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Volume 32/Number 9


Conquering West Virginia’s wild and wonderful Gauley River


Whitewater Rafting Adventure for 4 from and 2-night stay at Black Bear Cabins in Tucker County, WV


Three Pull-Out Sections! Virginia getaways I West Virginia getaways I Discount & Housing Guide • Virginia’s Space Coast • The elements of Luzerne • Southern Delaware outdoors • Civil War • Garrett County international whitewater event


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2 recreation news I september 2014 I

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4 recreation news I september 2014 I

publisher’s note I karl teel

Ways to make this a September to remember days you weed, and without each, you’ll never harvest. Life’s experiences, particularly as they pertain to travel memories, are exactly like that, too. Here at Recreation News, we certainly can help with the first few stages. We hope our stories help plant that seed of a dream: “Wow! I’d like to see that.” We can help with the planning with our features — both in print and online — as well as our YouTube channel videos, our weekly email blasts, our Twitter feed, and our Facebook page, all of which you can see, link to, or sign up for at But it’s you, and you alone, who needs to react. And, upon completing the “react” part, the reflection will follow. So, what better time than now? September is a time of transition. It always has been — back to school, seasonal changes, and so on — and I often think of it as “the springtime of people.” Perfect weather certainly helps, and it’s a time of celebrations and festivals, too. Why not transition your plans to take some time off as well? Get that dream, research it, and pull the trigger. Get the wheels turning and make it happen. Tomorrow will become yesterday soon enough. Will that yesterday become one of regrets, or one of memories? Make it a September to remember. It’s calling for you — the next move is yours. Do it. And enjoy!

There’s a time to dream, a time to plan, a time to react, and a time to reflect. Done in equal measure, memories can be created. Too many of us, though, get caught up in one stage or another. For example, that great patio set you bought — you’re so consumed with working you never get to enjoy it. All the while, it sits there, while you wait On our cover for that dream stage to become a reality. One day, Fall on the Gauley you’ll have a bunch of friends over, relaxing to a River offers world class sunset and cocktails, but you’re not quite there, whitewater rafting. Adyet. ventures on the Gorge Or, there’s my father’s return to Europe, a lifehas trips that will prolong dream that never happened. Or, there’s that duce a lifetime of memocruise — had you better planned for it, you would ries. (Adventures on the have known how to maximize that port of call and Gorge.) not missed its marquee sight. It takes all the stages “Fall in love” with to create a great memAmericA’s #2 resort for fAmilies! ory. A miss on one stage can dilute or prevent the 2014 experience. Prolonged delays can prevent the great memory from happening, too. It’s been said, “The enemy of the good is the perfect.” So much time spent planning, there’s no time left for “doing.” It’s like farming — some days you plant seeds, some days you water, some

TABLE OF CONTENTS 5 ~ Publisher’s Note 6 ~ Editor’s Note 7 ~ The elements of Luzerne 8 ~ Travel Line 10 ~ International canoe event in Garrett County 12 ~ Cycling through Talbot County 14 ~ PA Route 6 15 ~ Allegheny National Forest 16 ~ Corn Maze round-up DHG 1-8 ~ Discount & Housing Guide VA-1 ~ Northern Neck VA-4 ~ Coastal events VA-6 ~ Explore the Space Coast VA-8 ~ Fredericksburg VA-9 ~ The Valentine VA-10 ~ Harrisonburg International Festival VA-11 ~ Montpelier’s Constitution Day VA-12 ~ South Central discovery itinerary VA-14 ~ Civil War section VA-18 ~ Glen Maury Park WV-2 ~ Fall in the parks WV-4 ~Gauley River adventure WV-6 ~Bridge Day WV-8 ~Canaan Valley leaf peeping 17 ~ Cruise Corner 19 ~ Southern Delaware outdoors 22 ~ Calendar of Events 26 ~ Wine Doctor 27 ~ Adventures in Taste 28 ~ Music festival 31 ~ Classified

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editor’s note I marvin bond

The card arrived The red, white, and blue card arrived recently confirming my status as one of the 10,000 baby boomers who turn 65 each day. Welcome to Medicare! But wait a minute; I’m not some doddering senior citizen. I’m still working, taking care of a

home, traveling, and doing many other activities. So, it would seem, are most of my contemporaries, those of us born as the first half of the 20th century was coming to an end. Travel remains an important part of our lives, whether it’s an annual family vacation at the beach, a day trip to explore area wineries, a trip to an all-inclusive resort, or a cruise. Research shows that boomers consider travel a 410.535.5327 necessity, not a luxury, have traveled more than their predecessors, and are more interested in off-the-beaten-path Hiking Trails destinations. Of course, as large as the boomer Picnicking group is, they are still one part of the traveling Education Programs public. That’s what makes our Interpretive Exhibits work here at Recreation News so rewarding. As writers, we get to ferret out those destinations and experiences that will appeal to readers of all ages and interests, from the thrill-seeking millennial to the Civil War buff to the true foodie. Jane and I find surprises on almost all of Kings Landing Park our trips — people and Canoe & Kayak Access places that aren’t necesGroup Camping & Facilities sarily in any brochure but that add immeasurFlag Ponds Nature Park ably to the experience. Chesapeake Bay Beach and Fossil Hunting As summer recedes and fall begins this Battle Creek Cypress Swamp Sanctuary month, there are ample opportunities to enjoy Trails Through a Bald Cypress Swamp travel. Take the family

Calvert County Nature Parks Explore the Wonders of the Natural World


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The CFC is the only campaign authorized to solicit and collect contributions from federal employees in the workplace on behalf of charitable organizations.

&)& 6 recreation news I september 2014 I



to a corn maze, meet a pony at Assateague, find a festival for some old-fashioned fun, or plan a longer trip now that there are fewer crowds but the weather is still warm. You’ll find some great ideas in our pages this month and additional content at Don’t let the grass grow under your feet. Your card is coming, too!

Travelers’ toolbox ◆ Dakota Watch Co. offers a Zip Clip model for outdoor adventures that also includes a bottle opener, LED light, small knife, and split rind for attaching to a belt or backpack. ( ◆ For outdoor adventures or to be prepared for hurricane season, the Sun Power Bank 4000 is a high-efficiency solar cell/lithium battery charger for smart phones, tablets, GPS units, cameras, and other devices with USB cables. ( ◆ The 365 Guide to New York City lists 365 restaurant deals and bar specials in the Big Apple detailing type of food or bar specialty. Many of the specials are common happy hour-type offerings, but there are some gems and establishments known primarily to locals. ( ◆ There’s a new Moon handbook for Virginia, Maryland, and Washington, D.C., organized by major town or region. Guidebooks are always somewhat subjective and area locals may find favorite attractions or experiences are missing, but the book does offer information on sights, food, accommodations, and traveling with pets. (

Coming next month Mid-Atlantic wine and other libations Artists’ studio tours Hawk Mountain

pennsylvania I matthew graham

Explore the great outdoors in lovely Luzerne County Luzerne County is one of the most spectacularly beautiful areas in Pennsylvania. Nestled amongst the Pocono and Endless mountains there are a wide range of forested parks, the winding Susquehanna River, the Lehigh Valley gorge, and the charming town of Wilkes-Barre. Outdoor lovers can explore the area by air, by land, and by water.

paddle down the Susquehanna with a stop at Bartolai Vineyards for wine tasting and snacks. Try a full-moon kayak tour along five scenic miles of the river from Whites Ferry to West Falls. Or, simply rent a boat for a half day of paddling along the Susquehanna River Water Trail. (,

By Air

By All Three

From nearly 10,000 feet the view is breathtaking. Above the Poconos Skydivers offers tandem jumps with seasoned instructors to help visitors safely enjoy the views. Above the Poconos is the oldest continually running USPA member skydiving center in the world. Tandem jumps are recommended for first timers because an instructor can provide guidance from top to bottom. With the instructor cinched tight to your back, you waddle like a four-legged crab to the open doorway of the airplane. Below is nothing but air and the verdant landscape of northeastern Pennsylvania. The wind roars as the instructor calmly counts down for the jump and, in a flash, you are falling. Racing through the air and hitting speeds of 120 mph, freefall often lasts for more than a minute. The ground is still thousands of feet away as the chute is deployed, the canopy pops open, and the world becomes quiet. Floating gently to the ground, the instructor steers the chute and explains the mechanics of setting up an approach pattern into the Hazleton Municipal Airport. The grass drop zone adjacent the runway comes up slowly and your instructor pulls the brake handles hard to flare the canopy for a soft touchdown. The center offers complete instruction programs for becoming a licensed skydiver. (

The ultimate experience in Luzerne County is the Ricketts Glen State Park Waterfall Hike. The 3.5-mile loop hike follows a path down into a gully



and back with an astounding 22 waterfalls. Climb under the falls, sit in the catch pools, and even get a little airtime jumping off one of the overlooks into the deeper pools. It’s the most fun a additional coverage at person can have on a hot summer day! (


Before you go Luzerne Co. Tourism:


Luzerne County Fair Funfest Weekend Haunted Lantern Tours

You'll find it all right here in Northeast PA!!

By Land Take the stroll of your choice along the Mocanaqua Loop Trail System. With a series of interconnecting loops, you can do an easy walk of a couple of miles, a moderate hike of seven or eight miles, or connect the loops for a 15-mile trek. Many of the trails follow old coal mining roads through the woods and past large rock formations. The main trail runs along a ridge of Penobscot Knob and features several scenic overlooks of the Susquehanna River and a view of the town of Shickshinny. The vistas include wide-open, flat, rocky areas ideal for a picnic or simply basking in the sun and watching the birds soar along the ridge. ( trail_system.html)

By Water Feel the rush of adrenaline as you tackle the whitewater of the Lehigh Valley Gorge with Pocono Whitewater. Splash through 17 Class II and III rapids on a 12-mile, five-hour guided river run. These high-intensity trips are operated on select dates when water is released from the Francis E. Walter Dam. Slightly more mellow “family” trips with Class II rapids are also offered. For a completely relaxing river excursion, take a tour with Kayak The River. Enjoy a fabulous

ure h c o r B e Fre

Spend some time in Luzerne County ountyy

enjoying outdoor recreation in our picturesque parks, lakes and rivers. New this season is Wilkes-Barre Bike Share; a free bike program for visitors to explore downtown Wilkes-Barre, thee River Common and nearby communities. Find out why Luzerne County has been named "Official Best of Outdoor Recreation" ...order your fall foliage driving tour brochure.

Fall Events Visit or call 888.905.2872 I september 2014 I recreation news 7

travel line I carol timblin

Celebrating the 150 anniversary of the National Park System th

Though President Abraham Lincoln’s legacy rests primarily on his leadership during the Civil War and his eloquent Gettysburg Address, his signing of the Yosemite Grant Act 150 years ago had a long-lasting effect upon the country that continues today. The act gave birth to the country’s outstanding system of national parks. In late June, the Yosemite Act was commemorated during a special

Among the Mid-Atlantic sites administered by the National Park Service is Philadelphia’s Independence National Historical Park, which includes Independence Hall.




Enjoy the end of summer at a discount. Arrive between August 17 and August 28 and SAVE. Rates as low as $169 per night. 101st Street & Oceanfront • Ocean City, MD

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ceremony held in the Mariposa Grove of Giant Sequoias in California’s Yosemite National Park. “We stand in awe among these giant trees that are thousands of years old,” said National Park Service director Jon Jarvis to the assembled crowd, “and are reminded about the importance of protecting our natural resources so that future generations can experience what John Muir called ‘nature’s forest masterpiece.’” Today, there are 401 sites in the National Park System, which cover 84 million acres total. The system includes 125 historical parks/sites, 78 national monuments, 59 national parks, 25 battlefields/military parks, 18 preserves, 18 recreation areas, 10 seashores, four parkways, four lakeshores, and two reserves. In 2013, the park system recorded more than 9 million visitors and volunteers contributed 353,299 hours of service. The National Park System is one of the United States’ greatest treasures, and among its crown jewels are Yosemite, Yellowstone, and the Grand Canyon. Established in 1890, Yosemite offers a plethora of activities amid its 748,000 acres, from backpacking to rock climbing, hiking to auto touring, and fishing to horseback riding. The year-round California park entertains more than 4 million annual visitors who enjoy its history, natural beauty, and accommodations, including the historic Wawona and Ahwahnee hotels. The 50th anniversary of the Wilderness Act will be celebrated in Yosemite on Sept. 3. ( Yellowstone, our nation’s and the world’s first national park, was established in 1872. Harboring one of the last natural ecosystems in the world, the park is almost as pristine as it was when Native Americans roamed the land. Covering 2.1 million acres, primarily in Wyoming, the park welcomes more than 3 million visitors a year. Its main inhabitants today are grizzlies, wolves, bison, moose, elk, coyotes, owls, and ospreys. With 10,000 hydrothermal features, more than 300 geysers and 290 waterfalls, one of the world’s largest calderas, and one of the largest petrified forests, Yellowstone always delivers a spectacular show, including Old Faithful’s daily eruptions. Among the varied accommodations are historic inns such as Roosevelt Lodge Cabins (named for President Teddy Roosevelt), Lake Yellowstone Hotel, Old Faithful Inn, and Mammoth Hot Springs Hotel and Cabins ( Five million annual visitors spend time in the amazing, multi-hued Grand Canyon, which is onemile deep and crowned by the South Rim and the North Rim (open seasonally). Getting around the entire canyon is not easy with only one pedestrian and one auto bridge, so visitors may opt to visit only one side, the most popular being the South Rim. This area offers the only lodging in the park, the grandest being the 1905 El Tovar Hotel. Most visitors travel by car, while others ride the Santa Fe Railroad from Williams, Ariz., to the century-old train depot in the Grand Canyon Village or take shuttle buses. A free shuttle runs between Tusayan, Ariz., and the Grand Canyon Visitor Center, where visitors pick up free in-park shuttles. Browse through the exhibits and the bookstore at Verkamp’s Visitor Center in the Grand Canyon Village. Also, visit Lookout Studio, one of six buildings designed by architect Mary Colter and part of the Mary Jane Colter Buildings National Historic

8 recreation news I september 2014 I

Landmark. More adventurous travelers may backpack, ride a mule to Phantom Park, or take a raft down the Colorado River. ( The Skywalk in nearby Grand Canyon West is an interesting side-stop for visitors. Managed by the Hualapai Tribe, the horseshoe-shaped steel frame with a glass floor and sides that extend 70 feet from the rim offers breathtaking views of the canyon. Visitors may also experience Native American culture at the authentic replica of a village, the open air market, and Hualapai Ranch. (

National parks to explore in the Mid-Atlantic A large number of visitors are expected at the Fort McHenry National Monument and Historic Shrine the week of Sept. 10-16 for “Star-Spangled Spectacular.” The event commemorates the 200th anniversary of the Battle of Baltimore, during which Francis Scott Key was prompted to write The Star-Spangled Banner. Special programs featuring reenactors, hands-on educational experiences, and many more activities have served as a prelude to the event at the fort, which welcomes 650,000 visitors a year. The “Spectacular” will kick off with the arrival of tall ships and naval vessels in the Inner Harbor on Sept. 10, followed by festivals, public ship tours, and the Star-Spangled Air Show. It culminates with a patriotic concert and fireworks on the evening of Sept. 13. A huge Stars and Stripes will be raised over Fort McHenry the next morning. The celebration ends on Sept. 16 with the Parade of Ships’ departure. ( Every year, more than 3.6 million people visit Philadelphia’s Independence National Historical Park, where the Declaration of Independence and the U.S. Constitution were signed. The 55-acre site covers more than 20 blocks in the historic district and includes more than a dozen museums. A tour of Independence Hall is a must-see, as is Liberty Bell Center, where the famous bell is displayed. Benjamin Franklin, Philadelphia’s most renowned citizen, lived and worked in what is now Franklin Court. An open-steel structure outlines Franklin’s house and a new museum features artifacts, animations, and hands-on interactive exhibits that tell his story. Also here are a printing office, architectural/archaeological exhibit, and operating post office. ( Shenandoah National Park, another Mid-Atlantic gem that covers 197,000 acres, has one of the largest designated wilderness areas in the eastern United States. Park visitors are celebrating Wilderness Week through Sept. 7. You can experience the wilderness by walking through it or driving over the popular Skyline Drive. It stretches for 105 miles from Front Royal, Va., to Waynesboro/ Staunton, Va., where it connects with the 476-mile Blue Ridge Parkway, also a part of the National Park System. If you take the Skyline Drive, be sure to stop at the visitors’ centers, overlooks, historic sites, lodges, and concessions along the way. Historic Big Meadows Lodge and Skyland Lodge in Shenandoah offer lodging, dining, shopping, and entertainment. On Sept. 20, Skyland Lodge invites visitors to stir the apple butter that will be cooked in copper kettles over a fire. The menu will feature

special apple dishes, including apple-smoked barbecue and apple cobbler, and canned apple butter will be sold. There will also be opportunities for wine tasting, pony rides, children’s crafts, and live entertainment throughout the day. ( The Blue Ridge Parkway began in 1936 as a New Deal project under President Franklin Roosevelt and was completed in 1983 with the building of the Linn Cove Viaduct at Grandfather Mountain. The parkway starts at the end of the Skyline Drive and ends 486 miles later at the Great Smoky Mountains National Park and the Cherokee Indian Reservation in North Carolina. Like the Skyline Drive, it is known for its natural beauty, historic sites, overlooks, lodges, concessions, and outdoor recreational options. The parkway covers 93,000 acres of terrain in the Blue Ridge Mountains. Last year,


more than 12 million people traveled “America’s Most Scenic Highway.� ( Private citizens are encouraged to support the National Park Service by giving to the nonprofit National Park Foundation, chartered by Congress in 1967. You can sign up for foundation’s free Guide to National Parks at Roosevelt’s words about national parks still ring true today: “There is nothing so American as our national parks. ... The fundamental idea behind the parks ... is that the country belongs to the people.�

Last Summer Fling If you didn’t make it to the beach this summer, there’s still time to soak up a little sun, play in the surf, and enjoy a few activities at area beaches. Ocean City, Md., will host Bikefest, Sept. 11-14; Sunfest, Sept. 18-21; Wine on the Beach, Sept. 26-

Carol Timblin welcomes travel news at ctimblin@

travel line



September 8–10, 2014 Enjoy low room rates when the full moon rises. Discounted rates apply to king suites, junior suites and standard rooms. Based on availability. Not valid on existing reservations. Certain restrictions apply.


27; and Octoberfest, Oct. 18-22. ( The Neptune Festival continues in Virginia Beach with Blues on the Beach, Sept. 5-6; Neptune’s Surfing Classic and Neptune’s Fall Wine Festival , Sept. 6-7; the International Sandsculpting Competition, Sept. 26-Oct. 5; Sandman Triathlon, Sept. 26; and the Neptune Festival and Boardwalk Weekend, Sept. 26-27. ( event) On the Delaware coast, the tall ship Kalmar Nyckel sails Sept. 1-6 from Lewes Ferry Terminal. The Eating Rehoboth Culinary Tour happens every Friday and Sunday, Sept. 5-Oct. 16, and the Eating Lewes Culinary Tour happens every other Thursday, Sept. 4-Oct. 3. ( âœŚ 866.312.5596 4165 MEARS AVENUE







September 6, 2014

Noon - 6 PM Garrett County Fairgrounds

Join us in the breathtaking mountain setting of Western Maryland for our 10th annual event! Local & Regional Artisans Over 200 Maryland, National & International Wines for Tasting & Purchase. Silent Auction, Live Entertainment, Kid’s Activities, Food & Fun! Weekend Lodging Packages VIRGINIA


Rail Adventures s#ANOEs+AYAKs4UBE

Enjoy exclusive luxury & comfort aboard the private rail car


Escorted tours departing from Washington’s Union Station:

.EAR&RONT2OYAL 6! on the legendary Shenandoah River


Just an hour off the Beltway.

Chef’s Table — Washington D.C. November 1, $115/person

Williamsburg Day Trips October 18 & 19, $279/person

Naval Norfolk October 3-5, $579/person

For more information, Call 703-273-8440 or visit: I september 2014 I recreation news 9

maryland I reed hellman

Celebrating autumn’s glory in Garrett County, Maryland If the natural splendor of western Maryland’s fall color show isn’t enough, autumn in Garrett County also offers a full calendar of festivals, events, and adventures. From international adventure sport competitions to full-out celebrations of autumn’s glory — complete with parades, marching bands, concerts, and shows — Maryland’s westernmost county presents a season full of attractions. From Sept. 17-21, the Adventure Sports Center International, atop Wisp Mountain, will host the International Canoe Federation’s Canoe Slalom World Championships. Olympic-quality athletes from more than 35 countries will compete on the world’s only recirculating mountaintop whitewater course. For action and spectator thrills, few sports can beat canoe slalom racing. “It’s fascinating for a spectator to watch,” said David Florence, a competitor from Scotland training at the ASCI course. “It’s very difficult to control a craft on whitewater. Competitors have to weave in and out of the gates.” Along with maneuvering a cockleshell boat through thundering rapids along a 300-meter course, competitors have to knit their way through a series of 20 to 25 gates hung from wires above the whitewater rapids. Paddlers must navigate the

Reed Hellman

The International Canoe Federation’s Canoe Slalom World Championships take place in Garrett County, Md., Sept. 17-21.


Havre de Grace Maryland

! s n e p p a H t i e r e h W History

Havre de Grace Was Chosen!

September 17-21, 2014 • Family FUN • Music at the Adventure Sports Center International

• Beer Garden • 4 days of Olympic level whitewater action!

PURCHASE TICKETS NOW! 10 recreation news I september 2014 I

One of Smithsonian Magazine’s Top 20 Small Town’s to visit in 2014.

Attractions Havre de Grace announces a Summer and Fall full of Activities Art Show, Haunted History Tours, Fall Harvest Festival


11am- 4pm Original Fall Festival with craft booths; scarecrow making; pumpkin painting; apple bobbing & pressing; apple butter making; hay rides; straw maze; bluegrass music; food; and tours. Price: Adults $10, children under 12 and member free Website:



y a B

9am- 6:30pm Celebration of our horse racing history and Graw Racetrack! Live music, over 100 vendors and crafters, food and beverages. Contact: HdG Main Street Phone: 410-939-1811 Website:


k a e p


h eor Go Online For More Info & Your FREE Destination Guide,CCall

800.851.7756 •


Explore Havre de Grace Havre de Grace

©2014 City of Havre de Grace


In no other sport do you get

to see people compete on a field like this.”

green and white striped gates while going downstream and the red and white gates while paddling upstream against the rushing torrents. The action is fast, precise, and exciting. Spectators can discover themselves leaning, stretching, and breathing hard in empathy with the competitors. “The water is like a living beast,” explained Casey Eichfeld, an American who has paddled in the past two Olympics. “It’s not the same all the time. In no other sport do you get to see people compete on a field like this.” The ASCI course uses water pumped from the same pond that supplies the snow-making system at the Wisp Ski Resort. “We just completed a $2.2 million project to bring the course up to World Championship standards,” said the competition’s Todd Copley. When not hosting international competitors, the whitewater course is open to the public, adding another dimension to Wisp’s expanding inventory of adventure sports. “It’s a unique course,” added Richard Hounslow, a canoeist from London. “The amazing thing is that you had Olympic-quality folks out training here this morning. And now, the public gets to raft the same course.”

Fall foliage and more For a less strenuous but no less exciting autumn celebration, the 47th annual Autumn Glory Festi-

val, Oct. 8-12, offers two large parades, concerts, band competitions, art exhibits, and more. They’re the highlights of a festival that the Travel Channel just listed as one of the Top 10 Best Fall Foliage Road Trips in America. Thursday brings the Oktoberfest dinner and concert by an “oompah” band, as well as a fireman’s parade. Throughout the week, visitors and locals alike can enjoy a variety of activities, including historic area tours, antique and craft shows, fine arts exhibits, a farmers market, a 5K walk, musical concerts, dogsled events, a quilt show, a corn maze, art glass exhibits, outdoor adventures, food and drink specials, a comedy basketball game, a pumpkinchucking contest, horseback trail rides, and shopping specials. Music lovers will enjoy the Official Maryland State Banjo and Mandolin Championship in Oakland on Friday, featuring contestants of all ages competing for top honors. The music continues on Saturday at The Front Page Stage, and at 1:00pm, when visitors can check out the Grand Feature Parade, complete with bands, clowns, floats, and plenty of sidewalk vendors. There’s even more music in store with the Western Maryland Tournament of Bands’ high school field show competition and the Maryland State Fiddle Championship on Saturday. Sunday brings more antique and craft shows, the Autumn Glory Festival Car Show, the Great Pumpkin Festival on the rapids at ASCI, and a nohands sundae eating contest at Lakeside Creamery. Insider tip: You don’t have to attend the festival to catch the fall foliage. Visitors can drive or bike the county’s 2014 Autumn Glory Fall Foliage Tours.

