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MARCH 7, 2012

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FIRST LADIES This Month The Independent Celebrates Local Women Trailblazers, This Week Judith Hope. (pg. 4)



March 7, 2012


THE INDEPENDENT Q Traveler Watchman



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March 7, 2012




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March 7, 2012

THE INDEPENDENT Q Traveler Watchman




Judith Hope, First Woman Supervisor By Kitty Merrill

Across the room you see a figure that’s tiny, delicate even. But one look into Judith Hope’s arresting teal blue eyes and you know she’s anything but dainty on the inside. Hope was elected East Hampton Town Supervisor for the first time in 1973. She was the first woman on

Long Island elected to the office. She was the first woman Appointments Officer to a New York Governor, serving Governor Hugh Carey, and during her tenure the number of women serving in high level and cabinet positions tripled. Hope was twice more elected town supervisor and in 1995 she was the first woman elected to

helm the New York State Democratic Committee. Hillary Clinton credits Hope as the first person to suggest she run for U.S. Senate. And now, as founder of the Eleanor Roosevelt Legacy Committee, an organization that helps recruit and guide women to run for office, her decades of advocating for women

Independent / Kitty Merrill

have come full circle. The Committee offers guidance Hope didn’t have back in the 70s, when the young housewife and mother decided to run for town supervisor. “When I was growing up in the south, there were three professions women could enter -- teacher, nurse, or airline stewardess. They’re great professions, but I would have been terrible at any of them. Nothing in my education or cultural experience told me I could run a town.” In fact, Hope related an incident CONTINUED ON PAGE 18.

Who’s On First? This month The Independent celebrates local female trailblazers, with a series of profiles entitled “First Ladies.” We predict space and time will never allow us to focus on all the feisty and fabulous females on the Twin Forks, so you’re invited to join the party. Know a woman who was the first – the first in her field, the first to open a business, the first to hold pubic office or provide an unusual service? Tell us her story and we’ll post it on our website, Send your submissions to and write “First Ladies” in the subject line. K.M. Licensed Insured

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March 7, 2012



March 7, 2012

THE INDEPENDENT Q Traveler Watchman

My troubles with fake phone voices continues. Last week was a strange week when, after a half hour of being switched from fake voice to fake voice by American Express, I finally reached a human, a man in India who insisted that he must cancel my American Express card because someone using my card number tried to buy a $1500 refrigerator at a Virgin Megastore in Beirut, Lebanon. You can’t make this stuff up. The trouble is, first they wear you down jumping from fake voice to fake voice, and then when they have you where they want you they finally give you a real human voice, but it’s coming from India or Nepal or Bangladesh. The English is perfect. The thinking and result is as frustrating as the fake voices. I also had an encounter last week with a humorless fake voice at Delta Airlines, who answered my call for flight information, “Delta, KLM, Air France. Are you a Sky Miles member?” My stupid answer was, “Is that anything like the mile high club?” Naturally the voice immediately switched me to the dreaded Delta Flightline service voice. I wrote this a few years ago:

GULFPORT-BILOXI BLUES I don’t know what got into me. I’m so ashamed. One minute I was a normal, up-

standing citizen politely seeking information on the telephone. The next I was screaming out incred-

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ible profanities. And then I was a defeated, broken man. But in the end I emerged victorious. The only excuse I can make for myself was that at no time did I ever converse with a human voice. Have you tried to call anyone for information about anything lately? There are no humans answering phones these days. They all have these voice systems that are activated by any sound you make. So I called Delta Airlines (1-800-221-1212) and all I wanted to know was, “Does the Delta Shuttle fly to Washington D.C. on the hour or on the half hour?” A simple question that a human could have answered in a second. What I got was a recording of an incredibly deep, fake male voice asking me if I wanted to use their web site for discounts and to warn me that this call may be monitored for quality assurance. Let me get this straight: This is a fake voice worrying about the quality of the message I was going to get from other fake voices? Mr. Testicle Throat (my name for him) gave me a menu choice of four numbers which I could push. None of the choices were about whether the plane to Washington was leaving on the hour or the half hour. I pressed number two because he mentioned schedules. Now came this recording of a woman’s voice, who I will call Deaf Dora, and she came on with a breezy “Hi!” as though I was her next-door neighbor in her totally fake world. She was too cheerful and sounded like she had swallowed a handful of uppers. However, maybe I was being too hard on her. The fake automated voices that are now in charge of giving us information live in a nice world where they have no responsibility and they don’t care what people are screaming at them. They never take breaks and, as far as I understand it, none of them has been programmed to tell you to “stuff it” when you curse at them. Deaf Dora asked me if I had a flight number and what was my departure or arrival city. Now you must understand



this voice recording stuff is in its infancy and all of the equipment is so sensitive it can pick up the slightest sound and then translate it into the name of a city. At that point I coughed and the fake automated woman’s voice immediately said, “PITTSBURGH!!!! Is that your arrival or your departure city?” “Oh damn,” I said. “SPOKANE!!!” she said happily. “Is that your arrival city? Do I have that right?” she wondered. “You are departing Pittsburgh . . . What is the arrival city?” “NOT PITTSBURGH. NOT PITTSBURGH. YOU DEAF PUTZ!!!” I screamed. “Let me repeat that,” she said. “You are departing Pittsburgh and you are arriving in Pittsburgh? Is Pittsburgh your arrival city?” “OH %@#&!” I screamed (the word that rhymes with “luck”). “Let me see if I have this right. You are departing Pittsburgh and your arrival city is GulfportBiloxi.” This simple call was now taking over 15 minutes and I was heading for Gulfport-Biloxi — a place I didn’t even know existed before I made the call. It was like a conversation with my late father who, when he was 92, was deaf in both ears and when I kissed him on the forehead and said, “I love you, Papa,” he would answer, “She went to the store. Why do you ask?” Of course the smart thing to do with Deaf Dora was to hang up and quit, but I couldn’t let go. The voice was now in complete control of the conversation and I must admit I was intrigued. Just what could I say to this automated voice and what would she hear? This is my dirty little confession. I said, “You sound cute. I’m a fake voice, too. What if the two of us find a place where we can talk privately?” That’s when, I swear, the automated voice said, “PLEASE HOLD WHILE I CONNECT YOU TO A DELTA REPRESENTATIVE.” If you wish to comment on “Jerry’s Ink” please send your message to jerry@ or visit and scroll to the bottom of the column.



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SCC Continues To Confront

Independent / Kitty Merrill

Community members continue to arrive en masse in East Hampton Town Hall, looking for solutions to the problem of overcrowded houses. By Kitty Merrill

She brought five neighbors, who promised to bring five more neighbors to the next town board meeting. Judy Freeman was among a contingent of Springs residents who confronted the East Hampton Town Board last week, demanding immediate action to address illegal multi-family homes in the hamlet. Ten speakers testified on the topic during the public portion of the town board’s meeting. Many expressed dismay that a request for a public forum issued two weeks ago has not been fulfilled. The request

was reiterated, as was a variety of complaints and suggestions that have been voiced for about 18 months since hamlet residents began to organize under the name Springs Concerned Citizens. David Buda, one of the most outspoken critics of the town’s efforts, joked the group may take on the moniker, “The Un-Occupy Springs Movement.” He rehashed both the history of the group and suggested measures that, so far, have not been adopted by officials. They include enforcement of legislation limiting the number

of cars that may be parked at a home overnight, restricting commercial vehicle parking at residential properties, increasing penalties for housing code violations, hiring more ordinance enforcement officers, and giving the enforcement of conditional discharges the highest priority. (Conditional discharges often call for subsequent visits to a property in an effort to staunch recidivism.) Members of Springs Concerned Citizens have gathered information on their own regarding court cases and their disposition. They often provide ordinance enforcement officers with data about suspected cases of illegal overcrowding. One speaker last Thursday night gave the board a list of addresses where inhabitants exceeded the residential parking cap, while another said group members are preparing a map of suspected overcrowded houses. Still another said parking enforcement alone won’t solve the problem. She’s seen trucks stop at some homes to pick people up. “They don’t all drive,” she said. Tina Piette offered a dissenting viewpoint. She said she’s “truly uncomfortable” with the idea of “spying on” neighbors and taking their pictures. “I’m astounded this

March 7, 2012


is happening in my community, that these are my neighbors,” said the 25-year resident of Springs. “I live in this community. I am not going to go and spy on people and demand Gestapo tactics to solve a problem everyone says is related to school taxes and declining property values.” “I agree with Tina,“ Councilwoman Theresa Quigley said after the public comment period ended CONTINUED ON PAGE 22.



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No other hospital on Long Island can make that statement.

And no other hospital on Long Island can say it’s made the U.S.News & World Report list of the country’s best hospitals for cardiology and heart surgery the last five years in a row. Or that it performs more heart surgeries than any other hospital in New York State. And that dominance should continue because St. Francis is a premier center for clinical trials in cardiac imaging and treatments. So, while there are many excellent hospitals on Long Island, when it comes to your heart, there’s only one.

