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Issue 94: May 07 2016


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ENDANGERED MAMILS IN PARADISE… six months ago and we had intended to ride together again ‘some day’. The “cyclist in his 60s” was Noel, 72, who apparently had serious coronary issues and was also recovering from pneumonia. At least he died doing what he loved… I say that with serious misgivings because a long time ago I realised it’s what we say to make ourselves feel better in these situations. For the person involved I’m certain no matter how much they loved what they were doing, they’d much rather be alive – even if it meant doing something quite ordinary.

I had another topic planned for this page, but with Issue well in hand a window of opportunity opened and the gentle breeze of temptation teased the lace curtains of desire. Before I knew it I was on my bike riding into an autumn afternoon so warm, clear and still, it was like I’d died and gone to cycling heaven. Which reminded me… Catching up with neighbours after the Bathurst rally I was shaken and greatly saddened to hear of the death of a “cyclist in his 60s” on the road I ride three or four times a week – the very one I’d escaped through the window to ride. What made the news more disturbing is it’s a long, no-through road and most vehicles belong to locals or local businesses. Our little corner of the world is something of a bucolic paradise largely untouched by the troubles that seem to afflict less fortunate localities, making such an event was even more of an aberration. Despite searching online for details I couldn’t find any reference to it, which made it all the worse as it started to smack of a cover-up. To my relief I’ve since learned it was a heart attack that brought the old fellow down, not a car. The news was still sad and close to home because I had ridden a couple of kilometres with him about

As a MAMIL – a middle aged man in lycra – I’m acutely aware of how vulnerable I am when riding. Although I don’t live and ride in the city, country roads have their own dangers and challenges. Twice I’ve come close to being hit on other local roads by Grey Nomads in motorhomes who seem oblivious to the concept the bodies of their vehicles are wider than the cabs. Laws introduced in NSW on March 1st this year make it an offence for any motor vehicle to pass closer than 1 metre to a cyclist where the speed limit is 60 km/h or less, and 1.5 metres where the speed limit is more than 60 km/h. The penalty is a $319 fine and 2 demerit points, so it’s a rule worth observing. The same rules apply in Queensland, but the fine and points loss are more serious – $353 and 3. I’m having a drink to Noel tonight, and to everyone one else who ‘died doing what they loved’. Life’s short and as my Father often said, “You might as well enjoy yourself because you’re a long time dead”. It’s the 21st anniversary of his passing at the end of this month, so here’s to him too. Cheers!


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Win $50 for the best letter! It’s only fitting that since Ed has his say in On My Mind, you should be able to have yours too. If you have anything to say – or ask – just drop a line to letters@imotorhome.com.au and

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Charge Account There are times, when for a variety of reasons, you may choose to stay at a campsite or have your Motorhome in storage for an extended period. During these times the vehicle battery starts discharging, particularly if there is a device that is drawing current, however small, from the vehicle battery. Devices such as intruder alarms

and GPS tracking devices take a small but continuous current from the vehicle battery. These days, with so many motorhomes having solar panels to charge the house batteries, there is not a lot of thought about keeping the vehicle battery charged up during these times. I encountered this problem late in 2015. I initially overcame it by starting the vehicle motor after a few weeks and running it for half an hour or so to recharge the vehicle battery. I began to think of alternative ways to achieve this, so I began to research online which battery chargers would be suitable to achieve this outcome. I chose a 12 volt 900ma trickle charger that slowly charges the vehicle battery and once charged, maintains a float charge. I power the trickle charger from the vehicle’s 240 volt inverter which in turn is powered by the solar charged house batteries. The charger plugs directly into a 240 volt outlet from the inverter and the 12 volt lead from the charger terminates in a 2 pin plug. Two leads were supplied, one with the standard battery alligator clips and the other with an in-line fuse and connecting continued...

12 | On your mind lugs, to permanently connect it to the battery terminals. I wired this lead permanently to the vehicle battery and the socket sits unobtrusively next to the passenger seat support. When charging is required it’s only necessary to connect this lead to the charger, and the charger itself to the 240 volt outlet (either from inverter or mains).

charger you use is usually recommended for smaller vehicles like motorcycles and lawn mowers. I presume you chose it for its small power drain from the inverter – 17 watts – and to lessen the load on your house batteries overnight. Good to hear it does the job! Readers might be wondering why you didn’t connect the solar controller directly you the vehicle batteries for daytime I have found this to be a simple solution and charging, which is what I wanted to do both the house and vehicle batteries are now when setting up Project Polly’s solar panels. kept charged from the solar panels mounted However, I remember Redarc’s technical on the roof of the motorhome. adviser saying that wasn’t possible and I bowed to his knowledge. If any readers have Regards, other solutions to vehicle battery charging Ronald. we’d love to hear from you. In the mean time Ronald, please accept this issue’s $50 prize That’s an interesting solution Ronald to a for your solution, which is bound to help problem I think many of us can relate to. many others I did some online research and note the

Beginners’ Tale… I thought you might like a letter about a complete beginner couple to share with anyone nervous about taking the plunge. Have followed you magazine ever since issue one, it inspired us to want to get a motorhome and travel. We felt, for a long time, that our lives had become routine. Don't get me wrong, we love it as we live in a beautiful part of Perth, namely the Swan Valley. Friends of ours in Queensland have been wanting us to come over for years and for years I've been looking at used motorhomes and reading your magazine. But somehow it all seemed overwhelming. What if we broke down in the middle of the Nullarbor? If we ran out of fuel? Could we travel to caravan

parks with our two little dogs? Water in the fuel and so on? Both my wife and I now only work part time and really felt we needed a break. One night my wife suddenly said, “Lets do it!” “Pardon?” said I. “Let's get a motorhome and go to Queensland”. Now, 3 months and approximately 4,300 kilometres later, here we are! Was it worth it? Absolutely. We cannot believe how wonderful and stressless it's been! First off, since we'd been looking at motorhomes for years we knew what we wanted: One with bed over the cab and a continued...

