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ROOM WITH A VIEW Glass walls and oversized windows offer stunning vistas at this Zionsville home.



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Pinterest, you’ve likely seen lush corners of uber-cool homes spilling over with greenery. Inspired, you stopped by the local nursery and picked up a plant or two, only to find a few months (or even weeks) later that it had turned into a brown crumbling fern or shriveled succulent. We’ve all been there. I, for one, never asked for the plant life. The plant life was thrust on me when someone gave my boyfriend a potted aloe vera. He set it in the middle of his shady apartment, and it promptly began to grow at a 90-degree angle. After doing some research, I repotted it, insisted that he find a way to put it near a window, and took over the watering regimen. Its withered tips plumped up, and new leaves sprouted straight up. Over time, my confidence grew, as did my collection of plants. Yours can, too. With the right tools and a little common sense (which we try to provide on page 32), anyone can have a green thumb. Well, almost anyone. A plant’s survival mostly depends on light, and if your home just doesn’t have the right amount, you may have to look elsewhere for stylish home décor. Good thing we’ve got you covered on that end, too. Check out some of our favorite trends this year, starting on page 12. Personally, I love the array of items decked out in Pantone’s Color of the Year, ultraviolet. Then, peek inside some of the chicest homes in the city. One couple filled their condo’s shared workspace with tons of cool art and custom pieces (p. 20). Another family, inspired by their crosscountry travel, built an extremely modern, minimalist home in Zionsville (p. 40). The home uses materials and design ideas from coast to coast, and its expansive windows make the surrounding fields and forests the star of the home. Regardless of what you’re drawn to, I hope you find inspiration in these pages. It’s spring! Throw out that dingy couch you’ve had for 15 years. Paint the living room a new color. And—gosh darn it—keep trying to grow those houseplants.


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IM HOME | 2018

contents I N D I A N A P O L I S M O N T H LY H O M E



40 For Spacious Skies The highlight of this thoroughly modern home, inspired by cross-country travel and a love of nature, is everything surrounding it. BY LORI D. ROBERTS

50 Welcome to Paradise

With the help of Pro Care Horticultural Services, one couple brought a Colorado feel to their Carmel landscape. BY JULIE YOUNG

58 Timeless Beauty

Classic elements seamlessly blended with a handful of modern trends create a stunning home that will remain relevant through the years. BY EMILY UDELL

[ON THE COVER] A Zionsville home inspired by nature and travel. Photo courtesy HAUS | Architecture for Modern Lifestyles.


IM HOME | 2018

50 Create your own getaway.

32 Get your green thumb on.

14 16







11 You’re a Gem

20 Balancing Act

70 Helping Hands


76 Finishing Touches

Pantone declared 2018 the year of ultraviolet—a rich hue that amethyst stones have been rocking for millennia. H OT B U Y S

12 Royal Treatment

Give your home a dose of regality with this year’s Pantone Color of the Year, ultraviolet.

14 Hang in There

If walls could talk, they’d ask you to spiff them up with some personalityfilled décor.

16 Makes Scents

Relax and unwind with one of these sweet-smelling items.

18 Collecting Dust

Breathe new life into your home with something old and completely unique.

A couple’s shared workspace in their downtown condo does a lot of multitasking. H O M E R E N O VAT I O N S

22 Mod Squad

A studio addition gives an interior designer some much-needed space and freshens her 1960s split-level home. BY BAILEY BRISCOE


32 It’s a Jungle in Here

Experts who can draw up home plans, build your dream residence, create a photo-worthy landscape, and more. Visit these showrooms to find products that complete a room, from cabinetry, flooring, and countertops to windows and doors.

90 Home Accents

Where to shop for furniture, accessories, area rugs, antiques, and other indoor and outdoor décor.

Your guide to growing plants that will survive and thrive in your home.



This stunning Caruso music cabinet by Paolo Cappello takes Bluetooth speakers to a new level.

96 Modern Love

IM HOME | 2018


homefront PRODUCTS




You’re a Gem Pantone declared 2018 the year of ultraviolet, but amethyst has been rocking the rich hue for millennia. Bring the trend into your home with this handcrafted brass sculpture atop an alabaster base, perfected with gemstone blossoms. Although purple might be popular right now, we guarantee this stunning piece of craftsmanship will never go out of style. Amethyst branch sculpture, $797. Kittle’s Furniture, see listing, p. 94.

IM HOME | 2018




ROYAL TREATMENT Give your home a dose of regality with the 2018 Pantone Color of the Year, ultraviolet.

Violet air plants, $6 each. Silver in the City, 434 Mass Ave., 317955-9925; 111 W. Main St., Carmel, 317-993-3669;

“I Have a Dream” light box, $160. Urban Styles, see listing, p. 95.

Torre & Tagus bolo glass vase, $59. Houseworks, see listing, p. 94.

Outré crushed velvet floral pillow, $190. Holder Mattress, see listing, p. 93.


IM HOME | 2018

Ultramarine Violet container, $69. Surroundings, see listing, p. 90.



HANG IN THERE If walls could talk, they’d ask you to spiff them up with some personality-filled décor.

“Victory Field” by Victor Nemo, original mixed media on canvas, $5,000. CV Art and Frame, see listing, p. 92.

Savannah Norris dream catcher, $50. Homespun, 869 Mass Ave., 317-351-0280,

Wildlife by Bend wire long horn head, $225. Inhabit, see listing, p. 92.

Assorted fleur de lis shadowboxes, $149 each. Surroundings, see listing, p. 90.

Torriana clock, $229. RG Décor, see listing, p. 94.


IM HOME | 2018




Fredericks & Mae multicolor fireplace matches, $40. Haus Love, see listing, p. 92.

Relax and unwind with one of these sweet-smelling items.

Lafco rosemary eucalyptus diffuser, $119. Addendum Gallery, 736 Hanover Pl., Carmel, 317253-3400, addendum


IM HOME | 2018

Smudge and Protect Essentials Kit, $16. Locally crafted smudge and incense dish, $28. Onatah, 1339 Prospect St.,

Blackbird incense pyres, $30. Forged & Found incense hut, $40. Grounded Plant and Floral Co., 1503 E. Michigan St., 317-426-5528, Ella B. Neighborhood Candles, $29 each. Decorate, see listing, p. 92.

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COLLECTING DUST Breathe new life into your home with something old and completely unique.

Electric lantern, $45. Brown’s Antiques and Gifts, see listing, p. 90.

Midcentury lamp, $42. Vintage 54 Collective, see listing, p. 92.

Assorted letters, $8–$38 each. Society of Salvage, see listing, p. 90.

Vintage window, $60. Restyled, see listing, p. 90.

Repainted end table, $105. Fivethirty Home, see listing, p. 90.


IM HOME | 2018


A Pottery Barn light fixture hangs from the genuineagate ceiling.

Downtown homeowners, Curt and Carolyn Schmidt, are both art enthusiasts and commissioned this statement piece by local studio Blice Edwards. The pink neon and rusty letters juxtapose the feminine and masculine.

They commissioned Carolyn’s brother, Bob Taylor Sculptures, to create this metal piece named “C and C.” It features a large “C” inset with a smaller one, standing for the couple’s initials.

The Schmidts knew they wanted modern design, but Carolyn (who says she she isn’t a very serious person) also wanted playful things. The custom colorful pillows were a perfect match



IM HOME | 2018



by Summer Daily

Modern paintings by local artist Jason Zickler were hanging in the model condo when Curt and Carolyn toured it. They fell in love with his work and bought a piece for their own home.


saw this downtown condo with floor-to-ceiling windows, they knew it was the one. The couple, who had lived in a beautiful but very traditional suburban home for years, were ready for a change, and if they were moving to the city, they wanted to do it right. With the building’s modern architecture, stunning views of downtown Indianapolis, and—again—those floor-to-ceiling windows, this condo oozed with sophisticated urban vibes. Of course, moving from the suburbs to a highrise requires some downsizing, and while homeowners often have rooms dedicated to specific uses, apartment dwellers need them to pull double duty. This space primarily functions as the couple’s office, but it’s also a cozy den where they can cuddle up with a good book or watch a show on the TV mounted above the intricate Alfonso Marina cabinet. The Schmidts turned to Rowland Design for interior design work, and the team created a space inspired by juxtaposition. Two Blu Dot desks (one red, one black) sit edge to edge. Feminine textures are balanced by masculine ones. The space makes modern décor feel homey. Most homeowners might cringe at the idea of sharing an office, but Curt and Carolyn feel perfectly at home in this space. Plus, although it juggles a variety of themes and ideas, it’s anything but traditional. n

Another small sclupture by Carolyn’s brother sits next to a collection of horsehair vases made by her 83-year-old mother who began throwing pottery in retirement.

An earthy end table, sleek modern chair, and fun throw pillow all balance each other out.

Carolyn studied fashion design in college, and this dress form she found at Midland Arts & Antiques Market reminds her of those days. IM HOME | 2018



Susan Yeley’s husband, Brian, and her three children don’t mind the smaller backyard if it means more space inside.



by Bailey Briscoe

SUSAN YELEY IS THE FIRST TO ADMIT SHE’S great when it comes to spicing up the inside of a house, but she’s at a loss when it comes to gardens and lawns. “I’m a designer, not a landscaper,” she says. So what is a designer to do when she gets fed up with her unruly outdoor scenery? Susan’s answer was to add more house to cover it up. Well, that was one reason. As much as she hated having a large lawn and little landscape inspiration, there was a more practical reason Susan and her husband Brian added over 1,000-square-feet to their 1960’s split-level home in Bloomington.


IM HOME | 2018

Susan’s design business, Susan Yeley Interiors, was quickly outgrowing its bedroom-sized quarters on the upper floor of the Yeley residence. Susan, her three employees, and their design “stuff” previously occupied one of the home’s four bedrooms, meaning two of her three children were bunking together. There wasn’t enough space for her kids—or her business—to grow. Even the dog agreed that Susan needed a new work space. So in June 2016, they broke ground on the studio addition that would give them a real office space, an additional family area, two more full-baths, and a walk-in closet to boot.


As Seen on the Internet To get inspiration for client projects, Susan is constantly flipping through stacks of home décor magazines and falling down the Pinterest-shaped hole full of shiplap and gallery wall how-tos. But as a designer of other people’s spaces, she doesn’t always get to execute what she likes. “A lot of this project was me doing what I’ve seen and haven’t been able to do for a client,” Susan says, pointing to the linear drain in the ensuite bath on the second floor of the addition, which allows the slate gray tile to seamlessly cover the bathroom and shower floor. Light wood accents, a freestanding tub, skylights, and high windows finish out the mostly white-washed, clean-lined space. Also upstairs, an expansive walk-in closet doubles as a rec room and storage locker. Jutting out over the ground-floor of the addition, the closet offers a genius way to hide the HVAC system.

In the original great room (above) and kitchen (right) the Yeleys embraced the warmer colors and midcentury modern vibe of the 1960s home.


IM HOME | 2018


In addition to more office space, the Yeleys added a master bath on the second floor as well. Susan combined modern elements like the bare bulb vanity lights (top) with warm accents like the photo collage displaying favorite memories (bottom).

Putting Up Walls The Yeleys added directly onto the back, left side of their home, creating an L-shaped floorplan. A few steps lead from the kitchen down into the family room, which used to be the extent of the space. Now, the family room leads into a vestibule where the Yeleys added a full bath. Just down 26

IM HOME | 2018

the hall from the bathroom, the room expands into brand-new living and working quarters. Light spills into Susan’s work space through a wall of westwardfacing windows comprised of varying sizes of rectangles. By installing windows on the south wall, too, a faux corner window was created for less. Putting up new walls meant Susan was able to create a “starkly modern”

space, something she will never be able to do in the original section of their 1960s-era home. “I love so many different styles but don’t have more than one home,” she says. “I needed to do something different but cohesive.” By matching the wall, ceiling, and trim in the same white hue, skipping the trim around the windows, and adding a simple baseboard, Susan contrasted the warmth of the rest of her home with a fresh look. A concrete floor, poured before the walls even went up, is marked by its exposure to the elements and construction crews. Lofted ceilings soar above the portion of the room where the design magic happens, and a small, cozier section of the room functions as both a family and work space. It features a small kitchenette, a yellow tweed couch Susan bought from a friend in her neighborhood, and a colorful Aztec-inspired rug she found on Ebay. The entire addition is full of pieces like this. Rather than filling the space with expensive artwork and furniture, Susan layered in meaningful mementos she’s acquired throughout her life. A dartboard hangs at a level Susan claims is too high for art, to which Brian argues, “It’s not art;” a framed, hand-written poem gifted to her by her youngest daughter on a day it was needed most completes a gallery wall; and textiles from the family’s trip to Guatemala are sprinkled throughout. In the studio portion, pairs of desks assembled from old closet doors and salvaged Ikea legs line two walls covered with idea boards tacked with sketches. Two rolling desks form a center island. Shelving, drawers, and more cork boards cover the back wall of the room.


Personal Touches Keeping in mind the needs of their family, Susan designed the space to be flexible. Clients enter the office space through a bold red exterior door located off the left side of the home, so they can drop in without trekking through the family’s living space. While the space primarily serves as her office, the frosted-glass door that connects old and new Yeley territory can be locked from the inside, allowing the space to double as an Airbnb or mother-in-law suite. The family frequently accesses the backyard through the new side door and uses the extra bathroom labeled “both” and outfitted with a look-at-me yellow-bordered door. The mostly soundproof room also plays host to many of Brian’s Sunday morning soccer viewing parties and their children’s

Much of the addition’s décor, like the tweed couch bought from a neighbor and the rug found on Ebay (above), isn’t brand new. Both the family and design staff utilize the new full bath (right).


IM HOME | 2018


The office desks (above) were made from salvaged closet doors and repurposed Ikea table legs. The new space features enough room for a communal work table and plenty of wall space for storage (right).

sleepovers. It’s a space designed to be lived in by real people, and people are exactly the reason Susan is in the design business. “People are the real inspiration to me,” she says. “I don’t know anything about you or what you bring to the situation, but that’s so fun to me.” For this job, Susan jokes that she made a fabulous client, while her husband, with his many opinions about their home, was more difficult. But it gives her joy to have created a space the entire family loves, and it’s one that will allow her to continue to be the Manager of All Things Kids and the creative director and owner of Susan Yeley Interiors for many more years to come. n


IM HOME | 2018

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FROM AIR PURIFICATION TO amped-up visual appeal, houseplants add a host of benefits to any environment. NASA research shows that houseplants actually cleanse indoor air by filtering out certain chemicals and increasing oxygen and humidity levels. On the therapeutic side, plant owners often derive a sense of personal satisfaction from tending their charges, as well as enjoying an increased sense of wellness just being in the presence of live greenery.

“Plants have a way of making those around them feel more calm, relaxed, and mindful,” says Scott Bardash, marketing director for Allisonville Nursery, Garden & Home. “Generally, when plants are around, people feel more stimulated and are all-around happier. In offices, plants can even serve as living walls that reduce noise and stress levels.” If you’ve been thinking about upping your home’s green factor, what are you waiting for? Let’s get growing. 32

IM HOME | 2018

by Amy Lynch

Browse pots, hanging planters, soil and fertilizer, and—of course— lots and lots of house plants at Allisonville Nursery, Garden & Home.


Get Ready The first decision to make when selecting plants for your home is to figure out where you’re going to put them. Pick your spot, and then take a quick survey of the microenvironment. “The single most important consideration is the light level. That’s the primary success factor in growing any plant,” says Toomie Farris, president and CEO of McNamara Florist. “Then, think about the amount of space you have available and what shape and style of plant you prefer.”

“The single most important consideration is the light level. That’s the primary success factor in growing any plant.” toomie farris, president and ceo of mcnamara florist

When staking out your spot, keep in mind that plants don’t take well to extreme temperature swings. Try to avoid positioning them near furnace or air-conditioning vents and exterior doors that open and close frequently. When it comes to determining how much light your plants will get, southern and western facing windows tend to receive bright direct light, and northern and eastern windows tend to receive indirect light. A plant sitting in a window shaded by large trees or on a table in the interior of a room will need to be one that thrives in low light and shady areas. 34

IM HOME | 2018

In addition to a large selection of prickly cacti (top), leafy growers, and happy succulents, Grounded Plant & Floral Co. also carries a variety of incense, perfume, and other sweetsmelling home goods (bottom).


Beginner gardeners might struggle with the fiddle-leaf fig tree (far left), which can be a bit picky, while snake plants (top) are nearly impossible to kill. The peace lily (bottom) is another hardy plant that will even bloom year-round in the right conditions.