The two routes combine history and scenery. Maps and more information about Deep Creek 2014 and the Autumn Glory Festival are available at the visitors center on Route additional coverage at 219 in McHenry.


For More Information: Garrett County Tourism: Wisp Resort: Adventure Sports Center International:

Reed Hellman

The Adventure Sports Center International course is the world’s only recirculating mountaintop whitewater course. I september 2014 I recreation news 11

maryland I fran severn-levy

Fall fests and bike adventures lure you to Talbot County Early autumn on Maryland’s Eastern Shore is a gift. The temps are cooler, the crowds are thinner, and the bugs are gone. It’s a perfect time to explore the outdoors in Talbot County, where the season welcomes

a host of interesting events, too. With flat terrain and little traffic, the area is perfect for bikers. The county has six themed bicycle trails that meander along the back roads, stopping at historic sites, old church

Maryland Tourism

Organized events and six themed trails make Talbot County a great destination for road cycling.



cemeteries, small towns, and scenic parks. Peddle them all, and youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ve covered 180 miles. Paddlers can explore the areaâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s water trails. There are two maps available, one showing four paddle paths around St. Michaels, the other with 10 trails around Tilghman Island. These offer a great variety of experiences, taking paddlers to undeveloped guts and creeks where theyâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ll find all sorts of water-based life swimming and splashing in the reeds and marshes. The native waterfowl and land birds are joined by the first of the migrating geese and other birds heading south for the winter. The maps rate each trail by difficulty from beginner to experienced, suggest an average time to finish the route, give some tips on what to look for, and have a checklist of what birds you might spot. They also have a list of outfitters that rent or sell paddle equipment and a log to record the conditions and your experiences. Insider tip: The website includes excellent downloadable brochures/maps of the bicycle and water trails.

Lots of fall festivals September is also filled with an amazing range of festivals to interest bikers, aviators, historians, and movie lovers. The annual Tour de Talbot on Sept. 7 invites bicyclers on a journey

through the county. They can choose between a century (100 miles), a metric century (62 miles), or a â&#x20AC;&#x153;more-for-us-normal-peopleâ&#x20AC;? trip of 20 miles. Proceeds benefit Midshore Riverkeeper Conservancy and the Chesapeake Bay Foundation. Itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s an increasingly popular event, so making reservations early is suggested. ( The annual Chesapeake Film Fest, which is set for Sept. 19-21, is an award-winning cinematic event noted for its scope and quality. The festival screens more than a dozen narrative, documentary, comedy, and short independent films that would otherwise not be available in the area. (chesapeakefilmfestival. com) Orator, abolitionist, and social reformer Frederick Douglass is honored on Sept. 27 with Frederick Douglass Day. The Talbot County native was instrumental in exposing the injustice of slavery in pre-Civil War days and continued to work for social equality in the years following. Events in Easton include educational exhibits and a walking tour of â&#x20AC;&#x153;The Hill.â&#x20AC;? Research indicates that this may well be the oldest community of free African-Americans in the country. Participants will see the archeological dig at the site and learn what the artifacts tell about the lives of those who settled there. ( Also on Sept. 27, Easton Airport





Take a Day? Take a Weekend?

You need to escape, but not too far away! Check out this monthâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s exciting events in Carroll County! THE MARYLAND WINE FESTIVALÂŽ September 20 | 10amâ&#x20AC;&#x201C;6pm September 21 | Noonâ&#x20AC;&#x201C;6pm Carroll County Farm Museum Westminster

WESTMINSTER FALLFEST September 25â&#x20AC;&#x201C;26 | 6pm â&#x20AC;&#x201C;10pm September 27 | 10amâ&#x20AC;&#x201C;10pm September 28 | Noonâ&#x20AC;&#x201C;6pm Westminster City Park

800-272-1933 | 12 recreation news I september 2014 I

9TH ANNUAL MICROBREWERY FESTIVAL September 27 | 11amâ&#x20AC;&#x201C;6pm Union Mills Homestead & Grist Mill, Union Mills

invites people to celebrate the serious fun of aviation during Easton Airport Day. Classic and antique planes and warbirds will be on display and in the air. Much of the flying will be formations by teams of trained pilots. And, since war planes go on bombing missions, there will be a “bomb”

competition. At noon, pilots will “bomb” a target near the runway with rubber chickens. In the “tug the jet” contest, teams of six people (three men, three women) compete to see which is fastest at pulling an F-104 jet across the parking ramp. There will also be rides in antique planes and dis-

plays by the Maryland State Police and other aviation organizations. The event is free and runs from 10:00am-3:00pm. (

For more information Talbot County Tourism: Talbot Co. Tourism

The flat roads and minimal traffic make road biking especially enjoyable in Talbot County. I september 2014 I recreation news 13

Fall is for seeing, tasting and enjoying life! Do it on Americaâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Favorite Road Trip US Route 6 In Pennsylvania Potter County Historical Society

308 N. Main St., Coudersport Pa 16915

12-room museum â&#x20AC;&#x201C; Genealogy Research

Ă?Â&#x2020;Â&#x2020;bt|bÂ&#x152;Ă&#x160;8ÂźÂ?Â&#x152;8Â&#x2020;Â?Âąb´Ÿ´,Âą8Â&#x2020; bÂ&#x152;Ÿ¹8Â&#x2020; t Ă&#x160; $OOHJKHQ\1DWLRQDO)RUHVW5HJLRQ

5Â?Ă ÂŽÂąbÂ?Â&#x152;Âź|b,Âą8Â&#x2020; 5Â?

Scenic Driving ÂźÂ?+Â?Â&#x2030;bÂź|Â&#x152;t tl ÂźÂ? s Tour Enj Enjoy the stunning fall


pennsylvania I kathleen ganster

Pennsylvaniaâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Route 6 yields many delights Driving along U.S. Route 6 through Pennsylvania in the fall is one of the most beautiful trips anyone can make. Throw in all of the culinary destinations along the way and it can also be one of the most delicious. â&#x20AC;&#x153;Culinary arts and destinations have become so popular. We took a look and said, â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;What can you taste along PA Route 6?â&#x20AC;&#x2122; and it turns out, there is a lot,â&#x20AC;? said Terri Dennison, who promotes the PA Route 6 Alliance. Those destinations include cheese factories, chocolate makers, maple producers, and two well-established wine trails â&#x20AC;&#x201D; Lake Erie and Endless Mountain.

Wineries and other libations The well-known, award-winning wineries along both trails have welcomed visitors for quite some time. Joining the veterans are several new

establishments, along with new craft breweries and the latest trend, distilleries. One of the veterans is secondgeneration Conneaut Cellars Winery, which has been producing wines for more than three decades. Owner Joal Wolf is building on the wineryâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s reputation and has just introduced a brand new distillery featuring vodka made with grapes. Wolf is excited about the new venture. â&#x20AC;&#x153;We are kind of unique in several ways. For one, we have been making award-winning wines since the beginning, which shows that we have been consistent. And, we have over 25 wines named after local areas,â&#x20AC;? he said. â&#x20AC;&#x153;Now, we have launched the distillery to satisfy every visitor and our local guests.â&#x20AC;? ( Nearby Voodoo Brewery offers several unique brews in a fun set-ting with locally sourced food and is a great stop for hungry beer drinkers.

Fall is fabulous in Franklin County.

Beautiful vistas, lots of apples, and great festivals are waiting.

in Pennsylvaniaâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s ffoliage ol ONLY ON NLY National Forest!


Lodging, attractions, restaurants & packages

800-473-9370 â&#x20AC;˘ 14 recreation news I september 2014 I

Sept. 27 Townfest in downtown Mercersburg Oct. 4 Old Market Day in downtown Waynesboro Oct. 18 AppleFest in downtown Chambersburg Oct. 25 - 26 Great Outdoor Festival at Whitetail Resort in Mercersburg

/ HL/   6 <) HC .LQ


Save these dates!

Open Daily Sept. 30 - Nov. 3 Reynolds Fall Farm Family Fun in Waynesboro

Corn Maze & Festival Fun

Stonerâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Dairy Farm in Mercersburg | Aug. 30 - Nov. 2 Bring the family for a day of fun! Wander 5 acres of our this Wild West-themed maze, visit the petting zoo and play area, or take in the beautiful, spacious skies on the hayride. Maze operating hours will continue through November 2nd.

For more great festivals visit us online at: 717-552-2977 | |

CJ Spirits in Kane is also brand new and the first northwestern Pennsylvania craft distillery. Sam Cummings, co-owner along with Tom Jones, focuses on local grains for their products. “We use only pure Allegheny Forest water and local grains that are cooked, mashed, and bottled on site,” he said. Located in the beautiful Allegheny National Forest, it is the perfect visit during fall foliage season. Cummings said guests are welcome to their full service bar for tastings, drinks made out of their products, and lunches and appetizers.

producer as well as a museum, is dedicated to educating and preserving maple history. Located in Edinboro, the free museum has exhibits and displays about maple production and a large tasting room where visitors can taste and purchase various maple products. “Maple syrup is the first agricultural product harvested each year and such a big part of Pennsylvania’s agricultural industry. Most people don’t

know that it is only produced in the northeastern region of North America,” owner Janet Woods said. ( The PA Route 6 Artisan Trail also includes food destinations and the trail guide provides information for visitors to the region.

For more information PA Route 6 Alliance: PA Route 6

Traditional tastes The LeRaysville Cheese Factory is a functional cheese production company where cheese is made in the Amish tradition. Visitors can see the cheese production during the week. Cheese samplings are offered and the artisanal cheeses are sold. “The ride to get here, especially in the spring and fall, is just so beautiful. People always say this is just a calm, relaxing place,” manager Charity Dunbar said. ( It wouldn’t be a tasting trip without a stop at a maple farm. Patterson Farms is the largest maple syrup producer in the state and the second largest maple syrup producer in the country. “We are so proud of that fact,” said Linda Neal, who manages the sugar house. Located in tiny Sabinsville, Patterson Farms welcomes visitors for tastings of syrup, cream, candy, and sugar, plus a lesson in maple syrup production. “This is a beautiful location and when you visit, you learn a different story every time about the local history and characters,” she said. ( The Hurry Hill Farm Maple Museum, a maple

The maple products at Patterson Farms are a treat for any traveler along Pennsylvania’s Route 6.

pennsylvania I staff

Scenic drives greet visitors to the Allegheny National Forest Its miles of trails, reservoir, and waterways lend an expectation that the best way to take in the spectacular scenery in the Allegheny National Forest region of Pennsylvania is on foot or, perhaps, on a bike. While it’s true that hiking and biking are surefire ways to enjoy the region, there are also seven designated byways that entice the car-and-driver crowd into the area’s nooks and crannies. Scenic Route 6, which crosses the northern tier of Pennsylvania counties, climbs into the Allegheny Highlands where some of the world’s finest hardwoods are grown. The Tionesta National Scenic Area holds the largest stand of ancient trees in the entire Allegheny National Forest. Wineries and galleries make interesting stops along the way. A four-mile side trip along the Kinuza Bridge Scenic Byway brings you to the Kinuza Bridge State Park where part of a collapsed railroad bridge — the highest in the world

when it was built in 1882 — was reborn as the Kinuza Skywalk. The stunning views into the gorge are worth the trip. In Smethport, see how the lumber and oil barons lived during the 1800s, find a seat in the Route 6 Diner and order a “Hubber Burger,” and visit the Old Jail Museum to learn about the famous Bucktail Regiment, organized here during the Civil War.

impressive rock outcrop with spectacular views. Other loops and byways stretch to the southwest, southeast, and northeast of the region and an Eastern

Continental Divide loop takes in the eastern border of the area. Maps and information about the byways and loops are available at Allegheny National Forest Region

Longhouse Byway The Longhouse National Scenic Byway is a 36-mile loop around the Kinuza Creek arm of the Allegheny Reservoir. From the reservoir, the byway rises through hardwoods and hemlock and passes the Old Powerhouse Museum which reflects the area’s oil boom days. Trailheads lead to hikes past boulder fields, forgotten homesteads, and the shores of the reservoir. Rimrock is a rocky outcropping and overlook above the reservoir. Jakes Rocks on Longhouse Drive is another

The Kinuza Skywalk is worth the short diversion from Route 6. I september 2014 I recreation news 15

corn mazes I karen graham

Mid-Atlantic corn mazes provide fun for the whole family Corn mazes continue to rise in popularity and many farms throughout the Mid-Atlantic host mazes as part of the fall festival experience. The farms like to get creative with the themes of each maze, which this fall range from a celebration of The Wizard of Oz movie to “Music Through the Decades.” Some locations even have “flashlight” mazes at night, which makes for even spookier events.

ing its 10th year of operating a corn maze. The five- to six-acre maze has twists and turns and kids of all ages will enjoy the other attractions, including a haunted trail, hayride, and corn pit. Opening date to be announced.

Celebration Farm 17638 Garden View Road Hagerstown, Md. 301-393-4377 Eight-acre corn maze and pickyour-own pumpkin patch. Try all three mazes for one price. Open weekends, Aug. 30 to Oct. 26, with moonlight mazes on Friday and Saturday nights.

Lawyer’s Farm and Moonlight Maze 13003 Creagerstown Road Thurmont, Md. 240-315-8611 Open weekends, Sept. 19 through Nov. 2, the 2014 corn maze is designed in memory of the family farm’s owner, Jan Lawyer, who died in 2013 of brain cancer. There are a total of five mazes where you can find 21 checkpoints to keep score on your map. An indoor area features hay maze and fort, pedal go-kart speedway, playground, and picnic area. Special evening activities.

Green Street Gardens 391 W. Bay Front Road Lothian, Md. 410-867-9500 Green Street Gardens is celebrat-

Montpelier Farms 1720 North Crain Highway Upper Marlboro, Md. 410-320-0464 Explore the 10-acre corn maze,


and visit all of the fall festival activities, including the pumpkin patch, bounce house, mini corn maze, train rides, and hay rides. Fall festival begins Sept. 6. Rodgers’ Farms 1818 Greenspring Valley Road Stevenson, Md. 410-241-3392 Opening Sept. 27, Rodgers Farm offers a variety of fall festival activities including the corn maze, a large pumpkin patch, farm animals, and hayrides. There will be two flashlight evening mazes, Oct. 10 and 17. Summers Farm 5620 Butterfly Lane Frederick, Md. 301-620-9316 Choose from the smaller maze or the super-challenging maze on this 14-acre course. The maze is divided into phases for adventure seekers of all ages. It’s said to be one of the area’s largest mazes and has two hidden bridges. Open Sept. 20 through Nov. 4, seven days a week.

Sunrise Farm 100 Dairy Lane Gambrills, Md. 410-923-0726 Negotiate your way through almost 10 acres of maze trails. You will receive a map with your ticket and you may wave a flag if you need help finding your way out. In addition to the corn maze, there are other fall festival activities such as hay wagon rides and a hay maze for younger kids. Open on the weekends in September and October beginning Sept. 20.

VIRGINIA Back Home on the Farm 2915 Willow Run Road Harrisonburg, Va. 540-442-6493 At the 240-acre farm owned by the Hess Family, the corn maze opens Aug. 30 and closes Nov. 2. Explore three miles of paths, bridges, and clues. Other farm activities include the pumpkin patch, barnyard area, carousel, and much more. The farm is open seven days a week. continued on page 29

culture I gwen woolf

Fall into art with two regional festivals Searching for that special artwork that will have an honored spot in your home or office? Two regional festivals this month offer a pleasant way to shop for quality art and meet the artists, too. The Brandywine Festival of the Arts on Sept. 6-7 in Wilmington, Del., has been going on for more than 50 years and attracts some 10,000 visitors a day. More than 200 artists from 15 states will participate in the juried show, which will be held in Brandywine Park. You’ll find such artistic delights as paintings, jewelry, pottery, photography, and other media. “It’s definitely one of the better shows I do. It’s in the top two or three,” said potter Steve Datz. Olga Ganoudis, a festival regular for 25 years, displays her handcrafted jewelry. Her work has been used in products created for HBO’s Game of Thrones. Need to know: Hours are 10:00am-6:30pm on Saturday, and 10:00am-4:00pm on Sunday. Admission is $5 (children under 12 are admitted free).

Art in Virginia The King Street Art Festival, Sept. 13-14, will

turn the main thoroughfare in Old Town Alexandria, Va., into one huge outdoor gallery for the 12th year. Some 200 local and national artists will set up shop under tents between Washington Street and the Potomac River waterfront.

Look for a variety of paintings, sculptures, photography, glass, wood, fiber, jewelry, collage, ceramics, and mixed media. Prices range from $25 for hand-designed earrings to $50,000 for metal sculptures. continued on page 20


Washington, D.C., is packed with festivals this month ... Live music, dances, a kids’ fair, artisans, and vendors highlight Adams Morgan Day, a neighborhood festival, on Sept. 14. ( ... The H Street Festival on Sept. 20 offers live music by 50 artists, art exhibits, and pie eating and tattoo contests. (hstreet. org) ... A parade, children’s festival, arts and crafts, and food celebrate Latino culture at Fiesta DC on Sept. 21 on Pennsylvania Avenue. ( ... The Turkish Festival on Sept. 28 in Freedom Plaza features live music and folk dances, arts and crafts, kids’ activities, and Turkish cuisine. ( — gwen woolf

family event

Mount Vernon’s Colonial Craft Fair will be held Sept. 20-21, 9:00am-5:00pm. Check out an early American marketplace with vendors and family entertainment, as well as artist demonstrations, while exploring the beautiful grounds of Mount Vernon in Alexandria, Va. Visit the 500-acre estate of George Washington, including the gardens and outbuildings. Make sure to leave time for the museum and impressive kids’ room, to learn more about Washington’s life and his family. ( — karen graham

16 recreation news I september 2014 I




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From Virginia with LOVE Wallops becomes NASA Workhorse

Oysters and the Northern Neck I Fall in Fredericksburg I Constitution Day at Montpelier The Valentine shows off Richmond I Music at Glen Maury Park I Civil War section virginia I martha steger

Virginiaâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Northern Neck serves up autumn events Events served up with big helpings of history Whenever we travel to Virginiaâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Northern Neck, my husband and I are glad the 1920-21 stock offering of the Northern Neck Railroad was a bust. Without a transportation link to cities, the pristine, sparsely populated peninsula between the Potomac and Rappahannock rivers remained a largely undeveloped, agricultural area. Wineries and fresh, local seafood have stimulated restaurant

start-ups, and visitors like ourselves â&#x20AC;&#x201D; attracted by the regionâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s historical attractions and cornfields stretching from counties into towns â&#x20AC;&#x201D; are supplying demand for good food and wine. One of the 80 ghosts said to inhabit Belle Grove Plantation Bed and Breakfast whispers in my ear not to forget â&#x20AC;&#x153;fine accommodationsâ&#x20AC;? â&#x20AC;&#x201D; beginning with the B&Bâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s location on U. S. Rt. 301 in King









SEPTEMBER 20 & 21, 2014


George at the top of the Neck. The birthplace of President James Madison, Belle Grove overlooks the Rappahannock River, where we watched an eagle soar past as we sipped our morning coffee and enjoyed innkeeper Michelle Darnellâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s take on Eggs Benedict from the upstairs porch. continued on virginia tourism 2

Westmoreland County Virginia More Beaches, More Parks, More Wine, More History


8:->1-?*-6-.1<,166-:;MX\!"85:M[MZ^I\QWV:MY]QZML  .WZ.M[\Q^IT\QKSM\QVNWZUI\QWV^Q[Q\___;\ZI\NWZL0ITTWZO Explore and Experience Westmoreland County,



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For more info call 804.493.8440 I september 2014 | virginia tourism I VA-1

Northern Neck continued from virginia tourism 1 The inn, which dates to 1791, has a wine festival on Oct. 18 and offers ghost tours the last two weekends in October. (bellegroveplantation. com)




Fewer than 15 miles east of King George sits Colonial Beach, nicknamed â&#x20AC;&#x153;Playground of the Potomacâ&#x20AC;? now for its much quieter tourism style than a half-century ago when offshore gambling tables existed in Maryland waters. We learned of food and arts-and-crafts tables at what locals are calling a must-stop along the Neckâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s fall festival trail: the first Colonial Beach Bike Fest, Oct. 9-12. The new festival begins with the â&#x20AC;&#x153;Blessing of the Bikeâ&#x20AC;? on Friday, and includes a free Molly Hatchet concert Saturday evening and bands all day Sunday. Fridayâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Art Walk, 6:00-9:00pm, will offer chats with featured artists during the reception. Galleries showing handmade pottery, paintings,

jewelry, and gems are open throughout the weekend. ( An earlier fall event in a historic setting is the annual Northern Neck Land Conservancy â&#x20AC;&#x153;Boots and Barbecue,â&#x20AC;? on Sept. 14, 1:00â&#x20AC;&#x201C;4:00pm, at Northumberland Countyâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Gascony, a historic home built in 1848 overlooking Mill Creek. Music, information on conservation issues, and history of the Northern Neck are on the program, along with pork barbeque, fried oysters, side dishes, and desserts made by local residents. Tickets are limited. ( boots-bbq) The Urbanna Oyster Festival, Nov. 7-8, is in its 57th year and offers Stratford Hall oysters raw, roasted, steamed, smoked, fried, in fritters, or in a stew â&#x20AC;&#x201D; along with clams, shrimp, and crabs, too. When festivalgoers arenâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t preoccupied by the infinite variety of crafts and artwork, theyâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ll also find hamburgers, hot dogs, roast beef, and goodies too numerous to mention. Donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t miss the old-fashioned firemanâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s parade on Friday evening or the oyster-shucking contest behind the firehouse Saturday. UrStratford Hall hosts a wine and oyster event, Sept. 20-21, featuring local banna closes its streets wines and oysters. for this free, walk






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The Washington and Lee families The George Washington Birthplace National Monument, 10 miles down the road from Colonial Beach, and Stratford Hall, the Lee family plantation six miles farther in Westmoreland County, offer serenity in many ways, not the least of which are walks on the marl paths above the Potomac River. Both sites provide a refresher in Virginia history — early America’s history — beginning with the rich environment settled by Washington’s great-grandfather. At Stratford Hall, the tour guide explains the intertwined Washington and Lee families, with Robert E. Lee’s marriage to Mary Custis, great-granddaughter of Martha Custis Washington, wife of George Washington. The Stratford Hall Wine and Oyster Festival on Sept. 20-21 combines the products of the vintners along the Chesapeake Bay Wine Trail with those of oyster growers. From 11:00am-5:00pm each day you can also enjoy beer from Fredericksburg’s Blue and Gray Brewery, free tours, artisans, kids’ activities, and other local seafood. ( The museum and library named

for the first president’s mother lies farther down the Neck, in Lancaster’s historic courthouse village, eight miles from where Mary Ball Washington was born. Capturing the stories and rich history of the people of the Northern Neck, the museum proves history is neither static nor carved in stone: As new artifacts surface, interpretation shifts.

Back to bikes … and watermen The new home of the Northern Neck River Ride is Belle Isle State Park, with its 739 acres and seven miles of shoreline along the Rappahannock River. Scheduled for Oct. 4, the bike ride’s multiple routes include rolling hills, scenic water views, and the engaging small towns of Lancaster County. We personally enjoy exploring the wide variety of tidal wetlands, interspersed with farmlands and upland forests, at this park. ( We end our trip at the Reedville Fishermen’s Museum, where the new exhibit “Disasters and Other Mishaps On and Around the Chesapeake Bay” opened in late May. The museum’s 25th annual Oyster Roast is Nov. 8, 2:00-5:00pm, with limited ticket sales. If you miss the event, do circle December on your calendar for the museum’s 18th annual Train Show, where you can watch, as we did, the video on the failed attempt at a Northern Neck railroad.

