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Casuarina! Horizon Motor Homes adds more appeal to its line-up…


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Winnebago Birdsville makeover!

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Canberra’s Lerida Estate Winery…

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Hey it’s good to be back home again… Anyone who regularly travels will know how good it is to be home. As much as we enjoy America our recent trip was rushed and much harder ‘work’ as far as the motorhome component was concerned. Don’t get me wrong, we still had a great time revisiting two favourite restaurants in San Francisco, riding Segways through Golden Gate Park and staying with friends, amongst other highlights! Overall, California is probably our least favourite US State, probably due of the volume of traffic in and around LA and the aggression of its drivers – not to mention their seeming total disregard for speed limits, indicator use – and courtesy. We were also there at the wrong time of year, despite it being mid September and just a week or so before Fall. It was 37º C at 6 pm when we stopped to camp the first night and 43º C as we drove back into LA from Santa Barbara for our last night. Stinking… You can read all about our latest US adventures in Issue 59 on 1 November, including a review of the big Windsport A-class that was our home, courtesy of El Monte RV rentals. In many ways this trip was much more instructive than our previous two American cross-country adventures and we came away slightly frazzled, but significantly wiser regarding the dos-and-don’ts of US RV travel.

readers love to know what you’re doing and the more the magazine and website can become a valuable information resource the better it is for everyone. Also don’t forget you can list a motorhome, campervan or whatever for sale on our FREE website classifieds, plus browse hundreds of new and used vehicle ads for your dream machine. What are you waiting for?

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Have Your Say! Moving on, it would be great to have you more involved in what we do. Don’t forget you can submit a reader review of your RV or favourite place (be it caravan park, free camping area, cafe, tourist attraction, etc); ask a technical question to try and solve a problem or just seek advice, or send a letter with an invaluable tip to share or maybe just your thoughts on things. Not only do the best ones win a prize, your fellow


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Hey it's good to be back home again…

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Quick Spin: Horizon Casuarina


Rogues’ Gallery: The Peacemaker


Reader Feature & Report


Roadside Eats


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Next Issue & Show Calendar

Cruisy Casuarina – another great van conversion from Horizon Motor Homes

Who said two into one doesn't go?

Birdsville and Beyond – one readers pursuit of perfection…

Destination De Vine – Canberra’s Lerida Estate Winery

Health Conscious – two apps to help keep you healthy as you travel!

What’s coming up and what shows are on soon

Horizon’s Casuarina – a mobile room with a view!

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Win $50 for the best letter! It’s only fitting that since Ed has his say in On My Mind, you should be able to have yours too. If you have anything to say – or ask – just drop a line to letters@imotorhome.com.au and we’ll share it with our readers. We’ll also reward

the most interesting, useful or thoughtful letter each issue with $50 to help you on your way.

Bright Idea! Hi Team, here’s a little item I found on the internet recently that I think is a great idea: An outside solar powered security light that can be turned off when necessary, such as traveling. The solar panel is on the roof near the TV aerial and the cable runs under the awning to the unit. It was bought at a garden store for about $20. Labor was about an hour and it's mounted with stainless steel screws and a bead of silicone. If you put it near a window that can make switching it on and off easier but otherwise just a chair or set of small steps is all you need. Love the magazine!

That’s a cracking idea Artie! Can’t see any real issues as long as the roof screws are properly sealed and the power cable doesn’t get chaffed through by the awning. For your efforts please accept this issue’s $50 prize, which should be more then enough to buy your own!

Thanks, Artie

On This Day 4th October

1535: The first complete English translation of the Bible was printed in Zurich, Switzerland. 1895: The first U.S. Open golf tournament took place in Newport, RI. It was won by 19 year old Horace Rawlins. 1927: The first carving work began on Mount Rushmore. 1957: The Soviet Union launched Sputnik 1 into orbit around the Earth. Sputnik 1 was the first manmade satellite launched, but fell out of orbit on January 4, 1958. 1994: South African President Nelson Mandela was welcomed to the White House by U.S. President Clinton.

12 | On your mind

Suspension Question Hi Richard & Team, I really enjoy the magazine and will try to support the advertisers. On that vein, I read in Issue 55 about the front suspension makeover now available for Fiat Ducatos, from AL-KO in Melbourne. I have contacted them and managed to get the part numbers for the kit and they suggested I contact a suspension place to enquire about having the work done. Alas I have had no success. Any chance you can point me at a shop that can do the work please? I’m in Canberra. Thanks, Lloyd.

Thanks Lloyd, I contacted AL-Ko on your behalf and received this reply: “Sorry I don’t know of anyone specifically in Canberra that can do it, but any Fiat dealer should be able to fit the ACS front struts, or alternatively any truck suspension place. It is not a difficult job. Alternatively if he is planning a trip down to Melbourne in the near future he is welcome to book in here with us and we will fit it for him.” I hope this helps Lloyd and if you get the work done please let us know what you think of the upgrade.

Love the Wilderness Hi Richard, we read with interest Malcolm’s article on the Burstner motorhome last issue. We hired one of those for 5 weeks in Jan/ Feb this year and had a great time. It was the perfect size for touring NZ, handled dirt roads with ease, was comfortable and well appointed. We agree with Malcolm that the layout would be much improved by removing the seat behind the driver and extending the kitchen bench, with more cupboards and drawers. We found it a bit difficult to prepare and cook food and clean up afterwards with so little space, and the

bed came in handy for many tasks – suitably covered with a towel of course. It is certainly a well designed unit and perfect for a couple to go touring. Regards, Bev & Frans. Thanks you two, glad you enjoyed Malcolm’s story and had a great time. It’s always good to hear of real world experiences like yours, especially when they concur with our thoughts on a product. Happy travels.

“Introducing the new limited edition Sunliner 40th Anniversary Motorhome.�

To celebrate our 40th birthday we have taken forty years of knowledge and combined it with the latest technology to create a motorhome that is exciting, stylish and a true reflection of our values of design, innovation and quality.


Personalise your journey....

