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Londoners get behind Team GB By D.W. LEE


WATCHING England stumble to a 1-0 victory over Wales at Wembley the other night got me thinking about the prospects of Team GB at next year’s Olympics in London. The Welsh and the English, along with the Scots and Northern Irish, have been invited to take part in a unified UK team – although only the English are keen to do so. The other three home nations are against the idea, fearing it could lead to them ultimately losing their right to take part as separate, individual countries in FIFA competitions in years to come.




Summer 2012


VICTORY CITY! Feels great to be British again, doesn't it? ...

Cool Britannia is back in fashion and the Union Jack flag is once again an icon to be proud of. The hugely successful Golden Jubilee celebrations prove that flag waving can be fantastic family fun as well as an excuse to indulge in a bit of old fashioned, unashamed patriotic pride. Although it's much more than a simple design label, the union flag has burst into blossom once again and our national flag has become the must-wear style trend of the summer ... Just like you, we want to support those staying true to the red, white and blue! You'll be pleased to know all our regional media groups are unashamedly backing Team Britain throughout the Olympic Games. We hope you will join us in raising a loud cheer in support of

our 2012 athletes. Enjoy the spectacle - we're going for Gold! Yours faithfully,

Duncan Williams Editor



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Since London is already one of the most visited cities on the planet, organizers are anticipating and preparing for a massive turnout. The British are well known for their attention to detail and there is no doubt that the Olympic venues, accommodations and transportation facilities will impress the multitudes of tourists. Also, hundreds of local establishments will offer special entertainment opportunities. Naturally, the center stage will be the mammoth 80,000 seat Olympic Stadium. This is the central location where many of the games will be held, as well as the gala opening and closing ceremonies. In addition, numerous athletic events will take place all around town, giving visitors plenty of opportunities to see a variety of sites in this historic city while taking in the games. London is ideally suited for hosting the games, having plenty of existing facilities available outside the main stadium and many of these spots are notable attractions in themselves. For example, Wembley Stadium will welcome football fans and Wimbledon,of course, will host Olympic tennis. Famous Hyde Park will feature triathlon events, while Earl's Court will lend space for volleyball. Likewise, sightseers will be treated to


competitions at the Lord's Cricket Ground, the Royal Artillery Barracks and Regent's Park. Greenwich Park, the Horse Guards Parade and scenic Hadleigh Farm will also provide settings for a variety of events. These are all renowned sites on the lists of regular travelers and will be all the more festive during the games. As anyone who has visited London knows, there are many accommodations options available and these will certainly be ramped up for the games. In addition to hotels that fit nearly any budget, there will be hostels, apartments and houses for rent to give guests a place to lay their heads.


Special attention will also be given to transportation needs for moving millions of people around the city. The celebrated black cabs will be out in force and the airport, rail and bus systems will be operating at peak capacity. Those who have a chance to visit during the games will certainly experience scenic London at its liveliest. The Summer Olympics 2012 in London promises to be one of the premier sporting extravaganzas of the century. However, the occasion will present a fantastic opportunity for everyone, fans and non-fans alike, as London rolls out the red carpet to visitors from around the world.

Summer 2012


LONDON OFFER PLENTY OF PLACES TO HOLD EVENTS By FRANK RONNIE HARPER where vendors and buyers work out retail arrangements for the next year. These conferences can also involve the public by showcasing prototypes, speeches by famed designers and allowing consumers to speak to vendor representatives. While industry group conferences vary greatly in size, conference venues in London can rely on multiple events each year if they offer quality amenities and resources. Human resources departments at major companies and job recruitment firms use conference venues in London to hold job fairs. These fairs allow employers to meet with eager applicants, hold quick interviews and present available jobs to the public.


Job fair organisers use conference venues in London because they offer projectors, large ballrooms for separated spaces and enough room for streams of applicants to move comfortably. Each job fair has to be held at a conference venue located close to public transit lines as well as hightraffic areas like universities and office buildings to maximize the impact of the event. In the same vein as a job fair, book fairs are large undertakings that use the best conference venues in London. Book fairs can be separated into industry events and genre-specific conventions with different requirements from the venue operator. An industry event featuring magazine and book publishers allows authors, freelance writers and book agents to promote their latest



