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39 : December 21 2013



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On my mind


Merry christmas!


honestly can't believe 12 months and 23 issues have passed since I wrote my first Christmas editorial. Then, I was reflecting on how quickly our first eight months had passed and on our “big plans” for 2013. Those plans centred around our all-new website, which have largely come to pass, although it was far from plain sailing.

The year just ending – our first full calendar year of publishing – has passed in a blur. Highlights included our epic USA Route 66 adventure, Alice Springs to Ballina trans-Outback dash, New Zealand rental relocation and sundry other shorter journeys. Phew…

I’ve been working with an assumed level of knowledge on behalf of my readers and will try to explain things and make them easier to follow and more obvious in future. By the way, there’s still time to take part in our reader survey and have your say, just click HERE. Be assured every comment is read and considered and your time to answer the 12 questions is most appreciated. Breaking News… The big news as we close out 2013 is the appointment of Keith Smyth as our magazine and website advertising manager, on 18 December. Keith is already very well known in the RV industry, having built the CMCA’s


We’re also just completing our







NEW Avan Applause – Double & Single beds available

NEW Avan Cruiseliner – Light weight & no canvas

Holden Colorado – Turbo Diesel 4x4 $26,950 Drive Away - XVX593

NEW Avan Applause – Double & Single beds available

NEW Avan Cruiseliner – Light weight & no canvas

Holden Colorado – Turbo Diesel 4x4 $26,950 Drive Away - XVX593

NEW AVAN APPLAUSE Double & single beds available

NEW AVAN CRUISELINER Lightweight – no canvas

FAMILY FLAIR CARAVAN Family Flair Caravan 2 to 6 berth available – unlimited kms 2 to 6 berth available, Unlimited kms

NEW Sunliner Pinto – Electric drop down bed

NEW Avan Aspire 563 – Light weight, shower / toilet

Holden Cruze – CD, Petrol, Auto $14,450 Drive Away - YMM918

NEW Sunliner Pinto – Electric drop down bed

NEW Avan Aspire 563 – Light weight, shower / toilet

Holden Cruze – CD, Petrol, Auto $14,450 Drive Away - YMM918

NEW SUNLINER PINTO Electric drop down bed PRE-OWNED Talvor

Family Flair Caravan 2 to 6 berth available, Unlimited kms

Hayman 2 to 6 berth available, Unlimited kms

NEW AVAN ASPIRE 563 HAYMAN Lightweight – shower/toilet 2 to 6 berth available – unlimited kms NEW Royal Flair Enhance – Mercedes Benz Sprinter – Turbo diesel,

Hayman – Slide out

Single axle with full ensuite

Auto $26,950 Drive Away - WRW145

PRE-OWNED Talvor Hayman – Slide out

NEW Royal Flair Enhance – Single axle with full ensuite

Mercedes Benz Sprinter – Turbo diesel, Auto $26,950 Drive Away - WRW145

PRE-OWNED WINNEBAGO PRE-OWNED Winnebago Diversion Diversion – Low kms – low kms

NEWSeries ROYAL FLAIR ENHANCE NEW Royal Flair Designer – Nissan Triton Single axle with full ensuite Simplicity suspension $23,850 Drive Away - XPN184

PRE-OWNED Winnebago Diversion – Low kms

NEW Royal Flair Designer Series – Simplicity suspension

MURANA Murana 2-6 berth available, Unlimited kms 2 to 6 berth available – unlimited kms

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Nissan Triton $23,850 Drive Away - XPN184

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Hayman 2 to 6 berth available, Unlimited kms

2-6 berth available, Unlimited kms

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first online reader engagement survey and the results so far are very enlightening. One of the things that has come to light is that some readers are still grappling with the whole emagazine thing. For example, one reader didn’t realise that any text in the magazine that is highlighted in blue (and sometimes underlined) is actually a link that will take you to another article or website. Also, that when you download an issue on an iPad you’re given the option in the top righthand corner to open it in iBooks. Doing this stores the issues in a library for reading offline, and also allows you to swipe the pages sideways, just like a real magazine.

Onmy my mind... mind On



website advertising from scratch to a substantial business over the last 13 years. He’s owned four motorhomes over the years and brings a wealth of experience and contacts, as well a great sense of humour – something he’ll surely need working with us! We’re also working on exciting new website developments, which will start appearing shortly. There’s a new general

classification for our classified ads, so whether you want to sell a caravan, car, solar panels or your pet, private sellers will be able to place a free ad for six months. We’re also streamlining existing pages and reworking things to make navigation simpler and more intuitive – and there’s much more to come. Thanks for your support and enthusiasm in 2013, it’s been

The iMotorhome Team

greatly appreciated by the whole team. We’re taking a short break and will return with Issue 40 on Saturday 18 January. Until then stay safe and we wish you and your family all the very best for the festive season.

d r a h c i R

Richard Robertson

Malcolm Street

Agnes Nielsen-Connolly

Publisher & Managing Editor

Consulting Editor

Design & Production Manager

A long-time freelance RV, motoring and travel writer, Richard is a dedicated, longterm motorhome enthusiast.

Unquestionably Australia and New Zealand’s best known RV journalist, Malcolm is a fixture at CMCA rallies and RV shows and is now in his second decade as a specialist RV writer.

Agnes is an experienced and talented graphic designer with extensive experience across a wide range of disciplines, including travel and advertising.


He has held senior editorial positions with some of the best known recreational vehicle magazines in Australia. Richard also has a passion for lifestyleenhancing technology, which is why he is the driving force behind the new iMotorhome eMagazine.


If it’s available on either side of the Tasman, Malcolm has probably driven it, slept in it, reported on it, knows how it’s made and can tell you just how good it really is.


Designing and producing iMotorhome issues since June 2012, Agnes does much of the behind-the scenes work to ensure every issue looks great and is easy to read.

©2013 iMotorhome. All rights reserved. Published by iMotorhome. ABN 34 142 547 719. PO Box 1738, Bowral. NSW. 2576. Contact us on 0414 604 368 or Email: info@imotorhome.com.au

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Have your say for a chance to win a $50 Caltex fuel card!

