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Issue 108: DEC 03 2016

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Route 66 not only runs “From Chicago to L.A. – more than 2000 miles all the way”, it runs deep in popular culture. No other road is more famous and now we’re giving you the chance to find out where and how it came about and experience it’s magic for yourself!

we’ll immerse you in its Route 66 history as well as its gangster past. From there we travel to the incredible Winnebago factory and museum before collecting our brand new motorhomes, equipped with an RV GPS with Route 66 highlights and all campsites, and hitting the road!

Fly with us to America where we start by exploring historic Forth Worth and Dallas, home to cowboy legends and political tragedy. Then it’s on to Chicago – birthplace of The Mother Road – where

This exclusive tour is led by Mr and Mrs iMotorhome and limited to just six customer vehicles – and three spots are already taken!

Take a look at our amazing inclusions…

• 3 000 miles allowance (trip distance is approx 2200 miles)

• T he original Budweiser Brewery and its ‘Biermaster’ Tour

• Unlimited generator usage

• Route 66 Museum

• Domestic American Airlines flights Dallas-Chicago-Minneapolis

• Roadside assistance

• Sisemore RV Museum

• Bedding, towels and cooking equipment

• Grand Canyon Railway – First class day trip!

• All airport and rental company transfers

• iMotorhome’s custom Trip Essentials travel pack for your journey!

• G rand Canyon – 4WD bus to the Colorado River!

• Return international economy airfare from Sydney/Melbourne or Brisbane with Qantas

• 6-nights Marriott Hotel accommodation • 2 nights Forth Worth • 2 nights Chicago • 1 night Minneapolis • 1 night Los Angeles

1 8 nights Apollo motorhome hire including:

• A ll campsite fees (powered sites where possible) • Welcome dinner in Forth Worth • Farewell dinner in LA

• Las Vegas – City tour

Plus, we’ve got a few surprises planned that are guaranteed to delight!

Amazing Extras Included: • Forth Worth – Private walking and bus tours

• Pre-programmed RV-specific GPS

• Dallas – Private city tour including the famous JFK Museum

• CB Radios

• Chicago – Private Route 66 walking tour

• Top available insurance cover

• Chicago – Gangster Tour!

• Supplementary $1m personal 3rd party liability insurance

• Winnebago Museum and Factory tour

• Extra driver

• Hoover Dam Museum

• St Louis Arch

March 29 - April 24 2017

Priced at just A$9750 per person, be quick to secure your spot!

• Mississippi River sightseeing cruise

Don’t miss this rare opportunity to be part of our exclusive group. For enquiries, booking form and full terms and conditions email richard@imotorhome.com.au now!

4 | My Say

Living The Dream! It wasn’t until I became involved with recreational vehicles that I heard the term ‘living the dream’. It has become an oft and sadly overused term – like ‘trip of a lifetime’ or ‘died doing what they loved’ – but the intent is authentic and it means many different things to different people. I’ve been told by some that I’m living their dream. It seems reviewing motorhomes, travelling and writing about all is their ‘dream’ job. Let me say that like most ‘dreams’ it appears more perfect from a distance, but I’m the first one to put up my hand and say it’s not damn bad! More than anything I value my independence and self-determination; qualities few regular jobs provide. The fact I get to ‘play’ with machines I love, write (which I also love) and decide which way the business goes is a bonus. All of which means that until Mrs iMotorhome and I can retire and join the rest of you, I guess I am living the dream. Last Sunday I met another guy living his dream. I’d gone for a longish cycle ride around the Southern Highlands but felt the pull of the highway and just kept heading south. Riding the freeway breakdown lane isn’t really my idea of a good time but long distance rides are – and part of living my other dream. Just past the Bungonia exit I spied ahead an orange high-vissy vest and matching flag-on-apole. At first I thought it someone pushing a pram or wheelbarrow, but closing in realised it was a man pushing a bike and trailer. By this stage it was early afternoon and in the high twenties. The sun was strong and the road a long, straight uphill incline. “And I thought I was crazy!”, I exclaimed, stopping alongside him. His mountain bike was old, the knobby tyres worn flat in the centres and it appeared he was carrying all his worldly possessions on it and the small box trailer, albeit very neatly packed. With a laugh and largely toothless grin he explained he was in no particular hurry and had taken to pushing his bike up the long hills. A ragged tee shirt and shorts lurked under his oversize orange vest;

he was thin, had a long beard with hair to match and seemed glad of the company and break from his efforts – as was I. “I’m heading for South Australia at least; somewhere along the Murray,” he said. “I’d had enough and just decided to head off. I’m from Harrington, up near Port Macquarie.” Patting a pocket he said, “I’ve got me lucky stones; some Gypsie chick gave ‘em to me and said they’d keep me safe. I’m living the dream!” We talked for a few minutes as Sunday afternoon traffic sped past just a few metres away and we must have made a strange sight; me looking like I’d just left the Tour de France peloton and him like a refugee on the evening news. We were both making for Goulburn and shaking hands I wished him safe travels, then disappeared into his horizon. I wonder how he’s going? Dreams are personal and come in all shapes and sizes. For a few minutes ours intersected on a highway, sharing effort, sweat and exploration. Sometimes, life at its most basic is the most rewarding… Whatever your dreams and whether you’re living them, planning them or still trying to work out what they are, I wish you safe travels and true fulfilment. Thank you for being part of iMotorhome in 2016, it has been a truly remarkable year. I’m giving the Team an early Christmas present – the rest of December off – but we’ll return on 7 January all fired up and rearing to go. Until then might your Festive Season be filled with family, friends and happiness. From all of us here – Mrs iM, Agnes, Malcolm, Chris and me – Merry Christmas, dreamers. Here’s hoping they all come true!


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awrvworld.com.au NEW AVAN OVATION M5

Epitomizes smart design to create optimal space and luxury. The Ovation combines the finest elements of Avan style with the unique versatility of a motorhome. The lutton peak has plenty of room to sleep the kids or grandkids. Features: Fiat Ducato chassis, sleeps 4, GVM 4400kg, electric bed over U shape lounge, separate shower toilet, diesel heater, soft close cupboards, tow bar. Price: $132,693 + ORC



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This Sunliner is great for the new motorhomer or the experienced looking for an upgrade. The Fiat Ducato is very smooth and car-like to drive, making it very comfortable for travelers who want a full size motorhome without the truck feel. Used motorhomes come with technician & mechanical check for peace of mind. . Features: Fiat Ducato, Auto, GVM 4250kg, 51,200kms, island bed, separate shower toilet, solar, diesel heater, 2x house batteries, electric steo, Tom Tom nav. Price: $115,114 + ORC


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Season Greetings from the AW RV World team! 1A Watson St, Wodonga VIC 3690 Ph: 02 6024 4222 E: info@awrvworld.com.au

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It’s only fitting that since Ed has his say in On My Mind, you should be able to have yours too. If you have anything to say – or ask – just drop a line to letters@imotorhome.com.au and we’ll share it with our readers. We’ll also reward the most interesting, useful or thoughtful letter each issue with $50 to help you on your way.

Any Port in a Jayco?


just read your review of the Jayco Conquest in the latest mag, Issue 107. Did the test model have a Drifter panel, which shows water, battery levels etc? If so, there is a USB port on the side of that. I use it all the time when not on power. If not, I’d be very surprised that Jayco would discontinue the use of the Drifter panel as it’s excellent and I check it constantly for levels, etc. I usually find that Fiat’s USB in the cab and this one are sufficient for my needs when free camping, but although I’m a heavy user, it’s probably nothing like having to put together iMotorhome off the grid!

The Conquest certainly did have a Drifter panel but I didn’t notice the USB port on the side until checking photos after your email! It’s interesting Jayco don’t even mention it in their brochure. Thanks for that, I would never have noticed it. Be careful with the Fiat USB as it runs from the vehicle battery, not the house battery, although I suspect you only use it while driving. For bringing this to my and our reader’s attention please accept this issues $50 prize, which will surely come in handy just before Christmas. Safe travels!

Cheers, Chris

Double Standards


e your editorial last issue, I have held a heavy vehicle licence since I was 21 and have no idea how many kilometres I have driven in that time. I’ve had my ups and downs during that time but never has the driver had to deal with so many inconsistencies as today. My own personal

gripe at the moment is the total lack of constancy between States and Territories. To my knowledge, in Qld you cannot mount more than four driving lights and that includes light bars (which have sprung up in their thousands). You must not mount them on the top of bull bars and other criteria also come ...continued.

12 | On your mind


into play re positioning. For example, you may mount them on roof bars or a rack but they must be in the front half of the vehicle, making those mounted on bars behind the cab in dualcab vehicles illegal. But go over the border to NSW and you can mount light bars and driver’s lights on top of bull bars. The wording in the Australian Design Rules (ADRs) and in NSW re lighting is very vague. Where do we stand as drivers? Drive from one state to another and they have different rules. It begs the question, “Why are they called ADRs if they different from State to State?”

Thanks Trevor I know exactly what you mean, and what you’re asking is very much the point of my editorial. Indeed, why bother having ADRs if Sates and Territories can overrule them? It’s a ridiculous state of affairs but unfortunately I don’t see it changing any time soon. Our friends at Practical Motoring have interesting article on where you can legally mount light bars and you can read by clicking here. I think you’ll find it frustratingly ‘illuminating’…

Regards, Trevor

Show Me The Money!


ove the eMag, your team does a awesome job keeping us all up to date. I find iMotorhome a great resource as we plan or future ‘on the road’. Full time will be a few years off, but in the meantime we are enjoying various rentals here and in NZ. We have narrowed it down to a van conversion for a number of reasons, my wife’s confidence with the size being a factor. My question is this: I can buy a brand new XLWB Ducato or Sprinter, etc, for around $60K, and yet a converted machine starts at over $100-$110k. How can it be $40-50K to fit one out? I’m more than handy on the tools, so is DIY going to save me tens of thousands or am I way wide of the mark? I really want to be able to take a motorcycle with me, but no one seems to cater for the ability to

load one onboard. Or am I not looking at the right manufacturers? Keep up the great work, we always look forward to the next issue. Cheers, Ian. Thanks Ian and glad you like what we’re doing! Re conversion costs, what you’re overlooking is the van conversion company has to pay for a factory, tools and equipment, Australian wages, insurances, run the business – and make a profit (otherwise it’s all pointless). They also have to allow for warranty claims, buy vehicles, materials and appliances, pay to attend RV shows – advertise in excellent publications like this – and every time they design a new model or make substantial changes to an existing one, pay engineers fees and Government charges to get the plans ...continued.

On your mind | 13


approved for Second Stage Compliance. The fact all that only adds 40-$50k to a vehicle is actually remarkable... What you’re also buying is design experience and expertise. You’d be surprised just how much thought goes into a good design. You’re also buying a known quantity – a vehicle with a trackable resale vale. One of the biggest problems with a DIY van is putting a value on it when you want to sell. And from experience, owner builders usually over capitalise and often ask unrealistic prices. Re a custom vehicle, I know Sunliner does

custom fit-outs at its factory in Melbourne, or try Southern Spirit Campervans in Brisbane, who do very high quality bespoke van conversion work. Hope that’s food for thought! Thanks again for reading iMotorhome and all the best with your quest.

