '

I! H H A JlJU \lP J, IJU





' •

-• ..., •


The Inter-F-raternity Council is the judicial body which governs the standardization of the pledg ing program , and promotes cooperatio n among the fra ternities in both scholastic and social affairs. It is


composed of representatives of e ac h fra t ern ity on campu s.




Fi rst Row : Vict o r Sm ith , Frank Buzzan ca , Kenneth Plummer, Richard Hendel. Second Row : Larry Levine , Henry Bittmann , Sec retary : Ed ward Lo escher, Thoma s Fol ga , Trea surer; Ken neth Dander. Th i rd Ro w : Charlie Sheppard , Ri c hard Utz, Me l M ixner, Presi dent : W illi am Porter , Lew Bo rnma n, J o hn Burek.

11 5

Th e Indiana Tech Weight-Lifti ng and Body-Bu ild -

indiana tech

ing C lub began in January of 1958. Its pu rpose is

weight lifting

to p ro mote ph ysical culture and further spo rtsman -


ship and te amwo rk. Team s from t he club ha ve ente red and hav e pla ced satisfa ctor ily in college co mpetiti on. Membership is ava ilable to any stud ent who is not o n scholasti c probat ion .





' • •


G rr rrr!!

Grin and b ea r it .

Hercules ? ?






PT • •

, • It






- 路路 E


Beta Chapter o f Th e Alph a Ga mm a Upsil on wa s •

accepted by Ind ia na In stitute of Tech nology in M ay,


the first fraternity installed in the college.

The aim and purpose o f Alpha Gamma Upsilon is su mmed up briefly in the followi ng pa ssage: " Th is fraternity shall be a sec ret fraternal orga niza t ion whose aim and purpose is to promote frie ndship,


co mrad eship , and mutual understanding among the members; to devel op chara cter; to uphold the ideals o f the college, and t o fo ster the hig hes t ideals of ethica l condu ct and g ood ci tizenship. "





First Row : Dele p M erca ndante , Tony Felo ne, Scott H oec k, Larry Levine , M r. Price, Mr. Patel. Second Row: Mike Kinberg, Kenneth Dander, John Quinn, Sameer Mul ae b. Third Row: Bo b Hunsicher, John Keho le, Conrad Ram sheram , Bruce Allen.


First Row : Greg o ry Harp Pres ident; Marcus Wh itman , VicePres id ent ; J ohn Cro mie , Trea surer ; Dick Mc Bride , Cha pla in; Pete File H istorian : Ra lph Depa olo, Business Manager; Edwin A. V. Ho ria k, Fa culty Adv iso r. Second Row: Bruce Browand , Keith A ustin. Denni s Laird , Martin Rei lly, Me lvin Mills, Thomas W olfe. Third Row : W dfrid Ma ill et, Earl Shirk, Charles Galli o n, Larry Pemberto n, Arthur Szabo, James W il de , Ro bert McGirr. •

The A lpha Omega Tau social fraternity becam e a part of Ind iana In st itute of Technolog y in January.

1957. The purpose of this fraternity is t o pro mote fellowship. social. schol astic, and re creationa l activit ies for its members.


First Row: James Claffee, Vice- Pre sid en t ; Cha rles Lehman , Secretary-Treasurer. Second Row : Charles Myers, Al exa nder Davidson, Ted Blaney, Donald Le mont , Abd ou Abou-Antou ne, Francis Kushner. Th ird Row : Mike Giger, Preside nt : Edward Hutter, Bud Congleton, John Claydon, Donald Gecks , To m Daugherty.

Iota Tau Kappa is an ho norary engi neering fra ternity wh ose name symbolized Industry (Iota ), Thrift (Tau), and Kn owledge (Kappa). The chief objective of this o rganizati o n is to promote and to incu lcate high ideal s and attitudes of scholarship among the members o f the student b ody of In diana Institute of Tech nology. In o rder t o become a member o f Iota Tau Kappa , an enginee ring st udent mu st have a grade-point average of 3.5 o r more for f o ur t erms, not necessarily consecut ive terms. At lea st sixteen college c redit hou rs shall comprise each of these f ou r t erm s. 122

Kappa Alpha Psi, a college fratern ity now comprised of more than 200 undergraduate and a lumni chapters on major campuses and in cities through out the country, boa sts a membership of over 20,000. It was founded in the school yea r of 1910-1 I on the ca mpus of Ind iana Un iversity at Bloom ington, In diana. Its constitution is the law of an organization predicated upon and ded icated to, the prin ci ple s of achievement thro ugh a dem oc rati c fraternity.


