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All Change…


he old adage about change being the only constant is certainly true. This month marks the end of another financial year and, it has been decided, our New Zealand magazine. Not that the magazine wasn’t paying its way or we didn’t enjoy the NZ motorhome scene; the decision is based on the reality of our small team’s limited time and resources. The good news is this doesn’t mark the end of our New Zealand coverage. From July we relaunch this magazine as a properly combined Australian and New Zealand issue, and your input on the new name is welcome. iMotorhome Australasia is technically correct, given Australasia officially encompasses Australia, New Zealand, New Guinea and some Pacific Islands (and actually has nothing to do with Asia). But does it sound too Asian? iMotorhome Australia and New Zealand is the obvious alternative, or do we just leave it as iMotorhome? Your thoughts and suggestions please! Our newfound time freedom will enable proper updating and development of the long-neglected iMotorhome website. We’ll still be bringing you our between-issue email, plus I’ll have time to regularly hit the road in Polly, our project motorhome (in case you’re a new reader). Speaking of Polly, she has been out of sight of these pages for some months now, but not out of our minds. A perfect storm of pre-Route 66 dual magazine work load, the tour itself, subsequent travel and general time constraints have worked against us, but that’s about to change. We used out time overseas to send Polly to reform school in Brisbane – aka Southern Spirit Campervans. There, Pia and Olli undertook some much-needed repairs and added a few extras. Now home and cooling her Firestones

on the driveway, she’s like a new motorhome. Well, almost. Importantly, Polly is set to go and at last will really start earning her keep. Mrs iM and I will also have time to finish off some DIY jobs and from next issue our regular Project Polly instalments will return. Watch out for them! Last weekend, Malcolm, Agnes and I were deep in our first editorial meeting for months. There was much to discuss and we sat at one end of our usual boardroom table – a shared bench in a suburban Sydney McDonalds. The place was abuzz with football mums, dads and kids jostling for treats and coffee, while outside, the carpark was overflowing. All of a sudden a stylish woman approached us. She said she loved the magazine and had seen Polly in the car park and had stopped to say hello! The three of us were surprised and delighted, but sadly in our hurried introductions and subsequent return to matters at hand, none can remember her name. To you Dianne/Annette/Insert name Here, we thank you for taking the time to stop and say hello. It means a lot and we’ll continue to do our best to bring you an interesting and engaging magazine as the new financial year unfolds. P.S. The planned Jayco and Minnie Winnie reviews for this issue have been put back by the unexpected release of new models from Horizon (reviewed this issue) and Avida (reviewed next issue).



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Go Further. Stay Longer We listened, and built a long range, multi-terrain, touring motorhome. The Habitat is loaded with freedom finding features including a long range fuel tank, an extensive power system, increased water capacity, massive storage, higher ground clearance and a thoughtful security system.

The Habitat has arrived


View All Units O nline 24/7

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We are New Dealers for AVan and Sunliner campervans & motorhomes. We are confident in both of these brands and have been trialed & tested in our rental fleet with great feedback from our customers. We also offer a range of pre-owned campervans & motorhomes in a wide range of makes and models.

Expert Advice: Our team are experienced in the RV and Automotive

industry and can assist you with friendly, expert advice. We are avid campers ourselves and passionate about what we do.

Peace of Mind: Complete Mechanical and Techician checks on all pre-owned units. All pre-owned units are sold with a Roadworthy and Warranty* for your peace of mind. All New Campervans & Motorhomes come with Factory Warranty on the chassis, as well as the home.

Comprehensive handovers: We ensure you know the ins and

out of your new pride and joy before you take off on your adventures. Our team will complete a comprehensive personal handover with you when you take delivery. We can also equip you with a starter pack if required.

Your journey starts with us! *T&C’s apply

CAMPERS | CARAVANS | MOTORHOMES | 4X4 & TOW VEHICLES 1A Watson St, Wodonga VIC 3690 Ph: 02 6024 4222 E: info@awrvworld.com.au

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WIN $50 FOR THE BEST LETTER! It’s only fitting that since Ed has his say in On My Mind, you should be able to have yours too. letters@imotorhome.com.au and we’ll If you have anything to say – or ask – just drop a line to share it with our readers. We’ll also reward the most interesting, useful or thoughtful letter each issue with $50 to help you on your way.

Comparison Tool


Perhaps the attached spreadsheet (click here) might interest you, if you’ve not used similar already? Not everyone is as analytical as me, but I developed a tool for helping me make a decision in relation to which motorhome to buy. The concept is very simple and flexible, but it’s pretty powerful too. It enables people to list out in any order a brain dump of the “essential” and the “desirable” features of the motorhome/ campervan they are looking for. “Essential” features in the spreadsheet attract a maximum of 10 points, “desirable” features attract a maximum of 5 points. Across the top, create column headings for each of the motorhomes you are considering and down the column “score” each against the features you believe are essential or desirable. Sum the scores for each potential motorhome, subtract the $ cost to drive it away and you have a score. Obviously, the highest score indicates the best fit for your requirements, including perceived value for money.

It also allows every member of the family to have a say, both in listing the features they value AND assigning a weighting to each feature. It also allows you to assign scores to the “head” v “heart” or any other personal feature you want to add into the mix. I’m accused of overthinking, but the plethora of choice out there can confuse and put you into a head spin – this methodology tries to sort things out a bit. Peter Beecroft.

Thanks Peter, this kind of analytical and practical approach might help many readers decide their first or next RV purchase. For your efforts and sharing it with us please accept this issue’s $50 prize. And please let me know what you eventually choose yourself!

On your mind | 11

Import Costs


trust all is well and you are back to normal after your epic “route 66’ adventure. You may remember we did have a discussion (by email from memory) on the cost comparison of buying an imported motorhome from the local importer compared with self import. I have been keen to do a broad brush costing exercise to see if it is financially worthwhile. That exercise is attached. Depending on a couple of variables it is in the area of $20,000 difference if my numbers are somewhere close to accurate. Rather than go to the UK market for FOB pricing I used the AT website “ex works” prices without VAT so there is a possible variable there. Depending on how one feels about not having a local company to rely on for warranty backup it could certainly, in my view, be a worthwhile proposition. Cheers, Gary Thanks for the costings and explanations Gary, all very interesting. For the ‘sake’ of around $20,000 (not a sum I have idly lying about), I wonder how much bother you’d have to endure and how many hoops you’d have to jump through, and would that still make it worthwhile? I also wonder how resale and warranty would be affected. If any reader has been through the exercise please drop us a line and share your experiences. LPG too). The bottom line is probably how much you enjoy cooking versus your desire for simplicity. Make your decision on that basis and it will be the right one!

12 | On your mind

Camping Etiquette!


We arrived at beautiful Eungalla National Park in Qld at about 3:30pm. There was no one else in the camp area, so we set the Leisure Seeker up in a corner. Along came some international backpackers in a mini van and set up within two meters of us for the night. Obviously they had no regard to the unwritten rules of personal space requirements. After dinner and after a couple of Bundy giggle juices, we decided to let them know why personnel space is important to people in their 50s & 60s by staging a pretend game of “strip jack poker”. With the windows open and the curtains closed, we played for the next hour or so. We had the time of our lives making the right

noises and saying the right things, complete with wolf whistles and cat calls, at the right volume to get the point across. Next morning they packed up and left immediately after coffee. We didn’t even get to meet them, a bit rude I thought. Kind regards & safe travels, Grizzly. What a fabulous tale. And you’re right, it’s a bit rude they didn’t stick around for coffee! Funnily enough, when your email arrived I was free camping in a designated spot near a beach on NZ’s West Coast. Just on dark the night before another rental vehicle pulled up and parked nose-to-nose, about 2 m off my front bumper. What is it with people? Safe travels!

Paradise Questions


own a Paradise Motorhome and am interested in finding out what was the cause of the demise of the company. I also would like to know who has now taken up servicing them and supplying parts. You did say I think in the last issue that you were going to inform people as to what happened to them? Cheers, Ross.

Ross, have a look at the News section in this issue regarding the relaunch of the business. As to the cause of its demise, from what I understand it was a shareholding dispute and nothing to do with the viability of the business.

14 | On my mind

Where to Go?


his is probably a question that comes up a lot. Where can you take your two wheel drive motorhome vehicle driven carefully off the black stuff to see the good stuff? I’m thinking of buying a Sunliner Habitat, are there places to Google or do you know of any links you could send me to help me?

on Facebook, like Motorhomes Australia, would be the best source of reliable firsthand information. At the end of the day, with common sense and experience a capable vehicle like Sunliner’s Habitat will get in and out of a surprising number of places. And half the fun would be trying it…

Regards, Trevor. That’s a very good question. I know the comments section in the Wikicamps app often has feedback on campsite access, which is a start. Perhaps getting involved with a CMCA Chapter and also a motorhome group


On my mind | 15

Dyson with Dirt?


oved the latest edition but what, no Project Polly?? It sounds like you’ve had a fantastic time in little ol’ USA! I’ll bet you’re exhausted. Please find below my ‘Hoover’ test, which may be of interest to your readers:

Not satisfied with her new bag-n-belt for Christmas, the missus still wasn’t happy with her . She claimed that it wasn’t picking Hoover up, so I tried it in the motorhome – and it wasn’t . Undeterred I gave it a damn good seeing-to ! Reluctantly and tried it again. Still rubbish I was dragged to the Currys (I’m in the UK) where we met the Dyson Lady. She actually appeared to know what she was talking about (unusual for shop assistants nowadays) and introduced us to the cordless range. Admittedly I had viewed these as a bit gimmicky previously but the more she demonstrated it the more interesting it became. It’s a cross-over machine with an enormous suck and, now here’s the thing, it has a powered brush in the head and boy can it pick up!

WHAT A HOOVER! It pulled so much dirt out of our carpets I wondered if it came pre-loaded with dust ! It only has a 25 minute battery life but picks up that well you can do the whole house in that time. It’s rated by Which to be in the top 10 vacs and no, I don’t work for Dyson . The Dyson V6 basic £200 – throw your old hoovers away! Cheers, Ian. Crickey Ian that’s a ringing endorsement – or are you ‘sucking up’ to Dyson ? No matter, we’ve been using Dyson products for years and swear by them (not at them, like our old ‘Hoovers’). We especially love the portable unit like you’ve bought, which really outclasses everything else and is easy and quick to use in Polly and the car.

Teflon Missing!


as any one seen Teflon? I nearly caught up to Teflon Tape. I somehow have missed him at every caravan park I visit, but he has left his tape on every tap. I sometimes find it difficult to remove before I connect up the water to the Cubby. All I want to do is to give Teflon some new soft rubber washers as his must have gone hard, broken apart or he has lost them! Once they are replaced his need for tape will be over and his tap connection will not leak. So if you see Teflon please tell him I have

the solution to his leaking problem and his need for tape will be over! Kind regards, Kevin. Very clever and thanks for the reminder that soft rubber washers in good condition eliminate the need for plumbers’ tape on taps! Hope you catch up with Teflon soon, but I think he’s going to be a very hard character to catch, given he’s so ‘wrapped’ in his travels…

16 | News

PARADISE UPDATE compromised the interests of the Company’s secured creditor and as such a replacement Receiver (SV partners) was appointed by the secured creditor, shortly thereafter, to protect its interests.

The following letter arrived in our inbox last week, as well as those of Paradise Motor Home owners. It reads: “To Our Loyal Customers, As you may be aware over the past several months Paradise has been through a difficult time. We as the new owners of the business have brought with us a fresh direction and vision for the business. Without the unwavering support of the staff, suppliers and customers it would not have been possible to get the business back on its feet again. From the moment the business was facing difficulty everyone’s primary concern was not for their future but for the completion of the respective customer’s builds. It has been an honour to work with the staff and suppliers to not only complete and deliver customers vehicles but to continue taking orders and commence new builds. We owe a great debt of gratitude to our staff, our suppliers who have worked with us, and to the ongoing support of our loyal customers. We thank you all and look forward to working with you.

Background By way of background the company Paradise Motor Homes Pty Ltd was placed into Receivership (with Bentleys) early in March 2017, by the Family Court. The appointment by the Family Court was as a result of a shareholder dispute. This appointment

In the early stage of the court appointed Receivership, Bentleys formed the view that it was not financially feasible to maintain trading operations and accordingly ceased trading the Company’s business. Subsequent to their appointment, SV Partners recommenced trading operations with a view to preserving the value of the business as an operating entity and commencing a sale of business process. The operation of the business was funded by the secured creditor throughout the sales process. With no material interest coming forward through the sales process, a group of private investors including shareholders of the secured creditor, purchased the business from the Receivers. The sale was executed on the 11 May 2017.

Staffing Upper management are no longer with the company. Key staff including Production, Purchasing, Sales and Administration Managers have all been retained. During the Receivership, we welcomed back around 70-80% of production staff. We are now employing new staff in addition to those pre-existing, as previously stated, I would further note that the Paradise staff have been an absolute pleasure to work alongside. Their commitment to the customers and to the product is second to none. Without their support the continued operation of the business would never have been possible. continued...