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March 7, 2012

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Motel Conversions Under Review By Emily Toy

Acting Town Planning and Development Administrator Freda Eisenberg and Principal Planner Janice Scherer need some help. The two women met with the Southampton Town Board (without Supervisor Anna Throne-Holst) on Friday afternoon to give a status update of motel transient lodging

transforming into condominiums and cooperatives, and to get some guidance on how to regulate them. For years, the use of transient motels as private homes has been a problem plaguing the East End, potentially disrupting the needs and goals of Southampton Town. “We’re trying to see if the town should be going in the other direc-

tion,” said Eisenberg. “We need to go through the way we regulate these things.” Scherer reported that there are 209 acres throughout the town that could be affected by the conversions, with total units equaling to 1050. “How many of these can convert is the whole point of the study,” she said.

Paddy Parades Aplenty If you want to wear the green this Saturday, you’ve got three parades on the East End to choose from. At noon, the annual Westhampton Beach St. Patrick’s Day parade features Michael Pitcher, the 46th Grand Marshal, at the lead, oodles of floats and bands, plus trophies and prizes for the best. In Amagansett, the world’s (almost) shortest parade, the first ever 4th annual Ama O’ Gansett Parade steps off at 1:36 PM. Mr. Amagansett 2012 Nick Kraus will be on hand, as will Grand Marshal Luis, owner of D’ Canela on Main Street, plus a slew of characters from the hamlet. Bring your kids, bring someone else’s kids or just bring yourself. Just don’t be late or you may miss it. The North Fork Chamber of Commerce hosts its ode to St. Patrick at 2 PM. The parade runs from Cox Lane to Cases Lane in Cutchogue. In Montauk, the Friends of Erin prepare for their popular parade (it will be held on March 25) with a corned beef and cabbage fundraiser from 5:30 to 8:30 PM at The Point Bar and Grill. Tickets are $15 per person, $10 for kids. Music will be provided by Todd the Guitar Guy. K.M.

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Councilwoman Bridget Fleming noted that with housing being as expensive as it is here on the East End, the conversion into privatized homes may be happening more and more. Recently, illegal conversions of transient lodging into private housing has been problematic, with certain structures being charged with a slew of violations on the basis of use. “It’s a code enforcement issue as well,” said Scherer. Fleming suggested that applications not be accepted for certain land uses without local approval, but noted, “some of this is a result of the pressure on the housing stock.” Eisenberg said one idea being plugged would be having conversions motivated by upgrading and selling the units, “if the town is interested in maintaining units as affordable, but still safe.” Councilman Chris Nuzzi added that most of the hotels and motels located in the town were built because there was an existing economy to support them. He questioned if there still was a need for that transient use. According to Scherer, tourism is still one of the biggest businesses CONTINUED ON PAGE 22.

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Appoint New Enviro Guru By Kitty Merrill

Her resume boasts over 20 years’ experience in ecological management programs, including the Peconic Estuary Programs and the Long Island Sound Study, and, according to East Hampton Town Councilwoman Theresa Quigley, “We’re lucky to have her.” Last Thursday night the town board voted unanimously to appoint Kim Shaw town director of natural resources. She’ll take the helm at the end of the month. Aside from a “broad knowledge of environmental science, a comprehensive knowledge of environmental impact analysis and impact mitigation techniques, and policy/ program development” listed in her curriculum vitae, Shaw, who most recently served as the Supervisor of The Bureau of Environmental Management and principal environmental analyst for the Suffolk County Department of Health Services, has local employment roots. From 1986 to 1993 she worked in the town planning department as an environmental analyst. Shaw worked alongside Larry Penny, the current director of natural resources who’s slated to retire. Quigley reported that when the current Republican majority took office in 2010, “We knew Larry was going to retire, so we started looking for

someone. Kim Shaw came on the radar as somebody who is highly recommended and experienced. She has the right knowledge and expertise and can hit the ground running. She lives right here in East Hampton and everyone thought it would be a good fit.” Penny was apparently less of a good fit with the current administration. With Supervisor Bill Wilkinson in the lead, the town board filed numerous charges against the veteran environmentalist late last year with a penalty of dismissal listed as the preferred course of action. A settlement of the charges was reached within weeks and suggested Penny would, indeed, retire. Political foes intimated the dust up with Penny was a precursor to an erosion of concern for the environment on behalf of the Republican majority, but Wilkinson remarked on the new hire this weekend, “Kim’s depth and breadth of environmental experience are proof of this board’s commitment to Natural Resources as a top priority for our town.” Quigley credited Councilman Dominick Stanzione with bringing Shaw’s name to the fore. He said Sunday via email, “I’m proud to be associated with the successful recruitment of a home grown CONTINUED ON PAGE 22.

March 7, 2012


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Vets And Art Will Share By Kitty Merrill

After weeks of back and forth between the two factions, the town board voted last Thursday night to approve a mass gathering permit allowing the Montauk Artists Association to hosts its annual Memorial Day show on the green in the center of Montauk. The affair, which has been a holiday weekend staple for years, was imperiled earlier this year, when representatives from a committee organized to celebrate vets pushed for removing the show from the prime locale in favor of an entire weekend devoted to veterans events, including a parade. Board members sought a compromise and at first, the vets group was intractable, refusing to share. But early last week, an agreement was struck. According to Councilman Dominick Stanzione, the art event will take place, with a section of the green carved out for the vets. Their parade will be held on Sunday of the holiday weekend and culminate at the green.

The debate ignited passion in some residents of the Lighthouse District; particularly those who saw it as a thinly veiled strategy to remove any events from the green. Some, including Gene Beckwith, questioned the motives behind the committee. Speaking to the town board last Thursday night, Beckwith identified himself as a veteran and long time member of the VFW based in East Hampton. He said neither he nor any of the other vets he knows had been contacted or invited to join the group. “I really believe that the town board and the artists association are being misled somewhat on who the veterans really are, because I’m one and I don’t remember being contacted for any organization . . . I question when and how the Montauk Veterans Association was formed and how they recruit their members.” The town board was expected to vote on a revised mass gathering permit for the vets group this week.

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March 7, 2012

By Rick Murphy

RICK’S SPACE Out Of The Closet


“We’re going to spend a couple hours on Saturday cleaning out the front closet.” Ouch. Words that hurt. First of all, I hate when my wife Karen issues directives unless it’s something like, ‘We’re going to take a long nap today.’ Second, any thought of doing anything laborious frightens me. “I don’t have to do anything,” I pointed out. “You have to get your stuff out of there.”


THE INDEPENDENT Q Traveler Watchman

I have five coats to my name. One, a really good dress overcoat that was worth a lot of money, was deemed superfluous by Karen years ago and taken down to the basement. We have huge plastic bags down there, big enough for elephants, to house clothing that has fallen out of favor. My $400 overcoat was apparently not considered valuable enough to get inside one of the bags, and now it is a moth-infested pile of mold.

That leaves four of my coats in the front closet: my winter coat, my spring coat, my corduroy jacket, and a windbreaker. The only other thing I kept in the closet was charcoal for the grill, but Karen insisted on bringing down to the basement even though I barbecue every week. The other roughly 4000 garments in the closet belong to Karen. There are throws and scarves, raincoats, pea jackets, rain gear, galoshes, boots, sneakers, etc. There are furs of every description, from bear to squirrel to possum to beaver. She has mink and sable and poodle. She was furs of every conceivable color. Every time I open the door I’m expecting an activist to throw blood on me. But Karen is one step ahead of them. We now have half a closet full of faux fur, in every conceivable size and color. I submit to the court that I only need one minute to clear

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out my four items, but in truth if Karen would remove just some of her junk my four coats would have plenty of room. We live alone in a pretty big house. Upstairs, there is a closet in the guest room – filled with Karen’s stuff. In the hall there is a closet – filled with Karen’s stuff. In the master bedroom there is a double-sized closet that normal people refer to as a “His and Her” closet. In my house it’s a “Her and Her” closet. Being the manly man I am, I commandeered a downstairs room (now dubbed the Man Cave) and bathroom to call my own (Karen has exclusive use of the other two bathrooms – don’t get me started.) The closet is filled with my stuff, important junk like baseball bats, a leaf blower, stereo speakers, several guitars, boxes of baseball cards, and my collection of Barry Manilow posters (don’t ask). So I come home the other day and Karen is glaring. “You better clean up that closet of yours, and that filthy bathroom.” Wait a freaking second. That’s MY filthy bathroom. What’s she doing in there, anyway? “I’m not going to have the cleaning lady come tomorrow and see this!” Then I realized what was going on. Karen wanted to clean up for the cleaning woman. I kind of figured, maybe it was just me, but I thought maybe the cleaning woman could clean my freaking bathroom. That did not deter me, nor did I stray from the course of laziness I charted many moons ago. “OK, let’s hire a cleaning lady to come right before the regular lady comes. And please ask her to do my bathroom and closet.” We have a full basement. Every nook and cranny has stuff piled up. In one corner of the basement, in the far reaches, in the place only water bugs know, are some neatly stacked boxes with comics and baseball stuff and other important treasures. They are surrounded by bins of clothing and shoes, furniture in various states of repair, and paraphernalia too diverse to mention – all belonging to Karen. “Is that your junk piled up in the corner down there?” Karen asked yesterday. “Yeah why?” I asked suspiciously. “I need you to move it.” Apparently, another shipment of shoes had arrived. I just shrugged. “OK just ask the first cleaning lady to take a couple boxes up to my closet and tell the second cleaning woman to put the rest in my bathroom.” Then I took a nap in the Man Cave.




