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ISSUE 113: MAY 2017

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Happy Birthday to Us!


his month marks five years since Issue 1 of iMotorhome rolled off the, um, never mind. Dare I say, “Who would have thought?” Sceptics said it would never work and it has certainly been a harder, slower slog than we thought/hoped/dreamed, but here we are heading into year six. Thanks for your support and encouragement, and thanks to our loyal advertisers who have stuck with us and made it all possible. It sounds clichéd I know, but we really couldn’t have done it without you! In 2012 I never would have thought that five years down the track we’d have just returned from our first escorted international motorhome tour or that we’d have iMotorhome New Zealand as a separate title. Never say never, I guess… Speaking of our first tour, what an adventure it was! This issue I’ve included a light hearted look at our travels down Route 66. Next issue, one of our travellers reports on the trip from their perspective, while Malcolm brings you a write-up of the 2017 model Minnie Winnies that served us so well. The tour was a ‘proof of concept’ tester that went so well I’m now working on our 14-day Taste of New Zealand tour from 6-19 November. Travelling across both islands it will be a taste of NZ in every respect; from a quick look at a wide range of cities, scenery and attractions, to some very special dining experiences centred on all-things NZ. Details are still being finalised – in fact I’m on the South Island for a week this month to fine tune things at that end – and I’m planning to release full details and pricing in our July issue. Watch out for them. The other event to watch out for is our next reader weekend, from 13-16 October. This year we’re heading to Uralla on the New England Highway (just south of Armidale) for a fun-filled long weekend exploring the life, exploits and demise of the famous bushranger Captain Thunderbolt. Of course, we’ll also be engaging in more than our fair

share of special wining and dining, which I’m sure the Captain would approve of! I know the CMCA Rally clashes – I chose the dates first! – but it will be great fun and as soon as details are confirmed I’ll release them. Still on the subject of tours, initial planning is also underway for our Route 66 adventure in 2018. We learned a lot this year and have plans to make next year’s tour even better – unbelievable, I know – and will be releasing details later this year. If you think you’d like to join us on any of these adventures drop a line to richard@imotorhome.com.au and I’ll put you on the advanced notice list. What’s in store for the next five years? More tours and/or more magazine titles perhaps – it’s all crystal ball gazing. All I know is never say never, and never sit still too long. Better to be a rolling stone than covered in moss. Happy birthday indeed!


Go Further. Stay Longer We listened, and built a long range, multi-terrain, touring motorhome. The Habitat is loaded with freedom finding features including a long range fuel tank, an extensive power system, increased water capacity, massive storage, higher ground clearance and a thoughtful security system.

The Habitat has arrived


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Barmera’s Big Gig!


here is a fantastic 10 day Country Music festival coming up in Barmera in the Riverland of South Australia on 2-12 June that would be ideal for motorhomers to visit, even if they don’t think they like country music. My favourite things are the impersonation and tribute shows, the hilarious Hoffmans and Dave Prior, the talented Bush Poets – especially Bob Magor and Jill Wherry – and just sitting relaxing with friends made over many years while being entertained for hours for little or no entry fee. With 90 shows spread over 10 days and 20 venues, it is the biggest country music festival in SA. Barmera is an RV Friendly town offering 4 nights for $5 per night at the Bruce Oval. This is walking distance to some of the venues, including the main street where there are buskers and a chuck wagon breakfast for $3 on Saturday 10 June followed by a sheep run (a precursor to the sheepdog trials!). The caravan parks have picturesque settings on Lake Bonney or the River Murray, and there is free camping nearby too. The Rocky Page Hall of Fame and Hands of Fame Park are in the main street near the Visitors Centre. On Saturday, inductees make their handprint on concrete guitars for the park and Archie Roach will be honoured this year. The Lake Bonney Holiday Park and the Cobdogla Caravan Park have heated marquees where performers entertain during the festival. Another great venue is the Lakeside Cafe overlooking Lake Bonney, with

free performances and great coffee and bakery treats. Shows are held in the Barmera Monash Football Club and the Cobby Club, both of which have dance floors. On Sunday 11 June the Spectacular will be held at the footy club to showcase the award-winning performers, and to judge the best overall winner – YEE HAW – is Penny Rogers (Kenny’s sister)! Cheers, Dianne

P.S. The attached photo is of the singing Chookman’s motorhome in the main street a few years ago. He travels with his chooks! How ironic, Dianne, that your letter about Barmera should coincide with this issue’s My Town feature. It certainly sounds like a happening place and I hope a swag of iMotorhome readers can make it up/down/across there! If I could I’d get there just to see Chookman – chicken drovers are pretty rare these days – and I hope you have a ball. For sharing all that information with us please accept this issue’s $50 prize, which will buy you a lot of chuck wagon breakfasts. Enjoy!

On your mind | 11

Costs and Calculations


really enjoy your iMag, something about the style and approach ‘clicks’ with me, a baby boomer cursed with being born under a wandering star! I Just returned from Europe after 3 months there and, having a particular interest in motorhomes, been looking at the offerings here. What struck me immediately is an issue that would certainly interest your readers, although it might well fit into the ‘biting the hand that feeds you’ category for your publication. Put simply, I can buy (as just one random example) and put on the road a brand new Swift Rio 340 2017 model in Europe for A$67,000 (excluding 20% VAT), whilst the identical vehicle imported into Australia has a ticket price of $135,000 (excluding GST). I know that the distributors of all brands of imported motorhomes in Australia will cite compliance issues, freight and so forth as the cause, but there must be much more to it than that. The chasm between prices in a highly competitive massive market in Europe and Britain (not to mention the USA) and Australia’s market can’t only be explained by compliance issues, surely? It must be the case that, for some reason, barriers to the entry of competitive overseas offerings have been erected on specious grounds to protect a tiny Australian industry. To suggest that hundreds of millions of Europeans, British (and Americans) know less than twenty million Australians about what characterises a quality motorhome is risible. Who has created this situation and how has it been allowed to continue? Where does our money go, and why? Peter, Beecroft

Thanks for your email and observations and yes, it’s a well known and frustrating issue. I guess the bottom line is profit, based on what a comparable locally produced vehicle sells for. The same situation exists in NZ, although to a lesser degree. However, there are other factors that eat into those seemingly vast profit margins. We are a small market – did you know last year only about 1150 new motorhomes and campervans were registered in Australia? All the businesses that import them have to prepay the vehicles and carry their costs through to sale in Australia. On top of that they have to pay Australian rates for transport, property leases, wages, advertising and all those other business-related expenses, plus carry parts and provide after sales service. Also, those Australian costs have to be amortised over a relative handful of sales. The Australian automotive industry has hidden behind trade barriers for decades, but that is changing with the end of manufacturing here this year. Eventually we will have to harmonise with the rest of the world and accept international standards, but whether that will reduce costs remains to be seen. Until then I, like you, can only look enviously at what’s available overseas. Even just over the Tasman Sea...

12 | On your mind

Bright Sparks


reat stuff with your Tesla story in issue 112! Australian media just doesn’t realise that this guy is totally changing the world all on his own. The new buzz word is “Disruption!” Do you know Hymer are working on the Sprinter unveiled at the Paris car show. It looks stunning! I just hope we live long enough to see all the changes. We have long ago paid our deposit on a Tesla Model 3 and of course a Powerwall. I’ve got a bit of a suspicion you have as well. Am I right? Just imagine us rocking up to Bunnings with the two Border Collies on the white upholstery and filling it up with wood! Ouch! I know it’s daft but I can’t wait, although we should be getting the SUV in case I cark it (78 and falling to bits)!

Great to hear you enjoyed the Tesla story. You’re right; the mainstream still don’t seem to get Elon (or don’t want to), but he’s a disruptor who’s going to be recognised by future generations as one of the most important individuals in modern history. Good to hear you have a Model 3 on the way! I don’t (just dreaming) but a neighbour collected his new Tesla Model X SUV the day we returned from our Route 66 adventure and it’s truly like something from Star Trek. Love the Bunnings idea and by the way, 78 is just a spring chicken!

Take care, Bob.

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14 | News



hil Patterson and Kelly Baker of Wanderlust Campers says the business has been inundated with enquiries of people wanting to buy RIB bed seats. Phil is listed on the manufacturer’s website as the only recommended supplier on the east coast of Australia and in light of the demand they have quickly pulled together a new parts website: www.camperparts.com.au. At the moment they are only offering RIB seats and approved swivels. However, they plan to add some other European parts as demand builds. To find out more visit the website or call Phil on 040 663 6632.



amec has released a new 3 kg top loading RV washing machine; the first to feature a hot wash option using just cold water. Measuring 820 mm tall x 470 mm wide x 465 mm deep and weighing in at 18 kg, the unit also features 6 wash program combinations and has high and low water level adjustment for varying load sizes. Water usage is 20 or 26-litres (low/high) and 240 volt power at 235 W (cold) and 1035 W (high) is required. It also comes with LED control lighting and an LED drum light so you can see what’s going on inside. Camec’s RRP is $449, but the CaravanRVCamping has it on special for $399.

News | 15



armin has released the RV-BBT601, which it says is a exciting new OEM infotainment system designed for RVs featuring best-in-class navigation plus audio powered by Fusion. It’s the first portable system of its kind and it can be easily removed and used to access/control features from anywhere in the RV. “An all-in-one infotainment solution for RV enthusiasts, the RV-BBT601 is loaded with RV-friendly features and boasts a compelling industrial design that’s beneficial for both the end-user and the installing manufacturer,” said Dan Bartel, Garmin vice president of global consumer sales. “We’re excited to bring leading Garmin navigation technology and FUSION entertainment expertise together in an integrated system that’s both feature-packed and easy to use.” The RV-BBT601 features an easy-to-read 6-inch touchscreen display with a magnetic mount so it can easily be docked for navigation

or undocked for remote use anywhere in the RV or for remote trip planning. For added convenience, the dock features quick-access media control buttons for easy and safe adjustment while driving. When docked, the RV-BBT601 will initialise an intuitive driving mode where drivers can easily access navigation, back-up camera, music and handsfree Bluetooth calling functionality. The RV-BBT601 features customised RV routing and users simply enter the applicable information and destination, and a route will be determined based on the height, weight, length and width of the vehicle. Doubling as both a navigator and an entertainment source, the RV-BBT601 will control the entertainment system of an RV with a four-zone AM/FM/ Bluetooth/USB system. When undocked, it also becomes a powerful wireless remote for the entertainment system. And thanks to its wireless connectivity, it can also be used for web browsing, email and other internetconnected applications.

16 | News



ustralia’s biggest RV producer plans to increase its workforce by almost 25 per cent. Jayco has been running a series of adverts offering a variety of jobs at its huge manufacturing complex at Dandenong on the

outskirts of Melbourne. Owner and founder Gerry Ryan says he will need another 250 workers to cope with the rising demand for the company’s caravans, motorhomes and camper-trailers. Jayco, which already employs 1200 staff, controls around 50 per cent of all RV sales in Australia. Mr Ryan recently told media he is increasingly turning away private equity firms wanting to buy into his business. The Caravanning Industry Association of Australia reports that despite challenging local and global economic environments, domestic caravanning and camping continues to show significant growth.

The Wirraway 260 SL

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From WIRRAWAY, “Australia’s Most Innovative Motorhomes” Wirraway is a dedicated family owned business striving for Motorhome excellence. Our Motorhomes are our passion! Every Wirraway Motorhome is handbuilt and designed by experienced motorhomers who know the importance of making life easier on the road. New to our Range is the brilliant ‘live like a movie star’ Wirraway 260 SL, the latest in our 260 series; our EuroStyle 260 with it’s European styled interior and “The Motorhome of the Year”, the Wirraway 260. Wirraway Motorhomes feature opulence, style and all the legendary design, electrical and construction innovations that are unique to all Wirraways.

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ollondilly Shire Council in NSW has decided to spend $35,000 trialling a 12-month RV Friendly site at Warragamba village’s recreation reserve. Up to eight self-contained caravans, motorhomes and campervans will be allowed to stay for forty eight hours at the self-policed site ,which offers natural shade, barbecue and water facilities, and is close to shops. Access will be by a PIN-controlled automated boom gate. Council has also passed a notice of motion supporting another site at the nearby small town of Bargo.


18 | News



oy Morgan Research CEO Michele Levine recently presented the latest State of the Nation Report in Melbourne, with a special Spotlight on the Australian Automotive Industry. The State of the Nation Report looks at the changes underway in the Australian automotive industry and the even bigger changes that are set to impact on every part of the industry throughout the 2020s.

• Quest to Zero Emissions: A majority of Australians (62%) would pay more for a car with ‘Zero Emissions’ today compared to 38% that wouldn’t. 17% would pay 0-5% more, 25% would pay 6-10% more, 12% would pay 11-20% more and 9% would pay 20%+ more. Splitting by Generations shows 75% of Millennials would be prepared to pay more compared to 51% of Boomers.

