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April 2018

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host, All Things Considered

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Two new voices have come aboard NPR’s two flagship newsmagazines! As of March, Ailsa Chang is hosting All Things Considered along with Audie Cornish, Mary Louise Kelly, and Ari Shapiro; and Noel King has joined David Greene, Steve Inskeep, and Rachel Martin as the fourth host of Morning Edition. Both award-winning journalists also are continuing to report and co-host for Planet Money. Ailsa Chang brings deep experience to her new post, with a career at NPR including work with Planet Money along with a strong record as a congressional correspondent for the Washington desk. She says, “In my time as a radio journalist, the two things I have loved most are long-form reporting and live hosting. Now I get to take on a job that blends these two worlds.” Noel King comes to her new role with a long history of making complex financial stories relatable to public radio listeners at Planet Money and other public radio programs. She has also served as a fill-in n at Weekend All Things Ki el No Considered and 1A in her tenure at NPR. She notes, “Every day, the team at Morning Edition is on the front lines of breaking news. We live in complicated times, and I am genuinely excited to be given the chance to ask questions of leaders at the centers of power, while also shining a spotlight on ordinary people who are affected by the decisions those leaders make.” g

April 2018

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Chang and King Become Everyday Voices of NPR

NPR news chief Chris Turpin says, “Bringing Noel and Ailsa to our newsmagazines is an investment in the future of the programs, which are standard-bearers for public radio and essential listening for millions of people every week. The move adds fresh voices to our host lineup, giving each program the bench strength needed for every host to periodically pursue stories around the world. In doing so, we continue to bring our listeners the timely, live, on-location reporting that widens perspectives and engages audiences.” We hope that in time, you come to regard these new NPR hosts as old friends.

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Jazz Notes

Here are some of the guests we have lined in for future Profiles interviews. No definite airdates have been set, but we expect to broadcast interviews with the following people over the next few weeks and months.

April is Jazz Appreciation Month, and it’s also time for our spring fund drive! From April 10 through April 16 we’ll be bringing you plenty of the music that you can always count on from WFIU and giving you plenty of other reasons to renew your membership or to become a member of this community’s public radio station. Our featured thank-you CD will be Ella Fitzgerald’s Live At Zardi’s, capturing the singer in her mid-1950s prime just as she began to record the songbook albums that earned her iconic status.

Saturdays at 5 p.m. on WFIU2 | Sundays at 6 p.m. on WFIU

Srdja Popovic and Sophia McClennen Srdja Popovic was one of the founders and key organizers of the Serbian nonviolent resistance group Otpor! Otpor!’s campaign to unseat Serbian president Slobodan Milosovic found success in October 2000 when hundreds of thousands of protestors converged upon and took over the Serbian Parliament, effectively ending Milosevic’s rule. After the revolution, Popovic served a term as a member of the Serbian National Assembly 2000-2003. In 2003, Popovic and other ex-Otpor! activists started the nonprofit educational institution the Centre for Applied Nonviolent Action and Strategies (CANVAS). Dr. McClennen is professor of comparative literature and international affairs and the founding director of Penn State’s Center for Global Studies. She recently co-authored Is Satire Saving our Nation? Mockery and American Politics (Palgrave 2014), and Neoliberalism, Terrorism, Education (Paradigm 2013). Dr. Roberto Salinas-León

Our weekday-afternoon jazz program Just You And Me gets a bit literary for the first week of Jazz Appreciation Month. On Tuesday, April 3, jazz historian and collector Thomas Hustad stops by to talk about his book on trumpeter Ruby Braff, while on