Get Set Now it’s time to make a trip to the plant store and take a good, long look around to see what appeals to you the most. Philodendron, spathiphyllum (peace lily), dracaena, sansevieria (snake plant), chlorophytum (spider plant), aloe vera, and ferns are all hardy starters that tend to do well in moderate, indirect light. Ficus trees (particularly the fiddle leaf fig variety) are currently hot sellers, and herbs often perform nicely on kitchen windowsills, provided they get a lot of sun. “Succulents and cacti are also very popular right now,” adds Brett Cox, a plant specialist with Sullivan Hardware and Garden. “They do need a high level of light, but they come in a 36

IM HOME | 2018

“Whether it’s a f lowering plant, colorful foliage, or a palm tree that reminds you of a special vacation, the most important thing is that you love it.” scott bardash, marketing director for allisonville nursery, garden & home

lot of different varieties with attractive colors and foliage.” When shopping, Farris recommends examining each prospective purchase for vigorous growth, healthy color, and appropriately sized pots to

accommodate the roots. “Plants are sometimes acclimatized to move indoors by spending time in shade houses before they ship to plant stores,” he mentions. “They can be more costly, but are well worth it. Plants shipped straight from highlight fields to stores may be shocked going to lower-light home environments.” Professional staff members at nurseries and garden centers are well versed in their inventories, ready and willing to help customers zero in on the perfect addition to their new green space. “Whether it’s a flowering plant, colorful foliage, or a palm tree that reminds you of a special vacation, the most important thing is that you love it,” Bardash assures. “Don’t be scared to pick something because it requires a little more care or because you’ve killed a plant in the past. We can find something that will fit your needs.”


Grow! Once you get your new plant home, you’ll need to figure out how much water it needs to stay healthy. Water too much and the roots will rot, too little and your plants will wither. Make sure all plant pots have drainage holes in the bottom and drip trays underneath to catch any run-off. An easy way to judge whether it’s time to water or not is to stick your finger down two inches into the soil. If it feels dry, it’s probably a good idea to give your plants a drink. Alternately, pick up

smaller pots right after watering to test how heavy they are when fully hydrated, then compare a few days later to see how much they’ve lightened up. For gadget fans, an inexpensive moisture meter provides instant feedback on how dry the soil is, removing all guesswork about when to water. What you water with is just as important as how often. Bottled or filtered water that’s free of chemicals and added salt is usually better for your plants than tap or softened water. You may be eager to repot your new plant as soon as you get it home, but the experts recommend leaving your plant in the pot you bought it in to minimize stress until it acclimates to its new surroundings.

“Generally, plants don’t need to be repotted more often than every six to 12 months, and you should only move up a size that’s an inch bigger in diameter than the old pot,” Cox explains. “It’s like kids and shoes; when their toes started getting tight, then you know it’s time to move up to the next size.” If you plan to transfer your plants to an outdoor location for the summer, ease them into the transition by taking them out for a few hours of sunlight for a week or two and bringing them back inside at night. And don’t forget to change the soil at the end of the season when you bring plants back in to keep any nesting bugs outside where they belong. n

Sullivan Hardware and Garden supports a number of local growers, so you’re guaranteed to find healthy, thriving plants at their indoor garden center.


IM HOME | 2018



IM HOME | 2018

the highlight of this thoroughly modern home, inspired by cross-country travel and a love of nature, is everything surrounding it.

by lori d. roberts photography by the home aesthetic and haus | architecture for modern lifestyles

IM HOME | 2018



N AIRSTREAM TRAVEL TRAILER might not seem like an obvious inspiration for a new house. but one zionsville family used their roving habitat as a starting point for their dream home on 20 acres of land.

Pull up to the home, dubbed Copperwood by owners Kevin and Rachelle Swan, and the first thing you might notice is the sleek and shiny Airstream parked to the west of the modern, wood-covered dwelling. The similarities aren’t obvious on the exterior, save for the cool lines and rectangular shapes. But the interior’s open, flowing spaces, and copious natural light prove that a traveling caravan can, in fact, translate into a permanent home. The original Airstream is now a convenient extension of the home, serving as a spare bedroom for guests or a getaway vehicle for family trips. “We wanted the Airstream to be incorporated as sort of a bedroom, to feel like we are camping,” Kevin says. “It’s not a typical Indiana house.” The Swans worked with Christopher Short, owner of Haus, Architecture For Modern Lifestyles, to design and build the home. Derek Mills served as the project’s construction manager. The couple met Short when Kevin photographed Short’s wedding a decade ago. At the time, the Swans were living in a Zionsville neighborhood. It was nice enough, even though the neighborhood association liked to send letters whenever the Airstream was parked at the home.


IM HOME | 2018

The genius of this perfectly modern Zionsville home—designed by Christopher Short for homeowners Rachelle and Kevin Swan— was driven by the open-road-like freedom of a 20-acre lot and the spirit of wanderlust as embodied by the couple’s Airstream Travel Trailer, which doubles as a spare bedroom. Below, early sketches of the project.

IM HOME | 2018


Copper-colored glass tile that lines the pantry wall of the kitchen stands as a subtle homage to a home the owners call Cooperwood.

They started looking for land and found the 20-acre plot in rural Zionsville about six years ago. The couple thought they had found the perfect spot with an open field, wetlands, and mature trees. The finances weren’t there, though, and another buyer grabbed it. “I had still dreamed about this land,” Rachelle says. “I felt so much peace on it. And I thought, ‘That’s fine. I have to let it go.’ But there are few places where you drive up the first time and it feels like home. That’s how it felt.” Other forces were at work. The buyer happened to be a friend of a friend, and a few years later, decided to sell. Texts and emails ensued, a deal was made, and the Swans had the land. Before building, though, the Swans piled their kids into the Airstream and took a six-month trip around the country. They confirmed their love for the minimalist lifestyle and natural settings. They came home and set out to design a house that mimicked the lifestyle, but added a few creature comforts like doors and a full kitchen with room to spread out.


IM HOME | 2018

“There’s style and there’s functionality,” Rachelle says. “As a mom, my must-haves were to be highly efficient with cooking and laundry.” Enter Short. Short’s company did some work on the Swans’ previous home, but the company primarily did whole-house renovations, not new construction. The rapport and trust were there, though, and the Swans asked Short to help them build the home of their dreams. They played around with different ideas, reaching across the nation for the unique building materials necessary for the modern home. Wetlands and an old pipeline running across the property made the home’s location an obvious one, overlooking the trees and shielding the home from outside eyes. The modern work demanded perfection, and Short was committed to giving it. “In a modern house, everything has to be perfect,” Short says. “If something is not perfect, it shows, just because the detailing is more minimal, the trims are more minimal, and the interior is a little sparer. When things aren’t perfect, they show.”

A semicircular gravel drive curves in front of the home, an inauspicious welcome to an abode that is anything but. The single-story, rectangular structure is lined with ash wood that has been thermally treated and left to weather in the elements. Much of the indoor wood is the same, although its natural hues have remained intact while shielded from the outside light and temperature swings. Nearly everything about Copperwood is deliberate, designed to be beautiful and functional while energyefficient. The house faces the south, with an overhang to keep it cool in the summer. In the winter, the sun is low enough to shine through the glass doors with light and heat. A dug-out trench against the front of the home ensures that natural light will flow into the lower level. Look up and see a corrugated metal roof that covers the home’s main living area, mimicking the Airstream and allowing nature’s perfect soundscape during an Indiana rainstorm. The roof is supported by 32-foot treated wood beams that were shipped in from Texas. “A metal roof is very practical,” Short says. “We’ve

actually been doing quite a few metal roofs. The corrugated metal has structural integrity. We used it here because we wanted to see the underside.” Visitors enter the home by crossing a bridge made from composite decking material. Both sides of the living room are lined with large windows, giving the whole area an airy, open feel. The Swans—who own all the land they can see from their home—need not be concerned about privacy. Instead, they can enjoy the feel of living outdoors without constantly being exposed to the Indiana elements. Rachelle and Kevin designed much of the interior, bringing some of their own furnishings and ordering many materials online through Wayfair, Lowes, and local merchants like ICC Floors. Take, for instance, the cork floors that line much of the home. The couple intentionally eschewed carpeting for allergy reasons— even the two cats are hypoallergenic—and instead went with cork floors that provided warmth and durability. “We would order cork samples and test them by dropping things on them,” Kevin says. The interior is simple, based on a palette of gray, white, wood, and black steel. When color is incorporated, it comes in a shade of blue or—in the case of the partial wall dividing the kitchen work area from the living space—copper.

IM HOME | 2018


A common bathroom shared by the kids’ bedrooms features simple vanities that jut from the wall, while a judicious splash of blue echoes the big-sky views of the outdoors present throughout the home.

Partial walls are a common theme throughout the home, which features only a few doors. On the main level, the living room and kitchen area bask in the sunlight. (The cats don’t seem to mind the sunlight, either.) Double beams across the ceiling hide the canned lighting and emphasize the home’s natural feel, while a wood-burning stove adds physical and aesthetic warmth. A sink and range are part of an open cooking area, with sleek white KraftMaid cabinets and gray quartz countertops. There’s no fussy pendant lighting in this area. Instead, the couple chose a linear pendant by Stickbulb from Y Lighting to brighten the area. The partial wall separating the kitchen from the prep area and pantry is covered with coppery glass tile, an apt


IM HOME | 2018

highlight to a home named Copperwood. The home’s double oven sits behind the partial wall, and the whole area is lined with counters and shelving to keep kitchen prep and cleanup conveniently located out of sight. There is also space carved out for Rachelle’s desk and work area, which allows her to enjoy the view of the land and the couple’s beehives while she’s working. Kevin’s office has been set up in an open room along the other side of the front room area, with an eclectic equilibrium bookcase and a cool blue accent wall adding color and visual interest. The bedrooms extend beyond the living room, one of the few areas in the home that have physical doors. Even so, the master suite features an open hallway leading to the room, which boasts a large picture window looking out over the land and sliding double doors that open to the home’s back porch. The master bed sits against a wood-lined partial wall separating the bedroom from the master bath suite. Blue makes another appearance in the master bath, where a simple white vanity juts out from the wall and a deep tub sits in front of the window. There’s a quiet calmness to the whole area, and the cabinets cooperate. “All of the cabinets and drawers are soft close,” Kevin says. “Sometimes when I am away from home, I forget, and I wind up slamming everything.” The kids’ bedrooms are equally simple, although each child enjoys a door for privacy. They share a bathroom and a large walk-in closet. Both the parents’ and the children’s walk-in closets have their own washer and dryer, making life a lot easier for a busy mom. “I take it from the dryer to the hanger,” Rachelle says.

The master bedroom, above, and bathroom, below, provide picturewindow views and a sense of solitude.

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Copperwood’s basement has been designed for durability and fun, and feature a guest space for visiting friends or the couple’s adult children. Soft cork floors line the basement, where Rachelle has carved out a homeschool and learning area for the kids. A warm brown sectional sofa is set up in front of a television for comfortable family movie nights. The dugout lets natural light stream through the windows. The area has been dug out in 30-inch increments, a stair-step pattern that allows the family to enjoy the open space without adding railings for safety. Future plans call for adding boulders to the space, which won’t be difficult, because the property is full of them. Kevin plays competitive table tennis, so it’s not surprising that he dedicated another basement room to his avocation. An automatic

Soft cork floors in the lower living level are forgiving and kid-friendly.


IM HOME | 2018

Wood grain panels, emulating a forest, line the wall of the stairwell leading down to the lower level.

table is set up for practice in the middle of the floor, which is conveniently lined with competition-level flooring to make it easier on the player’s knees and adding a pop of vibrant red to the room. Just off the table-tennis room sits a workout room, outfitted with fitness equipment and a Murphy-style bed for guests. Remember the Airstream? It’s still part of the home, parked on the west side under the metal roof’s overhang. The traveling caravan is loaded and ready for a weekend trip or even to serve as a spare bedroom when family is in town. It’s also a reminder of how a home named Copperwood came to be. What’s in the future? Kevin and Rachelle dream of inviting other Airstream owners to come and enjoy a retreat on the space. Maybe they’ll use the secluded acreage for church retreats or workshops. One thing is certain: There won’t be many homes like Copperwood in the neighborhood. “It’s definitely not a typical Indiana house,” Kevin says. n

The basement was built for fun and homeowner Kevin’s passion for competitive table tennis.

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with the help of pro care horticultural services, this couple brought a colorado feel to their carmel landscape.

welcome to


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by Julie Young photography by Tony Valainis

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w 52

“My wife said, ‘This isn’t what you want in a backyard,’” Zelibor recalls. “I told her not to worry. We could make it into what we want.” That is exactly what they did, creating a cozy, comfortable Colorado-inspired paradise that features living, dining, and recreational areas for an intimate evening at home or a gathering of family and friends. “It’s compact, but it’s got a lot going on,” Zelibor says. “We’re out here all the time.”



toured their Carmel home eight years ago, they knew it was the perfect place to put down roots. They loved the location. They loved the neighborhood. They loved the corner lot, and they loved the square footage. In fact, the only thing they were less than enthusiastic about was the backyard, which was small and lacked ambiance.

When it came to creating an overall vision for the backyard, Zelibor knew he wanted a fireplace, water feature, and pergola, but despite having a background in landscaping, he didn’t quite know how to bring the elements together in the space. He contacted a number of firms and had plans drawn, but nothing stood out until he contacted Lowell Rolsky of Pro Care Horticultural Services. “I contacted Lowell about doing some work on the patio, and when I showed him some of the designs I had, he asked if he could draw something up for me,” Zelibor

IM HOME | 2018

A custom fireplace (opposite page) is the focal point of the entertainment enclave. The glass firepit table (top) is certainly a conversation starter.

says. “It turned out to be the beginning of a beautiful friendship.” The design would evolve and change over five years, but with Rolsky by the couple’s side with innovative ideas and solutions, the backyard gradually transformed into the outdoor area of their dreams. Zelibor said Rolsky never shied away from trying something new, even if he’d never done it before. “He’d figure out a way. His ingenuity was unlike anything I’d ever experienced before. Lowell would always tell me we are only limited by two things: my money and his imagination, and his imagination never runs out,” Zelibor says.

° LAYING THE FOUNDATION ° Construction began with the relocation of several large pine trees on the property and pouring the footer for the fireplace and water feature. The following spring, the stonework on both elements was completed using a combination of sandstone, cultured limestone, and a mixture of granite and mica trucked in from Idaho. The pergola was installed next and the result is a stunning outdoor

IM HOME | 2018


Reminiscent of the Rocky Mountains, this waterfall and the surrounding greenery transports homeowners Bill and Kim Zelibor and their guests to a different time zone.


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Lowell Rolsky of Pro Care Horticultural Services helped the Zelibors find these stunning gates, the perfect entrance to their backyard.

living space that boasts a closeable roof and can be enjoyed all year-round. Zelibor says the Idaho stone was a challenge because they were looking for something that would accent the sandstone and offer additional color variation on the fireplace and pergola columns. It was heavy, durable, and next-to-impossible to cut, so it required extra time to find the pieces they wanted to remain visible and make sure they fit into the available space. “It was like putting together a puzzle,” Zelibor says. “We would go through the pallets of stone to find the ones we wanted and would put them in a pile by the fireplace. The next day, the crew would come out and say, ‘Uh-oh, they’re at it again!’” Because they live on a corner lot with deep setbacks, the Zelibors were keen to add a bit of privacy to their outdoor space and asked Rolsky to create a gate adjacent to the driveway so guests could access the backyard without going through the house first. Rolsky had some gates from a recent flower and patio show that provided the perfect portal to the swirled, stamped concrete patio, outdoor kitchen, and gathering spaces outfitted with furniture from Wicker Works of Brownsburg. “That was another Pro Care connection,” Zelibor


IM HOME | 2018

says. “Lowell told us about them and we went out to their showroom in order to find the perfect pieces for our yard. We were very impressed with what they had to offer.”

° FINISHING TOUCHES ° With the outdoor living room, dining room, and kitchen areas completed, the only space left to consider was a small portion of terrain and a forgotten corner on the northwest corner of the yard. After sodding the space five times and watching the grass die off due to too little light and too much water, Zelibor opted for artificial turf complete with a four-hole putting green from Progreens & Turf in Bluffton. “The turf is great and solves a lot of maintenance issues, but I have to admit, I hate seeing anything on it so I am constantly blowing off any leaves and debris that end up on it,” he said. In the lost corner, they decided on an additional structure complete with a swing and an additional fire feature.