Best Seat in the House. Our Switch Mode Bathroom offers a room with a view... trakka.com.au

14 | On your mind continued...

fixed bed down the end. We got what we wanted almost straight away, at the price we wanted, from a yard in Perth specialising in ex rentals – a VW Crafter Jayco Conquest. In good condition with about 120,000 km on the clock, it had come over from Victoria and so needed to go over the pits. Also, they agreed to reupholster the café bench, but everything else was fine. Next thing was to plan the route, put our temp jobs on hold and work out how long to go for and what it would cost. I've been in the computer business prior to semi retiring so am tech savvy. But even if you aren’t, the most valuable thing you can get if you want to jump in is an app for iOS or Android called WikiCamps. I have no affiliation with them but it is an absolute must. Not only can you select caravan parks, it will guide you there via GPS and has a forum to discuss with other campers any subject you like. The forum was so helpful before we left as all our fears were answered and assuaged. Questions we asked were things like do we need extra fuel? What are the risks of water in the diesel? Who should we insure with? What about roadside assist in the middle of nowhere? We not only got all the answers we needed, but felt a whole lot less nervous about the coming trip. Next were the caravan parks along the way. We worked out it would take us eight days to get there, with two long days to start off with: Perth to Norseman then Norseman to Eucla. After that, shorter hops. We then rang all the caravan parks along the route and this was our first surprise. All our unfounded fears of caravan parks were totally removed. Everyone we rang was so friendly and assured us dogs were no problem and no charge. So the route was planned and booked. Basically, if you only intend to stay on main highways there are more than enough good fuel stations along

the way. Most serve food and surprisingly pretty decent coffee. Another good app whether you are computer savvy or not is TrackMyTour. It’s an easy way to let your friends know where you are, and share a photo and story to go with that location. I was going to set up a proper blog but this just proved to be too easy and I’m glad I did. Also, a simple hand help CB can come in handy. I got one with a 10 km range but should have probably got double that. It was less than $100 dollars and rechargeable and I used it a lot to tell road trains that we would slow to let them past – something they all really appreciated and we enjoyed the camaraderie of it all. You know, “Breaker Breaker Rubber Duckie!” (though my wife threatened me with a fate worse than death if I used it). So was it worth it? A thousand times yes! We are over here and having the time of our lives. We intend to take a longer trip back via the Snowy Mountains and do The Great Ocean Road. So, if like us, it all seems a bit daunting just do it. It's like bungy jumping. Just step off you won't regret it! Regards, Stuart. Breaker breaker good buddy that’s a big 10-4 on your story! Congratulations on taking the plunge, over. But (more) seriously, thanks for following iMotorhome since Issue one, that really is special. Safe travels for your return journey (watch out for rubber duckies), I’m certain your story will inspire others to follow suit. You copy that?

On your mind | 15

Thanks! Hi Richard, I’ve been doing a heap of reading on all the information via iMotorhome – my head spins at times! I was reading the one about water damage and what to look for and came across the information on hairline cracks. Then of course I started worrying whether this may have been the cause of the water damage to my motorhome wall, although I fixed the problem of water coming down the shower door wall. The trouble is I haven’t used the shower since then, so if the hairline cracks are an issue I had better fix it somehow. I have also attached a photo of the damage to the wall, before I put on a stainless steel kick-board to cover up the issue. I love reading your articles as there’s so much information and I am still sorting out things in my exKea Rentals Ford Transit ‘Freedom’ van, bit by bit. In fact I just had an issue with a 30 amp MPPT solar regulator that was put in by a friend of mine – he bought the regulator on the internet – and it turned out to be a fake MPPT Controller: it was a PWM, and a bad one at that! So now I have purchased a Redarc 20 amp unit and this will be installed soon.

Long story there! I have been watching what Project Polly goes through and read the article on solar – that was very interesting and I even understood most of it. I also just read the article regarding the Double DIN radio replacement: Jeez Louise – that was a nightmare! I was considering that at one stage but I certainly will put up with what I have in Transit rather than go through that cost and trouble! I’ve just had a GME 5W UHF CB radio put in by Electric Bug and it works wonderfull (so far). I am also getting a new mattress to make the single bed comfy. It will be a memory foam one by Town and Country (Adelaide) – I saw it in their showroom the other day and it’s awesome! Step by step it goes… Regards, Lyn Thanks Lyn, good to hear all is going well – mostly – and iMotorhome is useful to you. Keep up the reading and good work and we’ll see what else we can find to keep your head spinning

16 | On your mind

Down the Line

Regarding comments made by the TT Lines CEO (Issue 93 NEWS) about maybe being unable to book the Tassie ferries at the last minute. One wonders if the CEO has any idea about the inability of booking a vehicle over 2.1 meters high on his ships? From my experience, it is certain that bookings have to be made months in advance. My personal hunch is that TT Lines makes more from carrying trucks and freight and cares little for the humble motorhomes or caravaner. It also seems that Tasmania is preferring the high end tourists going by the types of development being planned and approved, with little concern for caravan parks and selfcontained freedom campers.

Good points Alan. I looked at trying to book our 2.7 metre tall Polly across Bass Strait and found getting sailing in either directions, a couple of months ahead, difficult and expensive. It has certainly put me off doing a short trip there and I can only wonder how much tourism Tasmania loses from those similarly discouraged. Given the Island’s overall economic malaise you’d think its Government would be doing everyone it could to attract visitors of all persuasions. I’ll do some more research and contact the CEO, so stay tuned for his comments.

Thanks, Alan.

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18 | News



lbury Wodonga RV World is having a Grand Opening Super Saturday Sale next weekend, on Saturday May 14th. Now under new management and in a brand new location, but with the same friendly sales, service and admin team, AWRV World sells and services Avan, Sunliner and Winnebago motorhomes. Readers will discover extrasharp deals on the day, which runs from

8:30 am until 4:00 pm, and can browse new vehicles in the indoor showroom, free from the weather’s vagaries. Trade-ins are welcome and there’ll be a sausage sizzle and giveaways to add to the festivities, plus local radio station 2AY will be broadcasting live onsite. Put 1A Watson St Wodonga in your GPS or call (02) 6024 4222 for further details.


News | 19



vida continues to expand its dealer network with the addition of Camperagent RV – Avida Adelaide in Parafield Gardens, South Australia. The company is now the exclusive Avida dealer in South Australia and will display the full Avida range of motorhomes including the very popular large slide out Birdsville and Esperance motorhome models.

Camperagent RV is a South Australian family business operated by the Munro family that has been selling all tyres of recreational vehicle since 1996 and reportedly are the largest RV sales and service dealership in South Australia. Avida Adelaide can now assist you at its new state-of-the-art 3000 m2 RV service department offering complete one-stop service for all RV requirements Avida's Sales and Marketing Manager, Billy Falconer, said, “To experience the benefits of buying from a locally owned family business in South Australia, visit the new Avida Adelaide at its ‘Superyard' at 750 Port Wakefield Road, Parafield Gardens SA 5107 or call them on (08) 8285 5000”.