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Voyage of Discoverers – Malcolm tests Discoverer’s HiAce campervan


Christmas Presence – Richard samples Trakka’s gorgeous Trakkadu ABT

24 Christmas apps to get you in the festive mood…

This issue’s featured classifieds

Pedal Power to the People – A Chinese eco RV concept

13 Gifts of Christmas – last minute gift ideas to surprise and delight!

Mini Mince Pie Surprise…

Char-grilled baby octopus for a summer barbie treat

What’s coming up, plus our show calendar


On your mind

7 It’s only fitting that since Ed has his say in On My Mind, you should be able to have yours too. If you have anything to say – or ask – just drop a line to letters@imotorhome. com.au and we’ll share it with

Hi iMotorhome, just wanted to let you know about a handy idea I saw in America last year, on a motorhome parked up for the summer to protect the windscreen wiper blades from perishing in the sun. The owner had bought some short lengths of that thick foam insulation you put around small diameter water pipes, slit them down the centre

and wrapped them neatly around each blade. Bloody brilliant I thought! With summer upon us I was remind of it as we don’t travel much in the heat. So I’m off to Bunnings to get some pipe insulation. Hope this helps someone! Merry Christmas, Dougie via email.

our readers. We’ll also reward the most interesting, useful or thoughtful letter each issue with a $50 Caltex fuel card to help you on your way.

Hey Dougie, what a great idea – and one you could use equally as well in winter, I’d imagine. For that little gem you’re taking out the last Caltex $50 fuel card for 2013. Merry Christmas!

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Let the good times roll

La Dolce Vita Pr 25 int 50 Po 03 st Ap /0 pr 05 ov 58 ed

1969 Viscount RestoRing a classic

rv reviews Caravan, Camper +

| Camping with JaCk

| snakes + pets1 thompson Issue 01 February 2013

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20,000 copies per issue – estimated readership = 45,000 & growing. Available nationally at over 600 outlets including Caravan/Holiday parks & Visitor Information centres.

‘Delivered to the places where people have time to relax and read’. Also available at Caravan & RV Dealerships & Accessory stores. PLUS the ‘live’ eMagazine read by over 3,000 per issue. Visit www.timetoroam.com.au for the current and recent editions.

Subscription, advertising & editorial enquiries Ph 02 9695 7749 or info@timetoroam.com.au

On your mind


Hi, where can I pose a question re the reliability (mechanically, etc) of the various base vehicles (WV, Transit, Renault, Fiat, Merc, etc.) when used as motorhomes? There seems to be conflicting dealer info re the availability of new models, including the breakup between VW Crafter and Merc. arrangement. Regards, John via email.

Right here, John. Let’s see what our readers have to say from their experiences with the various makes. It should make interesting reading! Re the VW Crafter/Mercedes Sprinter breakup, my sources tell me that from 2016 the current arrangement that sees both models start out on the Mercedes’ assembly line, with those destined to become Crafters sent off to VW for

engine and gearbox fitment, will come to an end. Mercedes’ apparently claims it needs full production capacity to satisfy global Sprinter demand. It seems VW is looking at a joint venture with it’s MAN Trucks division to produce a whole new range of light commercial vehicles as a Crafter replacement. Interesting times ahead, it seems.

We love iMotorhome. It is a race between my wife and I each fortnight to see who can download it first! Surveys are important and we would love to participate. I have gone to your website to seek it out but now think it is Facebook based only. Looks like we can't participate as we don't do Facebook. I closed my account when my son declared my page was “a desolate wasteland.”  He summed it up pretty well actually. I realise in this modern world businesses, politicians and the media cannot afford to ignore Facebook, Twitter and all those other instant gratification tools

that the populous adore. I don't fit any of those categories and have never missed my closed Facebook account. Oh up until now of course seeing I am missing your survey. Don't lose any sleep over it though, as we will still keep reading iMotorhome. Merry Christmas. Bevan via email.

“reader survey” are highlighted in blue. Just press/click on them (depending what you’re reading the magazine on) and it will take you straight there. You’ve certainly raised an interesting point and I’ve put a link up on the website as well. Actually, to save you looking, here’s the link – https://www.surveymonkey. com/s/imotorhomesurvey1 – and thanks for being a part of it!

Thanks for your email Bevan and glad you love what we’re doing. It’s truly satisfying to receive feedback like yours – not that we get it all that often. Re the survey, the link is in my editorial and in the news section, where the words

On your mind

Dear iMotorhome Team, after trying a caravan for a year or so we decided that a van-based motorhome would much better suit our lifestyle, with a lot more flexibility both in getting away at short notice and longer trips, plus the ease of free camping around our great country. As nice as this new caravan has been with a great stylish layout, toilet and shower etc, it is simply just not for us and vans are where our hearts lay. Before kids we had a Kombi camper for many years with a lot of great adventures and no doubt nostalgic recollections that have enhanced our memories over the years to be much better than they were at the time, but that’s life I suppose. This time round, being somewhat older and the kids off our hands (and out of our pockets) we both readily agreed some creature comforts were the priority with must haves including a toilet and shower facility and much needed circulation space (essential on those rainy days), so we took the plunge to be SKI parents. After much research, including trialling a similar sized van in Alice Springs last year and later a smaller van, and number crunching we ordered a new Fiat Ducato van motorhome that we had lusted over for some

9 two years. All is well so far with the story and delivery is on schedule for 2014, BUT for my one real need – a roof mounted rack for surfboards (for which I plan to access using a ladder) – that will work in with the Fiama F65s awning (and be flexible for the roof layout of a solar panel and hatches). You would think that this would be a relatively easy problem to fix, a couple of telephone calls and all done and dusted. But alas this was not the case and despite every effort it has proven elusive so far to resolve. I have poured over the internet and every motorhome forum / comment/ review known to man; been to various roof rack/ 4WD shops/Fiat dealers/ caravan camping outlets and contacted various roof rack manufacturers without any real luck. A driver’s side mounted watercraft rack is not ideal, but it’s looking like the only viable option. It also has to be done during the fitout, so time is running out.  Whilst reading the latest iMotorhome eMagazine I thought there must be others who have had, or still have, this problem and no doubt there are a few smarties out there who have cracked the issue for the Fiat Ducato van based

motorhomes – but where are they? Well a question that you may ask is it really that important – and the answer is a resounding yes, as after surfing for 40-plus years the passion is still there every day. So that is why I am writing to you today with fingers crossed that you or one of your readers may have the answer(s) that will help this old surfer. Cheers, Wayne via email. G’day Wayne, I’ve started the inquiry process and will let you know if I have any success. In the meantime, if anybody out there has any suggestions please let me know. Fingers crossed for your great roof rack hunt!


10 Y BY APPOINTMENT Z Keith joins us fresh from the Campervan and Motorhome Club of Australia (CMCA), where he started and grew the Club’s website advertising from scratch to a substantial business. Widely known and respected throughout the Australian RV industry, Keith’s appointment fills a substantial gap in the iMotorhome team’s capabilities.


Motorhome is excited to announce the appointment of Keith Smyth as our emagazine and website advertising manager, effective Wednesday, 18 December 2013.

