A humble SciArt view on Quantum Alphabets by Boo Kastner

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A humble SciArt view on Quantum Alphabets Singapore talk; March 11th 2019; 11:00 am. CET Remote Presentation: Bob Kastner 1 Head of Candeed Cue; Vienna, Austria For: School of Art, Design and Media Nanyang Technological University (NTU); Singapore

Quantum technology storyline  Quantum technology shows promising business opportunities and is expected to become a global economic driver soon. Groundbreaking new applications will change daily life and shape our society. But quantum science is based on counterintuitive concepts and flies in the face of all human logic. Quantum realities can be expressed in mathematical equations but not fully translated into “understandableâ€? language. Therefore scientists and artists develop creative formats to fully access the quantum universe and its revolutionary applications.

Quantum technology entangles with business Quantum Technology will provide revolutionary capacities in sectors like healthcare, aerospace, banking and financial markets, energy, trading systems, transport, agriculture defense and telecommunication. Where “big data” meets “real time applications” quantum technology will disrupt today´s markets. Quantum computing, “Quantum Internet”, Quantum Sensors and Quantum Simulation will take us into a post digital era.

Quantum Computing Market Forecast Artwork: Candeed Cue

In the scientist´s laboratory

Quantum World

Newton World

10-27 kg

Speck of dust: 10-7 kg


10-19 10-15 Smallest distance Atom observed at CERN nucleus

10-10 10-6 10-4 diameter of large molecule thickness hydrogen atom like DNA of flies leg

10-2 1m size of height of honeybee child

Newtonian and Quantum Scales Source: Candeed Cue (2018)

In the Newtonian world of classical physics we feel confortable when a bird is a bird, a dog is a dog and vegetables are healthy. In the quantum world Heisenberg described: “We are in the situation of sailors, who ended up in a far away country ... with a very strange language. The only option is to carefully feel how to find one´s way in the dark.”

In the scientist´s laboratory

I t

Charls Darwin: „I think“ Courtesy: Uwe Pörksen

Crick, Watson: Doublehelix Courtesy: Uwe Pörksen

Courtesy: Toont.GIF

New paradigms ask for new languages. Metaphors are central to human conceptual thinking and communication. Metaphors put the known into an equation with the unknown - Kepler´s cosmic rotations with Rutherford´s and Bohr´s atom as a microscopic planet.

In the scientist´s laboratory Niels Bohr, Werner Heisenberg and others performed experiments and had to express their findings in abstract language - mathematical equations. Their dilemma: In the new quantum world the language of classical physics simply does not work to fully understand the contradictory quantum concepts.

I t

Erwin SchrĂśdinger: Wave equation Courtesy: Gemma Lavender

Richard Feynman: Feynman Diagrams Courtesy: Gemma Lavender

In the artist´s studio In the quantum universe a particle could be a wave and vice versa - time and space could merge into space-time. Pablo Picasso: “A green parrot is also a green salad and a green parrot. Who only sees the parrot reduces his reality.” Picasso realized, that the geometry offers a new visual language to express the fourth dimension. He shows in two perspectives simultaneously full face and profile.

Pablo Picasso: Les Demoiselles dAvignon Courtesy: MoMa; New York.

In the artist´s studio Picasso worked like a technologist. He performed experiments in cubism with objects beyond our perceptions. In an intensive experimental work period he extracted the essence of Minotaur.

Pablo Picasso: 22.12. 1945 Courtesy: Irving Lavin; Picassos Stiere

Pablo Picasso: 2.1. 1946 Courtesy: Irving Lavin; Picassos Stiere

Pablo Picasso: 17.1. 1946 Courtesy: Irving Lavin; Picassos Stiere

In the artist´s studio

Pablo Picasso: 25.12. 1945 Courtesy: Irving Lavin; Picassos Stiere

In the artist´s studio Visual Alphabets Courtesy: Wikipedia

Artists utilize all human senses to interpret the unseen, the complex, the unimaginable, the counterintuitive and contradictions of our human logic. With one major concept at hand artists create an “alphabet” of verbal, visual, olfactory, haptic and sonic metaphors as a communicating language.

In the artist´s studio

Artists interpret the unseen, the complex, the unimaginable, the counterintuitive.

Iconic Art Courtesy: AKAKIKO Austria

The Science- Art Equation The scientific process is not only a simple collection of single observations like taking photos with a camera. In addition to hard evidence, facts and reproducible results scientists form hypothesis with intuition. Art plays an important role to restructure thinking en route to a paradigm change. Artists cannot be relegated to subjectivity and imagination. Ludwig Wittgenstein (1922): „The limits of my language are the limits of my mind.“ Artists and scientists expand the limits of classical physics languages and coin new concepts. Both go beyond limitations of human traditional logic.

The Science- Art Equation Quantum physicists rely on logical reasoning including an essential part of intuition and not to forget - curiosity. Artists create their artwork on the three pillars: Logical reasoning with sophisticated artistic intuition and of course - curiosity.

Artwork: Candeed Cue Vienna; Austria


Following the Science- Art Equation The exercise: To meet in laboratories and art studios to exchange essential common talents: Logic reasoning, intuition, curiosity and social responsibility. The message: There is no reason for artists playing in the periphery or in the backyard. Artists as well as scientists are playing center court. The final “picture” for artists as well as scientists offered by Alice Major the Canadian poet: “Writing a poem is like picking a lock, poking a thin metal strip into a keyhole and maneuvering it, listening intently for the clicks that tell you, that you are in.”"

Candeed Cue injects science results into mainstream culture and communicates key technologies shaping society. bob.kastner@candeedcue.com www.candeedcue.com Vienna; Austria.

Š Copyright Candeed Cue


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