The best London event venues

LONDON'S hotels, stadiums and racecourses offer conference organisers plenty of places to hold their events. The heart of British urban life offers history, modern style and infrastructure to meet the needs of conference organisers. Since London's conference venues are so diverse, industry groups and companies use the city as a meeting place each year for their conferences. A peek at the various groups that use London to stage their conferences can give other organisations inspiration when planning their events. The medical and pharmaceutical industries in the United Kingdom bring in billions of pounds each year due to the constant demand for medical care. National and international pharmaceutical groups have the resources to reserve conference venues in London with modern amenities and luxurious accommodations. The typical pharmaceutical conference involves presentations on new technologies and drugs by industry experts along with vendor relations with the public. Pharmaceutical conferences allow private healthcare agencies and businesses to acquire the latest technology from medical suppliers, requiring a massive amount of space to facilitate these events. Since drug companies, medical suppliers and other medical businesses are big business in the United Kingdom, these conferences represent a major boon to hotels and other venues each year. Another consistent revenue stream for conference venues in London is the constant demand from industry groups for event spaces. Conference venues in London work with industry groups peddling toys, electronics, clothing and home wares to arrange these massive events. Industry group conferences can be insider affairs


projects, hoping to find a home for their artistic expressions. Since publishing industry events can lead to contract signings and negotiations, conference venues with office spaces and private meeting rooms are prized by event organisers. Genrespecific conventions in London allow sci-fi, romance and historical fiction fans to meet their favourite authors in the comforts of a hotel or conference centre. These conventions are more traditional than industry events with simple booths for book signings and a large stage for breakout sessions with authors, agents and industry experts. Commercial organisers are not the only users of conference venues in London. Non-profit organisations, universities and think tanks hold policy conferences at venues in London because it is a central location for minds around northwestern Europe. A policy conference's agenda depends on the topic area in question but most events feature paper presentations, keynote speeches by luminaries and panel discussions. Since policy conferences have dynamic agendas with varying space requirements, conference venues have to be flexible enough to change room configurations from hour to hour. Professors, politicians and writers need to have access to computers and presentation equipment to communicate their ideas effectively to attendees. A final group that uses conference venues in London on a regular basis is the country's various political parties and action groups. Labour, Conservatives and other parties in the British political world frequent conference venues in London to gather supporters in a central location. Conference Venues in London UK or call +44 (0)800 158 44 00

PROTECTING your home or business from flooding is a fairly simple concept. Any objects that adequately block encroaching waters can make good flood defences but some things are more appropriate for the purpose than others. Because floods can occur with little or no warning, the method you use to protect your home should be quick and easy to set up. This is the reason why today's preferred modes of flood protection are so similar to those used a century ago. The first thing that may come to mind when you think of flood protection is the humble sandbag. These simple defences are able to be stored flat and quickly filled as soon as flooding becomes an imminent threat. However, their efficiency is heavily dependent on your ability to find a large amount of sand and possessing the time and manpower needed to get them filled. Fortunately, modern innovation has provided a quicker and easier alternative in the form of an instant sandbag. To use these flood defences, just fill them with water and within a few minutes, you will have an effective flood barrier. Best of all, they will save you precious time and effort and prevent you from having to locate and store a huge mound of sand.


Some kinds of flood protection must be installed prior to flooding, but can easily be taken down and stored once they're no longer needed. For example, door guards can be installed when flooding is expected and can be removed to either for storage or to allow you to pass through the doorway. Using flood protection barriers is another popular way to safeguard your property against flooding. These barriers are usually composed of glass and aluminum and are so lightweight that only a single person is needed to install them. Besides protecting against flood waters, they also offer considerable defence against hurricanes. There are other methods of flood protection you can use to buy yourself some time until flooding subsides. One of these is flood seal tape, which can be used around vents, doorways, windows and other possible entry points to temporarily stop water from getting in. This can provide you enough time to protect furniture and valuables or to install other flood protection measures. If you're in an area that is frequently threatened by flooding, you may want to consider investing in a toilet seal. Even if your property's exterior is adequately protected from floods, water can still come up through the sewer system and run out of your toilet. Naturally, this creates both a health hazard and an unsightly mess that can ruin your home. Toilet seals prevent sewage and water from flowing up through your toilet, saving you a lot of time and money.



