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IGSS 2019


A brief recap on the events of the 2019 InCiSoN Global Surgery Symposium

What have the National Working Groups been up to this past quarter





An inter-NWG collaboration between the United Kingdom, Haiti and Croatia

A brief overview on what the Global Surgery Student Alliance has been up to this past quarter.

Round Two... BY








Welcome to the second edition of InCiSe. It has been a busy quarter from global surgery day, the world health assembly among other events that took place. As you enjoy your summer holidays have a sneak peek into what InciSoN has been upto Until next time






Incision Global Surgery Symposium 2019: Building formidable surgical systems By Nelson Udeme-Abasi (InciSioN Nigeria)

IGSS2019 was the second independently organized symposium by the International Student Surgical Network- InciSioN Global. It was aimed at equipping participants with needed skills and networks necessary to come up with collaborative and innovative solutions to global surgery challenges. These were achieved through interactive panel sessions, oral presentations by global surgery experts, interesting poster presentations, and international cross-cultural events. With over 300 participants from 26 countries of the world, the ripple effect of this great event is expected to change in a unique way the narrative of a sad story often told in the global surgery space. Of how over 5 billion people worldwide still do not have access to safe, timely and affordable Surgical and Anesthesia care, and of how 81 million persons are plunged into abject poverty due to both medical and nonmedical catastrophic expenditures associated with getting necessary surgical care. Since we now know where we are headed if surgery must get its necessary relevance in global health, building what may be called Surgical Starships is a must for everyone. Interestingly, there seem to be as many challenges to surmount as there are opportunities to harness if we intend to build a formidable, sustainable and reliable surgical system globally. INCISE

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August 2019


A few of them as exposed or explored at IGSS2019 include;

With international speakers cutting across an enormous array of expertise, interests, organizations, and surgical subspecialties, the unalloyed role of partnership alongside mentorship in global surgery was further emphasized.Interesting poster presentations alongside coffee breaks was my favorite moment. I was privileged to have presented a poster on the paucity of research amongst Nigerian medical students being a dent to global surgery framework.Few medical students in LMICs have this rare form of international exposure and participation. Several other interesting posters from diverse global surgery themes highlighted the beauty in scholarly diversity. Still from the standpoint of beauty in diversity, most participants may not be able to get over a powerful Rwanda-effect anytime soon. The conference organizers, venue and logistics were formidable. The decision to look beyond the setbacks of the past and to forge ahead as one people may well explain the clean streets, enviable health system with an already developed NSOAP, a booming tourism industry and a prime location for several conferences and high level international meetings. With IGSS2020 confirmed to take place in Bogota, Colombia, IGSS2019 remains an authority in the world of global surgery symposiums to fostering international partnerships. INCISE

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August 2019


ACKNOWLEDGEMENT When it comes to seizing global opportunities, equity becomes a strange word to many Lower and Middle Income Countries LMICs. I wish to express my profound gratitude to the Nto Annang Foundation, Baltimore Washington D.C, USA. To Engr. Richard Ekpe, Permanent Secretary for Aviation and Special Duties, Akwa Ibom State, Dr Usende Sunday and Abasifreke Archibong. Lastly to my dad, Mr Jim Nelson for being my number one fan.


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August 2019

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#GlobalSurgeryDay 2019 By Hannah Thomas (InciSioN UK), Jean Wilguens Lartigue (InciSioN Haiti), Kristina Brkic (InciSioN Croatia) Collaboration is at the core of the InciSioN movement. On May 25th, 2019, medical students and young doctors from Haiti, Croatia and the UK, joined forces to advocate for #safesurgery and #safeanaesthesia for ALL citizens. In a multilingual feature, we introduce young professionals committed to safe surgical care, discuss our national experiences with inequities, and highlight areas for problem-solving. We stand together across 3 continents, in 5 different languages, united by an unwavering passion for change. Please check out our video below and kindly consider sharing with those near and far. Français La collaboration est une des valeurs clés de InciSioN. En ce sens, le 25 mai 2019, des étudiants en médecine et de jeunes médecins originaires d'Haïti, de Croatie et du Royaume-Uni ont uni leurs forces pour plaider en faveur de l’accès à des soins chirurgicaux et anesthésiques de qualités pour tous.. Dans une vidéo multilingue, avec des sous-titres en anglais, nous présentons de jeunes professionnels engagés dans des soins chirurgicaux sûrs, discutons de nos expériences nationales en matière d’inégalités et mettons en évidence des pistes de résolution pour certains problèmes. Des participants de 3 continents, dans 5 langues différentes, ont été unis par une passion inébranlable pour le changement. Nous vous invitons à consulter notre vidéo en suivant le lien ci-dessous et de bien vouloir envisager de partager avec votre réseau. INCISE

