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Grey Nomads Travel and Cruise Soon you will see us roaming the countryside as we have finally 'handed in the key' for our rented premises in the Yarra Valley and become a "real" mobile travel agency. We are now here to provide a travel experience to Grey Nomads, and others, around this great country, while being a grey nomad with you. After 27 years in a shop, it is exciting to be able to continue what we have enjoyed providing but doing so "on the road" from our motorhome. If you see us, stop by for a chat and ask any travel questions you have. Lyn will help you tailor make your itinerary to suit your travel needs. Grey Nomads Travel and Cruise is an approved AFTA and ATAS agency. In the past, our specialty has been sending travellers to Africa, South America, Canada, USA, South East Asia, Europe, and Scandinavia - anyhow, anywhere, anywhen. Having visited over 60 countries, Lyn knows how to provide 1st class service. So when you want assistance in organising that "holiday when you're not on the road", give Lyn a call to plan that exciting time in your life. Who doesn't love cruising? We have put together a cruise for September 2018 on board the brand new Princess ship the "Majestic Princess". She carries 3,500 passengers and over 1300 crew that are specially trained to care just for you. The "Majestic Princess" is making her maiden voyage to the South Pacific in September 2018 and the first cruise is out of Sydney to Fiji, New Caledonia and Vanuatu. It's just a short 12 nights but you will come back NEW. See you soon. 12 nights from: Inside Cabins $2940 per person Balcony Cabins $3179 per person Deluxe Balcony Cabin $3820 per person Mini Suites $4098 per person




Sat, Sep 15 Sydney, Australia

Majestic Princess

Depart 06:45pm

Sun, Sep 16 At Sea Mon, Sep 17 At Sea Tue, Sep 18 Noumea, New Caledonia



Wed, Sep 19 Mystery Island, Vanuatu



(Tender Required), (Wheelchair Access Limited) Thu, Sep 20 At Sea Fri, Sep 21

Suva, Fiji

Sat, Sep 22 Lautoka, Fiji







Sun, Sep 23 At Sea Mon, Sep 24 Lifou, New Caledonia

(Tender Required), (Wheelchair Access Limited) Tue, Sep 25 At Sea Wed, Sep 26

At Sea

Thu, Sep 27

Sydney, Australia



Grey Nomads Travel and Cruise gntc.com.au lyn@gntc.com.au 0418 1858 50 03 5967 1858

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The Year in Rear View… It’s that time of the year when self-satisfied editors write smug summaries of the past 12 month’s achievements and pen platitudes about how they couldn’t have done it without the help of their discerning readers and loyal advertisers. All I’ve got to say is, “Did anyone get the number plate of that bus that hit us?” Looking into the rear vision mirror of 2017, it feels like I’ve been on that wild bus ride from the movie Speed, with me (sadly) in place of Sandra Bullock, white-knuckling it down the freeways of LA and just hanging on. Indeed, I seem to have spent an inordinate amount of time in the USA this year (as well as New Zealand) and on aeroplanes. What a ride… How was it for you? This year you’ve followed us through the early days of iMotorhome New Zealand as a stand-alone publication and its eventual and sensible amalgamation into this single title; you had faith enough to part with big dollars and come on our inaugural international escorted motorhome tour – a month exploring the iconic Route 66; you joined us in Uralla to retrace the life and final days of the bushranger Captain Thunderbolt; you came on our second international tour – A Taste of New Zealand – and you watched me hop on and off aircraft with dizzying frequency; all the while liking, commenting on and sharing countless social media posts, including a barrage just last week from the huge industryonly RV trade show in Louisville, Kentucky. I don’t know about you, but that’s probably enough for one year… Perhaps my overriding memory of 2017 will be the pleasure of spending time with and getting to know those of you who chanced it and came on one of our tours and/or the reader weekend.

Looking Forward Because you can’t keep going forward while looking in the rear view mirror, it’s time to look through the bug-spattered windscreen of possibility and peer at what 2018 might have in store. More of the same is quite on the cards – I’ve penciled in an autumn tour of Route 66 for October, although my internal jury is still out on whether there’ll be time in 2018 for another New Zealand tour. There will be another reader weekend, however, probably somewhere along the mighty Murray, plus we’ve a few other surprises in the works I can’t reveal right now.

Finally… Of course we – the whole iMotorhome Team, that is – couldn’t have done it without you, our discerning readers, plus the financial support of our loyal advertisers (I’m being serious here, unlike those blokes mentioned earlier). Thank you. Without you we’d probably all be driving for Uber… Might this Festive Season bring you and those you hold dearest some peace and happiness amidst the whirlwind of it all. As another year passes and the World heads into truly uncharted waters (where surely there be dragons), be kind to one another and dare to live the life you really want. We get one go at this; so love it, laugh at it and live it. Oh, and don’t forget to send me the number plate details of that bus…


View All Units O nline 24/7




Fiat Ducato, Auto, ABS, Electric bed, Separate shower & toilet, 140w solar panel, fresh and grey water tanks, 1000w inverter, Bluetooth lighting.

Fiat Ducato, Auto, 95,600kms, 4 berth, Diesel heater, Tow bar, separate shower & toilet, Fresh & grey water tank, 95amp deep cycle battery.

Price: $143,160 + ORC SAVE $6,830 PLUS $500 Fuel Voucher

Price: $99,990 + ORC SAVE $9,000 Great Value



NEW & USED SALES | RENTALS | SERVICE CENTRE 1A Watson St, Wodonga VIC 3690 Ph: 02 6024 4222 E: info@awrvworld.com.au

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Tested: Auto-Sleepers Broadway FB


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Seemingly overlooked, Adria’s Coral is now better than ever…

This Broadway is worth a bit of a song and dance…

A Power of Good – rust never sleeps so it’s got to go!

Electric vehicles were all the rage at the Tokyo Motor Show

NZ Tour Report!

Bell ringing in Maryborough

Three more RV Friendly Towns

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Haera Mai! ’Tis the season to be jolly, or so I am told, and as I write this, Christmas Day seems to be rushing forward at a frightening pace; something I personally find quite disconcerting because everybody seems to want everything done before Dec 24th (including several magazine editors that I happen to do work for). I actually quite like the period between Boxing Day and New Year’s Day – it’s a time to catch up on all the things carefully ignored in the previous few weeks… That said, whilst I know many people spend their time with family members, others plan their escape to, well anywhere really, and preferably a long way away. Airlines have this phenomena well and truly slotted into their schedules. About one week before Christmas and one week after New Year, the normally cheap off-peak airfares are about three times the price and Frequent Flyer seats don’t seem to be very frequent. Digressing slightly here, I do like the Air New Zealand Christmas special this year, A Very Merry Mistake – all those quirky UnZud uccents that Aussies have been snickering about for years. Click here to enjoy it!

a Slovenian-built Adria Coral 660 SCS isn’t, but it seems to me that it should be. The Australian/NZ distributor of Adria RV’s does sometimes give the impression of hiding Adria’s light under a bushel for no good reason that I can see. Both motorhomes have some interesting features that will certainly appeal to different audiences, but there’s nothing really wrong with the design of either motorhome, which is a good thing (Indeed! - Ed). Both of course have that typical European features of being very efficient users of space. Getting back to my Northern Hemisphere winter aspirations, both motorhomes are clearly built for travelling in the cold, being well insulated, fitted with anti-condensation panels, double-glazed windows and space heaters (or at least the option for one). Except for the space heaters, such features work equally well in hotter climates. Something I noticed on my most recent trip to winter-time Britain and northern France was that colder weather didn’t seem to prevent motorhome travellers hitting the road; a trend I have also seen on my regular trips to wintertime NZ.

Personally, I’m a victim of the airlines’ Christmas profit manoeuvre. Although I have lived in the Southern Hemisphere for most of my life, I still like a cold Christmas, preferably one with snow. Bizarre really I know, but every now and again, an email arrives from a London agent I know with a cheap accommodation deal over Christmas and the old urge kicks in. A curious little advantage of a Northern Hemisphere Christmas is that it’s possible to get to a Carols by Candlelight function at 4.30pm in the afternoon when it’s dark enough to need the candlelight and then head out for dinner afterwards, when it is not too late. Unfortunately, my winter-in-Britain plans have been scuppered this year, but there’s alway next year…

Changing manufacturers, a left-hand drive Hymer 4X4 motorhome has been spotted touring in Australia. Apparently the German owners have imported it into the country for eight months and if the Facebook site is any guide, it’s drawing a considerable amount of interest. The NZ agents for Hymer might like to make note of that, some of the comments have been quite revealing……

Astute readers of this fine magazine will note that we have reviewed two European built motorhomes this issue. One, the British-built Auto-Sleepers Broadway, is only available in New Zealand while the other,


This Christmas/New Year time, whether you might be with family or on the road somewhere, I trust it might be a meaningful and, under all the commercial razzmatazz, peaceful one. Travel safely wherever you might be heading.

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WIN $50 FOR THE BEST LETTER! It’s only fitting that since Ed has his say in On My Mind, you should be able to have yours too. letters@imotorhome.com.au and we’ll If you have anything to say – or ask – just drop a line to share it with our readers. We’ll also reward the most interesting, useful or thoughtful letter each issue with $50 to help you on your way.

Unrewarding Rewards I read your editorial a few issues back called Working the System and agree about how well you can make things work for you, but you also have to be aware of the fine print and less than ethical companies who promise much but don’t deliver. With the holiday season looming I thought I’d share my experiences with Marriott, which runs a huge hotel rewards program. It might save some of your readers from disappointment! Marriott, which is now linked to SPG Hotels, rewards you with points and says that the more you stay the more you get. That’s true, but here’s the catch: it only applies if you book directly via their website or app. Book a Marriott hotel via a third party site like Qantas Hotels, Wotif, Trivago, Expedia, etc, and you get diddly squat. Marriott says it has a price matching guarantee, but it’s up to you to prove the price. You also don’t get bonus frequent flyer miles like you do with Qantas, for example, when booking through it. Marriott says it clearly explains all this and yes it does, but only in the fine print, as I found out when wondering why my credits weren’t appearing. So, if any readers are looking to earn points for free nights and make the most of their summer holiday travels, be sure to read the fine print. I’m sure Marriott isn’t alone in this, but it

really feels like a bit of a scam and is totally disappointing from an otherwise well regarded company. Thanks for a great magazine and all the best for 2018! Regards, Elina. Thanks Elina, it’s indeed a salutary tale. Fingers crossed your experience saves some readers from a similar disappointment. In my opinion it’s also wrong/unethical the booking services don’t mention it when making your reservation. For bringing this to everyone’s attention please accept this issue’s $50 prize – a small ‘reward’ for your efforts!

