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22 Featured Weddings In this edition of Impressions Bride, we spotlight four area weddings — the wedding of Jessica Klenke and Jesse Pacchione of Cary, NC; the wedding of Kelly Kubrock and Myron Hill of Greenville, NC; the wedding of Keisha Barnes and Kenneth Pierce of Richmond, VA; and the wedding of Drs. Meredith Edwards and Carter Clement of Raleigh, NC. Our featured wedding spreads begin on page 22.

10 Unique Ideas for 2013

Tips for simplifying the wedding registry process How to be a Great Groom Getting fit for your wedding day

Featured Weddings

Day to Remember Jessica Klenke and Jesse Pacchione Pretty in Pink Kelly Kubrock and Myron Hill Royal Affair Keisha Barnes and Kenneth Pierce To have and to hold Drs. Meredith Edwards and Carter Clement Your Perfect Planning Checklist

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How to select your wedding party

What’s my Role? How to be a Great Groom

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Myron and Kelly Hill River Dunes, Oriental, NC Crutchfield Photography

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Every year the wedding industry is influenced by specific wedding trends and many brides love to follow those ideas to get new fashion, decor and entertainment inspirations. Here are 10 Wedding Trends for 2013.


The mint color was huge on the runway this year and will be incorporated in many weddings in 2013. The mint color is very refreshing, delicate and can be mixed with many other colors for a beautiful wedding palette. Mint can be incorporated into anything in your 2013 weddings — bridesmaid dresses, shoes, jewelry, centerpieces, wedding cake, invitations, decor, f lowers, wedding favors,

10 Unique Ideas for 2013

and even transportation. Simply use your imagination; the possibilities are endless!


Another wedding trend inspired by the runway is the non-white wedding dress. If you’re a bride who wants to differentiate your wedding and make your own fashion statement, this trend is for you! Depending on your preference, you can have a dress fully completed in your chosen color, or if you want a white dress, look for little colorful elements on gown like designs, f lowers, lace, etc.


Want to surprise your future husband just hours before the wedding ceremony and make him go crazy waiting until you finally walk the aisle? Create a sexy photoshoot just for him and send the album his way on the morning of the wedding. If you’re shy in front of a photographer, ask a friend to take the pictures.


Another popular trend is to decorate your guests tables with peacock and ostrich feathers. The great thing about this idea is the wide spectrum of colors available for peacock and ostrich feathers, this helps brides decorate centerpieces in any of their favorite wedding colors. Some combine f lowers with feathers, while others opt out for a feather-only type of centerpiece. You can find feathers of your choice in almost at any flower shop, or order them online.

Five Non-white wedding dresses or dresses with colorful elements will be trendy for 2013.


One of the most personalized wedding trends of 2013 will be opting for a family emcee. Every family probably has a funny, energetic, and crowd pleasing person in your family, that you can ask to lead the program on your special day. Maybe it’s your dad, uncle, brother, sister, or even a special friend? Who knows you better than that person from your family or friends circle? Trust us on

Peacock and ostrich feathers are hot for 2013. This cake topper is available at shop/HappilyFeatherAfter . this one — you’ll have a memorable evening with lots of laughs, special moments, and warm wishes! Just make sure that the person is comfortable with their emcee role and create a momentby-moment wedding program to distribute it to your wedding vendors, so they will see how the wedding will progress throughout the evening.


Another great way to personalize your wedding is to create fill-in-theblank RSVP wedding cards. Create wording applicable to you two as a couple, and leave empty spaces for your guests to fill out. Ask guests to complete the form and mail it back to you. Try to make it fun, short, and easy to fill out, continued on next page

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then collect the RSVPs and put them in a box to review in future years and have a few good laughs! You can even get someone to read out loud the very best RSVP card during the wedding reception.


One unique wedding trend for 2013 will be rainbowcolored elements. While rainbow colors may seem a bit overpowering to some brides, when incorporated with white color alone and used properly, they can add some great atmosphere and contribute to some unique wedding photography ideas. Think colorful cakes, colorful shoes, colorful f lowers, you name it. The rainbow has no end!



Wedding backdrops and backgrounds will be on pointe for 2013. This backdrop is a creation which can be found at .

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Unique wedding backdrops and backgrounds for family tables, dessert tables, ceremonies, photo stations, etc., will be on pointe for 2013. Just use your imagination, and you can create a unique backdrop or background from just about anything! There are also plenty of options available on the internet, so just start searching!


Another great idea from our selection of 2013 wedding trends is to create a special lounge area or areas for your guests where they can relax and socialize away from the dance f loor or during breaks. Depending on your crowd and preferences you could set up some different areas, perhaps a cigar lounge for the guys and a martini lounges for girls. If you have a lot of children that will be attending the big event, and you want to keep their parents a bit more relaxed throughout the evening, you could set up a kids lounge with plenty of arts and crafts for the kids, complete with a babysitter to give the parents a break!


And, our final piece of advice is to make your wedding day a memorable one — personalize your wedding to fit your individual style and make it truly your own! Don’t settle for common and traditional wedding ideas just because everyone else is doing it. This is your wedding day, and it should ref lect your style, your ideas, and your personality. Why settle for a traditional limo, white wedding cake, or a common wedding dress? Use your imagination and create a truly unique wedding! Have your guests say with a smile “This wedding was truly her, I would never confuse it with anyone elses!”