A tranquil sanctuary (top) is tucked away in a once-forgotten corner of the yard. Surrounded by lush treescapes, it’s the perfect place to take a dip in the hot tub (bottom).

“Lowell was jealous that I thought of the fire pit and he didn’t,” Zelibor says. “We really just wanted to add a bit of character to the back corner so that people would be drawn to it. The last thing we added was the hot tub. We didn’t want to go with gunite and we didn’t want to sink it into the ground, but we still wanted it to look built in.” It is a backyard that is further transformed with landscape lighting and plenty of holiday décor at various times of the year. According to Zelibor, it is the place where he and his wife greet local trick-or-treaters at Halloween and it is also fully decked out at Christmas. Rolsky says he is really proud of the space he helped create and that the Zelibors were a joy to work with. “Bill’s background in landscaping made our discussions easier, because he could look at the plans and envision what it might look like off the paper. Not everyone can do that,” he says. It was a collaboration that resulted in a comfortable and cozy space that the Zelibors enjoy whether alone or surrounded by family and friends watching sports on the weekends. “Lowell did a great job of coming up with the best idea for every need,” Zelibor says. “We are thrilled with the result.” n

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Timeless Beauty

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his dream home would be located in a small town like Lebanon. But after the Washington, D.C.–area native came to central Indiana for a medical residency at St. Vincent, his family decided to settle down. The Hornbeckers initially resided in Zionsville, but when Michael took a job as a primary care doctor at Witham Health Services, it made sense to put down roots nearby.


IM HOME | 2018

“I had always wanted to build a home,” says Michael in the kitchen of his immaculate, airy two-story house on a corner lot in a development just 2 miles from downtown Lebanon. “The nice thing about Lebanon is that it’s growing,” he says. “It’s such a nice place to be, and you can get downtown in 30 or so minutes.” Michael’s wife—who is originally from Toronto— spends about 30 percent of her time traveling for her job at Eli Lilly and Company. When she is away, he shuttles their kids to sports and music classes and takes care of the family’s two friendly dogs, a bichon frisée–poodle mix named Oreo and a coton de tulear–poodle mix named Louie. The active family needed a space that not only accommodated their schedule and lifestyle but also evoked a timeless vibe they could continue to appreciate over time.

The center island in the kitchen (opposite page) incorporates easy-to-clean Cambria quartz countertops. Oak hardwood floors flow into the connected dining room (left) with its subdued palette and stunning coffered ceiling. A cluster of glass-ball pendants illuminates the first-floor powder room (above).

THE PROJECT “I spent so much time planning every aspect of our home,” Michael says. “Now when I walk into it after a long day at work, I feel relaxed.” The Hornbeckers selected Thrine Construction as the builder to create a custom home based on a floor plan Michael had already found online. Part of Thrine’s appeal was the fact that the company does only a few projects each year. “You’ve got to find someone who is going to take their time with you,” Michael says. “I also highly recommend working with someone who works closely with a designer.” Through Thrine, the Hornbeckers connected with Michele Koken, owner of Noblesville-based MB Designs. She started working with the family at the framing stage

of the construction. Michael, who has a passion for interiors, took the lead on choosing elements to make their new custom house into a home. “We didn’t want a cookie-cutter house,” Michael says. “We also didn’t want a humongous space, just a space that was for us.” Things that were important to the Hornbeckers at the outset of the design process included an open plan, a first-floor master suite, an open basement, and play space for their two children. “They wanted a classic, transitional style for their home,” Koken says. “They also wanted it to look great and really jive with their needs as a family.” This included a large kitchen island with comfortable upholstered stools for perching and easy-to-clean Cambria quartz countertops, as well as durable fabrics

IM HOME | 2018


A piano incorporated into the décor in the study illustrates the home’s tasteful and timeless melding of function and beauty.

and furniture and oak hardwood floors throughout the house. The connected kitchen, dining room, and living area use a soothing palette of soft whites and grays. “A few things may be trendy and unique, but I want it to be timeless,” Koken says. “At five to 10 years, we can still look at pictures of the home and think it’s beautiful.” Enduring elements included the white custom kitchen cabinets, coffered ceilings in the living area, and classic trim details throughout the home. Michael counts the trim and wainscotting as one of his favorite elements of the design. Some of the lighting and accessories add trendy highlights, which can be easily updated as tastes evolve. Koken also points to the herringbone-pattern tile detailing and wall-mounted faucet in the first-floor powder room. 62

IM HOME | 2018

E Y E - C AT C H I N G ACCENTS Did the family have to make any compromises during the construction and decorating of the home? Michael says no, but adds that he quickly realized he needed to be more realistic about some of his plans. “Our budget for lighting was way too low,” he says. Indeed, some of the home’s most arresting attributes—and among Michael’s favorites—are the unique lighting fixtures around the home, many of which were sourced from a company called Arteriors. The lighting made some au courant contributions to the classic design, as well. One of the most notable pieces is a 40-inch chandelier made of replica sea glass suspended above the circular dining room table. “The cost of that light equaled our initial lighting budget,” Michael says. “It took an army of people to put it up there.” Because the chandelier is a statement piece, other fixtures and features in the dining area and adjacent kitchen were chosen to serve as a subtle complement without competing for attention. “Not every area is going to be a focal point or it’s going to be visually confusing,” Koken says. “It’s about achieving a balance.” Other eye-catching fixtures include an ethereal and almost sci-fi-looking cluster light in the powder room and a bronze spider lamp with a note of steampunk that hangs in the study where the Hornbeckers’ daughter also practices piano. Koken ordered the one-of-a-kind fixture and had a local contractor modify the flush mount with a chain so the fixture could work with the study’s high ceilings, another nearly ubiquitous feature in the home. A focal point of the living room is a nod to the Hoosier state—a rustic wood fireplace mantel salvaged from a 110-year-old barn in Logansport and a hearth made of Indiana limestone. “I wanted something to have a historical feel,” Michael says. He also wanted a couch that could accommodate his 6-and-half-foot frame and elegant furniture that’s durable

enough to weather the challenges of a busy household with kids and dogs. Large pieces scale with the home’s high ceilings but still maintain the bright, spacious vibe. Other details include custom hand-sewn drapes and artwork sourced from Arteriors and Z Gallerie. “It’s a very calming atmosphere and it has those special features,” Koken says. “You walk in and it’s just a beautiful space.” Another special feature is the double front door. Because the front of the home faces south, Michael’s original plan to commission a solid-wood door would have likely resulted in warping over time. He found a solution from a Georgia company that was able to build a custom door out of composite decking. The material has the look of wood and the durability needed to withstand the sun-saturated front of the home. Completing the first floor is the master suite, which includes a bedroom, bathroom, and closet that doubles as a dressing room. The Hornbeckers plan to remain in their home after their kids leave for college, so having a master suite on the first floor makes sense for the long term.

The master suite opens to a luxurious bathroom (above) with heated floors, a double shower, and a custom vanity.

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A firepit, grill, and plenty of outdoor seating will make it difficult to pry the kids away from the pool in the summer.


IM HOME | 2018

IM HOME | 2018


A cozy dormer space comes to life as the children’s shared recreation area and homework station.

Luxuries in the master bathroom include heated floors and a heated towel rack, along with a vanity for Michael’s wife, including a custom drawer with holders for her blowdryer and hair irons. A spacious walk-in shower features double shower heads.

FA M I LY S PA C E S For now, the upstairs is the domain of the Hornbeckers’ children, each of whom has his or her own room connected by a Jack and Jill bathroom. Their 12-yearold daughter’s bedroom features a pink and lime-green theme, with a cozy reading nook and elements showcasing her love of music and theater. She wanted to include white boards to express her creativity, so Koken found


IM HOME | 2018

embellished green frames to dress up the office-space staple and blend three panels seamlessly into the decor. On the flip side, the couple’s 10-year-old son—a threesport athlete—wanted to highlight his love of Indiana teams in his room. A gray and blue palette offers a muted contrast to his sister’s bright scheme. In order to create a transition between the two spaces, Koken cleverly blended the children’s color choices in the shared shower room. A bold black-and-white-patterned tile floor spans both sides, and the separate vanity areas can each be closed off by a door. In addition to the children’s bedrooms, the upstairs includes a shared recreation area that the family decided to add later in the project-planning process. The upstairs hallway leading to the space takes a jog around the roof line and opens into a cozy retreat with a sectional couch,

television, and even a shared desk along the far wall that can be used as homework space. A large closet houses the children’s toys. “Their family is very tidy. Every time I visit, everything always looks perfect,” Koken says. “We understand that and had storage solutions for the family throughout the house.” In addition to copious storage, the family also had a whole-house vacuum system installed. Small plastic covers that appear to be outlets throughout the house actually conceal retractable hoses that can be connected to vacuum attachments and used for convenient cleanup. Under each of the home’s sinks is also a Dustbuster-like appliance that can be used for spot tidying. The Hornbeckers built their dream home in 2015, but the improvements have been ongoing. Just last summer, contractors put the finishing touches on the outdoor living area, adding a pool and hardscaping for the family to enjoy in the warmer months. Metzger Brothers Construction dug the pool, while BPI Outdoor Living did the hardscaping. A pergola covering a dining area and built-in barbecue set the stage for backyard entertaining or family cookouts. A fire pit with brick seating and outdoor lighting make a cozy setting after dark. Trees, bushes, and grasses installed by landscapers will grow and enhance the privacy of the exterior living space over the years.

LESSONS LEARNED Future plans to complete the Hornbeckers’ already stunning space include finishing the basement that runs the entire footprint of the house. That project will create another area where relatives can stay while visiting from out of town by adding a bedroom and a wet bar. As for lessons learned, both Michael and Koken recommend working with a designer early in the process of custom building and designing a home. “Space planning is a huge part of what I do,” Koken says. “I like being involved from the beginning, even if it’s a custom floor plan. You’re there every step of the way.” Be willing to adjust your budget and expectations. Finding looks, colors, and fixtures you like onsites like Houzz or Pinterest can help your interior designer understand your style and source items for your home. Michael scoured Houzz and shared his ideas with Koken, but also gave her freedom to contribute her creativity and expertise to the process. “They truly trusted me and we vibed well together,” Koken says. “It’s rewarding to see how much they love their home. They’re kind of like dream clients.” It makes sense that the dream client wound up in their dream home. “Our home is open and elegant but very comfortable,” Michael says. “It truly feels like we live at a resort.” n

Hints of the vibrant color scheme in the girl’s bedroom (left) are picked up in the connected Jack-and-Jill bathroom (right).

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Indiana Lighting Center has served Indiana since 1973. In that time we have grown to be a market leader in the Indiana lighting field. With three locations in the greater Indianapolis area, we have the largest number of lighting fixtures on display. Still in our original location, our goal has been to create a lighting store like no other, to build a business that our customers would benefit and our staff would be proud to work for.

Indianapolis 3790 Lafayette Rd. Indianapolis, IN 46222 317-293-9333

Castleton 8060 N. Shadeland Ave. Indianapolis, IN 46250 317-915-7000

Greenwood 645 US 31 N. Greenwood, IN 46142 317-888-5025





All Ears Whether you want to bring a traditional design idea to life or something bold like this Mickey Mouse–themed room created by Ethan Allen, we’ve got the design professional for you. Browse hundreds of resources for everything from design and installation to finishing touches and décor.

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Helping Hands

HEARTH & STONE BUILDERS 317-714-0722 hearthandstone

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Finishing Touches available for the pros to install, but you can also find help if you’re a dedicated do-it-yourselfer. Services include sanding and finishing, as well as screening and recoating.

Appliances BEST BUY Looking for a stainless-steel warming drawer or a high-efficiency washer and dryer? Amid its aisles of smartphones and video games, Best Buy has homeowners covered with new appliances for kitchens, laundry rooms, or any other space.

Multiple Central Indiana locations, 888-237-8289, FRY’S ELECTRONICS Upgrade your kitchen or laundry room with the latest appliances. Whirlpool, Samsung, GE, LG, and more are here in this mega-store.

9820 Kincaid Dr., Fishers, 317-594-3101, SEARS APPLIANCE & HARDWARE STORE Sears’s extensive inventory has myriad top brands from which to choose. Check out its Energy Star–qualified items that guarantee less energy and water usage than standard appliances.

6020 E. 82nd St., 317-579-2700,

Flooring ADAM’S FLOORING The staff at Adam’s can help homeowners sift through a host of options for carpeting, hardwood and laminate flooring, plus vinyl options. Area rugs complete the look.

1063 S. Rangeline Rd., Carmel, 317-575-9967, ALBERT GRIFFITH & SONS This showroom is a go-to for those looking for quality unfinished, prefinished, and engineered hardwood floors. Numerous brands are


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10080 E. 121st St., Fishers, 317-841-9365, AMERICA’S FLOOR SOURCE All of the usual suspects are here, including tons of brands and styles of carpeting, hardwood and laminate flooring, and ceramic and stone tiles. You’ll also see more unique options, like rubber (perfect for those areas that need durability), cork, and bamboo.

9228 E. 33rd St., 317-356-3181, BLAKLEY’S FLOORING With well over a century of experience, Blakley’s offers many different ways to obtain the ideal flooring for your home. Products include carpet, hardwood, laminate, vinyl, cork, bamboo, and tile flooring. Stair runners and area rugs are available as well.

8765 Hague Rd., 317-576-8200; 2184 E. 116th St., Carmel, 317575-0440; BREWER CUSTOM FLOORS AND MORE Its spacious showroom features flooring for all tastes: carpet, vinyl, hardwood, laminate, ceramic, marble, cork, bamboo, and stone. Versatile rock carpet can be used indoors and out, and epoxy floors and concrete stamping are also offered.

166 Vista Pkwy., Avon, 317-272-4010, BROTHERS FLOOR COVERING Serving Central Indiana for more than 60 years, the Brothers staff is well-trained to help you choose the best option for your floors, be it hardwood, carpeting, ceramic tile, laminate, or vinyl.

5352 N. Tacoma Ave., 317-2510350, BROWN’S FLOORING Owner Bob Workman specially selects the best flooring options to present in his showroom, with brands such as Armstrong, Beau Flor, Mohawk, Shaw Floors, Bruce, and Kraus. Samples are available to take

home before you make the final call. 8517 Westfield Blvd., 317-253-1942, BURTON’S FLOORING CENTER Burton’s has helped Johnson County homeowners with their flooring needs for over 25 years. Product offerings include a range of carpeting, hardwood, tile, laminate, bamboo, cork, and area rugs. Check out its radiant heating options to avoid cold floors.

565 Banta St., Franklin, 317-7380001, CARPET COUNTRY Carpet may be in its name, but this Greenwood business also sells solid and engineered hardwood, tile, laminate wood, and vinyl.

280 S. State Rd. 135, Greenwood, 317-888-3501, CARPET ONE FLOOR & HOME Three area locations make it easy for Central Indiana homeowners to replace their carpet and other flooring. Exclusive brands include Lees, Tigressa, Invincible hardwood and luxury vinyl tile, Bigelow, Laminate for Life, and Resista.

6851 E. U.S. 36, Avon, 317-927-8136; 11230 Allisonville Rd., Fishers, 317-849-0606; 894 N. State Rd. 135, Greenwood, 317-888-0174; CLAGHORN CUSTOM FLOORING KITCHEN & BATH Claghorn has served the Zionsville area for nearly three decades, offering a variety of products for any need and budget—hardwood, luxury vinyl, custom tile, and carpeting. The store also offers full kitchen and bath remodeling services.

100 N. 1st St., Zionsville, 317-8736202, CLAY’S FLOORING & INTERIORS Start from the floor and work your way up with Clay’s inventory which includes quality brands of carpet, stone, hardwood, and tile. Then look through its selection of window treatments, wallpaper, and even custom furniture to bring the whole room together.

16525 Southpark Dr., Westfield, 317-804-2263,

CUSTOM FLOORS Custom Floors’ impressive showroom gathers countless options for your home, including carpet, hardwood, tile, and stone from major manufacturers. Cold feet? Consider installing radiant heating underneath. Find ideas for your countertops and backsplashes, too, with a large selection of stone slabs.

11777 Exit 5 Pkwy., Fishers, 317-844-7740, DREXEL INTERIORS Set aside plenty of time to browse Drexel’s choices of carpeting, hardwoods, laminate, tile, and stone, as well as cabinets, backsplashes, and countertops.

3217 N. Shadeland Ave., 317-545-2174, EF MARBURGER FINE FLOORING For more than 100 years, this showroom has provided clients with top manufacturers and brands of carpet, area rugs, hardwood, bamboo, cork, laminate, natural stone, and tile in porcelain, glass, and ceramic. Finish off the look of your room with custom cabinetry, a new shower enclosure, window treatments, or drawer hardware.

