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03 MAY 2021

FAN’s Meet the Makers 2021 Sunshine Coast Queensland | PAGE 12


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OUR MISSION The mission of MGA Independent Retailers is to deliver the best possible industry specific business support services to independent grocery, liquor, hardware and associate store members.

MGA NATIONAL SUPPORT OFFICE Suite 5, 1 Milton Parade, Malvern, Victoria, 3144 P: 03 9824 4111 • F: 03 9824 4022 admin@mga.asn.au • www.mga.asn.au Freecall: 1800 888 479

RETAILER DIRECTORS Debbie Smith (President): Queensland Grant Hinchcliffe (Vice President): Tasmania Graeme Gough: New South Wales Ripple Parehk: New South Wales Ross Anile: Western Australia Carmel Goldsmith: New South Wales Chris dos Santos: South Australia Lincoln Wymer: Victoria Jeff Harper: Victoria

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CEO welcome


Dealing with Absenteeism in the Workplace


Meeting with IR Shadow Minister Tony Burke


COSBOA: The Directors Cut 2021

10  General Retail Industry Award 2020 Variation – Part-Time Flexibility 11 MGA Board and Corporate Partners night out 12 FAN’s Meet the Makers 2021 14 Focus on King Island 19 NSW Annual Liquor Licence fee reminder 19 Commemorative MGA GALA Golf Day a huge success 20 Coca-Cola Amatil shareholders approve European takeover 21 Byron Bay Brewery Premium Lager – Opening Byron to Australia 22 Tobacco Training - is it compulsory? 24 Employees are responsible too 25  Introducing MGA TMA new national support team and corporate partner


26 Employee Theft – does your insurance policy protect you from this?

Jos de Bruin 03 9824 4111 E: jos.debruin@mga.asn.au

28 ATO targets sale of ‘illicit alcohol’ on retail premises

27 Welcome new Corporate Partner: echeckout 31 Mice strip shelves bare at Gulargambone supermarket as plague takes over western NSW

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Michael White, Kim McCosker (Buderim Ginger), Roz White (Whites IGA

Sunshine Coast, QLD) Official Ambassador, Dan Purdie MP at Meet the Maker from the Food and Agribusiness Network (FAN), SEQ’s largest independent food and beverage trade event.

MGA Corporate Partners DIAMOND







tasmanian independent retailers


CEO Welcome As the COVID-19 pandemic rages out of control in many parts of the world, it is safe to say that Australia at present is indeed the lucky country. As I write this welcome article, all states and territories around Australia are mostly going about their normal daily lives, albeit in a cautionary COVID-19 safe manner. Masks are still required to be worn in taxis, hospitals, medical practices, aged care facilities and public transport; social distancing is still to be practised, and hygiene processes and systems continue to be practised at home and in the workplace. COVID-19 has changed the way we live forever. Despite the pandemic, which commenced in February 2020, family and privately owned supermarkets, bottle shops and timber and hardware businesses have continued to trade and serve their communities. Lockdowns, shutdowns and many public movement restrictions have forced consumers to shop local. This has been a fantastic revelation for local businesses and consumers alike as they both discover each other again and realise the value a local relationship has for the communities in which they trade and reside. Members have employed more people and offered additional hours to staff to meet the increased local customer foot traffic.

worker into the Award, as well as giving the FWC reason as to why domestic violence leave should not be a new employer obligation but a social matter dealt with by the Commonwealth Government. JobKeeper, JobSeeker, and JobMaker government relief schemes have also been under review. Other federal matters MGA TMA is dealing with, all at the same time, are illicit tobacco (costing our industry $300m in sales PA), the ACCC Inquiry into the Payment Platform Amalgamation and the risk to competition and passing on of efficient and cost-effective merchant payment fee mechanisms to our members such as Least Cost Routing and through the ACCC, MGA opposing the Woolworths acquisition of national food service distributor PFD which is a creeping acquisition in MGA’s view and will lead to the lessening of competition. At a state level, many post-COVID-19 issues continue to arise and are diverse by nature, requiring a breadth of MGA TMA experience and application. Matters include trading hours liberalisation, packaged liquor regulations, tobacco regulations, Container Deposit Schemes(CDS), banning of single-use plastic items, planning and zoning, rent relief for distressed businesses, reducing payroll tax burdens, and so the list goes on.

The resultant increased sales have enabled family businesses to invest back into their businesses to lift their store and business offer and create an exceptional shopping experience to meet the powerful competition of Coles, Woolworths, Aldi and Bunnings. Now the pandemic is subsiding we independents must work even harder to keep our new and existing customers as the large corporations ramp up their marketing and advertising.

MGA TMA has significantly invested in a joint venture company named Australian Circular Economy Solutions.

MGA TMA has been incredibly busy attending to many state and federal matters that affect all MGA TMA members around Australia. It has been difficult for MGA TMA to keep up with the increased advocacy demands as the federal and state governments request consultancy time from MGA TMA.

All state governments are drastically increasing waste levies that will be passed on to all businesses who continue to dispose of their waste to landfill. MGA TMA has embarked upon a once in a generation opportunity that will benefit all parts of our industry sector by developing a sustainable supermarket, bottle shop and timber and hardware business programme.

Matters MGA TMA is attending to at a federal level include working with the Fair Work Commission (FWC) to vary the General Retail Industry Award to accommodate Permanent Part-Time (PPT) worker flexibility to allow MGA TMA members to offer additional hours to PPT workers at the ordinary rate of pay, Partnering with the FWC to develop a “loaded rates” model for those small businesses wishing to simplify their pay structure with a weekday and weekend rate of pay. The Annual Wage Review was submitted in March with a recommendation for a ZERO % wage increase given the COVID uncertainty. We are engaging with the FWC to include the new legislated definition of a casual

All MGA TMA members must realise that they have a responsibility within their communities to lessen their carbon footprint, to help reduce their energy consumption and to divert all waste from landfill, not only to save our planet but save enormous waste management costs.

A programme that will save business owners money and something they can be proud of as they make a significant contribution to lessening their CO2 emissions and turning their waste into reusable and recyclable materials. Members are strongly encouraged to contact the MGA ACES team for more advice or next steps to participate. Keep up the great work, everyone – good trading. Jos de Bruin CEO MGA Independent Retailers





Dealing with Absenteeism in the Workplace Persistent employee absenteeism can present costs to Members in terms of personal/carer’s leave payments, the cost and effort of engaging replacement employees and the administrative burden of processing excessive absences. Absenteeism can also impact workplace culture and morale and affect the operational efficiency of Members’ businesses.

