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Decorators’ Show House and Gardens

WELCOME TO THE ST. MARGARET’S HOSPITAL GUILD’S 56TH ANNUAL DECORATORS’ SHOW HOUSE AND GARDENS. It is our pleasure to have you join us for a tour of the childhood home of famous author, Kurt Vonnegut Jr. This home in the Butler-Tarkington neighborhood was built by the author’s father, Kurt Vonnegut Sr. We hope that you will enjoy your experience today, as your visit continues the tradition of “The Country’s Longest Running Show House Event.” The Guild members, designers, and landscapers spend months laying the groundwork for each show house. In early February, we take possession of the show house, and the work begins. This year’s 28 designers and landscapers are putting their designs into action, transforming empty rooms into masterpieces and bare outside areas into lush gardens and open air living spaces. While respecting the heritage and style of this historic residence, our designers look to designs and trends that will also accommodate a modern-day active family. As you tour the house and grounds, please follow along in this program. The areas are listed, numbered, and described in the order in which you will see them. There is helpful information on each page, including designer information, paint color name, and names of contractors used by the designer. We hope that you will find an area or two that inspires you to go home and give one of your own rooms a new look. Of course, you can always make an appointment with one of our designers! The Guild volunteers, our dedicated designers, and landscape professionals make this springtime tradition possible. Willingly jumping into this effort are many loyal businesses, vendors, and contractors, as well as many others who offer special services. We encourage you to look at their advertisements and logos in this program. We hope that you will visit their places of business. Without their support, the Guild would not be able to carry out a project of this scope to benefit Eskenazi Health. St. Margaret’s Hospital Guild’s mission is to raise funds for the programs and services of Eskenazi Health. It is a Level I Trauma Center, and everyone in the community benefits from its organizational skills in the event of any public disaster. The men and women of Eskenazi offer superior heath care for all, regardless of ability to pay. We are proud to support Eskenazi Health and its contribution to the entire community. As you explore the beautifully decorated rooms, remember that many of the items are available for purchase. The designers donate a percentage of those sales to the Guild. Landscape designers will have a list of items for sale in their outdoor areas. After your tour of the house and grounds, we invite you to stop in our Flower Shop or Boutique on Wheels and to have lunch or a snack at Maggie’s Café. Thank you for attending the 56th Annual Decorators’ Show House and Gardens. We hope you enjoy your visit and look forward to making it your yearly tradition.

Kerry Caito, President; Mary Holland, Co-General Chair; Joan Hilger, Decorator Chair; Ellen Brethauer, Co-General Chair

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St. Margaret’s Hospital Guild

Decorators’ Show House and Gardens

History of Contributions St. Margaret’s Hospital Guild has contributed over $12 million to Eskenazi Health since 1907 YEARS



Completely furnished two new Children’s Wards and funded 20 oil paintings and 33 canvas wall murals by renowned Indiana artists in the Children’s Wards



Established and maintained the Occupational Therapy Department (OTD) (in cooperation with the Indianapolis Foundation) for adults and children.



Established Mother’s Milk Station in a laboratory to pasteurize and freeze mothers’ milk for premature infants. Funded Occupational Therapy Department (OTD) and Children’s Wards.



Painted and refurnished the Children’s Wards. Provided operating expenses and equipment for the OTD and Children’s Wards.



Established the Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Department (PMRD) along with funding annual operating costs.



Provided funding for renovation and equipment to Isolation Ward, Nurses’ Station, and new Nurseries. Established OT Unit; provided equipment for new Psychiatric Ward.



Established the first complete Adult Burn Unit in Indiana, a joint project with the Indianapolis Fire Department. Funded renovations, operating costs, and equipment.



Renovated/refurnished the Pediatric Wing; renovated the Special Care and Newborn Nurseries; refurbished the Labor/Delivery Units; renovated Physical Therapy (PT) Department treatment areas. Provided funding and equipment.



Funded St. Margaret’s Diagnostic Breast Center; purchased a Mammography Unit. Provided a new Out-Patient Rehabilitation Center in the OT/PT Wing. Funded Women’s Healthcare Initiatives, Urgent Care Center and LDPR rooms. Created the Senior Care Program Rehabilitation Center.



Funded the St. Margaret’s Center for Breast Health; Developed and funded the EMBRACE program, an integrated support program for women facing cancer; Purchased a Mobile Mammography Unit; Established the Haven of Hope, a support system of Eskenazi’s Trauma Center and the Fairbanks Burn Center; Provided funding for equipment and therapeutic programs.



Supported Haven of Hope and Center for Hope with forensic medical supplies, “Protecting Our Children” materials, furniture, and camera equipment to document abuse and trauma. Provided for summer group therapy at Midtown Children’s Center. Purchased golf carts to facilitate transporting patients in the hospital and across campus. Underwrote childbirth classes focusing on areas with the highest infant mortality rate. Supported Healthy Me and Stop Taking on Pounds, built raised garden beds, provided emergency co-pay assistance and durable medical equipment to senior citizens. Funded Limestone Falls. Purchased an eight-vehicle fleet including two ADA-accessible vans for use by Eskenazi Midtown Mental Health. Provided support for the new Sandra Eskenazi Center for Brain Care Innovation.


Total monies raised from 1907 to present (rounded)




Eskenazi Health Patient Testimonals

Pricilla Johnson – Richard M. Fairbanks Burn Center Pricilla Johnson was at home late one Saturday evening, preparing for an Indianapolis 500 party she was hosting the next day. When the pork roast in the crock pot was finished, she slid the crock pot toward the front of the counter so that she could better cut the meat. Unfortunately, the crock pot fell and spilled its contents all over her legs. After applying some ice, she decided it was late and she would just go to bed. She awoke the next morning to blisters all over her legs and skin hanging from one of her elbows. Not sure what to do, Pricilla sent photos to her daughter and asked her brother to come over and look at her injuries. Luckily, Pricilla’s daughter lives next door to Dr. Rajiv Sood, medical director of the Richard M. Fairbanks Burn Center at Eskenazi Health. When Pricilla’s daughter showed him the pictures of her mother’s injuries, Dr. Sood said Pricilla needed to be in his office first thing the next morning. One look at Pricilla and Dr. Sood immediately admitted her to the burn center. Pricilla confessed “I was shocked. I couldn’t believe that something like this happened to me!” But, she was in good hands. Over the next 23 days, Dr. Sood and his team took care of Pricilla and helped heal her wounds. “I was not treated like a patient in a room. I was always treated like a person the team cared about. From the nurses to the person who came by to clean the room, everyone was great,” Pricilla explained. She even came up with a name for her stay – Camp EKZ – where she created badges for different steps in her recovery process. Pricilla is now undergoing a 12- to 18-month recovery, but says she knows she will get through it because she knows she’s “in good hands” thanks to Dr. Sood and the team at the burn center.


Eskenazi Health Patient Testimonals

Sylvia Stout De Witherspoon – St. Margaret’s Hospital Guild Diagnostic Breast Center She credits her husband with helping her get through it. “He really helped me a lot. He was a great support.” He even shaved her head for her, once her hair started falling out. Daily, she battled exhaustion, hemorrhoids, and chancre sores in her mouth and throat so bad that it made it hard to swallow. “I felt so ugly. I would tell my daughters that I didn’t want them to see me like this.” Every time she would say that, her daughters would kiss her forehead and say “no, mommy, you are beautiful.” Sylvia asserts that “my family was my strength.” After chemotherapy, began radiation therapy. Every week day for two months, she came to Eskenazi Health to get treatment. The doctors kept encouraging her to push through it. In early 2013, Sylvia Stout De Witherspoon discovered a lump in her right breast. It didn’t hurt, so she just figured it would go away. After all, she was very healthy; she ran about an hour each day and ate very well. After a few months of it not going away, she decided to mention it to her primary care physician who immediately sent her for a mammogram with Dr. Katherine Paterson at Eskenazi Health. The scan revealed something and she underwent a biopsy two days later. “It was pretty scary,” she recalls. “I had two little girls (ages two and five) that I had to worry about.” Once the biopsy came back positive, she met with Dr. Lisa Korff, a surgeon at Eskenazi Health. “She went over all of the possibilities with me and discussed my options. I really appreciated that,” Sylvia explains. Ultimately, Sylvia elected a full mastectomy. “I didn’t want anything to come back,” she said. On September 11, 2013, with her husband and her mother from Mexico by her side, Dr. Korff performed her surgery. Everything was going well until about two weeks later when she developed an infection and severe pain. She went to the Michael & Susan Smith Emergency Department at Eskenazi Health that weekend. Dr. Korff had to re-open the incisions and remove the infection. “It was very painful,” Sylvia remembers. “It was a very, very long week.” With the help of a surgical drain and Eskenazi Health doctors and nurses, Sylvia’s infection cleared up. She, then, began six months of chemotherapy. Dr. Lida Mina, a Hematology/Oncology specialist at Eskenazi Health, treated Sylvia. “They chose the most aggressive chemotherapy because Dr. Lida Mina said I was strong. But, it wore me out,” Sylvia admits. While her husband worked, Sylvia would undergo treatment and still have to take care of the girls and get all of the household chores done. But, she was strong. “Sometimes my legs would shake and my hips hurt so bad I would just want to fall on the floor. But, I had to keep going. My family depended on me.”

Despite the intense pain, Sylvia pushed herself to stay as normal as she could. She even took karate classes with her two daughters and her older son. “I had to show them how to be strong and have a good attitude,” she explains. “I always tried to laugh at myself and everything going on. It relaxed me. It relaxed my family too.” One day, her daughters made up a song. Her youngest put a pillow under her shirt on one side and marched around the house singing “chichi. Aye, aye, aye.” Chichi is Spanish slang for breast. They all laughed. It became somewhat of an anthem for them. Once she had recovered from her treatment and her cancer was in remission, she met with Dr. Ivan Haddad at Eskenazi Health, to discuss reconstruction. “He was wonderful. He explained all of my options and just treated me so well. He was very positive. All of my doctors were fantastic,” Sylvia proclaims. Dr. Haddad took skin from Sylvia’s back and muscle from her shoulder to hold the implant in place. She had to go every two weeks to receive an injection in the temporary implant. She even tried a prosthetic, but her skin was so sensitive, it only caused more pain. So, she often went out “bald and without the prosthetic.” In early 2016, Sylvia underwent surgery to complete the surgery and receive a permanent implant. “Dr. Haddad helped me look human again.” It’s still a battle every day for Sylvia. Because of her medications, she deals with constant stiff muscles that prevent her from getting back to running like she used to, but she finally got back into the gym about in September. She says she knew a lot of people that had a similar diagnosis who did not survive. “I’m so very thankful to be alive. I’m so thankful for everyone at Eskenazi Health.” Sylvia says she made a point, during each of her interactions with Eskenazi Health doctors and nurses to tell them how grateful she was. “They were all awesome and always so kind. They are like angels. They kept me alive to be with my children.”



