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Digbeth & The Walker Building


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Timeline August 2013 - December 2015


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Time: The Next 3 months

Executive Summary

Why do we want to open Impact Hub Birmingham?

How will we operate Impact Hub Birmingham?

What will Impact Hub Birmingham be like?

Birmingham is a globally connected city with a strong history. But, like most cities it has its challenges and some of these challenges are serious and systemic. We want to be part of building a stronger future for the people of Birmingham & connecting them to a world class global network of inspiration, innovation and change.

A strong core team with collective experience in financial management, operational planning, community building, civic change and entrepreneurialism. Backed up by a talented and motivated maker team.

Housed in 566m2 of a renovated factory in Digbeth, the Social Enterprise quarter of Birmingham. Impact Hub Birmingham will be a fresh, creative home for citizens who want to help build a better Birmingham. Accessing a community inspired and built by TEDxBrum and the diverse team networks there are already 50 people waiting to sign up as members with a further 1000 on a mailing list. Curating and fostering a community of like minded individuals, businesses and other organisations across a broad range of sectors. We want to insure that Impact Hub Birmingham can draw on a wealth of expertise to deliver the impact the city needs.

A home for local system change in birmingham, a platform for purpose, for those not willing to accept the status quo & want to make a positive impact on the world around them.

Along with a number of key strategic partners and advisors, Impact Hub Birmingham will host a broad range of inspiring content, exciting businesses and impactive programmes. Being based in Digbeth, an area that is being reimagined and repurposed, with the old factories and warehouses of Birmingham’s oldest industrial area given a new lease of life by purpose driven social, cultural and creative entrepreneurs committed to social change.

Birmingham Curiosity breeds change and innovation, and with one of the youngest most diverse populations in the world and a track record of bringing together great minds to develop ideas, share inspiration and drive change - Birmingham questions everything and always looks for new ways of doing things. A creative energy pulses through the city. Yet despite its intellectual and cultural heritage and youthful, innovative spirit, Birmingham remains a city with a self effacing and down-to-earth charm – never boastful, never arrogant but curious, enthusiastic and focused on making things happen. Mirroring the modest nature of its people, it is a city that gets on with it.

‘In closing my account of Birmingham I must say that I have found more heartiness in their sympathy, more earnestness in their desire to forward my interests, and more friendliness at their firesides than in any town I have seen’

- James Watkins, 1853

A globally competitive, connected, diverse and innovative city.

… a city with an appetite for change … fuelled by young talent

The power of collaboration is behind some of Birmingham’s biggest achievements. In the 18th century, for example, scientists, inventors and natural philosophers Erasmus Darwin, Matthew Boulton, James Watt, Joseph Priestley and Josiah Wedgwood would gather in Birmingham and engage in intellectual debates - their conversations were the brainpower behind the Industrial Revolution. The diversity of the city’s residents brings a rich cultural mix to Birmingham, 30% of residents are of minority ethnic origin. And yet many of these residents are facing real difficulties, with a significantly higher unemployment rate than the rest of the country and some of the highest levels of deprivation. With the city council being forced to cut spending, now is the time for a new breed of civic focused citizens to help shape the city we want to live in.

There’s a feeling in the city that anything is possible – providing a fertile environment for audacious

ambitions, most inspired thoughts and great enterprising ideas to develop and grow.

… full of ambition … a city that brings great minds together … independent culture and fusion

City: Facts and Figures Birmingham is a changing city, it is Europe’s youngest and most ethnically diverse. There is more investment and development in the city than anywhere else in the UK outside of London.

Multi Sector Strengths

Talented Birmingham use skills across a wide diversity of sectors. As a world leader in arts and cultural events, Birmingham is also home to 60% of the UK’s automotive R & D. With 500 medical technology companies, the UK’s leading hospital for defence medicine and the most startups outside of London, a wide range of expertise thrives in our city.

Leading UK Business Hub

High Quality & Unique Workforce

Europe’s youngest and most ethnically diverse city with 50% of the population under 35. With 6 universities within the city, a further 15 within 1 hours drive and 4.3 million people of working age within an hour, Birmingham has nearly 100, 000 graduates every year - both the quality and quantity make the city unique.

City of Culture

With the largest regional library in Europe, 160 nationalities and a melting pot of religion, culture and diverse backgrounds, Birmingham was voted one of the top 20 international destinations to visit by the New York Times. Large independent street food, street art, music and creative festivals have created a unique mix of world class events and attractions.

Home to the most startups outside of London, Birmingham has the largest concentration of businesses outside of London and is stepping up as a world leader in innovation.

Growth Engine

Birmingham’s £94 billion regional economy is predicted to grow 20% by 2020 and new economic zones will create 50,000 new jobs. It is currently home to 75,000 companies, of which 2,000 are international.

Quality of Life

Birmingham was voted best UK city outside of London for quality of life. (Mercer Quality of Living 2012).

Bold Regeneration

Birmingham has regional, national, European and global connections. By 2015 Birmingham will have had £1.3 billion invested in its networks.

Connected City

Birmingham has regional, national, European and global connections. By 2015 Birmingham will have had £1.3 billion invested in its networks.

Economic Profile Small to be big Population of 1.1 million and over 2.5 million in wider West Midlands region. 72% of Enterprises in Birmingham in 2013 have less than four employees, 86% have less than 10 highest ranked English university city and 16th in the world. Six universities in the city and 15 within one hour .

A well connected city Being centrally based in the UK and at the heart of the motorway network, 90% of the UK is within a four hour travel time to the city. Air, rail and road provide a gateway to 400 million people across Europe, with a commute to London a mere 1 hour and 20 minutes by train. Upon its completion, HS2 shall only further enhance nation-wide connectivity.

A growing and re-emerging economy Foreign investment into the area grew by 50% between 2012 and 2013 and with the opening of a new runway at Birmingham International Airport, more export markets will be opened. There is a diverse range of exporters in Birmingham; from the globally famous car brand Jaguar Land Rover to specialist bicycle saddles manufacturer, Brooks. The likes of Deutsche Bank, RBS and leading retailers ASOS have moved the majority of their HQ to Birmingham in the last 2 years.

A city of startups and social enterprises Home to the most startups outside of London, 16,281 businesses were registered in 2013/14. As of 2013, 34% of Enterprises in Birmingham were less than three years old. There are estimated to be between 450 - 500 social enterprises in the city contributing at least £180 million to the city’s economy.

Cost of Living With both business costs and the cost of living estimated at being 55% less than in London, Birmingham has rapidly become an attractive location to be.

Tech & Creative Hub

Business Hub

Emerging Creative & Tech Hub

Leading European Business Hub

Birmingham’s creative and tech scene is thriving, building a solid reputation as one of the most exciting destinations in the country for creative, digital and tech companies. Birmingham named a super connected city with £7 million government investment to ensure 100Mps in all urban areas by 2015 6,000 digital media companies alone in Birmingham One quarter of new FDI projects in 2013 / 2014 came from creative, digital and tech firms, primarily from small start ups painting a positive picture of Birmingham’s rapidly growing digital industry. The region’s creative and cultural economy includes some 6,000 organisations with 38,000 employees, a floating freelance workforce of 17,000 and represents 9% of regional GVA. The arts economy draws over 1m additional visits to Birmingham for events alone. Birmingham is home to the Creative City Initiative bringing together partners from the public and private sector, Creative City is one of the first major initiatives of the LEP which aims to increase the area’s economic output (GVA) by 30% (£8.25 billion) and create 100,000 private sector jobs by 2020. “I want to make Birmingham a really exciting and important part of what we do. This is just the start - but make no mistake, if you’re interested in new skills and digital innovation, this is the place to be”

- Tony Hall, BBC Director general

£98 billion regional economy - a major engine of UK growth Largest concentration of businesses outside of London Birmingham has overtaken London to become the number one UK city in Western Europe for investment-attraction activity Greater Birmingham and Solihull region ranked 4th in the top 10 mid-sized European regions in terms of its economic potential - the best performing UK region in Europe Home to 32,750 companies including almost 700 international firms One of 600 cities responsible for 65% of global GDP growth by 2025 (McKinsey 2012) Major employers investing in their future in the city including Jaguar Land Rover, MG Motors, Kraft, SCC, Amey and Deutsche Bank Top ten in mid-sized regions in Europe for economic potential Birmingham’s Big City Plan is a master plan for the next 20 years of development in the city. It is the biggest of its kind in Europe, and aims to provide investors with the level of detail and direction required for largescale planning. Created the most jobs in 13/14 - a total of 4,841 - a 98% increase on the previous year

Education and Research



Birmingham is at the heart of the UK’s educational network and provides a platform for world-leading talent and provocations to thrive.

Birmingham is strategically placed to bring innovation to the way healthcare services are delivered.

Birmingham was considered the first manufacturing town of the world, with the result that many landmark advancements including the steam engine, the Mini, the pneumatic tyre and medical X-rays have been invented and patented here.