Article by Anastasia Shizhayeva, the Senior Event Planner at Eventadore Inc., a corporate events and weddings company dedicated to creating unique, memorable and measurable event experiences.


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Decisions Decisions

How to Select Your Wedding Party

Whether you opt for a single attendant, a dozen, or anywhere in between, how to choose your wedding party should be based on the overall size of your wedding. If you’re having a small wedding, your attendants should be small in number, and vice versa if you’re hosting a grand gala.

Determine your number.

You can have as many people as you and your soon-to-be spouse desire, but


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Photo by JayRay24

Once you decide to get married, you may be faced with the tough choice of whom to stand up with you on your wedding day. You don’t want to hurt people’s feelings, but you also want to ensure that your wedding goes as smoothly as possible. The participants in a wedding party may include bridesmaids, groomsmen, ushers, flower girls, and ring bearers. You may want those closest to you, i.e. family or dear friends, but there is no strict rule on how many people you should have in your wedding party. to choose your wedding party should be based on the overall size of your wedding remember that the more attendants you have, the greater potential for complications. You need to ensure that everyone agrees upon attire cost, dates for wedding

festivities, and that overall everyone gets along. Experts recommend one bridesmaid and one groomsman for every 50 guests. If you will also be having ushers


in your wedding, you should also aim for the one usher per 50 guests suggestion.

Select your main attendants.

This is traditionally the maid of honor (or matron of honor if the woman is married) and the best man. You can choose one or two women or men to serve. Some brides opt for two main maids or matrons of honor, if they have a sibling and best friend and will have difficulty choosing one over the other. The same can hold true for some grooms. Just be forewarned that both attendants need to get along and agree on what’s best for you, not them.

If you have ring bearers or flower girls, remember, they may not cooperate during the event. Tikes may need to sit with family once they walk down the aisle. • Don’t choose your wedding party too far in advance. Friendships change over time, if you’re planning to marry more

than a year from when you ask. If you feel close to certain friends but worry that you may not be as close to them in the future, you can always assign them a smaller task, such as handing out programs. Article from

Seek reliable &dependable. Your wedding day is a special event, and the people you ask to stand up with you must be held accountable. Make sure you express your expectations when you ask them to be in your wedding; you don’t want to be disappointed because you didn’t voice your concerns beforehand.

Consider selecting relatives.

Your soon-to-be spouse may also choose one of his or her family members to be a bridesmaid or groomsman. If you don’t choose your sister and opt for a friend, be prepared to deal with repercussions from your immediate family.

Things to keep in mind.

• Just because someone asks you to stand up in his or her wedding doesn’t mean you need to return the favor. Only ask if you sincerely want him or her to be in your wedding and don’t be discouraged if they don’t return the favor. • A bridesmaid doesn’t necessarily have to be a woman nor does a groomsman need to be a man. If the bride’s best friend is a man, she should think about asking him to be her bridesman. Same with a woman being a groomswoman. • If your friends live far away, don’t just assume they cannot participate in your wedding party. They may not be able to take part in all the pre-wedding festivities. Do keep them informed about the wedding plans to make them know you really want them to be a part of your special day.


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Selecting the perfect wedding cake for you

Selecting the best wedding cake depends on your likes and dislikes, the wedding theme and, of course, your budget. While it’s ultimately up to you to choose the cake, your choice can be made a little easier by following these steps.

Unless you have a concrete idea of the kind of cake you’d like, you’ll need time to look around at options, as well as time to book the creator, allocate funds, and find special decorative elements. Remember that bakers in high demand can be booked out during the summer season, so don’t wait until it’s too late.

Start looking for ideas.

While some wedding themes may suggest the type of wedding cake you’ll need, this won’t always be self-evident or in line

Plan well in advance.

Cupcake wedding cakes have gained a lot of followers in recent years. with your preferences. When choosing a cake style, consider resources: • Read wedding magazines featuring cakes • Look online at wedding cake ideas • Look at baker’s displays • Look at old family photos for ideas (if you want to carry on a tradition).

Know your options.

Flowers can make a lovely wedding cake addition.


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• Cupcake wedding cake — This kind of cake has gained a lot of followers in recent years. It’s a tower of cupcakes usually in different flavors. The frosting can include many different types of symbols, initials, flowers, fruits, etc. as preferred. While many bakers are happy to make this kind of cake, this style is great for a wedding reception planned for home as the cupcakes can be made easily in advance and frosted by generous family members just prior to the wedding. Or, buy them in bulk pre-frosted, and add a few finishing touches! The tiered stand is widely sold as a “cupcake tree”.

• Cheesecake — A smooth and creamy cheesecake can be a great alternative to the traditional. A variety of f lavors are available, plus yummy toppings. They can be arranged in layers with the right kind of platform. A money-saving tip: Many restaurants and caterers offer dessert as part of your meal package. Opt for the cheesecake and serve small wedding cheesecakes to your wedding party. Guests will never know the difference! •Mixed Dessert Table — Can’t decide on a dessert? Have a table arranged with a variety of mini desserts. Or serve dessert “shots” with a variety of choices served in shot glasses! Or you can do adorable cake pops and put your dessert on a stick! Perfect for a light hearted, casual wedding! If you still want something to cut into for those infamous wedding cakes photos, you can always have a small, one or two tier cake made up on the side.


Sugar and Spice

Cake pops are an adorable way to put your dessert on a stick!