Achievement in Medicine Award Generously sponsored by the Indiana Blood Center since 2006

The impact that Dr. Carlos and Dr. Khan have had on the health and safety of the patients at Eskenazi Health is substantial and reaches outside the institution. Many of the tactics and protocols they have developed have been adopted at other local and national institutions, bringing great credibility and recognition to Eskenazi Health. These two doctors were selected as the 2017 AIM award recipients as they have implemented multiple programs in the Medical Intensive Care Unit at Eskenazi Hospital with tremendous impact on patient care. These include a “Wake-Up-And-Breathe” ventilator weaning protocol that dramatically decreased the incidence of delirium and ventilator duration. The former was published in a majormedical journal, Critical Care Medicine, in 2015. Together, they created and implemented an “ICU Daily Rounding Checklist” that prompts clinicians to remember to address various patient-care activities, such as updating family members, removing bladder catheters to prevent infections, and removing invasive lines. This checklist has achieved enormous benefits to patient care. Eskenazi Medical ICU has decreased utilization of catheters and improved patient satisfaction scores since its implementation. The results were published in another major journal, Annals of the American Thoracic Society, in 2015. Joining forces with colleagues from the pulmonary/ critical care and geriatrics divisions at the Indiana University School of Medicine, Dr. Khan headed the development of the ICU Survivor Clinic, the Critical Care Recovery Center, which is unique to Eskenazi Health. This clinic affords an opportunity to survivors of ICU patient care at Eskenazi a timely follow-up visit to address medication reconciliation and more importantly, screen for post-ICU delirium, post-traumatic stress disorder, ICU-acquired cognitive impairment, and ongoing risk factors for hospital readmission. Opened in 2011, this was the first clinic of its kind in the United States and has achieved improvements in the post-ICU symptoms of ICU survivors, recognized both nationally and internationally. A unique aspect of all the aforementioned programs is that they have been implemented as clinical programs with a strong research foundation and demonstrate a unique merger between clinical and research operations. This ensures the shortening of the traditional discovery to delivery cycle that allows evidence-based patient care in real time without having to wait extra years to achieve health benefits.

w. graham carlos iii,

MD, MSCR grew up alongside the Hudson River in Poughkeepsie, New York. During his freshmen year at the University of Notre Dame, he met his wife, Jenny. They graduated together and entered the Indiana University School of Medicine (IUSM) Class of 2005. After medical school they completed their Internal Medicine Residencies at St. Vincent Hospital, where Graham eventually served as Chief Medical Resident. Returning to IUSM for his Pulmonary and Critical Care Fellowship, Graham concomitantly completed a Master of Clinical Research. In addition to his research endeavors, Graham grew as an educator, teaching students, residents, and fellows. Graham serves as the Medical Intermediate Care Unit (MICU) director at Sidney & Lois Eskenazi Hospital, where he also conducts clinical research and is involved in multiple quality improvement measures. In 2016, Graham was named Assistant Dean for Medical Student Education Phase 3 and co-chairman of the IUSM Curriculum Council. These roles have focused his efforts on the clinical rotations in which IUSM students participate, ensuring educational quality and comparability statewide. Uniquely, he has won the “most outstanding teacher” designation for each subset and is now focusing his career on faculty education through the American Thoracic Society and the Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC).

babar a. khan,

MD, MS is an Assistant Professor of Medicine and a Research Scientist at Regenstrief Institute, Inc. and Indiana University Center for Aging Research (IUCAR). He is a patient oriented clinical researcher and an implementation scientist with a principal focus on developing models of care in the ICU and post-ICU setting. His models of care have been implemented at Eskenazi Health to improve delirium identification, prevention, and treatment among critically ill patients in the intensive care unit (ICU). In the post-ICU setting, he spear headed the development of the “Critical Care Recovery Center (CCRC),” an innovative center balancing research and clinical services that sought to advance the science of “Post-Intensive Care Syndrome (PICS)” for expeditious cognitive, physical and psychological recovery of ICU survivors. He is at present expanding the clinic model into a comprehensive mobile ICU recovery program so that the recovery services for ICU survivors can be provided outside the physical confines of a clinic by taking the intervention to the patient.




St. Margaret’s Hospital Guild: A Worthy Organization for a Worthy Cause

St. Margaret’s Hospital Guild are you interested in joining st. margaret’s hospital guild? St. Margaret’s Hospital Guild is a volunteer organization comprised of dedicated women who are committed to raising funds for programs and services for Eskenazi Health. For the past 56 years, this has been accomplished by hosting the annual Decorators’ Show House and Gardens. The proceeds support some of the neediest of our neighbors. A group of dynamic women serve on various Guild committees and participate in Decorators’ Show House and Gardens assignments. Members who work together develop lifelong friendships while raising funds for Eskenazi Health. For more information about membership, please email: decoratorshowhouseinfo@gmail. com or ask any host or hostess at the Show House or in Maggie’s Café. We would be more than happy to answer any questions you may have and share the St. Margaret’s story. st. margaret’s hospital guild, inc. mission statement St. Margaret’s Hospital Guild, Inc. is a volunteer organization committed to raising funds for the services and programs of Eskenazi Health.

was founded in 1907 by five women who formed a nonsectarian Guild to provide care and support to Indianapolis’ City Hospital patients through direct service and fundraising projects. The Guild’s mission is the same today; only the name of the hospital has changed. Starting as City Hospital in 1895, the hospital has been known as Indianapolis General Hospital, Marion County General Hospital, Wishard Memorial Hospital, and today we all know it as Eskenazi Health. People often ask how the name of the Guild was chosen. St. Margaret, the daughter of ninthcentury Prince Edward of Scotland, worked with the sick, the orphans, and the poor. Each year since 1962, St. Margaret’s Hospital Guild has organized the refurbishing of a classic home, opened the home for a two-week public tour, and donated the proceeds to Eskenazi Health. Since the Guild’s founding in 1907, it has raised over $12 million for Eskenazi Health, supporting the patients and professionals at our city’s public hospital. Proceeds from the Decorators’ Show House and Gardens allow SMHG to provide equipment and special programs for patients at Eskenazi Health. With your help, the Guild has funded the Burn Unit, sponsored two mobile mammography clinics, allowed for department renovations, initiated the Mother’s Milk Bank, and provided “Protecting Our Children” materials. SMHG has provided summer group therapy at Midtown Children’s Center, underwritten childbirth classes focusing on areas of highest infant mortality, purchased golf carts to help patients navigate the hospital campus, and supported the Haven of Hope with forensic medical supplies. The Guild has helped build raised garden beds for patients’ use at the Sky Garden, supported Healthy Me for children, funded the Limestone Falls at the Commonground, and purchased an eight-vehicle fleet including two ADA-accessible vans for use by Eskenazi Midtown Mental Health. Most recently, funds earned from the Decorators’ Show House and Gardens provided support for the new Sandra Eskenazi Center for Brain Care Innovation. St. Margaret’s Hospital Guild is proud to be one of the pioneer volunteer groups in the City of Indianapolis. We are grateful to the designers, landscape architects, sponsors, individuals, corporations, and donors of in-kind services who make this annual event possible. 2017 DECORATORS’ SHOW HOUSE AND GARDENS 11

charles mayer



St. Margaret’s Hospital Guild: 2016-2017 Members

active / advisory members Kristina Anderson Joan Ball Elizabeth Baxter— Guild Treasurer Debbie Bossi Judi Bounsall— Corresponding

Photograph by: Anne Buskirk, annebuskirk.com


Mary Brady Kimberly Brant Ellen Brethauer— Co-General Chair Susan Brown Irene Burt Rachael Burt Anne Buskirk-Bailey Kerry Caito—President Terry Campbell Sandy Carlson—Promotions Director Robin Coffee Barbara Cook Earlene Cook Judy Cosgrove Dixie Covert Molly Creamer—House Management Director

Karen Cummings Cheryl Curry Pam Curtis—Functions Co-Director Jody Deford Julie DeWitt Jane Drake Sharon Butsch Freeland—Program & Printing Director

Sara Freeman Phyllis Garrison Deb Gibson—President-Elect Lynda Goeke Lori Goldsby Susan Hall Jennifer Hamilton—IT Co-Director Mary Clare Hasbrook Cassie Hicks—VP, Membership Joan Hilger—Decorator Chair Mary Margaret Hillenbrand Michelle Hipskind—Design Director Patrician Hirsch Mary Holland— Co-General Chair Kathleen House Mary Johnston Jane Jones—Business Director Jennifer Kelley—IT Co-Director Whitney Kinkel Lisa Knipp Sonya “Sunni” Krull Kathleen McKinney Vanessa McTigue Kelley Merritt Amy Miller Molly Milton Madaline Mount Jennie Moy—DSH Treasurer Margaret Murrmann

Peggy Neal Sue Nelson Tammy O’Malley Tanya Overdorf Stacy Payne Miller Karee Petruzzi—Functions Co-Director Kristi Petruzzi—Recording Secretary Mary Petruzzi LeAnnette Pierce Julie Qualkinbush Angela Raab Julie Redman Marilyn Renner Sue Roper Aly Schroeder Connie Slater Denise Smith—Development Director Sherrell Smith Terri Stauffer Helen Stehman Deborah Stoll Audrey Studley Donna Thormann Amy Traub Jean Trester Kiersten Tully Elizabeth Urbanski Mica Wilson Susie Zabel

Life Members

Margaret Baranowski Liz Berg Mary Caito Nancy Christy Colleen Colvin Nia Cortese JoAnn Dietz Rosemarie Eckman Mary Ann Fagan Molly Fenneman Maggie Fritz Sarah Getts Terry Holland Karen Jinnett Linda Kammen Dessie Partenheimer Koch Barbara Kurtz Brenda Kyle Kathy McKinzie Diane Mikiska Karen Molitoris Pat Nash Jane Newcomb Jean Przbyla Pam Rappaport Pat Sharp Alyson Smith Betty Sterrett Pam Stuart Sue Thomson Susie Tittle Ellen Williams Janice Williams


Mike Arnold


In Memoriam The 2017 Decorators’ Show House and Gardens wishes to acknowledge the Memory of our Life Members who were treasured friends and served St. Margaret’s Guild for many years. Their contributions to the Guild were greatly appreciated and helped us improve lives in the community. We will remember them always.

jeanne bubala

Member since 2013

Donors: Mary Brady, Susan Brand, Andrew Bubala, Lisa Clark, Earlene Cook, Megan and Martin Gregor, Carla Hawkins, Cheryl Hazelrigg, Jennifer Kelley, Mary Smith, W. Stephen Smith, Dr. and Mrs. F. B. Stehman, Judy Steiner, Kathleen West

mary eckhart Member since 1967 nancy henderson Member since 1989 Donor: Cristy Friday

tatjana flynn


Former Show House Designer


Decorators’ Show House and Gardens 2016-2017 Design Board

front row

pictured seated left to right

Diana Bryant, Designer; Connie Slater, Past Decorator Chair; Joan Hilger, Decorator Chair; Michelle Hipskind, Design Director

second row pictured left to right

David Gorden, Landscape Designer; Kerry Caito, President; Susie Clase, Designer; Ellen Brethauer, Co-General Chair; Mary Holland, Co-General Chair

Not Pictured: Todd Otterman, Designer



In Appreciation of our Generous 2017 Sponsors





Taste Indy Thursday, April 27, 6:00–9:00 pm st. margaret’s hospital guild thanks these restaurants and vendors for their generous support



Indy on Tap Thursday, May 11, 6:30–9:30 pm




st. margaret’s hospital guild thanks these vendors for their generous support

145 c



A pantone black


CR 485 c

. B E E R.



Thank You to our Sponsors thank you for making the 2017 decorators’ show house and gardens possible PLATINUM ($25,000 AND UP) Emmis Communications WIBC/93.1 and B105.7 Eskenazi Health Foundation The National Bank of Indianapolis Ruth Lilly Philanthropic Foundation Stuart’s Moving & Storage, Inc.