“Very recently my 13 year management of CMCA website advertising came to an abrupt end as my contract was not to be renewed; CMCA is heading in a ‘new direction.’ Before RV industry withdrawalitis could set in Richard and I met for lunch, concluding with coffee – and me as iMotorhome’s

advertising manager. With all the exciting plans for iMotorhome in 2014 I feel my appointment has been a promotion!” Keith explained. It’s great to have Keith with us, his unwavering ‘positiveness’ and great sense of humour fits our team and philosophy perfectly. His experience is sure to prove invaluable to our success in the years ahead, too. To welcome Keith to the fold, congratulate him on his new position or simply find out more about iMotorhome website and emagazine advertising opportunities, email him at advertising@ imotorhome.com.au.

The Wirraway 260 SL

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ACC, the peak automotive industry body in Victoria, and Gas Energy Australia, the peak national body representing alternative gaseous fuels, have presented a joint proposal to the Victorian Premier and his automotive industry roundtable, for the creation of world-class LPG conversion facilities in Victoria and South Australia. The facilities would supply next-generation LPG vehicles to the Australian market, including LPGpowered SUVs, small cars, light commercial and hybrid vehicles, with possible benefits to the van-sector of the motorhome market. The three facilities, to be located in Melbourne, Geelong and Adelaide, could produce 45,000 next-generation vehicles and create more than 500 jobs in the Australian automotive industry.

“The initiative will require industry and government cooperation to create a niche manufacturing capability for the Australian car industry that will be sustainable in the long term and make LPG vehicles a viable alternative for new-car buyers,” VACC Executive Director, David Purchase, said. “These vehicles are not the LPG converted vehicles we know now. The vehicles rolling off the new production lines will utilise the most advanced LPG technology and include production of LPG-powered hybrid vehicles,” Mr Purchase said. The production facilities would operate in association with a new national Centre of Excellence to be established in Melbourne and provide the research and development to deliver a wide range of nextgeneration LPG vehicles, such as is currently available in Europe. The



Motorhome’s first reader engagement survey is now online and awaiting your input.

The survey of 12 questions is designed to gain insights into how your access and read the magazine,

Centre will utilise displaced high-end skilled labour and involve training production protocols, accreditation and product certification. “This is an opportunity to create our own world-class LPG manufacturing facilities, using European and American production methods. It will also reduce our dependency on oil, improve Australia’s energy security, utilise an indigenous resource and reduce vehicle greenhouse gases,” Gas Energy Australia Director and CEO, Michael Carmody, said. The proposal comes at a time when the automotive industry considers its future, following Holden’s announcement to cease vehicle production in 2017 and make 2,900 workers redundant.

Have your say Z

what you like and what we could be doing better. Results will help determine the direction of the magazine in 2014. Announced last issue, initial results are very interesting and some

valuable suggestions have already been received and will be acted upon in the New Year. Your input and ideas are greatly appreciated – as is your time – so please take a few minutes to complete the survey by the end of December and help us bring you an even better magazine. CLICK HERE to have your say!




ccording to an article in the Gympie Times newspaper, “The stats are in and it's official - tourism is one of the Gympie region's biggest earners, bringing more than $100 million a year into the local economy. And it is the overnight travellers, campers, backpackers and grey nomads who love us most.” “New Destination Gympie Region tourism development manager Andrew Saunders says between December 2009 and December 2012 the region, which includes the Cooloola Coast and Mary Valley, had 1.15 million visitors generating $275 million in revenue.”

“Of that $275 million, more than two-thirds ($193 million) came from overnight travellers, $65 million from day trips and $17 million from international visitors.” “To break that down even further, the vast majority of our domestic overnight visitors drove here (92%). More than half of them were on holiday at the time, 88% had come from other areas of Queensland (mostly the southeast) and almost a third of camped or had their own caravan. It compares to the state average of camping or caravanning visitors, which is 13%.” “Mr Saunders said one of the biggest areas for growth in Gympie tourism was the domestic day tripper. Of those who enjoyed a day trip to the region in 201012, about half were from the Sunshine Coast, a quarter from

Brisbane and 16% were from the Fraser Coast. A quarter of them were grey nomads.” “Throughout Queensland, about a quarter of international tourists are from the United Kingdom and Europe, but in the Gympie region 77% of our international visitors are from that part of the world. The proportion of our international visitors who are backpackers (47%) four times that of the state-wide figure.” "These results highlight the important of the drive traffic from the Sunny Coast and Brisbane, and the need to tell the region's stories, showcase our experiences and continually improve our service and delivery to get them back and get them to stay," Mr Saunders said. from www.gympietimes.com.au



VM Australia has released preliminary production figures for the Australian RV industry for 2013. It says 20,025 RVs of all types are expected to be produced by the

end of December, which is within 3.3% of last year’s total. Given difficult trading conditions the result is viewed as positive, with a surge in demand in the

second half of the year. The good news for the motorhome sector is that on projections, sales for 2013 are expected to be about 2% up on last year. Given that last year motorhome sales dropped about 37% on 2011 figures, largely due to a shakeout in the rental market, it’s a promising if small turnaround.


13 Y CHARGE! Z battery chargers and maintainers, were designed and made for Australian and New Zealand conditions.


z Charge has introduced two new compact chargers suitable for emergency charging of phones, tablets and cameras. In addition to everyday top-ups, Oz Charge Pulse portable battery chargers, “Are potential lifesavers for anyone stranded on a boat or in the bush

without phone power,” according to a press release. They will charge smartphones, tablets, cameras and just about any device that can be charged via a USB cable. Oz Charge R & D Manager, Troy Sturtevant, said the portable chargers, like all Oz Charge

The Pulse portable models come in two capacities, 5,000 mAh to suit most phones, sat navs, cameras and Bluetooth speakers, and 10,000 mAh to suit tablets and other larger devices. Similar in size to a smartphone, both models come with a charging cable and adapters, including 30 pin and 8 pin Apple tips, all in a handy carry bag. For details visit www.ozcharge.com.au.

222 Governor Road Braeside VIC 3195 Ph: 03 9588 0077 info@trailblazersrv.com www.trailblazersrv.com

Slide On Campers New aerodynamic shape Improved fuel efficiency

. Our lightweight construction suits many one tonne vehicles, including Mazda, Landcruiser, Ford Ranger single, extra and twin cab utes and light trucks.