The Wirraway 260 SL

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20 | News

SWAGMAN RETURNS! refurbishment for the many Swagman vehicles still plying our highways, but at the CMCA’s 30th Anniversary Rally Dave told iMotorhome he plans to resume Australis production from September. The plan is subject to the first right-hand drive chassis arriving on time for the USA and he’s not looking to build more than perhaps half a dozen machines a year.


ave Suttor is an irrepressible character who is also CEO of Swagman Motorhomes, having rescued the beleaguered brand from the brink of extinction a few years back. In its day Swagman made the most desirable luxury A-class motorhomes in Australia and for many a used Swagman Australis – a 10 m diesel ‘pusher’ – is still the ultimate dream. These days the business looks after servicing and

It’s interesting Dave has chosen the iconic Australis rather than the later but oft-maligned ‘Next Generation’ 3301. He cited the Australis’ traditional construction versus fibreglass as a major motivator, but iMotorhome also thinks the Australis is the better looking and more suitable/marketable design. Time will tell but it will be good to see ‘new’ Swagmans rolling off the production line again if all goes to plan. To find out more visit the website or call Dave on (07) 3804 7711.

Expedition Vehicles



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BUY FACTORY DIRECT AND SAVE 222 Governor Road Braeside VIC 3195 Ph: 03 9588 0077



News | 21

4X4 RENAULTS ON THE WAY? Renault Master 4x4 drivers can choose between two modes: 4x2 transmission for normal roads or a 4x4 mode for poor quality roads or off-road use. The 4x4 feature will be available for single and dual-cab cab-chassis, and rear-wheel drive vans.


ccording to Outback Travel Australia, Renault LCV is evaluating the Master 4x4 van and cab/chassis for Australian release. The 4x4 kit is produced by German off-road-engineering specialist company, Oberaigner, which also fits 4x4 drivelines to Mercedes-Benz and VW Crafter vans and cab/ chassis.

“Renault Australia will carry out specific market evaluation on the Master 4x4 in the near future to determine its suitability for our driving conditions,� said Lyndon Healey, Renault Australia LCV Manager iMotorhome thinks a large Master 4x4 van with single rear wheels would make an interesting and attractive motorhome conversion that would likely come with a considerable price advantage over its Mercedes Sprinter rival.

22 | News

WICKED BANS while on an otherwise boring journey." But Victorian grey nomad Tony Morcroft thought the "sexist scribbles" were often degrading, particularly to women, and should be outlawed. "Wicked by name and wicked by nature," 68-year-old Mr Morcroft said. "They certainly have no place in caravan parks where young families with children are holidaying."


ampervan daubed with offensive and sexual slogans have been banned from caravan parks in a popular NSW holiday region. Byron Shire Council has bowed to public pressure and approved a raft of measures which include shutting them out of all Council-owned holiday parks. The move follows a recent incident in which an angry local grandfather spray-painted over lewd words on a backpacker's Wicked campervan. Ballina Shire Council is also urging the NSW and Federal Governments to support a ban on "inappropriate messages" painted on the Australian-based company's vehicles. Meanwhile, New Zealand's Classification Office has ordered three of the controversial Wicked vans off the road immediately for their "objectionable publications". RVers interviewed at a rest area on the Pacific Highway north of Byron Bay had mixed views on this. "I can't help but feel this has been blown out of all proportion," Queenslander Bruce Martin commented. "Some people seem to take offence over the slightest thing but I find many of the slogans quite funny and they make me smile

In its findings, the NZ Classification Office said it had considered the right to freedom of expression. But it added: "The likelihood of injury to the public good arising from the availability of the campervans, specifically the harm caused to children and young teenagers who view the images and text dealing with criminal drug use, has been identified. NSW Premier Mike Baird has rejected increasing calls to ban the offensive slogans. Tasmania's Commissioner for Children, Mark Morrissey, expressed concern that children and young people were being exposed to messages which commonly derided and denigrated women. He said there were also worrying examples of campervans showing children’s characters such as Snow White, Cookie Monster and Barbie in compromising and offensive situations which were equally alarming because children would, "Be drawn to images of their beloved characters". He welcomed the bans and pointed out that New Zealand's Queenstown Council now also imposed $300 fines for the offensive slogans. Mr Morrissey believed similar action could be introduced in the Apple Isle to protect Tasmania's children and young people from seeing them. from Caravanning News

News | 23



ederal Assistant Minister for Health and Aged Care Ken Wyatt has urged people to defer retirement and become Grey Nomads before returning to work. And the idea of a gap year has been backed by caravaners who think it's a great concept. Mr Wyatt told delegates at a Committee for Economic Development of Australia forum in Perth he wanted to see Baby Boomers work longer and access their superannuation later. "When we get to 60 and think about retiring, workplaces could encourage us to have a gap year from work, go and do the Grey Nomad bucket list and then come back and make a decision about retiring. I think that would change our mindset," he said. When asked about the proposal, travellers

expressed mixed opinions. Some thought it a great idea while others thought it ridiculous. Job security while absent, plus the financial practicalities of affording a suitable vehicle and travel costs for a single year, without selling up, were mentioned. It was also suggested this was just another scheme dreamed up by a well paid politician with little grasp on reality. Meanwhile, the Australian Government has made it possible for you to keep working while drawing down some of your super benefits. The policy, called transition to retirement, allows you to supplement your salary and maintain a comfortable lifestyle. You can also use the policy to save tax and boost your super before you retire. To fond out more click HERE.

24 | News

ANTI-AGIN! botanicals. Collagen levels dwindle as we grow older, causing wrinkles and a loss of firmness in skin.


gin and tonic is highly enjoyable, but like so many things, not always good for you. However, that could be about to change as someone has developed a gin with purported anti-ageing properties. Aptly named Anti-AGin, the gin is distilled with 90 grams of ingestible collagen and “age-defying”

Dining on collagen is nothing new, however. In Japan, a burgeoning number of "beauty restaurants" have long been serving food containing chunks of collagen, while supermarkets have been responding to growing demand for collagen-rich foods, such as sweets and noodles. The gin – commissioned by Warner Leisure Hotels – was created by food and drink alchemists Bompas & Parr. Price at £34.99 ($50) it’s only currently available in the UK via drinksupermarket.com.

