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4 | On my mind

Fright of the Concorde…


his issue Malcolm reviews what must be the most expensive off-the-shelf motorhome you can buy in Australia: the luxurious A-class Concorde Liner Plus 1060 GMax. Built in Germany to full Australian specifications, it’s only direct local competitor is the American-built Tiffin Allegro Breeze. The two make an interesting comparison on a whole range of levels, because about the only thing they share in common is their size and A-class categorisation. If ever you needed proof that designs are a product of the market they’re born in, these two are it. But before I go into that it’s worth mentioning the market they’re both competing in here. Local manufacturers have been unable to sustain luxury A-class motorhome production essentially because of the costs involved – both in manufacturing and final selling price – for the tiny potential market. It seems that when you head north of $300,000 the already small pool of potential buyers dries up to a puddle. That the Tiffin guys have managed to establish a foothold in Australia and build a small but growing business is not only remarkable, it’s a credit to them and the product. Malcolm and I wonder how the Concorde team is faring, as the product has been around for a few years but seems to have made little impact. Coming back to design, the two vehicles really couldn’t be more different. The Tiffin rides on a purpose built, rear-engined motorhome chassis with air suspension. It also features two huge slide-outs that make living area into something approaching a one bedroom apartment. Typically American, it reflects the expectations of its home market in everything from drivetrain to living area and comes with all the bells and whistles standard. The Concorde takes a different and typically European approach. Because there are no rear-engined motorhome chassis available

(although there are plenty of coach chassis you’d think could easily be converted), the company has chosen a front-engined Mercedes-Benz truck chassis. Like the Tiffin it rides on air suspension but whips the Yankee’s arse in terms of power, torque and gearbox ratios. Malcolm described the driving experience as muted and refined, so it seems there’s no problem having the engine upfront. Inside it takes a very different tack, eschewing slide-outs because generally Europeans don’t do them (campsites are compact and neighbours close at hand), but upping the ante in terms of decor, climate control and technological sophistication. The result is a much smaller living area that will likely disappoint potential buyers – unless they’re European! On the subject of price, the Tiffin costs $429,000 on the road in Queensland. The Concorde literally soars above that. It starts at $598,000 and as-tested was a eye watering $687,000 – and those prices exclude on-roads! Yes, the Liner Plus has a garage for a car, but the car is extra (!) and I think Australia has enough space to make A-frame towing a viable alternative. And even at those prices, things like the awning and solar panels are extra cost options! Go figure. And then there’s the tiny 8.2-litre hot water system…. The bottom line is, if I thought Tiffin had its work cut out I can only wish the Concorde people the very best of luck. Interestingly, they have a range of smaller and, one would think, more affordable motorhomes in the yard but don’t seem as interested in promoting them. Perhaps they’re hoping for the halo effect from their hero model to rub off? Good luck, I’m thinking…


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Go Further. Stay Longer We listened, and built a long range, multi-terrain, touring motorhome. The Habitat is loaded with freedom finding features including a long range fuel tank, an extensive power system, increased water capacity, massive storage, higher ground clearance and a thoughtful security system.

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Win $50 for the best letter!

It’s only fitting that since Ed has his say in On My Mind, you should be able to have yours too. If you have anything to say – or ask – just drop a line to letters@imotorhome.com.au and we’ll share it with our readers. We’ll also reward the most interesting, useful or thoughtful letter each issue with $50 to help you on your way.

Back To The Wall


s a solo female traveller with no previous motorhome experience and who has now been on the road for about a year, I just wanted to share with your readers a couple of tips I’ve learned when free camping that can make a real difference. I’ve got a five year old Horizon van conversion and when arriving at a campsite I always look where the sun is setting. If there’s no shade, in summer I park with the back doors to the sun and close the blinds, because this presents the smallest surface area for it to heat up. In winter I park the other way around to get as much warmth in through the windscreen before sundown. Sometimes I then turn it around so that when

the sun comes up it starts warming inside as early as possible. I’ve got a good heater, but there’s nothing as good as the sun for keeping warm! However, if the camping area is windy, like on the coast, I park with the nose into the wind so that I can open the roof hatches without fear of them being ripped off by a gust. These are just a couple of things I’ve learned (the hard way!) and I hope they can help others! Cheers, April Thanks, April, those are great tips! For sharing them please accept this issue’s $50 prize. Safe travels – and keep you nose into the wind!.

Fiat Woes


would like to report the reverse of the experience that Nigel and Stevie (last issue) had with their Fiat. We have a Ducato conversion that is now eight years old. We decided to do a trip to Melbourne from the Sunshine Coast for Christmas with my wife’s family – the first time that her generation had

been together for Christmas in over 20 years. After a week on the road we overnighted in Gulgong, NSW, at their showground. In the morning the Ducato would briefly start and then stop. We had been in RACQ Ultra from almost its initial introduction and only used it once for a minor issue. I range the NRMA who attended, tried everything, and advised ...continued.

12 | On your mind ...continued.

us that it was going to need to be towed into Dubbo. It turns out that we were oversize for the RACQ Ultra policy, but they contributed to the tow. The NRMA would have covered it, so check the proviso’s carefully. The Fiat dealer couldn’t look at the Ducato until the 23rd of December, but managed to get it running. They advised us that they would need to try a cold start after Christmas Day. On the Friday before New Year they called and told us that it was one of two parts required, but neither part was in Australia and it would probably be at least a month before the parts would arrive. The costs were either $7800 for a new pump, $3000 for a reconditioned one, or $1000 for the other option. We drove our hire car back to Dubbo and flew home; the RACQ having provided a hire car for 7 days and we paid for the rest of the hire. Fiat Head office do not ever take calls – they may call you after you talk to Customer Service – but haven’t bothered to call us after many attempts to speak to them. Apparently car companies are not required to hold spare parts in Australia, and a reasonable repair time is vague, according to the ACCC. It is now February 5th and the parts are yet to arrive, maybe next week. To me it is pretty poor service from what is the most popular motorhome base vehicle in the world. It seems that Italy can’t have an aviation service or express freight – I did suggest that I would pay to expedite the shipping. Thanks, Peter. Thanks for your email and very sorry to hear of your troubles. Out of interest, can I ask what the parts are? Given the age of the vehicle I’m presuming it was sold in Australia when Fiat’s were imported through a distributor (Ateco in Sydney). They had a terrible name

for customer service, but with the advent of Fiat taking over Australian operations I hoped things had changed. Please keep us posted. Footnote: Peter replied to my initial email response with the following: “Richard, it is the high pressure pump they tell me. I must say that until now we have been more than happy with the vehicle – I keep the maintenance up and it has been fine. This has turned into almost a $10 K holiday and the frustrations are in there too. First the RACQ, who recommended the ULTRA cover in the first place (as we had motorhome, motor bikes, and a car) – why aren’t they comparable to NRMA? Then the Fiat Head Office – the Dubbo dealer has been pretty good, but there are three motorhomes there and, “Experience has shown us that it will take at least four weeks to get the parts.” The Ducato did come in under the old importer, but that shouldn’t be a problem was my thought, something about parts on hand for 10 years at least. I can’t believe that their head office would do nothing – and I was happy to pay for shipping! Customer service told me that nobody gets to speak to them. At this stage the vehicle will be sold and we will then decide what we do from here”. After a word in Fiat’s ear we heard from Peter that they had been in touch, found the part in Melbourne and it was on its way to Dubbo. There’s been no word since but we’re hoping Peter’s Ducato is back on the road.

On your mind | 13

Truck Art making it a bit different and spied some air brush art in a hotel in Caves Beach, which we liked and found out the artist, Daniel Joyce, operates in our home town of Swansea in NSW.


irstly thanks for the hard work you put into the magazine it’s a great read and we look forward to each issue. I thought you and possibly your readers would like to see the artwork we have had done on the front of our motorhome, affectionately called The Truck. We bought it secondhand about 6 months ago it’s a 10 year old Jayco Conquest with a Fiat motor and driveline. We were looking at

One thing led to another and we commissioned him to do an art piece on the Truck to reflect what we like, mainly travelling around beaches and photography. The attached photo will show you the end result. We are stoked with it and I hope you enjoy it Regards, Jim & Zoe Thanks and glad you like what we do! I’m liking what you’ve done to The Truck too, which looks great. It’s terrific to see people personalising their vehicles – you didn’t own a Holden Sandman panel van back in ‘the day’ by any chance?!

Top Knob!


ere’s a note we recently read on Facebook from a lady named Lesley and thought worth sharing. “We picked up our motor home in WA, travelling back to Vic, and travelling well got to Kimba in SA with a 1/4 tank of diesel. No worries, that would get us to Port Augusta, but just passed Iron Knob and fuel gauge dropped rapidly so we turned back to fill up. The garage had closed down and so we went to the information centre to find out where to get fuel; well, the people there were the best in the world. There was no fuel in town, so the lady in the info place rang around to find someone who could help us, but nobody was available. Next minute her phone rang and someone said they could help us. While we

waited we talked to the people in the info place and learnt so much about Iron Knob. Then some people arrived and brought us 20 litres of diesel! If you are travelling the Nullarbor call in to Iron Knob, it is a very surprising town and the people are so wonderful. Our deepest thanks to the wonderful community of Iron Knob!” If you’ve been helped by strangers on your travels and want to ‘share the love’ please let us know. Such acts of kindness should not go unacknowledged, so just drop a line to letters@ imotorhome.com.au and we’ll let the whole motorhoming world know!

14 | News

101 DAY REMINDER to familiarise themselves first-hand with RV systems, there was also plenty of time for questions. Structured to cover all aspects of campervan and motorhome operation, hosts Pia and Olli also provide a comprehensive set of reference notes to keep, plus a free sausage sizzle at lunch time and cold drinks throughout the day. This is an excellent opportunity for anyone ust a reminder that Southern Spirit new to recreational vehicles to find out how all Campervans in Brisbane is holding its the systems work. It’s also a great opportunity second free Motorhome 101 – or Rookie for new owners to bring their vehicles along – Day on Saturday 8 April at its Geebung and ask questions about systems and/or facility. The first such day for newcomers to accessories they’re not too familiar with. The motorhoming was held last March and both Day runs from 9 AM to 4 PM and while free, Richard and Polly attended to lend support bookings are essential. For more information (this year Richard will be on Route 66 in the or to book please email Pia at contact@ USA). The informal day was a great success and as well as providing a chance for attendees sscampervans.com.


CUSTOM TOWBARS & TRAILERS We provide quality service and products at affordable prices

Car Sourcing / A-Frame Towing Are you wanting to Flat Tow but don’t know where to start? Look no further we are here to source a car & prepare if for immediate A-Frame/Flat Towing, with our Drive Away Service. Sourcing Cars for customers for A-Frame Towing.




• Levelling Jacks up to 12T. We have a range of self levelling and manual systems.

• We supply and fit the DEMCO Dominator, Ready Brute, and Blue Ox Towing A-Frames. • All our Towing A-Frames come with an Engineering Certificate and meet Australian Standards.

• Towbars for most makes and models - Custom Towbars special Towbars up to 2.8T fitted. • Towbars available up to 4.5T


Ph 07 3209 7669 Mob 0408 758 362

motorhomeandtrucktowbars.com.au admin@kebar.com.au


10 Chetwynd Street, Loganholme, Qld 4129

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erman adventurer Ulrich Dolde has produced what just might be the most comprehensive DIY for anyone looking to build a motorhome from scratch or improve their existing one. Titled Motorhome Self-Build and Optimisation, the hardcover book has 489 pages divided into 39 chapters, and more than 1200 photos.

Although written from a European perspective much of the information, tips and techniques are universal. However, Ulrich stresses the need to check local regulations with regard to things like electrical wiring, gas plumbing and so on. From an Australian perspective the book still has considerable merit as it’s an absolute treasure trove of “how to” information.

“I dreamt of owning my own expedition truck for 25 years. To surf on secluded beaches, be independent of water and electrical supplies, to travel distant countries whilst escaping the typical tourist trails and to explore terrain unsuitable for normal motorhomes — that was my vision and motivation. In 2008 I turned that dream into a reality by buying a de-mobbed Mercedes 914 all-wheel-drive truck from the Dutch army and a Zeppelin shelter from the Germany army to create a homely expedition vehicle,” Ulrich said.

There are several purchase options, starting with a downloadable e-book for €38.90 ($55 approx), the hardcover book for €67.90 ($95 approx) or a bundle of both for €92.90 ($130 approx). Shipping for the hardcover book is €19 ($27 approx) to Australia or New Zealand, and each package includes unlimited access to a set of downloadable planning tools for layouts and electrics, which includes 15 predone floorplans. To find out more about this remarkable book visit Ulrich’s website by clicking here.

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wners of campervans with lifting tailgates – like the HiAce, VW T5/T6, etc – will like the new RV AIRlock. The little gadget lets you securely leave the tailgate ajar, for airflow, and is especially suited to vans with tailgate insect screens. To watch a video click here and to purchase contact Pia at Southern Spirit Campervans on 0401 797 179 or email contact@ sscampervans.com.

The Wirraway 260 SL

With it’s Full Length Slideout Room & Apartment Styled Layout !

From WIRRAWAY, “Australia’s Most Innovative Motorhomes” Wirraway is a dedicated family owned business striving for Motorhome excellence. Our Motorhomes are our passion! Every Wirraway Motorhome is handbuilt and designed by experienced motorhomers who know the importance of making life easier on the road. New to our Range is the brilliant ‘live like a movie star’ Wirraway 260 SL, the latest in our 260 series; our EuroStyle 260 with it’s European styled interior and “The Motorhome of the Year”, the Wirraway 260. Wirraway Motorhomes feature opulence, style and all the legendary design, electrical and construction innovations that are unique to all Wirraways.