14 | News

New Dometic Security Door


ccording to a press release, “Dometic Australia will be launching the new CaraD-600F caravan door at the Melbourne Leisurefest this weekend. With its stylish European design and world-class safety features - it’s just the accessory you need for your RV. The CaraD door heralds a new era in caravan doors. A key feature of the door is its highly resistant safety mesh. Tested by an independent company in Germany, the door can withstand 180 joules of impact, well above the Australian recommended standard of 100.” “We want to ensure safety and comfort for all our customers, we are the only company within the RV industry that test all our products, we put this door through wind tunnel testing, exposing the door to 140km winds. No other company undertakes this kind of testing,” said Brad Slater Regional Manager RVOE Asia Pacific - Dometic.

“Unlike other caravan doors, both panels on the CaraD door have been safety tested and are virtually indestructible. Traditionally, caravan doors have two panels with the outer panel providing the safety element and the thin inner mesh door used only to let air in. In comparison, the inner panel of the CaraD door has safety mesh that can withstand the weight of a grown adult. Another safety feature is the four point locking system and an easy to operate chrome door lever. The design also includes an integrated blind that provides block out.” Features: The door is available in two cut-out sizes and in a left hand or right hand hinge: - 1750 mm x 622 mm & 1850 mm x 622 mm Front panel: The opening panel is available in: - Black glass (1750 only) - White Alucobond panel with acrylic window (available for both cut out sizes and suitable for decal application). Contact a Dometic Dealer for further details, availability and pricing.

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16 | News

Kia’s 7 Year Warranty First


ia Motors Australia has set a new standard for customer care, announcing the arrival of Australia’s first comprehensive unlimited kilometre seven year warranty coupled to a seven year cappedprice service program and seven year roadside assistance program. “This is a watershed moment in customer care,” Kia’s Chief Operating Officer, Damien Meredith, said. “Kia customers now have a peace of mind that can’t be matched in the Australian new car market. Crucially, our customers will not be asked to pay any more for their scheduled services than had been the case with the five year capped-price program. The two year increase in warranty, capped-price servicing and roadside assist is absolutely transparent and we will not be asking our customers to dip into their pockets to fund the extra benefits.”

Mr Meredith added that the additional warranty and service benefits would be fully transferable to subsequent owners, provided the usual conditions of the Kia Connect program had been met. “A capped-price service program, particularly where a service is an annual event, is an excellent tool for owners to have clarity and consistency of pricing when budgeting for keeping their new purchase in peak condition.” All Kia owners who currently benefit from the five year capped-price program will be automatically upgraded to share in the additional two years of the new seven year plan (although not the two extra years warranty). The seven year warranty applies to all new Kias delivered after October 1 2014.

Thinking about a self-drive touring adventure?

Find all the inspiration and information you need for an awesome journey with our ebooks for iPad.

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18 | News

Chinese Scam


V sellers have again been warned to be on the alert for scammers. This follows another incident in which a Victorian woman was conned out of $1350 by Chinese fraudsters feigning interest in her Viscount poptop. The Camperdown victim, who is in her 60s, was contacted on her mobile phone after advertising the caravan for sale for $5500. As requested by the caller, who claimed he was working on an oil rig, she paid the $1350 to a Chinese address through Western Union to have

the RV taken to his alleged home in Darwin. But her suspicions were aroused when she received another request for a further $2550 for “insurance." The victim, who does not want to be identified, told media: "It was a sickening experience,” adding that she would now only take cash and deal face-to-face with prospective buyers.. from CaravanningNews.com

World’s Smallest Caravan!


he world's smallest caravan has earned a place in the 2015 Guinness World Records book. Built by Londoner Yannick Read, the 2.39 m fully roadworthy QTvan weighs in at 131 kg and boasts a full size bed, interior lighting, TV, drinks cabinet, sink and even a kettle. Yannick said the thing he enjoyed most about his tiny pride and joy was the smiles from people of all ages who saw him towing it along the road. "It has lots of features you find in a full size caravan," the parttime inventor and web writer explained. He had named the caravan after three British obsessions ... queuing, drinking tea and caravanning. His inspiration came from caravans built in the 1940s. Yannick said it was "awesome" to have his QTvan officially recognised as the smallest caravan on the planet. from CaravanningNews.com

News | 19

Port Lincoln Theft Alert


hieves have been busy at caravan parks in Port Lincoln, South Australia. Police have now issued a warning to holidaymakers to take extra care. A spokesperson said, �There have been a number of incidents reported to police in which cars have been interfered with or had items stolen from inside. Thefts have also occurred in the Ceduna and Whyalla townships." People were advised to remove all valuables from their vehicle or conceal them in

the boot. "Opportunistic thieves will look into vehicles to see what items can be easily stolen and even a small amount of cash or a bag can be the catalyst for becoming a target," the spokesperson added. Anyone seeing someone behaving suspiciously near parked cars in caravan parks is urged to call police immediately on 131 444. from CaravanningNews.com

20 | News

Follow Leichhardt’s Footsteps


n Australian National University (ANU) project has shed new light on explorer Ludwig Leichhardt and his landmark expedition through northern Australia in 1844. The ANU has launched a new paper map, as well as an interactive digital map, showing the precise route taken by Leichhardt on his journey from Moreton Bay, in south-east Queensland, to Port Essington in the Northern Territory. The new map corrects old maps that were up to 32 kilometres off. October 1st marked 170 years to the day since Leichhardt set off on the journey with his company. The map includes excerpts from journals kept by Leichhardt and three other members of his party as well as artworks by Bill Gannon and Katharine Nix.

d f f f r rid d d i e e r l e e i c i i e o e e l n n i c uniqu endly d i o d u s ly ly from SMH.com

The Wirraway 260 SL

With it’s Full Length Slideout Room & Apartment Styled Layout !

y...royuG orurG r rfG ..y... ou if if itrf From WIRRAWAY, “Australia’s Most Innovative Motorhomes”

Wirraway is a dedicated family owned business striving for Motorhome excellence. Our Motorhomes are our passion! Every Wirraway Motorhome is handbuilt and designed by experienced motorhomers who know the importance of making life easier on the road. New to our Range is the brilliant ‘live like a movie star’ Wirraway 260 SL, the latest in our 260 series; our EuroStyle 260 with it’s European styled interior and “The Motorhome of the Year”, the Wirraway 260. Wirraway Motorhomes feature opulence, style and all the legendary design, electrical and construction innovations that are unique to all Wirraways.