Over 80,000 students pass through the doors of Birmingham’s 6 universities - offering a pipeline of talent and fresh-thinking to the city Research across the universities is rated at international standard or above in the diverse fields of computer science, social policy, business management and physics. Significantly, the University of Birmingham is a leading global player in the field of world class research and investment into research. Outside of higher education Birmingham’s 42 public libraries allow the city’s population access to over 2.7 million books. The education scene in Birmingham is regularly producing innovations, inspirations and world class talent, however there is concern about the graduate retainment; with London so close we often lose much of our talent to the capital. However, with a notable increase in the quality of life and a far lower cost of living, Birmingham continues to grow its world class offering with more and more graduates choosing the city as their destination of choice. The co founding & maker team understand this all too well. Having all been graduates of the cities universities who have returned to Birmingham after careers in London, we are determined to grow Birmingham’s market and status as a leading world city in its own right. From developments across investment, infrastructure and institutions to our reemerging civic pride, there are numerous strong indicators that Birmingham is at the brink of its most exciting times in recent history.

Birmingham & the West Midlands has 6 Universities training the future UK healthcare workforce and conducting some world class research. Birmingham has some of the largest and most innovative NHS trusts looking to engage very closely with SMEs. We are home to the world-class Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Royal Centre for Defence Medicine The new Institute of Translational Medicine is soon to open its doors, precipitating the adoption of research into everyday patient care Impact Hub Birmingham has already begun conversations with the above institutions and our broader networks such as Health 2.0 Birmingham. We welcome a new, innovative, diverse and fresh thinking discourse around healthcare and social impact.

To this day, Birmingham and the greater West Midlands remains a manufacturing stronghold, home to the likes of Jaguar Land Rover and Brooks cycle saddles. As practices are changing, so is the face of manufacturing, with more local-level production. Open manufacturing and digital fabrication is allowing “making” to be more accessible. Impact Hub Birmingham is committed to driving this change through the development of a maker space in the future, allowing communities and businesses to learn, design, prototype and test their ideas.

Social & Civic Innovation With socially focused, purpose driven, creative entrepreneurs discovering new, exciting and much needed ways to address society’s most critical social and environmental challenges, there is no shortage of encouragement in Birmingham. It is well known that creating large scale innovation through social and civic innovation requires radical openness, trust, courage, transparency and collaboration across sectors and disciplines. More recently, there has been a growing body of evidence and understanding around the wider systems change approach of thinking by looking at collective impact models of deep change. Whilst recognising start ups are a significant tool for social change, it is understood that alone they will not create the bold paradigm shifts required to tackle our biggest challenges. In the UK, we have a growing social & civic innovation community that is driving forward social entrepreneurship, social investment, civic innovation and systemic approaches to change. A number of large bodies have been bolstering this sector, largely focused in London, and including the likes of Nesta, Big Society Capital, Ashoka UK, School for Social Entrepreneurs, UnLtd, Impact Hub Westminster and Young Foundation to name but a few. Many traditional, large scale

Whilst the social and civic innovation community of Birmingham is strong and ever growing, it remains fragmented, operating in silos and still largely disconnected.

foundations such as Lankelly Chase, Esmee Fairbarn Foundation and the Barrow Cadbury Foundation are understanding the need to be part of this ecosystem. There is a very strong and diverse foundation from finance to resources in the UK supporting the social investment, social impact and social entrepreneurial field. The government has a number of areas of focus on actively building the social and civic innovation field in the UK. Birmingham is increasingly becoming recognised as an area that is making big strides in this field. It is estimated that Birmingham has 450 - 500 social enterprises in the city with an annual turnover of £180m, employing over 15,000 people. Events and programmes fostering social and civic innovation are being met with increased support from the public, private and government realms. With around 500 events, meetups and programmes currently taking place in Birmingham, it is fast becoming recognised as the go-to for organisations looking to also branch outside of London. Birmingham is actively investing in enterprise zones, enterprise catalyst funds and as a result, there is a growing trend in which both public and private sectors are getting involved in this advancing field.

Entrepreneurs, changemakers, and active citizens are rejuvenating Digbeth, Birmingham’s oldest industrial area, and in doing so are beginning to show the power of proximity, collaboration and an ambition to work together to drive change in the city. It is reported that Digbeth has the largest concentration of social enterprises in Europe. The education sector is beginning to see the value of supporting this growing field with Birmingham’s Universities, Schools, Colleges looking at a new curriculum, and increased access to practice based opportunities. Despite all these promising developments, many of our most innovative initiatives remain disconnected, in silos, thus preventing deeper collaboration. The city has still yet to establish the world-class and inspiring work and event space so crucial to consolidating the collaborative efforts taking place here. The result being that we lose many of our graduates to London, where opportunities to grow in this exciting and developing field are simply abundant.

The Opportunity Birmingham is young, energetic, bold, innovative and entrepreneurial. Birmingham is centrally located and globally connected. Birmingham has world class talent and resources. Birmingham has the potential to become a leading world city.

The city has been known for many years to have a self deprecating narrative and has had many years of quite poor press coverage despite significant advances in many sectors, world renowned institutions, investment and a growing economy.

Birmingham, however, has deep entrenched systemic social challenges, that have largely remained unchanged for many decades.

There is a noticeable renaissance of civic pride in the city, the independent scene is thriving, businesses are coming to Birmingham, more and more graduates are choosing to relocate to Birmingham or stay in Birmingham, bucking trends of the past decades where London has acted as a talent vacuum from Birmingham.

We know innovation, collaboration and work that has a positive social impact is key to taking Birmingham forward. Therefore, we think the time, conditions and market trends prove this to be an opportune time to bring an Impact Hub to Birmingham. Although innovation is expanding in each sector in Birmingham, collaboration between each sectors remains low, despite our knowledge that cross sectoral collaboration is crucial for building a social innovation ecosystem, and creating the conditions for positive social impact.

Whilst economic indications show that Birmingham is reemerging as a city of the future, amongst its citizens and small businesses there is also a real appetite for change, a feeling that anything is possible.

Connecting global innovations to local challenges through our community, collaboration and collective vision.

Birmingham, is still the heart of some of our most difficult and serious social challenges. Impact Hub Birmingham wants be the platform for those tackling them and be integral to our collection vision for the future

This provides an incredible opportunity for Impact Hub Birmingham to facilitate the ecosystem, build the market and become the glue. By building bridges between major sectors in the city and fostering collaboration, we would drive a broader movement for positive social change, where global collaborations and innovations result in positive social impact locally. At a micro level, despite all its progress there are large disconnections between the entrepreneurial sectors, social entrepreneurs, freelancers, changemakers, creatives and our institutions. There is a lack of world class hosted coworking & events spaces in the city, spaces that do

exist also have a real lack of resilient communities around them. We believe there is a huge and timely opportunity for Impact Hub Birmingham to bridge the gap. In building a strong community and sustainable business, Impact Hub Birmingham would attract the highest quality events, programmes, investment and resources to a bustling city on the brink of very exciting things. A place where global innovations can meet city challenges

Platform for Purpose Impact Hub Birmingham will provide a platform for purpose, innovation, collaboration and local positive social impact. CORE VALUES Open, Social, Collaborative,Transparent Build, support and inspire platforms / ventures / entrepreneurs / intrapreneurs committed to open, transparent, social and collaborative practices. An open economy that will be more democratic, productive, fairer and less harmful.

Global Innovation = Local Change Collaboratively building a new type of institution, a powerful platform for the change agent community driving local system change.

Live Prototype The Hub as a physical infrastructure, incubator, accelerator for visionaries, founders, disruptors and innovators; a backbone for those committed to a better Birmingham. A living laboratory for those looking to test new ideas.

Equality of Opportunity Working with innovative partners to develop strategies to create equality of opportunity, an equal platform for all, but one that also bridges the gaps that income and social class have created.

VISION / AIMS Build a movement and community focused on a fairer, more democratic, imaginative, creative and equitable Birmingham. Connect Birmingham to a global community of changemakers, bringing local innovations to the global community, and connecting global ideas to create local change. Be an instigator and builder of the social innovation ecosystem in Birmingham and map Birmingham as a leading global city.

CORE STARTUP BUSINESS MODEL Initially our model will focus on memberships & events based revenue. We will grow impact programmes, create high level collaborations with institutions, corporates and local government to generate revenue beyond space as the market and competition for coworking grows in Birmingham. We will leverage the key asset of community, shared vision and our diverse cofounder team talents to drive this forward in the future.

‘What is so exciting about an Impact Hub coming to Birmingham, is the community - there are many spaces, and whilst we are excited about world class facilities coming to the city, the real unique element is a sense of community, one that is connected globally but that uses that sense of collaboration, innovation and resilience of a community to make change locally. There is so much going on in Birmingham at the moment, but I really believe the Impact Hub will become the home for so many of these events, and inspire others to bring amazing things to Birmingham and / or create more here. It’s pretty amazing to imagine what will happen when you bring so many passionate people into one space, a community that wants to drive positive social impact in the world. The team behind Impact Hub Birmingham are a charismatic bunch who truly know how to convene, curate and inspire. Exciting times.’

- UnLtd - Foundation for SocialEntrepreneurs.

Competitive Analysis Co-working without Communities, Movements without Homes and Memberships without Value. 01/ MULTIPLE MEMBERSHIPS & NETWORKS Birmingham has many membership networks and organisations that are narrow and traditional in their structure, focus and offer. There is often little value to members beyond ‘prestige’.

02/ CO-WORKING & COFFEE SHOPS Coworking is an emerging scene in Birmingham as people transition from coffee shops to dedicated workspaces. Existing spaces do not curate communities or events for their members and focus on the office hardware to generate residents.