News | 17 continued...

The Future It is important to note that this is a very sound business and its recent setbacks are not based on the commerciality of the underlying business. That being said, we have plans for process improvement and expansion of production capacity and we are looking into product improvement, design and innovation with a view to improving what is already arguably the best motorhome range on the market. We are committed to maintaining the high standard of luxury and safety that our customers have come to expect from the brand. We have commenced the rebuilding of the service and warranty department and we have started booking and completing servicing and warranty work. All valid warranty work will be

honoured by us, for current and former builds. For any enquiries regarding sales, servicing or warranties please contact Clint Ward via email clint@paradisemotorhomes.com.au or on 07 5597 4400. We would love to have you all join our newly created Facebook page by searching @TrueParadisemotorhomes. We sincerely apologise for any inconvenience that has been caused by the lack of communication on our part and now that we are in full swing we will endeavour to keep you well informed of any and all developments as we focus on the growth of this wonderful brand. Warmest Regards, Shannon Burford Managing Director.”

The Wirraway 260 SL

With it’s Full Length Slideout Room & Apartment Styled Layout !

From WIRRAWAY, “Australia’s Most Innovative Motorhomes” Wirraway is a dedicated family owned business striving for Motorhome excellence. Our Motorhomes are our passion! Every Wirraway Motorhome is handbuilt and designed by experienced motorhomers who know the importance of making life easier on the road. New to our Range is the brilliant ‘live like a movie star’ Wirraway 260 SL, the latest in our 260 series; our EuroStyle 260 with it’s European styled interior and “The Motorhome of the Year”, the Wirraway 260. Wirraway Motorhomes feature opulence, style and all the legendary design, electrical and construction innovations that are unique to all Wirraways.

Each Wirraway Model is unique! - All are a Must See!

View Our New Website to view All Models, Download Brochures &Virtual RealityTours For details contact: Rob Tonkin - Wirraway Motorhomes, 6 Hynes Court, Mildura Vic 3500

Phone / Fax: (03) 50 230 230 - New Email: info@wirraway.com.au & New Website: www.wirraway.com.au On The Road Wirraway 260SL Slideout Motorhome - 2012 © Rex Willmer

18 | News



unliner RV says its Habitat series has been a great success and the company now has the following three versions of the rugged-terrain motorhomes available: • Habitat - HA1 - Iveco Daily 70C $204,990 Drive Away • Habitat - HA2 - Iveco Daily 50C $175,990 Drive Away • Habitat - HA3 - Ford Ranger Drive Away


The HA1 on the Iveco Daily 70C has a GVM of 6500 kgs. It requires a Light Rigid (LR) driver’s license, but provides for a generous payload of approximately 1600-plus kg.

The HA 2 has a dual rating, which means Sunliner can produce with a GVM of either 4495 or 5200 kg. This makes it possible to drive the HA2 on a standard car license at the 4495 kg rating. The HA3 is built on the popular Ford Ranger 4x4 XL chassis. Two sleeping options – over the cab and in the rear lounge – plus a 300 kg GVM upgrade provides this compact model with significant ability and flexibility. To find out more about Sunliner’s Habitat range visit its website here.



yundai has been making sizeable moves in the electric vehicle space, last year unveiling a full lineup of electric cars and even an electric scooter, in overseas markets. Now, in a move certain to have implications for large commercial vehicles worldwide (and hopefully the global motorhome industry), Hyundai has unveiled its first mass produced electric bus. Significantly, it’s range is substantial and paves the way for practical and affordable long distance electric heavy vehicles. Hyundai’s ‘Elec City’ electric bus runs on a 256-kWh battery and has a quoted range of 466 km. Such range, which will only get better as battery and charging technologies improve, provides for the first time a practical off-the-

shelf electric bus solution. Details beyond that are scarce, but Hyundai does say an official launch for the Elec City is coming in 2018 and iMotorhome will be keeping a close watch on developments.

News | 19



ueensland’s RACQ has stated its position regarding road service for motorhome owners. Below is a letter received by Robert James of the Motorhomes Australia Facebook group, following a meeting seeking clarification: “In order to ensure consistent coverage across our network, our GVM weight limit is 4-tonnes. At this stage, we are unable to nominate vehicles for coverage that are over this limit • The 4 tonne limit is based on an assessment of capability across our network rather than a technical definition such as the DTMR guidelines

we are providing our members with the best possible solutions to meet their needs. While we remain open to considering changes to our Roadside Assistance products when and where appropriate, it is also important that we highlight the fact there are some limitations that simply cannot be easily overcome regardless of the amount of correspondence we receive. In these particular circumstances we are governed by what type of vehicles we can consistently and legally transport on the back of a tow truck across our network.”

This situation is disappointing for many Queensland motorhome owners, but roadside assistance can be found through Ken Tame Insurance, or the NRMA’s Premium Plus • In principle RACQ will assist members policy for vehicles up to 10-tonnes, even for wherever possible. For existing members who non-NSW residents. iMotorhome notes the have one of our premium covers, we will try RACQ provides service in Queensland for and assist them wherever practical regardless NRMA Premium Plus members, which appears of the vehicle they are driving at the time. In to make something of a farce of the RACQ’s cases where a recovery is required in remote stated position. locations, this may mean we co-ordinate assistance at the member’s expense. At our meeting we also advised you that RACQ is committed to the regular review of the products and services we offer to ensure

20 | News



olkswagen Commercial Vehicles has divulged further specifications of its all-new and bigger Crafter range, which launches locally sometime in 2017. The new range features 69 variants covering 4 base models in 3 lengths and 3 heights, with single and double-cab versions, vans and cabchassis, front-wheel drive, rear-wheel-drive and 4MOTION all-wheel-drive choices and options. Sharing some design cues from the popular VW Transporter van, the all-new Crafter in van form delivers a cargo height of up to 2.7-metres and a cargo length up to 7.3-metres. In front-wheel-drive it offers a cargo capacity up to 18.4 cubic-metres and a permissible gross weight of up to 4.0-tonnes, under German regulations. Power comes from a range of Volkswagen Modular Diesel Platform (MDB) Euro 6-compliant 2.0-litre turbo-diesel engines (recalibrated for the new Crafter and with auto start-stop to deliver 15% better fuel economy), offering 75 kW, 103 kW or a BiTurbo version with 130 kW. Underneath is an all-new chassis that for the first time in this segment includes electromechanical power steering. At the

front is a MacPherson strut suspension layout, while the rear comes with a choice of five different rigid rear axles, some with progressive parabolic springs. Inside, a comfortable driving environment can be catered with three versions of an ergonomic compression seat on the options list including adjustable lumbar support and a massage function. Clever options for commercial and motor home operators include a second compressor for refrigerated vans, four variants of a second battery, a second air-conditioner and – for cold climates – a second heat exchanger, providing a fuel-operated auxiliary heating system. There’s no word from Volkswagen Australia as yet when the new Crafter will launch here. However, it looks set to give Mercedes and Fiat a big shake-up in the motorhome segment, and buyers the first quality all-new base vehicle option in years, which can only be a good thing.

22 | News



innebago says the expansion of its motorhome range complements its current product offering, bringing it to a total of eight models. A press release says, “The 4 berth additions of the Coogee, Kirra and Jervis are built on the sturdy IVECO chassis. • The Coogee provides seamless functionality with a queen island bed on an electric slideout to expand the sleeping area, and features Winnebago’s famously large rear ensuite. • The Kirra encompasses multiple entertaining areas, separate toilet and shower and an intelligently designed drop down rear bed; allowing the club lounge to be transformed into a sleeping area at the push of a button.

• The Winnebago Jervis is the first Motorhome to feature a twin single bed configuration. Packed with the high-end comforts standard to Winnebago, including spacious rear ensuite, the Jervis also has optional dinette configurations and ample storage throughout.” The new models will be on display on stand 860 at the Brisbane Show, which runs from June 7-12. Alternatively, visit the Winnebago website by clicking here.

Hitting the great outdoors this year? Book a check-up appointment at motorhomedoctor.com.au All makes all models

Collyn Rivers’ books The all-new Caravan & Motorhome Book covers every aspect of buying, building, modifying and enjoying camper trailers, caravans, fifth wheelers, slide-ons, motor homes, coach conversions and off-road vehicles.


Caravan & Motorhome Book the complete guide

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The Camper Trailer Book


Camper Trailer Book

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Collyn Rivers

Caravan & Motorhome Electrics covers every aspect of all RV electrical systems. It combines exceptional technical accuracy with plain English writing. The Camper Trailer Book covers buying, building and using camper trailers of every kind. Solar That Really Works shows how to build systems that work first time and every time, and how to fix those that don’t. Whether installing solar for the first time, or trying to make an existing RV solar system work as you had hoped - this is the book for you.

Individual books are $42.50 each.

Postage per book Australia $5.50, New Zealand A$7.50, all other countries A$12.50

Special Discount Offer = 10% of all books for two or more! To order (and full details) see: caravanandmotorhomebooks.com Caravan & Motorhome Books, PO Box 356, Church Point NSW 2015

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The Duvalay Memory Foam Sleeping System – No lifting, no tucking, no fighting over the doona and bedding that stays put. Find out why it’s Europe’s bedding of choice for caravans & motorhomes. The premium grade memory foam ensures total comfort and the award winning design cover means your bed is made in seconds.

Southern Highlands Service Centre • • • • • •

More Versatile Than Any Other RV Camp Anywhere - It’s Self Contained Large Bathroom With Shower & Toilet Easy To Operate With Electric Jacks Models For Single, Extra & Dual Cabs Plus! Famous Ozcape Quality & Support

duvalay.com.au | (02) 6653 4640


An Authorised Repco Service Centre just off the Hume Highway at Mittagong. Auto electrical and mechanical service specialists happy to look after your motorhome or campervan! Call Mark or Sharon and tell them iMotorhome sent you!

T: (02) 4872 2822 E: mwauto@hinet.net.au

26 | iMotorhome Marketplace



Connect at home! Connect anywhere!

15Amp to 10Amp Adaptor with RCD and overload protection


Airbag Man

iTech World

Wellington Shire

Australia’s leading solar power and satellite TV manufacturers! We stock the revolutionary In Flex and Mini Flex panels, Plus our Complete Traveller Satellite TV package is perfect for motorhomes.

In the heart of Victoria’s Gippsland region. Come and enjoy our natural beauty, famous lakes, High Country and expansive beaches. Find ‘Experience 40 Great Things to Do’ on our website too!

T: 1300 483 249 W: itechworld.com.au

T: (03) 5144 1108 W: tourismwellington.com.au

Roberts RV World

RV Specialists

An official Avida motorhome dealer, with more than 50 new motorhomes in the largest undercover RV showroom in the Southern Hemisphere. Our service department is here for all your needs too.

Australia’s leading fifth wheelers, designed here in Australia and built to suit our demanding conditions. Fifth wheelers from 24’ to 36’ available. Call 02 4953 7141 for information!

T: 1800 273 136 W: robertsrv.com.au

T: (02) 4953 7141 W: summerliferv.com.au

Battery Traders Super Store

Taronga Western Plains Zoo

We design and manufacture air suspension kits for all types of vehicles including motorhomes. Easy to install they let you ‘level up’ for stability and safety.

Batteries, solar panels, inverters, alternators and all electrical parts including cables and switches for your motorhome! We can find and fix all electrical faults and are 12 V power specialists.

Visit our world famous 300 ha open range sanctuary, home to some of the most exotic and endangered animals on earth. Explore by foot, bike, electric cart or in your motorhome!

T: 1800 AIRBAG W: airbagman.com.au

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T: (02) 6881 1400 W: taronga.org.au

iMotorhome Marketplace | 27

Southern Spirit Campervans FLEXIBLE STORAGE SYSTEMS FOR YOUR CAMPERVAN OR MOTORHOME Full & part fitouts Hitop, Poptop and Reimo roofs True custom­made conversions Repairs & improvements BYO van from Hiace to Sprinter

Store those additional items up and out of the way using our adjustable, transportable and modular storage system!

Over 11  years  cover   manufacturing   experience  Australia   wide.Free  Measure  &  Quote  Call  in   Factory  1:354  Mons  Road    Forest  Glen  :   Sunshine  Coast  Queensland     PH-­‐1300  304  332/0754564818   www.caravancovers.com.au   info@caravancovers.com.au  


Our vehicle-specific insulation screens are Australian made from specially designed and tested material to keep you cool in summer and warm in winter. As featured in iMotorhome’s Project Polly!

T: (07) 3398 5500 W: solarscreen.com.au

Find power anywhere with a REDARC Inverter

The E-Twow Electric scooter for adults LATEST TECHNOLOGY FOR RV OWNERS

The alternative to a bike!!

25km/h with a range of 40km in ideal conditions! Super light too at 10.8kg Folds away quite compact for small storage

Plug in and get 240 volt power on the go. Click here.