Before you go Northern Neck Tourism:

Come Relax

around festival. (urbannaoyster Insider tip: For a different experience, try dining at farm-totable seafood restaurant Merroir, along the Rappahannock River in Topping and only 300 yards from one of its oyster farms. We recommend its crab cakes, along with its original oyster dishes.

At The


Where you can find The only official State Oyster festival:

Urbanna OYSTER FESTIVAL The Famous

Rappahannock OYSTERS The Home & Resting Place of

Gen. Chesty Puller the most decorated U.S. Marine

Deltaville-The Boating Capitol of the Chesapeake Historic Harbor Town of Urbanna


Water, history, and so much more on Virginia’s Northern Neck

River Terra Retreat

“ A unique B & B and place to meet in Virginia’s Northern Neck.”

703-304-5274 37 4th Street, Colonial Beach, VA 22443 •

Colonial Beach, Virginia Westmoreland County

Great Place to Get away,Play and stay

Close to D.C and Richmond

Enjoy our waterfront hospitality. Take advantage of our hop/on-hop/off trolley for just 50¢. Experience our Boardwalk Arts and Craft Show Find us on Facebook Sept. 6 & 7. For more information and brochure call 804-224-7181

Ranked among the “Top Hotels in the South” by Conde Nast Traveler

Located on a private peninsula on Virginia’s Northern Neck, the Tides Inn is perfect for families, couples, groups, and special events. Enjoy delicious regionally-inspired cuisine, onsite activities, Journey spa® and the widely recognized Golden Eagle Golf Course. Members of the military use code MIL when booking for special savings. 480 King Carter Drive • Irvington, VA 22480 804-438-5000 or 800-843-3746 I september 2014 | virginia tourism I VA-3

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Coastal Va. presents fall festivals featuring water, wine, and crafts There’s an unwritten rule encouraging many travelers to flock to Virginia’s beaches during summer and the mountains during fall. Though the leaves speckling the mountain ranges are at their peak in autumn, the Old Dominion’s coastal region is

alive with events to draw you back this fall.

Something in the water Since waterways are essential to the region’s recreation and livelihood, several events are dedicated

Enjoy the deck at the Sunset Beach Grille near Cape Charles, Va.

to honoring the bodies of water that make up Hampton Roads. Join in the celebration of historic waterways and rich cultural heritage at Chesapeake’s Waterways Heritage Festival, Oct. 11-12 at Great Bridge Lock Park. Participate in kayak tours, listen to live music, and peruse the works of exhibitors offering unique crafts. ( The 32nd annual Hampton Bay Days Festival, Sept. 5-7, attracts more than 200,000 visitors to Hampton’s downtown waterfront. The festival features more than 35 diversely talented musicians, tremendous feats from the Tidewater Dock Dogs, the Freaky Kon-Tiki Hampton River Raft Race and Cornhole Tournament, Bay Days 8K run, a car show, food vendors, merchants, and a spectacular display of fireworks. There are also educational opportunities to learn the importance of the Chesapeake Bay and how to contribute to its upkeep and preser-

vation. ( Across the bay on Sept. 6, the folks in Onancoke hold the 16th annual Onancoke Challenge paddle races with a bonus seafood boil on the wharf. On the northern part of Virginia’s Eastern Shore, Chincoteague hosts its Chili Chowder Cookoff on the carnival grounds, Sept. 27.

Pinots, pints, pork (and oysters) October is Virginia wine month, and there are plenty of chances this fall to become familiar with the state’s most vivacious vintages. Sip and savor chardonnays, merlots, and rieslings by the Virginia Beach Oceanfront, Sept. 6-7, during the 18th annual Neptune’s Fall Wine Festival ( Sample delectable Virginia-made vintages, as well as international wines, at the Chesapeake Virginia Wine Festival, Oct. 11 in Chesapeake City Park. Nosh on enticing dishes



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from high-quality restaurants and caterers as you browse the wares from a juried selection of fine artisans. Live music from Lewis McGehee will set the tone for a fabulous day of celebrating the incredible art of wine. ( If oysters are your favorite, the annual Chincoteague Oyster Festival runs for the 42nd time on Oct. 11 at Tom’s Grove Campground. ( Also, on Oct. 11, Cape Charles, just across the Chesapeake Bay BridgeTunnel from Hampton Roads, holds its fall festival, 10:00am-5:00pm. That same weekend, Oct. 10-12, the Eastern Shore Birding & Wildlife Festival covers the shore with excursions, bird walks, lectures, exhibits, and plenty of other activities. ( On Oct. 18-19, the 27th annual Town Point Virginia Wine Festival, presented by AT&T, draws vino-loving crowds along Norfolk’s Elizabeth River to sample wines from more than 30 Virginia wineries and savor gourmet food, specialty wares, and live musical performances. ( Wine isn’t the only beverage that’s being celebrated this fall. A sumptuous selection of tasty brews beckon prominence during the Virginia Beach Craft Beer Festival, also Oct. 18-19. Gather under a big tent

and listen to live music while sampling craft beverages from local, regional, and national breweries. ( There’s something particularly satisfying about the combination of craft beer and ribs, and this luscious pairing will be lauded at Norfolk’s 2nd annual Ribtoberfest, being held Sept. 20 in Town Point Park. Pork enthusiasts can pig out as beer and barbecue collide in a mouthwatering food-for-all featuring live music, restaurant competitions, and great family fun. ( November on the Eastern Shore is Wine & Brine month, pairing wine and oysters at a series of events including the Merroir & Terroir Oyster Extravaganza at Chatham Vineyards in Machipongo on Nov. 8. (

tage of a free shuttle to the festival. “The Newport News Fall Festival of Folklife is one of my all-time favorite festivals of the year. It’s the longest-running festival on the peninsula,” said Rebecca Cutchins, who promotes Newport News. “The festival started in 1974 and was only supposed to be held through 1976 — the year we celebrated our nation’s bicentennial. The goal of the festival was to showcase folklife traditions that were in danger of disappearing, such as folk dance, traditional music,

and historic trades and crafts … but the festival was so well received that it became an annual event!” (nngov. com) Whether you’re anticipating an afternoon of Virginia wine or beer tasting, a weekend of water-centric fun, or a day of perusing the local arts scene while basking in fall’s perfect temperatures, there are plenty of reasons to head to Virginia’s coast this autumn. Festival season ensures plenty of fall fun for the whole family.

Appreciating the arts Sometimes, all folks really want out of a festival is a chance to relish the cooler weather and change of seasons. The 41st Newport News Fall Festival of Folklife, Oct. 4-5, attracts 70,000 attendees to Newport News Park to delight in more than 200 craft exhibitors, live entertainment, children’s activities, and loads of delicious food. Insider tip: You can pitch a tent at the Newport News Campground that is part of the park and take advan-

Ships,History Great Outdoors

Newport News Tourism

The Newport News Fall Festival of Folklife includes 200 craft exhibitors, live entertainment, and great food.




Over 30 Parks

Virginia Living Museum

DISTINCTLY NORFOLK. Just a short drive away or a relaxing ride on Amtrak, discover great dining, festivals and fun in Norfolk. This vibrant coastal city has a hip pub and restaurant scene including local craft breweries and Virginia’s first-ever urban winery and tasting room.


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Va.’s Space Coast: Road trip with out-of-this-world seafood Chesapeake Bay Bridge-Tunnel connects major space attractions This year’s 45th anniversary of man’s first walk on the moon was good reason for a space-related

road trip to two Virginia attractions on opposite sides of the Chesapeake Bay — NASA’s Wallops

Marvin Bond

Planes, prototypes, and space capsules fill the main hall at the Virginia Air & Space Center in Hampton, Va.

Explore Coastal Virginia

Flight Facility and the Virginia Air and Space Center. Between the destinations were plenty of places to enjoy. Off U.S. Route 13, I landed easily at Wallops Flight Facility Visitor Center near Chincoteague Island. With more than 15,000 rocket missions since 1945, Wallops is NASA’s most active launch range. I didn’t try to time my trip to match a launch time, as I learned early from NASA bulletins that scheduled launches are unpredictable, depending on weather and other variables. I was thrilled to visit the center when young Space Flight Adventure Camp participants were setting off their individually made rockets. Visitors can easily spend more than two hours with the visitors center’s exhibits, films, and programming, including a 25-minute film on the life and death of stars. With a wide range of accommodations on Chincoteague, choosing a base camp is easy. On this trip, mine was Marriott’s year-old Fairfield Inn & Suites, a short drive from the Atlantic Ocean beach on Assateague. I drove to Gary Howard Seafood on Deep Hole Road for my roasted oyster fix and picked up — what else? — Wallops Rocket Fuel ice cream (chocolate, cinnamon and chili pepper) at Island Creamery before returning to the hotel’s deck to enjoy both while watching a hazy sunset over Chincoteague Bay. The recently restored, 143-foot-tall historic Assateague Lighthouse, located on the Chincoteague National Wildlife Refuge, provides a bird’s eye view of the islands. I checked out the Museum of Chincoteague Island, which provides an engaging look at life on the island with its oyster-rich history and the famous “Misty” of Chincoteague.

Heading south on the Shore Continuing down Route 13, the Wehner family’s Chatham Vineyards on Church Creek beckons for a stop. There are plenty of fall events to draw you to this friendly coastal winery. I stopped at Cape Charles by the Bay to stretch my legs and ducked into the bustling Arts Enter Cape Charles complex, where a collective exhibit of works by artists from the shore and across Virginia is on

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year-old moon rock brought back by Apollo 17. display through Sept. 22. Before you go Insider tip: Bring preschoolers to the new, origiAnother great dining spot for sunsets: Sunset NASA Wallops Flight Facility: nal, half-hour animated series that follows young Beach Inn and Grille, which sits directly on the bay spaceship cadets at the Stardust Bay Space Acada half mile north of the Chesapeake Bay BridgeChincoteague Tourism: emy as they soar through the solar system. Tunnel. Offering a wide choice of beverages, Eastern Shore of Virginia Tourism: The end of my trip called for a calamari dinner including local wines that pair well with fresh at Conch & Bucket near my waterfront accomfood, the restaurant features party weekends with Hampton Tourism: modations at the Crowne Plaza Hampton Marina live music on the beach every Saturday through Virginia Air & Space Center: Hotel. The next morning, before leaving Hampton, Sunday and on holidays. In addition to its 64 guest I drove by the Paradise rooms and eight suites, the resort’s popular RV Ocean Club, Hampton’s park opened 40 new, pet-friendly camping sites new gem on the Chesathis year with electricity, Internet, water and sewer peake Bay. Check out hookups, and cable TV. There’s a seasonal pool, its outdoor entertainand kayak rentals are available on the property. ment schedule, along Golfers should check out the fall packages with dining inside or at Bay Creek Resort with its two championship outdoors. Space geeks courses. would definitely apprePresident John F. Kennedy’s challenge to put Experience a terrific ciate the feel of the primen on the moon had not only jump-started Amerfamily or golf getaway. vate cabanas for rent. ica’s space program, but had helped enable this project that was taking me to sea via car. The bridge-tunnel is celebrating its 50th anniversary this year. I’d left early because I wanted to make the 11:00am harbor cruise aboard the doubledecked Miss Hampton II. The 2-1/2-hour narrated Swim, Golf, Kayak, Dine and explore the quaint, historical town of Cape tour passes Hampton atCharles all while enjoying comfortable accommodations at Bay Creek. tractions such as Blackbeard’s Point, where the Cape Charles, Va. notorious pirate’s head 888-422-9275 was hung from a pole after his capture off the coast of the Outer Banks. We got off the boat to visit Fort Wool in HampVirginia Air & Space Center ton’s harbor, where both President John Tyler and President Andrew Jackson spent time escaping from the White House. Back aboard, I enjoyed the sea breeze while passing local fishing boats, large commercial cargo ships, and the awesome gray fleet at the world’s largest naval installation, Naval Station Norfolk. Then, I was off to Perfect for Nature Lovers, Bird Watchers the Virginia Air and and Fun Seekers Sunset Beach Inn is Space Center, the ofsurrounded by the National Wildlife ficial visitor center for NASA Langley, with Refuge and the Chesapeake Bay more than 100 hands-on exhibits and two gallerBook now and save 30% ies, including “Space Sunday thru Thursday Quest: Exploring the 800-899-4786 757-331-1776 Moon, Mars & Beyond!” Offer available only I marveled at the Lunar by phone reservation. Excursion Module SimuValid through December 30, 2014 lator that America’s first set astronauts used at NASA Sun l le PEOPLE HAVE G ri Langley Research Center to practice landing HERE FOR OVER 400 YEARS. on the moon. My next-favorite COME MAKE A DISCOVERY. 800.800.2202 exhibits: the Apollo 12 command module from Cape Charles, VA ½ mile north of the Chesapeake Bay Bridge-Tunnel the second manned mission to the moon, folNew RV Camp Sites available now! lowed by the 3-billion-

Play. Stay. Relax.


Sunset Beach Inn

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Fredericksburg celebrates art and heritage in September The history of Fredericksburg, Va., is littered with famous names and important events spanning the centuries from Colonial times to the Civil War to modern days. During September, Fredericksburg celebrates the heritage of some of its well-known citizens and puts on some unusual art events as well. Drive about an hour south of Washington on I-95 on the weekend of Sept. 20-21 and you’ll find Fredericksburg hopping with interesting things to do. Just outside the James Monroe Museum, the 25th edition of the Fredericksburg Welsh Festival offers traditional music, dancing, food, and arts and crafts featuring vendors with Welsh connections from 11:00am-5:00pm. ( “This is the only Welsh festival on the East

Coast,” said Monroe Museum director Scott Harris. If Fredericksburg seems an unlikely place for the cultural celebration, consider that James Monroe himself was of Welsh ancestry on his mother’s side. Step inside the museum to learn more about the nation’s fifth president and see the desk where he composed the Monroe Doctrine. ( A free trolley makes the circuit to other events in town including the Via Colore Street Painting

Festival located on Charlotte and Sophia streets and Riverfront Park on both Saturday and Sunday. About 100 mostly local artists put their talents to work on the streets, creating magical images in unexpected places. (viacolorefredericksburg. org) “The public love to circle through the event and see the progress of the art as time passes,” said Julie Perry, who promotes Fredericksburg. continued on virginia tourism 20

James Monroe Museum

Touring Fredericksburg

The only tour that includes all of the Attractions • Monuments • Markers • Historic Homes • City Dock • Battlefield See all by trolley in 75 minutes! Group rates available Departs from the Fredericksburg Visitor Center in Old Town 706 Caroline Street • Fredericksburg, VA 22401

540-898-0733 • PC516

The Fredericksburg Welsh Festival is the only Welsh festival on the East Coast.

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The Valentine is 116 years new Combine cultural heritage with exercise and a beautiful urban landscape and you’ll experience a bit of why Richmond has become a new Southern hot spot. Choose from hundreds of walking tours offered by Richmond’s hometown museum – the Valentine. Follow the Liberty Trail and walk in the footsteps of George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Patrick Henry, and more of the Founding Fathers. Stroll down Monument Avenue, which has been called “the most beautiful in America.” Visit exquisite bluffs overlooking the James River in Hollywood Cemetery, where several United States presidents, leading Richmond citizens and Civil War soldiers are buried. One of Richmond’s first public museums, the Valentine was established in 1898 by the bequest of the late Mann S. Valentine II, was first housed in the 1812 neoclassical John Wickham House on Clay Street. The Wickham House was built for the prominent lawyer who defended former Vice President Aaron Burr in his trial for treason. Here, Wickham entertained Chief Justice John Marshall, his neighbor and the judge who presided over Burr’s trial. In 1930, following the death of Mann’s brother, sculptor Edward Virginius Valentine, Edward’s studio was relocated to the property and a collection of his works is now open to the public. Mann, an avid collector of archaeological and cultural objects, was wealthy enough following the Civil War to travel throughout the world buying art, archaeological artifacts, and scientific objects.

He made his fortune creating and selling “Valentine’s Meat Juice,” a health tonic endorsed by U.S. and European medical communities. Edward, whose most famous sculpture is the Recumbent Lee

at Washington and Lee University, opened the museum in the Wickham House after brother, continued on virginia tourism 20

The Valentine

The studio of Edward V. Valentine is a fascinating look at the prominent people he sculpted, including the Recumbent Lee that is in Lee Chapel at Washington & Lee University.



Opens October 25

1015 E. Clay Street | Richmond, Virginia | (804) 649-0711 | I september 2014 | virginia tourism I VA-9

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17th International Festival expected to draw 10,000 visitors Among the featured entertainers at the Harrisonburg, Va., 17th annual International Festival

will be JosĂŠ-Luis Orozco, childrenâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s author and folk singer. His appearance, on Sept. 27 from noonHarrisonburg Tourism




The diversity of Harrisonburgâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s downtown restaurant scene is also reflected at the cityâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s International Festival.

More Green. Less Fee. A golferâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s dream. Unlimited play on our green and lush 6,400 yard Shenandoah Valley course nestled amid Virginiaâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s equally beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains. Package includes meals and lodging, greens fees and cart for 18 holes daily and extra round for cart fees only! For more details check out or call (540) 743-6551.

3 Day / 2 Night Packages from


Per person, double occupancy, includes tax

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6:00pm, is the result of a collaboration between the Harrisonburg International Festival planners, the Harrisonburg City Public Schools, and the Shenandoah Childrenâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Choir. The festival, held at Hillandale Park, is free, with plenty of food and crafts available for purchase. Visitors can enjoy an array of performing, visual, and culinary arts, as well as handmade and imported art and souvenirs and a world of stories. The festival is expected to draw as many as 10,000 people this year, according to its coordinator, Vaunda Brown, who noted the event has grown every year. â&#x20AC;&#x153;The festival attracts people from throughout the region and last year we welcomed a tour bus from New York City,â&#x20AC;? Brown said. She also noted that itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s a great place to sit back and observe. â&#x20AC;&#x153;I love just watching people enjoy each other, watching them slow down and walk in, smiling. I love the music, the smells, the kids playing. Itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s that community part of it,â&#x20AC;? she said.

Find out more: International Festival: I september 2014 I west virginia tourism | WV-1

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West Virginia parks celebrate food, fiddling, and foliage When the nights cool down and the foliage starts to color the landscape, West Virginia state parks are magical places. The crowds thin, but the views continue to dazzle. Plus, many parks celebrate the season with music, storytelling, and festivals of old-time crafts and food.

Add in special seasonal deals such as Stonewall Resort’s Freedom Day golf special for veterans, Cacapon Resort’s weekday bed-andbreakfast specials, and Pipestem’s Mountain Creek Lodge golf package, and you have outstanding reasons to visit a West Virginia park this fall.

Some folks make a fall ritual of watching the leaves shift color from the open air seat of a railroad car ascending Back Allegheny Mountain, said Gail Hyer, who promotes Pocahontas County. continued on west virginia tourism 11

Steve Shaluta

Cass Railroad State Park provides an unusual experience on an old logging railroad site.

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The roar of the Gauley River lures whitewater rafters this fall Wayne, a 52-year-old rafting guide, perches in the back of a raft as if he’s been there all his life. As he ushers people down the Gauley River, he sews stories together that describe the lure of one of the world’s top whitewater destinations. How does he guide people safely through 26 miles of the river, with 668 feet of elevation loss, and more than 100 rapids, 53 of them rated Class III or higher? “With every trip, I read the river like it’s a story that’s never quite finished,” he explains. With his calm manner and glint of humor, “Wayne-O,” as he likes to be called, provides a “learn as you go” approach to the river. As the boat draws closer to a particularly tricky set of rapids, he gives his rafters a choice: “We can take this Class V rapid around to the left or to the right — or we can paddle with what I call ‘hey-diddle-diddle-straight-down-the-middle.’” Of course the adventurous group chooses the “hey-diddle-diddle” route, taking the plunge downstream, then pausing to give each other high-fives with their paddles. In between rapids, the Gauley is calm. Butterflies circle overhead, then swoop in to nearly rest on the rafters’ helmets and heads. As the current starts to ramp up again, Wayne-O makes an offhand comment: “That’s funny. The last two people butterflies landed on — they fell out of the boat.”

The rafters exchange startled glances, then just smile, brace themselves, and get ready for the next set of Class Vs.

Are You Ready? On Sept. 5, Gauley season will officially open as the Army Corps of Engineers makes the first of its seven fall season releases of flood-level water into the Gauley River. The releases are each weekend through Oct. 19. The annual draw-down of the Summersville Lake turns the Gauley into what rafters affectionately call the “Beast of the East.” And, it’s becoming more beastly than ever, according to Wayne. “For years, we used to mark low- and high-water levels at fairly consistent measurements,” he said. “This year, we’ve had such high water in general that we’ve had to redefine what low-water levels mean.” Since the river is not dependent on rain to raise the water levels, Adventures on the Gorge has the advantage of knowing, ahead of time, just when water levels will be at their best.

Top Rafting Destination The Mid-Atlantic region is fortunate to have the Gauley, since it’s not only a rafting destination for the region but for the nation and the world.

Adventures on the Gorge

Rafters find the Gauley River especially challenging during seven fall dam-release weekends. WV-4 | west virginia tourism I september 2014 I

Discovery News ranks the Gauley fourth in the nation among U.S. rafting trips, and Frommer’s ranks it eighth in the world among rafting excursions, placing it among destinations such as the Zambezi River in Zambia and the Apurímac River in Peru. The lure of the Gauley captures first-time visitors — and often turns them into lifetime fans, said Dave Arnold, a managing partner of Adventures on the Gorge. Arnold points out a house perched on the mountainside at the outskirts of the resort. “The owner is a guy who has been on the river at least 200 times,” Arnold said. “He invested money in our company this year. He went from a frequent guest, to the builder of a home, to becoming part of the team here.”

Something for Everyone The Gauley is a magnet for the most experienced rafters in the nation, and even the world. But, thanks to expert guides and trip planners, there’s at least one Gauley trip that’s appropriate for rafters of every level. Adventures on the Gorge offers Gauley trips ranging from one-day excursions to multi-day challenges. The Upper Gauley River, which drops more than 335 feet in less than 13 miles, is recommended for rafters with some experience. The Lower Gauley is a good choice for a firsttime rafter or someone who has forged lighter rapids and is ready to step up to the next challenge. The Gauley overnight trip is a mixture of adventure rafting and, in the evening, a riverside campout so comfortable it’s almost decadent. Chefs cook up hors d’oeuvres, salmon, and steak, then keep the campfires and adult beverages going. After a soak in a hot tub next to the river, rafters are ready for the next day’s plunge down the Gauley. After their excursions, rafters gather in Chetty’s Pub to watch videos taped by kayakers — extreme adventurers in their own right — who put together film highlights of their trip. As the video unfolds, showing rafts purposely diving into holes in the river and emerging unscathed, even the more-experienced rafters exclaim, “Look, there we are!” At Adventures on the Gorge, people take trips down the Gauley so they can test their ability to handle the extreme. Whether they opt for a few hours on the river, or a heart-stopping run over the world-renowned rapids, they smile when they recall their adventure. More often than not, they say, “I can’t believe I did that!”

Learn more: Adventures on the Gorge:



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G O R G E ,



GO explore! America’s Premier OUTDOOR ADVENTURE RESORT When you weren’t looking, the All-American getaway was reinvented. The been-there, done-that vacation has been transformed into a world of adventure where you play with reckless abandon and become a character in your own story. Call and plan your adventure today.