In order to take steps to prevent and reduce employee absenteeism in the workplace, it is important first to understand what absenteeism is and how we can obtain more information from employees regarding their absences. What is absenteeism? Absenteeism refers to frequent or consistent lateness or absences from work due to illness or injuries or other personal reasons, such as carer responsibilities. It also includes employees engaging in unauthorised lateness or absences, such as deliberately failing to commence work at the required time, failing to attend work or failing to meet the requirements for taking leave, such as not providing a medical certificate when required.

permitted to take approved leave (e.g. personal/carer’s leave and annual leave) when this is in accordance with the Employer’s policies and procedures, and adverse action should not be taken against employees that do take approved leave. However, where such leave is frequent, persistent or unauthorised, absenteeism may become an issue to be addressed in the appropriate ways. It may also be helpful for Members to assess whether there is a pattern of absenteeism across all employees, as this can be indicative of a poor workplace culture that tolerates absenteeism. This may involve collecting data on the patterns of absences and categorising absences. Doing so can reveal trends in absences in the business, such as long-term illnesses, Monday sickies or absences around holidays.

Why does absenteeism occur?

Reducing absenteeism

Absenteeism may be attributed to various issues, such as:

Implementing the following may assist Members in reducing absenteeism in the workplace:

• Family, marital or household issues; • Personal illness or injury including

mental health conditions and drug and alcohol-related issues;

• Poor work-life balance; • Deliberate non-compliance with

Employer policies and expectations;

• Workplace bullying and harassment; • Lack of job satisfaction or poor workplace culture.

It is important that employees are

mga.asn.au | May 2021 | Edition 3

• Foster a positive workplace culture

that is non-tolerant of absenteeism;

• Implement clear and detailed

policies and procedures that outline expectations surrounding lateness, absenteeism, use of personal/carers and annual leave;

• Introduce systems to recognise employee achievement;

• Take appropriate disciplinary action

to address lateness, improper use of leave or non-compliance with policies and procedures;

• Engage in fair and consistent

treatment of employees, particularly when applying workplace policies or when taking disciplinary action; and

• Provide employees with avenues

to raise grievances and having transparent processes to deal with any issues that arise fairly.

Long term illnesses or injuries Absenteeism should be handled with care if it is due to long-term personal illnesses or injuries. It may become evident that due to personal illness or injury, the employee is unable to perform the inherent requirements of their role. Taking adverse actions, such as dismissal, against an employee who has taken personal leave or has a disability or chronic/long term illness carries general protections risks. There is also the usual unfair dismissal risks to consider when terminating an employee. Members are also prohibited from dismissing a national system employee that is temporarily absent because of illness or injury that is supported by reasonable evidence and if the absence is for less than three months in a 12 month period. Further, state-based workers’ compensation legislation also provides protections from dismissal where an employee is entitled to workers’ compensation payments.



NATIONAL Once the specified period for these protections expires, Members can seek to engage in the ‘capabilities dismissal’ process to terminate an employee on the basis of their inability to perform the inherent requirements of their position. This involves conducting meetings with the employee regarding their fitness to perform their role, obtaining medical information and considering and implementing reasonable adjustments.

and compliance with procedures. Terminating an employee pursuant to an escalation of written warnings can reduce a Member’s unfair dismissal risk.

Disciplinary action

Elements of a procedurally fair process include:

If absenteeism is due to deliberate lateness without reasonable, acceptable excuse or deliberate non-compliance with rostered start time or with policies and procedures, Members may wish to engage in disciplinary action to address such misconduct. Such disciplinary action can serve to re-communicate expectations surrounding timeliness

An appropriate disciplinary process allowing for procedural fairness is recommended. Any disciplinary outcomes, such as written warnings, should only be issued after procedural fairness has been allowed, and these warnings should be maintained on file.

• Providing reasonable notice of a

opportunity to respond and provide explanations to all allegations of misconduct; and

• Not arriving at a pre-formed

conclusion as to a disciplinary outcome before allowing the employee to provide their response.

MGA TMA has recently conducted a webinar on “Dealing with Absenteeism in the Workplace”. Check out our website for details. Should you require any assistance, please do not hesitate to contact the Legal and IR team on 1800 888 479.

disciplinary meeting;

• Permitting a support person

should the employee wish to bring one;

• Providing reasons as to why the employee is invited to a disciplinary meeting;

If you wish to discuss pay and leave entitlements please contact

MGA’s Legal and Industrial Relations team on

(03) 98324 4111

(option 1)

• Allowing the employee an

Meeting with IR Shadow Minister Tony Burke MGA is a Council Member of COSBOA and attended a recent virtual round table meeting with Federal Opposition Industrial Relations Minister Tony Burke. MGA and COSBOA were members of former Attorney General and Industrial Relations Minister Christian Porter’s IR working groups. This included working across Award Flexibility, Casual Definitions and Compliance and Enforcement. The purpose of the working groups was to enable simplification and complexity reduction to enable employers to employ more people and offer additional working hours in a post-COVID era. Shadow Minister Burke, whilst acknowledging the challenging post-Covid times, was not overly supportive of this initiative and instead offered his own views toward how employers could be incentivised to employ more people and offer current staff more hours.




COSBOA: The Directors Cut 2021 On Friday 16 April COSBOA conducted its inaugural virtual event, The Directors Cut 2021. The event examined the theme of resilience and offered fascinating insights on how small businesses can survive and thrive during the difficult times presented to it during the recent devastating drought, bushfires and unforeseen global and local impact of COVID-19. The event allowed small businesses to gain access to some of Australia’s best small business thought leaders in 3 in discussions around small Business Resilience including a live Q&A and panel discussions.

mga.asn.au | May 2021 | Edition 3

The Keynote speakers included.

• Mr Shane Fitzsimmons -

Commissioner Resilience, NSW

• Mr Matt Coyme - CEO,

Commonwealth Bank of Australia

• Panel Discussion - Deep Dive

into Australian Small Business Data Insights on Resilience, Surviving and Thriving.

• Alexi Boyd - Host of Small Business Matters

• Lisa Belcher - American Express

Leader Small Business Merchant Team

• Louise Southall - Xero Accounting Software

• Merlin Luck - Regional Vice

President Small Business at Salesforce

The Director’s Cut provided fascinating insights into how small business survived COVID-19 and ideas for thriving in uncertain times and can be viewed in its entirety on the following: https:// webcast2.gigtv.com.au/Mediasite/ Channel/cosboa-the-directors-cut-21.

Open Byron Call 13 15 13 to speak to your local Lion representative about placing an order




General Retail Industry Award 2020 Variation – Part-Time Flexibility MGA TMA has recently partnered with the SDA, ACTU, and the AWA in a Fair Work Commission (FWC) application to amend the General Retail Industry Award (GRIA) to include flexibility for part-time employees.