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News | 25

CLANCY@THEOVERFLOW Where the Western rivers flow. Instead of tapping on the small screen, He'd be camping by the tall green River gums, a pleasure That the town folk never know.


s technology pervades every aspect of our lives it’s interesting to speculate how classic literature might be reinterpreted by today’s standards. With apologies to A.B. ("Banjo") Paterson and thanks to whoever wrote it, here’s an Australian classic found on the Internet we can all relate to. I had written him a text Which I'd sent, hoping the next Time he came in mobile coverage He'd have time to say hello. But I'd heard he'd lost his iPhone, So I emailed him from my smart phone, Just addressed, on spec, as follows: clancy@theoverflow And the answer redirected Wasn't quite what I'd expected And it wasn't from the shearing mate Who'd answered once before. His ISP provider wrote it And verbatim I will quote it: 'This account has been suspended: You won't hear from him any more.' In my wild erratic fancy Visions come to me of Clancy, Out of reach of mobile coverage

Well, the bush has friends to meet him But the rest of us can't greet him: Out there, even Telstra's network Doesn't give you any bars. He can't blog the vision splendid Of the sunlit plains extended Or tweet the wondrous glory Of the everlasting stars. I am sitting at the keyboard, I'm too stressed out to be bored As I answer all the emails By the deadlines they contain. While my screen fills with promotions For 'Viagra' and strange potions And announcements of the million-dollar Prizes I can claim. But the looming deadlines haunt me And their harassing senders taunt me That they need response this evening For tomorrow is too late! But their texts, too quickly ended, Often can't be comprehended For their writers have no time to think They have no time to wait. And I sometimes rather fancy That I'd like to trade with Clancy, Just set up an email bouncer Saying 'Sorry, had to go.' While he faced an inbox jamming Up with deadlines and with spamming As he signed off every message: clancy@theoverflow

26 | News/ iMotorhome Marketplace

Are you living that dream? Tax returns need lodging? Do you have income from working or investments? Use a tax agent who understands. We do, because our office has 4 wheels and a Luton peak. Whether you’re in FNQ, WA or Tas., email for info Grey Nomad Tax Advisers ABN 76 114 458 058 Eric Taylor, FIPA, CTA, Reg. Tax Agent Email: eric@greynomadtax.com.au www.greynomadtax.com.au

Southern Highlands Service Centre • • • • • •

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Parkland RV is the official dealer for Avida Motorhomes, Crossroads RV and Opal Caravans in WA. We stock quality used RVs and our modern service department can look after everything.

An official Avida motorhome dealer, with more than 50 new motorhomes in the largest undercover RV showroom in the Southern Hemisphere. Our service department is here for all your needs too.

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Batteries, solar panels, inverters, alternators and all electrical parts including cables and switches for your motorhome! We can find and fix all electrical faults and are 12 V power specialists.

Visit our world famous 300 ha open range sanctuary, home to some of the most exotic and endangered animals on earth. Explore by foot, bike, electric cart or in your motorhome!

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Our vehicle-specific insulation screens are Australian made from specially designed and tested material to keep you cool in summer and warm in winter. As featured in iMotorhome’s Project Polly!

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The E-Twow Electric scooter for adults LATEST TECHNOLOGY FOR RV OWNERS

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25km/h with a range of 40km in ideal conditions! Super light too at 10.8kg

Australian-built In-vehicle Dual Battery Chargers, Battery Management Systems and 52mm monitoring gauges that won’t let you down.


Folds away quite compact for small storage

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30 | Day Test: Avida Ceduna C7184 with MTP

Rough Road Rider!

Avida adds multi-terrain ability to its popular Ceduna‌ by Malcolm Street

Day Test | 31

The Ceduna is a long serving design that fills a multitude of roles. Now available with an optional Multi Terrain Pack and even a diff-lock, it looks set to take travellers further afield than ever.


hen the Ceduna motorhome first appeared I thought it something of a lone traveller in the Avida stable. Its layout reminds me of more traditional designs or the New Zealand-Back styles, with its club lounge at the rear. Its shape, and the fact it can sleep up to six, also suggests a rental motorhome. These are, I should point out, not necessarily negative things and indeed the fact the Ceduna has been around for quite a while suggests the opposite. At the recent Sydney Supershow Avida released an updated Ceduna; one that retains many of the original features but also includes more than a few refinements. In addition, the company now offers the option of a Multi Terrain Pack (MTP) – that’s Avida speak for rough road, remote travel ability – with the

further option of a rear differential lock for greatly enhanced traction. Unfortunately, in our haste to be the first to get our hands on the new Ceduna with MTP we had to settle for the non diff-locked version.

MTP Differences


TP models are longer – 7.37 m versus 7.01 m – and get an additional 60-litres fresh water over the standard 100. They also get checker plate with black rear-wall mould inserts, an external barbecue fitting, outdoor hot-and-cold shower, 2 x 80 watts of solar, a steel rear bumper and the spare wheel mounted on the rear wall for extra departure-angle clearance. Another inclusion is a nudge bar and driving lights. Whilst the nudge bar is a welcome addition, the driving lights seemed a bit underpowered for the serious

32 | Day Test

Right: External storage and systems access is good. Below: The passenger seat swivels and can now be used in conjunction with a multi-function workstation immediately behind it.

night driver. Also, the bar itself was so close to the body that fitting larger lights would be difficult. The standard Ceduna – with or without MTP – rides on an Iveco Daily 50-170 cabchassis, but the locked-diff MTP uses a Daily 45-170. Both have a 4495 kg gross vehicle mass (GVM), meaning you can drive either on a standard car licence. Both also have an 8000 kg gross combination mass (GCM), providing a 3500 kg towing capacity – always the Iveco’s strong suit. However, if you want 6-seat/6-berth ability you can only have the

heavier Daily 50-170 and must upgrade to a 5200 kg GVM, meaning you’ll need a light rigid (LR) drivers licence. That also reduces the towing capacity to a still-impressive 2800 kg. On the road the 3.0-litre turbo-diesel moves along very smoothly. I hadn’t had the opportunity to try the Old Bathurst Road between Avida’s factory and Blaxland in the Lower Blue Mountains, which is both windy and hilly, with Iveco’s new eight-speed auto gearbox. As expected it performed with aplomb going up and coming down, and

Day Test | 33

The spare wheel is mounted on the rear wall for extra departure-angle clearance.

is now one of there best construction department the transmissions in the business. Ceduna has fully welded metal wall, floor and roof frames. The frames have a foam sheet Outside filler that Avida reckons both he Ceduna has a acts as an insulator and road decidedly square shape, noise reducer. For the walls, something emphasised all are laminated with backing by the flat roof that includes panels and an outer fibreglass the Luton peak. In the body


skin. Slightly differently, the one-piece floor has a ply timber sheet on top and metal sheeting underneath, for added protection. Moulded fibreglass is used for the Luton peak/cab surround.

34 | Day Test Below: The rear club lounge is a classic New Zealand Back that provides wrap-around views. It also converts to a large bed. Bottom: Rear boot space is good.