Queen bed and robes

Café dining option

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Hideaway bathroom option Shower & toilet combo

Full bathroom option

Trailblazers Slide On Campers are Australian designed and built for our conditions. With all the features of a luxury motorhome, a slide on can be easily removed to free up your vehicle. Touring holidays, fishing trips with the tinny behind and 4WD adventures in the outback are more fun with a versatile, manoeuvrable slide on, they even make great demountable site offices. With a range of models to choose from, all campers are built to order to enable you to choose from a range of features and options including appliances, interior finishes and fabrics. Buy Factory Direct and SAVE

Day Test: Discoverer HiAce

Voyage of



Reborn Discoverer launches into the popular campervan market‌ Review and images by Malcolm Street

Day Test: Discoverer HiAce


Compact and discreet, the Discoverer HiAce won’t attract a lot of unwanted attention.


iscoverer Campers has been around since 1973, but during that time has had several owners. Following it’s total demise during the GFC due to inept management by a major car company, it’s been brought back to life by Brendan Samuels, a young fellow with more than a decade of RV sales and marketing experience – and a passion for campervans. The business is now very much in full swing at Discoverer's Albion Park (Wollongong, NSW) factory. That certainly seemed to be the case when Mr Publisher and I arrived there recently to collect not one but two

freshly completed campers. In many ways they looked almost identical; being white on the outside and with the same twin-bed layout. The main difference were the base vehicles: One was a VW T5 turbo-diesel auto and the other a Toyota HiAce turbo-diesel auto. For this write up, we'll be spending most of our time in the latter. The Vehicle arious brands of light commercial vans have been used over time for camper conversions, but there's no doubt Toyota’s HiAce has been a stayer. It's been much favoured because of its reliability and ready availability of spare parts and


servicing. Our review vehicle was turbo-diesel powered, with a 3.0-litre 100 kW/300 Nm engine and a four-speed automatic gearbox. From the outside there are few clues the Discoverer is a campervan, apart from the pop-top roof and Fiamma F65 awning. Because this camper has a methylated spirits fired cooktop there's no need for a gas cylinder bin and the only other items along the offside are the water filler and power cable connection. Although essential in my opinion, it's a pity about the awning, because the fibreglass poptop roof moulding merges very well into the overall van outline whereas the awning does not!

Day Test: Discoverer HiAce


On the Road ne of the little things that betrays the HiAce's delivery van character is the three person front seat. It almost feels like a step back to the past. However, a very useful feature is the middle seat back that folds down to provide a very handy centre console. Another step back in time is the underdash umbrella-style hand brake.


Sitting behind the steering wheel does give that slightly sitting upright delivery van feeling, but all the relevant controls and switches are readily to hand. Including, I would just like to point out, the radio with all kinds of goodies: A 3.5mm socket, USB connection and Bluetooth. In the safety department, both driver and left hand passenger have front air bags. Travelling along, the 100 kW turbo diesel is a willing performer and the four-speed auto certainly smoother than some AMT gearboxes in larger motorhomes that I have come across. However, unlike the VW T5, the HiAce is more delivery van than car in the comfort and handling departments. Living Inside etting up the Discoverer camper takes a matter of seconds. Just open the sliding door, enter and undo the roof straps, then


Rear access is good. Note under-bed storage on left and shower compartment on right. lift it into position. After that the canvas windows can be opened, the awning pulled and it's almost time to relax. Given the limited space inside a van like the HiAce there are only a few practical layout options. In this case Discover has opted for what's known as the twin bed layout. That is, in the rear of the van, two inwards-facing lounges run along both walls. That leaves room for a small kitchen cabinet area behind the

driver's seat and a swing-out cabinet behind the passenger seat. There's no shortage of natural light by day, given the canvas gusset windows and tinted HiAce windows, while at night ceiling mounted LED fittings and LED reading lights are provided. A feature of note is not so much the 12 V switch/fuse panel, located on the kitchen cabinet, but the 12 V and 5 V USB charger sockets that adjoin it. Very useful for those of us that have

Day Test: Discoverer HiAce


HiAce cab is delivery-van functional. Centre seat back folds forward and becomes a handy storage console. nature of the seat backs, a couple of cushions would undoubtedly make things more comfortable. When it’s time to eat a single pole-mounted table is provided, which stores behind the driver's seat. Being a single pole mount it doesn't have any movement adjustment, only being able to swivel around, and it’s not overly sturdy/confidence inspiring when in place (typical of all such table arrangements – Ed). multiple electronic devices that need charging – and apparently provided because Mr Publisher commented on what a good idea they are in another motorhome!

Lounging Around iven the two lounges in the rear, there is certainly plenty of room for sitting around, either with your feet up or down. But given the square


Under both lounge seats are generous storage areas, although the offside area is part taken by the house battery and charger, along with the external shower hose, which is accessible from the

Day Test: Discoverer HiAce rear. Both under-seat areas are accessed by lifting the hinged seat bases (which is a bit fiddly) and the nearside area can also be accessed from a hatch at the rear, when the rear door is open. An option is an engine heat exchanger hot water system for both the sink and external shower, which is good but it is going to take precious storage space. Hot or cold, however, it’s good to see an outdoor shower standard on all Discover models. Time to Eat ampervan kitchens by nature are small, but this one is quite flexible in use. Directly behind the passenger seat is a swivel mounted cabinet with a marine-grade Origo twoburner spirit cooker, plus a microwave oven mounted below. Using methylated spirits makes the campervan LPG free and while the methofired cooker is a little slower it does save on the space needed for a gas cylinder. Having the cooker on a swivel mount also means it can be used inside or out as the weather allows, minimising cooking odours inside. From my understanding a swing-out LPG cooking system will be standard in future, but I believe there is still a places for the humble – and simple – spirit stove.


Interior has plenty of natural light and fresh air.


Cooker is metho-fuelled. Unit swings out for easy cooking, too.

On the opposite side, the rest of the kitchen comes with an

Inwards facing lounge/dinette doubles as single beds or a double.

Day Test: Discoverer HiAce

Discoverer’s HiAce is a capable budget campervan with a lot going for it.


Day Test: Discoverer HiAce

20 under-bench 80-litre Engel fridge a sink with a smoked glass lid but without drainer. Minimal bench space is helped greatly by a hinged bench extension that adjoins the sink area. It does protrude over the offside lounge area but I reckon it’s a good compromise.

Bed area is versatile and can be made longer by reducing kitchen unit length.

Between the fridge/sink area and the driver's seat, the cabinet there contains a multishelf cupboard, plus a drawer above. I did like the piano hinged bifold door for the cupboard, which made getting to it so much easier. After Hours ne thing that you cannot get away with in a campervan is not having to make the bed up every night – unless you compromise by leaving it made up and not having much seating, that is! Anyway, it's quite simple: The timber pieces used to fill the area between the seats are to be found under the nearside seat and once in position, the seat backs are laid down and the bed area is ready. When made up, the bed measures 1.8 x 1.54 m (5 ft 11 in x 5ft 1in). That might be a bit short for some but the bed length can be extended by squeezing up the kitchen cabinet. Always a compromise to be found!


Screened roof gusset vents are large, while LED lights are used throughout.

With bed made up the spare backrest cushion stores on the floor, beneath.

Day Test: Discoverer HiAce What we think aving both the VW and HiAce vans sideby-side, with identical layouts, did show up a few advantages the VW's way. For a start being a flat floor, it's quite easy getting to and from the driver's cab. An option with the VW is to have a swivelling passenger seat.