Dr. Roberto Salinas-León is president of the Mexico Business Forum, in Mexico City, where he works on a variety of projects of policy analysis, investment advisory and economic consultancy. He is currently senior debate fellow and debate lecturer at Calvin Coolidge Presidential Foundation in Vermont. Dr. Deborah Curtis Deborah J. Curtis will be the 12th president of Indiana State University. She will be the second Indiana State graduate and the first woman to serve as ISU’s president. She earned her Ph.D. in curriculum and instruction from Indiana State after completing a master’s degree in music education from the University of Illinois and a bachelor’s in music education from MacMurray College. She also taught at University School, Indiana State’s laboratory school, for one year to fill in for a teacher on maternity leave, a role which she indicated led to her decision to pursue her doctorate and a career in higher education. Yascha Mounk Yascha Mounk is one of the world’s leading experts on the crisis of liberal democracy and the rise of populism. The author of three books, he is a Lecturer on Government at Harvard University, a Senior Fellow at New America, a Postdoctoral Fellow at the Transatlantic Academy of the German Marshall Fund, and a Nonresident Fellow at New America’s Political Reform Program. He’s also a columnist at Slate, and the host of The Good Fight podcast. Fluent in English, German, French and Italian, he provides commentary for leading radio and television programs around the world.

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Ruby Braff

Thursday, April 5, Aleta Hodge drops in to discuss her recent volume about Indianapolis’ legendary Indiana Avenue music scene. And be sure to tune in on Monday, April 30 for our annual International Jazz Day celebration! For our Friday-evening jazz-specialty programs, Afterglow offers up a look at literary figures in the Great American songbook on April 6, while Night Lights celebrates the 75th anniversary of Duke Ellington’s landmark suite Black, Brown and Beige on April 27. The show will feature music from the suite’s Carnegie Hall debut as well as commentary from Wynton Marsalis, Ellington biographer Harvey Cohen, and Ellington himself. For further hearty musical fare, step into The Soul Kitchen with Brother William Morris every Friday afternoon from 3 to 5 and Saturday evenings from 10 to midnight.

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WFIU PROGRAM LISTINGS Key to abbreviations

a., alto; b., bass; bar., baritone; bssn., bassoon; cl., clarinet; cond., conductor; cont., continuo; ct., countertenor; db., double bass; ch., chamber;, English horn; ens., ensemble; fl., flute; fr, from; gt., guitar; hn., horn; hp., harp; hpsd., harpsichord; intro., introduction; instr., instrument; kbd., keyboard; lt., lute; ms., mezzo-soprano; ob., oboe; orch., orchestra; org., organ; Phil., Philharmonic; p., piano; perc., percussion; qt., quartet; rec., recorder; sax., saxophone; s., soprano; str., string; sym., symphony; t., tenor; tb., trombone; timp., timpani; tpt., trumpet; trans., transcribed; var., variations; vla., viola; vlc., vdg., viola da gamba; violoncello; vln., violin. Upper case letters indicate major keys; lower case letters indicate minor keys. Note: Daily listings are as complete as we can make them at press time, and we strive to provide full program information whenever possible. Some programs, however, do not provide us with information about their content. We include the titles of those programs as a convenience. When we receive no program information for a given day, the day will not appear in the listings. For a complete list of WFIU’s schedule, see the program grid on pages 4 and 5.

1 Sunday 6:00 PM PROFILES Aaron Cain explores the changing role that games are playing in our lives. Scheduled guests include IU professor and gaming culture expert Marco Arnaudo; Mike Sellers, director of the game design program at IU’s Media School; and Alex and Kate Burch, who recently opened an escape room in downtown Bloomington. 8:00 PM THE NEW YORK PHILHARMONIC THIS WEEK Program TBA

2 Monday 8:00 PM CHICAGO SYMPHONY Bernard Haitink Conducts Mahler Mahler: Symphony No. 7 Haydn: Sinfonia Concertante in B-flat Major, Hob. I:105 (Robert Chen, violin; John Sharp, cello; Eugene Izotov, oboe; David McGill, bassoon)

3 Tuesday 8:00 PM ETHER GAME Avengers Assemble! It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s Ether Game! This week, we’ve come to save the day, as we look at superheroes in classical music. 10:00 PM RELEVANT TONES Composer Spotlight: Javier Alvarez John Adams says, “The music of Javier Alvarez reveals influences of popular cultures that go beyond the borders of our own time and place.” The Mexican composer, Javier Alvarez, uses his travels to create eclectic electroacoustic works using influences from Mexico, Cuba, and the

Caribbean to Korea. We’ll dive into Alvarez’s works from the early Temazcal (1984) to the more recent De tus manos brotan pájaros (2010).