Summer 2012


A report by HARRY SMITH

MARQUEES can be seen in all kinds of events nowadays. From corporate events to family functions and weddings, marquees can seemingly house them all. For those who haven't hired a marquee, or organised an event for that matter, it can all be pretty confounding; where to find a marquee supplier, how to select the right kind of marquee and how to heat a marquee are just some of the many questions that come to mind! If you think it would be useful to invest in a small marquee for your event, then you're not really pressed for time, but if you plan to hire a marquee it is better to book well in advance. It is always advisable to start searching for suppliers as soon as possible. Finding an experienced supplier with a proven track record, who is available on your chosen date and who is willing to cater at your chosen location, can be trickier than you think. Finding event suppliers in and around London may be easy, but finding good suppliers who are available is not. A quick look online can help you find local marquee suppliers. Once you have shortlisted a few agencies, you will want to get quotes from them. This is an important part of the process as this is where there is room for confusion. Ask the supplier what the quote includes and what it doesn't. Does the quote include only the rental charges for the marquee or transportation, dismantling etc. as well? The supplier is generally in the best position to explain all the different options available and to help you select the correct marquee for your event. Since most suppliers also deal with other things like flooring and lighting, they can give advice on choosing the right add-ons. Many companies also have deals with sub-contractors for catering, event staff etc. This means that more often than not, a marquee hire company can be a one-stop-shop for planning the entire event. The final quotes from a few different suppliers, and your customer service experience should help you select the right company. Personal references are always a good way to select suppliers, but online reviews and testimonials can also be useful while making the decision. The point is to find an experienced, reliable and competent agency. Once you have zeroed in on what you want and who you want it from, comes the next part - making the booking. This is where you need to make sure that the deal is sealed and that there is no room for error. This means confirming everything and double checking all the details with the supplier. You don't want the marquee to turn up a day after your event date! This may sound bizarre but it happens more often than we think. Marquees are a quintessential part of any event planning agency's kit so it is not difficult to find suppliers. However, it is always useful to compare a few different agencies before you make the final decision. For more info :


FOR many a literary fan it is fun and exciting to dress up and play the part of one’s favourite character but it seems that no other character is quite as popular as that of a one Sherlock Holmes. His quirky yet intelligent actions in the stories of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle make him among the top literary characters that are researched and requested today. Even in death, he was a popular character, and the public begged for his resurrection. Doyle finally did give him back to the world and the fans, which would be seen wearing black armbands around their arms in public to mourn for the loss of the popular character. The fans of Sherlock Holmes still play the part, dressing up as various characters in the stories on regular occasions to act out a tale once a week or once a month in a meeting of the fans. Such interest in him is still so common that the museum in his name still sees thousands of visitors each and every year. It is hard to believe that this character has survived for greater than one hundred years due to his fans. He is the immortal detective. He is one that was resurrected from the dead to once again grace the pages of Doyle’s novels and make his fans even more adoring. A society has even been started in his name. Members of this society regularly give updates and offer small tidbits of news for the viewing of the public. People interested in the

great and glorious character can easily search the internet to find several topics related to the character or even fan groups and the all mighty Society of Sherlock Holmes. How many other literary characters have been so privileged as to have their fans create their very own society? This writer cannot think of any other than Sherlock Holmes.


The fans adore him, the readers are amazed by him, and people still attempt to portray him. Sherlock Holmes is like the Elvis of Europe. He is reputed to still be alive even if only in the minds of those fans who so greatly adore him. He is still commonly portrayed in full dress and fans still try to become him if even for only a few hours. His popularity has never faltered due to this fan base. So, as a reader and a writer, I compare him to “The King” with his crazed but loyal fans and interesting impersonators and Europe or London to the Las Vegas strip where the action is played out day after day after day. His adoring fan base has probably increased the awareness of his existence much more easily than his creator did in the past and they are also responsible for the great art of enactment of him. It takes a genius to portray the life of a genius. Sherlock Holmes is therefore still alive, even if it is only in memory. He really never died if the decision was up to the fans.

Summer 2012






The legend continues...


VERSUS IN modern western world the demand for energy has increased dramatically in the past century and it will grow even further and harder in the near future than ever before. The need for energy rises with upcoming markets that also need more energy. Energy is needed for cars, buses, and other means of transportation, but also to run our appliances and provides us light. Energy is also important for our safety. At night or in the dark a lot can be stolen without proper lightning. Energy is therefore needed for our development and safety.



The way we use energy today comes from knowledge that has it's foundations in the past century and before. Great men like Newton and Philips have set the path for us today to make proper use of energy. The sources which we use for our energy demand are known as nonrenewable energy resources. These sources will be discussed here in the article.