9999 Allisonville Rd., Fishers, 317-841-7250, FLOORING EXPRESSIONS Choose from a selection of vinyl, laminate, tile, carpet, hardwood, or area rugs. Employees can measure the space in your home, install your chosen flooring, and even assist with interior-design consultation. The showroom is by appointment only.

4529 E. Edgewood Ave., 317-9790620, FLOORTECH Southsiders visit Floortech for its large selection of carpet, laminate, stone, tile, and hardwood flooring. Browse its website to see the variety of brands available.

3115 Meridian Park Dr., Greenwood, 317-887-6825, FULL CIRCLE HARDWOOD FLOORS Whether you want to replace or restore your current hardwood floors, Full Circle offers new flooring installation, sanding and refinishing, and hardwood maintenance to keep your surfaces looking new.

8506 Evergreen Ave., 317-596-1777, HENRY’S FLOORING A family business, Henry’s stocks major brands of hardwood and laminate flooring, carpeting, and vinyl. Check out its ceramic tiles to redo your backsplash, shower, tub, or floor.

1302 W. Main St., Greenfield, 317-467-1620,



ICC FLOORS An extensive selection of flooring, such as hardwood, cork, carpet, tile, and luxury vinyl, shares space at these Central Indiana showrooms with other home accents, such as Benjamin Moore paint, Cambria countertops, and area rugs.

MIDWEST FLOORING Midwest will cover all your flooring needs with a selection of carpet, hardwood, tile, laminate, and vinyl.

7226 E. 87th St., 317-813-0931; 3245 E. State Rd. 32, Westfield, 317-667-0650;

RITE RUG Providing flooring since 1934, Rite Rug unites fashion with function in various options of hardwood, laminate, carpeting, and all manner of tiles.

JACK LAURIE HOME FLOOR DESIGNS For nearly 70 years, Jack Laurie has provided quality flooring products and services. Its bright and spacious showroom in the Indiana Design Center displays ceramic and stone tile, hardwood flooring, synthetic and wool carpeting, and vinyl from leading brands.

Indiana Design Center, 200 S. Rangeline Rd., Carmel, 317-5501594, JUST FLOORS This family-owned store will help you find what you need in carpeting, hardwood, laminate, vinyl, tile, and stone. As an authorized Mohawk Color Center, it specializes in the brand.

3126 E. State Rd. 32, Westfield, 317896-9900, KERMANS FLOORING Staff design consultants can help shoppers wade through the many brands and styles of carpeting; cork, resilient vinyl, and hardwood floors; and tiles made from ceramic, glass, porcelain, stone, and even metal. Kermans also carries top brands of area rugs, and can design, produce, and clean rugs as well.

4505 E. 82nd St., 317-842-5700, KINSEY’S FLOOR COVERING With three decades in the flooring industry, Kinsey’s provides shoppers with many top brands of hardwood and laminate floors, ceramic tiles, carpeting, and vinyl.

16222 Allisonville Rd., Noblesville, 317-960-4825, MAINSTYLE FLOORING Two Central Indiana locations show an array of brands for carpeting, hardwood, laminate, tile, and area rugs.

5505 S. Meridian St., 317-782-1213; 1601 E. Main St., Plainfield, 317839-2986; MCCOOL’S FLOORING OUTLET McCool’s presents a wide selection of flooring for anywhere in your home, whether you’re looking for new carpet, hardwood or laminate floors, or porcelain or ceramic tiles.

598 W. Carmel Dr., Carmel, 317843-2655; 8105 Kingston St., Avon, 317-272-9435;


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1950 E. Conner St., Noblesville, 317-774-8028, midwestfloor

6851 Hillsdale Ct., 317-842-1145, TISH FLOORING What better way to choose your new flooring than to have samples of hardwood, carpeting, tile, or vinyl brought right to you? Select your favorites, and a consultant at Tish Flooring will bring them to you for a free in-home estimate.

4625 W. 86th St., 317-879-8474,

swinging, bifold, steam-tight, framed, and semi-framed. New door handles are available, too, as are custom-made mirrors in any shape or size. 7936 E. 46th St., 317-545-6767, GRT GLASS DESIGN GRT has created architectural-glass designs for restaurants, hotels, hospitals, and public spaces around Indianapolis and beyond, and they can design and install custom doors, water features, shower doors, and much more for your home, too. The company specializes in blown, etched, fused, and slumped glass.

6400 Brookville Rd., 317-353-6369, KELLY GLASS & MIRROR Custom shower doors, mirrors, storefront glass, custom tabletops—Kelly pretty much does it all. Its repertoire also includes window repair, glass shelves, handrails, and even glass boards on which you can write and then simply wipe off.


Glass & Mirrors CARMEL GLASS & MIRROR With 9,000 square feet, this showroom offers just about every product and service related to glass and mirrors. Window-glass replacement, custom-cut mirrors, custom mirror framing, and interior and furniture glass are just some of its services.

500 E. 106th St., 317-846-4864, COOK’S GLASS & MIRROR Upgrade the look of your bathroom with a custom shower door or enclosure featuring patterned, etched, or vented glass. Cook’s also provides custom mirrors and tabletops, heat-strength glass for fireplaces and wood-burning stoves, screen repair, and privacy and safety glass.

MIRROR & GLASS CONCEPTS Bring your glass or mirror idea, and Mirror & Glass Concepts can make it a reality. Not sure what you want? The staff can help create the ideal design to meet your needs. Custom mirror framing, safety glass, decorative mirrors, glass etching and tinting, and mirrored walls and doors are also among its products and services.

950 3rd Ave. SW, Carmel, 317-8431204, NORTHSIDE GLASS No matter your glass or mirror challenge, Northside Glass can handle it. The shop provides glass shower installation, beveled and framed mirrors, repair, glass shelves and tabletops, and even custom glass picture frames.

7206 N. Keystone Ave., 317-251-8244,

5703 W. Morris St., 317-241-9344 DESIGNER GLASS SOLUTIONS Reduce heat and glare, increase privacy, and soften or diffuse natural light with a creation by Designer Glass Solutions, which installs custom glass decorative windows. They’ll also restore your antique windows or create brand-new custom windows that preserve the character of old ones.

317-223-7569, DR. SHOWER DOOR AND MIRRORS Give your bathroom a muchneeded upgrade with one of Dr. Shower’s customized shower doors. The possibilities are many: sliding,

Home Technology Systems

CUSTOM AUDIO DESIGNS Custom Audio Designs can help you binge-watch your favorite TV show or enjoy a movie in ultimate comfort and style by creating a personal theater. More into music? Its services take your jams to every corner of your home. To keep everything safe and clean, it also installs security and vacuum systems.

317-271-7940, DIGITAL SIGHT & SOUND Turn your TV room into an entertainment center for the whole family. Digital Sight & Sound can help homeowners sort through their many options of TVs, receivers, and speakers, so they can get the best picture and sound. It also offers security systems, custom lighting, and home-networking services.

1044 Summit Dr., Carmel, 317-848-0101, DIGITECH CUSTOM AUDIO AND VIDEO Controlling your home with the touch of a button is just one of many services the pros at Digitech can provide. Turn to them for design and installation of dedicated home theaters; media rooms; and home-automation, security, and multi-room audio systems.

612 Station Dr., Carmel, 317-580-1922, EXCEPTIONAL HOME TECHNOLOGIES Reinvent the theater experience right in your own home. This company can create the perfect setting for your family movie nights, with the best seating, easy-to-use controls, optimal audio and video, and sound that doesn’t leave the room. Other services include home automation and lighting control.

1630 S. Green St., Brownsburg, 317-520-3268, GALAXY HOME THEATER Chris Johnson turned his passion for electronics, movies, and music into a business when he opened Galaxy Home Theater. It provides in-home consultations to design the ideal home theater, wholehome audio system, and systems specifically for the outdoors.

2650 Fairview Pl., Greenwood, 317885-9500,

AV DESIGNERS Build the home theater or media room of your dreams, play music throughout your home, or dim the lights with a touch of a button with AV Designers. The company has installed systems at various local restaurants, sports bars, and corporate offices.

MILLENNIUM SOUNDS Take your home entertainment to another level with a golf simulator and state-of-the-art home theater. Turn your iPhone into a home control with audio, video, lighting, and security all in one place, and check out lights that double as speakers, automated blinds, and home-networking services.

8742 Robbins Rd., 317-876-3753,

3949 E. 82nd St., 317-845-9484,



NELSON ALARM Security is the name of the game at Nelson Alarm, which has been providing services like fire and motion alarms, video surveillance, and other security measures sice 1991. They also offer automation services so you can control those things straight from your phone. Knowledgable salespeople, friendly office staff, and 24-hour service are available to help you find the best equipment for your specific home needs.

2602 E. 55th St., 317-255-2125, ONE-TOUCH AUTOMATION With so much technology in our lives, it’s good when we can simplify things. One-Touch can help control all of your home systems— security, lighting, audio/video, and temperature—in one device, even if you’re not at home. Consultations are by appointment only.

Indiana Design Center, 200 S. Rangeline Rd., Carmel, 317-8961393, OVATION AUDIO VIDEO Ovation’s showroom features dedicated listening rooms to help you choose the best products and systems. Their goal is for customers to be totally satisfied with their audio/video, home-integration, theater, and security systems.

6609 E. 82nd St., 317-682-8466, THE PREMIER GROUP This showroom is a go-to stop for tech-savvy homeowners. Here, you can gather information on home theaters, audio and security systems, and lighting controls.

Indiana Design Center, 200 S. Rangeline Rd., Carmel, 317-5801032, TECHNOLOGY INTERIORS Create your dream home theater with Technology Interiors, which builds customized designs to fit your needs. They give the same attention to audio, security, lighting, network, and automation services for your home.

8977 E. 116th St., Fishers, 317-2841084, TRIPHASE TECHNOLOGIES TRIPhase knows how to make your game-watching experience unforgettable with its home theaters, lighting control, and audio and security systems. Its work can be seen (and heard) at the Indianapolis Colts practice facility and in the homes of several Colts players.

1041 W. Main St., Carmel, 317-845-0236,

Kitchens, Baths, Cabinets & Closets

317-842-1550, ACO Whether it’s your kitchen or bathroom that needs a makeover, ACo can help. Its experienced staff can design and install new cabinets, countertops, and flooring, or reface your current cabinetry for a fresh look.

CABINETRY IDEAS Bring your plans for your kitchen, bathroom, entertainment room, laundry room, or home bar to fruition with Cabinetry Ideas’s lines of custom and semi-custom cabinetry. Its experienced install team will turn those plans into reality.

1000 3rd Ave. SW, Carmel, 317-575-9540,

6113 Allisonville Rd., 317-722-1300,

ADAM GIBSON DESIGN Adam Gibson brings his experience as a general contractor into designing luxurious kitchens, bathrooms, and other areas with practicality and creativity in mind. You’re likely to see clean lines, an appreciation for natural light, and an efficient use of space.

CALIFORNIA CLOSETS If you’re tired of wasting time in the morning looking for your favorite sweater, California Closets can draw up a perfectly arranged closet system that puts everything in its place. Consultants also help organize garages, entryways, playrooms, laundry rooms, and home offices.

317-345-1311, ADS CABINETS Find a wide range of custom, semicustom, and stock cabinet options for your whole home, no matter your style. Finish off your space with one of its granite, quartz, and solid-surface countertops and decorative hardware.

221 E. Main St., Westfield, 317-867-0483, BARBER CABINET For more than 50 years, family-run Barber has been dedicated to crafting quality cabinets for Central Indiana kitchens. Its products are constructed, painted, and finished on site, and its showroom lets homeowners see their myriad options.

2957 S. Collier St., 317-247-4747, BEEHLER KITCHENS & BATH Cabinets for your kitchen, bathroom, or other spaces are designed and installed by Christine Beehler and her team. The pieces are built to order in Southern Indiana, ensuring quality without a giant price tag.

745 W. Hawthorne St., Zionsville, 317-716-1851, BLUE RIDGE DESIGN With more than 25 years of experience, Sandi Perlman designs and remodels kitchens, bathrooms, and other areas of your home. She’s also a licensed general contractor.

6031 N. Michigan Rd., 317-2811184, CABINETRY GREEN Cabinetry Green focuses on bringing you quality, durable, and


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eco-friendly cabinets for kitchens, bathrooms, libraries, and home offices. Items are custom-designed to meet your needs, whether it’s to store your extensive book collection, crafts, or audio/video equipment.

1 S. Rangeline Rd., Carmel, 317406-6264, CARMEL KITCHEN SPECIALISTS Several lines of cabinetry, countertops in a range of materials, and a wide selection of decorative hardware give owners lots of choices for updating their bathroom, kitchen, home bar, or other space. Services include design, plumbing, electrical work, and drywall and flooring installation.

606 Station Dr., Carmel, 317-844-3975, CARTER CABINET CO. Quality craftsmanship is at the heart of Carter’s work. Its Southern Indiana–made cabinetry can be installed in your bathroom, kitchen, basement, closet, laundry room, or home office. Custom vanities are available as well.

317-985-5782, CHAPMAN CUSTOM BATHS Owner Jon Chapman is an authorized dealer of The Onyx Collection of shower bases and wall panels, tub surrounds, vanities, and accessories, so you can turn your bathroom into the retreat you’ve always dreamed of.

3816 N. State Rd. 267, Brownsburg, 317-456-4567, CHATEAU KITCHENS & HOME REMODELING Custom-designed and handcarved cabinetry from Chateau can be installed in your kitchen, bathroom, home bar, laundry room, or game room. The company’s top-rated designers can help you with any kitchen, bath, or home remodel.

301 E. Carmel Dr., Carmel, 317818-0497, CLOSET CONCEPTS Give yourself a more organized life, starting with your closet. Designers can plan, build, and install the best system for that space, as well as for your laundry room, kids’ play areas, home offices, pantries, and garages.

9402 Uptown Dr., 317-849-8444, CLOSET CONNECTION Whip your closet into shape with Closet Connection’s wire or wood solutions. Keep the rest of your home under control as well with cabinets, wire shelving, and rails with attached hooks—especially great for the garage.

317-440-8920, CONCEPTS THE CABINET SHOP Concepts has many favorite cabinetry brands, including KraftMaid, Aristokraft, and Waypoint, on top of several countertop and hardware options.

7599 E. U.S. 36, Avon, 317-2727430; 508 Bloomington St., Greencastle, 765-653-1080; CONCEPTUAL KITCHENS & MILLWORK Award-winning designer and owner Rob Klein is known for his completely customized and detailed kitchens, bars, bathrooms, and libraries. Come to CK&M for completely unique and holistically designed spaces.

Indiana Design Center, 200 S. Rangeline Rd., Carmel, 317-8462090, CORSI Find the perfect fit with custommade Corsi Cabinetry and semicustom Greenfield Cabinetry. Choose the style, finish, and materials, and Corsi will create cabinetry that goes perfectly in your home. Accessories like in-drawer knife storage and drawer dividers are available, too.

800-999-7606, DISTINCTIVE KITCHEN & BATH If you’re considering a new look for your kitchen, bathroom, closet, or home office, bring your vision to the designers at Distinctive Kitchen & Bath, who can outfit your space with custom cabinetry and vanities.

1480 Olive Branch Park Ln., Greenwood, 317-882-7100, FINISH ALTERNATIVES Give your cabinets a brand-new look without totally replacing them. Update the appearance of your current cabinets with different colors and glazed or distressed



finishes. Concealed hinges, decorative moldings, and sprucing up kitchen islands with panels, corbels, beadboard, and panel molding are additional services offered. 317-440-2899, FREMONT INTERIORS Fremont’s portfolio of architectural woodwork includes the Indiana Governor’s Mansion and Wheeler-Stokely Mansion at Marian University. They offer custom-made kitchen and bathroom cabinets or one-of-a-kind furniture, such as bedroom sets, entertainment centers, benches, and coffee and dining tables.

998 3rd Ave. SW, Carmel, 317-8430237, HOOSIER CLOSETS Hoosier Closets aims to provide organizational solutions for your laundry room, home office, closet, basement, or garage. Consultants can bring product samples to your abode and draw up a fitting design right then and there.

317-440-6964, INDIANA KITCHEN COMPANY The experienced pros at Indiana Kitchen Company can help you choose the ideal cabinetry, whether it be stock, semi-custom, or a custom design, for any application. Designers can also help homeowners with selecting countertops, lighting, hardwood floors, and drawer hardware, all on display in the company’s Noblesville showroom.

