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Issue 92 Spring 2020 £4.95 trade.inapub.co.uk

Guest edited by

Richard Molloy publican ★ ranter ★ romantic British Guild of Beer Writers

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29/02/2020 02:00


Naturally brewed in Germany. Proudly served around the world. www.krombacher.com


@KrombacherUK for the facts

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Welcome to



this month Love in the pub • A whisky specialist






play Champions League • How to be dog-friendly


stay How one licensee couple discovered digital marketing







People’s Choice Awards 2020 • Drinks Trends

Chips • Plant-based food

46 back-bar business Playing music




time at the bar Molloy on the big questions • Your charity work

This issue of Inapub is brought to you by.... Guest editor Richard Molloy Springtime finds Rich propping the pub door open to welcome back those punters who’ve been hibernating for the winter Multimedia journalist Ruth Scammell Ruth loves an outdoor pint surrounded by cheerful Pompey fans ruth@inapub.co.uk • 07884 868 365 Sales manager Katy Robinson Katy loves a relaxing Sunday pint in the spring sunshine katy@inapub.co.uk • 07884 868 364 Contributor Matt Eley Matt enjoys a revitalising cider after a woodland walk with his Tibetan terrier Luna in the spring Designer/sub-editor Ben Thrush Early May baby Ben loves a lazy bank holiday birthday in a pub where well-behaved children are welcome Chief executive Barrie Poulter Spring finds Barrie watching the Six Nations in the pub with his mates barrie@inapub.co.uk • 07908 868 364 Subscriptions trade.inapub.co.uk/magazine 0800 160 1986 • subscriptions@inapub.co.uk Cover photo by Kariss Holgarth

p03 contents.indd 3

e are doing things a little differently here at Inapub. You may have noticed from our cover that we have made the brave/foolish decision of handing the keys over for this issue. Richard Molloy, our resident licensee columnist, has only gone and won an award for the witty, acerbic, occasionally cynical but usually brilliant pieces that he pens for us. The British Guild of Beer Writers, wise as they are, named him Best Beer Writer (Trade Media). And, to go with his lovely pewter tankard, we’ve thrown in the prize of having a crack at doing a whole issue for himself. We’ve been thinking about inviting licensees to guest editor the magazine for a while. After all, who knows more about how pubs are run than those doing it day in and day out? Now that Rich has helped us produce this issue, by visiting a wonderful pub that specialises in cask beer and whisky (pages 10-11) and another that might just be the most romantic in the country (pages 6-7), we thought we would open the offer up. We are now on the hunt for more licensees to guest edit our remaining issues of the year. That means with our new quarterly publication dates we want people who can add something to our Summer, Autumn and Winter issues. Maybe you have a great pub garden, have excelled in summer sales, or throw a festival that’s the envy of your area. Whatever it is, tell us why you should be put in temporary charge and we’ll chuck the pen and notebook your way. Just make sure there’ a pint on the table when we visit for our editorial meeting. Drop us a line at editorial@inapub.co.uk Cheers!


Visit us online at trade.inapub.co.uk 29/02/2020 01:56

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20/01/2020 14:53 23/02/2020 10:14

RICHARD MOLLOY I don’t know if you’ve noticed or not, but for those who haven’t and those who skip eagerly straight to my column: I’ve been asked to be guest editor of this issue of Inapub. I am deeply and uncomfortably indebted to former Inapub editor Matt Eley, as he first gave me the platform of a regular page in this magazine. It allowed me to champion the local boozer and air my grievances against an eclectic and overly long list of irksome entities which have included: Wetherspoons, the Virgin Mary, musicians, Wetherspoons, MacMillan Cancer Support, big plastic menus, Tim Martin, karaoke, baked beans, Nintendo Wiis, Wetherspoons and whichever dullard invented Dry January. Both Matt and his successor, Robyn Black, were very understanding and were very sweet by printing everything I wrote almost unedited – although there was a brilliant gag about Jesus’s nether regions that Robyn put a very thick red line through. The reason I’ve been asked to be guest editor is because I only went and won a frigging award! The British Guild of Beer Writers decided that my rants and romanticisms about the peaks and pitfalls of pub life were actually rather good and honoured me with the title of Best Beer Writer for Trade Publications. As a result, I’ve been asked to write this rare anecdotal piece, as I usually attempt to write broadly from the point of view of anyone who has run pubs, worked in pubs, drunk in pubs or indeed anybody who has had to deal with the full spectrum of species that come under the bent umbrella we call The General Public. In this issue I’ve written two main articles; one took me from my home in the deep South West of England to Scotland. Much of the trade press and the mainstream media tends to be London-centric, so to showcase pubs outside of the capital felt like the right way to go. I was rewarded by interacting with and meeting owners, directors, managers and

trade.inapub.co.uk p05 Rich Molloy.indd 5

In this issue I’ve written two main articles. I was rewarded by meeting owners, directors, managers and staff brimming with pride in their product

Richard Molloy is director of four-strong pubco White Rose Taverns and the microbrewery Platform Five. Read more of his work on trade.inapub.co.uk

staff brimming with pride in their product and glowing with enthusiasm. Firstly I met Paul McDonaugh at The Bon Accord in Glasgow City Centre (pages 10-11); a mountain of a man who oozed confidence, experience and an entrepreneurial spirit that seemed too big for just one pub. Rarely has a business been made more of than The Bon Accord, without physical expansion. After this I heard some wonderfully romantic and heart-warming stories about 20 minutes away at The Angels Hotel in Uddingston (pages 6-8). And although the romantic in me (you heard!) would love to think that there was something in the water or some kind of magic in the air that made this popular pub a crossroad for Cinderellas and Prince Charmings, I couldn’t help thinking that if we all thought back and remembered all the introductions that have happened in our own pubs, then we might talk them up a little more. If we did, people would realise how integral we are to the happiness of a community and a nation, and acknowledge one of the dozens of things that they didn’t realise they were losing when a local pub closes. Until that realisation and acceptance happens, I’ll carry on attempting to make the world a boozier and happier place, keep slagging off Wetherspoons, and making my own editors’ lives as uncomfortable as possible. Cheers, Rich Award-winning writer / publican



29/02/2020 09:58

And they called it by RICHARD MOLLOY

One of our directors worked out that more than 250 couples had met here



p06-07-08 lead feat.indd 6

pubby love

It’s springtime, hibernation is over, and for many singletons this means going out there and getting back in the dating game. Yeah, yeah, I know this is often done online these days, but the pub is still right up there for meeting, dating and short-term flinging. The alcohol helps, of course. It loosens tongues, broadens smiles and airbrushes those bits we’re least proud of. But the informal ambience of the pub makes it ideal for meeting someone new by locking gazes across a crowded bar before plucking up the courage to go over and ask if you can add them on Snapchat. One pub in Scotland has been so prolific at introducing people to the joys of romance that it has been dubbed The Love Pub, with hundreds of relationships beginning under its roof. Clare Farr, general manager of The Angels Hotel in Uddingston on the outskirts of Glasgow, tells me: “One of our directors worked out that over 250 couples had met here when interviewed for a local newspaper article.” Although the pub doesn’t actively market itself as a hotbed for romance, Clare explains that they’re only too willing to make hay from the label: “It’s always been known as a pub where people meet. Especially Friday nights – that’s when they like to get dressed up and be seen.” And it’s not just locals: “People come from up to 40 miles away,” says Clare. It’s easy to see why. The newly refurbished bar has a happy, casual atmosphere

and the adjoining vibrant restaurant turns into a disco at 9pm, with many young people eating in groups before sipping cocktails and dancing to a DJ until the wee small hours. “It’s called Angels Friday,” Claire continues, “for us it’s all about the community. We try to keep it as lively as possible so that it remains a place that people can meet and also come back to for those special date nights and celebrations” The Angels also host events on the back of this reputation, such as White Parties where everyone comes along dressed in all white, and run a club where all cocktails are only £4 for anyone who buys a special wristband. This event encourages many all-girl groups into the bar, which, as nature dictates, attracts more male customers looking for a slice of The Angels’ magic formula.

The ice-man cometh

And that magic rubs off on staff as well. Former employee Michele Boyd met her now husband Ernie on a shift. “I was called out to fix the ice machine when Michele came out back to get some milk...” Ernie tells me before Michele picks

trade.inapub.co.uk 29/02/2020 10:04

this month.