Preparatio n of the coat of arms wa s completed during the summer of 191 I by three of the fo unders who solicited the a id of a profe sso r of Greek Art at the Ind iana Un iversity. together with th at of a professor of Greek at C o nco rd ia University. The second chapter of Kappa Alpha Psi wa s chartered in 1913 .


First Row: Eu g ene Seward , C ha rlie Sheppard , Preside nt ; James Ke ll y , Pled g ema ster ; Richard G ibbs. Second Row: W il l Frazier , Lou is C oo ke , Gary Stan ley , Reco rd Keeper ; Jerry W hittaker.


Ph i Kappa Theta offers a brotherhood fraternity for the Catholic students at Indiana Tech. Ph i Kappa


Th eta is an organization tha t endeavors to promote cond uct consiste nt with good morals. and an active Catholic faith, creating an atmosphere which wi ll sti mulate substantial intellectual prog ress and scholastic achievement ; and also to promote pri nciples of fraternal loyalty through brotherhood.



First Row: Edwa rd Loescher, President ; Ral ph Spencer, Secretary; Richard Hendel, Treasurer; Pa ul Arn ol d, Fa cul ty Adviso r. Second Row : Joseph Constanza , Richard F. Smit h, Hou se Monager; Charles Utrias, John Daly, Tom Fo lga , John Cu rrie r. Th ird Row: Athniel Ottley, Gerald Essen ma che r, Ra ymon d Stonn, Georqe Le~an, Tom Kinniry , Charles Scherger, John O 'Connor.

12 4

First Row: Jim Bradley, Robert Ba illargeon , President ; Floyd Fou st, Vice-President: Gerald White, Patrick Connoll y, House Manager; Harvey Kriegsman , Treas urer; Ro bert Denny, Pledge Master; Bill Bensing , Jim Skora. Second Row : Charles Dittman, Richard Chute , James Bu cksbee , James Ne lso n, J im Sch irott , Ronald Ma lanowski , David Tho ma s, John Carpenter, John Jones, George Reithel. Th ird Row: Vict o r Rosynsky , Tom Walso n, Dennis Taus , J oe Za charias , Ric hard W alters , Lyndon

Bevins, Correspo nd ing Secre t ary; Dave Bowser, Recording Secretary ; Edwin Krid ler , Sam uel Med ici, Dan Hartwic k, H istorian ; Lue Wh ite , Rog er Kerber, Dw ight Case , Fa cu lty Mod erato r. Fourth Row: Edward St. C la ire, Chuck Shrontz, Richard Ga ll agher, Steve Sm ith, Larry Cherry , I FC Representative ; Dav id Chizmar, Harvey Drewes, Billey Young, To by Geo rge , Ch apla in ; Ri c hard To mc heski , J o hn Zink , To m Smith, M ike Resetar .



The purpose of Sigma Ph i Delta is to prom ote advancement of the

eng ineering profession;


foster the advancement of eng i.neering education; to instill a greater spi rit of coo peration among engineering students and orga nizations; to inculcate in its members the highest idea ls of g ood citizenship, Christian manhood, obedien ce t o law and to brotherhood; and to encourage excellence in scholarship . The fratern ity wa s f ounded at the Un iversity of Southern Ca lif ornia in April , 1924. The membership total s nearly 4,000 eng ineers and engineering students. 125

First Row: H . Lee Not+, J am es Sun d y, Chester Piet ras , Vice- Pre sident; Duane Lii bbe, J ohn Heasley, Preside nt; Frank Ello , Co rres po nd ing Secretary; Fra ncis Kushner, Recording Sectary. Second Row : Robert R. Marshall , C hapter Ad vi so r; A. Samue l Vhler Jr., J a me s M. Fitzg ibbon s, J am es T. Taylor, Loren S. Hod so n, Sta nley Mitchell Jr., Roy Stutzman. Third Row: Leon Brantman , David Norr, Davi d W anhatalo , Chris Holst, Dan Bili c ki , Controller; Dennis Parrott , Marsha l; Ke ith M. Gams by, Jerry Smith , C. Dam on Oste rhout.

