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Worthing Commissioners approve new office hours for City Hall BY WENDY SWEETER AND DEBBIE SCHMIDT

The Worthing City Commission met Aug. 12 and discussed the proposed budget for 2014. Todd Gannon, public works commissioner, commended city administrator Jeff Tanner and finance and revenue commissioner Troy Larson for their work on the 2014 budget. Tanner told the commissioners he received new insurance numbers for the year. He pointed out that the water and sewer fund was not on the budget the commissioners reviewed. “You’ll notice the water and sewer fund is not in this budget because we want to put together more accurate numbers before we move forward,” Tanner said.

ECRWSS Postal Customer

Jon Fischer, Stockwell Engineers, recommended approval for payment of $73,574.48 to Seal Pros, Inc. of Harrisburg for dirt work and gravel on the Worthing School Improvement Project Phase II. Gannon moved to approve, with the commission passing the motion. Gannon moved to approve a change order of $33,551.13 for the Worthing School Improvement Project Phase II for paving on Main Street and Second Street between Juniper and Main. Fischer gave an update on the progress of the school project. Two intersections were to be completed by Aug. 13. The concrete guys were staying at the project until they ran out of work. ■ WORTHING, page 3



Worthing Fire Department to host benefit for Lorrie Stratmeyer on Oct. 6


n the Fourth of July, friends and family gathered at Mic and Lorrie Stratmeyer’s to enjoy food and fireworks, but something was not quite the same as in past years. Lorrie was not out and about with the rest of the group. Instead, she was resting inside, thinking the she had simply overworked her hip. A few days later she was rushed to the hospital in critical condition. An infection in her hip replacement had caused her kidneys to shut down, her heart to fail, her lungs to struggle, and led to an extended hospital stay as her life hung in the balance. That hospital stay led to six weeks of intensive care where Lorrie continued to gain strength with numerous setbacks along the way, but God was still not done with her. Before she had enough strength to speak, one of the first things that she was able to write were the words, “to God be the glory.” Those who know Lorrie understand that she has lived her life for God’s glory. She will be the first one to tell you how short she comes of doing that, but others have seen how she has shown the love of God as she has put others ahead of herself. She has been a faithful member

of Worthing Community Church and she and Mic have also spent more than 20 years as members of the Worthing Fire Department. Lorrie spent 37 years caring for others as a nurse and then continued to put those talents to work as a volunteer EMT. No one knows how many times she woke up in the middle of the night to help others after her pager went off. Those who know the Stratmeyers understand that they do not just help people as part of a church activity, or as part the Fire Department, or as part of their job. They are the sort of people who will show up to lend Marilyn “Lorrie” Stratmeyer has been helping a helping hand whenever others in the community by serving with the fire and wherever it is needed department for 20 years. Now the Fire Department without expecting anything and the Worthing Community Church would like to in return. return the favor. A pancake benefit is planned for They did not expect Lorrie on Oct. 6th from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. at the fire anyone to hold a benefit on station to help with medical expenses. their behalf, but so many people have been touched be hosting a pancake feed benefit by their lives and those people want to honor Lorrie. By showing up to to share their love as well. On Oct. this benefit, you can both support the 6 from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. the Worthing Fire Department, with the help of the Stratmeyers and encourage the community of Worthing. Worthing Community Church, will

Lennox School District partners with PDC program Lennox School District is excited to be a part of the PDC program for the 2013 – 2014 school year. PDC stands for Professional Development Center and is based on an agreement in which the Lennox School District and the School of Education at the University of South Dakota share responsibilities to support yearlong internships and mentorships. Lennox Elementary second grade teacher, Stacy Larson, will be mentoring Shelby (Badger) Hackenlaible, who will be teaching second grade at Lennox Elementary and Jacqueline Smidt, who will be teaching third grade at Worthing Elementary. Lennox High School social studies teacher, Kory Williamson, will be mentoring Patrick Purdy, who will be teaching fifth grade at Lennox Elementary and John Silvernail, who will be teaching social studies at Lennox High School. Shelby Hackenlaible is a

former Pierre Rosebud, SD Governor. She is where she a 2013 graduate had the time of the Univerof her life sity of South Daand was able kota’s School of to learn so Education where much about she earned her students, Bachelor’s Decollaborating gree in Elemenwith families tary Education. and staff She is currently and about pursuing an education in advanced degree general. She in Technology is excited to for Education continue that and Training. learning and Hackenlaible exploring in spent her student third grade Above: Patrick Purdy, Kory Williamson, John Silvernail, Shelby Hackenteaching semesat Worthing laible, Stacy Larson, and Jacqueline Smidt. ter in the first Elementary. grade at BeresSmidt comes family. ford Elementary. She is looking from two and a half years of Jacqueline Smidt is a former forward to beginning her journey Vermillion Tanager. Smidt is a working in a setting with very in the Lennox School District, diverse academic needs. She can2011 graduate of the University helping the students grow into not wait to help the children of of South Dakota’s School of bright individuals. She is thankEducation. She spent the last two Lennox School District gain the ful for this experience and can’t ability to set rigorous goals and years as a first grade teacher at wait to become part of the Oriole Rosebud Elementary School in the motivation to work towards


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achieving those goals. She looks forward to modeling strong critical thinking skills, solid morals and a great work ethic. Please do not hesitate to call, e-mail or stop in with any questions or concerns. She would like to thank you for this opportunity to serve your students and your community! Patrick Purdy is originally from Grand Island NE. He moved up to Sioux Falls in 2006 where he attended the University of Sioux Falls (USF). At USF he attained his Bachelor of Arts degree in elementary education. He also received a minor in reading and has multiple coaching endorsements. He played soccer at USF all four years. He taught back in Grand Island for a year and a half before moving back to Sioux Falls to join in the PDC program. He is going to pursue his masters in Technology from the University of South Dakota. ■ PDC PROGRAM, page 3

Small town living and so much more 38.5 Acre Industrial Park Elementary School Strong Local Fire Department 20 Minutes from Sioux Falls


Engaging the next generation in community development BY NICK FOSHEIM



very year at this time, we settle into a familiar routine as students in our communities head back to school. Students spend their days in the classroom broadening their knowledge and teens are becoming more serious about exploring career and college options, so maybe it’s time we go back to school as well. It is a good time for us to help students learn about their own communities, its opportunities and the ways in

which they can participate in community and economic development efforts. Our youth can provide valuable insight when we invite them to the conversation. Ask them questions that may provide constructive feedback to help guide our decision making. When community leaders invite them to share, they will know that the whole community values their ideas and participation, and how important they are to the future. Some of these graduates will leave their hometowns in order to pursue higher education options. Some will find employment in

another region or community. Still others will remain close to home contributing to the local workforce. No matter the future, our students are a valuable asset. Let’s ask them what makes a community and a county great. If we start the conversation, we not only invest in the future of our youth, but the future of our communities. By giving students a voice, we can enrich their educational experience and our communities. Wherever they live in the future and whatever their talents, they can use the experiences they gained in their hometowns to engage in the community where they live.

Boomer Babble – Thoughts at Large:

The real road to health BY JOHN CHICOINE


re you on a diet? Have you been exercising? Are you trying to eat the right foods? Have you noticed that every week new research comes out on something concerning your health? Perhaps you’re confused? Recently scientists released research that disclosed that if a person is somewhat overweight you’ll live longer than people who are too thin or the medically optimal weight. However a year or so ago, research by scientists established that the thinner you were, the longer you would live. Extreme lean was keen. Grossly underweight was great. The sixties model Twiggy was being considered for sainthood. Research on food is all eschew. For years chickens were humiliated because eggs were considered the food of the devil. Looking at an egg would cause cholesterol to rise 20 points. Real butter was blamed for clogging arteries worse than the LA freeway at rush hour.