Life’s a journey


Bürstner Elegance i840G

Central heating

Drive on a car licence

Take yours in a motorhome that sets the standard for the ultimate in freedom and luxury. Turn heads on the open road with uncompromising style and elegance. There’s never been a better time to release your inner explorer. Choose from our outstanding selection of award-winning European motorhomes and find the passport to your dreams. Our motorhomes will move you. View our full range at smartrv.co.nz or visit us in Auckland or Christchurch.





Bürstner Ixeo IT728G




Bürstner Ixeo IT734





Bürstner Elegance i840G



Bürstner Ixeo IT680G







Bürstner Nexxo T740




Prices include GST and on roads costs. Prices and specifications are current as at December 2017 but are subject to change.

It’s been a dream of ours for 30 years to explore every nook and cranny that New Zealand has. We would like to say thank you to the team at SmartRV for enabling us to live that dream. Grant & Wilma McGregor

Exclusively distributed in New Zealand by

11 Pavilion Drive, Airport Oaks, Auckland | 3 Export Ave, Harewood, Christchurch | 0800 005 312 | imotorhome@smartrv.co.nz | smartrv.co.nz For opening hours see smartrv.co.nz

12 | On your mind

Thanks! Just a note to thank you and Mrs iMotorhome for all the time and effort you both put into our recent New Zealand tour. We know the amount of time to organise such a comprehensive tour would have been enormous. The extra bonus was the wonderful group that went. We both thoroughly enjoyed the adventure and wish you many future successful tours. It was a pleasure to be part of a

great group. Take care and stay safe. Regards, Kerrie and Bob. Thanks Kerrie and Bob, it was our pleasure to lead such a terrific group and we both appreciate your kind thoughts. See you on Route 66 next October???

Versatile iPad I have discovered two uses for my mini iPad that might be of interest to fellow motorhomers (a smart phone or any other device might perform similarly if connected to the Internet). My iPad has a SIM card and so does not need wifi for the following uses.

via live-streaming. Past radio programs such as Richard Fidler’s Conversations programs are also easily accessed.

My iPad can be placed anywhere, so it is not restricted to inside my motorhome. I take it everywhere and use it for accessing emails, Firstly, I was at the CMCA’s National Rally in paying bills, taking photos, plus for its Sat Nav Bundaberg in October. Many of the artists assistance. The other benefit is that no matter who sang on stage for the fabulous evening where I am camping, I can listen to my home entertainment invited the audience to join in with radio station at night, and tune into my favourite the singing. Most of us only know the first few radio presenter whose sense of humour, words of songs, but thanks to my iPad, I could programming and guests appeal to me. quickly Google the complete lyrics for each I think this alternative source of radio reception song, and share them with those around me. could be useful, seeing that batteries in portable The screen is lit up and readable, even if the radios need replacing eventually, but my iPad is room is darkened. charged via my solar power. Secondly, when I camp overnight, I like to listen Kind regards, Di. to the radio for the evening news. I find that tuning my onboard radio to the local station can Thanks again Di, those are very valid points you be time-consuming and often unsuccessful. make. You’re also quite correct in saying an Perhaps I am doing something wrong, but internet-connected smartphone can perform anyway, I found an excellent alternative via my the same duties, or be used as a hotspot for an iPad. I downloaded the ABC Listen app when I iPad or other WIFI-enabled devices. The only had wifi access. The app gives me all the ABC thing to watch is that your mobile plan – phone radio stations around the country, including the or tablet device – has sufficient data allowance. country music and news stations. I only have to Having said that, it’s good to see even Telstra is tap on the relevant icon and then I can listen to now offering significant data allowances with its my chosen station with crystal-clear reception mobile plans.

Jabiru 4x4 Tried & Tested 2 Mile Camp, Finke River


14 | On your mind

Hot Water Replacement? I noted in the last iMotorhome mag that you are interested in replacing your Suburban hot water heater in Polly with and instant hot water system. Would you please let me know which heater you are looking at as I have problems from time to time with my Truma. Haven’t been able to find out much on the web.

system. It’s available in Australia too and although expensive is well worth a look. I think Polly would be very happy with one! Here’s a link to the site.

Many thanks, Bob. G’day Bob, just back from the USA and was reminded about the new Truma Aqua Go instant hot water system, which is designed as a same-size replacement for the Suburban

Birdsville Dreaming We own a 2009 Birdsville and recently looked at the new dropdown bed model, as reviewed in November’s iMotorhome issue. We are very happy with our 2009 model, but are thinking of upgrading in the near future and thought the dropdown Birdsville would be a natural replacement. However it has two problems: firstly, not enough storage. We could not store our folding table and chairs other than under the bed and even then the chairs would not fit. Secondly, when the dropdown bed is in the raised position I had to stoop to pass under it to get to the bathroom or sit in the lounge. And I am only 5 feet 10 and a half inches tall. By contrast I can walk under the Leura dropdown bed without stooping. The salesman measured both and confirmed the Leura has about 2 cm more clearance. These two issues put us off purchasing the new Birdsville, unfortunately. Regards, Cliff.

Thanks for your email and observations on the latest model Birdsville, Cliff. Malcolm did the review and although he did express concerns over storage he didn’t mention anything about the limited headroom. As with all things it’s a case of having a good look through any new motorhome to ensure it suits your specific requirements, but thanks for the ‘heads up’. the test of time. My 2010 Transit has almost 300,000 km on it, so 200,000 is barely run in! Will you buy something else should you choose to sell it?

16 | On your mind

Our New Fifth Wheeler Now this is what an Australian fifth wheeler looks like! We have manufactured it in America ourselves as we were tired of trying to get American RV places to build one Australians would like! It’s a great combination of American know-how and Australian design – and only 10 are available per year! HERE is a link to a virtual walk-through. Thanks, Jennifer. Thanks Jennifer, it certainly looks impressive. I’m thinking having a new vehicle designed and built in the USA for Australia is no mean feat and congratulate you on your efforts. If any readers are interested in finding out more I’ll happily put them in touch with you. Happy travels!


On your mind | 17

Industry Wanting… This link to the 2018 Adria range review shows you what we miss out on here. Note the totally revised Luton which is very modern. I wonder if there is any Trigano influence in the design? It makes the 2017 model look very dated. When I first decided to buy a motorhome I was amazed by the general lack of professionalism. Recently I spoke with a sales guy at Penrith about Knaus and he suggested I would be better off with an Avan! I think Elite RV is now doing a reasonable job with Auto-Trail in Queensland, but at the last two Sydney shows there was very poor representation by the big Penrith dealer. I am sure there are more in the market that feel like me. If I had come across this industry a few years ago I think I would have loved to have taken a tilt at launching a UK/Euro brand. Cheers, Gary. Thanks for the link and your observations, Gary. Coincidentally, you’ll see we have a follow-up review on the Adria Coral with rear slide-out in this very issue. Even though it does look a bit more old-fashioned than the models

in the video, it’s still a pleasingly modern design and one with some features not otherwise available in Australia (as far as I’m aware). In the review Malcolm notes how smoothly the rear slide-out operates and by another even stranger coincidence, last week in the USA I met the CEO of the Dutch company that makes the slide-outs for Adria (amongst others) in Europe! He told me they have four electric motors – one of each corner – and the whole operation is computer-controlled and highly reliable. That’s in stark contrast to some American-sourced slide-outs I’ve tried on local motorhomes that creak, grown and shudder, and occasionally refuse to retract without considerable ‘persuasion’. Regarding the professionalism of sales people, it must be difficult to find, train and retain good/interested people, and the bigger the dealership the bigger the problem. For that reason and many others – including ADR compliance – it’s probably best for your peace of mind that you didn’t take up the importation challenge!

18 | News



ast issue’s test of the Winnebago Coogee listed the maximum braked towing capacity for the Iveco Daily 50C cab-chassis as 3500 kg. However, we have since been advised the Iveco-supplied towbar is rated to a maximum of 3000 kg. Also, the review stated the main bed couldn’t be lifted when the slide-out is retracted, thus preventing walk-through access to the rear bathroom. As it turns out, the bed has been designed to provide walk-around access, although with a little bit of effort. The foot-end of the bed frame slides in and the head of the mattress has a removable bolster, which together provide a narrow path between the bed and cupboards. On the plus side it requires no lifting, but on the minus side it requires ‘disrupting’ the bedding and a bit of push and pull. Perhaps a fully hinged bed base (it already lifts/tilts half way) would be an easier solution.



he Australian Competition and Consumer Commission has launched Federal Court action against Australia’s largest recreational vehicle manufacturer. The consumer watchdog alleges Jayco, which has captured around 50 percent of RV sales in Australia, breached Australian Consumer Law by its conduct towards four customers who bought defective Jayco caravans.

requests from the buyers for a refund or replacement, Jayco repeatedly told them their only remedy was yet another repair.

The ACCC alleges that between 2013 and 2015 Jayco acted “Unconscionably” towards four customers by obstructing them from obtaining redress, such as a refund or replacement for their defective caravans. It claims that despite

Meanwhile, the ACCC, supported by the Caravanning Industry Association of Victoria, is urging all caravan manufacturers to review their complaints handling processes to ensure they comply with the ACL consumer guarantees.

“This understandably caused a lot of distress for the customers,” ACCC chairman Rod Sims said. “Caravans are an expensive item, typically costing tens of thousands of dollars. People are entitled to expect that the caravan they purchase will be of acceptable quality and that they will be afforded an appropriate remedy under the ACL consumer guarantees if their caravan fails to meet this standard.”

News | 19



rakka is launching a line of new black cabinetry within the Trakkadu range in the second quarter of 2018, with a rollout across the fleet expected later in the year. Why black? When it comes to interior design, Trakka says black surfaces can ‘ground’ a space. And while sparkling white kitchens and interior spaces have been on trend for some time, the use of ‘dramatic and chic black cabinetry’ can be just as timeless and sophisticated. “In order to redefine certain spaces within the Trakkadu we’ve combined black cabinetry with our laminated plywood Olmo, the more traditional looking choice. The smooth and dark coloured bench top balances out the textured timber grain front fascia panels. Meanwhile contemporary lines and touches of aluminium offer an industrial flavour.