Each Wirraway Model is unique! - All are a Must See!

View Our New Website to view All Models, Download Brochures &Virtual RealityTours For details contact: Rob Tonkin - Wirraway Motorhomes, 6 Hynes Court, Mildura Vic 3500

Phone / Fax: (03) 50 230 230 - New Email: info@wirraway.com.au & New Website: www.wirraway.com.au On The Road Wirraway 260SL Slideout Motorhome - 2012 © Rex Willmer

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ell-healed DIY enthusiasts and adventurers will love the latest multitools from legendary manufacturer Victorinox, makers of the world famous Swiss Army Knife. There are two new models, the SwissTool Spirit XBS with 27 functions and the SwissTool BS, with 29 functions. Featuring a new finish – black burnished steel – and manufactured in Switzerland to exacting standards, they are the ultimate toolkit-in-yourpocket. Some of the functions on the tool include a wire cutter, screwdriver, can opener, saw, ruler, corkscrew and lock release

Adding to their compact nature, the tools weigh under 300 g and measure just 11.5 cm when closed. All Victorinox SwissTools have OneStep access, which allows tools to be opened directly from the outside of the handle without opening the pliers, and a lock with a simple slide release to hold the tools securely in place. A nylon belt pouch is also included with the purchase that makes it easy to carry. Retail prices are $349 for the XBS and $359 for the BS model. To find out more about the whole range of Victorinox products, and purchase online (with many items on sale), visit their website here.


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ustralia’s consumer watchdog is set to deny proposed changes to aftersales products peddled by car dealers. The ACCC says it will deny authorisation to 16 insurance companies that proposed a 20 percent cap on commission to car dealers who sell extended warranties, credit insurance and other financial products. A fellow government body, the Australian Securities and Investment Commission, released a report in September 2016 that found “consumers are being sold expensive, poor value products... that provide consumers very little to no benefit” in a sales environment with “pressure selling, very high commissions and conflict of interest”. ASIC said at the time that the market needs to be “immediately and comprehensively addressed by insurers”. Following that, 16 insurance companies banded together to cap

commissions paid to car dealers who sell their products. ACCC chair Rod Sims says they need to do more. “The factors identified in ASIC’s report mean that consumers are often unable to make optimal, well-informed choices when buying add-on insurance products when buying a car from a dealer. A cap on commissions does not address these issues and will not remove the opportunity and incentive for insurers and dealerships to sell consumers expensive, poor value products.” The ACCC expects to release a final decision on the matter in March. Read the full ACCC statement here. To find out more about your basic consumer rights, watch a short video here.

Hitting the great outdoors this year? Book a check-up appointment at motorhomedoctor.com.au All makes all models.

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magine being able to set your motorhome to drive through the boring bits while you snooze, arriving refreshed and ready at a pre-programmed photo stop. Or never having to think twice about driving after a long flight, or which side of the road to be on. Sounds like science fiction, but anyone who’s been paying attention to driverless cars will not be surprised to hear that the reality of driverless motorhomes is coming – and Europe’s Erwin Hymer Group is leading the way. The company is trialling cutting-edge autonomous vehicle technology on the roads in Ontario, Canada. It is believed to be the first RV manufacturer in the world with a permit to test automated vehicles, having recently been approved by the Canadian Government to be part of a pilot project over the next decade (other participants in the open-road trial are the University of Waterloo and Blackberry QNX). The Hymer Group is conducting the autonomous tests with a Mercedes-Benz Sprinter van, a deluxe motorhome kitted out with an array of discreet sensors, laser-based radar monitors and GPS technology virtually

invisible from the outside. The vehicles are equipped to assess traffic and Ontario’s challenging weather and road conditions, and can communicate with other driverless vehicles.” “While in the words of Rachel Hunter, ‘It won’t happen overnight,’ the age of the driver will give way to the age of the passenger,” said John Managh, managing director of SmartRV, the New Zealand-based importer of Hymer Group motorhomes (Bürstner, Carado and Hymer). “The Erwin Hymer Group is renowned for its landmark developments and we know our customers appreciate the incredible designs and technologies already evident in every one of our motorhomes,” he concluded. iMotorhome is keeping a close eye on electric and autonomous vehicle developments as they relate to the RV world as the positive implications for our ageing population cannot be underestimated.

As Australia's only built-in campervan and motorhome specialist, we at BCMC have the knowledge and experience you can trust. We are the exclusive retailer of Horizon Motorhomes and Frontline Campervans* - which are built-in, not built-on, far a smoother and more enjoyable touring experience. Our Motorhomes and Campervans are fuel efficient, easy to manoeuvre and built in Australia by hand, using only the finest high quality materials. Alongside our New & Pre-Loved vehicles, the BCMC Service Centre offers a full range of accessories and maintenance far your RV - making sure your travels are safe and in comfort. Click below to find out why we're the built-in specialists. MOTORHOMES

•• Exclusive retailer of:

• North of Newcastle







be me.com.au 299 River Street, Ballina NSW 2478

02 6681 1555




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emora says its inaugural RV Muster is scheduled for 20-26 April, 2017, and is set to be a great event. The traditional farming town is situated in the heart of the Riverina and prides itself on having the friendliest townsfolk and being a little country town with a lot to offer. According to a press release, “Come April 20 Temora will be abuzz with people from all over the country as they navigate their way to the inaugural RV Muster. Like minded travellers can come together to enjoy some or all of the planned events, or go at their own pace. This event offers you the possibility to experience traditional camp breakfasts, day trips to Junee Licorice Factory, Coolamon Cheese Factory, and high tea at the historical Ariah Park Hotel. There will be an opportunity to mix socially each night during happy hour and at a good old fashioned dinner dance, or a night of entertainment and dining at a dinner show at the Ex-Serviceman’s Club, guaranteed to get your toes tapping. Take in the rich history of the community as you visit the town’s three museums: Temora Rural Museum, Temora

Railway Museum and Temora Aviation Museum. Or, just enjoy being around other people that love the travelling lifestyle. There will also be opportunity for participants to gain some helpful knowledge in relation to travelling with talks from NSW Police, NSW Ambulance, NSW Bush Fire Brigade, information on mechanicals, electricals and tyre care.” Temora is an RV Friendly Town with three campsites: Temora Caravan Park and Temora Airpark Estate, both with powered and unpowered sites and excellent facilities, or you could try Temora Free Camp in the heart of town for shorter stays. To register for the event please download and complete the registration form from the website here. Then, return registration form to: Promotions & Visitation Committee, Temora Shire Council, 105 Loftus Street, Temora, NSW. 2666. Or email them to TemoraRVMuster@outlook.com. For further information contact Elaine Costello on 0410 653 680 or email TemoraRVMuster@outlook. com.



We have a fully qualified team of service repairers that specialise in the service and repair of all brands of motorhomes and caravans We offer the following services:

• Service & Repairs for your RV & Caravan Drivetrain • Accessories & Spare Parts • Insurance Repairs • New and Used Sales • Consignment Sales • Trade-Ins.

Conveniently located on the Gold Coast PARADISE RV SALES & SERVICE PTY LTD - QUEENSLAND MOTOR DEALER 3463284 245 Brisbane Road, Biggera Waters, Queensland 4216 www.paradisemotorhomes.com.au - info@paradisemotorhomes.com.au

(07) 5597 4400

Collyn Rivers’ books The all-new Caravan & Motorhome Book covers every aspect of buying, building, modifying and enjoying camper trailers, caravans, fifth wheelers, slide-ons, motor homes, coach conversions and off-road vehicles.


Caravan & Motorhome Book the complete guide

Collyn Rivers

The Camper Trailer Book


Camper Trailer Book

Collyn Rivers

Collyn Rivers

Caravan & Motorhome Electrics covers every aspect of all RV electrical systems. It combines exceptional technical accuracy with plain English writing. The Camper Trailer Book covers buying, building and using camper trailers of every kind. Solar That Really Works shows how to build systems that work first time and every time, and how to fix those that don’t. Whether installing solar for the first time, or trying to make an existing RV solar system work as you had hoped - this is the book for you.

Individual books are $42.50 each.

Postage per book Australia $5.50, New Zealand A$7.50, all other countries A$12.50

Special Discount Offer = 10% of all books for two or more! To order (and full details) see: caravanandmotorhomebooks.com Caravan & Motorhome Books, PO Box 356, Church Point NSW 2015

iMotorhome Marketplace | 27

The Duvalay Memory Foam Sleeping System – No lifting, no tucking, no fighting over the doona and bedding that stays put. Find out why it’s Europes bedding of choice for caravans & motorhomes. The premium grade memory foam ensures total comfort and the award winning design cover means your bed is made in seconds.

Southern Highlands Service Centre • • • • • •

More Versatile Than Any Other RV Camp Anywhere - It’s Self Contained Large Bathroom With Shower & Toilet Easy To Operate With Electric Jacks Models For Single, Extra & Dual Cabs Plus! Famous Ozcape Quality & Support

duvalay.com.au | (02) 6653 4640


An Authorised Repco Service Centre just off the Hume Highway at Mittagong. Auto electrical and mechanical service specialists happy to look after your motorhome or campervan! Call Mark or Sharon and tell them iMotorhome sent you!

T: (02) 4872 2822 E: mwauto@hinet.net.au

28 | iMotorhome Marketplace

Parkland RV Centre

Roberts RV World

RV Specialists

Parkland RV is the official dealer for Avida Motorhomes, Crossroads RV and Opal Caravans in WA. We stock quality used RVs and our modern service department can look after everything.

An official Avida motorhome dealer, with more than 50 new motorhomes in the largest undercover RV showroom in the Southern Hemisphere. Our service department is here for all your needs too.

Australia’s leading fifth wheelers, designed here in Australia and built to suit our demanding conditions. Fifth wheelers from 24’ to 36’ available. Call 02 4953 7141 for information!

T: (08) 9493 7933 W: parklandrv.com.au

T: 1800 273 136 W: robertsrv.com.au

T: (02) 4953 7141 W: summerliferv.com.au

Battery Traders Super Store

Airbag Man

Taronga Western Plains Zoo

We design and manufacture air suspension kits for all types of vehicles including motorhomes. Easy to install they let you ‘level up’ for stability and safety.

Batteries, solar panels, inverters, alternators and all electrical parts including cables and switches for your motorhome! We can find and fix all electrical faults and are 12 V power specialists.

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30 | Day Test: Concorde Liner Plus 1060 GMax


A lucky Malcolm Street takes off for the day in Australia’s most expensive motorhome… by Malcolm Street

Day Test | 31

The German-built Concorde Liner Plus takes a very different approach to A-class motorhome design than its closest competitor, the Tiffin Allegro Breeze. Sitting high on a front-engined Mercedes-Benz Atego truck chassis, it lacks the slide-outs buyers in the category are likely to want. Also, things like an awning and solar panels are optional despite the $598,000 starting price, which excludes on-roads.


t’s a fact: There are very few A-class motorhomes available in Australia. Apart from coach conversions, no local manufacturer currently builds one. That leaves the A-class market to the few importers who bring them in from the USA or Germany. Compliance is usually the major issue, but Concorde Motorhomes Australia have battled through all that and now have a number of models in Australia, made to Australian Standards at the German factory. Undoubtedly the eye catcher is the Liner Plus 1060 GMax, if for no other reason than it is possible to park a Fiat 500 in the rear! In order to accomplish that of course a large motorhome is needed, in this case one having an external length of 10.7 m (35’ 1”) and a

GVM of 15,000 kg, so a Medium Rigid (MR) licence is required.

The Vehicle


nderpinning the Liner Plus is a Mercedes Benz Atego truck chassis – not one normally associated with motorhomes and it even has an engine not normally available in Australia: a 7.7-litre turbodiesel that delivers an impressive an 220 kW of power and a monumental 1200 Nm of torque. Fortunately, a 180-litre diesel fuel tank is standard… Unlike many a motorhome manufacturer based in Europe, Concorde is not part of a larger consortium; rather, it’s a family corporation. I mention that little fact because

32 | Day Test persuading some German motorhome manufacturers to produce a mirror image layout, i.e. one with the entry door on the left-hand side can be difficult with larger operators (think the Hymer Group for example). However, Concorde has done that and handle the motorhome build by reversing the motorhome down the assembly line, thus ensuring minimal tooling changes by the factory. Simple but ingenious! Aluminium composite panels, with 38mm thick RTM foam for insulation, are used for much of the body construction. Below floor level, a raised floor not only does much for insulation but also provides essential storage space and the option of underfloor heating. Fitted to the roof edges is an aluminium profile designed to aid water collection and In typically German fashion the workmanship is superb, while major house service items are neatly grouped together for easy access.

Day Test | 33

prevent water stains down the side of the motorhome! A little differently to the rest of the body, the exterior lower panels, including the bumper bars, are made from fibreglass. Unusually for this class of motorhome – at least the ones we’re used to – the Concorde Liner Plus has no slide-outs. They are not common on European motorhomes and I don’t see that as a minus, but I would imagine there are some who will, especially given the $600,000 plus price tag!