DIAMOND ($15,000–$24,999) Delta Faucet Company/Brizo

GOLD ($5,000–$14,999) Barnes & Thornburg, LLP Anne M. Buskirk, Photography Benjamin Moore Hoosier Portable Restrooms, Inc. Indiana Design Center Indianapolis Monthly Debbie and Ted Lilly** McNamara Florist Spoke & Steele

SILVER ($2,500–$4,999) A Classic Party Rental Allied Solutions Barth Electric Company, Inc. Blakley’s Flooring Matthew and Kerry Caito* Citizens Energy Group Gibraltar Design, Inc. Lee Supply Joyce and John Reynolds** SYNLawn

BRONZE ($1,000–$2,499) Mrs. Fran Arnold** Tom and Vicki Broadie** Mr. and Mrs. Cleve M. Brown* Irene Burt* Bob and Pam Curtis* Ed Martin Acura 22 2017 DECORATORS’ SHOW HOUSE AND GARDENS

Elgin WaterCare Kathleen and Larry House* Jennifer and Jim Kelley* Sunni Krull* Madhouse by Michael Aram Marigold Clothing Masland Carpets and Rugs Meijer Mr. Marble Care TH-Inc. Monarch Beverage Jennie and Eric Moy* Professional Plastering & Drywall Co. Julie and Jeff Qualkinbush* Somerset CPAs Gary and Kim Warren**

DONOR ($500–$999) Jay and Becky Brammer** Sue L. Ciotti** Robin Coffey* Dr. and Mrs. Michael Coscia** Jim and Dixie Covert* Barbara Danquist** Densborn Blachly LLP Sarah and Dick Getts** HealthSCOPE Benefits Honeymoon/image + design, inc. Terry and Steve Holland** MC Painting and Design Mediafactory Mosquito Authority Pete Pappas Pryor Safe & Lock Ruth and Jim Rodefeld** SIMPLICITY Cold Pressed Juices Connie Slater* Dr. and Mrs. F. B. Stehman* Sun King Brewery Bob and Suzanne Thomas** Tinder Lock WFYI

CONTRIBUTOR ($250–$499) Charlene and Joe Barnette** Kitty Bartlett** Suzanne and Chuck Beard** Bill and Liz Berg** Mary and Dan Brady* Stephanie and Craig Brater ** Susie and Jim Cumming** Bill and Jill Dale** Mary Ann and Dan Fagan** Cindee and Jim Fisher** Dorthea and Phillip Genetos** Deb and Jim Gibson* Cassie and Dennis Hicks* J & P Enterprises, Purveyors of Carlisle Clothing Linda and Richard Kammen** Dessie Partenheimer Koch** Shirley A. Lewis** Lisa Lombardi** Vanessa and Mark McTigue* N2 Publications Linda and Donald Neel** Nelson Alarm Nancy Null** Petite G Jewelers Dean and Karee Petruzzi* Jim and Carol Phillips** Cathy and Jim Reed** Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Renner* Bonnie Rettig** Sue and Ralph Roper* Dr. and Mrs. John Rufatto** Carol and Ed Smithwick** Dr. and Mrs. F. B. Stehman In memory of: Dr. Joseph Thomson Barbara Blakely’s husband, Mike Blakely Maureen Buskirk’s mother, Ruth Murphy Deb Gibson’s brother and Jeanne Bellish’s son, Timothy Bellish In celebration of the marriage of: Marie De Leon, MD and Johnny Shu

Jean Swisher** Ann Wright**

SUPPORTER ($100–$249) Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Alexander** Michael Arnold In memory of Cathy Reed’s mother, Ruth Palasini Kaye Diener’s husband, William Diener

Mr. and Mrs. David Behrmann** Jeanne Bellish** Barbara Blakley** Joyce Boncosky** Judi Bounsall* Ellen Miller Brethauer* Rachel and Robert Burt* Mert and Tim Campbell** Nancy Christy** Barbara and Joseph Clark** Susie Clase

Colleen and John Colvin** Barbara Cook* Tom and Nia Cortese** Jim and Judy Cosgrove* Nancy Cronin** Kevin and Jody DeFord* Julie and David DeWitt* Kaye Diener** Jill and John Failey** Molly Fenneman** Nanci and Hank Feuer** Phyllis Garrison* Lynda Goeke* Lori Goldsby* Susan and Ken Hall* Barbara and George Hamilton** Mark and Jennifer Hamilton** Mrs. Frank Hapak** Fran and Larry Heck** Joan and David Hilger* Mary Margaret Hillenbrand* Michelle and Kevin Hipskind* William and Patricia Hirsch* Mary and Jim Holland* Barbara and Patrick James** Karen and Bryan Jinnett** Mary E. Johnston* Marcia Knapp** Ron and Renée Kniess** Lisa and Denny Knipp* Lara and Stephen Knitter** Hazel Lemen** Phyd Lentz** Sally McMath** Jim and Kelley Merritt* Dan and Molly Milton* Karen and Bruce Molitoris** Mr. and Mrs. John F. Molloy** Susan K. Moore** Ann and Paul Moran** Susan C. Morton** Margaret Murrmann* Pat Nash** Peggy McKinney and Squier Neal* Jane and Roger Newcomb** Joan and E. Scott Nichols** Tanya Stuart Overdorf* Kristi and David Petruzzi* Kim and Bruce Phillips** Angela and John Raab* Dr. Steve and Pam Rappaport** Brad and Julie Redman* Anne and Richard Riegner** Susan and John Risk** Haskell and Sandra Ross** Jack and Carolyn M. Schaefer Gray** Sally and Larry Sebeckis** Debbie Stewart** Kitty and David Stoeppelwerth** Eric and Deborah Stoll* Audrey Studley* Lou Ann Tabor**

* Denotes Active and Advisory Members of St. Margaret’s Hospital Guild ** Denotes Life Members of St. Margaret’s Hospital Guild

Sue Thomson** Donna and John Thormann* Anne Throop** Jean C. Trester* Matt and Kiersten Tully* J.R. and Sarah Walsh** Bob and Jane Wildman** Janice Williams** Julie Wood** Kevin and Susan Woodhouse** Kim Young**

FRIEND ($1–$99) Kristina Anderson* Margaret and John Baranowski** Art and Elizabeth Baxter* Kim Brant* Lydia Brunner** Jeanne Bubala* Anne M. Buskirk-Bailey* Mary and Fred Caito** Terry Campbell Sandy and Reed Carlson* Carmel Trophies, Awards & Gifts Jan Childers** Jonathan Clase and Whitney Smith Earlene Cook* Lou Ann Cowie** John and Molly Creamer* Esther Davidson** Mary Dickman** Jane Drake* Rory Eckman** Michael and Sharon Butsch Freeland* Sara Freeman* Jenny Holland** Jane and Mike Jones* Barbara Kurtz** Matthew Lavery and Jessica Gillespie Pat McConnell** Mark and Kathy McKinzie** Diane H. Mikiska** Amy Miller* Stacy and Henry Miller* Madaline Mount* Ken and Sue Nelson* Jane Price** Jean Przbyla** Mrs. Glenn (Patti) Reasner** Diane Schmadeke** Andrew and Aly Schroeder* Patricia Sharp** Beverly Sinclair** Alison Smith** In memory of: Ellen Frist’s mother, Evelyn Edwards

Denise Smith* Sherrell Smith* Terri Stauffer* Ann Strong** Elizabeth Urbanski* Ellen and Steve Williams** Mica Wilson* 2017 DECORATORS’ SHOW HOUSE AND GARDENS 23

A Special Thank You Thank you to the people and businesses who have made contributions this year

A Classic Party Rental Jack Hawkins

Delta Faucet Company/Brizo Paula Warner

Achievement in Medicine Award Eskenazi Selection Committee

Densborn Blachly LLP

AmazonSmile Angie’s List Fran Arnold Barnes & Thornburg LLP Eric Moy Jeff Qualkinbush Barth Electric Company, Inc. Jim Raasch Jason Filicsky

Design Board 2017 Ellen Brethauer Diana Bryant Kerry Caito Susie Clase David Gorden Joan Hilger Michelle Hipskind Mary Holland Todd Otterman Detail Janice Gilmore Adam Gilmore

Basile Opera Center David Starkey Galen Bower

Eastside Voice Paula Nicewanger

Rachael Baumgartner

Elgin WaterCare Doug Hull

Beauty + Grace Benjamin Moore & Co. Black Plate Catering by Keith Little Blakley’s Flooring Allen Gindt Blue K Security Mike and Kathy McClary Anne M. Buskirk Photography Matthew Caito Carmel Trophies, Awards & Gifts Charlie Cave II


Emmis Communications Keith Phillips Kristin Sims Mike Botkin Trisha Brand Indianapolis Monthly Emmis Marketing Group B105.7, WIBC/93.1 FM Emily Gillespie Eskenazi Health Lisa Harris, MD Michelle O’Keefe Arnoldo Benavidez Glennella Williams

Eskenazi Health Foundation Ernie Vargo II Julie Rowlas Ashley Sowders Kristin Hyde Everyday Paint & Wallpaper, Inc. Curt Rumer Matt Buehler Greg Garrison Gibraltar Design, Inc. Brittany Bowman Erin Maher Harvest Cafe Larry French Mark M. Holeman, Inc. Rich Blankenship Honeymoon image+design Mike and Rhonda Fasig Hoosier Portables Restrooms Inc. Jamie Hunter Homes by Horvath “Kitchen Steve” Horvath Sonny Vesper Indiana Blood Center Charles Miraglia, M.D. Jennifer Jones Indiana Design Center Andrea Kleymeyer Indiana School for the Blind & Visually Impaired Indianapolis Art Center Andy Helmkamp

!ndy On Tap Vendors Bier Brewery Flat 12 Four Day Ray Brewing Grand Junction Granite City Northside Knights of Columbus Council 3433 and Social Club Spoke & Steele Sun King Tow Yard Twenty Tap TwoDEEP Brewing Co. Patrick Hasbrook

Mr. Marble Care TH - Inc. Roger Wright Monarch Beverage Company Phil Terry

Stuart’s Moving & Storage, Inc. Tony Stuart Jacquie Stuart

Mosquito Authority Scott Langdon

SYNLawn Lorraine Phillips Vavul

N2 Publishing Caroline Mosley Brandon Powell

Taste !ndy Vendors A Cut Above Catering Bier Brewery Black Plate Catering Chef Suzanne Convivio Duos Firebirds Wood Fired Grill Illinois Street Food Emporium Bakery & Deli J. Razzo’s The Melting Pot Meridian Restaurant & Bar Monarch Beverage Ocean Prime Palomino Rock Cola Café Sun King Brewery

Julie Browning Bova Design

National Bank of Indianapolis Kathy Cox Ann M. Merkel

Koorsen Fire and Safety

Peggy and Squier Neal

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We extend a very special thank you to all our Maggies’ husbands and families who support us as we work on this worthwhile project. We would also like to thank the homeowners, who supported our mission. We apologize for any inadvertent omissions.


A History of 4401 N. Illinois Street

St. Margaret’s Hospital Guild is honored to be a part of the 2017 “Year of Vonnegut” by presenting the childhood home of Kurt Vonnegut Jr. as the organization’s 56th Annual Decorators’ Show House and Gardens. The residence was built by the author’s architect father, Kurt Vonnegut Sr., expressly for his own family. They included his wife, Edith Lieber Vonnegut, and their three children, Bernard, Alice, and Kurt Jr. The celebrated author, playwright, artist, lecturer, and humanitarian resided in the home from the time that he was just a few months old until he was 15 years old. Kurt Vonnegut Sr. was in the third generation of Vonneguts to make their marks on Indianapolis. His grandfather, Clemens Vonnegut Sr., established the popular Vonnegut Hardware chain. Kurt Sr.’s father, Bernard Vonnegut, founded a respected architectural firm, Vonnegut and Bohn, which Kurt Sr. then joined. One of Kurt Sr.’s feats during his architectural career was the 90-degree rotation of the Indiana Bell Telephone Company’s eight-story office building at New York and Meridian Streets. Members of Edith Vonneguts’ family were also prominent citizens. Edith’s father, Albert Lieber, was the owner of the Indianapolis Brewing Company. Her grand-uncle, Herman Lieber, operated a picture-framing and art supply store, which evolved into an art gallery that exhibited many now-famous Hoosier artists. Edith’s cousin, Richard Lieber, was the founder of the Indiana State Parks system. Although the Vonnegut home is known today as 4401 North Illinois Street, at the time it was built, the address assigned to it by the City of Indianapolis was 4365 North Illinois Street. It was known as 4365 for nearly four decades. Construction of the 5,907-square-foot residence began in the fall of 1922. In filing for the building permit, Kurt Sr. had to provide a figure for the projected cost of construction. He estimated that the four-bedroom, two-and-a-half-bath home, with finished attic, basement, and two-car attached garage, would cost about $25,000. Using an inflation calculator, that figure would be about $360,000 in today’s dollars. The land on 26 2017 DECORATORS’ SHOW HOUSE AND GARDENS

which the dwelling was built was already owned by the Vonneguts and not included in the estimate of construction cost. The lot is 100 feet by 300 feet, more than two-thirds of an acre. The residence was completed by the spring of 1923. With its simplicity and clean lines, the building primarily presents an Arts & Crafts architectural style. However, the incorporation of some English Country and English Tudor vernacular resulted in the exterior’s having a somewhat eclectic appearance. Since Vonnegut built the home for his own family, he may not have felt any constraints in choosing to incorporate features he himself liked that were not strictly from one period or in one style of architecture. An unusual aspect of the structure is its placement on the lot. Most homes face the street, unless the lot is too narrow for the entrance and more formal areas to fit within the width of the building site. The Vonnegut house was positioned with its front door facing south and its back door and garage doors facing north; thus, the side of the house is oriented towards the street. Since the lot is adequate to accommodate the width of the house, Vonnegut must have had some other reason for deciding to position the residence as he did. The exterior façade of the home is primarily brick, with a few areas of painted half-timbers and stuccoed walls. The roof is slate, and the gutters and downspouts are copper. Most of the windows on the main and second floors are leaded glass. Of special note are stained-glass windows that were incorporated into the home’s front entrance. The entry door window contains the letter V wrapped around the letters K & E (for Kurt and Edith Vonnegut) and the date 1923 (for the year the home was completed). Three windows alongside the front door contain the letters B, A, and K (for the children, Bernard, Alice, and Kurt). Inside the house, the details and materials used by Kurt Sr. were clearly in the Arts & Crafts tradition. Many of the original components remain today. Mahogany woodwork, oak floors, ceramic tile, and leaded glass interior doors can be