Each Wirraway Model is unique! - All are a Must See!

View Our New Website to view All Models, Download Brochures &Virtual RealityTours

For details contact: Rob Tonkin - Wirraway Motorhomes, 6 Hynes Court, Mildura Vic 3500


Phone / Fax: (03) 50 230 230 - New Email: info@wirraway.com.au & New Website: www.wirraway.com.au On The Road Wirraway 260SL Slideout Motorhome - 2012 © Rex Willmer

l l u u l f f t t u f h h t g g i i l l h deligde de eluicsious o delightful friendly



...your Griffith too.


Come and visit us this Spring! There’s plenty to explore, see and do. More than sixty large There’s plenty to explore, see and do. More than fifty large 3D citrus sculptures. Nine private gardens, cottage gardens 3D citrus sculptures. Eight private gardens (cottage gardens totocountry estates.Meet Weekend garden tours, festival country estates). ABC Gardening Australia’s Tinolaunch amongst sculptures. Meet ABCgreat Gardening Tino Carnevale.the Enjoy fabulous local wine, food andAustralia’s coffee. Carnevale. Enjoy fabulous local wine, great food and coffee.

ftrfhifittfhoitoth.otoo. o. visitgriffith


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because getting them is half the fun...

Missed an Issue? We've got them all saved in one spot for you. Click HERE to view the complete list of back issues.

Missed a road test? No problem! Click HERE to find them all listed by manufacturer. because getting there is half the fun...

Taste of Freedom!

because getting there is half the fun...

Grand Design -

because getting there is half the fun...


English Holiday









because getting there is half the fun...

Esprit de Cor Blimey!

Malcolm Street spends time roaming New Zealand in this compact ex-rental Kea…

Two years on how has the Trakkaway 700 evolved?

Auto-Sleeper’s Malvern is an English motorhome that’s a fine holiday destination in its own right…

Dethleffs ‘baby’ A-class is something to ogle at…

Story and Images by Malcolm Street

Review and images by Richard Robertson

Story and Images by Malcolm Street

Review and images by Malcolm Street

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Expedition Vehicles

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NEW! Infrared sensor; Convert your existing lights to security lights!

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Medical product.

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24 | Feature: Freedom of Choice Camping

Freedom of Choice! A

regular feature keeping you in touch with what’s happened and happening in the world of freedom camping in Australia. These stories and more can be found in detail at the Freedom of Choice website, indexed by state and town, while you can also find the latest news and updates on their Facebook page. 1 Sept – Byron Bay moves closer to Freedom Camping In a surprise move Byron Council announces it is considering provision of freedom camping. "We are moving away from zero tolerance approach, which has not worked, to look at managing free camping," Cr Paul Spooner said. 2 Sept – Blog Post of Home Hill Travellers Rest A good news story posted on a blog received very positive feedback on social media and reached over 10,000 people in 24 hours. Just goes to show the power of social media when it comes to Freedom of Choice 5 Sept – Caboolture Show Society proves worth of the RV traveller By collecting receipts of campers during a one month period show society proves the worth of attracting the RV traveller – to the tune of $310,000!

10 Sept – Another enlightened council. Good to see more and more councils with an enlightened approach when it comes to RV tourism. Of course the usual expected response, though. 10 Sept – Sunshine Coast Council to consider Freedom Camping Campers looking for an inexpensive overnight spot without the frills of a commercial caravan park may soon be accommodated on the Sunshine Coast. The Sunshine Coast Council has formulated the "Limited Facilities Camping - Interim Policy,” which will be debated at an Ordinary Meeting in Caloundra next week. The policy is to provide a clear framework for the council to approve limited-facilities camping without having to satisfy the requirements "ordinarily applied to accommodation parks.” Suitable sites would have to include a mechanism to limit use of land to "short-term self-contained camping.” Stop Press: Council debated this issue of freedom camping on 18th Sept and adopted this policy.

Feature: Freedom of Choice Camping | 25 11 Sept – Geraldton WA prepares a detailed plan to attact RV travellers Notice is hereby given that the City of Greater Geraldton has prepared the draft “Making Geraldton RV-Friendly strategy,” which is now available for public inspection and comment. Public Submission close 7th November. 11 Sept – CMCA has a ceremony to welcome the 200th RV Friendly Town to the scheme. The town of Kyneton, Victoria, became the 200th RV Friendly Town in Australia. Congratulations! 14 Sept – Interesting radio interview re Byron Bay and Freedom Camping Interesting, the comment that zero tolerance policy does not work. 15 Sept – L  ithgow, another town appreciating the RV traveller Lithgow City Council is in the final stages of seeking RV Friendly accreditation from the Campervan and Motorhome Club of Australia (CCMA). 15 Sept – Broome is wondering why its tourist numbers are falling Maybe they need to become more RV Friendly? 15 Sept – Wollondilly Council is getting the RV Message Just love the introduction to the story "Residents often accuse councils of spending money on crap. Now Wollondilly Council has done that — literally." 16 Sept – Glen Innes, the message is getting out there “There are travellers with expensive motor homes camping side by side with those who travel with just an old car and tent, both sharing the experience. We also like to promote the parks and free camping places showing what each has to offer. This lifestyle can be a great leveller.”