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August 2019


Hrvatski Suradnja je u srži pokreta InciSioN. Dana 25. svibnja 2019., studenti medicine i mladi liiječnici iz Haitija, Republike Hrvatske i Ujedinjenog Kraljevstva udružili su snage s ciljem advokacije za #sigurnukirurgiju i #sigurnuanesteziju za SVE građane. U višejezičnom prikazu predstavljamo mlade stručnjake posvećene sigurnoj kirurškoj skrbi, raspravljamo naša nacionalna iskustva s neravnopravnostima i ističemo mogućnosti za rješavanje problema. Zajedno predstavljamo 3 kontinenta, 5 različitih jezika, a ujedinjuje nas neizmjerna strast za promjenom. Molimo vas da pogledate naš priloženi video te da ljubazno razmotrite da ga podijelite sa svima, bili oni blizu ili daleko. NB: More details on InCiSon's global surgery day can be found here:


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August 2019



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August 2019



GSOK Basic Surgical Skills Workshop BY



The Global Surgery Organization of Kosova (GSOK) - Students’ Committee organized the Basic Surgical Skills Workshop where more than 120 participants were provided with basic surgical skills training and safely practice under the guidance of professional surgeons according to international guidelines and standards. The organization of this workshop has come as a necessity based on the lack of practical surgical experience of medical students during their studies in our country. The purpose of this workshop was to train students about major surgical techniques such as proper holding techniques of the surgical instruments, knots types, suture techniques, soft tissues sutures and wound management. The workshop was carried out under the supervision of experienced surgeons, who also have experience in teaching. This workshop was organized for all students of Kosovo who intend to pursue a career in the field of surgery. Given the fact that the implementation of the practical curriculum in medical studies is deficient, the organization of this workshop was expected very well by the students because it enabled their professional training and complemented the lack of practical education in the field of surgery. The project was organized on a voluntary basis. GSOK also succeeded on accrediting The Basic Surgical Skills Workshop by our National Qualification Authorities.


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August 2019

Project Purpose The aim of this workshop was the development of basic surgical skills in medical students and young doctors who aim to have a career in the field of surgery. Through this workshop, these skills were taught to young students and doctors before starting specialization in the field of surgery. These skills are not exercised during study time, so it is very important for those who seek to pursue a career in surgery to be trained with practical knowledge and to understand the field of surgery from a new perspective. All participants had the opportunity to access the tools for practicing and at the end of the workshop were equipped with a certificate for completing the accredited training. The purpose of this workshop was to raise the level of practical knowledge in the field of surgery and to prepare new generations for service of needs of Kosovo and worldwide citizens.

Methods Participants of this workshop had the opportunity to be informed by preparatory materials that were sent for reading before the practical part of the workshop. The workshop was organized within two days, along with seminars, presentations, series of demonstrations and practical exercises of basic surgical skills. Practical exercise techniques were demonstrated on synthetic models, which GSOK has provided from the UK. This methodology prepared the student physically and psychologically for the treatment of various wounds in surgery

Target group Medical students, newly graduated students, general practitioners, interns and new specialists


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August 2019

Results During the Basic Surgical Skills workshop, under the guidance of professional surgeons according to international guidelines and standards, more than 120 participants had the opportunity to achieve these results: • Explain the universal principles of preventative measures in surgery • Demonstrate hand cleansing procedures, wearing surgical garments, and putting sterile gloves safely • Demonstrate working protocol in the operating room such as sterile environment maintenance, surgical instruments recognition and proper holding techniques of instruments • Demonstrate effective techniques for tying surgical knots • Demonstrate basic techniques of sutures (surgical stitches) with instruments in animal tissues and synthetic models that improvise skin, intestines, soft tissues, vascular tissues and tendon • Understand hemostasis • Understand and practice anastomosis • Understand and practice wound management The ideal outcome of this activity was that each participant was able to perform basic surgery skills independently at the end of the training