Leading the world outdoors

M Y W VA D V E N T U R E . C O M

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Bridge Day offers plenty of activities for 80,000 visitors Go jump off a bridge — and, if you make it the New River Gorge Bridge, you’ll be the most extreme sportsperson in the land of extreme sports. Constructed in 1977, the iconic steel bridge was, at that time, the longest steel single-span arch bridge and the highest vehicular bridge in the world. Today, it still ranks in the top four for both length and height. Last year, the bridge was listed on the National Register of Historic Places. Each year, more than 450 “BASE” jumpers flock to the New River Bridge for Bridge Day. BASE — or Building, Antenna, Span, and Earth — jumping is known as one of the most extreme sports in existence. Jumpers use parachutes designed specifically for rapid deployment. The designated landing zone for jumpers is a parking area along the river on the south side of the gorge. The parachutes aren’t known for their accuracy in landing, though. One river guide floating underneath the bridge pointed to the trees along the bank. “I see the BASE jumpers land and get snagged in those trees every year,” he said. This year, some 80,000 people will gather at the New River Gorge, most of them spectators, on Oct. 18 to celebrate the 35th annual Bridge Day and watch the BASE jumpers. Spectators can also watch teams from around the world rap-

West Va. Tourism

Jumping off of the New River Gorge Bridge is just one of the many activities at the annual Bridge Day festivities on Oct. 18.

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pel and ascend. Or, they can get a piece of the action and sign up to get on a rope and take a zipline stretching 700 feet down off of the bridge. Insider tip: Not everyone can BASE jump. To register, you have to purchase a BASE jump pass that requires at least 100 previous skydives or BASE jumps. Jumpers must also have made a skydive or BASE jump in the last two years. For those still working up enough experience to be eligible for a pass, tandem jumping is also available.

spared commuters a 45-minute trip on narrow roads that snaked up one side of the gorge and down the other. On Bridge Day, the New River Gorge Bridge is open to pedestrian traffic for the only time all year. The walk across the main span of the bridge is 1,700 feet, and the total bridge length is 3,030 feet. The view is spectacular since the bridge is 876 feet above the New River. To put this in perspective, you could easily fit the Washington Monument underneath the bridge — and still have 325 feet to spare. If you can’t make it for Bridge Day, you can still experience the height and magnificent view from the bridge. Guided tours use a 24-inch side catwalk that runs underneath the bridge. Visitors are harnessed to steel cables, so they’re free to enjoy the view without fear of falling.

Rich Bridge Day Traditions Children riding over the bridge have a tradition of trying to hold their breath for the entire span of the bridge. If Mom or Dad is obeying the speed limit, this means a little more than a minute of attempted breath-holding. No wonder the bridge was so publicly celebrated when it opened decades ago. The span

For more information:


The Train Where

EAGLES FLY Historic Locomotives & Trains IN ROMNEY, WEST VIRGINIA

• Regular 3 hour excursions & selected all-day trips available • AC lounge & coach seating available on all trains • Excursions operate Saturdays May – September

Daily Departures in October, check out our website for schedule and holiday specials INFORMATION AND RESERVATIONS: 304-424-0736 • Potomac Eagle, Wappocomo Station, Route 28 North • P.O. Box 657 Romney, WV 26757

Bridge Day:

Here’s what’s

GONNA HAPPEN. We’re gonna hustle you onto a ‘76 International Harvester school bus. It corners like a delivery van, rides like a brick & it’s got enough torque to drive through the Hoover Dam. See that man? That’s Dink.

Dink’s a badass. Beneath that beard lies the unbridled power of Poseidon's trident. Also he’s a nice guy... AND he holds the reins of this sheet metal


CHARIOT OF AWESOME. Meet your guide... she talks fast & can tell you the lines on every rapid on every navigable river in South America. She lives in a bus & we’re pretty sure we

saw her spin the head off a live chicken in Mexico.


She’s beautiful. She’s telling you what to do...

Also, we’re going boatin’!

& you’ll like it.

We’ll help you get to where the real adventure begins. In person or online, start your New River Gorge vacation at our Visitor Center and discover all the region has to offer. Make plans now to join us the 3rd Saturday in October for the 35th Anniversary of Bridge Day!

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Leaf Peepers Festival celebrates early show of natureâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s colors Tucker Co. Tourism

The fall color comes early to the Canaan Valley of West Virginia.

If you want some early, breathtaking views of the red, gold, and orange colors of autumn in the Allegheny Mountains, the Leaf Peepers Festival, Sept. 26-28 in West Virginiaâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Tucker County, is the place to be. The leaves turn color faster there than elsewhere because of the elevation, so the festival is always held the last weekend in September. â&#x20AC;&#x153;Itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s just gorgeous,â&#x20AC;? said Bill Smith, who promotes the county. He suggests some of the better vantage points for leaf-spotting include the Pendleton Point and Lindy Point overlooks, and the chairlift ride at Canaan Valley Resort State Park. With the new U.S. Route 48, the drive time from Washington D.C. is less than 2½ hours, about an hour less than last year. The 26th annual festival is centered

in the village of Davis, where the population triples in size during the event. Sponsored by Alpine Festival, the family-oriented event includes a parade, Appalachian craft fair, a â&#x20AC;&#x153;duckâ&#x20AC;? race, a golf tournament, and a car show. Thereâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s also a 5K run and 2K walk and a Chamber of Commerce-sponsored Oktoberfest. â&#x20AC;&#x153;Great food, good music, cold beer, friendly people â&#x20AC;&#x201D; what else can you ask for?â&#x20AC;? said Smith. Another way to enjoy the foliage in the spirit of the Old West is from atop a horse. Timberline Four Seasons Resortâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Fall Frontier Weekend will supplement the festival with an extended leaf-peeper horseback ride through the woods and fields on Sept. 27. Accompanying the riders will be members of











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the Saddle Tramps Old Western Heritage Club, who don cowboy attire and make believe it’s the 1880s. That evening, the cowboys will set up a “cow camp,” complete with a campfire and chuck wagon. In addition to all-you-can eat barbecue, there will be western music performed by the Saddle Tramps and — whoa! — a “shootout” on horseback. “It’ll be a lot of fun and very interesting for people to see,” said Kim Bennett, of Mountain Trail Rides, which operates stables at Timberline and on Freeland Road in Davis. The company will offer discount rides on Friday and Saturday if you mention you’re in town for the leaf festival. It also will give horse-drawn

•Zip Line

wagon rides downtown.

Learn more Tucker County Tourism: Timberline Stables: Mountain Trail Rides:



Hands-on activities, exhibits and petting zoo


•Rafting • Camping

•New Aerial Adventure Park • And More!

Adventures on horseback 304-866-6326

Mountain Trail Rides Guided horseback riding and family fun



canaan valley | blackwater falls

! d ’ r e k c u T t e G

ave e l to d r a ,H o t get o t E a sy


Leaf Peepers Festival! September 26–28 Call or click for your free Vacation Guide 800.782.2775 |

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to ome Welc e dis ! Para

Hot T ubs Pellet s Stove Wi-Fi Cable

Adventure in

almost heaven

Bike, hike, and boat through the rolling Marion County, WV mountains.


What you need is a

Three Day ADVENTURE VACATION We Offer: Two or three nights stay in one of our ten luxury log cabins, we can add to that: • ATV rentals and trail ride • Whitewater rafting • Golf at one of four courses • Zip lining, horseback riding • Mountain biking & more on your 3 day vacation and we make it happen.

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Plan your next Long Weekend.

Buckhannon is what small town charm is all about - Plan your next Long Weekend here! Take a drive through West Virginia, relax into a slower pace of living and see why we’re Wild & Wonderful. WV-10 | west virginia tourism I september 2014 I


WV Parks continued from west virginia tourism 2 Visitors love fall rides at Cass Scenic Railroad and turn out by the dozens for such special railroad events as the Sept. 6 dinner train with bluegrass music. Rail aficionados savor the pleasure of comparing the strength of a Shay locomotive against the Heisler, which comes out of storage Sept. 14. And if you want to linger in this turn-of-thecentury logging town complete with general store, restaurant, and museum, you’re in luck. Guests visiting Cass may choose from among 20 completely furnished, two-story company homes for their stay. These cottages accommodate groups of four to 14 in small-town style at reasonable rates.

From Colonial life to clogging At Prickett’s Fort State Park, off I-79 south of Morgantown, festivities abound throughout the month. Starting with a free concert by two wellknown local blues bands, Bill Stalnaker Night Moves and KWT Band, on Sept. 5, the month ends with some superfine yarns and true stories

at the West Virginia Storytelling Festival, Sept. 25-26. In between, visitors can enjoy two free events, a lecture by Shawnee Chief Cornstalk on Sept. 14 and a full day of traditional music on Sept. 20. But the fun doesn’t end in September. The Harvest Festival, Oct. 11-12 at this re-created Colonial fort, focuses on 18th-century foods including wild game, garden harvest, preservation, and customs. Food is also featured farther south. Clogging, churning, and cooking up pork and apples the old-time way will be featured at Camp Creek State Park’s Fall Festival on Sept. 20. The park, known for its trout stream, is situated off I-77 in southern West Virginia. A little farther north at Summersville, the Battle of Carnifax Ferry will be re-enacted on Sept. 14, and living history demonstrations depicting Civil War military life will take place Sept. 1213. This strategic battle forced Confederates out of the Kanawha Valley and cleared the way for West Virginia statehood. Festivals at Blackwater Falls State Park feature ice cream, cookies, and sky watching. September Fest, Sept. 22-25, includes forest hikes, outdoor buffets, desserts, music, train rides, fishing, geology, and bingo. If that’s not enough, visit with a Cherokee leader or watch chainsaw art

being created. Insider tip: Sept. 25-28, visitors can get more personal with the astral bodies through stargazing parties and workshops during Astronomy Weekend. The Blackwater Falls area boasts one of the premier dark sky sites in the eastern United States. On Oct. 11, visitors at Holly River State Park near Buckhannon can try their hands at road bowling. Although relatively new in the United States, Irish Road Bowling dates back to the 1600s, when Irish patriots rolled stolen English cannonballs down a country lane by the light of the moon. It’s still played in the road.

Find a deal West Virginia state parks offer numerous fall deals and packages. Pipestem Resort State Park has a September Kicker weeknight discount and a discount package that includes two overnights and three days of golf. Bluestone State Park offers a 20 percent birthday discount, and Cacapon has a mid-week couples’ bed-and-breakfast $106 special. And, on 9/11, all veterans golf free at Stonewall Resort.

Learn more West Virginia State Parks:

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oFF! October 4th

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Whitewater Rafting for 4 From

PLUS Two nights

for up to four in a Pedestal Cabin at Black Bear Resort in Tucker County, WV CONGRATULATIONS AUGUST WINNERS:

Three ways to enter!

Getaway Adventure for 4 - LaShawn Knowles of Bowie MD Rainbow Theater - Laurie Teague of Elkton MD & Dan Kavanaugh of Crofton MD Md Renaissance Festival Tickets - 20 winners... too many to list!

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1. Fill out coupon at right legibly and completely. 2. Mail to RecNews Contest Dept., 1607 Sailaway Circle, Baltimore, Md 21221 OR enter at OR fax this form to 410-638-6902. 3. You may also email to Provide all information in the form at right and enter “SEPTEMBER CONTEST” in the subject line. Entries must be received by 09/15/2014. 4. If the winner does not respond within five days another winner will be selected. Limit one entry per household. August winner will be drawn at random from the pool of all entries received on time with legible information and will be published in next month’s issue and notified by phone, UPS or email. Winner will be drawn at random from the pool of all entries received on time with legible information, and notified on September, 17, 2014. Winner must respond by September, 22, 2014 to claim prize, or prize forfeits to a runner up. Whitewater rafting prize is the “Express” Rafting Trip. For both rafting and lodging, reservations are based on availability, and certain restrictions apply. WV-12 | west virginia tourism I september 2014 I

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From the information in this issue of Recreation News, what is your favorite destination? We’ll mail you information on this spot at no charge, or check here  to “go green” and have the information emailed.


virginia I gwen woolf

Party like it’s September 1787 at James Madison’s Montpelier For someone who stood just 5 feet 6 inches tall, James Madison has a towering reputation. The fourth president, known as “The Great Little Madison” for his slight build, has great stature in U.S. history as the “Father of the Constitution.” In honor of the 1787 signing of that seminal document, Montpelier — Madison’s 2,650-acre estate in the Virginia countryside — will take its annual Constitution Day celebration to new heights on Sept. 20 with hot-air balloon rides and other activities. The Orange County event draws up to 5,000 visitors to Montpelier, a stately brick home 90 miles from Washington, D.C., with a view of the Blue Ridge Mountains. Constitution Day provides “a wonderful family outing on the lawn of a presidential mansion,” said Leigh Mawyer, who promotes the county. A wine festival and a horse trail ride will be held in conjunction with the observance. The daylong festivities will open with James and Dolley Madison arriving by carriage at 10:00am and end with fireworks at 8:15pm. Besides the tethered hot-air balloon rides, there will be a horse parade, wagon rides, live music, arts and crafts, and food vendors. There also will be children’s activities, including face painting, balloon art, magic shows, jugglers, and a dancing dragon.

Take a tour Montpelier was Madison’s lifelong home, and a highlight of the event will be tours of the 22-room mansion. You can get a real sense of history in the newly refurbished library, where Madison worked on the Constitution and other significant concepts. A concerted effort is being made by the curatorial staff to track down and re-acquire the diverse

4,000-volume collection and furnishings from Madison’s time, according to Montpelier’s Caroline Godfrey. The mansion itself underwent a major restoration in 2008 to return it to its Madison-era appearance after years of being the residence by horsewoman Marion duPont Scott. On the grounds, you can see archaeological excavations that reveal new information about the Madisons. The remnants of an 18th-century landscaping wall are among recent discoveries. You also can stroll through the garden or the 200-yearold landmark forest, and visit the Madison family cemetery. Constitution Day admission is $10 per car. There’s an extra charge ($20 in advance; $25 at the gate) if you wish to attend the Taste of Freedom Wine Festival, sponsored by the Orange County Chamber of Commerce. Ten Virginia wineries will take part. There also will be local cider and craft beers available, including a new Montpelierlabeled ale developed by Devil’s Backbone Brewing Co. Also taking place will be the Liberty Trail Ride, named after Madison’s horse. Riders bring their own horses and enjoy an 11-mile scenic route through woods and pastures, including a stop at Grelen Nursery and lunch. This year’s route has been altered to provide “a new experience” for riders, said Jayson Woods, of the Orange County Parks and Recreation Department. The trip begins and ends at Montpelier, where the public will get a chance to see the horses. (Riders should register at The estate’s horse tradition continues on Nov. 1

with the 80th running of the Montpelier Hunt Races. Between 80 and 100 horses, primarily from Virginia, Maryland, Kentucky, and Pennsylvania, will vie for purses totaling more than $105,000 in seven races. The festivities also include Jack Russell terrier races, a stick horse race for children, a hat contest, a tailgate competition with an ’80s movie theme, plein air painting, and vendors.

Learn more Montpelier: Montpelier Hunt Races: Orange County Tourism: Orange Co. Tourism

Orange Co. Tourism

James and Dolley Madison interpreters greet guests at Montpelier.


3rd Annual Liberty Ride in


Saturday, September 20, 2014 Calling all riders! In conjunction with Montpelier’s Constitution Day and the Taste of Freedom Wine Festival, saddle up and depart from Montpelier on an 11 mile, round-trip trail ride. • Pre-registration is required. • Cost is $40 per horse & rider pair before 9/17.

Saddle up your horse for the third annual Liberty Ride as part of the Constitution Day activities at James Madison’s Montpelier on Sept. 20.

For more info, go to I september 2014 | virginia tourism I VA-11

virginia I sue bland

Spend a long weekend in Farmville and Appomattox South-central Virginiaâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s hilly countryside between Farmville and Appomattox will surprise you with action-packed getaway choices and Civil War history. Great restaurants, art galleries, shops, and musical and theatrical entertainment combine with choices for outdoor fun like bicycling, zip-lining, kayaking, and canoeing. Itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s a terrific region to explore on a long fall weekend.

Day One Drive to Farmville from the Washington area, taking I-95 South to Richmond and Route 360 to Farmville. Get your bearings at Virginiaâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Heartland Regional Visitor Center and Transportation Heritage Museum in downtown Farmville. Here,

19th-century photographs depict High Bridge, once one of the worldâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s tallest bridges. Today, High Bridge is a rails-to-trails conversion within a state park used by avid bicyclists, hikers, and equestrians. Enjoy lunch at the Riverside CafĂŠ on Main Street where local artists display their work. Work out the kinks with a bike ride in the High Bridge Trail State Park or take a canoe or kayak out on the areaâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s waterways. Northgate Outfitters rents mountain bikes, cruisers, canoes, and kayaks from a converted gas station on Main Street. The 125-foot High Bridge is more than 2,400 feet long with a crushed limestone surface. The whole trail runs 31 miles with access from Farmvilleâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Main Street. It sustained a

Va. State Parks

Civil War battle and burning in 1865. Insider tip: Reserve your ride for the Appomattox River, nearby lakes, or bicycling the High Bridge Trail. River trips depart at 9:30am and 1:30pm. Northgate will launch your boat and pick you up at the end of your paddle. (434-392-7275) When you return to Farmville, have dinner at Charleyâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Waterfront CafĂŠ overlooking the Appomattox River. The restaurant is located in a pre-Civil War tobacco warehouse where you can still see its old tobacco scale. It offers an Italian buffet with live music on Wednesdays and performances nearly every weekend. Take your pick of accommodations from area bed-and-breakfasts, chain hotels, state park cabins or campgrounds, and privately owned cabins.

Day Two

Fishing at Bear Creek Lake is one of many activities awaiting in southcentral Virginia. %HDU&UHHN/DNH_+LJK%ULGJH7UDLO_+ROOLGD\/DNH 3RZKDWDQ_3RFDKRQWDV_6DLORU¡V&UHHN%DWWOHILHOG+LVWRULFDO_7ZLQ/DNHV

The next morning, have breakfast in Farmville at Walkerâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Diner where the homestyle, locally sourced food includes hand-cut fries. Discover quality home furnishings, textiles, and decorative arts at reduced prices in the many stores operated by Green Front Furniture. Once youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ve found the perfect furniture piece, carpet, or accessory, visit the art galleries in town to pull together the whole look. Then, shop for antiques while you have lunch at The CafĂŠ at Poplar Hall. Later, drive to Sandy River Retreat and Treetop Adventure Park, where you can zip your way through 63 obstacles. Prove your strength during the three-hour course, then relax at Sandy Creek Reservoir, just five min-

utes away, or visit nearby Twin Lakes State Park. End your day with a stay in a state park cabin with a gorgeous autumn view at Twin Lakes, or at Sandy River Retreat where the log cabins are hand-hewn, sumptuously furnished, and steps away from the zip line dream world.

Day Three Combine Civil War history with outdoor adventure during the third day of your visit. Hike the trails around Twin Lakes, where five miles of trails are dotted with 10 geocache treasures. This year, Virginia State Parksâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; geocaches feature native birds, and Twin Lakes hones in on the American goldfinch. Canoes and rowboats are also available. Depart Twin Lakes for Sailorâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Creek Battlefield State Park, the spot where Confederate and Union armies fought on April 6, 1865, just 72 hours before the surrender at Appomattox Court House. Learn the riveting story of the battle in the visitors center, tour the battlefield, and see the Overton-Hillsman House. Confederate Gen. Robert E. Lee lost eight generals and 7,700 men here. From Sailorâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Creek, drive to Appomattox and Appomattox Courthouse, the village where Lee surrendered to Gen. Ulysses S. Grant. Choose your overnight accommodations in Appomattox from the distinctive bed-and-breakfasts, chain hotels, or the campground at Holliday Lake State Park, where Civil War programs are featured this fall. Enjoy a dinner to suit your mood. Dine at the Babcock House, Best Part of the Civil War

FTweTQT bX]RTcW T]eXbXcX]V cX]h8c ThfTaT fPcRWX] wbQTT]VaTPc d_X]cW VcWT\Va^f TbcPcT_ PaZ  ;^eT  EXaV X]XP


VA-12 | virginia tourism I september 2014 I

The fall colors are beautiful at Briery Creek Lake and the largemouth bass are plentiful.

a restored Victorian-era bed-andbreakfast in Appomattox, where reservations are required for reasonably priced chicken, fish, and steaks, Tuesdays through Saturdays. Or, choose Huddle House, on Confederate Boulevard, which offers homestyle sandwiches and food, 24 hours a day.

Day Four Enjoy breakfast with books in Appomattox at Baineâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Books and Coffee, where youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ll find freshly baked treats. Browse through the books, musical instruments, locally made pottery, and music selections. You can also relax with the wide variety

of live music here every weekend. Next, visit Appomattox Courthouse National Historical Park, where special programs continue through next yearâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s 150th anniversary of Leeâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s surrender. ( apco) Take in the new Museum of the Confederacy at Appomattox to gain personal insight into the people of the Civil War. Leeâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s ceremonial sword and dress frock coat, which were worn during the surrender, are highlights, along with the wall of period photo portraits. (

two local tourism offices for tips on planning your trip and to find out about special events such as the annual Historic Railroad Festival in downtown Appomattox, Oct. 11-12. Festival highlights include a parade, arts and craft vendors, live music, train exhibits, a fine art show, and fireworks. (appomattoxrrfest. org) In addition to its exhibits, the Museum of the Confederacyâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Appomattox location hosts talks on subjects ranging from Sher-

manâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s March to the Sea to the role of women in the Civil War to music of the era.

More info: Appomattox Visitor Center: Virginiaâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Heartland Visitors Center: regionalvisitorcenter.shtml 434-392-1482 Best Part of the Civil War:

Plan ahead Before you go, touch base with

Va. State Parks

Va. State Parks

Biking along High Bridge Trail puts you up close to fabulous fall colors.


Geocache treasures can be found along five miles of trails in Twin Lakes. This year, Virginia State Parksâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; geocaches are featuring birds.

The Best Part of the + +




civil war I jane and marvin bond

A scorched-earth summer: Lexington recalls campaign The Shenandoah Valley, known as “The Breadbasket of the Confederacy,” was hard hit on many sides during 1864. The cruelest blows, however, may have been struck by Union Gen. David Hunter in the weeks following the Confederate victory at New Market in May. Hunter, an avid abolitionist, and his 18,000man Army of West Virginia were ordered into the Shenandoah Valley to destroy anything of value and to capture Lynchburg, an important Confederate supply and transportation center. Hunter’s orders to his men were so harsh that some reportedly refused to obey them. After defeating a Confederate force at Piedmont on June 5, Hunter marched on Staunton where he destroyed railroad lines and warehouses. He reached Lexington, farther south, on June 11 and sacked the town after bombarding it. A letter survives from 16-year-old Fannie Wilson to her father describing the shells piercing their garret and exploding with fire and smoke. Another resident noted, “We remained as quiet as possible all the afternoon while the town was alive with soldiers plundering and robbing the inhabitants.” A primary target in Lexington was the Virginia Military Institute, which was both a state arsenal and military training school. Hunter’s troops looted the school, seizing the bronze statue of George

Washington (which was returned in 1866) and setting fire to the facilities. After three days in Lexington, the Union soldiers marched to Buchanan where they burned foundries, warehouses, and supplies. Then, it was on to present-day Bedford, where they tore up rail lines and burned warehouses and homes. Confederate Gen. John McCausland fought a delaying action as Hunter moved toward Lynchburg, allowing Gen. Jubal Early’s 8,000 southerners to arrive by rail from Richmond. The Confederate force defending Lynchburg then numbered about 12,000, including Early’s troops, home guard soldiers, and convalescents from Lynchburg’s military hospitals. After a seesaw battle, Hunter realized he was greatly outnumbered and withdrew during the night. He eventually reached the safety of West Virginia, but left a path of destruction throughout the middle and lower part of the valley. Early described the desolation, reporting, “The scenes on Hunter’s route from Lynchburg had been truly heart-rending. Houses had been burned, and women and children left without shelter. The country had been stripped of provisions and many families left without a morsel to eat. Furniture and bedding had been cut to pieces, and old men and women and children robbed of all

clothing except what they were wearing. We now had renewed evidences of outrages committed by the commanding general’s orders in burning and plundering private houses.”