The look in your ice... member of staff Michele’s heart melted when she saw Ernie out the back fixing the ice machine

up the story with the seamless ease of a couple in harmony: “I saw Ernie and thought he was nice. I was a bit shy and wasn’t going to say anything, but a colleague went and told Ernie that I fancied him. I was so embarrassed, but it worked.” Twenty years later, they’re clearly still very much in love, and if there’s a more fitting story about breaking the ice than one involving a broken ice machine then I’d love to hear it.

Hollywood romance

Not only can pubs be a perfect place for couples to meet but they can also play a leading role in the getting-to-know-you stage of the relationship. A quiet cosy, corner with a beer or a bottle of wine is the perfect place for learning about each other before snuggling

trade.inapub.co.uk p06-07-08 lead feat.indd 7

up at home with a romantic movie. One pub in Surrey has even become a haven for loved-up couples after it featured in one of those rom-coms. Shere is a chocolate box English village near Guildford that’s caught the eye of Hollywood directors responsible for backrow snog-fests such as The Wedding Date, Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason and Four Weddings and a Funeral. But it’s not Hugh Grant stammering his way to ordering a snakebite that makes The White Horse a date den for doe-eyed lovers; that accolade goes to it being the local of Graham (Jude Law) in The Holiday. The picturesque pub is the scene for Law locking love-eyes with Amanda (Cameron Diaz) across the bar after believing that she’d returned to LA. If she had then



29/02/2020 10:04

People have come from America, Australia and Brazil to dine at this table

not only would it have made for a rubbish love story, but The White Horse would also have missed out on a sizable nugget of international fame. Bar manager Summer-Rose Lacey (I know!) explains that they have a poster at the table where Cameron and Jude did their schmoozing: “People have come from places like America, Australia and Brazil to dine at this table” she says. She adds that they regularly book it out for special occasions and extra props are often added to aid the hand-holding, eye contact and footsy: “We have requests for flowers, candles and champagne on the table, which we’re more than happy to do.” Some couples have even gone the whole way (so to speak) by getting engaged there. “We’ve had two or three proposals over the last couple of years,” says Summer.

Hitched at the hostelry

Now you’ve met the love of your life in a pub in Glasgow and got engaged in a pub in Surrey, it’s time to take the plunge and get wed. We’ve all been to those function room weddings where adults sit stiffly around big tables whilst the band plays to kids skidding



p06-07-08 lead feat.indd 8

on their knees on the dancefloor and it takes about 20 minutes to get served a flat lager. So how about getting hitched in the beer garden of your local? The Bayshill in Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, allows you to do just that as they regularly transform theirs into a beautiful summer wedding venue. Manager Lisa Barnes explains how it all started: “It was five years ago when my friends got married abroad and wanted a wedding party in their hometown when they returned. “It all became about money and how much hotels charge, when all they needed was to be surrounded by their loved ones in their local area.” Lisa believes that the relaxed atmosphere of a pub appeals to many couples and has led to an increase in trade: “For me it’s about bringing customers into the pub for one evening to spend money I may not have taken without it.” So whatever stage of the love story a couple is at, it’s clear that the pub plays a lead role. With spring being the season for romance, it may be an ideal time to serenade those lovers and carry them over your threshold.

trade.inapub.co.uk 29/02/2020 10:04

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23/02/2020 10:15

FAMOUS FOR WHISKY & BEER Show me the way to the best whisky bar, writes Richard Molloy

Ale is a conversation in your hand. Whisky is similar. Total strangers will spark up a conversation about their common interest in whisky or ale and become friends



p10-11 famous for.indd 10

Being renowned for whisky in Scotland is akin to receiving plaudits for pizza in Italy or wine in France. Already well-established in Scotland, the reputation of Glasgow’s The Bon Accord is spreading further afield after winning the Good Pub Guide award for being Britain’s best whisky bar for the third year running. In fact, over the 19 years of Paul McDonagh’s time in charge, the former retail premise has won more than 50 awards. It was converted to a bar in the 1970s and initially made an impact as a cask ale specialist – something quite unusual in Scotland at the time. As a real ale lover and former partner in a microbrewery, Paul was keen to expand on this reputation and the pub now has a rotation of more than 800 beers, winning many CAMRA awards along the way. Paul also proudly claims to have been the first pub in Glasgow to stock BrewDog. But having a reputation for beer wasn’t enough for Paul, who had a desire to stand out further from the crowd by specialising in Scotland’s national drink, No, not Irn-Bru… whisky. He explains: “An ale is a conversation in your hand – the hops, the malt, the brewery. Whisky is similar: what age is it? What type of cask etc? And I have a bar that specialises in both. Total strangers will spark up a conversation about their common interest in whisky or ale and become friends”. It’s this passion and business nous that led to the Bon Accord going from having three malt whiskies in 2001 to the current offering of more than 500, ranging from £3.60 to £5,000 a dram. Yes, you read that right – a 35ml measure of The McCallan 72 Years Old will set you back five grand.

The bottle itself cost Paul over £50,000. “It shows commitment,” he says. “There’s only one bar in the UK with that bottle and we have over half-a-million pounds’-worth of stock, but you can’t just do it. It takes a long time to build up and you have to have a passion for it or you will get found out.” And Paul has indeed sold a few nips of this scotch, which was distilled in the 1940s and now draws people into The Bon Accord from all over the world.

The business sense of BYO

But it’s the locals who are at the heart of the business. Paul recently set up The Bon Accord Famous Keys Club, where members pay £50 to keep a bottle of their favourite scotch in a dedicated display cabinet. The idea is that the whisky is reserved for special occasions to be enjoyed with family and friends. Although this may seem to be a way for customers to drink cheaply and hit Paul’s profit margins, he explains the method in the madness with a passion and pride reserved for those who know they’ve had a great idea. “If someone comes in with their friends and gives them a top-quality drop from their favourite bottle, there’s no way that those friends will buy cheap whisky from the bar when it’s their round. They will spend big on a high-end single malt and that’s where I make my money.” Paul has become a well-known member of the world whisky community through awards including Icons Of Whisky Scottish Bar of the Year and getting through to the final of The World Whisky Bar of the Year. He’s a director of the Glasgow Whisky Festival and travels to conferences all over

trade.inapub.co.uk 29/02/2020 10:25

the theworld worldasasan anexpert expertininthe thefield. field. It’s It’sthis thisreputation reputationcombined combinedwith withshrewd shrewd business businessacumen acumenthat thathas hasled ledtotothe thesuccess of hisoflatest expansion venture, The success his latest expansion venture, World Famous Bon Accord Whisky Shop The World Famous Bon Accord Whisky –Shop an online hand – an store onlinewhere store he where hepicks hand-picks brands brandsthat thatcan canbe bebought boughtfrom fromthe thesite siteand and delivered deliveredanywhere anywhereininthe theworld. world. He Hehas hasalso alsohad hadan anapp appdeveloped developedwhere where customers customerscan cansee seewhich whichwhiskies whiskiesare arecurrently available in theinbar can can decide currently available the and bar and decide before beforethey theyvisit visitwhich whichones onestototry. try. These Thesenew newventures venturesare aretwo twoofofmany many examples examplesofofaapublican publicanwho whocombines combines hispassions passionswith withaadesire desiretotomaximise maximisehis his his businessand andmove movewith withthe thetimes times,whilst whilst business maintainingthe theatmosphere atmosphereofofaatraditional traditional maintaining Scottishcity citybar. bar. Scottish Andalso alsowhy whythe theawards awardsfor forThe TheBon Bon And Accord look set to keep pouring in. Accord look set to keep pouring in.

The TheBon BonAccord’s Accord’s winning winningways ways ••Good G  oodPub PubGuide GuideWhisky Whisky Pub Pubof ofthe theYear Year2014, 2014, 2016, 2016, 2018, 2018,2019, 2019,2020 2020 ••Icons I consof ofWhisky WhiskyBar Bar of of the the Year, Year,Scotland Scotland2020 2020 ••Whisky W  hiskyMagazine Magazine Whisky Whisky Bars Barsof ofthe theWorld World Gold Gold Award Award2010 2010

trade.inapub.co.uk trade.inapub.co.uk p10-11 famous for.indd 11

29/02/2020 10:25

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29/02/2020 10:37


DRINK OF THE MONTH in association with the



ON THE BAR AT MOLLOY’S After spending the winter liaising with the managers of our pubs – Dry January offers plenty of time for contemplation and planning – spring sees us make a few changes to our products. With outside drinking and locally sourced products in mind we have expanded our wine list in advance of the sunnier months and added local ciders on hand-pull to complement the real ales from our own microbrewery. On the shorter side of things, the general thought is that the overlong gin fad is waning and that there’s room for another spirit to shoulder its way in. Rum has been staking a claim to the title of high spirit and, with this in mind, we’re looking to build up our selection of all varieties of not only rums, but the mixers that complement them. Dub and roots DJs will be promoting the Caribbean spirit in our Teignmouth venue, and The Sound Garden – an outside space designed for live music events at Molloy’s Torquay – will host some Rum n Reggae evenings. Hopefully that cocktail of hazy sunshine, lazy beats and crazy proof percentage will go down well as the temperatures go up.