Key findings of this in-depth industry spotlight include:

• Urban Mobility/ Re-thinking Ownership: A majority of Australians (64%) aren’t aware of car-sharing services compared to 36% that are, however over 200,000 already use car-sharing services like Go-Get and Flexicar. Men (43%) are more likely than Women (29%) to know of car-sharing and Millennials (35%) are more aware of car-sharing than Boomers (26%).

• Driverless Cars: A slim majority of The year 2025 has been identified as a tipping Australians (54%) are not yet ready for point for the industry as a whole as it faces traveling in driverless cars compared digital disruption and any automotive players to 46% that are. However, looking at that fail to plan fully for the future involving demographic breakdowns shows more Men increased car-sharing, driverless cars, and (51%) are ready for driverless compared to purely online sales will find it far too hard to 41% of Women. In addition, a clear majority catch up to ‘first-movers’ by the time 2025 of Millennials (62%) are ready for Driverless rolls around. compared to only 26% of Boomers.

• The automotive industry is facing immense technological disruption in the near future following the well-worn path taken by booksellers, music vendors, retailers and media companies in recent years. • Car sharing is set to take off in the 2020s in preference to outright ownership of cars as changing attitudes to cars, led by Generation Y, begin to permeate a larger proportion of the population. • The automotive revolution, which ultimately leads to automotive fleets of driverless cars, will result in thousands of lives saved, carbon emissions slashed as technology drives the uptake of fully electric vehicles, the suppression of auto-related crime and faster travel times as autonomous cars communicate with each other to allow for more efficient routing.

• Digital Disruption: Buying cars entirely online is just around the corner and already 34% of Australians are ready to buy a car entirely online compared to 66% that aren’t. Once again, Men (42%) lead Women (25%) and Millennials (37%) lead Boomers (23%). • Despite the imminent closure of the Australian automotive manufacturing industry later this year (Holden & Toyota cease local manufacturing in October 2017) Australians are buying more cars than ever before – record sales in 2016 of well over a ...continued.

20 | News •M  ore Australians are comfortable with technology than ever before and this impacts the way Australians buy cars – almost 75% of potential new car buyers now go online to undertake car research before purchasing. The Early Adopters of technology are also the most drawn to new services like driverless cars and other urban mobility services.

million new cars could well be repeated in 2017. • The Australian automotive industry is far larger than the headline manufacturing: Automotive financing ($20 billion+), Automotive insurance ($13 billion+), Servicing & Repairs ($14 billion+), Roadside assist ($6 billion+), Fuel ($3 billion+), Media & Publishing ($1.9 billion+) and Parking are all larger industries that aren’t impacted by the closure of local manufacturing. • Average Australian family spends $17,147 per annum on transport, equal to 13.6% of average household income. The potential savings as we move to shared ownership and driverless cars are clearly massive. • Australia is one of the world’s most competitive auto markets with 54 brands selling passenger vehicles, Sports Utility Vehicles (SUVs) and Light Commercial (LC) vehicles. All-in-all over 430 new models for Australians to choose from. In comparison – the US has only 40 brands selling passenger, SUVs and LCs. • Australia’s quickly growing population will ensure car sales remain strong over the next few years even though technological advancements will begin to significantly alter the way we consume ‘transport’ in the 2020s and beyond.

• One million Millennials (18%) have Uber on their phone or tablet and two-thirds have used the Uber app in the last 4 weeks, compared to only 1% of Boomers that have downloaded Uber, and only half of those have used Uber in the past 4 weeks. • 200,000 Australians are now using carsharing services. Of these, almost half, 96,000, are Millennials compared to only 20,000 Boomers. • Millennials are drawn to new technologies – 32.4% would consider buying an electric vehicle and 50.3% would consider buying a hybrid compared to 22.6% of Boomers that would consider an electric vehicle and 40.5% that would consider a hybrid. • Baby Boomers are a growing part of the automotive market going forward. The number of Boomers in the market for a new car is up 112% since 2006 while Millennials in the market for a new car is up 49% in the same period. • Boomers are driving the increase in SUV sales. Now 37.6% of Boomers looking to buy a new car are in the market for an SUV compared to only 15.8% a decade ago.

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The Duvalay Memory Foam Sleeping System – No lifting, no tucking, no fighting over the doona and bedding that stays put. Find out why it’s Europes bedding of choice for caravans & motorhomes. The premium grade memory foam ensures total comfort and the award winning design cover means your bed is made in seconds.

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24 | iMotorhome Marketplace

Roberts RV World

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An official Avida motorhome dealer, with more than 50 new motorhomes in the largest undercover RV showroom in the Southern Hemisphere. Our service department is here for all your needs too.

Australia’s leading fifth wheelers, designed here in Australia and built to suit our demanding conditions. Fifth wheelers from 24’ to 36’ available. Call 02 4953 7141 for information!

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Taronga Western Plains Zoo

We design and manufacture air suspension kits for all types of vehicles including motorhomes. Easy to install they let you ‘level up’ for stability and safety.

Batteries, solar panels, inverters, alternators and all electrical parts including cables and switches for your motorhome! We can find and fix all electrical faults and are 12 V power specialists.

Visit our world famous 300 ha open range sanctuary, home to some of the most exotic and endangered animals on earth. Explore by foot, bike, electric cart or in your motorhome!

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26 | Day Test: Wanderlust Campers


Why not factor in a van conversion to make the most of your small van? by Richard Robertson

Day Test | 27

Wanderlust’s distinctive sideways-opening roof is the result of years of experience building similar roofs in the UK. It provides full-length headroom on the side you stand up in and seems well designed and built.


ampervans – especially Volkswagens – occupy a special place in the Australian psyche. Collectively our first mass experience of motorised camping, they established themselves in our hearts and minds in the 60s and we’ve never really let go… A campervan is the only recreational vehicle (RV) that can be your daily driver, small school bus, shopping trolley, sports day or day-at-the-beach base station, weekend escape machine and longer holiday chariot. In all it’s truly versatile. Yet in many ways we’ve moved on and it’s surprising just how few companies make campervans these days, given this versatility…

New Kid on the Block


anderlust Campers is a new company with a different take on the business. Not only is the design different, the way it does business is too. For starters, Wanderlust is a conversion company. You can buy a complete vehicle but its real desire is to build a quality conversion in your own new or used van. And that van doesn’t have to be a Volkswagen – bespoke conversions are available on a wide range of vehicles – however the VW T5/T6 is its preference. Here’s what the company has to say about its work, starting with the sideways opening roof, its most obvious point of difference:

28 | Day Test “Our VW T5 & T6 conversion features our very own elevating roof design. The Wanderlust side elevating roof offers full standing height the length of the campervan. This makes for a more comfortable travel experience and a much greater feeling of space. The roof took 15 months from concept to completion and involved a number of Australian master craftspeople. The roof has been meticulously designed to be low profile enabling the van to be parked in garages. The low profile offers superior aerodynamic performance and is designed to look discreet, like an intrinsic part of the original van design. The Wanderlust elevating roof combines custom made aluminium extrusion, glass fibre composite and quality canvas, offering Right: Under-bed storage is good. Note the belts for the bed-seat, which comes as a fully engineered and approved unit from Europe. Below: The custom roof sits virtually flush with the van’s roof, ensuring easy access to carparks and minimal wind resistance.

Day Test | 29

superior water and mildew resistance without compromising on breathability. As an optional extra, you can have a roof bed which will comfortably accommodate one adult or two small children. The elevated roof is lightweight and easy to operate. Four screened vents offer optimal ventilation and superior air flow.” The sideways opening roof is reminiscent of British Dormobile campers from the 50s onwards and which are still made today. In a way that isn’t surprising, given South African-born Wanderlust founder Phil Patterson spent the best part of two decades in the UK designing and building camper conversions for some of the leading brands. Phil sees the design as superior to conventional pop-tops in a number of ways,

The roof’s Weathermax 80 fabric carries a 10 year guarantee. Cleverly, the side windows have a clear layer that provides view and light without wind – ideal for cool weather camping!

30 | Day Test

Above: First and foremost, Wanderlust is a conversion company. The design reviewed here is for T5 and T6 VWs, but can be adapted to other vehicles. Below: Apart from being a design point of difference the roof is also easy to open and close. It also allows the vehicle to be positioned to provide increased protection against prevailing winds.

not least the super-low profile that allows access to most garages or underground carparks. Also, the full-length side hinge gives the raised roof considerable strength. The ‘canvas’ section is actually made from high-tech Weathermax 80, a synthetic material with a 10 year guarantee that’s super weatherproof and highly resistant to mildew. A nice touch is that on the two zippered windows on the side, Phil has included a clear plastic layer between the mesh insect screen and the internal Weathermax layer. This serves as a window and provides a view while keeping the weather out – something you can’t do/ get on other campervan pop-top roofs. On the fit-out itself, Wanderlust says this: “Our cabinetry is handcrafted using a speciality lightweight ply covered in a luxury, tactile composite, and it’s available

Day Test | 31 Large drawers provide generous storage. The interior is available in a range of colours and is well finished and of apparent high quality.

32 | Day Test in 5 colours. The cabinetry also features curved lightweight aluminium and our bench top is made from premium plywood. The ergonomic layout incorporates as much storage as possible, including kitchen drawers, wardrobe hanging space, shelves and deep under bed storage. Our conversion features top-of-the-range appliances including a Dometic fridge and a European designer sink. It also features a spacious double bed-seat 133 cm wide by 185 cm long. Our bed is made from a luxury high-density foam to ensure a restful night’s sleep.”



here’s a clean contemporary look and feel to the interior and the design has obviously been given a lot of thought. While there are only so many ways you can arrange things inside a box – meaning the floorplan is essentially the same as other vehicles on the market – the differences are in the detail. For starters, there’s the bed seat, which is exclusive to Wanderlust and imported from Europe. It’s better shaped than others I’ve seen and comes as a complete unit, including an industrial-strength mounting system with integrated seat belts. When folded flat

The removable dining table is adjustable along a track that allows it to be used for cab-seat or main-seat dining.

Day Test | 33

Above: The bed is about 1.75 Duvalays wide, which is very good for a campervan like this, thanks to a slimline wardrobe unit. Below: A compartment is provided for an optional gas cylinder and on production vehicles is airtight, with a drain hole. It’s also a good place for loose item storage, the power cord and/or water hose.

for sleeping the bed area for your head (towards the rear door) is wider than the foot area, due to the wardrobe unit being slimline and recessed somewhat compared to the sink unit. This provides more shoulder room than is usual with a bed-seat setup and is certain to be appreciated by customers. The interior is beautifully finished, even though the ‘bare’ plywood of the benchtop and removable dining table probably won’t appeal to everyone. Cabinetry is made from 1 mm acrylic composite that’s pressure laminated onto lightweight ply. Not only does it look and feel great, it’s water and warp resistant, highly UN stable and mould proof. One unusual difference is the absence of a cooker. Space is provided to carry a small gas cylinder in an internal compartment

34 | Day Test

While the sink is a beautiful Italian marine unit the plain ply bench top might not be to everyone’s taste. Ditto the decision to omit a cooker on the grounds people prefer to barbecue outdoors (something the weather often has a say about)… under the rear of the bed so you can take a barbecue along, but it would be good to have a cooker inside too. Storage is good, as is lighting, which uses one long LED strip above the sink unit and a single LED reading light just inside the tailgate. On the electrical front the brochure says: “The conversion features an intelligent electrical management system that is ideally situated adjacent to the bed to enable effortless control of lights, etc. It includes built-in dual-charge battery system with smart charger that runs all the equipment and charges the leisure battery when driving or on mains hook-up. It also features a solar regulator to manage an (optional) 120-watt solar panel. Fresh and waste water sensors are also fitted to manage tank levels.” The technical side of this vehicle is well

thought out, unobtrusive and straightforward. Lights, water pump, etc are controlled from a flush-mounted control panel easily accessed from the rear seat or from the bed. As it states, the system is also prewired for solar, which would be a very sensible option. Speaking of options, you have a wide choice and Phil is open to customer requests. For a fee, if you can imagine it he’ll do his best to make it happen. Phil will also just supply and fit the bed-seat to help convert a work van to something more flexible and fun, and can provide other items to an exisiting van without going down the full conversion route.



anderlust Campers offers a fresh take on the traditional Aussie campervan. The product appears well designed and made, and given the versatility of anything

Day Test | 35

It’s hard to reinvent the wheel and so the interior layout is like many others – and that’s no bad thing.

from a few cupboards to a total conversion, it could provide an affordable way to gradually convert a bare van to a fully equipped camper. The test VW T6 reviewed here is for sale and great value at a special offer price of $62,500. A total T5/T6 conversion on its own is available at the special introductory price of $27,950 for the first 3 customers (it normally starts at $30,000). For other vehicle conversions, bed-seat supply and fit, etc, give Phil a call. I’m sure he can factor something in…

36 | Day Test

Specs GENERAL Make

Wanderlust Campers


T5/T6 VW “Classic” conversion





Approved Seating




VEHICLE Make/Model

VW - Owner supplied. Company supplied optional













WEIGHTS Tare Weight


Gross Vehicle Mass


Max Payload


Braked Towing Capacity


DIMENSIONS Overall Length


Overall Width


Overall Height


Internal Height

2.26 m (7’ 5”)