925 Conner St., Noblesville, 317-773-4000, INNOVATIVE CABINETS AND CLOSETS Find the cabinet solution you’re looking for in this Westfield showroom. See product displays, color options, finishes, and hardware available for custom cabinetry projects that can be installed in closets, home offices, media centers, bars, and more.

17401 Tiller Ct., Westfield, 317-846-2018, KITCHEN MASTER This company offers countertop and cabinetry brands known for quality, including KraftMaid, Fieldstone, and Cambria. Its designers can help select complementary countertops, flooring, and hardware for your kitchen or bathroom project.

200 W. Carmel Dr., Carmel; 7900 U.S. 36, Avon; 789 U.S. 31, Greenwood; 317-843-1500; THE KITCHEN WRIGHT Browse kitchen vignettes of various styles, including Victorian, Arts and Crafts, and contemporary, in


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this Carmel showroom. Make an informed decision with the help of one of The Kitchen Wright’s designers, who can guide clients through choosing the right cabinetry, countertops, and hardware. 912 S. Rangeline Rd., Carmel, 317848-1111, KITCHENS BY DESIGN Using their design expertise, KBD can draw up a kitchen, bathroom, or other space exactly how you want it. The showroom lets homeowners sift through hundreds of choices of cabinetry, countertops, hardware, tile, and flooring. KBD is a full-service design firm that can help with space planning, general contracting, and decorating, too.

1530 E. 86th St., 317-815-8880, KITCHENS BY TEIPEN A Certified Master Kitchen & Bath Designer, Michael Teipen and his staff focus on creating that unique kitchen you’ve always wanted and can also help with choosing cabinetry, countertops, flooring, and even appliances.

2801 Fairview Pl., Greenwood, 317886-7128, KLINE CABINETMAKERS With more than 40 years of experience, Kline Cabinetmakers focuses on handcrafting quality products made from locally supplied woods. Choose from many different options to create your dream cabinetry for your kitchen or bathroom.

16 S. Main St., Maxwell, 317-3263049, LIMPUS CABINET SALES A complete overhaul of your kitchen in just one day? That’s the goal of Limpus, which aims to remove your current cabinetry and countertops and install brand-new styles by the time the sun sets. See your options at their showroom.

8606 E. Washington St., 317-8970373, limpuscabinetsindianapolis. com LOCKERBIE SQUARE CABINETS Since 1978, Lockerbie Square Cabinets has been designing and installing premier cabinets in residential and commercial projects alike. From mudrooms and offices to kitchens and office spaces, they’ve done it all. Their dedication to professionalism has landed their work in buildings like FAO Schwarz in New York, Embassy Suites, and RTV6.

4350 W. 10th St., 317-635-1134, MADISON COUNTY CABINETS Bathrooms, kitchens, home bars, entertainment centers: No space is too big or small for customdesigned cabinetry by this familyowned business. Special features like under-cabinet lighting and

unique storage ideas are provided as well. 9592 W. 650 S, Pendleton, 765-7784646, MILLER MAID CABINETS This company’s tradition of custommade kitchen cabinets dates back to the 1930s, when founder Paul Miller started transforming the kitchens of friends and neighbors. Today, family members carry on the legacy of providing quality cabinetry and hardware for homeowners’ kitchens, bathrooms, and home bars.

6815 S. Emerson Ave., 317-7808280, MINCE KITCHEN & BATH DESIGN Nancy and Jennifer Mince can oversee all aspects of your kitchen or bathroom overhaul—including planning, material selection, and project management.

531 N. Rangeline Rd., Carmel, 317306-5005, MYERS CABINETS President Roy Myers brings 30-plus years of focusing on quality and client satisfaction to his company, which creates custom cabinetry and millwork.

4954 Fieldstone Dr., Whitestown, 317-769-5323, MYERS DESIGN Myers Design specializes in custom cabinetry and furniture design, ensuring that your kitchen, bathroom, armoire, coffee table, or dining room table will feature work that’s uniquely yours. Other services include interior design, millwork, restoration and refinishing, and fine-art consultation and installation.

PIONEER KITCHENS Transform your kitchen or bathroom with the help of this southside business that offers cabinetry by KraftMaid. Designers can help homeowners choose the right cabinetry, countertops, and hardware to create the best and most efficient space.

5755 S. Belmont Ave., 317-7848006, PREMIER GARAGE Premier offers so much more than Sika industrial flooring, steel cabinets, and adjustable shelving for garage organization. It also has organizational solutions for your closet, office, pantry, and other spaces. Short on room but need more sleeping accommodations? Look into its Murphy beds, which easily fold up into a wall.

9856 North by Northeast Blvd., Fishers, 317-842-4272, REESE KITCHENS, A FERGUSON ENTERPRISE A true one-stop shop, both Reese Kitchens showrooms offer an array of options of cabinetry, countertops, appliances, and plumbing fixtures. The seemingly endless choices can help create that perfect kitchen or bathroom.

1057 E. 54th St., 317-253-1569; Indiana Design Center, 200 S. Rangeline Rd., Carmel, 317-705-0794; TREMAIN CORP. The experienced team at Tremain offers full kitchen and bathroom remodeling services, including cabinet replacements, backsplash and under-counter lighting installations, glass installations, sink replacements, and ceramic, porcelain, or natural stone flooring installations.

Indiana Design Center, 200 S. Rangeline Rd., Carmel, 317-955-2450,

9337 Castlegate Dr., 317-849-8453,

NATHAN ALAN DESIGN With 20-plus years of experience in design and room layout, Nate Slabaugh hand-draws each kitchen and bathroom renovation plan with a keen eye for detail. Installation of Amish-made custom cabinetry is performed by the company itself, and services are offered for libraries and home bars as well.

TRILLIUM CABINET COMPANY Revamp your kitchen cabinets, island, or bathroom vanity with one of Trillium’s custom or semi-custom options. It can also provide wooden and butcher-block countertops; appliance garages; one-of-a-kind furniture or millwork pieces; and entertainment centers, libraries, or home bars that meet your specific needs.

5335 N. Winthrop Ave., 317-201-0049,

4357 W. 96th St., 317-471-8870,

N-HANCE If you love your cabinets but they’re looking worn down and shabby, perhaps it’s time for refacing. N-Hance can bring new life to your kitchen or bathroom woodwork with a deep cleaning and touch-up, a brand-new color, or a fresh finish. Renewal services are available for flooring, too.

ZIONSVILLE CUSTOM CABINETS Turn the kitchen into your family’s favorite room with the help of owner Ron Wagle, who designs, builds, and installs custom and semi-custom cabinets just the way you envisioned. He can also create ideal cabinetry for bathrooms, wet bars, basements, and more.

1601 Country Club Rd., 317-273-8500,

10830 Bennett Pkwy., Zionsville, 317-339-0380,



Outdoor Materials CUTTING EDGE HARDSCAPES Make your outdoor area look like it belongs on the cover of a magazine with one of Cutting Edge Hardscapes’ many options of paving stones in different colors and patterns. The possibilities for your patio, fire element, outdoor kitchen, walkway, or driveway are just about endless.

9532 Roseapple Dr., 317-577-1019, EDGEWOOD BUILDING SUPPLY Fine detailing makes all the difference. Edgewood’s four area locations (two dedicated to building supplies and two dedicated to landscaping supplies) show homeowners their choices of brick, cut limestone, sandstone, granite, clay pavers, and other options for walkway, mural, and other building projects.

Four Central Indiana locations, GENERAL SHALE With hundreds of types of brick in many colors, textures, and shapes, you can find the right one for any brick-application idea. Materials for your outdoor-living space, thin brick and stone, and Arriscraft brand stone products are on display here as well.

105 W. Carmel Dr., Carmel, 317-846-2566, GRANITE IMPRESSIONS OF INDIANA If you’re looking for outdoor materials that are also eco-friendly, Granite Impressions has a great option: decorative pavers made from leftover granite countertops in a range of colors that can be used inside and outside of your home.

445 N. 300 W, Greenfield, 317-3639950, STONE CENTER OF INDIANA A two-story-high, 100-yard-long “great wall” of architectural stone and brick samples is on display to help you choose the perfect material for your home project. Numerous vignettes let you see various products in action, making it easy to find what you need for your patio, outdoor kitchen, fireplace, or stone wall.

5272 E. 65th St., 317-849-9100; 19653 Six Points Rd., Sheridan, 317-867-1996;


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Plumbing & Lighting Fixtures

INDIANA OUTDOOR LIGHTING Designs by Ralph Redmond and his team can transform your outdoor area, enhancing the entrance of your home, bringing even more beauty to your garden, or creating the perfect atmosphere for your outdoor-living spaces.

317-253-7288, ECONOMY PLUMBING SUPPLY Both locations offer self-serve aisles filled with a wide range of brands of plumbing fixtures, cabinetry, countertops, decorative hardware, and many other supplies for your home-improvement project. The showrooms contain a number of vignettes, providing inspiration for your next remodel.

LEE SUPPLY Whether you need one new faucet or an entire home’s worth of accessories, Lee Supply has a large selection that includes plumbing fixtures, appliances, shower doors, bath products, countertops, cabinets, hardware, mirrors, and even exhaust fans.

625 N. Capitol Ave.; 9755 Hague Rd., Fishers; 317-264-2240,

3025 Madison Ave., 317-783-4161; 415 W. Carmel Dr., Carmel, 317-844-4434;

THE ELEGANT KITCHEN & BATH AND LIGHTING STUDIO This showroom has dozens of manufacturers of sinks, bathtubs, faucets, wall sconces, chandeliers, fans, and more to bring both design and functionality to a room, regardless of your style.

LIGHTHOUSE OUTDOOR LIGHTING Accent your home and yard at nighttime with the services of Lighthouse Outdoor Lighting. The company specializes in landscapelighting design, exterior-lighting installation, specialty garden and patio lighting, and repair and maintenance.

8748 E. 30th St., 317-898-3200, FERGUSON BATH, KITCHEN & LIGHTING GALLERY Dozens of top names are represented in the Carmel and Broad Ripple showrooms, where you can browse hundreds of plumbing and lighting fixtures to accent any room. Sinks, tubs, toilets, and appliances are on display, too, as are many styles of outdoor fixtures to brighten your home’s exterior. Or visit their appliance-only showroom on 96th Street.

Indiana Design Center, 200 S. Rangeline Rd., Carmel, 317-705-0794; 1057 E. 54th St., 317-253-1569; 4705 E. 96th St., 317-689-6667; HEINZMAN LIGHTS AT NIGHT Since 2001, owner Mark Heinzman has designed professional outdoor-lighting systems to fit all budgets. He’ll start with an onsite consultation to discuss your needs and wants and then draw up a plan that’ll highlight the finest features of your home and its landscape.

317-435-9444, INDIANA LIGHTING CENTER The perfect lighting makes any room come to life. Indiana Lighting Center’s showrooms carry a full complement of choices, from shimmering chandeliers and floor lamps to wall sconces and outdoor styles. Additional home accessories include ceiling fans and mirrors.

3790 Lafayette Rd., 317-293-9333; 8060 N. Shadeland Ave., 317-9157000; 645 U.S. 31 N, Greenwood, 317-888-5025;

317-357-3000, PLUMBERS SUPPLY CO. Some of the brands available here include Delta, Kohler, Brizo, and Moen, bringing the latest innovations and designs for your kitchen and bathroom. Displays of sinks, faucets, showerheads, and bath accessories showcase your many choices for a new look.

8761 E. 116th St., Fishers, 317-842-8787; 2785 N. Morton St., Franklin, 317-738-2777;

Surfaces & Countertops ARCHITECTURAL BRICK & TILE Though its roots are in the brick business, Architectural Brick & Tile has branched out over the course of its decades in business to sell glass, ceramic, metal, and porcelain tiles; natural-stone flooring; custom carved-stone items like fireplace surrounds and range hoods; and clay pavers.

8610 E. 106th St., Fishers, 317-8422888, ARTISTIC MARBLE AND GRANITE Give countertops, vanities, or fireplaces a new look with one of Artistic Marble and Granite’s 100-plus in-stock stone materials, which include travertine, slate,

soapstone, granite, tile, limestone, and onyx. 1308 W. Troy Ave., 317-780-4422, CALEDONIA STONE AND TILE Bring more design to your flooring and surfaces with Caledonia’s impressive variety of stone, porcelain, glass, and even lava stone surfaces, from which you can create all manner of looks.

8481 Bash St., 317-849-6815, CARMEL COUNTERTOPS Owner Per Laigaard has 30-plus years of experience and oversees each project to make sure that you get the best finish and fit. The showroom displays numerous options of granite, quartz, marble, and tile for any application in your home.

904 3rd Ave. SW, Carmel, 317-8430331, CATHEDRAL MARBLE & GRANITE Cathedral Marble & Granite has a wide selection of marble, granite, and quartz from around the world. Homeowners are welcome to visit Cathedral’s fabrication facility to see its many slabs and chat with sales consultants about their project.

208 Trout St., Whitestown, 317769-5900, CHANCE BROTHERS MARBLE & TILE The Chance brothers are pros in creating your dream countertop, fireplace hearth, or vanity with their options of granite, natural stone, and marble.

114 W. McCarty St., 317-667-1787, CIRCLE CITY COPPERWORKS In addition to durability, copper can bring a unique look to your kitchen, be it in a sink, a backsplash, a range hood, or a countertop. Circle City Copperworks offers smooth or hammered styles in different patinas for a one-of-a-kind look.

7185 W. 200 N, Greenfield, 317-284-0687, CLASSIC KITCHEN & GRANITE You’ll find various colors and styles of granite and quartz perfect for your home bar, kitchen, or vanity in this Carmel showroom.

9 E. 126th St., Carmel, 317-575-8883, CLASSIC STONE As a custom stone-fabrication and installation company, Classic Stone has homeowners covered when it comes to granite, quartz, and marble. Schedule an appointment and check out your many options



of colors and edge profiles in its expansive northwestside facility. 3525 W. State Rd. 32, Westfield, 317-357-3370, CONCRETE TAILORS Stenciled, stamped, colored, or stained, concrete has many applications. Concrete Tailors can customize the material for patios, kitchen countertops, vanities, flooring, or a pool deck. They also resurface existing concrete.

5000 E. Conner St., Noblesville, 317-773-1504, CORNERSTONE MARBLE & GRANITE Brothers Matthew and Mark Wadman transform marble, granite, and quartz into pieces that go beyond traditional countertops. They’ll work on outdoor kitchens, fireplace surrounds, walls, water fountains, or any other specialty project.

1327 W. Main St., Greenfield, 317468-1327, CUTTING EDGE CONCEPTS Improve any surface in your home with Cutting Edge Concepts’s variety of granite, quartz, and marble. It also installs ceramic backsplashes.

3220 S. Arlington Ave., 317-3521630, EMSER TILE This Fishers showroom offers many choices of ceramic, porcelain, stone, glass, and metal. Several eco-friendly collections are available as well.

8700 Roberts Dr., Fishers, 317-576-4740, GLOBAL GRANITE & MARBLE Find stone from countries around the world in this northwestside showroom. Global Granite & Marble provides options of granite, travertine, limestone, marble, onyx, and quartz for all kinds of surfaces.

8138 Woodland Dr., 317-228-9952, GRANITE TRANSFORMATIONS Granite overlays go directly over your existing countertops, so you can get a new look without a lengthy time commitment. Granite, recycled glass, quartz, and mosaic tiles offer more than 50 colors and patterns from which to choose. Cabinet refacing is also offered.

3880 Pendleton Way, 317-9605980, GREENWOOD MARBLE & TILE Update your kitchen countertops and backsplash, bathroom vanity, shower wall, fireplace, or floor with choices in marble and tile. Showroom displays can help with inspiration and ideas.


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248 Market Plaza, Greenwood, 317-881-4180, greenwood INDIANAPOLIS GRANITE & MARBLE If it’s time for a new look, Indianapolis Granite & Marble can help, with its large selection of granite in a variety of colors and types.

5360 Winthrop Ave., 317-259-4478, INTERIOR DESIGN SURFACES Stop by this near-eastside showroom to choose your next surface amid its options of granite, solid surfaces (like Corian), and engineered stone.

MONT GRANITE Like options? More than 400 varieties of granite, marble, onyx, porcelain, and recycled glass in a range of colors and patterns are on display in Mont Granite’s showroom.

5945 W. 84th St., 317-875-5800, NATURAL STONE CREATIONS Custom design and attention to detail are at the heart of Natural Stone Creations’s work. Its choices in granite, marble, recycled glass, and quartz can bring new life to your countertops, vanity, bar top, or fireplace surround.