Champagne sales lose their sparkle



rise in sparkling wine sales in the UK last year, with 26million bottles sold

fall in Champagne sales for same period, with 4.8 million bottles sold

Source: Wine & Spirit Trade Association

drink intro single page.indd 13

From classic recipes and modern twists to sophisticated, alcohol-free mixed drinks, there has never been a better time to experiment. Cocktail curiosity presents a massive opportunity for operators to create new, premium drinking experiences. Vodka remains by far the largest global spirit, with annual sales around the 430 million nine-litre case mark. Although the workhorse of the backbar does not garner as much attention as its juniper sibling, unflavoured vodka commands the largest single spirits share of the UK on-trade by value and volume, making up nearly a third of all spirits sales. The sharp clean vodka cuts through the citric orange, with the Pepsi MAX® providing a refreshing fizz finish. For more recipe inspiration, visit

www.sensationaldrinks.com Ingredients •25ml Vodka •Pepsi MAX® •Crushed ice •Orange slice and peel Method •Fill a glass with crushed ice. •Add the vodka. •Pour in the Pepsi MAX® and stir. •Add the garnish.

01/03/2020 00:03

Cask Marque Become one of the best 10,000 cask ale pubs in Britain

‘Cask Marque’ is an independent scheme that assesses the beer quality in pubs to ensure standards are driven and maintained. Qualified assessors visit pubs to test the beers temperature, appearance, aroma and taste. pubs have increased sales since 88% ofgaining the accreditation of accredited outlets said they would 98% recommend the scheme to other licensees Benefits include: n Featured on the CaskFinder app - used 60,000 times a month to find Cask Marque pubs n A Cask Marque plaque – recognised by 77% of beer drinkers as a badge of quality n Point of Sale material – to help promote this achievement to customers n Random inspections – helping pubs to consistently serve quality beer n Access to cellar management training n Regular newsletters Sign Up today by visiting cask-marque.co.uk or calling 01206 752212

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19/08/27 15:22


PEOPLE'S CHOICE AWARDS 2020 We have asked and the people have spoken. Our People’s Choice survey 2020 has seen hundreds of pub customers tell us the drinks they most want to see when they visit pubs like yours. Picking your line-up is never easy so these results may help the headache of making those all-important drinks stocking decisions. Some favourites have retained their places at the top of the charts, while we have seen others grab the golden position from their rivals. One thing that is very clear is that while crafted and premium products have undoubtedly made a huge impact in the trade in recent years, those mainstream brands are still very much your bread and butter. Overlook them at your peril. Ladies and gentlemen, here are the results of the 2020 Inapub People’s Choice Survey.

People’s Favourite Soft Drink Gold: Coca-Cola

The real thing retains its golden grip on the top place in the soft drinks category, a slot it has held ever since we launched People’s Choice. Sugar reduction has been the big story in soft drinks in recent years due to the sugar tax. CocaCola reduced the sugar content in its drinks by 17 per cent by pushing sales of its Diet and Zero brands, but, it still hits the sweet spot with our readers.

Silver: Britvic J20 Bronze:Pepsi

trade.inapub.co.uk p15-16-18-20-22-24 people's choice.indd 15



01/03/2020 01:26

People’s Favourite Tonic

People’s Favourite Craft Beer

One of the standout successes of the last decade or so. From its launch, just 15 years ago, Fever Tree has gone from nothing to becoming a must-stock brand for most on-trade outlets. It’s marketing message of “If ¾ of your drink is the mixer, mix with the best” has really hit home with drinkers who are not afraid of paying that little bit more for a premium experience. The brand also been working hard to promote its anti-malaria campaign which has seen the firm donate £5 each time people shared images on social media of them enjoying the drink. We do love a charity appeal here at Inapub.

So how big do you have to be to stop being craft? No, don’t worry, we are not going down that particular alley! The pioneers and original punks of craft have retained their number one slot and place in the hearts of the pub-going public. BrewDog recently announced plans to open 30 new sites this year, having opened 20 new bars in 2019. It also opened an alcohol-free beer bar in East London as it attempts to take on the low and no category. They are showing no signs of slowing down as Punk, dare we say it, becomes a more mainstream fixture in UK pubs.

Gold: Fever-Tree

Silver: Schweppes Bronze: Britvic

People’s Favourite Cask Ale Gold: Doom Bar

Britain’s best-selling cask is once again the people’s favourite, after a briefly being knocked off its perch. The Cornish classic is Molson Coors’ owned Sharps Brewery’s flagship beer and it continues its popularity with Britain’s ale drinkers. A major ad campaign last year campaign drew on the brewery’s appealing location on the Cornish coast and reinforced its commitment to the environment by working with Surfers Against Sewage. Silver:

Timothy Taylor Bronze: Adnams

Gold: Punk IPA

Silver: Maltsmiths Bronze: Camden Hells, Shipyard and Tiny Rebel Stay Puft

People’s Favourite Gin Gold: Gordon’s

The gin market has seen huge growth in the last few years with so many different varieties for gin lovers to try, but Gordon’s remains the nation’s favourite. Back in 2017, Gordon’s launched pink gin (in the biggest spirits launch in the on-trade in the past 10 years). Just one year later it had already sold one million cases. The origninal brand was was launched 250 years ago in Southwark by Alexander Gordon. What with it being the most popular gin in the world right now, it looks like plenty of people agreed with him.

Silver: Whitley Neil Bronze: Hendrick’s

16 SPRING 2020

p15-16-18-20-22-24 people's choice.indd 16

trade.inapub.co.uk 01/03/2020 01:26



23/02/2020 13:58:13 10:17 21/02/2020

People’s Favourite Draught Cider

People’s Favourite Wine

This one has a strong grip on the top slot and retains its place once more. Heineken’s Strongbow remains the king of draught cider, with the flagship brand leading the way in sales, ahead of its Dark Fruits variant. Both of these flavours, along with Cloudy Apple, were reformulated in 2019 so they are now made with no artificial sweeteners, colours or flavours. Alongside that, calorie and nutritional information on the cider’s packaging has been updated in a bid to keep increasingly health-conscious consumers informed.

Once again, Hardys has come out on top in the wine category, proving that the hard work has paid off for owner Accolade Wines. Last year, they launched the new Foodies range to the on-trade which comprised of a Shiraz, a Chardonnay and a rosé with labels that indicate the best meal to pair the wine with. It also made the decision to tap into the alcohol-free market by launching an alcoholfree Chardonnay version to its range. It’s obviously doing something right as you chose it as your favourite.

Gold: Strongbow

Silver: Thatchers Bronze: Aspall

People’s Favourite Fruit/ Bottled Cider Gold: Old Mout

Heineken UK maintains a dominant position in the cider category with Old Mout topping the bottled section. Back in 2017, it launched a campaign to raise awareness about the New Zealand Kiwi as it emerged that the population has significantly declined over the last 80 years. The campaign, which saw Old Mout teaming up with TV conservationist Michaela Strachan to show the steps the country is taking to save its national icon, was a huge success for the Heineken-owned brand and helped it to grow in popularity as well as raising awareness and money for a worthy cause.

Gold: Hardy’s

Silver: Jack Rabbit Bronze: Barefoot

Silver: Kopparberg Bronze: Rekorderlig

18 SPRING 2020

p15-16-18-20-22-24 people's choice.indd 18

trade.inapub.co.uk 01/03/2020 01:26

For more info on installing a dual font, contact your Heineken Sales Rep, call The Customer Hub (03458 787071) or visit www.heineken.co.uk/direct

ad page.indd 19 97839_STRONGBOW_2020_DUAL_ADVERT_266x190.indd 1

*CGA Managed Volume Pool data up to end July 2019, draught cider stockists who implemented the dual fount’ this includes outlets who added Strongbow to their range as part of the dual fount install. Based on 117 outlets.

