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Issue 104: Oct 01 2016

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Burra Country Music Festival!

The advantage of considerable space, both inside and out…

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Busy Times!


agle eyed readers will notice a change to the style of this issue. That's because after 101 issues (I did the first 2!) our designer Agnes now has a back up: Chris. It's good to have a fresh perspective on things and I hope you like what he's done. Agnes thinks it's great – she told me so while holidaying by a pool in Cairns this week – so please welcome him into the iMotorhome fold! Speaking of a fresh perspective, having emerged from our recent buyout negotiations it's been good to take a long look at where we've been and where we're going. We've identified a number of areas and while for the moment it's business as usual, expect the unexpected! The first ‘unexpected’ will be announced at the iMotorhome get together in Dalgety at the end of this month. Regrettably, I can't tell you any more at this stage because I'd have to shoot myself, but all will be revealed to our wider audience in Issue 106 on 5 November. Due to our tight production schedule we rarely stockpile articles. That means we don't have the luxury of a large vault to pull items from to fill these pages. Rather, we make it up as we go, between issues, which is one of the reasons I never seem to get ‘round to finishing half the things on Project Polly. It's also why, from time to time, things promised to appear in the next issue don't materialise! Organising road tests is always a challenge and it's usually a feast or a famine. Unlike caravans, which you could tow around Australia, wash and then stick back in a dealer’s yard and no one would be any wiser; motorhomes record their mileage and very few companies have demonstrators. Most vehicles we review are customer vehicles awaiting delivery, although on occasions we get a stock vehicle from a dealer's yard. Either way, the supplier is keen to keep added mileage to a

minimum, which is why we bring you many touring tests. Combine these availability issues with our production schedule and it's often a miracle you have a test to read! However, last week all the planets aligned and I was able to review a new Jayco. No, not the Optimum gracing the cover of this issue – Malcolm did that –, but rather a Conquest FA.25-1. It's scheduled for issue 107 on 19 November, although as I’ve said you never know if that might change. The reason I bring it up is because Mrs iMotorhome and I were pleasantly surprised how far Jayco has come in recent years, especially in terms of engineering and attention-to-detail. Then this week we went out and spent a day in a Suncamper Sovereign Deluxe, which is scheduled for Issue 106 on 5 November. It had some interesting design features including a new Eurosourced dining table mount that has to be the best ever, and Mrs iM fell in love with its dinette and lounge area. The juxtaposition of reviewing motorhomes from manufacturers at opposite ends of the size spectrum wasn’t lost on me. It was a poignant reminder of the diversity of talent in the Australian RV industry and how companies need to keep developing and improving, or risk death. And so it is with iMotorhome. The next 12 months will be an exciting time and by the time we reach our fifth birthday in May we’ll have iMotorhome New Zealand running (much sooner than that) plus that thing I can’t mention until next month without shooting myself. And some other stuff. Busy times indeed, so watch out…


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Travel Three more RV Friendly Towns

Beat a path to the heart of South Australia’s historic mining past this November

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Take Luxury with you

Integrity SL.

Paradise are passionate about producing Australia’s best motorhomes From the moment you step into our spacious interiors, open one of our smooth automatic locking drawers and take in the aroma of the genuine high quality leather seating it will become clear that touring in a Paradise will give you the unrivalled freedom and comfort you deserve. Look beneath the surface to find the unique engineering and safety features that will put your mind at ease while travelling. Features such as the rollover bar, high strength alloy frame, composite body, pull-tested cabinetry, appliances and locks will become your priority once you realise they are missing from other mainstream construction methods.

From only $170,000* you can step into luxury and style without compromising safety. Paradise Motor Homes - 245 Brisbane Road, Biggera Waters, Queensland 4216 www.paradisemotorhomes.com.au

(07) 5597 4400

Paradise Motor Homes products are protected by registered designs, patents and copyrights ™ Š 2016.

/paradise.m.homes *Oasis Platinum

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It’s only fitting that since Ed has his say in On My Mind, you should be able to have yours too. If you have anything to say – or ask – just drop a line to letters@imotorhome.com.au and we’ll share it with our readers. We’ll also reward the most interesting, useful or thoughtful letter each issue with $50 to help you on your way.

Texting Times‌


thought you might be able to use this as light entertainment? It's a little ditty of mine and it got a couple of Likes on the Swift forum đ&#x;˜†:

YFIO – Your fly is open! (if this is a repeat incident add A to the end) HYGYVO – Have you got your vest on?

Fed up of feeling 'out of it' with all this Teen Text Talk? Don't understand LOL, WTF, WBU, IKR? Well, it’s time us over 50s started to fight back! I've listed below what I think could be some handy text abbreviations for older folk:

WTFAI – Where am I?

BTPC – Bring the pile cushion ATD – At the doctors

Note: TF should be added sometimes after Why, What or When for dramatic effect (although avoid using it with grandchildren or the infirm). Happy texting folks!

HGBM – Had good bowel movement

Best Regards,

AFF – At friends funeral


WTFAMT – Where are my teeth?Â

WCIS Ian? Please accept this issue’s $50 for making us all ROFL!

HYSMG – Have you seen my glasses?

ISMSA – I’ve been taken short again!

WDICUF – What did I come upstairs for? WDIPMCK – Where did I put my car keys?

BTW – Bring the wheelchair



have just been looking at motorhomes on these websites from the UK and Australia I see that

for what the Poms pay A$77,000 for, we are being charged $137,000 (for example the Auto Trail Imala 715). And Britain is not the cheapest in Europe either. That’s a whopping $60,000 to bring it to Australia and change some power points? Would someone explain to me why we are being slugged so much? Surely not to protect us against cheap low-quality imports, because as many people who have bought

new RVs in Australia have experienced, the quality of the local product is not always that great. I once bought a new caravan that was full of faults and when I took it in to have it fixed under warranty, the agent explained to me, “Built with cheap Chinese components and unskilled labour!� Regards, Geof ...continued.

12 | On your mind ...continued.

Fair questions Geoff. There's no simple answer but a large part of it comes down to economies of scale. Last year Australia sold around 23,000 new recreational vehicles of all types, of which only about 1100 were motorhomes and campervans. By comparison, combined European sales of motorhomes and campervans alone are about 75-80 times greater than ours and the UK on its own is close to 10 times greater. This means fixed costs like a dealer’s wage bill, lease/mortgage, insurance, etc can be spread over a lot more vehicles sold per year, presuming there aren’t 10 times as many dealers! Even things like vehicle delivery cost to the dealer must be lower, given the size of the UK.

here also have to provide warranty and service back-up, carry a large range of spares and so on, well beyond what an ordinary UK dealer would. And then there are the shipping costs from the other side of the world. Does that all add up to $60,000 per vehicle? Like you I’m thinking not, but importers also deserve a return on investment as bringing in motorhomes on a commercial basis is an expensive and risky business. Hopefully as competition increases and more imported brands appear, prices will fall. Until then you either pay the money asked or buy locally made. As they say, “You pays your money and makes your choice.” They just never told you your choice might not be what you really want…

Compliance costs are substantially more than just changing “some power points”, while importers


View All Units O nline 24/7

awrvworld.com.au NEW SUNLINER NAVIAN 541 The Navian 541 just radiates class and sophistication. Luxuriously equipped with a high standard of features and accessories, the Navian is sure to impress. On a robust Iveco chassis with a slide out bed, popup TV, wall mounted washing machine, large living, diesel heater and sleeps 4. Let the Navian be your complete home away from home. CALL TODAY and be inspired by luxury.

Best value on the market | $199,990 +ORC $206,200 Drive Away VIC


1A Watson St, Wodonga VIC 3690 Ph: 02 6024 4222 E: info@awrvworld.com.au

14 | On your mind

Manual Matters


ongratulations to Cathie for her prizewinning letter last edition, about keeping electronic back-ups of motorhome

records. She made a good point about the potential for losing documents if the motorhome should ‘disappear’, which could happen through fire as well as theft. When I sent my contribution about keeping documents and manuals in zip-up folders on board, I did not mention that I keep photocopies of important documents such as the purchase contract and rego certificate in a folder at home, and maintain an ongoing electronic record of purchases. This is because I sometimes need to refer to the details when I am home, and prefer to avoid going outside and climbing into the motorhome.

Her idea of electronic copies is even better than photocopies, as she would have them accessible anywhere. Regarding user manuals, perhaps some information is available online these days too? Also, I whole-heartedly agree with your editorial comments about ‘slow but steady’ for humans and motorhomes. Best wishes,


Thanks Di, very interesting. Good to hear you also agree with the ‘slow but steady’ philosophy, which for someone like me who does most things rather more quickly is requiring some adjustment!