• Other options — Here are a few other possibilities to conside: croquembouche, a French traditional dessert; a French chocolate cake; wedding theme cakes; or even wedding cookies. The choice is completely up to you!

Decide on your budget.

Take the time to compare and contrast different styles and specialties provided by each baker. Always ask to taste their cake. You need to know if the bakery’s cakes have the texture and f lavor you like. Even if it’s a place you’ve purchased from before, ask for another taste in case

ingredients or methods have changed. Good bakeries will provide a taste. Ask about delivery specifics. Secure transportation is of utmost importance! Article compiled from and .

Once you’ve got some idea of the type of cake you’d like, you’ll need to work out how much money you have to spend on the cake. Be realistic and compare the prices of various cake vendors. When it gets down to the time of choosing the baker, you can ask for quotes and then compare these and ask for discounts where appropriate.

Visit bakers and caterers.

Once you’ve selected a few bakers or caterers which seem like a good fit, make a visit. Ask to see their cake portfolios.


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Tips for simplifying the wedding registry process

Let’s face it: Planning a wedding is very stressful. Even with creating your registry, the endless gift possibilities can be just as overwhelming as they are exciting. Here are a few tips to help you maintain a stress free and enjoyable registry, before and after your wedding.

Register together In the past, wedding registries were primarily created by the bride, but today many include gadgets and power tools along with linens and china. With a universal registry, you can add from the bride and groom’s favorite stores, so take advantage of this. The registry is a chance for a couple to plan their life together, so it’s best when both parties contribute. Take inventory of your stuff. Go through your things room by room and assess what is missing, what you would like to have replaced and what you would like to have upgraded. Even after you’ve taken inventory of your combined possessions, it’s inevitable that you will think of, or see, something that you would like to add to your list. Keep the list accessible to the both of you, so it remains a joint effort.

Choose stores that suit your style as a couple. Don’t feel obligated to register where everyone else has registered just because it is a popular choice. You can make it easy for your guests to buy you a gift off of your wedding registry if you include an online registry store in addition to local shops. Seek advice from friends and family when creating your registry. Browse registries of other current or past brides. Most wedding registries stay posted online up to a year after the wedding date. Take a peek at other’s lists to check for anything you may have missed.

Never fear asking for cash Asking for money is realistic, not taboo! offers a Cash Gift option where you can name your fund ‘Dream Honeymoon,’ ‘Home Furnishing Fund,’ or whatever you’d like. Guests are much more likely to give cash when they know that their contribution is going towards something meaningful.

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Creating a registry doesn’t guarantee that your gifts will always be in stock. In the event that an item is out of stock, you may want to add it from another retailer or choose a new gift. It is also good to make sure that different price points are still represented on your registry.

Announce your registry Don’t put all this effort into your registry and forget to tell people about it! Send notifications of your bridal registries in your bridal shower invitations. Include a website where guests of the bridal shower can see your registry online. This will help them decide what gifts to buy you for your shower and wedding. Create a website for your wedding. You can create free websites through several online services

Choose a variety of gifts at varied price points

You don’t know what people want to spend, so make sure they have plenty of options. Also keep in mind that some guests are more comfortable with the traditional gift. Your guest list will include people of all stages of life and f inancial status. Be sure your registry has items that appeal to all these groups of people.


Check on your registry

A china pattern is a traditional bridal registry staple.



StressFree Registry

such as WeddingWire or MyWedding. Just do some searching and you’ll find options galore. And don’t forget... Announce your registry through social media. This is an easy, cost- and time-effective way to announce your bridal registry, especially if you’re go-ing green with your wedding planning. Update your status with a link either to your registry at a certain store or to the website you’ve created for your wedding. It may seem forward, but it’ll be beneficial to those wedding guests who want to get their shopping done; and all your guests will appreciate a link to your page so they don’t have to search the net themselves.

wedding or honeymoon is recommended, even sooner for gifts that were received before the event. And, just because your event is over doesn’t mean it’s time to delete your registry. Keep a wish list for every gift-giving occasion, from birthdays to anniversaries to the holiday season and

someday down the line, perhaps a baby shower!

Article from Nancy Lee, contributor, and Chelsea Baldwin, Contributor and .

Continuing your registry Send your thank you notes in a timely manner. Don’t forget to thank your guests for their generosity! A month after the


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What’s my Role?

How to be a Great Groom

As a groom (congrats, by the way), here’s what’s expected of you. Of course, these are just government recommended minimums. Your mileage may vary. Greatly.

Name names Go for the Gold

Prepare your side of the guest list.

Choose the wedding bands, which can match or just have matching engravings. Some couples have their initials engraved with their wedding date inside the ring.

Keep it real

Call the marriage license bureau and determine all the necessary requirements and timing. Arrange for the blood test, if it’s required in your county.

Get from PointAto B

Book transportation both to and from the ceremony and after the reception.


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Yes, it's your wedding. But your fiancée's probably been thinking about this for much longer than you have. Speak up, but be supportive of her wishes.


Speak Eloquently Be prepared to give a toast at the rehearsal dinner in response to the best man’s toast. Mention how lucky you are to marry your bride and thank your parents, inlaws, and guests.


• Yes, it’s your wedding. But your fiancée's probably been thinking about this for much longer than you have. Speak up, but be supportive of her wishes. • Your ideas are valuable; share them.

• Don’t just go along for the ride. It may seem like it’s working, but sometime, somewhere...this’ll come back to bite you!

Article from and Jeff Wilser of .