Having a choice in modern cabinetry colours differentiates Trakka from other motorhomes on the market. Our business is devoted to providing high quality interiors and one of the best parts of this latest colour offering is the opportunity it creates for flexibility when dressing the interior. Black is a neutral hue, and by adding accents of colour with accessories and soft furnishings customers are able to create their own streamlined style for life on the road. It just goes to show, you don’t need a lot of space to create something elegant and welcoming. To arrange a time to walk through our Trakkadu and to view our new black cabinetry in situ, please phone Trakka Headquarters on: +61 2 9472 9000 or email: alex.berry@trakka.com.au

20 | News



ccording to Colin Spain of newly formed Grey Nomads Travel and Cruise, “It will be with trepidation that (wife) Lyn locks the shop door on December 21, this year. After over 27 years of turning the key to her travel agency in the Yarra Valley, Victoria (when not travelling overseas), Lyn has made the decision to be a grey nomad and to sell travel to grey nomads along the way. Her life has been travel, travel, travel, and to leave the industry after 35 years, is hard for many to do. Lyn wants to continue to provide holidays for others while enjoying touring this great land,” Colin said. Grey Nomads Travel and Cruise will operate from the Spain’s motorhome. “Having visited nearly 60 countries and taken groups to many of them, Lyn is well versed in what can be a great destination or a mediocre holiday. Her desire is not to provide you with

the best ‘deal’, but to provide you with an exciting and memorable travel experience. When your dreams can be added to your lifebook, you have grown tremendously. And that’s what Lyn is all about in helping you to achieve,” Colin explained. To their knowledge, Grey Nomads Travel and Cruise is the first effort by someone to provide travel whilst on the road in a recreational vehicle. Many country towns will benefit from Lyn’s travel expertise as she sets up a ‘pop-up shop’ for a few days at a time in a travel-agent free town. Of course, she will also be able to help people while staying in campgrounds, too. “With technology as it is today, organising travel on the road can be achieved from remote regions of this great country. To find out more call Lyn on 0418 1858 50 for expert attention”.

News | 21

For those who love a classic HYMER has arrived. A legend in European motorhome luxury, HYMER is now available in New Zealand exclusively to SmartRV. Sixty years ago, HYMER transformed camping holidays with a new standard in comfort and sophistication. Today the legend continues with the same attention to detail, from cutting edge driving and safety technology – such as crosswind assist, giving the ML-T model unbelievable stability – to stylish design and superior quality throughout every interior. Discover the tradition of excellence and innovation that has made HYMER the choice of discerning explorers. Indulge your wanderlust.

222 528



HYMER StarLine B680

698 2


HYMER StarLine B690 235

HYMER ML-T 580 4x4


HYMER Triton 420 Caravan 200

Vehicle might vary from image.

797 4


Prices include GST and on roads costs. Prices and specifications are current as at December 2017 but are subject to change.

11 Pavilion Drive, Airport Oaks, Auckland | 3 Export Ave, Harewood, Christchurch 0800 005 312 | imotorhome@smartrv.co.nz | For opening hours see smartrv.co.nz

797 4


22 | News



he USA’s most successful online business for renting private RVs – or renting them out to earn extra income – is launching in Australian early in 2018. Considered the Airbnb of the RV rental business, Outdoorsy claims to be the, “Largest and most trusted RV rental marketplace on the planet”. Key to the company’s success is its business model, which provides $1M insurance for both owners and renters, checks of all drivers’ licences, 24/7 rental roadside assistance and a dedicated customer support team. With thousands of vehicles available across the US, plus a proven track record that includes

widespread American RV Industry support, Outdoorsy will provide Australian vehicle owners with access to a huge pool of US renters while it builds its local customer base. While the concept isn’t new and there are already other operators Down Under, Outdoorsy could be the catalyst to establish the private rental concept as ‘legitimate’ in many peoples’ minds. To find out more visit its website HERE.

24 | News



n the answer to many peoples’ long-held wishes, CAMEC has launched a retrofittable keyless entry system for caravans and motorhomes. “Carrying around your RV key is now a thing of the past thanks to our custom Keyless Entry system. Find comfort in knowing that all you need to do is carry a fob or wear an optional wristband to electronically unlock or lock your RV’s door! The wristband, especially, is an ideal solution for both adults and children to have easy and safe access to the RV whenever needed,” CAMEC says.

Features of the system include: • Designed and assembled in Australia • Incorporates a triple-redundancy system • Fully compatible with Camec 3-point locking system and interchangeable with existing Camec locks • Intuitive audible lock operation status tone output • 12 V wired to RV, with battery backup or standalone battery operation • Standard with 3 key fobs & system can store up to 3 additional key tags • Waterproof wristband option, ideal for kids and active people • Encrypted communication between fobs and lock • Available for left or right-hand hinged doors • 3-year warranty

The Camec Keyless Entry system is claimed to be ultra secure. Fobs are individually encoded to each lock and communications between the fobs utilise 128-bit encryption. Each system is supplied with three waterproof fobs: two general use fobs and a special red ‘master’ fob. New fobs or waterproof wristbands can only be The basic system costs A$299 and more programmed using the master fob and CAMEC details can be found on the CAMEC website advises the master fob be stored in a secure HERE. place.

News | 25



nverell Shire Council has given the green light for a $10,000 dump point to be installed at Apex Park in Yetman, a small town some 120 km northwest of Inverell, in the New England region of NSW. However, because the village has no sewerage system, only removable toilet cassettes of around 15 litres capacity will be allowed at the free facility. A report to Council said larger motorhomes could have black water storage tanks up to 250 litres capacity, so access will be physically restricted to allow use by smaller vehicles only.

The Wirraway 260 SL

With it’s Full Length Slideout Room & Apartment Styled Layout !

From WIRRAWAY, “Australia’s Most Innovative Motorhomes” Wirraway is a dedicated family owned business striving for Motorhome excellence. Our Motorhomes are our passion! Every Wirraway Motorhome is handbuilt and designed by experienced motorhomers who know the importance of making life easier on the road. New to our Range is the brilliant ‘live like a movie star’ Wirraway 260 SL, the latest in our 260 series; our EuroStyle 260 with it’s European styled interior and “The Motorhome of the Year”, the Wirraway 260. Wirraway Motorhomes feature opulence, style and all the legendary design, electrical and construction innovations that are unique to all Wirraways.

Each Wirraway Model is unique! - All are a Must See!

View Our New Website to view All Models, Download Brochures &Virtual RealityTours For details contact: Rob Tonkin - Wirraway Motorhomes, 6 Hynes Court, Mildura Vic 3500

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26 | News



RMA Parks & Resorts has acquired the picturesque Woodgate Beach Tourist Park in Queensland. The news come just a week after it bought Bathurst Panorama Holiday Park in NSW. The chain now owns and manages 38 parks nationwide, making it the country’s second largest investor in holiday parks. Chief executive Paul Davies said the Woodgate park, south of Bundaberg, is one of Australia’s “Hidden treasures” and is located along some of the nation’s most remarkable beachfronts. The park is one of the largest in the region, offering a range of accommodation including 20 cabins and 140 powered sites. It also has the Serenity Cove Cafe, a convenience store, two amenities blocks, laundry facilities, camp kitchen, free electric barbecues, two dump points and free WiFi.

“The NRMA’s strategy of investing in Australia’s domestic tourism industry is best encapsulated by this acquisition,” Mr Davies said. The park’s position is said to make it one of the most popular destinations on the Fraser Coast. Its location, alongside the small Woodgate beachside community, is ideal for families or couples wanting to unwind and relax. “The NRMA is committed to investing in these local communities and we know that for every dollar spent at holiday parks like Woodgate Beach, $1.38 is invested in the local economy by visitors to the park,” he added. NRMA members can receive a 10 percent discount when staying at Woodgate Beach Tourist Park.

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ollondilly Shire Council in NSW has given the thumbs up for a new experimental RV-friendly site. Travellers will be able to roll into Warragamba to stay the night opposite the Boomerang Shelter at the Warragamba Recreation Reserve. Self-contained caravans, motorhomes and campervans can be parked for free for a maximum of two nights. The council allocated $35,000 from the budget for the project. General manager Luke Johnson said it was “Another great step” for tourism in Wollondilly. The welcome RV-friendly site will be ready for this summer holiday season, with signage, an automatic boom gate, line marking and waste bins being put in place. Travellers will be able

to use the reserve’s existing RV dump point. The boom gate will be open during daylight hours and overnight visitors will gain access to the site by contacting Council’s after-hours service. This will record the visitor’s details and provide a pin code for entry through the boom gate. “This RV-friendly initiative is a 12-month trial that will help inform a shire-wide RV friendly strategy. It aims to provide additional tourism opportunities in Warragamba and help to strengthen the local economy by giving visitors the option of free overnight accommodation,” Council said in a statement.

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new campsite has opened in the Living Desert in Broken Hill, NSW. The Starview Primitive Camp offers 15 unpowered RV sites and 8 for tents, with disability-friendly toilet and shower facilities. There is also a sheltered barbecue area. Stays are limited to two nights and cost $10 per person per night. The idea for a basic campsite in the Living Desert was originally floated by the Park’s ranger, Darrell Ford, in 2010 and has slowly taken shape since then. “There was always a demand for it. We have lots of people wanting somewhere where they could camp under the stars and get a real feeling of the bush,” he said. “And we’ve always have people specifically asking if they could camp out in the Living Desert itself. It’s a a great place to see the stars and enjoy peace and quiet, and it’s also a great Sturt Desert Pea area when they’re in bloom.” Mr Ford said he and the Friends of the Flora and Fauna of the Barrier Ranges Community

Committee had been gradually working on the campsite as an ongoing project. He said the campsite had been built at a very small cost, and featured items recycled from other council sites. “We’ve used bus shelters, pine log barriers from the (former) North Pool, and the toilets were built thanks to money from a grant. The most expensive thing was probably just getting the road bituminised and putting in a concrete slab.” Mayor Darriea Turley congratulated Mr Ford and all volunteers who had contributed to the project. “Starview provides yet another avenue for tourists to come to Broken Hill and enjoy a genuine Outback experience, and I think it’s crucial we continue to pursue any opportunity that will increase visitor numbers and support our economy.” Bookings can be made through the Broken Hill Visitor Information Centre by calling 08 8080 3560 or visit the website HERE.