MGA TMA has been involved in numerous conferences and hearings in February and March 2021 before the FWC to advocate for such change. Currently, variation of hours of part-time employees under the GRIA is rigid, limited in scope, and adds burdensome red tape on businesses, particularly small to medium-sized enterprises that lack human resource and payroll departments. The GRIA in its present form allows businesses to vary the hours of their part-time employees but requires a mutual agreement in writing, and the effect of the change can only be from a future date or time. Failing to follow these requirements will entitle parttime employees to overtime rates for hours worked more than their ordinary agreed hours. The purpose of the application is to provide further clarity to the GRIA and offer Members flexibility to vary hours on both an ad-hoc and longterm basis. Most crucial in small to medium-sized businesses are the short-term changes to shifts, where Members are not offered adequate notice to fill shifts cancelled by staff. MGA TMA believes that the proposal is straightforward and easy to understand, provides certainty, and contains a range of safeguards to protect both Members and the employees’ interests.

mga.asn.au | May 2021 | Edition 3

For ad-hoc changes, MGA TMA’s proposal still requires businesses to vary the hours of their part-time employees by mutual agreement in writing but: • lesser formal means can be utilised such as text messages or emails to agree; and

• the agreement can be recorded at or by the end of the changed shift, or as soon as reasonably practicable.

For long term or extended changes, the standard rules of the GRIA apply, but are complemented by the lesser formal means above. In addition to these benefits, the proposal put forward will be temporary in nature, only having an operational period of 18 months from the date of its approval, subject to further review. To ensure greater flexibility, MGA sought a voluntarily clause to be incorporated into the GRIA in the form of a “schedule”. This means that businesses and their

employees can freely elect to utilise the clause at their own initiative and discretion. It will remain available to businesses to continue to shape their working arrangements according to the main terms of the GRIA. MGA will continue to back its joined proposal as it is a sensible and measured change for the retail industry, especially as it progresses through its recovery from the negative impacts of COVID-19. This temporary change to the GRIA will assist Members in shifting their workforce from casual to permanent employment. Accordingly, this will offer additional hours of work to their employees at a reduced cost whilst guaranteeing that their businesses are operating at full capacity, without gaps in their workforce. The positive impacts of achieving such certainty are both economic and social for both businesses and their employees. The application remains afoot, and Members will be provided with a further update in due course.

Members of SDA, ACTU and the AWA partnered with MGA TMA in discussions with FWC via zoom.



MGA Board and Corporate Partners night out On Wednesday 21st April, a few of MGA’s Corporate Partners joined the MGA Board of Directors for an informal dinner at the Cricketers in Port Melbourne.

The full Board of Directors from MGA were in Melbourne to attend their second meeting for 2021. For some, this was their first face to face meeting in 14 months. In the evening, the MGA board was joined for dinner by Corporate Partners; Fabian Pasquini and Tony Hudson from Adroit Insurance & Risk, Neil Grant, and Simon Archer from Treasury Wines and Simon Breheny from Phillip Morris. Jos de Bruin, CEO of MGA, welcomed all to the dinner and thanked interstate members for travelling to Melbourne. Board Chairperson, Debbie Smith acknowledged the amazing support from MGA’s corporate partners. This support allows MGA to deliver outstanding back-of-house services to MGA’s members, private business and family enterprise from the Grocery, Liquor, Timber and Hardware sectors.

Left hand side from front: Lincoln Wymer - Director VIC. Neil Grant - Treasury Wine Estate. Chris dos Santos - Director SA. George Kovits - MGA. Tony Hudson - Adroit Insurance & Risk Debbie Smith - MGA Chairperson and Director QLD. Jos de Bruin- CEO MGA TMA. Right Hand Side from front: Simon Breheny - PMI. Grant Hinchcliffe -Director TAS. Ripple Parekh - Director NSW standing behind Graeme Gough - Director NSW. Fabian Pasquini - Adroit Insurance & Risk. Ross Anile - Director WA. Jeff Harper - Director VIC. Simon Archer - Treasury Wines Estate.

On Wednesday, 10th February, MGA’s Board held their first face-toface meeting for 2021. Not all of the Board could be in attendence in Melbourne due to the COVID-19 lockdown and travel restrictions. The Board met with representatives from Imperial Tobacco to discuss issues relating to illicit tobacco, border seizures and pop-up tobacco outlets impacting on members who legally stock and sell tobacco products.

Left hand side from front:Peter Alexander - President of MGA TMA. Grant Hinchcliffe - Director TAS. Debbie Smith - MGA Chairperson and Director QLD. Geoff Harper - Director VIC. Lincoln Wymer - Director VIC. Sami Hakim - Imperial Tobacco. Mark Paladino - MGA seated at head of table. Right Hand Side from front: George Kovits - MGA. Gary Dickson - Imperial Tobacco. Graeme Gough - Director NSW. Kirsten Daggar-Nickson - Imperial Tobacco. Ripple Parekh Director NSW.

O’Connell’s in South Melbourne was the venue for a great night which was enjoyed by all.





FAN’s Meet the Makers 2021 Meet the Makers, from the Food and Agribusiness Network (FAN), is SEQ’s largest independent food and beverage trade event, showcasing fresh produce and food & beverage products from across the Greater Sunshine Coast – Sunshine Coast, Noosa, Gympie, Moreton Bay and beyond. Congratulations to FAN on this highly successful industry event – 75 producers showcasing the incredible local food and beverage products that the region producers to over 700 buyers, industry, stakeholders, exhibitors, networking guests, VIP’s, supporters and passionate foodies who attended. Roz White was an Official Ambassador for Meet the Makers 2021, and along with Whites IGA proudly supported the event. As a pioneer of the Locavore movement on the Sunshine Coast, White’s IGA strongly believes in supporting and advocating for the local food and beverage industry.

L-R Michael White, Kim McCosker, Roz White, Dan Purdie MP

White’s IGA’s support of Meet the Makers 2021 is a great example of the region’s unique and collaborative ecosystem – where industry and stakeholders work together to accelerate growth and drive innovation. Established by the industry for the industry, FAN is a notfor-profit food industry cluster that has been operating for five years. FAN aims to grow the industry by creating an ecosystem that supports collaboration, accelerates innovation and drives trade locally and globally. Today FAN has more than 300 members from across the food value chain in the Greater Sunshine Coast region (Sunshine Coast, Gympie, Noosa and Moreton Bay) and is recognised nationally and internationally as a leading Australian food cluster.

L-R Lisa (Hum Honey), Roz, Andrew Powell MP

mga.asn.au | May 2021 | Edition 3

L-R Emma Greenhatch, CEO Food & Agribusiness Network, Sandy Bolton MP

L-R Local Maroochydore State Member of Parliament, Fiona Simpson MP and Sunshine Coast Airport CEO, Andrew Brodie








King Island is an island in Bass Strait. It is the largest of three islands known as the New Year Group, and the second-largest island in Bass Strait. The island’s population at the 2016 census was 1,585 people, up from 1,566 in 2011. Wikipedia

Currie, the largest town and administrative centre, is situated on the west coast of the island. Foodworks Currie and IGA Currie independent supermarkets provide groceries & essential goods for the King Island community.