Provide Shelter

Book a hotel room for your wedding night, unless you are leaving directly to the honeymoon.

Plan the Getaway

The honeymoon getaway, that is. While you’re probably going to pick a place with your bride, you’re still responsible for most of the legwork. Unlike wedding planning, there’s no etiquette, no formalities, no nagging moms who bicker about appetizers. Book waaaaay in advance and consider a half ’n’ half (where half the trip is adventure and half’s on the beach).

Buy Her a Bridal Gift

Don’t make the classic rookie mistake of getting caught empty-handed when she gives you a gift at the rehearsal dinner. Safe options include jewelry, a framed photo (it better be a darn good frame — and photo) or a gift her mom or best friend helped you pick out.

A few tips...

• Help out as much as possible, but know your limitations (both personal and fiancée mandated ones). If she’s doing the majority of the planning, she’s probably bordering on wedding overload. You need to make sure she doesn’t have an ulcer (or a grudge!) by the time she walks down the aisle. Give her a night to relax and cook her dinner, do the dishes, rent her favorite movie, and remind her why wedding planning is worth the stress. • Ask for help. There’s no better way to score brownie points with your future wife than asking for help on a task. Well, you could do the task on your own, but that’s expecting a lot of you. •Do your own research, or at least fake it as best as possible. Think term paper.


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Getting fit for your wedding day

Every bride wants to look perfect on her wedding day. Selecting a dress that will make you look and feel great is an important first step. But what happens when you look in the mirror and see trouble spots? It’s not uncommon for brides to try a quick-fix diet or other unhealthy way to help get in shape. Unfortunately, many dieting brides make fitness mistakes that not only prevent them from reaching their goals but also cause unnecessary stress and sometimes even illness— two things no bride needs! Here are five

of the most common diet mistakes as well as some tips to help you avoid them.

overall wedding checklist. That way it will be a priority in your planning.

Too much, too late.

Setting unachievable goals.

One of the most important things to remember if you are trying to lose weight is to start early. For example, don’t try to lose 20 pounds two months before the big day. The key is to plan ahead so that you can lose the weight (or just tone up) gradually. So if you’re dream-wedding day includes you being in great shape, then include fitness as a “to-do” on your

Many women get engaged and begin imagining themselves drastically thinner or more sculpted. Be realistic with yourself. If you’ve never been a size 6 in your life, then it is probably unrealistic to think you can magically transform just because you are getting married. And, do you really want to look so different on your wedding day that most people (including your fiancé) hardly recognize you?

Radical diets. Brides typically are short on time and long on to-do lists. This leads many to try unhealthy fitness programs or starvation diets. Don’t be tempted by diets that promise quick, drastic results with little effort from you. You should avoid any programs that suggest taking “diet” pills or eating unbalanced meals. And, do not

Don’t be tempted by quick fix diets... just eat healthy!


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be lured into trying dangerous things.

Not exercising.

It’s easy for brides to say “I don’t have time to exercise” or “I’m too tired,” but diet and exercise should go hand-in-hand. Without activity your body can’t burn as many calories. If you’re very short on time, exercise in 10-minute bursts throughout the day. Keep in mind that little things help too, like taking the stairs or parking at the outer edge of the parking lot. Plus, if you’re tired from your planning, exercise will help give you back energy.

means very fattening foods and/or overeating all at once. To avoid this, try pac light snacks to keep on hand throughout the day. Examples include carrot sticks, cheese strings, peanut butter crackers, etc.

have to require a lot of time. The most important thing is for a bride to feel good about herself. And no matter what size or shape she comes in, all brides are beautiful on their wedding day!

Just remember — getting in shape does not have to be complicated and does not

Article by Lynn Bode, author and certified personal trainer with

Skipping Meals

It’s not uncommon to get caught up in your planning and realize at 9 p.m. that you haven’t eaten a thing all day. While it may not be an uncommon scenario, it is unavoidable. Skipping meals unhealthy, and it can lead to binge eating. That often


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A Destination


Destination weddings, weddings held in a vacation location away from the couple’s home, have gained popularity in recent years. This hip alternative allows a couple to combine the best of a honeymoon with a traditional ceremony, and often save a little money in the process. Some destination weddings may involve an eloping couple, others may include a few close friends and family, and still others are full blown affairs with multiple parties over a long wedding weekend. What’s a destination wedding like? Well, picture yourselves in a warm, luxurious atmosphere or a snowy hilltop with happy friends and family toasting the two of you. Music plays and a feast of fine food awaits. Every wedding detail, from the setting to the officiant to the f lowers and the cake, can be arranged at the destination to suit your taste. After the wedding ceremony, you won’t have to leave the breathtakingly beautiful location so soon... if you choose to have your honeymoon there as well. So is a destination wedding right for you? Here are some things to consider: Resorts and tourism organizations work hard to keep a destination wedding stressfree and simpler. As part of a package deal, many offer the complimentary services of their on-site wedding consultant who will help you coordinate all of the ceremony essentials (marriage license, cake, officiant, etc.) All you have to do is show up! Also talk to your wedding coordinator about organizing activities for your guests such as sightseeing, SCUBA or snorkeling excursions, sports, or shopping. If your resort has a spa onsite, you can give your guests gift certificates for spa services to help them really enjoy their stay. However, for those of you not getting married at a resort, you have to juggle the details for yourself at a distance. If your destination is a foreign country or even continued on page 20


