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Mid-Atlantic getaways for the Ho-Ho Holidays!


Christmas on the Potomac for Two at the Gaylord National Harbor Resort


Holidays in Williamsburg and the Historic Triangle • Give-a-Getaway • Maryland destinations for the holidays • Finding elk in Pennsylvania • Snare a deal in West Virginia’s parks • Charitable Choices

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2 recreation news I november 2014 I

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editor’s note I marvin bond

Celebrations and fireworks remain part of American life

My wife, Jane, has an aunt who is now 105 and a nursing home resident. But, for the first 90 or more years of her life, she was probably the greatest fan of fireworks I’ve ever known. This might seem an unusual time to bring up fireworks, but shortly before I wrote these words, Jane and I watched the spectacular fireworks celebrating the 200th anniversary of The Star-Spangled Banner and the Battle of Baltimore. A restaurant manager friend invited us to enjoy the display from the deck of her establishment, just outside of Baltimore’s Inner Harbor. The loca-

tion positioned us to see all four of the barges that were discharging simultaneous fireworks. As Americans, we’ve come to associate fireworks with major celebrations. Indeed, John Adams felt the Fourth of July should be celebrated with fireworks, among other noisy activities. Today, symphony orchestras throughout the country synchronize their renditions of the 1812 Overture to fireworks displays marking Independence Day. Fireworks marked the major events in Colonial America, and the tradition continues today with the Grand Illumination in Williamsburg, Va., on Dec. 7. Nearby Newport News gets in on the action with its Hollydazzle celebration on Dec. 5. Many cities and towns will mark the arrival of 2015 with fireworks, and some in the Mid-Atlantic will also drop lighted crabs, roses, ducks, apples, and other local symbols as their versions of New York City’s ball drop. Watching the amazement in a child’s eyes as the colored streams of light streak upward, burst, and dissipate is great fun, whether the “child” is 9 or 90. Somehow, our fascination with the colorful displays continues to keep them a part of our national and local celebrations. There must be a part of Aunt Sis in all of us.

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Travelers’ toolbox

Mid-Atlantic ski section Civil War section

u Clever Crates from Ziel Innovations are great

Coming next month

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4 recreation news I november 2014 I

publisher’s note I karl teel

The gift of travel creates lasting memories

Life is hard. But, not as hard as it once was. Technology has made our society as a whole more productive allowing us to produce more with less. The amount of effort required for pure survival has steadily declined over the centuries creating the opportunity for fewer work hours and a more luxurious lifestyle. It all makes sense. In the most exaggerated view think of the caveman and a life of 24/7 struggling for food and shelter. Fast forward to just a few hundred years ago when pilgrims struggled to survive winter and children worked from the time they were able. Later, coal miners worked six or seven days a week in jobs so tough their lifespan was greatly diminished. Most of us have parents or grandparents who grew up in the Great Depression, their stories of sacrifice told again and again. Every cloud has its silver lining, though. Families pulled together and supported one another if for no other reason than necessity. It seems the holidays meant more in those days and the gifts as well. Who doesn’t remember classic holiday scenes of old from the movies, like the Cratchit family celebrating Christmas in A Christmas Carol, their joy contrasting with their poverty. There’s also the Walton family (from the TV series, not the billionaires from Arkansas), various Thanksgiving scenes from the pilgrims era or later in history as Norman Rockwell depicted in numerous works of art. Similarly, gifts were special. When life had such little luxury, gifts meant a lot. In a society where you only have two shirts, there is no “latest fashion” and a gift of a shirt increased your shirt wardrobe by 50 percent. It was a big deal. We all know the challenges of gift giving today. You can either give kids clothes they may not like, or give exactly what they asked for and forego the element of surprise. There is always the generic gift card idea, but do they really get used? A lost or unused card then becomes a gift to a corporation. Often, there

is a sense of entitlement that seems counter to the whole idea of gift giving. An alternative exists, though. I’ve decided to skip the traditional gift giving and, instead, give my family gifts of travel. Now that my children are living independently and can pretty much work for and purchase whatever they wish, I want to give memories and family time. Recently, my wife and I ran into some good fortune and can afford to take them all on a cruise. This is a luxury they’d be challenged to accomplish on their own and will provide us family time away from the distractions of our modern, normal, home life. Long after they have forgotten who gave what, the memory of that time together on a tropical island will be in their minds as a happy place to go. It doesn’t need to be anything as pricey as a cruise though. Browse through this issue of Recreation News and see if an idea pops out for you. In the meantime, Happy Thanksgiving and the beginning of a joyous holiday season.

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4 ~ Editor’s Note 5 ~ Publisher’s Note 6 ~ Travel Line 8 ~ Family Travel 10 ~ Holidays in the Historic Triangle 12 ~ Viewing Pennsylvania’s elk herd 14 ~ Combined Federal Campaign 17 ~ Getaway Gift Guide 18 ~ West Virginia parks gift cards 22 ~ ICE! at the Gaylord National

23 ~ Cruise Maryland bargains 25 ~ Cruise Corner 26 ~ Calendar of Events 29 ~ Clinton County indoors and out 30 ~ A Carroll country Christmas 31 ~ Holidays in Havre de Grace 32 ~ Talbot celebrates the holidays 34 ~ Maryland Irish Festival 35 ~ BMA turns 100 37 ~ Adventures in Taste 38 ~ Wine Doctor

On our cover A holiday getaway to historic Williamsburg is among the possibilities to consider this year. Wythe Candy & Gourmet is a good seasonal stop. (Colonial Williamsburg Foundation)

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travel line I carol timblin

From Iceland to the Mid-Atlantic in time to mark the holidays Several weeks prior to my midSeptember departure for Iceland, I kept a watchful eye on the news for the latest information on the country’s Baroarbunga volcano and the seismic activity around the Holuhraun lava field. Aware of the havoc that another Icelandic volcano, Evjafjallajokull, had played on European air travel in the spring of 2010, I also insured my trip,just in case. Fortunately, the trip went according to plan, with no need to file a claim. During the five-hour flight from New York to Keflavik International Airport via Icelandair, I immersed myself in the Icelandic movies offered on board. (On the return trip I was delighted that Iceland was featured in The Secret Life of Walter Mitty.) We landed about midnight and then traveled by bus for about an hour to the Hilton Reykjavik Nordica. (Notably, Reykjavik, Iceland’s capital city, is a UNESCO “City of Literature.” Iceland’s literacy rate is nearly 100 percent, and one in 10 Icelanders write books.) The next day, we boarded the free bus in front of our hotel and headed downtown to explore the modern city, with its beaches and mountains, bold modern architecture, lively arts scene, interesting museums, and trendy shops. Sticker shock set in quickly upon learning that handwoven Icelandic

wool sweaters go for 25,000 krona (around $250). We loved the fresh seafood at Elnar Ben and The Fish Market, as well as Icelandic hot dogs, beer, and ice cream — local favorites. The Hallgrimskirkja — a modern structure dedicated to poet Halligmur Petursson and a part of the National Church of Iceland — soared above the flat landscape. We saw Hofoi House, site of the 1986 summit between former President Ronald Reagan and former Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev that marked the end of the Cold War. We viewed Althing, the home to Iceland’s parliament, which is world’s oldest, dating from 930. Also on our itinerary was Harpa, Reykjavik’s concert hall and conference center, and Perlan, or “The Pearl” in English, which is a hemisperical structure, used as an exhibition space, that sits atop giant hot water storage tanks. Iceland’s geothermal waters are piped into homes and businesses for heat and energy, as well as into community swimming pools, which are open year-round. (Reykjavik has seven pools, including Laugardalslaug, the largest and most popular.) Icelanders also harness the geothermal energy into greenhouses where tomatoes, lettuce, and other

travel line



Holidaysat the



ictoriAn holidAY weekendS


victoriAn chriStmAS PAckAge



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Around the Mid-Atlantic “Nation to Nation: Treaties Between the United States and American Indian Nations,” which opened at The Smithsonian’s National Museum of the American Indian in September, will continue through the fall of 2018. The exhibit focuses on original treaties on loan from the National Archives. Each shows the diplomatic agreement between the U.S. and native nations that remain in force


✴price for 2 adults-kids 14 & under ½ price-kids under 3 eat free


posed for photos to send back home. (Spa treatments are extra.) Traveling an entire day on Iceland’s Golden Circle provided a good snapshot of the spectacular island. Thingvellir National Park, where thousands gathered for the annual parliament from 930 until 1270, is Iceland’s first national park and a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It is located on Iceland’s largest natural lake and the Mid-Atlantic Ridge that separates the continents of North America and Europe. We were also in awe of Gullfoss, or “Golden Falls,” in the Hvita River Canyon, as well as Great Geysir and Strokkur in Haukadalur. We concluded the tour at Fridheimar, a year-round tomato greenhouse. The owners also provide lunch and conduct shows featuring their Icelandic horses. More information can be found at Also, check out The Travel Pass at thetravelpass.ic. And, get this: Icelandair, 800-223-5500 or, is currently offering European flights from U.S. gateways, including Washington, D.C., with stopovers up to seven days at no additional charge.


2 Night Oceanfront Stay $ Breakfast with Santa Northside Park Winterfest of Lights 1 Night Oceanfront Stay Holiday Entertainment Dinner/Breakfast Buffets

produce are grown throughout the year. Comparable in size to Kentucky, Iceland has about 330,000 residents, the majority of whom live in the Reykjavik area. In recent years, Iceland has come into its own as a tourist destination, offering activities ranging from Northern Lights excursions to riding Icelandic horses, fishing to whale watching, and glacier walking to volcano tours. (Iceland farmers carefully monitor their cattle and sheep herds and are quite proud of their Icelandic horses, a pure breed that is 1,000 years old.) A semester’s study of Icelandic sagas made me want to know more about the Vikings, so I signed up for a half-day tour by Reykjavik Excursions. It included the National Museum of Iceland, Vikingaheimer (or “Vikingworld”), and The Viking Village. The National Museum houses more than 2,000 artifacts in its permanent collection and covers 1,200 years of history, from early settlement to the present day. Perhaps the most notable artifact is the Norse god Thor’s hammer, discovered by a farmer in the early 1900s. (Though most Icelanders are Lutherans, some still practice paganism.) At Viking World, we saw the Vikingaheimar, an exact replica of a 9th-century Norwegian ship. In 2000, it actually sailed from Iceland to New York as part of the millennial celebration of Leif Erikson’s journey to the New World. An afternoon at the Blue Lagoon, a natural thermal pool located in an 800-year-old lava field, provided total relaxation. We tried the silica mud, enjoyed a blue cocktail, and

6 recreation news I november 2014 I

Nov. 28–Jan. 6, visitors to George Washington’s Mount Vernon can enjoy the special holiday decorations, a gingerbread Mount Vernon replica, historical chocolate-making demonstrations, 18th-century dancing, and more holiday celebrations. New this year is a trolley from Old Town Alexandria to Mount Vernon on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. The ride and admission is $25 for adults and $8 for children under 12. Visit to purchase tickets. — karen graham


Enjoy the music, folklore, and history of the sailing life on Nov. 1 at the Capital Maritime Music Festival at the Naval Heritage Center. ( ... Pay your respects on Veterans Day on Nov. 11 at wreath-laying ceremonies and programs at military memorials around the city. ... Listen to live music and shop for unique items at the Downtown Holiday Market in the Penn Quarter neighborhood, Nov. 28-Dec. 23, featuring 180 rotating exhibitors and artisans. ( — gwen woolf

today. The first to be featured is the Treaty of Canandaigua between the Haudenosaunee (Six Nations/Iroquois Confederacy) and the United States, signed by Cornplanter, Red Jacket, Handsome Lake, and George Washington in 1794. Among the more than 125 objects on display are peace medals given to the Native Nations by George Washington and Thomas Jefferson, Chief Washakie’s peace pipe, and Andrew Jackson’s sword and scabbard. ( The Civil War and civil rights remain in the spotlight at several Maryland venues. “Servitude at Hampton: In Black and White,” at the Hampton Mansion, 535 Hampton Lane in Towson, continues through Nov. 16. On exhibit through Dec. 20 at The Children’s Museum of Rose Hill Manor, 1611 N. Market St. in Frederick, is “Maryland Slavery and Emancipation.” Also, at 24 E. Church St. in Frederick, through Dec. 31, is “Huzza for Liberty! 1864 Civil War Exhibit,” focusing on the city’s ransom documents. “Charity Afire,” at The National Shrine of St. Elizabeth Anne Seton, 339 S. Seton Ave. in Emmitsburg, centers on the Daughters of Charity who ministered to the sick and wounded during the war. The “Civil War Trains Exhibit” continues through Dec. 31 at Discovery Station in Hagerstown.

Special celebrations Veterans will be celebrated at Colonial Williamsburg, Nov. 8-11. A part of the celebration is an afternoon march and ceremony honoring American veterans at Market Square North on Veterans Day, Nov. 11.

The march will feature the Colonial Williamsburg Fifes and Drums, military programs staff, and members of Williamsburg community veterans’ groups, followed by a special ceremony at 4:00pm ( There’s no better place in the Mid-Atlantic to celebrate Thanksgiving than Virginia’s Historic Triangle. Foods of the 17th and 18th centuries will be featured during “Foods and Feasts of Colonial Virginia,” Nov. 27-29, at Jamestown Settlement and Yorktown Victory Center. Visitors can learn how the English colonists and Powhatan Indians gathered, preserved, and prepared food on land and at sea, as well as find out about ship provisions and sailors’ fare — salted fish, dried foods, and ship biscuits. Bread-baking and open-hearth cooking, based on recipes from the 1600s, will be demonstrated at the fort, as will the processing and preserving of an entire pig (Thursday and Friday). At the Yorktown Victory Center, a Continental Army encampment will feature demonstrations on transforming dried beans, salted meat, and hard break into soups and stews. (Tickets and vacation packages are available online at The Williamsburg Inn/Rockefeller Room will offer a Thanksgiving Buffet on Nov. 27, noon-4:00pm (no reservations accepted). The cost, including tax and gratuity, is $55 for adults and $27.50 for children ages 6-12. (888-965-7254 or



Join us at the Rod ‘N’ Reel Restaurant for Breakfast and enjoy Scrambled Eggs, Omelets made-to-order, Waffles topped with Strawberries and Whipped Cream, Fresh Fruit, Homemade Doughnuts, Bacon, Sausage, and more! Juice, coffee, tea and soda included. ✦ 866.832.4810





Autumn Awaits You!

• 36 holes of golf • Tennis • Swimming

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- 22 5 - 5 9 8 2


The Eastern Gateway to West Virginia is a history and outdoor lovers paradise! Explore it in all it’s Autumn splendor! DISCOVER the history… of the oldest town in West Virginia! DISCOVER the food… from quaint coffee shops to trendy eateries! DISCOVER the adventure… hiking, biking and casino just miles away! Clarion Hotel & Conference Center 233 Lowe Drive Shepherdstown, WV

Reservations 304.876.7000 I november 2014 I recreation news 7

family travel I karen graham

Dazzle the whole family with these Christmas light displays As the weather gets colder, finding family-friendly activities outside becomes more of a challenge. The holidays bring lots of opportunities to see amazing

light displays. Here are three that everyone is sure to enjoy.