Webasto – your gas free solution for independent travelling Air Top – Air Heaters


powerful operation  Low power & fuel consumption  Use whilst parked & on the move

Dual Top – Combination Heaters  Heat

& hot water from one unit  Easy to use multifunction controller  Low power & fuel consumption

Thermo Top – Water Heaters


and efficient  Fast heat up times  Can be combined with fan radiators to provide cabin heat

Diesel Cook Top


cooking power up to 1800 W  No naked flame and no fumes  Robust high quality Ceran® cooking surface

Webasto Thermo & Comfort Australia Pty Ltd 423-427 The Boulevarde, Kirrawee NSW 2232 Freecall 1800 244 494 info@webasto.com.au www.webasto.com.au

RV Compressor Fridges  Extensive

range of Uprights and Drawers  Available as DC Only or AC/DC  Robust high quality with Danfoss Compressors

On your mind | 15

Hitting the great outdoors this summer? Get remote-ready with the Motorhome Doctor


16 | On your mind

Suburban Life…



Recently I put a GasSwitch like yours in. While using the stove and a heater the hot water came on, but the extra gas flow was sensed as being a leak and the switch shut the gas off! Whether I have an extra sensitive one or not I couldn’t say, but in the end I had to remove it. When my aerial stopped working some years ago it was due to corrosion in the electronics and the head and had to be replaced. Looking forward to the Dalgety

Thanks Rich, Polly’s Suburban HWS has always been dicky and was ‘fixed’ by Apollo, under warranty, but has never been happy. Funnily enough, when I originally installed the GasSwicth (last year) it did what you report, but I realised in hindsight it was because the valve already had a small leak. You might well have a super-sensitive unit but you might also want to check your system too! I’m thinking you’re probably spot-on with the aerial. Polly spent a lot of time by the sea in her rental life (as evidenced elsewhere) and so corrosion seems the logical conclusion. Keep reading to find out

have just read about your problems with Polly’s hot water. I can only comment on my experiences, but I have had a Suburban gas-only hot water system since 2004 and it has never missed a beat. I clean the anode when I get home after each trip and this seems to prolong its life. In fact I have only replaced 3 in 12 years and we spend between 4 and 7 months on the road each year.

gathering, see you there! Regards,

On your mind | 17

Polarising Opinion


just noticed the comment in a recent edition that it is impossible to read the new Fiat Ducato’s speedo through

sunglasses. I don’t think this is a Fiat problem, but it is quite common with polaroid sunglasses. The quick and easy solution is to slightly tilt you head to one side when you want to look at the speedo and all will become clear. Don’t know the technical reasons but

believe it is something to do with the light wave frequency and the polarisation. Regards, Arthur. Thanks Arthur, I know exactly what you mean but in this instance sunglasses aren’t to blame – poor design is! The previous model was much clearer.

Caught Without The ACT?


hanks for another interesting issue of iMotorhome. I sat down and had a

read through the new issue and enjoyed the articles, particularly the road test of the Rambler, the info on visiting Barcaldine and the details of the gas bottle refill website. However I was disappointed to find that your What’s On? section contains nothing about events happening in the ACT.  Here are just a few examples: Floriade is Australia’s biggest floral festival attracting over half a million visitors each year.  This event runs from 17 September to 16 October 2016. See The Canberra Home and Leisure Show runs from 21 – 23 October and this includes many of the caravan and motorhome dealers from ACT and southern NSW.  See The CMCA rally will be here 8 – 14 October. See The Association of Caravan Clubs National Rally

will be here 19 – 28 September 2016. See That’s just what I can list from memory. Not sure where you are getting your information on events but it seems to be missing a few items. Regards, Ray. Thanks Ray. What’s On is supplied by a contributor and I hadn’t realised it doesn’t include the ACT. Well spotted! Regarding the events you’ve mentioned, I’ve asked the contributor to stick to festivals, entertainment and food/wine type events where possible, so things like the home show, CMCA rally and a caravan rally don’t really qualify. Of course Floriade should have been in there and indeed in this issue you’ll find a whole new ACT listing. Enjoy!

18 | News



ometic Follow the Sun raises funds and awareness for the National Breast Cancer Foundation (NBCF) during a three month road trip from Cairns to Melbourne from August to October 2016. As part of this trip, certain BIG4 Parks will participate in the Dometic Follow the Sun Happy Hours. These will be great fun with giveaways, local suppliers, events of interest and fellow campers, caravanners and travellers to mix and mingle with. In addition to this, guests will have the opportunity to win great prizes by attending more than one BIG4 Dometic Follow the Sun Happy Hour! All proceeds raised from the Happy Hours will go to National Breast Cancer Foundation (NBCF). For more information click here.

AVIDA SEEKS WORKERS “It has not been easy to find people and I can’t say exactly why that is, because we are right on the train line and only a five-minute walk from Emu Plains station, so transport is not an issue,” he commented. Trade Minister and Penrith MP Stuart Ayres said Avida was just one of many Western Sydney businesses struggling to fill roles.


vida RV CEO Ben Binns says the company has been looking for more than a month to fill positions to help assemble motorhomes and caravans. Despite door knocking and dropping flyers off at high schools, TAFEs and universities, they had not been able to find any candidates. He also said they don’t need experienced staff and will take people who are untrained – provided their attitude is right.

“Avida offer trainees a strong start in the manufacturing trade and I encourage anyone looking for a break to get in touch.” The company is seeking metalworkers, cabinet makers, plumbers, electricians, upholsterers, computer numerical control machinists and unskilled labourers. For further information call (02) 4735 8116.

News | 19

As Australia's only built-in campervan and motorhome specialist, we at BCMC have the knowledge and experience you can trust. We are the exclusive retailer of Horizon Motorhomes and Frontline Campervans* - which are built-in, not built-on, far a smoother and more enjoyable touring experience. Our Motorhomes and Campervans are fuel efficient, easy to manoeuvre and built in Australia by hand, using only the finest high quality materials. Alongside our New & Pre-Loved vehicles, the BCMC Service Centre offers a full range of accessories and maintenance far your RV - making sure your travels are safe and in comfort. Click below to find out why we're the built-in specialists. MOTORHOMES

•• Exclusive retailer of:

• North of Newcastle







be me.com.au 299 River Street, Ballina NSW 2478

02 6681 1555




20 | News



issan has developed a new kind of fuel cell technology it says will not only increase the range of electrical vehicles but also is

safer and cheaper than existing systems. The company believes that it can have this technology commercially available by 2020 and the system has positive prospects for a range of markets, including RVs. Nissan has called this system an e-bio fuel cell and works by having an onboard tank of ethanol instead of pressurised hydrogen. The problem with hydrogen fuel cells is the cost of building fuel fill-up points, which require expensive carbon fibre storage tanks and the use of platinum. By comparison, bio-ethanol comes largely from sugar cane or corn starch and refuelling infrastructure already exists. The new system still uses hydrogen but this is created within the vehicle via a component it has called a reformer, which powers the



soft bag storage solution for Volkswagen T5/T6 SWB Multivan and Transporter models is now available from Brisbane-based Southern Spirit Campervans. The slimline bags are mounted internally, in the recess created by the rear side windows and they are ideal for clothes, toiletries and smaller items. Made by outdoor and trekking specialist Vaude in Germany, they are a premium quality product that should last for years. To find out more visit the website here or call 0401 797 179.

battery and drives the wheels. Excess energy can be stored in the battery. The e-bio fuel cell has been developed and tested in Brazil where ethanol has been used to power vehicles for many years. The fuel is less combustible than hydrogen and therefore theoretically safer in use. This system, however, produces carbon dioxide, a byproduct of the onboard reformation of ethanol into hydrogen. Alongside Daimler and Ford, Nissan says it will continue to work on traditional hydrogen fuel cell systems, although it sees this as a viable alternative.



We have a fully qualified team of service repairers that specialise in the service and repair of all brands of motorhomes and caravans We offer the following services:

• Service & Repairs for your RV & Caravan Drivetrain • Accessories & Spare Parts • Insurance Repairs • New and Used Sales • Consignment Sales • Trade-Ins.

Conveniently located on the Gold Coast PARADISE RV SALES & SERVICE PTY LTD - QUEENSLAND MOTOR DEALER 3463284 245 Brisbane Road, Biggera Waters, Queensland 4216 www.paradisemotorhomes.com.au - info@paradisemotorhomes.com.au

(07) 5597 4400

22 | News



20-year partnership between the Parks and Wildlife Service and Arts Tasmania to deliver a wilderness residency program for artists is being celebrated in four exhibitions in parks across the state. The residency program provides an opportunity for artists to live, work and be inspired by Tasmania's natural beauty and stunning wilderness locations.

You can help celebrate 100 years of national parks in Tasmania by visiting one of the exhibitions which can be viewed until March 2017 at the following locations: Bruny Island Lighthouse Museum, Trailside Museum Cradle Mountain, Lake St Clair Visitors Centre and the chapel on Maria Island. To view the artworks at an online exhibition and for more information click here

PRE-CHRISTMAS SALE The 32nd annual Pre-Christmas Caravan & Camping Sale returns to the Brisbane Showgrounds from 27 to 30 October. More than 100 exhibitors will display all the leading brands and latest models of new caravans, motorhomes, camper trailers, tent

trailers, fifth wheelers and other recreational products. Superseded models, clearance lines, demo models, one-off models and oddment stock will also be available to clear at great prices just in time for the summer holiday season. Click here


Meet Your Perfect Travelling Partner The Sunliner Navian series offers the ultimate in mid-sized Recreational Vehicles available in the Australian and New Zealand market. The Navian is fully equipped with a vast array of equipment and accessories; all as standard. Crafted to highest quality, the Navaian series of motorhomes are tailored to the unique needs of their owners. We invite you to explore the Navain series and meet your perfect travelling partner.

www.sunliner.com.au VIDA







24 | News



ominations are now open for individuals wishing to provide strategic direction for the RV industry through the Board of the

Caravan Industry Association of Australia. The National Board is comprised of up to nine individuals from across the industry, with no more than five involved in the same caravan industry category (Parks or Trades), as at the time of their nomination. The term of office for each elected director is two years. A nomination may be made by any Member of the Caravan Industry Association of Australia (the state caravan parks and trade associations) or the nominee, and must be:

• In writing • Signed by a Member of the Caravan Industry Association of Australia seconding the nomination • Accompanied by the consent of the nominee to act as a director (available from the Caravan Industry Association of Australia) • Accompanied by a resume of the nominee suitable for circulation to Members of the Caravan Industry Association of Australia • Submitted to the Caravan Industry Association of Australia no later than 5pm AEST 10 October 2016. To receive a Board Information Kit and nomination form email board@caravanindustry.com.au

The Wirraway 260 SL

With it’s Full Length Slideout Room & Apartment Styled Layout !