To find out more call Mark on 0412027330 or email mje240@adam.com.au www.e-twow.com 1

Nomadic Solutions hitches fully ADR compliant no swaying increased towing safety easy reversing offroad vans available

5th wheeler specialist

Nomadic Solutions - the original, quality constructed ‘lifestyletable™’ that is easily attached to the side of your motorhome. Now available in ‘mill finish’ for custom painting.

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28 | Day Test: Horizon Motorhomes Melaleuca Appeal

SURPRISE APPEAL! Horizon’s new entry-level Melaleuca Appeal certainly took us by surprise… by Richard Robertson

Day Test | 29

Horizon Motorhomes specialises in van conversion motorhomes and at 5.99 m the Melaleuca is it’s entry level range. The new Melaleuca Appeal balances price and features without sacrificing comfort, while the latest Fiat Ducato is a fun drive ideally suited to conversion.


orizon Motorhomes has carved an enviable niche in the Australian motorhome market. It’s model range is exclusively van-conversion based and the company has built a loyal following, while its conversions have an enviable reputation for quality, durability and liveability. It’s no secret I’m a great fan of van conversion motorhomes – witness our own Project Polly – as distinct from ‘coachbuilts’, which have a seperate body built on a cab-chassis. In both markets Fiat’s Ducato rules the roost as the most popular base vehicle, closely followed by Mercedes’ Sprinter. A van conversion’s strengths are its structural integrity due to the vehicle basically being a big metal box; its durability for the same reason, and being narrower than a coachbuilt, manoeuvrability. Some models, including the Melaleuca Appeal reviewed here, are short enough to park in a single car space, while fuel economy is better due to reduced frontal area and usually lighter

weight. The disadvantage are reduced living space – vehicle width is a double-edged sword – and the ‘whizz-bang’ sliding door, although in truth such doors are quieter and easier to use these days (and the Sprinter can be optioned with a remote-operated electric side door). A large part of Horizon’s success has been its evolutionary model development. Rather than come up with new designs each year, Horizon refines and improves its layouts based on buyer feedback and manufacturing experience. Each layout is proven and highly liveable, but over the years the improvements have lead to what a tax accountant might call ‘bracket creep’. In motorhoming terms it means the equipment list keeps getting longer, but with creeping costs. A new model from Horizon is a rare thing and the company kept this one a closely guarded secret. At very short notice I was invited to review it, prior to it’s launch at next week’s Queensland Caravan Camping and Touring

30 | Day Test Supershow in Brisbane. Until now Horizon’s entry-level model has been the Melaleuca. Built on the Fiat Ducato, it’s compact and particularly popular with solo travellers. It’s also very well equipped, but over the years the price has crept up. Enter the Melaleuca Appeal: an entry level version designed to better balance price and equipment.

What’s the Appeal?


o budget priced ‘stripper’, the Melaleuca Appeal still has a decent level of standard equipment. It has also been designed using an interesting philosophy, best explained by Horizon’s managing director, Clayton Kearney: “The Appeal has the capability to be upgraded Right: The side door has a stop to prevent it opening far enough to hit the rear side window. Below: The door only opens about half its original length, which is fine for access and has the added bonus of reducing closing effort and noise. In action it’s both light and quiet.

Day Test | 31

at anytime. If you (later) decide you really can’t live without a TV or filter water tap, or that you would like additional reading lights, they can all be easily added – the base set up includes all wiring and necessary outlets for all those little extra comforts.” It’s an interesting move and one that adds value because it means future upgrades shouldn’t be as expensive as if starting from scratch. Truth be known I was concerned the bean counters might have pared too much equipment in their pursuit of increased affordability. In reality they seem to have struck a good balance, although I think there is room for adjustment in the equipment list that could either lower the price further without sacrificing comfort and/or convenience, or keep it the same but make it even more liveable. Anyway, here’s what’s missing compared to a standard Melaleuca:

Top: Huge barn doors and a U-shaped dinette/bed allow easy relaxing to take in the views. Add the optional full rear insect screen for maximum usability. Above: Swivelling cab seats provide comfortable secondary seating; handy if your partner goes to bed early.

32 | Day Test

•O  pening, double-glazed windows in rear doors (fixed glass now) •T  V (but the Winegard Sensar aerial is still there!) • Removable table between cab seats •T  urbovent front roof hatch (standard hatch now) • Filtered drinking water system • Entry step • One of two external lights • 200 AH house battery (now 100 AH) •4  extra reading lights (2 in the cab and 2 in the rear) • Wall mounted magazine holder in dinette area • External shower • Cupboards above rear doors •F  loor-level drawer under the dinette (now a removable shelf) • Automatic gearbox The result is a $102,500 drive-away price for the manual Appeal, or $105,550 for an auto. By comparison, the ‘full strength’ Melaleuca costs $112,500 on the road.

Above: The Appeal loses the transverse cupboard above the rear doors, but that adds headroom and a feeling of spaciousness. Below: The bathroom light cycles through dim and bright white, then blue. It’s a nice touch, especially at night. Bottom: The removable betweenseats table is gone, which is a pity.

Day Test | 33

You can sleep east-west and leave the table in place, plus have a pair of inwards-facing seats at the front. Very versatile‌

34 | Day Test What’s the Box?


he Melaleuca Appeal is built in – Horizon calls itself the Built In Specialists – a long wheelbase Fiat Ducato van. Ducato vans are ideally suited to motorhome conversion due to their very square shape. Being front-wheel drive they have a low floor height because there’s no drive shaft or bulky rear axle/ differential, while more under-floor room allows for a bigger water tank. That lower floor height means increased headroom without the need for a high roof, plus the Ducato is wider than its rivals, meaning for many people an east-west bed is viable. Add to that a higher gross vehicle mass (GVM) rating, which means increased

payload, a larger 125-litre fuel tank and a lower price and the it’s no wonder the Ducato is king of the van-conversion crop. New for 2017, all Fiat Ducatos get a 2.3-litre Multijet2 turbo-diesel that’s Euro 6 emissionsstandards compliant. Melaleucas have always had a 2.3-litre mill under the bonnet (a 3.0-litre engine has been standard on all other Horizon Ducato-based models until now) producing 110 kW of power and 350 Nm of torque. The new engine ups the torque ante to 380 Nm, which is a real bonus. For those who want maximum power a version of the new 2.3-litre engine is optionally available with the same 130 kW/400 Nm of the superseded 3.0-litre donk, if desired.

Decent ground clearance and a shortish wheelbase with minimal front or rear overhang means the Melaleuca Appeal can get you to places bigger vehicles can’t. The strong metal box of the Ducato’s body is also highly durable and secure. Love-it-or-hate-it, white remains the most practical colour as it shows dirt the least, reflects heat in summer and is easily colour matched if scratched.

Day Test | 35

Above: The bathroom is a good compromise for the size of the vehicle, but there’s no storage space. Note the tap, which pulls out to become the shower. Below: A removable hatch allows long items like snow or water skis to be easily carried. If you could remove the central U-section of the bed it would allow bikes, a kayak or similar to be securely carried inside, which would only add to the Appeals, um, appeal. It’s an interesting move that the Melaleuca Appeal comes with a six-speed manual gearbox (the six-speed auto is an option, and still standard on the ‘full strength’ Melaleuca). I say interesting because Australian motorhome buyers have shunned manual gearboxes for some time – witness the demise of the Ford Transit as a base vehicle predominantly for that reason. It’s certainly a move to help bring down the price and in my opinion a good one; giving buyers a choice denied for some time. Fiat’s standard equipment list is still generous and includes remote central locking, electric windows and mirrors, cab airconditioning, a touch screen infotainment centre, cruise control with speed limiter, height-adjustable and swivelling cab seats, height adjustable headlights, and now, even a pair of cup holders! Safety items include dual front airbags, anti-lock brakes, electronic stability control, electronic traction control, and a hill-

36 | Day Test

The Ducato comes with factory-fitted seat swivels that are the best in the business. The driver’s seat swivel is restricted by the fridge cupboard placement, but that’s unavoidable in a vehicle this size. The seats themselves are very comfortable, while the Ducato’s cab remains the most car-like. holder function. The only obvious omission is side and/or curtain airbags, which aren’t even optionally available.

Driving the Box


ll Ducatos are light, easy and fun to drive and this one is no exception. The new Multijet2 engine feels just like its predecessors and we only put a few kilometres on it, so I can’t comment on its open road abilities (although I have no doubt they’d be fine, especially given the increased torque). The test vehicle also had the auto gearbox, which in truth is an automated manual (sans-clutch) and called the Comfort-matic Transmission in Fiat-speak. It’s an interesting gearbox that you drive like a conventional auto, but which still pauses slightly between shifts as a computer changes gear. For my money, however, I’d take the manual. Funnily enough I’m just back from a week in a manual Ducato

in New Zealand. It’s my second NZ rental experience in such a vehicle and I really enjoyed it. While I wouldn’t buy a manual car, somehow a manual motorhome/light commercial vehicle feels right. In any case, Fiat’s manual gearbox is precise if a little notchy, while the clutch is light and progressive. Perhaps it’s a function of the smaller/lighter engine, but the Melaleuca Appeal felt lighter to drive than usual. Mrs iMotorhome also commented on how light and easy it was to drive as she did laps of the beachside area for the camera. Visibility was as good as ever, ditto cab comfort, and all-in-all this sixth generation Fiat Ducato remains a terrific motorhome base vehicle.

What’s in the Box?


n a 5.99-meter long box there’s only so much you can fit in and so many ways to arrange it. Up front is the cab, in the middle are the

Day Test | 37

Above: There’s no shortage of fresh air or light and the side door window makes a handy kitchen serving hatch. Right: Abundant kitchen drawer space is good as there are no cupboards overhead. There’s also no rangehood, but a small fan hatch in the roof is fitted. Note the flip-up bench extension, which adds valuable work space. kitchen and bathroom, and at the rear the combined dinette/bedroom. It’s standard Horizon Melaleuca stuff and you can read all about it in my review of the ‘full strength’ version in Issue 102 from last September. It’s a layout that works particularly well despite the vehicle’s sub-six metre length. The good news is, despite the lighter list of standard equipment the character, comfort and ‘appeal’ of the Melaleuca are minimally impacted. Appearance wise you’d be hard pressed to pick the differences, at least at a casual glance. Stepping inside, the differences aren’t all that obvious either, with the missing TV the most apparent. Interestingly, Mrs iM commented the TV’s absence gave the dinette/bed area a slightly less cluttered feel, which added to an overall “sense of simplicity” she found quite appealing. The Melaleuca’s floor plan has always been appealing in its simplicity and practicality, but

38 | Day Test it’s the dinette/bed that stands out. U-shaped across the rear, it can provide an east-west double bed across the back, with dinette up front that you can leave in place at night. Or, you can remove the multi-adjustable Lagun table and have single beds down the sides, using the piece in between (by the rear doors) as a bedside table. Alternatively, you make the whole thing up into a giant king bed! There’s full-width storage under the rear of the bed too, accessible through the back doors and also via a removable board that provides access for long items into the aisle.

bikes/surfboards/kayak or whatever down the aisle would be a real bonus. Food for thought…

What I Think


espite its entry-level status, Horizon’s new Melaleuca Appeal is aptly named. It retains the original Melaleuca’s strengths without sacrificing its character or charm, and that’s no accident. It’s what happens when you take a highly developed design and refine it to a specific end. Perhaps the surprise is its appeal despite the lighter equipment list. In fact it’s very appealing indeed…

All cabinetry, fixtures and fittings are the usual high quality Horizon items, while decor and design are a nice balance of functionality and appeal (there’s that word again). The kitchen remains a good size and well equipped; the bathroom is compact but functional and all you need (although a mirrored shaving cabinet would be good), and there’s enough storage space for any owner’s reasonable needs.