03/ EVENTS, PROGRAMMES, ACCELERATORS & INCUBATORS Across the city there are some opportunities for individuals to grow themselves and an an idea but they are either targeted (e.g. youth and tech), lack a specific space or are spin-outs from London. Impact Hub Birmingham has the chance to home-grow content, curriculums and pedagogies which meet the challenges and opportunities unique to Birmingham and similar global cities.

04/ HUB LONDON HUB UK currently lacks an Impact Hub outside of London. There is a unique opportunity to bring the network into contact with new ideas, members and provocations that only emerge in legacy cities like Birmingham. There is a chance to lead on making Birmingham a global pillar in its own right rather than a second city.

05/ OPPORTUNITY TO UNITE DIVERSE PLAYERS TO GENERATE OUTCOMES AND IMPACT Our prototyping, curated events and focused conversations leave us confident that Birmingham is ready, and in need, of a space where a cross-sectoral and multi-interested community can work, collaborate and build change for the city. Impact Hub Birmingham will be this space.

06/ MOVEMENTS & NETWORKS Birmingham is brimming with talented groups and individuals that do not converge and interact. Impact Hub Birmingham will offer a focal point for these movements to collaborate and deliver innovations in the city.

Ecosystem Builder & Instigator Impact Hub Birmingham isn’t just another player in the co - working world, but instead an instigator and builder of the social impact ecosystem Current co-working space, membership organisations and programmes/events are all niche and narrow in their approach to value and offerings. Impact Hub Birmingham is committed to community creation, tackling city-wide problems and outcome generation. There is huge, unactivated potential, people and markets across the private, public and third sectors when it comes to creating an ecosystem of co-working.


Co-working is developing in Birmingham and people are on a journey from coffee shops, to co-working, to collaboration. Our experience across different sectors, spaces and networks usually involve us educating and exploring the virtues of collaboration and system change to individuals and organisations we meet. This has led to partnerships, memberships and investments emerging from different sources at diverse levels. Our experiences as community builders and conversation shapers means we are established as instigators and builders of a change ecosystem in Birmingham. This has increased our influence and interconnectedness in the city and beyond, generating strategic partnerships and

positioning Impact Hub Birmingham as THE influencer in co-working, collaboration and system change.


We are investing in state of the art infrastructure as this is key to high quality co-working. SMEs, entrepreneurs, freelancers, creatives, community organisations and corporations often cannot access the high spec tools and resources needed to allow them to thrive - so we are bringing these to our community. Flexible access to this is key to our success and our member packages, hosts and online presence will facilitate this.

COMMUNITY ENGAGEMENT & CONNECTIONS As our community grows our role as ecosystem builders and a platform for collaboration will become more prominent as we aim to offer greater value and connectivity to our members. Co-creation has been a huge part of our approach and member journey will remain central to the events, programmes and content that emerges from the Hub. Our role is to pioneer and catalyse innovations, engagement and impact by, with and for our members. This means exploring new activities, technologies, media channels and programmes amongst others.


Impact and Innovation will be driven through the collaborations, networks and diversity that membership offers - this makes the physical space a potential limit to our model and mission. We believe the true value of Impact Hub Birmingham lies beyond its base role as a space manager and are exploring ways to monetise value beyond rental income. Outcome financing, crowd-funding impacts and problem focused partnerships are some of the routes we are exploring here.


Birmingham needs a world-class and globally connected coworking community so it can move beyond it’s second city label. Our strategic partnerships with Birmingham City Council, 00 Architects and the Walker Building means we are well placed to do this. Discussions with future members and global Hub founders helped us identify and make the key needs, partnerships and deliverables a world-class location needs. We are confident that we have found this and our space will instigate a wider shift placing Birmingham as a world-leader in diverse fields.

Competitive Landscape: Co - Working / Office Spaces Co - working & creative workspaces in and close to Birmingham City Centre Name

Target Market






Space Hire


Startup and Freelancers


£75 - 150 pcm

Very Flexible, large events space

Limited hosting, and no formal meeting areas



Moseley Exchange

Startup and Freelancers

Yes (small venue)

£10 - £93 pcm

Good location, heart of Moseley

Limited community




Recently changed focus to Biomedical


ERDF funded

Free, access to University of Birmingham

Limited community, Biomedical focus



Innovation Birmingham

Startup Tech companies


from £35 or E4F funded

Business support

Co-creation of support package with E4F




Digital Artists and Creatives


Fellowship based coworking

Free working, close proximity to main train station, integrated coffee shop

Even though close to main station, footfall is very limited

City Centre


Old Print Works

Designers / Makers


£35 - £1000 pcm

Low cost

Only open 9pm to 5pm

Balsall Heath


RBS Enterprise Hub


Not known

Free for 18 months

Funded by RBS

Development of support

City Centre

Creative Small Unit Providers Custard Factory / Fazeley Studios / Bond / Minerva Works

Creative SME’s & Social Enterprises


£250 - £1200 pcm

Dedicated office spaces

Expensive longterm leases



Commercial Office Space (City Centre)




Dedicated office

Difficult for freelancers/ small business to find space

City Centre


Home Working




Home comforts

Lack of network and human contact. Not actually free. There are costs to home working


City Centre Coffee Shop Working





No consistent community. Although no monthly fee it costs to continually buy drinks.

City Centre

Pop Up Co Working / Jelly




Flexible, good community

City Centre

Competitive Landscape: Incubators / Accelerators Incubator / Accelerator spaces / programmes in and close to Birmingham city centre. Name

Target Market




Oxygen Accelerator

Tech Startups

ÂŁ16,500 pa 8% equity Business Support & Mentors

Now based in London, Local programme opportunities


The Civic Foundry

Civic Systems

Base Camp, upto ÂŁ30,000 investment

Already working in conjunction with some of the team

Birmingham & Black Country

School for Social Entrepreneurs

Social Enterprises

Various courses and Lloyds Bank Social Entrepreneur programme

Possible collaborations on course material and venue use

National - Midlands branch

Social Enterprise West Midlands

Social Enterprises

Paid Membership to access consultancy services

Develop consultancy services

West Midlands

Institute Social Enterprise (iSE)

Social Enterprises

Some funded and unfunded workshops/ courses

Co-create & co-delivery of workshops

West Midlands

Young Foundation Accelerator

Social Entrepreneurs

Accelerator program, Support for social investment

Development of Programs for Birmingham

London & Cardiff

BSEEN (University of Birmingham, Aston University, Birmingham City University)

Students and recent graduates (<5 yrs)

ERDF funded, small grant, office space and support

Develop business support packages, and office space

West Midlands



Industry access, investment financing

In discussion around programme delivery in Birmingham


E4F incubator


Upto 10K package of business support and coworking space

Dedicated to Tech, possibly collaborations on workshops

West Midlands

We have growing interest from programmes that wish to expand outside of London and struggle to find the right space, community and hosting. We created a pop up space to host The Civic Foundry in 2013 and will continue to attract others to our flexible space and vibrant community.

Competitive Analysis: Membership Organisations Membership Organisations across the city are deliberately targeted at specific sectors and industries and view their role as creating a network around identified interests. They lack do not focus on creating value, diversity and collaborations between the members. Name

Target Market



Institute of Directors

Business Owners

£370 per year, £220 to join

Young Peoples Organisations / Leadership Programmes

Emerging ‘leaders Under 24s

Chamber of Commerce

Senior Managers

BPS / Aspire / Future

RSA West Midlands



Network of Wealth Co-deliver content Generators bring success to the Hub. No coworking space.

Brindley Place, City Centre

Networking, niche lectures

Application & Selection Process

Routes for YP to develop and lead in the city

Future members, provoke & educate YP based on global learning & programmes. No coworking space.

City Centre

Development programmes

£150 per year

Connects Businesses

Network of suppliers & supporters. No coworking space.

Five Ways, Inner City

Networking, niche lectures

People working in £150 per year Professional Services in the UK

Connects Professional

Range of sponsors, partners and supporters. No coworking space.

Professional District, City Centre

Networking, Fundraisers

People innovating in arts and manufacturing

Strong content for members

Co-curate events & programmes for members. No coworking space

Various - non fixed Networking, niche lectures

£165 per year, £75 to join


Theory of Change Needs Purpose driven entrepreneurs, changemakers, social enterprises, freelancers, intrapreneurs and social impact organisations need collaboration, community, and resources to accelerate social impact. Social, civic and corporate innovators remain largely disconnected and without resilient resourced community to create the scale of impact they want to see. Collaboration is accelerated when like minded and purpose driven people are able to meet, work, create in close proximity with ease, these spaces are not in abundance in Birmingham Active communities need a home / nucleus to drive forward movements for change, social justice and positive social impact in a city, links with a global community mean this can be accelerated and contribute to an global social impact.

MEMBER COMMUNITY Hosted Space Collaborative Space With Collective Vision Open plan, flexible workspace with high productive values and design values to encourage collaborating and bump rate of meeting other members. Diverse spaces, easily changeable for a variety of activity. Hosts the catalyse connection and share opportunity. Flexible members that allows many to be members. Cafe area accessible for non members, visitors and guests to utilise Hub. Free events that are open to the public. Design values and space curation that aligns with collective vision for global and local social impact.