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32 | Tested: Adria Coral XL 660 SCS


Seemingly overlooked, Adria’s Coral is now better than ever… by Malcolm Street

Tested | 33

C-class motorhomes – those with over-cab beds – aren’t known for their good looks, but Adria has done an excellent job of streamlining the nose without sacrificing internal space. Other than that (and the fact the entry door is on the usual side!) the body is quite conventional and it’s unlikely the Coral will raise eyebrows in its travels.


dria’s Slovenian-built Coral motorhome has been available in Australia for several years now from the Apollo group. Indeed, iMotorhome noticed the first model hiding away behind the main sales area in the company’s Northgate (Brisbane) yard when it was initially imported into the country. Even so, it was some time before we were able to get our hands on it for an initial review, which appeared in Issue 74 in June 2015. That seems to have set the scene for what followed, because Apollo has continued to maintain a low profile on the Adria motorhome range. What makes it more of a mystery is the ADR hoops the company must have jumped through to get the models compliant in

Australia, plus the fact Adria seems to be able to build a decent and desirable motorhome.

Slide-outs and Entry Doors


hen I saw Adria’s most recent model in Australia at a show – the Coral XL 660 SCS – I was interested in a more serious look. Apart from anything else, the most unusual feature (for a European motorhome) is a rear-wall main bedroom slide-out. Another unusual feature is that the entry door is on the kerb side. That’s news I hear you say? Well it is, given most motorhomes out of Europe have it on the street side, and even

34 | Tested

the British get the same models as the rest of Europe. Just a digression here; it’s a pity that years ago the world couldn’t agree on which side of the road to drive on. It would have made life much easier now.

Motive Power


o surprises in the motive power department; the Coral has the familiar Fiat Ducato as its base vehicle and it comes with the uprated 2.3-litre Euro 6-compliant turbo-diesel that replaces the old 3-litre unit. The smaller engine’s output matches the bigger one, with 130 kW of power and 400 Nm of torque, making the Coral something of a pleasure to drive. With a gross vehicle mass (GVM) of 4400 kg and a tare weight of 3490 kg, it has a load capacity of The tunnel boot runs under the slide-out bed but still manages to provide practical and useful storage.

Tested | 35

910 kg, which is more than enough for most travellers I would think. Even the 150-litre fresh water capacity isn’t going to make too much of a dent. On the road the Coral travels along quite smoothly, no doubt enhanced by air bags fitted to the rear suspension: another unusual (and welcome) feature usually only found on more upmarket motorhomes. They are easily adjusted because the controls are located on the base of the passenger seat. Undoubtedly the real beneficiaries of the air bags are going to be any passengers travelling in the rear.

Body Building


omething quite interesting about the Coral XL 660 is that although it’s a C-class motorhome (meaning it has an over-cab bed in the ‘Luton peak’), it is still quite a streamlined design. Certainly the moulded Luton has quite a stylish shape about it.

The slide-out’s rounded corners provide better weather sealing than square corners, according to the manufacturer. Powered by four computer-controlled electric motors, its action is smooth and quiet, if a little slow. Above: The toilet cassette is at a convenient height for access.

36 | Tested

The main body structure consists of polyurethane/polyester sandwich roof and walls, plus fibreglass mouldings for the rear curves, which cannot be totally curvy because of the slide-out. It’s not a major matter, but some slide-out edges look like a hazard for children, given their height, but Adria has managed to put enough curve into the lower edges to minimise that problem. Something of note is the entry door: it has the standard Euro styling about it and comes complete with a garbage bin and internal concertina-style insect screen, but it also comes with one other novel feature (at least here in Australia) – central locking. Woo hoo! Apart from anything else, it means the key ring for the entire motorhome just has two key. You see, it can be done (other manufacturers take note!). The windows are the familiar Euro style acrylic, tinted and double glazed. Top: Malcolm hard at work! Right: Cabinetry has rounded corners, while switches are handily arranged by the entry door and above neat, recessed shelves.

Tested | 37

Worth a mention too is the tunnel boot at the rear. It’s not of the same magnitude as some of the ‘garages’ that I have seen in Euro motorhomes in NZ, but should take most of the hardware the average traveller likes to lug around, including golf clubs and fishing gear. Handily, it also includes a few tie down rings for larger items.



tepping inside the Coral reveals a layout that gives the impression of being familiar, but isn’t quite. Broken down into three areas, the front section has the lounge/ dining/second bed and includes lounges, table, Luton bed and swivelled cab seats. Conventionally, the mid area contains both a kerb-side kitchen bench and an street-side bathroom cubicle, leaving the rear for the main sleeping area and its north-south bed. The overall décor is dominated by faux timber look cabinetry, mostly because the bathroom dominates the middle of the motorhome, but it also neatly splits the living and bedroom

Decor is Euro-modern and tastefully done, but not outlandish. Headroom is excellent while seating is provided for five: Four facing forwards and one backwards (by the entry door). Unusual…

38 | Tested

areas. Natural light levels are quite good and aided by the multiple light fittings both semi-concealed and recessed. There’s no doubt LED lighting has been a boon for the RV market…

Sliding into Bed


perated by a switch by the kerbside bedroom window, the rear slide-out moves very smoothly. It’s actually a dual operation because as the slide-out extends the mattress lowers into position. I’d have to say it’s not the quickest slide-out I have come across, but it’s certainly the smoothest. Many a slideout is noisy, emits scraping sounds and makes you wonder if it’s going to actually get into position or close properly, but not

Top: The island main bed is approximately queen sized and easy to access with the slide-out extended. Note asymmetric shelf and wardrobe arrangement on the sides. Right: A full-width awning provides extra weather protection for the slide-out.

Tested | 39

this one. Overall it’s a very slick and confident operation. Of course you have to make the 1.92 m x 1.5 m (6’ 4” x 4’ 11”) bed up, but there are ways and means to speed up that process. Did I hear our esteemed publisher mention the name Duvalay? A little differently from the norm, the bedside cabinetry is asymmetrical. The street-side occupant gets a good set of shelves while the other person has both a wardrobe and a smaller set of shelves. Another little side benefit of this design is that when the slide-out is fully extended, the pillow end of the bed base can be moved up and down, thus forming a comfortable back rest for day use. I must admit the bedroom does have a slightly closed-in Small side windows and the recessed bed head make the bedroom feel a bit closed-in, although a big skylight helps. We’re not sure about the LED-fringed ‘Infinity Light’ above the bed, which seems a bit gimmicky and out of character with the rest of the decor.

40 | Tested feeling about it, but it’s a set-up that works well and much better than a similar arrangement from another manufacturer that I looked over earlier this year. There are of course two more beds in the Coral; one being 1.96 m x 1.36 m (6’ 5” x 4’ 6”) above the cab and the other a large single 2.1 m x 0.74 m (6’11” x 2’ 5”) formed by a bit of fiddling with the front seating. I say fiddling, but it’s a typical Euro setup: More than one function for everything.



lthough this is a five berth motorhome, the kitchen bench is much the same size as for two people. It does come fitted with the expected items like a threeburner hob, stainless steel sink and an grill/oven below bench top level. To create a bit of bench top space, Adria has fitted it’s neat L-shaped hob/sink combo that is simple but clever. Between the kitchen bench and bedroom is the generous 185-litre 3-way fridge, while the eagle eyed might notice a blank space above where the microwave oven should be! There aren’t any cupboards in the kitchen bench, just drawers and compartmented shelves by the entry door. One of the drawers actually isn’t one, it’s where all the gas valves are to be found.

Euro-typical limited kitchen bench space is offset to a degree by the clever combination three-burner hob and sink unit. Kitchen storage is good, as is the provision of an oven and grill for those serious about cooking.

Tested | 41

Lounging, Dining and Travelling


p front the lounge/dining area has all the expected items like swivelling cab seats, a street-side forward-facing rear seat and a sideways-facing kerb-side seat, all in matching upholstery. However, there’s something a bit odd about it, which I’ll get to in a moment. A good sized table on an everywhich-way mount sits in front of the forwardfacing seat. I did a bit of moving around and figured the table was good for four adults, but five would only really suit a family with smaller persons.

The lift-up over-cab bed provides good headroom above the swivelled cab seats, while the table is a good size for four, but not five. Given a fifth occupant would likely be a child, they could probably dine ‘a-la-lap’ without difficulty.

42 | Tested

The observant might note that although the motorhome is rated to transport five people, there doesn’t appear to be a fifth seat. It’s there, however, in the sideways-facing lounge, but not facing sideways! Part of the split seat base has to be removed and an A-frame installed, along with a seat back and head rest (stored in a cupboard) and hey presto – you get a rear facing belted seat. Okay, so it’s rear facing, but the military seem to like them for safety reasons, so why not? Again, more Euro trickery with space and using something for more than one function!



uriously there isn’t much trickery in the bathroom, like swing walls or pop-out toilets, but it has all the required features including cupboards, cassette toilet, vanity cabinet, wash basin and a separate shower cubicle.

Outside the bathroom, the wardrobe area does have some hanging space but it’s not really family sized, so there’s no taking the dinner suit along just in case. The electrical connections for a TV are to be found there, presumably for one mounted on the outside of the wardrobe cabinet.



hilst there’s no pretence at being a vehicle that can stay off the grid for days on end, it does have the basics like a 100 AH deep-cycle house battery, a 3-way fridge and 150 litres of fresh water. Solar panels are an option and one I reckon I’d be ticking. When the convertible fifth seat isn’t being used for passenger carrying it resumes its usual role as an inwards-facing lounge for two. It’s this level of innovative thinking and quest for multi-functionality to maximise space efficiency where European motorhome designers excel.

Tested | 43

What I think


noted in my intro that I think Apollo is being a bit coy with Adria motorhomes, but I reckon they have no reason to be so. Yes, the Coral XL 660 SCS does have a distinct Euro feel about it, which is hardly surprising and in many eyes a good thing, but it’s also a five berth set-up that can easily be used by a couple without any trouble. Certainly the slide-out gives an island bed that does still require a bit of making up, but is considerably easier than the more normal rear club lounge that is often found in multi-bed motorhomes. Above all that, we have one up on the Brits, who still get the entry door on the ‘wrong side’ in their Adria motorhomes!