Main bed

1.86 m x 1.30 m (6’ 1” x 4’ 3”)

Day Test | 37




• • • • • • • • •

Quality Innovation Bed width Options Colour choices Storage Price Partial conversion options Base vehicle choices





Entry Steps



LPG barbecue – external




Italian stainless steel


65L L Waeco12/240 V compressor




12 V LED

Air Conditioner



Space Heater

Optional (diesel)

• Lack of internal cooker

Hot Water System

Optional (diesel)


Optional (cold only or hot/cold)


Thetford cassette


Separate cubicle


1 x 100 AH


Optional (120 W)


1 x 4 kg

Fresh Water

36 L

Grey Water

25 L

Hot Water



Optional (Porta-Potti)

PRICE ON-ROAD Demonstrator - special offer Conversion only (first 3 customers) Conversion – regular price – from Bed seat, partial conversions

$62,500 $27,950 $30,000 POA

Contact Wanderlust Campers T: 0406 636 632 E: phil@wanderlustcampers.com.au W: www.wanderlustcampers.com.au

38 | Day Test

“Our VW T5 & T6 conversion features our very own elevating roof design (that) offers full standing height the length of the campervan.�

Hitting the great outdoors this year? Book a check-up appointment at motorhomedoctor.com.au All makes all models

40 | Reader Report

ON THE FRONTLINE Size is everything, but not like you might think… by Colin Oberin

Reader Report | 41


eing one of the last to arrive at the iMotorhome Vans from Snowy River get together last October I was able to check out the rigs already there as I cruised to my allocated site. I observed that my Toyota was clearly the smallest vehicle and was dwarfed by most of the rigs already in attendance. While I was pondering the many reasons why people buy such big rigs, perhaps others were wondering why anyone would buy such a little van as my Toyota HiAce? The answer to that question is best seen as a natural progression from many happy years spent camping in tents, then a few years with a VW Kombi campervan and finally about 10 years with a camping trailer. I had always enjoyed both travelling and camping and what better way to combine the two following retirement than a motorhome or a camper van?

I wanted a bit more comfort than my camper trailer provided but still wanted to feel that I was camping outdoors. After several visits to camping and caravan shows and much on-line research into buying an RV, I made a list of essential and preferred features for my new vehicle. During this process I found the extensive review of caravans, motorhomes and camper vans in the Hema Caravan and Motorhome Atlas most helpful. The tables listing the advantages and disadvantages of various types of caravans, motorhomes and camper vans were particularly useful. As they say in the Hema Atlas: “Both caravans and motorhomes involve compromise: everyone would like them to be bigger on the inside and smaller on the outside�

Campervans are still all about outdoor living, but with extra conveniences and a warm, dry and comfortable place to sleep‌

42 | Reader On my mind Report

Down to Business

on-board shower once as I was happy to use the camp ground facilities as I had always omework complete it was time for me done. All cooking had to be done inside and to get some practical experience. I not outside as I prefer, and I only used the onknew what touring in a small van board toilet once in an emergency following was like from my old Kombi days but would a dodgy take-away lunch. While the big van something bigger suit me better? I therefore was a pleasure to drive on the open road I booked a two-berth relocation van (about the found it unwieldy in the towns and too tall for size of iMotorhome’s Project Polly), which came underground car parking. I also realised that complete with shower and toilet. My brother such a rig really had only one purpose whereas in-law and I had 10 days to drive the vehicle my wife and I are looking to down size and so from Melbourne to Cairns and it was plenty of wanted to be able to use my new vehicle like time for a decent test. A day before departure a second car around the city which we could my brother in-law came down with the flu and park in our carport when not on tour. my wife wasn’t keen to drive that far with her arthritis, so I rocked up alone to the Maui depot Had I been planning to travel and live in the rig in Melbourne. On arrival I found the intended for months at a time I would have looked for two-berth Ford Transit van booked by a paying something bigger and with on-board facilities, customer and instead I was asked to relocate a but for me to trip about for a few weeks at six-berth Mercedes Benz motorhome to Cairns. a time, a small campervan was the logical choice. Having lived with my HiAce since June The trip was very enjoyable, but what I learnt 2015 I am de-lighted to say it was the right over the 10 day trip was that I didn’t use the choice – for me.


Reader Report | 43 Options


fter deciding on a smaller campervan with no on-board facilities I looked at various second hand and new options. The fact that Toyota vehicles are renowned as being bullet proof; that there are Toyota dealers dotted all around Australia and that most country mechanics can fix a Toyota all led me to settle on a Toyota HiAce as the basis for my campervan. Also, by choosing a poptop rather than a hi-top I can drive into any underground car park with 2.1 m minimum clearance, which is most of them. Having settled on a Toyota HiAce-based vehicle, finding the right camper conversion for my needs was just a case of checking various companies’ workmanship, layout options, equipment and prices.

After much research I settled on the Frontline Freedom layout. This lay-out has a swing-out stove that allows outside cooking. The stove unit is removable when not travelling, leaving quite a big floor area for load carrying, which is accessible via the sliding door. The rear single beds double as couches in day time and can be converted into a double bed at night. One disadvantage of this layout is that the camper can only carry two people. If you want to carry four people in such a van, single bed layouts are not an option. There is storage under the couches and also an upright cupboard immediately behind the driver. The fridge, which is located under the sink and directly opposite the sliding door, is an 80-litre 12/240 volt unit that is bigger than the 60 litre models some other companies use.

The single bed layout means I can carry things like this kayak without the need for roof racks or a trailer.

44 | Reader Report

The single beds also mean I can use the HiAce to carry other bulky goods, and is very handy when visiting Bunnings!



y two main reservations about buying the Frontline camper were firstly that the stove runs on methylated spirits rather than LPG and secondly, Frontline is in Sydney whereas I am in Melbourne. Extensive Google searches reassured me on both counts. It’s true that the spirit stove is slightly slower than gas (that’s an understatement! Ed), but I’m never in a hurry when camping. Methylated spirits is cheap and easy to find in any supermarket or hardware store so you’re unlikely to run out and you don’t lose the storage space taken up by an external LPG locker. Frontline reassured me that they would deliver the van in Melbourne at no additional cost and they did just that. After a few months I noticed the pop-top wasn’t fitting properly when lowered. I emailed some photos to Frontline and they offered to check when they

were next in Melbourne. Peter Farrugia, one of the founders of Frontline, did this personally and decided that the scissor arms needed replacement. Peter apologised that they didn’t have the equipment to do this in Melbourne but offered to replace the arms free of charge when I was next in Sydney. I had al-ready planned a trip to Bathurst, Orange and the Blue Mountains, so I just added Sydney to the itinerary and the arms were replaced in a couple of hours. The pop-top has been easy to raise and lower ever since. The Frontline camper has large fly screens in the pop-top that facilitate airflow on hot days. The Fiamma awning, LED reading lights over the stove and beds, and an auxiliary battery so you don’t run down the vehicle battery when parked, are all standard. Frontline claim two days us-age before the auxiliary battery needs recharging (by driving or plugging into 240 volt power), but I have found that by turning the fridge off at night the battery can last about

Reader Report | 45 four days and is quickly recharged once I start driving again. The 48-litre water tank is larger than some other companies install in their small campervans, but there is no grey water tank, so I carry a screw top plastic water container that I can use as an external grey water tank.

Vehicle Choices


chose the automatic petrol version HiAce over the diesel option, but that was a close call and I could easily have gone the other way. Op-tional extras fitted include a front bull bar, rear step/tow bar, VHF/UHF radio and a Porta Potti, which Frontline installed under one of the couches but I have never had occasion to use.

Having now done nearly 20,000 kms in my HiAce including five one or two-week trips, and in between using the vehicle like a second car around the city, I have found it comfortable, easy to drive and, not surprisingly, totally reliable. The petrol engine is not a speedster but has more than enough power to move the van along at highway speeds without struggling excessively when climbing hills. Overall I’m very happy with my decision to buy a Toyota HiAce-based campervan from Frontline. The workmanship and service from Frontline have been first class and the size and flexibility of my HiAce have allowed it to replace my ageing station wagon as the second vehicle in our household.

Pros… • Easy to drive • Quick easy set-up • Removable/ swing out kitchen allows cooking outside • Well placed interior lights • Economical to purchase and run • Low height allows access to most carparks • Toyota reliability and good re-sale value • Can be used as a second car about town

CONs… • No walk-thru from driver’s cabin • Two occupants max • Limited storage (but plenty of floor space) • Blunt nose attracts insects committing suicide • Not fully self-contained as required by some sites

The workmanship and service from Frontline have been first class and the size and flexibility of my HiAce have allowed it to replace my ageing station wagon as the second vehicle in our household.

46 | Feature



Never leave home without coffee or champagne…

Feature | 47


ustralian women are among some of the most independent in the world, and this is especially true when it comes to traveling. A global Women’s Travel Survey in 2015 revealed 81 per cent of Australian women were planning to travel solo that year alone. That number is almost 20 per cent higher than women from the U.S. Eighty two percent of those solo travellers said their main reason for taking off alone was to, “Get away from it all”. Nearly half (45 per cent) said another major reason was being able to choose their own schedule without worrying about others.

Meet Nola


ola, 65, from Geelong has been living on her own for 16 years. She has always had an adventurous spirit and 14 months ago decided to buy a Horizon Banksia motorhome, which she fondly nicknamed Fiona, and start traveling around the country with her cat, Polly. Since then she’s clocked over 21,000 km and is already preparing for 9 weeks in South Australia. She admits she is not really a planner, however, and prefers to make quick decisions about where to go. Nola loves the freedom of being able to choose and having a motorhome makes the process of getting on the road incredibly easy.

48 | Feature

Van conversions are ideal for solo travellers; combining ease of driving and parking with good security thanks to the strong steel body. They’re also more economical than larger motorhomes, an important consideration when you want to explore! “Getting a motorhome and traveling solo has been one of the best decisions of my entire life. This beautiful country is a great big adventure and I can go almost anywhere I’d like.” When asked if she had any advice for other women Nola said, “Never feel like you can’t go somewhere or do something just because you haven’t got someone with you – and never leave home without your coffee machine or a bottle of champagne!”

Meet Joyce


oyce, 77, from Western Australia agrees this is good advice and says a good bottle of wine is absolutely essential after a long day of travel. She has been traveling in her Horizon Motorhomes’ Banksia for nearly four years now, crossing the Nullarbor each time to get to the East Coast and even down to Tasmania. Her solo adventures started more than 30 years ago with a Landcruiser and 20-foot caravan, which surprised many people. She explained, “Nowadays it’s really common to see a woman traveling alone. It’s great to see such gutsy, strong, confident Australian women on the road – they are a breed of their own.”

Feature | 49

Going solo doesn’t mean you need to travel alone…

“Being up North, parking in the Outback with the kangaroos, it makes me realise how lucky I am. I simply just can’t wait for the day to begin.” Joyce travels with her pet – a poodle named Amber Rose – and says the key to successful road tripping is to do what you can to stay healthy. “Eat your veggies, get plenty of sleep, go for walks and be careful not to push yourself too much on the road. Really make sure you take the time to stop and smell the roses along the way, to simply enjoy.” Joyce has clocked close to 84,000 km in her Banksia and told us she looks forward to

putting another couple of hundred thousand more on the clock before she considers getting another. “Come to think of it, I hope my age doesn’t run out before my vehicle does. Gee, I sure don’t feel 77 years old!” These women’s stories are like so many hundreds of thousands of others across the country. Their spirit is a testament to the women of their generation – determined, tenacious and independent – and to all following in their footsteps.

50 | Travel

Getting Our Kicks!

Travel | 51

te ri w ld u co I s rd o w d n sa u o th a h If a picture is wort rhome to o m 66 te u Ro r u o n o re o m r o n three millio you tour adventure. However, to spare n of io ct le se y n ti y, n ti a is re he in pa the erimages that show the quirky, light ur… to d n ra g y da 27 r u o f o de si d te ar he

Ride’m breakfa

st! Only in Tex


The gangster tour in Chicago was a lot of fun!

Fort Worth is cowboy country...

Donna is 87 a nd still workin g the tables at Lou Mitche ll’s diner in Ch icago!

52 | Travel

sitors Centre...

At the Winnebago Vi Street art


Land of the g


The perfect chair when giants get old...

Travel | 53

Rare pre-1930 Route 66 brick roadway...

The real

Yes, a flying crap duster!

Photo opps abound...


54 | Travel


Big Abe and Little

Mrs iMotorhome.

Cheers, from the original B udweiser Brewery in St Louis, Missou ri!

Travel | 55

A pair of horse’s you-know-whats!

Relentlessly spec

The famous corner in Winslow Arizona!


Real Mustang s on Route 66 . And a real, loaded Winch ester rifle!