THE INDEPENDENT Q Traveler Watchman

EDITORIAL A Can Of Worms We don’t want to tread into divisive waters, particularly when it comes to national issues, but whether or not contraceptives should be covered by health insurance policies is a no-brainer. The issue has come to the fore because a new mandate from Washington will require HMO’s to offer coverage. The Catholic Church, for one, and many conservative groups, have railed against being forced to do something they don’t morally agree with. Congressional-candidate Randy Altschuler is among them. The debate intensified after Rush Limbaugh made some unfortunate remarks that were so beyond the pale they needn’t be repeated here. Let’s not forget, though, the outrageous barbs hurled at Hillary Clinton and Sarah Palin, many of the same voices so appalled at Limbaugh. Those who degrade women for political gain come in all stripes and sizes. We respect everyone’s right to an opinion, but when it comes to choice there is one judge, one jury, and one voice: the person making the decision. It is really no one else’s business. Yes, contraception should be covered. An employer should offer it as part of the company’s HMO coverage even if morally opposed; any individual employee that feels the same way obviously won’t take advantage of it. But to deny

Independent VOICES

Transparency Needed

Dear Editor, Thank you for the good editorial on transparency in town government, regarding the current decision-making process in town hall. It’s certainly interesting to read how our neighbors in Southampton distribute their work session agendas at least two days in advance of their meetings and that resolutions are posted on the town website in a timely manner so that the public can read up. I don’t remember that East Hampton ever had a problem in the past with getting agendas to board members, regardless of their political party, or that there was a practice of introducing “walk-on” resolutions without prior discussion.

someone else who chooses to use it is meddling. This is America – folks choose their own lifestyles here. Working With The School Districts Bridgehampton teachers have joined their Springs brethren by offering – voluntarily – to accept a pay freeze to help their districts cope with the tax cap now in effect. This shows that the teachers in those districts get it – that property owners here are struggling to make ends meet, which is why Governor Cuomo pushed through the measure to begin with. Yes, teachers work hard and are paid well, but a lot of us work hard or harder and have to pay their salaries. By taking this step these teachers are showing they are part of the greater community and understand how tough times have been. It’s a stark contrast to the events over the past few years, where some teachers’ unions bitterly fought for raises even as the national economy was tanking, and even though many of our local citizens lost jobs – Sag Harbor comes to mind, for one. It would be nice to see all the local unions make this gesture as schools struggle to adapt to a heretofore-unknown phenomenon – fiscal sanity.

It may seem obvious but sometimes the obvious needs repeating: There are five elected Town Board officials who have been elected -- equally -- to manage town business. Nowhere is it written that the majority has the duty or the right to withhold information from the minority members or to refuse to consider their ideas and opinions. It is also obvious that this practice is a serious hindrance to what we want and need for our town -- good government. BETTY MAZUR

Environmental Concerns Dear Rick, I’m disappointed that our town’s elected majority endorses Randy Altschuler’s bid to defeat Tim Bishop for Congress. If there’s one thing on which East Hamptonites agree, it’s how precious our local environment is

and the need to protect it. It’s personal and economic for all of us. Mr. Altschuler is at best a Johnny come lately at the environmental table. His campaign chairman says he has been engaged in the environmental concerns of East Hampton town and South Fork residents “since the last election . . . ”She says he plans, when in Congress, to “attend hearings” on these issues. Congressman Bishop has been working for us on environmental issues on the national and local levels for eight years He doesn’t just “attend hearings.” He makes policy as the top Democrat on the Water Resources and Environment Subcommittee. He is lead sponsor of the Long Island Sound Improvement Act Amendments of 2011. He defeated a plan to dump dredge spoil and led the opposition against a plan to industrialize the sound. He has worked effectively with colleagues to bring federal

March 7, 2012


support for dredging to Montauk. The New York Water Environment Association awarded Congressman Bishop the Nelson A. Rockefeller Award for Environmental Stewardship in 2012. The League of Conservation Voters has awarded him a perfect score for his voting record on environmental issues since 2007. No Republican legislator from New York even came close. Mr. Bishop’s seniority and respect in Congress work for us. We should be working to keep him there. JEANNE FRANKL

Living A Mistake Dear Rick, Dear Glass-Steagall Act (GSA), where are you now when we need you . . . and so badly. In 1933 Senator Carter Glass (D-Vt) and Senator Henry Steagall (D Ala) introduced the legislation which bears their name. Due largely to unregulated bank market speculation, we suffered the Great Crash of 1929. The GSA legislation limited the conflicts of interest created when banks are permitted to underwrite stocks or bonds and it established the FDIC. In 1956 the Act was further strengthened in order to prosecute banks engaging in non-banking activity. It also disallowed them to buy banks in another state. From that time on it has been the lobbyists’ field day and their efforts were not in vain for they had begun the dilution of the Glass-Steagal Act. In the 60s banks were allowed to enter the municipal bond market and in the 70s they were allowed money market accounts, allow check writing and offer credit and debit cards. The 80s, with the help of Alan “Deregulation” Greenspan and the Federal Reserve Board, they allowed banks to underwrite businesses’ mortgage backed securities and allowed, beginning with Travelers and Citibank, the merging of banks, security firms and insurance companies creating the huge financial Continued on page 12.


March 7, 2012

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A Better Solution Dear Editor, This week, the FDA officially issued new warnings about the side effects of




By Karen Fredericks

Have you got any memories of Davy Jones and The Monkees, or any of their songs?

Continued from page 11.

conglomerates which we have today bringing about the “Too Big To Fail” dilemma. There numerous other neuterings of the GSA but the death knell for came in October 22, 1999. After 12 tries in 25 years of a nonstop lobbying blitz spending 100s of million dollars, Glass-Steangall or what was left of it, was repealed placing our trusted banks in the same position they were in precipitating the Great Crash of 1929. Clichés such as, “History repeating itself” and “The more things change, the more they stay the same” are certainly apt. Although it was two Democrats with foresight, back in 1933, who realized the danger in allowing banks to set the rules by which they play, the repeal was jointly agreed upon by both parties as well as President Clinton. On November 4 the final version of the bill was passed by the House: 362-57 and the Senate: 90-8 and was signed into law by President Clinton on November 12 as the toothless (GLBA) Graham-Lesch-Billey Financial Modernization Act of 1999 (Phil Graham R-TX, Jim Lesch R-IO) Although not surprisingly, it was the Democrats who initialed bank control and Republicans that gave the control back to the banks, there is enough blame to go around. They jointly repealed GSA. If we do not regulate and control the banksters, they will control us. Diametrically opposed, both Gingrich (R) and Clinton (D) now say it was a mistake to repeal the Glass Steagall Act. Indeed it was and we have and are witnessing and living that mistake. NICHOLAS ZIZELIS


Susan Scripter I was born in England. I remember when I was about nine, being on a swing in Buckinghamshire and thinking about what a crush I had on him. It was the first real feeling of warmth and identification for someone who wasn’t a family member. George Morris I remember the show coming on on Saturdays. It was such a cool show. I’ve been seeing all the coverage about him on television and hearing about how they were compared to the Beatles. I remember their signature song, “Hey, Hey, We’re The Monkees!” Claudia Pilato I loved Davy Jones. He was my heartthrob. I had such a crush on him. He was definitely my favorite Monkee. He was the adorable one! That accent. That hair. That smile. I loved their song, “Last Train To Clarksville.” I think that was my favorite Monkees song. Eddie Gentile I watched the Monkees television show plenty of times! They were great! It’s hard to believe Davy Jones died so young. It makes me consider my own mortatlity. My favorite Monkees song would have to be, “Hey, Hey, We’re The Monkees!” cholesterol-lowering statin drugs, including memory loss, diabetes, and muscle pain. This is in addition to the drugs’ already known side effects of kidney and liver problems. The good news is you don’t need to take expensive and potentially dangerous drugs to lower your cholesterol. A University of Toronto study showed that people who ate a vegetarian diet high in cholesterol-lowering foods, such as tofu, oats, barley, peas, beans, eggplant, flaxseeds, okra, and almonds, were able to reduce their “bad” cholesterol levels by up to 35 percent. Supplements like red rice yeast extract, a natural statin, also have cholesterol-lowering properties. Each additional 100 milligrams of

cholesterol you consume by eating meat, eggs, or dairy products—the only dietary sources of cholesterol—adds roughly five points to your cholesterol level, which increases your risk of a heart attack. By contrast, every time that you reduce your cholesterol level by 1 percent, you reduce your risk of a heart attack by 2 percent. If you want to lower your cholesterol without scary side effects, try switching to a healthy and humane vegan diet. Find out how at ALISA MULLINS PETA Foundation Continued on page 13.