That does conflict slightly with the kitchen cabinet behind but also supplies a decent afterhours seat. On the HiAce's side of things, it's nearly $10,000 cheaper and that's definitely going to be of interest to anyone on a budget! In many ways campervans like the Discoverer Twin Bed

Ed’s Thoughts


s Malcolm rightly pointed out, driving the HiAce and the VW T5 back-toback certainly made for an interesting comparison. Given that when Toyota developed the current generation HiAce it only benchmarked it against the outgoing HiAce (short-sighted or arrogant, I’m not sure which), the HiAce drives surprisingly well. The driving position is pure delivery van, but all controls are easily reached and well laid out, visibility is good and while the turbo-diesel/auto combination works well, it is a little noisy under acceleration. The biggest drawback I could see is safety; both the overall lack of frontal collision protection and the proximity of the passengers’ knees to the dash. Airbags aside there is precious little metal out front, while the twoperson passenger seat is non-adjustable fore and aft and my (admittedly long) knees rubbed the dash. A bit of a worry. Also, you sit over the engine, so there is no internal access to the camper body unless you’re a Cirque du Solielstandard acrobat! By contrast the VW is quite car like. The engine and front wheels are out front and Volkswagen has designed in some proper crash protection, in addition to which you can walk between the

21 are much like the device Dr Who travels around in. While the Discoverer certainly isn't as good as the Tardis, it’s still practical and has much more room inside than you might think. It seems the reborn Discoverer is well on the road to a successful comeback.

seats to the camper area. Driving refinement and enjoyment are on another level, as is overall on-road comfort, and I’d expect fuel consumption to be considerably better. Yes, the VW is $10,000 more, but I’m surprised that’s all. On the Discoverer front, Brendan has put a lot of effort, thought and money into resurrecting the brand. He’s told me official approval of the conversion is in the pipeline, but before you buy check to make sure it has come through – just to keep you safe. I was impressed by the quality of Discoverer’s standard inclusions – Redarc electrics for example – plus LED lighting throughout, an external shower as standard and the move soon to an LPG gas system for cooking (and probably hot water). Cabinetry is cut by computer controlled machinery and installed by a specialist cabinet maker, and while both machines we reviewed were entrylevel models they certainly didn’t feel ‘cheap.’ Discoverer’s newly opened Albion Park headquarters is still undergoing upgrades and renovations. Brendan also carries a range of budget-priced campervans and small motorhomes for those in the used market and is passionate about the ‘new’ Discoverer product. We wish him well.

Day Test: Discoverer HiAce


Specifications Manufacturer



HiAce Twin Bed

Base Vehicle

Toyota HiAce


3.0-litre turbo-diesel


100 kW @ 3400 rpm


300 Nm @ 1200 rpm


4-speed Auto


ABS Disc

Tare Weight

2150 kg

Gross Vehicle Mass

2800 kg



Approved Seating

2 (4 optional)

External Length

4.69 m (15 ft 5 in)

External Width

1.70 m (5 ft 7 in)

External Height

1.98 m (6 ft 6 in)

Internal Height

1.9 m (6 ft 3 in)

Rear Bed Size

1.8 m x 1.54 m (5 ft 11 in x 5 ft 1 in)


Origo 2 burner spirit


Engel ST90F, 80-litre 12 volt




12 V LED


105 AH deep-cycle





Solar Panels


Air Conditioner

Cab only

Hot Water Heater

Opt Helton heat exchanger


Opt Porta Potti


External inside rear door

Fresh Water Tank


Grey Water Tank


Price (on road, NSW)


Pros • Generally speaking a well fitted out interior • Relatively good kitchen area • Dual USB charge points • LED lighting throughout • Standard Shower • Electrical charge/fuse panel • Kitchen bench extension


• Under-bed areas fiddly to get to • No walk-through cab with HiAce • Metho cooktop slower than LPG

Contact Discoverer Campers 12 Miall Way Albion Park Rail NSW 2527

Click for Google Maps

Ph: 02 4256 8111 W: www.discoverercampers.com.au E: sales@discoverercampers.com.au


What’s not to love about the Horizon Motorhomes range. Inspired layouts with excellent living, sleeping and storage spaces. Choose from six Horizon models, all passionately built by master craftsman using only the finest fixtures and fittings.


S A CA OL ba MPE D EX llin RV CL a AN U 02 cam & M SIVE 66 pe OT LY 81 rs.c OR BY 15 om HO 55 .a ME u CE



• •

Mercedes Benz and Fiat Ducato as base vehicles with options of two or four wheel drive Flexible sleeping layouts for singles, couples and friends Stunning well equipped kitchens, bathrooms with showers


Short Drive: Trakkadu ABT


Christmas PRESENCE At Christmas, New Year or any time, Trakka’s jet-black Trakkadu ABT has more on-road presence than any other camper…

By Mr & Mrs iMotorhome

Short Drive: Trakkadu ABT


Trakkadu ABT takes campervan style to a whole new level.


ampervans are largely utilitarian vehicles; mostly white boxes packed with the essentials to keep you dry and reasonably comfortable on a short break away. Trakka’s Trakkadu range has always taken the campervan concept to its zenith in terms of style, functionality and quality, producing a range of models for everything from simple black-top touring to serious offloading. Well, almost everything. Enter the Trakkadu ABT: A fully-equipped campervan for those chasing street cred as well as the wide open spaces. The Trakkadu ABT is designed to be as much at home in

the office carpark, heading to the theatre or a winter alpine lodge as it is sunning itself by a summer beach or nestled near a quiet mountain stream.

Like all Trakkadus it features a seat-belt equipped rear seat that makes it a true four-seat family wagon. It also has a pop-top roof, awning, dieselfired cooker, sink, fridge, bed-

Short Drive: Trakkadu ABT seat and plenty of storage space – like all Trakkadus – but as Trakka’s campervan flagship it has more. Much more. Initial thoughts erman company ABT specialises in performance products for VW Group vehicles (think Audi/Volkswagen/Skoda/ Seat) and includes the T5 Transporter in its lineup. Trakka has a long history of using German company Seikel's proven off-road components in the Trakkadu off-road range, so it comes as no surprise they should turn to another German specialist to give this Trakkadu very different appeal.


The basis for the Trakkadu ABT is a top-spec VW T5 with a132 kW turbo-diesel, 7-speed DSG auto and 4Motion all-wheel drive. Added to that the ABT package includes an aero body kit, 30 mm (1.2 in) lowered suspension and exclusive 19-inch alloy wheels with 45-series low profile tyres. Upping the ante, Trakka also specifies front side and thorax airbags, an uprated RNS510 stereo with satnav and reversing camera, full leather interior and a hot water system with rear external shower to complete a most impressive package.