Now research discloses an egg a day is actually beneficial for you and rich in vitamin D. Real butter is now considered better for you than the artificial plastic laden spread. There are more diets around than illegal’s crossing the border. Everyday new diets arrive like the Ding-a-Ling diet in which you only eat Ding-a-Lings. It’s for ding-a-lings. There’s the 50 Calorie diet, the Neanderthal Diet and celebrities that were fat but now are skinny diets that are everywhere. I personally like the sprinkle diet in which you sprinkle your food with some kind of pixie dust and you magically lose weight. If you exercise, research isn’t helpful. For years research disclosed running was good. Now, research stresses running doesn’t work as well as walking. There’s gismo’s galore on cable programs that research (who’s I’m not sure) divulges 10 minutes of a certain machine or a shaky jiggle belt around the waist is all you need to be eternally thin. No diet, no

sweat. On the opposite side there’s an insane guy doing insane workouts that promises rock hard bodies in 30 days, if it doesn’t kill you. So it’s no wonder that people are confused and demoralized in the health world today. Exercise facilities are loaded after January 1st as people swear they’re going to get into shape. By March, those gyms are desolate, lonely shells. So I’ve decided to start a new health and workout franchise. There will be an all you can eat diet. I will guarantee you can gain weight or your money back. No strenuous exercise necessary. In fact, each facility will have couches, video games, TV’s but no remotes so a person will have to get off the couch to change the channel. I’ve done some market research on this. Everyone I’ve talked to thought they would join. I’m going to be rich. Boomer Babble – “Thoughts at Large” are written by the Boomer Babble Guys, Charles Doug and John with occasional help from friends. The Boomer Babble radio show is broadcast on WNAX 570 Sunday evenings at 5:00. Visit us at

Preparing our students for college and careers BY GOV. DENNIS DAUGAARD


ugust has come to a close, and though temperatures are still high, fall is almost here and students have already settled back into their classrooms. This time of year always brings me back to when I was in school. I always enjoyed school. In fact, through seventh grade, I was at the top of my class. Of course, that wasn’t too difficult, I was the only person in my class! Much has changed since I attended that one-room country school. Back then, a gallon of gas was 40 cents, a new house cost around $25,000 and fewer people went to college, about 17 percent of people in the U.S. had at least a bachelor’s degree. Now, that number is around 28 percent. Along with the escalating number of people seeking higher education, the increasingly competitive global economy requires today’s workforce to have greater skill sets and more education. In order to succeed, our students need to leave high school ready for a postsecondary experience, at a university, a technical institute or a shorter certificate program ‚ and, ultimately, the workforce. How well are we preparing our youth in South Dakota? Recent news indicates we are doing pretty

well. According to the state Department of Education, 74 percent of our students are proficient in math and reading. Also, South Dakota’s ACT scores went up last year, and we continue to outperform the national average, even though we have one of the highest ACT participation rates in the nation. We also surpass the national averages in each subject: English, reading, math and science. Still, there are areas where we can improve. Although more of our students take the ACT and attend college, we have a higher than average college dropout rate. As one factor which limits success, some students enter college needing remedial help. To overcome this problem before college, the South

Dakota Department of Education and Board of Regents are working to increase college readiness by offering free remedial coursework. Students don’t have to retake a whole course, but instead can focus on the specific components of courses where they need some extra help. These courses are available to high school seniors via the South Dakota Virtual School. I am proud of the quality of education we offer here in South Dakota. Our students do well because we have committed teachers and parents who take an active role in their children’s education. As our world continues to change, we will continue to work toward even better solutions to prepare our children for the future. Here’s to a great school year!


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Lennox School District partners with PDC program ■ PDC PROGRAM, from page 1 Mr. Purdy’s goal: “Strive to have each student reach their full learning potential in an ever changing World.” John Silvernail is a Yankton native and a December graduate from The University of South Dakota. He earned his Bachelor of Science in Photo by Tom Schmidt

Local firefighters take part in training exercise Firefighters from Tea, Lennox, Chancellor, Worthing and Harrisburg converged on a two-story farmhouse south of Tea on Aug. 26 to continue to hone their skills through participation in a controlled burn training exercise. Pictured above, firemen set up a portable water tank to be used in the exercise.

“There should be nothing that holds us up on paving. Myrl & Roy’s batch plant was struck by lightning and rumor has it will be down until Friday,” Fischer said. “They have another batch plant. I’m going to strongly ask them to get asphalt from Concrete Materials if they have to.” Larson moved to table the Sioux Falls Humane Society agreement until the Aug. 19 meeting. Gannon moved to declare the 14 bales the city paid $600 to have cut and baled as surplus property and use the sealed bid process to sell the bales with any profits going to the parks fund. Mayor Eric Saugstad discussed City Hall office hours. Darren VanHouten, public utilities commissioner, moved to table discussion about City hall hours until the Aug. 19 meeting. In Tanner’s report, he informed the commission that they had the financial audit review two weeks ago. The review went well with a couple of suggestions to improve. One was segregation of duties but Tanner said that is hard for a municipality the size of Worthing. He also said the auditor was very impressed with former finance officer Kay Pucket. Larson reported the new finance officer, Stephanie Fischer, starts Aug. 13. Gannon needs to see the balance in the street maintenance budget so they can determine the amount they can spend on patching. VanHouten commented that more rock is needed for the sewer system and they should consider more electricity at the lagoons when discussing the budget. Saugstad reported that he was meeting with the fire department this week. The commissioners went into executive session at

7:55 p.m. On Aug. 19 Worthing Commissioners again met in regular session. Elliot Benson, location manager of the Farmers Coop Society (FCS) was present to speak to the commission. He told them that the grain elevator construction was going well and the elevator was projected to be open by the middle of September. He explained that FCS decided to build when they saw the need for a grain facility in this location. FCS is a locally owned cooperative. Their grain demand is constant, Benson said, due to the large feed business in the tri-state area. FCS is a full service Site Specific Ag, fertilizer, seed, and chemical sales dealer. Benson indicated they would be hiring four local people. Mayor Eric Saugstad welcomed him to the community. Worthing Police Officer Matthew Hess then spoke to the commission. He stated that he had been talking with Jeff Tanner, the City Administrator, about code enforcement and getting it back on track. “We’re proud of our city and want it to look good,” he said. Hess also mentioned that he has been carefully watching the four-way stops. “There are so many kids in the community, it’s important for things to be safe,” he said. Hess added that he would like to talk to the school about establishing a crossing guard program. Under old business: • Commissioners tabled the agreement with the Sioux Falls Humane Society to the next meeting. • Commissioners reviewed the 1914 Budget. Tanner said that the budget was realistic. “We shouldn’t have trouble living within our means,”

he said, adding that it was a balanced budget across the board. • New City Hall office hours were approved. City Hall will be open Monday from 8:30 a.m. to 6 p.m.; Tuesday through Thursday from 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. and from 8:30 a.m. to noon on Friday. • In the absence of City Engineer Jon Fischer, Tanner updated the commission on the school improvement project. The bottom lift has been laid on 3rd St., just in time for the opening of school. The contractor will come back this week to finish up curb and gutter on Juniper and 2nd St. and by next week will put asphalt back on. The bottom lift will be put on Juniper and 2nd and the top lift on 3rd. The top lift will be added to Juniper and 2nd in the next day or two. It is hoped that the project can be completed in two to two and a half weeks. There was some dirt work to be completed behind the curb. Commissioner Gannon wanted to be sure the dirt had the right elevation so that run-off will go into the curb and gutter and into the storm sewer system. The commissioners approved the pay request from Seal Pros, Inc. as recommended by Fischer. • The Commissioners tabled hiring Hess as the new chief of police until the final phase of the hiring process, the background check, is complete. Under Commissioner reports: Todd Gannon reported that although the public utilities (gas and electric) held up the school improvement project, it was finally moving forward. Gannon also reported that the Industrial Park was able to use dirt from the school project. The land in the Industrial Park will be in good shape and have good drain-

Mr. Silvernail will also be working to obtain a Masters of Science in Technology for Education and Training. Mr. Silvernail looks forward to getting to know his students and the Lennox Community. “Students in my classroom will go deeper and wider into the information than they ever have before.”