Koziar’s Christmas Village Koziar’s is celebrating its 67th year in Bernville, Pa., bringing smiles and holiday spirit to the thousands of people who visit. Koziar’s began in 1948 when William Koziar began decorating his home for his wife and four children. The decorations expanded every year and continue to expand under the second generation, filling the grounds and buildings around a large pond. Visitors driving over a small hill are enchanted by the multi-colored scene, illuminated by a half-million lights, that spreads out before them and is reflected in the water. Koziar’s is now considered as one of the top 10 travel attractions in Pennsylvania and has been named to the American Bus Association’s Top 100 Destinations List for 2015. The Christmas Village is open Friday through Sunday nights, from Nov. 1 through Thanksgiving, then is open every night through Jan. 1. Unlike many holiday light displays, you walk around the village. It usually takes about 90 minutes to view all of the exhibits, take photos with Santa, check out the shops, and enjoy refreshments. Admission is $7 for children under 11, $8 for seniors, and $9 for those 11 and older.

Gaithersburg Winter Lights Festival

This Holiday Season

The Gaithersburg Winter Lights Festival, in Gaithersburg, Md., is a 3.5mile journey through beautiful Seneca Creek State Park that is filled

❄ ❆

with twinkling, animated and thematic holiday lights. “It’s an amazing, magical experience that makes for wonderful family bonding and joyful memories,” said Carolyn Crosby, who works on the project. Crosby recommends enjoying the 365 illuminated light displays on foot or by trolley during one of the special events being held before the show opens to vehicles, Nov. 28-Dec. 31. New this year, on Nov. 15, is “Wine Under the Lights,” with wine tasting and live music in a heated tent. On Nov. 21 is “S’more Lights,” with trolley rides and s’more-making. Dogs are welcome on Nov. 25 for “Leashes ‘n Lights.” To beat the crowds, Crosby suggests visiting during the week. Beginning in midNovember, discounted tickets will be available on the Certifikid Deals website. Regular admission is $12 per car Mondays through Thursdays, and $15 per car Fridays through Sundays. The light show is open 6:00-9:00pm, Sundays through Thursdays, and 6:00-10:00pm, Fridays and Saturdays.

Winchester’s Winter Wonderland Take a stroll through Clearbrook Park in Winchester, Va., for the annual light show, then stop at the cabin for a visit with Santa or to enjoy some hot chocolate and cookies. The display opens Nov. 28 and runs through Jan. 4, 5:30-9:30pm, and is closed Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, and New Year’s Eve. Admission is $5 for those 12 and older and $3 for ages 2 to 11.

Learn more Koziar’s Christmas Village: Gaithersburg Winter Lights: Winchester Winter Wonderland:

KOZIAR’S The Greatest Christmas Display in the USA Entertaining families for more than 65 years

2015 Top 100 Destinations in North America

Weekends Nov. 1-23; Daily Thanksgiving thru Jan. 1 Bernville, PA •


November 28 - January 4

Take a magical stroll and warm up in the cabin, where you might run into Santa!

❄ 8 recreation news I november 2014 I




Now enjoy double the 4G LTE bandwidth in cities nationwide, plus great deals for federal employees.

Samsung Galaxy S® 5 Capture more mements with a superfast camera

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AS A FEDERAL GOVERNMENT EMPLOYEE, YOU’LL RECEIVE: 15% off Eligible Monthly Plan Access Charges* 25% off Eligible Accessories, plus savings on the latest 4G LTE technology. Visit or your local Verizon Wireless Retail store. *Discount not applicable on line access charges on More Everything Plans. Discount not applicable for state or local government employees. Contact your government sales representative to learn about employee discounts that apply to state and local government employees. Our Surcharges (incl. Fed. Univ. Svc of 16.1% of interstate & int’l telecom charges (varies quarterly), 18¢ Regulatory & 88¢ Administrative/line/mo., & others by area) are in addition to monthly access & taxes (details: 1-888-684-1888); gov’t taxes & our surcharges could add 6%-42% to your bill. Activation/upgrade fee/line: Up to $35 IMPORTANT CONSUMER INFORMATION: Subject to your employer’s Major Acct Agmt, Cust Agmt, Calling Plan, & credit approval. Up to $175 early termination fee/line ($350 for advanced devices) & $15/200MB after allowance. Unlimited calling for directly dialed, live calls between individuals. Coverage, varying by svc, not available everywhere; see Max 10 lines. © 2014 Samsung Telecommunications America, LLC (“Samsung”). Samsung and Galaxy S are both registered trademarks of Samsung Electronics America, Inc. and/or its related entities. © 2014 Verizon Wireless. I0312 I november 2014 I recreation news 9

virginia I angela blue

Historic holidays: Celebrating in Virginia’s Historic Triangle Families gathered around sumptuous feasts, open hearths warming cordial homes, and carolers making the season bright — the joyous spirit and sentimentality that accompanies the holiday season is shining bright in Virginia’s Historic Triangle. During the months of November and December, the Colonial communities of Jamestown, Williamsburg, and Yorktown celebrate the most wonderful time of year in the most wonderful ways. One of the best methods to start the season right is to gather around a table to enjoy a meal together, and the Williamsburg Farmers Market is the best place to stock up on seasonal staples such as Virginia wine, holiday greenery, cheeses, and chocolates. The market is open Saturdays in November for Autumn Markets and Dec. 13 for

its Holiday Market. (williamsburgfarmersmarket. com)

Holidays in Jamestown and Yorktown Surely the English colonists prepared some delectable meals during times of merriment — only without today’s modern conveniences of microwaves, electric stoves, and refrigerators. At Jamestown Settlement and Yorktown Victory Center, guests can learn all about the foodways of 17th- and

18th-century Virginia during “Foods and Feasts of Colonial Virginia” (Nov. 27-29). Cindy Daniel, of the Jamestown-Yorktown Foundation, explains that everyone has an emotional connection to food. “Food is comfort; it brings out feelings of home, breaking bread, and building community,” she says. “When you look back, you can see that the (colonists) had the same kind of connection.” Just a month later, visitors can return to Jamestown Settlement and Yorktown Victory Center for a look at 17th- and 18th-century holiday

Our llamas love visitors!

Thanksgiving Llama Kisses with Pie Nov. 22, 10am-2pm

We are now a trail site on the Artisan Center of Virginia!

Come have fun on the farm!

540-436-3517 Toms Brook, VA

Colonial Williamsburg Foundation

The Fife and Drum Corps is part of the pageantry at Colonial Williamsburg’s Grand Illumination.

44th Annual Candlelight Tour Fredericksburg, Virginia Totally Awesome 80’s New Year’s Eve Party Package

Sat., Dec. 13 & Sun., Dec. 14 11:00am – 5:00pm each day

Tour seven homes: 101 Pitt Street and 1303, 1304, 1316, 1501, 1518 & 1601 Caroline Street

Join us for New Year’s Eve! Package from $319 and includes: • One night accommodation • Hors d’ouvres reception • 4 drink vouchers • Entertainment by Funktion • Breakfast buffet • Late checkout

Advance tickets and information: or 540-371-4504 Adult $25 • Child (5-11) $15 • Group Rates Available Ticket includes admission to homes, tour book, entertainment, and refreshments. Day-of-Tour Tickets $30 and available at Candlelight Tour Gift Shop, 1414 Caroline St. & Fredericksburg Visitor Center, 706 Caroline St. Presented by

Just 75 minutes from Washington & Baltimore

10 recreation news I november 2014 I

Bring or mail this ad to the HFFI office, 1200 Caroline Street, for a $2 discount on your ticket.

Buena Vista translates to mean “good view.” The fall leaf season is a perfect time to visit. Come experience our mountain views on the Blue Ridge Parkway and take time to experience the Gems of Rockbridge, our geo-caching trail. With rolling mountains, beautiful valleys, scenic waterways and some of the best hiking, biking, paddling, and outdoor recreational amenities in Virginia, come and you will see how we were named. To find out more about how you can change your view visit

traditions during “A Colonial Christmas” (Dec. 26-31 and Jan. 2-4). ( Through Dec. 31, artifacts at The World of Pocahontas, Unearthed reveal new details about Virginia’s Native Americans and their interaction with the English settlers. ( Yorktown kicks off its holiday happenings the first weekend in December with a performance by the Fifes and Drums of York Town on Dec. 5, followed by a procession of lights and the arrival of Santa and Mrs.

Claus at the annual tree lighting. The next morning, folks will gather for the Christmas Market on Main (Dec. 6), featuring music, arts and crafts vendors, cider, caroling, and an appearance from Santa and Mrs. Claus. Also on Dec. 6, The Watermen’s Museum will host its fourth annual Oyster Roast, featuring roasted and raw oysters grown and harvested locally. At night, the waterfront will light up for the Yorktown Lighted Boat Parade. “It’s a great way to get in the holiday spirit,” says Kristi Olsen, who promotes the area. ( Colonial Williamsburg Foundation

Colonial Williamsburg celebrates Williamsburg’s Merchants Square is the place to see and be seen this season. On weekends from Dec. 8–31, festive holiday entertainment will fill the air as attendees tap their feet to the tunes of strolling musicians and carolers, watch a lively rendition of A Christmas Carol, and say a special hello to Santa Claus and Father Christmas. ( Colonial Williamsburg’s buildings are adorned with natural decorations, windows are lit with candles, and the aromas of cider and ginger linger in the air. “There is a real magic to Colonial Williamsburg’s Christmas season,” says Barbara Brown, who promotes the Colonial area. “There’s a very old-fashioned feeling in the air that reminds one of what the season is supposed to be

about — family, friends, food, music, and a sense of belonging. Many people return year after year to spend the holidays with us.” Highlights of Colonial Williamsburg’s celebrations include a vast collection of toys and dollhouses in the DeWitt Wallace Decorative Arts Museum’s exhibit, A World Made Small (beginning Dec. 5); the Abby Aldrich Rockefeller Museum’s 16foot artful tree, decorated with more than 1,000 ornaments; and the Grand Illumination, where the night sky will be lit by fireworks displays at three different locations (Dec. 7). Insider tip: Whether you head to the Historic Triangle for Busch Gardens’ Christmas Town or the historic happenings, there’s a holiday package available on visitwilliamsburg. com to suit every family’s needs. It’s sure to be a holiday season to go down in history.

Colonial Williamsburg Foundation

Fireworks explode during Williamsburg’s Grand Illumination, scheduled for Dec. 7.

The Colonial towns of Williamsburg and Yorktown proudly decorate for the holidays.

~       ’        ~ earning never felt so good. With the help of our historians, The Spa of Colonial Williamsburg offers you healing therapies that emerged throughout the ages. From 17th-century Native American practices to 21st-century modern therapeutic skin care, each century will leave you rejuvenated. And the best part, no homework. Stay and make some history. Book one of our hotels at 1-855-484-7776 or at

© 2014 Colonial Williamsburg

3/14 9841907 I november 2014 I recreation news 11

pennsylvania I cindy ross

Admiring the elk herd and the natural beauty in ‘Elk Country’ Although we are fortunate to have an elk herd in Pennsylvania, the thought of driving bumper to bumper through the tiny community of Benezette to see them can take some of the fun out of the experience. Why not leave the vehicle behind and walk across the lands they inhabit and have a more intimate encounter? My hunting buddy and elk guide, Bill May, is leading me on a hike into an area where the coal companies devastated the lands decades ago. But, the environment is slowly being brought back to support a healthy herd of elk, as well a myriad of other wildlife.

Reclaiming the land for elk May and I find elk rubs on the larches where the bark is shredded. They must be very fresh, as the branches torn from the trunk that are lying on the

Cindy Ross

These elk may be studying the humans who came to see them.

ground have not even begun to wilt. In the field nearby, we bend down to examine the material that has been recently spread on the land. When this hillside was mined years ago, the very important topsoil was removed. Leftover paper sludge is being spread on these 42 acres, then chisel-plowed into the ground. This byproduct is high in wood fibers and lime, which is what acidic soil desperately needs to balance itself. The soil is then seeded with cool season grasses and legumes, which the elk and other wildlife prefer. May points out a muddy wallow where the elk rolled around and rubbed themselves. Their leftover musty smell still lingers in the air. On a nearby bank, he shows me where an elk slid down and then walked away, leaving large hoof prints in the mud. It’s fun to think about these snippets of daily life in the animal kingdom that may have only happened hours before we arrived. White tail deer walk into the open to graze. As the day comes to an end, the elk bugling begins. Coyotes begin to yip — first individually, then in an a capella chorus. May points his bugle tube down and away and blows out a very convincing call. A bull responds immediately and trots into the open to show himself, but he soon disappears into the thick timber. I am reminded of what author Annie Dillard once said, “Beauty and grace are performed

Packages starting at $89/person/night

whether or not we sense them. The least we can do is try to be there.” Coming to the elk range for a hike during the magnificent rut is like getting a front row seat in the show. Insider tip: The best times to view the elk are early morning and in the last few hours before darkness falls.

Other places to see elk

If you are looking for a less wild experience, but still want to stretch your legs, head to the Elk Country Visitor Center and check out the three observation trails with viewing areas and interpretive wayside displays. All trails are wheelchair accessible. Along the easy walking trails, you can learn about area history, native plants and animals, and the surrounding ecosystem. There’s even a 4-D theater that offers an unusual look into the lives of the elk through four seasons. You can also join a horse-drawn wagon train heading out from the center on Saturdays and Sundays, weather permitting.

For more information Clearfield County Tourism: Elk Country Visitor Center:

E^gbQ`8_\YTQi6e^ 1^T6UU\dXU:_i_VdXUCUQc_^

The holidays sparkle more brightly at Kingsmill. So plan to come together and enjoy one of these amazing experiences at extra-festive rates. Pursue your happiness! 888.334.4856 •

Thanksgiving Package* | November 25–December 1 Relax and let Kingsmill prepare the feast that kicks off your holiday season

Christmas Town™ Package* | November 20–December 31 Let your spirit soar at Kingsmill Resort and Busch Gardens’® Christmas Town

Holiday Traditions Package* | December 23–27 Start a family tradition that your children will treasure for the rest of their lives

Visit today for complete details on these joyous seasonal packages!

*See website for everything that’s included in these special holiday packages. ©2014 Xanterra Kingsmill, LLC. All rights reserved.

12 recreation news I november 2014 I

Got an aptitude for apps? Live smarter with time-saving features and services. Add any of these AT&T features and services to make your smartphone work harder for you and your family. • AT&T Mobile Protection Pack – protect your device and data • AT&T Navigator – find your way with turn-by-turn GPS driving directions and automatic re-routing • Smart Limits for Wireless Parental Controls1 – set sensible boundaries on your children’s devices • AT&T FamilyMap®2 – track real-time location from your mobile phone or PC • Beats Music3 – enjoy unlimited music downloads and streaming for yourself or your family • Push to Talk Family4 – get instant one-to-one or group calling on a wide variety of smartphones and rugged devices

Save 15%

on qualified monthly service charges from AT&T for federal government employees, including DoD, military and veterans.

Get details on AT&T services at:

Get smart. Get your discount.