ABT’s 19-inch alloys are beautifully designed and engineered.

ABT body kit is the business…

The ABT also receives the upgrades that come with

Front air dam aids high speed stability as well as looking good.


Short Drive: Trakkadu ABT

all Trakkadu 132 or 132 4Motion models: Front fog lights with cornering function, rain sensing wipers, auto headlights, rear speakers, cruise control, comfort pack (vanity mirrors, entry handle and insulation), leather multifunction steering wheel with trip computer, roof storage shelf, removable front and rear floor carpeting, two factory opening centre windows, colour matched bumpers, a 38-litre grey water tank and

LED awning lights. Of course things like airconditioning, Bluetooth, ABS, stability control, front airbags, swivelling front seats and LED lighting throughout are also standard equipment. Impressions eaving Trakka’s office, Sally Berry’s parting words were, “Remember, this has the only nose cone currently in Australia.” No pressure…



Turning gingerly out of the drive – better safe than sorry – I was thinking about how well the ABT aero body kit and wheels integrate into the Trakkadu design. This particular vehicle, with its metallic silver roof and black body finish (metallic paint is standard) looks particularly ‘tough,’ but if you want to look a little less like the Secret Service or an English League footballer you can specify other colours.

Short Drive: Trakkadu ABT On the road the Trakkadu ABT feels taught and ‘together’ but not overly harsh. Ride quality is a little on the firm side, as expected from the lowered suspension and meaty 245/45 R19 wheel/ tyre combo, but nothing like you might expect. In fact the


ride is just a little firmer than standard, but there’s a good chance you wouldn’t notice it if you weren’t aware. Handling wise it sits flat through corners – as you’d expect – and feels rather like a big go-cart, thanks to it’s wheel-in-eachcorner design.

The combination of lowered suspension and front body moulding does mean you need to be more careful when negotiating driveways or uneven surfaces, but ground clearance is still a respectable 150 mm (6 inches) and you’d soon get used to where you

Removable dining table attaches cleverly to sliding door as well.

Swivel seats and leather trim are standard.

Rear seat makes a handy office for Santa’s helper…

Short Drive: Trakkadu ABT


could and couldn’t easily go. The engine/gearbox combination works smoothly and effortlessly, with minimal noticeable engine noise except under hard acceleration. In all respects the T5 Volkswagen is a sophisticated European vehicle with a level of quality that would make it an easy transition for an Audi, BMW or Mercedes driver. This is probably Trakka’s target market, especially younger professionals with one or two kids and a company car deal that would cover a 5 Series Beemer or E Class Merc. Trakka doesn’t expect the Trakkadu ABT to be a volume seller. It’s a hero product atop a diverse and accomplished model range that is already best-in-class. The ABT will appeal to urbanites needing to haul kids to school and do the grocery shopping, but who will value its unique abilities as a luxurious retreat at neighbourhood sporting events and an unparalleled family express when the ski slopes beckon. Be it family wagon or campervan, the Trakkadu ABT is a bold statement and a striking departure from the everyday. It’s a campervan with presence that would make the ultimate Christmas present. Maybe next year?

Lowered suspension and low profile tyres provides excellent highway handling. Ride quality is surprisingly good, too.

Short Drive: Trakkadu ABT


Specifications Manufacturer



Trakkadu ABT

Base Vehicle

Volkswagen Transporter T5 4 Motion (AWD)


2.0-litre 4-cylinder turbo-diesel


132 kW @ 4000 rpm


400 Nm @ 1500 rpm


7-speed DSG auto


ABS Ventilated Disc

Tare Weight

2480 kg

Gross Vehicle Mass

3000 kg



Approved Seating


External Length

5.29 m (17 ft 4 in)

External Width

1.90 m (6 ft 3 in)

External Height

2.13 m (6 ft 7 in)

Internal Height

2.0 m (6 ft 7 in)

Rear Bed Size

1.95 m x 1.25 m (6 ft 5 in x 4 ft)

Roof Bed Size (option)

1.80 m x 1.12 m (5 ft 11 in x 3 ft 8 in)


Webasto diesel


Waeco 80 litre




12 V LED


1 x 100 AH




Optional (diesel)

Solar Panels


Air Conditioner

Cab only

Hot Water Heater

Diesel fired


Opt Porta Potti


External, flex hose

Fresh Water Tank


Grey Water Tank


Price (on road, NSW)


Pros • • • • • •

Trakka/VW quality ABT upgrades Standard equipment Versatility Economy Street cred!

Cons • Not an Outback explorer • Not cheap, but you get what you pay for!

Contact Trakka 9 Beaumont Rd, Mt-Kuring-gai NSW. 2080. Ph: 1800 872 552 W: www.trakka.com E: trakka@trakka.com.au

Click for Google Maps

Short Drive: Trakkadu ABT

Trakkadu ABT is a bold statement and a striking departure from the everyday.


Xmas Mobile Tech: Appy Christmas


Appy Christmas It’s not too late to make this Christmas an appening thing…

Xmas Mobile Tech: Appy Christmas


Free Xmas Apps for iPhone and/or iPad… • 12 Days of Christmas – from Apple, from Dec 26 download a free gift for 12 days. Seriously! • Sleeps to Xmas – know to the second how long until Santa climbs down your chimney • Christmas Piano with Free Songs – play or sing along to your old favourites • The Impossible Test – Christmas – questions and games to keep your grey matter going • Words With Friends – like scrabble, but you can play with people all over the world


Paid Xmas Apps for iPhone and/or iPad… • Cards (free but $2.99/card) – personalise and post quality greeting cards worldwide • The Christmas List ($1.99) – sort and track your Xmas shopping, including your budget • Christmas Food ($2.99) – from the BBC, with more than 100 recipes and a built-in turkey timer! • Christmas! (free but with in-app purchases) – lots of games and distractions to keep you busy • A Christmas Carol ($4.49) – Dickens’ classic amazingly adapted to mobile technology

• Christmas Stories – Nutcracker Collector’s • A Charlie Brown Christmas ($5.49) – Edition – A hidden objects puzzle for the an interactive book that’s a hit with kids whole family of all ages

Xmas Mobile Tech: Appy Christmas

Google Play Store:


Free Xmas Android Apps… • Christmas Facts – loaded with interesting and quirky Xmas facts you likely don’t know

Paid Xmas Android Apps… • Christmas HD ($0.99) – interactive wallpaper that puts you on the mantle piece!

• Christmas Hymnal – a small collection of lyrics to your favourite traditional carols

• Popout! Night Before Christmas ($4.13) – a beautifully engaging book kids will love

• Christmas Rink Live Wallpaper – beautiful • Xmas Cyrcle Icons ($0.99) – add some interactive wallpaper with a traditional theme festive fun to your phone’s icons this year • Free Christmas List – track your Xmas shopping and budget with this handy organiser • Christmas Countdown Widget – lots of fun ways to track how long until Santa arrives • Christmas Photo Frames – add silly antlers, snow and more to your favourite photos!