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Independent VOICES


Overzealous Overdraft Fees Dear Mr. Murphy, Please do not get tired of hearing from me. This is my year of venting about all the vultures in my life. I’ve had enough and I’m now firing back instead of holding back. There have been several recent articles about one Federal Agency’s plan to probe bank overdraft fees. I am overjoyed at this news. I recently switched banks because of numerous overdraft fees. The bank I switched from has been my bank since 1984. All of my family banks at this same bank. My husband and I have a joint checking account but I seldom write a check on that account. Instead, I opened my own account so that I could have financial independence. My checking account is nothing to brag about. I deposit money only when I have to pay my bills. Recently, I’ve been hit with many overdraft fees. I did not comprehend why it was happening and asked for an explanation. It did not make sense to me because I always deposit cash to cover my checks. Thank God for the probe. Perhaps I’ll get my latest $35 fee back in the near future! DAHLIA FERRANDO AMAN


THE INDEPENDENT Q Traveler Watchman

Keep It Local Dear Rick, This is an appeal to all voters whether Independents, Republicans or Democrats. We have been living on the East End of Long Island since the early 70’s. We have noticed a dramatic population growth and massive construction in commercial and residential properties. However, there has not been anyone like Tim Bishop working for us in Congress to protect our environment, water, beaches, and fishing industry. We need a local to know what our local communities need and not a freshman from outside our community. Tim Bishop has been protecting our beautiful Long Island for us, for our children, grandchildren and tourists who visit our glorious Long Island for vacations. Tim Bishop has an unblemished record in Congress for his endeavors in protecting our environment. We need Tim Bishop to continue with his experience, stamina and strong leadership in Congress. Please vote for Tim Bishop this coming November. NIKI & JOE LOMBARDI

The Wrong Approach Dear Rick, It is important that Americans

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understand that our country has a spending problem not a tax/revenue problem. Overspending created our national debt and America’s yearly budget deficits. Further, too many citizens seem to be willing to leave to our children, to future generations, the consequences of Washington’s irresponsible behavior. That is so wrong, fair reader, that is so wrong. The mainstream media’s oft repeated message is the opposite. It wants America to focus on the need for more taxes (the rich should pay its “fair share”). To me, that conclusion simply lets the Washington politicians who got us into this mess off the hook. That, too, is wrong, fair reader, that too is so wrong. BILL JONES C





Notice of Nondiscriminatory Policy as to Students The Ross School admits students of any race, color, national and ethnic origin to all the rights, privileges, programs, and activities generally accorded or made available to students at the school. It does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national and ethnic origin in administration of its educational policies, admissions policies, scholarship and loan programs, and athletic and other schooladministered programs.




March 7, 2012

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March 7, 2012

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New Face For Old Factory By Emily Toy

For nearly three decades, Sag Harbor’s Bulova Watchcase Factory was boarded up, abandoned and in dire need of some TLC. The dilapidated building that once housed the village’s economic leader for local men and women sits on 2.29 acres between Division, Washington and Church Streets. Now it’s getting the attention and care it needs. After acquiring the watchcase factory in 2006, Manhattan and New Jersey-based real estate development, investment and management firm Cape Advisors Inc. broke ground at Bulova a few months ago, thus beginning the largest redevelopment project in the history of Sag Harbor. For years, speculation circulated

about what would move into the red-bricked former watch factory, and when it would happen. Cape Advisor’s project includes restoring the former factory into 49 residential apartments plus seven townhouses that contain 16 residential units along Church and Sage Streets, totaling 65 units all together. Plans for a fully landscaped interior courtyard and several private outdoor gardens are also underway. CONTINUED ON PAGE 29.

Independent / James J. Mackin

The Division Street side of Bulova is completely gutted and ready for action.

Gurney’s Employee Wins Prestigious Award By Miles X. Logan

Gurney’s Inn in Montauk prides

S_Propane Delivery_IND_The Independent 10/29/10 1:05 PM Page 1

itself on its simple mantra: it’s a place to feel good. But the folks who run the

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place are the first to admit it’s the people behind the scenes that make it all happen. People like Ginny Davis of Montauk. Virginia (Ginny) Davis grew up in Babylon and moved to Montauk in 1975 when she started working at Gurney’s Inn and has been there

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Family Owned and Operated Since 1954. 161 West Montauk Highway, Hampton Bays


Paul Monte, Ginny Davis, and Phyllis Lomitola at the award ceremony in Albany

ever since. Today she works as the conference & banquet administrator at Gurney’s and basically does everything from answering the phones to making sure that the conferences, weddings and bridal parties are happy. It soon became apparent there is a special bond between Davis and brides-to-be. On Monday, Ginny was the recipient of the New York State Hospitality & Tourism Association’s (NYSH&TA) 2012 Outstanding Lodging Employee of the Year award (150 Rooms or Less). Davis was recognized at the Association’s 2012 Stars of the Industry Gala & Awards Banquet at the Hotel Albany. The Stars of the Industry awards program honors employees of the hotels, motels and tourism-related businesses throughout the state who CONTINUED ON PAGE 29.




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March 7, 2012


North Fork News

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Traveler Watchman Truth without fear since 1826

Oscar Winning Tunes Mitch Kahn performs songs that won an Academy Award Sunday at 2 PM at the Mattituck-Laurel Library. Kahn has performed at dozens of New York City’s notable venues; he’ll celebrate the

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Cabaret and Wine The Borghese Vineyard in Cutchogue will present “Cabaret & Wine” with Marguerite Volonts on Saturday from 2 to 4 PM. Volonts is a cabaret artist, singer and violist who sings, plays piano, guitar and viola, drawing




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Real Estate

* -- Vacant Land

March 7, 2012







Clark/Powell Trust



63 Wyandanch Ln

LaBelle,B &Sarris,K Zeidel, H Glickberg, D Eby,C &McQuown-Eby Gordon, J 114 W. 70th Trust EH Town &SuffolkCnty 11 HRL, LLC Tuohy,J & Burke,J Wetenhall, A

Curtis, R Ponzo, R&T&M Helier, S Trust Byrne, K Makl, E & A Haag, B Curtis, M & S Lichtenstein, S New Sunshine Realty Jacobs,G &Veronis,A

385,000 475,000 725,000 948,750 560,000 1,100,000 2,475,000* 1,100,000 850,000 1,425,000

17 Sherwood Ln 61 Cedar Dr 134 Old House Landing Rd 15 Settlement Ct 21 Montauk Ave &lot 19 16 Ocean Pky 84 Swamp Rd &112-3-4.001 11 Hedge Row Ln 17 Stokes Ct 65 Toilsome Ln

Mullen, M & S Cohen, K & C Andriola, P & L

Risicato,A & Cook,C Padden, I Thompson, D

510,000 999,000 500,000

22 Pinetree Dr 105 Glenmore Ave 100 Deforest Rd

Fichthorn IV, L Fichthorn, K Fichthorn IV, L & K

Cullman, D Trust Cullman, L Cullman, L

1,633,333 1,271,667 1,995,000

11 Prospect Ave 15 Prospect Ave 17 Prospect Ave

Abrahamsen, S & G

Kemp, T


31 N Apollo Dr

Kobus, K & B Cushing&TackeCushing

DecorativeConstructn Parillo, C & J

365,744 386,000

80 Church Ln 70 Crystal Dr

Sucharski, T

Nimphius, J


155 May Dr

Fallon, J & T

Faber Jr, M & L


32 & 35 Phyllis Ln

Old Town Hall Prprts

Suk, G by Exrs


153 Sea Farm Ln

Blinco PropertiesLLC

Harnisch, W


51 Jones Rd

LaPenna, J McArdle, J

Jacobs, C by Admr Torhan, J & P

220,000 352,500

70 Bellows Terr 28 Lynn Ave

Segerman, A

De Mayo, P & Trust


3 Fish Creek Ln

Koutoupes,N&Guessous 1334 North Sea Corp Schumann,M &Malakoff Handler, P Campbell,J&Rad-Cliff Katz, M

Petcho,G & Puglisi,L NorthSeaRoadCottages Klein, H & P Holtmann, R by Exr Davis Jr, D & O 135 Wickapogue Road

2,307,800 1,100,000 560,000 495,000 220,000 4,225,000

14 Southampton Hills Ct 1334 North Sea Rd 50 Hubbard Ln 52 St Andrews Circle 120 Miller Rd 135 Wickapogue Rd

Grausso, L

M.M.A.F. Enterprises


Scrub Property

MZ Capital Holdings Watermill Trust

Thomas Britt Inc Free Breeze LLC

4,350,000 5,000,000

325 Mecox Rd 100 Flying Point Rd

Kuba, L & L 92 Potunk Lane LLC

Bohner, S Nesbitt, G

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3024 Mitchell Rd 92 Potunk Ln

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March 7, 2012

Strictly Business

Jill Lynn A Winner Jill Lynn & Co., fine custom designed jewelry, located at 81 Jobs Lane in Southampton has been selected as a 2012 winner as top pick of “The Knot” Best of Weddings Award for custom designed engagement rings, wedding bands and wedding jewelry. The Knot Best of Weddings 2012 provides a “by brides, for brides” guide to the top wedding professionals across the country. Jill Lynn is especially pleased about the award because real brides help choose the winners. The store can be reached by calling 631-287-1001.