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one. You can always send them pictures afterwards!

continued from page 18

another state, you might run into complications trying to get your license. Consider an in-state destination or hire a coordinator who specializes in destination weddings to help you over these speed bumps. You’ll want to know how to get a marriage license there. You can also consult for laws in popular destinations. Also check tourist boards which may have literature available to help you find local f lorists, photographers, and venues. With a smaller invite list of a destination wedding, you can avoid feeling “forced” to invite that cousin you can’t stand, or the in-law that everyone fights with. Just invite your closest friends and family to the intimate ceremony and celebration, or keep it romantic and don't invite any-


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However, with far-away locations, some guests may not be able to attend due to the cost, or the difficulty in getting off work. Older guests may not be able to travel. Talk to those truly essential before booking tickets and sending invitations. You might find a destination site closer to home that might work better. North Carolina offers inns and resorts renowned for their attention to wedding details. If money is an issue, in-state locations, domestic locations or countries with a favorable exchange rate would be optimal. A beach wedding on North Carolina’s coast can be formal or relaxed, ranging from a sit-down dinner to a beach cookout. Historic seaport towns like Edenton and Wilmington offer waterfronts and

historic architecture as backdrops or watch the sun rise and set over the waters of the Atlantic Ocean from the northern Outer Banks or the southern Outer Banks, known as the Crystal Coast. Like a delicate strand of pearls dangling off the North Carolina coast, the Outer Banks have been a favorite Atlantic coast destination of generations is also one of the few remaining natural barrier island systems in the world. Wild, pristine and hauntingly beautiful, North Carolina’s northern and southern Outer Banks provide the perfect place for a wedding. For a gorgeous beach backdrop and overthe-top accommodations for the entire family, mouth-watering coastal cuisine and adventurous activities like scuba diving and kayaking to ease pre-wedding jitters, North Carolina’s coast provides


an unforgettable wedding experience for you and your guests. Few events are as romantic as a seaside wedding — the gentle breezes, the splash of ocean waves and the cries of gulls all say you’re in a special place on your special day. Exchange vows as you stand on the warm sandy beach, dance under the stars, and celebrate your special day with your dearest loved ones. With an idyllic setting of clear skies, crystal blue ocean and beautiful beaches, the North Carolina coast is a premier wedding and honeymoon destination. But, if the beach is not your preference, North Carolina offers and abundance of other destinations to choose from. Beautiful and quaint Inns adorn the hills of the North Carolina Mountains. Outdoor romantic opportunities are everywhere from hiking among the trickling streams to spending the afternoon on a leisurely picnic for two. Mountain towns and cities like Asheville, Hendersonville and Blowing Rock offer everything from upscale ski resorts to country cottages for wedding sites and accommodations. Exchange your vows at the Biltmore Estate, America’s only “castle,” atop Chimney Rock with its 75-mile panoramic view, or at the base of 404-foot Hickory Nut Falls. Stately mansions are sprinkled through the North Carolina’s Piedmont – each with its own style and personality. They provide an elegance that can be shared with a large or intimate ceremony. The Piedmont is the center of the state’s vibrant wine industry, also a spectacular wedding destination. Vows and vines just go together at the more than 70 wineries across the state. You can also choose a “big city” wedding in a destination such as Charlotte or a traditional wedding in Pinehurst which offers a world-class spa, afternoon tea, and of course, golf. The choice is yours. Weigh the pros and cons and pick your perfect location.

Article from and


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Day to Remember Jesse & Jessica July 21, 2012 Rock Springs Center Greenville, NC Photography by: Hooman Bahrani Vesic Photography


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Their Big Day


Jessica Klenke & Jesse Pacchione July 21, 2012 Ceremony, Reception & Catering Rock Springs Center, Greenville, NC Officiant Ron Petrella Maid of Honor Katie Geohagan, Charlotte, NC Bridesmaids Joy Klenke, Greensboro, NC; Silvie Counts, Charleston, SC; Sarah Davis, Cary, NC; Meredith McHattie, Durham, NC; Kristen Morris, Raleigh, NC; Brandi Burroughs, Chapel Hill, NC Flower Girl Lily Counts, Charleston, SC Best Man Colin Karell, Frederick, MD Groomsmen Scott Klenk, Greensboro, NC; Paris Pacchione, Taos, NM; Daniel Epps, Sevilla, Spain; Stephen Hansen, Frederick, MD; Tim Cunningham, Cary, NC; Parker Rowe, Chapel Hill, NC. Ringbearer Austin Klenke, Greensboro, NC Wedding Cake Noma Brueckner, Lawsonville, NC Flowers Occasions Event Design, Macclesfield, NC Photography Hooman Bahrani, Vesic Photography, Winston Salem, NC Videography Island Sound & Video, Raleigh, NC Transportation Britannia Coach Ltd, Washington, NC City Bus, Greenville Area Transit Entertainment Ceremony - Flutist - Alison Massey, Harpist - Vonda Darr; Vocalist - Joy Klenke. Reception – Bill & Bill DJ’s, Greenville, NC Engagement Party Held at the couple’s home in Cary, NC and hosted by bride’s parents Bridal Shower Held at the couple’s home in Cary, NC and hosted by the Bridesmaids Bridesmaid Luncheon Held at the home of Walter and Mollie Henderson, Greenville, NC and hosted by Rosanne Davis, Jean Yorke, Marcia Spears and Mollie Henderson Rehearsal Dinner Held at Ironwood Golf and Country Club, Greenville, NC