Both Mrs Chappell and Mr Wright were in agreement that caravan parks and free camping areas can coexist happily and share positively in the increasing parade of travellers." 19 Sept – Sunshine Coast decision Item 8.3.1 of this document indicates the Sunshine Coast Council has adopted a limited facility camping policy. This is a considerable breakthrough compared to their long held antifreedom camping stance 22 Sept – Wingham becomes RV Friendly Sometimes things take a little longer than you would anticipate. "The idea to apply for Wingham to become an RV Friendly Town was initially put forward by Ron Sky (an experienced caravan traveller) at a Wingham Advancement Group (WAG) meeting about five years ago. 24 Sept – R  V Friendly Status not so friendly for some Published letter from a caravan park owner slamming Grey Nomads brings a swift and large response on social media. 24 Sept – M  aclean goes RV Friendly for Grey Nomads Maclean is now fully licensed to cash in on the lucrative business recreational vehicle owners offer to regional centres around Australia. The town has joined Grafton and 214 other Australian towns as a designated RV Friendly Town, with the installation of a dump point at the Maclean Showground to allow motor home and caravan users to dispose of their liquid waste. Clarence Valley Mayor, Richie Williamson, said attracting tourists to a town was not just about accommodation. "It is about the whole of the economy and benefiting the broader business community," he said.

26 | Quick Spin: Horizon Motor Homes’ Casuarina

Cruisy Casuarina!

Horizon’s evolutionary big van with plenty of appeal… by Richard Robertson

Quick Spin: Horizon Motor Homes’ Casuarina | 27

Metallic paint makes a nice change from delivery van white. The Casuarina is a great size for touring in towns and cities, although like all van conversions external storage is limited. You’ll probably get a water hose in with the gas bottles, but that’s about it.


’m often asked what the best motorhome or campervan is, especially by first time buyers who struggle with the variety of vehicles on offer. Of course there is no such thing as the perfect vehicle, because no matter your budget or wish list some things have to be compromised. The key to finding the best motorhome or campervan for you is to understand how you will travel and what’s truly important to you.

How you travel means deciding what sort of traveller you’ll be (or are). Are you a short break/quick dash or a long distance/long stay traveller? What’s truly important, on the other hand, encompasses things like bed size and type (singles/double/queen/king), bathroom and/or kitchen size and whether you like to spend most of your stopped time inside or outside the vehicle. How do you find these things out? Experience, mostly, although

28 | Quick Spin: Horizon Motor Homes’ Casuarina

Horizon puts real windows in the back doors, which is a real bonus when chasing a breeze on a hot summer’s night.

available travel time will be dictated by your personal circumstance, while the others can largely be thought out in advance if you sit and think what’s important in your home life. When it comes to living on the road the accepted rule of thumb is ‘there’s no substitute for size.’ But size can be a double edged sword and I believe many people would be well served by thinking smaller and reaping the benefits of a compact motorhome that can even double as a second car – and doesn’t cost much more than one to run. Horizon Motor Homes, based in Ballina on the NSW Far North Coast, is a van conversion motorhome specialist with a range of vehicles based on the Fiat Ducato or Mercedes Benz Sprinter. Horizon builds a quality product and has established a nice niche for itself. This issue we’re taking a quick look at the Ducato-based Casuarina, an evolutionary development of Horizon’s popular entry-level Melaleuca.

Quick Spin: Horizon Motor Homes’ Casuarina | 29

Externally the Casuarina follows Horizon’s signature windows-all-round design. What’s In A Name?


he Casuarina continues Horizon’s tradition of naming its motorhomes after Australian flowering trees and shrubs. What an evolutionary development means in practical terms is that the Casuarina is built on a extra-long wheel-base (ELWB) Fiat Ducato van as opposed

to the Melaleuca’s long wheelbase (LWB) variant, gaining 365 mm (1ft 2 in) in length in the process. That might not sound like much, but in a vehicle just 6.363 m (20 ft 11 in) long the extra space is gold. What it allows is a larger bathroom and kitchen and increased storage. As I said, gold!

Pop the hatches, wind up the TV aerial, open the windows and wind out the awning. You’re all set for free camping in less than five minutes. How easy is that? Priced at $109,500 driveaway the Casuarina comes standard with Fiat’s 3.0-litre 132 kW/400 NM turbodiesel and 6-speed ComfortMatic automated manual transmission. It’s a great combination that provides sprightly performance without sacrificing economy. It’s also a significant step up from the 2.3-litre 109 kW/350

30 | Quick Spin: Horizon Motor Homes’ Casuarina The passenger seat makes a handy little office if you can tear yourself away from the view, while the windscreen has a one-piece blind for instant after-hours privacy or just daytime sun protection.

Nm engine on the admittedly $5500 cheaper Melaleuca. Both models have a 4005 kg gross vehicle mass (GVM) and despite being slightly heavier the Casuarina’s tare weight of 2933 kg still leaves a comfortable payload of approximately 1072 kg, depending on fitted accessories. Like all Ducato’s the Casuarina isn’t found wanting in the equipment stakes. Air conditioning, remote central locking, electric windows and mirrors, a removable TomTom satnav, Blue&Me voice-activated Bluetooth

integration and a 120-litre long range fuel tank are all standard equipment. That’s in addition to safety items like twin air bags, anti-lock brakes (ABS), electronic traction control (ETC) and electronic stability program (ESP). Equipment aside, the Ducato is a fun and comfortable vehicle to drive that looks and feels a long way removed from your run-of-themill light commercial vehicle. Externally the Casuarina follows Horizon’s signature windows-all-round design that includes opening windows in the rear barn

Quick Spin: Horizon Motor Homes’ Casuarina | 31

Horizon includes a simple, easyto-use privacy blind system for the windscreen and cab windows.

32 | Quick Spin: Horizon Motor Homes’ Casuarina

The entry step is electric, while the LED awning lights are great because they can be left on when you go out, with minimal battery drain. The flip-up bench extension is very usefulI and importantly, the side door can be opened fully without hitting any open windows.

doors. Most van conversion companies order their vans with fixed glass rear windows, but Horizon orders its vans windowless and installs proper windows at the rear – a rear bonus on a hot summer’s night. The windows used are Dometic’s double-glazed acrylic single-hopper items with integrated insect screens and privacy blind. On the roof is a

pair of hatches (the front one has a fan) for added ventilation, but as is usual with van conversions, exterior storage is minimal. You’ll probably get your water hose in with the 2 x 4 kg gas bottles, but that’s about it. The Casuarina also comes with a 4-metre Fiamma F65 wind-out awning, LED awning

Quick Spin: Horizon Motor Homes’ Casuarina | 33

lights, all the usual service connections and even external 12 V and 240 V outlets. Other things you won't readily see but that make a real difference are a Redarc 3-stage charger from the alternator and a matching unit for mains-power battery charging of the 200 AH AGM house battery. There are 150 L fresh water and 55 L grey water tanks, a drinking water filtration system and Horizon also includes a simple, easy-to-use privacy blind system for the windscreen and cab windows.