4 Wednesday 8:00 PM SYMPHONYCAST Oregon Symphony Carlos Kalmar, conductor Augustin Hadelich, violin BEETHOVEN: Violin Concerto in D Major GOULD: Stringmusic BALAKIREV: Islamey

5 Thursday 8:00 PM CHAMBER MUSIC SOCIETY OF LINCOLN CENTER Serenades Mozart: Serenade in C minor for Winds, K. 388 James Austin Smith, Stephen Taylor, oboe; Romie de Guise-Langlois, David Shifrin, Clarinet; Peter Kolkay, Bram van Sambeek, bassoon; Jennifer Montone, Julie Landsman, horn Dvořák: Serenade in D minor for Winds, Cello, and Double Bass, Op. 44 Stephen Taylor, James Austin Smith, oboe; David Shifrin, Romie de Guise-Langlois, clarinet; Bram van Sambeek, Peter Kolkay, bassoon; Harry Searing, contrabassoon; Jennifer Montone, Julie Landsman, Julia Pilant, Michelle Baker, horn; Nicholas Canellakis, cello; Kurt Muroki, double bass 9:00 PM HARMONIA The Docile Dulcian Dulcian is one of many names used to describe the one-piece ancestor of the modern bassoon. “Dulcian” derives from the Latin dulc, meaning soft or sweet, since the instrument has a more subdued quality than its close cousin — the shawm. Join us as we get to know the “docile dulcian”! 10:00 PM FIESTA! Impressions of Nature Well before Impressionism claimed direct inspiration in nature, musicians from different eras and styles linked music to nature’s forces. In this program we will feature masterpieces by composers such as Almeida Prado (Brazil), José Pablo Moncayo (México), and Alberto Villalpando (Bolivia).

6 Friday 8:00 PM AFTERGLOW Literary Figures In The Great American Songbook On this episode of Afterglow, we explore the Venn Diagram between the world of literature and the world of song. We’ll hear songs by such literary figures as Truman Capote, Langston Hughes, and more. 9:00 PM NIGHT LIGHTS Freddie Hubbard: The CTI Years The Indiana trumpeter was hitting his prime when he recorded for Creed Taylor’s early-1970s crossover jazz label, combining hardbop, funk, modality, and ’70s groove.

Greensburg 98.9 fm • Kokomo 106.1 fm • Seymour 100.1 fm (WFIU2) • Terre Haute 95.1 fm

7 Saturday 1:00 PM METROPOLITAN OPERA DONIZETTI – Lucia di Lammermoor The role of the fragile title heroine who teeters between love and madness is conveyed by soprano Olga PeretyatkoMariotti, who has impressed audiences with dazzling bel canto portrayals at the Met. Vittorio Grigolo inhabits the role of her lover in this chilling production by Tony Award-winning director Mary Zimmerman. Roberto Abbado conducts.