Marking the event The Virginia Horse Center in Lexington is the site of several events commemorating McCausland’s resistance and Hunter’s Raid, Sept. 11-14. The horse center is an appropriate venue because so much of the action during the summer of 1864 involved large contingents of cavalry. The Virginia Sesquicentennial HistoryMobile will be open at the horse center Thursday through Sunday, and there will be living history demonstrations, a sutlers row, music, and period dance lessons. On Saturday, camps will be open to visitors and there will be a reenactment and seminar about the raid and the impact on Lexington and surrounding areas. Sunday brings a church service, living history, and a final reenactment of the Battle of Lexington at 2:00pm.

Learn more Lexington Tourism: Virginia Horse Center:


The barracks at Virginia Military Institute were burned by Union troops in the 1864 battle.

150th Commemorations

Third Battle of Winchester: Sept 19-21 Battle of Cedar Creek: Oct 18-19 Sheridan’s Field Hospital Living History: Oct 25

Where 19th-century culture mingles with the ghosts of the Lincoln assassination story. 9118 Brandywine Road, Clinton, MD 20735 Phone: 301-868-1121

VA-14 | virginia tourism I september 2014 I

Plan Your Visit

871-1326 (877) 871 1326

civil war I gregg clemmer

View the Valley at war on the site where it happened in 1864 Cedar Creek reenactment just one part of the commemoration Rudyard Kipling once said, “If history were taught in the form of stories, it would never be forgotten.” As visual learners, we recognize the wisdom in his advice, of standing and reflecting on the actual site of where it happened. In the wake of Winchester, Va.’s Third Battle sesquicentennial commemoration in September, there are plenty of opportunities to explore the Shenandoah Valley’s Civil War past by attending the living history interpretative programs, historical lectures, and remembrances of what followed in that bloody autumn of 1864. These historic events climax with the 150th anniversary of the Battle of Cedar Creek, the Shenandoah Valley’s largest and most decisive battle. According to Kristen Laise, executive director of Belle Grove Plantation, “The commemoration of the Battle of Cedar Creek will honor those that fought on this hallowed ground and will raise public awareness about the preservation of this aspect of Virginia and U.S. history.” On Oct. 18-19, explore this enduring past with living history presentations, auto tours of battlefield stations, National Park Service ranger continued on virginia tourism 17

Marvin Bond

Belle Grove, where James and Dolley Madison spent part of their honeymoon, was in the thick of the Battle of Cedar Creek.

Battle of Cedar Creek  Civil War 150 Middletown, Virginia

in Lexington

See History Come Alive... Experience history come alive on the rolling fields of this hallowed battlefield in the Shenandoah Valley. Cavalry charges, cannon blasts and programs for all ages will stir the senses and send you back in time.

Looking for a daytrip or weekend getaway that will make memories? It’s just a short drive away in Lexington, Virginia, voted one of the 20 Small Towns to Visit according to Watch in awe at the July 4th Balloon Rally and fireworks. Wonder at Natural Bridge. Get up close with the animals at Virginia Safari Park. Tube down the river. Get a great day started at

October 18-19, 2014

Information: Tickets:

For your free travel guide call toll-free, 877-453-9822, or visit I september 2014 | virginia tourism I VA-15

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Autumn 1864 was when the Valley defenses began to fail Winchester’s third major battle of the Civil War occurred that year Five months after the Civil War entered its fourth and final year, Winchester, Va., would endure its third major clash of the war. Fought on Sept. 19, 1864, the Third Battle of Winchester would be the largest battle ever fought in Virginia’s Shenandoah Valley and would prove to be one of the war’s pivotal contests. Confederate Gen. Jubal Early’s Army of the Valley would be driven south in defeat by the Union forces under Gen. Philip Sheridan. And as the now-dead Stonewall Jackson had warned two years earlier, “If this Valley is lost, Virginia is lost.” The Shenandoah Valley Battlefields Foundation will commemorate this epic battle on Sept. 19-20 with “Whirling Through Winchester: The 150th Anniversary of Third Winchester.” Friday, on the battle’s 150th anniversary, join author/historian Scott Pachen for a real-time, detailed motor coach tour of the battlefield. If

you want to explore history on your own, vivid living-history camps and exhibits will be open at Star Fort and Fort Collier, noon-4:00pm. In addition, park rangers from Cedar Creek and Belle Grove National Historic Park will interpret the battle at key points throughout the afternoon To top off this epic day and support continued battlefield preservation, make your reservation now for a very special evening at Winchester’s George Washington Hotel, where you can share conversations and good food with acclaimed historian and epic tour guide Ed Bearss and Academy Award-winner Robert Duvall. On Saturday, 10:00am-noon, the Old Courthouse Civil War Museum in downtown Winchester will feature descendants of veterans of Third Winchester, highlighted by Nicholas Picerno’s presentation, “Eyewitness to History.” That afternoon, Patchan will con-

duct a two-hour walking tour of the preserved battlefield, beginning at

1:00 pm. In “The Storm of Lead” tour, Patchan revisits the combat between Winchester Tourism

Experience the Life


Explore the only home he ever owned. Meet the professor at Virginia Military Institute. Experience the man before the legend.

Sheridan’s Field Hospital used a unique radiant floor heating system to keep the 500 tents warm.

The VMI Museum Lexington, Virginia 540.464.7334


Every Sunday May through October 45th Annual

Flying CirCus Air show


540-439-8661 5114 Ritchie Rd., Bealeton, VA Adults $15 • Children $7

The Stonewall Jackson House Lexington, Virginia 540.463.2552


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The Flying Circus is a 45 minute drive from the Capital Beltway. It is located 14 miles south of Warrenton and 22 miles north of Fredericksburg off Rt. 17 on Rt. 644 near Bealeton. Watch for the Flying Circus signs.


$2.00 OFF ONE ADMISSION WITH THIS COUPON Not valid with any other offer.


Blue and Gray with stops at First Woods, Middle Field, Second Woods, and Huntsberry Farm. Or, you can walk the ground yourself, absorbing the history around you, all punctuated by period music, artillery and infantry demonstrations, and the dedication of new interpretive sites. For the youngsters, the Virginia Museum of the Civil War will be conducting the Third Winchester Kids Camp from 5:00-6:30pm on the Huntsberry Farm. The day concludes with a commemorative program at Huntsberry Farm — “The World on Fire: Third Winchester and the 1864 Shenandoah Campaign.” The program will feature an honor guard and period music. After a roll call of the states and a recognition of living descendants of the veterans

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Tours and talks On Sept. 18, at 7:00pm, the Harrisonburg-Rockingham Historical Society’s Heritage Museum in Dayton will feature professor and author Jonathan Noyalas’ poignant address, Faded ... From the Memory of the Average Reader: The Meaning and Legacy of Fisher’s Hill. Two weeks later on Oct. 3, the Heritage Museum will commemorate the 150th anniversary of the controversial death of John Rodgers Meigs, son of Quartermaster Gen. Montgomery Meigs and aide-de-camp to Gen. Phil Sheridan. Meigs’ death was an event that helped provoke Sheridan’s notorious Burning of the Shenandoah. Dr. Irvin Hess provides a graphic lecture on The Burning at 7:00pm. On Sept. 22, the Strasburg Heritage Society will host an “On This Day” tour of the Fisher’s Hill battlefield. On the actual anniversary of the battle, historian Richard Kleese leads the tour beginning at 4:00pm at Ramseur’s Hill on Battlefield Road. The Edinburg Mill will follow up with a presentation on Oct. 4 at 1:00pm by Kleese on The Burning, preceded by period music from 10:00amnoon, with viewings of the film The Burning throughout the day. Sheridan had ordered this 1848 mill torched, but upon learning Mexican War

Recognizing a major medical accomplishment Finally, a unique event is scheduled for Oct. 25. From 10:00am-4:00pm, Dr. Jonathan O’Neal, a member of the Society of Civil War Surgeons, will lead tours of Sheridan’s Field Hospital on the very site at Shawnee Springs where the Union Army established the hospital after Third Winchester. The

This may very well be one of the most memorable events of the Civil War Sesquicentennial, as nearly 4,000 Civil War reenactors are expected to participate.”

veteran Maj. George Grandstaff had built the mill, ordered his men to extinguish the fire. Charred evidence remains visible to this day. Five days later, on Oct. 9, another “On This Day” tour explores the Battle of Tom’s Brook along U.S. Route 11. Led by park ranger Eric Campbell, this car caravan tour will explore the clash between Blue and Gray cavalries, which turned into a lopsided victory for the North known today as “The Woodstock Races.” The tour will cover key areas such as Spiker’s Hill, Tom’s Brook, and Round Hill, and leaves from the Shenandoah County Park in Maurertown at 4:00pm. The Cedar Creek Battlefield Foundation presents the third “On This Day” tour on Oct. 13, covering the Battle of Hupp’s Hill. Kleese will describe this engagement and its impact on the pivotal Battle of Cedar Creek less than a week later. The tour begins at 4:00pm at the Hupp’s Hill Civil War Park in Strasburg. To really stretch your legs, join an interpretive hike led by National Park Service rangers up to Signal Knob for one of the Shenandoah Valley’s most spectacular views. It was from here that Confederate officers could see the Union camps at Belle Grove and along Cedar Creek and planned

500-tent hospital, which was located just off Opequon Avenue, would be the war’s largest temporary medical care facility, incorporating a unique radiant floor heating system that modernized military medicine with warmer tents to counter the coming colder weather. These collective commemorations of Third Winchester are the biggest events in the history of the Shenandoah Valley Battlefields Foundation.

For more information Shenandoah Valley Battlefields Foundation: Winchester Tourism:

their surprise attack. The Oct. 17 hike, 10:00am-4:00pm, concludes with the History at Sunset program and a cannon demonstration on the Cedar Creek Battlefield.

Learn more Belle Grove: Cedar Creek Foundation: National Park Service: Shenandoah Battlefields Foundation: Valley Heritage Museum: Shenandoah Battlefields Foundation

programs, and of course, vivid re-enactments of Cedar Creek on the actual battlefield. Belle Grove was the site of Gen. Philip Sheridan’s Union encampment on Oct. 18, 1864, when Confederate troops under Gen. Jubal Early made a surprise attack and hand-to-hand fighting took place around the home. The Confederates, many hungry and without shoes, stopped to loot the Union camps. That gave Sheridan, who was returning from consultations in Washington, time to rally his men and driving the southerners back, effectively ending Confederate resistance in the Shenandoah Valley. “Cedar Creek Battlefield Foundation has been successfully hosting battle reenactments for 23 years on our property,” said Tim Stowe, president of Cedar Creek Battlefield Foundation. “And, we are excited that our partnership with Belle Grove will allow us to offer even more for reenactors and spectators to experience during this significant anniversary.” The Cedar Creek Commemoration concludes on Monday with the rededication of the Gen. Stephen D. Ramseur Monument along US Route 11 at the entrance to the Belle Grove Mansion. Indeed, this may very well be one of the most memorable events of the Civil War Sesquicentennial, as nearly 4,000 Civil War reenactors are expected to participate.

of Third Winchester and key program volunteers, special guest speaker Jeffry Wert, author of From Winchester to Cedar Creek: The Shenandoah Campaign of 1864, will address America’s continuing interest in the Civil War.

George Armstrong Custer was just one of the soon-to-be-famous individuals who were at the Battle of Cedar Creek.

Marvin Bond

The fields around Belle Grove were alive with hand-to-hand fighting during the Battle of Cedar Creek. I september 2014 | virginia tourism I VA-17

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Glen Maury Park sparkles in Buena Vista, Virginia Almost 30 years ago, the beloved late musician Mike Seeger had a vision for Glen Maury Park in the mountain town of Buena Vista, Va. — to hold

a mountain music festival featuring dancing and great tunes. Seeger, brother of folk musician Pete Seeger, got the festival off the ground, and music-

loving Shenandoah Valley residents have continued on with it ever since. The 28th Rockbridge Mountain Music and Dance Festival, Sept. 5-6, brings old-time music and dancing to the park on the Maury River. The park is open and economically priced for camping daily, so arrive any time. Just off the Blue Ridge Parkway and I-81, Buena Vista is a three-hour drive from Washington, D.C. The town-owned park is the site of other events this fall, too. On Sept. 12-13, Showdown in the Park Car Show features some of the coolest custom cars, bikes, trucks, and minitrucks on the East Coast. Check out the colors and custom installs, including amazing lighting and sound systems. On Sept. 25-27, Glen Maury’s Nothin’ Fancy Bluegrass Festival draws plenty of fans, as well as Su Clauson-Wicker headlining talent Musicians of all ages enjoy the many events that Glen Maury Park hosts during the fall. that includes Rhonda Vincent & the Rage, Junior Sisk, and grown Nothin’ Fancy, 410-638-6901 | fax: 410-638-6902 which has played at 28th Annual venues ranging from 1607 Sailaway Circle, Baltimore MD 21221 Rockbridge the Grand Ole Opry Mountain Music & to New York’s Lincoln Dance Festival Center. The sounds September 5-6, 2014 Come enjoy called dances and heard at this laidflatfooting, open stage action, back festival include workshops, jamming and more! classic bluegrass maAdditional Festival information can be found at terial drawn from Bill VACATION RENTALS Monroe, Ralph Stan14th Annual CABINS • COTTAGES ley, and the Country Nothin’ Fancy Gentlemen, as well as Bluegrass Festival gospel and occasional September 25-27, 2014 bluegrass renditions Featuring: Rhonda Vincent & the Rage, Bluegrass Brothers, James of songs by Bob Dylan King, Lonesome Will Mullins, and and Bruce Springsmany more! teen. Ticket information and reservations are available by Mountains jut into visiting Hummingbird Inn ... the skyline every❁ 5 guest rooms ❁ Acre of grounds Glen Maury Park is a 315-acre park along the Maury River offering ❁ Jacuzzi tubs ❁ Pet Friendly where you look in camping, golf, water activities, hiking, biking, paddling, and access to $/ ❁ Variety of Outdoor ❁ Cozy-Comfy & 7 52< 287'22 some of the best outdoor amenities in Virginia. 21 56 5 Buena Vista, so it’s ) Activities Relaxing We invite you to visit for a special occasion, only appropriate that < 0 7$ outdoor recreation or just a weekend getaway! 21 79$&$7,2 15 ( 1 Mountain Day is celeGlen Maury Park (800) 270-8808 30 Wood Lane / Goshen, VA 101 Maury River Drive, Buena Vista, VA 24416 brated here; this year, 540.997.9065 / 800.397.3214 (540) 261-7321 or visit it’s on Oct. 11. The

Mountains of Music ...

Fun in the Shenandoah Valley




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annual downtown street festival honors the culture, history, traditions, and natural beauty of Buena Vista. It focuses on traditional “lost arts,” such as blacksmithing, chair caning, broom making, and other crafts, with demonstrations and exhibits. Live music, antique farm machinery displays, and children’s activities round out the day.

Su Clauson-Wicker

Great facilities The Blue Ridge Mountains and rippling Maury River provide the perfect backdrop for these events. And you won’t be cramped — Glen Maury Park offers 315 acres of elbow room, as well as sweeping views of Elephant Mountain as it towers over Buena Vista. Park accommodations include a 52-site campground offering Passport America rates for RVs and a rough group camping area that can accommodate more than 250 units. Two playgrounds, a skate park, trails, a seasonal pool, and river activities keep families busy onsite. Anglers find the Maury River yields a reliable supply of smallmouth bass and bluegills. Insider tip: Paddlers can put in or take out at Glen Maury Park landing for short floats or longer paddle treks, depending on the water level. A popular eight-mile run from Lexington’s Jordan Point meanders over gentle Class I rapids to the park. This is also prime tubing territory. For a step up in difficulty, kayakers and canoeists can tackle Class II rapids in the 12 miles between Glen Maury and Glasgow, Va. Canoe, kayak, and tube rental and shuttles can be arranged through Wilderness Canoe Company. Glen Maury Park is bordered by Vista Links Golf Club. The club’s 18-hole, par-72 championship public golf course offers panoramic views at most holes. It includes an outstanding practice facility with a driving range, putting green, and a chipping area. “We were so comfortable in this lovely place that we didn’t even get out to explore Lexington or Natural Bridge. Next time,” said recent camper Liz Baker of Raleigh, N.C.

For more information Glen Maury Park: Lexington/Rockbridge Co. Tourism:

The Hoorah Cloggers entertain at Glen Maury Park in Buena Vista, Va.


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What happens when professional artists from around the globe create art from discarded hubcaps? An exhibition unlike any you’ve seen before. Only on view September 7, 2014–March 1, 2015.

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Second Time Around includes WASTE NOT, a version of the exhibition Green Revolution made available by the Smithsonian Institution Traveling Exhibition Service based on an exhibition originally created by the Museum of Science and Industry, Chicago, and its Black Creativity Council. Media Sponsor: Shenandoah Country Q102.

Mustang Sally, 2009, Kevin Caron, AZ

901 Amherst St., Winchester, VA • 888-556-5799 • I september 2014 | virginia tourism I VA-19

Fredericksburg continued from virginia tourism 8 Make a stop at the Fredericksburg Area Museum and Cultural Center, where exhibits trace the relationship of the town to the Rappahannock River and to transportation history. There are also sizable exhibits relating to the fierce Civil War battle that brought the first street-to-street fighting of the war to Fredericksburg and its impact on the civilian population. ( “The weekend activities make for a very vibrant downtown,” Perry said “It’s a weekend when many merchants get into the spirit of things with sidewalk sales.” On Oct. 3, the Fredericksburg Area Museum presents an outdoor screening of From Grain to Growler, a documentary about Virginia breweries. Don’t miss the samples from local brewers. The next day, the Capital Alehouse on Caroline Street holds its Octoberfest with family fun games and authentic Octoberfest Beer from Blue & Gray Brewing.

At the Mary Washington House, the home of George Washington’s mother, the focus is on hands-on activities dealing with writing, including letters, stamps, and postcards. The Rising Sun Tavern will host 18th-century cooking experiences, including using and caring for cast iron cookware. The Hugh Mercer Apothecary will demonstrate how pests such as leeches and beetles were used in 18th-century medicine. ( Insider tip: With so many centuries to cover, a

good way to orient yourself is to take one of the Fredericksburg Trolley Tours that depart from the visitor center. Aside from all the special September events, there are battlefields, interesting architecture, a brewery, a distillery, and wineries nearby. It’s a September to remember in Fredericksburg.

Learn more Fredericksburg Tourism: Fredericksburg Trolley Tours

More in September Fredericksburg’s September art experience actually gets started Sept. 13 with Art Attack, a plein air event that involves painters, potters, and other artisans showcasing their talents on Caroline and William streets downtown. The artists create in full public view, 10:00am-4:00pm. Wander into PONSHOP Art Studio and Gallery on Caroline Street to catch the month-long show of featured artists. If you’re feeling creative, check out the classes that are available. In a tip of the tri-cornered hat to its Colonial past, the city’s Washington Heritage Museums hold an “Our Living Legacies” weekend, Sept. 1214. The legacies referred to are postcards, pots, and pests.

Valentine continued from virginia tourism 9 Mann, died. Edward willed the museum and house to the Valentine, which today honors its founders in an exhibition on the newly opened second floor. It features the Valentine family and re-creates the premiere exhibition with artifacts from an 1898 photo. The mansion, featuring an elliptical staircase, is located in Court End, where the city’s most wealthy and powerful families lived. A multi-million-dollar renovation of three row houses next to the Wickham House and gardens will allow multiple galleries for changing Valentine exhibitions and an education center. In mid-October, visitors will be able to see everything from George Washington’s bust by Edward Valentine to a costume worn by local rock band GWAR.

With centuries of history to discover, Fredericksburg Trolley Tours offers a great way to orient yourself to Fredericksburg, Va.

Insider Tip: Bring good walking shoes — you’ll want sturdy ones to trod over all those historic cobblestones. The Valentine focuses on issues and diverse communities which define Richmond history. Among its holdings are more than 1 million photographs of Richmond and one of the largest col-

lections of western textiles and costumes. A new exhibition, This is Richmond, Virginia, opening in mid-October, will welcome visitors to offer their take on what liberty and community mean today.

Find out more The Valentine:

The Valentine

Walking tours, too Take advantage of the many $15 two-hour walking tours offered by the Valentine. All guides are trained and registered by the Valentine and can tailor a tour to your individual tastes. Ask about the Civil Rights years, Richmond’s Slave Trail, Monument Avenue, the James River, the Civil War and many more.

Among the unusual artifacts at The Valentine is a dented fender from race car driver Rusty Wallace’s car, which was damaged at Richmond International Speedway.

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Verizon Wireless: Verizon XLTE is here — making the most of the best devices on the best network! It’s the latest advancement of America’s largest and most reliable 4G LTE network: double the 4G LTE bandwidth in cities coast to coast. That means faster peak speeds and greater capacity than before, letting you stream, share, and do more. Learn about benefits available to federal employees by visiting or visit any Verizon Wireless store. The Whitney Apartments, Minutes From NIH/Walter Reed: If you are looking for an apartment that offers urban conveniences with a suburban feel, look no further. Located in the heart of Bethesda, Md., just two blocks from the Metro and less than one mile from NIH, the location couldn’t be better. The Whitney is within walking distance of countless restaurants and shops. If you prefer to take a break from the urban surroundings, an outdoor oasis awaits out your back door. Enjoy relaxing in the outdoor gardens with access to gas grills and a resort-tyle pool. In addition to The Whitney’s fabulous location, enjoy the exceptional concierge services and monthly signature events, monthly book club, yoga classes, movie night, and much more. Call 301-907-0151 or visit whitneybethesda. com.



Protect your job and your pension for as little as $11.00 per pay period. CareerGuard® Professional Liability Insurance: • Choice of $1,000,000 or $2,000,000 liability coverage for lawsuits. • Up to $200,000 for legal representation for agency investigations and, disciplinary proceedings, including internal agency appeals procedures, the Merit Systems Protection Board or even the U.S. District Court.

Amenities Include Wi-Fi and Outlets 1.877.826.3874

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The rewards of the all-new network $ start with 100.

Get a $100 Visa Prepaid Card for each eligible new line you activate. Then continue saving each month through the Sprint Discount Program.



Claim your reward at

Visa® Prepaid Card

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Activ. Fee: $36/line. Credit approval required. Early Termination Fee ( After 14 days, up to $350/line. SDP $100 Visa Prepaid Card Offer: Offer ends 10/10/14. Available only to eligible SDP accounts with valid Corp. ID. While supplies last. Excludes tablets. Device requires activation at point of sale. Visa Prepaid Card request must be made at or Visa Prepaid Card will be declined. New-line must remain active and in good standing for 45 days to receive Visa Prepaid Card. Subject to CL corporate gifting policy. Allow 10-12 wks for delivery. May not be combinable with other offers. Other req. may apply for installment customers. See store or for details. Visa Prepaid Card: Cards are issued by Citibank, N.A. pursuant to a license from Visa U.S.A. Inc. and managed by Citi Prepaid Services. Cards will not have cash access and can be used everywhere Visa debit cards are accepted. SDP Discount: Avail. for eligible company or org. employees (ongoing verification). Discount subject to change according to the company’s agreement with Sprint and is avail. upon request for monthly svc charges. Discount only applies to data buy-ups/add-ons for Unlimited, My Way and Framily plans, Talk 450, and primary line on Talk Share 700. Not avail. with no credit check offers or Mobile Hotspot add-on. America's Newest Network: Visit Coverage not available everywhere. Other Terms: Offers and coverage not available everywhere or for all phones/networks. Restrictions apply. See store or for details. © 2014 Sprint. All rights reserved. Sprint and the logo are trademarks of Sprint. Other marks are the property of their respective owners. N145360 MV1234567 I september 2014 | discount housing guide I DHG-7

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orner michelle & karl teel

Is bigger always better for cruisers? â&#x20AC;&#x153;Supersize meâ&#x20AC;? has become an American mantra of sorts, and itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s not necessarily limited to the people increasing the size of their burger and fries orders. For decades, American automobiles grew in size until skyrocketing gas prices began to put the brakes on gas guzzlers. Housing sizes increased from the standard WWII-era bungalows that defined the American standard to the â&#x20AC;&#x153;McMansionsâ&#x20AC;? of more recent times. The movie theater of yore is now the multiplex cinema showing 18 fea-

tures. Convenience store leader 7-11 introduced the Big Gulp, only to later replace it with the Super Big Gulp. But not everything is considered better just because itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s bigger. The shoe box-sized cell phone of the past is now a palm size iPhone. Computers that used to take up an entire room have been replaced with the faster, more powerful tablets and other small devices. Whatâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s happened with cruise ships? Just 15 to 20 years ago, we cruised on what we thought, at the Royal Caribbean

time, was an absolutely mind-blowingly large ship: 855 feet in length, 77,000 tons in weight, and perhaps eight stories tall. Now, thatâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s moderately sized at best, especially when compared to todayâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s largest vessels. Royal Caribbeanâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Allure of the Seas measures 1,188 feet long (getting close to a quarter of mile), weighs 225,000 tons, and is 15-plus stories tall. In the 1980s, the largest ships were still less than 50,000 tons, and the 100,000-ton mark wasnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t crossed until 1996. But, is bigger better? The answer is sometimes yes, sometimes

no, and sometimes itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s a matter of opinion.