The substantial bathroom isn’t pretty, but is relatively spacious and includes a separate shower cubicle plus all the expected fittings. It also comes with a window for natural light and increased ventilation.

44 | Tested

Specs GENERAL Make



Coral XL 660 SCS





Approved Seating




VEHICLE Make/Model

Fiat Ducato Multijet 180


2.3 L 4-cylinder turbo-diesel


130 kW @ 3500 rpm


400 Nm @ 1500 rpm


6 speed automated manual transmission


ABS, ESP, EBD, Traction Plus, rear Air Suspension

Fuel tank

90 L

WEIGHTS Tare Weight

3490 kg

Gross Vehicle Mass

4400 kg

Max Payload

910 kg

Braked Towing Capacity

1500 kg

DIMENSIONS Overall Length

7.48 m (24' 6.5")

Overall Width

2.37 m (7' 9")

Overall Height

3.13 m (10' 3")

Internal Height

2.04 m (6' 8")

Main Bed

1.92 m x 1.5 m (6' 4" x 4' 11")

Luton Bed

2.1 m x 1.4 m (6' 11� x 4' 6")

Dinette Bed L Shape

2.1m x 1.3 m (6' 11" x 4' 5")

Tested | 45

Specs EQUIPMENT Slide-Out

1 (rear wall)


Thule Omnistor

Entry Steps



Thetford 3 burner & Duplex grill/oven




Stainless Steel


185 L 3-way Thetford N3185


Camec 25 L


12 V LED

12 V Sockets/USB Outlets


Air Conditioner

Truma Aventa

Space Heater


Hot Water System

Truma gas/electric


Thetford cassette


Separate cubicle


1 x 100AH




2 x 4.5 kg

Fresh Water

150 L

Grey Water

75 L

Hot Water

14 L


17 L



As Tested


Warranty - Vehicle

5 years

Warranty - Motorhome

2 years plus 7 years water ingress

Pros… • Rear slide-out design and function • Multi function front lounge/ dining area • Payload • Easily accessible rear storage • Overall lighting

CONs… • Screw/bolt hole plastic plug covers a bit too obvious in some places • Setting up 5th seat a bit fiddly • Don’t know about the ‘infinity light’ above the main bed • Small kitchen • Solar optional

Imported By: Click for Apollo Caravan Google Maps & RV Sales 698 Nudgee Road, Northgate, Qld. 4013 E: sales@apollorvsales.com.au W: www.apollorvsales.com.au

Test Vehicle Courtesy Of: Sydney RV Group – Click for Google Maps Penrith Super Centre 9-20 Lemko Place, Penrith, NSW. 2750. T: (02) 4722 3444 E: info@sydneyrv.com.au W: www.sydneyrvgroup.com.au

46 | Tested

“I reckon Apollo is being a bit coy with Adria motorhomes, but have no reason to be so.�

Hitting the great outdoors this year? Book a check-up appointment at motorhomedoctor.com.au All makes all models

48 | Tested: Auto-Sleepers Broadway FB

ON BROADWAY! Auto-Sleepers’ Broadway is worth a bit of a song and dance… By Malcolm Street

Tested | 49

Auto-Sleepers is an upmarket British manufacturer that produces quality motorhomes for well-healed buyers. The Broadway is based on Fiat’s Ducato and features the sleek low-profile associated with B-class (no over-cab bed) motorhomes.


uto-Sleepers motorhomes are a bit new to this fine magazine, but certainly not to the New Zealand market, where they have been around for quite some years. Several years ago TrailLite took over the importation rights and now have them available from both their Auckland and Christchurch depots. In case you’re wondering, the Broadway name does not come from the theatre district in New York. Instead, like many of the Auto-Sleepers range, they are named after towns in the Cotswolds area in Britain, which is where AutoSleepers are manufactured. The fact that the motorhomes are manufactured in Britain also gets around the little problem that some people have with the entry door being on the ‘wrong’ side….

Shaping up Nicely


he Broadway FB is quite a streamlined looking motorhome. It sits fairly low to the ground and like many of its contemporaries has a moulded fibreglass/ composite fibreglass body structure. Something that adds to the overall look is the Thule Omnistor awning. It has a curved shape and sits on the roof rather than on the side and consequently doesn’t look like an add-on as many awnings do. Adding to the stylish look is the big skyview hatch above the cab. There are but two external bins, not including the one for the gas cylinders, and both are on the kerb-side, with the rear one giving access to the under-bed area inside. So there is storage space, but it’s not excessive.

50 | Tested

Powering Along


quick look at AutoSleepers UK website reveals that Peugeot Boxers are used for motive power in the UK, with the Fiat Ducato being an option. However, in NZ we just get the Fiat Ducato Multijet 150. It’s for two reasons mostly: the Peugeot does not come with an automatic gearbox and in NZ, Fiats, given their relative numbers, are easier to get parts and service for.

External detail finish is good, although storage is limited. Potential buyers need to check storage capacity carefully to ensure it suits their needs. Note the high mounted awning, which sits snugly against the curve of the roofline.

That’s not a hardship unless you’re a Peugeot lover because the Fiat Ducato is a well known product, tried and trusted as a motorhome chassis. In this case you get the lower rated 2.3-litre

Tested | 51

110 kW/380 Nm turbo diesel, which still pushes the motorhome along very nicely. Because the gross vehicle mass (GVM) is rated at 3500 kg to keep it within the WOF limits and the tare mass is 3112 kg, the load capacity of 388 kg isn’t brilliant. However, when reading the fine print the tare mass includes both a driver (75 kg) and about 65 litres of fuel, so there’s a bit of give there. In the driver’s seat most things look Ducato but the speedo does require a second look: Its larger figures are in miles per hour and the kph figures run in odd numbers rather than even (hardly ideal – Ed).



art of the model name includes the initials FB. That’s a reference to the French Bed layout, which means a bed tucked into a corner and in this case it’s the rear kerbside. That leaves space on the opposite side to fit a fully kitted-out bathroom. Up front the swivelled cab seats and two sideways-facing lounges form the dining/seating area, leaving

Auto-Sleepers has managed to avoid endowing the Broadway FB with a big ‘you-know-what’ by carefully sculpting the rear body mouldings.

52 | Tested

the mid area for the kitchen plus a wardrobe fitted up against the bathroom wall. Overall the Broadway interior is very light, an effect created by a generous window area and four large roof hatches. It’s not a major item, but naturally all the power points had to be changed for NZ use. Some companies just change to presumably whatever is the cheapest, but in this case an effort has been made here to provide something that better suits the decor and also provides double outlets, which are more expensive.



here aren’t any real surprises in the Broadway’s kitchen bench layout. It has all the essentials: a stainless steel sink, Thetford four-burner hob/grill & oven, plus a hinged bench extension at the forward end. Also aiding bench space is the sink, which has a detachable drainer and a neat little rack

Top: Come meal time you have the choice of a small, polemounted table between the front seats or a large freestanding unit that stores away in its own cupboard. Above: The mid-positioned kitchen is small but has good storage.

Tested | 53

that attaches to the glass top when it’s open. General storage comes in twos – cupboards, drawers and overhead lockers! Plate and cup racks, along with glass holders, are handily fitted into the overhead lockers. There are another two cupboards built into the fridge/microwave cabinet on the opposite side. This unit also contains a freestanding table for use either between the sideways lounge seats or outside.

A Bed or Two


easuring 1.9 m x 1.0-0.9 m (6’ 3” x 3’ 3”-2’ 11”) the corner bed isn’t everybody’s choice but its length is better than some I have come across. Ventilation is assured by both a side window and roof hatch. Two overhead lockers provide storage and a mounting point for the reading lights. The benefit of the corner bed is that it leaves space elsewhere, but if a second bed is needed then the front seats can be made up into a bed measuring 2.09 m x 1.22 m (6’ 10” x 4’).

Top: Kitchen bench space is limited and so the flip-up extension will surely prove invaluable. Above: Corner beds aren’t everyone’s cup of tea, but at least this one has good storage, lighting and ventilation.

54 | Tested

Like corner beds, corner bathrooms are a bit if a compromise. The good news is this one has a separate shower and it’s well fitted out.

Lifting the slatted rear bed base gives access to storage, although about half the space is occupied by the Truma Combi water/space heater, but the rest doubles for both internal and external use. I’m thinking that for wet hoses, a plastic bin would be a very useful item.

In the Corner


y its very nature a corner bathroom with an angle entry is going to be a bit squeezy, but there’s space enough for

Tested | 55

a separate shower cubicle, Thetford cassette toilet and a small vanity sink. Although it’s not going to make too much difference to actual space, the opening window does improve perceived space. Also handy is the roller shutter on the cupboard rather than a hinged door.

Up Front


side benefit of the mid-positioned entry door is it gives the impression of a very large and stylish lounge area, where four people can sit comfortably in the swivelled seats and on the long lounges. There’s a choice of Top: With the cab seats swivelled the Broadway provides plenty of living and entertaining space, while natural light and ventilation are excellent. Right: Back in the bathroom; the vanity has a sensible roller-style door to maximise space efficiency and eliminate door intrusion.

56 | Tested tables – a small one pole mounted between the cab seats or a larger free-standing one stored in its own cupboard when not required. In addition to the overhead lockers that line both sides, there are small compartments fitted into the bulkhead above both cab seats. TV watchers are quite well catered for, given the lounge arrangement, as the flat screen TV is mounted on the fridge cabinet and can be seen easily from most seats.



he base of the driver’s-side seat seems to be the electrical centre. In addition to the main 240V/12V circuit breaker and fuse panel there are also two single power points and 5V USB outlet. It’s a slightly odd location given there are likely to be power leads trailing on the floor. Also, the switchboard is right on floor level, making it a bit awkward to look at. A pair of 100 AH deep-cycle house batteries supply the 12 V power load and in addition to a mains charger there is also an 80 W roofmounted solar panel. Anyone considering grid free travel might like to think about a second panel.

What I think


uto-Sleepers motorhomes really aren’t aimed at the budget market and that’s certainly my impression of this motorhome. Just about all the design features and appliances seem to have a touch of class about them, as does the overall look of the Broadway FB. It has quite a spacious interior and although it has a rear corner bed, the front lounge/dining area is clearly designed for relaxing and entertaining in comfort. Top: The entry door is a standard Euro unit complete with rubbish bin, while there is a non-security sliding insect screen door built into the door frame. Above: The all-in-one Truma Combi hot water and room heater runs on power and/or LPG. Ducting carries warm air to all required parts of the interior, ensuring comfortable living in cooler weather.