Non-Renewable Energy Resources

The name really explains it very well. Non-renewable energy resources are natural resources that cannot be recycled or re-grown. These natural resources are fossil fuels like coal, petroleum, and natural gas. It also includes mined resources such as the elements used in the production of electricity (uranium and plutonium, for instance). These resources replenish itself in a quicker rate.

as • • Natural g

Fossil fuels are very versatile. One of their functions is to generate electricity. In order to generate electricity, fossil fuels are burned through the process of combustion. The energy produced from the combustion process is used to power a turbine. The turbine is responsible for the conversion of energy produced from combusted fossil fuels into electricity.

Natural gas is also used to produce electricity. The electricity is produced through steam turbines and gas turbines. Because the gas contains methane the combustion emits less harmful gasses that have a negative effect on global warming. Thus natural gasses are better for the environment compared to petroleum and coal. There is also another use for it and that is as fuel for cars. It is much cheaper that gasoline and produces less harmful gasses. The disadvantage of running your car on natural gas is that you need more fuel compared to gasoline and the car needs more maintenance. In

countries like Argentina, Brazil, Pakistan, Italy, The Netherlands and India it is used as a fuel for cars.

• Coal •

Coal is one the most used fossil fuels. It is consider too be the most important energy source to produce electricity. The U.S. produces 50% of its energy supply through the combustion of coal. The coal itself is a brownish-black sedimentary rock which contains carbon and other assorted elements. It is extracted from the ground through underground mining or open-pit mining.








Pizza, the way we know it today, is a derivation from focaccia (from the Latin word for fire), flat bread that has been prepared since antiquity in different forms and garnished with herbs, olives, fat, raisin, honey, and nuts. The word pizza in Italian identifies any type of flat bread or pie-fried or baked. Although you’d find many types of pitas or pizzas around the Mediterranean, it is in Naples that pizza in the form we know it today first emerged, after the tomato appeared on the table in the 1700s. Naples has many records of pizza since around the year 1000; the first mentions call these flat breads laganae, and later they are referred to as picea. In those times, pizzas were dressed with garlic and olive oil, or cheese and anchovies, or small local fish. They were baked on the open fire and sometimes were closed in two, as a book, to form a calzone.


• • Cr ude oil

This fuel is the most talk about for the past year(s). The prices for crude oil have gone through the roof and will be rising even more. The demand is increasing while there is less crude oil available. The term black gold is now more applicable than ever before. The oil itself is very think in consistency and has a dark brown or greenish colour characteristic. It is a complex mixture of different hydrocarbons. Crude oil or petroleum has various uses. It can be used as fuel or cars and different industrial machines. It is also used as a raw material for products like plastics,

solvents, fertilisers and pesticides. Although the need for crude oil is high and the demand is rising the available crude oil is decreasing. That leaves us no other option than to look for alternatives. Non-renewable energy plays a very important role in our daily lives. Nonrenewable energy will be needed today and in the future. Because this energy source cannot be recycled or re-grown the reserves are limited. The consequences of the shortages of fossil fuels are experienced today and tomorrow. We will need to use these fossil fuels wisely and will need to shift our focus to other renewable energy source. These are the sources that we need to focus on today and years to come.

In Naples is also where the first pizzerias opened up, with brick wood-burning oven, covered with lava stones from the Mount Vesuvius. The chefs of those times ignored pizza because was considered a poor people’s food, but the new combination with the tomato, when it entered the kitchen around the 1770s, must have raised some curiosity, even in the royal palace. Ferdinand I Bourbon, King of Naples, loved the simple food of the people and went to taste the pizzas made in the shop of Antonio Testa. He liked it so much that he wanted pizza to be included in the menu at the court. Pizza then became very popular, earning its place in Neapolitan folklore. Simple and economical, it turned into the food for all people, even sold on the streets, as shown in many illustrations of the time. A famous episode extended the popularity of pizza beyond the limits of the city of Naples. It was 1889, and Margherita, queen of Italy, was visiting the city. She was told about pizza and wanted to taste it. A famous cook by the name of Don Raffaele, helped by his wife Donna Rosa, was invited to cook pizza at the royal palace. They prepared three pizzas, typical of that time: one with cheese and basil; one with garlic, oil, and tomato; and one with mozzarella, basil, and tomato. The queen, impressed by the colors of the last pizza, which resembled the national flag, preferred that one. Since then this pizza is known as Pizza Margherita, and Don Raffaele is credited with its invention, even if we know that it already existed for a long time. At the beginning of the last century, with Italian immigrants, the first pizzerias appeared also in the United States, where pizza has become a mass phenomenon. Yet, even today the best pizza is found in Naples, where it is rigorously made with buffalo mozzarella.