Bigger may be better Letâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s look at some positive attributes for these bigger ships. You can always tell how new or old a ship is from a distance, even if you have poor judgment on estimating length, by just checking one thing â&#x20AC;&#x201D; balconies. People love them, and businesses build what people want to buy. Not only do bigger ships have more room for more balconies, continued on page 18


    s3OUTHERN%XPEDITION 14 Lighthouses 2 Days - Overnight Onancock, VA - Aug. 9 & 10

s3UNSET#RUISESwith 2 Lighthouses s(ALF$AYon the Bay with 5 Lighthouses s&ULL$AY#RUISESwith 10 Lighthouses

s.ORTHERN%XPEDITIONwith 10 lighthouses including Turkey Point and Fishing Battery Lights.

    The new architecture Royal Caribbean uses on the bigger ships includes interior balconies and an open-air avenue feel and look.

&(%& #%&(&(#&(&& ( ( $"' " "%$#'&

Thereâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s no place like vacation.

Recreation News

will get you to the best places! Have Recreation News delivered to your office every month FREE.

Just call 410.638.6901 or go to, click Subscribe, and youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;re on your way. I september 2014 I recreation news 17

the architecture changed to allow a higher proportion of balconies. Moving some retail and other spaces to lower deck levels opened up more space

& '$&&' $&$&''$&  '  '  "' ! "  ,  " % **  ',   # ,   *#

' &*, ))&*

&, '



!!!# #%%# %"% 

Smith Island Cruises

DAY TRIP: Wed. thru Sun. - departing at 10:30 a.m. from Point Lookout State Park - $40 per person OR 2- OR 3-DAY PACKAGES starting at $375 per couple visiting Smith Island, Crisfield and Tangier Island. Package available: Any Wednesday thru Saturday nights. Includes: Cruise, Accommodations in Crisfield, Dinner at Captain Tylerâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Crabhouse and Breakfast. LIMITED SPACE â&#x20AC;˘ RESERVATIONS REQUIRED

410-425-2771 â&#x20AC;˘

downside? There are a few. For one, these larger ships simply are too big to fit into certain ports, and if they do, you may be more likely to take a tender or ferry into port, rather than simply walk off at a pier. Also, long walks may be necessary to go from one end of the ship to another. For example, if you have dinner on the third deck in the back of the ship and want to go to a spa on the 13th deck at the front of the ship, it can be a 15-minute workout to get there. Or, if you discover on your cruise that your cabin is at one end and a friendâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s cabin is at the other end ... well, you get the idea. While larger ships and heavier weight make the crafts able to handle rougher seas, they are like seesaws, and a longer ship will have more pronounced motion at the front and back as a result.

What matters to you

Of course, some items are a matter of opinion. After all, some people like a vibrant city, others a peaceful, remote feeling. Some like choices, while others may feel overwhelmed with too many options. Do more options for children mean more youngsters on the cruise? This may or may not be Smaller may be better a plus for you. Like any personal choice, the more With all that going for larger ships, whatâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s the you know, the more Oceania Cruise Lines likely you are to make better choices. Talk to friends, do research, and best of all, speak to a travel agent. Most of them have firsthand experience and will take the time to hear what you would be happiest with and gently guide you toward a better match. The one universal piece of good news is that now, more than ever, there is truly a match for everyone somewhere in the cruise industry. Whereâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Many of todayâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s ships considered â&#x20AC;&#x153;smallerâ&#x20AC;? in size are better thought of yours? We hope you find as â&#x20AC;&#x153;boutique,â&#x20AC;? as they tend to be high in luxury. Read about the Oceania it! Bon voyage! Marina in the January, 2015 issue of Recreation News.

Whatever Floats

Your Boat



$ 00

RegulaR aDulT aDmission One coupon required per purchased ticket at gate.

Children Under 12 fRee with Parents

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Sue Creek in Balto. County

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MD RECREATIONAL VEHICLE DEALERS ASSOC. Maryland State Fairgrounds â&#x20AC;&#x201C; Timonium I-83 One Exit North of I-695 Balto. Beltway 10 AM - 7 PM Thursday - Saturday 10 AM - 6 PM Sunday fRee paRking


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continued from page 17

for balcony cabins. In a totally revolutionary design change, to a horseshoe shape, Royal Caribbean now offers interior balconies. The additional supply of balconies has actually narrowed the price difference between them and interior cabins. Another positive attribute of the larger ships is the amenities they offer. Bigger ships simply have more of everything, as well as offering amenities and spaces not seen before. There are more bars, more night clubs, more entertainment choices, more specialized child care and activities, and a wider variety of dining options. In a floating city, just as in a regular city, increased size equals increased options. On longer cruises, this can be particularly attractive. Bigger ships offer bigger water parks, movie theaters, conference rooms with specialty events such as computer or dance classes, ice rinks, rock walls to climb, golf, zip lines, and even aquatic show theaters. Architecturally, they even have open avenues, giving the feel that you arenâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t walking down a hallway, but a vibrant city street.

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delaware I michelle and karl teel

Southern Delaware: Exploring nature on and off the beach Everyone loves going to the beach, but in southern Delaware, that’s only one element of the outdoor scene. State parks, nature centers, and eco-tours join camping, biking, hiking, bird watching, paddle boarding, canoeing, and kayaking as outdoor opportunities in the southern part of The

First State. Given the rich mixture of geography, nature calls you to explore all the outdoor recreation. And now it’s getting even better. Gordon’s Pond, a 900-acre saltwater lagoon, has long been a favorite location for nature lovers. Located at Cape Henlopen State Park, it ranks eighth

of 47 attractions in Rehoboth Beach according to Trip Advisor. Whether you are a hiker, cyclist, or birdwatcher, there is plenty to see and enjoy. The gently rolling sand dunes and savannah-like salt marsh environment make it ideal for waterfowl, especially blue herons, snowy egrets, bald eagles, and osprey. The Gordon’s Pond trail has many popular nesting spots for migratory birds and, at times, portions may be closed to avoid interfering with nature at work. (The state park office can provide specifics.) Other parts of the trail go through a maritime pine forest offering a variety of wildlife to view. The WWII observation towers and concrete bunkers along the Cape Henlopen beaches are not only interesting from a history perspective, but the towers make excellent observation points for birders as well. The improved Gordon’s Pond trail is a 3.2-mile extension of the old less-than-a-mile trail, a perfect complement to the 16 miles of trails within Cape Henlopen State Park. The mostly fine-crushed gravel surface keeps the trail flat and well drained and the half-mile elevated boardwalk has, thankfully, a skid-resistant surface. Three information boards with maps and descriptive information are spaced throughout the route. Two scenic overlooks offer great photo ops as well. The trail also connects with others and cyclists now can enjoy an 18-mile loop between Lewes and Rehoboth. You can pick up the trail at the southern end at Gordon’s Pond parking lot or Herring Point’s continued on page 20

The unique habitat of the saltwater marsh provides a home for all kinds of waterfowl at Gordon’s Pond in Cape Henlopen State Park. Delmarva Board Sports

Warm up to fall at the beach.

Ask about our Autumn Leave Package!

(800)33-BEACH 33-BEACH 2 Olive Avenue & the Boardwalk Rehoboth Beach DE 19971 Delmarva Board Sports offers unique night paddles. I september 2014 I recreation news 19

Southern Delaware continued from page 19 parking lot on the northern end. The Herring Point end has the half-mile elevated boardwalk and connects to the two-mile Walking Dunes Trail. At the southern end you can enjoy views of the ocean, the salt pond, the WWII towers, and, of course, the beach.

7th Annual Brought to you by the midatlantic ford dealers

Sat., October 4, 2014 RAINDATE: Sun., October 5, 2014

Sussex County Airport 10am-4pm

It’s a great way to enjoy the area, whether you wish to take a leisurely hike, cover a lot of territory on a bike ride, or just want to enjoy nature off the beaten path. And, remember to bring your camera and binoculars. It’s hard to believe that you can find yourself immersed in the tranquility of such a breathtaking natural preserve just minutes away from the liveliness of the Rehoboth Beach scene. It’s a perfect way to round out your vacation.

Join the SUP craze Sometimes how you enjoy the outdoors is just as important as where. Delmarva Board Sports now has two locations in Sussex County: Fenwick Island (right next to Harpoon Hanna’s) and in Rehoboth Beach on Coastal Highway. Seeing wildlife and nature’s beauty from the water offers a perspective you just can’t find elsewhere. Whether it’s standup paddle boarding, kayaking, or wind surfing, Delmarva Board Sports is a logical first stop. Are you a novice? They’ll teach you. Got some experi-

ence? They’ll rent you equipment. You’re addicted to the sport? They sell great equipment. Not sure stand-up paddle boarding is for you? Check this out. Delmarva Board Sports has a “bucket list option” of 30 minutes for just $15. You can also take group excursions such as the beautiful Bethany Sunset trip. Packages are also available for touring canals, the bays, and other waterways. If you are already experienced and have your own equipment, but just don’t feel like lugging it around, rentals are available from 30 minutes to full weeks. ( At, there are whole sections dealing specifically with nature centers and state parks to help with your plans. Trap Pond, in Laurel, has long been one of our favorites, especially the pontoon boat eco-tour. Remember to check out additional content at RecreationNews. com for photos and additional coverage at videos.


WWII ‘Special Event’ featuring Historic Veteran Heroes Encampments Fort Miles Exhibits US Navy Parachute Team Plane Rides Pilot Competitions

All-Day Entertainment

Craft & Food Vendors

CULTURE continued from page 16



For information call the Georgetown chamber 302-856-1544 or visit








Artists were selected from among hundreds of applicants by a panel of experts. Michael Johnston, of Alexandria, who has a studio at the Torpedo Factory Art Center on North Union Street, has been part of the festival since the beginning. He plans to show figurative and floral paintings and prints. “The figures are usually sitting at a table with wine and/or coffee and cropped at the eye level. This enhances them with a sense of ambiguity,” he explained. “These are acrylic paintings with loose and broad strokes so they are charged with real positive energy. The large florals are similarly colorful and with sweeping strokes which give them a sense of movement.” He thinks the public will enjoy the show because of its beautiful setting near the river and the relaxed way of viewing the art. “They can meet the artists and purchase some really great works without the intimidation of walking across the echoing hardwood floors of a typical gallery,” Johnston said. “Sitting at any of the sidewalk cafes and watching folks stroll along past the booths just makes it a fun afternoon.” He indicates it’s a good experience from the artist’s perspective as well. Johnston enjoys it when people stop by to chat, ask questions, and com-

Explore Southern Delaware Join us for NightSUP™ ... a premium excursion, offered by appointment at our Fenwick Island location next to Harpoon Hanna’s.

Minimum age is 18 and prior paddle boarding experience is required.



GO TO To buy your tickets

ment about the art. “The reaction is always different and I think it reveals more about themselves than they realize,” he said. There also will be interactive art activities and live music at the festival. Visitors can register to win a free art giveaway by Patrick Reynolds. His painting, Sagesse, valued at $2,800, will be on display in his booth. A limited-edition Cheryl Summers art piece also will be given away each day at the Lincoln Motor Company vehicle display. In addition, you can participate in the Ice Cream Bowl Fundraiser by buying a handmade ceramic bowl for $15 and enjoying artisanal ice cream. Need to know: Hours are 10:00am-7:00pm on Saturday, and 10:00am-5:00pm on Sunday. Admission is free. The Torpedo Factory Art Center is also participating in the festival on Saturday. Stop in to see artist demonstrations, including ice carving, live music, and family activities. The center, a former munitions plant packed with 82 artists’ studios and six galleries, is marking its 40th anniversary this year. Part of the celebration was the commissioning of a mural by resident artist Rachel Kerwin that features images of the building and waterfront. See it by the waterfront entrance. The next exhibition is Hacking Objects of Desire, Sept. 6-Oct. 19. The show includes video, sound, text, and sculpture to explore Sami (Scandinavian) design traditions. Families can get into the act on Oct. 11 with the center’s annual Arts Safari, a day of hands-on craft activities.

20 recreation news I september 2014 I

Learn more Brandywine Festival of the Arts: brandywinearts. com Alexandria King Street Art Festival: Torpedo Factory Art Center: torpedofactory. org


9/19—Oktoberfest Street Festival • 10/3–5 Merchants’ Fall Sidewalk Sale 10/4—Boast the Coast Maritime Festival and Boat Parade 12/4—Merchants’ Hospitality Night 12/6—Lewes Christmas Parade and House Tour Call toll-free 877-465-3937 or visit


If you’re looking for a great place to visit, a great place to start a business, or a great place to live…that’s Milford. 302.422.3344 •

L A N D , W AT E R O R A I R .

More reasons to get out there! If you’re the adventurous type, get ready to get out there. On land, you’re in for outstanding biking, hiking and nature trails, challenging golf, beautiful state parks and campgrounds. Love water? Come paddle our back bays, rivers and wildlife refuges. Go surfing or skimboarding. Enjoy fishing or boating. Still up in the air? Go skydiving, parasailing or birding. Or just relax on our pristine 5-star beaches—and do nothing at all. For a full calendar of events, activities and deals go to

What’s your favorite fall thing to do in Southern Delaware? Tell us at You could win a weekend for two!


Join us Friday, Oct. 10, starting at 4 p.m. and all day Saturday, Oct. 11, for carnival rides, kids’ games, scrapple carving, live entertainment, and so much more. Visit and our website:


Spend your day on the water, boating and fishing for bass, and your night in our campground, nestled beneath towering loblolly pines! I september 2014 I recreation news 21

MOUNTAIN MUSIC AND DANCE FESTIVAL Sept. 5-6, 6:00pm. If you love dancing and old-time music in a mellow setting, this is the festival for you. Glen Maury Park, 101 Maury River Drive, Buena Vista, Va. 540-261-7321, ART AND WINE FESTIVAL Sept. 5-7. The festival at Deep Creek Lake includes wine, regional artists, children’s area, silent auction, and live music. 270 Mosser Road, McHenry, Md. 888-387-5237, HAMPTON BAY DAYS Sept. 5-7. A combination of free entertainment on multiple stages, a bay education area with a children’s area and the exciting Tidewater Dock Dogs, dozens of arts and crafts booths, food vendors, and fireworks. Downtown Hampton, Va. 757-7271641,

September 2014 Sept. 1-Labor Day


CHILDREN’S DAY Sept. 6, 11:00am-4:00pm. A fun-filled day for the entire family featuring crafts, hands-on learning stations, educational presentations, sing-a-longs, and magic shows. Ladew Gardens, 3535 Jarrettsville Pike, Monkton, Md. 410-557-9570,

MARYLAND STATE FAIR Through Sept. 1. Food, tame and thrilling rides and games, thousands of livestock, farm, garden, and home arts exhibits, live thoroughbred horse racing, and concerts. Maryland State Fairgrounds, 2200 York Road, Timonium, Md. 410-252-0200,

HISTORIC ODESSA BREWFEST Sept. 6. In addition to the fine craft beers, locally sourced food will be available, provided by Cantwell’s Tavern, and live musical entertainment will be presented by reggae evangelists Spokey Speaky and country crossover specialists Philbilly. Wilson-Warner House, 202 Main St., Odessa, Del.

OX HILL FAIR Through Sept. 6. This community fair features an array of events including tractor pulls, ATV racing, demolition derby, and horse judging, as well as carnival rides, food, entertainment, and agricultural displays. Ox Hill Fairgrounds, Plumville, Pa.

BREWS ON THE BEACH Sept. 6. Craft brews, food, and entertainment. 12913 Ocean Gateway, Ocean City, Md. 410-213-1771. POCOMOKETOBERFEST Sept. 6, noon-6:00pm. Eastern Shore wines and beers, arts and crafts, scarecrow contest, and live music. Cypress Park, Pocomoke, Md. 410-957-1919,

MARYLAND RENAISSANCE FESTIVAL Through Oct. 19. On weekends, travel back in time as you immerse yourself in the culture of a 16th-century English village, complete with King Henry VIII and his court. Revel Grove, Crownsville, Md. 800-296-7304,

MARYLAND SEAFOOD FESTIVAL Sept. 6-7. A highlight of the event is the Crab Soup Cook-off, an Annapolis favorite that brings together the city’s greatest restaurateurs and chefs in a classic Maryland showdown. Sandy Point State Park, Annapolis, Md. 410-353-9237,

PRINCE GEORGE’S COUNTY FAIR Sept. 4-7. Live animals, food, music, and carnival games. 14900 Pennsylvania Ave., Upper Marlboro, Md. 301-442-7393,

NANTICOKE INDIAN POWWOW Sept. 6-7. Walk with the Nanticoke Indian Tribe as it gathers for the 37th Annual Powwow eight miles east of Millsboro, Del. BOARDWALK ARTS FESTIVAL Sept. 7, 10:00am-5:00pm. Includes more than 100 fine artists who will be featuring paintings, word work, metal, clay, baskets, jewelry, and porcelain. Bethany Beach Boardwalk, Bethany Beach, Del.

Brokerage Cove - featuring previously owned boats in St. Mary’s Cove O





Peruse largest multi-hull sailboat selection in the world Hottest domestic & international racing & cruising boats Join Take the Wheel’s interactive classes & boat demos Shop & explore sailing gear, rigging & accessories Plan your next vacation in Vacation Basin


Brokerage Cove - featuring previously owned boats in St. Mary’s Cove O





Climb aboard hundreds of boats, from 8-80 feet Trailerables, inflatables, antique & classic boats Boating products, accessories, equipment & gear Explore the center console fishing collection Review the latest in navigation equipment

Purchase tickets online and avoid long lines at gate!

22 recreation news I september 2014 I

COOKPORT FAIR Sept. 8-13. Agricultural displays and competitions, animal and craft exhibits, rides, and entertainment throughout the week. Commodore, Pa. 724-254-1445, cookportfair. com WASHINGTON COUNTY FAIR Sept. 8-14. The fair hosts a variety of family events and fun activities including concerts, livestock shows, horse shows, a lawn mower race, school days, senior day, carnival rides, food, commercial exhibits, educational exhibits, and arts and crafts. Washington County Fairgrounds, 17046 Fairground Drive, Abingdon, Va. ANNE ARUNDEL COUNTY FAIR Sept. 10-14. Farm animals, exhibits, contests, carnival midway, entertainment, family atmosphere, agriculture education, 4-H exhibits, and auction. Anne Arundel County Fairgrounds, Crownsville, Md. 410-923-3400,

DELMARVA BIKE WEEK Sept. 11-14. Harley-Davidson bike event with food and merchandise vending. WinterPlace Park and Equestrian Center, 6737 Blue Ribbon Road, Salisbury, Md. 302-629-6161, GREAT FREDERICK FAIR Sept. 12-20. Exhibits, rides, entertainment, amusements, educational programming, and eateries. 797 East Patrick St., Frederick, Md. 301-663-5895, FALL GARDEN DAY Sept. 13, 9:00am-3:00pm. Numerous local plant vendors to satisfy your gardening needs. A silent auction, bake sale, live music, and food add to the festivities. Green Spring Gardens, 4603 Green Spring Road, Alexandria, Va. 703-642-5173, CRAFT BEER AND MUSIC FESTIVAL Sept. 13, noon-6:00pm. More than 100 award-winning artisan beer tastings from regional and national artisan breweries, as well as music of every variety on stage. Shop for arts and crafts and specialty food items, too. Navy-Marine Corps Memorial Stadium, Annapolis, Md. 410-263-4012  VIRGINIA WINE FESTIVAL Sept. 13-14. The festival features 50 of Virginia’s best wineries, craft exhibitors, seminars, and incredible music. 5089 Old Tavern Road, The Plains, Va. 540-253-5000, SMICKSBURG APPLE FEST Sept. 13-14. Apple butter-making demonstrations, apple cidermaking demonstrations, locally grown apples for sale. Visit more than 20 specialty shops selling apple pies, apple dumplings, apple fudge, apple cider, and apple butter. Smicksburg, Pa. FOOD AND WINE CELEBRATION Sept. 13-21. Visitors can enjoy winery tours and tastings, a beertasting dinner, the Harvest Food and Wine Tasting, luncheons at some of Cape May’s best restaurants, and the Chefs’ DineArounds. Cape May, N.J. 800-275-4278, FALL BIRDING FESTIVAL Sept. 19-21. Includes a variety of events, mostly free, for beginning and intermediate birders and families with children. Berkeley Springs, W.Va. 304-258-0992 HONEY HARVEST FESTIVAL Sept. 20, 9:00am-3:30pm. Discover the busy world of bees and other pollinators while enjoying arts and crafts, honey tastings, candle-making demonstrations, and refuge habitat tram tours. National Wildlife Visitor Center, 1730 Eastern Neck Road, Rock Hall, Md. 301-497-5763, AFRICAN-AMERICAN FESTIVAL Sept. 20, 10:00am-6:00pm. Celebrate African-American culture with dance, music, art, poetry, historical exhibits, children’s activities, a health and wellness village, a financial empowerment zone, food, and vendors. 400 Washington Ave., Towson, Md. 410-887-4289, BOATYARD BEACH BASH Sept. 20. Enjoy an evening of great music, food, and drink on the shores of the Chesapeake Bay. Annapolis Maritime Museum, 723 Second St., Annapolis, Md. 410-295-0104, ANNUAL AT&T RIBTOBERFEST Sept. 20, noon-8:00pm. Beer and barbecue collide in one deliciously mouth-watering food-for-all, featuring finger-lickin’ good barbecue, fabulously frosty craft brews, live music, restaurant competitions, and great family fun. Waterside Drive, Norfolk, Va. 757-441-2345, FESTIVAL OF THE ARTS Sept. 20-21, 10:00am-5:00pm. Vast array of artistic media including paintings, sculptures, photography, ceramics, glass, wood, handmade jewelry, collage, and mixed media. 1101 N. Highland St., Arlington, Va. 561-746-6615,  TRAWLERFEST Sept. 25-28, 10:00am-5:00pm. A four-day boat show, rendezvous, and educational experience. Attendees will enjoy exploring show boats, demonstrations, exhibitor booths, and educational seminar sessions. Baltimore Marine Centers’ HarborView Marina, 500 Harborview Drive, Baltimore, Md. NEPTUNE FESTIVAL Sept. 26-28. Offers everything from a wine tasting and worldclass sandcastle competition to numerous athletic competitions, an open-air art show along the boardwalk, an air show, and the famous Neptune Parade. Virginia Beach, Va. CENTERFEST Sept. 27. The festival includes handmade items from across the country, live music, churches, charities, and political organizations, and tons of great food. Downtown Bedford, Va. CRAB-TOBER Sept. 27, 2:00-9:00pm. Enjoy a crabby event to benefit the Havre de Grace Maritime Museum, Havre de Grace American Legion.

CHESAPEAKE HERB GATHERING Sept. 27-28. Enjoy a day of workshops, local vendors, and networking with local medicine makers, teachers, clinical herbalists, healers, botanists, farmers, birthkeepers, plant people, artists, and homesteaders. Melwood Recreation Center, 9035 Ironside Road, Nanjemoy, Md. 301-375-6082, FALL HARVEST AND CRAFT FESTIVAL Sept. 27-28, 11:00am-4:00pm. Apple bobbing, crafts, hay maze, face painting, storytelling, bluegrass music, and crafters featuring handmade items. Steppingstone Farm Museum, 461 Quaker Bottom Road, Havre de Grace, Md. 443-655-7790, FIGMENT D.C. Sept. 27-28, 11:00am-5:00pm. Free inclusive, participatory art event that is part of an international grassroots effort and provides a platform for emerging artists. Anacostia Park, Section E, Washington, D.C.