Certificates at the end of the Route at Santa Monica Pier, California :(

56 | Travel Events: 32nd Illawarra Folk Festival


RV Friendly Towns T

he RV Friendly program is a Campervan and Motorhome Club of Australia Limited (CMCA) initiative aimed at assisting RV travellers as they journey throughout this wonderful country. An RV Friendly Town™ (RVFT) is one that provides a certain number of amenities and a certain level of services for these travellers. When RV tourists enter a town displaying the RVFT

sign they know they will be welcome. Certain services will be provided for them that may not be available in other centres, and they will have access to a safe place to stay overnight and possibly for a longer period. To find out more about RV Friendly Towns and Destinations visit the CMCA’s website by clicking here. For an interactive map of all RV friendly Towns, click here. This month’s featured RV Friendly Towns are:

Travel | 57

Parkes, NSW.


arkes is a modern town in Central New South Wales, located approximately 360 kilometres north-west of Sydney, on the Newell Highway. The town was formed following the discovery of gold in 1862 and was then known as Currajong, due to the many Kurrajong trees in the area. It was later renamed Parkes in honour of Sir Henry Parkes, who visited in 1871. Parkes has made a significant contribution to space science and is home to the Parkes Observatory, as well as the national icon ‘The Dish’, which featured in the 2000 film of the Tourist/Visitor Information Centre

Casual Parking (near retail centre) Short & Long Term Parking

Dump Point Potable Water

same name. Visitors also flock to the town to attend the famous Parkes Elvis Festival, held annually in the second week of January. Spicer Caravan Park provides both short and long term parking for those visiting town. The park offers excellent facilities and unpowered sites are available for just $10 per vehicle per night. This price includes access to showers, bins, toilets, barbecues and water. A public dump point, as well as potable water, are available at Kelly Reserve, located on the corner of Newell Highway and Thomas Street.

Parkes Visitor Information Centre Henry Parkes Centre, Newell Hwy, Parkes NSW P: 02 6862 6000 www.visitparkes.com.au Bogan St, Caledonia St, Currajong St, Foster St, Bushman St Spicer Caravan Park, corner Albert, Victoria & Bushman Streets, (time limit negotiable), pets on lead, showers, bins, toilets, covered seating, barbecue, water, $10 per vehicle per night no power (power available at additional cost) Kelly Reserve, corner Newell Hwy & Thomas St (Lat Long: -33.1244, 148.1731) Kelly Reserve, corner Newell Hwy & Thomas St

58 | Travel

Oatlands, Tasmania.


atlands is a stunning historic village that dates back to the early 1800s and is located approximately 84 kilometres north of Hobart. Over 150 convict-built sandstone buildings remain, with many now operating as cafes, art galleries and antique stores. Lake Dulverton Stop Over is a tranquil location to park your vehicle for a few days, giving ample time to explore all this small village has to offer. Parking is permitted for up to 72 hours

at no charge, while toilets, bins, barbecues and potable water are available on site. A dump point is located nearby, on the corner of William and Wellington Street. While in town, be sure to drop in at the Casaveen Woollen Knitting Factory to view the range of high quality Merino wool products. The Oatlands District Historical Society is also worth visiting with its interesting historical display of the local area.

Tourist/Visitor Information Centre

Heritage Highway Visitor Information Centre 1 Mill Lane, Oatlands, TAS P: 03 6254 1212

Casual Parking (near retail centre)

Various locations within the CBD, (no designated zones for larger vehicles) Lake Dulverton Stop Over, Esplanade Oatlands (Barrack St), (72hrs), nil cost, pets on lead, bins, toilets, BBQ, water 4 William St, corner of Wellington St, Oatlands (Lat Long: -42.2979, 147.3663) Lake Dulverton Stop Over, Esplanade Oatlands (Barrack St)

Short & Long Term Parking

Dump Point Potable Water

Travel | 59

Dumbleyung, Western Australia


umbleyung is a historical farming town, located 267 kilometres south-east of Perth and best known for its grain and livestock produce. The township was established in 1906, however, pioneers began arriving to the district as early as 1875. The nearby Lake Dumbleyung is the largest open lake in Western Australia’s south west and is a haven for many varieties of water birds. Donald Campbell received fame in 1964 for breaking the world water speed record in

Tourist/Visitor Information Centre

Casual Parking (near retail centre)

his boat ‘Bluebird’, which is now celebrated annually in November during The Bluebird Festival. Stubbs Park, on Bahrs Road, offers parking for up to 72 hours at no charge. A dump point, potable water and toilets are located at the site and pets are also permitted on leads. Casual parking in the town centre can be found on Bennett Street, across the road from the swimming pool. .

Shire of Dumbleyung Corner Harvey & Dawson St, Dumbleyung WA P: 08 9863 4012 www.dumbleyung.wa.gov.au Bennett St, Dumbleyung

Short & Long Term Parking

Stubbs Park, Bahrs Rd, (72hrs), potable water, dump point, toilets, pets on lead, nil cost

Dump Point

Stubbs Park, Bahrs Rd, Dumbleyung (Lat Long: -33.3169, 117.7429)

Potable Water

Stubbs Park, Bahrs Rd, Dumbleyung

60 | My On my Town: mind Barmera

Barmera A place as exciting or relaxing as you want it to be... by Sharon Hollamby Barmera is a charming little town 220 km north east of Adelaide on the Sturt Highway. In 1838 Charles Bonney and Joseph Hawdon were droving cattle along the Murray River when they discovered a beautiful lake. The lake was later named after Bonney and is now a popular S.A. tourist destination. In 1859 The Overland Corner hotel and a police station were built and the settlement was established. The town was proclaimed in 1928 and a railway station built the same year. During World War II one of the largest internment camps was established in Loveday, just south of Barmera. As I pulled into Barmera I was struck by the pleasant atmosphere of the town. Music played gently in the beautifully maintained street,

people smiled as they passed and a group of pensioners chatted happily in the town gazebo. As my solar isn’t working properly yet I was desperate to plug in my computer to do some work, so I approached the local library and was met by the lovely Peggy, who is the team leader there. She set me up in a cosy corner and assured me that I could stay as long as I needed. Return trips to the library were just as pleasant and helpful. If you get the chance drop in and say hi to Peg and the team, and if you have an SA library card you can even borrow a book or two. Finding a camp at Lake Bonney was easy, but the area is very sandy in places and I soon found myself bogged. Thankfully local resident

My Town | 61 Kym ‘Kymbo’ Ford came to my rescue. Kymbo is the administrator of SOS S.A. 4x4 Recovery group on Facebook. He also makes natural wood walking sticks and is the inventor of the Caravanners Mate; a device to assist in lifting and setting the load leveller/sway bars of your caravan. It was an innovation born of necessity when Kymbo injured his back but still wanted to travel. Kymbo has only been in Barmera for three years but has fallen in love with the town and I can certainly see why. For me it was a visit beset with bus problems, but thanks to Kymbo and the generosity of local residents John Thompson and Tracy Northam, I was back on the road in no time. It was a pleasure to chat with Kymbo about his town. What’s Barmera best known for? “I’d say we are best known for Lake Bonney.”

When’s the best time to visit? “Anytime is a great time. June to August are the cold months, but I see people camping at the lake all year round.” What are the top things to see and do? “Barmera is as exciting as you want it to be. Sit by the lake and enjoy the serenity, throw a line in and catch some fish, swim, ski, or go four wheel driving. We have Rocky’s Hall Of Fame And Pioneers Museum, the historic Overland Corner Hotel, Cobby Steam Museum, Monash Playground, (which is now kid friendly,) Loch Luna Game Reserve, the Loveday Internment Camp Collection, and if you go for a drive around Loveday, markers show where the internment camps were.” What about major festivals and events? “We have monthly markets in the main street, Riverland Field Days, and Sheepdog Trials. The Country Music Festival is huge, Loveday

62 | My On my Town mind 4x4 Park have three or four events a year, the Carp Frenzy fishing competition is a lot of fun and of course the Christmas pageant.” Where’s the best place for coffee? “My favourite is the Barmera Café Espresso. Around the country music festival time they make a specialty selection of crocodile pies and goat pies and they are delicious. The Barmera Bakery also makes a great coffee as does the Lakeview Bakery and I believe there is another coffee shop that has opened so there are plenty of options.” What about the best places to eat? “The meals at The Bluebird Café are beautiful and well priced. The cafe was once the boat shed for Sir Donald Campbell’s Bluebird K7 hydroplane. In fact it was on Lake Bonney that he attempted the Australian water speed record in 1964, reaching 216 mph (347 km/h), which unfortunately was well short of the record. The Barmera hotel is another good place for dinner and the football club do meals as well.” What’s good to see and do at night? “Relax by the lake, enjoy a wine and watch some wonderful sunsets. The Cobdogla Club is a good place to meet up with locals, or Berri is only a few km down the road if you want to go to the pictures.” How do the locals relax? “Fishing is popular and running/walking around the lake. We have a range of sports clubs and the 4x4 park.” Recommended Picnic Spots? “Anywhere around Lake Bonney is a good picnic spot and there are large lawned areas on the foreshore with free barbecues.” Where are the best camping spots? “Once again, anywhere around Lake Bonney, although some areas are sandy and only suitable for 4x4 vehicles so choose wisely.

On My my Town mind | 63

Kymbo (above) rescued me when my bus became bogged, while Peg at the Library went out of her way to keep me online and in touch. Big thanks to both of you! Rubbish bins are placed on the main road around the lake so please take your rubbish out and don’t forget to extinguish your fires. There is camping in the sports ground for $5.00 a night with water, toilets and a dump point. Loveday has a camp with showers and toilets and the fees include the use of the 4x4 tracks.” What about shopping with easy parking? “The streets are wide and there is plenty of parking. If you are pulling up in your rig there is parking at the tourist information centre which is just a short walk to the main street.” “Do you have facilities for visitors wanting to keep fit? “Walking running and cycling around the lake, is popular and we have some adult gym equipment on the foreshore. I believe there is a recreation centre with a gym but I haven’t been there.” Do you have any specialised disabled facilities? “There are the basic facilities but it could be better. There is a disabled toilet at the tourist information centre and some of the ones at the foreshore have disabled access. Foodland has

ramp access and so does the chemist. In fact I think most of the stores have easy access.” Finally, what do you think makes Barmera special? “Barmera has a friendly relaxed atmosphere. There are so many things to see and do within a twenty minute drive, so it is a great place to use as a base camp if you want to check out the surrounding areas, but still have a nice relaxing place to end your day.”

64 | My Town

Fast Facts Barmera Visitor Information Centre, Barwell Ave. Barmera. Ph 08 8588 2289 Email: vic@barmeratourism.com.au Casual Parking: Pascoe Tce, just behind the tourist information centre. Short Term Parking: Bruce Oval, Sims St. $5 per van per night Long Term Parking: 96 hours. Bruce Oval, Sims St. $5 per van per night. Dump Point & Potable Water: Bruce Oval, Sims St. Hospital: Hawdon St. Ph: 08 8588 0400 Doctor: Doctors Surgery Hawdon St. Ph: 08 8588 2040; Riverland Family Practice, Scott Ave, Ph: 08 8588 0465 Dentist: Barmera Dental Clinic, 36 Dickerson St. Ph: 08 8588 2267 Supermarket: Big River Supermarket, Barwell Ave. Ph: 08 8588 2277

My Town | 65

66 | Mobile Tech

Are your Socials Secure? Social media security is everyone’s concern‌ By Emily Barker

Mobile Tech | 67


here is no denying social media is a convenient and easy way to keep up-to-date with friends, family, news, current events and in some cases, important information. For some, it has become the primary way they communicate with friends and family on a daily basis; sharing photos, anecdotes, the latest news, views and thoughts. We can follow our interests and popular identities, have our say in public forums and access a range of entertaining media. There are a host of reasons why, when used correctly, social media is an incredibly useful and enjoyable tool. But it’s important to stay on top of your personal security when using these social apps.

and it makes security threats much more difficult to recognise. Your friends’ details can also be harvested too if your security settings are too low. Scams on Facebook include cross-site scripting, clickjacking, survey scams and identity theft. Sadly too, as technology advances so does cybercrime, and social media has been identified as the ‘perfect hunting grounds’ for cyber criminals.

What to Do


here are several things you can do ensure your online privacy and security is kept tight. First is to take control of your profile security settings as the default settings are not, in fact, safe and should be regularly assessed. The other is to monitor Unfortunately, there are those who actively seek out un-savvy users and exploit them and our own online behaviour. Simply by being the information they inadvertently share. Cyber aware of the risks and knowing what to avoid criminals can steal information about you from can help you maintain security. Some public posts will ‘phish’ for personal information, your social networking profile and posts and then tailor their attacks based on your interests like “The name of your first pet and the street and likes. This is known as “social engineering” you grew up on is your Cowboy name.” It’s

68 | Mobile Tech funny perhaps, but also a potential goldmine of password challenge answers. Never give out personal details, especially birthdates or children’s names and ages, they are all pieces of a puzzle or more specifically, a valuable information package.

and block; engaging with these profiles will not only frustrate and potentially upset you, but also leave you and your friends and family vulnerable to further privacy attacks.