Inspiring and flexible collaborative workspace for members to connect, collaborate and create with collective shared local and global purpose.

Preconditions Use social / digital media to create purpose driven movement to attract potential community / members to a collective vision. Co create, co design events to surface shared vision, purpose and ideas to build co producers of the hub not merely members. Curate events, campaigns and spaces where shared vision, coworking, events, curated programmes and active vibrant community will thrive and show possibility to attract attract people to become members. Build collaborative community and strategic partnerships to build founding community that attracts the diversity of the community map desired. Use crowdfunding approach to get public support of the crowd, test the support, raise a proportion of the finance, and to create a sense of ownership, seed a community not just a service. Founding team with vision, purpose, passion, skill, energy and resilience with evidence of building community, business, events and movement in previous careers can create seed community to attract first members, collaborators & create a space to kickstart Impact Hub.

Curated Learning Designed For Impact Events for learning, sharing knowledge, peer to peer exchange that are showing what is possible in collaborative community and to build market for a new way of working. Peer to Peer exchange of best / good practice through designed / curated skill shares, suppers, trade schools, other events and programmes Physical and digital library of materials to aid learning. Attracting incubation, accelerator and other world class learning, development and support programmes.

Experiences to challenges, enable, inspire and support members, their ventures, ideas and projects. Working collectively broader local and global challenges.

Curated Learning Designed For Impact Access to hosted local, national and global member platforms. Hosting as a leadership style throughout founding and new team members, member and community experience hosted in every sense, virtually and in the physical space. Facilitated connections and accelerated serendipity to foster collaboration through hosts. Diverse founding team and founding community to seed a diverse purpose driven community focused on social impact and positive outcomes locally and globally.

Accelerated peer recommended community of diverse driven talent, resources and opportunity.

Diverse, courageous and purpose driven community driving innovation, local change through global connectivity, collaboration, & world class resources. Prototyping new ways of working in Birmingham.

Inspire Exposure to new models, ideas, people and possibility Exposure to issues, challenges, topics, trends and innovative models with the social impact global community. Strengthen, build and catalyse personal commitment and motivation as well as collective purpose. Grow collective movement and inspiration about tangible change, outcomes and impact in Birmingham.


Activate / Enable

Connect to local / global / personal and professional networks. Creating sense of belonging and community. Grow collective vision and connect a community that can see through collaboration and connections it is tangibly possible. Connect organisation and communities to grow movement, vision and sense of possibility. Prototype and test a more collaborative flexible way of working and share progress regularly.

Seed resilient courageous outcome driven community. Increase members reach and impact through their ventures and initiatives Ensure sustainability of both members and impact hub business.

Gain visibility, credibility and recognition for members, community, Impact Hub Birmingham and outcomes. Connect this to policy makers, decision makers, large corporations and power structures in the city to foster new collaboration locally and globally. Provide space, infrastructure and world class resource to support this. Surface new collaborations, members, investors and create a talent pool. Continue cycle to grow momentum behind local and global movement for social impact. Connecting innovations to local outcomes.

Grow market in birmingham to continue to explore new models and grow impact. Drive vision / movement for impact in birmingham through increased awareness, attracting investment, connections, collaboration and design.

Founding Team

THE Team has come together since August 2013 & grown to a diverse, passionate & talented group of 5 co founders. 3 will be full-time & 2 will be part-time.

Imandeep Kaur

Andy Reeve

Inderjit Kaur

CEO / Lead Entrepreneur

COO / Finance Lead

Director of Community, Hosting & Events

Immy is passionate about new models of organising, bringing diverse, passionate and talented people together, creating unlikely collaborations and local change based on global innovations, networks and knowledge. When she isn’t doing Hub or building the city’s biggest TEDx community, she loves good coffee, great coffee shops, a lot of laughing and a bit of social media!


Andy has had a diverse career path so far. Studying Finance, Project Management in design and Data Analyst at West Midlands Police, where he discovered his passion for analysis and solving problems with data. Strong operational and financial management background. Now supporting a local startup, making coffee and working on how to solving housing issues with open data you’ll most probably find him riding a bicycle.


Indi is talented project planner and has 17 years experience in corporate systems and sales. She is also a fiercely passionate and vibrant host and events organiser. She has experience in running her own small ethical food business and is an avid supporter of independent retailers. More recently, Indi has begun to research new models of childcare for working families. In her spare time Indi loves to bake, has a very active young son and loves to travel.


e: imandeep.kaur@impacthub.net t: +44792 006 5505 li: uk.linkedin.com/in/immykaur/ t: @ImmyKaur

e: andy.reeve@impacthub.net t: +44774 911 4243 li: uk.linkedin.com/in/andyreevo t: @AndyReevo

e: inderjit.kaur@impacthub.net t: +44787 064 9009 li: uk.linkedin.com/in/indikaur t: @Inderjitkaur77

Cardiff University - Physiology BSc. University of Birmingham - International Development MSc.

University of Birmingham - Money, Banking and Finance BSc National Intelligence Analysis Training

De Montford University - BSc. Computing

Past: Tony Blair Faith Foundation, Bromford Current: Curator TEDxBrum, Civic Systems Lab, Impact Hub Birmingham (Candidate)

Past: The Unagency, West Midlands Police Current: Homes from Open Data, Faculty Coffee, Impact Hub Birmingham (Candidate)

Past: Project Manager & Data Analyst Xerox UK Current: Director of Guest Experience TEDxBrum, Suhaav (Ethical Food Business) & Impact Hub Birmingham (Candidate)

Founding Team Joyjit Sarkar

Daniel Zastawny

Director of Innovation & Design

CFO / Civic Innovation Lead

Joy is an Engineer and clinical practitioner. He has a background of working within the UKâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s National Health Service within an assistive technology service providing clinical engineering and health service development. Joy now runs his own small consultancy designing medical devices and healthcare service delivery. He is passionate about improving the way healthcare is delivered and help bring back engineering to Birmingham.


Dan works on designing and delivering entrepreneurial coaching and support programmes across Europe. His background is in income generation with a focus on social and civic organisations. Dan currently runs his own consultancy while leading on prototyping social innovations at a Birmingham based civic enterprise incubator. Dan is driven by creating routes to economic independence for all individuals and organisations.


e: joyjit.sarkar@impacthub.net t: +44783 708 2988 li: uk.linkedin.com/in/joyjitsarkar t:@joyfuljosu

e: daniel.zastwany@impacthub.net t: +44778 062 1649 li: uk.linkedin.com/pub/dan-zastawny/42/bb0/636 t: @Dan_Zastawny

University of Birmingham - Biomedical Engineering BEng. Coventry University - Rehabilitation Engineering GradDip. Cardiff University - Clinical Engineering MSc.

University of Birmingham - Political Philosophy M.A.

Past: Birmingham Community Healthcare NHS Trust Current: JJD Innovations (Engineering Design), Partnerships TEDxBrum, Engineers Without Borders UK Healthcare, Impact Hub Birmingham (Candidate)

Past: Head of Development at Best Chances Charity, Senior Manager at Exam Central Ltd Current: Bridging To The Future, GD Intentions Ltd, Trustee of Lenchâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Trust, Impact Hub Birmingham (Candidate), FRSA

Maker Team Claire Hartley @ClaireHartley

Verity Milligan Vemsteroo

Anisa Haghdadi @AnisaHaghdadi

Jonathan Melhuish @OrangeJon

Andy Lee @Bandy_83

Graphic Designer / Illustrator

Photographer / Digital Storytelling Academic

Young People / Creative Entrepreneurship


Intrapreneurship / RBS

Lorna Prescott @Dosticen

Thom Bartley @ThomBartley

Amerah Saleh @voiceofthepoets

Paul Stringer @ThePaulStringer

Carl Sealeaf @Foster_The_Word

Community Development/ Civic Participation / Volunteering

Corporate Social Innovation

Spoken Word Artist / Creative Entrepreneur

Film Maker & Photographer

Creative Data Analyst / Spoken Word Artist

Rachel Challis @RachelChallis

Oscar Parasiego @OscarParasiego

Marta Bupili @Bupili

Khyati Modgil @kmodgil

Horticulturalist / Guerilla Gardener

Visual Artist / Film Maker / Photographer

Design Thinking & Innovation PhD


Diverse and passionate Birmingham based talent who are committed to bringing an Impact Hub to Birmingham, bringing a provocative community together to co create the space and vision. Our volunteer maker team has been growing since August 2013 and will be involved in a work trade scheme as members of the Hub in the future.

Impact Hub London


4 Hubs in London: Westminster, Kings Cross, Islington and Brixton. Over 1,000 diverse members, over 20,000 sq ft of creative space incubating new ideas, knowledge, people and skills. More than 500 events a year - workshops, academies, accelerator & incubator programmes crossing all sectors.