A great feature of the Ceduna is it has plenty of external storage capacity, with good sized bins at the rear and a smaller one for leads and hoses on the driver’s side. There are of course extra bins for both the battery and gas cylinders, but the door for the latter looked decidedly small. I’m told that was a mistake on the first design and future models will have a larger one, making it easier to get the cylinders in and out. As usual, Hehr-brand products are used all round for the windows, plus for the entry door, while the only issue with the door is the lack of a security screen.



s mentioned, the Ceduna has a ‘New Zealand Back’; that being a rear lounge with wrap-around windows. The only difference to the traditional arrangement is the inclusion of a elevating bed above the lounge. A large area of cushioning makes the lounge

Day Test | 35

The Ceduna has a decidedly square shape, something emphasised by the flat roof that includes the Luton peak.

36 | Day Test

Above: The main bed lowers from the roof and can be positioned at various heights, allowing the lounge below to be used as a bed at the same time. Right: The workstation in action. It makes the Ceduna viable as a mobile office straight out of the dealer’s yard. very comfortable, but there is one issue: The seat back sits above the Hehr’s window winder knobs, which being slightly fiddly to start with, are made even more so. Mounted on a single pole, the rear dining table is a good size for four people and can be swivelled about without too much trouble. Lowering the bed is done at the touch of a button and it can be positioned to the level of the top of the seat backs without effort. Apart from being used for sleeping, lowering it makes it easier to get to the overhead lockers across the rear and also use the mirrors above the side windows! For extra sleeping accommodation, setting the bed about half way up the windows means the lounge area can also be made up into a bed. Neither bed

Day Test | 37

seems to have been fitted with much in the way of reading lights, however. There isn’t a great deal of room between the rear lounge and entry door, so the kitchen fits in with just enough bench space for a threeburner cooktop with grill/oven below plus a stainless steel sink. All the cabinet space below has sensibly been fitted with drawers, while two largish overhead lockers, one with an extra shelf, complete the kitchen storage story. A feature of note is the splash back at the end of the kitchen bench that adjoins the rear lounge. Not to be missed are the 190-litre 2-door fridge, with microwave oven above, that sit on the opposite side of the motorhome beside the bathroom.

Clockwise from top: Good cupboard and drawer space are kitchen positives, but lack of bench space is a negative; The fridge and microwave sit opposite the sink and cooker, while wind-out Hehr louvered windows at the back are old school but still practical, especially in the rain.

38 | Day Test

Given how little space it seems to occupy it’s impressive just what has been squeezed into the bathroom. There’s a separate shower cubicle, Thetford cassette toilet and a small wash basin, plus a locker above the loo and some shelf area under the basin. While you probably won’t spend a lot of time in it, the bathroom is well equipped and has everything you need. Up front is the cab with large cupboards above, with an option to have a third bed instead of the cupboards. Adding to general storage is a full-height cupboard, complete with shelves, behind the cab. Between the entry door and swivelled passenger seat is a very multi-tasking area. In effect

Clockwise from top: Despite not seeming to take up much floor space, the bathroom manages to include a seperate shower cubicle and is reasonably spacious and nicely equipped.

Day Test | 39 it’s a travelling office with a multifold table, open storage compartment below and a locker above. In between, the wall supports a magazine pouch and a swivel-arm TV, which can be seen from the seat in the rear but is not overly large. By the entry door, the side of the overhead locker is used for the multifunction control panel.

What I think


t seems to me the Ceduna is somewhat multifunctional in its design intention and potential. It could be used as a rental vehicle, a family motorhome, mobile office or just a recreational motorhome for a couple who want something a little different, especially with the wrap-around New Zealand Back. There are a few compromises, like the smallish kitchen, but what motorhome doesn’t have them? When the Multi Terrain option box is ticked it adds another dimension. It’s a pity we couldn’t try the diff-locked version this time, but perhaps Avida will lend us one for a month or three so we can head into the Outback to really try it out!

The Multi-Terrain Pack will likely prove popular with those looking to venture further afield, although not seriously off-road.

40 | Day Test

Specs GENERAL Model

Avida Ceduna Multi Terrain C7184


C Class


4 option 6

Approved Seating

4 option 6


Car (LR required for 6)

VEHICLE Make/Model

Iveco Daily 50-170


3.0 litre turbo diesel


127 kW @ 2900-3500 rpm


430 Nm @ 3100-3500 rpm


8 speed full auto


ABS, Stability control, dual airbags


100 L

WEIGHTS Tare Weight

3708 kg (3772 kg with MTP)

Gross Vehicle Mass

4495 kg

Max Payload

787 kg (723 kg with MTP)

Braked Towing Capacity

3500 kg

DIMENSIONS Overall Length

7.37 m (24’ 2”)

Overall Width

2.50 m (8’ 2”)

Overall Height

3.46 m (11’ 4”)

Internal Height

2.28 m (7’ 2”)

Lifting bed

1.85 m x 1.35 m (6’ 1” x 4’ 5”)

Dinette Bed

2.10 m x 1.53 m (6’ 10” x 5’)

Day DayTest Test | 41

Specs EQUIPMENT Slide-Out



Dometic roll-out

Entry Steps

Thule electric


Thetford three burner with grill and oven




Stainless steel


Dometic RM 8555 190 L 3-way




12 V LED

12 V Sockets/USB Outlets


Air Conditioner

Dometic roof

Space Heater

Optional diesel

Hot Water System

Suburban 23 L 240 V/LPG


Thetford cassette


Separate cubicle


2 x 100 AH


2 x 80 W


2 x 4 kg

Fresh Water

1 x 100 L + 1 x 60 L

Grey Water

100 L

Hot Water

23 L


17 L cassette

Pros • • • • •

MTP increases travel options Will sleep up to six External storage Small office/work station area Comfortable rear lounge with good viewing • Storage space around cab • Rear mounted spare wheel easier to access


• Bedroom lighting • Nudge bar/driving light setup • Small kitchen • Rear window winder positions



As Tested

$150,990 (with Multi Terrain opt)


Avida RV 32 David Rd Emu Plains. NSW. 2950. T: (02) 4735 8116 W: www.avidarv.com.au

Click for Google Maps

42 | Day Test

When the Multi Terrain option box is ticked it adds another dimension.

44 | Feature: CMCA 30th Anniversary Rally Report

Mountain of Fun!

The CMCA’s 30th Anniversary Rally at Mt Panorama was ‘a good time had by all’… by Richard Robertson

Feature | 45

Above: Cheers! First night drinks with Malcolm (left) and Dee and Neil from Duvalay. Below: Aussie flags flew proudly around the rally site.


eep blue autumn skies, cold nights and warm days played host to nearly 1000 motorhomes, members, traders and volunteers for most of the time in Bathurst last week. Passing showers and leaden skies dogged Saturday’s open day, I’m told, but overall the CMCA’s 30th Anniversary Rally enjoyed near perfect weather, a terrific setting in the middle of the Mount Panorama Motor Racing Circuit and a healthy member and trader turnout.