Qualify at Find us locally at

1 Smart Limits can be used to limit/restrict texting and data usage on most AT&T mobile devices, but cannot be used to set specific monthly limits for minutes or MMS messages. All incoming calls are allowed at all times, including during time restrictions, except from numbers you designate as “Blocked Numbers.” Smart Limits is not available on prepaid phones, tablets or corporate-liable accounts. Smart Limits does not work for limiting/restricting data usage on non-LTE BlackBerry devices, or while user is in Wi-Fi mode. Accuracy of data limits/ restrictions is not guaranteed due to network and other technical limitations. Other restrictions and limitations apply. See for complete details. 2 Internet access required. 3 Downloads only accessible for as long as service remains active. Downloading & streaming over the wireless network may use excess data & incur large data charges 4 Visit for full details, terms and conditions. 15% monthly discount: Available to qualified active U.S. military service members or veterans providing proof of eligibility. Eligible individuals must take personal liability for their account. Service discounts apply only to the monthly service charge of qualified plans. Service discounts not available with any unlimited voice plans. For Family Talk plans, service discount will only apply to the primary line. For Mobile Share plans, service discount applies only to the monthly service charge for the data allotment of eligible plans, not on the additional monthly device charge(s). Service discounts may not be combined. Offer subject to change. Additional plan and other restrictions apply. ©2014 AT&T Intellectual Property. I november 2014 I recreation news 13

combined federal campaign I staff

Join your local Combined Federal Campaign this year The Combined Federal Campaign is the largest and most successful workplace fundraising campaign in the world. The Combined Federal Campaign of the National Capital Area is the local campaign for federal employees in the Washington Metropolitan Area. Through the CFCNCA, federal employees have the opportunity to donate to more than 4,400 approved local, national, and international charities. You can see the complete list of participating charities in the current Catalog of Caring. ( Other local campaigns include the Chesapeake Bay area, encompassing Maryland, Delaware, and Virginia’s Eastern Shore ( and the Potomac area (, encompassing Northern Virginia. No matter what causes you cherish, you’ll find CFC participating charities that will be meaningful to you. Here are the answers to some common questions about the campaign.

When is the 2014 Campaign and who can donate? The campaign runs from Sept. 1-Dec. 15. Federal workers, retirees, and government contractors are eligible to donate. How can a donor make a pledge to the CFC? Donors to the CFC have the option of submitting a pledge via payroll deduction, cash, check, credit or debit card, or e-check/ACH. Pledges may be processed online or by completing a paper pledge form. If a donor makes a CFC payroll deduction, are those contributions taken pre-tax or after-tax? While tax deductible, CFC deductions are not pre-tax. Federal law does not allow for charitable donations through payroll deduction (CFC or any other payroll deduction program) to be done pretax. Donors who are eligible to itemize charitable contributions on income tax returns may include contributions made through the CFC. Donors

Helping in Jesus’ Name In the parable of the Good Samaritan, Jesus set a high standard for compassion. At Samaritan’s Purse, we follow His example by working in over 100 countries to save lives, ease suffering, and share the hope of the Gospel. Go and do likewise:

Franklin Graham, President P.O. Box 3000 | Boone, NC 28607

CFC #10532

14 recreation news I november 2014 I

should contact a tax adviser for more information. How do I get a copy of my contribution statement for my taxes? Your local CFC office can provide a copy of your CFC pledge form documenting your pledge. (Contact information can be found at If you made a payroll deduction pledge, you will also need to obtain a copy of your final pay slip for the year, which documents the total amount deducted for the CFC. I am a current CFC donor and would like to continue my pledge into the next year. Do I have to complete a new pledge form? CFC payroll deduction allotments cover the first pay period that begins in the calendar year and end with the last pay period that begins in that same calendar year. Charities that participate in the CFC must submit annual applications demonstrating continued compliance with the CFC regulations. Due to changes in charity participation, donors must complete a new pledge form each year to indicate the charities to which they wish to designate a contribution.

Can a federal employee donate to a local charitable organization in a neighboring CFC campaign area? No. As stated in 5 CFR 950.103(h), a federal employee may participate in a particular CFC only if that employee’s official duty station is located within the geographic boundaries of that CFC. Campaign boundaries are strictly determined and approved by OPM.

How do I cancel my CFC payroll deduction? CFC payroll deductions may be cancelled at any time, but this is the only change permitted outside the solicitation period. Employees wishing to cancel their deductions should contact their agency payroll office and request the allotment be cancelled.


Find us in the National/ International Unaffiliated Section of the CFC booklet


Like FREE tickets? Like FREE dinner? Like FREE concerts?

Just Like Us! What’s not to like?

The CFC is the only campaign authorized to solicit and collect contributions from federal employees in the workplace on behalf of charitable organizations.





Hunger for food, hunger for affordable housing, hunger for jobs, hunger for hope. For those who hunger for a fresh start, you can make a difference. Help SOME restore hope and dignity one person at a time.

To make a tax-deductible contribution to SOME, call 202.797.8806 or go to Please designate SOME. CFC #74405 United Way #8189 I november 2014 I recreation news 15 I advertorial member companies: To have your event or company featured on this page, contact or Karl Teel at 410-638-6901.

LutherSales helps federal employees with ‘Luxury Made Easy’ Has junior outgrown his youth bed? Do you need a computer for work or school? Would you like to upgrade your living room furniture? Do you need a new washer, dryer, or refrigerator and cash is not an option? can help. Federal government employees can easily make the purchases they need at LutherSales is “Luxury Made Easy!” For more than 46 years, LutherSales has been the industry leader in providing quality brand-name products to employees, offering convenient payment options tailored to fit easily within any budget. This unique program benefits hard-working families by allowing them to purchase the items they need with terms they can afford.

LutherCharge membership LutherSales offers low monthly or bi-weekly payments through the convenience of salary allotment, automatic payment programs, direct deposit, or payroll deductions. Payment options may be extended up to 72 payments. Plus, when you choose LutherCharge membership you get the added protection of the LutherSales Extended Furniture Warranty. This entitles you to free service on your furniture purchase for the life of your payment plan. There are never any membership fees.

You just fill out a no-obligation application and begin shopping at for one of the largest selections of fine furniture, appliances, electronics, and computers.

Additional payment plans u Interest-free option — LutherSales also offers a 25 percent discount on all furniture and mattress purchases paid in full within six months of delivery and on all other categories paid in full within three months of delivery. u Pre-pay option — Customers receive additional savings for paying in full prior to delivery. No matter what payment option you choose, LutherSales can assure you the luxury and convenience of an exclusive shopping experience on your terms. All prices include nationwide delivery and furniture set-up at no additional charge. Visit to see for yourself what all the buzz is about.

Trust the family business LutherSales is a second-generation family business, founded in 1967, that believes building a personal relationship with each and every customer goes a long way toward winning customer loyalty. That’s why the company developed the “Personal Touch” by assigning each customer a professionally

trained personal account manager. LutherSales is proud that customers return again and again. The average customer has been doing business with the company for more than a decade. In today’s troubling times, you should know whom you’re doing business with. LutherSales is a proud to have an “A” rating with the Better Business Bureau. So, sit back and shop online at for fine furniture, appliances, computers, TVs, or electronics. Or, call and speak with a personal shopper at 800-3586466. The LutherSales priority is to provide you with true “world class” customer service. LutherSales is where “Luxury is Made Easy!”

Interest-free holiday shopping with PayCheck Direct Through the shopping program brought to you by your employer and powered by PayCheck Direct, employees buy what they want and need, such as holiday gifts, then pay for their purchases over 12 months, interest-free. With thousands of products and holiday gifts to choose from, including TVs, computers, jewelry, cookware, and even toys for the kids, employees can place as many orders as they like up to their purchase limit (minimum order is $150). An employee’s limit is based on salary, so it helps buyers stay on budget. And, with automatic payments, they won’t need to worry about missing one.

Here’s what employees get with PayCheck Direct: u Interest-free financing. u Low, convenient payments. u No credit checks.

Employees are eligible when they:

Here’s how to shop PayCheck Direct:

u Are 18 years or older. u Earn at least $18,000 per year. u Have worked for the federal government for six months. u Are active and full-time employees of the federal government. Employees can shop online 24/7 at, or place an order by calling PayCheck Direct Customer Service at 866-441-9160, Monday through Friday, 8:00am-8:00pm, CST. Whenever employees place an order, the PayCheck Direct systems automatically confirm that they meet all eligibility requirements (age, salary, tenure and employment status), and that their order is within their purchase limit. Payments are conveniently made through automatic payroll allotments, depending on how many times an employee gets paid in a 12-month period. And, there’s never any interest charged or down payments to be made.

1. Log onto 2. Select from thousands of top name-brand products. 3. When ready to buy, add the item(s) to the shopping cart. 4. Create an account. 5. Follow the checkout instructions ending with “Place Order.” It’s that easy!

THE RECREATION NEWS MEDIA GROUP Recreation News • Weekend Update E-mail The Travel Radio Show and Podcast Visit us on Facebook! E-mail: 1607 Sailaway Circle, Baltimore, MD 21221 Phone: 410-638-6901 • Fax: 410-638-6902 © 2014, Indiana Printing and Publishing Co., Inc. Recreation News (ISSN 1056-9294) is the official publication of and, and is published monthly by the Indiana Printing and Publishing Co., Inc. Subscriptions by mail are $15 per year (12 issues). Corporate and bulk employee subscriptions are free. Contact the publisher at the address or telephone number listed above. Items in Recreation News may not be reproduced without the publisher’s written consent. Publisher - Karl Teel Editor - Marvin Bond Calendar Editor - Jessica Bosse Account Executive - Lynn Talbert Copy Editor - Andrea Ebeling Cover Design - Debbie Palmer Web Support - Ron Yarnick Layout & Art - Beth Wood Accounting - Bev Peterson Accounting - Leanne Weaver Chief Financial Off. - Barb Sullinger

Production - Eric Smith Printing - Joe Naman Shipping - Sam Parisee Mailing - Gerrard Wilson Marketing - Debbie Palmer Data Mgt. - Carolyn Grover Social Media - Karen Falk Intern - Emily Cox

16 recreation news I november 2014 I

Questions? Call PayCheck Direct Customer Service at 866-4419160. Or, send an email to To learn more about purchase limits, payments, the PayCheck Direct return policy and other important details about the program, go to mypaycheckdirect. com/recgov and click on “Customer Service” or see the installment agreement. PayCheck Direct is operated by Bluestem Enterprises Inc.




discounts•destinations•deals 3012 Gold Mine Road, Brookeville, MD 20833 Phone: 301-221-3977 Email 2014 RECGOV President: Ruth Sragner Advisory Panel: Renee Bolden, Clement Jackson, Karl Teel, Jessica Smith and Ted Tepper Publisher - Recreation News: Karl Teel We are a co-op of more than 40 recreation associations and MWRs working together to better serve our members


DOE e person who h S /as everything.

The best gift for th

Make someon e’s holidays u nforgettable when you Giv e-A-Getaway! Here you’ll find great geta way ideas tha t are perfect fo tucking under r the tree, and s ure to be a hit . Wrap, relax an d enjoy!

Beaches Cabins

Hotels & Resorts




Spa Villa ge s


EVENTS ThESE upCOMING wEEkENd EVENTS aRE fuN fOR ThE whOlE faMIlY! Museum Shop Around November 10, 2014 at 10 AM The Mansion at Strathmore North Bethesda, MD

Sugarloaf Crafts Festival

November 21-23, 2014 at 10 AM Montgomery County Fairgrounds Gaithersburg, MD

Montgomery County Thanksgiving Parade

November 22, 2014 at 10 AM Downtown Silver Spring, MD

Winter Lights Festival

November 28-December 31, 2014 at 6 PM Seneca Creek State Park Gaithersburg, MD

The Moscow Ballet’s Great Russian Nutcracker

Gifts & Gift Cards

State Parks


December 14, 2014 at 1 PM & 5 PM The Music Center at Strathmore North Bethesda, MD

Check our website each week for exciting events and things to do in Montgomery County!

VISITMONTGOMERY.COM 240.777.2060 I november 2014 I recreation news 17

west virginia I su clauson-wicker

Gifting a getaway to W.Va.’s state parks is a great investment Su Clauson-Wicker

McKeever Lodge at Pipestem State Park offers winter discounts and access to the park’s many activities.

A West Virginia state parks gift card is so many things — an adventure on the cross-country ski trails, a delicious dinner at a park lodge, a golf outing, a family sporting weekend, or a relaxing getaway in the woods. Whether you give this gift card or hint that you’d like one, you’re making a wise and wonderful vacation investment. Use the card at any West Virginia state park to purchase lodging, meals, vacation packages, golf, trap shooting sessions, or items from park gift shops. Use it any time — there’s no expiration, no blackout periods, and no exclusions. It can be used for packaged rates and special discounts. All West Virginia state parks honor it, and the holder can use the card like money at any West Virginia state park or forest. “The card doesn’t know where the recipient will visit — it only knows the value purchased on that card,” said Sissie Summers, who promotes the parks. So many gift givers with mineral soaks and other spa services in mind have purchased West Virginia park gift cards at Berkeley Springs that the state created a special gift card picturing the springs. Other gift cards depict Cass Scenic Railroad State Park engines, waterfalls, and the rhododendron, the state’s official flower. All of the gift cards come with a folder of information on West Virginia parks and forests to help recipients plan their visits.

B[^^aitalk. 9[hWthe gift of a beach getaway. Give the gift of precious time together.

Adults-Only Concierge Level Romantic Oceanfront Accommodations Private Rooftop Sundeck & Hot Tub Full-Menu Room Service All Day Pampering Evening Turndown

Call (800)33-BEACH 2 Olive Ave. & Boardwalk, Rehoboth Beach DE

18 recreation news I november 2014 I

Great destinations in eastern West Virginia Folks seeking true quiet and forest beauty just two hours from downtown Washington, D.C., head for Lost River State Park. The old mineral spring adds a bit of history, and some hikes are truly mettle testing. A gift card can go a long way when a four-person cabin rents for $87 a night. Ask for the three-night deal and get your third consecutive night free through Nov. 30 or Jan. 5-June 11, holiday weekends excluded. For family winter fun, think Blackwater Falls State Park with its cross-country ski trails, sled run, and indoor pool. In fact, the park’s Cross-Country Ski, Stay, and Play package is particularly attractive, with its 20 percent discount on lodge rates Sundays through Thursdays for a two-night stay. These offers run Dec. 1-8 and Jan. 5-March 12. But, whether you ski or not, cabin rates are at their lowest in November and the first two weeks of December. Urbanites love the wide-open feeling of Cacapon Resort State Park, barely 90 minutes from the Washington beltway. Hike, go horseback riding, try trap shooting, or check out the view from the overlook. The Off-Season Golf

Package runs through March and offers two nights’ lodging and three days’ greens fees for $194 a couple or $152 per single. Visitors to southern West Virginia’s Pipestem State Park now have an added roster of unusual activities, in addition to the usual hiking, golf, fishing, and horseback riding. Guests can now try their hands — and feet — at the fast-growing sport of footgolf, which is a combo of soccer and golf, as well as slack lining on a low tightrope, disc golf, and Murbles, an outdoor game that features huge marbles. Pipestem’s winter discounts include 50 percent off on rooms Sunday and/or Monday nights. West Virginia’s state park gift card can be purchased at any state park, online, or over the phone. The majority of the cards are sold by calling the central parks office at 304-558-2764, where Carol Stewart loves to talk to callers about the features of West Virginia’s various parks and forests. “We sell a lot of cards before Christmas,” she said. “But we also see people buying cards for wedding and retirements gifts and for office incentive programs.” Online purchasing is easy and secure at giftcerts.cfm.

Su Clauson-Wicker

Lee Cabin at Lost River State Park was a retreat for the Lee family.

WEST VIRGINIA STATE PARKS Blackwater Falls State Park

Give a gift of memories or treat yourself to a getaway to a West Virginia State Park. It’s the perfect time of year to visit Blackwater Falls, Canaan Valley, Lost River, Cacapon Resort, Berkeley Springs, Pipestem Resort and 43 other wonderful areas.

Cacapon Resort State Park

Berkeley Springs State Park

Purchase online or call 304-588-2764.

Lost RIver State Park

Visit every chance you get.