1670 Wales Ave., 317-829-3970

500 International Dr., Franklin, 317-736-0021,

JUST FOR GRANITE This company’s countertop possibilities surpass what it states in its name, and include marble, quartz, and travertine. Experienced designers can assist with kitchens, bathrooms, bars, hearths, outdoor areas, and tabletops.

NATURAL STONE & TILE Find the latest stone trends and designs for your project, no matter if your style leans modern or traditional. Drawing on global inspiration, Natural Stone & Tile works with ceramic, glass, natural stone, and porcelain.

5277 Emco Dr., 317-842-8255,

8875 Bash St., 317-863-5926,

INDY CUSTOM STONE Indy Custom Stone offers a wide range of colors of granite, marble, and quartz countertops, as well as sink bowls and fixtures. Brands include Caesarstone, Silestone, and ColorQuartz.

598 Industrial Dr., Carmel, 317-8771000, LOUISVILLE TILE Various styles of tile—traditional, modern, and in-between—fill this Fishers showroom, which features displays of porcelain, ceramic, stone, glass, wood, and concrete designs.

9906 North by Northeast Blvd., Fishers, 317-570-8453, MARBLE UNIQUES The help here goes beyond selecting the perfect slab of onyx, quartz, soapstone, marble, or granite from its many options. Consultants also guide you through choices of sinks, faucets, and surface edges that are the perfect fit for your new countertops, table, bar top, or hearth.

NATURAL VALLEY RECYCLED GRANITE Natural Valley’s stone products help your home be both beautiful and eco-friendly. Its 100 percent recycled granite and marble splitstone tiles can be used for kitchen backsplashes, outdoor kitchens, waterfalls, firepits, and landscaping rock.

1035 Country Club Rd., 317-354-3601, OLYMPIA STONE Choose the natural stone that fits your project best at this northwestside showroom. Consultants can help you pick the right surface, as well as complementary sinks and faucets.

870 Lennox Ct., 317-872-7625, RABB AND HOWE CABINET TOP CO. This company has provided custom solid-surface and laminate countertops and casework for nearly 60 years. Get the look you want from brands that include Staron, Wilson Art, and Formica.

815 W. Jefferson St., Tipton, 317-596-9786,

2571 Winthrop Ave., 317-926-6442,

MILES DISTRIBUTORS In-house interior designers can aid homeowners in making over their home’s surfaces, whether they choose ceramic or natural-stone tile or a more intricate decorative style. Eco-friendly lines are a focus as well.

SANTAROSSA MOSAIC & TILE What started as a terrazzo flooring and natural-stone mosaics company now offers a whopping 4,000plus options of natural stone slabs. Santarossa still provides flooring, and services include concrete staining and floor restoration.

8824 Corporation Dr., 317-579-2300,

2707 Roosevelt Ave., 317-632-9494; Indiana Design Center,

200 S. Rangeline Rd., Carmel, 317-580-1924; SIMS-LOHMAN Get inspired with Sims-Lohman’s numerous possibilities for your project, thanks to nearly 30 kitchens on display; more than 150 colors of granite, quartz, and marble; and several top brands in cabinetry.

7113 Mayflower Park Dr., Zionsville, 317-870-8011; 725 E. Main St., Greenfield, 317-467-0710; STONE ARTISANS Using traditional stone, such as granite, marble, quartz, and soapstone, or modern options, like IceStone and stainless steel, Stone Artisans can create the surface that suits your specific needs. Custom furniture is available as well.

7952 Zionsville Rd., 317-874-8955, STONE DESIGN Granite, quartz, and other natural stones are here, but you’ll find dozens of nontraditional offerings, too, such as the extra-large NeoLith porcelain tiles by The Size and semi-precious surfaces like labradorite and jasper.

2185 N. Sherman Dr., 317-5462300, STONESMITHS Stonesmiths offers marble, granite, glass, recycled stone, and quartz designs to bring a fresh look to your home, whether you want a new kitchen countertop or bathroom vanity. Its recycled granite is a great—and eco-friendly—option for backsplashes and fireplace surrounds.

12244 State Rd. 32 E, Noblesville, 317-770-1333, STONE SPECTRUM Stone can go anywhere, from countertops, flooring, and fireplaces to chair rails, fountains, and lawn-andgarden accents. Stone Spectrum can craft just about anything out of granite, marble, and quartz.

8585 E. 249th St., Arcadia, 317-984-1400, SUPREME SURFACE Whether you want to replace your kitchen countertops or completely redo your bathroom, Supreme Surface offers many stone and tile options for your project, as well as kitchen and bathroom remodeling.

1506 W. Smith Valley Rd., Greenwood, 317-865-0000, SURFACE ENCOUNTERS If you’re not sure which stone looks best in your room, check Surface Encounters’s Virtual Kitchen Creator to experiment online before



making a final decision. Or, stop in one of its showrooms to see a variety of granite, marble, and quartz. 7375 Company Dr., 317-888-8550; 14425 Bergen Blvd., Noblesville, 317-774-8888; THE TILE SHOP Turn your house into your dream home with The Tile Shop’s kitchen and bathroom ideas displayed throughout its showrooms. You’ll be able to browse a large range of glass, ceramic, and natural-stone flooring options; backsplash and wall tiles; and countertops.

8014 S. U.S. 31, Greenwood, 317-616-3925; 5531 E. 82nd St., 317-845-4241; TREMAIN TILE, MARBLE & GRANITE Tremain has an array of different services, including marble and granite custom fabrication for flooring, countertops, and fireplaces; ceramic tiles; bathroom design and remodeling; plumbing, sinks, and fixtures; and doors and mirrors.

4610 N. Franklin Rd., 317-549-1991; Fabrication Showroom: 8101 E. 47th St., 888-549-8453; UNIQUE STONE CONCEPTS Stop by this 25,600-square-foot showroom and browse the large collection of granite, marble, onyx, travertine, limestone, soapstone, slate, porcelain, and quartzite. By importing stone from countries around the world, Unique Stone Concepts is able to offer thousands of unique patterns and colors.

6025 W. 80th St., 317-434-1475,

Windows & Doors APEX ENERGY SOLUTIONS Keep your home at a comfortable temperature—and money in your wallet—with Apex’s Insignia windows, which come in a variety of colors and styles to suit any home.

11644 N. Michigan Rd., Zionsville, 317-733-2828,

BLAIR WINDOWS AND DOORS With more than 60 years of service, Blair provides windows, doors, skylights, and specialty items to fit any home project—from a small room remodel to a complete home renovation.

440 S. Ritter Ave., 317-356-4666, CENTRAL INDIANA MOULDINGS & MILLWORK Set your home apart from your neighbors’ digs with a brand new front door, architectural molding and columns, new door hardware, wood beams and trusses, and more.

2721 N. Emerson Ave., 317-568-1639, CHAMPION Replace your windows and doors, improve curb appeal with new siding, get ideas for that sunroom you’ve always wanted, and top it all off with a new roof. Ideas for those projects and more are available at Champion’s spacious showroom.

1435 Brookville Way, 317-608-0661, indianapolis CLEVERNEST Energy efficiency is top of mind at custom-home builder Tom McHaffie’s Carmel showroom that highlights the full line of Andersen doors and windows, vinyl windows by Associated Materials, entry doors, and fiber-cement siding.

240 W. Carmel Dr., Carmel, 317-688-8100, COX INTERIOR Fine craftsmanship is what stands out in Cox Interior’s wide variety of products: interior and exterior hardwood doors, crown moldings, mantels, stair parts and systems, and iron stair parts and stair systems. It can also provide homeowners with custom millwork and trim packages.

9333 Castlegate Dr., 317-896-2227, DEALERS WHOLESALE The inventory at Dealers Wholesale includes doors by Perma-Door and Plastpro, hardware by Schlage, and window treatments by Levolor and Hunter Douglas. Its showroom includes mantels in a variety of materials and nearly 30 indoor and outdoor fireplaces.

7845 E. 89th St., 800-382-9486,

BEE WINDOW Beyond its great selection of window styles for all rooms, Bee also offers home-improvement products and services like entry doors, porch and tub-to-shower conversions, attic insulation, and gutter protection.

EXTERIOR BUILDING PRODUCTS Updating your home’s exterior? They can deliver much of what you’ll need: windows, doors, vinyl and fiber-cement siding, porch rails and columns, and composite pavers and decking materials.

115 Shadowlawn Dr., Fishers, 317-283-8522,

6212 W. Stoner Dr., Greenfield, 317-891-4904,


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FRANKLIN WINDOW AND DOOR Schedule an appointment and stop by Franklin, where you’ll be greeted with a smile and refreshments. Learn about the various types of windows, doors, and hardware available. It offers top-line windows, doors, and hardware.

1069 3rd Ave. SW, Carmel, 317-993-3660, GARAGE DOORS OF INDIANAPOLIS Garage Doors of Indianapolis provides service and repairs, along with residential and commercial garage door installation. Look here for garage doors and seamless gutters, too.

5041 W. 96th St., 317-284-9893, THE GLASS GURU Make your windows look new with The Glass Guru’s services like moisture and scratch removal and wood-rot repair. Want to change the look altogether? It also offers windows, shower enclosures, mirrored walls and doors, glass tabletops, and decorative-glass inserts for doors.

545 Christy Dr., Greenwood, 317-550-1450, indysouth; 10089 Allisonville Rd., Fishers, 317-222-1592, LEGACY WINDOW AND DOOR Indiana goes from hot, humid summers to extreme-cold winters, and Legacy can help ensure your windows are built to withstand all seasonal weather changes. Find them alongside patio and entry doors in this Carmel showroom. The company can also provide sunrooms and porch conversions.

540 N. Rangeline Rd., Carmel, 317-488-1464, MADISON MILLWORK Madison Millwork sells many familiar brands, like Andersen, Masonite, Therma-Tru, Simpson, and Jeld-Wen, for windows and doors, along with moldings, door hardware, stair parts, and shelving systems.

707 Jackson St., Anderson, 765649-7883, MR. WINDOW Owner Joe Guzzi brings his engineering and project management experience to the table at Mr. Window, where doors and windows from Pella, Masonite, Okna, and Emtek are available.

902 E. 106th St., 317-848-7282, PELLA WINDOWS & DOORS OF INDIANAPOLIS Pella features a wide variety of wood, fiberglass, and vinyl

windows and patio doors, as well as wood, fiberglass, and steel entry doors. Its showroom displays a range of styles and sizes, and no-cost consultations allow buyers to see options right in their homes. 5425 W. 74th St., 317-872-9927, PROBUILD With more than 140 years serving Indianapolis, ProBuild specializes in interior and exterior trims, baseboards, panelling, windows, doors, and wood and composite decking.

1717 W. Washington St., 317-639-5431, RENEWAL BY ANDERSEN Dedicated to providing items that both look good and are energyefficient, Renewal has a broad range of styles available, including awning, bay, bow, casement, and picture windows, and hinged and sliding patio doors.

801 Congressional Blvd., Carmel, 317-708-7608, SUBURBAN GLASS SERVICE Stop in and see Suburban’s showroom full of glass, mirror, and shower doors in a variety of materials and styles. Emergency-repair services are offered, as are other glass enclosures.

5999 U.S. 31, Whiteland, 317-535-5747, UNIQUE HOME SOLUTIONS For more than 30 years, Unique has helped customers with energyefficient windows and doors, vinyl siding, roofing, bath and kitchen renovations, basement waterproofing, and gutters.

5550 Progress Rd., 317-337-9300, WINDOW UNIVERSE On Window Universe’s website, you can use its window-design program to see how various colors and styles will look before making a selection. Complementary entry, French, and sliding-patio doors are also offered.

5112 W. 79th St., 317-520-9820, WINDOW WORLD OF INDIANAPOLIS Find all you need to replace windows, with styles like double-hung, bay, bow, casement, slider, and garden, as well as patio, entry, and garage doors and vinyl siding.

1229 Country Club Rd., 317-209-0008,



Rewired Antiques specializes in restoring beautiful antique light fixtures, but he sells furniture, signs, and hardware as well.


Home Accents Antiques & Salvage ARCHITECTURAL ANTIQUES OF INDIANAPOLIS Most pieces here date from the 1860s to 1950s, and several styles, including Art Deco, Art Nouveau, and Mission, are represented. You’ll enjoy browsing the many salvaged pieces, including light fixtures (both chandeliers and wall sconces), backbars and cabinets, fireplace mantels, doors and doorknobs, and colorful stained-glass windows.

5000 W. 96th St., 317-873-2727, BROWN’S ANTIQUES & GIFTS AND THE LAMPSHADE STORE What’s better than one building brimming with great finds? How about three, packed with 19th- and 20th-century antiques, collectibles, gifts, home décor, and other accessories, all surrounded by a lovely English-garden setting. This shop, in business since 1945, also offers antiques repair, restoration, and appraisals. Owner David Brown also runs The Lampshade Store on the premises. Sift through one of Central Indiana’s larges collections of replacement shades, from classic to contemporary styles, in all sizes, shapes, and colors.

objects, and art is housed in a nearby warehouse or in its booths at Midland Arts & Antiques Market. Pieces range from industrial to midcentury-modern to folk art; visit its Facebook page to see the latest items. It’s recommended to schedule an appointment before heading in.

Midwest, ensuring a wide variety of clothing, jewelry, furniture, glassware, metal signs, and lamps. Both locations are well loved by interior designers and homeowners alike.

1046 Woodlawn Ave., 317-490-9437,

NOBLESVILLE ANTIQUE MALL Vendor booths spread out among three floors are stocked with a range from dolls and jewelry to repainted furniture, ceramic collectibles, metal signs, and vintage memorabilia.

THE GENTLEMAN SOLDIER Museum-quality pieces pack this gallery on the Noblesville square. Owner Duane Arnold has expertly curated a collection of naval artifacts, rare books and manuscripts, antique maps, swords, armor, uniforms, and firearms—all of which is carefully researched before going on display. Items date from the late medieval period to the end of World War I. Some of Arnold’s pieces have ended up in fine homes and exhibitions as far away as Paris and Tokyo.

876 Logan St., Noblesville, 317-7768790, KOGAN ANTIQUES AND LIGHTING Owner Drew Kogan and his loyal four-legged sidekick, Tugg, will be happy to answer any questions and help you find what you’re looking for in this Zionsville store, one of Main Street’s oldest. The cozy spot is filled with fixtures that are all handcrafted and made in the USA, as well as furniture, rugs, and throw pillows.

315 N. Fifth St., Zionsville, 317-873-2284,;

195 S. Main St., Zionsville, 317873-4208

FIVETHIRTY HOME Erica and Jim Carpenter fix up and repurpose furniture and other goods to give them a new lease on life, most often with a coat or two of Miss Mustard Seed’s Milk Paint, an all-natural, milk protein–based paint that is billed not to chip or peel. You’ll find farmhouse accents; decorative maps; refurbished chests, trunks, and dressers; and throw pillows in various shapes and sizes.

LOGAN VILLAGE MALL An old-time general store full of retro candies should be your first stop here. As you venture farther back, you’ll find around 40 vendors proffering new, vintage, and refurbished goods, like furniture, kids’ items, pottery, paintings, party supplies, clothing and jewelry, chalk paint by Annie Sloan … you get the idea. There’s something for everyone.

205 S. Main St., Zionsville, 317-5677781,

977 Logan St., Noblesville, 317776-9999,

FLUX Though Flux has a storefront in Fountain Square, the bulk of its vintage furniture, lighting, found

MIDLAND ARTS & ANTIQUES MARKET The downtown location has more than 200 vendors from around the


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907 E. Michigan St., 317-267-9005; 488 Gradle Dr., Carmel, 317-5699105;

20 N. 9th St., Noblesville, 317-7735095, R. BEAUCHAMP ANTIQUES Beauchamp’s showroom features one of the area’s widest selections of 18th- and 19th-century antiques. You’ll find stately English, French, Italian, and Dutch pieces, numerous chandeliers and wall sconces, and dozens of grandfather clocks to browse. For the outdoors, peruse urns, planters, statuary, fountains, and furniture just waiting to be placed in your backyard.

16405 Westfield Blvd., Westfield, 317-896-3717, RESTYLED Two locations plus a booth at Logan Village Mall feature mostly dressers, armoires, cabinets, and tables that have been spruced up and given a new look with Annie Sloan chalk paint. The farmhousechic vibe extends to wall art and tabletop décor, too. Check out their classes on paint techniques.