Another common ‘scam’ is one that tries to lure you to click on something or visit pages that will push malware onto your computer or device; always be suspicious of ‘clickbait’, posts that lead you to click ahead for the full story – “You’ll never believe what she did next…”, “Funniest thing ever captured on video..” and so on.

ecuring your profile is the best defence against any malicious activity. Limit your audience to only friends – never public – and be careful with who you add. If in doubt send a message and ask! You can also add different categories of friends or group friends accordingly from acquaintances to family. This means you can post things to different groups. For example, all friends might get to

We have moved on from the age where an infected file must be downloaded to be a threat, a simple click or tap can now do it. Another common form of deception is ‘Profile Cloning’. Simply put, scammers steal a profile image (one of the easiest things to do – all online images are fair game in the age of the screen shot) copy a profile’s publicly visible details and send a friend request to everyone on that profiles list, as soon as one person inadvertently accepts this request (Silly Aunt Joan must have forgotten her password and made a new account or accidentally unfriended me) the rest will follow with the increase in mutual friends…and a clone is born; dangerous, often silent and certainly up to no good. Finally, there are still some good old fashioned scams that have moved with the times such as chainmail and the advance-fee and fake lottery scams. You might even get a message from a hard-done-by Nigerian Prince. The trick is to be naturally suspicious. Unfortunately, if it sounds too good to be true it usually is and if it’s not they will find some other way to notify you of your good fortune. Lastly, social media is home to a certain peculiar breed of people – Trolls – that feed on upsetting people. Never feed the trolls. Ignore, delete

Lock her down!


Mobile Tech | 69 see your sunset snaps, while everyone but acquaintances can hear about your upcoming travel plans and only family get to see those precious shots of the kids. It doesn’t take much time and is certainly worth the effort. Some other good tips are to limit the audience that can see the people, pages and lists you follow and to change the audience of old profile and cover images to ‘friends’ or ‘only me’ once they are updated. All profile pictures are automatically publicly visible and will remain so unless manually changed. Remember, there’s nothing wrong with having a shot of your dog, cat or birthday cake as your profile image! There are a number of

settings you can adjust and tweak throughout your profile, including who can search for you by name or even send you a friend requests. You can even select the option to view your own profile as either a friend or the general public would. The world of social media is still new and emerging and we’re all busy trying to learn new tricks, it just seems those up to no good are faster learners. Take care!

70 | What’s On?

What's On? Our ongoing round-up of events across Australia for the next three months. From food and wine festivals to music of all types, arts, crafts and more, there’s something for you somewhere, so get planning and get out there!


MAY 1 – Rockhampton: Wholly Cow Month. May is home to a month long celebration of all things beef. Enjoy a range of events, restaurant menus, recipe cards, tours and more from the Beef Capital of Australia. 4-21 – Brisbane: Anywhere Theatre Festival 2017. Over 17 days experience 500 events and performances held throughout the suburbs of Brisbane and beyond; comedy in alleys, fashion parades in backyards, poetry in bowling clubs, walking tours on bridges and more!

5-7– Woodford: Woodford Didgeridoo Gathering. Celebrate the amazing didgeridoo in a 3 day festival held on 170 acres of privately owned bushland. This uniquely Australian event features internationally renowned artists showcasing the versatility of this ancient instrument. 5 – Mackay: The Kings of Country. Direct from the USA, and after sell out shows in North America, Abstract Entertainment presents this unforgettable tribute to the biggest names in country music. 5-7 – Townsville: North Queensland Festival of One Act Plays. Celebrating its 25th year, experience quality theatre featuring amateur actors and directors showcasing their talents to live audiences and adjudicators. 6 – Barcaldine: Barcaldine Show. Showcasing local arts and produce, agriculture, livestock, machinery displays, market stalls and the traditional sideshow alley. Don’t miss it!

What’s On? | 71 6-7 – Gympie: Gympie Garden Expo. One for the green thumbs! Featuring two days of non-stop garden action this event will excite and inspire all gardeners. With displays, demonstrations, markets, plant clinics, competitions and much more. 7 – Cleveland: Redlands and Bay Islands Cultural Festival. A free community event featuring two stages of live international performances from a diverse range of nationalities. With international food and cultural information stalls, educational displays and plenty of festivities.

13 – Cooroy: Cooroy Fusion Festival. Combining with the annual shows of The Noosa District Orchid and Foliage Society and the Cooroora Woodworkers Club. The result is a ‘fusion’ of great fun with fabulous food stalls, artisan market stalls, live entertainment & more! 13 – Cardwell: Cardwell UFO Festival. Cardwell claims to be home to a variety of extra-terrestrial activities. Come celebrate this annual festival filled with out of this world fun and activities. Highlights include an Alien Invasion costume party and share experiences at the ‘C-Files’ forum. 17 – Agnes Waters: 1770 Art Show. Covering the categories of painting, drawing, sculpture, photography and textile, with a prize pool of over $7000, it’s one Australia’s premier regional art shows. 18-21 – Noosa: Noosa Food and Wine. Join food and wine enthusiasts from all over the nation as they descend on the heart of the Sunshine Coast. Discover new flavours, great Australian wines, artisan foods, Australia’s leading chefs and producers, and much more in Noosa! 18-21 – Gold Coast: Blues on Broadbeach Music Festival. A free 4-day community celebration of Blues music, featuring internationally

renowned artists including Ian Moss, Bonnie Tyler, Ray Beadle, Kevin Borich and more. Held in the streets and venues of the Gold Coast! 19-21 – Hideaway Bay: Whitsunday Latin Festival. Join some of Australia’s friendliest Latin dancers at the Cape Gloucester Beach Resort for the annual Whitsunday Latin Festival! With numerous workshops and more this will be a weekend not to be missed! 19-21 – 1770: Captain Cook 1770 Festival. The 25th annual festival commemorates Cook’s landing on 24 May, 1770 at Bustard Bay. This award winning festival caters for the whole family with live entertainment, market stalls, Indigenous dancing and even fireworks on Saturday night! 19-21 – Toowoomba: First Coat Festival. First Coat Festival is transforming the city into one of Australia’s largest outdoor galleries. Join them over 3 days for large-scale mural painting by international, national and local artists, plus free side events like live music, art and more. 19-21 – Hampton: Hampton Festival. Set in the unique atmosphere of a high country village, enjoy a 3 day food and cultural extravaganza with an extensive events program creating an authentic High Country experience. 26-28 – Port Douglas: Port Douglas Carnivale. An annual celebration of the tropics where you can “Taste, Watch, Dance and Play” in nature’s playground over four days and nights of fabulous events and activities. 28 – Ingham: Ingham Car Show and Shine. Vintage and classic vehicles on display, swap meet and with fun for the whole family with entry prizes and free kids entertainment. 28 – Goomeri: Goomeri Pumpkin Festival. Enjoy a ‘smashin’ fun filled day! Roll a pumpkin down Policeman’s Hill in the unique ‘Great Australian Pumpkin Roll’, enjoy quirky, novelty pumpkin competitions, a variety of pumpkin flavoured delicacies, street parade and much more!

June 2- 4 – Yalboroo: Happy Dayze Festival. A community based alternative lifestyle gathering

72 | What’s On? focused on music, art, family and the outdoors. Experience an energetic combination of live entertainment, workshops and classes designed to bring you joy and wellness. 3 – Maryborough: Relish Fraser Coast. A delicious feast of culture and cuisine serving up celebrity chefs, gourmet tastings, cooking workshops, live music and art. Learn from talented chefs who proudly showcase the region with every dish.

4 – Townsville: Townsville Eco Fiesta. An annual free and inclusive event that encourages the community to become more environmentally and wide range of exhibitors, entertainment, ideas and inspiration! 5-11 – Maryborough: Sunshine State Classic Country Music Stampede. A weeklong celebration of country music. Held indoors, this all-weather event is open to all ages and features a range of invited artists and walk-up performers. 7-11 – Coolangatta: Cooly Rocks On 50s and 60s Nostalgia Festival. An annual celebration of everything 50s and 60s. Music, dancing, cars, nostalgia and good old-fashioned family fun are all on the program, plus the iconic Cooly Rocks On street parade. 17-18 – Jondaryan: Queensland Fiery Food Festival. How hot do you like it? Experience a brand new festival dedicated to exploring and showcasing fiery food producers and their products. A weekend of hot and spicy foods, live entertainment and more! 20-22 – Winton: Outback Writers’ Festival. An event for booklovers of all ages and held in iconic Winton, home of Waltzing Matilda. Writers and readers come together to celebrate and exchange the telling of outback Australian stories. Hear award-winning and best-selling authors tell of their trials and tribulations of writing and successful publishing.

23-2 July – Maryborough: Mary Poppins Festival. A 2 week program with Maryborough’s heritage streetscapes transformed into scenes from the Poppins novels. The signature event is the Mary Poppins Festival Day in the Park, featuring a range of live themed entertainment. 23-30 – Winton: The Vision Splendid Outback Film Festival. Held over 9 days & featuring 30 films, this festival is like no other. Celebrating Australian film and culture under the stars, it combines a program of classic and contemporary Australian films with special events, conversations and masterclasses with film makers, directors, actors and actresses, a kids club and special events. 24-2 – Beaudesert, Scenic Rim Eat Local Week. A delicious showcase of local food, wine and speciality gourmet products from local farmers and producers. Held throughout various locations around the Scenic Rim region, just one hour’s drive from Brisbane. 26-2 – St George: St George Yellowbelly Country Music and Poets Festival. An annual week-long celebration of country music, bush poetry, food, drink, camping, fishing, friends and country hospitality. 30-2 – Laura: Cape York Laura Aboriginal Dance Festival. Held only once every two years this is a unique gathering of local and international traditional dancers. Located in remote Cape York Peninsula, the festival Highlights and celebrates the many diverse communities, languages, songs, dances and stories of the region. Come along to share, respect, and celebrate our unity as a nation. Witness the passing on of culture across the generations, along with showcasing the strength, pride and uniqueness of Aboriginal people. 30 – Charleville: Half Way There - Charleville Shindig. On your way to the Big Red Bash and need somewhere to overnight? Call in at Charleville and enjoy a street party with food stalls and a whole lot more! 30-2 – Cloncurry: Rockhana Gem and Mineral Festival. Experience a little outback hospitality with this iconic and unique festival celebrating the rich gem deposits of central Queensland. In addition to gem and mineral displays enjoy live entertainment, kids activities and markets.

What’s On? | 73 30-2 – Stanthorpe: Snowflakes in Stanthorpe. Experience a winter festival in rural Queensland! Held over 3 magical winter themed days at the Stanthorpe ‘Snowgrounds,’ featuring a massive snowfield, ice-skating rink, market stalls, food, wine, vintage cars & live entertainment!

July 1 – Aratula: Scenic Rim Winter Harvest Festival. Part of Eat Local Week; experience an authentic food festival showcasing the delicious array of food and wine produced in the Scenic Rim. 1 – Quilpie: Outback Fringe Festival. Attracting performers and artists from across Australia, hosting demonstrations and workshops exploring new skills and mediums. Busking, live music, shearing, food and drink, stalls and much more await at the Outback Fringe Festival. 1 – Stanthorpe: Snowflakes in Stanthorpe. A winter based biannual festival in the coldest town in Queensland. Get a snow based experience including a snowfield, ice skating rink, snow globes, snowmen and snowflakes, markets, food and entertainment! 1 – North Stradbroke Island: Quandamooka Festival. An annual festival spanning threemonths of events from July to September 2017, celebrating the culture, country and people of the Quandamooka region. 4-6 – Birdsville: Big Red Bash. There’s nothing quite like it! Voted Australia’s favourite event at the 2016 Australian event awards. Camp in the Simpson Desert for three days of music from some of Australia’s best-loved country and rock musicians. Plus plenty of family friendly entertainment, including desert drag races and indigenous craft workshops. 7-9 – Brisbane: Vive Le Festival – Brisbane French Festival. Celebrate Bastille Day at the South Bank Cultural Forecourt and immerse yourself in an authentic French experience. Eat French, drink French, sing in French, speak French and feel French for a week-end. 7-9 – Nambour: Queensland Garden Expo. A three day celebration showcasing the best of

subtropical gardening. Over 360 exhibits, lectures and demonstrations including display gardens, great food, entertainment and a range of free children’s activities. 8-9 – Caboolture: Abbey Medieval Festival. Experience a place where history and fantasy merge into a tangible medieval wonderland. Hosted by the Abbey Museum, history is about to come to life! 7-16 – Bundaberg: Winterfeast. A ten day celebration of the Bundaberg region, its produce, producers, residents and the ever-growing and delicious culinary tourism attractions of the area. 7-16 – Surfers Paradise: Viva Surfers Paradise. Take a step back in time as the best tribute artists from around the world gather in one location to bring back the music of yesteryear. Highlights include Rock ‘n’ roll dancing, vintage car show ‘n’ shine, annual renewal of vows ceremony and the ever-popular Ultimate Elvis Tribute Artist Contest!