• Weatherscreen ($3.31) – beautiful app that animates images to suit the weather • Train Crisis Christmas ($1.48) – help Santa arrive safely by train this year! • Christmas Ringtones ($1.03) – 15 Xmas songs (and laughing Elves) to brighten up your ‘phone



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Classifieds: Snapshots

iMotorhome Featured Classifieds


Feature: Pedal Power


RV body extends accordion-style when setting up for the night.

PEDAL POWER TO THE PEOPLE A Chinese vision of the ultimate eco RV…


he idea of living life on the road in an RV can be appealing. Unfortunately, most RVs aren’t very environmentally friendly, nor are they self-sufficient. However, the Tricycle House isn’t like most RV’s, as it relies on pedal power to move

between destinations, and boasts several pieces of clever folding furniture to provide those much-needed home comforts.

from Gizmag

It Louder” Exhibition in Beijing, the Tricycle House addresses the fact that private ownership of land is not permitted in China. The pedal-powered RV envisions a future in which Conceived by architectural individual Chinese people are firm People’s Industrial Design able to more fully connect with Office (PIDO) for the 2012 “Get their land, while living simply

Feature: Pedal Power


Compact when stowed, the bike RV is complemented by a bike garden. Of course.

and sustainably on their own terms. The Tardis-like house structure is affixed to a tricycle and constructed from polypropylene, which is cut with a CNC router. It’s being folded and welded into

shape, retaining its strength but gaining a certain degree of flexibility. This allows the Tricycle House to open like an accordion and offer modern amenities like a bath, bed and water tank. It can even attach to other Tricycle Houses to increase available space.

The images produced by PIDO impart a real sense of the attention to detail that has been achieved, with an ingenious series of drawers, shelves and fold-away cupboards all packed into the miniature mobile home. A dining table converts into a

Feature: Pedal Power


No lighting is provided, but translucent body makes the most of surrounding light at night.

Dining space for two… bed, while the sink, stove and bath all collapse into the front wall – making the most of every inch of space. There’s no electricity onboard, so the only lighting on offer is that which seeps through the translucent

Drawer doubles as storage space, a sink and a bath! polypropylene building material. The finer details of exactly how a bath and stove would work safely aren’t expanded upon by the designers. In addition to the Tricycle House, PIDO also fabricated

a smaller Tricycle Garden companion vehicle, giving each Tricycle House resident their own portable piece of land. PIDO further imagines multiple Tricycle Homes and Tricycle Gardens coming together to literally form a mobile community.

Feature: Pedal Power Admittedly, the Tricycle House isn’t the only pedal-powered RV to be created, and one can't help but reel off a mental list of questions concerning the efficacy of PIDO's vision when taking in the impressive features. Despite these caveats, the Tricycle House does offer a very thought-provoking concept of sustainable nomadic living, which also asks questions of current Chinese government policy regarding land ownership. As of writing we’ve heard no word on plans to bring the House Tricycle to market.


Xmas: Last Minute Xmas Gifts


�� Gift of Christmas Last minute ideas for the chronically time poor or forgetful…


hey say it’s better to give than receive. If you’ve left your Christmas gift buying a little late here are 13 suggestions of things you can buy online, 1 you’ll need to nip down the road for – and one extra you can actually make with your own hands (imagine that).

Xmas: Last Minute Xmas Gifts Good Return: Give a gift card of hope. Good Return provides micro-banking loans mainly to women (98.4%) in Third World countries to help them build a better future for their families. Astonishingly successful and with a repayment rate of 99.99%, this is truly life changing stuff that you can be a part of. World Vision: Give a family some eggs and chickens, a goat or clean drinking water, or provide immunisation against childhood diseases like polio, tetanus or tuberculosis. These cards provide gifts that truly keep on giving. iTunes: For apps, music, books, movies, TV shows, games and more for Apple products or just iTunes on a PC, Apple has a gift card for everyone. Google Play: Just like iTunes, but for Android smartphones and tablets, Google surprisingly hasn’t caught up with online gift cards. Only at Woolworths, Big W and 7-Eleven stores for now. Bunnings eGift Cards: When all else fails there’s always Bunnings. The good thing is you can customise a Bunnings online gift card with your photo and a message and have it in that special someone’s in-box quicker than you can say, “Sorry I don’t have more imagination.”

Hoyts: An old standby, cinema tickets, are popular with everyone. It seems all the big cinema chains have their own gift cards, so go with the chain closest to your lucky receiver. Magazine subscriptions: The link here is for Magshop, which seems focused on paper magazines. Also check out Zinio, which specialises in emagazines and online versions of popular printed titles. Jacquie Lawson: Electronic greeting cards have come a long way and nobody does it better than UK-based Jacquie Lawson. Often humorous, frequently thoughtful and always exquisite, her animated cards as simply beautiful. You’ll need to subscribe ($12/ year) first, but you can then send unlimited cards for all occasions – including cards with gift vouchers. Adrenalin: Know someone longing to fly a jet fighter, drive a racing car, go skydiving or try some other seemingly lunatic pursuit? Adrenalin has the answer – and the gift card – but you might need deep pockets. Sydney Harbour Bridge Climb: If you haven’t climbed the Coat Hanger you really should. It’s spectacular in every sense of the word and provides and unrivalled insight into Australia’s most famous bridge.

43 Again, you’ll need deep pockets to give this gift, but it’s certainly hard to beat. Red Balloon: A rather more genteel version of Adrenalin, Red Ballon has gift certificates that can go towards anything from spa treatments to cooking lessons, pet photo shoots to hot air ballooning. Of course you don’t need to pay for a whole experience; vouchers start at $25 and you can leave the choice (and balance of payment) to the recipient. Qantas – Help keep Australia’s national carrier going, with a Qantas gift card. Ideal to help someone reach their holiday goal more quickly, if you’re a Qantas frequent flyer you’ll receive 10 points for every dollar spent on gift vouchers purchased before midnight on December 27th. That sounds like win-win! Bake Christmas mince pies, wrap in cellophane packets, place in gift boxes and surprise and delight your family and friends with your thoughtfulness! Mrs iMotorhome’s recipe is on page 44.