8 Sunday 6:00 PM PROFILES Aaron Cain speaks with Serbian nonviolent resistance group organizer Srdja Popovic, and with the founding director of Penn State’s Center for Global Studies, Dr. Sophia McClennen. 8:00 PM THE NEW YORK PHILHARMONIC THIS WEEK Music Director Profile: Pierre Boulez RAVEL: Rigaudon from Le Tombeau de Couperin (excerpt) DEBUSSY: La Mer (From the NYP Archives) DEBUSSY: Jeux (excerpt) BERG: Rondo from Lulu Suite (excerpt) BOULEZ: Polyphonie X (excerpt) (From the NYP Archives) BARTOK: Music for Strings, Percussion, & Celesta (excerpt) STRAVINSKY: Harbingers of Spring from The Rite of Spring (excerpt) RAVEL: Une Barque sur l’ocean (excerpt) CARTER: Symphony of Three Orchestras (NYP Premiere) VARESE: Deserts (excerpt) BERG: Variations from Lulu Suite (excerpt) STRAVINSKY: Petrushka’s Room (second tableau) from Petrushka BERG: Lyric Suite MAHLER: Symphony No. 3: III BOULEZ: Improvisation I from Pli selon Pli (From the NYP Archives) WAGNER: Siegfried-Idyll WAGNER: Overture to Tannhauser BOULEZ: Explosante-fixe (excerpt)

9 Monday 8:00 PM CHICAGO SYMPHONY Riccardo Muti conducts Bruckner 4 Rossini: Overture to William Tell Ogonek: All These Lighted Things Bruckner: Symphony No. 4 in E-flat Major “Romantic” Ravel: Boléro

10 Tuesday 8:00 PM ETHER GAME Derangements Wacky arrangements and other strange delights, as Ether Game puts the fun in fund drive.

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10:00 PM RELEVANT TONES Music of Burying and Marrying Since earliest times, music has always had a ritual purpose in human society, but these ritualistic functions are often forgotten in the hustle and bustle of the modern world. We’ll play music by composers Ionel Petroi, Ross Edwards and Tan Dun who still think of the ceremonial importance music can play in our lives.

11 Wednesday 8:00 PM SYMPHONYCAST Houston Symphony Ludovic Morlot, conductor Jonathan Biss, piano MESSIAEN: The Forgotten Offerings BEETHOVEN: Piano Concerto No. 4 PROKOFIEV: Symphony No. 5

12 Thursday 8:00 PM CHAMBER MUSIC SOCIETY OF LINCOLN CENTER Duos Dvořák: Selected Slavonic Dances for Piano, Four Hands Wu Qian, Orion Weiss, piano Prokofiev: Sonata in C Major for Two Violins, Opus 56 Chad Hoopes, Paul Huang, violin Bach: Brandenburg Concerto No. 6 in B-flat major, BWV 1051 Paul Neubauer, Che-Yen Chen, Violas; Timothy Eddy, Cello; Dmitri Atapine, Keith Robinson, Viola da gambas; Scott Pingel, Double Bass; Kenneth Weiss, Harpsichord 9:00 PM HARMONIA Happy Birthday, Thomas Jefferson! Did you know that founding father Thomas Jefferson was the first major contributor to the Library of Congress? We know that he had an extensive music collection. This week, we’re exploring his many musical interests. 10:00 PM FIESTA! Colonial Music from Perú and Brazil

13 Friday 8:00 PM AFTERGLOW The Best of Afterglow For WFIU’s Spring Fund Drive, we’ll be looking back at some of the favorite episodes of Afterglow from the past six months. 9:00 PM NIGHT LIGHTS Fund drive! Keep Night Lights shining brightly with your contribution as we offer up an hour of classic jazz from Miles Davis and John Coltrane, Ella Fitzgerald, and Wes Montgomery.

14 Saturday 1:00 PM METROPOLITAN OPERA VERDI – Luisa Miller Plácido Domingo adds yet another role to his legendary Met career in this rarely performed Verdi gem, a heart-wrenching tragedy of fatherly love. Sonya Yoncheva sings the title role opposite Piotr Beczała in the first Met broadcast of the opera in more than ten years. Bertrand de Billy conducts.