The Wirraway 260 SL

With it’s Full Length Slideout Room & Apartment Styled Layout !

From WIRRAWAY, “Australia’s Most Innovative Motorhomes” Wirraway is a dedicated family owned business striving for Motorhome excellence. Our Motorhomes are our passion! Every Wirraway Motorhome is handbuilt and designed by experienced motorhomers who know the importance of making life easier on the road. New to our Range is the brilliant ‘live like a movie star’ Wirraway 260 SL, the latest in our 260 series; our EuroStyle 260 with it’s European styled interior and “The Motorhome of the Year”, the Wirraway 260. Wirraway Motorhomes feature opulence, style and all the legendary design, electrical and construction innovations that are unique to all Wirraways.

Each Wirraway Model is unique! - All are a Must See!

View Our New Website to view All Models, Download Brochures &Virtual RealityTours For details contact: Rob Tonkin - Wirraway Motorhomes, 6 Hynes Court, Mildura Vic 3500

Phone / Fax: (03) 50 230 230 - New Email: info@wirraway.com.au & New Website: www.wirraway.com.au On The Road Wirraway 260SL Slideout Motorhome - 2012 © Rex Willmer

14 | News



akers of the highly regarded Wikicamps app announced this week that a long-promised Trip Planner function will be added any day. Available on iOS for iPhones and iPads, on Android for Google Play-compatible smartphones and tablets, and on Windows for all Windows 8.1 and 10 phones, tablets and PCs, Wikicamps is perhaps the favourite

app of Australian RV travellers. Its strength lies in its crowdsourced database that allows users to add campsites, upload comments and photos, and ratings. iMotorhome is looking forward to the Trip Planner addition and will report on its features and real-world usefulness when it becomes available.

NO EXCUSES With the 4x4 Motorhomes Australia range of Campervans and Motorhomes, you will have no excuses not to live the outback dream. Be it the 4x4 Toyota Hiace Campervan, the 4x4 Toyota Coaster Motorhome, the 4x4 I-Bus Motorhome Series, the 4x4 Iveco Daily or the 4x4 Iveco Tonto Motorhome, all our single body campervans and motorhomes can take you anywhere in Australia which is why we call them the Go-Anywhere Motorhomes. Starting from $94,000+GST for our standard 4x4 Toyota Hiace Campervan, we are affordable as well. So, what’s your excuse?

1300 287 494


It’s luxurious.

And that’s the long and the short of it.

16 | News



outhern Spirit Campervans (SSC) is now selling what it calls gooseneck lights; long, flexible 12-volt reading lights with twin USB charging outlets in the base. Said to be versatile and ideal for use in the lounge, dinette and bed areas of any RV, they are also great for elevated roofs. Made in Germany and finished in chrome, the light has two brightness settings, draws just 1.5 watts and emits 105 lumens of light (with 4000K brightness). Price is $75.95 plus postage and to order or find out more click here or call 0401 797 179.

Also from SSC is a rear drawer set-up for a VW Multivan or similar type of van. Sitting inside the rear doors/tailgate, the unit has a extension that can be used to make a part of a bed in conjunction with the original bench seat. The drawer unit in the photo has two storage drawers and, as per customer request, two matching drawer fridges. It is also possible to have one bottom drawer as a portable stove or sink/basin unit instead. The whole setup is easily removed and can be refitted in minutes. This is said to make it ideal for Tradies or people needing full use of their vehicle during the week, but who want to get away for a day, weekend or longer. Call 0401 797 179 and speak to Pia about vehicle suitability, design options and pricing.

CUSTOM TOWBARS & TRAILERS We provide quality service and products at affordable prices

Car Sourcing / A-Frame Towing Are you wanting to Flat Tow but don’t know where to start? Look no further we are here to source a car & prepare if for immediate A-Frame/Flat Towing, with our Drive Away Service. Sourcing Cars for customers for A-Frame Towing.




• Levelling Jacks up to 12T. We have a range of self levelling and manual systems.

• We supply and fit the DEMCO Dominator, Ready Brute, and Blue Ox Towing A-Frames. • All our Towing A-Frames come with an Engineering Certificate and meet Australian Standards.

• Towbars for most makes and models - Custom Towbars special Towbars up to 2.8T fitted. • Towbars available up to 4.5T


Ph 07 3209 7669 Mob 0408 758 362

motorhomeandtrucktowbars.com.au admin@kebar.com.au


10 Chetwynd Street, Loganholme, Qld 4129

News | 17



he Jayco Group has completed the rebranding of its recently acquired rental business Around Australia Motorhomes, launching it into the market as Let’s Go Motorhomes. In announcing the news, Let’s Go Motorhomes managing director Michael Ryan said, “The motorhome rental market in Australia is ripe for product and services innovation, with opportunity to attract both domestic and global customers. Let’s Go Motorhomes will maximise synergies from its commercial relationship with Jayco”. In 2015 Jayco accounted for almost 50% of the total Australian RV market. Let’s Go’s fleet is comprised of new fleet four and six berth Jayco motorhomes, HiTop Campervans, and the new two-berth Renault Motorhome. It claims to offer outstanding quality combined with access to maintenance and repairs support – two key benefits in the motorhomes rental market. “Let’s Go is working closely with Jayco to develop some exciting new products that have

not been seen in the rental market before,” Mr Ryan continued. “The brand promise of Let’s Go Motorhomes is focused on striving to make the user experience a stress free and unforgettable adventure from start to finish. I am pleased to report we are currently expanding the fleet and depot locations. We are now in every major capital city except in Tasmania, so we will shortly be adding Hobart, with other strategic regional locations to come on stream in the future,” he concluded. Let’s Go Motorhomes has also announced an exclusive partnership with Coles Supermarkets through the Coles Online Shopping business. This will enable customers to order their holiday groceries online and have them delivered to their pick-up depot, where staff will pack them into their motorhome ready for departure. To find out more and see what vehicles are available, plus packages and rates, visit the Let’s Go Motorhomes website here.

18 | News



Scam ads for motorhomes are still popping up – we recently blocked one that had just been submitted to our website – and the usual giveaway is the price being way below market value. Unfortunately, an Australian Institute of Criminology (AIC) report released this week reveals that age and the probability of falling victim to consumer fraud are clearly linked. Australians lost almost $230 million to scams last year, and the report has found that your age is a strong indicator of what type of scam you’re most likely to fall for. The study – The relationship between age and consumer fraud victimisation – found that respondents aged 65 years and over were significantly more likely to send money as a result of a fraudulent invitation than other age groups. They were also more likely than other age groups to be the victim of a computer support scam.

In contrast, respondents aged between 18 and 24 years were more likely to provide personal details in response to a fraudulent invitation than other age categories. For individuals aged between 45 and 54 years, their highest risk of falling victim to consumer fraud was through dating and romance fraud. The survey also found a relationship between age and how fraudulent invitations were delivered, with younger people more likely to be approached online or via sms. The bottom line is if it’s too good to be true it’s probably a scam. And as the AIC report points out, steer clear of online requests for money, personal information, etc. To download a copy of the full report click here.

Go beyond and discover the

Magic of Christmas with a Paradise Motor Home

Independence Deluxe Black Edition

Paradise are passionate about producing Australia’s best motorhomes From the moment you step into our spacious interiors, open one of our smooth automatic locking drawers and take in the aroma of the genuine high quality leather seating it will become clear that touring in a Paradise will give you the unrivalled freedom and comfort you deserve. Look beneath the surface to find the unique engineering and safety features that will put your mind at ease while travelling. Features such as the rollover bar, high strength alloy frame, composite body, pull-tested cabinetry, appliances and locks will become your priority once you realise they are missing from other mainstream construction methods.

From only $170,000* you can step into luxury and style without compromising safety. Paradise Motor Homes - 245 Brisbane Road, Biggera Waters, Queensland 4216


(07) 5597 4400

Paradise Motor Homes products are protected by registered designs, patents and copyrights ™ Š 2016.

/paradise.m.homes *Oasis Platinum

20 | News



edarc Electronics says it has released the next generation of its award winning Smart Start BCDC in-vehicle battery charger. Designed, built and tested in Australia, they say you can be guaranteed it will work in our unique conditions. The upgraded, next-generation 25 amp model now includes features claimed to make it the most advanced product on the market. Managing director Anthony Kittel said, “Charging auxiliary batteries from either solar or a vehicle alternator has never been easier. The new 25 amp BCDC now has separate vehicle DC and solar inputs, simplifying installation. The unit will charge from both solar and the alternator simultaneously and with inbuilt ‘Green Power Priority,’ the BCDC will select solar charging first, taking the load off the vehicle’s alternator.” Mr Kittel also said the one unit could now be used with either standard or variable voltage/ smart alternators and will work with 12 or 24 volt vehicle systems.

“And, further upholding Redarc’s reputation for product innovation, the new BCDC invehicle battery charger will charge AGM, GEL, standard lead acid and calcium batteries as well as now incorporating a charging profile for Lithium (LiFePO4) batteries, which ensures the charger can be used now and well into the future,” he added. Designed, built and tested in Australia, they work in the extreme heat of the Simpson Desert, operating up to 80°C. A higher operating temperature allows for flexible installation options, from the engine bay to inside a van or camper trailer. Redarc products come with a two year warranty plus nationwide back-up, with after-sales service to answer any questions that may arise. To find out more about the next generation REDARC BCDC in-vehicle charger, click here, email power@ redarc.com.au or call (08) 8322 4848.


Meet Your Perfect Travelling Partner The Sunliner Navian series offers the ultimate in mid-sized Recreational Vehicles available in the Australian and New Zealand market. The Navian is fully equipped with a vast array of equipment and accessories; all as standard. Crafted to highest quality, the Navian series of motorhomes are tailored to the unique needs of their owners. We invite you to explore the Navian series and meet your perfect travelling partner.

www.sunliner.com.au VIDA







22 | News



he Queensland Government has joined the growing backlash against campervans sporting spray-painted offensive and lewd slogans. Caravan parks and local authorities all over the country have already banned Wicked campers daubed with highly suggestive words and drawings after complaints from families. New legislation introduced into the Sunshine State’s parliament now also outlaws the offensive slogans on vehicles.

Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk said Queensland had no place for “sexist misogynistic rubbish on full display”. If Wicked campers continue to ignore Advertising Standards Board rulings the Brisbanebased company would be given 14 days to remove the offensive slogan or mural, or have the vehicle’s registration cancelled.