First Woman

CONTINUED FROM PAGE 4. that happened the day after she was elected. Sitting at the counter at Eddie’s Luncheonette on Newtown Lane she overheard two men chatting about the ballot results. “One said, ‘Well, that woman won the election.’ And the other one said, ‘East Hampton’s been around over 200 years. We’ve survived a lot of things. We’ll survive her, too.’” The Arkansas native grins as she tells the tale. The town did more than merely survive with Hope at the helm. As

THE INDEPENDENT Q Traveler Watchman

Compiled by Miles X. Logan

A New Role For Sybil Christopher Bay Street Theatre announced last week that Sybil Christopher, one of the founders of the theatre, is changing roles. After 20 years, Christopher is putting her Artistic Director’s hat aside for that of consultant. “I’ve been thinking about it for a long time,” said Christopher, “but I wasn’t sure when or how to do it . . . maybe I should be carried out feet first?” Christopher stated that she wants to spend more time with her family and grand children. “Every summer I was beginning to feel like I was missing out on family adventures,” she said. “I also want to do some traveling supervisor, she was recognized by the New York Times and the Nature Conservancy for innovative policies on open space and environmental conservation. The burgeoning environmental movement and the women’s movement of the early seventies sparked Hope’s interest in public service. “Those two movements changed my life,” she declared in a voice still spiced with a Southern flavor. It was an exciting time across the nation, she observed. “A lot of people were asking questions and raising issues that hadn’t been raised

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but also it is time to slow down a bit and enjoy myself.” “Sybil lives and breathes theatre,” say Murphy Davis, Artistic Director. “It has been a great privilege to have shared the role as Artistic Director with her. Sybil’s passion, insight and humor have been a joy to work with. I will greatly miss our daily interaction, but look forward to our future collaboration in her new role as consultant. There is nobody like Sybil . . . a true treasure. I’m a lucky guy.” “We are just so fortunate to have Sybil stay on as a consultant with us,” said Tracy Mitchell, Executive Director. “We will miss seeing her every day, though.” “Sybil has been so generous with her creativity, knowledge and contacts since the inception of Bay Street Theatre,” said Frank Filipo, Chairman of the Board of Trustees for Bay Street Theatre. “We are understandably sad

in one way, but happy that Sybil is going to enjoy life and her family. And as Tracy stated, we are thrilled she will stay on as a consultant. I expect that Bay Street will continue to benefit from Sybil’s contributions for years to come.”

before . . . the country was open to new ideas, which was thrilling.” Hope left East Hampton’s public eye after her first term as supervisor when Governor Hugh Carey invited her to become his appointments officer. “We tripled the number of women on boards in the state,” Hope said, attributing part of her success to the times and the burgeoning national realization that half the human race had been eliminated from the political equation. According to Hope’s husband, Tom Twoomey (“my best press agent”) when Carey left office, the New York Times cited the quality of his appointments among his most important accomplishments. When Hope returned to East Hampton, Carey asked her to serve as his Long Island representative. She was the first woman and first person to be a regional ambassador to Albany. Hope looks back on those years as exciting times for women, but she feels there’s still a long way to go. Despite its progressive reputation, New York State is actually 34th in the nation when it comes to electing women to state offices. Locally, however, Hope noted “a lot of wonderful women role models on the East End in both political parties and civic organizations.” She’s a big fan

of former Republican East Hampton Town Supervisor Mary Fallon and sees Southampton Town Supervisor Anna Throne-Holst and Councilwoman Bridget Fleming as unusually gifted and talented women. “They’re both stars,” she said. Continuing to list formidable females, Hope pointed out that, after over a hundred years, the Ladies Village Improvement Society continues to be a force in East Hampton Village. “That’s quite a remarkable thing,” she enthused, noting that in local real estate, the law and retail, just to name a few areas, “There are women stars all over. East Hampton is not a bad place for a woman to be a success”. . . even if New York State is not the greatest place for a woman candidate to be successful. Hope strives to change that through the Eleanor Roosevelt Legacy Committee. Clinton helped start the group, Hope informed, “She’s very generous in her support of other women running for office.” Since its founding in 2001, Eleanor’s Legacy has awarded over $1 million in campaign grants to women candidates across New York. More than half of those women, many of whom were first time candidates, won their elections. Through its regional Women’s Campaign Schools, the committee has trained some 700 women in the skills they need to run and win. Hope describes her efforts with Eleanor’s Legacy as “my fun job. I’m retired now.” Retired, but far from retiring. Looking back on the last 40 years, her entree into politics and what she hopes to instill in young women, Hope referenced Roosevelt’s philosophy, “Do the thing you fear to do -- it’s liberating, and forces personal growth.” Besides, Hope said, fear is “such a waste of time.”


631.324.5197 / 300 PANTIGO PLACE / EAST HAMPTON

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THE INDEPENDENT Q Traveler Watchman

Montauk Biz PAC Forming

By Kitty Merrill

They want their own voice. They want to register as a political action committee and endorse candidates and take positions on proposed legislation. They haven’t come up with a name, yet, but Montauk Business Alliance is a possibility. For the last several weeks a number of Montauk business owners have been meeting quietly, working out their strategies for forming a group devoted to advocating for the interests of enterprise in the Lighthouse District. According to one organizer, Carl Darenberg, some 30 members have already signed on. Darenberg is an active member of the Montauk Chamber of Commerce. He noted the difference between the chamber and the new group: “The Montauk Chamber of Commerce does a great job promoting Montauk as a whole. O u r g roup woul d b e a vo i ce specifically for business.” Nearly 20 members of the nascent organization showed up for Monday night’s meeting of the Montauk Citizens Advisory Committee. “We came to listen to the committee and find out how it works and what it does for the community,” Darenberg explained. “The CAC exerts a lot of influence on decisions about our town. We don’t disagree with them at all times, but we think we need a voice in this community.” Darenberg pointed out that the CAC membership is slim when it comes to active business people. “When you look at their members, most of the business people are retired.” He also noted that half the board of directors of the Concerned Citizens of Montauk, a pro environment PAC, is also active

MCAC members. “All we want to do is listen,” Randy Stuhm, who owns The Point Bar and Grill on Main Street, said following the meeting. “We’re pro business and we’re part of the community.” There wasn’t much to listen to. CAC chair Lisa Grenci presented a letter from Super visor Bill Wilkinson reminding the chairs of each hamlet CAC that their role is simply advisory. The directive listed actions construed as advocacy, rather than advisor y – cases where the CACs have overstepped their charge. They include crafting agendas that target a specific property, encouraging CAC members to attend court hearings in an attempt to sway prosecutions, monitoring planning and zoning board meetings and providing input regarding applications, and sending letters on official letterhead to state lawmakers, implying the town board supports their opinion on proposed legislation. A recent letter from MCAC to the group’s liaison Councilman Dominick Stanzione asking him to contact state lawmakers regarding regulation of chain stores was also copied to Assemblyman Fred Thiele and Senator Ken LaValle. That appears to be what miffed Wilky. The CACs are not authorized to communicate with other town agencies or outside the town in any official capacity, the supervisor’s directive states. “ M o t i o n t o a d j o u r n ,” o n e audience member said sarcastically after Grenci read the list of forbidden actions. It was noted that Stanzione, who was absent this week, was present during the chain store discussion and


disturbing to squelch us. This is a very sad day for democracy.” Grenci noted this isn’t the first administration to attempt to curtail CAC activities. She said group members could continue never advised the group against to act on their own. Additionally, contacting Thiele and LaValle. she reported Stanzione, who was “ We ’ l l w o r k w i t h i n t h e i r just recently appointed liaison bounds,” Grenci assured. She to the group, promised to bring appeared at a loss as to how to all their concerns to the town board. Speaking to the group, Grenci said, “If “The CAC exerts a lot of influence on Dominick performs, you’ll be heard. If not, decisions about our town. We don’t we’ll work another way.” Reminding that disagree with them at all times, but the MCAC has endured through numerous we think we need a voice in this administrations, she added, ”We’ll still be community.” - Carl Darenberg sitting here four years from now and they won’t.” proceed with the meeting, since Taking note of the number of some of the topics on the agenda guests sitting in, Grenci assured had been deemed verboten by the CAC was comprised of the Wilkinson. “This is the most cross section of the community. absurd thing I’ve heard in my She invited all newcomers to join life,” John Chimples declared. the group and made clear that “It’s very disturbing,” member while she facilitates the meetings, Ray Cortell said. “I don’t know as chair she doesn’t vote. Votes what they’re afraid of in little come from the membership. “If Montauk . . . If we’re going to be you don’t like the votes, join so restricted, why bother to have a us and take us over,” Chimples CAC? Why don’t you just disband CONTINUED ON PAGE 27. the whole thing? . . . I find it very

u m me r



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March 7, 2012

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March 7, 2012

THE INDEPENDENT Q Traveler Watchman

March 7 - March 13, 2012




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Wednesday March 7, 2012




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Saturday March 10, 2012


Sunday March 11, 2012

FREE Tap beer, glass of house wine or soft drink with a purchase of a lunch entrée. Every Sunday

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Monday March 12, 2012

Tuesday March 13, 2012

D’Canela Fine Latin and Mexican Cuisine 195 Main Street, Amagansett • 604-1900

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Fish27 Reels In The Customers

Independent / Kitty Merrill

Anthony Petty, Jay Gold and Derek Miller behind the counter at Fish27, their new seafood market in East Hampton. By Kitty Merrill