In a Perfect Box…


ost review, Mrs iM and I spent time thinking about the Melaleuca Appeal’s equipment list and wondering what, if anything, we’d do differently. We think we’d retain the TV, especially as the aerial is already there and most people are addicted to it. We’d also keep the removable front table, because a secondary seating/dining/working area is invaluable in any vehicle. However, the awning and front roof hatch could go, and also the microwave as we’re primarily free campers. The external 240 V power point could go too, ditto the mains water connector. I’d also order the manual and would love Fiat’s leather steering wheel over the standard plastic hoop if available. One other thought: The ability to remove the rear centre bed section and just have two long beds – like a traditional campervan – to put

The Appeal looses the regular Melaleuca’s opening rear-door windows, swapping them for Fiat’s fixed glass, which are actually bigger and provide more light and view. Swings and roundabouts…

Day Test | 39

“A new model from Horizon is a rare thing and the company kept this one a closely guarded secret.�

40 | Day Test

Specs GENERAL Make

Horizon Motorhomes


Melaleuca Appeal


Van conversion



Approved Seating




VEHICLE Make/Model

Fiat Ducato LWB


2.3 L Multijet2 4-cylinder turbo-diesel


110 kW @ 3600 rpm


380 Nm @ 1500-2250 rpm


6-speed manual


Driver/passenger air bags, ABS brakes, ESC & hill start


125 L

WEIGHTS Tare Weight

3150 kg

Gross Vehicle Mass

4250 kg

Max Payload

1100 kg

Braked Towing Capacity

2500 kg

DIMENSIONS Overall Length

5.99 m (19' 8")

Overall Width

2.05 m (6' 9")

Overall Height

2.62 m (8' 8")

Internal Height

1.90 m (6' 3")

Single Bed Option

1.87 m x 0.66 m (6’ 2” x 2’ 2”)

Double Bed Option

1.85 m x 1.22 m (6’ 1” x 4’ 0”)

King Bed Option

1.87 m x 1.85 m (6’ 2” x 6’ 1”)

Day Test | 41

Specs EQUIPMENT Slide-Out



Fiamma wind-out

Entry Steps



3 x gas burners, glass lid


No (fan hatch)


Round with fold-down mixer tap, glass lid


Waeco 136 L 12/240 V compressor




12 V LED

12 V Sockets/USB Outlets


Air Conditioner


Space Heater


Hot Water System

Truma LPG


Thetford cassette


Flex hose, adjustable height

Pros… • • • • • • • • • •

Price Quality Upgradability Storage Simplicity Liveability Drivability Economy Payload Warranties

CONs… • Nothing obvious


1 x 100 AH




2 x 4.0 kg

Fresh Water

150 L

Grey Water

55 L

Hot Water

10 L


19 L (cassette)



As Tested


Warranty - Vehicle

5 years/200,000 km

Warranty - Motorhome Conversion

3 years

Warranty – Appliances

As per manufactures

Contact Ballina Campervan and Click for Google Maps Motorhome Centre 299 River Street Ballina NSW 2478 T: (02) 6681 1555 E: info@horizonmotorhomes.com.au W: horizonmotorhomes.com.au

42 | Day Test

“Horizon’s new Melaleuca Appeal is aptly named. It retains the original Melaleuca’s strengths without sacrificing its character or charm.”

44 | Book Review

DIYer’s Bible! Motorhome Self-build and Optimisation is recommended for every keen DIYer… by Allan Whiting of OutbackTravelAustralia.com.au

Book Review | 45


his book claims, “One thousand tips and tricks for anyone wanting to build a motorhome or optimise an existing vehicle.” and I’m thinking the number count is probably spot-on. At a hefty 480 pages this tome, written by German traveller, Ulrich Dolde, is as thorough an explanation of the issues involved with such projects as you’d expect from a native of this highly technical nation. It’s no theoretical exercise, however,

because many of the illustrations, plans and photographs are of Ulrich and wife Edith’s own motorhome. The Doldes, like most Europeans, opted for a medium-sized 4WD truck as the basis for their expedition-grade motorhome. Their choice was a used 914 Mercedes-Benz and in Daimlerspeak the ‘9’ means nine tonnes gross vehicle mass (GVM) and the ‘14’ is short for 140 hp.

46 | Book Review Ulrich’s book starts with used vehicle selection for European motorhome builders, so, unfortunately, many of his suggestions are irrelevant for us. However, some are available, including Unimogs and a few cab-over-engine (COE) MercedesBenz trucks similar to Ulrich’s 914, plus some MAN, Iveco and Magirus COEs I think. Local builders in the 7-9 tonnes GVM weight class have a more likely choice of used Japanese 4x4 trucks: mainly Isuzu’s FSS Series. Below that weight – in the 4.5-7.5 tonnes GVM class – there’s a wider choice of used Isuzu NPS 300 and Fuso Canter models. Much of the subsequent bodywork and equipment fit-out is as relevant to these vehicles as it is to Ulrich’s European list. However, Australian motorhome builders need to be aware that European permissible axle weights are different to ours and there is, as yet, no Japanese 4x4 truck with factory-fitted single wheels front and rear. Following vehicle selection Ulrich considers the types of bodywork (called ‘cabin’ in his text) and delves into sub-frame issues, rust treatment and weight distribution. Then it’s detail time: colour scheme, fixing methods, doors, windows, skylights, hatches, electrical installation, plumbing, gas system, heating and furniture building. We can’t think of anything he’s missed and although the plumbing, gas and electrical installation regulations are different from ours, this book is one of the best DIY instruction manuals we’ve come across. More info at www.selfbuildmotorhome. com and the book has an ISBN number 978-3-9818553-1-9.

Book Review | 47

48 | TechTalk


Some quick fixes from our resident Techspert at Southern Spirit Campervans to keep you on the road…

TechTalk | 49


and cut to size, then use it the same way as the original rubber trim. Done (and the bonus is you can even choose the colour)!

Fly Screen

Back Home: If you want you can see your local RV window fitter or order the strip online and change the set up. Just make sure that in the event you have purchased new flyscreen material you do not cut it too precisely as it will be difficult to refit.

ven the best kept motorhome can develop problems on a road trip. Here’s a look at a few quick fixes to help keep you going until you’re in a position to effect more permanent repairs.

Scenario: Your sliding window fly screen is ripped but you’re lucky enough to find a hardware store selling replacement material. Heading back to your van you take the old screen material off the frame, only to discover the rubber trim that squeezes the material into the frame is broken and can’t be reused. Solution: Check the diameter of the old rubber strip and compare it to 4 mm automotive 12 volt electrical cable that you can readily get at garages, independent auto part shops and even the auto section of bigger chain stores. Measure the lengths you need

Loose Hinges or Faulty Overhead Stays Scenario: Due to driving, movement, age and usage it’s not unusual for cabinet doors to come loose on their hinges. Quite often the reason is the screws are no longer holding and have pulled out. You’ll know this is the case when you try to tighten it up but all that happens is the screw keeps spinning and won’t grab.

50 | TechTalk

Solution: First, take the screw out and check if it’s a flat or spiky (self tapping) wood screw. Now, you might be lucky and carry some toothpicks, but you can also use matches for this quick fix. If you have a flat screw, push one toothpick/match into the cabinet’s screw hole and break it off flush. If you have a spiky screw you can do the same, but using 2-3 toothpicks/matches. Finally, slowly screw the original screw back in place and it should be fixed! Back Home: You usually don’t need to do anything! However if this problem occurs while your are at home and you have some wood glue handy, dip the matches/picks into wood glue before pushing into the hole. This will fix the problem even better. Click here to watch a video of this simple fix in action!

Fibreglass Damage Scenario: There are various ways you can sustain impact damage on the skin of your

RV. A classic scenario is not noticing a low hanging branch while parking under a shady tree. Bang! Now you have a crack in your roof. This is a nasty problem and should not be underestimated. Even a small amount of damage to the outer skin can allow water inside the structure of your vehicle, and what you definitely don’t want is expensive water leak damage. Solution: Act as quickly as possible to avoid any water damage. If you have insurance that will cover the damage, take a good set of photos of the affected area, including closeups, plus a view of the incident scene itself with the vehicle in place. Report the damage at the earliest opportunity and follow your insurance companies instructions. Next, check the area of damage for broken parts (hatches, fittings, etc), secure anything loose and keep any parts that have actually come off. This is especially important for

TechTalk | 51 shaped parts that cover curved areas and might be needed for remodelling to fix the damage later on. Clean the area surrounding the damage (use a kitchen surface spray or window cleaner) but make sure no fluid runs into the damaged fibreglass. Now, search for any non-fraying material, such as a cotton T-shirt, and get some plastic sheet/tarp plus reinforced duct tape. If you are remote and cannot get tarp material a sturdy (Aldi) plastic shopping bag can be used as a substitute. Your task is to create three temporary protection layers. The first one is a double folded cotton/fabric layer, which you cut slightly larger than the damaged area. Use the duct tape to secure the cotton fabric to the roof. Then do the same with a piece of plastic tarp, cut this also to a slightly larger

size than the damaged area before taping it to the roof. The final layer needs to be a larger sized plastic sheet/tarp that will act as the final (temporary) barrier. This layer will now be taped on all around. If you have enough tape or the damaged area is not too big you can cover the whole thing. Make sure the tape is overlapping the plastic/tarp by at least 30 mm, as well as the roof. Also, ensure the repair is a snug fit to avoid flapping and/or the chance of water damage. Check the tarp and the tape every day while still on the road and redo the last layer if necessary. Back Home/In Town: if claiming on insurance follow the company’s instructions. Otherwise, find a local panel beater or marine shop with experience in fibreglass to have the area permanently repaired.

52 | Feature

S E K O L B FOR It’s not rocket science you know…


over’s of Gary Larson’s The Far Side cartoons might remember one that shows a rickety, hodgepodge rocket and three white-coated boffins standing alongside. The caption reads, “It’s time we face reality, my friends. We’re not exactly rocket scientists.”

Cooking, I’ve discovered, really isn’t rocket science either, although for years I thought it was. My journey of discovery began sometime in the last 18 years; the time Mrs iMotorhome and I have been together. Mrs iM loves to cook and over the years I’ve learnt two important skills from her: How to shop and how to cook. This quick guide is intended to help blokes who normally only enter the kitchen to get to the fridge. Being motorhome focused it centres around ‘one-pot wonders’ that can quickly and easily be created and is by no means a definitive guide! A great thing about cooking is that as long as you don’t burn things beyond recognition or undercook and end up crook, there really isn’t any right or wrong. Most food is still edible even after a bad kitchen day and almost anything goes – liverwurst-and-cream filled chocolate cake excepted.

Zen and the Art of Food Shopping


ood shopping, I’ve discovered, is largely a state of mind. Firstly, try not to do it when hungry – it’s a recipe (pardon the pun) for some very poor choices. Also, unless you have a specific recipe in mind for a special occasion you should simply try to ‘shop with the flow’. Let me explain…

Feature | 53 Mrs iM rarely plans our meals, be they at home or on the road. Rather, she usually finds them and it works like this: When shopping, she (and now I) hunt value. At the supermarket that comes in the form of reduced items or what we call ‘yellow labels’ – items approaching their use or best-by dates and that carry a 25 to 50 per cent (or higher) discount. It’s not because we’re tight, it’s the love of a bargain, plus it’s a bit of a challenge! Over the years this method has literally saved us thousands. Such items are usually meat, poultry or fish and form the basis of a meal. Some of the biggest bargains come in the form of new lines shoppers haven’t yet embraced, so keep an extra keen eye out! We also stock-up at times and freeze them for later use. On the road, hunting food bargains this way isn’t always possible, especially in small towns, so we shop in larger regional centres where possible. However, we also love fresh, local produce. That includes small-town butchers making gourmet sausages, roadside stalls selling farm-fresh eggs, seafood from local co-ops, home-grown veggies and locally made breads, jams, etc.

Speaking of veggies, look for them and fruit, fresh, in season. They’ll not only be better value, they’ll taste better and you can get to try a wide variety. Also, remember that frozen vegetables retain high levels of nutrients and are a convenient way to get lots of veggies into your diet (though not recommended for

stir frying!). Tinned vegetables can be good too, but make sure you read the label to see if anything’s been added, like sugar in tomatoes.

Zen and the Art of Cooking


egardless of whether you have time to go good-bargain hunting or not, what to do with what you buy is the final challenge/hurdle/mystery. Mrs iM has always loved a TV show called Ready, Steady, Cook. In it, chefs race the clock to create appetising meals from mystery ingredients. She likes a challenge and so our evening meals often start with something from the fridge (or freezer that morning) and a gaze into the pantry and vegetable crisper! The ability to make something from what you have, rather than working to a set recipe, is invaluable. It also means that instead of looking for recipes all the time (they have their place), all you need do is look at what’s on hand and create from there. Think laterally about what you know is back in your fridge and cupboards and go from there. For example, say you’ve just bought whole chicken breasts and know there’s a bottle of oyster sauce in the cupboard. That’s the basis for a stir fry if you slice the chicken and add some veggies (I often cheat and use a bag of fresh stir fry veggies), and a bag of fresh noddles. The other day I was in a supermarket in Blenheim and needed something for dinner. I spied a reduced special of beef kebabs (beef cubes on skewers) and decided I could something with them, but what? I didn’t want to grill or barbecue them in my rental motorhome, so another thought developed, “How about I take them off the skewers and cook them in a simmer sauce?” But what about veggies? “Why not frozen?”. Here’s how it ‘panned’ out…

54 | Feature

Beef Rogan Josh – a One Pan Wonder I had: • 3 x Beef kebabs/skewers • 1 x Jar Rogan Josh simmer sauce • 1 x Bag mixed frozen veggies (corn, peas and other colourful stuff)

I didn’t have: • Cooking oil for browning the meat • Rice to go with the finished product. • Any real idea how it would turn out…

SO I: • Melted butter in the frying pan • Used a fork to remove the beef from the skewers • Browned the beef until no red meat was visible • Read the Rogan Josh instructions! • Poured the contents over the beef, turned the heat down and let simmer for the suggested 10 minutes, stirring occasionally • Didn’t think to use a plate to cover it, keeping the heat in and stopping it splattering over the cooker. Bugger…

THEN: • When the 10 minutes was up I tried a piece of beef and was as surprised as you to find it cooked. And delicious.