Canaan Valley Resort State Park

Blackwater Falls State Park I november 2014 I recreation news 19

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20 recreation news I november 2014 I
















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 I november 2014 I recreation news 21

maryland I jane and marvin bond

It’s a ‘Frosty’ event at Gaylord National’s ICE! attraction A 49-day Christmas on the Potomac celebration starts Nov. 14 with the return of the popular ICE! event and numerous other activities in the Gaylord National Resort at National Harbor, Md. Frosty, one of the holiday’s most enduring characters, is the theme of this year’s exhibit, which runs Nov. 14-16, and daily Nov. 20-Jan 4. Instead of snow, Frosty and his friends are made from 2 million pounds of colorful ice, and Frosty is in no danger of melting as the temperature is kept at a steady 9 degrees. After shrugging into protective parkas, guests progress through life-size scenes of familiar Frosty adventures: Frosty coming to life, marching through the Town Square, and taking a train to the North Pole,

and Santa coming to the rescue to make “melted Frosty” whole again. The attraction — complete with its signature two-story ice slide room — ends with the new, interactive Frost Bite Factory experience, where visitors can see firsthand how artisans from Harbin, China (known for their master ice-carving skills), create the ICE! extravaganza. Tickets and additional information can be found at The resort offers a number of other activities to complement the ICE! experience. There are free nightly holiday fountain shows that feature the hotel’s 60-foot-tall glass “candy” tree and an indoor snowfall, miniature train rides, character breakfasts, a Christmas-





themed scavenger hunt, and gingerbread-decorating kits to complete. Guests who want to stay at the resort can choose from three packages, all of which include unlimited, priority admission to the ICE! show. Two of the packages include additional activities. Regular admission to ICE! starts at $27, plus tax, for those 12 and older and $20, plus tax, for

children ages 3-11. Peak-day prices are $34 and $28. Schedules, pricing, and tickets are available at While in National Harbor, you can also do a bit of holiday shopping in the retail area or at the nearby outlets, or get a view of the capital city from the Capital Wheel.


additional coverage at

Gaylord National

per person double occupancy

Shopping, Show & Savings Holiday Package 410-524-3000



Featuring Indoor pool & whirlpool & fitness room 24 hour Denny’s, Movies & the Gold Coast Mall

HOlIdAY A PACkAgE AY P CkAgE INCludEs PA • 3 days/2 nights at either hotel • 2 tickets to OC Jamboree Live Music Holiday show OR the NEW Special showing of Texas Tenors Live Country Music show at Ocean City NEW Performing Art Center (12/13 only) • 2 Winterfest of Lights Holiday Tram tickets w/complementary Hot Chocolate • 2 Breakfasts, 1 Dinner voucher/person (app value $50) • VIP Shopping Bag & Discount Card to Tanger Factory Outlets • Welcome room gift

Walk through life-sized Frosty the Snowman scenes at this year’s ICE! event. HOLIDAY INN EXPRESS & SUITES 126th Street & Coastal Hwy


Daily “Stay Smart” Breakfast, Indoor Pool, whirlpool Abbey’s Bistro & Blue Ox Grille next door

Valid Nov 20 – Dec 29, 2014, based on avail ability. Not valid with other promos/discounts.

BALTIMORE Starting Nov. 14, 2014 The Washington, D.C. Region’s Must-See Holiday Attraction Returns!




PECIAL RATE! S a r fo th o bo t e ck ILITARY ID at the ti DON’T MISS OUR OTHER GREAT ATTRACTIONS! M E V TI C A ur yo w ho S 443-615-7878 301 Light Street | altimore Not!


Carved from over two million pounds of ice, enjoy larger than life scenes from this classic tale, slide down two-story high ice slides and watch artisans in action in our special NEW interactive live carving area. It’s all part of Christmas On The Potomac!

ICE! TICKETS on select dates

Use RNEWS to purchase your ticket online or over the phone. Tickets available online at (301) 965-4000 and at box office

Conveniently located in National Harbor, MD – minutes from Washington, D.C. and across the river from Old Town Alexandria.


EAN CITY! located in OC so al is ’s ey pl Ri t, 0 No Believe It or Ave, Ocean City, MD 21842 | 410-289-560 401 South Atlantic


We offer Military Discounts !

inment ©Ripley Enterta


22 recreation news I november 2014 I

*Valid only on non-peak dates. Price does not include 10% tax and $1.50 facility fee per ticket.Not-retroactive and not valid on military or group discounts. Cannot be combined with any offer or discount. Tickets are non-refundable. Frosty the Snowman TM & © Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc. & Classic Media, LLC. Based upon the musical composition FROSTY THE SNOWMAN © Warner/Chappell. Pepsi and Pepsi Globe are registered trademarks of PepsiCo, Inc. ICE! PRESENTED BY


cruise maryland I michelle and karl teel

Bargains abound when cruising from the Port of Baltimore Cruising from the Port of Baltimore is a win-win for everyone living in the Baltimore-Washington metropolitan area and beyond because of its perfect location, the ease of the commute, and the variety of year-round cruise offerings. The Port of Baltimore’s cruise terminal is only 2-1/2 miles from the city’s famous Inner Harbor and just 10 miles from BWI Thurgood Marshall Airport. It is also the closest drive-to port for the more than 40 million people who live within a six-hour drive. Cities such as Chicago, Cleveland, Indianapolis, and Pittsburgh are all within driving distance. This is great news for all those geographically diverse families and groups who want to have a fabulous, everything-is-included reunion or vacation. It makes the affordability of the cruise go way up because the cost of traveling to the cruise terminal is almost negligible compared to the cost of paying for flights for multiple family members to ports in other states. All of that extra cash (think hundreds of dollars) can be used to make a cruise possible for those family or group members who might not be otherwise able to afford it. Or, it might enable cruisers to enjoy an upgrade to a balcony or suite, or make those excursions of a lifetime affordable. Cruising from Baltimore is not only affordable, it offers an increasing variety of cruise experiences. The port of Baltimore has plenty of year-round offerings to the warm, sunny, beautiful Caribbean this winter. Both Royal Caribbean and Carnival offer cruises to destinations in the Bahamas, Bermuda, and

the eastern and western Caribbean through the end of 2014 and beyond. The Grandeur of the Seas is the ship that has Baltimore as its home port for Royal Caribbean. Its amenities were enhanced in June 2012 and include everything you have come to expect from a cruise on a Royal Caribbean ship: rock wall, jogging track, spa, adult-only solarium, casino, arcade, kids’ programs, culinary experiences, state-of-the-art staterooms, and much more. The Carnival Pride is a great refurbished ship that we have cruised on several times from Baltimore. It really is a fun ship for families. You can check out to see its many new features.

Promotions and deals There are always lots of promotions and deals happening with the cruise lines and the very best way to discover the best deal for your money is to contact a knowledgeable and reputable travel agent. Agents can get you deals that are above and beyond what you can find from booking directly on the cruise lines’ websites and can include specials such as free gratuities, onboard credits, and more. Irene Eff, a cruise specialist at CruiseOne, says her company has better buying power than more than 90 percent of travel agencies nationwide. “My margins are often better because we buy in bulk, which means greater discounts for you. Ask about group rates, special regional, senior, and lastminute discounts.” Eff can fill you in on the latest pric-

ing, discounts, and promotions. (877-453-1717,, There are almost always special pricing for those with military, police, firefighter, and EMT credentials as well as regional discounts. Imagine the look on your family’s faces when you give them the gift of a cruise for Thanksgiving or Christmas this year from the stress-free, hassle-free Port of Baltimore. While everyone else is freezing this January, they will be on a tropical island, basking in the sun and gazing at the turquoise Caribbean Sea while sipping on a piña colada. To plan your family’s getaway, check with any of the tried-and-true agents listed in this section of Recadditional coverage at reation News.



Royal Caribbean is among the companies that provide tangible recognition to veterans. Lisa Falango, northeast regional director of sales, says, “Royal Caribbean International salutes the brave men and women who serve in our country’s defense. To show our appreciation, we have special offers for active and retired personnel to enjoy a great cruise vacation with family, friends, and fellow soldiers, [during which] we will serve you. Join us on Grandeur of the Seas, sailing year-round from nearby Port of Baltimore for a relaxing and well-deserved Royal Caribbean vacation.”




ENJOY THIS VETERAN’S DAY WITH US AND RECEIVE A 5% OFF DISCOUNT Royal Caribbean International® is proud to offer special discount on Interior and Ocean View staterooms onboard Grandeur of the Seas® beginning 11/11/14 through 2015 sailings*. It’s our way of showing our appreciation for our country’s brave service men and women.

Grandeur of the Seas®

10 Night Eastern or Western Caribbean Cruise


8/9 Night Canada & New England Cruise

For more information, contact your travel professional or visit us at:

7/8 Night Bahamas Cruise • 6/7 Night Bermuda Cruise

* To qualify for a Military rate, at least one guest in the stateroom must be classified as one of the following, 1. Active personnel currently serving in the United States Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, Coast Guard, National Guard, Reserves or Canadian National Defense. 2. Retired from any of the divisions listed directly above. 3. Veterans with an Honorable Discharge serving a minimum of 2 years, or 6-months in an active war zone, in any of the United States service divisions listed above. Select price code MIL when booking. At least one guest per stateroom must be eligible to be considered in compliance with these rates. A guest’s inability to provide proof upon check-in at the pier will result in the reservation being re-priced to the lowest available fare for that particular day and the guest will be responsible to pay for any differences immediately or risking denial of boarding. Offer is subject to availability. Prices are per person, cruise only, based on double occupancy. All itineraries and prices are subject to change without notice. Certain restrictions apply. Government taxes and fees are additional. © 2014 Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd. Ships’ registry: The Bahamas. Brilliance of the Seas is operated by RCL (UK) Ltd. Subsidiary of Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd. 14041132 • 10/15/2014 I november 2014 I recreation news 23

Living Smarter with affordable payments

Living Larger with easy credit

Living Cooler with top brands

USA Discounters is now USA Living!

It’s time to love the way you live. USA Living puts the way you want to live within your reach with affordable monthly payments on an array of brand-name products — everything from tablets and computers to TVs, appliances, furniture, jewelry and more! Stop into your local store to apply for credit and get an approval within 10 minutes. No interest if paid within 6 months. For a limited time get $50 off any purchase of $500 or more! Just visit your local USA Living store and show them the special code: REC50. Washington, DC • 1505 Maryland Ave., NE. • 202-399-1870 Lanham, MD • 9361 Annapolis Rd. • 301-429-3800 Woodbridge, VA • 14567 Jefferson Davis Hwy. • 703-490-0440 Baltimore, MD • 6901 Security Blvd., Ste 701 • 410-298-9301

866-751-7333 • Limited time offer. One coupon per household. Restrictions apply. Offer not valid on previous purchases or a refinance of a current account Subject to credit approval. Other terms may apply. Minimum payments required. Items shown may not represent items in stock. See store for details.

24 recreation news I november 2014 I




orner michelle & karl teel

Carnival expands its itinerary options for Baltimore cruising Shipboard improvements to Pride include new eateries, waterpark features Residents in the Maryland/Washington, D.C./ Northern Virginia area have been fortunate to have a cruise terminal in Baltimore that eliminates the expense and hassle of a flight to the ship, but the convenience came at a cost of choice. While Carnival and Royal Caribbean each offered a rotation of itineraries from Baltimore, the choices became exhausted for travelers who enjoy cruising. Cruising is always fun, but why not mix it up a bit? Now, the Carnival Pride will offer longer 10- to 14-day round trip Caribbean cruises from Baltimore, as well as five-day Bermuda cruises. The Pride will also offer one-way San Juan, Puerto Rico, cruises for the 2015-16 season. Other unique sixand eight-day cruises will begin in October 2015.    “Our guests and travel agent partners have been seeking more varied options from the Northeast — particularly longer length voyages — and we’re delighted to expand our schedules from Baltimore and San Juan to provide these attractive ‘Fun Ship’ cruise offerings from these ports,� said Gerry Cahill, Carnival’s president and CEO. “These new voyages not only provide vacationers with an abundance of five- to 14-day cruise choices, but also feature a wide range of spectacular island destinations throughout the Caribbean, Bahamas, and Bermuda.� The 11- to 14-day San Juan cruises are available as a one-way option from Baltimore, or as part of longer round-trip itineraries in 2015 and 2016. These new voyages offer new ports of call, including Grand Turk, Aruba, Curacao, Bonaire, St. Croix, St. Thomas, Antigua, Dominica, St. Lucia, St. Kitts, St. Maarten, and Martinique, as well as San Juan. Cruisers will still be able to enjoy the ports of Nassau, Freeport, and Half Moon Cay in the Bahamas and Port Canaveral, Fla. These itineraries greatly increase the opportunities to see new sights and experience new cultures. Bermuda also becomes a wider option with the Pride’s new five-, six-, and eight-day selections. While Bermuda has been an option from Baltimore in the past, locals can now enjoy a new ship, as well as new dates, to experience the pleasures of this unique destination. It’s not just the pink sandy beaches, historic towns, golf, and other offerings — it’s also the joy of cruising when your ship remains at one port for several days. With your ship in port as your hotel, you can be more concerned with really enjoying what Bermuda has to offer instead of chasing a clock or deciding between excursions. Now, you’ll be able to do whatever you like.

Shipboard improvements, too New cruise ports and itineraries aren’t the only news and improvements to report. Carnival Pride is undergoing a multi-milliondollar makeover to freshen its variety of dining and entertainment innovations, in keeping with Carnival’s Fun Ship 2.0 product enhancement ini-

tiative. New features will include: Guy’s Burger Joint, from the Food Channel’s Guy Fieri; Bonsai Sushi, for authentic Asian specialties; the Alchemy Bar and its cocktail pharmacy theme; the Blue Iguana Cantina, featuring Mexican food; the EA Sports Bar, with a 16-monitor video wall and a 24/7 sports ticker; the Red Frog Pub and Rum Bar, serving Carnival’s own private-label draft beer poolside; the Library Bar, with self-service wine dispensers; and a Blue Iguana Tequila Bar. Children, as well as those who are young at heart, will enjoy waterpark upgrades including Green Thunder (the fastest, steepest slide on any cruise ship), the Twister slide, and a water spray park. Improvements go beyond the ship and its destinations. Carnival Cruise Lines has retained the “Great Vacation Guarantee,� providing consumers with up to a 110 percent refund, free transportation home, and a $100 shipboard credit to use on a future cruise if, for any reason, they are dissatisfied with their vacation. In the past year, since in-

troduction of the program, the guarantee has been invoked just 47 times, despite a whopping 4.5 million guests on 24 ships. No other cruise line offers such a guarantee. “You are statistically more likely to date a supermodel than you are to invoke the Great Vacation Guarantee,� said Carnival’s Jim Berra. “However, we believe it is important to keep the guarantee in place given its effectiveness in communicating to consumers that we stand behind our product and are extremely confident you will have an exceptional vacation experience when you sail with Carnival.� Details on the guarantee can found at carnival. com/vacationguarantee, or through any travel agent.      So, why not give away a cruise as a holiday gift? There are more reasons now than ever before to consider this the ideal gift. For additional information, contact any travel agent, call 800-CARNIVAL, or visit

Karl Teel

The Carnival Pride is the largest crusie ship that can fit under the Key Bridge leaving Baltimore.