Worthing Cemetery sets clean-up day The Worthing Cemetery will have their annual cleanup day on Saturday, Sept. 14 starting at 9 a.m. Volunteers are needed to help in the clean-up; please bring along a rake if you have one. All help is greatly appreciated.

Worthing Commissioners approve new hours for City Hall ■ WORTHING, from page 1

History Education and also has a background in English/Language Arts. Mr. Silvernail will be co-teaching with Kory Williamson at Lennox High School. Due to his background in American History, he will take over sections of American History and other social studies related classes. While teaching,

age. He expects that some type of grass will be seeded there next spring. Now that the street projects are nearing completion, Gannon expects that there will be some money left in the budget for street repairs, and expects that $10,000 to $15,000 of patchwork will be completed yet this season. Commissioner Troy Larson welcomed Stephanie Fischer as the City’s new Finance Officer and officially thanked Kay Pucket for her work for the City. Larson thanked the many parents that walked to the school for the open house. Even though Jon Fischer and Officer Hess were present to direct traffic in the construction zone, there was not a lot of traffic around the school during the open house. VanHouten told commissioners that he met with someone about switching to LED street lights to save money on utilities. He asked for the commissioners feedback. In her report, Carrie McDannel thanked officer Hess for a job well done, citing that she had received many positive comments from the public about the new police officer. Mayor Saugstad offered his thanks to Denise Hanson for coming in to help train the new finance officer. He said she has been a big help in keeping the transition as seamless as possible. Saugstad also reported that the Fire Department discussed the truck they are planning to purchase in the near future. Because costs came in higher than they estimated, they are scaling back on a few things. The 2,000 tanker and class A pumper should reduce insurance ratings for rural communities. The next Worthing Commissioners meeting is scheduled for Sept. 9.

Worthing City Hall Hours Located at 208 South Main Street Mon.—8:30am - 6pm; Tues.-Thurs.—8:30am-5pm; Fri.—8:30am-noon Phone: (605) 372-4113 Fax: 605-372-2194 Mail: PO Box 277, Worthing, S.D. 57077

CITY COMMISSION MEETINGS Monday, September 9, 2013 and Monday, September 23, 2013 Regular Meeting @ 7 p.m. Each meeting begins at 7 p.m. with the exclusion of special meetings. Meetings are now being held in the Worthing Civic Center (American Legion Building). All meetings are open to the public except for Executive Session, which is used only to discuss legal and personnel issues.

PLANNING COMMISSION MEETINGS Monday, September 16, 2013 at 6 p.m. Worthing City Hall Planning Commission Meetings: Each meeting begins at 6 p.m. with the exclusion of special meetings. Meetings are held at Worthing City Hall. All meetings are open to the public

Worthing City Officials Eric Saugstad, Mayor: 270-2614, Darren Van Houten, Public Utilities: 212-4908, Todd Gannon, Public Works: 254-3229, Troy Larson, Finance & Revenue: 201-6644, Carrie McDannel, Public Safety: (605) 941-0665, Jeff Tanner, City Administrator: 372-4113, Stephanie Fischer, Finance Officer: 372-4113, Jake Sees, Maintenance Lead, 251-4555, Marie Albertson, Administrative Assistant/Utility Assistant, 372-4113, Jason Schroeder, Zoning Administrator: 941-2751

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Beck to celebrate 80th birthday Bill Beck celebrated his 80th birthday on September 9. Birthday wishes can be sent to him at 28461 470th Ave, Worthing, SD 57077.

Sweeter celebrates 80th birthday Don Sweeter will celebrated his 80th birthday on Sunday, September 8. To help him celebrate greetings may be sent to him at: 47120 283rd St., Worthing, SD 57077.


Stearns awarded scholarship Jared Stearns of Worthing, a third year Accounting student at Dakota Wesleyan University, has been awarded a $550 scholarship from the South Dakota Retailers Association (SDRA). Stearns also received an SDRA scholarship in 2012. The South Dakota Retailers Association Jerry Wheeler Scholarship Program provides financial support to individuals intending to pursue a career in retailing. The program is named in honor of long-time Executive Director Jerry Wheeler, who started the scholarship program in 1991.

Harold Fischer receives Century Farm Award Huron, SD – Harold Fischer of Worthing was honored with a Century Farm award at the South Dakota State Fair on August 29 during a special program hosted by the South Dakota Farm Bureau and the South Dakota Department of Agriculture. Land in Lynn Township, Lincoln County has been in Harold’s family since March 1911 when it was originally purchased by his grandfa-

ther, Karl H. Fischer. “When a family owns a farm or ranch for a century or more, it is a remarkable milestone that should absolutely be celebrated. The South Dakotans who settled on these prairies endured much hardship, and their legacy lives on in their family members who still care for the same land today. Congratulations to the Fischer family for receiving the Century Farm award,”

said Scott VanderWal, a family farmer from Volga, S.D. and President of the South Dakota Farm Bureau. This year, 59 families were honored with the Century award for 100 years of ownership and 23 were honored with the Quasquicentennial award for 125 years of family ownership. Since the program began in 1984, South Dakota Farm Bureau and the South Dakota Department of Agricul-

Worthing Mason, Alan Hauff dies at age 75 Alan Hauff, 75, of Sioux Falls, died Saturday, Aug. 3, 2013 at Covington Heights Nursing Home in Sioux Falls. Services will begin at 10:30 a.m. Thursday, Aug. 8 at Dindot-Klusmann Chapel, Lennox.. Visitation was held Aug. 7 with the family present from 7 to 8 p.m. with a Masonic Service at 8 p.m., also at Dindot-Klusmann Chapel. Officiating during the service was Rod Strobel. Ronda Buckneberg was soloist. Pallbearers were Brian Hauff, Tim Reiners, Troy Reiners, Jonathan Holte, Kevin Holte, and Chad Holte. Interment was in the Worthing Cemetery with Military Rites by South Da-

kota Honor Guard. Alan Brian Hauff was born on March 16, 1938 at Fredona, North Dakota, the son of Adolph and Lydia (Schlittenlhard) Hauff. He attended school in Aberdeen, SD. He served in the US

Navy from 1956 to 1960 and then moved to Sioux Falls. On April 30, 1966 he was united in marriage to Marcella Reiners at First English Lutheran Church in Lennox. They lived in Sioux Falls their entire married life where he was an Insurance Service Office Inspector for 32 years. Alan was a member of the Worthing Masonic Lodge #141 and El Raid Shrine #8072 for 35 years. Besides his parents he was preceded in death by a sister, Belinda Hauff and a brother, Darrold Hauff. Grateful for having

City, Lemar (Jody) Hauff, New Prague, MN, Delmar (Bonnie) Hauff, Sioux Falls, Janice Hauff, St.Louis Park, MN and Jerry Hauff, LasVegas, NV; plus nieces, nephews, other relatives and friends.