Below: 4365 N. Illinois Street in the mid-1940’s. (Image courtesy of Ann Clark Calkins) Right: Bernard (left), Alice (right), and Kurt Vonnegut Jr. (Image courtesy of the Vonnegut Family Archives)

found throughout the home. An unusual arrangement of front and back stairways provides alternatives for access to and from the second floor. The front stairs, near the front door, living room, and dining room, were finished more elegantly and probably originally intended for use by adults and guests. The back stairs, easily accessed from the kitchen, back door, and garage, were more utilitarian and probably originally intended for use by children and domestic help. The Vonneguts resided in the property from 1923 until 1938. After the stock market crash of 1929 and the Great Depression of the 1930s, Kurt Sr.’s work as an architect declined, as few people had the money to build new homes or businesses. In 1938, to reduce their cost of living the Vonneguts moved to a smaller home just two blocks away from their Illinois Street home. Interestingly, the sellers of the property the Vonneguts bought became the purchasers of the Vonnegut residence. The family with whom the Vonneguts traded homes were Robert W. Clark and Margaret B. Clark and their two children, William and Ann. Robert Clark was Chairman of the Board of Merchants Property Insurance Co. The Clarks resided in the home from 1938 to 1961. Architect Evans Woollen III and Nancy Sewell Woollen and their sons, Ian and Malcolm, were the third family to occupy the home. Like the Vonneguts, the Woollen family was well-established, having settled in Indianapolis in 1835. Evans’ great-grandfather, Conrad Baker, was the 15th Governor of Indiana. Although Evans III’s work was often controversial, he is nonetheless considered one of Indianapolis’ most important architects. Woollen designed Clowes Memorial Hall, Barton Towers, the Minton-Capehart Federal Building, and the addition to the Indianapolis Public Library, to name only a handful of his many projects. It was during the Woollens’ residency that two significant changes were made to the property. First, at the Woollens’ request, the address of the home was changed from

4365 North Illinois Street to 4401 North Illinois Street. This revision required the cooperation of the Woollens’ next-doorneighbors, as 4401 was their address. Second, Evans removed the ceiling of the home’s living room, which was also the floor of the master bedroom above it, thereby creating a dramatic two-story-high living room and eliminating the home’s original master bedroom. The fourth owners of the home were Ronald B. Covin and Janet Nielson Covin. Ron came to Indianapolis from New York to be the executive vice president of the women’s clothing store, Paul Harris. The Covins lived in the home for only about a year. During their ownership, they replaced the original 1923 kitchen with a new kitchen. In 1987, marketing mavens Vaughn B. Hickman and Melissa Stone Hickman became the home’s fifth owners. The couple owned Hickman and Associates, an award-winning advertising and public relations agency. The firm was founded in 1968 by Vaughn. He was chairman of the company, and Melissa was its president. Hickman and Associates closed its doors in 2009, after 41 years in business, so that Vaughn could enjoy his retirement years. The current stewards of the home are eye doctor Paul L. Walton, his wife Cheryl H. Walton, and their son George. The Waltons purchased the home in 2008. One of the improvements made in the early years of the Waltons’ ownership was the conversion of the former coal bin into a wine cellar. They also refinished the floors and updated the bath on the third level of the home. More recently, the Waltons have installed a new kitchen on the main level and a new master bath, new closet, and new laundry room on the second level. St. Margaret’s Hospital Guild extends its heartfelt appreciation to the present owners of Kurt Vonnegut Jr.’s childhood home for partnering with the Guild in the 2017 Decorators’ Show House and Gardens. It has truly been a pleasure to work with the Waltons. The history of the property and its owners was researched and written by Guild member Sharon Butsch Freeland.


House Plans 4 23

24 3


25 22

17 1

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11

Entry Hall Living Room Dining Room Screened Porch The Green Space Master Bedroom Master Sitting Room Master Bathroom & Closet Laundry Room Room for Two Under the Sea


Back Stairs & Hall

22 23 24 25 26

Powder Room Die neue Küche (The New Kitchen) Breakfast Room Mud Room Back Porch

2 7 8

ground floor



10 5 11

second floor


House Plans

14 15


third floor

12 16

lower level

12 13 14 15 16

Writer’s Retreat Gallery The Craft Room Serenity Bath Third Floor Guest Bedroom Kurt’s Cradle


Lower Level Stairs & Creative Nook The Blasted Hallway Wine Tasting Room Lower Level Lounge

19 20 21






Outdoor Plans



landscapes RESIDENCE






Driveway Garden Entrance Allée Koi Pond Backyard Garden Bay Window Landscapes

Driveway Garden & Entrance Allée

property pros land management, llc


area a

area b

AREA DESCRIPTION AREA A: Driveway Garden Mature trees, yews, and ground cover were existing. A few yews were removed and mirroring beds were created, featuring large annual planters and annual beds lined with a boxwood hedge.

AREA B: Entrance Allée A large Euonymus shrub, ground cover, a natural blue stone walkway, and patio area existed. Large overgrown yews were removed from the space. Mature Mission Arborvitaes were added to frame in the patio area, and a threetiered fountain was added as a focal piece. Two large annual planters frame the large brick patio area for the front door. An abundance of perennial colors and flowering shrubs were added to help soften the area. ABOUT THE COMPANY Property Pros Land Management is a full service exterior needs company, with an interior focus on all your landscape design, construction, and maintenance needs. Property Pros offers design build services in all size hardscape and landscape projects. We are honored to be a part of the Decorators’ Show House and Gardens again this year. Property Pros is a member of the Interlocking Concrete Paving Institute and the Indiana Landscape Association. Our mission is to provide high quality projects coupled with industry leading customer service.

PROPERTY PROS LAND MANAGEMENT, LLC 11691 Fall Creek Road, Suite 222, Indianapolis, IN 46256 office@propertyproslm.com | propertyproslm.com


(317) 436-8529


Jeff Mull and Josh Springer 2017 DECORATORS’ SHOW HOUSE AND GARDENS 33


Entry Hall

misch bobrick design llc

AREA DESCRIPTION The Entry Hall is an intimate space that sets the tone for the whole house. We visually lifted the compressed space with a sky blue ceiling. The ceiling is decorated with a gilt starburst to add a bit more interest. We used large-scale objects to provide drama. One-of-a-kind artwork from local artist, Quincy Owens, adds color and interest. A pottery and porcelain collection personalizes the space with period style.

PAINT COLORS Benjamin Moore—Sunrise #829

ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS Capel Rugs; Designer’s Market, Inc.; Newland Painting & Associated Trades; Quincy Owens, Artist

ABOUT THE DESIGNERS Allan Misch, Allied ASID, and Reed Bobrick, Allied ASID, R.I.D., formed MischBobrickDesignLLC more than 15 years ago, as a full-service design and decoration company catering to an exclusive residential and commercial clientele. Their award-winning work has been showcased in national publications and locally in Sophisticated Living, Indianapolis Monthly, and The Indianapolis Star. They are dedicated to providing unparalleled style and service. This year marks Allan and Reed’s sixth opportunity to participate in the Decorators’ Show House and Gardens.

MISCH BOBRICK DESIGN LLC Allan Misch and Reed Bobrick

934 Park Avenue, Indianapolis, IN 46202 | (317) 730-0028 reed@mischbobrick.com | mischbobrick.com


| allan@mischbobrick.com |

Living Room

ethan allen


AREA DESCRIPTION The Living Room pays tribute to former resident, well-known author and artist Kurt Vonnegut. Several pieces of his artwork are prominently displayed throughout. The color palette was inspired by the unique, original wall sconces spotlighting Vonnegut’s work. Teal and pear-green contrast beautifully with the deep rich wood on the floor, fireplace and built-in bookshelves. The room is a comfortable place to entertain, while gathered on the textured white sofas and the richly patterned chairs nestled near the fireplace. The bay window seating area, with custom upholstery and beautiful stained-glass windows, is the perfect spot for coffee and drinks


PAINT COLORS Benjamin Moore—Snow Angel #841

A very special thank you goes to Sean Eichenberg and his team at Pinnacle Painting; and, as always, to Greg Stone, Shelby Upholstering and Interiors.

ABOUT THE DESIGNERS For 85 years, Ethan Allen has meant quality custom furnishings for the home. We are proud that nearly 70% of what we sell is manufactured in our North American workshops by dedicated artisans who are Ethan Allen employees. The design team of Ethan Allen is proud to be participating in our fourth Decorators’ Show House and Gardens and proud to have been awarded the coveted People’s Choice Award for 2016. This year’s team, Susie Clase and Emma Reidy, are honored to represent Ethan Allen and to be a part of the St. Margaret’s Hospital Guild’s valuable contribution to Eskenazi Health.

ETHAN ALLEN 4025 E. 82nd Street, Indianapolis, IN 46250 ethanallen.com


(317) 842-8101

| susie.clase@ethanallen.com | Susie Clase and Emma Reidy 2017 DECORATORS’ SHOW HOUSE AND GARDENS 35


Dining Room

julie o’brien design group


AREA DESCRIPTION The Dining Room is the most classic of spaces in the Arts and Crafts home. It is a reflection of the character of the home as well as its occupants. Windows are left bare and minimal to appreciate the simple leaded designs of the windows. A new moulding has been added to the ceiling that speaks directly to the Craftsman motifs; and the beautiful glazed tile floors have been buffed to show off their original glory. Modern furniture with touches of gold are simple adornments to the new sparkling chandelier that harkens to the home’s era. Contemporary art and Chinese accessories make it interesting dining space for yesterday or today.

PAINT COLORS Benjamin Moore—Ceiling and molding: Ice Formations, #973; Radiator: Storm Cloud Gray #2140-40

ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS Editions Limited Gallery; Franklin Brothers; Phillip Jefferies Wallcoverings; Salge Painting

ABOUT THE DESIGNER Julie O’Brien’s namesake firm specializes in interior design and planning. She has won more than 25 awards locally and nationally for her work, been published in Interiors, House Beautiful, Traditional Home, Brides, Sophisticated Living, Design Times and Indianapolis Monthly, among others. Likewise, HGTV has featured her work on its “Homes Across America.” She is an allied member of ASID and a registered designer. This is her eighth year of participating in DSH&G. Emily Warner is Senior Designer at Julie O’Brien Design Group and is happy to be a part of DSH&G for the first time.


200 S. Rangeline Road, Suite 228, Carmel, IN 46032 | (317) 706-0772 julie@julieobriendesign.com | julieobriendesign.com


Emily Warner, Senior Designer Julie O’Brien, Principal Designer 2017 DECORATORS’ SHOW HOUSE AND GARDENS 37

Screened Porch

deborah parks interiors / decorative finishes by michele


AREA DESCRIPTION How wonderful to have a fabulous screened porch to act as your gateway to the garden! Being off the street on the east side of this Arts & Crafts home makes you feel as if you are in a secluded forest glade, with a fish pond and flowers to highlight the greenery just steps away. Your family and friends can dine and relax on period furnishings that have been updated with elegant floral fabrics that bring the garden in. The original herringbone brick floor is enhanced by the colorful floorcloth that Michele has painted just for this room. Come, commune with nature in style!