Each impact hub is locally owned combining places, programmes and people to create positive impact on the world around them. For us joining the network is exciting and crucial to taking forward to work we have done in growing the collective vision for change in our city. The local focus, collaborative and innovative ethos has been a huge inspiration for us, and we believe that our members will share learnings from local innovation that is transforming the city as well as global innovative and practice being connected to Birmingham. Birmingham is not trying to catch up with London, we believe through international collaboration and connections we will continue to grow as a leading world city in our own right. We have been continually inspired by the work of the global network and want to connect our members to vibrant, talented and ambitious community as well as the incredible learnings from around the world. We believe the time is right for us as a team and as a city to join the global network. There is a lot of amazing things to learn from such a diverse array of talent. However, we also believe the unique opportunities and learning from our city, combined with the very diverse interests of the team will make us a strong addition to an incredible network.

7000+ members - Impact Hubs are the largest venturing movement geared towards embracing the impact economy

5000 venturers working at the new frontiers of some of the worldâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s most pressing social, cultural, and environmental challenges

Opening in another 25 global locations

Globally Connected, Locally Embedded

Impact Hub members are generating 100M+ new revenue per year

30% Annual Growth

65 Hubs in 45 world cities

Spread across 5 continents

1,500+ jobs - Impact Hub members are creating 1500+ new full time jobs per year.

Impact Hub Birmingham Governance Impact Hub Birminghamâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Structure Impact Hub Birmingham has chosen to form as a CIC. A community interest company (CIC) is a new type of company introduced by the United Kingdom government in 2005 under the Companies (Audit, Investigations and Community Enterprise) Act 2004, designed for social enterprises that want to use their profits and assets for the public good. We feel this ethos, approach and structure best aligns with our mission.

HUB BIRMINGHAM VENTURES CIC (Holding Company) Immy Kaur (50%) Do Laboratories Ltd (50%)

We have formed a CIC and a holding company to enable us to spin out ventures, projects and models in the future. We have provided all of the equity share for transparency, the share represents the collective decision of the team based on work done to date and work expected in the first 3 years. The operating company is run and owned by the 5 Birmingham based co - founders whose vision and commitment to the city has driven this from an idea to a community and now almost a reality. Imandeep Kaur and the other 4 co founders in the operating company have complete control and decision making power to strategically and operationally steer the Hub in the direction for the local context. The purpose of a seperate holding company is to allow the team, who have varied interests and expertise, to grow and pursue in relation to Impact Hub Birmingham. Whilst being able spin off other ideas and ventures in the future without risking the viability of Impact Hub Birmingham. Having a collaborative workspace architects and designers as shareholders, they are providing much of the work to design, build and fit out Impact Hub Birmingham at cost.

Impact Hub Birmingham and other Impact Hubs in the UK Impact Hub UK, consisting of four London Hubs, has been hugely successful in developing co-working and social innovation practices in the capital. Impact Hub Birmingham will take the learning and support of these Hubs, and the global network, to create an Impact Hub grown and owned in Birmingham. Although only an hour and a half from London, the challenges, demographics and needs of Birmingham are drastically distinct from London. The transfer of talent, ideas and innovations across the UK will strengthen the connectivity and value the Impact Hub UK network can offer its members.

HUB BIRMINGHAM CIC (Operating Company) Hub Birmingham Ventures CIC (26%) Hub Co-Founders Andy Reeve (12%) Imandeep Kaur (26%) Dan Zastawny (12%) Joyjit Sarkar (12%) Inderjit Kaur (12%)

Advisory Council

Details Growing a group of visionary leaders, doers, thinkers and entrepreneurs who are highly networked and successful in their own fields. Supporting the Impact Hub Birmingham through advice, guidance and support in our start up phase, with the aim to build a world class advisory board in the future. There currently responsibility is around advising on issues key to their field, helping us to establish an operating Hub and the collaborations required to sustain growth. In addition we are prototyping how we work together so we can build it more formally. The council will meet virtually quarterly and in the space once a year.

Anne Marie Naylor @CommonFutrs

Tessy Britton @TessyBritton

Dima Saber @DimaLB

Director of Common Futures, OuiShares International Award Winning Community Innovator.

Civic Innovator, Founder of Civic Systems Lab, Author of Handmade, Founder of Community Lover’s Guide to the Universe.

Senior Researcher and Lecturer at Birmingham City University, Founder of AltCity.me & Hibr.me.

Rick Robinson @Dr_Rick

Emma Mulqueeny @HubMum

Megan Deal @MeganMDeal

Dominic Campbell @DominicCampbell

Birmingham Smart City Commission, Executive Architect at IBM Smart City UK.

Founder of Rewired State & Young Rewired State and Google Fellow.

Founder of Pie Lab, Tomorrow Today & People’s Liberty.

Government Entrepreneur, Founder of FutureGov.

Eric Hauck @EricHauck

Nick venning

Ehon Chan @EhonChan

Merici Vinton @Merici

Manager of Impact Hub Barcelona and Co-founder of Coperfield for Social Good..

Marketing Director, Global Industries at PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC), Co - Founder of Thrive.

Co - Founder Hub Australia, Malaysian Global Innovation and Creativity Centre.

Ada’s List, currently with IDEO and formerly worked on the Obama campaign new media team.

Financials: Business Model Impact Hub Birmingham’s primary income generation model will be through memberships and events. Impact Hub Birmingham will provide 3 forms of Membership as below (excluding VAT). Through our market research, user testing, advice from other hubs and co creation events, we have created a simple membership structure, that is understandable, competitive but affordable for Birmingham:

Mission Brum

Impact Hub Occasional

Impact Hub Unlimited

Members will be able to access the Impact Hub Birmingham community through online network and resources, discounted events and 1 day a month access to Impact Hub Birmingham. This is to allow for knowledge sharing and network/community building.

Members will have all the same benefits of the Friends Membership with the added benefit of access to Impact Hub Birmingham 5 days a month. This is for those members who want to access the community and network more regularly.

Unlimited access to Impact Hub Birmingham during opening hours in addition to all of the benefits of an Occasional Member.

£25 per MontH

£100 per MontH

£175 per MontH

Impact Hub Birmingham will have 3 mixed use spaces for events, each of approximately 90 person capacity. Hub Birmingham will provide three forms of events packaging. ‘By Impact Hub Birmingham’, will be events run and curated by us, ‘With Impact Hub Birmingham’ events will be co-created with other organisations, and ‘At Impact Hub Birmingham’ will provide event space and any associated services. Hosted and managed by Impact Hub Birmingham, we will also work with local social independent businesses to provide catering / services for world class events. Our primary income generation will be through membership and events, but we will also be hosting programmes, incubators, accelerators and developing programmes at the Hub that will generate revenue and build our mission long term. Please see Appendix for detailed finances.

Financials: Financing Impact Hub Birmingham As per Impact Hub Birmingham’s finance forecast, £180K will be required during its first year. £102k has been estimated for capital expenditure and £79K for working capital. Impact Hub Birmingham has already secured a loan totalling £50K to pay the rent deposit for Impact Hub Birmingham’s space, which is extra to the above. Secured at 10% pa, this loan is repayable after 12 months, this is highlighted in the cash flow drop at the end of year one. There is a contingency agreement in place to renew this loan if revenues do not allow full repayment of this capital. Financing for Impact Hub Birmingham will be raised as follows: Hub Birmingham have secured a 12 month rent free period, lower than average per sq. ft rental and low service charge over a 5 year lease Impact Hub Birmingham has applied for grant funding totalling £200k from: - Barrow Cadbury Trust - £50k - Enterprise Catalyst - £50k - Birmingham Post Growth Fund - £100k Impact Hub Birmingham is running a crowdfunding ‘Kickstarter’ campaign aimed at bringing in £50k by January 2015 Best case scenario for Hub Birmingham will be to secure all funding as above by February 2015, limiting the debt on its balance sheet as the £50K loan. Worst case scenario, Impact Hub Birmingham can obtain a startup loan, at low interest rates, through Birmingham City Council organisations to cover the shortfall. Impact Hub Birmingham is in talks with a number of local and national organisations for fit out sponsorships for the space. The following sponsorships have already been confirmed 00 (Architects), OpenDesk / Haworths (Furniture), Nuvarti (Lighting), we estimate many more being secured prior to fit out due to our strong sponsor networks built through previous projects such as raising sponsorship for TEDxBrum.