On the road


have to confess to never having driven a Mercedes Benz Atego before, but now having experienced that I have to say it is no hardship at all. Certainly the driver’s seat has a very commanding position, with an excellent forward view. Once having mentally

Top: On the road the Liner Plus cuts a tall and imposing figure. Above: Car ramps for the garage stow neatly in either corner of the rear bumper.

34 | Day Test

Despite the Liner Plus’ high price tag the little Fiat 500 in the garage is extra. Ideal for Europe, where flat-towing a car takes up precious road and parking space, in Australia those considerations aren’t so important. The garage would be great for a couple of motorbikes, a golf buggy or similar if a car wasn’t required. adjusted to looking up rather than down for the external mirrors, what’s going on behind is easy to see. Air suspension is common on coaches but less so in motorhomes, but there’s not much doubt it works very well when fitted to a motorhome like the Concord – the ride is very smooth. It’s also quite relaxing too; the eight-speed auto gearbox working very well in tandem with the big turbo diesel.

External Storage


brief walk around the Liner Plus might suggest there are a number of storage compartments along each side, which there are, but several are dedicated to electrics, plumbing, gas cylinders, a generator and air conditioner. This might sound like a ho-hum comment, but it means all the serviceable and switching functions are easily accessible, which is a great feature.

Then off course there is the very large bin in the rear. European manufacturers tend to call large rear storage areas a ‘garage’ which at best can fit in a small motorbike. However, this one is very aptly named, because is it large enough for a small car!

Car Parking


ilm buffs who like car chases might remember the original Italian Job, where Mini Coopers were driven up ramps into the back of a specially modified coach, all whilst the coach was moving. Nothing exciting like that happens here I’m afraid. Indeed the car, in this case a Fiat 500, is not driven at all – instead it is winched in and out. When inside the motorhome the car’s front wheels are strapped down and hatches on either side of the garage make that a relatively easy job. There is a bit of room left over but not much!

Day Test | 35

“Having mentally adjusted to looking up rather than down for the mirrors, what’s going on behind is easy to see.”

36 | Day Test What’s Inside


t’s difficult to know quite where to start with the general fit-out of the Concorde Liner Plus, mostly because it has everything you might want in a motorhome and then some. Because of the garage and lower storage areas, the internal floor level is quite high and there are fixed steps inside and electric folding steps outside. It’s certainly worth the climb though and my recommendation is to take a seat in the front lounge area. Do this not only to take in the outside view, but to sit back and ponder the rest of the interior. At the rear is a large bedroom, separated from the kitchen by a split bathroom. In typical European style,

darker hues are used for all the cabinetry, but that is offset by a white ceiling, a fair bit of window space and an extensive LED lighting system. That is there are lights everywhere – downlights, strip lights and reading lights. It’s literally brilliant…

Taking It Easy


ndoubtedly the pièce de résistance in the Concorde Liner is the front lounge/ dining area. Both captain’s chairstyle cab seats swivel around and there are sideways facing lounges on both sides. In addition, the driver’s side also has a single forward-facing seat that is seat belt equipped – yes, just one. Also fitted on that side is a

A very happy Malcolm in the driver’s seat! Not only is the Liner Plus a great drive, when swivelled the cab seats are the best ones in the house for kicking back and admiring the opulent interior.

Day Test | 37

Above: The absence of slide-outs reduces weight and mechanical complexity, and the interior is still quite spacious. Well designed and tastefully finished, the dark wood tones at the rear are offset by gloss white up front and a multitude of strip and recessed LED lights. Below: A pair of sturdy full-height pantries and the beautifully curved and matching mirror-finished two-door fridge and microwave are examples of the build quality and attention to detail. good sized table. It has an any which-way mount and one, as you might expect in a motorhome of this calibre, that is very stable when being used. Windows are fitted on both sides and in combination with the cab windows give a great all-round view of the outside world. Also easily viewable is the 24in flat screen (satellite) TV, located by the entry door and which can be seen from most seats. In the same area above the TV is a wine glass holder and since the fridge is nearby, relaxing with a cold glass of something whilst watching TV does not require many steps at all!



o in a motorhome like this, is the kitchen going to be anything special? Mostly yes is the short answer!

38 | Day Test

Typically European small, the kitchen is none-the-less functional and superbly finished. Note the beautifully moulded sinks and discreet LED lighting in the window frame. Relatively small in the Euro style, the kitchen does come with two moulded-in sinks – one large, one small – and a three-burner cooker in the benchtop. Fitted to the under-bench area are three good sized drawers and an AEG microwave oven. In the corner ‘air space’ against the bathroom wall the hanging cupboard isn’t quite what it seems: Push the right switch and a coffee maker drops down, ready for instant use! Across the way, a Dometic oven/grill sits atop the 190-litre Dometic fridge. Both have matching profiles and mirrored finishes, so it’s a bit hard to tell one from the other. Alongside the fridge to the rear are two almost full-height slide-out pantries. Not the simple wire basket style where things can fall out, but decently made timber ones that hold your goods in place.

Cleaning Up


ndoubtedly the bathroom is done in much style. Sure there are the expected items – a circular shower cubicle alongside a porcelain toilet and a vanity cabinet on the opposite side – but it all has a touch of class. Like everything from heated towel rails to the backlit shelves above the vanity, and yet more wardrobe space. Like the rest of the motorhome, the bathroom is both heated and has underfloor heating. Being away from essential services isn’t a problem either, because the Liner comes with 320-litre tanks for fresh and grey water, along with a 230-litre black tank, which means no fussing around with toilet cassettes.

Day Test | 39

The split bathroom is spacious and exceptionally well appointed, including things like heated towel rails and even a heated floor! It forms a partition between the bedroom and living areas and can be closed off for total privacy.

In The Bedroom


iven the garage below, there is a step up from the bathroom to the bedroom and taller people are certainly going to have to stoop around the bed, although there is plenty of walk around space. Also available in a plentiful way is storage space. Not only are there the usual wardrobes at the head of the bed, but there are cupboards behind the bed and wardrobes on both sides at the foot of the bed. Absolutely no problems with finding places to stash things, then, but it’s more likely the location of some things might get forgotten!

A Few More Goodies‌


s mentioned earlier this is a well equipped motorhome; certainly one well equipped for standalone travel.

Three 170 AH gel batteries (two standard, one optional) supply the 12 V load. They are charged by both a 100 A mains charger, two 120 W rooftop solar panels and an uprated 150 A vehicle alternator. A 2500 W (5000 W peak) inverter supplies mains 240 V AC when needed. There is of course a generator when all else fails: a Dometic TEC 29 rated at 2600 W. Being petrol driven, it comes with its own supply tank. Note well here a little bit of jargon. Most European mains supply operates at 220 V AC. The Concord brochure refers to 230 V AC, which is technically correct in Australia, but most people refer to the more common 240V AC. The short version is that most devices will operate between 220V and 240V AC! All is controlled by micro-processor electronics using Binary Unit System (BUS) technology. Above the entry door and certainly easily

40 | Day Test

Looking more like a luxury hotel suite than a motorhome bedroom, there’s no doubting the quality and style of this motorhome. Almost king sized, the island bed has good walk-around room and the bedroom has masses of storage, but reduced headroom due to the garage below.

reachable from inside, a 7-inch touchscreen stunning motorhome both to drive and live in, controls all and monitors all tanks and electrical as well as to carry a small car around with. circuits. However, I cannot help thinking that it’s a bit of a limited market with this particular model, On the air-conditioner front the Concorde given the price tag and size. The good news is Liner has two: a Truma Saphir (fitted in an that if you happen to like the Concorde brand driver’s-side bin) for the bedroom area and and the Liner is a bit beyond your budget, a roof mounted Truma Aventa for the living Concorde Australia have a number of fully area. Space heating is delivered by an Alde compliant, smaller motorhomes available. If the combo heating and water heater unit. It runs Liner is any guide then they too will be superb. off both mains and LP gas and has a hot water So whichever way you look at it, you really capacity of 8.4 litre (perhaps the smallest on might be able to take flight in your very own the market and seemingly way out of line for Concorde… this market – Ed)

What I think


ell it’s not hard to be impressed with the Concord Liner 1060 GMax, which is just as well given the starting price is well over $600,000. To say the least it’s a

Day Test | 41

“The car, in this case a Fiat 500, is not driven – instead, it’s winched in and out.”

42 | Day Test

Specs GENERAL Make



Liner Plus 1060 G Max





Approved Seating




VEHICLE Make/Model

Mercedes Benz Atego


7.7 L 6-cylinder turbo-diesel


200 kW @ 2200 rpm


1200 Nm @ 1200-1600 rpm


8 speed automatic


ABS, ESP, Engine Braking, Traction Control


180 L

WEIGHTS Tare Weight

9170 kg

Gross Vehicle Mass

14,100 kg

Max Payload

4930 kg

Braked Towing Capacity

3000 kg

DIMENSIONS Overall Length

10.70 m (35' 1”)

Overall Width

2.48 m (8' 2")

Overall Height

3.73 m (12' 3")

Internal Height

2.05 m (6' 9")

Main Bed

2.00 m x 1.57 m (6' 7” x 5’ 2”)

Day Test | 43






No (optional 2 x 4 m Thule Omnistor)

Entry Steps

3 x Electric


Dometic 3 Burner & Dometic Oven Grill




2 Bowl, moulded into benchtop


190 L Dometic AES 3-way


No (optional AEG Micromat - Duo)



12 V Sockets/USB Outlets

3 x 12 V

Air Conditioners

1 x truma Aventa (living) 1 x Truma Saphir (Bedroom)

Space Heater

Alde gas/electric

Hot Water System

Alde gas/electric


Jabsco Porcelain


Separate cubicle, half round


2 x 170 AH Deep Cycle (1 extra optional)


No (optional 2 x 120W)


2 x 10 Kg Composite

Fresh Water

320 L

Grey Water

320 L

Hot Water

8.4 L


230 L


$598,000 + On Road Costs

As Tested

$687,000 + On Road Costs

• Good to see someone adding to the limited A-class supply • Great driving machine • Well built with everything fitting together very neatly • Capacious external and internal storage • Relaxing front lounge • Serviceable items easily accessible • Black tank fitted • Car easy to winch in and out

CONs… • Cost • MR Licence • Number of steps for accessing interior • Low bedroom ceiling height • Dark interior colours • Tiny hot water system


Click for Google Maps

Concorde Motorhomes Australia 23 Templar Place Bennetts Green. NSW. 2290 T: (02) 4954 6326 E: sales@concordemotorhomes. com.au W: concordemotorhomes.com.au

44 | Reader Report


It was love at first sight for this pair of Auto Trail Delaware owners…

by Jack ’n Jill (not their real names!)


fter much weighing up of the pros and cons of motorhome v caravan, we decided to go down the motorhome track. We were actually looking in the second hand market when we called into Sydney RV Centre. After going through a few second hand models we were shown the new Britishbuilt Auto Trail. We weren’t really considering a new vehicle and left confused as to what to do. A long drive home allowed us to discuss

the pros and cons of new v second hand, but by the time we arrived home we’d settled on the new Auto Trail. The vehicle cost a lot more than we had budgeted, however we had over six months to save the difference as it had yet to be built. So it was back down to Sydney to have a test drive and put down a deposit. After the test drive we were positive we had made the right choice.

Reader Report | 45 Purchase day arrived and after a few hiccups with the handover we left Sydney at 5 pm on a Friday afternoon. From that moment the vehicle has been super. We have had a few great trips up and down the coast and down to the Snowy Mountains over the past few years and have added a few extras, and completed some modifications to it.

What we love about our Auto Trail • It certainly drives like a car and has great economy. There is plenty of power with the 3-litre turbo diesel and automated six-speed manual. It feels stable on the roads and corners well. The front-wheel drive has not been an issue so far (even though we were warned that it could be) and the engine is very quiet compared to others we test drove

• It came with 2 x 9 kg gas bottles, which is more than enough gas for two people. It has two house batteries (one which we installed) and a solar panel, which allows us to free camp for reasonable periods without worrying about power. All the lighting is LED, which hardly uses any power. The only things we can’t run while free camping are the microwave and air conditioner • External storage is fantastic! There is a back locker (side to side) that easily takes a double sized slat table, four chairs, another small table, barbecue, mats, shadecloths, fishing rods, beach umbrella and spare tyre! There are other smaller external storage areas that house hoses, drainage pipes, tool boxes, etc

46 | Reader Report

• Internal storage is super too. To date we have not really required the use of the storage under the bed as there is ample elsewhere throughout the interior • The internal layout is for two people and so we have a swing out table that centres between the two swivel driving chairs and two couches on either side of the van. There is also a stand alone table that we haven’t required yet • The kitchen is small but we have a system where we both are able to use it at the same time. With a full oven, grill and four hotplates we are able to cook most meals we have at home (although most of our cooking is done outside with the barbecue and an outdoor convection oven). The three-way absorption fridge is plenty big enough for us, and the freezer compartment allows us to fit 15 meals of meat, etc. The fridge has an external fan

that cuts in automatically on hot days to allow it to keep working efficiently • The toilet and shower are on separate sides of the van. The shower suits us, however a larger person might struggle moving around in it. There is a door that closes off the toilet and also the bedroom and shower, to allow for privacy • The bedroom has a double island bed with bedside tables and plenty of storage for clothing • There are numerous windows and large roof hatches to allow for great airflow and light. However all of these come with full built-in shade blinds if darkness is required • It comes with pull up carpet. We have chosen to leave the carpet in the bedroom, but have pulled it up in the rest of the van as vinyl is easier to keep clean. This also makes it easy to replace the carpet in the

Reader Report | 47 future as the pieces could be taken in for exact measurement • There are plenty of internal ‘hidy holes’ that allow us to safely store wallets, jewellery, etc • There is an entertainment system operated via the dashboard with a drop down TV screen between the front seats. If needed the screen can be seen from the bed, too. • It has reverse-cycle air conditioning as well as ducted internal heating, which comes from the hot water system if required. Both are really efficient • When we pull into a site we can be fully set up with awning, furniture, power, hoses/drains etc in about 10 minutes. Pack up time is about 15 minutes.