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!!!# #%%# %"% I november 2014 I recreation news 25

MARYLAND CHRISTMAS SHOW Nov. 21-30. You’ll enjoy the works of top artists and craftsmen offering fine art, pottery, furniture, jewelry, clothing, wreaths and garlands, toys, and Christmas ornaments — just about anything related to your Christmas-shopping enjoyment. Frederick Fairgrounds, 797 East Patrick St., Frederick, Md. 301-898-5466,

November 2014 November 11, Veterans Day November 27, Thanksgiving

HOLIDAYS CRAFTSMEN’S CHRISTMAS FESTIVAL Nov. 7-9. Features original designs and work by more than 450 talented artists and craftsmen from the U.S. and Canada. Richmond Raceway Complex, 600 E. Laburnum Ave., Richmond, Va. 336-282-5550, VETERANS DAY SWING DANCE Nov. 8, 7:00-11:00pm. Amateurs receive a 30-minute dance lesson. Beer, wine, sodas, and light snacks are available for purchase. Costume or period dress encouraged, but not required. B&O Railroad Museum, 901 West Pratt St., Baltimore, Md. 410-752-2490, VETERANS DAY PARADE Nov. 11. Come out and honor the vets at the annual parade. Downtown Indiana, Pa. NATIONAL D-DAY MEMORIAL Nov. 11, 11:00am-noon. The program will include special music, guest speakers, and recognition of all veterans. 3 Overlord Circle, Bedford, Va. 540-586-3329,


CAPE MAY’S HOLIDAY SEASON Nov. 21-Jan. 1. Holiday Preview Weekend (Nov. 21-23), 41st Annual Christmas Candlelight House Tours (Dec. 6, 13, 27), plus Lamplighter Christmas Tours, Ghosts of Christmas Past Trolley Rides, Physick Family Christmas Tours, Holiday Inns Tours, and Holiday Lights Trolley Rides. Cape May, N.J. 800-275-4278, FESTIVAL OF LIGHTS Nov. 27-30. Look at more than 80 light displays, including animation, as you drive through the park around a 2-mile lake. Visit with Santa and stop in the festival gift shop. Blue Spruce Park, 1128 Blue Spruce Road, Indiana, Pa. 724-463-8636, A BRANDYWINE CHRISTMAS Nov. 28-Jan. 4. Experience the O-gauge train display and marvel at thousands of “critter” ornaments displayed throughout the museum. Brandywine Conservancy and Museum of Art, Chadds Ford, Pa.

FAIRS AND FESTIVALS KIDS EURO FESTIVAL Through Nov. 9. More than 100 free, family-friendly, Europeanthemed events. Washington, D.C.

Sunday, Nov. 9, vs. Titans, 1:00pm

The Ravens play home games at M&T Bank Stadium, 1101 Russell St., Baltimore, Md. Call 800-927-2795 or visit

WASHINGTON REDSKINS AT HOME Sunday, Nov. 16, vs. Buccaneers, 1:00pm

The Redskins play home games at FedEx Field, 1600 FedEx Way, Landover, Md. Call 301-276-6050 or visit

WASHINGTON WIZARDS AT HOME Saturday, Nov. 1, vs. Milwaukee, 7:00pm Tuesday, Nov. 4, vs. Indiana, 8:00pm Wednesday, Nov. 12, vs. Detroit, 7:00pm Saturday, Nov. 15, vs. Orlando, 7:00pm Wednesday, Nov. 19, vs. Dallas, 7:00pm Friday, Nov. 21, vs. Cleveland, 8:00pm Tuesday, Nov. 25, vs. Atlanta, 7:00pm Saturday, Nov. 29, vs. New Orleans, 7:00pm

The Wizards play home games at Verizon Center, 601 F St. NW, Washington, D.C. Call 202-661-5050 or visit

WASHINGTON CAPITALS AT HOME Sunday, Nov. 2, vs. Coyotes, 7:00pm Tuesday, Nov. 4, vs. Flames, 7:00pm Saturday, Nov. 8, vs. Hurricanes, 8:00pm Tuesday, Nov. 11, vs. Blue Jackets, 7:00pm Friday, Nov. 14, vs. Devils, 7:00pm Saturday, Nov. 22, vs. Sabres, 7:00pm Friday, Nov. 28, vs. Islanders, 5:00pm

The Capitals play home games at Verizon Center, 601 F St. NW, Washington, DC 20004. For more information, call 202-397-SEAT or visit washingtoncaps. com.

BALTIMORE BLAST AT HOME Saturday, Nov. 8, vs. Syracuse, 7:35pm Friday, Nov. 14, vs. Detroit, 7:35pm Friday, Nov. 21, vs. Harrisburg, 7:35pm

FESTIVAL OF WREATHS Nov. 29-Dec. 7. Bid on more than 150 unique theme wreaths in this magical holiday display. 91 W. Main St., Westminster, Md. 410-848-7272,

NOW SHOWING SOUTH RUN ARTS AND CRAFTS SHOW Nov. 1-2. Crafters will tempt shoppers with everything from beautiful jewelry to intricate woodworking. 7550 Reservation Drive, Springfield, Va. 571-278-9621, MUDDY CREEK ARTISTS GUILD Nov. 20-23. The guild will present an art gallery and holiday market, featuring original works in a variety of mediums from local artists who live and work in southern Anne Arundel County. Historic London Town and Gardens, 839 Londontown Road, Edgewater, Md.  ART AND CRAFT SHOWCASE Nov. 28, 10:00am-5:00pm, and Nov. 29, 11:00am-4:00pm. This premier juried show offers a wide range of unique, handcrafted creations. Vienna Community Center, 120 Cherry St. SE, Vienna, Va. 703-273-6264, DEBORAH WATERFOWL SHOW Nov. 28-29. Carvers and artists display for competition and sale. Chincoteague, Va. 757-336-3478.

KIDSPEACE TRICK-OR-TROT Nov. 1, 8:00am-11:00am. A 5K run or 1-mile walk at Oriole Park at Camden Yards, 333 West Camden St., Baltimore, Md. 410-9649329, FALL ARTS AND CRAFTS FESTIVAL Nov. 1, 10:00am-4:00pm. More than 40 vendors come to Cape May to sell handmade novelties including seasonal decorations and gift items. Cape May, N.J. 800-275-4278, WICKED HISTORY PUB TOUR Nov. 1, 8, 15, 22, 29. Join Baltimore Wicked History as it takes you back to when Fell’s Point was a colorful, dangerous place to visit, teeming with sailors, ladies of the night, and immigrants looking for a better life. 731 S. Broadway, Baltimore, Md. 410357-1186, MARYLAND IRISH FESTIVAL Nov. 7-9. There will be plenty of traditional Irish food and drink, internationally recognized musical groups, family activities, and cultural demonstrations taking place in the spacious Cow Palace. 2200 York Road, Timonium, Md. WINE JUST OFF THE VINE Nov. 8-9, 15-16, noon-5:00pm. Tickets include tastings over both weekends, a souvenir wine glass, and munchies at 20 locations on the Mason-Dixon Wine Trail in and around York County, Pa.


FESTIVAL OF TREES Nov. 28-30. Fairyland forests, gingerbread towns, more than 100 gift boutiques, holiday goodies, and activities for all ages. Maryland State Fairgrounds, The Cow Palace, 2200 York Road, Timonium, Md. 443-923-7300,  

WORLD OF CORLOR EXPO 2014 Nov. 12-15. Attendees may register for classes, view painting demonstrations, enter the exhibit trade floor, and browse/shop for that special item, needed painting supplies, or new painting products. Hilton Washington Dulles Hotel, 13869 Park Center Road, Herndon, Va. 703-754-3191 PATUXENT WILDLIFE HOLIDAY BAZAAR Nov. 15, 9:00am-4:00pm. Holiday shopping plus family fun — more than 20 craft vendors, Candy Cane Lane (kid-friendly shop), bake sale, thrift shop, live animals, free tram rides, origami ornament lessons, and wildlife bingo. National Wildlife Visitor Center, 10901 Scarlet Tanager Loop, Laurel, Md. 301-4975772, SUGARLOAF CRAFTS FESTIVAL Nov. 21-23. Jury-selected artists from around the country will present their stunning array of contemporary crafts in sculpture, glass, jewelry, fashion, wood, leather, metal, furniture, home accessories, photography, and fine art. Montgomery County Fairgrounds, 16 Chestnut St., Gaithersburg, Md. 800-210-9900, B&O MAGICAL HOLIDAY EXPRESS Nov. 22-Jan. 4. There is something to see and do every day during this seven-week event, with brand new holiday decorations, hands-on crafts, contests, live entertainment, appearances by Santa, Mrs. Claus, Frosty, and Lego Man, and train rides. B&O Railroad Museum, 901 W Pratt St., Baltimore, Md. 410-752-2490, ASSATEAGUE WATERFOWL WEEKEND Nov. 27-30. Chincoteague National Wildlife Refuge open house, with special events and programs. Chincoteague, Va. 757-3366122

The Blast plays home games at the Baltimore Arena, 201 W. Baltimore St., Baltimore, Md. Call 410-347-2020 or visit

26 recreation news I november 2014 I

HCA VIRGINIA 8K Nov. 15, 7:00-9:00am. Features a tour of some of Richmond’s most beautiful and historic neighborhoods and is perfect for runners and walkers of all abilities who want to be a part of a great running event. Richmond, Va. 804-285-9495,

MUSIC Orchestra/Band/Classical/Choral VALLEY CHAMBER ORCHESTRA Nov. 2, 3:00pm. The concert features a variety of favorites including the majestic Russian Easter Overture by Rimsky-Korsakov and music from the film, The Lion King, including The Circle of Life, Can You Feel The Love Tonight?, and Hakuna Matada. Hollins University, 7916 Williamson Road, Roanoke, Va. 540-362-6451, GLENN MILLER ORCHESTRA Nov. 7, 7:00pm. The Rollins Center ballroom will feature an open dance floor where guests will be encouraged to dance along with the live orchestral performance. Dover Downs Hotel and Casino, Dover, Del. 800-711-5882, WORLD WAR II MUSIC AND LETTERS Nov. 8. The Fairfax Symphony Orchestra performs World War IIera music in I’ll be Seeing You, a musical drama that includes love letters from the Pacific and other period readings as well as the most popular music of the time. CZECH PHILHARMONIC ORCHESTRA Nov. 14, 8:00-10:00pm. One of today’s most elite piano soloists joins this renowned orchestra for a concert full of passion and sterling technique.  George Mason University’s Center for the Arts, 4400 University Drive, Fairfax, Va. 888-945-2468, AMERICAN FESTIVAL POPS ORCHESTRA Nov. 15, 8:00pm. This concert features music from film, television, and Broadway that is a cherished part of American pop culture. George Mason University Center for the Arts, 4373 Mason Pond Drive, Fairfax, Va.

Jazz/Blues/Country COLLEGE PARK BLUES FESTIVAL Nov. 2, 6:00-11:00pm. Free admission and free parking. Bands, vendors, dancing, and prizes. Ritchie Coliseum, Route 1, College Park, Md. JAZZ AT MEADE – VAUGHN AMBROSE Nov. 16. Meade Memorial Episcopal Church, 322 N. Alfred St., Alexandria, Va. 703-549-1334, BLIND BOYS OF ALABAMA Nov. 28, 8:00pm. The Grammy-winning Blind Boys of Alabama has harmonized throughout the turbulent 20th century and well into the 21st. 20 W. Patrick St., Frederick, Md. 301-600-2868,

Popular/Other BRADLEY GILBERT LET IT RIDE TOUR Nov. 1, 7:00-11:00pm. Featuring opening acts Tyler Farr and Chase Bryant. 4320 Hampton Blvd., Norfolk, Va. 757-683-5762,

Theater BLUE MAN GROUP Nov. 7-8. Sandler Center for the Performing Arts, 201 Market St., Virginia Beach, Va. 757-385-2787, RICHARD II Through Nov. 9. One of Shakepeare’s most-loved plays is about the roots of the War of the Roses. Presented in the new theater of the Chesapeake Shakespeare Company. 7 S. Calvert St., Baltimore, Md. TWELFTH NIGHT Through Nov. 16. A “Rootin,’ Tootin,’ Six-Gun Shootin’” comedy by “Wild Bill” Shakespeare. 31 W Patrick St., Frederick, Md. 301694-4744, JULIUS CAESAR Through Dec. 7. Robert Richmond (Henry V, Richard III) returns to direct this classic drama. Folger Theatre, 201 East Capitol St. SE, Washington, D.C. 202-544-4600, PAULA POUNDSTONE Nov. 1, 8:00pm. The popular comedienne performs at the Majestic Theater, Gettysburg, Pa. 717-337-8200, SWING TIME – THE MUSICAL Nov. 2, 2:00-4:00pm. This vibrant musical revue presents three men and three women working together to put on their live, big-band war-bond-drive radio broadcast. Burke Theater, 701 Pennsylvania Ave. NW , Washington, D.C. 202-573-8127, MARY POPPINS Nov. 14-Feb. 22. Get swept up in the fun of this high-flying musical. Avalon Theatre, 40 E. Dover St., Easton, Md. 410-822-7299, IN THE HEAT OF THE NIGHT Nov. 16, 7:00-9:00pm. This gripping detective murder mystery is a vivid portrayal of the black experience in the deep South during the 1960s. George Mason University’s Center for the Arts, 4400 University Drive, Fairfax, Va. 888-945-2468,

Films VIRGINIA FILM FESTIVAL Nov. 6-9. Filmmakers from around the state and throughout the world present feature films, documentaries, shorts, animation, and experimental works. Charlottesville, Va.

Exhibits Featured Exhibitions FRONT ROOM: SETH ADELSBERGER Through Nov. 2. A variety of luminescent and textured paintings from Baltimore-based artist Seth Adelsberger demonstrates the artist’s innovative approaches to painting over the past five years. The Baltimore Museum of Art, 10 Art Museum Drive, Baltimore, Md. 443-573-1700, DRAMATIC COLOR FEELING Through Nov. 2. “My intention is that the chosen colors will awaken the gallery and everyone who enters the room.” Foundry Gallery, 1314 18th St. NW, Washington, D.C. 202-4630203, PRINTMAKERS OF WORLD WAR I Through Nov. 9. This exhibition focuses on how artists — many of whom witnessed combat firsthand as official war artists — represent the moods and transformative experiences particular to that global conflict. Virginia Museum of Fine Arts, 200 N Blvd., Richmond, Va. 804-340-1400, THE FANTASTIC WORLD OF CHARLES BURCHFIELD Through Nov. 16. To spend even a moment with one of Charles Burchfield’s hallucinatory watercolors is to experience the artist’s visceral response to nature. Brandywine Conservancy and Museum of Art, 1 Hoffman’s Mill Road, Chadds Ford, Pa. MAPS OF THE 16TH AND 17TH CENTURY Through Nov. 30. Explores the world as Shakespeare would have known it, featuring around 40 maps from the 16th and 17th centuries which all highlight locations mentioned in Shakespeare’s plays. American Shakespeare Center, 10 S. Market St., Staunton, Va.