23/02/2020 09:52 09:57 06/02/2020

People’s Favourite Shot Gold: Jägermeister

Jägermeister has once again topped the charts when it comes to the people’s favourite shot. The Jäger Bomb remains the go to high energy occasion drink but it’s also tapped into different markets. In 2018, it launched its first cocktail competition and last year, the brand announced that it would be releasing its own version of a brand of gin. Gin Sul was described as a small batch, super-premium craft gin from Germany and the brand marketed it as the “beginning of a new business strategy”. Gin Sul is made using ingredients from Portugal and is distilled in Hamburg at the Altona Distillery.

Silver: Sourz Bronze: Sambuca

People’s Favourite Lager Gold: Stella Artois

Stella has remained at the top of the lager charts as the people have once again voted it their favourite. That may have been helped by the brand releasing a gluten free version, making it available to more consumers whose diets might restrict them from enjoying a wider variety of beer. Stella Artois Gluten Free has been certified by Coeliac UK and is made with the same ingredients as Stella Artois but with the gluten removed, which just goes to show the brand is doing its bit to join the growing number of gluten-free beers available

Silver: Carling Bronze: Foster’s

People’s Favourite Whisky Gold: Bell’s

Bell’s has jumped a couple of places from third in our last survey to the top of the pile. pinching the crown from Jameson. Owner Diageo recently announced it had developed a new AI tool to help people decide which brand of whisky would best suit their tastes - we wonder how many would find Bell’s came out on top?

Silver: Jameson Bronze: Famous Grouse

20 SPRING 2020

p15-16-18-20-22-24 people's choice.indd 20

trade.inapub.co.uk 01/03/2020 01:27


La Famille


Born from 600 years of brewing tradition in the Belgian town of Leuven, achieving the distinctive taste of our Stella Artois lager is by no means simple. Only through using expertly balanced malted barley, the finest European Saaz hops, and classic brewing methods can our Stella Artois brewmasters create such a superior golden elixir that simply must be savoured. But our brewmasters were not satisfied with simply producing the nation’s favourite lager.1 With more and more people in the UK focused on their health and wellbeing, they embarked on a mission to make Stella Artois more accessible, to more people, in more occasions, so that everyone could savour the distinctive taste of Stella Artois. They first crafted Stella Artois Gluten Free, skillfully removing the gluten to create a Coeliac UK certified gluten free beer to appeal to the 36% of UK shoppers who bought a gluten free product.2 And this year, they have used their expertise and all natural ingredients to create an alcohol free lager that is bursting with flavour. With not even a drop of alcohol and just 60 calories per bottle, Stella Artois can now be savoured by everyone.

1. Kantar MillwardBrown, 2019 FY P3M consumption

2. Nielsen State of the Nation Survey, 2019

Š 2020 AB InBev UK Limited, all rights reserved.

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24/02/2020 16:18

People’s Favourite Vodka Gold: Smirnoff

No shocks here as Smirnoff, one of the most recognised brands in the world, is still our favourite vodka. Last year saw the introduction of Smirnoff Infusions - a fruity alternative to the original brand which was released in the summer and came in two different varieties - Smirnoff Infusions Orange, Grapefruit & Bitters and Smirnoff Infusions Raspberry, Rhubarb & Vanilla. It also unveiled a new look by enhancing and redesigning its packaging in a bid to help licensees sell the product.

Silver: Grey Goose Bronze: Absolut

People’s Favourite RTD Gold: VK

Student favourite VK has moved up a place at the expense of RTD classic WKD. It follows a big marketing campaign through a public vote of its own to choose the latest flavour. The watermelon VK was launched a year ago after 35,000 people had their say in what the newest addition to the VK stable should be. It joined seven other flavours in the range: Blue, Ice, Strawberry & Lime, Orange & Passion Fruit, Black Cherry, Tropical Fruits and Apple & Mango.

Silver: WKD Bronze: Smirnoff Ice

People’s Favourite Rum Gold: Captain Morgan’s

Another win for Diageo as they conquer the rum category thanks to the enduring popularity of the Captain. Rum & cola remains a hugely popular mixed drink, while Diageo has also been working on winter serves to create more trading opportunities for what is traditionally a summer favourite. Gingerbread Spiced appeared at Christmas to keep Captain Morgan in mind all year round.

Silver: Kraken Bronze: Bacardi

22 SPRING 2020

p15-16-18-20-22-24 people's choice.indd 22

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*Pubs = community pubs, wet led, food pubs, high street pubs.











1-CGA MAT P11 2019


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01/03/2020 01:29

People’s Favourite Tea Gold: Yorkshire Tea

It’s a well-known fact that we are a nation of tea lovers so it’s always interesting to see who wins the award for best tea. Once again, Yorkshire Tea has triumphed. Last year, they commissioned a survey which found that 40 per cent of the tea they drank outside of their home was worse than what they would make themselves. As a result, Yorkshire Tea launched a campaign to help pubs, cafes and restaurants to serve better tea. The Campaign for a Proper Brew was supported with point-of-sale, including bunting, strut cards, stickers and posters.

Silver: Twinings Bronze: PG Tips

People’s Favourite Coffee Gold: Nescafé

It’s becoming more and more popular for people to choose to drink coffee in the pub. And it seems that the great British public know what they like when it comes to coffee as Nescafé has once again been voted the best pub coffee brand. Its popularity may have been helped by the brand’s decision to stock plant based coffee under its Nescafe Gold brand, to cater for a wider market. The new latte varieties include oat, almond and coconut, and have been certified by The Vegan Society. It also now sells some varieties of its coffee to pubs in cans, with one of them available to sell on tap.

Silver: Lavazza Bronze: Costa

People’s Favourite Drink Gold: Guinness

While more and more brands of beer have appeared on the market in recent years, Guinness has remained at the top as one of our favourite drinks. Last year it announced that its beer would be vegan friendly after it abolished its use of fish-derived isinglass from its production process, meaning more people will have the option of choosing a pint of the Black Stuff when they’re down the pub. If we didn’t know already, this global brand isn’t going anywhere and continues to be a staple when it comes to choice of beer.

Silver: Smirnoff Bronze: Gordon’s

24 SPRING 2020

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24/02/2020 17:10

Trends of the ’20s

Wondering what will be wetting the whistles of your customers as we enter a new decade? Before she left, we got former Inapub editor Robyn Black to look into her crystal ball and tell us what will be trending in 2020. CBD

It’s in everything from water to beer to gin now and boasts myriad health benefits but one thing CBD infused drinks won’t do is get you stoned. CBD is derived from cannabis but is not to be confused with THC (the bit that makes you high). The Inapub pages have already covered carbonated CBDsoft drinks, Hemp Gin, and Hop & Hemp beers. Forecasts show the market continuing to grow over the next few years.

Non-alcoholic spirits

In four years this category has made the shift from niche curio to claim its space on back-bars (almost) everywhere. Seedlip and Ceder’s are two of the biggest names but there are plenty of smaller brands appearing on the scene. The influx of interest and cash is also bringing an increase in profile, which is helping dispel some of the confusion around the idea of an alcohol-free spirit (“zero-alcohol vodka – isn’t that just…water?”). All of this is fantastic news for publicans, because now keeping teetotallers happy, and getting them to part with some more cash, is as easy as making a G&T.

trade.inapub.co.uk p25-26-28 drinks trends.indd 27

Pink drinks

We’ve seen a slew of pink-tinted ciders, vodkas, rums, gins, vermouths and mixers hit the market and the trend shows no sign of abating. Instagram has had its part to pay in the popularity of pink but it’s also about light, accessible flavours, say the trend experts, and as we head into 2020 all the signs suggest that punters will still be firmly in the pink when it comes to drinks next year.



01/03/2020 02:22

Hard seltzers

RIP vodka, lime & soda (aka the lowest calorie drink widely available) and hello hard seltzers, which are essentially alcoholic water. It might sound bizarre but these have already exploded in the US, where the category is predicted to be worth $2.5bn by 2021, according to UBS analysts. Most are carbonated, around four per cent ABV, fruit flavoured, and all are low in calories and sugar. Some of the first entrants Into the UK market include Balans Aqua Spritz from Kopparberg and indie player Bodega Bay.