Theta Ta u Upsilon, a local Fraternity founded in April, 1962 , became The Indiana Eta Chapter of Sigma Ph i Epsil on Fraternity on November 2, 1963 . The membership ha s grown to be the largest o n ln d .ana Tec h's campus with 46 active members. Tbe basic :d eals of the fratern it y are to promote

high academic standards; provide a useful service to the col lege and community, to guide and manage gentlemanly condu ct at al l time s, to al wa ys put forth with highest moral c haracter, and to develop an unsurpa ssable un ion of brotherhood that will serve as a guide thro ughout life .

s -I

First RoN : Ted Blane1, Record e r: Vic or ~~ i h Br uc~ Joner Donald 1 0 .o;,..,.o ober II /Jqoner Second PoH" : 0 ic /Jrd Krebs, Dote ,A lbert .'t ... "'de I Foo, Dont";ld ,A t:orr , B H"nes 0 .. S eele, D te I n r re . Th¡ rd POH • Le 11 is Bornmonn 0 on A len Pr ce Z iqler, larrv Ne bsganss, ~e l Schurdell, Dc5 1id fa.


Es ep.


The one-time loca l Kappa Sigma Phi wa s in stalled April 27 -28 , 1963, as the Iota Lambda chapter of Tau Kappa Epsilon. Love, Charity. and Esteem, these are the guiding lights ofT eke. These all boil down t o brotherhood, a main goal o f ou r fraternity. We be lieve that a fraternity is not solely mad e great by its fraters but also by the keen co mpetiti on pressed upon it by the othe r o rg anizations . Tau Kappa Epsilon is the la rgest nationa l fraternity and is constantly expanding b y i nitiating top local fraternities on ca mpu ses across the United States .



First Row: Bill Shepherd , Ron Hoffman , C arl Lun dval , Tom Dravis, M elvin M ixner, Ken Coon , James Rood. Second Row : J oh n Foster, Ken Plum mer, Don ald Cathcad , N ichol as Brewer, Wa Iter Chrush , Rob ert Leiendecker , W as Arford , Joseph D' ltal ia. Third Row: Eug ene Da ig le, A llan Voig t , M ichael Bethell, James Patte rson , A . N elson Stradling , Wi llia m Peter, Pet er Rosin, Karl Carter, Gregg Walker, Glenn Burger.


Originally o rgani·L.:ed at Ind iana Institute ofT ec hno logy i n January,

1957, Theta Mu Pi Fraternity

pla ces speci al importance on three items: EQUALITY, U N DER'ST AN 01 N G, and UN ITY. A constru ctive p ledge program with no hazin g or degradation of any so rt , as well as spe cial stress being p laced o n high scholarship as a requisite to a success ful f ra-


t ern ity, are integral parts of the prog ram. A ll members are acce pted solely o n the ir own ind ividu al


wo rt h, regardle ss o f ra ce, color, o r c reed .

First Ro tlf : J~mcs Scr uda o, Sergeant at Arms: Edward Hutler, / ice- Pre~,dent; Lee Bernhardt, Trets u e · Joe C parro tt' Fac y Aoderat or: Rot 11.J ;k, Pres,dent; Harvey Rutstein , I J I : D,.-:s'den : John Petko, Correspondinq Sec retary. Second P o 11: Tyrrell Bur ns, Ste;c Smith , R1cha rd Schulte , r...... ..~un George Theod o re, Donald Gru ndeen. Grover Lee Jo.,eph Concannon Recordinq Secretor;; Sh ,r ish J dsoni,

Domeni ck A rbitri o, Davi d Eise nhart, An g el Padilla , J ames Boyd , M dfo rd Tennity. Third Row: Ga ry Bu sh, Ro nald Sh effer, Fred l lli ngworih , Thomas M innel la, J ay W ood , Rudy Schal ow, J ose ph Baue r, Ed wa rd Bush, Ral p h C hristm an. Fourth Row : Harold Burkett, Th oma s Barbiere, Ma hmou d Parvizi , M arvi n Cu nn i ng ham , R1chard Sc hultz, Ric hard LeG rand , J aco b Bremants , Roy Per ~ i n s, J o hn Puh lhor n, W illi am N q .


First Row : John Kwap . Robert Sikora Jerry Weber, Tom Peterson, Marli n Hall , Richard Smist. Second Row : A lexis Oleinikoff charles Srmmons , Terry Corn eli us, Donald Lieber, T reasurer; Da, id King Robert Peril lo , Vrc e-President; Nunzio Tacozza , Pa ul Ciruzzi. Third Row : Ro b ert Mc Manigal, Herman


Schnelker, George Perna, Pres.dent; Gera d Cheselka House Manager; Rich ard Koetzle, Carl J. Mue ller. Fourth Row : R1chard Utz, No r bert J a ku szeski, David Crosse, David Glynn, Re cord ing Sec retary ; John Burek , H ouse Manager; Rich ard Durst, Henry Bittmann .