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shared his life are his wife, Marcella Hauff; his son, Brian (Nicole) Hauff of Springfield, MO; his daughter, Janet (Jonathan) Holte of Smithton, IL; nine grandchildren; siblings: Betty Lou (Rod) Strobel, Rapid

ture have recognized more than 2,700 farm and ranch families with these awards. To be recognized, at least 80 acres of the original land must still be owned by the same family, and they must be able to provide proof of the original date of purchase. More details about the program, including photos of all the families, can be seen on Farm Bureau’s website,






School Board approves architect for proposed building project BY ANNE HOMAN

On Monday night, Aug. 12 t he L ennox S cho ol Board meet for their regular monthly meeting. Dan Severson, Chancellor resident, was present to address the board. “I was getting my daughter ready for school and looked at the school bus route for Chancellor,” Severson began. He voiced concerned, in light of the recent events in Chancellor, of having the students being picked up in one central location with no supervision. “No place else do we do that other than Chancellor,” continued Severson. “I”m a little concerned…if you feel it’s safe then you have to live with the consequences.” Severson, a councilmen in Chancellor, also told the board that the City needs to get into the Chancellor school to read the water meter. The City needs the information for their books. The board thanked him for his time. After Severson departed, Superintendent Dr. Robert Mayer said he will make sure someone reads the water meter at the school and as far as the students are concerned the board discussed some options. “How many kids are we talking about,” questioned Board president Alan Rops. “Maybe we could tie in a parent volunteer through

the PACE group to be there with them.” The board kicked around a few other ideas but all agreed Mayer should talk to Randy Arndt, Transportation director, for more information. “Do what you think is reasonable and feasible at this point,” Rops told Mayer. In other business, the board discussed at length the common core standards. “It is coming under criticism nationally and locally,” said Mayer. “We’ll need to address some things…if you get questioned about it, this is not a Barack Obama agenda, this came from the National Council of Governors. One of the issues we would have if we didn’t do the common core is that these are the standards at which our children will be tested,” Mayer continued. “So if we abandoned it then our kids would have much less chance to be successful; it would affect our accreditation and our rating in the State.” Board member, Renea Bender, attended a session on common core and thought it might be a good idea to invite the public in and show them what the district is doing. “It is hard to help your kids with their homework when it is different than what you did,” Bender added. Mayer agreed that would

be a good idea and thought that was something the district could set up for this fall. The Lennox District is currently implementing some of the common core standards with testing taking place next year. The board approved the following new hires: Emily Maras, 6-12 art teacher; Ann Jorgenson, food service; Joyce Pingrey, food service; and Mike Larson, Homecoming advisor. Mayer made the recommendation, endorsed by the building committee, to

employ Architecture Incorporated for the future middle school building project. This firm was the same firm that did Lennox High School when it was built. “They are a full service firm,” said Mayer. Mayer’s hope that the District will be able to bid the project out in February, start construction in spring of 2014 and have it finished by June of 2015. “Interest rates are still very favorable but they are going up,” said Mayer. “So we need to pursue it, the first step is to employ these

architects.” The board accepted the hiring. The board also agreed to let the fastpitch girls softball team use the Lennox High School mascot name. Five inter-district open enrollments were approved, two rescinded inter-districts were also approved. The board meeting scheduled for Sept. 9 will still be held with a time change of 6 p.m. This is due to accommodate those who wish to attend Coronation which will be held that night at 8 p.m.

Preschool screening to be held Sept. 19-20 Lennox School District will hold its annual early childhood screening to quickly assess a child’s motor ability, readiness skills, and speech/ language development. This screening is designed for children 3 to 5-years of age. Participation is voluntary and free. The screening will be held Sept. 19, from 4:30-7:30 p.m. and Sept. 20, 8:30- 11:30 a.m. at the Lennox Ebenezer Presbyterian Church. Interested parents are asked to call Julie at the school district’s central office, 647-2203 ext. 4200, to schedule an appointment.

Worthing 8u team wraps up successful season Pictured above are members of the Worthing 8U softball team. The team recently wrapped up a successful season. Members include, from left to right (back row): Bridget Jackson, Gabi Olson, Kira Waldham, Kyah Jackson, Bergun Moeller, Grace Edwards; (front row): Kira DeVries, Rebecca McMath, Karin Sweeter, Emorie Swanson, Clara Stucky, Kate Jackson, Lily Peterson; not pictured: Sawyer Hansen, Zoe Tops, and Adria Besmer.

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Lincoln County 2013 4-H Achievement Days a success Champion Bull Calf: Kristin Twedt; Reserve Champion Bull Calf: Kristin Twedt; Grand Champion Heifer Calf: Delaney Scott; Grand Champion Market Heifer: Mason Renli; Reserve Champion Market Heifer: Allyson Beninga; Grand Champion Market Steer: McKenzye Gunderson; Reserve Champion Market Steer: Maggie Vander Laan; Grand Champion Breeding Beef: Levi Vander Laan; Reserve Champion Breeding Beef: Paislee Carlson; Rate-of-Gain-Steer: Samantha Short; Rate-of-Gain Market Heifer: Allyson Beninga. Beginner Beef Showmanship Champion: Braxton Boer; Reserve Beginner Beef Showmanship Champion: Delaney Scott; Junior Beef Showmanship Champion: Paislee Carlson; Reserve Junior Beef Showmanship Champion: McKenzye Gunderson; Senior Beef Showmanship Champion: Maggie Vander Laan; Reserve Senior Beef Showmanship Champion: Madalyn Plucker. Round Robin This year, there were ten participants in the 2013 4-H Round Robin. In order to be eligible to compete in this event, each contestant must be a champion or reserve champion in showmanship in one of the following shows: Horse, Beef, Sheep, Swine, or Dairy. This year’s contestants were Mary Ellen Kennedy, Sally Peterson, Joe Hendrickson, Ashlynne Beninga, Morgan Darner, Kylie Koerner, Tony Hayes, Maggie Vander Laan, Madalyn Plucker, and Bradford Bogue. Each contestant was required to compete in showmanship for each animal. They showed their animal off to the judge and had to answer any question that the judge had to ask about each different animal. This year’s 2013 4-H Round Robin Champion was Madalyn Plucker. Rabbits Alicia Ruud 2P,B; Laura Bogue 2P; Colter Abbas P,B; Alex Ruud P,B; Corissa Sweeter 9P,B; Dustin Hopf P,R; McKenzye Gunderson 5P; Sarah Kroeger 3P,B; Grant Sweeter 8P,B; Matthew Bogue 2P,2B,R; Alyssa Bogue B; Alyssa Becker 8P,B; Dylan Hyronimus 2P,B; Samantha Hyronimus P,B; Rebecca Johnson 2P; Molly Kroeger B; Tori Kanz VanBochove P; Jason Fluit B,R; Stacie Fluit 2B. Rabbits Beginner Rabbit Showmanship: Alicia Ruud; Junior Rabbit Showmanship: Corissa Sweeter; Senior Rabbit Showmanship: : Alyssa Becker; Grand Champion Rabbit: Grant Sweeter; Reserve Champion Rabbit: Corissa Sweeter. Dog Katelynd Whitehead 3P, R; Bronson French 4P; Al-

lyson Beninga 3P; Landon Renli 3P, B; Myra Whitehead P,B,2R; Brooklyn Bollweg W; Tobe’ Carias 2B,R; Cadence Abbas B,2R; Karlee Bezug B,2R; Tominee Sorenson 2P, B, R. Cloverbud participation ribbon recipients: Connor Weber and Olivia Newell. Dog Senior Best of Show: Katelynd Whitehead; Junior Best of Show: Landon Renli; Outstanding Performance by a Beginner: Tobe’ Carias; Most Improved 4-H Dog Project Member: Cadence Abbas. Cat Callie Waite 2P, Alyssa Becker P. Cat Top Junior Showmanship: Callie Waite; Grand Champion Cat: Callie Waite; Reserve Champion Cat: Alyssa Becker. Poultry Tristan Fischer P; Cloe Swanson P,4B,2R; Drew Plucker P,5B,2R; Clayton Sorum P,B; Dylan Hyronimus 5P,3B; Jason Fluit 4P,B; McKenzye Gunderson 4P,3B,R; Madalyn Plucker P,4B,3R; Jennifer Fluit 2P,5B,R; Stacie Fluit 3B; Samantha Hyronimus 6R,2B; Tristan Fischer P,2B,R; Tobe’ Carias P,3B; Matthew Kruid P,B; Ellie Schwartz 2B; Kate Stahl P,2B; Sam Stahl P,2B; Breanna Kruid B,R; Alex Ruud P; Alicia Ruud P. Poultry Champion Overall Poultry: Sam Stahl; Champion Waterfowl: Alex Ruud; Champion Standard BreedsFemale: McKenzye Gunderson; Champion Standard Breeds-Male: Samantha Hyronimus; Champion Bantam-Female: Tristan Fischer; Champion BantamMale: Sam Stahl; Overall