From WIRRAWAY, “Australia’s Most Innovative Motorhomes” Wirraway is a dedicated family owned business striving for Motorhome excellence. Our Motorhomes are our passion! Every Wirraway Motorhome is handbuilt and designed by experienced motorhomers who know the importance of making life easier on the road. New to our Range is the brilliant ‘live like a movie star’ Wirraway 260 SL, the latest in our 260 series; our EuroStyle 260 with it’s European styled interior and “The Motorhome of the Year”, the Wirraway 260. Wirraway Motorhomes feature opulence, style and all the legendary design, electrical and construction innovations that are unique to all Wirraways.

Each Wirraway Model is unique! - All are a Must See!

View Our New Website to view All Models, Download Brochures &Virtual RealityTours For details contact: Rob Tonkin - Wirraway Motorhomes, 6 Hynes Court, Mildura Vic 3500

Phone / Fax: (03) 50 230 230 - New Email: info@wirraway.com.au & New Website: www.wirraway.com.au On The Road Wirraway 260SL Slideout Motorhome - 2012 © Rex Willmer

News | 25



ourism Research Australia data just released shows a total of 334,184 international caravanning and camping visitors for the year ending June 2016, an increase of 12% on the previous year. This year these visitors accounted for just over 5 million visitor nights, also showing an increase of 6% on the previous year. The top three international markets are the UK, Germany and the US, representing 18%, 16% and 9% of international caravanners and campers respectively. These figures highlight the strong affinity these countries have with the RV lifestyle and the access it provides to unique Australian landscapes and experiences. Interestingly, Germany accounted for the largest number of visitor nights, topping just over 1.1 million for this

period and becoming the first single international market to exceed 1 million nights in the sector this year. The data shows significantly greater growth in visitor nights as compared to visitor numbers in several core markets, indicating international caravanners and campers are not only increasing in number but are choosing to stay longer. Added to this, they are a high yield market. This is a positive for local communities in regional Australia, where the bulk of caravanning and camping holidays take place and where many rely on tourist dollars and the jobs the industry creates.  In the coming weeks, the industry expects detailed visitor expenditure research to show the increasing value of international caravanning and camping visitors to the Australian economy.

"These figures highlight the strong affinity these countries have with the RV lifestyle"

26 | iMotorhome Marketplace Tax Time is fast approaching. Are you ready? For tax advice and assistance at competitive rates by a registered tax agent, send me an email.

Grey Nomad Tax Advisers

Southern Highlands Service Centre

Our office - 4 wheels and a Luton peak. • • • • • •

Eric Taylor, FIPA, CTA, Reg. Tax Agent ABN 76 114 458 058 Email: eric@greynomadtax.com.au www.greynomadtax.com.au

More Versatile Than Any Other RV Camp Anywhere - It’s Self Contained Large Bathroom With Shower & Toilet Easy To Operate With Electric Jacks Models For Single, Extra & Dual Cabs Plus! Famous Ozcape Quality & Support

An Authorised Repco Service Centre just off the Hume Highway at Mittagong. Auto electrical and mechanical service specialists happy to look after your motorhome or campervan! Call Mark or Sharon and tell them iMotorhome sent you!

T: (02) 4872 2822 E: mwauto@hinet.net.au

Collyn Rivers’ books The all-new Caravan & Motorhome Book covers every aspect of buying, building, modifying and enjoying camper trailers, caravans, fifth wheelers, slide-ons, motor homes, coach conversions and off-road vehicles.


Caravan & Motorhome Book the complete guide

Collyn Rivers


Camper Trailer Book

Collyn Rivers


The Camper Trailer Book

The Camper Trailer Book covers, in detail, every aspect of camper trailers and their use. As with all of Collyn Rivers’ books it describes (in plain English) approaches that will work, not just that may work. The author is an ex motor industry research engineer, who also practices what he describes. He and his wife has crossed Australia and back again, mainly via tracks across its centre over twelve times. In early times, the author also crossed Africa twice (including the Sahara).

Collyn Rivers

Caravan & Motorhome Electrics covers every aspect of all RV electrical systems. It combines exceptional technical accuracy with plain English writing. The Camper Trailer Book covers buying, building and using camper trailers of every kind. Solar That Really Works shows how to build systems that work first time and every time, and how to fix those that don’t. Whether installing solar for the first time, or trying to make an existing RV solar system work as you had hoped - this is the book for you.

Individual books are $42.50 each.

Postage per book Australia $5.50, New Zealand A$7.50, all other countries A$12.50

Special Discount Offer = 10% of all books for two or more! To order (and full details) see: caravanandmotorhomebooks.com Caravan & Motorhome Books, PO Box 356, Church Point NSW 2015

iMotorhome Marketplace | 27

Bony Mountain Folk Festival This great Aussie festival in the bush is on again, featuring the legendary Murphy’s Pigs! Many other great artists, a Bush Poets breakfast, billy tea, damper, great tucker – don’t miss it!


The Duvalay Memory Foam Sleeping System – No lifting, no tucking, no fighting over the doona and bedding that stays put. Find out why it’s Europes bedding of choice for caravans & motorhomes. The premium grade memory foam ensures total comfort and the award winning design cover means your bed is made in seconds.

duvalay.com.au | (02) 6653 4640

28 | iMotorhome Marketplace

Battery Traders Super Store

Airbag Man

Taronga Western Plains Zoo

We design and manufacture air suspension kits for all types of vehicles including motorhomes. Easy to install they let you ‘level up’ for stability and safety.

Batteries, solar panels, inverters, alternators and all electrical parts including cables and switches for your motorhome! We can find and fix all electrical faults and are 12 V power specialists.

Visit our world famous 300 ha open range sanctuary, home to some of the most exotic and endangered animals on earth. Explore by foot, bike, electric cart or in your motorhome!

T: 1800 AIRBAG W: airbagman.com.au

T: (07) 3209 3144 W: batterytraders.com.au

T: (02) 6881 1400 W: taronga.org.au

iTech World

Wellington Shire

Australia’s leading solar power and satellite TV manufacturers! We stock the revolutionary In Flex and Mini Flex panels, Plus our Complete Traveler Satellite TV package is perfect for motorhomes.

In the heart of Victoria’s Gippsland region. Come and enjoy our natural beauty, famous lakes, High Country and expansive beaches. Find ‘Experience 40 Great Things to Do’ on our website too!

T: 1300 483 249 W: itechworld.com.au

T: (03) 5144 1108 W: tourismwellington.com.au



Connect at home! Connect anywhere!

15Amp to 10Amp Adaptor with RCD and overload protection


Parkland RV Centre

Roberts RV World

RV Specialists

Parkland RV is the official dealer for Avida Motorhomes, Crossroads RV and Opal Caravans in WA. We stock quality used RVs and our modern service department can look after everything.

An official Avida motorhome dealer, with more than 50 new motorhomes in the largest undercover RV showroom in the Southern Hemisphere. Our service department is here for all your needs too.

Australia’s leading fifth wheelers, designed here in Australia and built to suit our demanding conditions. Fifth wheelers from 24’ to 36’ available. Call 02 4953 7141 for information!

T: (08) 9493 7933 W: parklandrv.com.au

T: 1800 273 136 W: robertsrv.com.au

T: (02) 4953 7141 W: summerliferv.com.au

iMotorhome Marketplace | 29

Nomadic Solutions hitches fully ADR compliant no swaying increased towing safety easy reversing offroad vans available

5th wheeler specialist

Nomadic Solutions - the original, quality constructed ‘lifestyletable™’ that is easily attached to the side of your motorhome. Now available in ‘mill finish’ for custom painting.

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30 | Freedom Camping

Freedom of Choice!

A roundup for September, keeping you in touch with what’s happened and happening in the world of freedom camping in Australia‌ These stories and more can be found in detail at the Freedom of Choice website, indexed by state and town, while you can also find the latest news and updates on their Facebook page.


Proserpine is seeing the value of the RV trade and establishing an RV stopover. It has taken a long time but the project now moves forward. Read more here

Keeping Pace?

So often we see the claims that freedom

camping will destroy the caravan park industry; claims of unfair competition, non-compliant camps and so it goes on and on. But we ask one question: Is the growth in available sites in caravan parks keeping pace with the growth in the industry. The simple answer is No, as you can read here.

Game On!

A former councillor takes on council with regard to its RV Strategy, in this article

Freedom Camping | 31

Fraser Coast Folly

The Fraser Coast has been in the news a lot this month, with this letter to the editor also attacking Council.

Orange Appeal

An Orange NSW councillor say they must do more to tap into the RV market. Read about it here

Just the Facts!

Despite all the scare mongering that goes on around Australia when we hear of a low cost camp being set up, here is the experience of the small country town of Biggenden. The facts don't lie. And here’s a similar story from

Murgon, where free camping is paying off for the community.