NOW SHOWING HAGLEY CAR SHOW Sept. 14, 10:00am-4:00pm. Browse more than 500 antique and restored cars, trucks, and motorcycles. This year’s special feature is family cars. Hagley Museum and Library, 200 Hagley Creek Road, Wilmington, Del. 302-658-2400, ANTIQUE FIRE ENGINE SHOW Sept. 14, 10:00am-2:00pm. Fire engine rides, Dalmatians, and antique fire engine demonstrations, plus other antique vehicles on display. Run through cascading streams of water as the museum honors area military personnel and first responders. Fire Museum of Maryland, 1301 York Road, Timonium, Md. NAS OCEANA AIR SHOW Sept. 20-21. Named the “Blue Angel Air Show of the Year” for 2012, this is a signature annual event. Virginia Beach, Va. FALL ANTIQUES SHOW Sept. 27, 7:00am-4:00pm. This antique event is billed as a buyers’ and sellers’ paradise, with high-quality antiques and collectibles. More than 150 dealers along Lincoln Square and the streets of downtown Gettysburg, Pa.

THE COLOR RUN RICHMOND Sept. 13, 8:30am-5:00pm. An event to promote healthiness and happiness by bringing the community together to participate in the “Happiest 5K on the Planet.” 600 East Laburnum Ave., Richmond, Va. 804-228-7500, CANNONBALL 5K RUN Sept. 14. The race benefits the Lewes Historical Society’s preservation and educational programming. Lewes, Del. MUDTOBERFEST Sept. 27, 9:00am. Choose from a 5K or 3K trail with hills, obstacles, and mud. Participants get a race T-shirt, patch, chip timing, and free parking. Bear Mountain Zip Lines, Luray, Va. MARIAN HOUSE RACE AND FAMILY FUN RUN Sept. 27, 7:30am registration, 9:00am race. In addition to the 5K race and one-mile run, participants and their supporters will be able to enjoy the race village that will feature food, entertainment, and activities for the entire family. Lake Montebello, Baltimore, Md. 410-467-4246, BALTIMORE ANNAPOLIS SAILING CLUB Year-round. Offers day-sailing events and seminars in Baltimore and Annapolis, Md., and Washington, D.C., and sailing excursions on the Chesapeake Bay. Membership free. 410-394-9483, QUANTICO ORIENTEERING CLUB Hosts map and compass activities most weekends in the greater Washington, D.C., area. Suitable for all ages and skill levels; free beginner instruction. POTOMAC APPALACHIAN TRAIL CLUB Leads weekly hikes and work trips in greater Washington, D.C., area. Contact PATC for more information. 703-242-0965, APPALACHIAN MOUNTAIN CLUB Leads hiking, bicycling, canoeing, and conservation events in Maryland, Virginia, and Washington, D.C. SENIORS EXERCISE FOR A BETTER LIFE Exercise for free on Tuesdays and Thursdays, 10:30-11:15am. Cora B. Wood Senior Center, 3601 Taylor St., Brentwood, Md. 301-699-1238, WASHINGTON AREA ROADSKATERS Year-round; check website for dates and times. Skaters leave from White House, Washington, D.C. washington-area-roadskaters

FREESTATE HAPPY WANDERERS Various walking trails and locations in Maryland. 410-437-2164, WANDERBIRDS HIKING CLUB Sundays. Various hikes and locations in Virginia. 703-242-0315, SWIMMING AND WATER EXERCISE PROGRAMS Tuesdays and Thursdays, 6:00-8:00am. Glenarden/Theresa Banks Complex Pool, 8615-A McLain Ave., Glenarden, Md. 301772-5515

MUSIC Orchestra/Band/Classical/Choral FAIRFAX SYMPHONY Sept. 21, 8:00pm. The season opens with a performance by clarinetist Ricardo Morales performing Copland’s Clarinet Concerto. The symphony also performs Copland’s Music for the Theatre and Beethoven’s Symphony No. 7. George Mason University Center for the Arts, Fairfax, Va.

Jazz/Blues/Country CHESTERTOWN JAZZ FESTIVAL Sept. 6. Featuring the Todd Marcus Orchestra, Bratcher Project, Lena Seikaly, and the 100 Voice Choir of Kent County. Wilmer Park, Chestertown, Md. 443-480-8944, YVONNE JOHNSON Sept. 21, 4:00pm. Meade Memorial Episcopal Church, 322 N. Alford St., Alexandria, Va. 703-549-1334, NOTHIN’ FANCY BLUEGRASS FESTIVAL Sept. 25-27. Bluegrass performances from artists such as Nothin’ Fancy and many others. Camping available in the park. 27 Glen Maury Park, 101 Maury River Drive, Buena Vista, Va. 540-2617321,


BROADWAY’S NEXT HIT MUSICAL Sept. 20, 8:00-10:00pm. The evening begins with cast members dreaming up original show songs based on the silly titles provided by the audience. This wacky new twist on musical theater employs a loveable troupe of quick-witted improvisers who miraculously make up a whole new musical right on stage. Hylton Performing Arts Center, 10960 George Mason Circle, Manassas, Va. 888-945-2468, LULU AND THE BRONTOSAURUS Sept. 25-Oct. 27. For ages 4 to 9 from the book by local author Judith Viorst. Imagination Stage, 4908 Auburn Ave., Bethesda, Md.

Films D.C. SHORTS FILM FESTIVAL Sept. 11-21. The lineup features a variety of genres: dramas, comedies, animation, sci-fi, documentaries, and creative experimental films. Held at four different venues in the Washington, D.C., metro area.

Dance DANCE PROGRAMS Weekends, 7:30-11:30pm. Glen Echo Park, 7300 MacArthur Blvd., Glen Echo, Md. THE WASHINGTON BALLET Call for performances and times. 3515 Wisconsin Ave. NW, Washington, D.C. 202-362-3606,

Exhibits Featured Exhibitions A REVOLUTIONARY SPIRIT Through October. More than 30 vivid paintings, drawings, prints, watercolors, and sculptures present an overview of the revolutionary art movement that flourished in Germany. The Baltimore Museum of Art, 10 Art Museum Drive, Baltimore, Md. 443-573-1700,

STAR-SPANGLED SPECTACULAR Sept. 13, 8:00pm. John Lithgow hosts this salute to The StarSpangled Banner featuring performances from music stars Kristin Chenoweth, Little Big Town, Pentatonix, and more. 410244-1131,

VIDEO ART EXHIBITION Through Oct. 12. The first museum exhibition to focus on women’s impact on the field of video art. National Museum of Women in the Arts, 1250 New York Ave. NW, Washington, D.C.

HIP HOP MUSIC FESTIVAL Sept. 28-29. Check website for bands in the line up. Festival grounds at RFK Stadium, 2400 East Capitol St. SE, Washington, D.C.

RYAN MCGINNESS: STUDIO VISIT Through Oct. 19. The exhibit will explore this contemporary artist’s creative process for his 2009 painting Art History Is Not Linear. The Virginia Museum of Fine Arts, 200 N. Blvd., Richmond, Va. 804-340-1400,

Theater DIRTY DANCING – THE CLASSIC STORY ON STAGE Through Sept. 14. An unprecedented live experience, exploding with heart-pounding music, passionate romance, and sensational dancing. National Theatre, 1321 Pennsylvania Ave. NW, Washington, D.C. 202-628-6161, SHAKESPEARE’S GLOBE’S KING LEAR Sept. 5-21. Renowned classical actor Joseph Marcell (TV’s The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air and Folger Theatre’s As You Like It) plays the title role in this stunning production by Shakespeare’s Globe On Tour. Folger Shakespeare Library, 201 East Capitol St. SE, Washington, D.C. CANCUN Sept. 11-Oct. 5. A hilarious comedy about contemporary relationships and marriage by one of Spain’s leading playwrights. In Spanish with English surtitles. GALA Theatre, 3333 14th St. NW, Washington, D.C. 202-234-7174,

Time Travel to Fun! Savegh throu19th! Sept ur Website Visit Or details. fo

Maryland renaissance enaissance Festival Near aNNapolis, iN CrowNsville, MD

NOW OPEN! Open Labor Day Monday

Sats & Suns through Oct 19 • 10 am-7 pm • Rain or Shine


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BASEBALL AND BECOMING AN AMERICAN Through Oct. 26. Features more than 130 original objects, including game-worn uniforms, game-used objects, correspondence, newspaper accounts, board games, awards, baseball cards, signed baseballs, Jewish ritual objects, and ballpark giveaways. National Museum of American Jewish History, 101 S. Independence Mall E, Philadelphia, Pa. 215-923-3811, FRONT ROOM: SETH ADELSBERGER Through Nov. 2. A variety of luminescent and textured paintings from Baltimore-based artist Seth Adelsberger demonstrates his innovative approaches to painting over the past five years. The Baltimore Museum of Art, 10 Art Museum Drive, Baltimore, Md. 443-573-1700, PRINTMAKERS OF WORLD WAR I Through Nov. 9. This exhibition focuses on how artists — many of whom witnessed combat firsthand as official war artists — represent the moods and transformative experiences particular to this global conflict. Virginia Museum of Fine Arts, 200 N Blvd., Richmond, Va. 804-340-1400, EXALTED NATURE Through Nov. 16. To spend even a moment with one of Charles Burchfield’s hallucinatory watercolors is to experience the artist’s visceral response to nature. Brandywine Conservancy and Museum of Art, 1 Hoffman’s Mill Road, Chadds Ford, Pa. ELECTRONIC AESTHETICS Sept. 5-Oct. 5. Works by painter Glen Kessler and sculptor Eric Celarier demonstrate how the microchip has initiated societal change. Fisher Gallery, NOVA Alexandria Campus, 4914 E. Campus Lane, Alexandria, Va.


OUTSIDE THE WALLS Sept. 7-May. An interactive exhibition where visitors can explore daily life in imperial China. Provides a glimpse into the home of a merchant-class family who lived in the 17th and 18th centuries. The Virginia Museum of Fine Arts, 200 N Blvd., Richmond, Va. 804-340-1400, BLACK BOX: ANRI SALA AND MICHAEL FRIED Sept. 14-Feb. 22. This exhibition will feature one of Sala’s recent works, selected by the art historian and the artist. The Baltimore Museum of Art, 10 Art Museum Drive, Baltimore, Md. 443-5731700,

Mon., Sept. 1 vs. Twins, 1:35pm Tues., Sept. 2 vs. Reds, 7:05pm Wed., Sept. 3 vs. Reds, 7:05pm Thurs., Sept. 4 vs. Reds, 7:05pm Fri., Sept. 12 vs. Yankees, 7:05pm Sat., Sept. 13 vs. Yankees, 7:05pm Sun., Sept. 14 vs. Yankees, 1:35pm Mon., Sept. 15 vs. Blue Jays, 7:05pm Tues., Sept. 16 vs. Blue Jays, 7:05pm Wed., Sept. 17 vs. Blue Jays, 7:05pm Fri., Sept. 19 vs. Red Sox, 7:05pm Sat., Sept. 20 vs. Red Sox, 7:05pm Sun., Sept. 21 vs. Red Sox, 1:35pm

The Orioles play home games at Oriole Park at Camden Yards, 333 West Camden St., Baltimore, MD 21201. Call 888-848-BIRD or visit baltimore.

WASHINGTON NATIONALS AT HOME Fri., Sept. 5 vs. Phillies, 7:05pm Sat., Sept. 6 vs. Phillies, 4:05pm Sun., Sept. 7 vs. Phillies, 1:35pm Mon., Sept. 8 vs. Braves, 7:05pm Tues., Sept. 9 vs. Braves, 7:05pm Wed., Sept. 10 vs. Braves, 4:05pm Tue., Sept. 23 vs. Mets, 7:05pm Wed., Sept. 24 vs. Mets, 7:05pm Thurs., Sept. 25 vs. Mets, 7:05pm Fri., Sept. 26 vs. Marlins, 1:05pm & 7:05pm Sat., Sept. 27 vs. Marlins, 4:05pm Sun., Sept. 28 vs. Marlins, 1:35pm

The Nationals play home games at Nationals Park, 1500 South Capitol St., SE, Washington, DC 20003. Call 202-397-SEAT (7328) or visit washington.

BALTIMORE RAVENS AT HOME Sun., Sept. 7 vs. Bengals, 1:00pm Thurs., Sept. 11 vs. Steelers, 8:25pm Sun., Sept. 28 vs. Panthers, 1:00pm

The Ravens play home games at M&T Bank Stadium, 1101 Russell St., Baltimore, Md. Call 800-927-2795 or visit

WASHINGTON REDSKINS AT HOME Sun., Sept.14 vs. Jaguars, 1:00pm Thurs., Sept. 25 vs. Giants, 8:25pm

THE ART OF JAMES CASTLE Sept. 26-Feb. 1. Features a representative selection of the artist’s immense oeuvre, including drawings, handmade books, texts, and constructions. Smithsonian American Art Museum, 8th Street and F Street NW, Washington, D.C. 202-633-1000,

DISCOVER THE SUITLAND BOG TOURS Sept. 13, 10:00am-2:00pm. This bog is now a unique wetland within the Washington, D.C. metropolitan area. Suitland, Md. 301-627-7755,

ARTIST OPEN STUDIO TOUR Sept. 27-28, 11:00am-3:00pm. Dedicated artists in Indiana County, Pa., open their studios to the public. An informal atmosphere gives visitors a behind-the-scenes look at creating art today. Enjoy beautiful country drives to studios across the county. Various locations, Indiana, Pa. 724-465-2787,

History PRINCE GEORGE’S GENEALOGICAL SOCIETY Sept. 4, 7:00pm. Presentation on “State Censuses: What Can They Tell Us?” City of New Carrollton Municipal Center, New Carrollton, Md.

HUNTER’S 1864 VIRGINIA RAID Sept. 10-14. Experience history come alive during cavalry rides and reenactments, Virginia Sesquicentennial HistoryMobile tours, period musical demonstrations, a gala ball, a dinner lecture, and living history demonstrations. Virginia Horse Center, 487 Maury River Road, Lexington, Va. THE BATTLE OF BALTIMORE Sept. 13, 2:00-4:00pm. Learn about the battle, see a live-fire demonstration of a historic weapon, and participate in a race against time to make black powder for the defenses on the front line. Robert E. Lee Park, 1000 Lakeside Drive, Baltimore, Md. 410887-4156, FISHER’S HILL BATTLEFIELD TOUR Sept. 22, 4:00pm “On This Day” tour on the battle’s anniversary on the actual battleground. Ramseur’s Hill, Battlefield Road OLD MARYLAND FARM ACTIVITIES Ongoing. Old Maryland Farm, 301 Watkins Park Drive, Upper Marlboro, Md. 301-218-6770 or 301-699-2544, MONTPELIER MANSION TOURS Sundays, 1:00pm and 2:00pm. Montpelier Mansion, Route 197 and Muirkirk Road, Laurel, Md. 301-953-1376

Lectures/Workshops/Classes NATIVE PLANTS FOR SUSTAINABLE LANDSCAPERS Sept. 5, 7:00-9:00pm. The evening will include dinner and guest speaker Carrie Engel, of Valley View Farms. Engel will discuss the importance of native plants and how they can be used to bring wildlife into yards and gardens. Sherwood House, 2002 Cromwell Bridge Road, Baltimore, Md. 410-887-2503, BUILD YOUR OWN IRONCLAD Sept. 14, 1:00pm. Conservation staff will use various artifacts to detail an effort to construct an ironclad in 100 days. Mariners’ Museum, Newport News, Va. THE AMISH QUILT CRAZE Sept. 18, 7:00pm. Lecture by Dr. Janneken Smucker. Hagley Museum and Library, 200 Hagley Creek Road, Wilmington, Del. 302-658-2400,


DC United plays home games at RFK Stadium, 2400 East Capitol St., SE, Washington, DC 20003. Call 202-587-5000 or visit

STAINED-GLASS CLASS Ongoing. Mat About You Gallery, 3774 Old Columbia Pike, Ellicott City, Md. 410-313-8860,

Wed., Sept. 24 vs. Tauro FC, 8:00pm Sat., Sept. 27 vs. Philadelphia, 3:00pm

SECOND SUNDAY SPOTLIGHT TALKS Second Sunday of every month, 2:00pm. Walters Art Museum, Baltimore, Md. 410-547-9000, TRADITIONAL ART CLASSES Ongoing. Carroll County Farm Museum, 500 S. Center St., Westminster, Md. 410-386-3880,

FIGHTING BULLYING Sept. 25, 6:30pm. Panel discussion on bullying from the schoolyard to the workplace. Chenoweth Activity Center, 1707 Fallston Road, Fallston, Md.

The Redskins play home games at FedEx Field, 1600 FedEx Way, Landover, Md. Call 301-276-6050 or visit

GALLERY TALKS Thursdays, 1:00pm, and Saturdays and Sundays, 2:00pm. Baltimore Museum of Art, 10 Art Museum Drive, Baltimore, Md. 443573-1700,

ON PAPER: ALTERNATE REALITIES Sept. 21-April 12. This exhibition presents 26 prints, never before on view, by a diverse group of artists who playfully exaggerate and reimage the visual language of popular culture — religious stories, myths, and folk tales — to consider larger issues of class, gender, and politics. The Baltimore Museum of Art, 10 Art Museum Drive, Baltimore, Md. 443-573-1700,

THE FOSSIL FIELD EXPERIENCE Sept. 6 and Oct. 4. The program begins at the Cove Point Lighthouse at 9:00am with a trained guide where participants learn how to find and identify fossils. Enjoy time on the beach until 11:30am. At 1:00pm, meet the guide back at the Calvert Marine Museum to discuss your finds. Calvert Marine Museum, Solomons, Md. 410-326-2042, 


ADULT ART COURSES Baltimore Museum of Art, 10 Art Museum Drive, Baltimore, Md. 443-573-1700,

24 recreation news I september 2014 I

TOURS WALKING THROUGH TIME TOUR Sept. 13. Learn about the life and personalities of the City of Fairfax in this 90-minute guided walking tour through the Old Town Fairfax National Register Historic District. Fairfax Museum and Visitor Center, Fairfax, Va. 703-385-8414, KALORAMA HOUSE AND EMBASSY TOUR Sept. 14, noon-5:00pm. The tour features several of Kalorama’s most beautiful homes, including the elegant Embassy of Luxembourg, the Embassy of Latvia, the bright and modern Embassy of Slovenia, the Korean Cultural Center, and the President Woodrow Wilson House among others. 2340 S St. NW, Washington, D.C.  CAPE MAY, NJ Historic district, moonlight trolley, and Cape May sampler tours. Cape May, N.J. 800-275-4278, MARITIME HISTORY WALKING TOURS Second and fourth Saturdays, 10:00am. Fells Point Visitor Center, Baltimore, Md. 410-675-6750,

O THER SUMMIT POINT RACING Park features three road-racing circuits used for amateur automobile, kart, and motorcycle racing, high-performance driver education, and emergency training for local and federal law enforcement. Summit Point Motorsports Park, Summit Point, W.Va. 304-725-8444, ST. MARY’S RUMMAGE SALE Sept. 5, 10:00am-2:00pm, and Sept. 6, 9:00am-1:00pm. 1 St. Mary’s Church Road, Abingdon, Md. FROZEN TRY-OUTS Sept. 6, 9:30am-11:30pm. Try out for Piney Orchard Ice Arena’s Production, Synchro, or Ensemble figure skating teams. Piney Orchard Ice Arena, 8781 Piney Orchard Parkway, Odenton, Md. 410-674-7013 WATCH LOG CANOE RACES Sept. 6. During the cruise aboard the Winnie Estelle, longtime log-canoer January White will share his experiences racing and growing up with log canoes. Chesapeake Bay Maritime Museum, 213 N Talbot St., St. Michaels, Md. Register by calling 410-745-4941, ROUTE 208 SALE TRAIL Sept. 12-13. Experience 24 miles of yard sales, antiquing, and sidewalk sales along Route 208 in historic Spotsylvania County, Va. INTRO TO GEOCACHING Sept. 27, 2:00-4:00pm. Looking for a fun, family-friendly way to exercise both mind and body? Try geocaching , a fast-growing sport that’s akin to a modern-day treasure hunt. Robert E. Lee Park, 1000 Lakeside Drive, Baltimore, Md. 410-887-4156, MUSEUM DAY LIVE! Sept. 27. More than 1,500 museums nationwide will open their doors to the public for free; tickets can be downloaded.

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wine doctor I edward finstein

‘Light’ alcoholic beverages Allow waist-watchers to imbibe Over the last month or so, I’ve received several queries about “light” alcoholic beverages from readers, so I thought I’d address the issue. Regardless of whether you prefer wine, beer, or spirits, they all contain calories, so if you’re watching your waistline, your favorite drink can be problematic. Alcohol, in general, contains about seven calories per gram. The more alcohol there is in a drink, the more calories it has. Then, if the drink is sweet or has added mixers containing sugar, the calorie count increases. If you indulge in more than one drink, the calories add up even more. Don’t get me wrong. I’m not trying to dull your “buzz” here. I’m just stating the facts. The other

LakeWatch Plantation, 14734 Booker T. Washington Hwy, Moneta, VA • 27 Virginia Wineries • Live Bands • 85+ Quality Craft & Food Vendors

September 27: 11am-6pm September 28: 11am-5pm Advance Tickets: $20 Taster $12 Designated Driver

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$25 Taster - $15 DD at Gate (children 12 & under free admission)


Call 540.721.1203 or visit *Rain or Shine *No refunds *No pets * Ticket does not include cost of food

option, of course, is “light” drinks. These are beverages (wine, beer, spirits, cocktails, etc.) that have reduced alcohol, calories, and sometimes carbs. There are many on the market.

Let’s talk wine Today’s average alcohol amount in wine is 13.5 to 14.5 percent. That’s a lot of calories. Two main methods exist for reducing alcohol in wine — the spinning cone and reverse osmosis — but I won’t go into the lengthy details about how these work. There are wine selections out there, though, that naturally have less alcohol and have not been manipulated to make them “light.” Those grown in cooler climates and higher altitudes and certain wine styles and wine regions are known for generally producing lower-alcohol wines. Vinho verde from Portugal has around 10 to 11 percent alcohol, while “trocken” (dry- style) German whites usually have an alcohol content of well below 12 percent. Hunter Valley Semillon from Australia usually has less than 11 percent alcohol, Prosecco from northern Italy has 10 to 12 percent, Muscadet from France’s Loire Valley is usually less than 12 percent, and Beaujolais, also from France, has around 12 percent alcohol content. If you must, go for a “light” wine. Though it’s a relatively new phenomenon, many producers are creating them. “Skinny Grape” is one example. As for the taste of these manipulated wines, I personally have not had any that could stand up to the real thing.

How about beer? Generally, the fuller and richer the brew, the more alcohol it contains and the more calories it has. That having been said, the beer industry has long been creating “light” beer with great success, especially for pilsners and lagers. Several ways exist for making a beer “light,” including higher fermentation temperatures, ways of handling the barley mash, the use of rice and

wheat, the use of specific enzymes, or simply watering the beer down. (I personally find “light” beer generally maintains much more of the flavor of the original than does “light” wine.) There also is non-alcoholic beer on the market, containing less than half a percent of alcohol. The alcohol is usually removed after the brewing process vacuum distillation, reverse osmosis, evaporation, or by the removal of yeast before fermentation is complete. One of my favorites that contains no alcohol is Beck’s.