What’s The Plan?


he Casuarina makes good use of the Ducato’s space-efficient, boxy body and factory-fitted swivelling cab seats. It has a front seating/dining area; a kerb-side mid kitchen; a driver’s-side forward bathroom and mid wardrobe/secondary kitchen unit, and a rear lounge/dinette/bed.

Optional innerspring mattresses are a worthwhile upgrade and there’s plenty of boot space under the beds, especially on the kerb side (enough for golf clubs). The front seating area is useful, especially when the chef’s at work, while the pole-mounted table stores easily in the wardrobe.

34 | Quick Spin: Horizon Motor Homes’ Casuarina There's not much spare bench space but it's good to have a sink with a built-in drainer. Seven drawers provide plenty of storage space, while a filtered drinking water tap is a nice inclusion.

Having two seating and dining areas is great because it provides welcome flexibility in a relatively small vehicle. The driver’s seat swivel range is reduced due to the bathroom wall, but even so it swings far enough around to let you use the small, removable pole-mounted table (which stores away in the top wardrobe). The passenger seat swivels completely and is a great place to read, work or chat from, especially for the non-cooking occupant when a meal is being prepared. The large sliding side door and electric step provides easy entry, at the cost of some interior space, but this is usual in a van

conversion. There’s a slight step up to the cab area, which helps delineate it from the living area, and a similar step up into the bedroom area aft of the kitchen, complete with a clever built-in drawer under the floor.

Cookin’ & Eatin’


he kitchen bench has a three-burner gas cooker at the front end, by the sliding door, which is great as there isn’t a rangehood. Like the single bowl sink (with drainer) to its left, the cooker has a glass lid to provide valuable extra workspace. There’s also a flip-up bench extension at the front end and

The most spacious dining place is just aft of the kitchen.

Quick Spin: Horizon Motor Homes’ Casuarina | 35 Top: The fridge and microwave are at an ideal height. Below: The swivel dining table stows away at night (although nowhere specific) leaving a spacious and very well ventilated bedroom area.

seven good sized drawers. The 48 cm (19 in) TV/DVD combo sits on a hinged bracket above the sink and can be viewed while cooking (rather close!), from the bedroom or the cab. Above the TV is another Horizon design trademark: A row of electrical switches and gauges conveniently grouped at eye height. On the other side of the aisle, opposite the sink, is the second half of the kitchen. It houses a high-mounted 136-litre Waeco 12 V compressor fridge/freezer, above which at perfect height sits a microwave. There’s a cupboard above the microwave and below the fridge, while between the fridge and bathroom are two stacked wardrobes; the lower of which would probably be better as a slide-out pantry. The most spacious dining place is just aft of the kitchen, which uses the beds as

36 | Quick Spin: Horizon Motor Homes’ Casuarina

The compact bathroom has everything you need and nothing you don't. Its size is a compromise that reflects the limited amount of time you spend in it each day. seats (with pillows or cushions as backrests) and a sizeable swivelling table. It’s handy to the cooker and fridge too. The pole-mounted table for the front cab area, while a decent size for its type, really is better for coffee and cake, but it’s also terrific if one of you goes to bed and the other wants to read or watch TV and needs a place for after-dinner coffee and Schmackos!

mirror and a swivel-head Dometic SOG cassette toilet. What more do you need? Hot water? There’s a 14-litre Truma gas unit for that. Oh yes, the bathroom door is a full length external mirror, adding a real feeling of spaciousness. Unusually, you can delete the bathroom when ordering a Casuarina and replace it with an dinette and seat if you really want to maximise your living area options.



ou won’t get two men in a tub in the bathroom, which sits between the driver’s seat and wardrobe unit, but it has sufficient room and equipment for a good shower. Horizon’s MD Clayton Kearny once told me his philosophy on bathrooms is they should have enough room to do what you need to do, but occupy as little living area as possible, because you spend so little time in them. Given the size constraints of his van conversion motorhome range it’s a philosophy I fully understand.

he test Casuarina featured twin single beds, but like most models in Horizon’s range the bedding arrangement is quite flexible at the time of ordering. If singles aren’t your thing you can choose an east-west double bed that provides a permanent inwards facing dinette between the bed and kitchen, or a U-shaped lounge that makes into singles or a giant king bed. Foam mattresses are standard but custom innersprings are optional and worth the extra. Ditto the custom screens that allow you to leave the side and rear doors open without insect invasion.


In the bathroom is a height-adjustable wall shower, a corner sink with medicine cabinet below (which isn’t overly water tight), a wall


The single beds of the test vehicle included an extremely useful unit between their heads, which

Quick Spin: Horizon Motor Homes’ Casuarina | 37 Top: The fridge end panel houses a double 240 V power point, a 12 V socket and twin 12 V USB chargers above a magazine holder, while the TV swings out above the sink for convenient bedtime viewing. Bottom: These bed-side drawers are a terrific idea and hold a surprising amount.

looked like a padded ottoman but was in fact two sideways-hinged storage compartments, one for each bed. Overhead storage is good, comprising three generous cupboards and there are LED reading lights in all corners of the bedroom. There’s also a double powerpoint, 12 V outlet and double USB chargers above a magazine pouch on the wall aft of the fridge (and LED lighting throughout, plus reading lights for the cab seats).

What I Think


he Casuarina is a compact motorhome in which thoughtful design and quality inclusions showcase Horizon’s manufacturing experience and expertise. It’s also built tough and is not a vehicle that needs to be mollycoddled. If you’re in the market for a two-berth motorhome for short breaks or extended touring; one that could easily go further than your annual leave allows yet isn’t difficult to park or hard on the hip pocket, best you put the Casuarina on your short list. Viva la evolution!