Hailing from Italy, an Aperitivo is a pre-dinner drink, usually accompanied by a small snack, such as a dish of olives or nuts. The practice is getting more and more popular in the UK with Aperitivo bars cropping up and bars offering Aperitivo menus – a small menu of cocktails and nibbles offered early in the evening only. A classic Aperitivo drink is light and refreshing, with spritzes and vermouth-based drinks taking centre stage.

Orange-flavoured gin

The success of adding pink-hued fruit to gin has spurred on brand-owners to branch out into orange-flavoured ones it seems. The reasons for this burst of enthusiasm for Drinking culture.... rugby lad Jonny Wilkinson hits the fermented bacteria with a glass of kombucha

orange are much in line with that of pink gin (accessible flavours, versatile and pretty to look at). Recent months have seen a spate of orange flavoured vodkas and mixers hit the market and we bet our marmalade sandwiches there’ll be plenty more in 2020.

Eastern European wine

If you are still sniffy about Eastern European wine, it is time to reassess what you are putting in your glass. Wines from the likes of Romania, Hungary and Bulgaria come from areas with hundreds of years of wine making experience and are proving great value for money. Majestic has seen sales of Eastern European wine rise 400 per cent between 2018 and 2019 and that trend could be reflected in the on-trade.


Fermented bacteria and yeast mixed with sweet tea might not sound that appetising, but the health benefits of kombucha have persuaded many over to its charms. There are similarities with beer – both can be a bit of an acquired taste; are fizzy and fermented, and can attract a passionate fan-base.



p25-26-28 drinks trends.indd 28

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01/03/2020 02:34


Gin has overshadowed vodka in recent years (strange, really, when you consider gin is technically just flavoured vodka) and, despite still being the biggest-selling spirit by volume in UK bars, vodka has got itself a bit of a bad reputation for being bland, boring and mass-produced. But craft producers are beginning to fight back. Flavoured vodka is where the innovation is coming but it isn’t the sickly sweet fruity variants of old, it’s locally inspired and unusual ingredients such as Chase Distillery’s Marmalade Vodka. The fightback starts now.

Savoury drinks

The majority of people will think of a Bloody Mary if tasked with naming a savoury cocktail but there are more options than that. Garnishing a G&T with herbs can hit the right note, as can spirits flavoured with pickles, chilli or smoky flavours. Replacing lighter spirits with peaty whiskies can add a savoury twist to drinks you already sell. Or there’s a vast range of bitters out there from truffle to black walnut, a dash of which will give just enough of a salty, smoky or umami kick to drinks without much effort.


According to on-trade drinks supplier Matthew Clark, tequila actually sells more in the UK on-trade than malt whisky or flavoured vodka. Many still see it as a shot but drinkers used to the complex flavours of gin are picking up on tequila’s more nuanced charms and that of its lesser-known cousin Mezcal and reports are that sales are steadily growing. As a result, forwardthinking licensees are reappraising their tequila offer, adding in more premium options and maybe some Mezcal too for interest. Such options can be sold for sipping (definitely not for shooting) or in cocktails and mixed drinks – the Margarita is the sixth-most popular cocktail in pubs and bars, after all.



p25-26-28 drinks trends.indd 30

English and Welsh wines

A bumper 2018 harvest pushed up consumption this year and with English and Welsh wines now firmly established as some of the best in the world, those new to the concept are staying loyal to local producers. This is especially true of sparkling wine, where vineyards such as Nytimber and Chapel Down are well-known but it is now also becoming true of still white wine.


Not just of beer and cider but of cocktails, wines, water and RTDs too. And not the big old 500ml beasts either, smaller 330ml in size, and taller and slimmer in profile. The environmental benefits are undisputed (lighter and fully recyclable), plus they chill faster and stack better than bottles. But the big advantage has been the blank canvas they offer brand owners. Forget cans for the truly sustainable, however – as we strive to be ever “greener” as 2020 progresses, re-fillables are on the cusp of becoming big news. Offering growlers and carafes for pub-goers to take booze home with them could prove to be a real revenue booster for pubs if the industry grasps the opportunity early enough.

trade.inapub.co.uk 01/03/2020 02:22

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Book your FREE trade ticket at casualdiningshow.co.uk using priority code CD43 “Casual Dining is the leading show for pub operators who are looking for new products just for their industry. I’m delighted to be speaking in the new Pub & Bar Theatre. See you there.” MARK TEED, HEAD OF FOOD, STAR PUBS & BARS

@CasDiningShow #CD20

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eat THE SPRING MENU AT MOLLOY’S At White Rose Taverns, our focus is very much on drink, but this doesn’t mean food isn’t part of our business plan. As with many wet-led pubs, our food offer has always revolved around lunchtimes, and we’ve often found that franchising out commercial kitchen space is a relatively risk-free way of increasing daytime trade. It makes sense as you already have staff working to take orders and wait tables, so renting your kitchen space out to a good operator can make you a few quid on food with minimal effort and increase your drink sales at the same time. Most evening ventures have revolved around a theme,


with Thai, steak, curry, burger, fish and chips, and pizza deals being on the blackboards. One area we’re trying to expand on this spring is the BYO approach to dining. One of the problems of Indian restaurants is that the variety and quality of beer isn’t always great, so we’ll be inviting people to bring the bhuna to the boozer by offering takeaway menus, and providing plates and cutlery. Finally, feeding people for free will always keep punters coming back, so popping a few snacks or sandwiches on the bar for your quiz or poker nights is rarely a gamble.

Old English Sausage Roll

Alan Chiltern Head chef, The Bower Inn, Bridgwater, Somerset Spring brings delights such as rhubarb and asparagus to the menu, but some things simply work all year long. It’s hard to beat a sausage roll, especially an award-winner such as this. Alan’s Old English Sausage Roll recently won the prestigious Great Sausage Roll Off title at the Red Lion in Barnes. He beat off competition from 17 other chefs to win the eighth edition of the contest. The dish was inspired by Alan’s travels around India and features cumin, turmeric, fresh ginger, chilli and garlic with crushed caraway seeds served with apple and tamarind ketchup.

p33 eat intro.indd 33

01/03/2020 02:59

The changing face of by RUTH SCAMMELL

Operators should give the impression that the chef has cut the chips themselves in the kitchen, even if it’s not the case in reality 34


p34-35 chips.indd 34


Whether served alongside a main meal or as a snacking option, chips are a pub food staple. But even the classics evolve. The humble chip is adapting to help cater for growing consumer curiosity and demand. “Potatoes have always been a popular item across pub menus”, says Richard Jones, commercial director for out of home at chip manufacturer McCain Foodservice. “But chips in particular have always played well with the great British comfort food offered by pubs, whether it’s traditional fish & chips or trendy sweet potato chips with a vegan burger.” No longer is it simply about fish & chips or pie & chips. Nowadays your options can include, fries, hand cut chips, sweet potato fries and loaded fries. It’s about finding the appropriate offering for your menu, to give punters what they want.” Andrea Deutschmanek is country marketing manager for chip supplier Lamb Weston. She says: “The biggest trend across Europe is an authentic look and hand-cut or homemade appearance. Operators should give the impression that the chef has cut the chips themselves in the kitchen - even when it’s not the case in reality.” So what should we be looking out for in

2020 to improve menus, help drive up the profit margins and keep customers coming back? “Among some other general trends like veganism and plant-based diets, sweet potato fries will be even more important as a choice on the menu than ever before,” Andrea adds. “Baked or fried, the majority love them.”

trade.inapub.co.uk 01/03/2020 03:20

Get loaded

Longer fries provide greater platefill with visual appeal and can also increase profit margins

trade.inapub.co.uk p34-35 chips.indd 35

Loaded potatoes are another way of making your spuds stand out on the menu. Mohammed Essa, commercial director for supplier Aviko UK & Ireland says: “Loaded fries are making chips the main event, turning them into a meal in themselves. “The beauty of adding toppings is that the options are endless – operators can very simply avoid menu fatigue and trade up their fries to create a real point of difference, as well as a higher mark-up.” He also has a simple tip for getting more from your spuds: “Using longer fries is a great way for pub operators to boost their chip profits. Not only do they provide greater plate-fill with the visual appeal of overflowing fries, but they can also increase profit margins and make every case go further than ever before.”

Ideas for loaded fries Korean The rising star of Asian cuisine. Pubs can get involved by loading up their fries with kimchi, strips of sirloin beef and gochujang sauce for a spicy kick.

