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Vitasys & Educanet deliver CTOUCH solutions Dozens of boxes with displays, servers, laptops, and routers are densely packed in an office of Educanet. “All of them supplied by Vitasys. I’ll choose them as my supplier nine out of ten times when I need new materials for my schools. “Senster is the designated person to give information about what digital learning means, also for the future. “Van een statisch schoolbord naar een touch display van CTOUCH.” Sjef Senster, Director of Educanet

Key Figures 10 schools 1500 students 70 pieces 70 inch touchscreens CTOUCH WMT Mobile

With ‘my Schools’ Sjef Senster means the 19 primary schools in North Holland. Together they form the foundation ‘Sarkon’. Senster is employed by Sarkon, but no longer as a principal of one of those schools. Five years ago, he changed his career and started working for Educanet to lead the subsidiary Sarkon that takes care of the entire IT services for all the member schools. “Previously, my clients were the parents, now my colleagues are.”

Working with a touch display “Five years ago, the introduction of the first touch displays were a major challenge. After all, we had to, train teachers in dealing with these interactive displays. From a static blackboard to the endless possibilities of a touch display. This required all the necessary explanation and support. “ “I have worked 37 years within education and I am convinced that digital learning is inevitable. The Internet is becoming a utility agent, like gas, water and light. At the same time, ICT is a means, not an objective on its own. It is a way to give the type of education which fits into this time. Although the traditional classroom education is changing, the basics do not change: providing the proper knowledge. Touch displays and web-based learning packages make it easier to children to take notice and visualize the subjects. You can still teach a whole class and decide, if necessary, to instruct a smaller group separately using the touch display. The touch display brings more dynamics in education however it remains a means to educate. What never changes is the way children can listen breathless if their teacher tells a great and exciting story.”

Touch displays connect very well with the experiences of the child The coaches of Educanet give workshops to about 300 colleagues. “We do not only teach them the skills, we also bring them ideas. For example, if you work with themes you are able to integrate videos, photos, web information and

exercises into these. Forget the old blackboard, CTOUCH displays offer a very different way of teaching. That is what we want to convey,” they say. Working with large displays fits the perception of the child extremely well. Children often think visually and now we have the ability to offer the materials in an attractive visual way. Take a coach sum ‘, where you previously read a story about a coach in which passengers step on and off. Such a sum can now really be shown as a moving bus. And the beauty is, you can instantly see which child understands the material and who needs more time. A computer is the most patient teacher that exists. You can practice indefinitely, until the child gets it. The subject matter is the same, but the way you can offer it is more fun and playful. As a result, children are more involved and besides that it also provides more security. Many Dutch primary schools are already offering English lessons. As a school you depend on the quality of the teacher who brings about this language. But most teachers are obviously not a native speaker. With the touch display you can use a virtual digital teacher, a training package with an English teacher. So you can be sure that the language is transmitted properly. Also in digital primary education teachers are still determining the pace and the repetition of the exercises. Only now with new resources. The old-fashioned chalkboard is soon history.

CTOUCH offers a wide and affordable product range. We deliver leading products that meet the expectations of dynamic presentation capabilities.

CTOUCH vitasys en Educanet  

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CTOUCH vitasys en Educanet  

succes stories