21 S. Rangeline Rd., Carmel, 317-564-8001; 498 E. Jefferson St., Franklin, 317-997-9601; SOCIETY OF SALVAGE & REWIRED ANTIQUES Filled with industrial-chic items, this downtown warehouse holds your home’s next conversation piece. Among the ever-changing inventory, look for vintage office and factory finds, such as drafting tables, stools, chairs, and desks— many of which bear authentic dings, dents, and scratches. The store has a fun selection of colorful letters, too. Jeremiah Goss of

1021 E. Michigan St., 317-964-0513,; 317-512-9362, SOLOMON PARIS ANTIQUES AND INTERIORS Whether you’re buying or seeking an appraisal, you can trust the pros at Solomon Paris—Ben Solomon is a past curator of decorative arts for the Indianapolis Museum of Art and is well-versed in European and art history. The store’s 5,000 square feet are dominated by 18th- and 19th-century furniture, art, and decorative accents. It offers a full slate of interior-design services as well.

1103 E. 52nd St., 317-475-0203, SOUTHPORT ANTIQUE MALL Let the friendly staff help you find what you’re looking for, or independently browse the 200-plus booths at this 36,000-square-foot southside destination. Check out furniture, jewelry, lamps, collectibles, and clothing as found in the Gypsy Vintage boutique. The mall hosts the Southside Vintage Marketplace, an outdoor arts-and-antiques bazaar, the second Saturday of each month April through October.

2028 E. Southport Rd., 317-7868246, SURROUNDINGS You may have to take a moment to figure out where each lamp ends and each chandelier begins as you enter this deceptively large home-décor store. It’s packed with so many styles, colors, and designs of furniture, lighting, and accent pieces that your options are nearly endless. While one room might feature a more preppy, New England style with lots of blue-floral china, the next room could be packed with brighter pieces, like an embroidered orange throw pillow. We love the barware with midcenturymodern vibes, the interesting light fixtures scattered throughout, and the colorful cocktail napkins ideal for holiday parties.

1101 E. 54th St., Ste. B, 317-254-8883, surroundingsindianapolis THE SMALL MALL The Small Mall is a bit of a misnomer, since this antique market is anything but. Seven thousand square feet of carefully curated vintage furniture, rugs, lamps, light fixtures, dinnerware, art, and more can be found right off Binford and 62nd Streets. With more than 10 vendors, they offer a wide range of styles and time periods.

5060 E. 62nd St., 317-870-3403,

Online at



TIM & JULIE’S ANOTHER FINE MESS Tim Harmon and Julie Crow sell bones and joints, such as doors, windows, decorative trim, doorknobs, and other odds and ends sourced from soon-to-be-demolished homes around Indiana. Look up for vintage light fixtures and chairs affixed to the ceiling, and keep tabs on new arrivals, such as flooring from a school gymnasium and colorful pull-down maps, via the store’s Facebook page.

2901 E. 10th St., 239-293-2148, THE URBAN RUSTIC FARMHOUSE Browse an extensive collection of shabby-chic antiques and salvaged items like old window frames, picture frames, and refurbished chairs. Make sure you check out the handcrafted, solid wood furniture pieces by owner Wes Dalgo. Custom kitchen islands with built-in wine storage, heirloom-quality hutches, farmhouse-style kitchen tables, and more are available.

10992 U.S. Highway 136, 317-384-1949, theurbanrusticfarmhouse VERDIGRIS The name of this shop is a nod to the greenish-blue patina that copper takes on due to exposure to the elements. You’ll see that color on the walls, which are adorned with framed landscapes, portraits, and decorative hangings. Other classic antique finds include ornate wooden side and console tables straight out of your chicest granny’s home and accents including vases, lamps, and vintage farm equipment.

5208 N. College Ave., 317-737-1526, VINTAGE 54 COLLECTIVE Browse booths filled with a mix of goods from artists, crafters, and antique dealers at this Broad Ripple basement shop. Find everything from home décor and furnishings to art and clothing.

5335 Winthrop Ave., 317-737-2146,

Appointments & Accessories THE ACCENT SHOP Decorative and functional home décor, dinnerware, and kitchen goods fill this long-standing favorite, where seasonal décor is big. Of course, holidays mean entertaining, and to wow party guests, The Accent Shop offers a big selection of Nambé and Julia Knight serving pieces; a wall of glassware; plenty of printed placemats and oven


IM HOME | 2018

mitts; and tons of cooking gadgets. Already have a gift? Check out the fun wrapping paper and greeting cards. 1480 E. 86th St., 317-844-4150, AGRARIAN If you’ve been bitten by the homesteading bug, this, Indy’s first shop dedicated to the trend, should be your first stop. You’ll find the products and supplies you need for chicken-, bee-, and goat-keeping; rain-water harvesting; canning; composting; and cheese- and soap-making. Homeowners can purchase preassembled chicken coops, or they can design one of their own.

CARMEL DESIGN Keep your home décor up to date at this Nora store full of bright colors, bold prints, and vintage furniture. If you’re looking for a patterned wallpaper or floral fabric, allow yourself ample time to peruse the giant selection. But if you’re just hunting for a rug, chandelier, framed art, or throw pillow, those are here, too.

1764 E. 86th St., 317-575-3600, THE CONTAINER STORE Organize your entire life at The Container Store. Ultra-tidy shelves and displays offer baskets, bins, racks, and boxes to arrange just about any item in any room of the home.

1051 E. 54th St., 317-493-1166,

4120 E. 82nd St., 317-348-2225,

ARTICHOKE DESIGNS This interior design firm resides at their appointment-only showroom where one can browse furniture, decorative pillows, chandeliers, paintings, and upholstery. A staff of interior designers can help you put it all together with space-planning and color and art consultations.

CUSTOM PICTURE FRAMING OF BROWNSBURG Family-owned since 2004, this fullservice custom frame shop in the heart of Brownsburg creates custom conservation-framing that both showcases and protects your artwork, photographs, and more. The shop also offers customized laser engraving, plaques, and awards.

240 W. Main St., Carmel, 317-590-0104, THE BLUE DOOR Yes, there is a bright-blue front door. Inside this bungalow, furniture, accent pieces, and hostess’s gifts are displayed in various rooms, making the shop look much like a photo-worthy home. Wander through to check out floor and table lamps, stuffed chairs, console tables, and finishing touches like vases, candlesticks, and framed wall art.

6426 N. College Ave., 317-808-2999, bluedoorbroadripple BUTLER’S PANTRY Butler’s Pantry provides partyplanners with everything they need to create a memorable table-scape: dinnerware sets, serving platters, table linens, and napkin rings. Other finds include printed aprons, scented and unscented candles, food-themed gifts, and seasonal tabletop accents.

213 S. Main St., Zionsville, 317-733-8003, butlerspantryzionsville CALICO CORNERS Calico Corners makes it simple to adorn your windows and furniture in the most fashionable fabrics, including those by designers Nate Berkus and Vern Yip. This shop specializes in custom bedding, upholstery, curtains, and rugs in all styles. And with such a big selection, homeowners are bound to find what they’re looking for.

5128 E. 82nd St., 317-595-7400,

680 E. 56th St., Brownsburg, 317-852-8044 CV ART AND FRAME This is a one-stop shop for those looking to transform artwork and photography. There are both custom and ready-made frames. In addition to its large collection of original artwork, the pros here can also convert photos into paintings; digitally replicate or restore original artwork; print one of your images onto canvas, paper, or acrylic; or find the best piece of art for your home.

110 S. Main St., Zionsville, 317-873-2976, DECORATE Fun, quirky, and bright, Decorate brings a dash of fun décor to downtown. Look for brands like Kate Spade, Chilewich, and Scout here, along with local items and art. From floor to ceiling, they’ve got you covered with accessories like lamps, pillows, doormats, and an assortment of tchotchkes, and they’re the place to go for kitchenware and dishware.

716 Massachusetts Ave., 317-737-2109, DRAPERY STREET Owner Caryn O’Sullivan and her staff help add whimsy to your window treatments, with a focus on beautiful fabrics, trim, and hardware. They can design custom pillows and bedding, too. Hunter-Douglas products are also sold here.

Indiana Design Center, 200 S. Rangeline Rd., 317-434-3278,

EASTER CONSERVATION SERVICES They offer archival matting and framing, mirrors, and antique frames. Conservation of frames, paintings, and furniture is offered, as are in-home assessments of objects and hanging of artwork. Your items are in good hands: Owner Jean Easter is a Professional Associate in the American Institute for Conservation of Historic and Artistic Works.

1134 E. 54th St., Ste. J, 317-3960885, FORREST FORMSMA If you’ve spent much time in Indianapolis, chances are you’ve seen a Forrest Formsma. This local artist’s style ranges from realist to abstract, and his color- and texturerich paintings are on display at The Palladium, the governor’s mansion, multiple hospitals, and other various local businesses. Those interested in commissioning his work can visit his Broad Ripple studio to see his work in person.

1134 E. 54th St., 317-313-3688, GRIFFON DECORATIVE FABRICS This fabric store has provided pretty prints and accessories for more than 20 years. A large selection of styles ranges from classic to modern, so whether you’re in need of a new look for your windows, bedding, or indoor or outdoor furniture, you’ll find a bevy of ideas here.

598 W. Carmel Dr., Ste. E, Carmel, 317-848-1864, HAUS LOVE Peruse a mix of rustic, Anthropologieesque décor items here. Shelves of oversized throw pillows, tabletop accents, and high-end office bits and bobbles divide the space into carefully curated vignettes, showcasing minimalist artwork, large graphic rugs (including sheepskin styles), slouchy furniture, and large eclectic light fixtures. Most everything is neutral, and a lack of color never looked so chic. The fullservice design firm operates out of the back of the shop.

5901 N. College Ave., 317-601-6521, HOME DETAILS OF SAVVY DÉCOR Just about every size and style of decorative knobs and pulls is represented here. The super-luxe Edgar Berebi line, sparkling with Swarovski crystals, adds a touch of glam. Simpler styles are sold, too, such as those by Top Knobs, Carpe Diem, Schaub, Soko Studio, and Notting Hill.

41 S. Rangeline Rd., Carmel, 317-848-3377, INHABIT Browse Inhabit’s collection of midcentury modern décor, furniture


upholstered in the brand’s own textiles, tufted rugs, bedding, drinkware, and its popular 3-D wall tiles that create a sculptural look in any room. Bonus: They’re recyclable and can be painted. 211 S. Ritter Ave., 317-636-1699, KBD HOME While its sister business, Kitchens by Design, focuses on the kitchen, KBD Home has most other living areas covered. Also a full-service interior design firm, this colorful boutique offers furniture, bedding, vases, mirrors, floral arrangements, and custom draperies.

1540 E. 86th St., 317-815-8880, MCNAMARA FLORIST In addition to lovely flower arrangements for any time of the year, you can also find sweet gifts like stepping stones engraved with kind words and throw blankets with inspirational phrases woven in.

Eight Central Indiana locations, 317-579-7900, NOBLESVILLE CLOCK CO. Clocks are the main event at Noblesville Clock Co., where you can find grandfathers, cuckoos, and anything in between. If time is running out on a family heirloom, this decades-old shop also offers repairs.

996 Conner St., Noblesville, 317776-9270, PLENTY LIFESTYLE Find furniture, home décor, jewelry, gifts, and more at this carefully curated, industrial-chic shop in Broad Ripple. Paintings by local artists like Kyle Ragsdale adorn the wall and are available to purchase. Its focus on local makers means you can find pottery from ArtMix students (a local studio for artists with disabilities), Ambre Blends fragrances, and jewelry from Indy artisans.

1051 E. 54th St., 317-426-2645, RUSTED WINDOW Experienced florist and interior designer Stacy Molander offers a mix of vintage, industrial, and traditional rustic-chic décor in her Carmel shop. Floral artisans create custom arrangements for your new pot or vase, and you can also browse a selection of baby and clothing items.

99 E. Carmel Dr., Ste. 140, Carmel, 317-205-1716, SHINE DESIGN HOME The interior designers from Shine Design Interiors perfectly blend comfort and contemporary design at their new Fishers boutique, which offers a carefully curated

selection of minimalist art, furniture, and décor. 8594 E. 116th St., Fishers, 317-5725546, THE VILLAGE CLOCK SHOP & HOME FURNISHINGS Clocks of all sizes and styles are on display at this Clay Terrace store, as are dining-room tables, mirrors, lamps, bedroom furniture, and other decorative pieces.

14390 Clay Terrace Blvd., 317-5690035, WALTER KNABE STUDIO Walter Knabe’s fine art goes functional in the form of flasks, leggings, and more. He began covering the walls of a 14-room Manhattan apartment as an up-and-coming painter, and later established his talent designing a helmet for Indianapolis 500– winner Dario Franchitti. He continues to produce custom work, or you can browse shelves lined with patterned pillows, screen-printed napkins, canvas cosmetic bags, and cuff bracelets. Funky wall coverings and burnout tees display Knabe’s signature prints, from butterflies and Buddhas to skulls and florals.

1134 E. 54th St., 317-986-6900, THE YELLOW HOUSE AT SULLIVAN’S Tucked behind the main hardware store is a petite cottage full of home-and-garden accessories and gift items. You’ll find scented candles, tableware for both indoors and out, and plenty of seasonal décor.

6955 N. Keystone Ave., 317-2559230,

Area Rugs CAPEL RUGS Capel has thousands of rug colors, patterns, sizes, and shapes for both indoor and outdoor use. Knowledgeable staffers can help you sift through traditional, contemporary, transitional, Oriental, and Persian styles, among others.

8603 Allisonville Rd., 317-813-7847, FINE ESTATE ART & RUGS Established in 2002, Fine Estate Rugs carries more than 500 floor coverings, ranging from large palace-size rugs to smaller scatter and runner styles. Find new rugs from Pakistan, Tibet, and Nepal, among other countries, while estate rugs can hail from Iran, Turkey, and Pakistan.

1332 N. Illinois St., 317-253-5910,

JOSEPH’S ORIENTAL RUG IMPORTS Variety and quality are at the forefront of Joseph’s, in business since 1949. This well-respected rug authority offers thousands of antique, semi-antique, and modern options in its spacious showroom. Rug conservation and restoration, cleaning, padding, and appraisals are also provided.


SCANDIA HOME This cozy store’s sumptuous down comforters and 100-percent Egyptian cotton sheets help ensure top-notch shut-eye, as do comfy mattress pads and pillows. Supersoft bath towels and robes also are sold.

8487 Union Chapel Rd., 317-2059620,

4230 E. Fall Creek Pkwy. N. Dr., 317-255-4230, KERMANS FLOORING For nearly 100 years, this familyowned business has supplied Indianapolis with top names in carpeting, flooring, tile, and area rugs. It’s home to the city’s only Karastan Gallery of Design, which showcases the brand’s entire line of carpets and rugs.

4505 E. 82nd St., 317-842-5700, ROYAL GALLERY OF RUGS This family-owned business has provided high-quality, luxury rugs for generations. You’ll have thousands of options to peruse, but staff can answer any questions about the selection of Oriental, modern, and transitional styles from around the world. Shoppers have pieces appraised, cleaned, repaired, and even made to order.

8665 River Crossing Blvd., 317-848-7847,

Bedding HOLDER MATTRESS Because each set is made by hand at Holder’s Kokomo factory, homeowners can custom-order unusually sized mattresses. A range of styles ensures a fit for every need. Additionally, the showroom features bed frames and furniture by Vine & Branch, locally based Outré, Bernhardt Interiors, and Butler Specialty Company. It’s also a surprisingly good spot for things like lamps, throw pillows, and accent pieces.

Indiana Design Center, 200 S. Rangeline Rd., 317-848-2939, PARKSIDE LINEN Dress your bed luxuriously with dreamy sheets and blankets by Matouk, Ann Gish, Bella Notte, Sferra, , and Libeco from this northside spot across from North Central High School. Your table can receive the same treatment with linens and accessories by Juliska, Deborah Rhodes, and Zafferano.

1762 E. 86th St., 317-844-6320

Billiards FAMILY LEISURE Find a wide array of pool tables and accessories here, alongside high-end patio furniture, spas, saunas, and above-ground swimming pools. The expansive selection also includes bars, outdoor fireplaces and kitchens, and foosball and shuffle-board tables.

11811 Pendleton Pike, 317-823-4448, JAY ORNER & SONS BILLIARD CO. This westside store has more than 500 pool tables in its warehouse and 50-plus on display in its showroom, making it easy to add more fun to your rec room. Browse the game and pub tables, poker accessories, jukeboxes, theater seating, ping-pong tables, and much more.