Reserve Champion Poultry: Tristan Fischer; Champion Beginner Showmanship: Cloe Swanson; Champion Junior Showmanship: Drew Plucker; Champion Senior Showmanship: Clayton Sorum. Foods & Nutrition: Samantha Hyronimus 5P, 2B, R; Stacie Fluit 2P, 2B; Molly Myers 1P, 2B, 1R; Suellin Richardson 3P, B, R; Ashlynne Beninga 4P, 2B; Jason Fluit 1P, 4B; Jennifer Fluit 5P, 1B; Dylan Hyronimus 5P, 2B, 1R; Ariann VanBockern 1P, 1B, 2R, 1W; Sierra Vander Zee 1P, 2B; Nicole Nelson 2P, 1B, 1R; Alicia Ruud 2P, 1W; Morgan Nelson 2P; Allyson Beninga 3P, 1B; Laura Bogue 1P, 1B; Matthew Kruid 2P, 1B; Corissa Sweeter 2P, 1B; Michaila Benson 2P; Alexis Wiersma 1P, 1B; Kassidy Benson 3P; Alyssa Bogue 1B; Molly Kennedy 3P; Cami McWayne 1B, 1R; Grant Sweeter 1B; Kristin Twedt 1B, 1R; McKenzie Beard 1P, 4B; Kate Carpenter 1R; Carolyn Eich 1B; Tracy Eich 1P, 1B, 1R; Abby Hieb 1P, 1B, 1R; Ally Carpenter 1R; Tanner Meyers 2B, 1R; Johnathan Johnson 1P, 1R; Kevin Hieb 1P, 1B; Callie Waite 1B; Karri Johnson 1P; Carly Lewison 1P; Ellie Schwartz 1R; Reese Smidt 1R; Jacob Stubbe 1R; Olivia Althoff 2B; Paislee Carlson 2P; Hannah Hank 1P; Taylor Kuper 4P; Charles Lewison 1B; Austin Smidt 1R; Bobby Smidt 1R; Kadin Smidt 1R; Alyssa Becker 1P; Mary Ellen Kennedy 5P, 1B; Molly Kroeger 2B; Breanna Kruid 2B; Jennifer Kruid 2P; Emily Lawrenson 1R; Dalton Nelson 1R; Sally Peterson 1B; Isaiah Smidt 1R; Penny Speich 3P, 1R; Cailey Highum 1P; Ca-

den McWayne 2B; Peyton Fridrich 1B; Jordan Bolte 1B; Cassidy McWayne 1P; Brooklyn Knudson 1B; Brooklyn Bollweg 1B; Rebecca Johnson 1B, 1R; Jennifer Huber 1P; Braxton Boer 1P; Cole Christian 1R; Lydia Christian 1P; Abby Carpenter 1P; Hannah Vaca 1P; Sarah Kroeger 1B; Madysen Schmid 1B. Food Preservation: Hannah Hank 2P; Allyson Beninga 2P; Peyton Fridrich 1P; Dustin Hopf 6R; Tanner Meyers 1B; Suellin Richardson 2P; Abby Carpenter 2P; Molly Kennedy 1P; Corissa Sweeter 2P, 1B; Grant Sweeter 2P, 1B; Ashlynne Beninga 1P. Crops and Plant Science: Cole Homandberg 1P; Jared Kroeger 3B; Dayton Keyman 1P. First Aid & Health: Damien DeVries 1P; Carolyn Eich 1B; Abby Hieb 1B; Taylor Kuper 1B; Tanner Meyers 1B; Sally Peterson 1B; Kristin Twedt 1P; Jason Fluit 1R; Brooklyn Bollweg 1B, 1R; Cami McWayne 1R; Alicia Ruud 1P; Jacob Stubbe 1B. Wood Science: Kevin Hieb 1B; Sarah Kroeger 1B; Matthew Kruid 1P; Carter Nelson 1B; Reece Nelson 1B; Alicia Ruud 1P; Austin Smidt 1B; Bobby Smidt 1P, 1R; Kadin Smidt 1B; Bradford Bogue 2B; Jason Fluit 1P, 1B; Dylan Hyronimus 1P, 1B; Samantha Hyronimus 2P; Breanna Kruid 1P; Jennifer Kruid 1P; Dalton Nelson 1P; Isaiah Smidt 1B; Grant Sweeter 1P, 1B. Child Development: Corissa Sweeter 1B; Joshua Klemme 1P; Cailey Highum 1P; Alyssa Becker 1P, 3B, 1R Public Speaking: Alexis Wiersma 1P; Laura Bogue 1P. Continued on page 7

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Sheep Overall Grand Champion Market Lamb: Levi Vander Laan; Grand Champion Sheep (wool breeds): Maizy Baldwin; Reserve Champion Sheep (wool breeds): Charles Lewison; Grand Champion Breeding Sheep: Maizy Baldwin; Reserve Champion Breeding Sheep: Taylor Kuper; Grand Champion Market Wether: Levi Vander Laan; Reserve Champion Market Wether: Madalyn Plucker; Grand Champion Market Ewe: Levi Vander Laan; Reserve Champion Market Ewe: Maizy Baldwin; Senior Sheep Showmanship: Madalyn Plucker; Junior Sheep Showmanship: Dawsyn Moroz Baldwin; Beginner Sheep Showmanship: Madelynn Luvaas; Rate-of-Gain Market Sheep: Madelynn Luvaas. Goat Taylor Kuper 2P; Samantha Hyronimus2P; Dylan Hyronimus 2P. Goat Grand Champion Market Goat: Dylan Hyronimus; Reserve Champion Market Goat: Taylor Kuper. Dairy Aaron Larson 4P; Kylie Koerner 2P; Penny Speich 2P; Sam Stahl 2P; Morgan Darner 2P; Grant Koerner 2P; Molly Kennedy P; Rachel Larson P; Caleb Larson P,B; Kate Stahl B; Dayton Keyman B; Dairy Senior Showmanship Champion: Morgan Darner; Junior Showmanship Champion: Grant Koerner; Beginner Showmanship Champion: Caleb Larson; Junior Champion Dairy: Kylie Koerner; Junior Reserve Champion Dairy: Aaron Larson; Grand Champion Dairy: Aaron Larson. Beef K r i s t i n Tw e d t 4 P ; Kade Scott P,B; Delaney Scott 2P,B; Mason Renli 2P; Paislee Carlson 3P,B; Braxton Boer 2P; Molly Myers 2P,B,R; Ashlynne Beninga 2P; Cole Homandberg 2P; Rylee Homandberg 2B; Landon Renli 2B; Levi Vander Laan P; Penny Speich 2B; Samantha Shirt P,2B; Madysen Schmid P,B; Mackenzie Halverson 2P; Drew Plucker P,B; Madelyn Plucker 3P; B; McKenzye Gunderson 4P; Tyler Halverson B; Allyson Beninga 2P; Sarah Kroeger B; Scott Halverson P,B; Maggie Vander Laan 2P; Molly Kroeger B; Jared Kroeger P. Beef Grand Champion Cow/ Calf Pair: Kade Scott; Grand Champion Home Grown Breeding Heifer: Kristin Twedt; Reserve Champion Home Grown Breeding Heifer: Madalyn Plucker; Grand Champion Home Grown Market Heifer: Mason Renli; Reserve Champion Home Grown Market Heifer: Kristin Twedt; Grand