Tested | 57

58 | Tested

Specs GENERAL Model






Approved Seating






VEHICLE Make/Model

Fiat Ducato Multijet 150


2.3 L 4-cylinder turbo-diesel


110 kW @ 3600 rpm


380 Nm @ 1500 rpm


6 speed AMT


ESP, ABS, Hill Holder, Dual Air Bags

Fuel tank

90 L

WEIGHTS Tare Weight

3112 kg

Gross Vehicle Mass

3500 kg

Max Payload

388 kg

Braked Towing Capacity

1500 kg (estimated)

DIMENSIONS Overall Length

7.16 m (23' 6")

Overall Width

2.24 m (7' 4")

Overall Height

2.90 m (9' 6")

Internal Height

1.95 m (6' 5")

Main Bed

1.9 m x 1.1 m - 0.9 m (6' 3" x 3' 3" - 2’ 11”)

Dinette Bed

2.9 m x 1.22 m (6' 10" x 4')

Tested | 59

Specs EQUIPMENT Slide-Out



Thule Omnistor

Entry Steps



Thetford Caprice 4 burner, grill & oven




Stainless steel with plastic drainer


149 L 3-way Thetford N3150




12 V LED

12 V Sockets/USB Outlets

Cab plus one in rear

Air Conditioner


Space Heater

Truma Combi 4E LPG/Electric

Hot Water System

Truma Combi 4E LPG/Electrci


Thetford cassette


Separate cubicle


2 x 100 AH


1 x 80 W


2 x 4.5 kg

Fresh Water

125 L

Grey Water

71 L

Hot Water

10 L


17 L


NZ $155,000.00

Warranty – Vehicle

3 years

Warranty – Body

2 years

Warranty - Appliances

1 year

Pros… • • • •

Front lounge layout Light and bright interior Decent sized fridge Good looking motorhome body • Kitchen bench extension • Electrical switchboard

CONs… • A slight oddity is that it’s a four berth motorhome with only two driving seats • Limited external storage • Low ground clearance • Speedo markings


Click for Google Maps

North Island TrailLite 77 Paerata Rd, Pukekohe, Auckland. 2120 T: 0800 872 455 W: www.traillite.co.nz

South Island TrailLite 61 Hayton Rd, Wigram. ChCh. 8042 T: 0800 872 455 W: www.traillite.co.nz

Click for Google Maps

60 | Project Polly

A Power of Good?

Rust never sleeps, they say, so it’s time to put it to bed…

Project Polly | 61

Polly is now undergoing rust removal surgery at our local panel shop. The windscreen crack, which you can just make out in the middle pic below, has rapidly expanded, while the driver’s cup holder conveniently catches some of the rain leaking in. I wonder if Ford designed it that way?


ollowing our October reader weekend and runs to and from Brisbane to have the rear section of the roof refurbished, Polly has, once again, been sleeping on the driveway. But while she has slumbered the rust around her windscreen has worked 24/7 to have its evil way, and so as I write Polly is under sedation at Power Smash repairs in Mittagong, undergoing open-cab surgery. The cracked windscreen is being replaced and while it’s out the rust around the windscreen – cause of a steady leak above the steering wheel in even mild rain – is being ‘remedied’. It’s a job that also entails repainting the top half of the cab and we’ll lose the iMotorhome sticker for now, but when complete should make ‘the old girl’ (don’t tell her I said that!) good as new. More or less…

But Wait There’s More


any months ago I bought a pair of aftermarket headlight units, because Polly’s lights have suffered from nearly eight years ultraviolet exposure and the pitting effects of nearly 300,000 kilometres of travel. The plan is to have them installed at the same time, but the smash repairer reckons they won’t

fit properly and will look like rubbish. I love an optimist. We’ll see (and if all goes well, Polly will see – and much better – too). Watch this space next issue…

62 | Technical

Current TrEnds

Electric vehicles are the future if the Tokyo Motor Show is any indication, reports technical guru Allan Whiting of Outback Travel Australia

Technical | 63


f you didn’t feature something with electric drive at the 2017 Tokyo Motor Show you just didn’t rate. While there weren’t any electric campervans or motorhomes on display, overall, battery-based powertrains seem to be the way of the future. The Japanese event was held against a backdrop of recent global government policies that endorse electrified vehicles. The most influential of these pronouncements is the Chinese Government’s imminent release of a timetable to end the, “Production and sales of traditional-energy vehicles”. China is the world’s largest car market, accounting for around one third of global car sales. The Chinese have followed the Netherlands, Norway, India, France and Great Britain in implementing policies to phase out the sale of new passenger vehicles that rely solely on internal combustion engines. Presumably, these countries will have to accept some degree of heat-engine participation, in the form of hybrid powertrains and rangeextenders for battery electric vehicles, unless there’s a radical battery breakthrough that

allows for three-minute charging and an easy 600-plus km range in the near future. Electrification was obvious on nearly every vehicle-maker’s stand and powertrain exhibit. Here’s a look at some of the highlights, with or without an RV bent:



his Daimler-owned Japanese brand has been re-inventing itself since its 2004 acquisition by the world’s largest truck maker and is now the leading electrification brand in the truck world. Fuso launched the world’s first seriesproduction battery-electric truck in Tokyo, presenting the eCanter light truck model. This vehicle will be sold in relatively small numbers in Europe and the USA during 2018 and a 2.0 edition is expected in 2019. The 2018 model uses an in-line electric motor, driving through a standard Canter live rear axle, but the 2020 edition should feature an across-axle motor and transmission unit, reducing weight and increasing efficiency. It featured six lithium-ion battery packs and had a range of only 100-150 km at launch.

64 | Technical to see the oddly named ‘I D Buzz’ electric battery van on display in Tokyo. This twinmotor battery electric vehicle (BEV) is a zeropollution machine, in strong contrast to VW’s law-breaking diesel passenger cars. The ID Buzz is a Kombiesque retro-styled eightseater that made its global debut at the 2017 New York Motor Show and is scheduled for series production in 2022. It has electric motor outputs of up to 280 kW and a claimed driving range of 600km, and so has real potential as a camper conversion (if anyone is game enough to drill into it with all those amps flowing). I was given a brief drive of a loaded eCanter and can assure you it lacked nothing in performance: easily out-accelerating a standard diesel-powered model. Performance was delivered in almost complete silence. Engine braking was powerful, actuated by engaging a regenerative program that not only slowed the vehicle but put some amps back into the battery pack. I eagerly await a twinmotor, 4WD version!



olkswagen has been pulling out all the stops in the last year to repair its damaged image, so it was no surprise



he Serena e-Power 4WD people mover is Nissan’s second model to feature e-Power technology that was introduced in November 2016. The electric drive system borrows from the technology in the Nissan Leaf, the world’s best-selling electric vehicle, but e-Power also includes a small gasoline engine that charges the battery, eliminating the need for an external charger. The latest iteration of ProPilot, Nissan’s single-lane autonomous driving technology for highway use, will also be available in the

Technical | 65 Serena e-Power, when it goes into production in mid-2018. We don’t know the outputs yet, but Nissan’s electric-motor range currently runs to 160 kW and 350 Nm, so up to 320 kW and 700 Nm from twin motors is possible.

A hint of future electrification of this market came in the form of the DN ProCargo concept vehicle, with a low, flat floor and 1.6-metre headroom throughout. I wonder if it could appear as a tiny Japanese campervan?



Another Nissan release at the Tokyo Show was the e-NV200 all-electric, BEV van. The front wheel drive show vehicle was fitted with an integrated fridge body: cooled by a refrigeration unit with its own lithium-ion battery pack. Could it be another camper-conversion contender? Time will tell…

uzuki previewed its XBEE range of small SUVs, powered by 1.0-litre turbo petrol engines with mild hybrid electrification. The company also showed two Spacia mini-van concept vehicles that looked production-ready.


he global market leader had several wayout concept vehicles on display, but the most practical was the cubist TJ Cruiser SUV. This wagon looked almost productionready and may be powered by a two-litre petrolhybrid powertrain. Toyota is backing fuel cell technology and displayed the FCV SORA city bus and JPN taxi that are expected to be in production before the Tokyo Olympic Games in 2020. Toyota Body displayed an interesting


his Toyota subsidiary has for a long time concentrated on compact vehicles: particularly Japan’s domestic and taxencouraged sub-700 cc minivan and minipeople-mover market. The Tokyo Show release was the DN U-Space van, with three-cylinder 660 cc petrol power and sliding doors on both sides.



66 | Technical LCV van and people mover concept, featuring teardrop side windows and dual sliding doors and it certainly has campervan potential.

Electrification Component Makers There was a raft of suppliers ready to provide auto makers with electric bits and pieces. Continental The Europe-based conglomerate showed off its latest electric transaxle assembly, combining motor and reduction gearing in a chassis-mounted module, with half-shafts to the wheels. Interestingly, this display included brake discs mounted to the wheel rims, not the hubs. Mahle Best known for its piston business the German maker introduced a 48-volt mild-hybrid package, with twin motors. The integrated unit is a plug and play design, with 40-60 kW and 80-160 Nm outputs. Bosch Bosch displayed a schematic chassis with integrated electric motor and reduction gearing, driving to half shafts. Schaeffler The components-manufacturing giant displayed an electric motor that demonstrated clearly the simplicity and weight-saving potential of electric propulsion. The electric motor was a permanent-magnet, synchronous motor from a Formula E racing car. The specifications were most impressive: 500-700V DC input producing 220 kW and 440 Nm, but from a weight of only 27.5 kilograms. NTN This Japanese supplier displayed a number of electric drive components, including production-ready motor-in-wheel units, a prototype compact example and a chassis-

Technical | 67 mounted motor and transmission for the rear wheel drive function on SUVs. NSK NSK is a local (Japanese) supplier that displayed a production motor-in-wheel assembly and a way-out Flex Corner Module concept. This active display showed that the wishbones and steering arms were telescopic and able to vary steering arcs, track width, toe-in and toe-out and camber. Jatco A specialist transmission maker, Jatco released its CVT8 model at the Show. This new continuously variable transmission combines the seamless gear reduction of a CVT with hybrid electric integration.