Impact on (global) society The realization of this workshop had an impact on increasing the level of knowledge in university students of medical fields. Participants wishing to pursue a career in surgery were provided with basic practical skills in this area and this will therefore impact on their preparation to serve the needs of not only Kosovar but also global citizens INCISE


August 2019

Incision Bosnia & Herzegovina Updates The First Anniversary of Incision Bosnia & Herzegovina InciSioN Bosnia and Herzegovina started its work on 25th May 2018 as National Working Group (NWG) representing Bosnia and Herzegovina . Since then the NWG has held several successful conferences, lectures, workshops as well as conducted research. This year, InciSioN B&H celebrated not only its first anniversary but also its successful cooperation with the department of Pediatric Surgery based on their data collection work in the GlobalPaedSurg Research Collaboration prospective cohort study on the management and outcomes of congenital anomalies in low-,middle-, and high-income countries which had fourteen students and seven doctors from Bosnia and Herzegovina as collaborators in the aforementioned study. On 10th June 2019, team InciSioN B&H organized a small conference dedicated to Pedatric Surgery and Research. The following topics were covered by the eminent guest lecturers: Prof.Dr. Zlatan Zvizdic, Pediatric Surgery – Omphalocella-One of the seven; general overview, surgical procedure and the case report of Cantrell pentalogy at the Clinical Centre University of Sarajevo


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August 2019

Dr. Sci. med Sabina Terzic, Pediatrics - Recognition of the congenital anomalies, stabilisation and transportation of the patient to the tertiary healthcare institutions Prof.Dr. Aida Kulo Cesic, Pharmacology- Research tips and tricks More than fifty students from the Medical Faculty University of Sarajevo attended the conference, along with the members of the Medical Students' Association in Bosnia and Herzegovina (BoHeMSA) who have been a great support for this NWG from the very beginning. At the end, the new National Chair of InciSioN Bosnia and Herzegovina, Miss Ajla Hamidovic, was been announced.


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August 2019

How To Convert Brain Drain Into Brain Gain – Med Students Session At BHAAAS Days In Bosnia And Herezgovina The Bosnian-Herzegovinian American

medicine, the future of the medicine,

Academy of Arts and Sciences (BHAAAS)

brain drain issue and the fate of young

Days in Bosnia and Herzegovina is a major


annual event that started in 2008. The second part were presentations of It is meeting point of professionals from USA various students initiatives. The (mostly with Bosnian origins who left the

students from different universities in

country during the war 1992-1995) and local Bosnia and Herzegovina namelyprofessionals who live and work in Bosnia

Sarajevo, Tuzla and Mostar presented

and Herzegovina with the aim to connect

their work and the efforts they do to

them and help to ensure better future for

make future of the community

Bosnia and Herzegovina.

brighter, especially in the healthcare.

During the BHAAAS special sessions are

It is here that InciSioN B&H presented

dedicated to the medicine and this year for

their work in the past year, future plans

the first time there was a session for the

and concept of the Global Surgery and

medical students dubbed, “Meet the med

why it is an important national topic as


we as being one of the first steps of popularizing the Global Surgery

The first part of the session was open

movement in the Eastern Europe.

discussion between the students and current practising doctors that was not only relaxed

In conclusion, BHAAAS is great

productive talks about the current state of

example how to convert brain drain


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August 2019

into brain gain due the cooperation between the local doctors and and migrant doctors. This kind of the meetings give the opportunity to exchange the knowledge, experiences and connect the experts in the new ideas and projects. This year it was special because through the medical student’s session the youth participated in this process.