Million Dollar Question…

Q: What is the value of ‘drive tourism’, which RV tourism is a part of A: $162 million a day, according to this research.

Missing Out?

Gladstone in Queensland is feeling the pinch and is rolling out plans to encourage more campers to the region. Read more here.

32 | Day Test: Jayco Optimum IV.28-5

Jayco’s range-topping Optimum isn’t as big as it appears, but still has the advantage of considerable space, both inside and out… by Malcolm Street

Day Test | 33

Undoubtedly the first impression of Jayco's Optimum IV 28-5 is its size: it looks immense, especially compared with some of its smaller stablemates around the sales yard. However, it is not really oversize, being just 8.7 m (28’ 6”) in length. The size impression is created mostly by its height of 3.47 m (11’ 5”) and the fact it has a flat roof even though it’s a C-class motorhome complete with a bed in the Luton peak above the cab.


or someone like me with European design preferences, the Optimum has a vague US look about it, even though the base vehicle – an Iveco Daily 70-170 – is made in Italy. That's caused in part by the Luton shape but also by the impressive looking decals. Anyway, that’s enough of the fashion observations, it’s time to examine the Optimum in more detail. As noted, it’s built on an Iveco Daily cab-chassis, one with a 7000 kg GVM, which means a light rigid (LR) licence for the driver. Given the 4750 kg tare weight that provides an impressive 2,250 kg load capacity (though I can’t imagine you’d ever need to carry that much).

Down to Business…


or motive power the Daily now specced for the Optimum comes standard with a 3.0-litre 150 kW/470 Nm twin-turbo diesel and very smooth 8-speed fully automatic

gearbox. As an alternative the Optimum is also available on a Mercedes Benz Sprinter chassis, but it comes with a lower GVM (5000 kg) and it’s shorter by 780 mm. Like all Jayco motorhomes the body of the IV 28-5 is built using an aluminium frame with vacuum-bonded external cladding that consists of fibreglass and Azdel, a thermoplastic composite. The latter item is also used for the interior walls, while polystyrene foam for insulation fills the inner wall and roof areas. Up top a one-piece fibreglass sheet is used for the roof to minimise the risk of water leaks. Flush-fitting double-glazed acrylic hopper-style windows are fitted all ‘round and the entry door is a Roamsafe security item. An important feature of the Optimum is the slide-out, which takes up a fair chunk of the driver’s side wall area.

34 | Day Test One of the benefits of the Optimum's height is a raised floor inside and thus plenty of space for a plethora of storage bins. Some are dedicated – like for the gas cylinders, slide-out BBQ and 3.6 kW Onan generator – but the rest offer plenty of storage space. Of course the bins under the slide-out are awkward to get at with the slide-out open, and all are bottom-hinged, which does make them less weather proof in rain but much easier to get at. It's a pity diesel-fuelled generators aren't more readily available because the petrol supply container does take up part of the adjoining locker space. Neither the two house batteries or the water pump are stored in the external bins because they’re located in the sub-floor area, under the bed and accessible by simple floor hatches. Right: The Optimum is an imposing when fully set up. Below: The raised floor height allows plenty of external storage, although the lockers below the slideout are more difficult to access when it’s extended. Note the 3.6 kW Onan generator at the rear.

Day Test | 35

Stepping Up


here are a few steps, some of them electric, to get into the Optimum and once inside the layout is revealed. What hits the eye first is the slide-out, which has both the cafe-style dinette and east-west double bed fitted into it. To the right of the entry door the kitchen bench runs along the kerbside wall, well most of it, while the fridge is fitted into a cabinet behind the driver's seat. Above the driver's cab, the Luton bed can be folded up and pushed out of the way if not needed. This is good because there's a step down to the cab seats, which would be awkward to negotiate with the bed in position. A well known problem with Iveco Daily seats is that the handbrake makes it fiddly to swivel the driver's seat, but Jayco has solved that problem – the seats don't swivel because that really wouldn't work with this layout! At the very rear is a spacious full-width bathroom that can also be reached by tilting the bed when the slideout is closed. Above: The cab is modern and comfortable, but a step down from the main floor level. The seats are non-swivelling, too. Right: It’s a bit of a climb up into the Optimum, although made easier by electric steps at the bottom. Note the standard slide-out barbecue.

36 | Day Test

Decor is pleasant if a tad dark. The dinette is spacious, but with a step up (and down). When the slide-out’s retracted the bed end lifts for walk-through bathroom access.

For the interior, Jayco have used what they call their Eurostyle cabinetry, which is all aluminium framed. The ‘timber look’ interior does have a somewhat Euro look about it, although it does not have the compactness associated with many European motorhomes, given the slideout. Being at the top end of Jayco's motorhome fleet, the Optimum comes with an extensive LED system of downlights, reading lights and concealed strip lighting. All are controlled by Jayco's touch switch system and in addition there is a central touch screen panel above the fridge. There are plenty of 240 V outlets around the motorhome but somewhat fewer 12 V. Being a relatively long motorhome there are two TV mounting points, one on the cabinet behind the passenger seat for the dinette and the second on the wardrobe, opposite the bed.

Living In


our people can easily be seated around the dinette table, which has a removable Mapa mounting. Although the table was relatively stable, it was a bit rocky at either end. Like any good dinette design, this one has both overhead lockers and under-seat drawers. It also had a 240 V outlet (no 12V) under the seat, but it was a fiddle to get at. In keeping with the Euro theme the kitchen bench is on the small side, but having the fridge separately on the opposite side did allow plenty of under-bench area for a good selection of cupboards and well sized drawers. Even the overhead lockers, side hinged not top, had a good depth as well as a shelf, although the height above the floor does put the microwave oven on the high side. Fitted into the bench are a four burner cooktop with grill and oven, along with a stainless steel sink and drainer. The latter has a rounded shape that matches the profile of the drawers below.

Day Test | 37

"Given the 4750 kg tare weight that provides an impressive 2,250 kg load capacity"

38 | Day Test After Hours


benefit of the slide-out is it gives a good sized bedroom and allows for the bolster-extended bed size of 2.0 m x 1.45 m (6’ 7” x 4’ 9”). It also means that three wardrobes of different sizes can be fitted in; one beside the bed, one against the kitchen bench and the other by the bathroom wall. Two of those wardrobes are the practical difference between the Iveco and shorter Mercedes chassis versions of the Optimum. Combining all of them with the cupboards above and below the kerbside window results in considerable bedroom storage capacity. Most bed bases are designed like a box under the bed, but this one is a little different because the bed-end support is fixed, while the rest of the bed moves with the slide-out, so there are no side walls. What there is under the bed is a 12 V socket, but it's a slightly odd location.

The east-west bed is comfortable and a decent size, but a privacy divider from the living area would be a welcome option.

Like the rest of the Optimum, the bathroom is quite spacious and comes complete with a full-size shower cubicle, cassette toilet and vanity cabinet. A little differently to most, the shower cubicle is a caramel colour that sort of fits with the colour scheme in the rest of the motorhome. Even with the top-loading washing machine fitted into the rear driver’sside corner there was still space for good sized upper and lower cupboard and drawers. And like the bedroom, the bathroom has a capacious amount of general storage space. Although the Optimum is well equipped to start with, there were a few options fitted to the review motorhome, like the alloy bullbar and alloy side steps. Also fitted as extras were uprated solar panels and an external shower, but given the calibre of the Optimum it's a little surprising these last two are not standard features (like the generator).

Day Test | 39

What I think


eing the largest of the Jayco motorhome fleet it's hard not to be impressed with the Optimum IV.28-5. Certainly the Iveco Daily gives it a good load carrying capacity, but it's also well appointed and comes with an extensive list of goodies. With the slide-out open the interior is commendably spacious – and in any motorhome that’s a real advantage. Like the rest of the Optimum, the bathroom is quite spacious and comes complete with a full-size shower cubicle, cassette toilet and vanity cabinet. A little differently to most, the shower cubicle is a caramel colour that sort of fits with the colour scheme in the rest of the motorhome. Even with the top-loading washing machine fitted into the rear driver’sside corner there was still space for good sized upper and lower cupboard and drawers. And like the bedroom, the bathroom has a capacious amount of general storage space. Although the Optimum is well equipped to start with, there were a few options fitted to the review motorhome, like the alloy bullbar and alloy side steps. Also fitted as extras were uprated solar panels and an external shower, but given the calibre of the Optimum it's a little surprising these last two are not standard features (like the generator).

Above: The kitchen comes with a full cooker, oven and grill, and plenty of drawer space. Right: The bathroom, which includes a washing machine, is spacious with abundant storage.

40 | Day Test

Specs GENERAL Make



Optimum IV.28-5





Approved Seating




VEHICLE Make/Model

Iveco Daily 70-170


3.0 L 4-cylinder twin-turbo diesel


150 kW @ 2900-3500 rpm


470 Nm @ 1500-2600 rpm


8 speed auto


ABS, ESP, Traction control, driver/passenger air bags


100 L

WEIGHTS Tare Weight

4750 kg

Gross Vehicle Mass

7000 kg

Max Payload

2250 kg

Braked Towing Capacity

3000 kg

DIMENSIONS Overall Length

8.70 m (28’ 6”)

Overall Width

2.39 m (7’ 10”)

Overall Height

3.47 m (11’ 5”)

Internal Height

2.01 m (6’ 7”)

Main Bed

2.00 m x 1.45 m (4’ 9”)

Luton Bed

2.10 m x 1.48 m (6’ 11” x 4’ 10”)

Dinette Bed


Day Test | 41




Combined dinette/bedroom


Carefree Eclipse electric with LED strip lighting

Entry Steps



Smev 3 x gas, 1 x electric cooker with gas grill and oven


12 V LED with twin fans


Stainless steel


2-door Dometic RM4605 186 L




12 V LED

12 V Sockets/USB Outlets

1 x 12V

Air Conditioner

Air Command Ibis 3

Space Heater

Eberspacher diesel

Hot Water System

Suburban gas/electric


Thetford cassette


Separate cubicle

• • • • • • • • •

Iveco Daily drives smoothly Standard equipment Generator Spacious interior High payload capacity Excellent storage Large bathroom Flat roof Internal window area.