Located in the centre of Currie, Rosemary Hallett, who is a partowner of this vibrant store, said that this store has been trading for more than 40 years. Rosemary came to KI from NZ in 1985 for three years to be involved with share farming, and she has been a KI resident ever since. 20 years ago, Rosemary began in the supermarket with then-owner Duncan McKenzie and became a partner 14 years ago. The store is 300 square metres in size and stocks over 5000 SKUs to satisfy the demand of their customers. The store is sparkingly clean, well lit and has been recently upgraded in the refrigeration and freezer departments. There are 13 freezer doors and 14 chiller doors packed with a deep range of food products.

Rosemary Hallet (4th from the right) with FoodWorks staff members.

The staff are very friendly and helpful. This full-service supermarket – services its customers through its fresh produce dept, meat dept, large delicatessen with ‘meals to go’, salads and dry groceries. There are many locally sourced fresh and gourmet products, including beautiful cheeses, locally grown meat and of course, magnificent crayfish. 30% of total store sales are fresh products, with

the store being famous for its fresh fish, oysters and rock lobsters. Strongly community-minded, Rosemary is Chair of the King Island Chamber of Commerce, set up the local Breakfast Club and is Chair of the Currie Cargo Group which constantly reviews the fairness of freight charges for goods being shipped from the mainland. Given the location of KI, Foodworks Currie receives food and grocery stocks from the mainland once a week by boat. There are many risks involved with ordering and delivering groceries and general merchandise depending upon product availability and logistics capability.

13 freezer doors and 14 chiller doors are kept packed with a huge range of products.

mga.asn.au | May 2021 | Edition 3

Rosemary mentioned that the demographics of KI are changing


TASMANIA with the population moving toward a new age in awareness, including the availability of online food and groceries from Tasmania. It has meant that Rosemary and all the staff focus significantly on having the products their customers want in store and providing an exceptional shopping experience. Challenging for the store is that according to Tasmanian Liquor Licensing Laws, this store cannot sell packaged liquor. The law states that “supermarkets may not sell packaged liquor”—a huge competitive disadvantage for the Foodworks store in Currie. The store has capably overcome this disadvantage by the superb food and grocery range they offer and the outstanding service provided by the staff. Trading between 7.00 am and 6.00 pm every day of the year, the store employs 20 staff members, 9 of them

IGA Currie is located in the heart of Currie, the main town on King Island and is owned and operated by Phil and Albertje Jacobsen for 25 years – (Phil photograghed right). Phil was in Farming and kelp harvesting before switching to retail. Phil explained that kelp is a big industry for KI and has many uses in cooking and pharmaceuticals - there are many kelp drying racks near the Currie township - it takes 6-tonne of wet kelp to make 1 tonne of dry kelp. The IGA is a large format store - 2000 sq meters in size. A unique business in that it is a one-stop-shop on the island. Offering – grocery, liquor, hardware, tools, building supplies, general merchandise and furniture all in one premises.

full time. Most are long-serving staff that take great pride in the work that they do and the service they provide to their customers. COVID-19 restrictions and lockdowns were met with mixed reactions. On the one hand, the people of KI could not travel outside of KI which they were not happy about. On the other hand, the local population stayed on KI, from which the local supermarket benefitted. No retirees moved north for summer! Locals shopped locally, meaning Rosemary was able to keep the business going in all of 2020 without staff having to lose a single hour of work. A storage facility was created next to the supermarket to store surplus stocks in case COVID-19 restrictions slowed down or stopped food and grocery deliveries. As a community service, the new storage area also accommodated essential COVID-19

quarantine equipment and supplies. During the COVID lockdown, no one was able to come into KI or leave KI. The locals stayed local. There was no local panic buying – everyone worked together. Tourism plays a significant role within the local Currie and KI economy. Most people wish to play golf on one of the two world-class golf courses on the island or getaway for a break, explore the island and sample the excellent rock lobster. Rosemary says that Foodworks Currie is famous for its customer service, its community involvement and providing value and diversity in an ever-changing KI demographic. MGA wishes Rosemary and all the staff at Foodworks Currie well and a significantly better 2021!

It is the only packaged liquor license outlet in Tasmania. This situation emanates from when the pub burnt down in 1965 – this IGA store became the only outlet to be able to sell packaged liquor on the island other than the clubs. Demographics have changed the last couple of years – the population hasn’t grown much in 25 years – appearing to move towards an ageing population. The store has a grocery product range of – 14000 SKUs. The aisles are wide, and the shelving very convenient for displaying and purchasing products. The many fridges and freezers stock a wide variety of foods, including beautiful, mouthwatering whole and prepacked King Island crayfish. Phil employs 30 staff – 50% full time and 50% casual. There is a very strong community spirit in the store

and, of course, within the whole KI community. The store caters for a diverse clientele – they have created a unique shopping experience by offering a wide choice of household and domestic goods through their various departments.




TASMANIA One of the biggest issues is the cost of freight from the mainland as well as Tassie. Many goods are air freighted – This major cost impacts margins. As much as possible, the store sources fresh foods and gourmet products from the island. The biggest selling fresh item is naturally, KI Crayfish or Rock Lobsters. Interestingly, commercial fishing is not carried out from KI; thus, all fresh fish comes in from Tassie. Fresh meat is sourced locally as much as possible, albeit KI meat is the very best quality and consequently at a premium price to budget cut meats from the mainland.

The store holds the only packaged liquor license in Tasmania.

King Island is well known for its dairy products, particularly the wide range of KI cheeses such as blue, camembert, brie, cheddars, etc. All of which are stocked in the store. There is no longer a milk-producing dairy on KI, so milk is sourced from either the mainland or Tasmania. Phil, is committed to the town of Currie and is further investing in a large storage facility to ensure stock levels of food and other goods are kept up to meet local demand This store has been very supportive of COSBOA’s “go local” campaign – many KI residents have started to purchase their food, groceries and goods online – this is affecting the bricks and mortar stores on the island.

IGA Currie provides the island community with a vast and varied one-stop-shop unique business.

Phil urges the people of KI to buy their food and goods from the island and not to go online. Buying local supports businesses and encourages employee growth and growth of the KI economy. This business is supporting all the local trades in town and the spin-off is creating many jobs. MGA wishes Phil & Albertje and staff of IGA Currie well for 2021 and beyond. mga.asn.au | May 2021 | Edition 3

Phil and Albertje Jacobsen have operated the King Island IGA in Currie for 25 years

We’re working hard to clean up our city by reducing single-use plastics

STAGE 1 BAN from 1 July 2021 Single-use plastic cutlery, single-use plastic drink stirrers and expanded polystyrene takeaway food and beverage containers are prohibited from sale, supply and distribution in the ACT from 1 July 2021. Keep Canberra beautiful and back the ban on single-use plastics.