46 | Feature

Mrs iM earning her keep (don’t tell her I said that!) and a selfie at the top of Mt Panorama – what a ride! Having bikes made getting around the rally site easier and gave us the chance to escape into town for some sightseeing. Mrs iM and I arrived on Sunday the 24th, in convoy with Malcolm who was fortunate enough to secure Trakka’s highly desirable Trakkaway 700 for the first 3 nights (he had to hand it over for the trade display from the Wednesday). Polly and the Trakkaway secured prime near-level parking spots near the entrance gate, by the foot bridge that spans the track opposite the Rydges Hotel. Because we were there as ordinary CMCA members our stay promised time to do the things everyone else did rather than being tied to the trade display area. If you’ve never been to one of these massive events you really should. The level of organisation is staggering – aided by a massive team of enthusiastic volunteers – and the sights to be seen while just strolling around, of people and machines, are

Feature | 47

The things you see at a rally!

48 | Feature

amazing. Congratulations are certainly in order for Col and Colleen Walker, the Bathurst Rally Managers, plus the whole team for a tremendous effort. Organisation aside I believe everyone appreciated the dust and mud-free marquee location, outdoor trader’s area and food court; likewise the modern and clean ammenities, and the numerous dump points. This was Mrs iMotorhome’s first big rally attendance in years and as I did, she wondered what she would do to fill her days. We planned to stay four nights and leave around midday on Thursday the 29th, although we’d booked for the full week and the Rally finished on Sunday May 1st. In the end we stayed an extra day and still didn’t see or do everything. So what did we do? We attended seminars, strolled the Trader area (which grew daily as the

More great sights, plus Murray from Tiffin giving us a friendly wave.

Feature | 49 Sundowners with Bruce and Gail, visiting from New Zealand, plus Neil from Duvalay – again! Insert: Mrs iM with Gwen by the new Sunliner Vida she and husband Arthur share.

50 | Feature week progressed), met old friends and made new ones, rode our bikes into town for a look around (I also rode a lap of the track!), enjoyed sundowners and generally just enjoyed the happy rally atmosphere. What was particularly rewarding was meeting the many iMotorhome readers who spotted Polly and dropped by to say hello. I think we’d been onsite for at least 15 minutes before Charlie, our first reader, arrived! We have some very loyal and enthusiastic readers, but it was also apparent there are still far more motorhome owners who don’t know about us, so please spread the word. However, that situation should be about to change… I had a highly rewarding meeting with CMCA President Garry Lee and CEO Richard Barwick. In it we agreed to ‘enter into a new spirit of cooperation’ that will help iMotorhome and the CMCA, so watch for news when details are finalised! I’m already booked in for the 31st National Rally

in Canberra – October 8 to 14 – and Mrs iM will be there if her work roster permits. Malcolm will be there, of course (he’s a fixture) and if all goes to plan iMotorhome will be a little more prominent, more involved and read by many more members by then. See you in Canberra?

Top: An old Internal Acco that’s found a new lease of life. Below: CMCA co-founder Erica Whitworth makes a nostalgic lap of honour.

Feature | 51

Bathurst is a beautiful rural city with a wealth of history to explore‌

52 | Project Polly

Mirror Mirror on the Dash

My you’ve cost a pile of cash… by Richard Robertson

Project Polly | 53

Despite my best efforts I still can’t get the iPhone to mirror its display on Polly’s new Kenwood audio system screen. So for now navigation continues using my iPhone in this dash-top cradle, which at least makes using the rest of the Kenwood’s features easy. The power cable connects to a Kenwood USB lead in the glovebox, which frees up the Transit’s in-dash 12 V socket for other uses.


ast issue Polly was about to head back to the auto electrician to have her new Kenwood audio unit removed and an HDMI cable connected at the back, then routed through the dash. It was the missing link that would FINALLY let my iPhone mirror its display and run my TomTom navigation app on the Kenwood’s bigger display. As I mused at the time, “What could possibly go wrong?”. Well, let me tell you… Firstly, the special Kenwood HDMI cable I ordered didn’t arrive by the promised date (or even a few days later). When I pursued it, telling the supplier it was needed for a scheduled installation job, they refunded my money. No communication or offers to rush one out, just a refund! Great… The Kenwood part was really just a ‘special’ HDMI cable, so on the eve of the appointed day I went hunting the shortest ‘ordinary’

cable and found one in Officeworks for $3.99 – a far cry from the Kenwood’s $46.27. In case you’re wondering, HDMI stands for ‘high definition multimedia interface’, which is the industry standard for transferring high volumes of video and/or audio data. Finally it was the moment of truth. iPhone? Check. Apple connector? Check. HDMI cable? Check. iPhone Lightning power cable? Check. Kenwood audio unit settings correct? Check. iPhone mirroring working? Uncheck. Houston, we have a problem. Despite my best efforts and considerable time spent trouble shooting I still can’t get it to work. Kenwood Australia’s website provides no support beyond a series of FAQs; no support email address or phone number and I simply haven’t had time to follow it up. Yet. For now I have terrific handsfree telephone calling and a killer sound system with

54 | Project Polly

Webasto’s new heater controller provides digital temperature setting, many timer options and a ventilation setting to use the fan without heat. Mrs iMotorhome’s temporary box for the heater’s outlet nozzle is working so well it’s likely to stay. Despite the hot air in the hose it doesn’t heat up and it’s surprisingly robust. bluetooth audio streaming, but my iPhone still sits in a dash-top cradle when I want to run TomTom navigation. Off the top of my head the only thing I can think of is the special Kenwood HDMI cable really is special. I’ve also discovered Kenwood offers a wireless dongle that plugs into the same HDMI slot in the back of the unit and allows true wireless mirroring. But it’s a few hundred dollars more and another hundred-plus for installation. Can you hear the silent scream? iPhone mirroring issues aside, Polly’s going like a train – and I don’t mean belching smoke and steam and running well behind schedule. Here’s a update of things following our recent trips away: HEET fuel additives: Over the last 12 months I’ve used 3 of 4 HEET fuel additives in the following order: Diesel Fuel System Treatment, Diesel Fuel Injector Cleaner, and Diesel Performance & Cetane Booster. With winter approaching I’m holding off on the Diesel Anti-

Gel & Fuel Treatment until we head into the High Country. Definitive results are impossible for me to quantify, but Polly’s 295,000-plus km engine is purring like a kitten and they certainly haven’t caused any problems. If you’re thinking of trying some fuel additives to give your diesel engine a hand, these are certainly worth considering. Webasto Air Top 2000 diesel heater: Temperatures dropped as low as 4.5º C in the mornings at the CMCA’s 30th Anniversary Rally in Bathurst and for the first time the Webasto got a proper work out. The new digital controller is simple and intuitive to operate and I programmed it to come on one morning and run for two hours at 22º C. At other times quick heat was just a touch of a button away. The combination of digital temperature selection, multiprogramming abilities and new fan-only mode makes the digital controller a quantum leap from the old rotary-style heater knob.