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August 2019



InciSioN Burundi Updates Epi info software training fellowship In Burundi, research is not developed and a very few number of young students make their own study before they end up their studies. But we cannot advance Global Surgery on our level without being able to conduct a study. However this requires a certain number of skills. From the beginning of May 2019 InciSioN Burundi introduced its first ever fellowship on Epi Info software with the intention to equip local researchers in global health and global surgery in particular with some basic skills they need the most to carry out research. In this fellowship organized by the research subteam our fellows are received for a month training time in which they meet twice a week (Friday and Saturday) to get trained.We are impacting 20 people (members and non members of our NWG). Once the first cohort end up, we will start with the next group


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August 2019


Global Surgery Day On Saturday may 25, 2019 InciSioN joined itself to the rest of the world and particularly to the Global Surgery world to celebrate the Global Surgery Day. In Burundi, one of the LMICs and where the Global Surgery movement is being implemented, we wanted to highlight the need for the country to access safe, timely and affordable surgical care and sensitize the general public so that way they become aware of the Global Surgery movement targets and what InciSioN Burundi aims to do locally so that Burundi achieves UHC by 2030. To do so we did a mini conference under the theme “Together for equity and quality surgical care for everyone” .The first presentation was about Global Surgery, another presenter talked about challenges of Surgical Palliative Care in Burundi, The last guest presented on Early Trauma management.


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August 2019



GSSA updates GSSA Chapter Events The Baylor University Chapter hosted the first-ever all Texas GSSA Hackathon on April 13th, 2019, in Waco, Texas. The event, planned along with UT Southwestern, brought together both undergraduate and medical students with a common interest in global surgery. The hackathon began with three speakers who provided an introduction to global surgery, as many of the undergraduate participants had minimal experience in the field. Dr. Emily Smith, Assistant Professor of Epidemiology at Baylor University, began by giving a general overview of global surgery. We also heard from Rachel Davis, a general surgery resident at Baylor College of Medicine, who shared more about the current state of global surgery work. Dr. Donald E. Meier, general surgeon, and his wife, Patsy Meier, shared their experiences working and teaching in a low-resource setting. We enjoyed seeing students from all over Texas come together to solve the problem and present a solution to the panel of judges, which consisted of the speakers and Dr. Abier Abdelnaby, Associate Professor of Surgery at UTSW. We are looking forward to seeing more undergraduate schools take on the challenge of hosting events in global surgery and we hope to continue to unite students through an annual all-Texas event.

Advocacy In honor of Global Surgery Day on May 25th, GSSA launched their account on Instagram. Through this platform, we are sharing upcoming events, facts about global surgery, and even featuring current efforts and tips on ways to get involved for individuals interested in global surgery. In an effort to bring the students and physicians involved with GSSA closer, we started a “This is GSSA” campaign, featuring photos and interviews from our national members and GSSA chapters across the country. Check it out, @gsurgstudents ! INCISE

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August 2019


Texas GSSA Hackathon on April 13th, 2019, in Waco, Texas


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August 2019


Research We are excited to share that our first ever GSSA collaborative paper was recently published in the Journal of Surgical Research! This national study includes contributions from over 15 GSSA chapters across the country, with many students and trainees listed as collaborators. This is a major milestone for GSSA, but an even more significant step in the direction of collaborative research and the ability to conduct national and internationalscale studies. We would like to thank Dr. Gregory Peck and Dr. Erin Scott, as well as the Rutgers RWJ Medical School for the opportunity to work together on this exciting project. This study addresses the significant interest in global surgery amongst medical students in the U.S. and the need for relevant educational opportunities

Lastly, GSSA is also excited to

at all levels of training. Our hope is that this will

continue taking part in

boost efforts to bring global surgery into medical

collaborative research. We look

schools and residency programs across the country.

forward to contributing to the

GSSA is now working on several projects to address

upcoming projects with InciSioN

the gap in global surgery education and to inspire

and to answering important

the next generation of global surgeons.

questions in the world of global surgery!

You can read the full paper here: Next Generation of Global Surgeons: Aligning

You can learn more about our

Interest with Early Access to Global Surgery

research efforts and access the


GSSA Research Toolkit at

Additionally, GSSA's research team recently


developed the GSSA Research Toolkit! It includes information about how to develop a research question, find a mentor, and even access different research opportunities. INCISE

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August 2019

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