6333 Rockville Rd., 317-243-0046,

Design Centers INDIANA DESIGN CENTER Various showrooms feature topof-the-line flooring, kitchen displays, countertop materials, home-theater ideas, lighting and bath fixtures, mattresses, and furniture. Vendors on the first floor are open to the public, while second-level businesses cater to trade professionals.

200 S. Rangeline Rd., Carmel, 317-569-5975, INDY HOME DESIGN CENTER This 10,000 square foot showroom is filled with everything you could need for your home—cabinetry, plumbing, light fixtures, flooring, windows and doors, tile and stone, and furniture. Find brands like Shaw Floors, Hunter Douglas, and StarMark cabinetry. Plus, with

IM HOME | 2018




30-plus years of experience, their designers can help you make the right decisions. 8450 Westfield Blvd., 317-472-9810,

Furnishings ARHAUS You’ll want to replicate every detail of the sophisticated-glam vignettes you’ll see here. Rustic dining-room tables, shimmering chandeliers, salvaged-wood coffee tables, comfy leather and upholstered sofas and sectionals, and interesting tabletop accessories showcase the brand’s focus on forward-looking design and eco-friendly materials.

4130 E. 82nd St., 317-913-9141, CHATHAM HOME Step inside this family-owned business and you’ll instantly feel at ease, as if you’ve just entered the home of a close friend with a sharp eye for pulling together a room. Chatham Home specializes in solidwood furniture, upholstered sofas and chairs, and finishing touches, like lamps, rugs, throw pillows, and wall art. Browse bedroom and living-room vignettes throughout for ideas and inspiration.

517 E. Walnut St., 317-917-8550, CONSIGNED BY DESIGN This shop offers pre-owned, gently loved fine furniture and accessories that won’t break the bank. Expect to find a rotating selection of brand names and quality, of-the-moment items for every room of the home. Downsizing? Staffers can help homeowners sell unwanted pieces.

7035 E. 96th St., 317-436-7167, CONSIGNING WOMEN FINE FURNISHINGS Find furniture and décor for a bargain here. Inventory changes all the time, but you’re guaranteed a mix of sofas, dining-room tables, bedroom sets, bar stools, benches, vases, lamps, and artwork.

7216 N. Keystone Ave., 317-7352255, COPPER CREEK CANYON INTERIOR OUTFITTERS This Western-inspired store is full of statement pieces like forged-iron chandeliers, cowhide floor throws, and rustic-elegant leather and solid-wood furniture. Its design studio displays fabric for bedding, drapes, and more. Custom window treatments are also available.


IM HOME | 2018

3953 E. 82nd St., 317-577-2990, CRATE & BARREL Always a go-to destination for chic home furnishings that won’t break the bank, the first floor covers the kitchen and dining room with cool table settings and cookware, kitchen gadgets, and a selection of seasonal pieces. On the second level, check out bedroom and living-room sets, coffee and accent tables, wall décor, table and floor lamps, and area rugs to create timeless styles in any room.

The Fashion Mall, 317-818-9900, DÉCOR 4 KIDS Explore baby and children’s furniture at this fun store just for kids. Take a look around the large showroom at beds, cribs, gliders and recliners, dressers, lamps, and colorful artwork and accessories from brands like Dolce, NE Kids, and Dock 48. Be on the lookout for information about their new location. ETHAN ALLEN Just about everything here has a timeless look, making it easy to outfit a room in pieces that won’t feel dated due to changing trends. Spaces can look effortlessly chic thanks to a range of sofas, dining-room and coffee tables, and accessories, such as floor and table lamps, artwork, vases, bedding, clocks, and mirrors.

4025 E. 82nd St., 317-842-8101, FORM + FUNCTION This high-end destination specializes in contemporary furniture, lighting, and accessories. Browse brands you’d find in an art museum’s gift shop. Form + Function may focus on furnishings, but we also love browsing the shelves up front that feature designfocused drinkware, jewelry, and kitchen goods.

1300 E. 86th St., 317-569-9999, HOME COUTURE Browse a sophisticated mix of new, vintage, and consignment home furnishings and décor at this Carmel boutique. Owner Marcia Utley artfully combines rustic, modern, and minimalist pieces to create a unique vibe. Find artwork by local artists and browse their collection of clothing and jewelry, too.

14511 Clay Terrace Blvd., Carmel, 317-587-7424, homecouturelove HOMENCLATURE In 2008, owners Amanda and Shayne Snider opened their first home décor store dedicated to high-end and designer scratch-and-

dent items in Munster. With nearly a decade under their belt, they recently opened a second location in Carmel. Find incredible deals on prototypes, sample pieces, chipand-dent, and floor models from stores like Crate and Barrel, Restoration Hardware, Pottery Barn, and other well known brands. 2150 E. 116th St., Carmel, 317-8536733, HOUSEWORKS Houseworks’s mix of modern furniture includes sofas (sectionals and sleepers, too), coffee and end tables, dining-room and bedroom sets, and home-office desks and chairs, all with a sleek, minimalist design. The light fixtures and wall of clocks are not to be missed.

4905 E. 82nd St., 317-578-7000, JOHN KIRK FURNITURE GALLERIES Whether you want a stylish, chic living room or a cozy, relaxing study, John Kirk, family-owned since 1952, can help you find the perfect pieces for your home. Its expansive showroom features dozens of brands, such as Henredon, Stickley, Uttermost, Century, and Bernhardt. To outfit your rec room or patio accordingly, check out its game-room and outdoor furniture, too.

12345 Old Meridian St., Carmel, 317-846-2535, KITTLE’S BELOW MARKET Find furniture, rugs, wall art, and other accessories procured as closeout items, odd lots, special purchases, or showroom buyouts. Selection changes regularly, and shoppers enjoy below-retail prices.

9810 Carney Dr., Fishers, 317-9151012, KITTLE’S FURNITURE The size of the showroom is just as impressive as the great variety of home goods Kittle’s offers. Shoppers will find dozens of brands, offering items for bedrooms, living rooms, and dining rooms for every budget and style, from entry-level pieces to high-end selections. Fun accessories are scattered throughout, including 1,000-plus rugs in Castleton’s Rug Gallery. For funkier picks, we like the Unique Finds section.

8600 Allisonville Rd., 317-849-1163; 10695 U.S. 36, Avon, 317-677-0277; 665 U.S. 31 North, Greenwood, 317-888-1301; KITTLE’S OUTLET Browse closeout items, floor samples, or special purchases that just didn’t work out, and find furniture for the living room, dining room, home office, and more for less than half the sticker price at this southside outlet.

4650 E. Southport Rd., 317-7877464,

LOVESAC There’s a couch, and then there’s a Sactional, whose versatile bases and sides can be configured into a number of shapes. Machinewashable covers are ideal for active families. If you want something a bit smaller, you may like the Sacs, which are large, round, pillow-like seats that come in a range of sizes. Just repeat after us: They are not beanbag chairs.

The Fashion Mall, 317-575-1795, LUXE HOME INTERIORS The furniture, upholstery, and accessories here can accentuate any style, whether you lean traditional, contemporary, or somewhere in between. Luxe’s design consultants offer interior-planning services, ensuring that your vision and the store’s products come together to create a knockout room.

1479 Clay Terrace Blvd., Carmel, 317-663-3588, POTTERY BARN/ POTTERY BARN KIDS Certain items have that “Pottery Barn” look—slightly rustic yet modern at the same time. From bedrooms and kitchens to window treatments and outdoor spaces, the decorating possibilities and combinations here are numerous. While one store offers home goods for adults, Pottery Barn Kids has furniture and accessories to create adorable rooms for the little ones.

The Fashion Mall, 317-815-3740 (Pottery Barn),; 317-574-1176 (Kids), RESTORATION HARDWARE Stately beds, salvaged-wood dining-room tables, soft leather sofas, large-scale accessories (think telescopes and desktop models of aluminum Concorde jets), and gorgeous chandeliers ideal for a soaring foyer fill two floors. RH has outdoor furniture, decorative hardware, and rugs, too, as well as luxurious gift ideas.

The Fashion Mall, 317-706-9670, RG DÉCOR Stop by this brand new showroom on 96th and Michigan and browse the large selection of furniture, home décor, rugs, and even flooring options. Find Magnolia Home by Joanna Gaines in addition to more traditional and transitional styles here and get complimentary assistance from the team of experienced interior designers.

4341 W. 96th St., 317-733-1200, SALVAGE AND CO. Find deep cuts on everything for your home from couches and tables to wall décor and area rugs. In addition to a robust selection of standard items, you can also find


incredible deals on designer pieces like Kartell’s set of Dr. Yes chairs that retail for $430 marked down to $40. Follow its Facebook page for the latest deals, because new arrivals go fast. 150 W. Carmel Dr., Carmel, 317-815-5923, salvageandcompany SIMPLY AMISH Quality and durability are the hallmarks of these handcrafted pieces. Solid-wood construction and attention to detail are seen in every bedroom and dining set, entertainment center, and rocking chair—and there are myriad woods, finishes, and fabrics from which to choose. The Live Edge line of cherry and walnut tables and benches features the raw side of the tree’s bark.

5612 Castleton Corner Ln., 317579-9490, URBAN STYLES FURNITURE No matter where you look in this filled-to-the-brim furniture and home décor store, there’s a new idea or source of inspiration. The belief here is that every room should be a work of art, and to fulfill that, the eclectic inventory includes modern and vintage-inspired furnishings for living rooms, bedrooms, dining rooms, or any other space, paired with art and accessories with a global flair.

8375 Castleton Corner Dr., 317578-7770, WEEKENDS ONLY Brand new to Indy, St. Louis–based Weekends Only offers brand-name furniture closeouts, stock overruns, and truckload purchases at discounted prices. Expect to find everything you need to outfit a room, including mattresses. Like items are grouped together, so you can easily compare pieces. And, as its name suggests both stores are only open Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays.

8315 Center Run Dr.; 8850 S. Emerson Ave.; WEST ELM This hip store unites clean, modern lines with natural materials and global inspiration in its sofas, chairs, tables, light fixtures, rugs, and throw pillows. We love its choices of unique tabletop décor, like glass-and-metal display boxes for terrariums and aluminum whale bookends.

The Fashion Mall, 317-844-4970, Z GALLERIE The furnishings, art, and accessories here are a perfect blend of fashion-forward design and affordable prices. Candles and vases are gilded; picture frames are jeweled; mirrors are as tall as you are; throw pillows are covered in bold graphic prints; and bedroom sets, dining-

room tables, and dinnerware are straight out of the most perfectly styled catalog. Z Gallerie is an ideal destination for that special something that completes a room. 14405 Clay Terrace Blvd., Carmel, 317-818-0836,

Outdoor Living DUNCAN’S FIREPLACE & PATIO CENTER At Duncan’s, “the expertise is always free,” so take advantage of staffers’ knowledge about all things fireplace and patio living. They’ll help you find everything you need to perfect your dream outdoor space: retractable awnings, fire pits, gas grills, outdoor furniture, and more.

O’MALIA’S FIREPLACE AND OUTDOOR LIVING Suffering from backyard envy? Create your ideal space with O’Malia’s selection of outdoor furniture and umbrellas, grills (including smoker styles), and fire pits. When fall rolls around, cozy up your home by installing a new fireplace, a fresh mantel or surround, or decorative glass doors.

115 Medical Dr., Carmel, 317-846-6812, WICKER WORKS Explore 13,000 square feet of indoor and outdoor furniture. Browse numerous brands and styles of wicker, rattan, teak, vinyl, wrought-iron, and aluminum sets. Gas and wood fire pits, umbrellas, outdoor lighting, and mirrors are also among Wicker Works’s extensive selection.

70 Mardale Dr., Ste. A, Brownsburg, 317-852-1509,

3837 N. High School Rd., 317-299-2229, THE EMPTY VASE Every unforgettable floral arrangement starts with a special vase. Meridian-Kessler’s Empty Vase has antique and contemporary options, recycled glassware, and biodegradable pots to get your project going. After you choose the best one, the staff can fill it with the perfect arrangement to add life to your home. We like its selection of containers for gardens and patios, its seasonal décor, and gift choices.

1105 E. 52nd St., 317-925-8273, GODBY HEARTH & HOME The showroom is full of various fireplace styles—wood-burning, vent-free, and electric, to name a few, as well as hearth accessories, patio furniture, fire pits, gas and charcoal grills, and fountains. Custom mirrors, shower doors, and glass enclosures also are offered. The pros at the Interactive Studio in the Indiana Design Center can help you visualize your goals and ideas through photos, videos, and product specifications from manufacturer websites.

Garden Shops ALLISONVILLE NURSERY, GARDEN & HOME Allisonville Nursery, Garden & Home has wonderful plants and flowers to bring the area to life. Its landscape designer can help you choose the best options and where to place them. You’ll also find bird feeders and seed, houseplants, trees and shrubs, and items to create a terrarium or miniature garden.

11405 Allisonville Rd., Fishers, 317-849-4490,


EAGLE CREEK NURSERY & LANDSCAPE Since 1925, this nursery has been a go-to destination for a large selection of evergreens, ornamental and shade trees, annuals and perennials, and shrubs, as well as garden accessories, tools, and seasonal outdoor accents. Find help from its landscape pros.

8160 Lafayette Rd., 317-291-7660, GEIST NURSERY Customers can beautify their yards with annuals, perennials, shrubs, and trees along with extras like organic soils, pottery, fountains, mulch, and pest solutions. Landscape and hardscape design and installation services are also offered.

9890 N. Mollenkopf Rd., Fishers, 317-842-7481, HABIG GARDEN SHOPS Find the necessary supplies to design or upgrade your garden, including herbs, flowers, houseplants, bird feeders and seed, and architectural pieces. Accessories and garden gifts are plentiful, too.

1225 E. 86th St., 317-251-3708; 5201 N. College Ave., 317-2835412; 15311 N. Meridian St., Carmel, 317-896-2828; ROSIE’S GARDENS & NURSERY Explore more than 10 acres filled with annuals, perennials, and décor. Rosie’s overflows with statuary, benches, and birdbaths—its selection of pottery and containers is one of the most extensive in town.

10402 N. College Ave., 317-844-6157,

ALTUM’S HORTICULTURAL CENTER & LANDSCAPE Altum’s has the flowers, shrubs, trees, mulch, soil, and all manner of items you need for a successful garden. Or you can leave things in the capable hands of its landscaping team. Post up at the Potting Bar and craft a beautiful container or fairy garden at your own pace.

SALSBERY BROTHERS LANDSCAPING The nursery area spanning 10 acres is filled with annuals and perennials, trees, shrubs, vegetables, and herbs ready to take up root in your garden. Lawn-care experts are available to help with landscape design of all sizes, irrigation, outdoor lighting, and overall maintenance.

11335 N. Michigan Rd., Zionsville, 317-733-4769,

4317 E. 146th St., Carmel, 317-843-0100,

KITTLE’S FURNITURE If you love Kittle’s impressive array of indoor furniture, make sure you check out the outdoor selection available at the Castleton and Greenwood locations. Browse weatherproof sectionals, dining tables, rugs, fire pits, and more.

DAMMANN’S LAWN, GARDEN & LANDSCAPING CENTERS Stop by these full-service centers for everything you need—flowers, shrubs, plants, trees—to welcome you home. Add the finishing touches with bird feeders or baths, arbors and trellises, wind chimes, fountains, and statues. Seasoned staff can answer your questions and even assist with landscape design.

SUNDOWN GARDENS This nursery’s many options of shade trees, shrubs, evergreens, and more will get your outdoor spaces looking great in no time. And if you don’t have the skills—or the spare hours—capable pros can help with design and installation of landscaping, hardscaping, water features, and decks; tree and turf care; and irrigation.

8600 Allisonville Rd., 317-849-1163; 665 U.S. 31 North, Greenwood, 317-888-1301;

4914 Rockville Rd., 317-381-9787; 8005 E. 30th St., 317-894-1867;

7904 Rockville Rd. (showroom); Indiana Design Center, 200 S. Rangeline Rd. (interactive studio); 317-271-8400,

505 W. 186th St., Westfield, 317-8460620, n

IM HOME | 2018


object of desire

Modern Love This stunning Caruso music cabinet by Paolo Cappello takes music to a new level. The 50watt speaker connects to any Bluetooth device and amplifies the sound waves, washing the farthest corners in musical vibrations. Caruso comes in a variety of color combinations to choose from. For a more midcentury modern look, consider a dark wood stain cabinet and brassy horn or go full modern with a cobalt blue and smoky black. Your album collection never looked or sounded so good. “Caruso� music cabinet. Starting at $4,499, Houseworks. See listing, p. 94.


IM HOME | 2018

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