What we have added • The motorhome came with a good sized water tank and a great pump. However there was no attachment to connect to a hose when in caravan parks. We have since added this, with the appropriate reducers • The Omnistor Awnings are not as robust as those used in Australia, so we have purchased an anti-flap kit and extra torsion bars to give it a bit more strength. We have also added additional poles to tie down the awning more securely. We don’t

Top to bottom: From pelmet shelves to an underseat tray, towel drying rails (just like Polly’s!) and even a slot for the breadboard, Phil and Julianne seem to have thought of everything…

48 | Reader Report

really like the current system where the guide ropes are over the leg joints of the awning – it could create problems with the joints later on • We added a digital TV in the bedroom, which was easy as there was a 12 V outlet and aerial socket provided • W  e also added a stereo radio in the bedroom • We are planning to add fold-down stabiliser legs, like the ones on caravans, to the rear of the vehicle.

Issues • The only real issue we have with the Auto Trail is the rear overhang. We are so used to it now it is second nature to attack

any driveways/speed humps at an angle. Probably if we had our time again we would have gone for the extra foot in length which then allowed for a double axle at the rear and hardly any overhang • The overhang also makes it a bit costly to attach a tow bar, so to date we don’t have one • The water heater is under the bed. Sometimes during warmer weather we have to turn it off at night as it gets too hot. This isn’t a problem the next morning as it only takes about 10 minutes to heat up. Overall we really enjoy being in our Auto Trail, we just wish we had more time to spend in it!

Reader Report | 49

“It certainly drives like a car and has great economy. There is plenty of power with the threelitre turbo-diesel and automated six-speed manual.�

Showtime! 50 | Feature: Show Report

The Victorian Caravan, Camping & Touring Super Show in Melbourne kicks off the ‘big three’ city shows for 2017… by Richard Robertson

Feature | 51


nother year and the RV show season begins. To be fair, the big city show season started in Adelaide the week before Melbourne, but as only the biggest or most keen exhibitors make the trek to the South Australian capital, Melbourne is where the action really starts. Aside from wanting to be the first ones off the blocks for the year I can’t fathom putting on a show like this in summer. As usual, the mercury hit 34°C in Melbourne on the opening day and a strong north westerly made life unpleasant and difficult for outdoor exhibitors and the public, with signs blowing over and lots of dust swirling around. This year’s show – the third or fourth at the new venue of the Melbourne Showground – was again dominated by caravans and camper trailers, plus rows of traders selling every imaginable ‘must have’ accessory. While Jayco and Avan had their usual indoor display locations, the remaining motorhome exhibitors made do with a mixture of indoor and outdoor areas. The lucky ones were Trakka, Frontline, Sunliner and Wirraway, who for the first time were allocated space in an air-conditioned

hall. Not so lucky were Paradise, Horizon, Suncamper and Winnebago; relegated to outdoor, but undercover, locations. Avida, represented by the Melbourne-based Roberts RV World dealership, was also indoors for the first time (I think), in the same hall as Avan. Call me paranoid or perhaps just observant, but every Victorian-based manufacturer/dealer was indoors while all those outside were from interstate. Purely coincidental I’m sure… Most manufacturers seemed to have something new on display, with some reporting good business even on that first morning. New colours schemes, floorplans and detail improvements were largely the name of the game, but what new models were there were certainly interesting. Paradise took my hard luck award, suffering a kangaroo strike in their $400,000 Liberation Platinum on the way down to the Adelaide Show. It made short work of the bumper, but ironically Iveco was able to come up with an alloy bull bar to replace it! Anyway, here’s a look in alphabetical order at the manufactures I had time to visit and what’s new and/or interesting for 2017…

52 | Feature Avida RV: Australia’s biggest motorhome manufacture was represented by the Roberts RV World dealership. Word is the Menindee is gone, replaced by the new Torquay, which we finally saw. Both Benz-based, the big difference is the demise of the Menindee’s rear slideout, replaced by the Torquay’s almost full-length side slideout. Also on display was an updated and top-selling Birdsville, sporting a new nose cone rear end panel. Lacking a slide-out, the model on display – a Birdsville C7436 – had an electric roof bed over a rear lounge, which is certainly something different in this model range. Frontline: The only manufacturer dedicated to traditional campervans in any volume, Frontline had some bright and cheery T6 VWs on display as well as the usual white ones, plus campers built on Toyota’s venerable HiAce. Thoroughly conventional in design and construction, their range seems to sell well in this price sensitive market segment. Jayco: Australia’s biggest RV manufacture has added an entry level pop-top Toyota HiAce campervan, plus a price-leading coachbuilt on a Renault Master. Both appear to be under the Freedom model-range banner. Offering decent bang for your buck and backed by the biggest dealer network in the business, they’re sure to do well. Horizon Motorhomes: This savvy manufacturer has found a profitable niche as Australia’s only specialist manufacturer of vanbased motorhome conversions. On display and of particular interest was a well optioned Banksia on the very latest Euro-6 emissionscompliant Fiat Ducato. Gone now from Fiat is the 3.0-litre turbo-diesel, replaced by a redesigned 2.3-litre engine with two power outputs, one of which matches the outgoing bigger engine. We’re looking forward to a drive soon to check it out!

Feature | 53 Paradise Motor Homes: The Liberation Platinum mentioned earlier was their show stealer, measuring 8.5 m (28’) and featuring a huge 5.3 m (17’ 5”) slide-out! Built on an Iveco Daily 70C with a 7.2 tonne GVM and featuring an impressive standard equipment list, it also has a new floor plan featuring an L-shaped lounge. From $384,900 – plus on-roads – it’s a super luxury machine we’re keen to get our hands on to play with, um, I mean review… Suncamper: A small, family-owned business that celebrates its 40th anniversary this year. Suncampers have a distinctive style and uses traditional construction based on aluminium body frames that have proven tough and durable. New this year is the Saxby, a 6.6 m B-class on the latest Iveco Daily cab-chassis, with a drop-down roof bed – and a New Zealand back lounge! Sunliner RV: Sunliner is an innovative company not afraid to go out on a limb and try new styles and ideas, and this year is no different! At the show it unveiled the Habitat, a rough terrain-capable B-class built on an Iveco Daily with all-terrain tyres and a diff lock! The result of owner and buyer feedback, it’s designed for extended off-grid touring and has prodigious power and generous water capacities to suit. Well thought out, we think it will be a winner. Watch for a review next issue! Trakka: Australia’s boutique manufacture of campervans, van-conversion motorhomes and coachbuilts, Trakka continues its obsession with innovation, quality and attention to detail. This year sees more refinement and detail innovation rather than new models, with things like remote release for the grey water dump valve (unfortunately you still have to attach the hose first!) and remote control for the electric awning and lights. There are also new upholstery colours and refinements in interior lighting.

54 | Feature Winnebago: Since securing rights to the Winnebago brand a couple of years back it’s fair to say owner Apollo Motorhome Holidays has struggled to establish it in the Australian marketplace. Offering what essentially are reworked rental designs as Australian-made Winnebagos, the company is none-the-less pushing ahead with new/revised models and new sales outlets. One true breath of fresh air and from slightly out of left field is the Slovenian-made Adria brand, which Apollo has had rights for but done nothing with the last couple of years. Offering innovative European design and seemingly good quality at very competitive prices, this could turn out to be their best move yet. On display was a particularly interesting version of the Adria Coral, complete with a rear slide-out and Island bed. A five seat/five berth C-class and priced at just $137,536 drive-away it’s a lot of good looking motorhome for the price. Watch this space… Wirraway Motorhomes: A tiny boutique manufacturer of top-end coachbuilt motorhomes, new models are rare. However, new for 2017 is an Iveco Daily-based model that provides an alternative to Wirraway’s usual Mercedes-Benz Sprinter offering, especially in the towing department and it should prove popular. See our January issue for a full road test!

Feature | 55

56 | Travel Events: 32nd Illawarra Folk Festival


RV Friendly Towns T

he RV Friendly program is a Campervan and Motorhome Club of Australia Limited (CMCA) initiative aimed at assisting RV travellers as they journey throughout this wonderful country. An RV Friendly Town™ (RVFT) is one that provides a certain number of amenities and a certain level of services for these travellers. When RV tourists enter a town displaying the RVFT

sign they know they will be welcome. Certain services will be provided for them that may not be available in other centres, and they will have access to a safe place to stay overnight and possibly for a longer period. To find out more about RV Friendly Towns and Destinations visit the CMCA’s website by clicking here. For an interactive map of all RV friendly Towns, click here. This month’s featured RV Friendly Towns are:

Travel | 57

Wallerawang, New South Wales


small town in the Central Tablelands of New South Wales, Wallerawang is 155 kilometres west of Sydney on the Great Western Highway. The town is surrounded by natural beauty and makes an ideal base to explore the nearby Blue Mountains National Park. Lake Wallace is a popular spot for water sports and recreational activities, and is also the site of Charles Darwin’s famous 1836 encounter with the platypus! Wallerawang, or ‘Wallerowong’ as it was called by the indigenous Wiradjuri, is steeped in rich heritage. The historic church of St John the

Evangelist stands at the entrance to the town and the equally historic Wallerawang Station, is in the middle of town. In 1957, the Wallerawang Power Station began operating, but it closed in 2014 and is currently being dismantled and the site ‘repurposed’. The multi-purpose recreational area at Lake Wallace, on Barton Street, includes a camping ground with access to a dump point, potable water, toilets and showers. Stays are permitted here for up to 72 hours and pets are allowed on leads. Bins and a barbecue is also located on site.

Tourist/Visitor Information Centre

Lithgow VIC 1137 Great Western Hwy, Lithgow, NSW P: 1300 760 276 www.tourism.lithgow.com

Casual Parking (near retail centre)

Main St, Wallerawang

Long Term Parking

Lake Wallace (Wang Dam), Barton St, (72hrs), nil cost, toilets, showers, bins, water, BBQ, pets on lead

Short Term Parking

Lake Wallace (Wang Dam), Barton St, (72hrs), nil cost, toilets, showers, bins, water, BBQ, pets on lead

Dump Point

Lake Wallace (Wang Dam), Barton St, Wallerawang (Lat, Long: -33.414196, 150.071108)

Potable Water

Lake Wallace (Wang Dam), Barton St, Wallerawang

58 | Travel

Coolgardie, Western Australia


nown as the Mother of the Goldfields, Coolgardie was the birthplace of the 1892 West Australian gold rush. The small town is 558 kilometres east of Perth and is a short leisurely drive away from Kalgoorlie. This was once the third largest town in Western Australia and many charming heritage buildings remain in the town today, evidence of the former glory days of the gold mining era. While in town, visitors can learn about the gold rush history at the Goldfields Exhibition Museum and Ben Prior’s Park. Also worth a

visit is the Varischetti Mine Rescue Display, outlining the amazing story of workers who were trapped for nine days in an underwater mine; and the Pharmaceutical Museum, with its interesting collection of 18th and 19th Century medicines and memorabilia. Coolgardie offers 24 hour parking for RVs, free of charge, at the Railway Station on Woodward Street. Bins and potable water are available and a dump point is located nearby. Potable water is also available at the Mercy Gregory Memorial Park.

Tourist/Visitor Information Centre

Coolgardie Exhibition & Tourist Centre

Casual Parking (near retail centre)

66 Bayley St, Coolgardie WA P: 08 9025 0310 www.coolgardie.wa.gov.au Woodward St, Coolgardie

Short & Long Term Parking

Railway Station, 75 Woodward St, (24hrs), bins, water, pets on lead, nil cost

Dump Point

Near railway station (Lat Long: -30.9561, 121.1622)

Potable Water

Mercy Gregory Memorial Park

Travel | 59

Leitchville, Victoria


sanctuary of Gunbower Creek and Island, where large colonies of kangaroos, emus, goannas, and more than 160 species of birds are supported.

The area surrounding Leitchville is a wetland paradise, with an abundance of waterfowl and native animals. The town borders the natural

The Leitchville Traveller’s Rest is a convenient stopover for stays of up to 72 hours. The landscaped rest area is in the heart of town and within walking distance of the IGA supermarket, hotel and bakery. A dump point and potable water are located nearby, at the Leitchville Recreation Reserve, adjacent to the football ground (off Cohuna-Leitchville Road).

eitchville is a small rural community 262 kilometres northwest of Melbourne, in the Murray River Wetlands area. The town is known for its dairy farming, with plenty of irrigation providing farmers with lush pastures. It was once home to the Murray Goulburn Cheese Factory and the site is still a prominent feature of town since it ceased operating in 2010.