Financial Forecasts: key information Year ending:

31/12/2015 31/12/2016 31/12/2017 Year 1 Year 2 Year 3

Members Events Meetings Workshops Programmes & Incubators Service Total Incomes

124409 12078 17234 14877 8000 919 177517

Rent (incl. side costs) Rent Reduction Cofounder Team Salaries Staff Utilities Printing/Stationery ICT Marketing Travel Insurance Professional fees Bank charges Other License Fee Depreciation Initial investments Total Expenditures

95533 -76125 43056 44170 10000 4450 7013 4208 1823 13050 7300 2104 18934 4438 11714 19800 211468


271284 32082 29176 36316 9000 1971 379830

350033 41412 35215 45405 10000 2445 484509


101351 -

86112 85155 11800 4450 14861 8917 3864 14000 3000 4458 40126 9496 11714 0 396353

118260 70327 13400 4950 18497 11098 4809 15000 3500 5549 49941 12113 13214 0 442010

-22237 0

-4808 0

55714 0

-33952 0

-16522 0

42500 0

5000 5000

0 0

0 0

Earnings before Tax Tax

-38952 0

-16522 0

42500 0

Net Profit Net Profit accumulated

-38952 -38952

-16522 -55474

42500 -12974

Interest Financial Income

Members Projected Members (Average) Term 15-16 16-17 17-18 18-19 Impact Hub Unlimited 37 78 97 102 Impact Hub Occasional 13 36 59 62 Mission Brum 103 214 251 264 Total 153 329 407 428

Costs (P&L) Rent (incl. side costs) Cofounder Team Salaries Staff Licensing Operations Operations Depreciation Depreciation

Accumulated Cashflow until 31 Dec 2016 60000 50000 40000 30000 20000 10000 0 -10000 42034 -20000 -30000 -40000





Financial Forecasts: Cash Flow FY1 Minimum Cashflow Membership Events Meetings Workshops Service Programmes & Incubators

Month 0

Month 1

Month 2

Month 3

Month 4

Month 5

Month 6

Month 7

Month 8

Month 9

Month 10 Month 11 Month 12

0 0 0 0 0 0

7,028 480 1,105 711 54 0

7,399 541 1,146 768 57 0

7,818 610 1,191 834 59 2000

8,295 688 1,242 908 62 0

8,839 776 1,299 995 66 0

9,461 876 1,362 1,094 70 2000

10,175 989 1,432 1,208 74 0

10,992 1,116 1,510 1,340 80 1000

11,922 1,258 1,595 1,489 87 1000

12,970 1,412 1,686 1,657 94 1000

14,131 1,578 1,783 1,840 103 1000

15,380 1,752 1,883 2,034 113 1000

Total Incomes Total Expenditures (payable) Creditors/Debtors Interests CF I (operations)

0 -19800 0 0 -19800

10045 -14996 -337 0 -5288

10577 -14996 -337 0 -4757

11179 -14996 -337 0 -4155

11862 -14996 -337 0 -3472

12640 -14996 -337 0 -2693

13530 -14996 -337 0 -1804

14546 -14996 -337 0 -788

15704 -14996 -337 0 371

17017 -14996 -337 0 1683

18486 -14996 -337 0 3153

20102 -14996 -337 0 4768

21829 -14996 -337 -5000 1495

CF II (investments)














Grant Sponsorship Debt CF III (financing)

50000 50000 50000 150000

0 0 0 0

0 0 0

0 0 0

0 0 0

0 0 0

0 0 0

0 0 0

0 0 0

0 0 0

0 0 0

0 0 0

0 -50000 -50000

48200 48200

-5288 42912

-4757 38155

-4155 34000

-3472 30528

-2693 27835

-1804 26031

-788 25244

371 25614

1683 27297

3153 30450

4768 35218

-48505 -13287

Cashflow before Tax Cashflow (accumulated)

Financial Forecasts: Cash Flow FY2 Minimum Cashflow

Month 13 Month 14 Month 15 Month 16 Month 17 Month 18 Month 19 Month 20 Month 21 Month 22 Month 23 Month 24

Membership Events Meetings Workshops Service Programmes & Incubators

16,680 1,928 1,984 2,232 123 6000

17,983 2,102 2,085 2,426 133 0

19,247 2,268 2,181 2,609 143 0

20,448 2,422 2,273 2,777 151 0

21,573 2,564 2,358 2,926 159 0

22,615 2,691 2,435 3,058 166 0

23,571 2,804 2,505 3,172 172 1500

24,440 2,904 2,569 3,272 177 0

25,220 2,992 2,625 3,358 181 1500

25,914 3,070 2,676 3,433 185 0

26,527 3,139 2,722 3,498 189 0

27,066 3,200 2,763 3,555 192 0

Total Incomes Total Expenditures (payable) Creditors/Debtors Interests CF I (operations)

23698 -32053 567 0 -7788

25479 -32053 567 0 -6007

27199 -32053 567 0 -4287

28822 -32053 567 0 -2664

30329 -32053 567 0 -1157

31714 -32053 567 0 228

32974 -32053 567 0 1488

34111 -32053 567 0 2625

35127 -32053 567 0 3641

36028 -32053 567 0 4542

36825 -32053 567 0 5339

37526 -32053 567 0 6040

CF II (investments)













Grant Sponsorship Debt CF III (financing)

0 0 0

0 0 0

0 0 0

0 0 0

0 0 0

0 0 0

0 0 0

0 0 0

0 0 0

0 0 0

0 0 0

0 0 0

-7788 -21075

-6007 -27082

-4287 -31370

-2664 -34034

-1157 -35191

228 -34963

1488 -33475

2625 -30850

3641 -27210

4542 -22667

5339 -17329

6040 -11289

Cashflow before Tax Cashflow (accumulated)

Community Partners

Partnerships established with communities who share similar values


Health 2.0:

Health 2.0 has been showcasing the cutting-edge technologies transforming health and healthcare across the globe. Health 2.0 Birmingham, is Birmingham;s Chapter connecting clinical leaders, NHS managers, entrepreneurs, developers and patients to help improve care and patient self-management.

Forging We are in dialogue with over 50 key organisations across the West Midlands.

Barrow Cadbury Trust:

A charitable foundation moving into social investment, interested in socially just change. They will be funding a scholarship programme at the Hub in our first year, but we hope to grow this into a strategic partnership as they were founded in Birmingham out of the huge Cadbury family passion and work for social justice in Birmingham.


UnLtd have a Birmingham based office, Impact Hub Birmingham will provide a pipeline of potential innovators for them to invest in. In addition many UnLtd award winners will be sign posted to membership, events and programmes at the Hub.


Many of the team have been instrumental in the first ever TEDx licensed event in Birmingham, and have grown a large community of the last 5 years. TEDxBrum will continue to grow and host a variety of events anchoring its growing team and community at the Hub.


Leading creative organisation in Birmingham who will be hosting events, their organisation and encourage young creatives community to collaborate with social innovators.

Strategic Partners

Key corporate, government and education stakeholders in Impact Hub Birmingham and our Mission


Open Desk (Furniture/Fit Out):

Open sourced furniture and office solutions â&#x20AC;&#x201C; globally designed and locally makeable. As part of our shareholders the team will provide us advice on collaborative space design, support our co design events,and this will be at cost reducing our start up costs.


Project 00 (Architects):

Zero zero is a collaborative studio of architects, strategic designers, programmers, social scientists, economists and urban designers. We have secured a strong partnership as shareholders most of the work done for the project will be at cost, saving us a vast amount in start.

Haworth (Furniture):

Office furniture suppliers, we have secured a sponsorship deal meaning favourable payment terms and 45% discount for our furniture order, again reducing our start up costs.

Civic Systems Lab (Civic Innovation Programmes):

A combination of programme delivery and evaluation exploring ways of instigating civic development. We will run an accelerator programme with CSL based in the Hub in our first 6 months.

UnLtd (Funding Partner):

A funding body in England supporting and investing in social entrepreneurs at all stages. They have provided some team seed funding for us to explore the idea, we will continue to access their flexible grant funding to develop the team, Impact Hub Birmingham & create a pipeline of potential social entrepreneurs.

Journey so far ... Pizza Dinners Aug, Sep, Oct, Nov, Dec 2013 We held a number of monthly pizza dinners at local independent cafes as an open call to early members of the community, we built a maker team, began to find potential members and co created the visions for Impact Hub Birmingham.


Open Hub Event Feb 2014 This was our first large public event. Over 70 people attended and shared their ideas when asked what would Impact Hub Birmingham really look like? What values would the Hub need to stand for? What did the city of Birmingham want in a Hub, why the global network? What kind of locations could the Hub be in? The event was held at a local coffee shop, where we discussed most particularly the coffee shop working culture in the city, the need for the hub to have core values for a more equitable, democratic and fair city with openness and transparency at its heart. The Co - Founders/ Directors had been formed by this time and we continued to grow the makes/ volunteer team who would help to found the Hub in Birmingham.

2011 TEDxBrum


2011, 2012, 2013 Over the last 4 years co founder Kaur bought the first TEDx event to the city and continues to nurture, develop and grow one of the largest UK TEDx communities, with some 5000 people participating since 2011. TEDxBrum was one of the main catalysts for founding a permanent home to grow a community based on ideas, collaboration, innovation and trust. Many of the Impact Hub Birmingham team first came together through this network. Twitter: 4,704 Facebook: 1,126 likes

Hub UK Tour March 2014 Co - founders / Directors of the future Impact Hub Birmingham toured the UK hubs and participated in a Hub UK hosts workshop to learn more about the value of hosting. We covered the art of hosting, the journey of each Hub, saw differing Hub design, sharing good stories and heard about challenges. This helped to provide us with structure and inspiration for the journey ahead.

Impact Hub Birmingham: The Numbers 2014 Changemakers Dinner April 2014 To truly kickstart the Hub in Birmingham we hosted our first major event. We invited 150 artists, creatives, changemakers, intrapreneurs, entrepreneurs, organisations and people doing amazing work across the city to an event. We aimed to seed 100â&#x20AC;&#x2122;s of conversations, to share and celebrate what citizens were growing across the city, and help to lay the foundations for change making at Impact Hub Birmingham. We hoped the conversations from the evening would create a more fertile ground for diverse people to come together to build a hub for Birmingham and by Birmingham.