Chuck Olinger, Lennox



Beautiful weather brought members of the Lincoln County community together as volunteers, judges, 4-H Leaders, 4-H parents, and 4-H members gathered to make the Lincoln County 2013 4-H Achievement Days possible. Over the four day event, 4-H members held several activities, which included the opportunity to exhibit projects in the agricultural and family and consumer science division. Listed below are the results. (P=Purple, B=Blue, R=Red, W=White.) Swine: Penny Speich 2P, 3B; Molly Myers 2P, B; Dayton Keyman 6P; Taylor Kuper 2P, 4B; Kassidy Benson P, 2B; Aaron Larson P,2B; Caleb Larson 2P, B, R: Sarah Kroeger B,R; Molly Kroeger 2B; Kristin Twedt 3P; Tony Hayes 2P; Samantha Hyronimus 5B; Mary Ellen Kennedy 2P; Ally Carpenter 2B; Levi Vander Laan 3P; Dylan Hyronimus 5B; Brooklyn Knudson 2P, 2B; Drew Plucker 2P, B; Molly Kennedy P,B, Dawsyn Moroz Baldwin 2P,B; Michaila Benson 3B; Blake Kennedy B. Swine Senior Swine Showmanship: Levi Vander Laan; Junior Swine Showmanship: Taylor Kuper; Beginner Swine Showmanship: Michaila Benson; Reserve Senior Swine Showmanship: Mary Ellen Kennedy; Reserve Junior Swine Showmanship: Drew Plucker; Reserve Beginner Swine Showmanship: Caleb Larson; Purebred Champion Market Barrow: Dayton Keyman; Purebred Reserve Champion Market Barrow: Dayton Keyman; Champion Market Barrow: Levi Vander Laan; Reserve Champion Market Barrow: Aaron Larson; Purebred Champion Market Gilt: Dayton Keyman; Purebred Reserve Champion Market Gilt: Brooklyn Knudson; Champion Market Gilt: Dawsyn Moroz Baldwin; Reserve Champion Market Gilt: Dayton Keyman; Overall Grand Champion Market Swine: Dawsyn Moroz; Overall Reserve Champion Market Swine: Dayton Keyman; Grand Champion Breeding Gilt: Dayton Keyman; Reserve Champion Breeding Gilt: Penny Speich; Rate of Gain: Michaila Benson. Sheep Maizy Baldwin 5P; Dawsyn Moroz Baldwin 7P; Carly Lewsison 5P; Charles Lewison 5P; Alyssa Bogue 5P; Taylor Kuper 3P; Tristan Fischer 4P; Ashlynne Beninga 2P; Laura Bogue 3P,B; Bradford Bogue 4P; Matthew Bogue 5P; Madelynn Luvaas 4P; McKenzye Gunderson 3P; Krista Smit 2P; Levi Vander Laan 3P; Taylor Kuper 5P; Sam Stahl 3P; Madalyn Plucker 2P; Kate Stahl P.


24 Hour CD Rateline 1-877-420-2226 Lennox— 605-647-2261 or 1-888-736-2407 Tea — 605-368-2051 or 1-877-368-2051 MEMBER





Lincoln County 2013 4-H Achievement Days a success Educational Posters: Delaney Scott 2P, 1B; Tracy Eich 1P, 1B; Cami McWayne 1B; Cassidy McWayne 1P; Sally Peterson 1P, 1B; Carly Lewison 1B; Caden McWayne 1B; Karri Johnson 1P; Clayton Sorum 1B; Jackson Klemme 2B; Cole Christian 1P; Morgan Nelson 1P; Alyssa Becker 1P. Educational Displays: Madysen Schmid 1B; Delaney Scott 1P; Laura Bogue 1P; Ariann VanBockern 1B, 1R; Taralyn DeYoung 2B; Alyssa Becker 1P; Sarah Kroeger 1B; Kayla Smeenk 1P. Hobbies & Collections: Laura Bogue 2P; Sebastian Althoff 1P; Sylar Carlson 1P; Jaqualyn DeYoung 1B; Damien DeVries 1B; Sarah Kroeger 1P; Molly Myers 1P; Nicole Nelson 1B; Alicia Ruud 1P; Corissa Sweeter 1P; Alyssa Becker 1R; Alyssa Bogue 1P; 1B; Jennifer Fluit 1P; Dalton Nelson 1P; Morgan Nelson 1P; Grant Sweeter 1P. Home Environment : Jennifer Fluit 3P, 2B; Brooklyn Bollweg 2B; Deanna Twedt 3P, 3B; Delaney Scott 1P; Kiana Lothrop 1B; Alyssa Becker 5P, 2B, 1R; Allyson Beninga 4P; Kassidy Benson 1P, 1B; Adam Bishman 1P; Stacie Fluit 3P; Sarah Kroeger 4P; Taylor Kuper 1P, 2B; Nicole Nelson 3B, 1R; Reece Nelson 1B; Corissa Sweeter 4P; Alexis Wiersma 1P, 2B; Jordan Zoellner 1B, 1R; Alicia Ruud 2P, 2B; Suellin Richardson 4P; Alyssa Bogue 2P, 1B; Jason Fluit 1P, 1B, 1R; Dylan Hyronimus 4P, 1B; Samantha Hyronimus 4P; Mary Ellen Kennedy 1P, 1B; Molly Kroeger 5P; Morgan Nelson 1P, 1B; Amanda Smeenk 3B; Kristin Twedt 2B; Dustin Hopf 3B, 1R; McKenzie Beard 1P, 1B; Jordan Hopf 1R; Madysen Schmid 2P; Ashlynne Beninga 2P, 1B; Jackson Klemme 2P, 1R; Cassidy McWayne 1B; Jennifer Huber 2B; Jaqualyn DeYoung 2B, 1R; Jesselyn Dornbusch 1R; Missy Surdal 1P; Alivia Halverson 2B; Emma Halverson 1P, 1B; Kevin Hieb 1B; Matthew Kruid 1P, 1B; Cami McWayne 1B; Alex Ruud 1P, 1B; Ellie Schwartz 1R; Matthew Bogue 1B; Molly Kennedy 2P; Breanna Kruid 2P; Jennifer Kruid 1B; Emily Lawrenson 1P; Michaila Benson 1P; Peyton Fridrich 1P; Joshua Klemme 1B; Dalton Nelson 1P; Ariann VanBockern 1B. Clothing & Textiles : Laura Bogue 1B; Kaylee Bosma 1B; Cailey Highum 2P; Carly Lewison 1P; Callie Waite 1B, 1W; Madysen Schmid 1P; Madelynn Luvaas 1P; Suellin Richardson 1P, 1B; Alicia Ruud 1P; Ellie Schwartz 1P, 1B; Ally Carpenter 3B; Sarah Kroeger 2P; Charles Lewison 1P; Molly Myers 2P; Allyson Beninga 2P, 1B; Tanner Nelson 2P; Corissa Sweeter 3P; Sierra Vander Zee 1P; Arianna VanBockern 1P, 1B; Nicole Nelson