Hitting the great outdoors this summer? Get remote-ready with the Motorhome Doctor


24 | News



ccording to a report in Caravanning News, a new report reveals ‘stable’ conditions in the caravanning and camping sector. The industry said its latest Business Sentiment Index was 107 for the six-months to October, a 6.8-point increase from April’s figure. The report said the index reading indicates stable business conditions, which aligns with industry commentary regarding challenging national and international economic conditions along with faltering consumer confidence. The increase was in line with similar growth trends in Roy Morgan’s

National Business Confidence Index and NAB’s Quarterly Business Survey over the same period, which noted increased business confidence due to middle-income tax cuts, which were an important factor in promoting confidence. However, it pointed out there are still concerns over the continued economic impacts of Brexit and the Presidential elections in the US, along with the slowing economic conditions in China and how this could impact the Australian economy.



aravan parks at Deniliquin in NSW are almost back to normal after being paralysed by floods, says an article in Caravanning News. The town’s Riverside Caravan Park and BIG4 Holiday Park were inundated when torrential rains caused the Edward River to burst its banks in October. However, owners have reported business

is returning to normal, with one park even boasting a return of its green grass. “We are well and truly in recovery,” Riverside’s owners Andrew and Shelley Hall told the media. “The river is looking good and we just need to get the message out there for people to come and visit.”

As Australia's only built-in campervan and motorhome specialist, we at BCMC have the knowledge and experience you can trust. We are the exclusive retailer of Horizon Motorhomes and Frontline Campervans* - which are built-in, not built-on, far a smoother and more enjoyable touring experience. Our Motorhomes and Campervans are fuel efficient, easy to manoeuvre and built in Australia by hand, using only the finest high quality materials. Alongside our New & Pre-Loved vehicles, the BCMC Service Centre offers a full range of accessories and maintenance far your RV - making sure your travels are safe and in comfort. Click below to find out why we're the built-in specialists. MOTORHOMES

•• Exclusive retailer of:

• North of Newcastle







be me.com.au 299 River Street, Ballina NSW 2478

02 6681 1555




“Yearning for adventure? Get you kicks with us on Route 66 in 2017. See page 3 for details...�



We have a fully qualified team of service repairers that specialise in the service and repair of all brands of motorhomes and caravans We offer the following services:

• Service & Repairs for your RV & Caravan Drivetrain • Accessories & Spare Parts • Insurance Repairs • New and Used Sales • Consignment Sales • Trade-Ins.

Conveniently located on the Gold Coast PARADISE RV SALES & SERVICE PTY LTD - QUEENSLAND MOTOR DEALER 3463284 245 Brisbane Road, Biggera Waters, Queensland 4216 www.paradisemotorhomes.com.au - info@paradisemotorhomes.com.au

(07) 5597 4400

28 | iMotorhome Marketplace Tax Time is fast approaching. Are you ready? For tax advice and assistance at competitive rates by a registered tax agent, send me an email.

Grey Nomad Tax Advisers

Southern Highlands Service Centre

Our office - 4 wheels and a Luton peak. • • • • • •

Eric Taylor, FIPA, CTA, Reg. Tax Agent ABN 76 114 458 058 Email: eric@greynomadtax.com.au www.greynomadtax.com.au

More Versatile Than Any Other RV Camp Anywhere - It’s Self Contained Large Bathroom With Shower & Toilet Easy To Operate With Electric Jacks Models For Single, Extra & Dual Cabs Plus! Famous Ozcape Quality & Support

An Authorised Repco Service Centre just off the Hume Highway at Mittagong. Auto electrical and mechanical service specialists happy to look after your motorhome or campervan! Call Mark or Sharon and tell them iMotorhome sent you!

T: (02) 4872 2822 E: mwauto@hinet.net.au

Collyn Rivers’ books The all-new Caravan & Motorhome Book covers every aspect of buying, building, modifying and enjoying camper trailers, caravans, fifth wheelers, slide-ons, motor homes, coach conversions and off-road vehicles.


Caravan & Motorhome Book

The Duvalay Memory Foam Sleeping System – No lifting, no tucking, no fighting over the doona and bedding that stays put. Find out why it’s Europes bedding of choice for caravans & motorhomes. The premium grade memory foam ensures total comfort and the award winning design cover means your bed is made in seconds. The Camper Trailer Book covers, in detail, every aspect of camper trailers and their use. As with all of Collyn Rivers’ books it describes (in plain English) approaches that will work, not just that may work. The author is an ex motor industry research engineer, who also practices what he describes. He and his wife has crossed Australia and back again, mainly via tracks across its centre over twelve times. In early times, the author also crossed Africa twice (including the Sahara).


Camper Trailer Book

Collyn Rivers


Collyn Rivers

The Camper Trailer Book

duvalay.com.au | (02) 6653 4640

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Collyn Rivers

Caravan & Motorhome Electrics covers every aspect of all RV electrical systems. It combines exceptional technical accuracy with plain English writing. The Camper Trailer Book covers buying, building and using camper trailers of every kind. Solar That Really Works shows how to build systems that work first time and every time, and how to fix those that don’t. Whether installing solar for the first time, or trying to make an existing RV solar system work as you had hoped - this is the book for you.

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30 | iMotorhome Marketplace

Battery Traders Super Store

Airbag Man

Taronga Western Plains Zoo

We design and manufacture air suspension kits for all types of vehicles including motorhomes. Easy to install they let you ‘level up’ for stability and safety.

Batteries, solar panels, inverters, alternators and all electrical parts including cables and switches for your motorhome! We can find and fix all electrical faults and are 12 V power specialists.

Visit our world famous 300 ha open range sanctuary, home to some of the most exotic and endangered animals on earth. Explore by foot, bike, electric cart or in your motorhome!

T: 1800 AIRBAG W: airbagman.com.au

T: (07) 3209 3144 W: batterytraders.com.au

T: (02) 6881 1400 W: taronga.org.au

iTech World

Wellington Shire

Australia’s leading solar power and satellite TV manufacturers! We stock the revolutionary In Flex and Mini Flex panels, Plus our Complete Traveler Satellite TV package is perfect for motorhomes.

In the heart of Victoria’s Gippsland region. Come and enjoy our natural beauty, famous lakes, High Country and expansive beaches. Find ‘Experience 40 Great Things to Do’ on our website too!

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Connect at home! Connect anywhere!

15Amp to 10Amp Adaptor with RCD and overload protection


Parkland RV Centre

Roberts RV World

RV Specialists

Parkland RV is the official dealer for Avida Motorhomes, Crossroads RV and Opal Caravans in WA. We stock quality used RVs and our modern service department can look after everything.

An official Avida motorhome dealer, with more than 50 new motorhomes in the largest undercover RV showroom in the Southern Hemisphere. Our service department is here for all your needs too.

Australia’s leading fifth wheelers, designed here in Australia and built to suit our demanding conditions. Fifth wheelers from 24’ to 36’ available. Call 02 4953 7141 for information!

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T: 1800 273 136 W: robertsrv.com.au

T: (02) 4953 7141 W: summerliferv.com.au

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Nomadic Solutions hitches fully ADR compliant no swaying increased towing safety easy reversing offroad vans available

5th wheeler specialist

Nomadic Solutions - the original, quality constructed ‘lifestyletable™’ that is easily attached to the side of your motorhome. Now available in ‘mill finish’ for custom painting.

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Southern Spirit Campervans FLEXIBLE STORAGE SYSTEMS FOR YOUR CAMPERVAN OR MOTORHOME Full & part fitouts Hitop, Poptop and Reimo roofs True custom­made conversions Repairs & improvements BYO van from Hiace to Sprinter

Store those additional items up and out of the way using our adjustable, transportable and modular storage system!

Tiffin Motorhomes

America’s favourite motorhome is now available in Australia! Tiffin Motorhomes Australia is proud to offer the Allegro Breeze 32 to the Australian market. Click through to find out why they’re fast becoming Australia’s favourite too!

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The dawn of a new era in solar. Our vehicle-specific insulation screens are Australian made from specially designed and tested material to keep you cool in summer and warm in winter. As featured in iMotorhome’s Project Polly!

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The E-Twow Electric scooter for adults LATEST TECHNOLOGY FOR RV OWNERS

The alternative to a bike!!

25km/h with a range of 40km in ideal conditions! Super light too at 10.8kg Folds away quite compact for small storage

New state-of-the-art solar blankets from REDARC. Click here.

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32 | Day Test: Paradise Inspiration Supreme Limited Edition



In this Limited Edition form Paradise’s Inspiration Supreme is a great way to travel… by Malcolm Street

Day Test | 33

The near-full length slideout is a Paradise trademark and adds considerable living space inside. It’s also custom made and very robust. This model gets an alloy nudge bar and HID driving lights to the Mercedes Benz Sprinter 519 as part of a special Limited Edition pack.


here’s no doubt Paradise Motor Homes have cut themselves a large slice of the mid-to-luxury end of the motorhome market. Within that market sector the company offers a wide range of motorhomes and the Inspiration Supreme – in this case the Limited Edition – sits almost in the middle.

With a GVM of 5000 kg and a tare of 4150 kg, this motorhome has plenty of load capacity. It’s even better than it might first appear because the tare weight is measured with both the 127-litre fresh water tank and 75-litre fuel tank full. Not a bad achievement at all!

Motive Power



hen you’re in this end of the market having a Mercedes Benz as motive power is most desirable and it’s why a Sprinter 519 CDI sits under the Inspiration Supreme. Cracking the 519 code reveals this Sprinter has a gross vehicle mass (GVM) of 5000 kg and a turbo-diesel with a maximum output of 190 hp (140 kW). In tandem with the fully automatic five speed gearbox, it’s also a very smooth driving machine. A point to note here is that the 5000 kg GVM means a Light Rigid (LR) licence is required, but don’t let that phase you – it will be well worth the effort!

Construction ike the rest of the Paradise fleet, the 7.9 m (25’ 11”) Inspiration Supreme is built with a high tensile alloy frame and a composite fibreglass body structure that uses mouldings for the front panels and a one piece fibreglass roof. A feature of the body work is that the lower panels are designed to be easily separable from the upper walls, making them more practical to repair in the event of a minor bump. It’s not immediately obvious, but Paradise does spend considerable time and money making its motorhomes safer on the road. This includes features like rollover frame

34 | Day Test protection, interlocking all the cabinetry work, using purpose built mountings for all the appliances – the two TVs being ones easily seen – and cabinets that automatically lock when you drive off. Crash testing in the nonmass-market world is a financial impossibility, but Paradise does try various simulations to ensure the motorhome frame stays rigid and appliances don’t become loose projectiles in the event of an accident.

Stashing things


xternal storage is certainly a point of note on this motorhome. Bins are fitted along both sides, including under the slideout, although with the slideout extended those are more awkward to reach but still usable. All bins are fully sealed; some are

Top: LPG supply is a pair of 4 kg cylinders. Mid: A swing-out TV and slide-out barbecue are great inclusions! Below: Paddle board roof racks and an Oyster satellite dish are also part of the Limited Edition pack.