38 | Quick Spin: Horizon Motor Homes’ Casuarina

Specifications Manufacturer

Horizon Motor Homes



Base Vehicle

Fiat Ducato 180 Multijet ELWB


3.0-litre 4-cylinder turbo-diesel


132 kW @ 3500 rpm


400 Nm @ 1400 rpm


6-speed AMT


ABS Disc

Tare Weight

2933 kg

Gross Vehicle Mass

4005 kg

Towing Capacity

2500 kg



Approved Seating


External Length

6.36 m (20 ft 10 in)

External Width

2.05 m (6 ft 9 in)

External Height

2.63 m (8 ft 8 in)

Internal Height

1.9 m (6 ft 3 in)

Single Bed Size

1.86 m x 0.66 m (6 ft 1 in x 2 ft 2 in)


Dometic 3-burner


Waeco 12 V 136-litre




12 V LED


1 x 200 AH



Solar Panels


Air Conditioner


Hot Water Heater

Truma gas 14-litre


Dometic SOG cassette


Flexible hose, variable height

Gas cylinders

2 x 4.0 kg

Fresh Water Tank


Grey Water Tank


Price (on road NSW) from


• • • • • •


Well sorted design Build quality Two seating areas Quality inclusions Bed layout options Excellent load capacity


• No real external storage • Not much else!


Click for Google Maps

Ballina Campervan & Motorhome Centre 299 River Street, Cnr Tweed Street Ballina NSW 2478, Australia T: (02) 6681 1555 E: info@horizonmotorhomes.com.au W: www.horizonmotorhomes.com.au

For more iMotorhome Road Tests click here

40 | Rogues' Gallery: The Peacemaker

The Peacemaker Who said two into one doesn’t go? by 12tribes.org

Rogues' Gallery: The Peacemaker | 41

The Peacemaker’s unique appearance is a drawcard wherever it stops.


urning a 1955 GMC Scenicruiser and a 1949 General American Aerocoach into a modern day, fully functional motor home at first might not sound all that difficult. But if you cut the buses up into pieces and extend the dimensions to 13 m (42 ft 6 in) long and 4.1 m (13ft 6 in) high, that puts a little twist on things. Then throw in a Detroit series 60 engine and an automatic transmission from totally different vehicles: That’s enough to turn

it into an epic two and a half year project! The 1955 Scenicruiser was cut in half horizontally right above the wheels using the chassis as the running part of the bus. The 1949 Aerocoach was mainly used for its shapely old architectural pieces. The split windshields, rounded corners and curved overhead windows are not found in modern style buses. So when you see this bus running

42 | Rogues' Gallery: The Peacemaker

The quality and workmanship of its unique interior would seem more at home in a yacht than a motorhome. We’re not sure the communal living would suit everyone, though…

down the road, it’s enough to make you turn your head and wonder at the care that obviously went into making it. The Twelve Tribes communities have had a bus similar on the road since 1987. That bus, the original Peacemaker, is made up of a 1961 GMC motor coach and parts from a 1950 Aerocoach and has covered well over 800,000 km (500,000 miles) since its conversion in 1987. It is now on its third paint job, third transmission, third engine and countless sets of tires. Even now, we are preparing to bring it back into our “bus barn” for a complete freshening. The Peacemaker II bus carries on the legacy of the original Peacemaker. Already, it has embarked on West Coast & East Coast tours and criss-crossed the country several times. If you see it parked somewhere, please come on board. As the sign says, “Welcome! Please Come In!”

Rogues' Gallery: The Peacemaker | 43

44 | Reader Feature & Report

Birdsville Beyond!

One reader’s pursuit of perfection… by Richard Robertson

Reader Feature & Report | 45 Rear-assist airbags, all-terrain tyres and longer front springs with progressive compression rates all add up to increased ground clearance, comfort and vehicle practicality.


ast issue bought you a story on my experiences with a front-wheel drive Fiat Ducato on a steep rural property. Hopefully you’ll recall reader Colin Hunt had a Winnebago Birdsville he bought new and that had serious traction problems trying to exit his property. You might also recall some months elapsed between Colin initially contacting iMotorhome and us arriving at his property to see how a Fiat Ducato-based Trakkaway 700 would tackle the same terrain. It was mentioned in the story that Colin changed the tyres (front only, initially) and later raised the front suspension and added rear suspension-assist airbags. Between the time of Colin’s initial contact and my visit ,Colin had been hard at work adding extras and installing various accessories before heading off to Tasmania to put his ‘transformed’ Birdsville

through its paces. Here’s the letter I received from him on his return and prior to my visit. As you’ll see he’s done so much work I thought many of you would be interested in knowing what he’s done and how it’s worked out.

46 | Reader Feature & Report

“Hi Richard, the Birdsville is going really well thanks. I have upgraded the vehicle quite substantially since purchasing new in February 2013 and speaking with you last. I have fitted air bags to the rear suspension, which gives me total control over suspension heights depending on load situations and the ride is far more positive as a result (little or no roll on cornering). I have also fitted new coil springs to the front which has raised the ride height by around 60 mm and firmed up the front, so no more bottoming out on rough roads with potholes, etc. Just a much more pleasant ride all round. I also upgraded the OEM house battery from 100 AH to 200 A/H. Other upgrades include a reversing camera, CB radio, alloy bullbar and an external aluminium storage box for the 4 kVA generator on the rear.” “Your previous review of the current Avida Birdsville mentioned that thought should given to replacing the cupboards in the kitchen area

Colin’s custom rear rack and storage box is a beauty. Below: The Birdsville’s main kitchen cupboard now has custom-made drawers that make the best use of available space.