Project Polly | 55 Right: The main electrical panel shows the effects of overheating around the fridge fuse (centre top) prior to our ownership. It could be contributing to fridge temperature fluctuations, which need further investigation. Bottom: Our tandem fits neatly up the aisle, which is accessible through the rear doors even with the insect screen in place, thanks to a roll-up doorway.

Prior to Bathurst we spent a few days around Mansfield in Victoria and on the final morning Polly was lightly covered in ice. Fortunately we weren’t staying in her, but about half and hour before leaving I put the heater on and by departure time it (and the sun’s first rays) had cleared the windows and made her ‘toasty’ inside. Highly recommended! Redarc Solar: The rally was also the big test for the newly installed Redarc solar power system. Parked up for five nights we ran the fridge around the clock and the usual selection of lights, water pump, water heater, diesel heater and TV (well, that’s another story). I was concerned our single 100 amphour house battery would struggle through the nighttime hours, but the 200 watts of solar panels kept it in top condition. In the mornings the Manager30 readout showed the battery level was never less than 98% or more than two hours from being fully charged. Given our normal travel pattern wouldn’t see us free camping in one place for more than a couple of days I’ve shelved plans for a house battery upgrade. How good is that? Solarscreens: Bathurst’s cold nights and warm days gave us the perfect opportunity to live with our full set of Solarscreens. We kept the windscreen and cab window screens up, plus the middle side windows. The back door screens only went up at night, but we kept the screens off the side windows at the rear (they have the sliding windows), plus the sliding side door and just used the

56 | Project Polly

The rear screen is already proving its worth, despite the worst of the insect season being over. The centre zips that allows aisle access are to our own width specification, for easy access for bicycle handlebars.

curtains there. The combination worked well – especially keeping the cab cool during the day – but I’m sure as winter progresses we’ll use the full set on the colder nights. Again, highly recommended.

the zips done-up at floor level and the table between the bed heads, in an emergency situation we’d be in all sorts of bother. If you have a rear screen in a van have you worked out your emergency evacuation options?

Insect Screen: The rear-door insect screen supplied and fitted by Southern Spirit Campervans in Brisbane also had its first workout. The central zipped opening provided easy aisle access while Bathurst's warm days let us keep the back doors open to enjoy the breeze. A matching unit for the side door is planed – probably while I’m in Brisbane for the show next month – and then we’ll be insect proof (more or less!). One thing I realised was the need to keep the zips up at night in case of fire. The barn doors can be opened internally and if a fire started in the front of the van that’s how we’d evacuate. But with

Duvalays: What can I say about our Duvalays? They continue to provide the most comfortable and convenient sleeping solution, whether we’re in Polly or a test vehicle. In Polly we usually keep the single bed arrangement to maximise floor space and convenience, and our 66 cm-wide Duvalays are the identical width of the mattress. Because the beds are also our daytime seating and dining space we just fold the Duvalays in thirds and sit them by the back doors, with the pillow on top, when not required. This makes them a handy backrest for casual relaxing, while at night it takes 5

Project Polly | 57

The Duvalays fold in thirds to provide a comfortable daytime backrest, but at night take about five seconds to unfold for sleeping. On this trip we took single bikes and our old hitch-mounted rack still allowed the rear doors to open when the bikes were off. Note the table, dropped down to make a useful bedside table.

seconds to unroll and ‘make the bed’. If you want a laugh click HERE to watch a video of the Great Duvalay Challenge between Mrs iMotorhome and Dee from Duvalay as they compete for ultimate bed making glory!

look on the roof shows no obvious problem. The TV is solidly mounted on the wardrobe wall and all connections are concealed. That means the next thing is to remove the wardrobe inner panel to check things from inside. Hopefully it’s just a loose connector, but I’m not holding my breath. It’s just another Niggles thing on the never-ending To Do list, along hat trip would be complete without with the newly leaking kitchen tap connection. some problems? They go together At least our $6 stick-on battery-operated like peaches and carrots! Our nearsensor light that comes on when you open the new fridge has been playing up and alternately sliding side door or go to the loo in the middle starts to freeze the water bottles in the door or of the night works a treat! Thank goodness for warms to around 10º C. I’m speculating either small mercies… a fault in Polly’s power supply or in the fridge’s Smart Energy Control system. Either way more investigation is required, so stay tuned.


Additionally, the TV decided it was tired of finding stations. It appears to be a cable problem as there’s no signal and at first I suspected the solar installation, but a quick

58 | Reader’s Report

Drivin’ Miz Cee Cee The story of how I got Miz Cee Cee and along the way formed the Chick’s Camping Crew… By Jan Moore


nce upon a time there was a lovely middle aged lady – poetic licence applied for – who wound up in Brisbane virtually alone. It wasn’t that bad actually, it was just one of those things that happened because all her mates left the capital city in search of other climes. So what to do? Someone suggested trying camping, as you do when you reach 60 and most of your life has been 5 star, but what the heck; nothing to lose and how hard could it be? That’s where my journey started.

in my blissful ignorance I’d been using for years not realising I could be in dire danger.

Not having a clue I asked the same person what to take and was told “Google it”. Sage advice indeed! I realised I needed something to sleep on, something to sleep under, and something to sit on, eat off and keep life sustaining fluids and nibbles cold in. Armed with my shopping list I hit the internet and got the set up you see pictured for around $150. I already had one of those butane stoves, which

Next step was to find something a little – well, okay – a lot bigger. I also needed something a tad more comfortable on the aforementioned middle-aged bones, which while well padded these days prefer a bed that you don’t have to crawl on hands and knees to access, and a solid roof so I can sneer at the rain. Enter Avana the Avan, who trotted along behind my faithful steed Black Magic. And yes, for all

To cut a long story short, a good time was had by all, but most of all by me! After nearly 30 years in Brisbane, but having started life in a country town (Mackay), I discovered great old fashioned country hospitality and prices. I’d forgotten how people actually talk to you, actually seem interested in what you have to say and don’t fleece you with high prices while they’re at it. I had found my Tribe.