CONs… • • • • •

Step down to driver's cab Smallish kitchen 12 V socket oddly located No USB charging points Some options should be standard


2 x 100 AH (plus 3.6 kW Onan petrol generator


150 W


2 x 4 kg

Fresh Water

240 L

Grey Water

80 L

Hot Water

22 L


19 L

Manufacturer Jayco 1 Jayco Dr Dandenong. Vic. 2175. T: (03) 8792 2000 W: www.jayco.com.au



As Tested


Options fitted

Towbar ($950), alloy bullbar ($3960), alloy side steps ($1050), solar 2 x 150 W ($688), external shower ($377)

Warranty – vehicle

3 year/200,000 km

Warranty – motorhome body

12 months (appliances as per manufacturer)

Supplied thanks to the team at… Jayco Sydney 63-67 Glossop St St Marys. NSW. 2760 T: (03) 8792 2000 W: www.jayco.com.au

42 | Technical


by Collyn Rivers

If you own or are looking to buy a dual-cab ute for RV purposes, be very careful…


ne of Australia’s best selling vehicle types is the dual-cab ute. Having owned four of them (all HiLuxes) whilst living up in the Kimberley we came to realise just how useful they can be.

However, they do present major issues if overladen, have air bags inexpertly added or are used for towing long, end-heavy caravans (many recent pix of overturned rigs show a dual-cab ute as the tow vehicle). An increasingly common issue – seen particularly

at the top of Cape York – is of dual-cabs that have the chassis clearly bent or cracked at the rear axle level. There are several causes but the main one is because the passenger section does not extend full-length, there is no structure behind that cab (apart from the chassis) to react to chassis bending loads. Furthermore, utes and dual-cab ute chassis are not only less able to react to such loads, but are now being made of thinner metal (some are 2 mm instead of the previous 3 mm).

Technical | 43 Totally Gross!


any utes are grossly overladen. Some owners do not realise that their own and all passengers’ weight, plus all except 10 litres of fuel, is included as payload – as is tow ball mass. Four hefty men, a full tank of fuel and the tow ball mass at maximum allowed can (alone) exceed the payload of many a dual-cab ute, such as the Holden Colorado’s 825 kg, HiLux’s 925 kg, Navara’s 930 kg and Triton’s 935 kg.

Owners must ensure the load is distributed, taking into account that overhung tow ball mass. This will typically require most heavy items to be located close to the rear of the driving cab. I strongly recommend checking the laden weight on a weigh bridge. The charge is nominal as long as you state up front that a certificate is not required. The opposite situation must also be avoided: Do not even think of towing a caravan by an unladen ute – dual-cab or otherwise. Whilst overloading must be avoided, it is best to have it laden (sanely) to maximum legal capacity.

" Do not even think of towing a caravan by an unladen ute dual-cab or otherwise. "

44 | Technical Airbag Issues


ne issue that affects all utes (used for towing or otherwise) is where airbags have been used to lift the rear end – or to increase spring stiffness. This may seem a good idea but can be a recipe for chassis breaking, as well as undermining dynamic stability.

Another and truly chassis-bending event is a dual-cab ute pulling a heavy trailer over a sand dune. It occurs when the ute has just crested the sand dune whilst the trailer is still climbing it. This places a huge bending moment on the ute’s chassis.

Most springs – leaf or coil – follow what is known as Hooke’s Law: Deflection is proportional to the applied load. However, air springs aren’t like that. They vaguely follow that law until about 30% compressed and then become progressively stiffer. Around 7075% they become close to rock hard, and are literally so once beyond that.

Take this seriously – it’s how jack hammers work! The leaf springs commonly used on these vehicles absorb loads via shackles at either end. The resultant load is partially compressive but also allows harmless minor elastic stretching and releasing of the chassis rails. Airbags, however, if fully compressed, impart a single and direct jack-hammer-like blow at a single and concentrated point. This can and does bend or break chassis. Drive a laden dual-cab ute over many a cattle grid at speed and the odds of bending or breaking it is high; not least because the trailer is likely to pitch violently – adding yet further point loading. That this is a known risk is recognised by Land Rover. Whilst it appears not to be widely known, that company reduces maximum towing weight off-road from 3500 kg to 1000 kg with overrun brakes, or 1500 kg with ‘fully coupled’ brakes. This is good advice generally.

Towing Capacity


his term is generally misunderstood. It refers primarily to the ability to restart up a steep hill – or what the vehicle can pull via a rope (e.g. a dog trailer – with axles at each end). It does not necessarily imply that the vehicle can safely pull a caravan with that specified weight via a tow ball and hitch.

Technical | 45 Overhung Hitches


second and, in my opinion, even more serious issue is when a dual-cab ute, particularly with an extended chassis, is used for towing any long end-heavy caravan. The extended chassis can result in the tow hitch being further behind the rear axle than with a typical 4WD. The average 4WD overhang is 1.2 metres, but extended-chassis utes might have over 2 metres. When a tow vehicle sways, that overhung hitch causes the caravan to sway in the opposite direction. Likewise, a swaying caravan causes (not just allows) the tow vehicle to sway. The longer that overhang, the worse is the effect.

The critical factors in tow vehicle and caravan stability include hitch overhang (the less the better); the distance from that hitch to trailer axle (the greater the better); the ratio of laden tow-vehicle to laden trailer (the greater the better) and the distribution of weight along the trailer (the more central the better). The most important of all is excess speed. Towing a long end-heavy caravan via a ute (dual-cab or otherwise) is generally more risky than by a conventional 4WD. This is sadly becoming clear from ongoing photos of jackknifed rigs.

" When a tow vehicle sways, that overhung hitch causes the caravan to sway in the opposite direction.. . " Weight Distributing Hitches


weight distributing hitch (WDH) is usually required with any ute towing a trailer that has a ball mass exceeding 100 kg. But (here again) that the hitch is often located further from the rear axle not only prejudices dynamic stability, it further increases the already high stresses the WDH imposes on the chassis.

Do not even think of having a WDH hooked up whilst off-road. The stresses imposed during a tight creek crossing (as the tow vehicle begins to climb, whilst the trailer is still descending are high enough to lift the rear of a 4DH off the ground. It will either tear off the drawbar or bend a ute chassis as if it were a coat hanger.

If that weight distributing hitch is adjusted to fully compensate high tow-ball mass it imposes massive stresses on a ute chassis. It is strongly recommended to correct only 50% of that tow ball mass. This typically results in the caravan being about 50 mm low at the front end.

For an in-depth explanation of caravan and tow vehicle stability please see my website here. A great deal about this is also in my 2016 book Caravan & Motorhome Book.

46 | TechTalk

Locked & Loaded! Keeping your knobs in good nick will save your drawers, says our Techspert, Pia, from Southern Spirit Campervans…


hat makes an RV an RV? One major thing is the furnitures fitted inside. Sure, we use cabinets and beds like we do at home, but there is one important difference: your house is not moving! In an RV every door and drawer has to be secure and stay shut when the vehicle is in motion. Not just for safety reasons, it’s important to ensure everything is closed and locked tight as you don’t want to end up with chaos inside when you turn the first corner! The majority of RV furniture has what are known as push locks – round gold or nickelcoloured knobs. They are a useful and well proven mechanism, having been used in the RV Industry for more than 20 years. The good thing about them is you can easily see if drawers and doors are secure as the knobs are flush when locked. Push locks are a three-piece mechanism: The knob, the rosette and the lock (plus usually a striker plate). When push locks are closed a latch moves into a slot (or behind the striker plate) to keep the door closed. As with all things in your RV, locks have to deal with more stress than they would in your home. Here are some tips for maintenance and repair to keep them in tip-top condition:

The knob becomes loose

Because your finger often doesn’t push the knob in the centre there’s usually a little turning movement left or right. This can loosen it over time, to the point it will fall off. Be careful tightening because the thread is plastic it’s very easy to over tighten! TIP: Completely unscrew the knob and put ONE drop of glue onto the knob pin before hand tightening it back on (see picture Part B).

TechTalk | 47 The knob will not open when pressed This can often be the case if the drawer/ door is slightly flexed/bent, which can happen depending on weather conditions and temperature changes. Instead of getting cranky with the push knob and pressing harder or hammering against it, press the whole drawer/door a bit and push the knob at the same time. It should now open easily!

The locking latch is not operating smoothly up and down when pressed Spraying a little lanolin lubricant into the lock’s latch mechanism usually rectifies this problem. Also, there are some little springs inside the locking mechanism that benefit from occasional lubrication (see picture Part C).

The rosette falling/rattling off This problem is often caused when the locks are initially fitted because they require a 26 mm diameter hole, but a larger one has been drilled. TIP: Use one or two layers of masking or plumbers tape and wrap it tightly around the rosette before refitting (see picture Part A).