PAINT COLORS Benjamin Moore—Trim: Chantilly Lace #2170; Ceiling: Picture Perfect #743; Floorcloth: Bunker Hill Green #566; Concord Ivory #HC 12; Geranium #1307; Standard Black (ready-mixed)

ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS Florals by Coby Palmer Designs; Custom Rug and other painted pieces by Michele Childs; Premier Custom Audio & Video; Furniture and Accessories by Deborah Parks

ABOUT THE DESIGNERS This is the 30th Decorators’ Show House and Gardens that Debbie Parks has designed for St. Margaret’s Hospital Guild. The veteran designer has created wonderful rooms that run the gamut from living rooms, bedrooms, and dining rooms to kitchens, a pool house, and a gazebo – winning many awards along the way. What fun she’s had! Michele Childs has been a fine arts and decorative painter for over 30 years. She works hand-in-hand with many designers, interpreting their visions on walls, furniture, carpet, and floors. Besides collaborating with designers on their Show House rooms, she has designed award-winning rooms on her own.

DEBORAH PARKS INTERIORS 5525 Hedgerow Drive, Indianapolis, IN 46226 (By Appointment Only) dparks1234@sbcglobal.net




| (317) 506-6021 | Deborah Parks Michele Childs 2017 DECORATORS’ SHOW HOUSE AND GARDENS 39

Koi Pond

mark m. holeman, inc.


AREA DESCRIPTION Nestled into the edge of the property’s rear woods is a small concrete pond with adjoining flagstone sitting area, creating a delightful spot for morning coffee or evening glass of wine. The pond is punctuated by a bubbling boulder contributing sound and movement to the tranquil setting. Not to be overlooked is the frog perched on the pond’s edge. It’s been there for decades. A sculptural weeping Japanese Maple provides an accent with a mix of flowering shrubs and perennials finishing the background.

ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS Tiffany Lawn and Garden Supply

ABOUT THE DESIGNERS For over 50 years, Mark M. Holeman, Inc. has been creating landscapes of distinction throughout central Indiana. Offering landscape design, construction, and maintenance services, the firm enjoys the challenge of projects of all sizes and scopes, and the satisfaction of providing the customized attention that each project deserves. Its creative and experienced design staff is proud of its lasting relationships with clients and their evolving landscapes. This represents the company’s 19th Decorators’ Show House and Gardens effort, with its 2016 garden receiving the People’s Choice Award.

MARK M. HOLEMAN, INC. 7871 Hague Road, Indianapolis, IN 46256 holemanlandscape.com

| (317) 849-3120 | dgorden@holemanlandscape.com |

Scott Lumpkin, ASLA; Ron Howe, ASLA; David Gorden, ASLA; Mike Roth, Assoc. ASLA



The Green Space a lantz design


AREA DESCRIPTION Amanda designed and partnered with Barry Lantz Art, creating “the green space.” The emerald green original art became the inspiration for the area. “Start with the art,” Amanda says. “The result is a personalized space that aligns with one’s taste and style.” Amanda layers in shades of gold, chocolate, and cream to transition this pallet into the stained staircase and woodwork original to the home. The chocolate-colored crystal chandelier and sconce provide a golden highlight to the hues of the space. Fresh greens breathe new life into the Vonnegut home.


Benjamin Moore—Antique Bronze #BM217

Kravet Furniture; Kravet Fabric; Osborne & Little Fabrics; Engledow Group; Barry Lantz Art; Blakely’s Flooring; Dew Designs; Franklin Brothers Wallcovering

ABOUT THE DESIGNER Amanda Lantz of A Lantz Design has been in the heart of the design world since she was six years old. Amanda grew up going to the Merchandise Mart in Chicago and was always deeply inspired by beautiful design and styling. Her father, Barry Lantz, is a major influence, having founded a renowned interior design business. This is Amanda’s second solo appearance in the Decorators’ Show House and Gardens, in addition to assisting her father in previous years. Amanda is now President of A Lantz Design and continues the legacy of good taste and design in the Indianapolis area and throughout the country.

A LANTZ DESIGN 200 S. Rangeline Road, Suite 211, Carmel, IN 46032 amanda@alantzdesign.com | alantzdesign.com

| (317) 569-5972 | Amanda Lantz 2017 DECORATORS’ SHOW HOUSE AND GARDENS 43

Master Bedroom

kalleen & company, llc


AREA DESCRIPTION The Master Bedroom is a world unto itself—a calming respite and a showcase of treasured objects spanning three centuries. We played with scale, color and texture to create a space of dramatic contrasts. The massive wood platform bed with its raw steel minimalist canopy creates a room within a room that plays off the diminutive “Arts & Crafts” stools. Likewise, the muted tones of the painted Japanese screen (circa 1850) are a counterpoint to the psychedelic colors of a quartet of “60’s” portraits. A natural sisal rug and the soft delicate blooms of phalaenopsis orchids further our eclectic concept.

PAINT COLORS Benjamin Moore—Walls: Classic Gray #1548; Trim: Designer White #CC-20 ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS Antreasian Design, Inc.; Specialty Stainless Steel Fabrication; PAH Upholstery Co.; The Gentleman Soldier; Michael Glen Bell; RG Decor

ABOUT THE DESIGNERS Chip Kalleen, ASID, graduated from the University of Cincinnati with a B.S. in Interior Design. He is noted for a cleanly edited “look,” with simple lines and crisp detailing. Custom furniture design and art consultation are major services he offers his clients. This is his 23rd year of participation in the DSH&G. Duane W. H. Arnold, Ph.D., is the owner of The Gentleman Soldier, a fine arts gallery located in Noblesville, Indiana. Educated in America and Europe, he holds a doctorate from the University of Durham, UK. He has been involved in Interior Design work for more than 20 years.

KALLEEN & COMPANY, LLC 6928 Central Avenue, Indianapolis, IN 46220 kalleenandcompany.com

THE GENTLEMAN SOLDIER 876 Logan Street, Noblesville, IN 46060 thegentlemansoldier.com

| (317) 987-4233 | chip.kalleen@sbcglobal.net |

| (317) 776-8790 | contact@thegentlemansoldier.com |

Chip Kalleen, ASID Duane W. H. Arnold, PHD



Master Sitting Room

thomas & jayne interior design

AREA DESCRIPTION Interior design often takes cues from the past and the architectural revivals that influenced the character of historical living spaces. The charm of the Vonnegut house is a convergence of those cues. The idyllic Master Sitting Room, a former sleeping porch, is a perfect place to demonstrate the revivals of the Far East and past travels to India. A timeless upholstered day bed layered in colorful fabrics, a classic cane chair, and a rough-carved chest anchor the room. Finishing touches include soft romantic drapes, layered rugs, and rich fanciful original art by Rita Spalding.

PAINT COLORS Benjamin Moore—Walls: Classic Gray #OC-23; Trim: Decorator’s White #CC-20 ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS Rita Spalding; Clark’s White Glove Delivery; The Trade Connection, Inc.

ABOUT THE DESIGNERS Tom Korecki brings more than 20 years of experience to the Show House. After designing interiors for a prominent local homebuilder, he launched his own firm with sister Jayne Reed. Jerald Faulstich joined the firm following a long career as a Wall Street banker. His passion for historic architecture and skill in furniture restoration and interior design are welcome additions to the firm. Thomas & Jayne Interior Design is a full-service design firm, specializing in creating inspired family-friendly interiors from traditional to modern, serving clients with busy lifestyles and a keen appreciation for homes that are both artful and functional. This is their ninth year with the Decorators’ Show House and Gardens.

THOMAS & JAYNE INTERIOR DESIGN Jerald Faulstich and Tom Korecki

200 S. Rangeline Road, Suite 222, Carmel, IN 46032 thomasjayne.com


| (317) 695-4519 |



Master Bathroom & Closet db interiors, llc


AREA DESCRIPTION The original master bath and closet needed an update, and the homeowners’ “must have” was to add a soaking tub. To do so, a sink in the closet area was removed, and a full-height wall was added in the master closet, separating the new closet layout and new combined two-sink and soaking tub area. The second sink in the original bathroom was removed to add custom cabinets for storage. The master bath design includes white Carrara marble tile throughout in a herringbone pattern on the floor, adding a clean, simple yet glamorous design.

BRIZO Bridging past and present, the Tresa® Bath Collection by Brizo® in Polished Chrome finish features a traditional yet timeless design. The WaterSense®-labeled H2Okinetic® showerhead and handshower create a more luxurious shower that blankets the body while using less water.

PAINT COLORS Benjamin Moore—Stonington Gray #HC-170 ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS Brizo; Cathedral Marble & Granite; Electrical Enterprises Inc.; JEB Tile; Professional Plastering & Drywall; Indy Jones Plumbing; Touchmark Inc.; Everyday Paint & Wallpaper Inc.; Northside Glass & Mirror; Pennville Custom Cabinetry; ProSource; Specialty Guttering Systems Inc.; Winsupply of Indianapolis; Mr. Marble; Platus Flooring; Charles Mayer & Company

ABOUT THE DESIGNER db interiors is a full-service residential and small commercial design firm that includes all phases of interior design–schematic, design documents, construction documents, interiors, kitchen and bath design, furnishings, cabinetry, fixtures, window treatments, and accessories. As the owner, Diana Bryant holds a degree in interior design with more than 20 years of professional experience from conceptual design to completion. Diana’s portfolio includes publications nationally and locally. Diana’s work on Decorators’ Show House and Gardens in the past nine years has earned her honors with the Key Award, ASID Awards, Maggie’s Award, and People’s Choice Awards.

db interiors, llc 4320 N. Meridian Street, Indianapolis, IN 46208 dbinteriorsusa.com

| (317) 410-0085 |



Diana Bryant, Allied ASID, AKBD, RID #00169



Laundry Room cabinetry ideas, inc.

AREA DESCRIPTION Taking a modern idea of an upstairs family laundry and bringing it to life in a historic home is the design direction. A punch of color with the Pretzel finish of the cabinetry adds life and energy to the small space. The pattern tile speaks to the historic home yet brings interest to the laundry. German-made washer and dryer allow for ideal function as well aligning with the home’s German design details. The folding counter and storage gives the family a modern laundry room, updating the lifestyle enjoyed in the home.

PAINT COLORS Benjamin Moore—Stormy Monday #2112-50

ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS Cabinetry Ideas; Siteline Collection; Countertop Connection; 5th AVE ELM by Wilsonart; Lee Supply; Miele Brand

ABOUT THE DESIGNER J. D. Dick of Cabinetry Ideas specializes in custom kitchen and bath interiors. He creates one-ofa-kind spaces, working to complement the Interior Designer and Architect. Working in both new construction and remodeling environments for many years has allowed this budget-minded designer to create signature spaces that reflect the clients and their lifestyles. Giving back to the home industry is important to J. D., with a past in volunteering as chairman of the National Kitchen & Bath Association’s National Dealer Council and sitting for many years on the NKBA state board.


6113 Allisonville Road, Indianapolis, IN 46220 cabinetryideas.com


| (317) 722-1300 |



Room for Two

compass design, llc


AREA DESCRIPTION “Room for Two” is a space for two young girls to share. The feel is light and airy, bringing a fresh vibe, while also keeping the feel of the home in mind. The beautiful original windows are accented with simple drapery, while clean-cut canopies above each bed give a separation of space for each girl. Custom wallpapered desks allow each girl to have a space for studying, with dramatic diptych commissioned art above. Whimsy and fun are introduced in the fabrics with hues of navy, purple, and mulberry. Navy-painted Jenny Lind headboards with modern sconces overhead showcase a modern-traditional mix.


PAINT COLORS Benjamin Moore—Revere Pewter #HC-172

Brimar Drapery Hardware, Epic Electric; Everyday Paint & Wallpaper; Home ReVisions, LLC; KBD Custom Drapery; Raul Najarro; Real Faux; Voris Upholstery; Wendy Franklin

ABOUT THE DESIGNERS As owner of Compass Design, a B.S. in Interior Design, and over 15 years of professional experience, Stacy Thompson uses her expertise in design to create innovative interior spaces. Compass Design, LLC, is a dedicated and hardworking firm specializing in residential and small commercial. Home ReVisions, a business partner, collaborated on this project. Susie Bibler, owner, has over 13 years of experience in the design field. Associate Designer, Jessica Gallagher, has over two years of experience working with our firms and has participated in the past two show houses. This will mark the 12th year of participation for Compass Design, LLC in the Decorators’ Show House and Gardens.