7-16 – Mackay: Mackay Festival of Arts. A 10 day program celebrating the Mackay region, its people and produce. Experience a wide variety of visual arts, music, theatre, family events, food and wine and much more. 14-16 – Rockhampton: Rockhampton River Festival. A three day festival celebrating the mighty Rockhampton River. With a theme of ‘River Revived’ explore this age old place to celebrate, create, congregate and consume. 14-17 – Cairns: Cairns Indigenous Art Fair. Far North Queensland is home to a rich, thriving and diverse range of Indigenous cultures. Come celebrate this vibrant community with cultural dance and music performances, artist and industry talks, art workshops and film screenings.

74 | What’s On? 15-16 – Brisbane: Regional Flavours. South Bank’s signature food and lifestyle event. Held in the picturesque South Bank Parklands, featuring free entertainment, celebrity chefs and fresh produce from more than 80 of Queensland’s best providores. 15-16 – Biloela: Seventeenth Annual Old Wheels in Motion Rally. Celebrate the nation’s glorious past and the pioneering spirit of Australians as the Callide Dawson Machinery Preservation Club Inc. showcases vintages machines and collectables. 21-30 – Noosa: Noosa Long Weekend presents Noosa alive. Ten incredible days and nights, presenting the best of the best in terms of artists, performers, authors, visual arts, film, food and fun! 2017 festival will be better than any previous year, with something for all ages, tastes and price ranges on offer. 20-30 – Warwick: Jumpers and Jazz in July. Known as Queensland’s ‘Quirkiest’ festival, its ten days of great music, great food … yarn bombing and tree jumpers! It just has to be seen to be believed! 22 – Killarney: Killarney Bonfire Night. Ignite the night with fires, fireworks, and food. Giant dragons, ships, fiery devils, and flaming 44 gallon drums, the Killarney community create glowing wonders to delight the young and young at heart this winter! 22 – Jimbour: Opera at Jimbour. Join Western Downs to witness the majesty that is Opera at Jimbour. In partnership with Western Downs Regional Council, the Queensland Music Festival will once again delight audiences with food, wine, and opera. 28-30 – Point Lookout: Stradbroke Chamber Music Festival. At the 10th Stradbroke Chamber Music Festival world-class musicians play chamber music masterpieces at intimate venues in the magnificent natural setting of North Stradbroke Island.

Experience Townsville’s tropics transformed into a bustling hub of creativity as artists and other creatives take over public spaces for exhibitions, workshops and interactive displays. 28-5 – Townsville: Australian Festival of Chamber Music. Presenting the finest musicians from around the world in a wonderfully unique and innovative nine day program of 30 concerts set in the tropical warmth of Townsville, North Queensland. 29 – Caloundra: Caloundra Quilt Show. With a theme of ‘Circle of Friendship’ prepare for an impressive display of quilts from the Caloundra Arts Centre Association. Featuring various designs and techniques, both traditional and contemporary, large and small. 29-30 – Mackay: Mackay Big Boys Toys Expo. With an emphasis on supporting local business this year’s show is set to be bigger, faster and louder than ever! 28-30 – Gold Coast: Gold Coast Midyear Caravan, Camping Expo Plus Home and Outdoor Living Ideas. Browse a huge range of the latest caravans, camper trailers, motorhomes, 5th wheelers, vehicles, camping gear and accessories. Add in a home and lifestyle show and it’s a weekend not to be missed! 28-30 – Broadbeach: Broadbeach Country Music Festival. A free beachside event featuring some of the biggest names in Australian country music, headlined by internationally renowned band America. For more Queensland events click here!



29-30 – Childers: Childers Festival. The only festival to shut down the mighty Bruce Highway! Two days of live music, fantastic food, market stalls and spectacular entertainment.

29 April-14 May – Singleton: The Singleton Festival is an annual celebration of all things food, wine, music and art. The Festival includes a two week program packed with loads of events to stimulate the mind and spirit.

28-6 – Townsville: Pop Up North Queensland.

28 April-7 May – Tamworth: Taste Tamworth

What’s On? | 75 Festival. Experience this premier annual food event celebrating growers, producers, chefs and diners with 10 days of events that include a Taste Pop-up Bar, Taste in the Park, The Long Lunch, and Farm Gate Trail! 1 May-30 June – Hunter Valley: Hunter Valley Wine and Food Festival. A festival so large it encompasses two whole months! The festival showcases the Region’s unforgettable wine and food culture, with more than 70 epicurean events and activities! 4-14 – Scone: Scone Horse Festival. Scone is the Horse Capital of Australia, so come celebrate this community’s pride and its equine industry. The festival includes events that showcase the versatility of the horse and the important role they play in the local area. 4-7 – Glen Innes: Australian Celtic Festival. Australia’s hallmark event of Celtic celebration attracting clans, national groups, pipe bands, dancers, artists, and spectators from across Australia and abroad. 6 – Denman: Upper Hunter Wine and Food Affair. It’s the Hunter’s best street party, showcasing local craft beer, cider, wines and delicious food! What more could you ask for? How about live entertainment and plenty of atmosphere! 5-6 – Wollongong: Illawarra Autumn Jazzfest. Experience two and a half days of musical celebrations where locals, musicians and music lovers gather to share a common love of jazz music! 5-7 – Nimbin: Nimbin Mardigrass. Experience the culture, colour and creativity of Nimbin with this unique festival focused on supporting cannabis law reform. 5-7 – Kangaroo Valley: Arts in the Valley Festival. A three day festival of music, sculpture and art in what’s described as Australia’s most beautiful valley.

6-7 – Narooma: Narooma Oyster Festival. Held in the heart of Australia’s Oyster Coast, celebrate the Region’s oysters, its growers, natural beauty and exceptional seafood, wine, dairy and organic produce. Featuring live entertainment, cooking displays and lots more! 6-7 – Bulga: Bulga Beats Festival. Bulga Beats is an exciting music, market and arts festival focusing on community and promoting local regional produce. 7 – Gunning: Collector Village Pumpkin Festival. A colourful and traditional community fair that celebrates rural life and the harvest season, using a unique pumpkin theme! 12-14 – Culburra Beach: Burradise Festival. A grass roots festival run by locals to promote and share their picturesque region. Enjoy a weekend of music, art, culture and, above all, fun! 20-30 – Casino: Casino Beef Week. Let the country come to town! Experience an energetic and vibrant show from a united community. The 11 day festival is packed with events all with a unique focus on the Australian beef industry and life on the land. 20 – Batlow: Batlow Ciderfest. Community spirit is alive and flowing in this end of harvest community street party! Featuring atmospheric live entertainment, markets, street theatre, gourmet food and cider stalls! 21 – Echuca Moama: Flavours of Echuca Moama Festival. A unique regional boutique festival that’s proudly 100% locally grown, made and produced. Catch a Paddle Steamer shuttle service along the Murray River and experience a day of fun and foodie festivities! 21 – Evans Head: Beef Meets Reef. Beef Meets Reef is a huge celebration of seafood, salt air and beef skewers for all the family. Come taste the local offerings of scrumptious Reef and Beef while entertained by dancing, live music, farm animals, cattle display and much more. 21 – Laurieton: Slice of Haven Food and Wine Festival. Thirty minutes south of Port Macquarie, experience a food and wine festival by the river. More than 80 stallholders from the hinterland to the coast will present their finest produce and culinary creations.

76 | What’s On? 27 – Narooma: Australian National Busking Championships. Celebrating the rich diversity of Australian music culture, this free festival is bringing back music to the streets and to the people. Features a huge variety of styles and performers including blues, jazz, pop, rock, folk, country, bluegrass, indigenous, multicultural and classical. 28 – Camden: 2017 Macarthur Rotary Ramble. For those that love an outdoor adventure, join in and raise money for charities with this competitive treasure hunt crossed with The Amazing Race! 26-28 – Hawkesbury: Orchids Out West 2017. An orchid fair that brings together several local Orchid societies for a bloomin’ good time!

June 2-11 – Port Macquarie: Hello Koala Festival. A new annual 10 day event focused on Australia’s most iconic animal. Offers an exciting program of creative events and activities for all ages encompassing the June Long Weekend. Check it out for all the details!

variety of traditional and themed events. 8-12 – Grenfell: Henry Lawson Festival of Arts. Celebrating Grenfell’s most famous son, Henry Lawson, and in its 60th year, this festival is one not to be missed! Enjoy a family weekend of entertainment and arts with something for everyone. Includes national competitions and exhibitions in verse, short story, photography, art, and even porcelain. 8-12 – Port Stephens: Blue Water Country and Blues Music Festival. Held in various locations and including a premier line-up of established country music artists. Enjoy free entertainment all weekend with great named acts and some of Country Music’s rising stars! 9-12 – Perisher Valley: Peak Festival Perisher. Celebrating the opening weekend of the 2017 snow season, the Peak Festival features 4 days of concerts held in several unique venues throughout the Perisher snowfields! 9-12 – Hay: Hay Mini Nationals. An annual event celebrating its 50th anniversary. Mini enthusiasts bring their vehicles from all over Australia to attend this event and Say “G’day” to Hay in their own special way! 9-12 – Brunswick Heads: Old and Gold Festival. Discover collectables, antiques and abundant second hand treasures. With 4 fairs and over 80 garage sales, environmental displays and activities, there’s something for everyone! 9-11 – Denman: Rosto Merriwa Festival of the Fleeces. Experience a unique Australian festival celebrating local produce, producers and the country lifestyle. The highlight is the Rosto Olives Running of the Sheep, with over 200 sheep wearing red woollen socks. Beauty Narelle!

3 – Lennox Heads: Love Lennox Festival. Come 10 – Taree: EnviroFair. A community event held join in the celebrations of a proud community! annually to raise awareness about environmental Designed to showcase and recognise the local protection and the local environment. Enjoy a funregion, it’s a street party with a festival atmosphere. filled family day of entertainment featuring music, dancing and performance artists, food stalls, 1-4 – Wingham: Bonnie Wingham Scottish innovative market stalls and more. Festival. 4 days of festivities celebrating the region’s rich Scottish heritage. With an action 10 – Moree: Talmoi Picnic Races. The final leg packed programme, clans from all over the country of the Golden Triangle Bush Races, the Talmoi descend on the town of Wingham to enjoy a

What’s On? | 77 Picnic Races are set to be huge this year. One of Australia’s oldest picnic race meetings is celebrating a century of racing. Come and join in the fun!

Princes Hig hway


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BERRY Coolang Rd.

. Moss Vale Rd

Bugong Rd.


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Beach Rd.




Illar 8 oo R


43B Scotts Road (off Upper Kangaroo River Rd), Kangaroo Valley 2577





17-18 – Pokolbin: Cheese Lovers Festival. This 2-day festival pays ‘homage to fromage’ in its all flavours, textures and forms. With a range of ‘cheesy’ competitions, live entertainment and beer, wine and cheese workshops, there’s sure to be something for everyone.









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Riv per K er angaroo Rd .




Shoalhaven Coast


10-12 – Jervis Bay/Shoalhaven: Shoalhaven Coast Winter Wine Festival. Held over three days this wine extravaganza includes fine food, winemakers’ dinners, market stalls, wine education talks, vineyard tours and so much more.

12 – Walla Walla: Walla Walla Show N Shine and Swap Meet. Whether you are a car enthusiast, bargain hunter or just looking for a great day out, the Walla Walla Swap Meet and Show n Shine will have something for you!

02 4465 1165

2. ROSELEA VINEYARD 310 Princes Hwy, Gerringong 2534 www.roseleavineyard.com.au 02 4234 0340


17-18 – Grenfell: Weddin Workshop Weekend. Celebrate Henry Lawson’s 150th birthday and the 60th Henry Lawson Festival of Arts. Offering a huge range of workshops including story writing, drama, weaving, photography, lead lighting, painting, singing, verse and more!