Day Test | 35

Above: The lounge/dinette is a spacious place that perfectly incorporates the cab seats and includes a sideways-facing sofa. The single, fixed automotivestyle seat is a beauty too. Right: The bike rack and roof ladder are included in the Limited Edition pack. Note the size of the slideout. pressurised and all have strut-assisted doors for easy opening. A slide-out barbecue, flat screen TV and the essential charger and house batteries take up some space, but the rest is yours. The observant reader will notice a few extras fitted to this motorhome, which are all part of the Limited Edition package. Just to mention a few they include the alloy nudge bar with HID driving lights, rear bike rack, paddle board roof racks, rear ladder, tow bar and Oyster satellite dish – all clearly designed for a luxury outdoor lifestyle! Also part of the Limited Edition package is a four-post automatic levelling system. Often, motorhome parking is just that and nothing more, but when the ground slopes these levelling jacks will come in very handy.

36 | Day Test

Looking back from the swivelled passenger seat. The interior is open and spacious and very easy to live with, although a bedroom divider would be a worthwhile inclusion for some added privacy. Overall quality and engineering are excellent, as is the level of standard equipment.

They’re also great for simply keeping the motorhome steady when parked.

All Charged Up!


’d have to say this Limited Edition Inspiration is well charged-up, electrically. It does of course come with a very well appointed LED lighting system, while the pair of 100 AH AGM house batteries are kept up to voltage by either a 30 A smart charger and/ or the two 150 W solar panels. In addition, a 2.6 kVA Dometic generator can be fired up. Thoughtfully, many of the necessary electrical controls – including those for the satellite dish – are mounted just above the entry door.

So whilst many things might look the same you can bet there’s something different somewhere. As with most Paradise layouts, the Sprinter cab is very much part of the living area, with both seats swivelling and the passenger side seat integrating with the dining table and third seat behind it.

Also very much an integral part of the layout is the slide-out, which measures 4.2 m (13’ 9”) and takes up about two thirds of the driver’sside wall. It contains an sideways-facing sofa, the main kitchen bench and working area, and the east-west bed. To say the least, the slide-out is very smooth in operation, whether opening or closing, and it creates an incredible Step Inside… amount of interior living space. In a helpful way he Inspiration Supreme’s layout is very it ensures the respective areas of living/dining, familiar. Paradise seems to have a design kitchen, bedroom and bathroom, are equally policy that’s a combination of staying well sized. with the tried and tested, but refining and developing through constant improvements.


Day Test | 37

“The kitchen looks relatively small, but appearances are deceptive.�

38 | Day Test Sitting Around


omething else Paradise does very well is decor. Once again they’ve managed to create a refreshingly bright interior look that sets the tone for the rest of the motorhome. A bonus of the living/dining area is that it is all quite easily taken-in from either of the front seats. I quite like the general layout of this area, including the fact you don’t bang your head when standing up from any of the seats! Importantly (for those who like a tipple) there is a wine bottle/glass holder that sits under the table, against the side wall.

t looks relatively small but appearances are deceptive. The kitchen comes with a full-sized stainless steel sink alongside a four-burner cooktop (one electric, three gas), while under the cooktop are both a grill and a convection microwave oven.


On the panel by the single dinette seat are the switches for both the slide-out and awning, as well as both 240 V and 12 V sockets, so it’s possible to do quite a few things literally without moving from your seat.


Fitted under the benchtop are four good-sized drawers that are a little unusual because they have dividers fitted. Not rigidly though – the slotted compartments are fully adjustable and can be moved to suit – which is a great idea for ensuring minimal movement of stored goods. Under the sink, the top drawer looks a bit odd but that is mostly because it’s been designed to fit around the drainage plumbing. A simple but effective Paradise idea is the kitchen bench extension, which lifts up-andover the sideways-facing sofa.

While compact the kitchen’s workspace is greatly enhanced by the lift-up-and-over bench extension that covers the sofa. Drawer space is considerable, as is overhead storage, while the low-mounted convection microwave is a great inclusion.

Day Test | 39

On the opposite side, by the entry door, is the Waeco 218-litre 2-door fridge/freezer. Above it is the flat screen TV, which can be seen easily from either the bed or front seats.



n the bedroom there’s not only room for the bed but also small cabinets on either side. Given there really isn’t room to fit bedside drawers, a neat little feature is hinged lids to get to the compartment underneath. Each is large enough for something like an iPad, which can be charged from the adjacent 12 V/5 V USB sockets. As above both the kitchen bench and front lounge, a row of overhead lockers runs across the top of the bed. In its standard form the bed measures 1.88 m x 1.47 m (6’ 2” x 4’ 8”) but that can be extended to 1.95 m (6’ 5”) using a supplied bolster. Like many a bed base, this one can be lifted to get to the storage area underneath. I know the Paradise team has spent some time on this apparently simple matter because the bed base is very easy to lift –

Top: The bed and kitchen are in the slideout and move as one unit. The bed is basically queen sized and walk-past room to access the full-width rear bathroom is excellent. When retracted the bed is easily lifted for bathroom access. Above: The fridge is a massive 218-litre 12-volt compressor unit that’s efficient and does away with the hassles of a 3-way fridge. The swivel TV is easily seen from the dinette or bedroom, too.

40 | Day Test something essential for access to the rear bathroom when the slideout is retracted. Also underneath the bed is a free standing table that can either be used inside with the front lounge or outside, as desired. Opposite the bed, the wardrobe area should be large enough to accommodate anyone’s clothing needs and certainly something necessary for every seasons, not to mention a fancy night out!

Keeping Clean


any an RV has the shower cubicle in the kerbside corner of a full-width rear bathroom, but for practical (access) reasons this one is set in the opposite corner. A good sized vanity is built into the kerbside corner and it includes not only a pedestal style wash basin, but also space for the optional front-loading washing machine. All that still leaves space for drawers and a shaving cabinet, while the Dometic cassette toilet with its SOG venting system is centre stage between everything.

What I think


t’s quite simple. Whilst I understand something like this Inspiration Supreme Limited Edition isn’t for everyone’s budget, it’s certainly a very well appointed motorhome with much to offer. With all the included extras it not only offers luxury motorhome travel, but travel that can be undertaken for extended periods in remote locations. Indeed, it provides a supremely pleasant way to travel.

Top: The bathroom is a beauty that has masses of storage, bench space and room (Mrs iM rates it the best she’s ever used - Ed). Note the optional washing machine. Right: The shower cubicle is full domestic size while the loo is a quality Dometic porcelain unit with an SOG system so it doesn’t need chemicals.

Day Test | 41

“The wardrobe area should be large enough to accommodate anyone’s clothing needs.”

42 | Day Test

Specs GENERAL Make

Paradise Motor Homes


Inspiration Supreme Limited Edition





Approved Seating




VEHICLE Make/Model

Mercedes Benz Sprinter 519CDI


3.0 L V6 turbo-diesel


140 kW @ 3800 rpm


440 Nm @ 1600-2600rpm


5 speed auto


ESP, ABS, Traction Control, driver and passenger airbags


75 L

WEIGHTS Tare Weight (wet)

4150 kg

Gross Vehicle Mass

5000 kg

Max Payload

850 kg

Braked Towing Capacity

2000 kg

DIMENSIONS Overall Length

7.90 m (25’ 11”)

Overall Width

2.48 m (8’ 2”)

Overall Height

3.15 m (10’ 4”)

Internal Height

2.02 m (6’ 8”)

Main Bed

1.88-1.95 m x 1.47 m (6’ 2”-6’ 5” x 4’ 8”)

Day Test | 43







Entry Steps



Dometic 4 burner (3 x LPG 1 x elect), plus LPG grill




Stainless Steel


218 L Waeco RPD 218 12V compressor


Technika convection


12 V LED

12 V Sockets/USB Outlets

2 x 12 V, 2 x USB

Air Conditioner

Truma Aventa reverse cycle

Space Heater

Dometic diesel

Hot Water System

Truma LPG/elec


Dometic cassette


Separate cubicle

• • • • • • • • • •

Well engineered Considerable load capacity Mercedes Benz powered Well integrated cab area Well engineered slideout Plenty of electrical power Spacious living area Lots of storage Standard equipment Limited Edition extras


• Water and gas capacities could be bigger • Didn’t have keys long enough… • LR licence required


2 x 100 AH


2 x 150 W


2 x 4 kg

Fresh Water

127 L

Grey Water

100 L

Hot Water

14 L


19 L cassette



As Tested


Warranty – Vehicle

3 years/200,000 km

Warranty – Body Structure

5 years

Warranty – Roof Composites

5 years

Warranty – Appliances

As per manufacturer

ManufactureR & SALES

Click for Google Maps

Paradise Motor Homes 245 Brisbane Rd, Biggera Waters. Qld. 4216 T: (07) 5597 4400 E: admin@paradisemotorhomes.com.au W: www.paradisemotorhomes.com.au

44 | Project Polly

A LIGHT CHRISTMAS! Polly was dreaming of a white Christmas but I had a brilliant idea… by Richard Robertson

Project Polly | 45

This numberplate bracket is specifically designed for the Hella 350 mm light bar. Unfortunately it requires special end-brackets for the light that weren’t included, nor mentioned.


ot to put too fine a point to it, but Polly’s headlights are rubbish. They might be fine when tootling around the bright streets of Europe, but on Australia’s dark highways they’re about as valuable as an IOU at a bankruptcy hearing. Despite that Polly and I have done a few long night drives on the New England and Hume Highways, and while it’s amazing what you get used to – and a full moon makes a surprising difference – something needed to be done. You have to bear in mind the third generation Ford Transit was released in 2000, face-lifted in 2006 and ran until 2013. Polly is a 2010 model, but even so it means her lights are turn-of-the-century technology (doesn’t that sound old!) in regards to reflector design and bulb efficiency, and it’s unrealistic to expect or hope for too much.

The only redeeming feature is that like most European vehicles the Transit’s headlights are height adjustable as you drive. You do this via a small rotary switch on the dashboard, just to the right of the steering column. What it provides is a way to lower or raise the headlight angle – both low and high beam – from just in front of the nose to way off in the distance. I use it in all driving conditions and around town keep them low to avoid dazzling people. This also works well in fog, which we get a bit of on the Southern Highlands! On the highway I angle them up, which is particularly useful on low beam when there’s too much traffic to use high beam but I’m keeping a good speed and need to see the road as far ahead as possible. The light’s pattern is okay too – there just isn’t enough of it.

46 | Project Polly

Basically the light bar is made of near-indestructible plastic and is even submersible. It draws just 25 watts of power and is a neat, slim fit on this general purpose Unibar mount.

Golden Globes?