Stutz Business Center | 212 W. 10th Street, Suite B400, Indianapolis, IN 46202 | studio: (317) 865-1544 mobile: (317) 417-0770 | compassdesignservices@yahoo.com compassdesignservices.com


Stacy Thompson, Allied ASID, RID #00358; Susie Bibler; Jessica Gallagher, Allied ASID



Under the Sea chatham home

AREA DESCRIPTION The designers of Chatham Home believe that every room should have a little whimsy, and the second floor children’s bathroom has it in spades. The historic blue wall color was chosen to create a timeless look, while also highlighting the original tile and supporting the designers’ aquatic theme. Accessories were added to enhance the feeling of being under the sea, with the indoor-outdoor rug mimicking the look of water, and the shower curtain adding a little tongue-in-cheek humor to the space. The ceiling light also has a nautical feel and is complemented by the bronze vanity light and bathroom fixtures.

DELTA The sophisticated design of the Delta® Olmsted™ Bath Collection, shown in Venetian Bronze® finish, features geometric styling with a hint of traditional flare. Olmsted bath faucets flow at a water-saving rate of 1.2 gpm and are WaterSense® labeled.

PAINT COLORS Benjamin Moore—Azurite #CW-670

ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS New bathroom fixtures by Delta Faucet; all furnishings provided by Chatham Home

ABOUT THE DESIGNERS Hope Harsin and her mom, Faith Felder, are the ladies of Chatham Home, a home furnishings showroom and design firm specializing in one-of-a-kind reclaimed and handcrafted solid wood furniture, home accessories, and unique gifts. You can find them downtown in an old industrial building just off Mass Ave. This is Hope and Faith’s fifth year participating in the Decorators’ Show House and Gardens. Their first year, they were honored to take home both the Key Award and People’s Choice Award.


Faith Felder and Hope Harsin

517 E. Walnut Street, Indianapolis, IN 46202 | (317) 917-8550 faith@chathamhomeindy.com | chathamhomeindy.com


| hope@chathamhomeindy.com

Writer’s Retreat Gallery

amethyst interiors llc


AREA DESCRIPTION This once dark, disregarded stairway has been reimagined as a seductive, sparkling entryway to the third floor. Improvements include a bookcase in the landing wall, plush wool carpet, metallic wood finishes, leather trims, crystal chandelier, and LED casework lighting with touch controls. The stair was added during a mid-century remodel of the 1923 home, so I was inspired to translate the original Arts and Crafts style in a timeless, modern way. Soothing colors and luxurious textures beckon you upstairs.


Benjamin Moore—Early Morning Mist #1528; Willow#CC-542; Aspen Mist #PT-380

Brian Welch, Masland Carpets; Pete Pappas; Michael Cruise, M.C. Painting and Design; Harold Parker, Frame Designs; The Kurt Vonnegut Museum and Library

ABOUT THE DESIGNER Amy has helped clients with the design of their new homes, remodeling projects, and decorating since 2003. She holds a BFA Industrial Design from the Rhode Island School of Design and a BS Interior Design from the Art Institute of Indianapolis. As an ASID Allied Member, she provides high quality, personalized interior design and decorating services to clients in the Indianapolis area and beyond. Amy was voted #1 in the BuildDirect.com poll, “The 15 Best Interior Designers in Indianapolis.” She has been featured in local and national TV and in print media, among other awards and accolades.


5375 Bay Harbor Drive, Indianapolis, IN 46254 | (317) 753-3665 amy@amethystinteriorsllc.com | amethystinteriorsllc.com

| Amy Y. Contreras, Allied ASID 2017 DECORATORS’ SHOW HOUSE AND GARDENS 51

The Craft Room

rosalind brinn pope interiors


AREA DESCRIPTION To create the ideal craft room, you first need organization, next function, and then style. Everything in its place eliminates the frustration of looking for supplies hidden around the house. A large skirted island allows a great space to wrap gifts, sketch, and work on crafts. Fine Painting has painted the room in a crisp white with a grey trim that pulls the colors from the fabrics in the room. A great craft room lets your creative side have room to grow.

PAINT COLORS Benjamin Moore—Walls: Decorator’s White #CC-20; Trim: Rainstorm #CSP 50

ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS Fine Painting, Inc.; Clark’s White Glove Delivery; Robert Allen Fabrics; Barth Electric Company, Inc.; Greg’s Drapery Service; Jame Fearin, Vintage Finds

ABOUT THE DESIGNER Rosalind Pope, ASID, has been in interior design for 25 years. Her experience and attention to detail are what her clients appreciate. Visit her site on Houzz to view projects and read client reviews. Rosalind listens to her clients’ wishes, studies the home’s architecture, and creates a home of timeless elegance.


Indiana Design Center | 200 S. Rangeline Road, Suite 122, Carmel, IN 46032 (317) 508-1109 | popeinteriors@yahoo.com | popeinteriors.com



Serenity Bath ty interiors

AREA DESCRIPTION This small bath started with some good elements. That being said, we kept the original tub and used a timeless paint finish on the exterior to bring it back to life. The windows and their view also made this bath very appealing. Putting in new marble flooring, new sink vanity, and new toilet totally gave this space the facelift it needed. The wall colors chosen were meant to give this bath a calming and lighter feel. The new faucets and hardware accessories are in keeping with the overall look of the space.

BRIZO The Rook® widespread lavatory faucet with channel spout and cross handles in Polished Chrome finish is a modern interpretation of a stately aesthetic. Sconces, a mirror and accessories from the Charlotte® Bath Collection by Brizo® complement the classic design.

PAINT COLORS Benjamin Moore—Walls: Pike’s Peak Gray #2127-50; Trim and Ceiling: Cascade White #2127-70 and Wolf Gray #2127-40; Tub: Gravel Gray #2127-30

ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS Designer’s Market Inc.; Benjamin Moore Paint; Danny’s Flooring and Walls LLC; Delta; Doug Hobbs Painting and Woodworking; Griffon Fabrics; Lee Plumbing Supply

ABOUT THE DESIGNER Pamela Hobbs is celebrating her 14th year of participation in the Decorators’ Show House and Gardens. She specializes in bringing style, function, and harmony to all her clients. She believes that good communication and close attention to detail has resulted in her success. Her work has been featured in national and local magazines. She is also a proud recipient of Key Award in past years.

TY INTERIORS Pamela L. Hobbs

1415 E. 111th Street, Indianapolis, IN 46280


| (317) 418-8516 | tyinteriors70@gmail.com

3rd Floor Guest Bedroom

susan colvin interiors


AREA DESCRIPTION This third floor guest bedroom has its challenges. The ceiling height is less than 8 feet, and the space is small for a bed. Susan chose a full-size bed with a low headboard and footboard and painted it the color of the walls. This is a design technique she has used before. It makes the bed more minimal and less overwhelming for the room. Susan has highlighted the art, bedding, and other elements. The chair adds comfort for the guest, and the lingerie chest has just the right amount of storage.

PAINT COLORS Benjamin Moore—Walls and Ceiling: Overcast #OC-43; Trim: Decorator’s White #CC-20

ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS Capel Rugs; Designer’s Market, Inc.; Rob Harsh, painter; American Interiors

ABOUT THE DESIGNER 2017 is the 24th year of Susan’s participation in the Decorators’ Show House and Gardens. She started her business in 1991, and has been involved in wide-ranging projects from light commercial and residential remodeling, to decorating and providing new construction selection services. Susan is a long-time member of the Indiana Chapter of the American Society of Interior Designers and is a registered designer with the State of Indiana. She strives to provide the best approach and solutions for her clients. She looks forward to talking with anyone inquiring about her services and experience.

SUSAN COLVIN INTERIORS 5010 E. 66th Street, Indianapolis, IN 46220

| (317) 257-5105 | scolvininteriors@aol.com

Susan Colvin, Allied ASID, RID 00210


• Lighting • Fireplaces • Mantles

• Architectural Elements • Cabinets & Backbars • Doors & Hardware

• Furniture • Unique Items in Many Design Styles

BUYING & SELLING Monday-Saturday 10-5

5000 W. 96th St., Indianapolis, IN • 317.873.2727 • AntiqueArchitectural.com


Kurt’s Cradle

cornerstone interiors


AREA DESCRIPTION Exciting and sumptuous fabrics, along with custom light fixtures, give this space a “New York” vibe. Whether you decide to pull up a stool at the bar table, swivel in a deep chair, or lounge on the chic sofa, this room invites you to pop open a bottle of wine and enjoy spending time with your guests. During the day, the windows that surround the room allow a plethora of natural light to penetrate the space, creating a retreat for a fresh cup of coffee or a good book. This space is the perfect “getaway!”

PAINT COLORS Benjamin Moore—Wall: Early Morning Mist #1528; Trim: Willow #BM CC-542 ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS Randy Noblitt of Randy’s Trim Shop; Dave Kemp; Gregory Thompson of GRT Glass Design; Andy Salge of Salge Painting; Thibaut; Kravet; Duralee; Romo Fabrics & Wallcoverings; Clark’s White Glove Delivery

ABOUT THE DESIGNERS Over the past three years at the Decorators’ Show House and Gardens, Cornerstone Interiors has won two 1st place and one 2nd place Key Awards, and a 1st Place People’s Choice Award. Owner and Principal Designer, Julie Boutilier, an Allied Member of ASID, has made Cornerstone a secondgeneration design firm. Monica Due, an Indiana University graduate and lead designer, began her design career in Manhattan. After seven years, Monica relocated to Greenwood and has been with Cornerstone for four years. Another Indiana University graduate, Kailyn Baker, has been with Cornerstone for two years as a project manager and designer.


1644 Fry Road, Suite D, Greenwood, IN 46142 | (317) 887-2778 | cornerstoneinteriors@gmail.com | cornerstoneinteriorsusa.com

Monica Due, Julie Boutilier and Kailyn Baker 2017 DECORATORS’ SHOW HOUSE AND GARDENS 57


Back Hallway & Stairs spear-huff studio

AREA DESCRIPTION The hallway exhibits an elegant, herringbone wall finish. The scenic painting series, “Four Seasons” was inspired by the landscape of the house site. A collection of beautiful artwork graciously adorns the stairway.

PAINT COLORS Benjamin Moore—Staircase: Herringbone Pattern, Timson Sand #CW-140; Lime White #CW-95; Capitol White #CW-10

ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS Renditions Framing and Gallery; Indiana Lighting

ABOUT THE DESIGNER A fine artist, painter, and muralist, Melinda has a Bachelor of Science in Art Studio from Indiana Wesleyan University. She is an expert in specialty finishes, murals, landscape paintings, and custom artwork. Melinda has twenty years of experience as a fine artist in the Indianapolis area. This is her ninth year of involvement in the Decorators’ Show House and Gardens. Her work has received numerous awards, including a Maggie’s Award in 2006; People’s Choice Award in 2015; and DSH&G Key awards in 2007, 2009, 2010, 2015, and 2016. She enjoys the process of creating beautiful artwork that enhances clients’ homes. Melinda’s work adds an artistic touch to custom interiors.

SPEAR-HUFF STUDIO Melinda Spear-Huff

325 S. Main Street, Sheridan, IN 46069 Facebook: Spear-Huff Studio Facebook


| (317) 946-0684 | spearstudio@sbcglobal.net | | melindaspearhuff.com

Lower Level Stairs & Creative Nook

jsc stylish interiors


AREA DESCRIPTION Creating a cozy artist’s nook at the bottom of the stairs was my inspiration for this project. Adding new carpet and fresh paint on the stairs and walls lightened up the area. An accent wall by the Faux Divas brought the landing to life and provided a beautiful backdrop to display art. Privacy and warmth were added by a roman shade over the door window. The arts can be pursued in the creative nook at the bottom of the stairs. After working on a project, one can relax on the plush rug and pillows under the stairs to recharge.


Benjamin Moore—Harrisburg Green #HC-132; Bavarian Cream #OC-123

Theresa Johnson, Theresa’s Drapery Designs; Nancy Carrico, Carol Whitman, and Deanne Farthing, Faux Divas; Twisted Sisters; Indiana Lighting Center, Inc.; Blakely’s Flooring; Capel Rugs; Editions Limited Gallery of Fine Art; Mark Cook; Susie Taylor

ABOUT THE DESIGNER After teaching business education for 30 years, Joyce Cook decided to study interior design. She started her interior design business, JSC Stylish Interiors, in 1999. She continued to teach and do interior design until 2012, when she retired from IPS to devote herself to design projects. Joyce enjoys getting to know her clients and working with them to create a home environment that suits their personality and lifestyle. She has decorated homes in Indiana, Georgia, Florida, and Arizona. This is her sixth year to participate in the Decorators’ Show House and Gardens, winning a Key Award in 2013. Theresa Johnson of Theresa’s Drapery Designs and the Faux Divas assist Joyce with many interiors design projects.