Summer 2012

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Summer 2012



Cheap travel to the alps INDEPENDENT travel to the Alps is not something to be wary of any more. One of the biggest changes in the ski industry over the last ten years is the shift from tour operators with flights provided, to independent companies and easily arranged transport. It's now estimated that around a third of British skiers and boarders (350,000) are travelling independently, so how's it done? Your options are fairly simple: Planes, Trains, Auto mobiles... and Buses • By Plane: flying to the Alps is still the easiest and cheapest way to do things. Though to get the best deals you must know what you're doing. Luckily for you, now you do! Early Early Early. Book everything as early as possible. Even better, sign up to the airlines newsletters and they will tell you as soon as the new prices are released. This is when you get the £30 flights! - this happens in the summer, normally in July and August for the budget airlines. If you can't commit to booking early, then you can gamble on a last minute package deal. This has good and bad points; As well as some great low prices, it means that you can see where the snow is and hold out for those resorts; but of course your choices will be limited and you may not get the exact type of accommodation you wanted. But hey, that's why its a gamble, and if you know what you're doing and research well, then there's no reason you can't get a great deal. Common sense stuff, weigh your bags beforehand, and check them against the airline's limits. Tie a bit of ribbon or string on your bag so you can identify it, and label every bag. Get to the airport with LOADS of time to spare, at peak season there are massive queues, and airports can be


Ryan’s Daughter

- David Lean’s often forgotten film masterpiece


stressful enough as they are, no need to make them worse. • By Train: Travelling by train to the Alps doesn't always jump out as peoples first choice, but its a comfortable and quick route if you plan it well, and you entirely miss out all the stress of the airport! France has an excellent high-speed train network called the TGV, these can get from Paris to the mountains in 5 hours, averaging over 170mph! Combine this with the EuroStar, and you can go from London to the Alps in 7 ½ hours, door to door. The prices on French railways are fixed, they don't go up last minute, and you can book a maximum of 3 months in advance. The best route for the Central Alps (Chamonix, St Gervais, Megeve, Verbier, Morzine...) goes direct form Paris to St Gervais train station. There are then connecting trains or buses to the nearby resorts. • By Car: With the excellent French motorway system, you can get from Calais to your resort in under 9 hours. The French toll roads will add up to about €100 from Calais to Chamonix or St Gervais, and with a couple of tanks of petrol, the price will add up a bit. But considering you can take your whole family for that price, it's not bad at all. You then also have the option of stopping off on the way, or maybe taking a couple of days over the journey and spending a nice night somewhere en route. -Ferry companies: The most common route is of course Dover to Calais, but don't overlook Dunkirk (Dunquerque in French) or Boulonge as alternative routes that can often provide cheap deals.

If you live further West, there are also Crossings from From Poole, Portsmouth, Plymouth, Weymouth, and Newhaven, with many of these crossings having the overnight option which breaks up the journey nicely if you've travelled from too far North. To book a ferry, the best method is to use a price comparison website first, then have a look at the respective ferry company's website, you may get it cheaper if you book direct. Or why not take the Euro Tunnel, with current offers (at time of print) of £44 return. Its a quick and painless journey, you don't get the chance to wander around and get refreshments like on a ferry, but is a very quick crossing, and works out cheap for big groups, as you only pay for the vehicle, it doesn't matter how many passengers you have. • By Bus: Hours and hours on a bus to the Mountains sounds like many peoples idea of hell, but with new luxury coaches, and some great prices, it's really an option worth looking at. Companies now offer an overnight drive, so you sleep through the main chunk of the journey, and arrive in resort in the morning fresh. Prices start from just £94 for a return, or for a little more you can opt for 'Royal Class' for a touch more comfort. There are also Friday departures, so you can get to resort in time to ski on Saturday! So there are more options than just the standard airport run, I hope I've helped.