Upgrading headlight globes is an interesting and potentially expensive business. In the he cheapest and most obvious upgrade is last five-plus years manufacturers have been a set of new and more powerful headlight making globes, that offer ratings like +20%, globes. Like so many vehicles the Transit +50%, +100% or more. What the figure relates uses conventional H4 55/60 W halogen globes. to is light output compared to a standard globe The rating means they provide 55-watts on low of the same wattage. It’s an enticing proposition beam and 60-watts on high, and it also shows that you can get twice as much light or more them to be an all-in-one bulb (some headlights from the same set of 55/60-watt H4 globes, but have separate bulbs for high and low beam). there’s no such thing as a free lunch (isn’t that Revolutionary in their day, halogen globes surprising?). While technological advances have are now very much yesterday’s technology – certainly improved light output, there’s a rule of actually the day before’s – and like all traditional thumb that the higher the rating the shorter the light globes ‘wear’ and lose efficiency over time. bulb’s likely lifespan. So not only is Polly hampered by yesteryear technology, there’s a good chance the globes At my local Supercheap Auto I found an almost have been there a long time and are possibly bewildering range of replacement globes, with even original from January 2010. an almost bewildering range of price tags to


Project Polly | 47 match. To cut a long story short I settled on a pair of SCA (Supercheap’s own brand) 50-plus Blue Power, which promise to put substantially more light on the road and as good fortune would have it were on a 2-for-1 sale! Priced at $23.99 each they were particularly good buying, especially considering an equivalent pair from someone like Phillips was well over $100 (I thought perhaps they might be gold lined)…

But Watt There’s More?


ew globes aside, my good mate Allan Whiting from outbacktravelaustralia. com.au does a heap of aftermarket light testing and reviews – check out his website – and gave Polly a brand new Hella 350 mm long 12 LED light bar. In case you’ve been living under a rock, light bars are the new black in driving lights. Usually seen atop bull-bars or ute roll-bars, they are long, slim and pack an awesome punch. Being LED they

" The only redeeming feature is that like most European vehicles the Transit’s headlights are height adjustable as you drive. " also use much less power than traditional globes and are basically immune to vibration, dust and water, so lifespan should be considerable.

on. Impressively, it comes with a five year warranty and interestingly, it’s made in New Zealand!

Polly’s main limitation is the lack of a bull-bar, Polly’s new light bar – Hella part number 1395 so from his bag of tricks Allan also produced – provides a spread beam and is actually a brand-new style of number plate mounting designed to be used in a pair, in conjunction bracket designed specifically for this light with part number 1396, its pencil-beam mate. bar, plus a bag with a wiring harness, relays, While a pair would be nice, a single spreadetc. How good was that? Being someone beam is the best to have on its own because who is happy to know a vehicle has wiring it provides a wider light beam that is better for but has no idea how it works – and acting on illuminating the road’s verges. Allan’s good advice – I booked Polly into the local auto electrician for what promised to My 1395 spread beam is claimed to be good be straightforward job. After all, what could for 300 m distance and 20° either side of the possibly go wrong? Well… vehicle, with the beam reaching its maximum width at about 200 m. Technically, it draws About 30 minutes after dropping Polly off just 25 watts, runs on anything from 9 to I received a call from the auto electrician 33 volts and weighs only 700 grams. In an asking if I had tried to attach the light to the apparent industry first its whole casing is mounting bracket. I replied I hadn’t, and in made of non-corrosive, thermally conductive, fact I hadn’t even removed the light bar from high performance UV-stabilised plastic. It’s its box. “That explains everything,” my auto also totally sealed and fully submersible; electrician replied. “The bracket is designed the latter fact I’m happy to take their word for a light bar with mounting screws on the

48 | Project Polly end, which this doesn’t have. If you like I can pop across the road and buy a Unibar for $40$50, which also doubles as a number plate holder and we can get it working that way.” And that’s what happened. I’ve since sussed out via the Hella catalogue that they make “Universalhalter” (the catalogue’s in German), which I think translates to universal mount. Buy the look of the photos the kit includes special end-knobs that would have worked perfectly with the new whizz-bang bracket! If only they told Al, who was as puzzled as me…

Tripping the light. Fantastic?


nyway, it’s amazing how long it takes for the sun to go down in summer. When it did, Polly, Mrs iM and I ventured out onto our dark country roads to literally ‘see’ the results. Firstly, the 50-plus Blue Power globes provide a noticeably brighter and cleaner light. Subjectively I’d say they’re easily 50 per cent brighter, but then that’s coming off a low base. On their own they are still only adequate, although playing with the headlight angle made a considerable difference. Next, it was time to flip the switch… “Oh wow!” Mrs iM exclaimed as the gloom turned to semi-daylight. “Oh wow indeed!” I replied.

Top to bottom: Low and high beams with the plus-50 bulbs are a considerable improvement (believe it or not) but the little Hella light bar makes a world of difference.

To say the contrast in high beam performance is like night and day isn’t really an overstatement. There’s a brilliant concentration of light that starts about 15 metres ahead of Polly and increases in width over distance. It has transformed her night driving potential for the types of trips I’m likely to undertake and I can only wonder how good it would be to have the pencil-beam unit as well. As it happens I’ve seen a bracket online that would

Project Polly | 49

let me stack the other one on top (or vice versa) and it’s got me thinking…

Blasted by nearly 300,000 km of road grit, plus yellowing after almost 7 years in the Australian sun, they’re in a sorry state and The bottom line? While few motorhomes do a contributing to significant light reduction. But lot of night travel, when you need to there’s no that’s another story – and hopefully one you’ll substitute for light output. Not only does extra get to read next issue. Wish me luck. What light reduce eyestrain and therefore fatigue, could possibly go wrong? you’ve got more chance of avoiding animals and road hazards. I’d recommend starting with a conservative headlight globe upgrade as it’s the cheapest and easiest step, and most auto accessory shops will fit them on the spot if needs be. Beyond that it depends on your wants, needs and finances. Call me old-fashioned but I’d steer clear of the bargain lights you see on eBay (and also name brands from dubious suppliers that might well be copies). If they’re cheap it’s for a reason and while you will pay more for a name brand via a reputable outlet, at least you have a solid warranty and consumer rights to fall back on. You also know you’re buying the genuine article; one unlikely to let you down when you most need it. Next on the list for Polly is an attempt at restoration of the acrylic headlight lenses.

Fast Facts Name: Hella LED Driving Light Bar - 350 mm Part No: #1395 No of LEDs: 12 Voltage: 9-33 Power Draw: 25 W Output: 96,000 candela Weight: 700 g RRP: $300 approx Fitting: Including $88 for the Unibar Polly’s bill was $464.85. Of that $357.50 was labour that included the Unibar mounting and number plate repositioning. Ouch!

50 | Technical

THE CHIPS ARE DOWN... Steer clear of engine-enhancing power chips and mapping for your small-bore turbo diesel‌ by Allan Whiting of outbacktravelaustralia.com.au

Technical | 51


ack when nearly all small diesels were naturally aspirated the performance enhancers pushed turbo kits and, later, turbo-intercooler kits. Some of these worked very well and some didn’t. People who bought well-engineered kits and drove wisely had good experiences, but many a turbocharged pre-chamber diesel blew up. Our 2.8-litre HiLux expired with multiple combustion-zone cracks – and we had driven it carefully. Nowadays, all new diesels have forced induction, so the engine hot-up scene has shifted to newer gadgets. Manufacturers who thought the more-than-ample standard power and torque figures of 21st-century turbo-diesel engines would satisfy owners didn’t understand the passion for fiddling. In no time we had a wide choice of aftermarket performance chips. All these void

engine warranty, of course, and are probably illegal from an emissions ADR angle. We say ‘probably illegal’ with some surety, because we’ve asked several chip makers and ECU re-mappers to verify that they don’t alter ADR emissions compliance. None of them wants to go there, but then neither did some VW diesel engineers… Chips and ECU re-maps are available from many sources these days and all claim to increase power and torque, and reduce fuel consumption. The fact that these devices increase power and torque is undisputed: any dyno test will prove that. We’ve tested some chipped engines in 4WDs and there’s no doubt their performance was excellent. Fuel consumption improvement is much more difficult to prove. Yep, we have some mates with ‘chipped’ diesels who swear their economy has improved, but we suspect that has more to do with a change in driving

52 | Technical

patterns – to produce the claimed result – rather than an inherent benefit of the chip installation. One even confessed that he found towing at 90 km/h produced the best economy, so we wonder why he bothered with an expensive performance-increasing chip in the first place? Chip makers and re-mappers claim their add-ons are well within engine design tolerances and can’t do any harm. There is certainly some truth in this claim, but how do the chip designers know what the engine maker’s exact operational parameters are? There is obviously some conservatism in the factory fuel injection mapping, but how much? Another assurance from chip makers is that their products are warranted against failure. Most chip buyers believe that’s protection for them in the event of an engine failure. It’s not: it covers chip failure. If your engine blows up or suffers serious wear after being

chipped it’s your responsibility to prove that the chip caused the failure. Good luck. Understandably, the engine maker won’t be interested in helping either. Some chip makers and re-mappers claim that ‘enlightened’ engine makers quietly endorse their procedures. We couldn’t find any such ‘enlightened’ engine makers. Fit a chip or re-map the engine computer and you’re on your own. We’re also very concerned about the fact that all chip makers and re-mappers explain how their systems can’t be detected by a dealer’s diagnostic computer. If there’s nothing to hide, why bother? One of our mates chipped his diesel manual to give him more flexibility and economy when towing, letting the vehicle run in top gear, rather than needing a downshift on hills. There are at least four downsides to this procedure:

Technical | 53

•F  irstly, the engine is operating at lower than designed revs for the torque/power figures it’s producing and that loads the pistons, rods and bearings with forces that were never foreseen by the engine designer •S  econdly, combustion pressure and heat rise – check your pyrometer if you don’t believe us • T  hirdly, loads on the overdrive gears in the box are also outside design expectations •F  ourthly, water and oil pump speeds are lower at the very time increased cooling and oil circulation are vital In most high-load, highway-speed situations a modern smaller turbo-diesel benefits from running no lower than 1600 rpm, while 2000 rpm is usually better. Heavy truck diesels and transmissions are

different, having been designed from the outset to cruise and hill-climb at much lower revs. Remember, the more power an engine produces the more stresses are placed on its internals and cooling system. Factory engineers do their best to balance output and reliability, but exceeding their (unknown) limits is a recipe for disaster – and an expensive one at that. Anyway, what’s the rush?

54 | TechTalk

DIVIDER & CONQUER! Just in time for Christmas, here are some handy DIY ideas from our resident Techspert, Pia, from Southern Spirit Campervans…

TechTalk | 55


t seems like every owner of a campervan or motorhome is trying to make their vehicle just that tiny bit better and more practical. Most RV people are hands-on and the good news is there are plenty of DIY ideas around to help your cause. The simple truth is it’s not always necessary to buy things to improve your vehicle – sometimes it’s just as easy, rewarding and fun to make them yourself. Here are a couple of things to keep you busy this holiday season!

easiest and most budget-friendly version is from cardboard and this should only take about 10-15 minutes.

Drawer Divider

• Stanley knife

ou know the scenario: Everything inside you kitchen drawer/s has been shaken around so much that you can’t find what you’re looking for. While it’s easy to find dividing systems for standard household drawers, finding something to fit an irregular-sized RV drawer is a whole other story. So, why not make one yourself? Dividers can be made of all sorts of materials, like sturdy cardboard, 3 mm sandwich aluminium or plastic. The quickest,

Then: • Measure and write down the height, width and depth of the drawer/s you want the divider/s for


You’ll need: • Some sturdy cardboard (I just recycled some from a parcel) • A pencil or pen • A ruler

• Consider the size of the items you want to store and decide how many divided sections you want. For example I wanted to divide the drawer into nine sections (three by three)

56 | TechTalk

Measure twice, cut once! Cardboard is the easiest and cheapest material for drawer dividers, and also easy to replace if your project doesn’t go quite to plan… • In my example, to create nine sections I need four cardboard strips • Cut the cardboard into the number of straps you need for the width, then do the same for the depth. I deducted around 10 mm from the height of the drawer’s wall measurement • Next, measure the thickness of the cardboard • With the ruler and pen mark the dividing sections on the cardboard and make sure you mark half the height of the cardboard (see pic) • Now, use a Stanley knife to cut the marked lines • Slide the cross straps into each other • Finally, your divider is ready to be placed into your drawer!