ITALY’S GUARDIA DI FINANZA ART RECOVERY TEAM Through Dec. 21. The exhibition unveils the story behind each ancient ceramic, mosaic, and statue, not only its creation, but also intimate details about its theft and recovery by the indefatigable agents of the Guardia di Finanza. Greater Wilmington, Del. 302-652-5577, FLIGHT IN THE AGE OF DINOSAURS Through Jan. 4. Highlights the latest research by museum scientists and leading paleontologists around the world and features rare pterosaur fossils and casts from Italy, Germany, China, the United States, the United Kingdom, and Brazil. American Museum of Natural History, Central Park West at 79th Street, New York, N.Y. 212-769-5100, IMPERIAL TREASURES FROM THE PALACE MUSEUM Through Jan. 11. This landmark exhibition features more than 180 works of art from the collection of the Palace Museum, Beijing. Virginia Museum of Fine Arts, 200 N Blvd., Richmond, Va. 804-340-1400, THE ART OF JAMES CASTLE Through Feb. 1. Features a representative selection of the artist’s immense oeuvre, including drawings, handmade books, texts, and constructions. Smithsonian American Art Museum, 8th and F streets, Northwest, Washington, D.C. 202-633-1000, ANRI SALA AND MICHAEL FRIED Through Feb. 22. This exhibition will feature one of Sala’s recent works, selected by the art historian and the artist. The Baltimore Museum of Art, 10 Art Museum Drive, Baltimore, Md. 443-5731700, ON PAPER: ALTERNATE REALITIES Through April 12. This exhibition presents 26 prints never before on view by a diverse group of artists who playfully exaggerate and reimage the visual language of popular culture — religious stories, myths, and folk tales — to consider larger issues of class, gender, and politics. The Baltimore Museum of Art, 10 Art Museum Drive, Baltimore, Md. 443-573-1700, OUTSIDE THE WALLS Through May. An interactive exhibition where visitors can explore daily life in imperial China, this hands-on exhibit will provide a glimpse into the home of a merchant-class family who lived in the 17th and18th centuries. The Virginia Museum of Fine Arts, 200 N Blvd., Richmond, Va. 804-340-1400, DECODING THE RENAISSANCE Nov. 11-March 1. This exhibition features the best collection ever assembled of early works on codes and ciphers. Folger Shakespeare Library, 201 East Capitol St. SE, Washington, D.C.

History HISTORY WALK Nov. 1, 2:00-4:30pm. Learn about the history of the park, which includes railroads, mining, wars, and more. This two-hour-plus walk begins at the dam. Robert E. Lee Park, 1000 Lakeside Drive, Baltimore Md. 18TH-CENTURY MARKET FAIR Nov. 1, 10:00am-4:00pm. Meet typical 18th-century merchants and entertainers. First State Heritage Park, Dover, Del. REBELLION FORT LOUDOUN Nov. 1-2, 9:00am. Relive the 1765 events of Colonial Rebellion at Fort Loudoun. Franklin County, Pa. 866-646-8060, VETERANS DAY AT HISTORIC BRENTSVILLE Nov. 8, 10:00am-1:00pm. In celebration of Veterans Day, write letters to current soldiers serving overseas. Learn about military history through first-person interpretation vignettes of all major American conflicts from the American Revolution to current day. 12229 Bristow Road, Bristow, Va. 703-365-7895, TEATIME ACROSS THE CENTURIES Nov. 20, 6:00pm. Learn about the history and traditions of tea with a presentation and tasting of teas, scones, and other teatime treats. Dumbarton House, 2715 Q St. NW, Washington, D.C. A SEASON OF SLAUGHTER Nov. 21, noon-1:00pm. Book talk about the Battle of Spotsylvania Courthouse. Museum of the Confederacy, 1201 E. Clay St., Richmond, Va. 804-649-1861, HOLIDAYS AT HAGLEY Nov. 28-Jan. 6. “Holidays at Hagley” features Eleutherian Mills, the first duPont family home built in America, festively decorated with dried flowers, greenery, fruit, and other natural materials. Hagley Museum and Library, Wilmington, Del. 302658-2400, OLD MARYLAND FARM ACTIVITIES Old Maryland Farm, 301 Watkins Park Drive, Upper Marlboro, Md. 301-218-6770 or 301-699-2544, MONTPELIER MANSION TOURS Sundays, 1:00pm and 2:00pm. Montpelier Mansion, Route 197 and Muirkirk Road, Laurel, Md. 301-953-1376

DARIO ROBLETO Nov. 16-March 29. This exhibition features Robleto’s Setlists for a Setting Sun, a body of poetic sculptures, prints, and cut-paper works that weave together the histories of recorded light and sound. The Baltimore Museum of Art, 10 Art Museum Drive, Baltimore, Md. 443-573-1700, AMERICAN SCHOOLGIRL EMBROIDERIES Nov. 23-May. The exhibition features more than 20 samplers and silk embroideries made by American girls who attended schools in Maryland and other East Coast states during the 18th and 19th centuries. The Baltimore Museum of Art, 10 Art Museum Drive, Baltimore, Md. 443-573-1700, LINETTE CHILDS SOLO GALLERY SHOW Nov. 28-30. Many recent unseen and unpublished original paintings. Yellow Barn Gallery, 7300 MacArthur Blvd., Glen Echo, Md. 301-371-5593 ENCHANTED CASTLES AND NOBLE KNIGHTS Nov. 28-Jan. 4. A selection of Howard Pyle’s intricate, compelling pen drawings depicting Arthurian legends and N.C. Wyeth’s romantic paintings for illustrated editions of The Boy’s King Arthur and The White Company, as well as work by Walter Crane, Elizabeth Shippen Green, Maxfield Parrish, Louis Rhead, and Frank Schoonover. Brandywine River Museum of Arts, Chadds Ford, Pa.

Discover the joys of shopping at Maryland’s premier Christmas event in historic Frederick, MD. Nothing brings back the yuletide spirit quite like the Maryland Christmas Show. For the twenty-ninth season visitors from near and far will discover the joys of shopping at Maryland’s premier Christmas event. The Maryland Christmas Show, located in historic Frederick City, brings together many fine artisans and merchants to make your holiday shopping an enjoyable event.





Two consecutive weekends

23 30




21 22 28 29

Show is held the weekend%()25( BEFORE and the weekend of Thanksgiving.

DATES: Nov 21, 22, 23, 28, 29 & 30 LOCATION: Frederick Fairgrounds HOURS: Fri. and Sat. 10 a.m. - 6 p.m. Sun. 10 a.m. - 4 p.m. ADMISSION: Adults $7.00 Children $4.00 (10 and under) PARKING: $2.00 • No Pets Allowed INFORMATION: (301) 845-0003 I november 2014 I recreation news 27

Lectures/Workshops/Classes COMPUTER SKILLS FOR SENIORS Tuesdays and Thursdays, Nov. 4-20, 10:00am-noon. Prince George’s Sports and Learning Complex, 8001 Sheriff Road, Landover, Md. 301-583-2400 GALLERY TALK: COLLECTION SELECTIONS Nov. 5. National Museum of Women in the Arts, 1250 New York Ave. NW, Washington, D.C. NATURE VISIONS EXPO Nov. 8-10, 9:45am-4:30pm. Exhibits, vendor displays, and free photography education classes. Hylton Performing Arts Center, 10960 George Mason Circle, Manassas, Va. LOBBYING: THE POLITICS OF BUSINESS IN AMERICA Nov. 20, 7:00pm. Benjamin Waterhouse will describe the important changes in how lobbyists — particularly corporate lobbyists — got their way (and sometimes didn’t) in Washington, D.C., in the mid- and late-20th century. Hagley Museum and Library, Wilmington, Del. 302-658-2400, WREATH MAKING Nov. 29-30, 2:00-4:00pm. Make a decorative wreath from natural materials such as pine, spruce, and holly. Robert E. Lee Park, 1000 Lakeside Drive, Baltimore, Md.


VALLEY CRAFT NETWORK STUDIO TOUR Nov. 22-23. The 10-stop tour goes through Frederick and Washington counties. See website for details. valleycraftnetwork.og

RIVERARTS STUDIO TOUR Nov. 1-2 The tour features 60 artists in Kent County, Md., and surrounding communities.

OPEN STUDIO & VINEYARD TOUR Nov. 28-30. Visit 10 studios plus a winery on Virginia’s Eastern Shore.

RAPPAHANNOCK STUDIO TOUR Nov. 1-2. Visit 60 artists in 19 studios and six galleries throughout Rappahannock County, Va.

SOUTHEASTERN DELAWARE STUDIO TOURS Nov. 28-29. Thirteen artists in Sussex County at locations from Dagsboro to Bethany Beach will open their studios to visitors.

TRAILS & TREES STUDIO TOUR Nov. 1-2. Behind the scenes tours of 11 studios in Berkeley County, W.Va. LEBANON VALLEY ART TOUR Nov. 1-2. Features 26 artists in eight towns in southcentral Pennsylvania. ARTISANS’ STUDIO TOUR Nov. 8-9. Tour features 40 artisans at 22 studios in the Charlottesville, Va., area. Chauffer service available. artisansstudiotour. com OVER THE MOUNTAIN STUDIO TOUR Nov. 8-9. Features 21 artisans in eight locations throughout Jefferson County, W.Va.

Military & Federal Government Military & Federal Government

Military & Federal Government

Military & Federal Government

CAPE MAY, N.J. Historic district, moonlight trolley, and Cape May sampler tours. Cape May, N.J. 800-275-4278, MARITIME HISTORY WALKING TOURS Second and fourth Saturdays, 10:00am. Fells Point Visitor Center, Baltimore, Md. 410-675-6750,

O THER SUMMIT POINT RACING Park features three road-racing circuits used for amateur automobile, kart, and motorcycle racing, high-performance driver education, and emergency training for local and federal law enforcement. Summit Point Motorsports Park, Summit Point, W.Va. 304-725-8444, MONTPELIER HUNT RACES Nov. 1, 9:00am-6:00pm. Montpelier Hunt Races hosts seven races. 11407 Constitution Highway, Montpelier Station, Va. 540672-0027, DOMINO DAY Nov. 15. A cool domino tilting and toppling extravaganza where visitors will watch world-renowned domino topple expert Scott Suko (along with a team of local engineering volunteers) create a massive multi-colored tumble of 11,000 dominoes. Maryland Science Center, 601 Light St., Baltimore, Md. 410-528-5400, NATURE CRAFTS Nov. 15, 11:00am-noon. Participants ages 2-10 years old, will enjoy hands-on nature craft activities. Reservations required. Watkins Park Nature Center, 301 Watkins Park Drive, Upper Marlboro, Md. 301-218-6702,  WONDERS OF THE WOODS Nov. 29, 2:30-4:00pm. Investigate animals, insects, habitats, and the magic of how the non-living “stuff ” allows life to flourish in the woods. Potomac Overlook Regional Park, 2845 N. Marcey Road, Arlington, Va. 703-528-5406,

Send submissions to: Calendar, Recreation News, 204 Greenwood Road, Linthicum, MD, 21090, or e-mail to




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28 recreation news I november 2014 I


NOV. 21, 22, 23, 2014

FRI 10-6 SAT 10-6 SUN 10-5

Montgomery Co. Fairgrounds


Tickets $8 online, $10 at door - good all 3 days Children under 12 and parking free

TICKETS - official event check in app

80 0 -210 -990 0

pennsylvania I darrin youker

Preserving the past and making the most of outdoor opportunities For 20 years, John Bryerton worked at Piper Aviation’s massive factory in Lock Haven, Pa. Like thousands of his neighbors, he enjoyed working for a company that was an early innovator in aviation history. But, when the parent company of Piper closed the doors of the Lock Haven factory, along with two other nearby facilities, Byerton and the community were devastated. Piper still casts a big shadow over Lock Haven, the county seat of Clinton County, some four hours from Washington, D.C. Thanks to the efforts of Byerton and other community volunteers, the contributions of Piper and the employees who made the renowned Piper Cub are remembered at the Piper Aviation Museum. “We are in the business of preserving the legacy of the people who worked here,” Byerton said. Clinton County is an area that has always had industry at its heart. This forested swath of Pennsylvania, located north of State College, was known for logging. And in the early 19th century, a woolen mill named Woolrich opened in a village of the same name. Woolrich is still there, making its distinct redand-black checkered outdoor clothing. And, visitors can come and tour the facility and retail outlets.

All about the outdoors Despite all of the early logging activity, Penn-

sylvania has protected large portions of the woods around Clinton County, making the region a mecca for outdoor enthusiasts. More than 60 percent of Clinton County is owned by the state in the form of forest land, parks, or state game lands, said Peter Lopes, who promotes the area. Throughout all of those forests are ample hiking possibilities, including the renowned Hyner View State Park, with its breathtaking view of the deep valleys and plateaus. Hyner View, located atop a mountain ridge which drops steeply to the West Branch of the Susquehanna River, is known as an excellent launch site for hang gliders. The river, which divides Clinton County in half, draws canoeists and kayakers throughout the year, along with anglers looking to tackle the river’s renowned bass fishery. “You are looking at a really big area of forest land here,” Lopes said. “You will reconnect with nature.” Even with winter coming, the outdoor fanatics in the area still connect with nature. In January, the City of Lock Haven hosts the “Frozen Snot.” Event organizers look to hold the event on one of the coldest days of the year. The run is on 13 miles of steep mountain trails with rocks known lovingly as “ankle-biters.” “These guys love it,” Lopes said. After a day in the woods, downtown Lock Haven

provides a destination for unwinding. Home to Lock Haven University, the charming small town has all of the college amenities, with a number of Victorian homes and tree-lined streets. Piper Aviation, which helped put Lock Haven on the map, is still drawing visitors. After World War II, Piper Cubs became a teaching plane for thousands of aviators. The growing popularity of the Piper Cub resulted in the growth of the aviation company, and created good-paying jobs for the community. “The Piper Cub was the Henry Ford of aviation,” Byerton said. After the plant closed in 1984, a group of volunteers worked to raise money to buy one of the factory buildings and open a museum. Community volunteers wanted to make sure that Lock Haven’s role in aviation history was not forgotten. The museum, which is open year-round, features 10 Piper planes, some still in flying condition, simulators, and displays that paint the picture of the company’s impact on aviation history, Byerton said. “The museum is a family-friendly destination,” he said. “Kids loving going into the simulators.”

Learn more Clinton County Tourism: Frozen Snot Race: Piper Aviation Museum:

The Franklin County Military

Trail of History

Begin the story at Letterkenny Chapel & Franklin County Veterans and 9/11 Memorial Park 2171 Carbaugh Avenue, Chambersburg, PA

Begin your Journey...Follow the Trail at:

866-646-8060 | |


County, PA


Start your adventure by visiting I november 2014 I recreation news 29

maryland I susan fair

A country Christmas in Carroll County serves up holiday fun Rural celebrations and tree farms to enjoy in bucolic location

Carroll County Tourism

Festive farmers markets. Smalltown shops decked with greens. More Christmas tree farms than you can shake a candy cane at. Get caught up in the charm of a country Christmas without driving to the hills. Carroll County, Md., is centrally located â&#x20AC;&#x201D; a mere 45-minute drive from Baltimore, and 90 minutes from Washington, D.C. â&#x20AC;&#x201D; making it

an ideal destination to add that country Christmas ambiance to your holiday experience. Barbara Beverungen, who promotes the area, says Carroll County is â&#x20AC;&#x153;Country Christmas Central.â&#x20AC;? â&#x20AC;&#x153;You really get that rural, smalltown feel â&#x20AC;&#x201D; but with lots of options for shopping and activities. Itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s a perfect destination when you want to feel Christmas-y or shop without being stuck in big crowds.â&#x20AC;?

Merry markets and more

Carroll County towns celebrate the holidays in a big way.