Tourist/Visitor Information Centre

Leitchville Hotel 17 King George St, Leitchville VIC P: 03 5456 7233

Casual Parking (near retail centre)

2 King George St, ‘Leitchville Traveller’s Rest’

Short Term Parking

2 King George St, ‘Leitchville Traveller’s Rest’, (72hrs), nil charge, bins, toilets, BBQ, pets on lead

Long Term Parking

Gunbower Creek, end of Thompsons Weir Rd, Murray Valley Hwy, unlimited stay, no facilities. Leitchville Recreation Reserve, adjacent to football ground (Lat, Long: -35.9041, 144.2977)

Dump Point

Potable Water

Leitchville Recreation Reserve, adjacent to football ground

60 | Events: A Day on the Green

Put Saturday 25 March in your diary‌ By Sharon Hollamby

Events | 61


he historic Annie’s Lane winery in South Australia’s Clare Valley is set at the northern end of the stunning Mt Lofty ranges. In the early days of wine making young Annie Wayman would deliver lunches to the workers in the vineyard. On one particularly wet, wintry day, Annie’s horse-drawn cart got stuck in the muddy track on the way back to her cottage and ever since the track has been affectionately known as Annie’s Lane. The winery has come a long way since those brutal early years and now boasts the heritage listed Quelltaler Estate, century old cellars, a wine making museum and gallery, all surrounded by beautiful picnic grounds.

The Day A Day On the Green is all about great food, wine and music in a stunning outdoor setting. One of a series of such events held at wineries around Australia, this one at Annie’s Lane promises to be unforgettable. The Aussie-star studded line-up includes household names like the Hoodoo Gurus, Violent Femmes, Tim Rogers, The Whitlams, Models and others. For more information on the event click HERE. The Claire Valley also makes a terrific base to explore the other famous wineries nearby and is only a short drive from the fascinating and historic mining town of Burra. Of course, the fabled Barossa Valley is ‘on the way’ from Adelaide, while if you continue north the mighty Flinders Ranges beckon.

62 | Events

Fast Facts What: A Day On The Green

Click for Google Maps

Where: Annie’s Lane, Quelltaler Road, Watervale, SA When: Saturday 25 March 2017 Why: Legendary music, great food and fine wine in one of South Australia’s best locations!

Ticket Prices: • ADOTG Member Presale General admission - $89.00 • General admission - $99.90 • Silver - $129.90 • Gold - $149.90 • Platinum - $169.90 • Garden Bar – Upgrade only -$130.00 *Additional booking and transaction fees may apply. Children under 12 can enter free of charge to the General Admission area. Charges apply for the reserved seating area regardless of age. There are no discounted children’s prices for these areas. Tickets sales – click HERE.

Getting There: Clare Valley is located approximately 130 km north of Adelaide. Once you are on Main North Road just keep heading north until you reach the township of Watervale. The Watervale hotel is on the left and the turn off on the right (directly opposite the pub) will take you to Annie’s Lane.


Parking is available onsite. A gold coin donation to the volunteers would be appreciated.

Camping: Camping is available at the Clare showground’s, where powered and unpowered camping areas are available. Prices start at $10 per night Bookings and info contact: David on 0418 858 319 The Watervale Community Association are offering bush camping at the Watervale Oval, which is located within easy walking distance to Annie’s Lane. There are toilet facilities but no showers. Breakfast and coffee are available Sunday morning at the Park. Cost is $10 a head, no bookings required and all proceeds go back into the community.

Facilities for the Disabled: All access toilets, parking and viewing areas are available. Companion Card holders are entitled to a free ticket for their carer. As this event is at a winery there may be some sloped and uneven areas. Please take care.

Events | 63

64 | Mobile Tech

Zinio For Libraries!

Free access to a world of reading opportunities‌ By Emily Barker

Mobile Tech | 65 Name: Zinio for Libraries Platform: iOS & Android Size: 34.4MB Cost: Free


e know technology is great; the extent to which we can utilise it to improve and enhance our daily lives is continuously increasing and only limited by our own motivation. We understand how convenient things have become and possibly are beginning to comprehend the volume of digital media that is freely available literally at our fingertips. But sometimes I think we can get a little too overwhelmed and this is when we start missing out on some pretty epic opportunities. If you’re reading iMotorhome it means you’ve already discovered the world of online magazines: a medium that has launched from its glossy print origins into the cyber world with great enthusiasm and determination. But did you know the world’s largest virtual newsstand – Zinio – is now available through your local Library via their association with RB Digital Gateway, and it’s free! Instead of heading to the nearest library and reading the latest magazines or borrowing them to read at home, library members can download and read them wherever, whenever they like. Offering more than 6000 titles, Zinio is a popular web-based platform that enables users to buy and read magazines on their tablets and PCs. Issues are able to be read online or downloaded and viewed offline on a number of devices including iPad, iPhone, Android and Kindle. Australian Libraries have subscriptions to over 350 leading magazines hosted on Zinio, and I’ll admit, the range of titles surprised me (blew my mind to be honest) – think Vouge Living, Nat Geo, Rollingstone, PC World, Quilters Companion, New Scientist, Mac World, Just Cars, Donna

Hay, Earth Garden, Gardening Australia, Digital Photography, Women’s Weekly, Australian Geographic, Delicious, and the list goes on. Every genre is liberally represented; home and garden, lifestyle, hobbies, craft, science, health & fitness, business & finance, cooking & food, fishing & sports, motor vehicles, women’s interest. And all are available in full and completely free. You only need two things: a current library membership and the Zinio for Libraries app.

Get Going! Getting setup is a simple process of creating an RB digital account via your library website.

66 | Mobile Tech using your library card number to selecting and subscribing to titles, and preparing your reading list for offline use. Once you’ve established your account and selected some magazines, download the free Zinio for Libraries app and log in with your new password. Any titles you’ve subscribed to should be available to download.

Jump online and head to your libraries ‘eLibrary’ tab. This will provide you with a list of online resources available (don’t get lost in here, there is a wealth of things to do, see, read and hear; from computer skills classes to full-text science journals, national newspapers, complete audio albums, fulllength documentaries and independent films and even genealogy database access for those keen to trace the family tree!), Find the ‘eMagazines’ tab and it will lead you stepby-step from creating your personal account

Once you check out a magazine you may keep it for as long as you wish, there’s no hold, no checkout periods and no limits! Every time a new issue is released from one

Mobile Tech | 67 of your subscriptions you can opt to have it automatically downloaded or receive an email notification. In many cases, back issues of up to a year are also available. From the online eMagazine platform you can also search the entire magazine collection for specific articles relating to keywords of your choice. So for me at least, it’s goodbye to expensive print subscriptions, farewell to waiting-room imitating overflowing coffee tables and hello to clutter free, topic efficient, affordable reading! There are many benefits in switching to paperless media, in addition to minimising the cost and clutter. Found a recipe you simply must have? Screen shot it! Can’t recall where you read a particular article? Search it! Having trouble reading small print? Zoom in! Can’t justify the cost of buying multiple ‘indulgent’

magazines? Don’t, get them all for free! The inner geek in me is switching between rejoicing and slapping her forehead; I knew libraries offered a huge range of electronic resources, and I regularly enjoy borrowing or reading ‘in-house’ their extensive magazine catalogue of titles I could never justify purchasing, I’ve just foolishly never put the two together. Now, if anyone needs me I’ve got a little catch-up reading to get on with…

68 | What’s On?

What's On? Our new, ongoing round-up of events across Australia for the next three months. From food and wine festivals to music of all types, arts, crafts and more, there’s something for you somewhere, so get planning and get out there!



11 – Kingaroy: Wine and Food in the Park Celebrating its 18th year this festival is coming of age in style! Food, wine, entertainment and live music; sample the best of the best in the heart of Queensland’s newest wine region. 15 – Mudgeeraba: Somerset Celebration of Literature. The Somerset Celebration of Literature Festival is the writers’ festival for the Gold Coast, and noted as Australia’s premier youth literature festival. Featuring more than 30 Australian and international authors and illustrators, you can

experience panel sessions, workshops and much more! 22 – South Brisbane: World Science Festival Brisbane. Bringing together the World’s best thought leaders to produce a stunning program of live and digital content that connects AsiaPacific audiences of all ages with the concepts, challenges, discoveries and advancements shaping our world! 23 – Innisfail: Feast of the Senses Inc. The Feast of the Senses is North Queensland’s premier tropical food event! Showcasing their amazing variety of exotic tropical fruits, produce, seafoods and meats it is like no other festival in Australia – and truly a feast for all your senses! 24 – Ipswich: CMC Rocks QLD. CMC Rocks Queensland is the biggest international country and roots festival in the Southern Hemisphere. It promises an explosive array of international

What’s On? | 69 and national country music superstars over three massive days and nights!

Located 44km West of Richmond the Maxi Races are a proud display of local heart and heritage.

26 – Felton: Felton Food Festival. Experience a weekend of authentic country life at the Felton Food Festival. Held annually in March, the Festival is a showcase of everything that the Felton Valley is famous for. With an impressive line-up of special guests it’s a weekend not to be missed.

7-9 – Julia Creek: Julia Creek Dirt ’n Dust. Offering visitors three jam-packed days of unique fun and entertainment. See the gutsy outback triathlon teams in action, back a winner at the Artesian Express Outback Horse Races, or kick on late with nightly outdoor concerts and experience the spectacular Dirt n Dust Bullride sanctioned by PBR. Real outback hospitality, festivity and fun!

29 – New Farm: Myriad. Brace yourself for a three day technology and startup festival packed with local and international speakers, interactive technology experiences and mind blowing live entertainment. Myriad offers a world class program of events, workshops and activities aimed to generate global connections for small businesses, entrepreneurs and investors alike.

31 – Currumbin: Bleach Festival. The signature annual multi-arts festival of the Gold Coast, celebrating the City’s best artists, plus Australian and international collaborators. It engages a broad audience through a range of accessible events.

April 31-2 – Brisbane: National 4x4 Outdoors Show, Fishing and Boating Expo. Prepare for an actionpacked event for fishermen, boaties and outback tourers. With over 200 exhibitors, retailers and industry experts showcasing the latest in fishing, boating, camping, outdoors and 4x4 products. 1 – Maxwelton: Maxi Races. Country racing at its best, experience true outback hospitality in this iconic event featuring horse races, fashions on the field, live entertainment, novelty events and even a recovery breakfast for the overnight stayers.

13-17 Roma: Roma’s Easter in the Country Festival. Celebrating its 40th year this iconic event brilliantly showcases the history and lifestyle of regional Queensland. Offering a range of activities for the thrill-seeker, the cultural buff, and for those that like to take things a little more leisurely. Enjoy a long weekend in the experiencing the atmosphere and friendliness that Roma and the Maranoa has to offer.

15 Kenilworth: Kenilworth Cheese, Wine and Food Fest. Showcasing the unique range of the Mary Valley’s finest foods, liqueurs and wines. Featuring a variety of food stalls, gourmet cooking demonstrations and wine and cheese tastings all day. Free fun for the whole family in this RV friendly town. 21-22 – Eromanga: Opening of the Eromanga Natural History Museum. Join the outback Gondwana Foundation at the official opening of the Eromanga Natural History Museum. Witness the unveiling of the Australian Dinosaur Giants Exhibition and a camp oven dinner under the stars. Held over two days with a range of presentations held throughout. The Museum dedicates itself to celebrating the evolution, history and amazing

70 | What’s On? diversity of the prehistoric and present day life of the Outback.

recipe cards, tours and more from the Beef Capital of Australia.

21-23 – Nambour: 2017 South Qld Caravan, Camping, Boating & Fishing Expo. One of the region’s largest events, showcasing the latest in caravans, camper trailers, motorhomes, boating, auto and 4x4 accessories, camping gear and outdoor accessories. With over 140 local and regional exhibitors displaying the latest products and services.

4-21 – Brisbane: Anywhere Theatre Festival 2017. Over 17 days experience 500 events and performances held throughout the suburbs of Brisbane and beyond; comedy in alleys, fashion parades in backyards, poetry in bowling clubs, walking tours on bridges and more!

20-23 – Kenilworth: Sunshine Coast Ukulele Festival - Tropulele 2017. Held over four days, prepare for a vibrant, tropical fusion of Hawaiian culture and Ukulele celebration. Featuring a full program of guest artists, competitions, exhibitions and displays. 26-30 Quilpie: – Quilpie Centenary Celebrations. Experience an outback party like no other. Enjoy genuine country hospitality and festivity as Quilpie kicks up her heels to celebrate this milestone. Held over four days there’s something for everyone! 26-1 – Barcaldine: The Tree of Knowledge Festival. Featuring everything from goat racing to burnout competitions and all that’s country inbetween, including horse racing, live music, street parade and markets. Prepare for a long weekend of culturally enriched celebrations.

MAY 29 April-1 May – Maleny: Maleny Wood Expo. From Seed to Fine Furniture. Recognised as one of the best wood shows in Australia, come celebrate and support the sustainable timber industry, meet the artisans, learn the history, experience the journey from ‘Seed to Fine Furniture’.