So far, they haven’t had to . . . ahem . . . fish for compliments. “We’ve already gotten calls from people who said the food was great,” said Jay Gold, who last week opened Fish27 with his son Derek Miller. Walking out of the market carrying her lunch -- shrimp quesadillas -- Pat Breen, who works in town hall, extolled, “A seafood market right around the corner? It doesn’t get any better.” Their launch last Thursday was so successful, Gold joked it was almost too good. “It went unbelievably well, I’m nervous.” New friends and customers wandered in to the former deli located on Pantigo Road to find a pristine white and airy space, and lots of fresh, fresh fish. There’s fish by the pound, takeout meals, local produce, fresh breads,



and catering under the direction of well-known clam bake impresario Tony Minardi. Party platters include seafood paella, crudite, grilled veggies, and cedar plank Scottish salmon. The menu boasts “Fish27 Favorites,” – seafood rolls served atop a buttered and toasted New England-style splittop bun, with a swipe of mayo, a sprinkle of lemon butter and a dash of secret spices. The “Indian Wells” provides a sample of each roll in one meal; it’s part lobster roll, part tuna roll, and part shrimp roll. Bonac fish & chips,

local fried calamari, and Anthony’s homemade crab cakes are additional intriguing menu selections. Homemade soups include Manhattan clam chowder, New England Fish Chowder and Lobster Bisque,

March 7, 2012


plus a du jour offering each day. A creamy seafood pasta is served with fresh sourdough bread and sandwiches, like Anthony’s fish taco, are complemented with French fries and homemade cole slaw. To learn more about Fish27, call 631-324-110 or check out their website,

Leagues, Junior Clinics, Private Lessons East Hampton Indoor Tennis 631-537-8012

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A trained, qualified and courteous driver is ALWAYS on call! We can locate your most tucked away and camouflaged cesspool. Whether you’re having a party and need an emergency pump out or you are a restaurant and need pumping on a regular basis, Schenck Cesspool Service has you covered by offering the same fantastic service you have come to know since 1902.

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March 7, 2012


and audience members filed out of the meeting room. Turning to Councilman Peter Van Scoyoc, Quigley said quietly, “These people giving us maps . . . This is Nazis, I don’t want to be this town . . . Imagine if this was your house. I have six vehicles, so I’d be in here as an offender, it’s unbelievable.” At the close of the comment period, Supervisor Bill Wilkinson outlined an array of measures town officials have taken to address overcrowded housing. In Springs last year 111 new cases were opened. Ninety-four of those cases went to court with 974 violations written. How complaints are handled and how records are kept have both been “totally revamped,” he said.


environmental professional of the highest caliber.” “Under her new management, we have an opportunity to rebuild the prominent role this department has played in our Town’s modern histor y -- to reinvigorate its national reputation for rational environmental advocacy within a progressive and economically

THE INDEPENDENT Q Traveler Watchman

sustainable community,” Stanzione continued. “It’s now time for the next generation of environmental leadership to take the lead. Kim has the management skill, awareness and temperament required for reconciling our environmental and economic resources, for generations to come.”

Motel Conversions

CONTINUED FROM PAGE 8. for the area. “It’s what the whole economy of Southampton relies on,” she said. According to Eisenberg, 20 percent of existing units needed to be used for transient purposes. “Code Enforcement is not enforcing this, so it was changed to say units may be available for rental. There has been a big loss of resort accommodations due to waterfront development and such. Small motels are now obsolete.” Eisenberg and Scherer provided the board with specific instances in the conversion process that will ultimately need regulation by the town board. To get a better idea on the specifics, Eisenberg and Scherer presented a table of regulations and possible solutions to maintain the integrity of the town and provide the housing necessary. Scherer said certain conversions



are occurring in inappropriate districts such as a residential in a non-residential district or a waterfront conversion that reduces public access. A solution recommended would be for the town board to add location standards to special exemption criteria for permitting the conversion. “It’s up to you to decide on a policy,” Scherer said. “Conversions are intended for existing and active uses, not those that have been abandoned,” she said. “The conversion process should include a step to ensure eligibility also. The town has spent a lot of time working on preserving open space. There has to be some kind of connection between nature, hospitality and use.” Determining the yield and development intensity were other issues Eisenberg and Scherer wanted the town board’s help with. Under the current code, one dwelling unit is allowed for each existing lodging unit, yet, according to Scherer and Eisenberg, the existing process lacks clarity, predictability and consistency. “We would like to turn to the town board to tell us whether we can be more or less restrictive,” Eisenberg said. The planning and development administrator recommended holding off on a public


hearing and adoption for further research and discussion. “These recommendations aim to get a better product and process,” she said. Fleming added that clarity and consistency would be crucial in trying to move forward in realizing what the policies are or should be. Councilwoman Christine Preston Scalera added, “The only thing that concerns me is the density standards. That’s not policy specific.” Scherer stressed that an outreach to the resort and tourism business is crucial, recommending updating certificates of occupancy and pursuing monitoring protocols, which would then institute an annual reporting provision for hotel and motel uses. “There are transient use places that are illegal,” Nuzzi said. “Through the town attorney and code enforcement, we can determine what legal uses and illegal uses are currently occurring.” Fleming added that most of the people living in these kinds of situations don’t know that it is in fact illegal to be there, but agreed with Nuzzi, saying, “It’s irresponsible of us to continue on like this.” “I’m not suggesting we be like the Gestapo,” Scherer said. “But I can’t do this alone, I need your help.”

New Car Replacement. If your new car gets totaled in the first 3 years, you can get a totally new car. Call me today.

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THE INDEPENDENT Q Traveler Watchman

March 7, 2012



Traveler Watchman TRUTH WITHOUT FEAR SINCE 1826


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SPEONK AUTO REPAIR SHOP LOCATION FOR RENT Approved by town of Southampton. 2000 sq. ft., 17 feet high, ready to move right in. Office, bathroom, 12’x14 electric overhead door, 200 amp 3 phase electric, lighted parking lot. One months rent, two months security. References. $1800 a month, Call 631-287-1618 25-4-28

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Help Wanted

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Running or Not $50 to $5,000

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CAREER OPPORTUNITIES Hudson City Savings Bank has a F/T Customer Service Representative position available at our BRIDGEHAMPTON branch, Bridgehampton Commons, 2102 Montauk Highway and Snake Hollow Road. Experience a plus. Training available. Company paid benefits, including ESOP. For more information call (631) 537-0330, or fax resume to (631) 537-

1362. EOE M/F/H/V

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HAINES INSURANCE AGENCY ALIENTO CLASSIC TEAK KETCH FOR SALE-The Aliento is a 50-foot LOA, 20ton William Garden porpoise design, teak sailing ketch. A world cruiser with classic charm. Blessed with ample deck space, room for six to sleep, all teak salon and galley, and plenty of storage. Aliento “Breath of Life”. PH: (631) 267-6817· 631-329-1029. Asking $50,000. All reasonable offers considered. UFN

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are currently looking for Hosts, Servers, Line Cooks, and Restaurant Managers. If you possess a genuine passion for service and thrive in a high volume, fast-paced atmosphere, we want to talk to you. Don’t miss out on this stable, year-round opportunity! Dinner only restaurants, health benefits available upon request. Full and part time, year-round positions available. Experience required. Apply in person at 23 Main Street, Sag Harbor, NY 11963 between 1 and 4 pm -- around the back and upstairs. Or by Email: or Fax 631 725 7218

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SUPERINTENDENT/MAINTENANCE PERSON-Looking for a trustworthy and reliable person to live on property from April to October for a resort in the town of East Hampton. This is a seasonal full time position with salary. Applicant must possess knowledge of basic electric, plumbing, lawn maintenance and the running of a large property. Previous experience required and applicant must speak and understand English. Please email a resume or your info to 25-4-28

Health Services EXPERIENCED-Home health aid driver. 17 years experience, available 24/5.Excellent references. Call Anita 631-698-6195 27-1-27

ASIA, a pretty little girl, two (2) years young, rescued from a backyard breeder. Looking for permanent home or foster care. Loves belly rubs. Please be her savior. Visit Call R.S.V.P. (631) 728-3524. Sponsored by ELLEN HOPKINS

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FOR RENT ROOM FOR RENT- $650. Per month. Share utilities. Your own bedroom. Shared bath, kitchen, dining and living


March 7, 2012

Classifieds room in the East Hampton Mobile Home Community. Female wanted to share with single female and well behaved cat. Walk to town. Ride bike to ocean beach. Large backyard. No smokers. One month security, first month’s rent. 631-324-5942 UFN 2 COZY COTTAGES- Steps to Fabulous Maidstone Park and Beach. Completely renovated, fully furnished, 1 BR, indoor and outdoor showers. Beach parking sticker included. Long season (May thru Oct) $13,500 each. Call 631-276-8110 UFN

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Tel: 631-267-2150 Fax: 631-267-8923

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RIDGE OFFICE COMPLEX Builder going bust. Reduced another $100,000 to $540,000 as is. WORTH OVER A MILLION. Completely furnished 80x27 building on 3 acres. Zoned J4 business and town said 3 more similar buildings could be built on this property. Ideal for lawyers, doctors or daycare center. 1001 Middle Country Rd just north of William Floyd Pkwy. CALL RON 631-948-3653 27-4-30

MATTITUCK 2 BR APARTMENT Oil heat, CAC, WD, Central location. Close to train. $1475 a month, plus utilities and security required. Call 516-446-7120 27-2-28