SO THEN I: • Added what seemed an appropriate amount of frozen vegetables • Stirred them in and let it continue simmer/ splattering to heat the veggies • Taste tested until they were hot

Feature | 55

And finally: Served and ate. Delicious! If only I’d had some rice…

All Zenned Out


y modest dinner turned out nicely and I had leftovers for the next night. It wasn’t rocket science, all it took was an eye for a bargain and a bit of thought outside the cooking square. Beyond opening

a can of beans and making toast, cooking really isn’t that difficult. Speaking of beans, next issue I’ll tell you about them, a can of chilli tuna and the need to empty the cupboards before returning my rental motorhome. Bon appetite!

56 | Travel Events: 32nd Illawarra Folk Festival


RV Friendly Towns T

he RV Friendly program is a Campervan and Motorhome Club of Australia Limited (CMCA) initiative aimed at assisting RV travellers as they journey throughout this wonderful country. An RV Friendly Town™ (RVFT) is one that provides a certain number of amenities and a certain level of services for these travellers. When RV tourists enter a town displaying the RVFT

sign they know they will be welcome. Certain services will be provided for them that may not be available in other centres, and they will have access to a safe place to stay overnight and possibly for a longer period. To find out more about RV Friendly Towns and Destinations visit the CMCA’s website by clicking here. For an interactive map of all RV friendly Towns, click here. This month’s featured RV Friendly Towns are:

Travel | 57

Murrabit, Victoria.


urrabit is small rural community on the Murray River, approximately 305 kilometres north of Melbourne. Citrus growing, along with dairy, beef and sheep farming, are the main industries within the region. This proud community hosts the Murrabit Country Market on the first Saturday of each month, reputed to be the largest and longest running market in regional Victoria. Other local attractions include the signed railway heritage Tourist/Visitor Information Centre

Casual Parking (near retail centre) Short & Long Term Parking

Dump Point Potable Water

walking track and nearby Campbell’s Island, a worthwhile day trip. RV travellers are well catered for at the Murrabit Recreational Reserve Camp Ground, on Browning Avenue. Sites are available for $20 per vehicle per night and lengths of stays are negotiable. Excellent facilities are available including showers, toilets, bins and barbecues. A dump point and potable water are also conveniently located within the grounds.

Murrabit General Store 9 Gonn Ave, Murrabit SA P: 03 5457 2204 www.murrabit.com.au Gonn Ave, in front of the Lions Park & Heritage Centre Murrabit Recreation Reserve Camp Ground, Browning Ave, (unlimited stay), pets on lead, showers, bins, toilets, covered seating, power, BBQ, water, $20 per vehicle per night Murrabit Recreation Reserve Camp Ground, Browning Ave (Lat Long: -35.5282, 143.9542) Murrabit Recreation Reserve Camp Ground, Browning Ave

58 | Travel

Beverley, Western Australia


everley is 138 kilometres southeast of Perth, on the Great Western Highway. It has an interesting variety of architecture, including some buildings in the Art Deco style of the late 1930s, a result of the town’s facelift after the Great Depression. The rich history and vibrant community of Beverley, along with its close proximity to Perth, make it a worthwhile place to visit. When visiting be sure to see some of the main attractions, including the Railway Station

Tourist/Visitor Information Centre

Casual Parking (near retail centre)

Gallery, Avondale Historic Farm & Homestead, and the Dead Finish Museum. Across the bridge from the centre of town is Apex Park, on the banks of the Avon River. Parking is permitted there for up to 48 hours, with water available, while pets on leads are also permitted. While there are no set fees to stay at the park, there is a donation box on-site. A dump point is located nearby on Council Road.

Beverley Community Resource Centre 132 Vincent St, Beverley WA P: 08 9646 1600 www.beverleywa.com Apex Park, Corner Vincent & Lukin St Beverley

Short Term Parking

Apex Park, Corner Vincent & Lukin St (48hr), water, pets on lead, donation box on site

Long Term Parking

Beverley C/P, Council Rd, $11 per vehicle per night unpowered

Dump Point

Council Rd, Beverley (Lat Long: -32.1077, 116.9242)

Potable Water

Apex Park, Corner Vincent & Lukin St Beverley

Travel | 59

The Rock, NSW


he Rock is a quaint town of only 700, located in the Riverina region of New South Wales some 497 kilometres southwest of Sydney. The town is named after an imposing outcrop that sits majestically behind the village, rising 360 metres above the plains. The Rock Nature Reserve is a scenic spot for picnics, birdwatching, and bushwalking. For the adventurous, take the Yerong walking track to the lookout for spectacular views of the

surrounding bush and farmland. Apart from the plethora of nature based activities in the area, The Rock makes an ideal base to experience the restaurants, wineries and local produce of the nearby towns in the Riverina region. RV travellers are able to park free of charge for up to 72 hours at The Rock Recreation Ground on Wilson Street. A dump point and potable water are available there, while toilets, covered seating and bins are also provided.

Tourist/Visitor Information Centre

C/- Lockhart Shire Council 65 Green St, Lockhart NSW P: 02 6920 5305

Casual Parking (near retail centre)

Urana St (Main St), adjacent to the Avenue of Honour

Short & Long Term Parking

The Rock Recreation Ground, Wilson St, (72hr), pets on lead, nil charge, bins, toilets, c/seating, water

Dump Point

The Rock Recreation Ground, Wilson St (Lat Long: -35.2658, 147.1105)

Potable Water

The Rock Recreation Ground, Wilson St

60 | Event: On my Echuca-Moama mind Winter Blues Festival

Singing The Winter Blues!

The Echuca-Moama Winter Blues Festival that is… by Sharon Hollamby The twin towns of Echuca and Moama are 214 km north of Melbourne, on the banks of the beautiful Murray and Campaspe rivers. Echuca is Aboriginal for “Meeting of the Waters” and is an indication of the role the rivers have played in the town’s survival. Echuca was founded in 1850 by ex-convict Henry Hopwood and within 20 years had become Australia’s largest inland port. Steam driven paddleboats were a regular sight as they delivered wheat, wool, livestock, timber and other assorted goods.

Although settlers treated the Aboriginal community with relative kindness, their way of life was still changed forever. Smallpox wiped out many and a taste for alcohol and tobacco further destroyed their community. However, the town was booming and at one stage there is rumoured to have been a hundred pubs in the area. There might not be that many hotels now, but they still know how to put on an amazing event. This years’ Echuca-Moama Winter Blues Festival promises more blues bands than ever,

Event | 61 and at some of the best local venues. This free event is perfect for the music lovers and with plenty of children’s activities on offer, families are well catered for.

The Line-up! This years’ line-up includes: • 19 - Twenty • Andrea Marr • Broderick Smith – Founder of The Dingoes • Catfish Voodoo • Geoff Achison • Claude Hay • Dreamboogie • Ian Collard • Jesse Valach and many more

Andrea Marr’s passion for Soul, Funk, Blues and Gospel is evident every time she performs. She’s guaranteed to have you begging for more and has won a host of awards, including 2013 finalist in the International Blues Challenge in Memphis, Tennessee, and 2012 Blues performer of the year. The Melbourne-based Andrea Marr band was formed in 1999 and has become one of the most sought after bands on the Melbourne blues scene. Australian born Geoff Achison grew up listening to radio. One day he heard Joe Cocker and thought, “It just sounded like the biggest party in the world.” At age 13 Geoff joined his father’s dance band and in his early 20s moved to Melbourne and was hired as the lead guitarist for the Dutch Tilders. In 1993 Geoff formed his own band and began touring internationally. He won the Albert King Award in 1995 and by 2008 made the Guitar Player Magazine’s Top Ten Hottest New Guitarists list. Now an internationally acclaimed singer, guitarist and

62 | Event On my mind songwriter, Geoff believes in, “Playing with a certain freedom of spirit and going with the moment.” Broderick Smith sings, plays the harmonica, guitar and writes his own material. In 1962 he started playing folk and blues music and joined the legendary Adderly Smith Blues band. His first real taste of touring was in 1972 with a boogie and blues band called Carson and he released his first commercially recorded work the same year. The next year Broderick helped form the legendary country music rock group The Dingoes, whose aim was to blend bush music with rhythm and blues. In 1978 he formed the Big Combo band and has released 15 albums, and recorded with stars like Cat Stevens and Jimmy Barnes.

But Wait, There’s More…


lues Boot Camp is designed for students from year six and up, with an intermediate ability level for instrumentalists and a beginner to intermediate level for vocalists. Students with learning difficulties are encouraged to attend. Bring your own instruments although drum kits, amps, P.A systems and microphones will be provided.

Event | 63

Fast Facts What: E  chuca-Moama Winter Blues Festival Where: V  arious venues throughout Echuca- Moama When: Thursday 27 to Sunday 30 of July. Why: W  ith over 40 Roots and Blues performers including the crème of the crop, why wouldn’t you? Ticket Prices: • Most events are free • Tickets to the Festival Wrap Party will be available at the merchandise stand opposite the High St Getting There: The towns of Echuca and Moama are 214 km north of Melbourne on the Northern Highway

Camping: There is a huge range of camping opportunities in the area, with free camping sites by the river and in the State Forest, plus cheap accommodation at the Rotary Park or a number of caravan parks. Book or get in early though as accommodation will fill up fast. Facilities for the Disabled: Most of venues are disability friendly and Echuca Council has a mobility map available showing accessible toilets, disabled parking and more. Further Information Tickets sales and event organiser: Peter Williams 0427 083 286 W: winterblues.com.au F: facebook.com/winterbluesfestival

64 | Mobile Tech

Get In the Game! Be it AFL, NRL or Netball, Telstra has a winning deal for sport lovers Australia-wide‌ By Emily Barker

Mobile Tech | 65


s the weather cools down the footy season heats up and regardless of which code you follow, if you’re a hardened fan, missing a game is just out of the question. For those on the road it can be a logistically tricky exercise ensuring you are close enough to a location with reception or a suitable viewing venue on game day. For some, this might even shape their travel route, adding a level of restraint that can detract from the general ‘freedom of the road’. Now, imagine if you could watch every game live and free in the comfort of your own motorhome, without the constraints of expensive subscriptions and/or data restrictions? Well, I’ve got good news for Telstra customers! Since the giant telco renewed its sponsorship with the NRL and AFL in a record-breaking mobile broadcasting and naming rights deal, it has brought with it a digital evolution that is taking customers to the next level in mobile sporting experiences.

Disruptive technology is a new term used to describe the effects of technological innovation on an existing market. Great examples include Uber and Air B&B, which have created significant shifts within the transport and accommodation industries. Telstra’s new sports apps might not create quite as much ‘disruption’, but they certainly have the potential to significantly alter the way audiences view and interact with their game/s of choice. In addition to live streaming each of every game for both football codes and netball, users can access a host of additional content including match highlights, replays, interviews, professional insights, live statistics and team and player profiles. In fact, there is an entire suite of apps available! Following in the footsteps of the NFL and NBA, Telstra has created club-specific apps for NRL and AFL teams, providing fans with access to membership and ticketing, and behind-thescenes content and offers.

66 | Mobile Tech

Telstra post-paid mobile customers have free and full access, entitling them data-allowancefree live streams of all AFL and NRL games on their mobile devices via the apps when connected to Telstra’s 3G or 4G network. The Netball Live app for mobile devices also includes data-free live matches, stats and replays of all four matches, plus behind-thescenes videos. Non-Telstra customers can also access these apps with a 12-month live subscription for $99.99, or weekly live passes for $3.99.

Available for Android, iOS and Windows mobile devices, these apps provide exclusive content. Channel Seven only broadcasts three or four live AFL matches on free to air TV each round, leaving supporters of the less powerful clubs in the lurch unless they have access to Foxtel. Similarly, games will not be available on Seven’s and Nine’s Freeview streaming apps due to the exclusive mobile digital rights owned by Telstra. Channel Nine is also set to lose more live NRL games in 2018 as part of the new Seven, Foxtel and Telstra deal. In addition to the primary premiership matches, you can also view other series matches including, in the case of the NRL, State of Origin, Auckland 9s and All Stars matches. In AFL you’ll have additional access

Mobile Tech | 67 to the Women’s AFL and the fantasy League, plus a host of features including Mars-Matchups and live news announcements. The apps themselves are as you would expect from such a large industry leader. Their layout and design is professional and easy to navigate, with quite a lot of content to be discovered. Depending on your level of involvement and interest it can pay to have a thorough browse through all the options to tailor the apps to your specific needs. The future of such sporting apps seems certain and it’s an area of growth sponsors are cultivating carefully and investing in significantly. Whether or not

Telstra will continue to offer its customers this complimentary data-free subscription beyond 2017 is, however, yet to be confirmed.

68 | What’s On?

What's On? Our new, ongoing round-up of events across Australia for the next three months. From food and wine festivals to music of all types, arts, crafts and more, there’s something for you somewhere, so get planning and get out there!