Reader Feature & Report | 47 A 4 kVa generator, hoses and other outdoor items store securely in the weatherproof chequer-plate box.

with drawers. Well that's pretty well what I did prior to the Tassie trip. In the lower section of the right hand cupboard, below the cutlery draw, I built a large slide-out drawer that now carries a heap of food supplies and is easily accessible without getting down on hands and knees. Above that section in the shelf area I have fitted a slide-out basket (from Storage World Bathurst) which, like the draw below, is so convenient for holding additional kitchen implements. It’s just something that satisfies our needs. I nearly forgot to mention I also fitted 2 x 12 V power points under the table as well as wired the vehicle for an inverter. I can now run my laptop, electric razor and charge all of my rechargeable batteries with ease.” “The Micky Thompson tyres that I fitted in place of the OEM Michelin Camper Tyres worked very well for us throughout the 5600 km Tassie trip, with no traction issues at all. We even travelled the West Coast Arthur River Road from Corinna to Arthur River, which as you probably know

is dirt for well over 100 km (and was not in its best condition at the time), without any issues. We never hesitated to venture on the roads less travelled due to the exceptional performance of the Micky Thompsons. They did, however, show more of a wear characteristic on the fronts than the rears (front-wheel drive of course), but not excessively.” “In our past life we were avid 4x4 travellers, having covered the bulk of this wonderful and diverse country, but my wife and I are more than comfortable with this relaxed and may I say somewhat luxurious mode of transport.” “Just on the side, it was minus 8°C last Saturday morning in Oberon and I thought I would test the efficiency of the Webasto Diesel heater. From start up (minus 4°C inside the Birdsville at 6.30am with the door and all windows open) to a pleasant 18°C in 40 minutes. I consider that a luxury worth having, don't you?”

48 | Reader Feature & Report

Front suspension lift now sees the vehicle sit level (Fiat Ducatos sit slightly nose down) and dramatically improves the ride quality. The all-terrain Mickey Thompson tyres run lower pressures than the standard Michelins, improving ride comfort as well.

Colin’s engineering background gives him a head start over many of us when it comes to designing and fabricating or even just imagining parts and modifications for his motorhome. Perhaps of most interest and relevance to many Fiat Ducato owners is his tyre swap and subsequent suspension upgrade. One reader did comment that he hoped the Mickey Thompson 225/75R16 Baja STZ were of sufficient load carrying capacity. A check of their specs shows them to have a load index of 115, which equates to a load capacity of 1215 kg per tyre (the standard Michelins are 116 rated, for 1250 kg per tyre). Given the Birdsville has a GVM of 4250 kg and the 4

Mickey Thompsons can carry 4860 kg between them, that leaves a reserve of 610 kg for good measure. Interestingly, the aftermarket tyres have a higher speed rating – R as opposed to Q – which also bodes well for safety. At the end of the day Colin has done an excellent job of intelligently transforming a standard Winnebago Birdsville into something special – and very capable. It shows the sorts of things that can be added to any motorhome or campervan to extend their off-the-showroomfloor capabilities and if you have a ‘project’ vehicle you’d like to share with our readers please email richard@imotorhome.com.au and let’s have a chat.

Reader Feature & Report | 49

My Motorhome

Winnebago Birdsville by Colin Hunt Type: Factory-built motorhome Make & Model: Winnebago Birdsville Year: 2012 Bought: New Mileage when bought: 45 km Mileage now: 11,300 km Length: 7.0 m Licence required: Car. Base vehicle brand: Fiat Ducato 180 Multijet Engine size: 3.0 litres Transmission: 6 speed automated manual Average fuel economy: 11 L/100 km. No of berths: 2 No of seatbelt-equipped seats: 2 Why did I choose it? Layout Design for 2 First vehicle or replacement: First

Options fitted: Alloy bullbar, CB radio, reversing camera, alloy storage box with 4 kVa generator, airbag rear suspension assist, Mickey Thompson tyres, Remis interior cab blinds, Webasto diesel heater, kitchen storage drawers, 200 mm memory foam mattress, 1000 W inverter, outdoor table to vehicle exterior, Ducato front mud flaps.

Features Best features: Fuel economy and comfort. Worst features: Initially, poor traction from front wheel drive. Warranty issues: Interior lighting failures. Fly screen door latch failure Dealer support: Zero. Manufacturer support: Very Good. Recommend to a friend: The Selling Dealer NO – Winnebago YESÂ

50 | Roadside Eats: Lerida Estate

Destination De Vine‌

Canberra’s Lerida Estate is a weekend must-visit!

Roadside Eats: Lerida Estate | 51

Yummmmmm O

n Sundays the sounds of live music waft across the vines and down the gentle slopes of Lerida Estate, just north of Canberra on the Federal Highway and opposite Lake George. It’s an excellent place to break a journey to our National Capital or points further south. We happened on this cool and cultured oasis while touring in Trakka’s compact Torino Extra. Lerida’s cafe only opens on weekends and public holidays – the cellar door opens daily for tastings and sales – but by good fortune we found it on a Sunday. Arriving around

lunchtime there wasn’t a table available inside, which turned out to be a blessing in disguise as we soon found ourselves seated outside in the sunshine, overlooking the vines and Lake George. Small is beautiful at Lerida, so if you have a vehicle over 8 m or so you might be best to park down on the old Federal Highway and walk up the long, tree-lined drive. The exercise will do you good! The winery itself looks like a long industrial building set up the slope at the back of the vineyard. The cafe is at the far end from the car park, requiring a two minute walk

52 | Roadside Eats: Lerida Estate

Relaxed and if you’re early or it’s a quite day you’ll get a table inside by the windows. Otherwise you’ll be dining – be it a full lunch or just coffee and cake – in a big open room lined with racks of wine barrels, or outside, weather permitting.

If you’ve got time to spare or aren’t ready for a meal you can sample Lerida Estate’s wine section. As the website explains: “Our wines are carefully crafted by our winemaker to reflect the Lake George ‘terroir’. The wines are made in small quantities and are not always easy to find, but they are increasingly sought after by those who are prepared to make the effort to seek out unique and rewarding taste experiences.”

We ordered a beautifully presented tasting plate of chicken liver paté, hummus, caramelised onions, caramelised olives, pesto, Meredith marinated fetta, prosciutto, lemon infused olive oil and sourdough bread ($26). And to accompany it a ($6) glass each of the 2013 Georgeianus; a red blended from seven estate- “Our wines are now recognised as being amongst the most elegant - not only in the grown varieties plus one from a neighbouring Canberra District - but in Australia. This has property. Delicious!