TechTalk | 57 For something more ‘flash’ there’s a great YouTube video here on how to create a very professional looking cardboard dividing system!

Plate holder As a vertical plate rack/ holder for under $5 I found the “Ostbit” bamboo rack from Ikea very handy. It’s inexpensive and holds plates and cutting boards, so if you have a cupboard or maybe a overhead locker where the plates can’t slip sideways it’s a great storage idea. For another handy idea on saving space when it comes to storing plates, use an office

Ikea sells the Ostbit bamboo plate rack for just a few dollars. In the right sized cupboard it will do a great job.

file holder and store them vertically. It’s very inexpensive and you can buy them nearly everywhere. It holds most standard sized dinner plates and is ideal for melamine gear. On holder can be used for around six plates and fits in most RV kitchen cabinets! If you have a handy and inexpensive DIY idea for RV storage solutions please email info@ imotorhome.com.au and share them with your fellow readers. Merry Christmas!

58 | Travel Events: 32nd Illawarra Folk Festival


RV Friendly Towns T

he RV Friendly program is a Campervan and Motorhome Club of Australia Limited (CMCA) initiative aimed at assisting RV travellers as they journey throughout this wonderful country. An RV Friendly Town™ (RVFT) is one that provides a certain number of amenities and a certain level of services for these travellers. When RV tourists enter a town displaying the RVFT

sign they know they will be welcome. Certain services will be provided for them that may not be available in other centres, and they will have access to a safe place to stay overnight and possibly for a longer period. To find out more about RV Friendly Towns and Destinations visit the CMCA’s website by clicking here. For an interactive map of all RV friendly Towns, click here. This month’s featured RV Friendly Towns are:

Travel | 59

Walgett, New South Wales


algett can be found in outback New South Wales, approximately 691 km northwest of Sydney. The town is known as the gateway to the opal fields, with Lightning Ridge just 78 km to the north. The area was made famous in 1928 when the renowned Light of the World opal, weighing almost half a kilo, was found in fields nearby. The rich, fertile soil of Walgett Shire has made the region a successful producer of wheat, chickpeas, cotton and beef. Tourist/Visitor Information Centre

The Walgett Primitive Camping Ground is located in Alex Trevallion Park and allows short term parking for up to 48 hours at no cost. A free dump point is located there, along with potable water. Access to toilets, bins, covered seating and barbecue facilities are also available within the park. Within close proximity of the Namoi and Barwon Rivers, visitors can try their hand fossicking for opals!

Walgett Visitor Information Centre 88 Fox St, Walgett P: 02 6828 6139 www.walgett.nsw.gov.au

Casual Parking (near retail centre)

Walgett VIC, 88 Fox St

Short Term Parking

48hr, Walgett Primitive Camping Ground, Alex Trevallion Park, Castlereagh Hwy, nil cost, toilets, bins, covered seating, water, barbecue, pets on lead

Dump Point

Walgett Primitive Camping Ground, Alex Trevallion Park, Castlereagh Hwy (Lat Long: -30.03443, 148.11542) Walgett Primitive Camping Ground, Alex Trevallion Park, Castlereagh Hwy

Potable Water

60 | Travel

Meckering, Western Australia


eckering is 130 km east of Perth on the Great Eastern Highway. Originally settled in 1887 the town was named Beebering which was later renamed to Meckering with an Aboriginal meaning of ‘place of water’. In 1968 the town was devastated by a major earthquake that almost completely demolished the town. Whilst there are no original buildings remaining, the Salisbury Farmhouse Ruins are preserved as they were following the earthquake. In town a memorial

rose garden has been established to mark the tragic event. Also in town is The Big SLR Camera, which ironically always makes for a great photo opportunity! Meckering is a convenient stop when heading east from Perth. Free overnight RV parking is available at the Meckering Memorial Park on Gabbedy Place. A free dump point, potable water, toilets, bins and covered seating are provided, while pets on leads are permitted.

Tourist/Visitor Information Centre

Cunderdin Museum

Casual Parking (near retail centre)

Forrest St Cunderdin P: 08 9635 1291 Gabbedy Place

Short & Long Term Parking

24 hr, Meckering Memorial Park, Gabbedy Place, toilets, bins, pets on lead, covered seating, water, nil cost

Dump Point

Gabbedy Place (Lat Long: -31.6325, 117.0073)

Potable Water

Gabbedy Place

Travel | 61

Swan Reach, South Australia


wan Reach is approximately 127 km northeast of Adelaide and makes an ideal stopover between the Riverland and Barossa regions. The town gained its name from the large number of black swans that once thrived in the area. Nestled amongst farmlands and with a pristine waterfront location, Swan Reach is a popular holiday spot as well as a successful horticultural and farming community.

Stays of up to five nights at no cost are permitted at the Tenbury Hunter Reserve on the Stott Highway. A free dump point is available, along with toilets and bins. Potable water is located nearby at the Len White Reserve on River Reserve Road.

Tourist/Visitor Information Centre

Swan Reach Museum 20-22 Nildottie Rd P: 08 8570 2019

Casual Parking (near retail centre)

Len White Reserve, River Reserve Rd Swan Reach & Anzac Ave, Swan Reach Tenbury Hunter Reserve, Stott Hwy, nil charge (5 nights or more with approval), toilets, bins, pets on lead

Short Term Parking

Long Term Parking Dump Point

Potable Water

Tenbury Hunter Reserve, Stott Hwy, nil charge (5 nights or more with approval), toilets, bins, pets on lead Tenbury Hunter Reserve, Stott Hwy, Swan Reach (Lat, Long: -34.562220, 139.599664) Len White Reserve, River Reserve Rd

Merry Appsmas! 62 | Mobile Tech

Naughty or nice we all deserve a little help and a few laughs this Christmas‌ By Emily Barker

Mobile Tech | 63


e might still get about in a reindeer-led sleigh and hand deliver his gifts, but we all know Santa keeps up with the latest technological advances; he must do in order to fill the modern child’s Christmas orders! Australia Post Mobile Platform: Android and iOS Cost: Free Size: 18 MB Unlike Santa, we common folk must rely upon some form of courier or mail service to get our Christmas goodies from one point to another. While there is an ever-growing number of national and international carrier services offering parcel delivery, Australia Post is still perhaps the most convenient provider of postal services Australia wide. In an effort to move with the times and keep their share of the market it has recently invested in expanding its technology-based infrastructure. The result is a series of apps and if you haven’t already downloaded the Australia Post Mobile app, now is a great time to give it a whirl. Available for both Android and iOS devices, this app offers a range of convenient features for private customers. Small businesses can download the MyPost business app for further convenience. The Australia Post Mobile app offers parcel tracking, delivery management, 24/7 parcel locker registration and retrieval options, organisation of ‘Safe Drop’ points for eligible parcels, QR code verification of important documents, bill paying options, postage cost calculation, and a postcode, post box and store locator. It’s a secure and convenient ‘post office in your pocket’ and a great way to avoid the bedlam of traditional instore Christmas crowds!

Christmas Photo Booth 2016 Platforms: Android and iOS Cost: Free Size: 52 MB Some might be sad to see the traditional Christmas cards becoming a thing of the past, but it’s understandable given the everincreasing costs involved. This app provides somewhat of a happy replacement and certainly a more environmentally sustainable method of spreading festive cheer. What could be better than a personalised Christmas greeting created from your own images, minus the glitter and glue fallout? Christmas Photo Booth is a photo editing app that allows you to create and share special memories. Add

64 | Mobile Tech festive overlays to any photo, with a variety of themes. Create your own unique keepsake with the addition of frames, snowflakes, hats, beards and a variety of quirky and cute objects. You can share the image direct from your device via email, social media or airprinting. The Christmas Gift List – Free Platfroms: Android & iOS Cost: Free Size: 20.4 MB Everybody needs a Christmas shopping list! I like to get in early and start writing ideas down in July to ensure that by the end of November I’ve either buried it entirely under months of paperwork never to be seen again or left it out for the entire family to see! Eitherway the outcome is never good; but there is an alternative, and one that not only securely stores your lists but also combines budgeting with status tracking. The Christmas Gift List app is one of many available and they all come with some great features. This app allows you to import people from your existing contacts list and features some very hand visuals to help you keep track of how you’re going, how much time you have and just how much you’re spending along the way. Ukulele Learning Christmas Playalongs Platforms: Android and iOS Cost: $0.99 Size: 45.8 MB Ignite the Christmas spirit with some joyful tunes played upon the world’s most adored and adorable instrument! The humble Ukulele has experienced a spectacular resurgence, with Ukulele festivals springing up all over the place, and for good reason too: The Ukulele is a simple yet evocative instrument. This app is a beginner-friendly instruction guide that

Mobile Tech | 65 will get you belting out Christmas classics in no-time, including Jingle Bells, O Christmas Tree, We Wish You a Merry Christmas, Deck the Halls and Silent Night. It features an inbuilt tuner, a full set of lyrics for each carol, visual chords and fingering, and adjustable background music. In short, everything you need to quickly learn and master these festive tunes that you can play and enjoy anywhere! Elf Yourself by Office Depot INC Platforms: Android & iOS Cost: Free Size: 66.7MB This app is becoming an annual Christmas tradition for many people around the world. It may be American in origin and essentially an

ad for a stationary store, but it translates well and is sure to bring a smile to all. Irrespective of age, gender or status this app transforms even the staunchest Christmas Grinch into a nimble elf capable of busting out all the right moves. It’s an infectious form of fun that takes the spirit of Christmas and gives it a modern, technologically-inspired groove. Turn yourself and your friends and family into the stars of a personalised festive video as incredibly talented and funky elves. Simply upload up to five photos from your camera roll or direct from Facebook, select a dance theme, and the app will generate a custom ElfYourself video that you can share via email or social media! Merry Christmas!

66 | What’s On?

What's On? Our new, ongoing round-up of events across Australia for the next three months. From food and wine festivals to music of all types, arts, crafts and more, there’s something for you somewhere, so get planning and get out there!


27 Dec-01 Jan – Woodford: Woodford Fold Festival. One of Australia's largest and most iconic events, the Woodford Folk Festival is a six day and night event. Boasting the largest

gathering of artists and musicians in Australia, the programme encompasses the depth and diversity of Australia's cultural, artistic and social expression with music, dance, cabaret, circus, comedy, workshops, debate, street theatre, films, forums and visual arts.