The purpose of Theta Xi is to develo p and enhan ce the perso nal ity of its me mbe rs, to encou rage sc hola stic achieveme nt and g ood cond uct, broade n outsid e inte rest s, prom ote mut ua l understand ing and inc re ase loya lty on the pa rt of the f ra tern ity brot he rs t o Ind ia na Tech. Mem bership is open to a ll ma le stude nts of India na Tech.


.,. . ,. .- - · •


• •




=~ -



tech alumni association Contrary to po pular belief, the Alumn i Relations Office, located on Center Drive , just south of the President's Office, is not o perated exclu sively for Ind iana Tech graduates. On-campu s students are invited to visit t he offi ce s at a ny time when the staff can offer constructive counse l regarding ca mpus or alumni activities. Any student is welcome t o drop in for a visit if for no othe r purpose th a n to learn what the National Alumni Associ atio n a ccomplishes for its members and what is expected of graduates after they have left the cam pus. The Association loo ks on ea ch student a s a pote ntial alumnus , wh o will some day become a vital part of the foundatio n o n wh ic h the College is built. College graduates everywhere share the psychological urge t o be identified as a member of the group , which is perhaps better described as the desire fo r " b e lo ng in g ." Truly o nce a stlldent earns the title a lumnu s, he enters an exc iting new part of t he brotherhood of man . Bob Harold is the Exe cutive Secretary of the National Alumni Association . The national association ma intains records on all members : active , susta ining, honorary and associate. It provides assistance to all graduates in th eir schoo I, business and social life .

relations with industry program S "''=.e A Jgust 1962 t he college ha s been making a de erm·red full-t;m e effo rt to establ ish and main ·a·"' a genu·n e useful work in g re lation ship with lndus.r/' and Business in t he greater Fo rt Wa yne area. T' ·s nas been done b 1 pro mot ing, setting up and coordi a trg Pesearch, Develo pment and Testing pro'ec s, a0d setting up ou r Coo p Engineering Prog am and spec al courses for the Eve ning Division I dustr/' and BJsiness.

13 2

Kenn eth Loughmiller, Director Industrial Relations Center and Rel ations with Indu stry Prog ram .

public relations The Publ ic Re lations Departm ent is resp onsible for i nterpreting Ind ia na Te ch's p ol ici es and people to a variety o f "p ub lics ." Th e Department deals with all form s of co mmun ication involvi ng the printed and spoken word. It is directly co ncerned w ith most of the College's publi ca tions, the issuance of releases by the N ews Bureau, many of the details concerned with special events like the A rtist-Celebrity Series and co mmencement ce remonie s, and works in close coope ration w ith suc h departments as College Development and A lumni Rela tions. Most of the se responsibilities are co nce rned with off-campus public ity and prom otion, but it is al so invo lved in w orking w ith students a nd fa culty to bring ab o ut b etter understanding o f internal problems. Shown above are Lou Culp (rig ht), direc t or o f P'u b Ii c ReI at i o ns, a nd W i n i fred Troy e r (le f t), staff sec retary.

Lou CuI p , Dire ct o r; Win if red Tro yer, Staff Sec retary .

college development


Kenneth Sickler, Secretary.



Fund raising and student recruitment are major conside ration s of the College Development Department. Tuition fees are never sufficient to cover educational costs; so capital gifts, annual gifts, and endowments must be sought from bu si ness and ind us tria I fi r m s, f o u nd at ions, a Iu m n i , a n d private cit izens . Building programs and all long-range planning f o r future development and expansion of the College are a Iso responsi bi Iities of the Department. The lifeblo0d of the College is, of course , its enrollment and th e College Development Department is co nstantly devising new ways of attracting qua I ified students t o the camp us. It is obvious that stu dent enrollment must keep pace with the growth o f fa cilities, and vice versa.




Reynolds, Staff


research and development laboratories •

E. F. Linh o rst , Chi ef Rese arc h Engin eer.

R. D. Derm e r, Director.


C . H o ld e r, Supe rvisor.