Roadside Eats: Lerida Estate | 53

Choices been recognised by one of Australia's leading wine reviewers, James Halliday, who has awarded an 'Outstanding' ranking to our Pinot Noir, Shiraz, Shiraz Viognier and Chardonnay wines in the last couple of years. On the basis of these rankings, Lerida Estate is a Halliday 5-star Winery.� Whatever you reason for visiting, Lerida Estate is a pleasant place to stop that provides quality food and wine in a picturesque setting – and if you make it on a Sunday the live music is simply a bonus!

Fast Facts

Click for Google Maps

Where: Lerida Estate Federal Highway, Lake George. NSW. 2581 Cafe Hours: Sat/Sun/Public Holidays 10:00am - 5:00pm Cellar Door Hours: Daily 10:00am - 5:00pm Telephone: (02) 4848 0231 Web: leridaestate.com.au

54 | Mobile Tech: Health Conscious

Health Conscious! Two apps to help keep you healthy as you travel‌ by Emily Barker


Mobile Tech: Health Conscious | 55

he prospect of managing a health condition on the road can be daunting. For many, taking the brave plunge into independent travel can be just what’s needed to relieve stress and get the most out of – and into – life.

FoodSwitch By Bupa Australia Health Pty Ltd Cost: Free Size: 13.8 MB

There are many ways to ensure you stay on top of important health matters while traveling and most come down to organisation. The correct planning, preparation and precautions can make a world of difference. New technologies provide many conveniences, some of which when utilised correctly can save much more than time.

This great little app, developed by The George Institute for Health in partnership with Bupa, is ideal to have when making your way around the supermarket. It’s part of the Healthy Food Initiative, which is encouraging people to become more aware of the nutritional value of packaged foods and therefore help to empower healthier choices.

There are a multitude of apps focused upon maintaining, improving or monitoring health and lifestyle, and selecting the right ones for you will depend upon individual requirements. Here are two free apps suitable for both Android and Apple devices to get you thinking about involving your phone, tablet or laptop conveniently in your short and long term health care plans!

It can be a somewhat confusing experience sorting your way through isles of brightly coloured passionate claims of “99% fat free,” “low this” and “no added that.” This app aims to simplify the way we approach often confusing nutritional information on packaged foods. Supported by many major health organisations such as the Heart Foundation, FoodSwitch aims to streamline your shopping experience by

56 | Mobile Tech: Health Conscious easily identifying the nutritional values of actual products with particular focus on the three key baddies – fats, salt and sugar. Items are scanned using the camera on your phone or device, then a simple colour coded nutritional chart is displayed along with a list of alternative products that are healthier options; meaning lower in fats, salt or sugars. The other brilliant feature is the ability to switch modes from FoodSwitch to SaltSwitch for people with blood pressure concerns, or to GlutenSwitch for people seeking to avoid gluten. I personally think this app is great. You can ignore bold marketing claims that are often trying to mislead you by disguising the fact that while a product might indeed be low in fat it might also be loaded with sugar and or salt (test it out on fat free yogurt!). The app itself is incredibly simple and efficient to use, the information is concise and the alternatives displayed are a great range of brands including generics and homebranded products. Whether you are seeking to control a preexisting condition or simply wanting to make healthier

Being able to scan a product before buying and compare it with potentially healthier options is a great feature. Remembering to use it regularly is the key!

dietary choices this app is pretty much perfect for everyone! MedicineList + By NPS MedicineWise Cost: Free Size: 13.8 MB MedicineList Plus is designed to encourage medicine awareness and organisation by encouraging and facilitating better personal organisation. Knowing as much as you can about your medicines will ultimately help you to get better results from them and it can also help to prevent side effects and interactions. This app is optimised for iPhones but can be downloaded and easily accessed on an iPad. It’s a medication reminder system that ticks all the right boxes. MedicineList Plus is great for everyday use but also makes the perfect travel companion. It has the ability to accommodate different profiles and can store a variety of health related data including health conditions, medications, measurements and current test results.

Mobile Tech: Health Conscious | 57 Having this information handy when traveling can assist you in many ways. Not only can it remind you to take, fill or renew prescriptions, it can help develop better understanding about your medicines, share information easily with health care professionals and provide vital information about you and your medication in an emergency. The technological features of this app include the ability to directly scan the barcodes of your prescription, non-prescription and overthe-counter medications or select the specific product from an extensive list. It offers the ability to download information direct from participating pharmacies and provides easyto-follow links to more medicine and health information on the NPS MedicineWise website. You can edit, update and print or email an easyto-read Medicines List or save your information as a PDF and even email the PDF directly to any recipient. You can also set alarms for medicine doses and set calendar alerts for refilling prescriptions. Your health conditions, medical tests and results can also be recorded

and results graphed for easier long term interpretation. Taking the time to set up an app such as this can certainly simplify tasks which, while essential, can often be tedious, but will ultimately help you enjoy better health! Just keep in mind that nothing should replace regular contact with your primary health care provider/s. Consulting Dr Google regarding symptoms is tempting but definitely not recommended! If you have concerns regarding your current health or require help with managing preexisting conditions contact your GP or community health care center in your current area. If you are unable to access medical help due to isolation or on weekends, public holidays or at night you can call the After Hours GP helpline on 1800 022 222. For more information on this free national service check out healthdirect.gov.au/ after-hours-gp-helpline and, as always, in case of an emergency situation remember to call 000.

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the countryside north of Canberra during the last days of winter and came away impressed by its features, build quality and versatility.


ext issue read our touring test of Trakka’s Torino Xtra, another Fiat Ducato van conversion, but one that packs approved seating for four despite being strictly a two-berth motorhome. We spent a few days wandering

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Malcolm’s planned review of the Pearson, from Christchurch-based UCC, has been put on hold for a little while. Based on a Mercedes Benz Sprinter, the B-class Pearson has front and rear living areas and flexible sleeping options, which makes it a very interesting machine. Watch out for it later in the year! Next issue is on October 18, so until then why Friends not join our nearly 15,000 Facebook and Twitter followers for news and more than a few laughs? See you in two weeks! Facebook “f ” Logo



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