Even when lock is pushed closed the door/drawers opens while the vehicle is in motion Surprisingly, this usually isn't a problem with the lock itself. TIP 1: You might have put too much weight into the drawer. Take some things out and see if problem persists. TIP 2: Check if you drawer front is height adjustable. Drawer front connectors and drawers from quality brands such as Haefele, Hettich and others can be adjusted up or down by a few millimetres, which often solves

the problem. Also, if quality Licthen-brand hinges are used on your doors they are height adjustable too. TIP 3: Open the drawer/door and find the striker plate. It might simply be too short and the latch isn't reaching it, or not reaching it enough to hold securely (especially when loaded). In hardware stores like Bunnings you can buy different sized striker plates, so for example if you have a 6 mm try an 8 or 10 mm.

Drawer and door fronts are rattling even when lock is pushed closed If you have striker plates fitted give it a little tap with a hammer. Test again and the problem should be solved or at least the movement should be reduced.

48 | Travel


RV Friendly Towns T

he RV Friendly program is a Campervan and Motorhome Club of Australia Limited (CMCA) initiative aimed at assisting RV travellers as they journey throughout this wonderful country. An RV Friendly Town™ (RVFT) is one that provides a certain number of amenities and a certain level of services for these travellers. When RV tourists enter a town displaying the RVFT

sign they know they will be welcome. Certain services will be provided for them that may not be available in other centres, and they will have access to a safe place to stay overnight and possibly for a longer period. To find out more about RV Friendly Towns and Destinations visit the CMCA’s website by clicking here. For an interactive map of all RV friendly Towns, click here. This month’s featured RV Friendly Towns are:

Travel | 49

Waroona – Western Australia


aroona is a quiet country town, nestled at the foot of the Darling Scarp, 108 kilometres south of Perth. Despite its small size the town has an excellent spread of facilities, services and shops, making it an ideal base to restock supplies and explore the surrounding beaches, lakes and forests. Many of the roads in Waroona are wide and tree-lined, with parking available for large vehicles within walking distance of shops and the railway station. Short and long-term parking is available for up to 96 hours at the Tourist/Visitor Information Centre

Waroona Ensuite Caravan Village, for a small fee of $5 per night. A free dump point and potable water are located at the Waroona Town Oval. The town has a number of interesting places to visit and things to do. These include fishing and four-wheel driving on the beautiful Preston Beach or exploring the Yalgorup National Park, which contains a chain of about 10 lakes. Waroona also makes a great stopover enroute to Margaret River, only a two-and-a-half hour drive further south.

Hindmarsh Shire Council 92 Nelson Street Nhill, VIC 3418 P: 03 5391 4429 E: info@wimmeramalleetourism.com.au W: http://www.rainbowvic.com.au/

Casual Parking (near retail centre) Short Term Parking

Long Term Parking Dump Point Potable Water

King St Park & Railway St between Federal & Bow St. Railway St between Federal & Bow St, (24hrs), pets allowed, nil charge N/A Park St, Rainbow (Lat Long: -35.9012, 141.9912) Park St, Rainbow

50 | Travel

Rainbow – Victoria


ainbow is a small town in North-West Victoria, some 400 kilometers from Melbourne in the southern Mallee region. The vibrant main street features a unique median strip of parkland, with historical buildings and colourful hand-painted murals. The town is the perfect base from which to explore the nearby Wyperfield National Park and Lake Hindmarsh. Rainbow offers many facilities to the RV traveller, including a dump point and potable

Tourist/Visitor Information Centre

water on Park Street, plus short term parking available free of charge on Railway Street. Casual Parking is available at King Street Park and Railway Street. Be sure to visit Yuranga Homestead, an Edwardian-style home built in 1909, or drop into the Pella Church to view the magnificently restored pipe organ. Rainbow also hosts the Local Agricultural Show in October every year.

Hindmarsh Shire Council 92 Nelson Street Nhill, VIC 3418 P: 03 5391 4429 E: info@wimmeramalleetourism.com.au W: http://www.rainbowvic.com.au/

Casual Parking (near retail centre) Short Term Parking

Long Term Parking Dump Point Potable Water

King St Park & Railway St between Federal & Bow St. Railway St between Federal & Bow St, (24hrs), pets allowed, nil charge N/A Park St, Rainbow (Lat Long: -35.9012, 141.9912) Park St, Rainbow

Travel | 51

Lock – South Australia


ock is situated 606 kilometres west of Adelaide, in an area focused mainly on cereal cropping in the middle of the Eyre Peninsula. First settlers arrived in the region in the 1860s, but it did not initially thrive due to the low levels of rainfall. The town was named after Corporal Albert Lock who was a local landholder killed in action in Belgium in 1917. RV travellers will find this town a convenient place to stop for a couple of nights, with local shopping facilities including an IGA, service station and mechanic. Parking for up to 96

Tourist/Visitor Information Centre

hours is available at the Lock Lions Caravan Park, for $10 per night. Toilets, showers, water and a free dump point are also provided at the caravan park. North of Lock is the Hambidge Wilderness Protection Area, covering some 25,400 hectares of Mallee Country. The 143 metre tall Prominent Hill is accessible via a track from the south and offers a wide view over the park.

Hindmarsh Shire Council 92 Nelson Street Nhill, VIC 3418 P: 03 5391 4429 E: info@wimmeramalleetourism.com.au W: http://www.rainbowvic.com.au/

Casual Parking (near retail centre) Short Term Parking

Long Term Parking Dump Point Potable Water

King St Park & Railway St between Federal & Bow St. Railway St between Federal & Bow St, (24hrs), pets allowed, nil charge N/A Park St, Rainbow (Lat Long: -35.9012, 141.9912) Park St, Rainbow

52 | Event

Burra AGL Country Music Festival!


he town of Burra in South Australia’s mid north is the ideal setting for a country music festival. From the stunning rural outlook to its beautifully preserved heritage buildings and intriguing Australian history, Burra simply is country. Burra was a thriving copper mining town in 1848 and, along with the Kapunda mines, is credited with saving the economy of the struggling young South Australian colony. The eventual closure of the mines meant the town had to adapt, and today it continues as the commercial centre for surrounding farming communities. The name Burra is thought to have originated from both the Hindu meaning of Burra (great) and the Aboriginal meaning of Burra (the creek that flows through the town). It also has the distinction of being one of the best preserved towns of Victorian-era Australia.

Event | 53 In 1979 the town featured in the Australianmade film Breaker Morant and as you tour around it’s easy to pick out several of the landmarks used, with the jail being the most easily recognised. Another famous landmark is the old cottage featured on the cover of Midnight Oil’s gold album Diesel and Dust, released in 1987. The ‘Midnight Oil house,’ was chosen as the second-best view in the country by Australian Traveller magazine in 2012. All this means that if you get along to this year’s Burra AGL Country Music Festival you can enjoy the amazing talent on offer as well as revel in a town rich in Australian history!

The Line-up! Hosted by Legendary bush poet Bob Magor, this years’ line up includes: • Doug Bruce & The Tailgaters • Tracey Rains & Claypan • Sandie Dodd • John Turner JR

• Jacob Ridgeway • Dwayne Elix • Tanya Cornish • Michael The Living Poet • Line dancing and much more The headline act Doug Bruce & The Tailgaters have recently returned from a tour of the United States. Their latest album ‘Unsung,’ is reaching great heights on the Country Music Charts in the US and Australia. Sandie Dodd is fast becoming known as the Dolly Parton of Australia. Within a few months of deciding to follow her dream of becoming a singer, she cut her first CD and appeared at her first Tamworth Country Music Festival. This multi-award-winning singer songwriter is enjoying success both in Australia and overseas. Steve Irwin’s death was the catalyst for Michael Jones to change his life. Leaving his job ‘Michael the living poet’ took to the streets with his oversized sofa and through his poetry encouraged “Australians to Get off Ya Couch.”

54 | Event

This amazing line up of talent is sure to keep everyone entertained, “I want people to walk the dog, ride a bike, fly a kite, just don't be lazy. I want them to be a community again like we used to be,” he said. But Wait, There’s More… This amazing line up of talent is sure to keep everyone entertained, but it doesn’t end there. Saturday morning gives young hopefuls a chance to perform in a talent quest with the opportunity to win a scholarship to Cameratta Music college in Tamworth. There will be face painting for the kids and a musical workshop conducted by Christian Teusner, who has over 20 years experience in education and music. The EMU Tree (Education and Music in Unison) workshop will consist of: Two music technology sessions, exploring digital composition and editing A group session exploring recording and music production Songwriter live recording sessions Registration is highly recommended for these sessions, so contact Christian Teusner at theemutree@gmail.com This huge weekend concludes on Sunday with a Poet’s breakfast, Gospel Show and Country wind down. Food and beverage stalls will be open from 6pm on Friday night and will remain open for the entire festival. Bar facilities will be available and patrons are asked not to BYO.

Event | 55 Fast Facts


What: The third annual Burra AGL Country Music Festival.

Unpowered camping is available at the showgrounds for the special festival price of $10 per site per night. A small number of powered sites are available at $15 per site per night, but reservations are recommended.

Where: Burra Showgrounds, 1 Hall St, Burra. South Australia. When: Friday 18 to Sunday 20 November.

Facilities for the Disabled:

Why: Burra Burra means ‘great’ and that’s what you can expect at this year’s festival. Great food, great entertainment and great fun. All artists will have their merchandise for sale and will also be on hand for autographs and interviews.