Out to graze

But it’s not just about serving chips as part of a meal, with more and more punters choosing to order snacks while they are enjoying a drink. Richard adds: “There is now a clear tendency for pub and bar goers to graze on foods at various times throughout the day. “Pub visitors, especially Gen Z and Millennial patrons, often prefer to build a meal of appetisers or snack foods so they can focus on socialising with their friends while they eat and drink. “Consumers are moving away from the traditional role of a side dish and, instead, looking for something that not only stands out individually but can also form part of a ‘pick ’n’ mix’ selection.” Another important consideration as we enter a new decade is the way potatoes are sourced. Customers care more than ever about sustainability, and more and more of them are looking for their food to be sourced locally as part of a bit to cut down on CO2 emissions. “This is extremely important for pub guests – potatoes from our neighbourhoods that don’t travel around the world is extremely important for the guests in out of home consumption,” Andrea says.

Plant-based With one in five people following vegan, vegetarian and flexitarian diets, according to Mintel, the demand for plant-based dishes is here to stay. Appeal to those looking for ‘dirty vegan’ comfort food by topping sweet potato fries with shredded lettuce, chickpeas and tomatoes. All American American flavours continue to have a strong impact and can work well for pub menus. Use classic flavours cutomers know and love such as the Philly cheesesteak and bring these tastes to loaded fries. Think chips covered in juicy steak, monterey jack cheese and roasted peppers.

SPRING 2020 35 01/03/2020 03:20

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7 Vegan bar snacks


Capture the influencers Mark Teed, head of food at Star Pubs & Bars, says that those who follow a plantbased diet can often be the ones in the group who decide where to go out. So if you appeal to them, you can get all of their friends in too. He says: “A customer who chooses to eat a plantbased diet wants to have exactly the same experience as a customer who chooses a meat-based option. “Pubs should stick to classics that customers want and are used to ordering, and see how they can make them plant-based. “It’s important to cater for someone who is choosing to eat plant-based dishes, as these consumers can be the influencer within a group and they will base their decision on where to eat, on who has the options for them. “A person who follows a plant-based diet is not necessarily a vegan.”

p37 vegan snacks.indd 37

Grazing at the bar is on the rise, growing at the expense of sit down meals. With veggie, vegan and flexi-eating on the up too, here are seven snacks to consider for your menu. 1

Cauliflower popcorn


Mini sweetcorn and chick pea burger

Cook mini cauliflower florets in batter and serve them with a spicy sauce. Make sure they are crispy on the outside and moist and soft in the middle.

Mix sweetcorn and chickpeas together to form a delicious vegan patty, or consider using BBQ pulled jackfruit as an alternative option. It’s an easy one to upgrade for your mains menu too.

battered onion rings 3 AnBeer essential for the pub, these are easy enough to make and can be served with a side sauce such as BBQ.



It’s easy to accommodate a plant-based diet by serving nachos with guacamole, salsa and vegan cheese. Consider an option for hot sauce and a portion of black beans too.

Jalapeño popcorn Mix jalapeños with vegan cream cheese and deep-fry them in breadcrumbs. A delicious, moreish snack.

5 6

BBQ tofu


Buffalo seitan ‘chicken’ wings

This is a great play on BBQ pork and can work really well as a snack. Cook it in a BBQ sauce and serve some extra sauce on the side. Bake them until the edges are crispy but the inside is still nice and soft.

As another vegan alternative to meat, similar to tofu and tempeh but with an unrivalled texture and flavour, it is a convincing substitute. Try these wings with buffalo and blue cheese sauces and celery on the side. LoveSeitan also offers Funky Chyck’n Bites, which make great bar snacks.



02/03/2020 12:02


GAME CHANGER Diageo has joineD the sky anD Molson Coors teaM

NOW SAVE UP TO 50% ON SKY SPORTS The more you pour, the more you score Call for the best deal for your venue

08448 245 860 Or visit yourgamechanger.co.uk

Offer only available to leased and tenanted licensed premises in England and Wales (excludes Group customers, Scotland, Northern Ireland, Channel Islands and Isle of Man) who subscribe to Sky Ultimate, Molson Coors (UK) and, if applicable, Diageo Great Britain Ltd for a 12 month minimum term. Molson Coors (UK) and Diageo, if applicable, terms apply, including volume commitments. You must meet the minimum throughput for the Molson Coors (UK) 30% discount tier (stock 3 Molson Coors draught brands with a minimum of 6 units per week) to qualify for your additional Diageo Great Britain Ltd discount. Discount of up to 50% available off Sky Ultimate England & Wales payment via direct debit required for Sky Ultimate. Rateable value thresholds apply, if your licensed premises is above a certain threshold then Sky may offer you a lower discount which Sky will discuss with you prior to signing up. For more information and full terms and conditions visit www.yourgamechanger.co.uk.

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play ON AT MOLLOY’S Sport is an important selling point for us and a big match can mean a busy pub and big takings. Atmosphere is everything, so turn up the commentary and encourage people to shout above it to be heard. For big events like World Cups and European Championships we have a playlist ready and waiting for the build-up to get punters pumped up. If you do pay for Sky and BT then it’s important to push sports other than football and rugby. Cricket can be a good spinner if you always have it on, and NFL and women’s football have seen a marked increase in popularity recently.


Amount footy fans can save by watching big games down the pub instead of at home NetVoucherCodes.co.uk Watching big games down the pub is not only better for atmosphere, but also for your customers’ wallets. Research by money-saving experts NetVoucherCodes.co.uk suggests that fans watching eight matches a month in a pub can do so for £9.72 less than the monthly cost of a domestic Sky Sports and BT Sport subscription. If fans have two pints per game, based on the average price of a pint across the UK, they will spend £7.54 per visit, and around £60 a month. That’s just under a tenner cheaper than domestic subscriptions to both Sky and BT Sport

play intro single pager.indd 39

Pub games have traditionally been a winner with darts and pool teams helping those winter school nights tick over, and we’re always looking to build on this. Cards, dominoes and quiz leagues are all out there, so try and cater for as many as possible. Keeping the pub fun is essential and one-off charity events can encourage loyalty and community spirit whilst everyone has a laugh. One of our venues recently had a 24 hour Scalextric marathon with the track taking up nearly half the pub which seven-year-old kid me loved as much as the 45-year-old publican me.

✰ HIGHLIGHT EVENT ✰ Champions League Final • Sat, May 30 We can’t tell you who is going to be there, but if the last few years are anything to go by you will be in for a pub-filling treat once the Champions League Final comes round. For while Liverpool are running away with the Premier League title, Europe’s number one knockout tournament is very much up for grabs. It will conclude a fascinating week of football, with the FA Cup (May 23) and Europa League (May 27) also being decided in the latter part of May The showpiece will take place at The Ataturk Stadium, Istanbul (a city Liverpool fans will have great memories of). After that of course, there’s just the small matter of the European Championships to look forward to and the possibility of England lifting the trophy at Wembley. Well, we can but dream… • Live on BT Sport, 8pm

01/03/2020 03:28

A three-dog night by RUTH SCAMMELL

Above: Katie and Colin Martin bought The Globe so they could spend more time with Dave Below: three of the guests at The Alford Arms

Picture the scene: a couple walk in with their labrador. He’s soaking wet but he’s a happy, loveable dog. Do you welcome them into your pub? No matter where you are located, it’s clear that having dog walkers into your pub can mean big business. Whether they drop in for a coffee, a pint or for lunch, if you are dog friendly, it’s quite likely they will become repeat customers. Dog owner Becky Salisbury runs The Alford Arms in Frithsden, near Hemel Hempstead, Hertfordshire, with her husband David. They also own The Royal Oak near Marlow in Buckinghamshire. The Alford Arms backs onto Ashridge Forest, which is a National Trust site. “We have got some beautiful woods

round here. We are very fortunate,” she says. “We have got walkers who walk to the pub and have a good lunch and bring the dogs. It’s that whole feel of what we want it to be. It’s a proper pub.” Biscuits on the bar and water bowls outside make sure customers know they are welcome. So how do they promote that they are dog friendly? “We use a mix of word of mouth, social media and some advertising,” continues Becky. “We are fortunate to have a reputation of 21 years, so many of our customers have been bringing their pooches since the beginning.”