Xmas Cook-up: Mini Mince Pies

Mini Mince Pie Surprise


The surprise is you can make everything yourself and not overindulge. Mrs iMotorhome shows you how‌

Xmas Cook-up: Mini Mince Pies


Mini mince pies sprinkled with icing sugar – the perfect Christmas treat.


ince Pies – that is, sweet little pies made with fruit ‘mince’ (mixed fruit) – are a traditional Christmas favourite. In recent years at the iMotorhome household we’ve become more conscious of trying no to overindulge during the festive season and so the mantra has become ‘reduce, reduce, reduce.’ Of course we have no intention of missing out on all our usual Christmas treats, so serving sizes have gone down and our waist lines couldn’t be happier. For this recipe I use a baking tray for mini muffins. It makes

24 bite-sized pies that are Mince fruit, not words ideal as little after-dinner sweet make my own fruit treats or as a tasty little bite mince from a recipe with tea or coffee. I’ve adapted from Delia Smith. The quantity makes If you have the time and about three jars and will last inclination then there’s nothing in the fridge for months and more rewarding than making this recipe usually does us everything from scratch. Of for our traditional Christmas course, if time and tide won’t and our Christmas in July. It's wait for you then you can buy great to adapt the recipe for both the fruit mince and pasty your own likes also. I'm not from the supermarket and just fond of citrus peel so I don't assemble and bake. There’s use much, but I do love the no right or wrong with this, crunch of almond slivers so I it’s all about what suits your add extra. schedule, and the end result is lovingly home-baked goodies your family and friends will (hopefully) love.



Xmas Cook-up: Mini Mince Pies


You’ll need...


• 225 g Granny Smith apples, chopped small (no need to peel) • 110 g butter, melted • 500 g mixed fruit and peel (raisins, currants,sultanas) • 175 g soft dark brown sugar • Grated zest and juice of 1 orange • Grated zest and juice of 1 lemon • 25 g almond slivers • 2 teaspoons mixed ground spice • 1/2 teaspoon ground cinnamon • 1/2 teaspoon grated nutmeg • 3 tablespoons brandy (plus swig for the chef)

All you do is combine all the above ingredients, except the butter, in a large mixing bowl. Stir very thoroughly indeed. Cover with a clean cloth and leave overnight to let the flavours develop. Next day, melt the butter and stir it through the fruit. You want to completely coat the fruit as this seals in the flavour, so stir well. This is also the time to gather anyone in the house around and stir in your Christmas wishes! Pack into clean dry jars and store in a cool dark place, or the fridge if you have room. If all this seems too difficult Woolworths sells a great Robertson’s fruit mince. I like to think it is made by our relatives...

Xmas Cook-up: Mini Mince Pies

47 Pastry Perfection

Sweet short pastry is the go for your mince pies and the shorter the better. Sweet short pastry gives your pies a wonderfully light and almost crisp texture when you bite into them.

Tip: If you don’y want to

make your own pastry buy a pack of shortcrust pastry sheets from the supermarket. You’ll find them in the freezer section.

You’ll need...


• 1 cup plain baking flour • 1 egg yolk • 75 g butter (I use half butter, half lard) • 1/4 cup of sugar • 1 tablespoon of water

Sift the flour and cut-in the butter until it resembles fine breadcrumbs. Stir in the sugar, add the egg yolk and water and mix to a stiff dough. Chill for 30 mins before using. This makes about 400 grams of pastry and if you want to make it spicy, add 1 tablespoon of mixed spice to the flour, or to make it nutty add a half-cup of chopped walnuts before mixing. Simple!

Notes: The pastry can be made in a food processor, just be sure to use very cold butter when cutting it into the flour. Never turn the pastry over when rolling.

Finally, roll the pastry to an even consistency and use a small glass or similar to cut out the pie bases. Be sure to grease the mini-muffin moulds thoroughly with butter before placing the bases in them, then add a spoonful of fruit mince to each (not too much!) and cover with another pastry cut-out as the lid. Glaze with the egg white left over from making the pastry and bake at 180ºC for about 15 mins or until lightly brown. Allow to cool and sample. You might need to try two. Dust with icing sugar and serve with a smile.

Merry Christmas

Cook-up: Char-grilled Baby Octopus

Char Grilled Baby Octopus A tentaclising recipe for your next summer barbecue… It’s summer time and seafood reigns supreme – even over Christmas! This recipe is very Mediterranean and with so many fresh octopus available at this time of year it’s an absolute must.



iam by Jess C

Cook-up: Char-grilled Baby Octopus

You’ll need...


• 18 (about 250g) cleaned baby octopus • 60ml (1/4 cup) dry white wine • 2 tsp extra virgin olive oil • 2 large garlic cloves, crushed • 1 tsp ground mild paprika • 1 small fresh red chilli, finely chopped • Freshly ground black pepper • Pinch of salt • Lemon wedges, to serve

Wash the octopus thoroughly under cold running water. Drain and pat dry with paper towel


Combine the white wine, oil, garlic, paprika and chilli in a glass or ceramic bowl. Season with pepper and mix well Add the octopus and toss to combine Cover with plastic wrap and place in the fridge for 30 minutes to marinate Preheat a char-grill or barbecue grill on high. Drain the octopus and pour the marinade into a small saucepan Cook the octopus on preheated char-grill or barbecue grill, turning once or twice, for 4-5 minutes or until the octopus curl and are just cooked through Season the marinade with a little salt and bring to the boil over medium-high heat. Cook, uncovered for 1 – 2 minutes. Place octopus in a serving dish and pour over the marinade. Serve hot with lemon wedges

On the Side…

For a great salad to go with this you’ll need one fennel, one orange and one lemon. Peel the fruit and dice up about 1.5 cm x 1.5 cm, then cut the fennel bulb in half and thinly slice. I use a mandolin. You’ll also need one large tablespoon of chopped mint, one large tablespoon of fresh chopped basil and one large tablespoon of fresh flat leaf parsley. Put everything into a bowl, with two table spoons of extra virgin olive oil and a table spoon of white vinegar. Add salt and pepper to taste and toss to coat well. The salad can be made before cooking the octopus. Let the flavours blend for about an extra half hour. Enjoy!

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t’s time for the iMotorhome team to take a short summer holiday. Our first issue for 2014 will be in four weeks time, on Saturday 18 January. Kicking off the new year, Malcolm reviews the first Auto-



February 07-09



Trail to grace our pages – a Delaware – and it should make interesting reading. UK-built and fully imported, it’s one of a small but growing range of imports that is proving divisive with local manufacturers.

Stay safe and have a very merry Christmas!

We’ll be showcasing the beautiful Decoliner, a custommade motorhome that redefines grace and style, plus bringing you more travel, apps, cooking and our new Rogue’s Gallery.





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Profile for iMotorhome Magazine

iMotorhome eMagazine Issue 39 - 21 Dec 2013.  

Australia & New Zealand's only dedicated motorhome magazine – published twice monthly and available by free subscription from www.imotorhome...

iMotorhome eMagazine Issue 39 - 21 Dec 2013.  

Australia & New Zealand's only dedicated motorhome magazine – published twice monthly and available by free subscription from www.imotorhome...