June 2- 4 – Yalboroo: Happy Dayze Festival. A community based alternative lifestyle gathering focused on music, art, family and the outdoors. Experience an energetic combination of live entertainment, workshops and classes designed to bring you joy and wellness. 3 – Maryborough: Relish Fraser Coast. A delicious feast of culture and cuisine serving up celebrity chefs, gourmet tastings, cooking workshops, live music and art. Learn from talented chefs who proudly showcase the region with every dish.

4 – Townsville: Townsville Eco Fiesta. An annual free and inclusive event that encourages the community to become more environmentally and wide range of exhibitors, entertainment, ideas and inspiration! 5-11 – Maryborough: Sunshine State Classic Country Music Stampede. A weeklong celebration of country music. Held indoors, this all-weather event is open to all ages and features a range of invited artists and walk-up performers. 7-11 – Coolangatta: Cooly Rocks On 50s and 60s Nostalgia Festival. An annual celebration

What’s On? | 69 of everything 50s and 60s. Music, dancing, cars, nostalgia and good old-fashioned family fun are all on the program, plus the iconic Cooly Rocks On street parade. 17-18 – Jondaryan: Queensland Fiery Food Festival. How hot do you like it? Experience a brand new festival dedicated to exploring and showcasing fiery food producers and their products. A weekend of hot and spicy foods, live entertainment and more! 20-22 – Winton: Outback Writers’ Festival. An event for booklovers of all ages and held in iconic Winton, home of Waltzing Matilda. Writers and readers come together to celebrate and exchange the telling of outback Australian stories. Hear award-winning and best-selling authors tell of their trials and tribulations of writing and successful publishing. 23-2 July – Maryborough: Mary Poppins Festival. A 2 week program with Maryborough’s heritage streetscapes transformed into scenes from the Poppins novels. The signature event is the Mary Poppins Festival Day in the Park, featuring a range of live themed entertainment. 23-30 – Winton: The Vision Splendid Outback Film Festival. Held over 9 days & featuring 30 films, this festival is like no other. Celebrating Australian film and culture under the stars, it combines a program of classic and contemporary Australian films with special events, conversations and masterclasses with film makers, directors, actors and actresses, a kids club and special events.

traditional dancers. Located in remote Cape York Peninsula, the festival Highlights and celebrates the many diverse communities, languages, songs, dances and stories of the region. Come along to share, respect, and celebrate our unity as a nation. Witness the passing on of culture across the generations, along with showcasing the strength, pride and uniqueness of Aboriginal people. 30 – Charleville: Half Way There - Charleville Shindig. On your way to the Big Red Bash and need somewhere to overnight? Call in at Charleville and enjoy a street party with food stalls and a whole lot more! 30-2 – Cloncurry: Rockhana Gem and Mineral Festival. Experience a little outback hospitality with this iconic and unique festival celebrating the rich gem deposits of central Queensland. In addition to gem and mineral displays enjoy live entertainment, kids activities and markets. 30-2 – Stanthorpe: Snowflakes in Stanthorpe. Experience a winter festival in rural Queensland! Held over 3 magical winter themed days at the Stanthorpe ‘Snowgrounds,’ featuring a massive snowfield, ice-skating rink, market stalls, food, wine, vintage cars & live entertainment!

July 1 – Aratula: Scenic Rim Winter Harvest Festival. Part of Eat Local Week; experience an authentic food festival showcasing the delicious array of food and wine produced in the Scenic Rim.

24-2 – Beaudesert, Scenic Rim Eat Local Week. A delicious showcase of local food, wine and speciality gourmet products from local farmers and producers. Held throughout various locations around the Scenic Rim region, just one hour’s drive from Brisbane.

1 – Quilpie: Outback Fringe Festival. Attracting performers and artists from across Australia, hosting demonstrations and workshops exploring new skills and mediums. Busking, live music, shearing, food and drink, stalls and much more await at the Outback Fringe Festival.

26-2 – St George: St George Yellowbelly Country Music and Poets Festival. An annual week-long celebration of country music, bush poetry, food, drink, camping, fishing, friends and country hospitality.

1 – Stanthorpe: Snowflakes in Stanthorpe. A winter based biannual festival in the coldest town in Queensland. Get a snow based experience including a snowfield, ice skating rink, snow globes, snowmen and snowflakes, markets, food and entertainment!

30-2 – Laura: Cape York Laura Aboriginal Dance Festival. Held only once every two years this is a unique gathering of local and international

1 – North Stradbroke Island: Quandamooka Festival. An annual festival spanning three-

70 | What’s On? months of events from July to September 2017, celebrating the culture, country and people of the Quandamooka region. 4-6 – Birdsville: Big Red Bash. There’s nothing quite like it! Voted Australia’s favourite event at the 2016 Australian event awards. Camp in the Simpson Desert for three days of music from some of Australia’s best-loved country and rock musicians. Plus plenty of family friendly entertainment, including desert drag races and indigenous craft workshops. 7-9 – Brisbane: Vive Le Festival – Brisbane French Festival. Celebrate Bastille Day at the South Bank Cultural Forecourt and immerse yourself in an authentic French experience. Eat French, drink French, sing in French, speak French and feel French for a week-end. 7-9 – Nambour: Queensland Garden Expo. A three day celebration showcasing the best of subtropical gardening. Over 360 exhibits, lectures and demonstrations including display gardens, great food, entertainment and a range of free children’s activities. 8-9 – Caboolture: Abbey Medieval Festival. Experience a place where history and fantasy merge into a tangible medieval wonderland. Hosted by the Abbey Museum, history is about to come to life! 7-16 – Bundaberg: Winterfeast. A ten day celebration of the Bundaberg region, its produce, producers, residents and the ever-growing and delicious culinary tourism attractions of the area. 7-16 – Surfers Paradise: Viva Surfers Paradise. Take a step back in time as the best tribute artists from around the world gather in one location to bring back the music of yesteryear. Highlights include Rock ‘n’ roll dancing, vintage car show ‘n’ shine, annual renewal of vows ceremony and the ever-popular Ultimate Elvis Tribute Artist Contest!

7-16 – Mackay: Mackay Festival of Arts. A 10 day program celebrating the Mackay region, its people and produce. Experience a wide variety of visual arts, music, theatre, family events, food and wine and much more. 14-16 – Rockhampton: Rockhampton River Festival. A three day festival celebrating the mighty Rockhampton River. With a theme of ‘River Revived’ explore this age old place to celebrate, create, congregate and consume. 14-17 – Cairns: Cairns Indigenous Art Fair. Far North Queensland is home to a rich, thriving and diverse range of Indigenous cultures. Come celebrate this vibrant community with cultural dance and music performances, artist and industry talks, art workshops and film screenings. 15-16 – Brisbane: Regional Flavours. South Bank’s signature food and lifestyle event. Held in the picturesque South Bank Parklands, featuring free entertainment, celebrity chefs and fresh produce from more than 80 of Queensland’s best providores. 15-16 – Biloela: Seventeenth Annual Old Wheels in Motion Rally. Celebrate the nation’s glorious past and the pioneering spirit of Australians as the Callide Dawson Machinery Preservation Club Inc. showcases vintages machines and collectables. 21-30 – Noosa: Noosa Long Weekend presents Noosa alive. Ten incredible days and nights, presenting the best of the best in terms of artists, performers, authors, visual arts, film, food and fun! 2017 festival will be better than any previous year, with something for all ages, tastes and price ranges on offer. 20-30 – Warwick: Jumpers and Jazz in July. Known as Queensland’s ‘Quirkiest’ festival, its ten days of great music, great food … yarn bombing and tree jumpers! It just has to be seen to be believed! 22 – Killarney: Killarney Bonfire Night. Ignite the night with fires, fireworks, and food. Giant dragons, ships, fiery devils, and flaming 44 gallon drums, the Killarney community create glowing wonders to delight the young and young at heart this winter!

What’s On? | 71 22 – Jimbour: Opera at Jimbour. Join Western Downs to witness the majesty that is Opera at Jimbour. In partnership with Western Downs Regional Council, the Queensland Music Festival will once again delight audiences with food, wine, and opera. 28-30 – Point Lookout: Stradbroke Chamber Music Festival. At the 10th Stradbroke Chamber Music Festival world-class musicians play chamber music masterpieces at intimate venues in the magnificent natural setting of North Stradbroke Island. 29-30 – Childers: Childers Festival. The only festival to shut down the mighty Bruce Highway! Two days of live music, fantastic food, market stalls and spectacular entertainment. 28-6 – Townsville: Pop Up North Queensland. Experience Townsville’s tropics transformed into a bustling hub of creativity as artists and other creatives take over public spaces for exhibitions, workshops and interactive displays.

28-30 – Gold Coast: Gold Coast Midyear Caravan, Camping Expo Plus Home and Outdoor Living Ideas. Browse a huge range of the latest caravans, camper trailers, motorhomes, 5th wheelers, vehicles, camping gear and accessories. Add in a home and lifestyle show and it’s a weekend not to be missed! 28-30 – Broadbeach: Broadbeach Country Music Festival. A free beachside event featuring some of the biggest names in Australian country music, headlined by internationally renowned band America.

AUGUST 3-6 – Arlie Beach: Whitsunday Reef Festival. Celebrate the reef, the Whitsundays lifestyle and winter in the tropics. Four days of fun and festivities! 4-6 – Tara: Tara Festival of Culture and Camel Races. You’ll be hard pressed to find a more authentic Outback experience than this! 5-6 – Ingham: Australian Italian Festival. A two day carnival held to celebrate the Italian heritage of the area! 9-13 – Townsville: Townsville Cultural Fest. A unique community festival showcasing the diversity of Australian music, food, arts and culture.

28-5 – Townsville: Australian Festival of Chamber Music. Presenting the finest musicians from around the world in a wonderfully unique and innovative nine day program of 30 concerts set in the tropical warmth of Townsville, North Queensland. 29 – Caloundra: Caloundra Quilt Show. With a theme of ‘Circle of Friendship’ prepare for an impressive display of quilts from the Caloundra Arts Centre Association. Featuring various designs and techniques, both traditional and contemporary, large and small. 29-30 – Mackay: Mackay Big Boys Toys Expo. With an emphasis on supporting local business this year’s show is set to be bigger, faster and louder than ever!

10-13 – The Gemfields: Gemfest - Festival of Gems. Enjoy a full program of celebrations including live entertainment, street theatre and fireworks. 11-13 – Port Douglas: Taste Port Douglas. Far North Queensland’s annual premier food, beverage and restaurant festival. Celebrate the food and lifestyle of Tropical North Queensland with the best chefs and industry experts in Australia. 19 – Sarina: Sarina Beach Coconut Festival. Experience a tropical celebration featuring international kite flyers, camel rides, tropical market stalls and delicious food. 24-27 – Gympie: Gympie Music Muster. Renowned as Australia’s favourite outdoor country music and camping festival. Don’t miss it!

72 | What’s On? 25 Aug-3 Sep – Cairns: Cairns Festival. A vibrant, progressive and collaborative arts and cultural festival delivering the region’s unique stories and celebrating the distinctive tropical lifestyle.

25-27 – Cunnamulla: Cunnamulla Fella Festival. An annual three day festival showcasing the best of the Outback lifestyle. For more Queensland events click here!


June 2-11 – Port Macquarie: Hello Koala Festival. A new annual 10 day event focused on Australia’s most iconic animal. Offers an exciting program of creative events and activities for all ages encompassing the June Long Weekend. Check it out for all the details!

1-4 – Wingham: Bonnie Wingham Scottish Festival. 4 days of festivities celebrating the region’s rich Scottish heritage. With an action packed programme, clans from all over the country descend on the town of Wingham to enjoy a variety of traditional and themed events. 8-12 – Grenfell: Henry Lawson Festival of Arts. Celebrating Grenfell’s most famous son, Henry Lawson, and in its 60th year, this festival is one not to be missed! Enjoy a family weekend of entertainment and arts with something for everyone. Includes national competitions and exhibitions in verse, short story, photography, art, and even porcelain. 8-12 – Port Stephens: Blue Water Country and Blues Music Festival. Held in various locations and including a premier line-up of established country music artists. Enjoy free entertainment all weekend with great named acts and some of Country Music’s rising stars! 9-12 – Perisher Valley: Peak Festival Perisher. Celebrating the opening weekend of the 2017 snow season, the Peak Festival features 4 days of concerts held in several unique venues throughout the Perisher snowfields! 9-12 – Hay: Hay Mini Nationals. An annual event celebrating its 50th anniversary. Mini enthusiasts bring their vehicles from all over Australia to attend this event and Say “G’day” to Hay in their own special way! 9-12 – Brunswick Heads: Old and Gold Festival. Discover collectables, antiques and abundant second hand treasures. With 4 fairs and over 80 garage sales, environmental displays and activities, there’s something for everyone! 9-11 – Denman: Rosto Merriwa Festival of the Fleeces. Experience a unique Australian festival celebrating local produce, producers and the country lifestyle. The highlight is the Rosto Olives Running of the Sheep, with over 200 sheep wearing red woollen socks. Beauty Narelle!