There are no specific disabled facilities listed, although if you need a powered site or assistance with particular services please contact the organisers.

Ticket Prices:

Tickets sales and event organisers: 0428922614

Adults 3 days – $50 Friday – $20 Saturday – $25 Sunday – $15 Children 14-17 years Friday – $10 Saturday – $12 Sunday – Free Free admission for children under 14. All children under 18 must be accompanied by an adult.

Getting There: Burra is located approximately two hours north of Adelaide on the A32.

Further Information

Campsite Bookings: burracmf@gmail.com Web: www.burracountrymusicfetival.com.au

56 | What’s On?

What's On?

Our new, ongoing round-up of events across Australia for the next three months. From food and wine festivals to music of all types, arts, crafts and more, there’s something for you somewhere, so get planning and get out there!

1 – Gympie: Rush Festival. Experience the diverse creative culture of the Gympie region during October as it celebrates community, culture, heritage and its fantastic people!

QUEENSLAND 1-2 – Millmerran: Australian Camp Oven Festival. Queensland’s most iconic biannual event! Fancy yourself a camp cook? Test you skills, join in the workshops or just enjoy the company and camaraderie!

6-9 – Strathpine: Brisbane International Garden Show. Held over four days, prepare to be

What’s On? | 57 impressed as over 40 nurseries gather to showcase Artists include Tim Finn, The Ramones, The and celebrate Queensland’s unique gardening style Potbelleez, Daryl Braithwaite, Chain, GANGAjang in a relaxed parkland setting. and many more. 8 – New Chum: Golden Jubilee Celebration. The Ipswich Historical Society is celebrating its 50th year in operation. Prepare for a day of reminiscent festivities and a birthday party like no other!

12 – Sunshine Coast: Conscious Life Festival. Queensland’s fastest growing health and wellbeing festival. Free workshops, seminars, demos and live music.

7-17 – Bundaberg: Crush Festival. Taste, See, Hear and Feel the incredible diversity & creativity of the Bundaberg region! A festival for all the senses.

12 – Kandanga: Mary River Festival. Described as one of the friendliest and laid back festivals around. Experience community spirit at its best as neighbours come together to celebrate the natural wealth and abundance brought to the region by the Mighty Mary River.

13 – Nanango: The Waterhole Rocks. When three worlds collide the results are guaranteed to be incredible! The Nanango Show Society is presenting the 5th Annual Waterhole Rocks Rock n Roll Campout weekend. It is a Rock n Roll, Car and Vintage Caravan Show and Shine weekend not to be missed! 15 – Townsville: 150 Defence Force Air Show and Townsville Bulletin Sky Show. Townsville celebrates 150 years in 2016, witness its premier celebration as the local RAAF take to the skies, followed by a community concert and fireworks! 16 – Atherton: Taste Of the Tablelands. Tropical showcase of the region’s culinary delights and prolific produce! 14-16 – Yeppoon: Yeppoon Lions Tropical Pinefest. Celebrate the mighty pineapple in this iconic QLD festival. 22 – Mackay: Global Grooves. Travel the globe in a day as Mackay celebrates the cultural diversity of its region. 29 – Emu Park: Emu Park Oktoberfest. Immerse yourself in Bavarian culture as you dance, yodel, eat and drink in celebration. Reputedly one of the best in Oktoberfest celebrations in Australia. Held in the small town of Emu Park, Queensland (near Yeppoon and Rockhampton) this event is the main fund-raising activity for the Emu Park Lions.

27 Dec-01 Jan – Woodford: Woodford Fold Festival. One of Australia's largest and most iconic events, the Woodford Folk Festival is a six day and night event. Boasting the largest gathering of artists and musicians in Australia, the programme encompasses the depth and diversity of Australia's cultural, artistic and social expression with music, dance, cabaret, circus, comedy, workshops, debate, street theatre, films, forums and visual arts. For more Queensland events click here!

NEW SOUTH WALES 4-6 – Airlie Beach: Airlie Beach Festival of Music. This tropical festival has it all going on. Prepare for a weekend of old school artists taking back the stage and creating sweet sweet music.

1-2 – Narooma: Narooma Oyster Festival. Celebrating the region's oysters and their growers, natural clean quality produce, chefs and rich artistic and cultural talents.

58 | What’s On? 2-31 – Wagga Wagga: Taste Riverina Food Festival 2016. A food bowl this big needs an entire month to celebrate!

and Wooden Boat Festival. For the wooden boat enthusiasts a day not to be missed.

7 – Wagga Wagga: Cork and Fork. Local food, local wine, local music; atmosphere in abundance!

21-23 – Coleambally: Taste Coleambally - Food and Farm Festival. Sustainable local farming is more than just a trend, it’s the future!

8-9 – Lockhart: Spirit of the Land Lockhart Festival. Celebrate the resourcefulness and creativity of rural communities with this unique farm sculpture festival.

21-23 – Newcastle: Newkulele Festival. Biannual event featuring international and local ukulele performances, workshops, market and feature concerts.

9-11 – Balranald: 5 Rivers Outback Festival. Celebrate all that is wonderful about living in a rural and outback NSW community surrounded by five of the most iconic river systems in NSW.

21-23 – The Entrance: Chromefest. A three day tribute to classic American autos, hot rods, rock-nroll and rockabilly!

14-17 – Griffith: Griffith Festival of Gardens. Join the ABC’s Costa Georgiadis as Griffith throws open its front doors and back gates! 14-30 – Orange: Orange Wine Festival. Positioned as a friendly event open to winelovers of all ages and understanding, the Orange Wine Festival is a two week celebration of events and activities highlighting the region's premium wines through wine shows, tastings, educational workshops and celebrations with local produce.

27-30 – Dungog: Dungog Festival. Food, Film and fresh air. Long table dinners and lazy lunches (in secret locations!). Join in this year for a feast of local and national music and performance, fresh local food from the Hunter Region, a cutting edge film program, workshops, markets, dinner dance, comedy show and much more! 28-30 Moruya: Granite Town Festival Moruya. Experience the best eats, Jazz beats and visual treats in this Carnevale-inspired celebration. 28-30 – Wollongong: Australian Harley-Days. Be there from the beginning. Introducing Australia’s first ever Australian Harley Days described as, “An extravaganza of Harley-Davidson showcases, stunts and spectacles to ignite the senses and excite all ages.” This open event will have three days of entertainment and world class custom

14-16 – Wingham: Wingham Akoostik Music Festival. Prepare for three days of non-stop music in a family friendly, community inspired and Volunteered powered festival. 14-17 – Coffs Harbour: Smoke on the water Festival. Uniquely positioned, this is an epic showcase of planes, trains and automobiles!

Harley-Davidson motorcycles on show.

15 – Griffith: Griffith Multicultural Festival. One-day free festival of food, dance and music celebrating the multicultural heritage of Griffith in the Riverina.

29 – Tea Gardens: Myall River Festival. The communities of Tea Gardens and Hawks Nest know how to celebrate in style! Come and celebrate this action packed town festival set on the picturesque waterfront of the Myall River.

23 – Davistown: Davistown Putt Putt Regatta

29 – Queanbeyan: Queanbeyan River Festival.

What’s On? | 59 It’s a River festival with a twist. Do what you can to float your own boat! 30 – Lake Macquarie Area: Rathmines Catalina Festival. Held annually to commemorate the rich military history of the Rathmines WWII RAAF base. Enjoy awesome aerobatics, military vehicle and sea plane show, live music and much more. 29 Oct-6 Nov – Grafton: Jacaranda Festival. World-renowned, this is the oldest floral festival still celebrated in Australia. Established in 1934 and held annually in Grafton, from the last weekend in October to the first weekend in November. 29-30 – Eden: Eden Whale Festival. Celebrate the southern migration of whales with this spectacular two-day event. 30 – Marulan: Marulan Annual Kite Festival. Small town fun with high flying adventures!

5 – Warrumbungle Area: Crooked Mountain Concert. Hosted by NSW National Parks in Australia’s only Dark Sky Park; enjoy an evening of Hillbilly inspired music, dancing and star gazing! 11-13 – Narooma: Narooma Boats Afloat. Celebrate traditional boats in all their varied forms, from clinkers and putt-putts to launches, cruisers and yachts. Held on and around the pristine waters and colourful boat sheds of Wagonga Inlet in Narooma on the NSW South Coast. 12 – Wollongong: Viva La Gong. Celebrate Wollongong's cultural life and creative identity with a vibrant art and community festival. 12 – Ballina: Ballina Prawn Festival. Celebrate the home of the big prawn with an iconic and quirky celebration of the rich character and unique features of Ballina.

29 Oct - 6 Nov – Grafton: Grafton Jacaranda Festival. Celebrate the iconic lilac-blossoms that line the streets of Grafton.

1-2 – Narooma: Narooma Oyster Festival. Celebrating the region's oysters and their growers, natural clean quality produce, chefs and rich artistic and cultural talents. 4-6 – Byron Bay: Byron Latin Fiesta. Enjoy a feast of Latin dance workshops and parties, with international, national and local instructors and performers! 5-6 – Millthorpe: Millthorpe Garden Ramble. Enjoy a feast for the senses as you’re invited to ramble your way through open gardens, craft studios, cellar doors and eateries throughout Millthorpe and surrounds. 5-6 – Scone: Scone Literary Long Weekend. With a motto of ‘Maintain the Page’ and a mission to promote books and to nurture a love of literature, the Scone writer’s festival has something for everyone. 6 – Port Macquarie: Oysters in the Vines. What more could you ask for than a celebration of oysters and fine wine? Live music, gourmet food, a picturesque vineyard setting? This is one event not to be missed!