Pop Up Hub Prototype & Hosting The Civic Foundry

Twitter: 2,124 followers

May 2014

Facebook: 305 likes

Through the momentum we had begun to build with the idea of hub space in the city, we were approached by Civic Systems Lab to host a civic accelerator programme. We didnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t have a space at the time, so managed to find a landlord who gave us a free space, bought some plywood and temporary furniture to host a pop up hub for three months. This is much of where our initial assumptions were tested, we attracted interest of potential future members, learnt the challenges of running a space but also did many workshops and co design sessions.

We wanted to celebrate the amazing work of changemakers across the city and begin to shape the future of a Birmingham Hub. The evening confirmed the decision that our team would approach the Impact Hub Association to apply for candidacy.

Yammer: 100 Mailchimp CRM: 1, 750 Membership Waiting List: 85 Co Founders: 5 Makers: 14 Events so far: 30 Workshops: 10 Global Hubs visited: 12 (Islington, Westminster, Kings Cross, Dubai, Sydney, Singapore, Barcelona, Madrid, New York, Prague, Athens, Brixton)

Workshops: 10

2014 2014

MaY 2014

Location Workshops June 2014 We hosted two workshops on potential locations for Impact Hub Birmingham, we looked at what the criteria for an area was and what kind of buildings we were interested in. From June 2013 we looked at over 50 spaces in our top 3 areas before deciding on the Walker Building, which remarkably was the first space we saw.

Co - Designing the Vision/ Co - Creation Events


We used the pop up space to host many workshops, events, skillshare sessions and began to understand what people wanted from a space in more depth. We hosted suppers, talks, small events as well as had an open space for people to come and work, build their ideas and grow their projects. We learnt there was a real lack of spaces that could host accelerator programmes across the city. This live prototype gave us valuable learning, and began to build our waiting list of interested members.

Building the Community ...


To date we have done the majority of community attraction through leveraging our own diverse networks and experience in running TEDxBrum. The journey so far listed on the previous pages highlights a broad foundation for our community building and the large wider team has meant we have created momentum and interest in a wide range of sectors. We believe the transition from a wide interest to securing paid members, events and collaborations from this pool and beyond is going to be crucial.

CROWDFUNDER - December / January 2014

To prepare for this we have created a robust and active plan for the next 6 months to drive member recruitment. We also had a 2 day workshop in Birmingham with Soledad Pons our associate around the ‘Art of Hosting’, ‘Hosting an Epic Community’ and how to ensure member experience is world class at every point.

We will run a crowdfunder in December / January 2014 to raise funds for the Impact Hub, but to also launch with our first truly open public campaign prior to launch.

POP UP HUB - December / January 2014

We will set up a seasonal pop up hub to reinvigorate interest and excitement before Christmas as leverage the festive period in building bonds in our community. We will use this time for a number of events including: CO - DESIGN WEEK Co - Design week with community, our architects, makers, designers, furniture team and the core team in the empty shell co designing the future space. CO - CREATING THE SPACE WORKSHOPS Co - creating workshops focused on specific areas. practices and events that community want to see - understanding what Birmingham wants a ‘Impact Hub’ community to feel and operate like.

MAKER WORKSHOPS We have strong connections with local and national makers from soft furnishings to furniture, much of this part of the fit will be done in maker workshops with the community, team and interested makers. TEDx SALONS We have grown a strong TEDx community in the city, we will host small salon events on our main communities of practices in the shell space, to draw attraction to the Impact Hub space.

POP UP COWORKING Our team, makers, partners and founding community will have access to pop up co working area that will strengthen the founding community before we begin fit out / launch. CREATIVE / MUSIC EVENTS We have strong connections and partners in the creative, music and arts sectors and will be leveraging those communities to host pop up events in the run up to the main launch to continue momentum.

OPEN HUB - Late February 2014

On launch we will have an Open Hub where potential members will have opportunity to experience the hub, the founding, community, the space, events and team. In this time there will be a discounted member sign up and many incentive planned to bring a new wave of potential members through our doors. We will kick off this fortnight with a Launch Party and in the first 3 months of launch continue to have ‘Open Hub’ days to continue momentum. We believe a number of our waiting list and anchors will have become members prior to launch.


We are very passionate about co - creating an experience like never before with Birmingham and so have spent a lot of time ensure our operational plans regarding CRM, MRM, Pipelines and Financial Management are in place, we have had workshops with Ehon Chan and Soledad Pons to ensure that operations align very closely with creative / hosted member experience on day from knowing about the hub, visiting the hub, becoming a member to leaving the hub. Our ME Director Indi Kaur is focusing on this alignment of operational and lived experience of Impact Hub, curating workshops of learning for the team from our associate, other hubs and hosted space to ensure the whole team have as much experience and knowledge on hosting as leadership and how this aligns very closely with our operations.

A key part of our community is the diverse range of events by, with, or at the Hub. Curated by a passionate and talented team, world class events will be created by the hub, designed with collaborators or welcomed into our unique space. From fashion shows and exhibitions to workshops and hackathons we will have a range of flexible and inspiring spaces to showcase & host the cities most exciting events

birmingham / digbeth Impact Hub Birmingham will collaborate with the existing vibrant network of events already held around the city, particularly around the vibrant area of Digbeth, such as Digbeth Dining Club and First Fridays.

hub suppers

Meeting up over food is a great way to interact and break the-ice. The team will hold potluck suppers in the Hub regularly at the hub.

book releases, signings and readings

Impact Hub Birmingham will collaborate with publishers to provide a platform within Birmingham

themed speaker event Speaker events themed and curated on specific topics such as tech, creative, eco, civic change, finance, law and open source etc. will be held at the Hub to generate ideas and collaboration.

Impact Investor/Pitch Nights Showcasing entrepreneurs and changemakers through impact investor Sessions and a series of discussions will be held. This will be not only be for Hub members but also local entrepreneurs.

existing events

Impact Hub Birmingham can provide a venue for existing events to take stage and grow.


Impact Hub Birmingham will be host to salon TEDxBrum events ranging for themed talks to TED talk showings.

Coffee / Breakfast Talks

Smaller events giving Hub members, members-to-be, investors and potential collaborators to get together in low key events.

Impact Hub Birmingham plans to become home to a variety of programmes as a host & collaborator. In the first year we will focus on develop the following main streams but will be looking to build diverse partnerships and relationship with healthcare, tech for good, employment, education and finance sectors.

Youth LAB / Incubator Creative incubator / education programmes for 16 - 30 year olds in collaboration with Beatfreeks and Arts Council UK. The Hub will look to develop a programme and platform for young creative entrepreneurs. A pilot programme to research the way young people as creative artists access and utilise co working spaces and the support they need to create socially focused sustainable enterprises.

accelerators We will house the first Cabinet Office funded Civic Foundry accelerator from November 2014 and aim to work in collaboration with Civic Systems Lab to develop rolling programmes based at Hub Birmingham including the Civic Systems Lab fellowship. We aim to build partnerships with organisation looking to bring traditionally London based accelerator programmes to the city.

Civic Systems Lab Fellowship The Civic Systems Lab Fellowship will be a powerful combination programme to develop hybrid ideas and civic models. It will include an innovative development process, education programme, access to the Hub and digital platforms. The purpose is to support entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs through connecting them to investment, to expertise, education and support to develop their business idea, venture or project.

Impact Hub Residency - 200 x 200

Develop a crowd sourced / funded residency programme to invest in 200 Birmingham citizens over 2 years. Inspiring, connecting and providing access to resources for thought provoking creatives, problem solvers, doers, thinkers and creators.

Community Clusters Social Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurs / SME

Networked Individuals

Creative Practitioners



Young at heart Innovators / Changemakers

Social Impact Organisations


Social innovators, entrepreneurs, start ups, new initiative and project developers who can profit or non profit making. We believe this will be the core of our community, with over 500 social enterprises already operating in Birmingham largely disconnected from each other.

Organisations and Entrepreneurs who may not solely identity with have a social impact focus, but whose values align with the Impact Hub community and want to be part of community to expand their own purpose, ways of working, and potential collaborators. Whilst this will not be a large proportion of our membership we feel it is important to continue attracting new players to the community for collaborations and new ways of thinking for all.

Highly networked and successful individuals from a range of organisations but who are interested / work closely with purpose driven work, entrepreneurship, social investment, social impact. It will allow us to grow a community with strong professional & knowledge sharing opportunities but also expanding our networks. We aim to attractive 5 10 of these people each quarter as we know the importance of continuing to grow new networks and opportunities.

Creative practitioners and producers who are looking at creative ways to explore social, environmental and civic issues We believe this will be a large proportion of our membership due to our location in the creative quarter of Birmingham and the high numbers of freelance creative producers in the city beginning to shift their focus to purpose driven social impact focused themes.

Individuals working in large corporates, local or national government, housing associations and other large bodies who acival help develop, build or promote practical solutions to social, environmental or civic challenges. We have 2 maker team members who are from the corporate and housing sector who will be looking to build this market in Birmingham and attract our first early adopters.

Those who work from home or coffee shop spaces, need a sense of belonging, workspace, flexible membership opportunities and want to be in a community of like minded people to grow their own business and expose their business to new customers. We believe this will be again one our largest elements of the community, we have a waiting list of 80 with strong interest who currently work from home and in city coffee shops.