15 Sunday 6:00 PM PROFILES Patrick O’Meara is scheduled to speak with Dr. Roberto Salinas-León, president of the Mexico Business Forum. 8:00 PM THE NEW YORK PHILHARMONIC THIS WEEK A Night at the Opera BEETHOVEN: Leonore Overture No. 3 Leonard Bernstein, conductor WAGNER: Immolation Scene from Gotterdammerung Montserrat Caballé, soprano and Zubin Mehta, conductor MASCAGNI: Cherry Duet from L’Amico Fritz Plácido Domingo, tenor, Adriana Morelli, soprano and Zubin Mehta, conductor Special feature: Continuing In Their Footseps: Celebrating African-Americans in Opera & Song BARTOK: Bluebeard’s Castle Siegmund Nimsgern, baritone, Tatiana Troyanos, mezzo and Rafael Kubelik conductor

16 Monday 8:00 PM CHICAGO SYMPHONY Riccardo Muti conducts Italian Opera Masterworks Verdi: Overture to Nabucco (Chicago Symphony Chorus) Verdi: Gli arredi festivi from Nabucco (Chicago Symphony Chorus) Verdi: Va, pensiero from Nabucco (Chicago Symphony Chorus) Verdi: Vedi! Le fosche notturne from Il trovatore (Chicago Symphony Chorus) Verdi: Patria oppressa! From Macbeth (Chicago Symphony Chorus) Verdi: Overture to I vespri siciliani Puccini: Intermezzo from Manon Lescaut Mascagni: Intermezzo from Cavalleria rusticana Boito: Prologue to Mefistofele (Riccardo Zanellato, bass; Chicago Symphony Chorus; Chicago Children’s Choir) Beethoven: Symphony No. 8 in F Major, Op. 93

17 Tuesday

10:00 PM RELEVANT TONES Dealer’s Choice 2018 Great music is a game of expertise, luck, and chance. Seth deals out a list of great music and discusses why it’s a winner in this year’s Dealer’s Choice.

18 Wednesday 8:00 PM SYMPHONYCAST Berlin Philharmonic Marek Janowski, conductor PFITZNER: Three Orchestral Preludes to “Palestrina” BRUCKNER: Symphony No. 4, “Romantic”

19 Thursday 8:00 PM CHAMBER MUSIC SOCIETY OF LINCOLN CENTER German Berg: Quartet for Strings, Op. 3 Amphion String Quartet (David Southorn, Violin; Katie Hyun, Violin; Andy Lin, Viola; Mihai Marica, Cello) Brahms: Quintet in G major for Two Violins, Two Violas, and Cello, Op. 111 Philip Setzer, Violin; Shmuel Ashkenasi, Violin; Richard O’Neill, Viola; Arnaud Sussmann, Viola; Paul Watkins, Cello 9:00 PM HARMONIA Jefferson in Paris This week on Harmonia, we’re concluding our two-part celebration of the birthday of Thomas Jefferson with a trip to Paris, to explore the music he heard there, and the influence it had on his personal collection. 10:00 PM FIESTA! La Guitarra Host Elbio Barilari takes you on a journey through the wide range of Latin American guitar music. We will explore the thriving crossover of classical style and popular, folk and cultural themes, an intersection which has a rich history and continuing tradition of innovative guitar music.

20 Friday 8:00 PM AFTERGLOW Cry Me A River: Tears In Popular Song An Afterglow for all those who have the blues. I’ll be exploring songs about crying this week, including “Cry Me A River,” “I Guess I’ll Hang My Tears Out To Dry,” and “Willow Weep For Me.” 9:00 PM NIGHT LIGHTS Before Broadway: George Benson In The 1960s A crossover pop star of the 1970s, George Benson had already built up a considerable body of straightahead jazz work, both as a leader and with organists such as Brother Jack McDuff and Jimmy Smith. This program takes a look at the 1960s and early-70s albums that feature the guitarist in jazz settings.​

8:00 PM ETHER GAME Dollars and Cents It’s tax day, and Ether Game has money on the brain! We’re looking at works all about greenbacks this week. Page 8 / April 2018

Bloomington 103.7 fm (WFIU) and 101.9 fm (WFIU2) • Columbus 100.7 fm • French Lick/West Baden 101.7 fm

21 Saturday 1:00 PM METROPOLITAN OPERA ADES – The Exterminating Angel Following the rapturous response to his last opera, The Tempest, the Met presents the American premiere of Thomas Adès’s The Exterminating Angel, inspired by the classic Luis Buñuel film of the same name. Hailed by the New York Times at its 2016 Salzburg Festival premiere as “inventive and audacious … a major event,” The Exterminating Angel is a surreal fantasy about a dinner party from which the guests can’t escape. Tom Cairns, who wrote the libretto, directs the new production, and Adès conducts his own adventurous new opera.