The holiday season gets off to a cheery country start at the Carroll County Ag Centerâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Christmas Market, every Saturday, Nov. 1-Dec. 13, 8:00am-2:00pm. Shoppers will find the indoor market bursting with handmade crafts and holiday goodies. For country-inspired holiday feasts, load up on homemade baked goods and candy, farm fresh eggs and meats, gourmet dips, cheeses, and nuts. Start with a down-home



country breakfast at the marketâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s cafĂŠ; live music will keep you in a festive mood. The Mistletoe Mart at the Church of the Ascension in Westminster has become a ring-in-the-holidayseason tradition for many. Now in its 41st year, the Mart will open on Nov. 6-7, 10:00am-8:00pm, and Nov. 8, 10:00am-4:30 pm. More than 50 juried craftspeople will be offering their unique wares and a country store will be open for business. You wonâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t have to do all that browsing on an empty stomach â&#x20AC;&#x201D; re-fuel at the Martâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s cafĂŠ. Now, thereâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s even an ATM on site. ( Insider tip: Bring the kids along to make gifts in the Angel Room while you enjoy stress-free shopping. Immerse yourself in the historic country ambiance of an 1805 flour and grain mill at the Mayberry Mill Crafts, Gifts, and Arts Show, Nov. 29Dec. 7. Owner Mary Ann Galandak says, â&#x20AC;&#x153;We have 17 juried crafters with no repetitions â&#x20AC;&#x201D; everyone has something different to offer.â&#x20AC;? Admission, greens, iced tea, and cookies are all free. ( Savor a small-town version of holiday bustle at Sykesvilleâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Merry Main Street on Dec. 6, 1:00pm-9:00pm. Stroll through the cozy railroad town and shop for that one-of-a-kind gift. Model trains, sure to captivate kids of all ages, will run 3:00-9:00pm. Car-

olers bring joyful music at 5:00pm, and Santa makes his grand entrance on a fire truck at 6:00pm. Then, after watching the mayor light the town tree, take the kids for photos with Santa in the townâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s real caboose. (

Festive farms Step back in time at the Carroll County Farm Museum for a taste of old time holiday spirit. The 1850s farm will be decked out for the season in its Victorian finest, Dec. 1-21. Take a farm tour and peruse the gift shop for handmade country treasures. Mule-pulled wagon rides are offered on weekends. ( Did you know you can take an actual piece of Carroll County home with you? Find your Christmas tree at one of the areaâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s many tree farms. Beverungen says the tree farm experience is about a lot more than acquiring a tree. â&#x20AC;&#x153;Talk about a â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;Kodak moment,â&#x20AC;&#x2122;â&#x20AC;? she says. â&#x20AC;&#x153;Watching your children or grandchildren attempt to carry the tree out of the field is truly priceless.â&#x20AC;? Many farms offer wreaths and greens, hot chocolate, and warm cider. Itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s all part of a cozy Carroll County Christmas that will make for merry family memories.

For more information Carroll County Tourism:





You need to escape, but not too far away! Check out exciting holiday events in Carroll County! 41ST MISTLETOE MART November 6â&#x20AC;&#x201C;7 | 10amâ&#x20AC;&#x201C;8:30 pm November 8 | 10 amâ&#x20AC;&#x201C;5 pm Church of the Ascension, Westminster

CARROLL COUNTY FARMERS HOLIDAY MARKET November 22â&#x20AC;&#x201C;December 13 Saturdays only Agriculture Center, Westminster

MAIN STREET HOLIDAY SHOPPING HOLIDAY ELECTRIC PARADE November 29 | Shop all day Parade | 7 pm Westminster

Carroll County is chock-full of Christmas Tree farms! See our website for a complete list of locations to find the best Frasier Fir, Douglas Fir, White Pine, or Scotch Pine this season.

800-272-1933 | 30 recreation news I november 2014 I

maryland I jane and marvin bond

Small-town charm makes Havre de Grace a holiday destination Havre de Grace, Md., sits like a gem at the top of Chesapeake Bay where the broad Susquehanna River ends a nearly 500-mile journey that began in New York. That location made it an early site for settlement, a desirable stopping place for Colonial leaders, and a target for the British Navy. The combination of history, interesting shops and restaurants, and water activities make it a great spot to visit by car or boat today. Havre de Grace takes full advantage of its history and small town charm to make the most of the holidays.

Steppingstone Farm Museum Steppingstone Farm Museum preserves the crafts and culture of the 1880-1920 period in Harford County, Md., with artifacts and authentic living history. Artisans demonstrate crafts and practices of the time,

preserving them in our 21st-century world. You can explore the museum and enjoy a variety of holidaythemed events, beginning with the Thanksgiving Open House on Nov. 22, 1:00-4:00pm. You’ll see openhearth cooking demonstrations using Colonial period recipes. The next weekend, Nov. 29-30, Steppingstone presents a Victorian Street Faire with the bustle of a Dickens Christmas. You’ll find food vendors, local handcrafts, live music, and entertainment. The museum store features locally crafted goods and some items made by Steppingstone artisans. The museum’s Christmas Open House follows, Dec. 6-7, 11:00am4:00pm. See the house decorated for the holidays and enjoy holiday music, cookies, and cider. Combine afternoon tea at the museum with an unusual version of Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol, as told by Ebene-

Bring in the New Year

zer Scrooge’s sister Fan. (

Susquehanna Lock House The Lock House dates to 1840 and tended to one of the 29 locks on the 45-mile Susquehanna and Tidewater Canal. Today, the museum housed in the home tells the story of this early means of transporting goods. On Dec. 13, 4:00-8:00pm, the Lock House sponsors the 42nd Candlelight Tour of Havre de Grace’s historic homes and buildings. On both Dec. 13 and 14 during the Christmas Boutique, you can shop for handcrafted traditional gifts and fresh greens at the Lock House. ( Havre de Grace is home to beautiful 19th- and 20th-century churches and the annual self-guided holiday tour on Dec. 28, 2:00-4:00pm, reveals a variety of beautiful stained glass windows, Nativity scenes, and other decorations.


Among the important aspects of local history, waterfowl hunting and decoy carving are represented by the Decoy Carving Museum and the annual New Year’s Eve Duck Drop. Crowds gather on the grounds of the Havre de Grace Middle School for the midnight countdown and duck drop, as well as fireworks. The Decoy Museum, located on the banks of the Susquehanna Flats, presents an exceptional collection of working and decorative decoys and preserves the legacy of waterfowling and decoy making on the Chesapeake Bay. The museum is open seven days a week. The city’s maritime heritage is the subject of exhibits at the Havre de Grace Maritime Museum and at the Concord Point Light House and Keepers House. Both are open weekends through March.

Learn more Havre de Grace Tourism:

Christmas in

havrem de GraCe aryland


Explore Havre de Grace Havre de Grace

Make visiting Havre de Grace a holiday tradition. Get away from the hectic pace of the season and visit our many specialty shops for that perfect one-of-a-kind gift.

Light Up Night!

Havre de Grace Tourism

County of Kent

Havre de Grace celebrates the holidays with tours and events at its museums and welcomes the new year with a Duck Drop.

Maryland’s Upper Eastern Shore on the Chesapeake Bay

December 5 • 6:00 pm - 7:00 pm Annual Christmas Tree lighting by Mr. and Mrs. Claus. Following the tree lighting visit Santa at Santaland on Washington Street, then stop by the Mason’s Lodge on St. John St. to experience a large scale floor model train garden.

December 13 • 4:00 pm - 8:00 pm Streets illuminated by candlelight, Christmas carolers and festive decorations are the setting while you tour selected Havre de Grace historic homes and buildings. Tickets available at

Mark Your Calendar

Oct. 31st–Nov. 2nd: (Chestertown) Sultana’s Downrigging Weekend ( Nov. 1st & 2nd: (Begin in Chestertown) RiverArts Studio Tour, 10am to 5pm. Free ( Nov. 28th–30th: Chestertown Antiques Show and Sale Nov. 28th & 29th: (Rock Hall) 31st Annual Country Crafts Guild Fall Arts & Craft Show, 10am to 4pm Dec. 5th–7th: Chestertown Winterfest Weekend ( Dec. 6th: (Rock Hall) Reindeer 5K & Dash, Sensitive Santa Parade, Santa & Lighted Boat Parade (

The Mainstay and The Garfield Center for the Arts theaters host holiday music and performances throughout the season. Check their schedules at and

A Scenic Peninsula with fishing, boating, kayaking, sunset cruises, antiques, museums, theaters, art galleries, winery, local seafood and more.

For a free visitor information packet: or 410-778-0416

©2014 City of Havre de Grace Illustration: ©2014 Bill Watson

Lock House Museum’s 42nd Annual Candlelight Tour

Chestertown, Rock Hall, Galena, Betterton, Millington

Havre de Grace Was Chosen!

One of Smithsonian Magazine’s Top 20 Small Town’s to visit in 2014.

For More Info About All Our Holiday Events, Call or Go Online

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maryland I fran severn-levy

‘Tis the season for Talbot County festivals and holiday events The holiday season is a time when Talbot County transports you to another world. It’s not just the twinkling lights in shops and houses, the smalltown welcomes, and the cozy lodgings. The season is also filled with events that are unique to Maryland’s Eastern Shore. Christmas in St. Michaels

The gingerbread house display is part of Christmas in St. Michaels. Easton


Easton’s annual Waterfowl Festival, Nov. 14-16, kicks of the season with four days of celebrations of the outdoors, waterfowl, and autumn. From duck calling competitions to retriever demonstrations; wine and beer tastings to exhibitions of waterfowl art; and kids’ fishing tournaments to displays of duck stamps, it is a family-friendly weekend that deserves its great national reputation. ( “My Christmas Wish” is the theme for this year’s Festival of Trees at Easton’s Tidewater Inn from Nov. 28-Dec. 2. While admiring the dozens of evergreens that reflect the theme (and getting a few ideas for decorating your own) visitors enjoy caroling, dancing, and shopping in The Elves’ Shop. On Nov. 29 and 30, there’s a self-guided tour of area historic homes decorated for the holidays. All proceeds benefit the Talbot Hospice Foundation. ( The final major holiday event in Easton is the annual parade, with

s t. m i c h a e l s

tilghman island

Escape to

Short drive, long memories.

marching bands and Santa. It starts at 6:00pm on Dec. 6. Many of the town’s shops will be open late, with special shopping offers and their own celebrations. The celebrations then move to the Colonial village of Oxford on the Tred Avon River. “Christmas on the Creek,” Dec. 5-7, starts with gospel carols at Waters United Methodist Church on Friday evening. Saturday’s schedule includes a holiday bazaar selling fresh greens, unique gifts, and holiday treats (including some frozen to make your parties easier). On Sunday afternoon, Mystery Loves Company Bookstore holds a Jane Austen Christmas Party. (

Christmas in St. Michaels The biggest holiday celebration in the area is Christmas in St. Michaels, Dec. 12-14. Traveling to this holiday weekend is as much a tradition in some families as leaving cookies out for Santa. There’s a gala with dancing and dining on Friday night, but Saturday brings non-stop activities, starting with Breakfast with Santa. Then, there’s the holiday parade, which has the usual fire engines and marching bands, but also llamas, a calliope, and a kazoo band. The gingerbread house display shows off dozens of edible domiciles, with special attention to those that feature the Eastern Shore.

On Saturday afternoon, the United Methodist Church puts on an Eastern Shore Christmas Dinner — get there early; it always sells out. Holiday home tours feature houses of seafarers and manor homes outside town, with shuttle service provided. Concerts by the Mid-Shore Community Band and the Jackson Jubilee Singers entertain on Saturday. On Saturday night, at 8:00pm, there will be a Christmas Concert at Christ Church featuring the Easton Choral Arts Society, while the Sunday evening “Celebration of Choirs” features joined choirs of area churches performing festive and traditional carols. ( Before heading home, you can detour to Cordova, Md., where you can cut your own Christmas tree at Hutchinson’s Christmas Forest. Following the farm’s blog throughout the year is a lot of fun as it tells what it’s like to grow, groom, and get trees ready for the holidays. The farm opens the day after Thanksgiving.

A most unusual tree The watermen on Tilghman Island, just down the road from St. Michaels, have a none-too-serious approach to life. That’s evident in their holiday attempt to set the record for the largest Christmas tree made out of crab pots. Last year’s tree was 47 feet tall. This year, an official from the Guinness Book of World Records will be on hand when they light it up. Construction starts a few weeks before that, so you can drive over to Tilghman after visiting St. Michaels. The Dec. 20 celebration also includes a lighted boat parade. Finally, there’s Easton’s First Night Talbot celebration on Dec. 31. This family-friendly, evening-long, alcoholfree event includes a town-wide schedule of entertainment and activities, including a parade of sea creatures and the dropping of the New Year’s crab at both 9:00pm and midnight.

For more info

Talbot County Office of Tourism 410-770-8000 |

Waterfowl Festival

November 14, 15, 16, 2014 Easton, Maryland

32 recreation news I november 2014 I

Talbot County Tourism:


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Cousins clash over England’s crown, igniting civil war: The Wars of the Roses begin with

By William Shakespeare Directed by Kevin J. Costa October 24 to November 9

410.244.8570 Tickets on sale now! Like FREE tickets? Like FREE dinner? Like FREE concerts?

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Maryland festival toasts the Irish You’ll have a chance to get your Irish on at the Maryland Irish Festival, where music, dance, food, and cultural events will keep things lively, Nov. 7-9. The 41st annual celebration, sponsored by Irish Charities of Maryland, will be held at the Maryland State Fairgrounds in Timonium. More than 20 bands will perform local, regional, and international Irish music on three large stages, plus the stage at Portz’s Pub. The entertainers include the Brock McGuire Band, Makem and Spain, The Screaming Orphans, Albannach, Dublin 5, The Moxie Strings, The Sham Rogues, Kilmaine Saints, Brendon Pelan, Bogside Rogues, and The Spalpeens. Bios of some of bands are available on the website, irishfestival. com. There also will be speakers on Irish culture, an Irish baking competition, a geneaology workshop, Irish cuisine and beverages, cultural exhibits, and vendors with Irish goods. A 5K run, Kilts & Craic, and new displays and speakers and are among highlights. Why should non-Irish folks want attend the festival? “Learn about all things Irish,” says the festival’s Dan Mead, who also cites the “great music and food.” Hours are 6:00-11:00pm on Friday, noon-

11:00pm on Saturday, and noon-6:00pm on Sunday. Tickets cost $20 for adults, $15 for senior citizens over age 62, $5 for ages 14 to 18, and free for children under 14 and active-duty military with ID.

The festival What: Maryland Irish Festival When: Nov. 7-9 Where: Maryland State Fairgrounds, Timonium, Md. Tickets/info: 410-472-2291,

MD Irish Festival

The Screaming Orphans are among the bands entertaining at the Maryland Irish Festival.



Package Includes: • Accommodations for up to a family of four overnight at the Gaylord • Four tickets to ICE! featuring Frosty the Snowman • Breakfast at Pienza the next morning (6:30-10:30 am) • Family photo souvenier • Complimentary resort fee and self-parking With two million twinkling lights, amazing nightly indoor snowfall, dancing fountains set to the season’s music, the stunning 60foot glass Tree of Light, a 2-story ice slide, and exclusive holiday events and attractions for you and your entire family, Gaylord National offers some of the most distinctive holiday entertainment you can imagine. CONTEST RULES

Gaylord National Resort’s Christmas on the Potomac


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Museum of art Thrives at 100 From a single painting in 1914, a mighty museum grew. The painting, Mischief, by William Sergeant Kendall, was the start of a collection of 90,000 objects at the Baltimore Museum of Art and a proud 100-yearold tradition. The museum is observing its 100th anniversary with a 100-day celebration this fall. The highlight of the celebration is Nov. 23, with the reopening of the museumâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s historic Merrick Entrance and the renovated Dorothy McIlvain Scott American Wing. The grand entrance of the museum has been closed for 32 years. Its façade has been revitalized and lighting improved. The American Wingâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s 800 paintings, sculptures, and decorative arts, which mostly date from 1760 through 1960, will be integrated in new ways and placed in a global context. Improved lighting, floors, wall colors, and more amenities will enhance the visitor experience. Stained glass by Louis Comfort Tiffany and paintings by Georgia Oâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;Keeffe, Jacob Lawrence, Marsden Hartley, Joseph Stella, and other acclaimed artists will be highlighted. There also will be a section devoted to art produced in Maryland. Four architectural interiors from 18th-century homes will be displayed. â&#x20AC;&#x153;By expanding the approach to American art both geographically and chronologically, the BMAâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s reinstallation highlights the deep ties between American art, our nationâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s history, and the broader world,â&#x20AC;? said the museumâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s David Park Curry in a release. â&#x20AC;&#x153;We hope visitors will be inspired by the stories contained in each of these incredible works of art, connecting the objects to the people who created and collected them.â&#x20AC;?