MGA Industry Training committed to: practical supportive informative training Courses on offer • Food Safety Courses for all levels • Responsible Service of Alcohol • Tobacco Courses - ALL States • WHS • Customer Service • Staff Performance For further information you can contact MGA Industry Training on: Phone: 9824 4111 (Option #2) or; Email: training@mga.asn.au


mga.asn.au | May 2021 | Edition 3




NSW Annual Liquor Licence fee reminder Annual liquor licence fee (ALLF) notices were sent by email in early April and payment is due by 29 May 2021. If you have not yet received your fee notice, please make sure your contact details are up to date by visiting the Service NSW website.

Fee reassessments and waivers If you believe your fee notice has been issued incorrectly, you may apply for a fee reassessment. Fee reassessment applications are available between 6 April and 25 July 2021. If you are suffering from financial hardship, you may apply for a fee waiver.

Fee waiver applications are available between 6 April and 22 May 2021.

It’s easy to register and only has a $0.55 charge on all standard transactions.

Visit the Liquor Licenses webpage for information on annual liquor licence fees, waivers and reassessments.

To register for Liquor Licence Manager, visit the Service NSW website.

New payment method for 2021 The Liquor Licence Manager is a new payment method for your annual fee. Liquor Licence Manager includes a secure and instant business-to-business payment method through PayID. PayID is faster than BPAY and does not have a limit on the amount of money you can transfer in a single transaction.

For more information on annual liquor licence fees, contact the MGA National Support Office on 1800 888 479 or visit the Liquor & Gaming NSW website https://www.liquorandgaming.nsw.gov. au/



Commemorative MGA GALA Golf Day a huge success The event was an extraordinary occasion to commemorate and celebrate the life of one of our industries true gentlemen Dean White who died suddenly in October 2020. Over 105 industry personnel enjoyed golf on what turned out to be a glorious autumn day. It was fantastic to see our industry pulling together to support a very respected and liked industry colleague. The GALA committee appreciates the generosity of all those who attended on the day including the many who could

L-R: Mark Paladino - MGA, Mel White with Michael Portenza Brown Bros VIC Sales Manager. George Kovits - MGA.

not participate but regardless, gave generously; over $18k was raised to assist David’s family. Again, MGA would like to thank all the companies who generously donated raffle prizes and giveaways, ensuring that the day was a great success.

TWE, ALM, Adroit Insurance, Reddrop Group, Brown Forman, LMG, Pernod-Ricard, FoodWorks (AUR), Brown Family Wines, FoodWorks East Ivanhoe, Ritchie’s Group, IBA, CUB, Supercart, Ampersand Projects, De Bortoli Wines, PMI, DrinkWise, Lion, Lower Plenty Hotel, Samuel Smith and Son, CCA, South Trade International, Bacardi Martini, Mighty Craft, William Grants, Beam Suntory, and MGA.




Coca-Cola Amatil shareholders approve European takeover At a recent shareholder meeting held at 10 am on Friday, April 16, the vote saw 97.6 per cent of shares proxy vote in support of the takeover – representing about 62 per cent of total shareholders in CCA. Shareholders at Coca-Cola Amatil have voted “overwhelmingly” to approve Coca-Cola European Partner’s $13.50 per share takeover offer, with only 0.9 per cent of votes were against the takeover. “Today is a significant day in the 117-year history of CocaCola Amatil,” said chairman Ilana Atlas. “I am excited by the possibilities that lie ahead for CocaCola Amatil’s future, and know I speak on behalf of the board when I say that it has been a privilege to be part of the Coca-Cola Amatil journey.” The takeover means CCA’s brands, which include CocaCola, Mount Franklin, Pump, Goulburn Valley, Monster Energy, Barista Bros, Blue Moon and Rekorderlig will now be owned and operated out of Europe. The takeover also means the Atlanta-based Coca-Cola Company will see its financial interest in CCA vanish.

New look, same delicious taste! La Bohème Act 2 Dry Rosé has a new internal embossed bottle and enhanced label! Same great taste with a refined presence. La Bohème Act 3 Pinot Gris is now available in a premium crisp burgundy bottle! Same great taste with a charming new look. NOW AVAILABLE!

Please contact your De Bortoli Sales Representative for further details.

Source CCA Media release

Authentic Kentucky Bourbon & Cola Exclusive to Independent Retailers!

David Hounsome National Sales & Marketing Manager p. +61 424 155 024 Edgemill Group Sales Team: VIC: Andrew Keam - 0410 484 147 VIC: Andrew Scotto - 0451 036 604 KA: Peter Selinger - 0410 484 246 ACT Agent: Travis Moule - 0408 496 154 NSW West Agent: James Sevil - 0458 609 555 NSW North Agent: Scott Dorman - 0458 900 344 QLD: Kylie Milligan - 0404 132 263 North QLD Agent: Michelle Seale - 0448 442 626 SA/WA Agent: Craig Gurney - 0447 806 744 Edgemill Group Pty Ltd ABN 65 120 361 024 37-39 William Angliss Drive Laverton North, Victoria 3026 Contact Details: Phone 03 9982 8700 Fax 03 9982 8799 Email info@edgemill.com.au www.edgemill.com.au

Independents first mga.asn.au | May 2021 | Edition 3




Byron Bay Brewery Premium Lager – Opening Byron to Australia Byron Bay Brewery Premium Lager has been one of the most successful NPD launches of the past two years*, carving out a strong position and reputation in the market. With $601M segment growth in the contemporary category expected over the next 3 years**, Byron Bay Brewery Premium Lager is perfectly positioned to capitalise on this growth. Following the success of the initial launch in late 2019, Byron Bay Brewery Premium Lager has recently undergone an update to its visual identity in order to better reflect the brand’s essence and the role of the brand in connecting consumers to the energy of Byron Bay. The refreshed packaging with a new visual identity layout is expected to arrive to customers by mid-May 2021 Byron Bay Brewery Premium Lager is a refreshing easy drinking beer, brewed with a balance of hop and all pale malts, light gold in colour, full bodied that delivers a smooth and satisfying

taste. Born in the heart of Byron Bay the brand and the beer has been an integral part of connecting people to the energy of Byron Bay since. Discover Byron Bay Brewery Premium Lager today. Open Byron.

*IRI Aus Wtd, based on volume in the first 68 weeks of launch vs. other NPDs launched at the same time **IRI Aus Wtd, data to Nov-20 MAT. Projection based on 3YR CAGR











Tobacco Training is it compulsory? Each state has its laws regarding the selling of tobacco and what is required by the retailer. For the businesses that sell tobacco, it is best to be aware of these obligations and remain in contact with the respective government department of any changes in tobacco legislation, including e-cigarettes and vaping. Management must ensure that their business complies with the Tobacco laws regarding: » Signage » Product & Pricing » Advertising Most of these areas, if not followed, may attract costly fines and penalties from their governing authority. The approach regarding tobacco training also differs from state to state, from mandatory to highly recommended. But the same message applies for all states;

By training employers and employees in understanding tobacco laws, mitigates the risk of noncompliance Let us take a closer look at each state approach to selling tobacco and training; Victoria The Victorian Health Department recommends that businesses provide training to every employee every six

mga.asn.au | May 2021 | Edition 3

» Storage and Display » Requirements for licensing (required in some states to sell tobacco) » Training months. Businesses must keep a record of this training. Training must cover each of these things:

• Employees must not sell tobacco products to persons under 18 for any reason.