Pooch posts

The staff post their dog-friendly credentials on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Becky and David’s dog Dooley even has his own handle @DooleythePubDog on both Instagram and Twitter. The pub also has a presence on several dog-friendly websites and in guides, such as Sawday’s Dog-friendly Collection and Pub Walks in the Chilterns. There is an area of the pub where dogs aren’t allowed to go, meaning that dog owners can’t book a table to eat – but they can eat in the bar area. “It doesn’t make any sense to turn people away. People love to be able to bring their dogs in because they are part of their family,” Becky adds. “Having dogs in the pubs contributes enormously to the atmosphere, helping to create a relaxed home from home vibe. “They spark conversation between the guests and also our team and dog owners tend to have a longer dwell time, as folk aren’t having to run off home to let their fur babies out. “Many of our customers only go to places

trade.inapub.co.uk p40-41 dogs in pubs.indd 40

01/03/2020 03:31

Above: Dooley the pub dog welcomes others of his kind to The Alford Arms

They spark conversation, and also many of our customers only go to places where they can take their dogs trade.inapub.co.uk

p40-41 dogs in pubs.indd 41

where they can take their dogs and we would certainly lose business if they weren’t allowed in.” That’s not to say there aren’t downsides to being dog-friendly. “It can be a bit of an obstacle course getting through the pub when there are a few dogs in,” she adds. “Every now and then we may have a dog who gets a bit excitable, so this can be distracting although it’s usually sorted out by a quick run round the green.”

Four legs good

The Globe in Newbury also welcomes dog walkers. Katie Martin and husband Colin bought the pub after seeking a new life where they could spend more time with their dog, Dave. She says: “We wanted to make sure it was as dog friendly as possible, whether it’s a rescue puppy or a dog in training. We just wanted to make sure that dogs are

welcome. We found that there’s a big difference between being dog-friendly and being dog-tolerant.” The pub has a little stone dog that sits outside to inform dog owners that their pets are welcome. They have treats and you can buy dog beer, dog tea and dog prosecco. They also have plans to introduce a dog-friendly menu. The team promote the fact that they are dog-friendly through social media and regularly post pictures of dogs in the pubs. “We don’t care if the dogs come in soaking wet,” Katie adds. “We love it. We just want people to feel comfortable like it’s an extension of their home and have a nice place where everyone is welcome. “We don’t want their dogs to be treated like a second class citizen. “Lots of other places are being dog friendly now which is great.”



01/03/2020 03:31

stay 11 Discovering digital SPONSORED BY STAY IN A PUB

and building the bedroom business One certainty in the world of pubs is that nothing stays the same for long. No-one knows this better than Chris and Kaye Nix, who have been running The Staff of Life, a pub with rooms in Ticknall, Derbyshire, for nearly 25 years. It’s a busy pub with five rooms above it and another three in a converted stables. Running it has kept the couple so occupied that they have not been able to adapt to changes in technology as quickly as they would have liked. Chris says: “Having built a business focused on great customer service with a desire to maintain the highest standards with our drink, food and accommodation we realised that just wasn’t enough any more. “One of our biggest issues was that we were not marketing our pub effectively and certainly not making the most of the new digital opportunities out there. “Our first website was four years old when

we upgraded to our second website, which in turn lasted just over eight years. It was dated, to say the least, and that was before we even got to digital advertising and social media. We were so heavily involved in the day-to-day running of the pub that we didn’t have time to think about marketing, let alone do anything about it.”

Taking the plunge

The couple brought in managers for the day-to-day running of the pub so they could focus on other areas of the business. “It was difficult stepping back and making the active decision to focus on the challenges we previously identified but I am really pleased with the progress we have made, even if I would like for it to have happened faster,” Chris says. Stage one was the website. Chris contacted the digital team at Inapub and they suggested a few options. They opted to integrate the new Guestline solution. This manages your room bookings from booking through to check-out. You can allocate guests to rooms, generate their bills when they leave and contact them for marketing afterwards. This service has been built specifically for

trade.inapub.co.uk p42-43 stay.indd 42

29/02/2020 20:46


Chris and Kaye took a step back from the day-to-day running of the pub to focus on marketing their rooms on digital platforms

I just didn’t realise how many opportunities there are to market your rooms online

trade.inapub.co.uk p42-43 stay.indd 43

the independent pub market and ticks most of the boxes on Chris’s wish list. Now the pub has a new website and room booking system up and running that makes the most of the new world of digital. (https://thestaffoflife.co.uk/) “We are really pleased with the new website and booking system,” says Chris, “but it’s not been without its challenges. It’s been a steep learning curve for all of us but we are getting there. “I just didn’t realise how many opportunities there are to market your rooms online. I have learnt so much and introduced so many new things in such a short period of time. I am really hopeful about the impact these changes will make.” A further addition has been using the Guestrevu service. This not only allows you to track whenever new reviews about your business are posted but also emails guests feedback forms so they can review your business and help that all important TripAdvisor rating. Now the website is up and running Chris and Kaye have moved on to the world of social media. “If we thought the website

was challenging, that’s nothing compared to social media” says Chris. “Anyone can post stuff on Facebook but we really wanted to use social media to market our pub and drive footfall and room bookings.”

Eyes on the prize

They have started with a competition, running it alongside their regular posts, and focused on pushing it through Facebook and Twitter. They have also enlisted the help of Stay in a Pub to help with reaching as many people as possible. “We wanted to drive the competition as hard as possible before we started paying to boost it on Facebook,” says Chris. “We will definitely put some money on boosting but for us this is the first of many marketing activities we are going to run. We really need to understand what works and what doesn’t, so we can get better every time we push something new out there.” Chris and Kaye are just at the start of this new chapter of their pub life and we will be touching base with them later in the year to share their experiences, tips and recommendations.



29/02/2020 20:46

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1700 pubs listed A collection of boutique pubs and traditional inns around the UK View menus and seasonal bedroom offers Pinpoint a pub through your interests and hobbies Local attractions featured Engage with us on social media and win competition prizes Monthly newsletters - sign up on our homepage today

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Get to know your licences


ways to hit the right note


Done right, music can breathe life into your venue and help build your reputation and your business. Follow these six steps to make sure you’re in tune. 1

Cover yourself with a music licence


Get in touch with your local council

You need to make sure you are covered when you’re playing music or live acts are performing in your venue. TheMusicLicence from PPL PRS has been introduced to cover the playing of live and recorded music in venue. It replaces the two-licence system which was in operation prior to the joint venture between PPL and PRS.

Check with your council about what you need to do when it comes to having a licence to play music. They can issue you with an entertainment licence, which gives you permission to provide entertainment on your premises. This may be subject to certain conditions, such as time restrictions or the number of people attending.

ALEXANDRA CARR, PR & COMMUNICATIONS MANAGER, PPL PRS Imagine your pub without that music. Not quite the same is it? A business without music can seem lifeless and cold. Your music choices are a crucial element of your operation, but you also need to be correctly licensed to play that music. First of all you need an entertainment licence. This is issued by your local authority and gives you permission to provide entertainment on your premises. It may be subject to conditions such as time restrictions or number of people attending. You also need TheMusicLicence, issued by PPL PRS. This gives you permission to play music which is subject to The Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988. This means you don’t have to spend time and energy contacting potentially hundreds of thousands of rights holders – those people who create music – to get permission to play or perform their music in your business. With TheMusicLicence, playing music in your pub or bar could cost you as little as £1.01 per day*, and you will be safe in the knowledge that you are also licensed to play background music via radio and TV. And now we are making it even easier for you to buy TheMusicLicence. Previously businesses needed to buy two separate music licences, one from PPL and one from PRS for Music. These two bodies have listened to their customers and formed a new joint venture – PPL PRS Ltd – and created TheMusicLicence. What this means for you is that you can now buy and renew your music licence in one place, with one invoice and one contact. Simple!


* Cost example spread across 365 days based on a premises is which 400 sqm, your combined yearly pub and bar music licence could cost around £366 (excluding VAT).

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back-bar business


Enhance the environment

Live music has the ability to help set the tone, change the mood and create an atmosphere that people enjoy. It can provide an opportunity for your customers to be more engaged, making the whole experience with your business and brand even more enjoyable and memorable. Not only does this contribute to customer satisfaction, it can also improve loyalty and retention. So make sure it’s a welcoming place to host live music.


Attract new interest

Showcasing both well-known artists and local talent could help your business grow by attracting the artist’s own fans and other fans of the music, genre or style. PPL PRS generally charge a small percentage for events (normally up to 4.2 per cent of either the net admission or gross box office receipts). That means that live entertainment can potentially be

46 SPRING 2020

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an economical way of helping your business generate new custom.