JSC STYLISH INTERIORS 10637 Hunters Cove Drive, Indianapolis, IN 46236

| (317) 440-0667 | joycecookindpls@aol.com

Joyce Cook



The Blasted Hallway silver crow studios

AREA DESCRIPTION This hallway is one of the areas that still captures the raw integrity of the Vonnegut home with the exposed, painted concrete block and the original concrete floors. When the wine cellar was added, drywall was installed and created a contradiction to the integrity of the hallway. As artists, our objective was to create “original” brick walls and bring back that raw aesthetic that was compromised. The concrete floors were enhanced with a hand-crafted, artisan technique that is reminiscent of the German influences.

PAINT COLORS Benjamin Moore—Ceiling and Walls: Dune White #CC-70

ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS Audrey Studley, Interior Designer; Joseph’s Oriental Rug Imports; Indiana Lighting Center, Inc.

ABOUT THE DESIGNERS Sean Sheppard and David Studley have been in the business with Silver Crow Studios for almost 16 years. Their talents range from fine art paintings and sculptures to decorative applications, as well as furniture and cabinetry finishes. They have a studio in downtown Carmel, where their works are showcased. By appointment only. Sean Sheppard and David Studley

SILVER CROW STUDIOS (317) 559-7229



Wine Tasting Room bob mead interiors inc.


AREA DESCRIPTION This temperature-controlled wine cellar houses hundreds of bottles and many cases of your favorite wines. The LED lighting helps maintain the cool temperature of the room. A quote by Kurt Vonnegut has been updated to better reflect today’s preferred choice of communication.

PAINT COLORS Benjamin Moore—Bonsai #CC-666; Boardwalk #CCC-410; Shadow #2117-30

ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS Williams & Son Hardwood Company, Inc.; Many Bottle-Collecting Friends

ABOUT THE DESIGNER Bob Mead is celebrating his 36th year with the Decorators’ Show House and Gardens. Over the years, he has served many times on the Design Board and has won numerous Key Awards, two first place People’s Choice Awards, and two Maggie’s Awards, as well as many ASID awards. Bob is a full-service designer and has owned his design firm for 34 years.

BOB MEAD INTERIORS INC. 3123 Washington Boulevard, Indianapolis, IN 46205 bobmeadint@aol.com

| (317) 925-0693 / FAX (317) 924-2007 | Bob Mead 2017 DECORATORS’ SHOW HOUSE AND GARDENS 63


Lower Level Lounge

kittle’s design studio


AREA DESCRIPTION The inspiration came from the original pieces of contemporary art scattered throughout the home on the initial walk-through. The primary colors on the white background were perfect for the blank canvas of the lower level. The mustard contemporary sectional, blue fireplace, and colorful art and accessories fill that canvas with color. The open ceiling, pipes, concrete walls and floor, and minimalist fireplace inspire a raw industrial feel, which is played up with the metal bookshelves and raw wood console.

PAINT COLORS Benjamin Moore—Walls: Dune White #968; Ceiling: Paloma Gray #1551; Fireplace: Evening Blue #2066-20

ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS Pinnacle Painting; Silver Crow Studios

ABOUT THE DESIGNER Jessica Corbin-Mahaney, Senior Designer for Kittle’s Design Studio, has participated in previous Decorators’ Show House and Gardens, as well as Home-A-Ramas. Her work has been featured in Indianapolis Monthly. Her interiors showcase the proficiency of Kittle’s Design Studio designers, whose expertise can transform a single room or an entire home into an attractive and uniquely personal living space.

KITTLE’S DESIGN STUDIO 8600 Allisonville Road, Indianapolis, IN 46250 jcorbinmahaney@kittles.com | kittles.com

| (317) 849-5300 Ext. 1586 | Jessica Corbin-Mahaney 2017 DECORATORS’ SHOW HOUSE AND GARDENS 65


Powder Room

constance vinson interiors


AREA DESCRIPTION This room was originally painted with a textured, ombre metallic paint and had a contemporary overhead light fixture. Inspired by the room’s small size, my vision was to create a jewel box with wallpaper that spoke to the past in a modern relatable manner. The metallic features in the wallpaper influenced my use of metallic accents, such as the Roman shade, the bronze sconces, and the metal-framed mirror. The dark wallpaper contrasts beautifully with the capiz shell pendant. Unfortunately, the wall tile had been painted over some years ago. I refreshed it with a coat of white paint.

BRIZO Combining modern sophistication with hints of art deco styling, the Virage® light sconces in Brilliance® Brushed Bronze finish feature a uniquely elegant form that adapts to almost any environment.

PAINT COLORS Benjamin Moore—Ceiling and Trim: French Beret #1610; Tile: Pure White #OC-64

ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS Wallpaper by Cole and Sons, purchased from Carmel Interiors; pendant and mirror from west elm; Roman shade from Smith & Noble.

ABOUT THE DESIGNER I have practiced residential design since 2011. This is my first year participating in the St. Margaret’s Hospital Guild’s Decorators’ Show House and Gardens. I bring a unique eye for design, integrating traditional architectural elements with an artful mix of both modern and classic furnishings, artwork, and finishes to create one-of-a-kind eclectic interiors. I am member of NKBA and an Allied Member of ASID. I have served on the Board of Directors of ASID Indiana as the Professional Development Director since 2015.

CONSTANCE VINSON INTERIORS 8240 Walnut Way, Indianapolis, IN 46256 constancevinsoninteriors.com

| (317) 709-0208 | cvinson@constancevinson.com | Constance Vinson 2017 DECORATORS’ SHOW HOUSE AND GARDENS 67

Die neue Küche (The New Kitchen) kitchens by design


AREA DESCRIPTION Our concept was to create a modern, functional kitchen that also references the history of the house and recognizes the German heritage of the Vonnegut family. The monochromatic, minimal direction was inspired by current movements in contemporary German and English kitchen design. Except for the La Cornu CornuFé range, German-made appliances are featured. Materials reflect period style: painted, flat-panel cabinetry, soapstone countertops, walnut-topped work table, and reintroduction of the leaded glass windows. The range hood is one example of our theme; it simultaneously represents an old kitchen chimney and repeats the minimal form of the living room’s minstrel gallery.

BRIZO The Artesso® Kitchen Collection by Brizo® in Brilliance® Stainless finish offers a refined take on the industrial aesthetic. Featuring SmartTouch® Technology, the articulating pull-down faucet was designed to bring greater versatility to common kitchen tasks. The traditional pot filler in Brilliance® Brushed Bronze finish provides twice the flow rate of standard kitchen faucets, making it easy to fill large cooking vessels quickly.

PAINT COLORS Benjamin Moore—Bruton White #CW-710 ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS Homes by Horvath LLC; Elmwood Fine Custom Cabinetry; Miele Appliances; Lee Supply; Victory Surfaces, Inc.; La Cornu CornuFé; WilliamsSonoma; Ashley Norton Architectural Hardware; Brizo; Hudson Valley Lighting; Indiana Lighting Center, Inc.; Holly Hunt; Alison Berger Glassworks

ABOUT THE DESIGNERS Gene Abel is a graduate of the Interior Design program of Indiana State University. He was Vice President of Jackie Davis Interiors and worked for David Webster and Associates before joining the staff at Kitchens by Design in 1999. His award-winning designs have been published in numerous magazines and books. Suzanne Swain has been with Kitchens by Design for 15 years and holds an Interior Design degree from IUPUI. Suzanne served on the board of directors of the National Kitchen and Bath Association, Indiana Chapter, from 2011 to 2016. Gene and Suzanne approached this project with enthusiasm, collaboration, and teamwork.


1530 E. 86th Street, Indianapolis, IN 46240 | (317) 815-8880 suzanne@mykbdhome.com | mykbydhome.com

| gene@mykbdhome.com |

Suzanne Swain and Gene Abel 2017 DECORATORS’ SHOW HOUSE AND GARDENS 69

2016 Show House Awards 2016 MAGGIE’S AWARD RECIPIENTS The Maggie’s Award is given each year to a designer or individual who rises above and beyond the call of duty. The recipient exemplifies the heart of our project by generously sharing his or her time, resources, and spirit with Guild members and other designers. The Guild membership votes on this award just before the Show House opens, and the award is presented at the Key Party. St. Margaret’s Hospital Guild member Kathleen House sponsors this award.


Pollert Design Associates, Inc., Bruce Pollert So Chic Home Design & Staging, LLC, Hope G. Pace


Guests of the Show House vote on this award. Each ticket stub carries a voting form for favorite interior and landscape areas. Guests make their selections at the end of their tour, and all votes are tabulated at the close of the Decorators’ Show House and Gardens. Winners are posted on www.showhouseindy.org shortly after the Show House closes.

INTERIOR DESIGN 1ST PLACE Conservatory, Ethan Allen, Dawn Rapp, Susie Clase, and Tricia Adams 2ND PLACE She Dreams in Color, Cornerstone Interiors, Julie Boutilier, Monica Due, Merissa Ripley, and Kailyn Baker LANDSCAPE DESIGN 1ST PLACE Front Terrace Garden, Mark M. Holeman, Inc., David Gorden, Scott Lumpkin, Mike Roth, and Ron Howe 2ND PLACE Spa Patio & Pool Terrace, Seasons by Michael LLC, Heath outdoor LLC, Michael Painton

Designer Sale SEE IT? LOVE IT? BUY IT! Each room has a price list of items for sale. Contact individual designers for your purchases. A portion of each sale benefits Eskenazi Health. 70 2017 DECORATORS’ SHOW HOUSE AND GARDENS

The Breakfast Room

design works/charles mayer & company


AREA DESCRIPTION The Breakfast Room is simply an extension of the newly renovated kitchen. The existing built-in hutch was decoratively painted by David Studley of Silver Crow Studios to match the finish on the kitchen island. An organic spiked light fixture complements the hanging pendants in the adjacent room. A glass-top table keeps the room open and showcases the wonderful Rookwood tile, which is original to the home. A splash of heather in the chair fabric softens the saturation of the floor tile. Dinnerware is Juliska’s Mist Grey Crackle Collection, a sophisticated new glaze, combined with the textured Carine glassware provided by tableware design expert Claudia Ryan of Charles Mayer & Company.

PAINT COLORS Benjamin Moore—Bruton White #CW-710

ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS Leslie Agan, A & D Design; Designer’s Market Inc.; Silver Crow Studios; Surroundings

ABOUT THE DESIGNERS This marks Todd Otterman’s 20th year in the Decorators’ Show House and Gardens. His work has been published not only locally but nationally, as well. His accolades for the Key Award, People’s Choice Award, and ASID Awards are many. Todd’s design style is classic, whether it be contemporary, transitional, or traditional. Claudia Ryan specializes in Arts de la Table, Premier Bridal Registry, and distinctive gifts.

DESIGN WORKS 324 E. Walnut Street, Indianapolis, IN 46202

| (317) 514-8259 | dezignwrks@aol.com

CHARLES MAYER & COMPANY 5629 N. Illinois Street, Indianapolis, IN 46208

| (317) 257-2900 | charlesmayer.com

Todd Otterman, Allied Member ASID 2017 DECORATORS’ SHOW HOUSE AND GARDENS 71

The Menu at Maggie’s Café CHICKEN SALAD


Your choice of a fresh croissant or bed of field greens. Served with chips and fresh fruit.

Choose from hot tomato basil or cold vichyssoise. Served with chips and fresh fruit.


Turkey, monterey jack, lettuce and tomato with house mustard sauce. Served with chips and fresh fruit.


Your choice of half chicken salad on croissant or half turkey wrap and soup. Served with chips and fresh fruit.


A meat and vegetarian option will be available each day. Served with chips, side of field greens and fresh fruit.


