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VIENNA 15-31 MARCH, 2011

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Festival of India 2011 Agenda March 15th-30th, various locations Indian Film Week March 18th to 24th 'De France' Cinema Schottenring 5 - 1010 Vienna FREE ADMISSION Reservations required at Indian Food Festival March 15th to 31st Radisson Blue Palais Hotel Vienna Parkring 14-16 1010 Vienna Indian Handicrafts Fair March 25th to 30st Völkerkundemuseum/Heldenplatz 1010 Vienna

The Spirit - Kathak Dance ›Klagenfurt - March 18th Details to follow ›Graz - March 19th - 20:00 Volkshaus Graz Lagergasse 98a – 8020 Graz Reservations at 0699 1025 9961 More info at ›Wien - March 20th - 17:00 Akzent Theater Theresianumgasse 18 - 1040 Wien More info at

Workshop on "Information Technologies and Innovation in Sanskrit-Based Indian Studies" March 25th and 26th, 09:00-18:00 University of Vienna, Institut für Südasien-, Tibet- und Buddhismuskunde, Spitalgasse 2-4, Hof 2, Eingang 2.1 and 2.7 - 1090 Vienna (registration mandatory) Details to follow Seminars Indian Dance - March 16th, 18:00 Key-note speaker: Dr. Leela Venkatraman Indian Music - March 21st, 18:00 Key-note speaker: Dr. Shubha Chaudhuri University of Vienna, 1010 Vienna (registration mandatory)

Dance Performances - Kathak The dance of the the nomadic bards known as Kathaks, or “storytellers“ Kathak Performances in the Festival of India 2011 in Vienna, Graz and Klagenfurt Vidha Lal, a multi-faceted Kathak exponent and disciple of renowned Guru Geetanjali Lal of Jaipur Gharana.Vidha has earned great acclaim in the media and from connoisseurs for her brilliant solo performances in India and abroad.

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Festival of India 2011 Indian Handicrafts Fair What to expect in forthcoming Indian Handicraft Exhibition cum Sale during 25-30 March 2011 at Ethnology Museum/Heldenplatz, Vienna Indian Fashion Jewellery and Accessories: Creativity of Indian Craftspersons with artificial and natural material Jewellery has been rooted into the Indian soil, not from today, but from ages that has lent itself to the creative hands of the Indian craftsmen. Just as Indian traditions have evolved with time, so has the Indian jewellery. Exemplary designs, precious stones and the adroit craftsmanship of Indian designers and artisans have given birth to new line of Indian fashion jewellery which is elegant, captivating and defines attitude of individuals to make a ravishing statement in the world of fashion jewellery. Jewellery making is an art and each piece which is made is crafted out with well-balanced hands. Here's the exquisite collection of our rich inheritance. Kundankari Inspired by Mughal jewellery, Kundankari is done on gold and silver jewellery. The beauty of kundan work lies in the precise setting of stones into kundan and the overall look of the ornament. Gemstones are set within solid walls of gold. The jewellery features stones encrusted on one side and colourful and intricate meenakari on the reverse. This technique famous from Rajasthan is now being used to make some of the most in demand in the fashion jewellery industry.

Folk and Tribal Jewellery Much assorted in India, folk and tribal jewellery delicately worked with wood, ivory, plastic, bones, beads and shells, is a visual delight. Kashmir, Himachal Pradesh, Gujarat, Rajasthan and the tribal zones in central, eastern and southern India are popular for ornaments in silver and a particular type of alloy called ‘Pewter’ that intimates silver. The craftsmen explore the use of all these to give crude and tribal yet fashionable look. Beaded & Metal Jewellery The enamel workers of Kangra, Chamba, Mandi, and Kullu are very famous for their exquisite chunky bead and metal jewellery. Elliptical anklets, solid iron-headed bangles, hair ornaments and necklaces known as chandanhaars (a bunch of long silver chain linked by engraved silver plagues) are some of the exquisite pieces that they usually make. Temple Jewellery Temple jewellery of India is used to adorn the idols of Gods and Goddesses and the designs have become a part of every woman's jewellery collection. Traditionally, the jewellery consists of gold ornaments studded with red and green semi-precious stones. The designs in solid gold jewellery of Tamil Nadu and Kerala are made of paisley motifs.◄

Filigree Work Popularly known as ‘tarkashi’ — a style from the state of Orissa, Filigree work is done on silver. Twisting the delicate silver wire into delicate loops knitted in a zigzag pattern, lends this style of jewellery in an intricate lace like appearance. Inspired by the way it was done in Greece in ancient times; the work has still maintained and modified that antique style magnificently.


IMarchNDIA25-30,N HANDI C RAFTS FAI R Völkerkundemuseum/Heldenplatz,

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Festival of India 2011 - Indian Film Week Indian Film Week

“INDIAN FILM WEEK” PROGRAM FREE ADMISSION Reservations required (available from March 10th on) All movies screened at 'De France' Cinema, Schottenring 5, Vienna 1010 17:00 19:45

Friday, 18th March Sholay by Ramesh Sippy Yaadein by Subhash Ghai

Movie Details For more information, visit: (All movies in original language with english subtitles)

17:00 19:30 21:00

Saturday, 19th March Black by Sanjay Leela Bhansali Kesariya Balam by Sandeep Kumar Iqbal by Nagesh Kukunoor

Sunday, 20th March 17:00 Koi Mil Gaya by Rakesh Roshan 20:00 Paheli by Amol Palekar Monday, 21st March 17:00 Lakshya by Farhan Akhtar 20:15 Paheli by Amol Palekar Tuesday, 22nd March 17:00 Sholay by Ramesh Sippy 19:45 Koi Mil Gaya by Rakesh Roshan Wednesday, 23rd March 17:00 Lakshya by Farhan Akhtar 20:15 Iqbal by Nagesh Kukunoor Thursday, 24th March 17:00 Yaadein by Subhash Ghai 20:15 Black by Sanjay Leela Bhansali





Action 160 Min.

Drama 124 Min.



(Bittersüße Erinnerungen)

(Mut zur Entscheidung)

Romance 193 Min.

Romance 187 Min.

Koi Mil Gaya (Sternenkind)


Fantasy 165 Min.

Drama 132 Min.


Kesariya Balam (Liebe

(Die Schöne und der Geist)

Fantasy 134 Min.


ohne Grenzen)

Drama 90 Min.

Indian Food Festival

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Indian Festival in Vienna 2011  

Info Flyer on the Festival of India in Vienna 2011

Indian Festival in Vienna 2011  

Info Flyer on the Festival of India in Vienna 2011