Get your sound system sorted

A decent sound system is essential to ensure you can provide good quality sound so your punters can truly appreciate the live music. Do your research and make sure you invest the time to find the appropriate system for the size of your pub.


Don’t be afraid to play original music

Lots of pubs host cover bands because people are familiar with the music, but that shouldn’t always be the case, as Toby Robinson, licensee at The Cove in Hope, Devon explains. “There will be a lot of cover bands that do the circuit and there’s nothing wrong with that but we also have original music as well. Don’t be afraid to try different things. It’s good to diversify.”

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Turn a cocktail into a concert Turn it up! Discover how TheMusicLicence is helping businesses find their mojo.

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World famous rugby pub The Cabbage Patch has raised the funds for a sensory room at a nearby school. The £15,000 “Sensory Patch” at Clarendon School includes interactive lighting and projectors to help develop motor skills and promote engagement. Clarendon is a school in Twickenham for pupils aged four to 16 with moderate learning difficulties and additional complex needs. Over the last 30 years the pub has raised more than £150,000 for the school. Stuart Green, manager of the Fuller’s pub, said: “Witnessing the official opening of The Sensory Patch was one of the most humbling experiences of my career. It was so lovely to see the difference that you can make. I know it will help so many of these kids to develop, and that does bring a tear to your eye.” Clarendon headteacher John Kipps said: “We are enormously grateful to The Cabbage Patch. Our new sensory room, designed specifically for our secondary pupils with input from therapists and other specialists, will enable us to give our pupils excellent sensory experiences and to develop their skills in this area.”

THE COLLECTION TIN What pubs around the country are doing to help good causes Titanic Brewery boss Keith Bott has been appointed the first president of PubAid. The group was founded a decade ago by senior pub industry figures to shape more positive perceptions about the great British pub and to highlight the £100m raised by pubs for good causes every year.

McManus pub company is celebrating 50 years in business with a 50,000km bike ride. Five pairs of staff and customers from each of the pubs in the 16-strong estate will ride the distance on static bikes in the pubs. Money will be donated to a variety of good causes.

Pubs are being urged to get involved in the World’s Biggest Pub Quiz, which takes place between March 8 and 12. The fundraising initiative organised by PubAid will support various charities including the official partner Action Against Hunger UK. To get involved visit www.pubaid.com/quiz

Charity Surfers Against Sewage has named The Marquis of Granby in Riddlesden, Yorkshire, as a Plastic Free Champion. The pub has removed plastic condiment pouches and introduced compostable drinking straws, and refill handwash in its bathrooms.

Hundreds of breweries from around the world have joined forces to bring clean drinking water to those in desperate need. Scottish craft brew brand Brewgood has brought 240 brewers, including 145 from the UK, together for the Global Gathering initiative. Each brewery will create a unique small batch beer to sell over the weekend of World Water Day (March 20 to 22). All funds raised will go towards the £250,000 The Brewgooder Foundation is aiming to raise and spend on clean water projects in 2020/21. Brewers from the UK taking part include BrewDog, Beavertown, Tiny Rebel and Curious Brew. Brewgooder founder Alan Mahon said: “The craft beer community is no stranger to collaboration, but this project takes that to a whole new level. It will help empower 100,000 people by giving them something the rest of us take for granted: clean water.” To find out more visit www.brewgooder.com/gathering

Are you raising funds for a great cause? Let us know at editorial@inapub.co.uk



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PLATE OR SLATE? Where the nation’s publicans stand on the really big questions Richard Molloy Molloy’s Torquay, Devon

As well as being the guest editor of Inapub and the British Guild of Beer Writers trade writer of the year, Richard Molloy has also worked in and managed pubs across Devon for the last two decades. He is the landlord at Molloy’s in Torquay and managing director of four-strong pubco White Rose Taverns and the microbrewery Platform Five. Just don’t ask for your dinner on a slate…

Plate or slate? Plate. Only pigeons and roofers should eat from slates.

Cocktails or cask ale? Ha! No prizes for guessing that I’ll go for cask ale. Even if we didn’t brew our own, I would still opt for it, as I’ve never had to wait 20 minutes to be served because the group in front of me had ordered six pints of beer.

Karaoke or pub quiz? Pub quiz. Proud to say that I’ve never had karaoke in any of the pubs I’ve been the landlord of in over 20 years and I can’t see that changing any time soon.

Live sport or big screen ban? Live sport please. Some of my fondest memories of being a publican involve sport. Not just football either. I defy anyone who was in a pub when Ben Stokes won us the Cricket World Cup last summer to say that they didn’t enjoy it. Half of the people around me barely knew the rules, but ended up going barmy at the end.

Background music or silence is golden? Can I say either? The chatter of a busy bar is one of the nicest noises a landlord can hear so no music then, but overhearing an in-depth description of George’s colonoscopy in a sparsely populated bar is not great for business, so music when it’s quiet.

Family-friendly or keep the kids home? Since the smoking ban I’m a lot more comfortable with kids in bars, although they never have any money.

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Wear what you like or uniforms for the staff? Wear what you like. Your staff aren’t robots, let them express themselves and be comfortable. Also saves on the laundry bills.

Big night out or a meal with friends?

Dogs allowed or the only animals are on the menu?

Big night out. The tales the next day are a lot more fun.

Dogs, dogs, dogs. Love ’em. I don’t really trust people who don’t.

SPRING 2020 49 20/03/01 4:50

time at the bar

HAIR OF THE DOG Tales of the unexpected from the wonderful world of pubs Another round? d something r is moving and you nee Ever feel like the pub floo to hold on? e got n Eye in March would hav Visitors using the Londo they had at wh not have bene down to that feeling and it would been drinking. King was transformed into the One of the famous pods ital’s cap anniversary of one of the Vic pub to mark the 20th ions. most famous visitor attract Other themed pods included one representing parks, another for theatres and a “throne room” which is presumably where you head after spending too long in the King Vic.

Cheap and cheerful So a bunch of punters walked into the bar… and got a discount off their food bill by doing their best to make staff laugh. The “Make us Laugh” campaign was launched at The Sun in Ulverston, The Commodore in Grange and The Black Cock in Broughton, Cumbria, as part of a bid to banish the winter blues. Kirsty Mackenzie is the managing director of Lakeland Inns which runs the three pubs. She said: “We decided to do our bit to keep smiles on people’s faces through January by having a bit of fun and also offering a hefty discount on our usual prices.” That’s one way of assuring there are no long faces in the pub.

Spend a Penny La ne Law-maker turns law-breaker What chance is there for pubs when even members of their local licensing committees are apparently flouting the rules? That’s what happened when Wolverhampton councillor Paul Birch was caught drinking whisky outside the Lych Gate Tavern. That would have been all well and good only, the councillor admitted that he hadn’t bought the whisky from the pub. He was asked to leave by the management, concerned about potentially losing their licence. Not that Dr Birch will have anything to do with that now. He apologised unreservedly and stood down from the licensing committee.

A gin palace fre quented by the Beatles has been Grade I listed st awarded atus, putting it on a par with Buck Palace as one of ingham England’s most protected heritag Not that the Fab e sites. Four had anythin g to do with the by Historic Engl decision and. The listing recognises The Dining Rooms’ op Philharmonic ulent interior, wi th a standout fe the spectacular ature being gents’ toilets, ho me to some of th Instagrammed ur e most inals in the UK. No longer being able to have a pi nt at “The Phil” wa the worst things about s one of The Beatles’ fam e, according to Jo hn Lennon – but at least the gents inspire d great hits such as Love Me Doo-Doo, I W on’t Be Long and I W ant to Wash My Hands . Pic: Bryan Ledg ard / Wikimedia

50 SPRING 2020

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Worried about you or your child’s education and wellbeing at school or work? You can talk to us about anything, including training, health, housing and money issues too. Just call our helpline 0808 801 0550 or visit www.licensedtradecharity.org.uk The last thing you want to do is bottle things up.

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Inapub magazine Spring 2020 Issue 92  

Spring is a time for new beginnings, and we're trying a new way of doing things here at Inapub. In a bold/foolhardy move we've handed the re...

Inapub magazine Spring 2020 Issue 92  

Spring is a time for new beginnings, and we're trying a new way of doing things here at Inapub. In a bold/foolhardy move we've handed the re...

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