20-22 – Yandina: The 21st Annual Ginger Flower and Food Festival. Delight the senses with three spectacular days of food, flowers and entertainment for all. A must-do for foodies and garden lovers alike!

What’s On? | 67 26 – Jondaryan, Toowoomba Area: Australia Day at the Woolshed. Celebrate Australia Day in true Outback style at the oldest working woolshed in the Southern Hemisphere. Enjoy a day of festivities and of course a Great Aussie BBQ!

trades and skills, from blacksmithing to airbrush art. Meet the artisans, get your hands dirty and have a sneak peek behind the scenes. For more Queensland events click here!

NEW SOUTH WALES 3 – Surfers Paradise: Sand Safari Arts Festival. Described as a memorable and interactive beachside event this unique arts festival runs for three weeks incorporating the Australian Sand Sculpting Championships. Inspired by the theme ‘Mystical Creatures of the Deep’ the Surfers Paradise foreshore and Gold Coast cityscape will be transformed with life-sized sand sculptures and large-scale inflatable art exhibits.

11 – Brisbane: Brisbane Street Art Festival. The Brisbane Street Art Festival (BSAF) is an annual multi-platform public arts and music festival with a core objective of showcasing local, national and international art on a wide public platform. 11 – Bundaberg: Bundaberg Chinese New Year Celebrations. Experience the colour and excitement of China’s longest and most important festival and welcome in the Year of the Rooster. Highlights include authentic performances from artists from Bundaberg’s sister city Nanning; lively dragon and lion dancing, and a dazzling fireworks display.

1-4 – Eastern Creek: MotorWorld Sydney. Check out the latest cars and motorbikes on track, street and off-road circuits at this new family festival! 2-4 – Sydney Olympic Park: Coates Hire Sydney 500. The streets of Sydney Olympic Park with ignite for the final showdown in the Virgin Australia Supercars Championship. 10 Dec-30 Apr – Sydney: Egyptian mummies. Exploring Ancient Lives. Come face-to-face with six ancient Egyptian mummies and discover their stories at Sydney's Powerhouse Museum. 26 – Sydney: Sydney Hobart Yacht Race. This iconic blue water yachting events depart Sydney Harbour as usual on Boxing Day. 31 – Sydney: New Year's Eve. Sydney welcomes in the new year with spectacular fireworks at 9 pm and midnight!

16-19 – Chinchilla: Chinchilla Melon Festival. Celebrate the mighty melon with a quirky Queensland-style weekend of melon sports and activities; some that will have to be seen to be believed! 17-19 – Agnes Waters: Agnes Blues, Roots and Rock Festival. Three days of the best live blues, roots and rock music around. Featuring a jam packed entertainment line-up of talented musicians and artists, enjoy a long weekend of great music, 31 – Pokolbin: New Year's Eve at Hunter Valley free workshops and atmospheric entertainment. Gardens. The new year with entertainment, fireworks and Christmas lights. 25 – Toowoomba: Have a Go Festival. Ever wanted to have a go at a heritage trade? Now’s your chance at the Cobb & Co Museum. Experience a range of traditional and modern

68 | What’s On?

1-3 – Gulgong: Gulgong Folk Festival. Usher in the New Year with a unique musical celebration as the historic town of Gulgong comes alive. More than 50 musicians will perform at various locations throughout the township amid general festivities, live entertainment, markets and artistic displays. 1 – Tumbarumba: Tumbarumba Rodeo. New Year’s Day country fun! This is a full APRA Championship Rodeo with a host of fun-filled events including bull ride, barrel race, poddy ride, bucking ponies, saddle bronc and bareback. 7 – Wingham: Wingham Summertime Rodeo. Prepare for some adrenalin pumping events at Wingham Showground as the Wingham Summertime Rodeo comes to town! 7-8 – Evans Head: Great Eastern Fly-In. Experience a unique Australian aviation event. Aviators and enthusiasts from all over Australia gather to fly together and exhibit a huge variety of modern and historic aircraft. See also vintage, veteran and WWII Military vehicles on display. 7 – Thredbo: Kosciuszko Craft Beer Festival. Held Poolside at the Thredbo Alpine Hotel in the heart of the picturesque Snowy Mountains, this festival is your ticket to the latest and greatest in craft beer brewing. Experience brewing demonstrations, home brew competitions, cheese and beer matching workshops and lots of live entertainment. 8-13 – Wagga Wagga: The Sounds of Summer Concert Series. Presenting music for violin, viola, cello, bass, guitar and piano performed by some of Australia’s finest string musicians. This is an exceptional chance to hear top quality ensemble music in an intimate setting. 11-15 – Parkes: Parkes Elvis Festival. Celebrate the life and music of Elvis Presley with this iconic, officially-endorsed festival. Coinciding with the King’s birthday on January 8th, experience headline international and national Elvis tribute artists, street parades, competitions, markets and much more! The 2017 Festival theme is Viva Las Vegas! 12-15 – Walcha: Walcha Golden Gate

Campdraft. Enjoy four days of campdraft action in Walcha. Competitors travel from Queensland, Victoria and across New South Wales to compete for the generous prize money on offer over the campdraft carnival. Trade exhibitors, food stalls and full bar in operation. 12-15 – Bulli: Illawarra Folk Festival. Held over four days with over 170 performers providing a diverse range of music and artistic performances. Enjoy the intimate, vibrant, community atmosphere the festival is renowned for. 14 – Taree: TasteFest on the Manning. Hosted by the Taree Lions Club, enjoy a feast for all the senses! Showcasing the best the Manning Valley and surrounds has to offer, including craft beer, food, wine, entertainment and music. 15 – Urunga: ArtUrunga’s Sculpture in the Park Festival. An exhibition of over 30 sculptures displayed in Urunga’s beautiful riverside park, with live entertainment and festival fare. Prizes, including a People’s Choice for Best Sculpture will be awarded to winning artworks. 15 – Newcastle: Newcastle Travel Expo. Get the hottest deals and industry expert advice. 16 – Katoomba: Lady Luck Festival. A festival created for rockabilly and vintage enthusiasts! Showcasing ‘customs and culture’ from the fabulous ‘50s; think fun, fashion, food and entertainment for the whole family, with free admission to bands, market day, hot rod and vintage car show, swing dancing and public dance lessons. 18-29 – Guyra: Guyra Lamb and Potato Festival. Showcasing the proud farming history and local produce, this festival is a celebration of rural NSW life. Featuring antique machinery displays and a military vehicle rally, there’s something for everyone! 19-21 – Wollongong: HonkOz Street Music Festival. Experience three days of revelry in Wollongong, featuring acoustic, mobile and somewhat eccentric street bands. Think Mardi Gras and Carnival, blaring brass and drums, a parade, outdoor jam sessions, New Orleans, Gypsy, Klezmer, funk, folk and jazz all fused together for a sensation for the ears and eyes.

What’s On? | 69 20-23 – Numeralla: Numeralla Folk Festival. A little festival with a big heart. Held over three days the festival is the last traditional ‘free’ folk festival in Australia. There are no tickets, while all entertainment and camping are free! Join a long weekend of music, poetry, dance, markets, dips in the river, yarns around the campfire and convivial conversation. 20-22 – Thredbo: Thredbo Blues Festival. The Thredbo Blues Festival is a three day boutique festival held in various venues around Thredbo Village. From cosy restaurants, booming alfresco gigs and indoor music hall settings, the layout and variety makes this festival a standout. 21-23 – Corowa: Corowa Federation Festival. Enjoy the colour and musical extravaganza of the National Federation Festival, scheduled over the Australia Day long weekend. Visitors are treated to an array of fabulous bands, music and festival activities, with markets, buskers, food and wine experiences, a B&S Ball and the old fashioned grand parade along Sanger Street. 28-29 – Katoomba: Wines of the West. Take the opportunity to have a chat with the makers of fine award winning wines from the Orange and Mudgee regions. This event showcases many of the leading wineries, breweries and distillers from the Central West region. There will be tastings, opportunities to purchase wines, entertainment, food stalls, and fun throughout the weekend for all to enjoy.

26 – Carcoar: Carcoar Village Fair. If history piques your interest then this not-so-ordinary village fair is just the thing for you! Listed by the National Trust, the village of Carcoar is rich in history. Relive some of this history with reenactments, talks by historians, Cobb & Co rides and vintage car displays. 26 – Katoomba: Summer Harvest Festival. Experience the Summer Harvest Festival, with an eclectic program of food related workshops and events from long lunches, beer and wine tasting to the famous ‘Chooks Tour’, plus Village strolls to uncover the best of local providores. 28-29 – Kandos: Kandos Street Machine and Hot Rod Show. An annual action packed event sure to impress any motor-enthusiast.

4-25 – Katoomba: The Roaring 20s Festival and All That Jazz! Some festivals need an entire month to celebrate. Held at various locations throughout the Blue Mountains, doff your fedora, polish your pearls and celebrate the golden era of opulence, architecture and jazz music. Experience 1920s-style balls in historic grand ballrooms, the Charleston Challenge, a long lunch, high teas, jazz and blues performances, historical walks, dinner shows and much more. 16-26 – Orange: Banjo Paterson Australian Poetry Festival. Australian Bush poets are an iconic and important part of our national heritage. Celebrate the most famous of them all, Banjo Patterson, in his home district. The 2017 Banjo Paterson Australian Poetry Festival program is a ‘whole community’ Festival that will also showcase the diversity the region has to offer. 17-26 – Toronto: LakeFest. Lakefest is a celebration of Lake Macquarie’s aquatic lifestyle and rich maritime history. The Heaven Can Wait regatta involves sailing yachts, dinghies and skiffs racing around Lake Macquarie for up to 24 hours and raises money for Cancer Council NSW. Lakefest will include sailing events and waterbased sporting and social activities including a Twilight Race, Paddlefest, and Junior Pirate Fun Race.

70 | What’s On? 20 – Condobolin: Condobolin Picnic Races. Experience the best of country hospitality at one of the Central West’s leading country picnic race meets! 24-26 – Murrurundi: King of the Ranges Stockman’s Challenge and Bush Festival. Showcasing the traditional skills of Australian stockmen and women through an exciting and intense four day competition. Competitors accumulate points for cattle work, pack-horse work, bareback riding, target whip cracking, horseshoeing, and cross country jumping. The bush Festival program features a host of traditional and entertaining activities. 24-26 – Cobargo: Cobargo Folk Festival. Attracting performers from all over the world this festival offers a broad range of musical entertainment. Offering a fun-filled and familyfriendly weekend of music, dance, song, comedy and poetry. 25-26 – Tumbarumba: Tumbafest. Described as a celebration of music, food and country lifestyle, this two-day festival offers something for everyone. Attractions include a jam-packed schedule of main stage entertainment, sublime regional wines, regional food and produce, extensive food stalls, wine tasting and a farmers’ market. 26-27 – Taree: Artisan Expo. Get up close and personal with some of Australia’s best artisans as they exhibit their wares and their skills.

For more New South Wales events click here!