1P, 1B; Alyssa Becker 2P, 1B; Ashlynne Beninga 2P; Abby Carpenter 1P; Kate Carpenter 1B; Lexi Cole 1P; Samantha Hyronimus 1B; Dalton Nelson 1P, 1B; Morgan Nelson 2P; Krista Smit 1P; Aryca Lothrop 1P, 2B; Grant Sweeter 1P; Kristin Twedt 1P; Hannah Hank 1B; Missy Surdal 1R; Molly Kroeger 2P, 1B. Engineering: Dustin Hopf 1R. Eggs: Emily Johnson 1P; Jennifer Kruid 1B; Breanna Kruid 1P; Matthew Kruid 1B. GPS: Emily Lawrenson 1P. Electricity : Bronson French 1P, Carter Nelson 1P. Entomology: Alyssa Becker 1P. Welding : Jared Kroeger 1B. Wildlife & Fisheries: Alyssa Becker 1P. Aerospace & Rocketry: Jennifer Kruid 1P. Photography and Video: Olivia Althoff 1P, 1B; Jaqualyn DeYoung 2P, 2B, 1R; Jesselyn Dornbusch 1B; Hannah Hank 2B, 1R; Allison Hoefakker 4P, 1B, 1R; Dayton Keyman 2P, 2B; Taylor Kuper 2B, 3R; Alex Ruud 2P, 4B, 2R; Joseph VanDen Top 5R; 1W; Hannah Christian 1P, 1B; Rylee Homandberg 1P, 1B, 1W; Aryca Lothrop 1B; Tominee Sorenson 2P, 1R; Kristin Twedt 2B; Jordan Hopf 2P, 3R; Rayann Hoppe 1P, 1B, 1R; Nicole Nelson 1B, 4R; Alicia Ruud 3P, 3B, 2R; Dylan Hyronimus 2R, 4B; Samantha Hyronimus 2P, 4B, 1R; Alyssa Becker 2P, 2B, 2R; Damien DeVries 1P, 2B, 1R; Laura Bogue 1P, 2R; Kayla Smeenk 1B, 1R; Trace Sorenson 1B; Jason Fluit 2P, 1B, 1R; Kassidy Benson 1P, 2B, 1R; Michaila Benson 2B, 1R; Braxton Boer 1R; Ellie Schwartz 1R; Ariann VanBockern 1P, 3B, 1R; Tyler VanDen Top 2B, 2R, 1W; Lily Murray 1B, 1R; Lydia Christian 1B, 1R; Taralyn DeYoung 1P, 3R; Cailey Highum 1B, 2R; Dustin Hopf 1B, 2R; Johnathan Johnson 1B; Stacie Fluit 1R; Victoria Kanz-VanBochove 2B, 1R; Jacob Stubbe 2P, 2R; Molly Myers 2P, 1B, 1R; Samantha Short 4P, 2R; Penny Speich 3P, 3B, 1R; Christopher Tibbetts 1P, 1B; Alyssa Bogue 2P, 1B, 2R; Sally Peterson 2P, 5B, 1R; Dalton Nelson 1P, 3B; Jennifer Fluit 2P; Madysen Schmid 1P, 2R; Lexi Cole 1P, 6B; Kira Loftesness 6P, 1R; Morgan Nelson 2P, 1R; Allie Loftesness 3P, 1B; Sean Hoefakker 1P, 2R; Matthew Bogue 1R; Caden Hank 1P, 2B, 1R; Rylee Anderson 2B; Callie Wait 2B, 2R; Kathryn Murray 1B, 1R; Sebastian Althoff 2B; Jordan Bolte 1P, Hannah Vaca 1P, Adam Bishman 1P, 1B; Jordan Zoellner 1B, 1R; Tracy Eich 1R; Cole Christian 2R. Visual Arts: Kiana Lothrop 1P, 3B; Corissa Sweeter 2P, 2B; Alyssa Becker 6P, 2B; Laura Bogue 2B, 1R; Rylee Anderson

1R; Brooklyn Bollweg 1P, 1R; Damien DeVries 1B; Jesselyn Dornbusch 2B; Carolyn Eich 2R; Emma Halverson 2B; Cailey Highum 1P, 2R; Dustin Hopf 2R; Rayann Hoppe 2P, 2B; Jackson Klemme 1P, 2B, 1R; Sarah Kroeger 1P, 4B; Carly Lewison 2B; Cami McWayne 1P; Lily Murray 1B; Carter Nelson 1B; Tanner Nelson 2P, 2B, 3R; Alex Ruud 3B; Alicia Ruud 1P, 6P, 1R; Madysen Schmid 2B; Kayla Smeenk 1B, 2R; Austin Smidt 3P, 1B, 2R; Bobby Smidt 3P, 2B, 3R; Kadin Smidt 2P, 1B, 1R; Reese Smidt 2P, 3B, 1R; Trace Sorenson 1B; Missy Surdal 2B; Sierra Vander Zee 1B, 1R; Alexis Wiersma 3B; Jennifer Huber 1P, 1B, 2R; Samantha Hyronimus 4P, 3B; Molly Kroeger 3P, 1B; Breanna Kruid 4P, 3B; Emily Lawrenson 4P; Morgan Nelson 4P; Isaiah Smidt 1P, 3B, 2R; Tominee Sorenson 1P, 1R; Tanner Meyers 1B; Jacki DeYoung 1P, 3B, 1R; Joshua Klemme 1P, 2B; Nicole Nelson 3P, 2B, 2R; Tyler VanDen Top 2B, 1R; McKenzie Beard 1P, 2B, 1R; Aryca Lothrop 2P; Dalton Nelson 3B, 1R; Allyson Beninga 1P, 1B; Michaila Benson 2B; Stacie Fluit 1P, 4B; Ellie Schwartz 4B; Ashlynne Beninga 1P; Jordan Bolte 2B, 1R; Jennifer Fluit 2P, 5B, 2R; Amanda Smeenk 5B; Jason Fluit 3P, 2B; Mackenzie Halverson 1P, 1B; Suellin Richardson 1P; Mary Ellen Kennedy 2B; Jennifer Kruid 3P, 1B, 1R; Adam Bishman 1P, 1B; Tobe Carias 3P, 1B; Lydia Christian 1P; Abby Hieb 2B, 1R; Taylor Kuper 1B, 1R; Dylan Hyronimus 3B, 1R; Allie Loftesness 1P; Kira Loftesness 1P; Caden McWayne 2P; Kassidy Benson 1B; Matthew Kruid 1B; Joseph VanDen Top 1P; Ally Carpenter 1P; Cassidy McWayne 1B; Kathryn Murray 1B; Sean Hoefakker 1B; Kelsey Kennedy 1P; Peyton Fridrich 1P; Kevin Hieb 1B; Caden Hank 1B; Bradford Bogue 1P; Delaney Scott 1B; Ariann VanBockern 2P. Computers, Graphic Arts, & Music: Corissa Sweeter 1B; Alyssa Becker 2P, 1B; Aryca Lothrop 1P; Penny Speich 1P; Emily Lawrenson 1P; Breanna Kruid 1B; Alicia Ruud 1P, 1B; Cole Christian 1B; Jacob Vaca 1P; Krista Smit 1P; Hannah Vaca 1P. Horticulture & Flowers : Abby Carpenter 1P, 1R; Ally Carpenter 1P, 1B; Kate Carpenter 1P, 1R; Jennifer Fluit 1B, 2R; Cailey Highum 2P, 2B; Dylan Hyronimus 4B, 1R; Samantha Hyronimus 2B, 2R; Kelly Johnson 2B; Brooklyn Knudson 1P, Corissa Sweeter 1P, 3B; Grant Sweeter 2P, 1B; Kristin Twedt 2R; Sierra Vander Zee 2B; Krista Smit 1P; Tominee Sorenson 1R; Stacie Fluit 2R; Madysen Schmid 1P. Best of Show- To be eligible for this award, the 4-Her must have received a purple ribbon, show best

example of the individual’s efforts, be unique, original, innovative, and be reflective for the outstanding work for the individual’s age. The 2013 best of show 4-H members are listed below. Aerospace & Rocketry: Jennifer Kruid; Music & Dance: Krista Smit; Plant Science Crops & Weeds: Cole Homandberg; First Aid/Health: Kristin Twedt; Breads: Mary Ellen Kennedy; Foods & Nutrition/ Dairy Foods-: Nicole Nelson, Paislee Carlson; Food Preservation: Molly Kennedy; Child Development & Family Life: Alyssa Becker; Computer & Technology/Graphic Design: Emily Lawrenson; Clothing & Textiles-Selected OutfitJunior: Alicia Ruud; Clothing & Textiles-Selected Outfit-Senior: Aryca Lothrop; Clothing & Textiles-Constructed Clothing: Corissa Sweeter; Wood Science: Dalton Nelson; Hobbies & Collections: Grant Sweeter; Horticulture: Grant Sweeter; Flowers-county lot: Krista Smit; Home EnvironmentJunior: Jackson Klemme; Home Environment-Senior: Dalton Nelson; Electricity/ Welding Science: Bronson French; Conservation (entomology and bees, foresty, range science & pasture management)/Rocks Minerals & Fossils/Wildlife & Fisheries/Wool/Eggs: Emily Lawrenson; Visual Arts-Junior: Adriann Van Bockern; Visual Arts-Senior: Ashlynne Beninga; Photography (& video)-Junior: Allie Loftesness; Photography (& video)-Senior: Alison Hoefakker; Educational Posters/Shooting Educational Displays/ Sports/Expressive Arts/CCS Curriculum: Alyssa Bogue. Public Speaking This year, there were eleven presentations in the