1 – Rockhampton: Wholly Cow Month. May is home to a month long celebration of all things beef. Enjoy a range of events, restaurant menus,

5-7– Woodford: Woodford Didgeridoo Gathering. Celebrate the amazing didgeridoo in a 3 day festival held on 170 acres of privately owned bushland. This uniquely Australian event features internationally renowned artists showcasing the versatility of this ancient instrument. 5 – Mackay: The Kings of Country. Direct from the USA, and after sell out shows in North America, Abstract Entertainment presents this unforgettable tribute to the biggest names in country music. 5-7 – Townsville: North Queensland Festival of One Act Plays. Celebrating its 25th year, experience quality theatre featuring amateur actors and directors showcasing their talents to live audiences and adjudicators. 6 – Barcaldine: Barcaldine Show. Showcasing local arts and produce, agriculture, livestock, machinery displays, market stalls and the traditional sideshow alley. Don’t miss it! 6-7 – Gympie: Gympie Garden Expo. One for the green thumbs! Featuring two days of non-stop garden action this event will excite and inspire all gardeners. With displays, demonstrations, markets, plant clinics, competitions and much more. 7 – Cleveland: Redlands and Bay Islands Cultural Festival. A free community event featuring two stages of live international performances from a diverse range of nationalities. With international food and cultural information stalls, educational displays and plenty of festivities. 13 – Cooroy: Cooroy Fusion Festival. Combining with the annual shows of The Noosa District Orchid and Foliage Society and the Cooroora Woodworkers Club. The result is a ‘fusion’ of great fun with fabulous food stalls, artisan market stalls, live entertainment & more!

What’s On? | 71 13 – Cardwell: Cardwell UFO Festival. Cardwell claims to be home to a variety of extra-terrestrial activities. Come celebrate this annual festival filled with out of this world fun and activities. Highlights include an Alien Invasion costume party and share experiences at the ‘C-Files’ forum. 17 – Agnes Waters: 1770 Art Show. Covering the categories of painting, drawing, sculpture, photography and textile, with a prize pool of over $7000, it’s one Australia’s premier regional art shows. 18-21 – Noosa: Noosa Food and Wine. Join food and wine enthusiasts from all over the nation as they descend on the heart of the Sunshine Coast. Discover new flavours, great Australian wines, artisan foods, Australia’s leading chefs and producers, and much more in Noosa! 18-21 – Gold Coast: Blues on Broadbeach Music Festival. A free 4-day community celebration of Blues music, featuring internationally renowned artists including Ian Moss, Bonnie Tyler, Ray Beadle, Kevin Borich and more. Held in the streets and venues of the Gold Coast! 19-21 – Hideaway Bay: Whitsunday Latin Festival. Join some of Australia’s friendliest Latin dancers at the Cape Gloucester Beach Resort for the annual Whitsunday Latin Festival! With numerous workshops and more this will be a weekend not to be missed! 19-21 – 1770: Captain Cook 1770 Festival. The 25th annual festival commemorates Cook’s landing on 24 May, 1770 at Bustard Bay. This award winning festival caters for the whole family with live entertainment, market stalls, Indigenous dancing and even fireworks on Saturday night!

26-28 – Port Douglas: Port Douglas Carnivale. An annual celebration of the tropics where you can “Taste, Watch, Dance and Play” in nature’s playground over four days and nights of fabulous events and activities. 28 – Ingham: Ingham Car Show and Shine. Vintage and classic vehicles on display, swap meet and with fun for the whole family with entry prizes and free kids entertainment. 28 – Goomeri: Goomeri Pumpkin Festival. Enjoy a ‘smashin’ fun filled day! Roll a pumpkin down Policeman’s Hill in the unique ‘Great Australian Pumpkin Roll’, enjoy quirky, novelty pumpkin competitions, a variety of pumpkin flavoured delicacies, street parade and much more! For more Queensland events click here!


March 4 – Orange: Crafted Live: Brewed and BBQ’d. Australia’s finest brewers and cider makers join with some of the best competition barbecuing teams from around the country to produce a sensational collision of food and drink! 4 – Lockhart: Lockhart Vintage Verandah Fest. National Historic Truck and Commercial Vehicle Show celebrating transport history, past and present. Markets, auctions, open gardens and heritage displays!

19-21 – Toowoomba: First Coat Festival. First Coat Festival is transforming the city into one of Australia’s largest outdoor galleries. Join them over 3 days for large-scale mural painting by international, national and local artists, plus free side events like live music, art and more. 19-21 – Hampton: Hampton Festival. Set in the unique atmosphere of a high country village, enjoy a 3 day food and cultural extravaganza with an extensive events program creating an authentic High Country experience.

4-5 – Kariong: Girrakool Blues Festival and Barbecue. For a taste of the Deep South blended with rich indigenous Australian culture, experience a New Orleans-styled themed fusion festival. Featuring a weekend of quality, international, national and local blues and roots acts.

72 | What’s On? 3-13 – Bermagui: Sculpture Bermagui. Indoor and outdoor large scale annual sculpture exhibition. 2-5 – Dunedoo: Dunedoo Bush Poetry Festival. Four days of bush poetry competitions, street theatre, puppetry, music, market stalls and comedy entertainment. 10-12 – Kiama: Kiama Jazz and Blues Festival. Three days and nights of jazz and blues, held across more than 30 venues within the Kiama region. Free entry into all venues and over 50 performances covering a wide range of musical styles. 11 – Bermagui: Bermagui Seaside Fair. Annual free fun-filled day of festivities, entertainment and activities for everyone. 10-12 – Henty: Henty 4WD and Outdoor Adventure Expo. Showcasing the best four wheel drive, touring, camping, fishing, hunting, tourism and outdoor adventure industries, the Expo offers patrons a spy, try and buy experience, as well as interactive entertainment, all in the one location. 11-12 – Junee: Junee Rhythm ‘n’ Rail Festival. Celebrate Junee’s long and significant rail history with a weekend of fun and festivities including steam train shuttles, excellent food and wine and plenty of music. 12 – Merimbula: EAT Merimbula. A food festival dedicated to showcasing the diverse and indulgent bounty of the Sapphire coast region. The skilled hands of local chefs turn the region’s harvest into an epicurean experience to be savoured. 17-19 – Katoomba: Blue Mountains Music Festival. Three days of folk, blues and roots set in the picturesque Blue Mountains. 27-28 – Wauchope: Lasiandra Festival. Community orientated event filled with fun, festivities, food and fashion. 14-19 – Corowa: 38th Annual Corowa SwimIn & Military Vehicle Gathering. The Southern Hemispheres largest gathering of ex-military vehicles, featuring collectors, restorers and enthusiasts from around the globe. 17-19 – Narrandera: Narrandera John O’Brien Bush Poetry Festival. The Australian Festival

of Word and Song. The John O’Brien Festival seeks to inspire a new generation of bush poets by hosting a number of poetry writing and recital competitions each year, along with an appropriately themed short story writing competition. 13-20 – Armidale: Armidale Autumn Festival. Experience the highlight of the Armidale community with a festive celebration of colour, music, food and local atmosphere. 18-25 – Lord Howe Island: LHI Rockfest. A weeklong showcase of free concerts and live entertainment. Incorporating Lord Howe Island bird week, there’s something for everyone. 18 – Broken Hill: St Patricks Race Day. Join the Ladies and Gentlemen of the Outback and party in true style! 24 – Corowa: Festival of International Understanding. Held each year to celebrate a guest nation, it features a festival parade, street stalls, and many other events and ceremonies. 24 – Byron Bay: Boomerang Festival. A new world Indigenous festival for all Australians. The first of its kind, featuring an array of music, dance, theatre, comedy, film and visual arts, along with cultural knowledge exchanges, and thought provoking conversations. 26-27 – Yamba: Big River Brew Fest. It’s a celebration of the backyard brewer as judges try and find the best homebrewer in the region! 25 – Bathurst: Soar, Ride and Shine. With a retro 40s and 50s theme this family fun day is a showcase of vehicles of all descriptions. Enjoy a spectacular air show, pin-up competition and a host of engaging displays and festivities. 27 – Orange: Orange Camel Races. It’s the race that stops the Outback! Supporting Camp Quality, this family fun day is a quirky event filled with wholesome fun and festivities.

What’s On? | 73 31 – Leeton: Leeton Sunrice Festival. Held biennially at Easter during the rice harvest and celebrating the importance of the rice industry to the community.

April 31-2 – Wagga: Wagga Outdoor Adventure Leisure Expos. Featuring the latest model Caravans, Campers, Motor Homes, Boats and Kayaks, Camper trailers, new cars and more. 31-9 – Orange: Orange F.O.O.D Week. Enjoy fine food and wine at the annual F.O.O.D. Week (Food of Orange District). A 10-day event showcasing the region’s fresh produce, elegant wines, gourmet products, talented chefs and superb restaurants and other delicious enterprises. 31-2 – Thirroul: Thirroul Seaside and Arts Festival. A celebration of the arts and the seaside community. Support emerging and established local artists and showcasing the community. Enjoy art shows, sculpture exhibitions, photography exhibitions, wearable art exhibitions, peace poster exhibition, art in the shops, street art, the talent search, craft displays, a junior surf competition, carnival rides, dancing, and plenty of live music. 1 – Bundanoon Highland Gathering Festival. Out of the highlands mist emerges Brigadoon, the Bundanoon Highland Gathering. With 20 Pipe Bands, highland games, Tartan Warriors, dancers, stalls and clan representatives this is the largest event of its kind in Australia. Celebrating its 40th anniversary as Australia’s premier Scottish Highland Gathering.

1 – Moruya: Southeast Harvest Regional Food Festival. Held every autumn to showcase the harvest of the southeast region of New South Wales. Meet local producers and experience a range of displays and presentations on sustainable living and green lifestyle choices. 5-16 – Nundle Go For Gold Chinese Easter Festival. Annual celebration of Nundle’s history and the Chinese and European miners that helped form the town in the mid to late 1800s. Plenty to see, do, experience and enjoy! 6-9 – Kandos: Cementa17 – Contemporary Arts Festival. A free four-day showcase of independent and experimental arts spread across Kandos. Presenting the work of over 60 artists with a focus on arts, community and the environment. 9-10 – Ettalong. NAB Central Coast Italian Festival. Experience a little ‘culture on the coast’. Enjoy vino, birra, coffee and the best of Italian cuisine all weekend, live music and plenty of entertainment. 8 – Orange: Eugowra Country Fair Markets and Lions Car and Bike Show. Market stalls and Car and Bike Show held on the banks of the picturesque Mandagery creek in the historic village of Eugowra. 8-9 – Maitland: Hunter Valley Steamfest. One of Australia’s premier festivals of steam. Welcoming visitors from far and wide to experience all things steam; specialty steam train rides, vintage diesel rides, market stalls, road steam, mini steam train rides, displays from the Museum of Applied Arts and Sciences and live entertainment. 9 – Woodburn: Carnivale Italiano. A celebration of all things Italian, commemorating the rich and colourful history of the original immigrants who settled at New Italy. 10-18 – Hartwood Campfires and Country Music Festival. Country music and bush camping; described as the people’s festival, hundreds of caravans, motor-homes, camper trailers and a sprinkling of tents gather here for the week to enjoy the entertainment and camping experience. 11-17 – Wagga Wagga - Stone The Crows Festival. A unique event designed specifically for

74 | What’s On? grey nomads; packed full of live entertainment, quirky games and good times. 13-17 – Byron Bay: Bluesfest. Australia’s premier blues and roots festival, with six stages and more than 200 performances of the best blues, roots, folk, soul and world artists. 14-17 – Wollongong: Mustang Nationals. The Mustang Owners Club of Australia host the Annual Mustang Nationals in Wollongong, over the Easter weekend. Club Members and enthusiasts from all over Australia and New Zealand gather to take part in a range of events culminating with the Mustang Nationals Show and Shine. 14-15 – Maclean Highland Gathering. A celebration of Scottish cultural heritage, Maclean is known as the ‘ Most Scottish Town in Australia’ and clans invade the town for the highland gathering from around the country. 14-16 – Ulladulla Blessing of the Fleet Festival. An honoured tradition, kept alive by the area’s descendants of the original Italian fishing community and by the proud town in general. Join in for a weekend of festivities and fun! 15-30 – Oberon: Mayfield Garden Autumn Festival. Held annually, this spectacular garden display is not to be missed. Take in 160 acres of manicured gardens in full autumn colour. 15 – Corowa: Mcdonalds Corowa Australian Billy Cart Championships. Meet racing enthusiasts, experience country hospitality at its best and set yourself free to a world of racing! 15-16 – Toronto: Lakemac Heritage Festival. Celebrate a proud heritage with this festival. Attractions include classic boats, vintage and veteran cars, the Lake Macquarie historical society display, the vintage farm machinery display, market stalls, quick n dirty competition, Wangi artists group exhibition, sail past and blessing of the fleet.

15 – Tilba Easter Festival. Enjoy a fun filled annual street fair and Easter celebration within a picturesque heritage village bursting with community spirit. 16 – Narrandera Rod Run. Enjoy a fantastic weekend of beautifully restored vintage cars. Featuring over two hundred vehicles on display, ‘Cruizin’ No Boozing’ in East Street on Saturday from 6pm to 10pm, and the Show ‘N’ Shine in Narrandera Park on Sunday from 12 noon to 4pm. 18-25 – Canowindra International Balloon Challenge. Enjoy the daily spectacle as over 20 hot air balloons take to the skies each morning and evening. Culminating with the Balloon Glow and night markets featuring local produce, wine, crafts and synchronised balloon show. 21-23 – Hill End: The End Festival. Come up to ‘The End’ where it all begins. Annual festival of arts, culture and heritage in the historic village of Hill End. It’s a one-of-a-kind experience in an extraordinary place. 21-23 – Lithgow: Ironfest. An arts festival exploring the relationship between humans, metal and identity. Held annually at the Lithgow Showgrounds it brings together artists, designermakers, blacksmiths, performers of all kind, musicians, steampunkers, historical re-enactors, machine enthusiasts and hobbyists from all over Australia and the World. 22 – Thredbo: High Country Wine and Cheese Festival. Chase cheese to glory or experience the thrills and spills in Thredbo’s second annual cheese rolling competition. Free wine and cheese tasting, live music and a great atmosphere. 22 – Bermagui Bike Show. Putting the ‘Fun’ back into fundraising with an event born from mateship. Featuring a Show and Shine, Hot Rod exhibits with live music, auctions, raffles and trade stalls. 22 – Temora: Horsepower Ariah Park. A two day event for ridden and harnessed horses hosted at the historic village of Ariah Park. In addition to the range of traditional equestrian events, browse market stalls, craft demonstrations and displays. 28-30 – Narrabri: Abrogator Drovers Campfire. Held at the Boggabri Showgrounds this annual event welcomes all who travel. Featuring the

What’s On? | 75 ‘big campfire’, camp oven cooking, shearing demonstrations, tours of the district, bush poets, craft stalls, whip cracking, antique machinery display, bush bands and much more.

encompasses two whole months! The festival showcases the Region’s unforgettable wine and food culture, with more than 70 epicurean events and activities!