Nuts ’n’ Bolts The mechanical side of the auto business continues to innovate, because even with electrification there’s still a need for reduction gearing, constant velocity joints, bearings and brakes. NTN The company’s latest development on display was a new, low-vibration CV joint that boasted a 30-degree operating angle and with a claimed reduction of 50-percent in shudder value. This has been achieved by employing a tripod design. Akebono A name best known for prowess in the Sumo world is also one of Japan’s best known brake manufacturers. Concerned with the considerable amount of dust emissions from conventional friction brakes, this company is developing alternatives. On display was a prototype magnetorheological fluid brake that used electrical current to alter the viscosity of internal fluid, to create a braking effect inside a sealed hub housing.

68 | Travel

Tasting New Zealand

The inaugural iMotorhome tour of NZ was a feast, for all the senses‌

Travel | 69

to a faul t an d e qu es ur ct Pi a. n va ir to mot or hom ing N go od New Zea la nd is cl os e ort travel di st an ce s, sh s it e; in w d an od la ss fo to m ak e it th e ne bu rs ti ng w it h wor ld-c bi m co es it ps m ca rava n pa rk s an d ro ad s an d exce lle n t ca e wor ld . Arg ua bl y… th in n io at in st de g be st mot or hom in ur of New Zea la nd to e m ho or ot m ed rt home es co Th e in augu ra l iMot or hicle m in i-fle et ve x si r ou r be em ov N From 6-19 was a great succ es s. ho ut m isha p an d it ’s it w ch ur ch st ri Ch to A uc kl an d wou nd it s way from sm al l pa rt to a no in ue (d e m ti od go had a ve ry fa ir to say ever yo ne rs !). fine grou p of travel le e did, al th ough w t ha w d an t en w e at w he re w He re’s a pict or ia l lo ok ire yo u to jo in us sp in ill w it s ap rh Pe e su rf ac e. it ba re ly sc ratche s th … Ta ste of New Zea la nd n ow ry ve ur yo r fo West Tamaki H ne xt ti me Auckland

Many fine din

ing experienc

es were includ

Auckland sightseeing by private minibuses.

Auckland CBD, Harbour and Bridge, from the Sky Tower restaurant.


Distant CBD skyline view.


70 | Travel

lous job of the Fernando did a fabu rental paperwork.

A traditional Maori hangi feast was the reward a t the end of th e the first driving day.


Authentic dance plus explanations and demonstrations of culture gave all of us a new understanding of and appreciation for Maori culture.

Day 2

Day 3

Travel | 71

A wet start in Rotorua didn’t deter us...

Many ros es in Roto rua’s bea Governm utiful ent Gard ens! cht cruise on

r private ya All aboard ou lake Taupo!

its Pohutu Geyser at Te Puia is the largest of type in the Southern Hemisphere.

Traditional carving is

a 3 year course...

72 | Travel

Excellent RV parks, like this one in Taupo, were the norm.

r on a private Art We explored Napie king tour... Deco-themed wal

Day 4

Finishing Day 4 with fine din ing at historic Estate Winery Mission , birthplace of NZ’s wine ind ustry!

Travel | 73

Before our nightim e Park walk, dinner of NZ lamb was served. What else?

Tour fall guy Baz was volunteered to give the eels their dinner!

We overnighte d inside the P ukaha Mt Bruce Nati onal Wildlife C entre.

Day 5

Star of our stay was Manukura, the world’s only white kiwi in captivity. Not albino, her colouring is a genetic mutation...

74 | Travel

t pie!

Homemade lamb cutle

a vies runs a -D r e s a r the Colin F ailway at r l e d o m huge ctory! cheese fa

Biddy Fraser-Dav ies makes internat ional award winning farm house cheese at he r four-cow dairy!

Fresh produce and quality eateries abound

Day 6

across NZ.

Day 7

Travel | 75

Waiting to board the Interislander ferry at Wellington.

Botanic Gardens rose inal

m the cable car term Wellington, viewed fro s. at the Botanic Garden

Old St Paul’s Church

, Wellington.

garden. Beautiful...

76 | Travel


o Time for p


in the g nch chess

A fabulous long lunch at Allan Scott Wines in Blenheim...

Just another superb meal...

Day 8

NZ’s coastline is relentlessly beautiful

Travel | 77

Set for takeoff at the Omaka Aviation Heritage Centre, Blenheim...

raft are Museum displays of WWI and II airc breathtaking.

Restaurant fo

od was world


A WWII Avro Anson in flying condition – the only of of its type in the world. One of our ‘flock’ almost looking lost amongst the vines at Brancott Estate Wines.

Day 9

Day 10

78 | Travel

Happy hour at Carters Beach on the West Coast...

Inside th

e Coal To

wn Muse

um, Westp

picnic Picturesque roadside spots abound...


Photo opp


Jan leaving graffiti on

Carters Beach!


Travel | 79

mouth for a

e trucks in Grey One of many old hous weekend festival.

Mrs iM on


e Rocks.

t Pancak walkway a


n backpac a m r e G A te! r Concentra g after ou in ll u p r e e b practices ur. Brewery to ’s h it te n o M

Upon reflectio n this is one w ay to chat to fello w travellers!

Brewery fush and chups. Yum!

Day 11

Day 12

80 | Travel

-up business ious group dress


at Shantytown.

Kevin and Sharee look like they’ve struck gold!

t fo

How’s tha


g of sco r a servin

Andrew found a rem

inder of home...

Travel | 81


dress-up busi Not so serious group at Shantytown!


r ’s Pass.

ear Arthu ineering n


Is there no privacy???


Shantytown’s steam engine is over a hundred years old but still works every day, so what are you complainin g about?

82 | Travel On my mind

Final night campsite, Klondyk Corner.

Roadside scenery is spectacular.

p photo, Final grou rch. Christchu


Teardrop caravan coffee shop, next year this will be a proper roadside cafe. Hopefully...

r well dinne e r fa r u O t. Cheers! restauran m a tr e th d aboar

Day 13

On myTravel mind | 83

Last day cramming included a cable car ride, punting on the of Avon River and a tour cal Christchurch Botani g Gardens before flyin home for a rest!

Day 14

84 | Travel

Ringing My Bell In Maryborough! How fresh fruit and veg led to an amazing experience‌ by The Happy Wanderer

Travel | 85


t was Thursday Market Morning in Maryborough, Queensland. I had just placed my fresh produce purchases in my parked motorhome and was about to wander back through the stalls on both sides of historic and charming Adelaide Street, in the centre of town. I had been partially aware of church bells ringing in the background while shopping and now that I was free I could hear the bells more clearly, but was amazed at the tune I thought I could hear. Was I really listening to Puff, the Magic Dragon being rung out across the rooftops of Maryborough from the grand church bell tower? I walked around to the front of St Paul’s Anglican Church to investigate and found the front door of the bell tower open. When I entered, a very friendly person by the name of Ruth invited me to climb the stairs to watch the bell ringers in action. The stairs were not for the faint-hearted, but I was rewarded by a unique experience upon reaching the first floor: Four volunteer bell ringers were standing at their places in front of music stands, with simple notes written on the pages, in terms of 1, 1, 3, 4, 2, 2 or similar. I watched as bell ringer number one pulled twice on a thick rope that extended up into the high tower, then bell ringer number three tugged her rope, followed by bell ringer number four – you get the picture. The tune looked nothing like this sequence of numbers, but I cannot remember the actual sequence. I was surprised at how simply the tunes had been transcribed and how recognisable they were when played by the bells. The first tune played for me was a typically churchy tune that I did not know, but then Ruth stunned me by suggesting I join the four ringers by replacing her as number five. She surprised me even more when she suggested ringing out the tune Born Free! There is a knack to the ringing, of course. You can’t tug too soon or too late, or else the flow of the music will be disjointed. I had a few near misses, but was patiently forgiven. As soon as

the tune was finished and the group packed up for the morning, I rushed downstairs to tell my friends who were sipping coffee at a cafe in the market. They had heard the songs being played by the bells, but had no idea I was involved. What a wonderful experience – for two reasons. Firstly, it is indicative of the sort of unexpected gems that present themselves when touring around in our motorhomes and we go exploring on shanks’ pony. Secondly, Ruth could not have chosen a more apt song for this free-camping motorhomer. Here are the words:-

86 | Travel Born free, as free as the wind blows, As free as the grass grows, Born free to follow your heart. Live free, and beauty surrounds you, The world still astounds you, Each time you look at a star. Stay free, where no walls divide you, You’re free as the roaring tide, So there’s no need to hide. Born free, and life is worth living, But only worth living, ‘Cause you’re born free. How good is that? I asked Ruth, the Tower Captain, about the history of the bells and she gave me an impressive brochure. The church bell tower and bells were dedicated in 1888. They form part of the grounds and buildings of St Paul’s Anglican Church, situated at the corner of Ellena and Lennox Streets, right in the centre of Maryborough’s attractive CBD. Each of the bells has a name. A poster on the wall states that visits can be made to the tower, and lessons given for potential bell ringers, during the school holidays, which is when my visit occurred. The cost for an hour’s session is only $5. Visitors need to ring Ruth on 0407 687 830 to make a booking for a guided tour and to see the bells, whether during the school holidays or another time. Pull the other one! Learning to play the bells is straightforward, but timing is everything and getting to know the feel of each bell and its cord action only comes with experience.

It is unusual experiences such as this that make travelling around Australia so rewarding. I hope my accidental bell-ringing will influence others to call in to St Paul’s so they can also enjoy ringing out Born Free, Puff the Magic Dragon or whatever songs Ruth has up her sleeve!