4-H Public Speaking Contest. In this contest, youth prepare a speech or demonstration to present in front of an audience and then where judged on how well their speaking skills were. Alex Ruud did a Demonstration on the topic “How to Clean Water” and received a purple ribbon. Aryca Lothrop’s “Autism” Public Speaking earned her a purple ribbon. Grant Sweeter’s Illustrated Talk topic of “Presenting in Public, Are You Ready?” earned him a purple ribbon. Corissa Sweeter did a Demonstration on “Marbled Eggs” which was a purple ribbon winner. Alicia Ruud did a demonstration called “Magic Balloon” and received a purple ribbon. Nicole Nelson Demonstrated how to make a “Candle Cover”, which she received a blue ribbon. A Demonstration by Dalton Nelson, called “New to You”, earned him a purple ribbon. Tanner Nelson’s Demonstration, called “For the Birds”, earned him a blue ribbon. Morgan Nelson’s Illustrated Talk received a purple ribbon. It was called “Evolution of Cameras. A speech on “Sheep”, given by Laura Bogue, received a purple ribbon. Finally, Grant and Corissa Sweeter worked on a Public Speaking presentation together about “Benefits of Being in 4-H” and received a purple ribbon for their efforts. Special Foods Contest On Thursday, July 11, the Special Foods contestants met up at Lennox High School to show off their cooking skills. Listed below are the results from this year’s contest. Krista Smit, P; Ally Carpenter, P; Ariann VanBockern, R; Molly Myers, P; Corissa Sweeter, P; Dustin Hopf, R; Alicia Ruud, B;

Alex Ruud, R. Fashion Revue In this contest, held on Tuesday, July 16, in Canton, participants either purchase or construct (sew) a complete outfit and model it in front of judges. The emphasis on this contest is placed on the ability of youth to answer questions in an interview and be poised in posture and confidence within the modeling portion. The results of this contest are as follows. Constructed Outfit: Aryca Lothrop, P; Molly Kroeger, 2P; Corissa Sweeter, P; Ally Carpenter, P. Sew & Buy: Ally Carpenter, P. Selected Outfit: Aryca Lothrop, P; Dalton Nelson, B, P; Morgan Nelson, 2P; Molly Myers, P; Corissa Sweeter, P; Sarah Kroeger, P; Ally Carpenter, P; Nicole Nelson, P, B; Ariann VanBockern, 2P; Tanner Nelson, 2B; Madelynn Luvaas, P; Ellie Schwartz, 2P; Callie Waite, P; Madysen Schmid, P; Kaylee Bosma, P; Alicia Ruud, P. Talent Show Contest Winners The Lincoln County 4-H talent show was held on Wednesday, July 31st, right after the conclusion of the Fashion Revue. There were eight different acts that performed. The 2013 Talent show winner was Tyler Halverson, who played a guitar solo and sang. This year’s runner up for the talent contest was Matthew Bogue with a piano solo. Other contestants were Kate Stahl, Taylor Kuper, Alyssa Bogue, Molly Myers, Laura Bogue & Carly Lewison, Little Rascals (Maddie Luvaas, Rayann Hoppe, Kaylee Bosma, Ellie Schwartz, Alicia Ruud, Halie Spears).

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LHS Student Council prepares for Homecoming The Lennox High School student council is looking forward to another busy year beginning with plans for Homecoming. The theme this year is “Wild Wild West.” Students will show their spirit by dressing up during the week of September 9 through September 13. The days are as follows: America Monday, Toga Tuesday, Western Wednesday, Thrift Shop Thursday, and Spirit (Black and Orange) Friday. Coronation was to be held on Monday night. The royalty candidates are Katelyn Hinker, Dereck DeVries, McKenzie Kjose, Josh Friese, Tara Kuper, Trey Furgeson, Halie Mechels, Jordon Harrington, Katelynd Whitehead and Matthew Mazourek. Sporting events were being held throughout the week. On Thursday, September 12, volleyball (C/B/A) with Madison will be held at 5:00 p.m., varsity

AREA CHURCH DIRECTORY St. Magdalen Catholic Church Pastor - Father Kevin O’Dell Rectory: 647-2187

Mass at St. Magdalen in Lennox Wednesday: Mass, 5:30 p.m. Friday: Mass, 8:30 a.m. Sunday: Mass, 10:30 a.m. * Confessions: 15 minutes before each scheduled weekday Mass and immediately following Sunday Mass; Confessions can also be arranged any time by appointment.

St. Dominic Catholic Church, Canton

The LHS Student Council has been busy preparing for Homecoming. Council members are pictured above and include (from left to right): front—Jordon Harrington (president), Mikala Fjerstad (treasurer), Kali Wipf (secretary), Josh Friese (vice president); row 2—Dylan Hanisch, Keely Anderson, Toni Serr, Matthew Mazourek, Brady Jandl, Courtney Rippentrop; back row—Travis Klinkhammer, Braedon Wallenstein, Nathan Timmerman, Jordan Wittrock, Lane Smit, Ellie Klock.

boys golf at Vermillion at 9 a.m., and middle school volleyball at Parker at 4:30 p.m.; and Friday, September 13 – football with Sioux Falls Christian. Kickoff is at 7 p.m. at the Sinning Sports Complex in Lennox. The Homecoming parade will begin at 1:30 p.m. on Friday, September 13. The parade route will begin at the east end of Park Drive on Lennox Main

Street, head north on Main Street to First Avenue. At First Avenue, the parade will head west to Elm Street and continue south to Fifth Avenue and end on the west side of the elementary school. The student council is encouraging all businesses, organizations, and political groups in the district to have entries in the parade. Parade line-up will again

be on Park Drive starting at the west end on Elm Street. Student council members will be available to help with line up, starting at 12:30 p.m. at the west end of the city park. No one needs to call in advance with their parade entries. Businesses are also invited and encouraged to decorate their windows to the theme of “Wild Wild West.”

Pastor —Father Gregory Tschakert Phone (605) 764-5640 Saturday: Mass, 4:30 p.m. Sunday Mass: 8:30 a.m. Weekday Mass: Tues. 5 p.m.; Wed. 8 a.m.; Thurs. 8 a.m.; Friday, 8 a.m.

The Church of God 201 E. 2nd St., Worthing, SD Daniel Scheideler, Pastor Phone: 521-8434 Sundays: Worship Service, 11 a.m. Children’s Church, 11:15 a.m. Sunday School, 10 a.m.

West Prairie Lutheran 46788 282nd St., Lennox Pastor Marcille Jensen Church: 647-5923 ; Sundays: Worship, 9:30 a.m. with coffee and fellowship following. Sunday School Kick-off Sept. 15th, 10:30 a.m.



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