22 Sunday 6:00 PM PROFILES Mark Edwards is scheduled to speak with Dr. Deborah Curtis, the incoming president of Indiana State University and the first woman to serve in that role. 8:00 PM THE NEW YORK PHILHARMONIC THIS WEEK Phil Firsts DVORAK: Symphony No. 9 Kurt Masur, conductor COPLAND: Connotations for Orchestra Leonard Bernstein, conductor CORIGLIANO: Clarinet Concerto Stanley Drucker, clarinet and Leonard Bernstein, conductor CARTER: A Symphony of Three Orchestras Pierre Boulez, conductor

23 Monday 8:00 PM CHICAGO SYMPHONY Gil Shaham performs Mendelssohn, conducted by John Storgårds Grieg: Suite No. 1 from Peer Gynt, Op. 46 Mendelssohn: Violin Concerto in E Minor, Op.64 (Gil Shaham, violin) Sibelius: Symphony No. 1 in E Minor, Op. 39 Prokofiev: Suite from Lieutenant Kijé, Op. 60 (Carlos Miguel Prieto, conductor)

24 Tuesday 8:00 PM ETHER GAME Nordic Trek By Odin’s Beard! Ether Game is moving up north to explore music from Scandinavia on this episode. 10:00 PM RELEVANT TONES Look and Listen Festival Relevant Tones is proud to partner with The Look + Listen Festival. The Look + Listen Festival is an annual event dedicated to presenting contemporary music in contemporary art galleries like Pratt Manhattan Gallery, Brooklyn’s BRIC House and The Studio Museum in Harlem. The Festival seeks to expand and engage audiences of 20th and 21st century music

by providing a unique opportunity to simultaneously experience new music and contemporary visual art.

25 Wednesday 8:00 PM SYMPHONYCAST Nashville Symphony Giancarlo Guerrero, conductor Simone Porter, violin DVORAK: Othello Overture BARBER: Violin Concerto BRAHMS: Symphony No. 2

26 Thursday 8:00 PM CHAMBER MUSIC SOCIETY OF LINCOLN CENTER String Showcase Moszkowski: Suite in G minor for Two Violins and Piano, Op. 71 Kyoko Takezawa, Violin; Alexander Sitkovetsky, Violin; Wu Qian, Piano Tchaikovsky: Sextet for Two Violins, Two Violas, and Two Cellos, Op. 70, “Souvenir de Florence” Kyoko Takezawa, Violin I; Alexander Sitkovetsky, Violin II; Paul Neubauer, Viola I; Matthew Lipman, Viola II; David Requiro, Cello II; David Finckel, Cello I 9:00 PM HARMONIA The Sprightly Companion This week, we explore what Playford described as an honorable and courageous instrument: the oboe. Then, stay tuned for our featured release Confluence: the merging musical style of Central Europe and Venice, performed by Ensemble Collina. 10:00 PM FIESTA! Portuguese Powerhouse Portugal, once one of the mightiest nations in the world, can boast of an amazing musical treasure. From the Medieval Period to the present, Portuguese composers have been in the forefront of Western art. We will share music by Carlos Seixas, Luis de Freitas Branco, and João Domingos Bomtempo.