Anniversary festivities Festivities on Nov. 23, 10:00am5:00pm, include a ceremonial stepscrubbing performance by artist Megan Hildebrandt and ribbon cutting; silver engraving, needlepoint, stained glass, and clock-making demonstrations; storytelling by Maria Broom; free personalized hand-cut paper silhouettes by Alex Vernon; a harp demonstration by Jasmine Hogan; a musical performance led by Brooks Long; and a birthday cake from Charm City Cakes. Other plans during the anniversary celebration include: An invitation to the public to help build a giant birthday cake made from

everyday objects on Nov. 2; the reopening of a BMA time capsule on Nov. 16; a gala and a â&#x20AC;&#x153;Party of the Centuryâ&#x20AC;? on Nov. 15; a mobile art guide, which can be viewed on smartphones or the BMAâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s complimentary tablets beginning Nov. 23; and an American Wing Family guide, which also begins on Nov. 23. Some of the museumâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s officials will provide insights on the collection through Dec. 31 at, and visitors can share their memories of the museum or suggestions on a new app.

New exhibitions Several new exhibitions are part of the celebration, too. Front Room: Dario Robleto, Nov. 16-March 29, features sculptures, print, and cut-paper works. Lesson Learned: American Schoolgirl Embroideries, Nov. 22-May, shows 20 early American samplers and silk embroideries from the1700s through the turn of the 20th century. Black Box: Anri Sala, about the siege of Sarajevo, runs through Feb. 22. On Paper: Alternate Realities, which continues through April 12, features 26 narrative prints by a diverse group of artists. The museum, which was originally designed by architect John Russell Pope in the 1920s, has been undergoing a $28 million renovation the last few years. The Contemporary Wing was reopened in 2012. The redesigned Zamoiski East Entrance, lobby, and BMA shop open Nov. 1. Plans call for the reinstallation of the African and Asian art collections in April 2015 and the opening of a new interactive learning and creativity center in fall 2015.

Why do people find the museum special? â&#x20AC;&#x153;Visitors appreciate the BMAâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s outstanding collection, especially the galleries with modern and contemporary art by Matisse and Warhol,â&#x20AC;? says the museumâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Anne Mannix-Brown. â&#x20AC;&#x153;After the renovation is completed, the American, African, and Asian galleries will be equally stunning. The BMAâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s beautiful sculpture garden and its restaurant, Gertrudeâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s, are also popular attractions. The museum, located three miles north of Baltimoreâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Inner Harbor in Charles Village, adjacent to the main campus of Johns Hopkins University, has the worldâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s largest holding of continued on page 36

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Stepping into the 21st century with molecular gastronomy My neighbor — a wonderfully wise woman — had grown tired of hearing about my culinary adventures cooking in vintage kitchens. She’d had her fill of my passion for the history of our nation’s cuisine. “Step up into the 21st century,” she chided as she handed me a box labeled “Molecular Gastronomy Kit.” Most foodies know about this “modernist cuisine,” a style of cooking that takes advantage of many technical innovations from the scientific disciplines. In the late 1990s and early 2000s, some chefs began to explore new culinary possibilities by embracing science, research, and technological advances in equipment, and creatively using natural gums and hydrocolloids favored by the food industry, such as agar-agar and carrageenan made from seaweed. Coined in 1988 to describe the subdiscipline of food science that investigates the physical and chemical transformations of ingredients as they cook, molecular gastronomy has been stretched to cover a plethora of culinary explorations, some wildly successful and some never heard from ever again. Remember iced fois gras? Frothy hibiscus mousse? Cantaloupe puree? Cocktails in ice spheres? Caviar made of balsamic vinegar? Disappearing transparent raviolis? Crab ice cream?

Naval District Washington

Catering & Conference Center Waterfront Dining & Meeting Space Wedding Receptions

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The famed chef Ferran Adria, of Spain’s El Bulli restaurant, used alginates to create spherification, gelled spheres that literally burst in your mouth. Heston Blumenthal, from The Fat Duck restaurant, created a dish that had three flavors — basil, olive, and onion — each perceived individually and in sequence. I had my first “techno-emotional cuisine” at Restaurant l’Utopie in Quebec City. The sevencourse tasting dinner was chef Stephane Modat’s invitation to join him in a gastronomic playground. Currently the chef at Le Champlain in the iconic Chateau Frontenac, Modat previously worked at the three Michelin-starred Le Jardin des Sens in Montpellier, France. His food challenged, provoked, and dared me to go with him. One course directly led to the next in a logical, flowing progression. Modat mixed tastes and elements designed to stretch my notions about food and wine. The presentation dazzled me. It was passionate dining; dining as a whole experience. “We are looking to create an effect in your mouth,” explained sommelier Jean Sebastian. “Chef is very playful, pairing contrasting tastes, textures, temperatures … every detail contributes.” Also called multi-sensory cooking, culinary physics, or experimental cuisine (Adrià prefers deconstructivist), molecular gastronomy was intended to investigate chemical and physical processes of cooking in a manner for cooks rather than food scientists. However, along with opening new avenues to chefs, the investigations have spurred an evolution in today’s culinary world. My Molecular Gastronomy Kit contained the specialized tools and natural gums and hydrocolloids to try four techniques: u Gelification, using a hydrocoloid to form pearls, raviolis, or spaghettis. u Spherification, based on a food industry reengineering and manufacturing process to encap-

sulate flavors into bubbles. u Emulsification, or “deconstructing” solutions, to create light foams that intensify flavors. u Siphon whipping, creating foams or espuma, for creamy desserts, appetizers, and cocktails. For my first sortie into personally preparing technologically forward cuisine, I chose a simple emulsification recipe for “Lemon Cloud.” The recipe calls for adding one 2-gram packet of soy lecithin to 2/3 cup of lemon juice and 2/3 cup of water, then frothing the liquid with a hand blender. The resulting foam can be spooned on top of desserts or cocktails or used as a flavorful garnish on fish or meat. Lacking lemons, I used limes instead. (I should have also used a deeper mixing bowl, as my overly aggressive hand blender sent a shower of lime-flavored soy lecithin spraying across my kitchen counter.) After adjusting the angle of my blender and easing back on the tsunami, I managed to entrain enough air into the liquid to produce a thick skim of froth. The soy lecithin held it together nicely, and I spooned some out and garnished the top of a cold drink. Tasting it, the citrus flavor ripped across my palate and literally snapped my eyes wide open. It was unbridled, full-ahead lime. Lime like I have never tasted before. Frothing the liquid had intensified the flavor, magnified it, given it muscle. I don’t know how much of this vanguard cuisine I will incorporate into my everyday cooking, but I will experiment a bit more. After all, I still have to try using those nifty tools in my kit. And, I am just dying to try making ham-wrapped melon sushi to find out what sodium alginate and calcium lactate taste like.


A special program, An Exploration of Art and Mind, is planned for Nov. 8 at the Hoffman Theater. “On that day we will be featuring films that illustrate the power of art — including music, visual, dance, etc., — to affect our lives and well-being in tangible and often surprising ways,” says the festival’s Patti North. “Alive Inside, which won this year’s Audience Award at the famous Sundance Film Festival, will be shown with the filmmaker in attendance. That day will also feature Tango Your Life with a live tango demonstration.” Tickets are required for screenings at the AMC Hoffman Theater ($12 in advance, $15 at the door per screening). All programming at the Beatley Library will have free admission.

continued from page 35 works by Henri Matisse. Admission is free.

Alexandria spotlights films Dozens of films from around the world will be showcased Nov. 6-9 at the Alexandria Film Festival, now in its eighth year. Films of all lengths and genres, including documentaries and narrative fiction, compete for cash prizes, including a “Best of Fest.” Awards to filmmakers will be presented on Sunday evening with a gala closing reception. Each screening program contains the equivalent of two hours of film, and many include a question-and-answer session with the filmmaker or other experts. Last year’s festival featured 62 films and 36 filmmakers in attendance.

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wine doctor I edward finstein

As cool weather approaches, match wine to warming soups As the weather cools down, our eating habits tend to change. We want more heart-warming dishes, as opposed to lighter ones. At the top of the list has to be soup, one of my favorites. Matching wine to soup isn’t usually what most folks think of doing, especially because most soup is hot. However, wine and soup can be a marriage made in heaven. One main thing to note about matching wine to soup — it makes a huge difference if the soup contains a healthy proportion of solid food such as meat, fish, vegetables, beans, pasta, or rice, making it more of a stew rather than just a liquid. This way, there are other components for the wine to complement. The rules for matching wine to soup are not that much different than those for matching wine to other food. Always match the character of the wine to the character of the soup — a lighter wine with a lighter soup and a heavier one with a richer concoction. Be sure to match the wine to the most dominant flavor in the soup. If lemon or garlic is the most aggressive component, then match the wine to that. Remember, too, that seasonings and spices can take the soup’s flavor in a totally different direction, requiring a different wine match. For example, if curry is your main flavoring ingredient, then choose a wine that plays that up. A little secret to ensure the match works — after picking the wine you are going to sip with the meal, add some of it to the soup you are preparing. This way, the fla-



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vor is simultaneously in the glass and in the broth. Mucho simpatico! As for serving temperatures, it’s a bit tricky. A chilled wine with a hot soup may make those of you with sensitive teeth wince with pain. Serve whites at cellar temperature or very slightly chilled and reds at room temperature. Stylistically, for big hearty soups that eat like a meal or stew, I find the best choices are young, fruity, crisp, robust reds such as gamay. Avoid overly tannic selections, as this combats the “stewed” flavors. Any meat cooked in a soup is tender and soft and won’t require any tannin to tame it. I’d also avoid wines with a lot of oak, as these will weigh the dish down and mask complex flavors in the soup. Tomato-based soups contain lots of acid (sour component) so you’ll want to select wines with good acidity such as sauvignon blanc, riesling, and muscadet. The following are some of my favorite wine/ soup matches based on the soup’s main ingredient: u Meat soups really eat like a meal. For beef, try gamay from any cool viticultural area or Beaujolais. Chicken soup wows with a sylvaner from Alsace. If you prefer a gamey venison, then check out a sweeter wine such as a riesling or port. Turtle soup lovers will enjoy a sercial or verdelho Madeira with it. For Mulligatawny, vie for a gewürztraminer from anywhere. For simple consommé, go with a fino or Amontillado sherry. u I simply adore fish soup and really dig a dry rosé with bouillabaisse. Lobster bisque is a real

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treat with any chardonnay. Enjoy a wood-aged sauvignon blanc such as fumé blanc or PouillyFumé with clam or seafood chowder. Shrimp bisque aficionados will be pleased with an Australian sémillon or chardonnay as a match. u Vegetarian soups containing veggies, beans, pasta, or rice are wonderful, too. Valpolicella from Italy is divine with beans or pasta. Try a mediumdry riesling from anywhere with creamy vegetable soup. One of my all time favorites is minestrone and any sangiovese-based red (Chianti, Vino Nobile, Brunello) plays it nicely. Onion soup, especially the French version, is to-die-for with any gamay or Beaujolais. Bardolino from Italy sings with tomato soup, pinot noir dances with borscht, and a dry muscat is the cat’s meow with vichyssoise. u Cold soups also work with wine. The best choice would be a dry, fortified wine such as white port, Madeira or sherry. If the soup is fruit-based, then a slightly chilled medium-dry riesling works wonders. © Edward Finstein, “The Wine Doctor” 2014. “The Wine Doctor” is Edward Finstein, awardwinning author, TV/radio host, renowned wine journalist, international wine judge, professor of wine, and consultant. Visit him at the following: website,; Twitter, drwineknow; blogspot, thewinedoctor.blogspot. com; Doc’s Grapevine,; and Facebook, EdwardDocFinstein?fref=ts.

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1. Fill out coupon at right legibly and completely. Grapes & Grains Getaway Winner 2. Mail to RecNews Contest Dept., 1607 Sailaway Circle, Baltimore, MD 21221 Kenneth Daly of New Market, MD OR enter online at OR fax this form to 410-638-6902. 3. You may also email to Provide all information in the form at right and enter “WINTERFEST CONTEST” in the subject line. Entries must be received by 11/17/2014. 4. If the winner does not respond within five days another winner will be selected. Limit one entry per household. Certain restrictions apply. Winner will be drawn at random from the pool of all entries received on time with legible information and will be published in next month’s issue and notified by phone, UPS or email. Winner will be drawn at random from the pool of all entries received on time with legible information, and notified on November, 21, 2014. Winner must respond by November, 28, 2014 to claim prize, or prize forfeits to a runner up. Valid Tuesday through Saturday nights, November 20, 2014 through December 30, 2014, and limited to availability. (Excludes Thanksgiving weekend.)

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From the information in this issue of Recreation News, what is your favorite destination? We’ll mail you information on this spot at no charge, or check here___ to “go green” and have information emailed. I november 2014 I recreation news 37


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Modern, Convenient Luxury Apartments Î&#x17D;Ä&#x201A;ĹŻĹŻĨŽĆ&#x152;Ä?ĆľĆ&#x152;Ć&#x152;Ä&#x17E;ĹśĆ&#x161;Ć&#x2030;Ć&#x152;Ĺ?Ä?Ĺ?ĹśĹ?Ä&#x201A;ĹśÄ&#x161;Ć?Ć&#x2030;Ä&#x17E;Ä?Ĺ?Ä&#x201A;ĹŻĆ?Í&#x160; 73,9:$$: ::)91255+:1943*74 (36.:05769+-5282':734.94 57:4+537*:05++,736'

Luray, Va. Two bedroom cabin. Fully equipped. Hot tub, ďŹ shing pond, many extras. Reasonable rates. Private. Close to hiking, Shenandoah river, caverns and golf. Call 540-743-3787, visit, or e-mail:


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PROBLEM â&#x20AC;&#x201C; Traditional gutters clog with leaves and debris, damaging your roof, foundation, fascia and landscaping.

&:+51927:0.9%#374-3291:360.97:(36.: 230.:*287369:05,769265-4$ &:(84.9212'92:871:*97925,4/':8--537691:)86.4 &:)98,"%,//':(8692408-91:-55/:871:4-8$ &:96288*876:990,"9:),437944:097692 &.3*.:971,28709:67944:871:8925)30:%803/36' &:,/"+869:29431976:/5,7*9:(36.:)3//38214 &:*2871:-55/4319:*23//37*:468"57

RISK â&#x20AC;&#x201C; Cleaning out gutters is dangerous â&#x20AC;&#x201D; falls are the number one cause of accidental death and injury around the household.

ngly i s i r p r Su e! l b a d r Affo $ 9 Only 9 onth! per M

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Licensed, Bonded, Insured. MHIC 51346, VA 2705048183A, DC 67006785 *Offer expires 11/30/14. Valid initial visit only. Minimum purchase required. Cannot be combined with other offers. 7.99% APR for 144 months, $11.10 per $1000 with 10% down, on approved credit thru GreenSky. I november 2014 I recreation news 39

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