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Pretty in Pink Kelly & Myron April 21, 2012 River Dunes Oriental, NC Photography by: Laurie Crutchfield Crutchfield Photography



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Their Big Day Kelly Kubrock & Myron Hill April 21, 2012 Ceremony River Dunes Chapel, Oriental, NC Reception River Dunes Harbor Club, Oriental, NC Officiant Pastor Paul Brafford Photography Laurie Crutchfield, Crutchfield Photography, Greenville, NC Cake Tami Kerawalla, Winterville, NC Entertainment Ceremony - Trent River Chamber Players; Reception - The Mighty Saints of Soul Maid of Honor Cynthia Perry Bridesmaids Haley Barefoot, Jane Whealton & Kelly Warren Flower Girls Alexxa Barefoot, Addison Valevich & Katelyn Luck Best Man Garrett Hill, son of the groom Groomsmen Bo Bunting, Tony McQueen & brother of the bride, Jamie KuBrock Bride given away by Larry Kubrock, her father Showers, Etc. Lingerie Shower hosted by Cynthia Perry; Couples Shower at the home of Ludie & Ken Smith hosted by Jane & Lee Whealton and Ludie & Ken Smith; Bridesmaid Luncheon at M&M’s Cafe, Oriental, NC hosted by Judy Baker, aunt of the bride Rehearsal Dinner River Dunes, Oriental, NC From the Bride Myron and I developed a great friendship to begin, which made a strong foundation for everything else to be built upon. On our first visit to River Dunes, we fell in love with the place. It’s magical, so we decided to marry there. We made our vows before God, then added some personal ones— he vowed to support my high heel shoe addiction, then I vowed to support Duke and the Cowboys.


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Kenneth & Keisha

Royal Affair

June 23, 2012 St. Mary M.B. Church Greenville, NC


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Their Big Day Keisha Y. Barnes & Kenneth D. Pierce June 23, 2012 Ceremony St. Mary M.B. Church, Greenville NC Reception The Greenville Hilton Carolina Ballroom Wedding Directress Mrs. Ella T. Harris Maid of Honor Annette D. Barnes, sister of bride Matron of Honor LaDonna M. Johnson Bridesmaids Tenille Barnes; Donnidra Pierce; Tosha Rooks and Sharon Ward Junior Bridesmaid Aliyah Pierce Flowers Princesses Anika Barnes & Arianna Pierce Bride’s Personal Assistant Trina Watson Best Man K. Darryl Pierce, son of the groom Groomsmen James Barnes; Reginald Booker; Jesse Martin; Dr. Marcus Tillery; and Johnny Wills Ring Bearer Devin Pierce, Junior Ushers Jimmy Ako Barnes & Devin Pierce, Senior Gown by Casablanca Couture, Tiffany’s Bridal Groom’s Tuxedo Steinbeck’s Men’s Shop Hair & Makeup Hair by Tameka (Tameka Phillips) Wedding & Groom’s Cake Cakes by Sue (Sue Dail) Floral Designs Your Perfect Day (Val Conger) Wedding Stationery Pamela Kiefer Ceremony Organist Danny Dupree Ceremony Vocalists Andre Barnes & Nicole Brown Videographer Rev. Derrick House Transportation Britannia Coach, Washington, NC Reception Rentals Occasions Event Designs Reception Entertainment DJ Midas (Eric Fisher) Showers A lingerie shower was hosted by LaDonna Johnson (in Richmond, VA); a “treasured recipe" shower was hosted by Annette Barnes (at the Barnes-Ebron-Taft Community Center in Greenville); and an "around the house" shower hosted by friends and coworkers (in Richmond, VA) Honeymoon Marriott Vacation Clubs (Maui & Oahu)


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Meredith & Carter May 27, 2012 Jarvis Memorial United Methodist Church Greenville, NC Photography by: Sara Davis Photography Cary, NC



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To have and to hold


Their Big Day Drs. Meredith Edwards & Carter Clement May 27, 2012 Ceremony Jarvis Memorial United Methodist Church, Greenville, NC Reception Rock Springs Center, Greenville, NC Officiants Rev. Ron Carnighan & Rev. Hill Riddle Photography Sara Davis Photography, Cary, NC Videography Duncan Olmsby, Kinston, NC Bridal Gown Priscilla’s of Boston Programs & Printing Copymatic, Greenville, NC Wedding Cake Your Perfect Cake, Greenville, NC Flowers Jefferson’s and friends (Sue Cannon, Jane Capps, Bonny Breuer & Phoebe Dail) Entertainment Ceremony Mandy Privette McNabb (violin), Susan Crawford (soloist) & Steven Cagle (organ) / Reception Band Liquid Pleasure of East Coast Entertainment, Raleigh, NC Accommodations Greenville Hilton Parties, Showers, Etc. Bridesmaid Luncheon at Greenville home of Brenda Colombo hosted by friends. Batchelorette Night in Raleigh, NC with Bridesmaids. Bridal Brunch in Philadelphia hosted by college friends. Wedding Day Picnic at the Greenville home of Connie & Jimmy Bond hosted by friends and family Rehearsal Dinner The Martinsborough, Greenville, NC hosted by groom’s parents, Joy & Rutledge Clement of New Orleans, LA Rehearsal After Party 4th Street Tavern hosted by Greenville, NC friends Honeymoon Croatia and the Dalmatian Coast Words for Brides-to-be Don’t stress, don’t worry. Things will work out for the best. It will be the most fun weekend of your life!