27 Friday 8:00 PM AFTERGLOW Mose Allison: The Sage Of Tippo This week on Afterglow, we salute the wit and wisdom of the jazz sage Mose Allison. Allison was a singer, songwriter, and pianist, known for his unique combination of blues, soul, and jazz, and his wry outlook on life. 9:00 PM NIGHT LIGHTS Duke Ellington’s Black, Brown And Beige In January 1943 Duke Ellington debuted a landmark 43-minute musical portrayal of the African-American experience at Carnegie Hall. We’ll hear music from it as well as commentary from Wynton Marsalis, Ellington biographer Harvey Cohen, and Ellington himself.

Greensburg 98.9 fm • Kokomo 106.1 fm • Seymour 100.1 fm (WFIU2) • Terre Haute 95.1 fm

28 Saturday 1:00 PM METROPOLITAN OPERA MASSENET – Cendrillon “Glorious,” raved the New York Times when Joyce DiDonato sang the title role of Cendrillon at the Royal Opera in 2011. “Her performance was thoroughly enchanting.” Now, for the first time ever, Massenet’s sumptuous take on the Cinderella story comes to the Met, with DiDonato starring in the title role. She is paired with mezzo-soprano Alice Coote in the trouser role of Prince Charming, Kathleen Kim as the Fairy Godmother, and Stephanie Blythe as the imperious Madame de la Haltière. Bertrand de Billy conducts Laurent Pelly’s imaginative storybook production.

29 Sunday 6:00 PM PROFILES Yascha Mounk, who teaches and writes on the crisis of liberal democracy and the rise of populism, is slated to speak with Janae Cummings. 8:00 PM THE NEW YORK PHILHARMONIC THIS WEEK Stravinsky’s Philharmonic STRAVINSKY: Scherzo Fantastique Pierre Boulez, conductor STRAVINSKY: Persephone Vera Zorina, narrator, Richard Robinson, tenor and Igor Stravinsky, conductor Special feature: Stravinsky at the Philharmonic: 1924-present STRAVINSKY: The Rite of Spring Zubin Mehta, conductor

30 Monday 8:00 PM CHICAGO SYMPHONY Esa-Pekka Salonen conducts Turangalîla Debussy: Syrinx (Samuel Coles, flute) Ravel: Piano Concerto in G Major (JeanYves Thibaudet, piano) Messiaen: Turangalîla-symphonie (JeanYves Thibaudet, piano; Valérie HartmannClaverie, Ondes Martenot)

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The first episode, The Second Moment of Creation, explores the origins of art, with the first known etchings made by early humans. It tracks this evidence of the origin of human creativity to over 70,000 years ago. It also explores how over tens of thousands of years, this impulse evolved into painted and sculpted depictions of the animal world, and eventually of the human form itself.

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Tuesday, April 17 and 24 at 8 pm Behold the global history of art—from the dawn of history to the present day. This ninepart series travels across the world to reveal the common thread in the role that art and the creative imagination played and continues to play across cultures. From the great mosques of Istanbul, to the sculptures of the Olmecs, to the landscape scrolls of classical China, this program visits some of the world’s greatest treasures. Other topics covered include the representation of

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the human body in art, how the art of different cultures interacted with one another, and the nature of “renaissances” and what they mean around the world. Viewers will be able to experience an in-depth immersion in the extraordinary locations and treasures of six different continents, with the help of the macro-photography and the state-of-the art drone and camera movement technology used to celebrate the detail and craftsmanship of the world’s artists like never before.

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The human form is examined with more depth in the following episode, How Do We Look? From the Terracotta Army of China to the Colossi of Ramses II in Egypt, the human form has been a dominant subject for artists throughout history. Each civilization and era, however, sees the meaning of this art differently. This series is inspired by Kenneth Clarke’s well-known 1969 series Civilisation on European art and is narrated by actor Liev Schreiber. Now, Civilizations will broaden the canvas to examine how the creative spirit allows humanity to express its most essential self, all around the world.

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April 2018 - Radio Guide  

Listening Guide for WFIU – Public Radio Serving South Central Indiana

April 2018 - Radio Guide  

Listening Guide for WFIU – Public Radio Serving South Central Indiana