• Employees must ask for and see

identification (ID) before selling a tobacco product to a person who might be under 18.

• If employees sell tobacco

products to a person under 18, they are committing an offence and may be fined.

New South Wales Tobacco retailers operating in NSW must not engage in tobacco retailing unless they have notified the NSW Ministry of Health that they intend to engage in tobacco retailing.

NSW Health inspectors monitor compliance with the legislation. Inspectors educate retailers and can issue warnings, fines or initiate prosecutions against retailers that break the law. NSW Government Health department approach is for businesses to learn more about their responsibilities under the Public Health (Tobacco) Act 2008 and what actions must be completed to comply. This is done through training. The tobacco training is designed for both retailers and their staff to understand and should cover;

• NSW tobacco and tobacco

products non-tobacco smoking products legislation

• E-cigarette and e-cigarette accessories retailing laws


NATIONAL Australian Capital Territory A person selling smoking products in the ACT must be licensed. Licenses issued by Access Canberra will either be a wholesale merchant’s license or a retail tobacconist’s license. Businesses that sell personal vaporisers (including e-cigarettes) are also required to hold a tobacco license. The ACT Health Department recommends tobacco retailers read through the ACT Tobacco Guide to the Sale of Tobacco Products to understand their obligations. Access Canberra uses a risk-based approach to manage harm to the community. There are criminal and licensing penalties for failing to comply with the Act. Queensland The Queensland Department of Health states, ‘A supplier of tobacco product must train their employees about the sale of smoking products to children, either over-the-counter or from accessing a vending machine.’ This training is required by law.’ Training must include:

• instruction to staff not to sell

smoking products to children in any circumstances, and to sight acceptable evidence of age for a person before selling a smoking product to them, unless staff are satisfied the person is an adult.

• warn staff that if they sell smoking products to children in disregard of your instruction, they may face a fine

• obtain written acknowledgement

from each employee that they have received the instructions and warning.

Northern Territory The Department of Health of NT has a strategy of education and support for its community regarding tobacco and selling tobacco. This includes.

• Quitline telephone counselling

service and Quit group counselling services.


• social marketing activities and

public health warning campaign

• remote and Aboriginal community

education, prevention, engagement, and cessation support programs

• education, compliance, and

enforcement of the Tobacco Control Act 2002.

• All retail staff who sell tobacco

products (including e-cigarettes and similar) must be a minimum of 18 years of age.

Western Australia The primary role of the Tobacco Control Branch, Department of Health WA is to coordinate, develop and conduct activities to promote industry and community compliance with legislation. Compliance activities include retailer and industry education, advisory visits, and inspections. It may also include the service of ‘On the Spot’ fines and prosecution action. The Department believes that retailers play an important role in tobacco product control by ensuring their businesses operate in accordance with provisions of the Act that aim to prevent the sale or supply of tobacco products and smoking implements to minors. This includes training employees on the laws relating to the sale and supply of tobacco products and smoking implements. Tobacco Control Branch, Department of Health WA recommends businesses provide information and training on tobacco products and sales at least every six months. South Australia In order to sell tobacco and e-cigarette products by retail within South Australia, a person must hold a Retail Tobacco and E-Cigarette Merchant’s Licence under Part 6 of the Tobacco and E-Cigarette Products Act 1997. All businesses selling tobacco products need to be given adequate training on avoiding selling tobacco products to children, including training any relatives or friends who may occasionally work in the business and paid employees.

Proprietors should ensure that all staff know:

• What procedures they should follow if a customer becomes difficult when asked to produce ID.

• The consequences if they are found to have sold cigarettes to a child.

• Employees should be regularly

reminded about these procedures.

Tasmania Tasmania has strict controls on the sale of tobacco products, electronic cigarettes, and personal vaporiser products (also known as smoking products). Anybody selling smoking products must have a Licence or be an employee of someone who holds one. The Tasmanian Department of Health employs tobacco control officers to enforce the smoking laws under the Public Health Act 1997. These officers visit retailers to check compliance with the laws (including the ban on selling to children) and ensure businesses are aware of their obligations to sell smoking products. The Department recommends businesses provide employees with training to understand their legal obligations.

MGA INDUSTRY TRAINING IS HERE FOR YOU! Call our specialist team 1800 888 479 (option 2)




Employees are responsible too... Training employees on the guidelines of selling tobacco, including the advertising, displays and sale to minors, ensure the business is compliant. Employees need to understand they too have a responsibility when selling tobacco. These include:

• When selling tobacco products,

they must do so responsibly and follow the law.

• Complete regular training

(dependent on State Legislation/ recommendations)

• Ensure signage is correct. • Notify management of any issues regarding signage, storage, and display cabinets.

• Notify management of any issues with difficult customers.

• Do not sell tobacco products to

anybody under the age of 18, no matter what the circumstances are.

Scan the QR code above

complete the application form and submit or visit our website www.mga.asn.au to access Member Benefits today!

mga.asn.au | May 2021 | Edition 3

MGA Online Tobacco Retail Guides Here at MGA Industry Training, we understand that each state has it individual approach to running a retail operation – from Food Safety, RSA and Tobacco. In the last two years, we have updated all Tobacco Retail Training Guides to be meet the needs of each State Tobacco Legislation requirements. At the end of the course, participants that successfully complete can download a certificate of completion immediately. For our Victorian participants, we have the 6-month automation re-enrollment for successful participants. Tasmanian participants have a link directly to the

Tasmanian government course and registry. Our tobacco courses are free to all our members and can be completed on any device. For further enquiries regarding Tobacco courses or any other training query, please do not hesitate to contact Claire at training@ mga.asn.au



Introducing MGA TMA new national support team and member Marie-Claire McKiernan has recently joined the MGA TMA team as National Membership Manager. Marie-Claire has several years experience in marketing having worked in various industries, including transportation and fast-moving consumer goods. With over ten years experience at Metcash, Marie-Claire has a strong understanding of independents and enjoyed productive, close working relationships with the retailers in Victoria, southern NSW and Mt Gambier. Marie-Claire is excited about her new role and looks forward to meeting and working with the MGA TMA members. Please contact Marie-Claire on 1800 888 479 or email marie-claire.mckiernan@mga.asn.au

Marie-Claire McKiernan MGA TMA National Membership Manager

Angeline Lee has stepped into the role as your dedicated Legal & IR support since David Mostokly’s recent departure from MGA TMA. Angeline looks forward to receiving and answering your queries. Please phone Angeline on 1800 888 479 or email angeline.lee@mga.asn.au Angeline Lee MGA TMA Legal & IR Lawyer

Welcome new member: High-Craft Timber Windows & Doors Established in 1984, Highcraft Windows are manufacturers of Timber Windows & Doors. They are a Melbourne based, Australian owned and operated company. An independent family business which specialise in the manufacturing of Quality Timber windows and doors made to Australian standards, using only sustainable materials, with quality and service being their main priority.