10 – Taree: EnviroFair. A community event held 3 – Lennox Heads: Love Lennox Festival. Come annually to raise awareness about environmental protection and the local environment. Enjoy a funjoin in the celebrations of a proud community! filled family day of entertainment featuring music, Designed to showcase and recognise the local region, it’s a street party with a festival atmosphere. dancing and performance artists, food stalls, innovative market stalls and more.

What’s On? | 73 10 – Moree: Talmoi Picnic Races. The final leg of the Golden Triangle Bush Races, the Talmoi Picnic Races are set to be huge this year. One of Australia’s oldest picnic race meetings is celebrating a century of racing. Come and join in the fun!

Princes Hig hway


Rd. ale






BERRY Coolang Rd.

. Moss Vale Rd

Bugong Rd.


a t res d. R



5 7 6




Beach Rd.




Illar 8 oo R




17-18 – Pokolbin: Cheese Lovers Festival. This 2-day festival pays ‘homage to fromage’ in its all flavours, textures and forms. With a range of ‘cheesy’ competitions, live entertainment and beer, wine and cheese workshops, there’s sure to be something for everyone.


43B Scotts Road (off Upper Kangaroo River Rd), Kangaroo Valley 2577


12 – Walla Walla: Walla Walla Show N Shine and Swap Meet. Whether you are a car enthusiast, bargain hunter or just looking for a great day out, the Walla Walla Swap Meet and Show n Shine will have something for you!









Mo ss V

Rd. Scan z i Mt

Riv per K er angaroo Rd .




Shoalhaven Coast


10-12 – Jervis Bay/Shoalhaven: Shoalhaven Coast Winter Wine Festival. Held over three days this wine extravaganza includes fine food, winemakers’ dinners, market stalls, wine education talks, vineyard tours and so much more.

music, great company and delicious champagne!

02 4465 1165

2. ROSELEA VINEYARD 310 Princes Hwy, Gerringong 2534 www.roseleavineyard.com.au 02 4234 0340


17-18 – Grenfell: Weddin Workshop Weekend. Celebrate Henry Lawson’s 150th birthday and the 60th Henry Lawson Festival of Arts. Offering a huge range of workshops including story writing, drama, weaving, photography, lead lighting, painting, singing, verse and more!

11 Willowvale Road, Gerringong, 2534

17-18 – Avoca Beach: Central Coast Craft Beer and Cider Festival. In its 5th year this festival showcases a huge variety of craft beer and cider 10-13 – Corowa: Country Music Roundup. Enjoy a free weekend of live country music. With 3 varieties. Beer enthusiasts, cider connoisseurs, stages playing live music throughout the June long craft novices, and home brewers can come along weekend, the Corowa RSL Club comes alive to the and discover their new favourite brew! sound of country music! 24 – Katoomba: Winter Magic Festival. Local artists, musicians, dancers, drummers, choirs and 11 – Kempsey: South West Rocks Running stalls take over the town and transform it into a Festival. Formally the Macleay River Marathon, ‘magical’ world of fun and community spirit. Come the running festival is celebrating its 35th year. celebrate and enjoy the wonderful world of winter. It’s a scenic riverside run along the banks of the beautiful Macleay River and all proceeds go to local charities and community groups. NOWRA


Cellar Door

www.crookedriverwines.com 02 4234 0975

Princes Highway

al Rd. Yalw

4. SILOS ESTATE & WILEYS CREEK B640 Princes Hwy, Berry 2535




02 4448 6082

BBQ Facilities Mini-bus


Coaches & Mini-buses


Disabled Facilities


11 Coolangatta Road, Shoalhaven Heads 2535


Wine Tours

www.mountainridgewines.com 02 4448 5825

Restaurant / Cafe

Prin ces Hig hw ay

Accommodation Gallery

6. COOLANGATTA ESTATE 1335 Bolong Road, Shoalhaven Heads 2535


www.coolangattaestate.com.au 02 4448 7131




















www.twofigs.com.au 02 4448 5003

8. CAMBEWARRA ESTATE 520 Illaroo Road, Bangalee 2541

www.cambewarraestate.com.au 02 4446 0170


58 Washburton Road (off Slaughterhouse Road) Milton/Ulladulla




Cnr Bolong & Back Forest Roads, Shoalhaven Heads 2535


02 4455 7888


11-12 – Coonamble: Coonamble Rodeo and www.shoalhavencoastwine.com. au 60 years this is Campdraft. Running for over the largest combined Rodeo/Campdraft in the Southern Hemisphere. Over a thousand cowboys and girls, and 4000 spectators transform the showground into an explosion of riding action. 226 Bawley Point Road, Bawley Point 2539

For further information

www.bawleyvale.estate 02 4457 2555

11 – Cowra: Queen’s Birthday Bonfire and Fireworks Spectacular. Celebrate the Queen’s birthday with a huge bonfire and spectacular fireworks display! With live entertainment for both young and old, it’ll be a crackling good time! 11 – Thredbo: Thredbo Long Lunch. Celebrating the opening of the ski season, the Village Square transforms into a dining room for an afternoon of celebrations, with an alpine styled buffet menu, live

24 – Lismore: Lismore Lantern Parade Festival. An annual festival held on or around the longest night of the year: the Winter Solstice. It celebrates art and nature with arts, crafts, workshops, regional cuisine, a spectacular parade, lanterns, parade bands, street theatre, music, carnival dancers, illuminated puppets, fire art and pyrotechnics!

74 | What’s On? 24-25 – Gunning: Gunning Patchwork Weekend. Held each year on the last weekend in June, and timed to break the monotony of winter. Welcomes beginners and experts alike with good food, fun and friendships as well as high quality tutorials! 4-24 – Lovedale: Hunter Valley Wine Festival. Set to be the biggest on record the festival brings together the region’s best wineries, along with beer and cider tastings, and fine local food and entertainment in a family-friendly atmosphere. 30-2 – Ballina: Ballina Fine Wine and Food Festival. Presenting 3 events over 3 days and showcasing the best produce, products, restaurants, culinary expertise and entertainment the region has to offer, along with premium wines, craft beer, cider and spirits.

July 30-2 – Ballina: Ballina Fine Wine and Food Festival. With a taste to suit every palate, come and enjoy a celebration of the best produce, products, restaurants, culinary expertise and entertainment the region has to offer, along with premium wines, craft beer, cider and spirits. 1 – Sawtell: Sawtell Chilli Festival. Turn up the heat a little and sample a wide range of chillirelated foods and products, take part in fun activities and competitions and be entertained by live music, dancing, cooking and other performances. 1 - Scone: Aberdeen Highland Games. Run in conjunction with the Scottish Australia Heritage Council’s Heritage Week experience food stalls, events and live entertainment representing traditional Celtic culture and recreation.

1-3 – Wauchope: Timbertown Annual Steam Fair. Celebrating 40 years of Timbertown! The annual fair features steam vehicles including steam trains, boats, traction engines and engines galore. See rare trades demonstrations and much more. 2-16 – Bathurst: Bathurst Winter Festival. A two week event embracing the distinct seasonality of the region and celebrating the significant cultural heritage of Australia’s oldest European inland settlement. 6-9 – Tamworth: Hats Off To Country Music Festival. Tamworth’s mid-year country music festival. With over 100 artists performing at free and ticketed events, it’s Australia’s coolest winter country music festival! 7-9 – Lismore: Outdoor Leisure Show. Formerly the 4WD, Caravan, Camping and Marine Show. Plenty on offer for all outdoor and adventure lovers! 8 – Taree: Stroud International Brick and Rolling Pin Throwing Contest. Old fashioned fun complete with plenty of live entertainment, good food and friendly faces!

9 – The Entrance: Winter Blues and Jazz Festival. Enjoy free live Blues and Jazz entertainment from some of Australia’s best known artists. 14-15 – Mudgee: Mudgee Small Farm Field Days. Celebrating its 40th anniversary, join in the celebrations as the country shows off its core values of Innovation and Sustainability. Plenty of free on-site demonstrations, livestock information, new products, lectures and displays of historical interest. 15-17 – Berry: Winter Orchid Show. The Annual Winter Orchid Show for the Shoalhaven Orchid Society is expected to feature a spectacular display of hundreds of flowering orchids from growers throughout the region.

What’s On? | 75 15-16 – Casino: Heritage Weekend. Heavy horses working with traditional equipment, ploughing demonstrations and vintage tractor display, spend the day or the whole weekend looking into the history of the heavy horse and machinery. 16 – Pokolbin: Winery Running Festival. Wine and marathons are not a classic combination, but this festival will have you rethinking this union! 27-30 – Lightning Ridge: Lightning Ridge Opal Festival. A four day celebration of opal with an action packed program of free events including displays, competitions and live entertainment. 29 – Casino: Quota Art, Craft and Quilt Fair. Have fun and help raise money for a great cause! Craft lovers will delight at the range of styles and practices on display. 29 – Woolgoolga: Taste Woolgoolga Bar and Grill Fest. A winter food festival held in the name of beer and flame! 29 – Grafton: Glenreagh Timber Festival. All the fun, thrill and spectacular of a traditional country fair complete with woodchop, sheepdog trial demos, blacksmithing, post splitting, sleeper cutting and timber crafting! 30-31 – Nowra: Nowra Chilli and Chocolate Festival. Spice up your winter with a hot combination of chilli and chocolate! A full day of fun, food and entertainment!

AUGUST 1-31 – Nelson Bay: Love Seafood. A month long celebration of fresh and delicious Port Stephens Seafood and the people who catch it. 3-6 – Wentworth Falls: Annual Blue Mountains Elvis Festival. Held throughout various venues, this is one not-to-be-missed tribute festival! 12-13 – The Entrance: Central Coast Country Music Festival. Enjoy a weekend of country music by the seaside. 12-13 – Maitland: Coffee and Chocolate Festival. Ward off the winter chill with a festival dedicated to some of the finer things in life! 18-20 – Grafton: Clarence Valley Camp Oven Festival. A feast for all the senses celebrating the outdoor lifestyle, natural environment and good old fashioned family fun. 25-27 – Newcastle: Newcastle Jazz Festival. Catch local and interstate musicians performing at one of Australia’s best jazz festivals! For more New South Wales events click here!


June 1 - Ventnor: Phillip Island Small Farm and Lifestyle Expo. Showcasing the very best of rural and leisure life, take a sneak peek into the world of small scale farming and the country lifestyle that the region offers. 2-11 – Melbourne: Melbourne International Jazz Festival. An annual, world-class jazz festival held in concert halls, arts venues, jazz clubs and throughout the streets of Melbourne. Celebrate as the city comes alive with the spirit of jazz!

30-31 – Paterson: Peek into the Past. Tocal Homestead comes alive with the sights and sounds (and smells) of yesteryear. It is a wonderful old fashioned day out for all the family.

9-12 – Portarlington: National Celtic Festival of Australia. Experience Australia’s largest and most diverse celebration of Celtic music and culture. Enjoy Celtic music of the highest quality, from

76 | What’s On? traditional to contemporary styles and much more besides! 10-11 – King Valley: Weekend Fit For a King Wine & Food Festival. Showcasing the King Valley and its Italian heritage with local and seasonal homemade food, hospitality and fine wines. Indulge in unique cellar door experiences, live entertainment and genuine hospitality! 10-12 – Heathcote: Heathcote on Show. Showcasing the region, its producers and products. Enjoy a weekend of fine wine, food and fun! Expect a warm welcome, red wines, vertical tastings, winery dinners, long lunches, masterclasses, music, vintage launches, and much more! 10-12 – Glenrowan: Trails, Tastings and Tales Food and Wine Festival. Celebrate the Queen’s birthday in gastronomic style with this deliciously decadent festival showcasing the spectacular High Country.

Festival. Celebrating the French national day with the best of French culture. Featuring French products and food, conferences, films, art exhibition, live performances, masterclasses, a kids’ area and great raffle prizes to be won. 16-17 – North Carlton: Top Shelf Boutique Drinks Festival. The Australian Drinks Festival is a one-of-a-kind event combining fun, education and free sampling of premium beers, wines and spirits. 22 – Bendigo: Collectables fair. Hosted by the Bendigo Coin and Collectables Club Inc. come and browse a huge range of antique and collectables! 22 – Melbourne: Barossa, Be Consumed. Immerse yourself into the food, culture, history and character of what makes up the incredible Barossa region. Think wine, food, drinks, conversations, culture and tourism promotions run throughout the day.

11- Rutherglen: Rutherglen Rotary Country Fair. Experience true hospitality with this classic country fair. With over 300 stallholders offering a variety of local produce, craft and food, a traditional grape stomp and barrel rolling competition, and plenty of fun and festivities. 23-25 – Rushworth: Waranga Winter Film Festival. Held at the Rushworth Shire Hall utilising vintage drive in theatre equipment. Experience a winter weekend of film wonders! 25 – Melbourne: Italian Wine and Food Festival. Celebrating Italian wine & food culture in Australia with traditional artisans, quality wineries, renowned chefs and personalities. Explore Italian wines taste food, coffee and beer, plus feast on authentic Italian pizza, pasta and snacks. 23-25 – Kilmore: Kilmore Celtic Festival. A winter festival of music and dance held in tribute to Kilmore’s early Celtic settlers. One of the many great Celtic Festivals in Australia, it includes folk and Celtic music, markets, musical instrument workshops and dance.