28-7 – Tamworth: Taste Tamworth Festival. The premier food event on the region’s annual calendar, celebrating its growers, makers, chefs and diners in 10 days of events that include the Warehouse Pop-up Bar, Taste in the Park, The Long Lunch and Farm Gate Trail.

4-14 – Scone: Scone Horse Festival. Scone is the Horse Capital of Australia, so come celebrate this community’s pride and its equine industry. The festival includes events that showcase the versatility of the horse and the important role they play in the local area.

28-30 – Thredbo Jazz Festival. In its 29th year, experience a three day celebration of Jazz music and great food and wine set in picturesque Thredbo in the heart of the spectacular Snowy Mountains. 29-30 – Kiama: The K.I.S.S. Arts Festival. Experience a sprawling and bustling pop up harbour side shanty town, crammed with festivities, mini venues, food stalls, outdoor stages, circus drop zones, raft races and hundreds more exciting, quirky and hugely entertaining things to do. 29 - Tumut: Festival of the Falling Leaf. Celebrate autumn in Tumut with its iconic annual festival. 29 Apr-14 May Singleton: Singleton Festival. An annual celebration of all things food, wine, music and art. Festival features a two week program packed with loads of events to stimulate the mind and spirit.

MAy 29 April-14 May – Singleton: The Singleton Festival is an annual celebration of all things food, wine, music and art. The Festival includes a two week program packed with loads of events to stimulate the mind and spirit. 28 April-7 May – Tamworth: Taste Tamworth Festival. Experience this premier annual food event celebrating growers, producers, chefs and diners with 10 days of events that include a Taste Pop-up Bar, Taste in the Park, The Long Lunch, and Farm Gate Trail! 1 May-30 June – Hunter Valley: Hunter Valley Wine and Food Festival. A festival so large it

4-7 – Glen Innes: Australian Celtic Festival. Australia’s hallmark event of Celtic celebration attracting clans, national groups, pipe bands, dancers, artists, and spectators from across Australia and abroad. 6 – Denman: Upper Hunter Wine and Food Affair. It’s the Hunter’s best street party, showcasing local craft beer, cider, wines and delicious food! What more could you ask for? How about live entertainment and plenty of atmosphere! 5-6 – Wollongong: Illawarra Autumn Jazzfest. Experience two and a half days of musical celebrations where locals, musicians and music lovers gather to share a common love of jazz music! 5-7 – Nimbin: Nimbin Mardigrass. Experience the culture, colour and creativity of Nimbin with this unique festival focused on supporting cannabis law reform. 5-7 – Kangaroo Valley: Arts in the Valley Festival. A three day festival of music, sculpture and art in what’s described as Australia’s most beautiful valley.

6-7 – Narooma: Narooma Oyster Festival. Held in the heart of Australia’s Oyster Coast, celebrate the Region’s oysters, its growers, natural beauty

76 | What’s On? and exceptional seafood, wine, dairy and organic produce. Featuring live entertainment, cooking displays and lots more! 6-7 – Bulga: Bulga Beats Festival. Bulga Beats is an exciting music, market and arts festival focusing on community and promoting local regional produce. 7 – Gunning: Collector Village Pumpkin Festival. A colourful and traditional community fair that celebrates rural life and the harvest season, using a unique pumpkin theme! 12-14 – Culburra Beach: Burradise Festival. A grass roots festival run by locals to promote and share their picturesque region. Enjoy a weekend of music, art, culture and, above all, fun! 20-30 – Casino: Casino Beef Week. Let the country come to town! Experience an energetic and vibrant show from a united community. The 11 day festival is packed with events all with a unique focus on the Australian beef industry and life on the land. 20 – Batlow: Batlow Ciderfest. Community spirit is alive and flowing in this end of harvest community street party! Featuring atmospheric live entertainment, markets, street theatre, gourmet food and cider stalls! 21 – Echuca Moama: Flavours of Echuca Moama Festival. A unique regional boutique festival that’s proudly 100% locally grown, made and produced. Catch a Paddle Steamer shuttle service along the Murray River and experience a day of fun and foodie festivities! 21 – Evans Head: Beef Meets Reef. Beef Meets Reef is a huge celebration of seafood, salt air and beef skewers for all the family. Come taste the local offerings of scrumptious Reef and Beef while entertained by dancing, live music, farm animals, cattle display and much more. 21 – Laurieton: Slice of Haven Food and Wine Festival. Thirty minutes south of Port Macquarie, experience a food and wine festival by the river. More than 80 stallholders from the hinterland to the coast will present their finest produce and culinary creations. 27 – Narooma: Australian National Busking

Championships. Celebrating the rich diversity of Australian music culture, this free festival is bringing back music to the streets and to the people. Features a huge variety of styles and performers including blues, jazz, pop, rock, folk, country, bluegrass, indigenous, multicultural and classical. 28 – Camden: 2017 Macarthur Rotary Ramble. For those that love an outdoor adventure, join in and raise money for charities with this competitive treasure hunt crossed with The Amazing Race! 26-28 – Hawkesbury: Orchids Out West 2017. An orchid fair that brings together several local Orchid societies for a bloomin’ good time! For more New South Wales events click here!


March 3-5 – Avalon Airport: Australian International Airshow. Delivering one of the most exciting and diverse flying display programs ever seen in Australia. From the thunder of military fighter jets to the snarl of warbirds; a unique mix of military, commercial, antique, airsport, rotor and general aviation aircraft will thrill all visitors! 11-12 – Rutherglen: Tastes of Rutherglen. Rutherglen’s premiere wine and gourmet food event. With award-winning partnering with leading regional chefs and producers, Tastes of Rutherglen is the perfect way to sample the best of what the region has to offer.

10-12 - Swan Hill Region Food & Wine Festival. A three day indulgent event, taste your way around the region at the many fine food and wine stalls as

What’s On? | 77 you take in the music, festivities and entertainment. 10-13 – Melbourne: Moomba Festival. Australia’s largest community festival with a uniquely Melbourne program of activities, and events held on the banks of the iconic Yarra River. Enjoy talented local performers, the Moomba Masters’ world-class water sports; pro scoot, skate and BMX comps; hospitality offerings from local traders; floats inspired by the community for the Moomba Parade, as well as the wild and wacky Birdman Rally! 11-13 – Ballarat: Ballarat Begonia Festival. Regional Victoria’s largest flower festival, attracting more than 60,000 spectators annually. Held on the Victorian Labour Day long weekend this three day event has something for everyone. Flowers, celebrity gardeners, markets, entertainment, kids’ activities and a community parade. 24-26 - Yackandandah Folk Festival. A Celebration of music and community, with a great reputation for providing some of the best overseas and touring acts, while encouraging younger performers. 25 – Beechworth: High Country Hops Festival. Bringing together the four brewers of the High Country Brewery Trail to showcase their products and celebrate the region’s brewers and hop growers. Featuring local food producers, musicians, performers, children’s activities and even a chance to try your hand at some archery. 17-26 - Castlemaine State Festival. A 10 day extravaganza of art, music, film, culture and fun. The program is packed full of captivating events in some of Australia’s finest Gold Rush-era venues. 29-31 – Melbourne: Melbourne International Flower and Garden Show. Not to be missed and in its 20th year, this is the biggest annual flower and garden show in the Southern Hemisphere. Held at the World Heritage listed Royal Exhibition Building and Carlton Gardens, it’s set to explode with colour and design! 30 – Melbourne: Melbourne International Coffee Expo 2017. Indulge in the rich and vibrant coffee culture Melbourne is famous for 30 – Corryong: The Man from Snowy River Bush Festival. An internationally recognised and

unique bush gathering of mountain riders, poets, artists, plus lovers of the Australian High Country and pioneering spirit. 31 - Melbourne: Food and Wine Festival. Internationally renowned and held over 10 days throughout Melbourne and its regional surrounds, this annual event is a gastronomical showcase of unforgettable food and wine experiences. 29 – Melbourne: Melbourne International Comedy Festival. Forget the doom, gloom and stresses of the modern world; the Festival brings three and a half weeks of wholehearted happiness to all corners of the city!

April 1-2 – Yarra Valley Wine and Food Festival. Set amongst the vines at Rochford Wines in Victoria’s premium wine district, wine and food lovers alike can enjoy the Yarra Valley’s finest wines, produce and food, as well as locally brewed cider and beers at the two-day festival. 29 Mar-2 Apr – Melbourne International Flower and Garden Show. Held at the World Heritage Listed Royal Exhibition Building and Carlton Gardens, the annual show is set to return with an explosion of colour and design. Remaining after 20 years the largest annual flower and garden show in the Southern Hemisphere. 30 Mar-1 Apr – Melbourne International Coffee Expo 2017. A must attend industry event featuring displays, exhibitions and presentations from world class authorities. 30-2 – Corryong: The Man from Snowy River Bush Festival. A unique celebration of bush folklore, skills and traditions uniting mountain riders, poets, artists and lovers of the Australian High Country and pioneering spirit. Bringing together people from around Australia as well as international visitors to celebrate traditional high country and bush culture and in particular the imagery created by AB Banjo Paterson’s and Australia’s most famous poem “The Man from Snowy River”. 2 – Melbourne: Wine and Cheese Fest. It’s all about good wine, good cheese and a few other of life’s pleasures!

78 | What’s On? 8-9 – Bendigo: St. Erth Apple Festival. Presented by Diggers Gardening club, explore a heritage fruit orchard and discover the hidden secrets of heirloom fruits and vegetables.

20-23 – Carlton North: Australasian Quilting Convention. Experience the world of quilting and its all of its colourful characters and fabrics. Sign up for convention classes or just browse the displays. 29 - Wandiligong Nut Festival. Indulge all the senses at Australia’s only nut festival. Enjoy a lively market focusing on food and crafts, cooking demonstrations, presentations and activities. Taste roasted chestnuts, crack hazelnuts and walnuts, sample local wines and beers, talk to producers and chefs and enjoy live music.

May 5-21 – various locations: High Country Harvest. An autumn celebration of the finest food, wine and beer in Victoria’s spectacular north east. The 10-day event program showcases the best food, wine and craft beer at over 40 events that celebrate collaboration and innovation. 6-7 – Beechworth: Beechworth Drive Back In Time. Presented by the Beechworth Old Cranks Motor Club, this rare, classic and vintage car and motorcycle show is one of the region’s most popular, with participants coming from across Victoria and interstate.

dedicated to celebrating books and the stimulating conversations and ideas that come from them! 6-7 – Lake Goldsmith: 109th Lake Goldsmith Steam Rally. Step back in time to a world of blacksmiths, steam engines and vintage machinery. Held twice a year, this is a fun filled historical event showcasing steam and oil engines and their associated heritage. 11-13 – Ballarat: World Sideshow Festival. Described as extreme Circus, the world of Sideshow is an exciting and entertaining form of live theatre. Over three massive nights experience the best sideshow artists from around the world showcasing their talents. 12-21 – Melbourne: Good Beer Week. Discover the global beer revolution at this 9 day festival held at venues and locations throughout Melbourne and Victoria. From intimate tastings and beer launches to beer breakkies; there are over 100 separate events showcasing beer! 19-21 – Camperdown: Robert Burns Scottish Festival. An action packed weekend of music, dance and poetry celebrating the regions unique Scottish heritage! 20 – Bendigo: Vesak Festival of Light. A vibrant and colourful multicultural celebration of peace and harmony inspired by Buddha’s birthday. 16-21 – Myrtleford: La Fiera, Italian Festival. Experience a vibrant and delicious celebration of Italian culture. Passion mixed with art, culture and heritage creates a joyful atmosphere of fun the Italian way! 27 – Ballarat: Beers, Beards & BBQ. Take a step back in time to a heritage celebration like no other! Whisky masterclasses, beard and moustache competitions, craft beers and a gourmet barbecue!

6 – Belgrave: Jazz on Puffing Billy. Hop aboard the historic Puffing Billy for a fun-filled journey through the Dandenong Ranges to the historic Packing Shed. Enjoy live jazz, fine wines, and a delicious three course meal!

18-27 – St Kilda: St Kilda Film Festival. Supporting the Australian Film industry and promoting new and established talent, this festival is a comprehensive overview of the national short film industry.

6-7 – Clunes: Clunes Booktown Festival. When an entire town turns into a living bookstore only wonderful things can happen! A festival

For more Victorian events click here!