Address & Showroom 14-16 Amay Crescent Ferntree Gully VIC 3156 Ph: 03 9758 2941 E :sales@highcraftwindows.com.au





Employee Theft – does your insurance policy protect you from this? Craig Love | Senior Risk Adviser, Adroit Insurance & Risk

Employee theft is an unfortunate reality facing many supermarket businesses. Lack of job satisfaction and/or career progression, financial insecurity, external lifestyle factors such as alcohol and gambling addictions are just a few of the more common motives for employee theft. We have seen a recent example where the cost to a supermarket due to employee theft was more than $100,000 over several years, where a number of employees were colluding in regularly taking stock home, not ringing up goods for friends and family members (“sweethearting”) and regularly taking a few dollars from the cash register (skimming). Prevention is an important component of avoiding employee theft. As the old saying goes, ‘Prevention is far better than the cure.’ It is far better to avoid the theft happening in the first instance so as not to have to claim on your insurance policy.

mga.asn.au | May 2021 | Edition 3

Below are some tips for supermarket employers to prevent employee theft:

• Compulsory criminal history checks for all staff • Workplace training to caution against employee theft • Anonymous staff hotline/email address to report employee theft

• Regular Internal and external audits of financial records • Install security cameras over areas where inventory is held and cash transactions are made

Even with the tightest measures in place to protect your supermarket, how can you be truly certain that your business’s interests are protected? If you would like to discuss any aspect of your supermarket insurance program, please contact our specialist supermarket Risk Advisers at Adroit Insurance & Risk on 1300 My Adroit for a free health check on your supermarket insurance program.




Welcome new Corporate Partner: echeckout

Online grocery sales are now a 6b business—double its size from 2018 Industry Statistics April 2020. The national supermarket chains are investing huge amounts of dollars in growing this market. Our new and existing consumers are used to buying online and prefer the convenience and interaction of online shopping. E-Checkout offer an easy, low-cost solution to your store, creating it’s online shop offer.

• Integration with store database for prices, specials and stock levels.

• Mobile first design. Installs as a

Progressive Web App on phones.

• Customer first design thinking without clutter allowing for easy learning and speedy shopping.

• Walk Optimized picking lists for staff and customers.

• Ability for the customer to share their order with family seamlessly.

Case study: echeckout and Bunyip IGA Tired of the opposition delivery van driving around our town, the owners looked to see what was available in the online market. It was from here e-checkout was born in collaboration with a local software designer, and with 30 years of retail experience, a new entrant in this market was created. The issues we saw were:

• Multiples of the same products been shown

• Ability to show products that are on file in-store only

• Complex interface • Images missing • Poor customer interaction We now have a thriving new department and offer better than our opposition, offering a same day service, something they cannot match.

We market it and work on it just like every other department. Yes, it is a cost. Like all significant changes, independent supermarkets have coped with online shopping. It is not a going away and is growing. Online shopping data shows us the spend is significantly higher than our normal basket spend and offers a higher GP as the mix of basket is skewed to fresh. Checkout our offer at https://bunyipiga.com.au Contact Liam Keating (Retailer) or Craig Broadbear (Developer) to discuss your online shopping and checkout our test store and website at: Website: https://echeckout.com.au Test store: https://test.echeckout.com.au




ATO targets sale of ‘illicit alcohol’ on retail premises The Australian Taxation Office has announced that it will be clamping down on the sale of ‘illicit alcohol’ on retail premises Nationally.

Illicit alcohol is a product that has entered the supply chain without adequate duty paid or otherwise acquitted and which can then be sold in retail bottle shops, bars, and restaurants for a greater profit margin – creating an unfair competitive advantage to manufacturers who follow government guidelines. “We take these illicit alcohol manufacturing and distribution behaviours very seriously and impose substantial penalties”. “Retailers should know, or suspect, excise duty has not been included in their purchase price. This complicit (or reckless) behaviour undermines the integrity of the excise regime, deprives the community of funds required to fund essential community services, and creates an uneven playing field for businesses that comply with the law,” the ATO said. To curb this behaviour, the ATO has

mga.asn.au | May 2021 | Edition 3

begun contacting alcohol retailers about their obligations, auditing entities that suggest non-compliance, issuing demands for unpaid duty, and monitoring suspicious entities it believes may be engaging in this behaviour. In the worst cases, the ATO said it could refer a retailer’s actions to the Commonwealth Director of Public Prosecutions for criminal prosecution. If a retailer suspects they may have taken on illicit alcohol, they can contact the ATO voluntarily and potentially suffer a reduced penalty. To avoid the risk of becoming involved in the sale of illegal alcohol, MGA encourages all members to look for the following signs

• the supply is at a commercially

unrealistic price given the excise duty that should apply

• the supplier is the manufacturer of the alcohol but does not hold an ATO issued manufacturer or storage licence

• whether the product is labelled

correctly (including, but not limited to, country of origin, supplier details, lot identification, barcode, tampered lots)

• bonus stock is offered or received in substantial amounts and/or on a regular basis which reduces the overall unit price

• the amount of product specified

on the invoice differs from what is delivered

• missing, vague or incorrect product description on invoice

• requested by the supplier to hold or temporarily store product without purchasing it

Should you have any queries whatsoever regarding this issue, please contact the MGA National Support Centre on Free Call 1800 888 479 or email george.kovits@mga.asn.au

Source ATO Media Release

CONTACT: MGA Industry Training P: 03 9824 4111 (Option #2) E: training@mga.asn.au

MGA Industry Training approved by ROC (Registered Organisation Commission) is now delivering

MGA Finance & Governance Training for Registered Organisations

The Fair Work (Registered Organisations) Act 2009 (the RO Act) requires all office holders whose duties relate to financial management to undertake approved training within six months of taking office. •

This course is designed for newly elected officers that are comfortable with self-paced learning.

No virtual classrooms and keeping appointments.

You can complete at any time or place.

There are 8 interactive modules to complete with a final assessment.

No need to wait for a trainer to assess your work, once the assessment has been completed, you can download your Certificate of Completion immediately.

Full details can be found on our website www.mga.asn.au





Mice strip shelves bare at Gulargambone supermarket as plague takes over western NSW Hundreds of mice, stripping shelves of food, eating everything in their sight: it sounds like something out of a horror film. Key points: » The Gulargambone

“We have most stock in containers and stock in the fridge,” Mr Singh said.