How about spirits? Although spirits contain more calories because of their higher alcohol content, it’s really the mixers in cocktails that add a lot of additional calories. If you’re looking for “light” versions, products as “Skinny Girl” exist. These preassembled cocktails and spirits, which are naturally sweetened and have lower calorie counts and reduced alcohol content, are very popular today. Of course, if you’re into liqueurs that contain added sugar or cream, then the calories are through the roof. The bottom line is this: You could easily go for any of these “light” beverages, but keep in mind that just because they are light, you still can’t go overboard drinking them or their calorie-reduced concept, not to mention alcohol content, is shot. Whether you go “light” or not, the best approach is to simply limit your consumption, stick to those that aren’t sweet, and, if using a mixer, make it a sugar-free one or utilize soda water or plain water. © Edward Finstein, “The Wine Doctor” 2014. “The Wine Doctor” is Edward Finstein, awardwinning author, TV/radio host, renowned wine journalist, international wine judge, professor of wine, and consultant. Website: Twitter: Blogspot: thewinedoctor. Doc’s Grapevine: docs-grapevine.html. Facebook: EdwardDocFinstein?fref=ts

September 20-21, 2014 Saturday, 10 am-6pm & Sunday, Noon-6 pm

Admission price includes: wine glass, samples of Maryland wines, attendance at the wine-tasting seminar, Museum tours & on stage entertainment.

$30 Adults 21 & Older with valid ID $20 Designated Drivers & Ages 13-20

R MIE E PR NFT al estiv es T65E d :Inclu ission $


12 and Under are FREE with paying Adult Food & crafts for sale. Free handicapped accessible shuttle service available at Carroll Community College and the Carroll County Office Building. No Pets allowed on Museum grounds

Proud Sponsors: Cooperative marking sponsorship is provided by the Carroll County Times, WZBA 100.7 The Bay, Carroll County Bureau of Economic Development/Office of Tourism & Maryland Office of Tourism, BB&T, WTTR AM 1470, Kitchen Saver, with support from the Maryland Wineries Assoc., Maryland Grape Growers Assoc., the American Wine Society, Carroll County Health Dept., the partnership for a Healthier Carroll County, Mid-Western Regional Traffic Safety Program, Love it at Stella’s Bridal & Fashion, LLC., Diamond Resorts, Wyndham Resorts, MPT, and Comcast.

26 recreation news I september 2014 I

An International Experience – A Hometown Welcome!

All 5 Countries come alive with 10 Food Vendors, 5 stages of entertainment, A Children’s Tent with hands on activities for the whole family, 50+ Craft/Art/Retail Vendors, Local VA wineries and International brews.

VOTED One of the Top Food Festivals in the Shenandoah Valley for 2014.

Tickets Are On Sale NOW! Visit for details and to buy tickets. Use Promo Code: RECREATION for $5 off any ticket type.

adventures in taste I reed hellman

I want candy now… and I’m going to make it all by myself

Make your own candy

Simple Recipe for Candied Fruit Oranges, lemons, strawberries, melons, kiwi, grapefruit, pineapple, dates, pitted cherries, or ginger, cut into 1/4-inch slices Sugar syrup, made up of ½ cup of sugar for every 1-½ cups of water Crystalline sugar Boil enough syrup in a pan to cover the fruit. Add the sliced fruit into the boiling syrup and cook at medium-low heat, turning the slices occasionally, for 40 to 50 minutes or until the fruit becomes translucent but is still intact. With a slotted spoon, transfer the fruit onto a wire rack and let cool and

dry overnight. Roll the sliced fruit in crystalline sugar and store in an airtight container, between sheets of waxed paper, in the refrigerator for up to six months. Reed Hellman is a professional writer living in Alberton, Md. Visit his website at reedhellman or email questions or comments to Reed Hellman

Candy molds come in a variety of materials.

Naval District Washington

Catering & Conference Center Waterfront Dining & Meeting Space Wedding Receptions Family Reunions Banquets Hails & Farewells


,&7 :$6 675 +, ',

21 *7 1

I have a sweet tooth and am fascinated by the possibilities of making my own candies. In a previous column, I wrote about my adventures with chocolate, but my forays into confectionery have gone much farther. I began with mints. Mint, like licorice, is an herb with a long history. Ancient Greeks used mint leaves to mask the smell of dead bodies. Other cultures used the herb in foods and medical remedies. In early 20th-century America, mint was primarily a flavoring for gum, candy, and toothpaste, until 1912 when Clarence Crane invented and marketed a candy called Lifesavers, so named because of its unique circular shape. Making hard candy appears to be a relatively easy process: Boil water, sugar, corn syrup, and any flavorings or colorings until the mix reaches 300 degrees. Pour the heated mix into molds, let it cool, and enjoy. However, that simple process hides a number of potential dilemmas. Heating the mix to well above boiling requires a pot deep enough to completely contain the spitting and sputtering liquid. Attaining the appropriate temperature is critical to making a hard candy hard. The process requires a specialized candy thermometer that can accurately register 300 F. Additionally, the molds must be robust enough to contain the superheated mix, as well as carefully and completely greased, or the candies will not pop out when cooled. My first attempt required a chisel to free the candies from the mold, but they tasted great! My next adventure was candying whole clementines. Candied fruit has been around since the 14th century. I first tasted candied clementines in a farmers market in Calais, France. In one of the

biggest mistakes in my career as a culinary adventurer, I only bought three of the amazing confections. I ate the candied clementines whole. The concentrated “orangeness” and the contrast between the sweet syrup and the acidic bite of the orange peels lit up my taste buds. The interiors were totally saturated with the syrup, but had not lost their integrity. I have since experimented with making my own candied clementines. Again, the process is deceptively simple. Recipes vary, but the general technique is to boil the fruit, steep it in increasingly strong sugar solutions for a number of weeks, and then dry off any remaining syrup. My explorations with candying fruits have driven home this overarching principle of candymaking: You never get it just right the first time. Maybe not even the tenth time. But, at least you can usually eat your mistakes. Although I have boiled, steeped, saturated, and dried baskets of clementines, I have yet to get the consistency just right. However, the concentrated sugar syrup, redolent with orange essence, makes a superb cocktail when mixed with equal parts of bourbon. I call them “Kentucky Clementines.”

1$ 9$

My venerable Oxford English Dictionary — the one that comes with a magnifying glass — defines candy as “crystallized sugar, made by repeated boiling and slow evaporation ... also any confection made of, or encrusted with this ... including toffy, and the like.” Given the plethora of candies available to us today, that OED definition appears a bit limiting. Perhaps a better definition is a confection that features sugar as a principal ingredient, and can include chocolate, chewing gum, and glazed vegetables, fruit, or nuts coated with sugar. Of course, some candies are even sugar-free, and each culture has its own ideas of what constitutes candy. Around the 5th century B.C., the Persians and Greeks ventured into India and encountered sugar cane — “reeds that produce honey without bees.” People in ancient China, the Middle East, Egypt, Greece, and the Roman Empire had coated fruits and flowers with honey to preserve and create an early form of candy. However, the ancient Indians are credited with boiling sugar cane juice to produce khanda, thought to be the original candy. Whatever the origin — and despite cautions from our dentists and health care workers — candy has become a staple of our modern diet. According to Larry Wilson, of the National Confectioners Association, “The total confectionery market reached $33.6 billion in 2013 — marking the sixth consecutive year of sales growth.”

Retirements Change of Commands Meetings Conferences Elegant Rooms for 30 - 600 people Free Parking


Federal Employees: You are eligible to enjoy the finest affordable waterfront catering and conference facilities in the D.C. area.

Affordable Menus Naval District Washington Catering & Conference Center Washington Navy Yard, Building 211 Washington, DC (202) 433-3041 I september 2014 I recreation news 27

! &9+! & &99++&9+&9  & +

3,975893%48297(.894398819#3,591856327.91531854#9$)0.89/58-04356964319/.70*6"97649#87594)8589$85897 58/35-92,*(8593%918563269%0.02'9%35915348/40329,2-8594)89(725,14/#9.7$69(8/7,6894)8#9/3,.-24917# /58-0491,5/)76869*8-0/7.9818268699)3*89*354'7'86972-934)8593,46472-02'9-8(46"

" " " " "





97667/),684469+ 8"9& 76)02'43299  *70.9!++ + +"9 8(9!0489$$$"7**85*72'3.-(85'"/3*


 *+)(*+)+*+(* *+) *'+ *+ * !+!*! *+ *+(+)' (!+(* *+'*(+ *+)' (!+*


music festivals I gwen woolf

Thousands expected at Va.â&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Locknâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; Music Festival Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers, the Allman Brothers Band, and Willie Nelson are among the headliners at the four-day Locknâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; Music Festival in Arrington in Virginiaâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Nelson County. Locknâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; 2014 takes places Sept. 4-7 at Oak Ridge Farm near U.S. 29 just south of Lovingston, about a 150-mile drive from Washington. Last yearâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s inaugural festival, then known as Interlocken Music Festival, drew some 25,000 people from all 50 states. Forty acts are on tap this year, including Wilco, Furthur, Bob Weir & RatDog, The String Cheese Incident,

and the Preservation Hall Jazz Band. Festival organizers say this will be Wilcoâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s and Furthurâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s only festival performances this year. There also will be a one-of-a-kind collaboration between Widespread Panic and Steve Winwood. â&#x20AC;&#x153;What sets Locknâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; apart from other festivals is the fact that many of the artists perform more than once over multiple days,â&#x20AC;? notes a festival press release, â&#x20AC;&#x153;and [it] also features one band and one performance at a time, therefore creating a perfect scenario in which unique and exciting artists pairings are programmed.â&#x20AC;?

Limelight Imaging

PICK YOUR DESTINATIONS ... SEND THE FORM ... GET FREE INFO! r ACE Adventure Center r Adventures on The Gorge r Alleghany Highlands of VA r Allegheny Nat. Forest of PA r Augusta, VA r Back Home on the Farm r Bay Creek Resort r Beach Getaways r Belle Grove r Boardwalk Plaza Hotel r Buena Vista, VA r Bus Trips r Cabin Rentals r Canaan Valley Resort State Park, WV r Cape May, NJ r Caroline County, MD r Carroll County Farm Museum r Carroll County, MD r Cherry Crest Adventure Farm r Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel r Chesapeake Bay Lighthouse Tours r Chesapeake Beach Hotel & Spa r Chesapeake, VA r Chincoteague, VA r Clarion Hotel Shepherdstown r Clarion Resort Ocean City, MD r Clear Space Theatre r Coastal VA

r Colonial Beach, VA r Corn Mazes r Country Road Cabins r Cruises r Cruising from Baltimore r Delaware Getaways r Delmarva Board Sports r Downriver Canoe r Durbin & Greenbrier Valley Railroad r Eastern Shore of MD r Family Getaways r Flag Ponds Nature Park r Franklin County, PA r Frederick County, VA r Fredericksburg Trolley Tours r Front Royal Canoe Company r Front Royal, VA r Garrett County, MD r Georgetown, DE r Hampton, VA r Harpers Ferry Adventure Center r Harpers Ferry, WV r Havre de Grace, MD r Historic Getaways r Hummingbird Inn r James Monroe Museum r Jazz Festivals r Lawyerâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Farm r Lewis County, WV r Lexington, VA r LTD Vacations r Luray Caverns

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r Smith Mountain Lake, VA r Southern Delaware r Southern Maryland r Stratford Hall Plantation r Summersville, WV r Sunset Beach Resort r Surratt House Museum r Talbot County, MD r The Woods, WV r Tides Inn r Tidewater VA r Train Trips r Tripper Bus r Tucker County, WV r Upshur County, WV r Valentine History Center r Virginia Air & Space Center r Virginia Getaways r Virginia State Parks r VMI Museum r Warren County, VA r Waterfront Catering in DC r West Virginia Getaways r West Virginia Parks r Westmoreland County, VA r Whitewater Rafting r Winchester, VA r Wisp Resort r Woodloch Pines r Send all the brochures!

Your Name:________________________________________________________________________ Address:___________________________________________________________________________ City: _______________________________________State: ___________ Zip: __________________ Email:_____________________________________________________________________________

Check here r to â&#x20AC;&#x153;Go Greenâ&#x20AC;? (weâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ll send you information by email)

OR MAIL form to: RecNews Reader Info, 1607 Sailaway Circle, Baltimore, MD 21221 OR FAX form to: 410-638-6902 ... OR EMAIL form to:

28 recreation news I september 2014 I

Willie Nelson is among the performers scheduled to appear at Locknâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; 2014 in Nelson County, Va.

Musicians perform on two stages at the festival site, which is situated on the 200-year-old, nearly 5,000acre Oak Ridge Estate. Locknâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; LLC, the management company that produces the festival, recently announced the purchase of a 385-acre adjacent farm that will provide additional camping space for concert attendees and lessen the distance they need to travel to access the stages. The added road frontage also

will help alleviate potential traffic congestion. There will be RV and tent camping on the site, plus lodging possibilities in Nelson County, Wintergreen Resort, and at hotels in the surrounding area, including Charlottesville and Lynchburg. Some hotels are offering package deals. Visitors are encouraged to bring bicycles to get around the festival site or take advantage of the farmâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s

30 miles of bike trails. In addition, there will be disc golf, yoga, artisans, and locally sourced food and beverages, including craft beer and hard cider. A group of nonprofit organizations will be available on â&#x20AC;&#x153;Participation Row.â&#x20AC;? You can even arrange to get married in the farmâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s historic chapel. A variety of ticket prices are available through the website, ranging from a single-day ticket to a four-day

pass to a VIP package. The festivalâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s conceptual theme of sustainability is summed up with the phrase, â&#x20AC;&#x153;When something ends, another begins.â&#x20AC;?

Corn Mazes

donuts, caramel apples, and kettle corn, as well as homemade pies and fudge.

Mercersburg, Pa. 717-328-3617 Get â&#x20AC;&#x153;corn-fusedâ&#x20AC;? in the five-acre themed corn maze. The farm offers Friday Flashlight Nights, Haunted Maze nights on Oct. 24 and 31, and a Harvest Farm Festival on Oct. 4. Corn maze open weekends, Aug. 30Nov. 2.


continued from page 16 Corn Maze in the Plains 4501 Old Tavern Road The Plains, Va. 540-456-7339, Wholesome family fun activities include the five-acre corn maze, giant slides, pumpkin slingshot, obstacle course, farm animals, hayrides, and much more. Open Sept. 27 through Nov. 9, with moonlight mazes every Friday night. Cows-n-Corn 5225 Catlett Road Midland, Va. 540-439-4806, Visit an 1,800-acre farm in Fauquier County, which is home to 300 Holstein cows. In addition to the 10acre corn maze, enjoy hayrides and tours of the dairy farm. The fall farm activities open Sept. 19. Hartland Farm and Orchard 3064 Hartland Lane Markham, Va. 540-533-6901, Celebrate the 75th anniversary of The Wizard of Oz movie as you wind through a corn maze designed with Dorothy and Totoâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s faces. Fall Festival weekends run Sept. 6 through Oct. 26. Enjoy homemade cider

Temple Hall Farm 15855 Limestone School Road Leesburg, Va. 703-779-9372, Opening Sept. 26 for the season, the 286-acre farm located just outside historic downtown Leesburg offers an enormous 24-acre maze. The 2014 maze theme is â&#x20AC;&#x153;Buy Fresh, Buy Local,â&#x20AC;? and visitors wind through designs of animals, vegetables, and other products. There are plenty of other fall festival activities to enjoy on the farm, including a corn cannon, pumpkin blaster, a cow train, and pig races.

Making Family Memories at

Ride the carousel, take a hayride to the pumpkin patch, conquer the maze, pig races & more! Check out the website for special weekend events.

PENNSYLVANIA Cherry Crest Adventure Farm 150 Cherry Hill Road Ronks, Pa. 717-687-6843, The 2014 maze theme is â&#x20AC;&#x153;Music Through the Decades,â&#x20AC;? on five acres of trails that opened July 4. Cherry Crestâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s park and education center provides wholesome farm activities for the whole family.

2915 Willow Run Rd. near downtown Harrisonburg, VA


WHAT: Locknâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; Festival WHEN: Sept. 4-7 WHERE: Oak Ridge Farm, Arrington, Va. INFO/TICKETS:

Johnsonâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Country Market 36258 Zion Church Road Selbyville, Del. 302-436-3276, In addition to the annual corn maze, Johnsonâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s sells fresh produce, jams, pumpkins, and more. Opening day to be announced.

Find yourself in a corn maze


Every kid should meet a cow!

Stonerâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Dairy Farm 7678 Oellig Road

OVER 50 FARM FUN THINGS TO DO plus the Amazing Maize MazeÂŽ in the heart of PA Dutch Country

Open thru Nov. 8th


Back Home on the Farm

Corn maze attractions often have many other activities for families.

Festival at a glance


Bring your family out to our real working farm for a rare experience. Jump on a narrated hayride, meet a cow, make & taste butter, hug a chicken, walk through the corn, refresh in the country.

Cows-N-Corn Midland Va 22728 540-439-4806 WWW.COWS-N-CORN.COM

Conveniently located in Northern Virginia

A>3<2B632/G=<B634/@;E7B6B63E6=:34/;7:G Try Our corn maze at night with a flashlight for an extra challenge. 5 Corn Mazes, 2 Pumpkin Cannons, Large Indoor Area Featuring Hay Maze, Hay Fort, Playground, Pedal Cart Track, Picnic Area and Farm Animals

Friday 5-10pm*s Saturday 12-10pm*s Sunday 12-5pm*

*Last ticket sold at this time

www.LawyersFarm.comsTaylor@LawyersFarm.coms240.315.8133 I september 2014 I recreation news 29

Federal Employees have something to like. Get a quote today and see how you could save with a Federal Employee discount.



Some discounts, coverages, payment plans and features are not available in all states or all GEICO companies. Discount amount varies in some states. One group discount applicable per policy. Coverage is individual. In New York a premium reduction may be available. GEICO is a registered service mark of Government Employees Insurance Company, Washington, D.C. 20076; a Berkshire Hathaway Inc. subsidiary. GEICO Gecko image Š 1999-2014

30 recreation news I september 2014 I



Summer 2014 â&#x20AC;&#x201D; If youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;re looking for a vacation, honeymoon or girl friends get-away for this summer or fall, contact us soon. We can plan an awesome trip for you in the states or abroad. Hot spots include Vegas, New Orleans, Punta Cana, Mexico, Europe or cruises from Baltimore. Clients are also booking Italy, Tahiti, Hawaii and Alaska cruises. Music of the Night, The Songs of Andrew Lloyd Webber â&#x20AC;&#x201D; October 2, 2014, American Music Theatre, Lancaster, PA. The show features hits from The Phantom of the Opera, Cats, Jesus Christ Superstar, Evita and more. Call NOW for details. This show will sell quickly. 2015 â&#x20AC;&#x201D; Cruise and Land Adventure to Alaska, a spiritual destination. Other fantastic trips will be announced soon. GREAT ESCAPES TRAVEL & TOURS Call Barbara 301-567-6464 for info. and brochure or email: We Create Rocking Chair Memories. Essence Travel is a full service Travel Agency. Donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t see anything you like? Let us create a unique itinerary for your next vacation, destination wedding, cruise or weekend getaway! Scheduled Trips: September 27 â&#x20AC;&#x201D; A day in the big Apple- New York Shopping Trip October 11 â&#x20AC;&#x201D; Sight and Sound Play â&#x20AC;&#x153;Moses.â&#x20AC;? November 29 â&#x20AC;&#x201D; Williamsburg Outlet shopping. Check website for details. For additional information visit us on the web or call 703-861-0982

â&#x20AC;&#x153;VACATIONâ&#x20AC;? FOR SALE

â&#x20AC;&#x153;VACATIONâ&#x20AC;? FOR SALE

Cruise ship? Yoga retreat? Permaculture Eco-Resort? Uh-uh. Welcome to a home-grown West Virginia rafting company. Your trip includes you, six crewmates, some rubber and a guide. Youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;re headed down a WV river, and that sound? Thatâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s 2,800 cubic feet per second of whitewaterâ&#x20AC;Ś or a mild hangover mixed with bacon. Either way, itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s something primal, and it just woke up. $179 per person.

-,,+*)('&%$#%"!, ! %!'!%%+ &%%$!, +(&

+,%&'!&%)%% )%

!!!,& % ((%

!!& %)%)! "+((% )+%+,%*(+,% ) %++ '), 


VACATION RENTALS VACATION RENTALS BURNERâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;S MOUNTAIN LODGE Luray, Va. Two bedroom cabin. Fully equipped. Hot tub, fishing pond, many extras. Reasonable rates. Private. Close to hiking, Shenandoah river, caverns and golf. Call 540-743-3787, visit burnermountain.8m. com, or e-mail:


SHORELINE PROPERTIES & CONDO RENTALS Call now for reservations or sales 800-492-5832 Search online and save:


Luray, VA Plan your fall getaway now! Hot tub, bonfire and friends. Close to hiking, Luray Caverns and more. 800-622-6632.



LAND FOR SALE BY OWNER NEAR PETERSBURG, WV. 59.51 acres, wooded, $119,000. 81.61 acres, wooded $162,900. Both tracts have good views, mature timber, good cabin sites, excellent hunting, and access to 50 acre stocked lake. Call 304-257-2385 or visit

Get Outside! Stay Clean! com


/,0,7(' 7,0( 2))(5

0% APR up to 60 Months OR choose 15% OFFF or 0% APR and No Payments for 12 Months Best Warranties on the Market L Vast Selection, Tons of Options L A Trusted Name Since 1945 L

Isnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t it time you got a LONG?

TrekrÂŽ Self-cleaning Washcloths t Perfect for military use $4 t Stays odor free


ScrubrÂŽ Odor-free Dishcloths

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t Less bacteria than sponges t Easy to rinse clean $2

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866-746-6760 858.653.0401

Licensed, Bonded, Insured. MHIC 51346, VA 2705048183A, DC 67006785 EXP 9/30/14. Valid initial visit only. Minimum purchase required. Cannot be combined with other offers. $16.67 per $1000 on approved credit. Offer not valid on Kitchen Replacement or Refacing purchase.



PROBLEM â&#x20AC;&#x201C; Traditional gutters clog with leaves and debris, damaging your roof, foundation, fascia and landscaping.

RISK â&#x20AC;&#x201C; Cleaning out gutters is dangerous â&#x20AC;&#x201D; falls are the number one cause of accidental death and injury around the household.

73,9:$$: ::)91255+:1943*74 (36.:05769+-5282':734.94 57:4+537*:05++,736'

SOLUTION â&#x20AC;&#x201C; LeafGuard will never clog, or we will clean them out for you for free, forever â&#x20AC;&#x201D; guaranteed.

&:+51927:0.9%#374-3291:360.97:(36.: 230.:*287369:05,769265-4$ &:(84.9212'92:871:*97925,4/':8--537691:)86.4 &:)98,"%,//':(8692408-91:-55/:871:4-8$ &:96288*876:990,"9:),437944:097692 &.3*.:971,28709:67944:871:8925)30:%803/36' &:,/"+869:29431976:/5,7*9:(36.:)3//38214 &:*2871:-55/4319:*23//37*:468"57


.9:70/89:5 924:8:%84.3578)/9:8112944:6.86:34 37:0/549:-253+36':65:*2986:4.5--37*:871:8),7# 1876:29468,28764:944:6.87:6(5:+3/94:4:3-# -57:68"57:871: ,46:)/504:%25+:#$:565+80 5(7:97692:871:565+80:3//4


60 OFF







*With coupon. Not valid with any other offer, or previous job. Present coupon at time of estimate. Exp. 11/31/14 VA #2705-116122A/MD #121787

:930946924.329:62996 551)231*9::

(((970/8986-565+800/,)#8-6405+ I september 2014 I recreation news 31












Introducing Defense Mobile at RadioShack®. Defense Mobile caters exclusively to all branches of the military community—ARMYmobile, NAVYmobile, MARINESmobile, AIRFORCEmobile and COASTGUARDmobile. Veterans, military service members and their families are provided with the latest smartphones and nationwide 4G LTE service from top wireless carriers. Plus 10% of net profits go to military communities. Sign up at RadioShack, the only store where you can get all of the top smartphones like the Samsung Galaxy S® 5 with 10% off. Visit our stores or VOffer good at participating stores with valid military ID, Homeland Security ID or veteran discharge papers. Offer good at by submitting a valid .mil or .gov email address to generate a unique promo

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32 recreation news I september 2014 I

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