VICTORIA 18 – Melton: Melbourne Toyrun. Toy runs are held throughout Australia and America, traditionally hosted by motorcycle clubs in support of the Salvation Army Christmas Appeal. Enjoy a fun filled spectacular! 24 Dec-26 Jan – Port Fairy: Moyneyana Festival. One of the longest running festivals in Australia; enjoy this annual tribute to summer and community spirit. The festival runs over five weeks from Christmas Eve through to Australia Day each year!

14-17 – Frankston: Waterfront Festival. An open air, all-ages free summertime music event. Something for everyone at this beachfront community party!

21 – Southbank Melbourne: Sugar Mountain 2017 - A Summit of Music and Art. Presented by the Victorian College of the Arts, this is a modern boutique music and arts festival sure to impress the toughest of critics. 22-22 – Werribee: 10th National Clydesdale and Heavy Horse Festival. A festive weekend celebrating equestrian culture and the mighty heavy horse. 26-30 – Lexton: Rainbow Serpent Festival. A world class music and arts festival celebrating Australia’s unique cultural significance.

4 – Yarra Valley: A Day on the Green. Described as an ‘experience’, come and discover good food, fine wine and great music in magnificent locations. 10-12 – Melbourne: Sustainable Living Festival - Big Weekend. A celebration that sustains the nation! A free festival that seeks to inspire and empower everyday Australians to accelerate their uptake of sustainable living. 10-12 – Lakes Entrance: Lakes Entrance Antique and Collectible Fair. One of the largest displays of antiques, collectibles and old wares in East Gippsland. There will be dozens of stalls selling a huge variety of antiques and collectibles! 24-26 – Melbourne: Australian Romance

What’s On? | 71 Readers Convention. The fifth annual event that brings together romance readers, authors and publishers, providing an opportunity to talk about all things related to romance fiction. 25 – Frankston: Frankston Antiques and Collectables Fair. Supporting local charity, everything you’d expect to find in an Antique fair including valuations. For more Victorian events click here!

WESTERN AUSTRALIA 10 – Manjimup: Manjimup Cherry Harmony Festival. Experience a full program of events and festivities with special guests, street theatre and long table lunches amid fully laden cherry trees! 10 – Perth: Symphony In The City. Let the region showcase its talents, resources and produce and all the spills and thrills that accompany country spirit!

SOUTH AUSTRALIA 18 – Edithburgh: Edithburgh Carols By The Sea. Held annually on the Sunday before Christmas, enjoy a classic carols session on the beautiful coast at Edithburgh.

14 – Mannum: Sounds by the River. An iconic Australian music experience with an incredible line up featuring John Farnham, James Reyne, Daryl Braithwaite, Shannon Noll and Taxiride.

11-16 – Eaton: Spirit of Anzac Centenary Experience. Presented by the Australian Government and the Australian War Memorial, this free ground-breaking exhibition is touring 23 locations around Australia. Hear, see and be moved by the incredible telling of the story of Australia. 12-15 – Lancelin: Lancelin Ocean Classic. The largest and longest running wind surfing event in Australia. Experience four action packed days of fun and excitement. 20 – Perth: Fringe World Festival. Held over four massive weeks of good vibes and good times, experience a feast for all the senses.

10-11– McLaren Vale: Fleurieu Film Festival. A fun dog-friendly summer film festival described as “A feast for all the senses under the stars”. 24-26 – Adelaide: Cellar Door Festival. Meet, taste and discover thousands of South Australia’s finest wines and tasty treats at the annual Cellar Door Festival. Showcasing internationally renowned brands through to niche boutique producers, the festival provides the ultimate day out for wine and food lovers. 25-26 – Goolwa: South Australian Wooden Boat Festival. Held over two days this biannual event is an exciting mix of wooden boats, people, food, wine and entertainment! For more South Australian events click here!

21-22 – Perth: WA Cider Festival. Raise your glasses in a salute to the mighty beverage and quench your thirst for the finest craft ciders available. 27-29 – Karridale: Western Australian Circus Festival. Step into a whole new world with a three day celebration of circus, comedy and cabaret shows from around the world.

10 – Perth: Perth International Arts Festival. Held over three weeks and one of Western Australia’s premier cultural events, the Perth International Arts Festival is a feast of joyous, cutting-edge performances and activities for all ages. Experience some of the world’s

72 | What’s On? best international and contemporary theatre, dance, music, film, visual arts and literature. This international festival is a wonderful display of creativity and talent providing amazing entertainment for all. 11 – Katanning: Katanning Concert in the Park. Katanning is celebrating the opening of its new amphitheatre. The Inaugural Concert is a free family event that will include music, food vans and lots of festivities. 11- Busselton: South West Craft Beer Festival. Because beer can never be over appreciated! Sample the region’s finest brews – from the more traditional pale ales and pilsners to creations like ginger and chocolate beer whilst listening to live music from local South West artists on the main stage. 17 - Boyup Brook: Boyup Brook Country Music Festival. Starting with a free street carnival followed by a ute and truck muster, and all the boot-scooting you can handle. Featuring premium local, national and international country music artists. For more Western Australian events

click here!

6-8 – Cygnet: Cygnet Folk Festival. Set in the picturesque Huon Valley countryside, celebrate Tasmania’s leading gathering of folk and world music, dance, poetry, performance art, food and culture! 20-27 – Hobart: Beer Lovers Week. For the love of Beer and State pride, experience a week of celebrations in honour of the (not so) humble beer! 26 – Devonport: Henley-On-Mersey. Celebrate Australia’s proud heritage and pioneering spirit as well as our unique quirkiness at Henley on the Mersey. Try your hand at archery, whip cracking, sheaf tossing, egg throwing, scarecrow competition and the hurdy-gurdy! 27-28 – Hobart: Beerfest. Experience Tasmania’s most exciting Craft Beer and Food Festival and the grand finale of festivities for Tasmanian Beer Lovers Week. 27-29 – King Island: Festival of King Island. Location location location! Indulge in a weekend of great music, great food, great people and outstanding views.

TASMANIA 28 – Hobart: Taste of Tasmania. A craft experience like no other! Held over four days featuring the largest working display of arts and crafts in Australia with more than 200 artists and artisans.

10-12 – Launceston: Festivale. Celebrate Tasmanian food and wine al fresco style in Launceston’s historic City Park. An opportunity to taste and savour highly renowned Tasmanian gourmet food, wine, beer and cider amid all the colour and fun of family entertainment, dance, music and street theatre. 10-13 – Hobart: Australian Wooden Boat Festival. A spectacular four day biannual celebration of maritime culture and craftsmanship. The biggest maritime event of its kind in the Southern Hemisphere! 17-26 – Flinders Island: Feast and Forage. A week long calendar of events held during the last week of summer, celebrating local Flinders produce and island lifestyle. 18-26 – Hobart: Clarence Jazz Festival. Coming of age in its 21st year this lifestyle festival

What’s On? | 73 offers free concerts, fantastic local cuisine and a convivial air to dance, drink and swing into Tasmania’s mild summer nights.


19 – Hobart: Festa Italia. A family friendly community event that celebrates all things Italian, including live music, gourmet food and specialised wines. With displays from the various regions, car and motorbike displays, cooking demonstrations, grape crushing, watermelon and of course spaghetti eating competitions!

3 – Parkes: Spilt Milk. If experimental art and culture is your jam, then combine it with the latest cutting edge music and step outside life’s small things. Spilt Milk is bringing together some of Australia’s best things: music, food and art, within the tree lined land

23-26 – Rosebery: Rosebery Festival. A vibrant lifestyle festival celebrating community and culture. For more Tasmanian events click here!

5-8 – Canberra: Summernats. Four days of high octane thrills! Australia’s biggest horse power party, with over 2000 elite street machines displaying their prowess.

NORTHERN TERRITORY 1 Oct -28 Feb – State Wide: Million Dollar Fish. In its second season, ‘Million Dollar Fish’ is a tag and release fishing competition with a twist. Open Until the 28th of February, you have the chance to land the fish of a lifetime. Some 101 tagged Barramundi have been released, each with a value of $1000 – except one – who weighs in at an impressive $1 Million Dollars!

4 – Darwin: Carols By Candlelight. Belt out your favourite Christmas carols to kick off the Festive Season in the Botanic Gardens, with choral performances and spectacular fireworks. 10 – Darwin: Darwin Symphony Orchestra – Master Series 4 (Babe). Set to be an amazing experience, the Darwin Symphony Orchestra will perform Nigel Westlake’s magical film score to Babe, live to the film. A special wet season matinee for the whole family that is not to be missed. For more Northern Territory events click


26 – Canberra: Australia Day Fireworks Spectacular. Held on the shores of Lake Burley Griffin, experience a spectacular light show celebrating Australia Day!

17-19 – Canberra: National Multicultural Festival. Eat, drink, laugh and dance your way around the world! Celebrate difference, share traditions and experience performances. There will be comedy, performance art, food and wine stalls, street parties, live music, circus-style acts and more! For more ACT events click here!

74 | What’s On?

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ANYONE FOR TIFFIN OR EVOLUTION? We’ll be kicking off with a double review special to give you extra holiday reading: The spectacular A-class Allegro Breeze by Tiffin and Wirraway’s superb Evolution. Both are class leaders and guaranteed to get your pulses racing, especially if in the market for a new, luxurious and eye-catching motorhome. Don’t miss them! We’ve just had our busiest year yet and have decided to give ourselves an early Christmas present – a break! We’re taking off the rest of December and will return on the first Saturday in January. It will be time to catch up on paperwork, accounts and get planning for 2017, which promises to be a cracker of a year! FEB

Jan 20-22






Issue 109 will be out on Saturday 3 January. Until then why not join our more than 32,000 Friends and followers on Twitter Facebook , Pinterest and Instagram ? To you and your family we wish a very Merry Christmas and the happiest and healthiest of New Years!


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Geelong Outdoor Living Show

Newcastle Caravan, Camping & Holiday Expo

Geelong Showground 79 Breakwater Rd, Breakwater. Vic. 3219

Newcastle Entertainment Centre & Showground Broadmeadow. NSW. 2292.

• • • • •

• • • •

Open 9:30-4:00 (3:00 Sunday) Parking: Free Adults: $15 Seniors: $12 Kids: U17 Free

Visit Website Click for Google Maps

Parking: Free Adults: $15 Seniors: $10 Kids: U16 Free

Visit Website Click for Google Maps

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Feb 22-27 11-13 09-12 20-22



Victorian Caravan, Camping & Touring Supershow Melbourne Showgrounds Epsom Rd, Ascot Vale. Vic. • Open 9:30-5:00 (2:30 final day) • Parking: Commercial nearby • Adults: $20 • Seniors: $16 • Kids: U17 free with adult

Visit Website Click for Google Maps

Know of a local or regional show coming up that attracts and promotes motorhomes, campervans and the great RV lifestyle in general? Drop us a line at info@imotorhome.com.au and we’ll happily promote it in this calendar.

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iMotorhome Australia Issue 108 – 03 December 2016  

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iMotorhome Australia Issue 108 – 03 December 2016  

Get a FREE subscription from our website now!