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Pascal Flammer

Tiago Correira Arnaud Despretz Andrzej Gwizdala Stefaan Jamaer Francesco Martinazzo Joan Massagué Joana Matos Laura Micheli Victor Moldoveanu Inês Oliveira Loreto Ramon-Solans Maria Rebelo Aina Soler Hiroki Tanigaki Alessandra Tarara Giovanna Zuliani Laura Sattin Mariana Brás João Monteiro Juliana Rocha Simona Halici Filipa Araújo Lenka Milerova José Martins Pascal Flammer Porto Academy ´13

I believe good work (in general) doesn't root in solving a problem, but in inspiration, in the wish/fever/believe/hope/fascination/will/ideal/idea - in 'flow'. And also, it's the nicest condition/ state of mind/ body I know to live in. So basically, the Porto Week is about this. Since I also think, that we don't get the condition of flow just with birth and livelong, we have to be curious and interested and happily try to hunt it! So, I propose that during the Porto Week we go and search inspirations, motors that drive us and lead us to make beautiful things. The goal was to walk in and around Oporto with the students and open ourselves to find stuff to appropriate them in our lives. We take photographs, talk inbars about what are our motors in life are or could be, collect also items we find inspiring and bring them to the school. Then, a selection of the objects/photographs and think of a very short text, describing what we like about it and maybe also, how we could imagine to appropriate it, change it or continue it. At the end, we put the selected items/ photographs and texts nicely ordered to present in a final booklet.


Lenka Milerova

When nature absorbs architecture.

Maria Cagnoli

Intrigue It’s always for little things that you get lost.

Tiago Correia

Presentism and Growing Block Universe Temporal ordering, relation among different series. The two series differ principally in their use of tense and tenseless to describe the temporal relation between events.

Eternalism and Four-Dimension.

Simona Halici

Reaching Out The only empty space around us is the one we make for ourselves.

Arnaud Despretz

Trojan Horse A tree that hides the forest Curiosity is the key.

Flowers The object is only a pretext

Juliana Rocha

Repetition Concept Composition, repetition, a strong order contrasting with a random organization of colour.

Andrzej Gwizdala



Jo達o Monteiro

Why So Serious The life of a building is in constant transfornation.

Stefaan Jamaer


Mariana BrĂĄs

Mysterious Way It’s fascinating to follow a clue. Not knowing where we are going is mysteriously scary. And yet, we go ahead, with the certainty that there is always something to discover.

It becomes more intriguing to follow a little mystery than to be able to see all at once.

Francesco Martinazzo

Roads The pureness is an inconscious contemplation, but the breeze is fresh.

Leaves (Wheatfield with Crows - Van Gogh) When the paths diverge, the animal instinct is no more than a fragile sense of belonging.

Laura Sattin

Roots About what can be substituted, mostly about what cannot.

When strength lies in fragility.

Joan MassaguĂŠ

The Beauty in the Ugly Somehow we make mistakes; misunderstandings sometimes make something extremely inspiring; that’s how we get the essence.

Giovanna Zuliani

Red String Ties you tight Once Twice Don’t pull With might

Imprint on White Canvas Woven by Cloto What will there be In this future unknown A reflection of you or of reality?

Joana Matos

Transcendental Oposing Forces That moment when transcendental forces are trying to find equilibrium between what is fragile and powerful at the same time.

Alessandra Tarara

Such is Life “What are we doing here, that is the question. And we are blessed in this, that we happen to know the answer. Yes, in the immense confusion one thing alone is clear. We are waiting for Godot to come.� -Samuel Beckett, Waiting for Godot

Laura Micheli

Framing Reality

Hiroki Tanigaki

Playground The feet on the ground, the eyes look ahead. A city is always a playground of everybody’s life. The view of the space between two walls becomes the playground of freedom.

Playground The feet on the ground, the eyes look ahead. There is a vision of a person free in perspective, any paysage would become the playground of freedom.

Victor Moldoveanu

Adequate Keep your face to the sunshine and you will see no shadow.

Aina Soler

Surface Things aren’t always where they are supposed to be and are not as they look like. Discovering the real thing means to look deep inside the surface.

It’s not about lying, just that it doesn’t show the truth.

InĂŞs Oliveira

Sea Terrace A woman borrows part of a public pedestrian path to settle items of her private life, creating a conflict between the intimate and the communal. Nonwithstanding, this picture portraits her alone, so all seems like a secluded spot for an afternoon of sunbathing and reading.

Maria Rebelo

Untitled By breaking a defined rule we are able to explore new forms and new conditions in architecture.

Loreto Ramon-Solans

Instant 2D vision

Filipa AraĂşjo

Written Into Stone I am the opposite of somebody who wants to conserve everything. To conserve, for me, is like announcing death.

PORTO ACADEMY 2013 From the 20th to the 27th of July 2013, Indexnewspaper organized ‘Porto Academy’ at Faculty of Architecture of the University of Porto (FAUP). The academy consisted of a weeklong workshop with Anne Holtrop, Camilo Rebelo, Go Hasegawa, João Pedro Serôdio (Serôdio Furtado), Johan Anrys (51N4E), Nuno Brandão Costa, Pascal Flammer, Pier Paolo Tamburelli (Baukuh) , Raphael Zuber and Thomas Raynaud (Building building). It also included ten lectures from those architects plus five master classes from guest architects : Alexandre Alves Costa (Atelier 15), Álvaro Siza, Eduardo Souto de Moura, Marcos Acayaba and Milton Braga (MMBB), exposing thoughts about "Porto and Paulista Schools".

Porto Academy’13 by indexnewspaper

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