Reader’s Report | 59

Like our own Project Polly, Miz Cee Cee is an ex-Apollo Rentals Eurotourer on a Ford Transit. It’s Jan’s first motorhome and we’ll be keeping track of how she personalises it to make it her own… those blokey blokes, you can tow a one-tonne (loaded) van behind a Suzy Grand Vitara two-door. Along the way I departed the group I had started with and at Happy Hour in Clifton Showgrounds – my first tow all by myself – a chance remark of “You should form your own female camping group,” saw me up until 3 am on Facebook doing just that. Chicks Camping Crew was born – a Facebook Group for female travellers – because once again, how hard could it be, right? This led me to the purchase last Christmas of Miz Cee Cee, an ex-Apollo rentals Euro Tourer directly related to iMotorhome’s Project Polly. I’m still working and so have limited time for weekend jaunts only, but needed a ‘weekend getaway’ vehicle and she fits the bill admirably. Although a stable mate to Polly I am tricking her out very differently; the woman’s touch y’know. Happy trails to you all and I look forward to sharing my journey – Driving Miz Cee Cee – with you in future issues!

60 | Mobile Tech

Fly, Cook & Drink! Apps to suit the fisherman, chef and bargain drinker in all of us‌ By Emily Barker

Mobile Tech | 61 On the Fly!


or those dedicated to the pursuit of piscatorial pleasures, fly fishing is said to be the most challenging and fulfilling type of sport fishing. There is a history and purity involved that’s un-replicated in any other form. Not only is fly fishing the oldest and most technical style, it’s also the most written about, so it’s only natural that apps are next! Orvis is an American sporting company with a long history in sport fishing. This app is a comprehensive overview of all aspects of the sport and is a reflection of the company’s specialisation and expertise. Described by some as the most useful and practical fishing app available, it provides a complete guide to fly fishing with casting lessons, videos, podcasts, animated knot instructions, fly guide and an extensive glossary. This is an American app, therefore its real-time content such as tide times, hot bites, fishing and condition reports, licensing and regulation information all relate to the US, but it still manages to engage a global audience. With more than 100 podcasts by renowned fly fishing authority Tom Rosenbauer that can be downloaded and listened to offline, plus hours of instructional videos, this is without doubt a super-speciality app sure to catch the attention and interest of keen anglers. Usually this app sells for $15, but it’s now offered free. Not sure why or for how long, so reel it in! Orvis Fly-fishing – The Ultimate Fishing Guide Size: 288MB Cost: Free Platform: Android (optimised) & iOS

Perfect Ingredients!


he story of Cook is a digital fairy tale complete with heroes, heroines, and a multi-award winning ending. Once upon

a time a tech-savvy start-up team wanted to document the creative processes involved in their field. Specifically, “Customer led innovation approach to research, design and development”. What they achieved in addition to a book is an app that has swept up several industry design and innovation awards and even been called revolutionary. Cook takes the creation, collation and sharing of recipes to the next level and is essentially an iPad recipe scrapbook on a social network platform. You can keep it as personal as you like or choose to share your culinary delights with the entire world. In addition to your own recipes you have access to thousands of recipes submitted by others – professional chefs like Neil Perry, Luke Mangan, Matt Moran, Bill Granger and Curtis Stone included. The reason this app is so heavily enthused over is its cookbook-replacing power. No more messy and random scraps of paper; no more

62 | Mobile Tech leg work out of shopping for alcohol. Now, when it comes to beer, cider, wine, pre-mixers, spirits or liqueurs, tracking down the cheapest prices and bargain sales closest to your location has never been easier! Search within a radius or by city, category or specifically for your favourite drop. You can even opt to receive a notification whenever your favourite drinks go on sale! All major retailers are represented as their prices can be accessed for the database. Independent stores, however, are identified on the maps and there are plans to include these retailers down the track. Inspired by the National ‘Friday Arvo’ search for cheap knock-off drinks, Fravo is a perfect pint-sized bottle shop directory and deal hunter that can potentially save you time and money. At 19 MB and available for both iOS and Android devices, it should certainly bring you some cheer!

costly, heavy and space consuming books, and no more cold chills when Grandma’s hand-scrawled precious family recipes cannot be found in the depths of a drawer. While there is no shortage of digital culinary apps in the app store, Cook presents a neat solution to several problems in one go! Cook Size: 52.1 MB Cost: Free Platform iOS (optimised iPad)



peaking of neat solutions, Fravo is a brand new Australian app innovative in its simplicity. Only just launched and still in its infancy, Fravo has a little growing to do yet, but things are looking good and it definitely has potential. Basically, Fravo aims to take the

Fravo Size: 19.0MB Cost: Free Platform: Android and iOS

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64 | Next Issue


day in the 8.5 m Iveco-based 601 complete with dual slide outs and next issue we bring you his thoughts. Don’t miss them!


he Navian is Sunliner’s latest and it’s billed as the ultimate mid-sized motorhome. Available on the Fiat Ducato, Iveco Daily or Mercedes Sprinter in lengths between 7.6 and 8.5 m, it’s said to be fully equipped and meticulously finished. Recently Malcolm spent a

May 13-15





Cairns Home Show, Caravan, Camping & Boating Expo Cairns Showgrounds Cnr Mulgrave Rd & Severin St, Cairns, Qld. 487 • Open 9:00-5:00 daily (4:00pm Sunday) • Parking: Limited free • Adults: $10 • Seniors: $8 • Kids: Free with adult

Visit Website Click for Google Maps


08-13 May

We’ll finally have the photos to go with Collyn Rivers up-to-date and in-depth technical piece on fridges, so if you want to know what’s what don’t miss it. There’s more on Project Polly plus a handy fix for those of you with Heki roof hatches to stop them blowing open in the middle of the night! We’re back in the two-week groove, so Issue 95 will be out on Saturday 21 May. Until then why not join our more than 31,000 Facebook Friends and followers on Twitter , Pinterest and Instagram ?


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Hunter Valley Caravan and Camping Show Maitland Showgrounds Bloomfield St, Maitland NSW. 2230. • Open 9:00-5:00 daily (4:00pm Sunday) • Parking: Free • Adults: $15 • Seniors: $11 • Kids: Under 16 free

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June 08-13 08-13 27-29 13-15 Queensland Caravan, Camping & Touring Supershow Brisbane Showgrounds 600 Gregory Terrace, Bowen Hills. Qld. 4006. • • • •

Parking: Free Adults: $20 Seniors: $15 Kids: Accompanied school-age free

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Know of a local or regional show coming up that attracts and promotes motorhomes, campervans and the great RV lifestyle in general? Drop us a line at info@imotorhome.com.au and we’ll happily promote it in this calendar.

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