March 2-5 – Adelaide: Clipsal 500 Adelaide. Australia’s largest motorsport event has more high-octane thrills and an unmissable line-up of entertainment.

preserving, heirloom tastings, farmers market, chickens and bee-keeping and live music. 19-23 – Tanunda: Barossa Vintage Festival. Paying homage to the history of the Barossa region and its strong handcrafted influence. Showcasing over 90 events over a five-day period the Barossa Vintage Festival features a host of dynamic events that showcase the Barossa, its food, wine and culture.

3-19 - Adeliade: Adelaide Festival. In addition to international theatre, eclectic music, dance pieces and breathtaking art, the Adelaide Festival also includes Writers’ Week.


10-13 – Adelaide: WOMADelaide. Set in the serene Botanic Gardens, the festival is celebrating 25 years of global music, food, thought and creativity.

1-7 – Adelaide: Tasting Australia. Take your place at the table and experience the flavours of the region! Held over a week at various locations, this festival is a showcase of local producers, products, and culinary talents.

24-25 – Limestone Coast: Adelaide Fringe in Mt Gambier. A sensational program of visual arts events, spectacular performances and jazz music.

7 – Torrensville: Kodomo No Hi Japan Festival. Adelaide’s largest Japanese Festival, held annually since 1995. A celebration of the cultural and social links, it’s a great day to enjoy Japanese music, performances, craft, food, martial arts and much more. 18-27 – Adelaide: Dreambig Children’s Festival. Grab the kids or grandkids and experience a fun-filled program of arts. The largest festival of its kind in Australia, Dream Big offer children and their families an unforgettable experience of creativity and artistic exploration. For more South Australian events click here!


March April 8-9 – Adelaide: Heirloom Weekend. Join the diggers club and the Botanic Gardens of South Australia and celebrate making the old new again! Free activities include; workshops - growing and

3-6 – Nannup: Nannup Music Festival. A vibrant weekend full of fun and entertainment for the whole family. Showcasing national and international musical talent and offering a diverse program of concerts, workshops, dance and activities for people of all ages and musical tastes. 5 – Denmark: Summer Music – Jazztrix. An afternoon of opulent music, food, wine and beer, set in the Rockcliffe Winery.

80 | What’s On? 5-6 – Perth: 2017 Community Fair. Celebrating 30 years of bringing the community together, the Rotary Club of North Perth is proud to present the 2017 Hyde Park Community Fair. There is something for everyone at this year’s event, including live entertainment, arts and crafts, market stalls, rides, kids activities, car show, demonstrations, popup bar, food and more!

April 8 – Albany Wine and Food Festival. Celebrate the local produce of the Great South with a range of great wine, local food, craft beers, spirits and more. Enjoy live music, sideshow coffee sessions, guest chefs and cooking demonstrations. 8-9 – Perth: Buddha’s Birthday and Multicultural Festival 2017. A two day worldwide celebration of the birth of Sakyamuni Buddha, the founder of Buddhism. The festival aims to promote the message of ‘Respect and Tolerance, Consensus and Openness’, promote harmonious co-existence amongst people, and provide visitors an insight into Buddhist teachings and philosophy as a way of life to bring about peace and happiness. 12-18 – Kulin: Blazing Swan. An official Burning Man Australia event. A week long yearly arts based social experiment in temporary community dedicated to self-expression and self-reliance. 21-21 – Pinjarra: Fairbridge Festival. Celebrating its 25th anniversary, The Fairbridge Festival of inspired music returns with more of the music and camaraderie that patrons know and love all packaged up together in a magical weekend escape that will feed your soul. 27-30 – Perth: Perth Garden Festival. Bursting with colour, the Perth Garden Festival delights visitors with inspirational landscape show gardens, plant sales, a daily seminar program featuring some of Perth’s best horticultural experts, hands on workshops and activities, live demonstrations with abundant live music and entertainment.

May 26 April- 21 May – Perth & Surrounds: Perth Comedy Festival. Held over 4 big weeks the festival kicks off with the lavish Gala event, Perth’s biggest night of comedy. Featuring performances from the finest Australian acts, the biggest international stars and much, much more! 5-7 – Perth: SEXPO. Along with all your favourite attractions, SEXPO® 2017 will be showcasing technology and products that will pave the way for the next 20 years in the adult industry. Come and experience adult virtual reality, virtual reality gaming, robotics and sex tech. 6 – Mundaring: Hills Fabric and Craft De-Stash. This is the swap-meet you have been waiting for! Buying or selling; all fabric, buttons, lace, beads, ribbon, stamps, paper, wool, knitting needles, sewing machines, patterns and all manner of craft materials welcome! 13-14 – Geraldton: Quaff Food and Wine Expo. Described as a celebration of life, this two day Lifestyle Expo showcases food, wine, beverages and lifestyle products from all over Australia, with a special focus on products sourced in the bountiful Midwest region. 20-21 – Midland: Antique and Collectors Fair. For all the avid antique collectors and casual browsers alike. Offering multiple tables with china, glass, figurines, memorabilia, tools and much much more. 26 – Mandurah: Melbourne International Comedy Festival Roadshow. Buckle-up Australia and prepare to laugh, the Melbourne International Comedy Festival Roadshow is on the road once again home delivering the freshest and funniest from Australia’s largest comedy festival! For more Western Australian events

click here!

What’s On? | 81 TASMANIA

March 4-5 – Hobart: AICon. Tasmania’s longest running popular culture convention. Bringing together a diverse range of interests through multiple avenues, such as Japanese animation, comic books, popular TV series, movies, alternative fashion, video games and more. 12 – Devonport: Taste the Harvest. Delight your taste buds with Tasmanian food and wine, and enjoy the exhibits, entertainment, tours and competitions. Something for everyone from the young to the young at heart!

24-29 – Burnie: Targa Tasmania. Targa Australia run the world’s largest, longest and hardest tarmac rally event. Described as the ultimate tarmac rally it attracts teams and sponsors from all over the world!

May 4-6 – Carrick: Agfest. Tasmania’s premier agricultural event, boasting the second highest attendance of all agricultural field days in Australia. Featuring over 700 exhibitors, ag equipment, food fun and more, there is sure to be something for everyone! 20-21 – Hobart: Tasmanian Red Wine Weekend 2017. If you’d like the opportunity to meet the heart of the Tasmanian wine industry this is your chance as more than 20 of Tasmania’s best producers come together to celebrate the end of vintage with all things red and warming! For more Tasmanian events click here!

NORTHERN TERRITORY 11 – Westbury: Westbury Irish Festival. Let down your hair, kick up your heels and get your green on at this easy going entertainment packed family festival. 19 – Hobart: Estia Greek Street Festival. An iconic event representing the proud Greek culture. A day of fun, food and entertainment with various displays, food stalls and arts and craft exhibitions.

March 19 – Bathurst Island: Tiwi Islands Annual Football Art Sale. Take the opportunity to visit Bathurst Island to buy Tiwi art and craft at community prices and catch the displays in the grand final.

26 – Hobart: Moonah Taste of the World Festival. Feast all the senses with this vibrant multicultural celebration of the rich cultural diversity of the Glenorchy municipality through food, dance and cultural activities from around the world.

April 8-9 - Hobart: Spiegeltent Hobart. The very best in comedy, cabaret, theatre and music has been hand-picked for the 2017 program with something to tempt everyone.

25 – Timber Creek: Circle F Easter Fishing Competition. Every Easter long weekend, Timber Creek holds is very own Circle F Easter Fishing Competition. Fishing enthusiast and families are

82 | What’s On? invited to join the locals of Timber Creek for a great weekend!

April 11-20 – Darwin Heritage Festival. Presented by the National Trust NT, The Australian Heritage Festival is Australia’s biggest annual communitydriven heritage festival. Celebrating Australia’s cultural heritage, through talks, tours, exhibitions and events across the NT. 22-23 – Darwin: Territory Taste Festival. On the Darwin Waterfront, celebrate local produce and talent with two days of cooking demonstrations and master classes combined with a fabulous entertainment program and family-focused activities. 28-30 – Alice Springs: Wide Open Space Festival. Shrouded in mystery and lyrical fantasy this is a unique Central Australian festival. Celebrating Australian art and culture through visual and performing arts; program includes burlesque, circus, roving, spoken word, experimental and hilariously fun local and interstate acts. The visual arts program provides festival folk with immersive spaces, installations, projections, and live painting to put the ‘twinkle’ into the party.

Devonshire teas, hot food, raffles plus much more. 20 – Darwin: Bass in the Grass. An annual all ages event featuring some of Australia’s best talent, held in a safe and friendly environment at the picturesque Darwin Amphitheatre.

26-28 – Darwin: Garrmalang Festival. Darwin’s premier three day Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultural festival celebrating music, dance, art, cabaret and theatre. This festival acknowledges the traditional Larrakia people and celebrates the diversity of the Top End. For more Northern Territory events click here!




6-7 – Darwin: Nightcliff Seabreeze Festival. A creative and interactive community festival on the beachfront and at various locations across Darwin. Kicking off with a night of live music and dance, explore and celebrate the culture, heritage and creativity of this unique community!

3-12 – Canberra: Enlighten. The Nation’s Capital is transformed into a vibrant arts precinct as iconic architecture is transformed with stunning light displays and exclusive musical and entertainment performances.

6 – Noonamah: Noonamah Tavern Rodeo. Prepare for an action-packed evening of bull riding, Saddle Bronc’s, barrel racing, freestyle motocross, burn out competitions, a mechanical bull and live music! 13-14 – Humpty Doo: Fred’s Pass Rural Show. Everything you’d expect from a rural show and a whole lot more – in true Territory style! 20-21 – Darwin: Orchid Spectacular 2017. The largest Orchid show in Northern Australia. Enjoy the displays, demonstrations, bargain stalls,

20-26 – Canberra: Canberra Comedy Festival. The finest comedy talent descends upon the ACT for a week of hilarious entertainment.

What’s On? | 83



31-9 – Canberra District Wine Week. Held throughout the Canberra wine district, this week long event showcases not only the region but also the quality wines on offer. Featuring an exciting program of wine dinners, tastings and themed events.

1-7 – Canberra Region: Canberra and Region Heritage Festival. Held at various locations and with over 100 free events including tours, open days, dances, talks, dinners, markets and more. Raising awareness to conserve the natural, historic and Indigenous heritage.

13-17 – Canberra: National Folk Festival. Join the celebration of traditional and contemporary folk life at the National Folk Festival with a program designed to inspire, enliven and entertain. Featuring over 200 acts representing diverse styles including acoustic, blues, roots, bluegrass, world, Celtic, traditional, gypsy and country in a program including music, dance, spoken word, film, circus and traditional crafts, there is something for everyone.

1-7 – Canberra region: Canberra International Music Festival. Held throughout Canberra in venues specially chosen for their acoustic properties, enjoy world class live music from a range of internationally renowned classic and contemporary artists.

18-7 May – Canberra and Region Heritage Festival. Held over a massive three weeks with a theme of ‘Questions and Change’ and featuring over 100 events, most free, you can enjoy tours, open days, dances, talks, dinners, markets and more. The festival raises awareness to the ongoing need to conserve the region’s natural, historic and Aboriginal heritage. 25 – Canberra: Anzac Day at the Australian War Memorial. Experience a day of national remembrance at the heart of the nation. A day for all Australians who served and died in war and on operational service. The spirit of Anzac, with its qualities of courage, mateship, and sacrifice, continues to have meaning and relevance for our sense of national identity. The Australian War Memorial, in close cooperation with the Returned and Services League of Australia ACT, will host the following: Dawn Service, National Ceremony, and Last Post Ceremony. 27-7 – Canberra: Canberra International Music Festival. Experience performances that are challenging and uplifting, at times thoughtprovoking. Always moving, and always of the highest quality. It could change the way you think about live music.

13-16 – Acton: Banff Motuntain Film Festival World Tour. The world’s most prestigious mountain film festival is coming back to the National Film and Sound Archives. Direct from Canada this festival showcases the most enthralling mountain adventure films produced!

For more ACT events click here!

84 | What’s On my mind On?

“The straight and narrow is overrated. It’s the curves in life that really take you places...”

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REMOTE HABITAT that provide a little extra ground clearance, a differential lock and a whole lot of checkerplated attitude! It also carries more water than usual and could double as a small power station; the idea being to let you get off the beaten track and stay there for some time. What’s it like? Find out next issue! Sunliner has teased us for months, but at the Melbourne Show it finally took the wraps off the Habitat. The product of a year of owner and potential buyer input and discussion, it’s a new style of vehicle we think will have broad appeal. In a nutshell, the Habitat is an Iveco-based motorhome with all-terrain tyres

Mar 22-26



2017 Perth Caravan & Camping Show Claremont Showgrounds 1 Graylands Ave, Claremont. WA. 6010 • • • • •

Open 9:00-5:00 daily Parking: Limited onsite $5 Adults: $19.50 Seniors: $14.50 Kids: Free with adult



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South Queensland Caravan, Camping, Boating and Fishing Expo

2017 NSW Caravan, Camping & Holiday Supershow

Nambour Showgrounds, Bli Bli Rd, Nambour. Qld. 4560

Rosehill Racecourse James Ruse Dr, Rosehill NSW. 2142.

• Open 9:00-5:00 daily (4:00 Sunday) • Parking: Free • Adults: $10 • Seniors: $8 • Kids: Free with adult

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• Open 9:30-5:00 daily (4:00 Sunday) • Parking: Free • Adults: $25 • Seniors: $20 • Kids: U16 Free with adult

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iMotorhome Australia Issue 111 - March 2017  

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iMotorhome Australia Issue 111 - March 2017  

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