Services DELIVERY SERVICE – Need items, small furniture, publications, boxes, etc… delivered? North and South Fork area. Call Eric for firstrate service and reasonable rates. Excellent references. Call 516-776-7074.ufn

Situation Wanted SAG HARBOR VILLAGE-4 BR, 4 Renovated Bath, CAC, Custom Kitchen. On Private 1/2 Acre, Rm for Pool-Reduced to $589,000 Exclusive: K.R.McCrosson R.E. 631-725-3471 24-4-27 2 FAMILY-3 Br, 2 Bath and 1 Br, 1 Bath, CAC, walk to Main St, School and Beach. Asking Exclusive: $899,000.00. K.R.McCrosson R.E. 631725-3471 24-4-27

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Safina at College



ROOM FOR RENT Hamptons area, sunny, furnished, full bath. $800 a month, includes utilities. One month security. Call 631-728-4660

THE INDEPENDENT Q Traveler Watchman

PRAYER TO THE BLESSED VIRGIN (Never known to fail) Oh, most beautiful flower of Mt. Carmel, fruitful vine, splendor of heaven, Mother of the Son of God, Immaculate Virgin, assist me in my necessity. Oh, Star of the Sea, help me and show me herein you are my mother. Oh, Holy Mary, Mother of God, Queen of Heaven and Earth! I humbly beseech you from the bottom of my heart to succor me in this necessity. There are none that can withstand your power. Oh show me herein, you are my mother. Oh, Mary, conceived without sin, pray for us who have recourse to thee(3x). Holy Mother, I place this cause in your hands (3x). Holy Spirit, you who solve all problems, light all roads so that I can attain my goals. You who gave me the divine gift to forgive and forget all evil against me and that in all instances in my life you are with me, I want in this short prayer to thank you for all things as you confirm once again that I never want to be separated from you in eternal glory. Thank you for your mercy toward me and mine. The person, must say this prayer 3 consecutive days. after 3 days, the request will be granted. This prayer must be published after the favor is granted. My prayers were answered. Thank you so very much. As requested by J.L. 48-40-35


FOR FREE! Want to check us out? Be our guest ... you’ll have nothing to lose but weight!

Renowned conservationist Carl Safina, winner of a MacArthur “genius” Fellowship in 2000, will be the next guest in the Writers Speak Wednesdays series of popular free readings and author talks open to the public and sponsored by the MFA in Creative Writing and Literature program at Stony Brook Southampton. Safina will read from and talk about his work next Wednesday at 7 PM. Prior to Safina’s reading, there will be a brief information session starting at 6:30 PM on the 2012 Southampton Arts Summer, the new name for the Southampton Writers Conference, reflecting the expanded offerings in theatre and filmmaking and in visual arts that have been added to the existing writing workshops in fiction, poetry, personal essay, memoir, non-fiction, screenwriting, playwriting, and children’s literature. Southampton Arts Summer workshops will be offered this year in two sessions, from July 11 to 15 and July 18 to 29.

Join countless East End businesses that have TV commercial or webvideo produced for only $495, including Seasons Caterers, Southampton Publick House, Village Hardware, Springs General Store, East Hampton Flowers and many more

Meetings at 10am Tuesday Doors open at 9:15am Bridgehampton United Methodist Church Main Street & Halsey Lane, Bridgehampton or see for other times & locations For information, contact the leader at

Mention the Independent for a special discount

Please call Frank Vespe at 631.907.2651, 516.526.4818 or You can see all samples at and search FrankVespe (one word)





THE INDEPENDENT Q Traveler Watchman

Auxiliary News By Vincent Pica

Chief of Staff, First District Southern Region, USCG Aux, US Coast Guard Licensed Master

Waves Upon, And Within, Waves

Traditions Die Hard At Sea You’ve seen me make that observation before and it will always be true, by my reckoning. One of those traditions is that waves come in sets of seven, meaning that every seventh wave will be like the prior wave that passed earlier. Another way to think of it is that, once a big one has crashed ashore, the next one is but seven waves ahead. Do The Math Of course, that isn’t true – but it is sort of true, meaning that waves are part of a hydrodynamic system and there are statistical probabilities that do apply. One of the more quoted oceanographers in this regard is Walter Munk, who began the systemization of waves, weight heights and predictability (and measurement) of waves. He started his work during World War II and is still winning international awards and acclaim for his work in the field. Waves, or perhaps better said, “sets of waves,” are categorized by the “significant wave height” or Hsig. Hsig was intended to mathematically express the height estimated by a “trained observer.” In oceanography, the Hsig is defined traditionally as the mean wave height (trough to crest) of the highest third of the waves. But once you do that, you start to tease out the statistics of waves of varying heights arriving – and if you are a mariner out upon God’s Great Sea, this can be of intense interest. Now this can get pretty intense, mathematically, but if you focus on the message and not on the technology, you’ll get all the information you need. Generally, the statistical distribution of the individual wave heights is well approximated by

March 7, 2012



Coast Guard

Anyone who has stood by the seashore and watched the waves roll in must have wondered at least once, ‘When is the next big one coming?’ And, sure enough, just out in the offing, you can see one that just seems head and shoulders above the others. This column is about that.

a “Rayleigh Distribution.” For example, given that Hsig = 1 meter, or 3.3 feet, statistically:

One in 10 will be larger than 1.2 m (3.6 ft). One in 100 will be larger than 1.5 m (5.1 ft). One in 1000 will be larger than 1.9 m (6.2 ft) This implies that one might encounter a wave that is roughly double the significant wave height. And remember what Hsig is – an expression of the highest 1/3rd of the waves. This means that 2/3rd are less than that. Perhaps lulling the mariner into a false sense of security? Converting that distribu-

tion into time at sea, where a wave passes your 25’ vessel every 6 seconds, the table would look like this: One every minute will be larger than 1.2 m (3.6 ft). One every 10 minutes will be larger than 1.5 m (5.1 ft). One in 100 minutes (1.7 hours) will be larger than 1.9 m (6.2 ft) And this is when 2/3rd of the waves are less than 3’. And, statistically, when two significant waves come into “phase,” it is possible to encounter a wave that is much larger than the significant wave.


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March 7, 2012

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A surprising number of people don’t. But not knowing can cause big problems if you’re installing irrigation systems, or fences, or even plants. So, give us a call and we’ll walk you through the procedure to locate your system’s components. It’s free of charge and it could save you a lot of aggravation. We might even have your system in our files. After 80 years in the business, we know where lots of stuff is buried.



SINCE 1932

8800 Esta blished 1932





Independent / John Wyche

The Peer Assisted Leadership/ Natural Helpers Program of Southampton Schools hosted the monthly meeting of the Southampton Town Anti Bias Task Force on Monday night.

WEBER & GRAHN Air Conditioning & Heating


“We Install the Best & Fix the Rest”

Ext. 114 - Dan

MEDICARE ELIGIBLE? What does it cover? What supplements are available? Finding it confusing?

The Washwick Agency can help! Call 631 369-0888 THE WASHWICK AGENCY Karl Washwick 860 E. Main Street • Riverhead, NY 11901


W m.J. O’Neill Sales Exchange Co., Inc.

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1 East Main St., Patchogue




THE INDEPENDENT Q Traveler Watchman

Hoop Dreams The state basketball tournament is under way and a handful of local teams are chasing the dream – a trip to the State Final Four tournament and a shot at a state championship. The Pierson boys team played yesterday against East Rockaway for the Long Island Class C title. That sets up a state regional game Saturday at SUNY New Paltz, probably against powerful Tuckahoe, which played Pine Plains yesterday. The Bridgehampton Killer Bees are the Long Island Class D championship. They likely will play Geenburgh Academy, which lost to Biondi in a Class D regional game. Biondi was subsequently disqualified for using an ineligible player and lost its appeal. The winner heads to Glens

Falls and the Final Four. The Southampton girls team plays for the Long Island Class B title game today against Cold Spring Harbor. The winner plays a state regional game at Farmingdale State College Saturday. Shelter Island, the Class D champion, plays at the same site. Riverhead plays Baldwin for the Long Island Class AA title Friday night at Farmingdale State College. R.M.


enjoined. Following the meeting Grenci refuted the CAC’s reputation as anti-business, and spoke about the new business PAC. “We’re as pro business as people can g e t ,” s h e i n s i s t e d . B u t , s h e s a i d , C AC m e m b e r s b e l i e v e there should be a level playing

March 7, 2012

field and that town zoning code should be enforced consistently throughout the hamlet. Grenci said she welcomes members with business interests, emphasizing that no one has ever been turned away. “I’d love it if the whole town joined,” she said. “We’d get to talk and they’d find out we’re not really polar opposites.”

Water Forum Sure, it’s everywhere, but will there be clean drops to drink in East Hampton’s future? The East Hampton Group for Good Government wants to know – and they want the community to know as well. The non-partisan civic organization is planning an informational forum on wastewater. Arthur Malman, one of GGG’s founders, noted this week that several years ago, when people began to realize underground fuel oil tanks could pose a hazard to the environment, programs were established to mitigate the threat. It’s time now, he said, to look at what can be done to address how septic output can cause harm and methods to reduce a potential danger to the aquifer. Some segments of the community were shocked earlier this year when East Hampton Town Supervisor Bill Wilkinson and Councilwoman Theresa Quigley seemed willing to divest the town of its scavenger waste facility – and in a hurry. Board members Sylvia Overby and Peter Van Scoyoc noted there were still a slew of unanswered questions about the plant. They, along with some community members, called for a public forum devoted to discussing the myriad ramifications a decision about the facility might entail. Malman said the future of the scav plant will very likely be discussed at the forum, but, he cautioned, “You can’t look at the septic plant in a vacuum.” He hopes the forum will help provide a context to any discussion about the facility, and said GGG might well host a subsequent forum specific to the scav plant. K.M.