"RYAN'S DAUGHTER" is a love story that evolves into a love triangle set in the epic splendor of an isolated village on Ireland's scenic Dingle Peninsula. Like all love triangles, it ends in a disaster that becomes a tragedy. Rosy Ryan (Sarah Miles) seeks to find that certain something that is missing in her life and thinks she finds it when she announces her love for her former schoolteacher, Charles Shaughnessy (Robert Mitchum), who is old enough to be her father. Unfortunately for Rosy, her marriage brings her love but not passion. It is passion she finds when she meets and instantly falls into the arms of Major Randolph Doryan (Christopher Jones), a young British officer assigned to the village. Cinematographer Freddie Young captures the raw beauty of Ireland with its ocean cliffs, green countryside, lazy pastures and hidden forest love nest. Young shot the film entirely in a 65mm widescreen format and in Super Panavision. It was the last such film shot until 22 years later when Ron Howard filmed "Far and Away" in 1992. Ryan's Daughter is a slow developing romance. The film runs for 3 hours and 16 minutes. Like almost all of Lean's films, Ryan's Daughter was hugely popular with moviegoers and movie lovers alike. Ryan's Daughter is a story about relationships and an epic film worth watching or at the very least, seeking out at your local DVD shop.



Summer 2012

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Usually, a comprehensive home renovation will include the bathroom and kitchen, which are favourite areas for updates. When it comes to bathroom design a lot has changed in recent years and you'd be amazed at the selection of individual components available to you now. You don't have to be traditional anymore and it's not always necessary to lay out this room in a conventional style. Many bathrooms, especially in older homes, are just a little smaller than you would like. However, did you know that you can get wallmounted toilets now, where the tank itself is recessed into the wall? You'd be amazed what space this can save just by itself. Also, if you don't really use the conventional bathtub anymore but may need to consider your options as some family members may be a little older or infirm, you can get a safety shower unit complete with a seat. In this way, safety can be paramount whilst still paying attention to effective use of the space that you have.


By being more creative with the room that you have you could extend the reach of the vanity area, put additional cabinets and storage areas in. Remember that by getting everyone in the family involved you'll be able to see what works best for the family unit and plan accordingly. This is just one area that could benefit from the professional input provided by interior design experts who are readily available and willing to come to your aid. By turning to professional interior designers you can benefit from their recent experience, know-how and ability to find virtually instantaneous solutions to some of your more perplexing questions. After all, whilst there's a lot of fun for the family involved in planning, sometimes it can be a little challenging and there is nothing wrong with asking for that piece of advice, when you need it most.

Relax with a new bathroom style



Summer 2012

Beckham snub is a disgrace David Beckham is dropped from Olympic squad


Sports report by FRANK WORRALL SO Stuart Pearce, true to form, tried to prove he is a good football manager by omitting David Beckham from his Olympics squad. That is what you get when you put someone like Pearce in charge of the Great Britain football team. The man is simply not a natural manager - so he attempts to convince us he is by dropping the one man who could lift spirits in the squad - and sell tickets for it, too. Pearce's decision is easy to fathom: by dropping Becks he wanted to show us that he is his own man, that he can make difficult choices. He says he dropped Becks 'purely on football reasons'. Well, I don't believe him - I believe he snubbed one of the greatest players of our generation purely to elevate himself as a man who does what he wants and is a strong man.


In actual fact, he is a weak man by doing that. He has exiled Becks to the wilderness - and yet has put together a squad that is unbalanced and, in some cases, frankly bewildering. While Brazil will have the likes of the wonderful Neymar, Spain will have Mata and Uruguay will have Luis Suarez, Great Britain boasts Southampton's Jack Cork and Bolton's Marvin Sordell. I would be amazed if more than 2 per cent of the readers of this column have heard of either player.

The three premitted over-age players are Ryan Giggs, Craig Bellamy and Micah Richards. I would not have taken Bellamy - Becks would have been my third choice, although I cannot dispute the inclusion of Giggs or Richards. Giggsy is the obvious man to lead the side and Richards should certainly have been in the England squad that went to Euro 2012, certainly ahead of Liverpool's Martin Kelly! Pearce’s teams are usually dour and resilient - much like the man himself, who failed spectacularly as a manager at club level. How he ever get so far into the England set-up remains one of life's mysteries. Certainly, I applaud Roy Hodgson for making it one of his first decisions to cast Pearce aside and bring Gary Neville into the full England set-up. I believe that Neville is a much better long-term candidate for the full England job than Pearce - who fancies himself in the role - would ever be. With Pearce at the helm, I would be very surprised if Team GB get further than making it out of the group as runners-up - then fall to the first team they meet in the knockout stage. Team GB's group is a fairly comfortable one - with Senegal, Uruguay and the United Arab Emiratest lying in wait. Surely we can expect them to beat the UAE and Senegal? But I would imagine Uruguay will prove too tough a test. So they should get out of the group, but does Pearce have the players or the powers of motivation and inspiration to progress beyond that? Maybe that will be the point he will privately wish he had chosen Beckham - who has all those qualities.

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