» A plague of millions

“Canned food is really all that’s safe — everything else they’ll chew through.

supermarket has lost $30,000 worth of stock of mice impacting the western region of NSW

» Businesses are catching

400–500 mice per night

The Gulargambone supermarket has lost half its business because of the mouse plague (source photo ABC Western Plains: Lucy Thackray)

But it is the daily reality for Gulargambone grocer, Nav Singh.

“It’s been pretty terrible this past month or so. It’s getting worse here.

“We actually are catching between 400–500 every night, sometimes 600, it’s pretty bad,” he said.

“They are doing a lot of damage — we have thrown away around $20,000– $30,000 worth of stock so far.”

Gulargambone is a small community of about 500 people, between Gilgandra and Coonamble, about 526 kilometres north-west of Sydney.

A packet of toilet paper is shredded open on one side with shredded paper pouring out.

Many locals rely on the supermarket for everyday needs, with large chain supermarkets more than an hour’s drive away in Dubbo. Mr Singh said he has been spending around six hours extra per day cleaning to deal with the filth. “The shop stinks because they’re dying inside, so people are going elsewhere to get their groceries,” he said. Source: ABC Western Plains / By Lucy Thackray and Jen McCutcheon Posted Friday 19 March 2021 at 4:45pm, updated Friday 19 March 2021 at 4:53pm ABC News website

Not even toilet paper is immune to mice, who chew through everything except canned goods.(ABC Western Plains: Lucy Thackray)

”He said they were trying their best to keep basic supplies available to their loyal customers. “People are still supporting us, and they are accepting of the smell because they know what we are going through,” Mr Singh said. Gulargambone grocer Nav Singh is spending six hours a day cleaning his store.(ABC Western Plains: Lucy Thackray)

Calls for government help Mr Singh said the region’s mice plague was no longer just an agricultural issue.

Toilet paper in short supply This time last year shop shelves were stripped because of the COVID-19 pandemic. While people were no longer hoarding toilet paper, the mice had different ideas.

Gulargambone grocer Nav Singh is spending six hours a day cleaning his store.(ABC Western Plains: Lucy Thackray)




Not even toilet paper is immune to mice, who chew through everything except canned goods.(ABC Western Plains: Lucy Thackray)

“I think the government should help people around here — especially the small businesses, because if they can’t get cash in their tills, eventually they’ll have to close,” he said. “It is very stressful, especially every day we are working such long hours, it’s a stress also throwing so much stuff in the bin.”

“Most farmers incorporate mice control via in-crop baiting with commercial mice baits as part of their management strategies.

Member for Barwon Roy Butler has called on the state and federal governments to offer some form of rebate for controlling the problem.

“Mouseoff is readily available in commercial quantities from rural supply stores.

“I’ve been asking for assistance in meeting the cost of baits — and that’s just not people on farms that’s also people in town, in businesses, a lot of people are on limited or fixed incomes and the cost of keeping up the baiting is just crippling them financially,” he said.

“DPI is working with the Commonwealth Government to ensure there are no supply-chain issues. “Those looking to control mice in their homes and businesses must be aware that Mouseoff is for commercial in-crop use only.

“Using it in a household context can lead to instances of poisoning, with both the NSW Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the Australian Pesticides and Veterinary Medicines Authority (APVMA) both issuing statements recently. “People who are looking for information on how to control mice in their homes should contact the EPA and purchase household appropriate baits.”

“Any business you walk in to you can smell it — you can not only smell their presence through faeces and urine, but also those dead and decaying which, for people who have been through such a tough period, it’s not good for their wellbeing,”

A shelf rack of loaves of bread on display has each leg in a bucket of water. A spokesperson for the New South Wales Agriculture Minister Adam Marshall said, “both the Department of Primary Industries (DPI) and Local Land Services are providing information and assistance to landholders about how to control mice on farms”.

The local supermarket is going to great lengths to stop mice from destroying stock.(ABC Western Plains: Lucy Thackray)

Source: ABC Western Plains / By Lucy Thackray and Jen McCutcheon Posted Friday 19 March 2021 at 4:45pm, updated Friday 19 March 2021 at 4:53pm ABC News website

mga.asn.au | May 2021 | Edition 3


Free confidential, independent and personalised advice to keep your workers safe. Confidential


Free safety advice and guidance to help your business through the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic Do you own a business with 60 workers or fewer? The OHS Essentials program is here to help.


The best part Talk to your consultant at a time that’s convenient for you. Subject to government restrictions, your visits will be conducted remotely or on-site.


This year has been tough, especially for Victorian small and medium businesses. The coronavirus (COVID-19) has changed the way we all operate and we understand this hasn’t been easy for you.

Small and medium businesses are busy, but making your business safe is essential. It doesn’t take much and often saves you time and money in the long run.

In a constantly changing environment, knowing where to start with workplace safety and maintaining a COVIDSafe business can feel overwhelming.

The OHS Essentials program has proven results in assisting businesses to improve workplace safety culture and reduce workplace injuries. Take advantage of this free program today, and play your part in ensuring your workers return home safely.

Solution Get free, confidential and personalised safety advice from an expert in your industry. Over 12 months you will work closely with an independent health and safety consultant over three consultations to: • understand your obligations as an employer during coronavirus (COVID-19) • set out a practical plan to improve workplace safety in your business.

Apply now worksafe.vic.gov.au/ohsessentials

Supported by


Struggling to Connect?

Don’t let your communication systems hold you back from what you need to do. With everything connected getting the right solution to fit your business can be a challenge. GPK Group can assist removing the complexities of how you connect and let you get back to business.

GPK Communications Bundle Simplifying the building blocks of a digital communications system




NBN 100 Plan with unlimited with unlimited data.

3CX Virtual phone system with two lines (included calls)

Barracuda Managed Firewall with advanced security

Communications Bundle




Trading Terms and Conditions can be found on the GPK Group website https://www.gpkgroup.com.au/terms-and-agreements/ *Bundle is based on a 36 month agreement—Total cost of agreement $17,928. All pricing advertised is exclusive of GST.

MGA Member Offer

Barracuda 4G backup modem



GPK Group 1300 000 475 |www.gpkgroup.com.au |sales@gpkgroup.com.au



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Trust Paul to make a complex thing niiiice and simple. Alongside teaching kids to code, he’s also managed to turn a toasty choc-mallow campfire treat into a delicious drink. How’s that for programming HUNGRYTHIRSTY away?


Banoffee Choc Top

Josh the roofer is no stranger to heights ~ no wonder he loves a choc top. Mixing bold banana & cheeky toffee, Josh gutters HUNGRYTHIRSTY & keeps laughing. Bittersweet? Legit.


welcome to the crumble

Chloe loves this bangin’ retro flavour as much as she loves to belt out an ‘80s banger. Crisp apple & toasty, golden crumble is gonna bring HUNGRYTHIRSTY to its n-n-n-n-n-knees.

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