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Your Perfect Planning Checklist

Planning a wedding can be very stressful with tons of details to take care of. The most important thing is stay organized. Checklists help you understand what you need to do and when. Follow this timeline to help you track what’s done and what’s left to do.

10-12 Months Before The Big Day K K K K K K K K K K K K K K K

Introduce the families; officially announce the engagement. Find out who pays for what and start a budget. Create a guest list and manage it with our easy-to-use tool. Compare calendars and select a tentative date. Choose your wedding party. Create a wedding website to share your engagement. Consider whitening your teeth for parties and photographs. Interviews and hire a wedding coordinator, if needed. Decide if you want premarital counseling. Start looking photos of wedding dresses for inspiration. Send your engagement photo to the local paper. Begin thinking about where you want to honeymoon. Visit and book your reception site, and arrange for parking. Visit and book your ceremony location and rehearsal time. Create a save-the-date guest list.

6 -9 Months Before K Alert out-of-town guests of wedding date and/or send a FREE save-the-date email. K Find a bridal salon and begin trying on dresses and veils. Bring stockings, heels, strapless bra, and hair clip with you. K Get in shape for your gown by starting an exercise routine. K Get ideas for honeymoon locations and research pricing. K Start looking at floral designs and interview florists. K Search for menu ideas and start meeting with caterers. K Research and interview photographers/videographers. K Get ideas for music and interview bands/DJs. K Finalize flower and décor ideas, and select a florist. K Sign a caterer. K Order your gown and wedding veil. K Shop for and select the perfect bridesmaid dress. K Book your honeymoon! K Find out if your ceremony location requires insurance. K Finalize photographer and videographer contracts. K Book your DJ/band.


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Purchase dress accessories: shoes, lingerie, purse, and gloves. Choose your officiant and discuss ceremony ideas. Start thinking about all of your gift registry options. Select hotels (varying price ranges); reserve guest rooms.

4 - 5 Months Before K Start thinking about cultural traditions for your wedding. K View wedding invitation styles; research proper wording. K Look at photos to get ideas for wedding cake designs, and meet with bakers to taste samples. K Discuss menu ideas with your catering manager. K Shop for wedding rings. K Look for the groom’s and groomsmen’s tux or other wear. K Confirm bridesmaids ordered gowns; decide on accessories. K Have your mother and future mother-in-law coordinate and select their dresses. K Compare pricing, place your wedding invitation order, and book your calligrapher, if needed. K Purchase your rings and send for engraving, if applicable. K Get ideas for wedding favors. K Confirm dates for bridal showers and bachelorette parties. K Start registries before bridal shower invitations are sent. K Choose your baker and finalize your wedding cake. K Reserve rental equipment: chairs, tables, linens, tents, etc. K Research and book your rehearsal dinner location. K Get ideas for wedding hair and makeup. K Notify family or friends whom you’d like to give readings, sing solos, serve as guest book attendant, etc. K Interview; hire additional staff and babysitters, if needed. K Give your guest list to shower hostesses and check that your registry has enough items. Update wedding website. K Consider getting wedding insurance.

2 - 3 Months Before K Finalize guest list and submit invitations to calligrapher. K Book makeup artist and hairstylist. K Order your wedding favors… Buy wedding accessories!



Consider signing up for dance classes. Schedule your last tasting and finalize menu. Find bride/groom gifts, attendants, hostesses, and parents. Confirm tuxes have been ordered for groom/groomsmen. Prep for honeymoon – do you have everything you need? Choose your getaway! Finalize wedding transportation. Look into bank accounts, insurance, and merging money. Select all music and review with musicians, singers. Check the options on registry, and update wedding website. Finalize rehearsal dinner plans; order rehearsal invitations, menus, table numbers, escort cards, and other stationery. K Mail invitations eight weeks before your wedding day.

1 - 2 Months Before K Have first bridal gown fitting. Bring stockings, shoes, bra, hair accessories, jewelry, camera, and mom or best friend. K Finalize readings and songs; review with performers. K Order liquor/beverages not handled by caterer. K Meet with officiant; finalize ceremony and formations. K Begin writing your vows if applicable. K Begin writing thank-you notes for bridal showers and early wedding gifts, and update your registry at the same time. K Research where to get your marriage license. K Prepare a photo/video shot list, naming family and guests. K Schedule bridesmaids’ luncheon and buy attendant gifts. K Begin whitening your teeth for your wedding day. K Consider liability insurance for your reception location.

3 - 4 Weeks Before K K K K K K K K K K K K K

Finalize jewelry, ... old, new, borrowed and blue. Prepare must-have shot list for photographer/videographer. Finalize your music lists and review with musicians. Practice your first dance wearing your bridal shoes. Design and order your wedding program. Confirm honeymoon and travel arrangements. Call guests who haven’t RSVPed. Pick up your wedding rings. Get marriage license, no more than 30 days before wedding. Research how to change your name. Mail your rehearsal-dinner invitations. Purchase candles, candies, and mints for guest bathroom. Meet with stylist to discuss and test the makeup and hair.

