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WHETHER YOU’RE GROWING HERBS in a backyard garden or an indoor windowsill, fresh herbs can add vibrant flavor to your spring recipes. They are often used to complement savory dishes, but herbs’ bright flavors pair beautifully with baked goods. Herbs will add a distinctive twist to classic desserts, as in Lemon-Thyme Bundt Cake and Rosemary Shortbread. Thyme’s aromatic quality complements the tart notes in lemon cake, while rosemary’s bold flavor infuses delicate shortbread with an unexpected flavor pairing. Both thyme and rosemary add a sophisticated touch to each bite of these indulgent treats. Interestingly, herbs aren’t the only thing that enhance these recipes. A touch of the hand intensifies 100

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the lemon essence in the Lemon-Thyme Bundt cake, while gently forming the dough by hand creates a tender texture in shortbread. The Lemon-Thyme Bunt cake recipe instructs you to rub lemon zest and sugar together until well blended and fragrant. It’s a little step that creates big flavor. Shortbread is also enhanced by using your hands to gently form the flour mixture into a disc shape without overworking the dough. Using an electric mixer tends to overwork the dough, resulting in crisp shortbread rather than a melt-in-your-mouth texture. Your hands truly are your best kitchen tool. As we head into a new season, enjoy practicing the art of using herbs and your hands in these splendid springtime recipes.


Fresh Herbs Brighten Spring Desserts

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April-May 2017 Issue of Inside New Orleans  

April-May 2017 Issue of Inside New Orleans