July 15-16 – Melbourne: Bastille Day French

AUGUST 4 – Daylesford: Words in Winter. A celebration of stories and ideas shared by local and visiting presenters through performance, music, storytellers, authors, comedy, poetry, talks, workshops, and exhibitions. 12-13 – Beechworth: Beechworth the Golden Hills Festival. A full scale living history display featuring 13 individual re-enactment groups! 11-13 – Bendigo: Bendigo Writers Festival. Enjoy a warm winter weekend of writing, debates and discussions! 3-20 – Melbourne: Melbourne International Film Festival. One of the oldest film festivals in the world and the most significant screen event in Australia!

What’s On? | 77 19 – Mount Waverly: Camellia & Garden Show 2017. Celebrate the beauty of these incredible winter flowers with this warm in-door horticulture event. For more Victorian events click here!


June 9-24 – Adelaide: Adelaide Cabaret Festival. A major event in the international and Australian arts calendar. The Festival has garnered a reputation of highlighting the best local, national and international artists through an eclectic program of classic & contemporary performances.

July 10 – Port Augusta: Port Augusta Cup Day. The Port Augusta Racing Club has been hosting events since 1881 and everyone is invited to enjoy its annual cup meeting. 8-10 – Adelaide: Adelaide Beer and BBQ Festival 2017. The biggest showcase of South Australian, Australian and international beer and cider in the state with 50 exhibitors under the one roof. Together with some of South Australia’s, Australia’s and International best chefs cooking up a BBQ storm.

AUGUST 1-31 – Adelaide: SALA Festival. A month long annual celebration of South Australian living visual artists. With thousands of artists exhibiting in hundreds of venues throughout metropolitan and regional South Australia. For more South Australian events click here!


June 30-16 – Derby: Derby Boab Festival. Two weeks of unique and varied events to celebrate the Kimberley lifestyle and culture. Experience magnificent scenery, awesome tides, friendly locals, aboriginal art and culture, live music, fine food and feel part of a vibrant community. 2-5 – Leonora: Golden Gift Carnival. See a small town transformed by elite athletes competing for a prize pool of over $50,000! Enjoy a festival themed 3 days packed with fun for all. Additional events include dirt track horse racing, fireworks, market stalls and live entertainment. 3-4 – Albany: Albany Classic Motor Event. This spectacle of historic motorsport presents a wide variety of cars from vintage wire wheels, postvintage and classics as well as open wheel racers and big cube muscle cars. 23-25 – Manjimup: Truffle Kerfuffle. The Truffle Kerfuffle offers a range of events including master classes, farmers markets, truffle hunts and farmers kitchen; various gourmet dining opportunities and a line-up of Australia’s most loved chefs.

July 15 – 7 Aug – Adelaide: Umbrella – Winter City Sounds. A new three-week celebration of live music presented by Music SA. Featuring all forms of live music from orchestras and choirs to cabaret, folk, hip hop, metal, pop, acoustic, punk, electronic and everything in between.

1 - Wilyabrup: South West Mudfest. Held at the Bootleg Brewery and with real mud guaranteed and a craft beer and meaty burger waiting for you at the finish line you are sure to have a muddy good time!

78 | What’s On? 7-9 – Perth: Stamp and Coin Show. Perth’s premier stamp and coin show now in its 6th successful year with 24 dealers, free valuations & free entry. Bringing together International, Interstate and local stamp, coin, banknote and postcard dealers. 14-23 – Margaret River: Cabin Fever Festival 2017. Experience chocolate, cheese and coffee appreciation, secret speakeasies, wine dinners, degustation menus, wine-fuelled crafts, bonfires, brews, live music and more. 16 – Broome: Broome International Airport Marathon. Held on Cable Beach the festival includes a variety of races including the 10.5 kilometre Matso’s Dash, the 21.1 kilometre Phoenix Fitness Half Marathon or the full 42.2 kilometre Broome International Airport Marathon.

4-6 – Northam: Avon Descent Festival. Spectate as Avon Descenters challenge the Avon and Swan rivers in a variety of paddle and power craft in an exciting 2-day time trial over 124 gruelling kilometres! 17-20 – Nannup: Nannup Flower and Garden Festival. A four day garden festival drawing inspiration from the South West landscape to spread the message to look after the planet and enjoy our gardens as ‘living sanctuaries’. 23-27 – Busselton: CinefestOZ Film Festival 2017. Celebrating Australian Film, the 10th annual CinefestOZ Film Festival showcases an extraordinary line-up of new and exciting films over five days. For more Western Australian events

click here!


June 9-12 – Bay Of Fires Winter Arts Festival. An annual festival celebrating the arts with 4 days of music, exhibitions, markets, films, artists & fire. The festival includes the Bay of Fires Art Prize, an arts market, film arts, and exciting events from White Sands to St Helens.

28-1 – Subiaco: Subiaco Theatre Festival 2017. Escape the winter gloom and head to Subiaco Arts Centre to see some of Perth’s most exciting independent theatre companies light up the stage.

AUGUST 4 – Bernard Park: Avon River Festival. Spectacular opening ceremony of the Avon Descent race. Includes live entertainment and plenty of atmosphere!

8-21 – Hobart: Dark Mofo. Mona’s midwinter festival, Dark Mofo is an annual pilgrimage south celebrating the dark through large-scale public art, food, film, music, light and noise. Highlights include major exhibitions at Mona and the Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery, a public art playground at Dark Park, international music shows at The Odeon Theatre, MAC2 and Federation Concert Hall, the annual City of Hobart Dark Mofo Winter Feast, and the Nude Solstice Swim!

What’s On? | 79 24 – Georgetown: Steampunk Tasmania Festival. Steampunk Tasmania Festival aims to create a playful integration of George Town’s seemingly disparate cultures of industry and heritage, delivering a distinctive, out of this world steampunk experience!

13 – Latrobe: Chocolate Winterfest. A wickedly delicious festival celebrating all-things chocolate!



7 - Launceston: Starry Starry Night Niche. A snuggly Winter’s outing, where music and friends come together for Tasmania’s favourite artisan market, Niche. Yummy winter knits, wraps, scarves and quilts alongside some of our finest jewellers and artists. 14-16 - Huon Valley: Huon Valley Mid-Winter Festival. This mid-winter festival has its roots in the ages-old tradition of scaring nasties out of cider apple trees. Kings, queens, processions, giving gifts to the trees, shouting, banging, fire and candlelight are all part of the tradition. Combined with abundant cider, entertainment and feastworthy food it’s a weekend not to be missed! 27-30 - Devonport: Devonport Jazz Festival. Tasmania’s only winter Jazz Festival! Enjoy four days of hot swinging Jazz to warm up your winter. Whether you prefer traditional, contemporary, swing, Latin or be-bop, you will find it all on offer at the Devonport Jazz Festival.

For more Tasmanian events click here!

June 9-12 – Alice Springs – Finke: Tatts Finke Desert Race. Described as the most fun you can have with a helmet on, the Tatts Finke Desert Race is an off road, multi terrain 2-day race for bikes, cars, buggies and quads through desert country from Alice Springs to the small Aputula (Finke) community. The “Finke” as it is commonly known, is one of the biggest annual sporting events in the Northern Territory, with the reputation of being one of the most difficult off-road courses in one of the most remote places in the world. 23-26 – Alice Springs: Alice Springs Beanie Festival. Originally organised as a market to sell beanies crocheted by Aboriginal women in remote communities. It has blossomed into a celebration of art, artists and community values, promoting women’s culture and the humble beanie as a regional art form. 9-11 – Barunga: Barunga Festival. An important and long running community festival. This festival hosts music, sport, traditional arts and cultural activities. Showcases the Katherine region and supports & celebrates remote indigenous communities. It’s one not to be missed! 10-11 – Darwin: Greek Glenti. Experience the culture, food, wine, dance, music and contributions of Darwin’s significant Greek community at this fun and vibrant cultural festival.

AUGUST 4-13 – Hobart: Tasmanian Whisky Week. The perfect winter celebration, discover 10 days of industry events held across Tasmanian distilleries, bars, barns, stables, restaurants and hotels. Cheers!

17-19 – Pine Creek: Pine Creek Goldrush Festival. Join in as Pine Creek celebrates its rich gold rush history. A range of activities includes the art exhibition and prize night, ‘My Camp Oven Rules’ cooking competition, damper making, gold panning and more! 24-27 – Borroloola: Borroloola Show Day. You won’t get more remote than Borroloola! Aptly nicknamed the ‘WayOutBack’ agricultural show

80 | What’s On? it’s a true outback experience like no other! Bullriding and broncos, carnival rides and cookery competitions. Watch the locals kick up some dust as they kick up their heels!

July 1 – Darwin: Territory Day. One of the most spectacular events on the festival calendar. For one day only the Territory lights up in a rainbow of rockets, bangers and Roman candles as Territorians and visitors alike celebrate the anniversary of self-governance. 14-23 – Darwin: Darwin Fringe Festival. A vibrant ten-day festival that celebrates the creativity and diversity of Darwin’s artistic community. Showcasing music, theatre, dance, comedy, visual arts, film and more! 27-29 – Darwin: Royal Darwin Show. All the glitz glamour and traditional country fun associated with an agricultural show. The Royal Darwin Show is guaranteed to have something for everyone! 28 – Adelaide River: Rosella Festival. The 2017 festival is a great family day out celebrating everything to do with the Wild Rosella! Loads of handmade craft stalls, fresh seafood, second hand books, craft demonstrations, food and live entertainment.

29 – Darwin: Pesona Indonesia. Celebrating Darwin’s Indonesian community with a waterfront festival. Enjoy Indonesian music, dance and food. 29 – Darwin: Darwin Turf Club Gala Ball. One of Australia’s largest outdoor seated dinner events, beside the ocean, amidst tropical gardens and under the stars. The celebration is the perfect tribute to the cup carnival and typifies the ‘dry’ with a clear starry sky, flowing sparkling wine and a social season at fever pitch.

AUGUST 3-7 – Tenant Creek: Desert Harmony Festival. With a theme of Dreams and Dreaming, immerse yourself in Indigenous culture and experience the beauty of Outback Australia with 5 days of music,

What’s On? | 81 dance, art, film, food, theatre, workshops, tours, sports and cultural activities. 9-23 – Katherine: Katherine Festival. A vibrant celebration of art and culture, incorporating a variety of community events over two weeks. 10-27 – Darwin: Darwin Festival. Experience an 18-day celebration of music, theatre, visual art, dance, cabaret and more. Enjoy the festive atmosphere, delicious food and drink, and free performances at the heart of the arts - Festival Park - and at various venues across Darwin. 18 Aug-7 Sep – Alice Springs: Alice Desert Festival. A unique, arts inspired celebration of Central Inland Australia. 19 – Alice Springs: Rotary Henley-On-Todd Regatta. A proudly ‘mad cap’ event like no other: A boat race sans water! This event is the major annual fundraiser for the three local Rotary clubs in Alice Springs.


June 17 – Kingston: Winter Glass Market. The Winter Glass Market is a free full-day celebration of glass and glass-making, revealing the power of glass and light and featuring market stalls, activities, demonstrations and the Hindmarsh Prize exhibition.

July 9 – Kingston: Creative Fibre. Discover a huge range of handcrafted homewares, clothing and textiles. Be inspired by the originality of the region’s most talented textile artists showcasing and selling their work at this annual fair. June – August – Canberra Region: The Truffle Festival. The ultimate foodie festival. Held throughout winter this festival offers a range of events highlighting the rare black winter truffle!

AUGUST 25-27 – Canberra: Canberra Writers Festival. With a mixture of free and ticketed events ideal for young and old, this is a must -do if visiting Canberra this winter. Engage in an array of activities including conversation sessions, workshops to lunches and intimate dining events.

For more Northern Territory events click here!

For more ACT events click here!

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Project Polly returns after surgery to replace a rubbish roof hatch with something useful and modern. Plus, we’ll have details and prices of our Uralla Reader Weekend on 13-16 November and Taste of New Zealand escorted motorhome tour from 6 to19 November. Watch out for them, and watch out for us at the Brisbane Show! Issue 115 will be out on Saturday 1 July. Until then why not join our more than 32,000 Friends and followers on Twitter Facebook , Pinterest and Instagram ?

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• Open 9:30-6:00 daily (4:00 last day) • Parking: Costs, so take the free train! • Adults: $20 & Seniors: $15 • Kids: School age free with adult

• Open 9:00-5:00 daily (4:00 last day) • Parking: Free • Adults: $12 • Seniors: $10 • Kids: U16 free with adult

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Border Caravan Show Wodonga Racecourse Hamilton Smith Dr, Wodonga, Vic. 3690. • Open 9:00-5:00 daily (4:00 last day) • Parking: Free • Adults: $15 • Seniors: $11 • Kids: U16 free with adult

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