Young future purpose driven entrepreneurs interest in social impact. Young leaders who are emerging from many of the cities young peopleâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s organisations, leadership courses and fellowships. 40% of our population is under 35, we know this opportunity will be huge, however barriers to access will be higher, so will be developing collaborations to create opportunities to this part of the community as we believe they will be the future core of Impact Hub Birmingham.

Profit and not for profit organisations and foundations with social impact, investment and entrepreneurship focus. There are a number of key organisations in the city we are targeting to move into the Hub, we have an option in March 2015 to take on more space so could consider creating offices depending on level of interest for these on launch. Pre launch we are aiming to selling 4 anchor desks to prominent social impact org.

Value Proposition

Combining learnings from the global network, other up and running Impact Hubs and looking at the economic profile and demographic of our own city, we have identified the following key areas of community that we believe need to be part of Impact Hub Birmingham and the community are focusing on building. We have identified who they are and what value we believe they will add to the community. We believe without a balance of the following communities the Hub will not be right for Birmingham, and so we have specific teams and leads building networks and relationships with all of these clusters.

Platform for Global and Local Collaboration, Knowledge Sharing and Networking

Platform for Global and Local Collaboration, Knowledge Sharing and Networking

Platform for Global and Local Collaboration, Knowledge Sharing and Networking

Platform for Global and Local Collaboration, Knowledge Sharing and Networking

Platform for Global and Local Collaboration, Knowledge Sharing and Networking

Platform for Global and Local Collaboration, Knowledge Sharing and Networking

Platform for Global and Local Collaboration, Knowledge Sharing and Networking

Platform for Global and Local Collaboration, Knowledge Sharing and Networking

Collaborative Workspace

Collaborative Workspace

Collaborative Workspace

Collaborative Workspace

Collaborative Workspace

Collaborative Workspace

Collaborative Workspace

Collaborative Workspace

Access to events and to host events.

Access to events and to host events.

Access to events and to host events.

Access to events and to host events.

Access to events and to host events.

Access to events and to host events.

Access to events and to host events.

Access to events and to host events.

Venture Design, Social Innovation core theme at Hub, access to programmes, knowledge, funding.

Access to inspiration, resources and community that will grow and expand existing business models and thinking.

Access to inspiration, resources and community that will grow and expand existing business models and thinking.

Access to communities that broaden practice, ideas and event space that can bring creative and impact communities together to foster innovation ideas.

Access to world accelerated learning, incubation, ideas, innovation and resources, unique to what they would have access to within their large organisations.

A sense of community, belonging, like minded individuals, the opportunity to grow and expand. Access to new business.

Career development, job opportunities, access to innovative thinking and a vibrant community and inspired possibility.

Direct access to the people they want to work with, for and a chance to be in heart of the issues they are tackling.

Location Digbeth Digbeth - A Vibrant Creative Place in the City Centre of Birmingham. Digbeth was first settled in the 7th century. The area, close to the River Rea - now running underground, was chosen as the site of a market, which was the starting point for the growth of the city of Birmingham. It has always been a vibrant place – teaming with enterprise, industry and diverse groups of people. Digbeth can be described as the birthplace of the modern industrial city of Birmingham. As part of the Big City Plan, Digbeth is undergoing a large redevelopment scheme that will regenerate the old industrial buildings into apartments, retail premises, offices and arts facilities. There is still however much industrial activity in the south of the area.

Digbeth Social Enterprise Quarter Birmingham has one of the largest concentrations of social enterprises in the country – almost 350 at the last count and now probably nearer 500. And this concentration is greatest in the Digbeth/Highgate area, where over 40 social enterprises are based and has been identified as the social enterprise quarter by Birmingham City Council There are over 50 social enterprises in Digbeth and the surrounding area with a combined turnover of between £15m and £20m. The sector is characterised by small and relatively young enterprises: 60% employ fewer than six staff. 52% turnover less than £100,000 a year. 64% have been trading for less than ten years.

The Walker Building After months of planning, researching, and working with our community we have secured that The Walker Building in the SE Quarter of Digbeth will be the new home for Impact Hub Birmingham. We had a workshop laying out pros and cons of the space and other spaces in the area, it was agreed the perceived pro’s vastly outweighed the cons. The finish and high quality refurbishment of the warehouse space has impressed and excited many of the early visitors we have shown around and confirmed our decision to pursue. The Building is owned by UK based private landlord, a heads of terms has been drawn up, key lease terms agreed and final negotiations are expected to take place in early December 2014.

Over 21% were set up in the last three years. Over 20 trade sectors are represented in Digbeth alone. The four most heavily populated sectors are: Education & training 58% Youth services 30% Arts, culture & heritage 33% Community development & regeneration 33%

“What we are seeing here is the ‘repurposing’ of Digbeth - the old factories and warehouses of Birmingham’s oldest industrial area given a new lease of life by social and cultural entrepreneurs committed to social change and social inclusion.”

- Sir Albert Bore, Leader of Birmingham City Council

The Space  6,090 sqft.  ÂŁ12.50 sq ft rent, ÂŁ1.90 sq ft service charge, 12 months rent free period & 5 years business rates relief. This is considerably cheaper than the average in Birmingham for this high quality space and the location.  145 workspaces  6 Anchor Desk Spaces  2 meeting rooms  3 flexible event spaces (30 - 90 person capacity)  24/7 access  Gated / Secure Access but access straight onto the street.  Opportunity in 2015 to take on more spaces for team offices if there is sufficient demand.

Risk Management Brief overview of some of the immediate identified risks with business, team, space / area and joining the network, and measures were are taking to manage these risks.

Identified Risk

Risk Management

Business Impact Hub Birminghamâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s coffee shop model is dependent on the members, and other tenants in the building, no public access from the street.

Costings of the cafe have been taken into consideration within the financial forecast. Future plans are in place to allow for a more public facing service. However we have taken into consideration the strong coffee shop culture in Birmingham, the 150 other people who work in the building and have no access to high quality coffee shop and have experience in the team of running a lean coffee start up. We have identified 2 creative apprenticeship programme to support this also, and will be creating development and training opportunities for young people.

Team Lack of some skills in the team. Large Co Founding team

Third party services have been identified to provide the skills gap required to make Impact Hub Birmingham sustainable. These will be paid for or provided through a work trade scheme or have been accounted for as a cost in the business plan.

Space / Area Leased Premises reduces the ability for space changes. Reduced infrastructure around the area, such as lack of cash machines or local amenities

Requirements of the space have been carefully discussed with the Architects, who have experience in designing multi-use spaces.

Network Not being accepted into the global Impact Hub network as an initiative.

We have been working for 18 months to build momentum, grow partners and create interest in an Impact Hub in the city, because we see the potential in Birmingham as a leading global city. We were initially greeted with reactions of it wouldnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t work, but after 18 months of momentum building there is an incredible amount of interest. We understand, we have a chance to act on feedback if not accepted and would try again immediately and discuss with the association the best way to move forward and not lose the momentum of our community and work to date.

We have been advised our co founding team is larger than normally advised and we have been working hard to have training on dealing with conflict, creating clear roles and leadership streams for each team member and believe that we have an exceptional team, which is one of our biggest strengths in its sheer tenacity & resilience, we recognise early feedback given and are working hard to ensure we keep the bonds and working relationship effective, efficient and productive to create a world class hub and movement for change in Birmingham.

Digbeth has been identified for regeneration by the Birmingham City Council. Impact Hub Birmingham is engaging with local networks and groups to help the process along and regenerate the area.

Whatâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Next? Submit Final Feasibility Study & Payment to Association Core training with sister Impact Hub Islington Host training with sister Impact Hub Islington Continued Lease Negotiations Crowdfunding Filming & Final Planning Crowdfunding Launch Crowdfunding Campaign & Movement Building for Jan 2015 Space & Impact Hub Birmingham Campaign Space Co - Design Week Impact Hub Co - Creation Workshops (Led by Maker Team) Co - Production / Maker Events Programme Development with Barrow Cadbury Open Hub Campaign Potentially receive Initiative Status? Potentially receive Initiative Status? Host The Civic Foundry Accelerator Member Recruitment Phase One Fit Out (Pop Up Hub in Ready Space) Phase Two Core Fit Out

Nov 2014

Dec 2014



The following table gives a key indication of the immediate priority steps we are prepared for, we have a very favourable 12 month rent free period with the landlord and therefore want to ensure as much of this is used productively to complete immediate startup phase to generate revenue from membership and events.

Jan 2015 08





Feb 2014 12




March 2014 09




Apr 2014 09





Impact Hub Associate: Soledad Maria Pons Referring Impact Hub: Impact Hub Islington (Joost Beunderman) Secondant Impact Hub: Impact Hub Ottawa (Vinod Rajasekaran) Produced by: Andy Reeve Imandeep Kaur Dan Zastawny Inderjit Kaur Joyjit Sarkar

Contact: Email: birmingham.candidate@impacthub.net Web: birmingham.impacthub.net @ImpactHubBrum Impacthubbirmingham

Profile for Impact Hub Birmingham

Impact Hub Birmingham Feasibility Study - December 2014  

A home for system change in Birmingham, a platform for purpose, for those not willing to accept the status quo & want to make a positive imp...

Impact Hub Birmingham Feasibility Study - December 2014  

A home for system change in Birmingham, a platform for purpose, for those not willing to accept the status quo & want to make a positive imp...


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