Travel | 87

88 | Travel Events: 32nd Illawarra Folk Festival


RV Friendly Towns T

he RV Friendly program is a Campervan and Motorhome Club of Australia Limited (CMCA) initiative aimed at assisting RV travellers as they journey throughout this wonderful country. An RV Friendly Town™ (RVFT) is one that provides a certain number of amenities and a certain level of services for these travellers. When

RV tourists enter a town displaying the RVFT sign they know they will be welcome. Certain services will be provided for them that may not be available in other centres, and they will have access to a safe place to stay overnight and possibly for a longer period. This month’s featured RV Friendly Towns are:

Travel | 89

Heywood, Victoria


eHeywood is a small country town on the Fitzroy River, 352 kilometres south-west of Melbourne. The town was settled by Europeans in the mid-1800s; however, prior to this it was occupied by the Gunditjmara people. To the north and east is the Budj Bim National Heritage Landscape, containing possibly the World’s oldest and most extensive aquaculture and human settlement sites. On the last Saturday in February each year, Heywood comes to life with the Wood, Wine and Roses Festival. It showcases the arts and craft of the region, holding competitions for

best cut flowers, crafts, painting, woodwork, and photography. Gourmet food and wine stalls are provided, along with entertainment, parades, and rides. It is a fun-filled day for both visitors and locals of all ages. Short-term parking for visitors is available on Hunter Street East, providing suitable sites for up to 48 hour at no cost. A dump point, potable water, and bins are available on-site. For those travelling with their furry friends, pets are permitted within the site as long as they are on a secure lead.

Tourist/Visitor Information Centre

Portland Visitor Information Centre Lee Breakwater Rd, Portland VIC P: 03 5581 2070 www.visitportland.com.au/our-region/heywood/

Casual Parking (near retail centre)

Apex Park, Cameron St, Heywood

Short Term Parking

Hunter St East, Heywood, (48hrs), nil charge, bins, water, pets on lead

Dump Point

Hunter St East, Heywood (Lat Long: -38.1311, 141.6327) Hunter St East, Heywood

Potable Water

90 | Travel

Orange, NSW


he vibrant town of Orange is in the Central Tablelands of New South Wales, approximately 260 kilometres west of Sydney. The bustling CBD offers a variety of cafÊs, boutique shops, galleries, and restaurants, all sitting beside beautiful wide tree-lined streets. Orange is best known for its production of fine wine and gourmet food, and this is celebrated each year with the Orange F.O.O.D Week. Visitors can sample and purchase delicious locally grown produce from the Farmers’ Market, held on the second Saturday of each month between March and December,

Tourist/Visitor Information Centre

Casual Parking (near retail centre) Short Term Parking

Dump Point Potable Water

or visit one of the 50 wineries in the region. After all that eating and drinking, many head out to one of the nearby walking trails. Orange is surrounded by spectacular natural scenery, found in locations such as the Mount Canobolas State Conservation Area and Nangar National Park. Orange Showground offers short-term parking for RVs, for up to 24 hours at no cost. Potable water can be accessed at this location, and pets on leads are permitted. A dump point can be accessed at Total Park on Bathurst Road.

Orange Visitor Information Centre 151 Byng St, Orange NSW P: 1800 069 466 www.visitorange.com.au 163 Lords Place, Opp 70 McNamara St, Opp 250 Peisley St Orange Showground, cnr Phillip St & Leeds Pde, (24hrs), pets on lead, water, nil charge (must call into Colour City C/P for parking instructions at the showground). Total Park, behind Shell Service Station, Bathurst Rd, Orange (Lat Long: -33.2908, 149.1091) Orange Showground, Leeds Pde, Orange

Travel | 91

Snowtown, South Australia


nowtown lies 145 kilometres north of Adelaide, en route to Perth. It’s located between the Mt Lofty Ranges and the Barunga Ranges in the mid-north of South Australia and is east of a cleft in the Barunga Range know as Bumbunga Gap. Excess rainfall from these hills collects at Lake Bumbunga, which lies south of the township, while local vegetation is largely saltbush and other salttolerant flora.

which is attached to the Old Institute (1889) and St Canice’s Catholic Church. Snowtown Wind Farm is another point of interest. It is located upon a north-south trending ridge of the Mount Lofty Ranges and a display about it can be found in the centre of town. Snowtown offers parking at Centenary Park for up to 72 hours at no cost, while both a dump point and potable water are located on-site.

The Town’s main street, Fourth Street, is characterised by a number of historic buildings, notably the Snowtown Memorial Hall (1919)

Tourist/Visitor Information Centre

Snowtown Newsagency, 12 Fourth St, Snowtown SA Ph: 08 8865 2273

Casual Parking (near retail centre)

West side of Railway Terrace East.

Short & Long Term Parking

Centenary Park (camping area), North Terrace (72hr)

Dump Point

Centenary Park, North Terrace

Potable Water

Centenary Park, North Terrace

92 | Mobile Tech

Top 5 Christmas Apps: The 2017 Edition It’s app time of year again… By Emily Barker

Mobile Tech | 93


s the year draws to a close and the festive momentum builds there are a few more features we can add to our digital toolbox for 2017. From keeping the kids occupied to helping manage Christmas gift shopping, our smart devices can provide much-needed assistance, whether you’ve been naughty or nice. Check out this quick list of these top five Christmas apps for 2017 and take charge of your Christmas preparation (or simply enjoy a little digital festive cheer)!

#1 Christmas Countdown 2017 Size: 49.9 MB Cost: Free We all know it’s coming, but it’s still fun to have a visual reminder of just when the big day is! There are a multitude of Christmas count down apps available, but this one receives my literacy-loving vote as it brings with it a daily Christmas quote to help evoke that sometimes elusive festive spirit! Simply tap the pile of presents to reveal your daily inspiration. It also contains a few handy functions to spread the joy a little further and you can save particularly lovey quotes as a cute collection to review later or share via email. Receive daily countdown notifications at a time of your selection; view the countdown in hours, minutes and seconds and, somewhat importantly, turn the music on or off with a single tap! In its free version this app contains ads, but upgrade for a dollar and you’re good to go, interruption free!

94 | Mobile Tech #2 Christmas Photo Effects – ELF yourself Santa Booth Size: 76.2 MB Cost: Free with in-app purchases An app such as this has almost become a staple in our yearly Christmas digital buffet. While it should never replace the kindly hobbyistphotographer family member whose role it is to snap every (awkward) moment, it’s a fun way to increase the general cheer as you create and share special moments. Take an ordinary photo and add some Christmas enhancements though the use of festive overlay frames, stickers and filters. There’s a great range of typography text to choose from, while items are easily rotated and resized. This is a lovely app for the whole family and once you have created and decorated your pics you can share them via email or social media, or simply save them for the fun memories they are!

On my mind | 95 #3 Elf Yourself - By Office Depot Size: 142.8MB Cost: Free It’s back for another season and just like your all-time favourite TV show – it keeps getting better! Not only can you add extra elves to your troupe and insert a customised greeting, now you can now use augmented reality technology to dance in your very own home, office or location of choice (this will really get the kids buzzing!). Produced by the American company Office Depot, this app is popular throughout the world. For those unfamiliar with Elf yourself, it’s the opportunity to turn yourself, family and friends into lithe and agile Christmas elves who ‘bust a move’ to a variety of festive tunes. For some reason it just works, so if this doesn’t get you in the holiday spirt then possibly nothing will!

96 | Mobile Tech #4 Snap Santa Editor Booth Size: 26.4MB Cost: Free Produced by a small and independent team of game creators, this app is all about fun and imagination! Personally, I use it to ignite my children’s imaginations (okay, maybe with a little side of Christmas blackmail/behaviour encouragement). It also uses augmented reality technology to insert Santa wherever you’d like him to be – a little like Photoshop but without having to watch hours of YouTube tutorials. Take a snap of your house, garden, local café etc, select the Santa imagery you’d like from the various Santa ‘poses’, make sure the sizing is lifelike and then create! It’s simple, fun and a wonderful way to enhance the wonder of Christmas! #5 Christmas Planner - Gifts Manager & Shopping List Size: 20.5MB Cost: Free This is an app for those who like to be organised. It allows you to create lists to your heart’s content and track your gift buying and giving progress in real time, recording every detail along the way, should you choose. Note ideas, budgets and sales dates, mark wrapping status (seriously? – Mrs Ed) and save copies of receipts – you can even keep an archive of previous years gifts. This is the type of app I promise to use each year as it’s an ingenious way to plan and prepare for what is usually a chaotic time. Whether your priority is sticking to a budget or simply not forgetting anyone, think of this app as a helpful assistant nudging you towards festive order and ultimately keeping everyone happy! Finally, no matter how, where or with whom you choose to celebrate, might your stocking be filled with the priceless gifts of health, happiness, prosperity, and peace. See you next year!

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HAPPY NEW YEAR! When the Christmas turkey and pudding subside and you’ve cleaned up after the mess of New Year’s Eve you’ll need some lazy summer reading – and we have just the thing. Firstly, Allan Whiting brings his touring impressions of the latest generation Trakkaway 700, complete with video review. Next, Malcolm reports on the stylish Dethleffs Magic Edition, a compact Fiat Ducato-based A-class from Germany that’s all class. Only available in New Zealand at this stage it’s a

February 8-11



Newcastle Caravan, Camping & Holiday Expo Newcastle Entertainment Centre & Showground Brown Rd, Broadmeadow. NSW. 2292 • Open 9:00-5:00 daily (4:00 Sunday) • Parking: Free • Adults: $15 • Concession: $10 • Kids: U16 free • Visit Website

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glimpse of a style of motorhome gaining rapid popularity in Europe. Finally, Richard brings a pictorial smorgasbord from the 2017 RVIA National Trade Show in Louisville, Kentucky. Comprising 27 acres of indoor displays it’s a mind boggling industry-only event, so watch out for it. January’s issue will be out on Saturday the 6th. Until then we wish you a Mer-ry Christmas and Happy New Year! And why not join our Friends and more than 32,000 Facebook followers on Twitter , Pinterest and Instagram ? Facebook “f ” Logo


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Victorian Caravan, Camping & Touring Supershow Melbourne Showgrounds Epsom Rd, Ascot Vale. VIC. 3032 • Open 9:30-5:00 daily (8:00 Friday night, 4:00 Sunday) • Parking: $15 • Adults: $20 • Concession: $16 • Kids: U15 free

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March 16-18 24-26 16-18

Covi Motorhome Caravan & Outdoor Supershow ASB Showground 217 Green Lane. Auckland.1051. • • • • •

Open 9:00-5:00 daily Parking: $10 Day Pass: $16 Multi-Day Pass: $25.00 Kids: U16 free

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Know of a local or regional show coming up that attracts and promotes motorhomes, campervans and the great RV lifestyle in general? Drop us a line at info@imotorhome.com.au and we’ll happily promote it in this calendar.



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iMotorhome Australia & New Zealand Issue 120 - December 2017  

The only magazine exclusively for motorhomes and campervans in Australia & New Zealand!