11 Willowvale Road, Gerringong, 2534 www.crookedriverwines.com 02 4234 0975


Cellar Door

Princes Highway

17-18 – Avoca Beach: Central Coast Craft Beer and Cider Festival. In its 5th year this festival 10-13 – Corowa: Country Music Roundup. showcases a huge variety of craft beer and cider Enjoy a free weekend of live country music. With 3 varieties. Beer enthusiasts, cider connoisseurs, stages playing live music throughout the June long craft novices, and home brewers can come along weekend, the Corowa RSL Club comes alive to the and discover their new favourite brew! sound of country music! 24 – Katoomba: Winter Magic Festival. Local 11 – Kempsey: South West Rocks Running artists, musicians, dancers, drummers, choirs and Festival. Formally the Macleay River Marathon, stalls take over the town and transform it into a the running festival is celebrating its 35th year. ‘magical’ world of fun and community spirit. Come It’s a scenic riverside run along the banks of the celebrate and enjoy the wonderful world of winter. beautiful Macleay River and all proceeds go to local charities and community groups. al Rd. Yalw

4. SILOS ESTATE & WILEYS CREEK B640 Princes Hwy, Berry 2535




02 4448 6082

BBQ Facilities Mini-bus


Coaches & Mini-buses


Disabled Facilities


11 Coolangatta Road, Shoalhaven Heads 2535


Wine Tours

www.mountainridgewines.com 02 4448 5825

Restaurant / Cafe

Prin ces Hig hw ay

Accommodation Gallery

6. COOLANGATTA ESTATE 1335 Bolong Road, Shoalhaven Heads 2535


www.coolangattaestate.com.au 02 4448 7131




















www.twofigs.com.au 02 4448 5003

8. CAMBEWARRA ESTATE 520 Illaroo Road, Bangalee 2541

www.cambewarraestate.com.au 02 4446 0170


58 Washburton Road (off Slaughterhouse Road) Milton/Ulladulla




Cnr Bolong & Back Forest Roads, Shoalhaven Heads 2535


02 4455 7888


11-12 – Coonamble: Coonamble Rodeo and www.shoalhavencoastwine.com. au 60 years this is Campdraft. Running for over the largest combined Rodeo/Campdraft in the Southern Hemisphere. Over a thousand cowboys and girls, and 4000 spectators transform the showground into an explosion of riding action. 226 Bawley Point Road, Bawley Point 2539

For further information

www.bawleyvale.estate 02 4457 2555

11 – Cowra: Queen’s Birthday Bonfire and Fireworks Spectacular. Celebrate the Queen’s birthday with a huge bonfire and spectacular fireworks display! With live entertainment for both young and old, it’ll be a crackling good time! 11 – Thredbo: Thredbo Long Lunch. Celebrating the opening of the ski season, the Village Square transforms into a dining room for an afternoon of celebrations, with an alpine styled buffet menu, live music, great company and delicious champagne!

24 – Lismore: Lismore Lantern Parade Festival. An annual festival held on or around the longest night of the year: the Winter Solstice. It celebrates art and nature with arts, crafts, workshops, regional cuisine, a spectacular parade, lanterns, parade bands, street theatre, music, carnival dancers, illuminated puppets, fire art and pyrotechnics! 24-25 – Gunning: Gunning Patchwork Weekend. Held each year on the last weekend in

78 | What’s On? June, and timed to break the monotony of winter. Welcomes beginners and experts alike with good food, fun and friendships as well as high quality tutorials! 4-24 – Lovedale: Hunter Valley Wine Festival. Set to be the biggest on record the festival brings together the region’s best wineries, along with beer and cider tastings, and fine local food and entertainment in a family-friendly atmosphere. 30-2 – Ballina: Ballina Fine Wine and Food Festival. Presenting 3 events over 3 days and showcasing the best produce, products, restaurants, culinary expertise and entertainment the region has to offer, along with premium wines, craft beer, cider and spirits.

6-9 – Tamworth: Hats Off To Country Music Festival. Tamworth’s mid-year country music festival. With over 100 artists performing at free and ticketed events, it’s Australia’s coolest winter country music festival! 7-9 – Lismore: Outdoor Leisure Show. Formerly the 4WD, Caravan, Camping and Marine Show. Plenty on offer for all outdoor and adventure lovers! 8 – Taree: Stroud International Brick and Rolling Pin Throwing Contest. Old fashioned fun complete with plenty of live entertainment, good food and friendly faces!

July 30-2 – Ballina: Ballina Fine Wine and Food Festival. With a taste to suit every palate, come and enjoy a celebration of the best produce, products, restaurants, culinary expertise and entertainment the region has to offer, along with premium wines, craft beer, cider and spirits. 1 – Sawtell: Sawtell Chilli Festival. Turn up the heat a little and sample a wide range of chillirelated foods and products, take part in fun activities and competitions and be entertained by live music, dancing, cooking and other performances. 1 - Scone: Aberdeen Highland Games. Run in conjunction with the Scottish Australia Heritage Council’s Heritage Week experience food stalls, events and live entertainment representing traditional Celtic culture and recreation. 1-3 – Wauchope: Timbertown Annual Steam Fair. Celebrating 40 years of Timbertown! The annual fair features steam vehicles including steam trains, boats, traction engines and engines galore. See rare trades demonstrations and much more. 2-16 – Bathurst: Bathurst Winter Festival. A two week event embracing the distinct seasonality of the region and celebrating the significant cultural heritage of Australia’s oldest European inland settlement.

9 – The Entrance: Winter Blues and Jazz Festival. Enjoy free live Blues and Jazz entertainment from some of Australia’s best known artists. 14-15 – Mudgee: Mudgee Small Farm Field Days. Celebrating its 40th anniversary, join in the celebrations as the country shows off its core values of Innovation and Sustainability. Plenty of free on-site demonstrations, livestock information, new products, lectures and displays of historical interest. 15-17 – Berry: Winter Orchid Show. The Annual Winter Orchid Show for the Shoalhaven Orchid Society is expected to feature a spectacular display of hundreds of flowering orchids from growers throughout the region. 15-16 – Casino: Heritage Weekend. Heavy horses working with traditional equipment, ploughing demonstrations and vintage tractor display, spend the day or the whole weekend looking into the history of the heavy horse and machinery. 16 – Pokolbin: Winery Running Festival. Wine and marathons are not a classic combination, but this festival will have you rethinking this union!

What’s On? | 79 27-30 – Lightning Ridge: Lightning Ridge Opal Festival. A four day celebration of opal with an action packed program of free events including displays, competitions and live entertainment. 29 – Casino: Quota Art, Craft and Quilt Fair. Have fun and help raise money for a great cause! Craft lovers will delight at the range of styles and practices on display. 29 – Woolgoolga: Taste Woolgoolga Bar and Grill Fest. A winter food festival held in the name of beer and flame! 29 – Grafton: Glenreagh Timber Festival. All the fun, thrill and spectacular of a traditional country fair complete with woodchop, sheepdog trial demos, blacksmithing, post splitting, sleeper cutting and timber crafting! 30-31 – Nowra: Nowra Chilli and Chocolate Festival. Spice up your winter with a hot combination of chilli and chocolate! A full day of fun, food and entertainment! 30-31 – Paterson: Peek into the Past. Tocal Homestead comes alive with the sights and sounds (and smells) of yesteryear. It is a wonderful old fashioned day out for all the family. For more New South Wales events click here!


May 5-21 – Various locations: High Country Harvest. An autumn celebration of the finest food, wine and beer in Victoria’s spectacular north east. The 10-day event program showcases the best food, wine and craft beer at over 40 events that celebrate collaboration and innovation. 6-7 – Beechworth: Beechworth Drive Back In Time. Presented by the Beechworth Old Cranks Motor Club, this rare, classic and vintage car and motorcycle show is one of the region’s most popular, with participants coming from across Victoria and interstate.

6 – Belgrave: Jazz on Puffing Billy. Hop aboard the historic Puffing Billy for a fun-filled journey through the Dandenong Ranges to the historic Packing Shed. Enjoy live jazz, fine wines, and a delicious three course meal! 6-7 – Clunes: Clunes Booktown Festival. When an entire town turns into a living bookstore only wonderful things can happen! A festival dedicated to celebrating books and the stimulating conversations and ideas that come from them! 6-7 – Lake Goldsmith: 109th Lake Goldsmith Steam Rally. Step back in time to a world of blacksmiths, steam engines and vintage machinery. Held twice a year, this is a fun filled historical event showcasing steam and oil engines and their associated heritage. 11-13 – Ballarat: World Sideshow Festival. Described as extreme Circus, the world of Sideshow is an exciting and entertaining form of live theatre. Over three massive nights experience the best sideshow artists from around the world showcasing their talents. 12-21 – Melbourne: Good Beer Week. Discover the global beer revolution at this 9 day festival held at venues and locations throughout Melbourne and Victoria. From intimate tastings and beer launches to beer breakkies; there are over 100 separate events showcasing beer! 19-21 – Camperdown: Robert Burns Scottish Festival. An action packed weekend of music, dance and poetry celebrating the regions unique Scottish heritage! 20 – Bendigo: Vesak Festival of Light. A vibrant and colourful multicultural celebration of peace and harmony inspired by Buddha’s birthday. 16-21 – Myrtleford: La Fiera, Italian Festival. Experience a vibrant and delicious celebration of Italian culture. Passion mixed with art, culture and heritage creates a joyful atmosphere of fun the Italian way! 27 – Ballarat: Beers, Beards & BBQ. Take a step back in time to a heritage celebration like no other! Whisky masterclasses, beard and moustache competitions, craft beers and a gourmet barbecue!

80 | What’s On? 18-27 – St Kilda: St Kilda Film Festival. Supporting the Australian Film industry and promoting new and established talent, this festival is a comprehensive overview of the national short film industry.

June 1 - Ventnor: Phillip Island Small Farm and Lifestyle Expo. Showcasing the very best of rural and leisure life, take a sneak peek into the world of small scale farming and the country lifestyle that the region offers. 2-11 – Melbourne: Melbourne International Jazz Festival. An annual, world-class jazz festival held in concert halls, arts venues, jazz clubs and throughout the streets of Melbourne. Celebrate as the city comes alive with the spirit of jazz! 9-12 – Portarlington: National Celtic Festival of Australia. Experience Australia’s largest and most diverse celebration of Celtic music and culture. Enjoy Celtic music of the highest quality, from traditional to contemporary styles and much more besides! 10-11 – King Valley: Weekend Fit For a King Wine & Food Festival. Showcasing the King Valley and its Italian heritage with local and seasonal homemade food, hospitality and fine wines. Indulge in unique cellar door experiences, live entertainment and genuine hospitality! 10-12 – Heathcote: Heathcote on Show. Showcasing the region, its producers and products. Enjoy a weekend of fine wine, food and fun! Expect a warm welcome, red wines, vertical tastings, winery dinners, long lunches, masterclasses, music, vintage launches, and much more! 10-12 – Glenrowan: Trails, Tastings and Tales Food and Wine Festival. Celebrate the Queen’s birthday in gastronomic style with this deliciously decadent festival showcasing the spectacular High Country. 11- Rutherglen: Rutherglen Rotary Country Fair. Experience true hospitality with this classic country fair. With over 300 stallholders offering a variety of local produce, craft and food,

a traditional grape stomp and barrel rolling competition, and plenty of fun and festivities. 23-25 – Rushworth: Waranga Winter Film Festival. Held at the Rushworth Shire Hall utilising vintage drive in theatre equipment. Experience a winter weekend of film wonders! 25 – Melbourne: Italian Wine and Food Festival. Celebrating Italian wine & food culture in Australia with traditional artisans, quality wineries, renowned chefs and personalities. Explore Italian wines taste food, coffee and beer, plus feast on authentic Italian pizza, pasta and snacks. 23-25 – Kilmore: Kilmore Celtic Festival. A winter festival of music and dance held in tribute to Kilmore’s early Celtic settlers. One of the many great Celtic Festivals in Australia, it includes folk and Celtic music, markets, musical instrument workshops and dance.

July 15-16 – Melbourne: Bastille Day French Festival. Celebrating the French national day with the best of French culture. Featuring French products and food, conferences, films, art exhibition, live performances, masterclasses, a kids’ area and great raffle prizes to be won. 16-17 – North Carlton: Top Shelf Boutique Drinks Festival. The Australian Drinks Festival is a one-of-a-kind event combining fun, education and free sampling of premium beers, wines and spirits. 22 – Bendigo: Collectables fair. Hosted by the Bendigo Coin and Collectables Club Inc. come and browse a huge range of antique and collectables! 22 – Melbourne: Barossa, Be Consumed. Immerse yourself into the food, culture, history and character of what makes up the incredible Barossa region. Think wine, food, drinks, conversations, culture and tourism promotions run throughout the day. For more Victorian events click here!


May 1-7 – Adelaide: Tasting Australia. Take your place at the table and experience the flavours of the region! Held over a week at various locations, this festival is a showcase of local producers, products, and culinary talents. 7 – Torrensville: Kodomo No Hi Japan Festival. Adelaide’s largest Japanese Festival, held annually since 1995. A celebration of the cultural and social links, it’s a great day to enjoy Japanese music, performances, craft, food, martial arts and much more. 18-27 – Adelaide: Dreambig Children’s Festival. Grab the kids or grandkids and experience a fun-filled program of arts. The largest festival of its kind in Australia, Dream Big offer children and their families an unforgettable experience of creativity and artistic exploration.

June 9-24 – Adelaide: Adelaide Cabaret Festival. A major event in the international and Australian arts calendar. The Festival has garnered a reputation of highlighting the best local, national and international artists through an eclectic program of classic & contemporary performances.

July 10 – Port Augusta: Port Augusta Cup Day. The Port Augusta Racing Club has been hosting events since 1881 and everyone is invited to enjoy its annual cup meeting. 8-10 – Adelaide: Adelaide Beer and BBQ Festival 2017. The biggest showcase of South Australian, Australian and international beer and cider in the state with 50 exhibitors under the one roof. Together with some of South Australia’s, Australia’s and International best chefs cooking up a BBQ storm. 15 – 7Aug – Adelaide: Umbrella – Winter City Sounds. A new three-week celebration of

live music presented by Music SA. Featuring all forms of live music from orchestras and choirs to cabaret, folk, hip hop, metal, pop, acoustic, punk, electronic and everything in between. For more South Australian events click here!