Maggie’s own signature recipes including: St Margaret’s Bars, Brownies


thanks to our sponsors and vendors: Allied Solutions | SYNLawn | Illinois St. Food Emporium | Elgin WaterCare | Harvest Café | SIMPLICITY Cold Pressed Juices

Visit the

Show House Shops — LO C AT E D O N T H E G RO U N D S —

B.O.W. Boutique on Wheels

www.toyoubybow.com 859-490-8592

St. Margaret’s Flower Shop Garden items provided by Twisted Sisters are available for purchase

Kurt Vonnegut Museum and Library Select items available for purchase


Mud Room

polish interior and art design


AREA DESCRIPTION Dramatic, yet inviting, the mud room was designed for functionality and inspired by Kurt Vonnegut. Original large-scale art (created by artist and designer Christina Greive) influenced by the Indianapolis native became the focal point complimented with a statement Hickory wood demilune console and soft textiles to “Polish” the room. Don’t forget to look up! A beautiful brass and milk-white flush mount light fixture adds just the right ambiance as you enter or exit the historic home.

PAINT COLORS Benjamin Moore— Newburg Green #HC-158

ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS Circa Lighting; Designer’s Market, Inc.; ProSource; Rooms Within Reach; Specialty Wallcovering; Z Gallerie

ABOUT THE DESIGNERS Courtney and Christina are the design-duo behind Polish Interior and Art Design. Brought together by mutual friends, then by a passion for lovely interiors—the two paired their vast backgrounds of design, art, construction, and business to create unique and comfortable retreats for the home and office. They are currently servicing Indiana, Ohio and Kentucky and have several new partnerships in 2017 ranging from new builders to independent artists. This is their first year participating as Designers in the Decorators’ Show House and Gardens!


6126 N. Emerson Avenue, Indianapolis, IN 46220 | (812) 653-1125 courtney@polishinteriors.com | polishinteriors.com


Christina Greive and Courtney Walker, Allied ASID 2017 DECORATORS’ SHOW HOUSE AND GARDENS 73


Back Porch the empty vase

AREA DESCRIPTION Public and private residential entries offer exiting design challenges. The Vonnegut home’s charming entry is accented by a welcoming bench. Atop, a lush garden basket of colorful flowers and foliages serves as natures living jewelry. The private rear entry offers a covered space for a petite garden workbench for potting and flower cutting. A light neutral paint scheme throughout evokes a traditional color palette that is also fresh and modern. Respect for the historic nature of the home and surrounding landscape is essential for a timeless and lasting design.

PAINT COLORS Benjamin Moore— Wall: Natural Wicker #950; Door: Williamsburg Wythe Blue #CW-590

ABOUT THE DESIGNER At The Empty Vase, we are passionate about unique exterior sculptures and architecture. Providing vintage and contemporary outdoor pots, statuary, and décor, with respect for architectural traditions, as well as trends, is at the heart of their mission. Because of the Vonnegut home’s petite exterior entries, specificity and simplicity were paramount in David Strohmeyer’s design. Each area must not only function and withstand whatever weather prevails, but it must also draw visitors and inhabitants through a threshold that is warm and welcoming

THE EMPTY VASE David Strohmeyer

1105 E. 52nd Street, Indianapolis, IN 46205



(317) 925-8273

| theemptyvase@att.net

Backyard Garden & Bay Window Landscapes

property pros land management, llc

D,E area e

area d AREA DESCRIPTION AREA D: Back Landscape Many of the existing specimens had died out. Mature Rhododendrons were installed along with various perennial colors. A large Japanese Maple was added to help balance the space. A hedge of viburnum was installed to provide screening of the air-conditioning unit.

AREA E: Driveway Landscape Large overgrown yews were removed from the space. Hedges of Hydrangea and Boxwood were installed to mix size and texture with a classic formal look. Many perennial colors were added to contrast to this landscape. A large White Dogwood is featured that provides a great white flower to contrast with the home’s rich brick red color.

ABOUT THE COMPANY Property Pros Land Management is a full service exterior needs company, with an interior focus on all your landscape design, construction, and maintenance needs. Property Pros offers design build services in all size hardscape and landscape projects. We are honored to be a part of the Decorators’ Show House and Gardens again this year. Property Pros is a member of the Interlocking Concrete Paving Institute and the Indiana Landscape Association. Our mission is to provide high quality projects coupled with industry leading customer service.

PROPERTY PROS LAND MANAGEMENT, LLC 11691 Fall Creek Road, Suite 222, Indianapolis, IN 46256 office@propertyproslm.com | propertyproslm.com


(317) 436-8529

| Jeff Mull and Josh Springer 2017 DECORATORS’ SHOW HOUSE AND GARDENS 75

Decorators’ Show House and Gardens: 1962-2017

1962 5019 N. Meridian Street

1963 3444 Washington Boulevard

1964 5545 N. Meridian Street

1965 4411 N. Meridian Street

1966 4747 N. Meridian Street

1967 4375 N. Meridian Street

1968 3456 Central Avenue

1969 3445 N. Pennsylvania Street

1970 5001 N. Meridian Street

1971 4050 Washington Boulevard

1972 4356 N. Meridian Street

1973 4207 N. Pennsylvania Street

1974 5111 N. Meridian Street

1975 4343 N. Meridian Street

1976 4950 N. Meridian Street

1977 4137 N. Meridian Street

1978 4145 Washington Boulevard

1979 4122 N. Meridian Street

1980 4160 Washington Boulevard

1981 4164 Washington Boulevard


1982 4268 Washington Boulevard

1983 4127 N. Meridian Street

1984 4224 Washington Boulevard

1985 4270 N. Meridian Street The Historic Booth Tarkington House

1986 5019 N. Meridian Street

1986 5105 N. Meridian Street

1987 5110 N. Meridian Street

1987 5140 N. Meridian Street

1988 5330 N. Meridian Street

1989 5801 Sunset Lane

1990 3200 Cold Springs Road

1991 3200 Cold Springs Road

The Wheeler-Stokely Mansion

The Allison Mansion

1992 8140 Spring Mill Road

1993 4333 Sylvan Road

1994 4801 N. Meridian Street

1995 4356 N. Meridian Street

1996 4145 Washington Boulevard

1996 4163 Washington Boulevard

1997 4050 Washington Boulevard

The Mansion at Alverna Estates

1995 4366 N. Meridian Street


1997 4053 N. Pennsylvania Street

1998 5840 Lawton Loop

1998 5866 Lawton Loop

1998 5875 Lawton Loop

1999 4567 Cold Spring Road

2000 2902 N. Meridian Street

2000 2960 N. Meridian Street

2001 3200 Cold Spring Road

The Fortune Estate

The Levey Mansion

The Fairbanks Mansion

The Wheeler-Stokely Mansion

2002 3641 Washington Boulevard

2003 4127 N. Meridian Street

2003 4130 N. Meridian Street

2004 5555 Washington Boulevard

2004 5540 Central Avenue

2005 5425 N. Meridian Street

2006 1143 W. 116th Street, Carmel

2007 4201 Washington Boulevard

2008 4266 Pennsylvania Street

2009 1388 Queens Way, Carmel

2010 4270 N. Meridian Street

Le Chateau Renaissance

2011 4310 N. Meridian Street

The Historic Booth Tarkington House

2012 5 E. 71st Street

2013 3050 N. Meridian Street Historic Schnull-Rauch House


2014 5235 N. Meridian Street

2015 4038 N. Pennsylvania Street

2015 4044 N. Pennsylvania Street

2016 5260 N. Meridian Street

2017 4401 N. Illinois Street

St. Margaret’s Hospital Guild is often asked, “how is a home selected to be a show house?”

The process of selecting a home to be transformed into the Decorators’ Show House and Gardens begins almost two years prior to the opening of the house for public tours. Ideas for potential Show Houses come from interested homeowners, real estate agents, surveys of desired neighborhoods, and other contacts in the community. To be selected, a home must be spacious enough to accommodate multiple design areas, have front and back staircases, a lawn large enough for a large party tent, and be of sufficient interest and character to attract the public. The event is not a custom decorating service for homeowners; a successful Show House exhibits examples of many designers’ creativity. Designers are given freedom of expression in their areas, although there are guidelines for reasonable adaptations to color schemes and themes that flow from room to room. A Design Board made up of selected designers and Guild chairs oversees area selection and design proposals. Contractors and supply houses may participate in the event by donating or discounting

goods and services of a permanent nature to the homeowners, in exchange for the publicity and advertising value of being part of the Decorators’ Show House and Gardens. Opportunities vary from year to year, but have included kitchen remodeling, cabinets, faucets and fixtures, appliances, and alarm systems. Agreements for these items are made between the homeowners and contractors; the Guild does not enter into price negotiations or actual building. Homeowners are responsible for paying designers for any furnishings they wish to purchase at the close of the event. These items may include draperies, blinds, light fixtures, furniture, accessories, carpets and rugs, and landscape plantings. Homeowners are not obligated to purchase anything from designers, but most consider it a good opportunity to make purchases. It is most rewarding to be part of the longest, continuously running Show House in the country and raise funds for an excellent cause —Eskenazi Health.


Decorators’ Show House and Gardens 2017 advertisers index

A Classic Party Rental...................................................14 Anne Buskirk Photograghy..........................................12 Architectural Antiques .................................................56 Barnes & Thornburg LLP .............................................8 Blakley’s Flooring .........................................................C4 Calico Corners ...............................................................64 Capel Rugs ......................................................................44 Charles Mayer & Company.. ........................................12 Dale & Eke P.C. .............................................................10 Delta/Brizo .....................................................................20 Diamond Capital Management ...................................4 Emmis Communications .............................................52 Eskenazi Health Foundation ........................................2 Ethan Allen.....................................................................18 Ferguson Enterprises ....................................................38 GRD (G.R. Donaldson)/Donaldson’s Chocolate .......42 Griffon Decorative Fabrics, Inc. ..................................62 Hamilton Facial Plastic Surgery ..................................62 Howald Heating & Air Conditioning .........................64 Indiana Design Center ..................................................36 Indianapolis Monthly....................................................61 Joseph’s Oriental Rug Imports .....................................16 Junior League of Indianapolis ......................................36 Kittle’s Design Studio ....................................................40 Kitchens By Design .......................................................68 Kurt Vonnegut Museum and Library .........................42 Marigold Clothing .........................................................56 McNamara Flowers ......................................................62 MKNA (Meridian-Kessler Neighborhood Assoc.) ...10 Mr. Marble Care ............................................................56 Nelson Alarm .................................................................66 Petrov Frame Atelier .....................................................72 Scandinavian Comfort ..................................................64 Stuart’s Moving and Storage, Inc. ................................C2 The Great Frame Up .....................................................42 The National Bank of Indianapolis ............................32 The Secret Ingredient....................................................C3 The Shops at 56th & Illinois .........................................31 White’s Ace Hardware ...................................................36


design firms

A Lantz Design ......................................................... 43 Amethyst Interiors LLC .......................................... 51 Bob Mead Interiors Inc. .......................................... 63 Cabinetry Ideas, Inc. ................................................ 48 Charles Mayer & Company ..................................... 71 Chatham Home Interiors ........................................ 50 Compass Design, LLC ............................................. 49 Constance Vinson Interiors .................................... 67 Cornerstone Interiors .............................................. 57 db interiors llc ........................................................... 47 Deborah Parks Interiors .......................................... 39 Decorative Finishes by Michele.............................. 39 Design Works ........................................................... 71 Ethan Allen................................................................ 35 JSC Stylish Interiors ................................................. 59 Julie O’Brien Design Group .................................... 37 Kalleen & Company, LLC ....................................... 45 Kitchens By Design ................................................. 69 Kittle’s Design Studio .............................................. 65 Mark M. Holeman Inc. ............................................ 41 Misch Bobrick Design LLC ..................................... 34 Polish Interior and Art Design ............................... 73 Property Pros Land Management, LLC .......... 33/75 Rosalind Brinn Pope Interiors ............................... 53 Silver Crow Studios .................................................. 60 Spear-Huff Studio LLC ............................................ 58 Susan Colvin Interiors ............................................. 55 The Empty Vase ........................................................ 74 Thomas & Jayne Interior Design............................ 46 Ty Interiors ............................................................... 54

Profile for Indianapolis Monthly

2017 Decorators' Show House  

56th Annual St. Margaret's Hospital Guild Decorators' Show Home and Gardens

2017 Decorators' Show House  

56th Annual St. Margaret's Hospital Guild Decorators' Show Home and Gardens


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