1 - 2 Weeks Before K Have your final wedding gown fitting. K Finalize wedding-day schedule (receiving-line order) and share with attendants, parents, and all vendors. K Confirm all of your beauty appointments. K Confirm pick-up times, schedules, and addresses with your




wedding-day transportation. Pick up your wedding dress and accessories. Pick up the groom’s outfit, make sure it fits, and accessories. Finalize your vows for the ceremony. Get hair colored and trimmed (don’t wait until it’s too late). Confirm final head count. Give final attendance numbers to vendors and confirm final date/time for deliverables and pick-ups after wedding. Pack for your wedding night and honeymoon. Create a “wedding box” to gather ceremony accessories (marriage license, candles, ring pillow, basket, guest book) and assign someone to transport. Prepare a “reception box” for accessories: guest books, cake topper, cameras, goblets, etc.,; assign someone to transport. Prepare wedding favors for transportation to reception venue and assign someone to move them. Finalize your seating arrangements (making sure you involve both sets of parents) and submit to your caterer. Prepare place cards. Confirm dates/times/locations for photo/video sessions. Confirm dates/times/locations with all vendors.

The Day Before K Prepare payment envelopes/tips; indicate distributor. K Hand out assignment lists and checklists to all parties. K Give ceremony box, reception box and favor box to the appropriate parties for transportation. K Assign someone to mail your announcement cards. K Gather your dress, accessories, and bridal emergency kit. K Get a manicure, pedicure, and massage. K Rehearse ceremony with officiant and wedding party. K Try to relax and get a good night’s sleep.

The Wedding Day K Your big day is finally here! You may be nervous, but try to eat breakfast and lunch, if applicable; drink plenty of fluids. K Take a lavender bath – it’s very relaxing. K Wear a button-down shirt for hair/ makeup appointments.

After the Wedding K K K K K K

Get your wedding dress cleaned and preserved. Preserve your bouquet. Write and mail your thank-you notes. Complete your name-change kit. Check into your store’s bridal registry completion program. Meet with photographer and videographer to finalize albums/video. K Begin your new life as a married couple ... Good Luck and Best Wishes for a Long and Happy Marriage.

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Bridal Directory University Chophouse

ACCOMMODATIONS City Hotel & Bistro

203 SW Greenville Blvd, Greenville, NC 252-355-8300 •

Hampton Inn 305 SW Greenville Blvd, Greenville, NC 252-355-7400 •

Hilton Greenville 207 SW Greenville Blvd, Greenville, NC 252-355-5800 •

3130 South Evans St., Suite 101, Greenville, NC 252-439-CHOP •

Villedge Wood Fired Kitchen & Bar 207 SW Greenville Blvd, Greenville, NC 252-353-3055 •

Winslow’s Banquet Hall 120 West 5th Street, Greenville, NC 252-364-8291 •

EXPOS, SHOWS & GALAS Carolina Bridal Show — October 6, 2013

CAKES Donna’s “Tiers of Joy” Cakes Greenville, NC • 252-756-5825 • 252-347-9410

Rock Springs Center, Hwy 43 North, Greenville, NC 252-830-8900 •

Eastern Carolina Bridal Expo — February 23, 2014 Greenville Convention Center 252-975-1859 • 252-946-0889

CATERING Scarborough Fare Catering 330 South Evans St., Greenville, NC 252-747-4492 •

Onslow Bridal Gala — February 24, 2013 Greenville Convention Center 252-975-1859 • 252-946-0889

University Chophouse 3130 South Evans St., Suite 101, Greenville, NC 252-439-CHOP •

Villedge Wood Fired Kitchen & Bar 207 SW Greenville Blvd, Greenville, NC 252-353-3055 •

JEWELRY Bailey’s Fine Jewelry 511 Red Banks Road, Greenville, NC 252-353-3434 •

Lautares 640 East Arlington Blvd., Greenville, NC 252-756-0083 •

EVENT SITES City Hotel & Bistro 203 SW Greenville Blvd, Greenville, NC 252-355-8300 •

Robinson Jewelers 633 Red Banks Road, Greenville, NC 252-321-7000 •

The Country Club of the Crystal Coast 152 Oakleaf Drive, Pine Knoll Shores, NC 252-726-1034 •

Hilton Greenville 207 SW Greenville Blvd, Greenville, NC 252-355-5800 •

Stella & Dot Laura Reynolds — Star Sylist 252-327-0259 • Heather Stepp — Independent Stylist 252-414-1049 •


The History Place 1008 Arendell St., Morehead City, NC 252-247-7533 •

Ironwood Golf & Country Club 200 Golf Club Wynd, Greenville, NC 252-752-4653 •

The Martinsborough 330 South Evans St., Greenville, NC 252-747-4492 •

The Spa at Merle Norman 608 E. Arlington Blvd., Greenville, NC • 252-756-8404

TRANSPORTATION Diamond Limousine 252-228-9131 (Greenville - Kinston - Washington) 252-240-1680 (Morehead City - New Bern - Jacksonville)

Rock Springs Center Hwy 43 North, Greenville, NC 252-830-8900 •


Sea Ranch Resort 1731 N. VA Dare Trail, Kill Devil Hills, NC 252-441-7126 • 800-334-4737

252-355-8345 • 252-355-4224 (fax) (email)

St. Timothy’s Chapel Corner of 14th Street & Firetower Road, Greenville, NC 252-355-2125 •


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Impressions Bride 2013  

The Annual Bridal Publication for Greenville and Eastern North Carolina

Impressions Bride 2013  

The Annual Bridal Publication for Greenville and Eastern North Carolina