May 26 April- 21 May – Perth & Surrounds: Perth Comedy Festival. Held over 4 big weeks the festival kicks off with the lavish Gala event, Perth’s biggest night of comedy. Featuring performances from the finest Australian acts, the biggest international stars and much, much more! 5-7 – Perth: SEXPO. Along with all your favourite attractions, SEXPO® 2017 will be showcasing technology and products that will pave the way for the next 20 years in the adult industry. Come and experience adult virtual reality, virtual reality gaming, robotics and sex tech. 6 – Mundaring: Hills Fabric and Craft De-Stash. This is the swap-meet you have been waiting for! Buying or selling; all fabric, buttons, lace, beads, ribbon, stamps, paper, wool, knitting needles, sewing machines, patterns and all manner of craft materials welcome! 13-14 – Geraldton: Quaff Food and Wine Expo. Described as a celebration of life, this two day Lifestyle Expo showcases food, wine, beverages and lifestyle products from all over Australia, with a special focus on products sourced in the bountiful Midwest region.

82 | What’s On? 20-21 – Midland: Antique and Collectors Fair. For all the avid antique collectors and casual browsers alike. Offering multiple tables with china, glass, figurines, memorabilia, tools and much much more.

premier stamp and coin show now in its 6th successful year with 24 dealers, free valuations & free entry. Bringing together International, Interstate and local stamp, coin, banknote and postcard dealers.

26 – Mandurah: Melbourne International Comedy Festival Roadshow. Buckle-up Australia and prepare to laugh, the Melbourne International Comedy Festival Roadshow is on the road once again home delivering the freshest and funniest from Australia’s largest comedy festival!

14-23 – Margaret River: Cabin Fever Festival 2017. Experience chocolate, cheese and coffee appreciation, secret speakeasies, wine dinners, degustation menus, wine-fuelled crafts, bonfires, brews, live music and more.

June 30-16 – Derby: Derby Boab Festival. Two weeks of unique and varied events to celebrate the Kimberley lifestyle and culture. Experience magnificent scenery, awesome tides, friendly locals, aboriginal art and culture, live music, fine food and feel part of a vibrant community. 2-5 – Leonora: Golden Gift Carnival. See a small town transformed by elite athletes competing for a prize pool of over $50,000! Enjoy a festival themed 3 days packed with fun for all. Additional events include dirt track horse racing, fireworks, market stalls and live entertainment. 3-4 – Albany: Albany Classic Motor Event. This spectacle of historic motorsport presents a wide variety of cars from vintage wire wheels, postvintage and classics as well as open wheel racers and big cube muscle cars. 23-25 – Manjimup: Truffle Kerfuffle. The Truffle Kerfuffle offers a range of events including master classes, farmers markets, truffle hunts and farmers kitchen; various gourmet dining opportunities and a line-up of Australia’s most loved chefs.

July 1 - Wilyabrup: South West Mudfest. Held at the Bootleg Brewery and with real mud guaranteed and a craft beer and meaty burger waiting for you at the finish line you are sure to have a muddy good time! 7-9 – Perth: Stamp and Coin Show. Perth’s

16 – Broome: Broome International Airport Marathon. Held on Cable Beach the festival includes a variety of races including the 10.5 kilometre Matso’s Dash, the 21.1 kilometre Phoenix Fitness Half Marathon or the full 42.2 kilometre Broome International Airport Marathon. 28-1 – Subiaco: Subiaco Theatre Festival 2017. Escape the winter gloom and head to Subiaco Arts Centre to see some of Perth’s most exciting independent theatre companies light up the stage. For more Western Australian events

click here!


May 4-6 – Carrick: Agfest. Tasmania’s premier agricultural event, boasting the second highest attendance of all agricultural field days in Australia. Featuring over 700 exhibitors, ag equipment, food fun and more, there is sure to be something for everyone! 20-21 – Hobart: Tasmanian Red Wine Weekend 2017. If you’d like the opportunity to meet the heart of the Tasmanian wine industry this is your chance as more than 20 of Tasmania’s best producers come together to celebrate the end of vintage with all things red and warming!

What’s On? | 83

June 9-12 – Bay Of Fires Winter Arts Festival. An annual festival celebrating the arts with 4 days of music, exhibitions, markets, films, artists & fire. The festival includes the Bay of Fires Art Prize, an arts market, film arts, and exciting events from White Sands to St Helens.

with abundant cider, entertainment and feastworthy food it’s a weekend not to be missed! 27-30 - Devonport: Devonport Jazz Festival. Tasmania’s only winter Jazz Festival! Enjoy four days of hot swinging Jazz to warm up your winter. Whether you prefer traditional, contemporary, swing, Latin or be-bop, you will find it all on offer at the Devonport Jazz Festival.

8-21 – Hobart: Dark Mofo. Mona’s midwinter festival, Dark Mofo is an annual pilgrimage south celebrating the dark through large-scale public art, For more Tasmanian events click here! food, film, music, light and noise. Highlights include major exhibitions at Mona and the Tasmanian NORTHERN TERRITORY Museum and Art Gallery, a public art playground at Dark Park, international music shows at The Odeon Theatre, MAC2 and Federation Concert Hall, the annual City of Hobart Dark Mofo Winter Feast, and the Nude Solstice Swim! 6-7 – Darwin: Nightcliff Seabreeze Festival. A creative and interactive community festival on the 24 – Georgetown: Steampunk Tasmania beachfront and at various locations across Darwin. Festival. Steampunk Tasmania Festival aims Kicking off with a night of live music and dance, to create a playful integration of George Town’s explore and celebrate the culture, heritage and seemingly disparate cultures of industry and creativity of this unique community! heritage, delivering a distinctive, out of this world steampunk experience! 6 – Noonamah: Noonamah Tavern Rodeo. Prepare for an action-packed evening of bull riding, Saddle Bronc’s, barrel racing, freestyle motocross, burn out competitions, a mechanical bull and live music! 7 - Launceston: Starry Starry Night Niche. A snuggly Winter’s outing, where music and friends 13-14 – Humpty Doo: Fred’s Pass Rural Show. come together for Tasmania’s favourite artisan Everything you’d expect from a rural show and a market, Niche. Yummy winter knits, wraps, scarves whole lot more – in true Territory style! and quilts alongside some of our finest jewellers 20-21 – Darwin: Orchid Spectacular 2017. and artists. The largest Orchid show in Northern Australia. 14-16 - Huon Valley: Huon Valley Mid-Winter Enjoy the displays, demonstrations, bargain stalls, Festival. This mid-winter festival has its roots in Devonshire teas, hot food, raffles plus much more. the ages-old tradition of scaring nasties out of 20 – Darwin: Bass in the Grass. An annual all cider apple trees. Kings, queens, processions, giving gifts to the trees, shouting, banging, fire and ages event featuring some of Australia’s best talent, held in a safe and friendly environment at candlelight are all part of the tradition. Combined the picturesque Darwin Amphitheatre.



84 | What’s On? 26-28 – Darwin: Garrmalang Festival. Darwin’s premier three day Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultural festival celebrating music, dance, art, cabaret and theatre. This festival acknowledges the traditional Larrakia people and celebrates the diversity of the Top End.

June 9-12 – Alice Springs – Finke: Tatts Finke Desert Race. Described as the most fun you can have with a helmet on, the Tatts Finke Desert Race is an off road, multi terrain 2-day race for bikes, cars, buggies and quads through desert country from Alice Springs to the small Aputula (Finke) community. The “Finke” as it is commonly known, is one of the biggest annual sporting events in the Northern Territory, with the reputation of being one of the most difficult off-road courses in one of the most remote places in the world. 23-26 – Alice Springs: Alice Springs Beanie Festival. Originally organised as a market to sell beanies crocheted by Aboriginal women in remote communities. It has blossomed into a celebration of art, artists and community values, promoting women’s culture and the humble beanie as a regional art form. 9-11 – Barunga: Barunga Festival. An important and long running community festival. This festival hosts music, sport, traditional arts and cultural activities. Showcases the Katherine region and supports & celebrates remote indigenous communities. It’s one not to be missed!

riding and broncos, carnival rides and cookery competitions. Watch the locals kick up some dust as they kick up their heels!

July 1 – Darwin: Territory Day. One of the most spectacular events on the festival calendar. For one day only the Territory lights up in a rainbow of rockets, bangers and Roman candles as Territorians and visitors alike celebrate the anniversary of self-governance. 14-23 – Darwin: Darwin Fringe Festival. A vibrant ten-day festival that celebrates the creativity and diversity of Darwin’s artistic community. Showcasing music, theatre, dance, comedy, visual arts, film and more! 27-29 – Darwin: Royal Darwin Show. All the glitz glamour and traditional country fun associated with an agricultural show. The Royal Darwin Show is guaranteed to have something for everyone! 28 – Adelaide River: Rosella Festival. The 2017 festival is a great family day out celebrating everything to do with the Wild Rosella! Loads of handmade craft stalls, fresh seafood, second hand books, craft demonstrations, food and live entertainment.

10-11 – Darwin: Greek Glenti. Experience the culture, food, wine, dance, music and contributions of Darwin’s significant Greek community at this fun and vibrant cultural festival. 17-19 – Pine Creek: Pine Creek Goldrush Festival. Join in as Pine Creek celebrates its rich gold rush history. A range of activities includes the art exhibition and prize night, ‘My Camp Oven Rules’ cooking competition, damper making, gold panning and more! 24-27 – Borroloola: Borroloola Show Day. You won’t get more remote than Borroloola! Aptly nicknamed the ‘WayOutBack’ agricultural show it’s a true outback experience like no other! Bull-

29 – Darwin: Pesona Indonesia. Celebrating Darwin’s Indonesian community with a waterfront festival. Enjoy Indonesian music, dance and food.

What’s On? | 85 29 – Darwin: Darwin Turf Club Gala Ball. One of Australia’s largest outdoor seated dinner events, beside the ocean, amidst tropical gardens and under the stars. The celebration is the perfect tribute to the cup carnival and typifies the ‘dry’ with a clear starry sky, flowing sparkling wine and a social season at fever pitch. For more Northern Territory events click here!

June 17 – Kingston: Winter Glass Market. The Winter Glass Market is a free full-day celebration of glass and glass-making, revealing the power of glass and light and featuring market stalls, activities, demonstrations and the Hindmarsh Prize exhibition.


May 1-7 – Canberra Region: Canberra and Region Heritage Festival. Held at various locations and with over 100 free events including tours, open days, dances, talks, dinners, markets and more. Raising awareness to conserve the natural, historic and Indigenous heritage. 1-7 – Canberra region: Canberra International Music Festival. Held throughout Canberra in venues specially chosen for their acoustic properties, enjoy world class live music from a range of internationally renowned classic and contemporary artists. 13-16 – Acton: Banff Motuntain Film Festival World Tour. The world’s most prestigious mountain film festival is coming back to the National Film and Sound Archives. Direct from Canada this festival showcases the most enthralling mountain adventure films produced!

July 9 – Kingston: Creative Fibre. Discover a huge range of handcrafted homewares, clothing and textiles. Be inspired by the originality of the region’s most talented textile artists showcasing and selling their work at this annual fair. June – August – Canberra Region: The Truffle Festival. The ultimate foodie festival. Held throughout winter this festival offers a range of events highlighting the rare black winter truffle! For more ACT events click here!

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berth, B-class guise. While it seems to have originated for the rental market it will be interesting to see how it stacks up for private ownership. For US motorhome fans we’ll also have a look at the entry level Minnie Winnies which, without fault, took us across America and that form the backbone of Apollo’s US rental fleet. And that’s just for starters… Issue 114 will be out on Saturday 3 June. Until then why not join our more than 32,000 Friends and followers on Twitter Facebook , Pinterest and Instagram ?

Malcolm has booked Jayco’s new budget priced Freedom for review; a compact C-class four-berth on the latest Renault Master. It’s a model that comes complete with a dropdown main bed and is also available in two-

May 12-14



Cairns Home Show and Caravan, Camping and Boating Expo Cairns Showgrounds Corner Mulgrave Road and Severin Street, Cairns. Qld. 4870. • • • • •




May 25-30

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12-14 22-26 21-23

The Albury Caravan, Camping & 4WD Show Albury Showground 286 North Street, Albury. NSW. 2640

Open 9:00-5:00 daily Parking: TBA Adults: $10 Seniors: $8 Kids: U16 Free with adult

• Open 9:00-5:00 daily (4:00 last day) • Parking: Free • Adults: $15 • Seniors: $11 • Kids: U16 free with adult

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June 07-12 22-26 21-23



Queensland Caravan, Camping and Touring Supershow Brisbane Showgrounds 600 Gregory Terrace, Bowen Hills. Qld. 4006. • Open 9:30-6:00 daily (4:00 last day) • Parking: Costs, so take the free train! • Adults: $20 & Seniors: $15 • Kids: School age free with adult

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Know of a local or regional show coming up that attracts and promotes motorhomes, campervans and the great RV lifestyle in general? Drop us a line at info@imotorhome.com.au and we’ll happily promote it in this calendar.

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