2/29/12-3/31/12 only.

2/29/12-3/31/12 only.



March 7, 2012




THE INDEPENDENT Q Traveler Watchman




K E E P E R S™

Comfort Keepers® provides

non-medical in-home care – such as light housekeeping, meal preparation and companionship – to help people maintain quality, independent lives in the comfort of their own homes. Call for more details. ®

Ph. 631-369-6080 123-456-7890

Over 470 independently owned and operated offices nationwide.

W W W. C O M F O R T K E E P E R S . C O M

Independent / George Stankevich

The military convoy seen on local roads last week was reportedly in the area for a funeral.

Another Attempted Abduction For the second time in a little over a month, Southampton Town Police are investigating a case of attempted abduction. Last Friday night just before 10, a Hampton Bays woman was grabbed from behind as she arrived at her home on Bay Avenue. The assailant covered her mouth when she screamed and threatened her in Spanish, cops said. He tried to force her back into her car, but she managed to break free after a brief struggle. The would be kidnapper ran away. Detectives responded to the scene and with assistance from the state police K-9 Unit combed the neighborhood, without success. The suspect was described as a Spanish speaking male, about 5’5” wearing a hooded sweatshirt. On February 2 STPD reported that a jogger called the cops after a suspect, described as a “middle aged male Hispanic” wearing a black fleece jacket and cap, approached her in the parking lot at Long Beach in Noyac. He asked her for directions to the bank, then put his arm around her shoulders and asked her to come and show him. The jogger became alarmed, hit the man in the head with her iPod, and fled. She called police a short while later from her home. The suspect was driving a dark green sedan. Investigations into both attempted abductions continue. Police have asked anyone with information to call 631-7022230. KM.



New Face

CONTINUED FROM PAGE 14. The property will be re-landscaped with native shrubs and trees plus flowering and ornamental plantings. Complete with almost 1000 windows, natural light will flood the housing units, some with private gardens and balconies. Views of the village and the beach are planned to be visible from some units. The proposed amenities offered at the future housing facility include a recreation center, a pool with a retractable roof and a fitness room. The redone condominium complex is also slated to include a 100-plus car garage . . . underground. The lobby of the building is expected to have a re-done fireplace as well as other artifacts from the original building to be reused and/ or saved. The project, which has been estimated to cost as much as $100 million, is scheduled to be completed by December of next year, “if not sooner,” according to one of the firm’s founders, Craig Wood. Last December saw the 100-yearold building undergo asbestos removal as well as a cleaning out of other contaminants. The past month, the building had its granite foundation stone (which Arthur Blee, director of design and construction for Cape deemed “very solid”) uncovered and the entirety of the structure gutted. Mayor Brian Gilbride seemed ex-


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cited about the new face for the factory. Gilbride worked at the factory’s polishing department after high school and ensures the restoration “will become part of Sag Harbor’s future history.” Although some are excited about the project and assure it will bring business, and life, to the historic village, others are not so pleased. Some are disgruntled about the project’s lack of affordable housing (each unit is expected to go for $1 million or more), as well as not having plans for retail or commercial space. The idea of it bringing in a slew of second homeowners, and their needs, seemed to be problematic for some. Now the project is in its excavation stage. This will to be the time where the most truck traffic will be experienced in the tight area of downtown Sag Harbor. Route 114, Noyac Road and Scuttlehole Road are scheduled to be designated for dirt and debris removal in the upcoming month.

award and recognition,” Monte said. “She is the epitome of Hospitality. We do lots of guest services training at the Inn and Ginny is always our star student. She is a true franchise player on our team!” Maureen Keller, the Concierge at Gurney’s who celebrated with Davis and her family said, “I believe it is only fitting that Ginny be recognized for her true spirit of hospitality. It is quite an honor to have one of my team members, and a dear friend, be the recipient of the N.Y State Hospitality “Stars of the Industry Award.” Ginny’s enthusiasm, smile and genuine concern for all of our guests are endless. It is a pleasure working with her and I think we should all join in congratulating her for a job well done.” “Every year, the state’s hospitality industry nominates its most outstanding employees. After reviewing all of the nominations submitted, the judges agreed that Virginia Davis was the best of the best,” said NYSH&TA President Jan Marie Chesterton. “All the winners of this year’s awards are STARS in every sense of the word and shining examples of what New York State hospitality is all about.” The Outstanding Lodging Employee of the Year award recognizes a non-management employee (e.g. concierges, housekeepers, etc.) who provides outstanding service to the property, guests and community. It was an amazing celebration and

March 7, 2012


an unforgettable evening for Davis. The award gala dinner was like “going to the Oscars, I actually didn’t realize how important and impressive the NYSH&TA award was until a professional film crew arrived at Gurney’s and followed me around,” she exclaimed. “I felt like a movie star!” The New York State Hospitality &Tourism Association 2012 Stars of the Industry Awards Banquet opened with a welcome address by Lt Gov. Robert Duffy. Coincidentally, Davis christened the Seawater Spa at Gurney’s 33 years ago with another Lt. Gov., the Honorable Mario Cuomo. A highlight of the event was Davis’s acceptance speech. She thanked the Monte family for the opportunity to work at the inn. Later, another surprise – Davis learned she was nominated for the national award given by the American Hotel & Lodging Association in Washington DC.

See what the best professionals in the co Gurney’scan do for your retu CONTINUED FROM PAGE 14. best represent the quality service and spirit of the hospitality and tourism industry. Her supervisor, Phyllis Lomitola, who attended the award gala as well, nominated Davis for this prestigious award. Paul Monte, CEO and GM of Gurney’s Inn Resort & Spa along with some of Ginny’s colleagues and family members attended as well. “Ginny most definitely deserves this

Your locally owned community pharmacy for over 65 years Bob GrisnikPharmacist/Owner have to settle for anythi

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Complete Electrical service • Residential - Commercial • New Construction • Additions & Repairs Free Estimates Professional & Prompt INSURED - EAST HAMPTON




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If you discover an H&R Block error on your return that entitles you to a smaller tax liability, we’ll refund the tax prep fee for that return. Refund claims must be made during the calendar year in which the return was prepared. ©2011 HRB Tax Group, Inc.

C L E A N I N G S E RV I C E 10 Years Experience Reasonable Year-Round & Seasonal Rates Home Openings & Closings Reliable & Insured


SETTLE FOR LESS NEVER NEVER SETTLE FOR LESS 273 Hampton Road Southampton, NY 11968 Phone: 631-283-1745 Mon-Fri 9:00 am to 9:00 pm Sat 9:00 am to 5:00 pm

273 Hampton Road Southampton, NY 11968 Phone: 631-283-1745 Mon-Fri 9:00 am to 9:00 pm Sat 9:00 am to 5:00 pm


March 7, 2012

THE INDEPENDENT Q Traveler Watchman





(631) 287-1000


B A C K E D BY C A D I L L A C S H I E L D Includes Premium Care Maintenance for 4 years / 50,000 Miles, 8 Way Power Driver’s Seat with Articulating Heat Restraint, AM / FM / CD Stereo with Bose Speaker System, Tire Pressure Monitoring System, Bluetooth for Cell Connectivity, Power Windows & Door Locks, Stabilitrak Stability Control, OnStar Communications, Remote Keyless Entry, Sirius XM Radio.



STOCK #: N4278 MSRP: $38,515

PER MONTH1 For 39 months $1,599 due at signing tax, title and fees extra

B A C K E D BY C A D I L L A C S H I E L D Includes Premium Care Maintenance for 4 Years / 50,000 Miles, Bluetooth for Phone, Adaptive Remote Start, Keyless Access, Liftgate with Memory Height, Memory Package, Rearview Camera System, Heathed Leather Seating, Front and Rear Park Assist, Ultraview Power Sunroof.



STOCK #: N4394 MSRP: $40,590

PER MONTH1 For 39 months $1,599 due at signing tax, title and fees extra

1 Security deposit waived. Lease is for well qualified customers, subject to primary lender’s approval. Leases are 10,000 mile per year leases. Total of payments CTS = $11,661 and SRX = $17,121. Offer expires 3/31/12. Thank You.





THE INDEPENDENT Q Traveler Watchman

March 7, 2012



March 7, 2012


THE INDEPENDENT Q Traveler Watchman



A newly renovated beauty, this 1600 sq. ft home is walking distance to everything. Owning this property will allow you to enjoy the privileges of living in the Village of East Hampton, one of the last homes within village limits on the street. Deeded residents-only access to Main Beach, Georgica Beach and Two Mile Hollow Beach. • 4 Bedrooms • Fireplace



• 1 Bathroom • 1 Car Garage

I N F O R M A T I O N :

• Full Basement • Room for pool

9 1 7 - 8 3 0 - 6 8 2 2

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Indy East End

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