DJr ng the past t en ; ea rs o f i ~ s opera t ion, t he

R&D set:tion ha5 been re ~ pon s i b l e f o r the desig n and de ;e opment of an exte nst ve line o f indu st ria l test eouipment. It has in a la rg e: meCJsure been re spo nsiole f o r standa rd'zation o f mag ne t v1 1re te st s t hro ug h he cons ructior o f test ~q u.p ment . Eq ui p ment concei ;ed, designee and de t 81r..Jped b 1 the labs is now considered as standard by J. E tA.A. f or magnet wi re •

es 1ng. 134


graduates not shovvn FALL

Donald R. Ferguson, BS Math; Fort Wa yne, Ind ia na ; Physics Lab Student In stru ct or.

Donald G. Clark, BSME, Math Option; Ga rd iner, G eorge P. Kyriazis, BS Physics and BS Ma th; Detroit,

Ma ine; Dean's List (5 ).

M ichigan; Dean 's List (I); Physics Lab A ssistant;

George T. Clark, BSME ; Corunna, Ind ia na.

Physics Club: A meri can Inst itute of Physics .

Kaye Cloys, BSEIE, Fort Wayne, Indiana; Vars ity

Chiman R. Patel , BEE and BSEE ; Motikh ad i, India ;

Basketball; Varsity Ba se ba ll; Physical Edu cation Student Instructor; lntramurals.

Dean 's List (2); Genera l Physics In struc t or ; A lpha Gamma Upsilon .

Farhad A. Seirafi, BSCE: Tehran, Iran; Dean 's List

Charles B. Saweikis, BS Chem ; Kulpm ont, Penn syl-

{I): Ame rican Society of Civil Engineers; Volleyball

vania; Dean 's List (4); Chemistry Lab A ssistant ;

Team; lntramurals.

Am erican Chem ical Society , Vice President ; N ewman Club; A lpha Gamma Upsilon, Vice President.

Charles A. Trinkle, BEE ; We irton, W est Virg inia ; Preside nt's List (I); Dean 's List (4); Institute of Elec-

Reza Tam hid i, BSC E; Tehr a n, Iran ; C ivi I C Iub ; I ra nia n

trical and Electronic Engineers; American Institute of

Student Organizatio n, Pre si dent ; Volleyba ll Team; Soccer Team.

Aeronautics and A stronautics.

Micha el E. Telley, BS Math; Fort Wayne , Indiana; Dean 's Li st (2) .

WINTER Marion E. Griffin, BSEE; Summerton, South Caro-


lina; A lpha Gamma Upsilon, Pre sident.

Mike Askari , BSCE ; Tehran, Iran. William M. Jordan, BSEE : Lima, Oh io. James D. Bianchetta, BSCE ; Taylo rv ille, Illinois. Francis G. Matt, BSCE; Lee Center, New York; American Society of Civil Eng ineers; Flying C lub ; Weight-L ifting Club.

Nicholas Birbilis, BSEE; Vound-T egeas, Greece; Institute of Electrical and Electroni c Engineers; Amer-


ican Institute of A eronauti cs and A stronautics.

M ichaeI 0 Iear, BSA e E; Fort W ayne, Ind i a na . Dale Roy Hettinger, BSCE; Louisville, Kentucky; George Talaro, BSEIE; Honokaa, H awaii; Hawa iian Club.

Amer ican Socie ty of Civ il Engineers, Vice President ; Intra mural s.

Reginald L. Woronuk, BChE; Gard en City, Mi chi -

Dennis E. Laird, BSEIE; Monroeville, Pennsylvania;

gan ; President' s List {I), Dea n's List (2} ; Chemical

Weight Lifting In structor; Tech Man or Club; A lpha

Eng ineerin g Society, Trea su rer; Nucleus Staff; Fencing Team ; Chemistry Lab A ss istant.

Omega Tau; lntramural s.

Robert Lindner, BS Physics; Brooklyn , New York; Physi cs Lab A ssistant; Ph ysics Club, Secretary; Glee Club.

SPRING James E. Orsillo, BSEE; Math Option; Elm ira, New Forrest S. Estep, BSC E; Spr in gfield, Oh io ; American

York; Dean 's List.

Society of Civil Engineers: Sigma Phi Epsilon; Intra mura ls.

Nalin K. Vaidya, BS Chem ; Bombay, India. 135





• •

• I









Bert Means, Manager of Cafeteria .



, •: :t

Chinese Club Banquet.

Pau l McDowell , Superintendent of Bu ild ings and Grounds.







NOVEMBER 22 , 1963

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