17-20 – Mullumbimby: The Mullum Music Festival. Tucked away in the hills of Byron Bay, enjoy a weekend of atmospheric music and arts. 19 – Gundagai: Sergeant Parry Day. Head back in time to the wild days of the New South Wales goldfields, where bushrangers and police fought head to head. Held on the banks of the mighty Murrumbidgee River, relive tumultuous history on Sgt Edmund Parry Memorial Day. 26-27 – Macksville: Nambucca River Festival. Celebrate the richness and diversity of the beautiful Nambucca Valley with a classic festival focused on high energy water activities showcased upon a River Stage unlike no other.

60 | What’s On? indulge in a gourmet weekend of roam-about dining and wine appreciation. 1-4 – Eastern Creek: MotorWorld Sydney. Check out the latest cars and motorbikes on track, street and off-road circuits at this new family festival! 2-4 – Sydney Olympic Park: Coates Hire Sydney 500. The streets of Sydney Olympic Park with ignite for the final showdown in the Virgin Australia Supercars Championship. 10 Dec-30 Apr – Sydney: Egyptian mummies: Exploring Ancient Lives. Come face-to-face with six ancient Egyptian mummies and discover their stories at Sydney's Powerhouse Museum. 26 – Sydney: Sydney Hobart Yacht Race: This iconic blue water yachting events depart Sydney Harbour as usual on Boxing Day. 31 – Sydney: New Year's Eve. Sydney welcomes in the new year with spectacular fireworks at 9 pm and midnight! http://www.sydneynewyearseve. com/ 31 – Pokolbin: New Year's Eve at Hunter Valley Gardens. The new year with entertainment, fireworks and Christmas lights. For more New South Wales events click here!

VICTORIA 1 Oct-13 Nov – Melbourne: Japanese Whisky Pop Up (Bar White Oak). Australia's largest collection of Japanese whisky has been released as a consumable exhibition. The pop-up bar named Bar White Oak is located within Melbourne CBD whisky bar, Whisky & Alement, until mid-November serving a rotating menu of over 150 unique and rare Japanese whiskies. 4-9 – Ballarat: Ballarat Cabaret Festival. Let the Stars shine and the audience roar! 8 – Camperdown: The Camperdown Aussie Farmers Annual Show. Show your support for Australian Farmers in this family friendly showcase of county essence. 15-16 – Glenrowan: Glenrowan Winemaker's Weekend 2016. Held in the heart of Kelly country,

15 – Barongarook West: Otway Oktoberfest. Held at the Otway Estate Winery and Brewery, experience craft beer at its finest and celebrate Oktoberfest in true Australian style! 20-23 – Camperdown: Camperdown Cruise Rockabilly Weekend. 50s Rockabilly weekend, featuring custom cars, gorgeous glamour and authentic bands. 23 – Coldstream: Cuban Jazz Festival. Set in a luxurious boutique winery, it’s Jazz and all that! 28-29 – Abbotsford: Brewers Feast. Held at the iconic Abbotsford Convent, prepare to enjoy great food, craft beer, cider and live music. 29 – Portland: Upwelling Festival. Celebrating a unique natural ocean occurrence, the Bonney Upwelling, this festival is all about the wonder of the ocean. 28-31 – Maldon: Maldon Folk Festival. Set in the historical township of Maldon, boasting a legendary festival atmosphere, showcasing an abundance of music, dance and theatre. 28 Oct - 1 Nov – Mansfield: Mansfield High Country Festival. Celebrate in High Country style, something for everyone!

5 – Port Fairy: Port Fairy AP & H Society Annual Show. Experience a traditional country show with all the events, displays and competitions loved for generations. 5 – Melton: Djerriwarrh Festival. One of the largest community events within the City of Melton. It’s a party for the people. Including a vibrant street parade, market stalls, activities for all ages, gourmet food, stellar main stage performances and an impressive fireworks finale!

What’s On? | 61 6 – Croydon: Maroondah Festival. An iconic event that unites a community and presents a fun-filled, entertaining and interactive festival extravaganza. 6 – Wildwood: Husqvarna Motorcycles Wildwood Rock Extreme Enduro. A showcase of Australia's best off road motorcycle riders. Watch the top 100 riders battle for three hours on the hardest course Australia has to offer. 12 – Koroit: Koroit Agricultural & Pastoral Show. Experience all the excitement, fun and spectacle of a country show including cattle competitions, horse events and art and craft competitions. 12-13 (Rural Areas November 19-20) – Melbourne: Melbourne & Peninsula Garden DesignFest. The largest designer open garden weekend held in Victoria. Support local charities while you visit a range of diverse, yet equally spectacular gardens.

18 – Melton: Melbourne Toyrun. Toy runs are held throughout Australia and America, traditionally hosted by motorcycle clubs in support of the Salvation Army Christmas Appeal. Enjoy a fun filled spectacular! 24 Dec-26 Jan – Port Fairy: Moyneyana Festival. One of the longest running festivals in Australia; enjoy this annual tribute to summer and community spirit. The festival runs over five weeks from Christmas Eve through to Australia Day each year! For more Victorian events click here!

SOUTH AUSTRALIA 1-3 – Ceduna: Ceduna OysterFest. Celebrate the mighty mollusc in this iconic (and delicious) festival. 5 – Minlaton: Minlaton Show. All the fun and festivities you’d expect to find in a rural Agricultural show! 14-23 – Renmark: Renmark Rose Festival. More han just a flower festival this has grown to become a ‘blooming’ celebration of community and region. 21-23 – Willunga: Fleurieu Folk Festival. An annual three day family-friendly celebration of contemporary and traditional folk music, held in the picturesque township of Willunga in South Australia's premier wine region.

12-13 – Woodend: Macedon Ranges Wine and Food Budburst Festival. It’s a spring celebration of fine food, wine, music and entertainment! 26 – Frankston: Frankston’s Christmas Festival of Lights. Soak up the Christmas spirit at this annual festive celebration. 27 – Malvern: Melbourne Pen Show. Calling all writing enthusiasts! The Melbourne Pen Show is held by a not for profit incorporated association aiming to promote greater awareness of the use of both vintage and modern writing equipment in the community.

4-6 – Millicent: Millicent Agricultural and Horticultural Show. Join in as the regional community displays and parades the best produce, livestock, craft, creations and exhibitions. 5 – Weetulta: Weetulta Strawberry Fair. Embrace sweet tradition with this 80 year old fair! 11-13 – Moorook: Riverstock Festival. Voted Community event of the year in 2015 and described as ‘three days of music, fun, food and wine.’ What more could you ask for? Set on the banks of the Magnificent Murray!

62 | What’s On? 19-20 – Adelaide: Adelaide Motorsport Festival. Experience the thrills of by-gone era with a two day festival that celebrates and re-enacts South Australia’s rich motorsport history. Dubbed a “museum-in-motion,” Adelaide comes alive with the sound of classic motorsport.

culture, cuisine and creative endeavours of France and all French-speaking nations.

19-20 – Mannum: All Steamed Up Engine, Blacksmith and Classic Boat Festival. Featuring historical displays, demonstrations and fun filled events this celebration of river life has something for everyone.

28 Oct – 6 Nov – Fremantle: Fremantle Festival. In its 111th year, the Fremantle Festival is packed with special events and happenings and bursting with verve, colour and Freo-style!

20-23 – Carnarvon: Kickstarters Gascoyne Dash. It’s WA’s very own Finke Desert Race, just longer, tougher and dustier!

2-5 – Mandurah: Mandurah Stamp, Coin, Banknote and Postcard Fair. The major Philatelic and Numismatic event in Western Australia, a collector’s paradise! 19 – Mount Gambier: Mount Gambier Brass Band Festival 2016. The largest country based brass band festival of its kind in Australia!

4-6 – Perth: Conscious Living Expo. Uplift Your Body Mind and Spirit and Explore Healthy Sustainable Lifestyle Choices at Perth's Premier Expo Event.

18 – Edithburgh: Edithburgh Carols By The Sea. Held annually on the Sunday before Christmas, enjoy a classic carols session on the beautiful coast at Edithburgh

5 – Perth: Live Lighter Perth Basant Festival 2016. Described as a ‘festival to celebrate life’ it’s a spring celebration of new beginnings and renewed respect for Perth’s rich and varied cultural communities.

For more South Australian events click here!

WESTERN AUSTRALIA 14-16 – Merredin: Merredin Festa Italiana. A weekend full of Italian pastimes, delicious food and exciting entertainment. 15 – Bindoon: Bindoon Ag Show and Rodeo. Let the region showcase its talents, resources and produce and all the spills and thrills that accompany country spirit! 21-25 – Shark Bay: The Dirk Hartog voyage of discovery: Shark Bay 1616 festival. A festival of music, art, culture and history. Celebrating 400 years since the landing of Dutch explorer Dirk Hartog! 22 – Perth: Bonjour Perth French Festival. An event designed to encourage people to explore the

13 – Karnup: South of The River - Family Fete and Craft Market. Showcasing local small business and talented craftspeople with amazing products, crafty crafts and creative wares. 20 – Cowaramup: Mili's Spring Sunday. Set in the grounds of Edwards Winery enjoy a day of market stalls, live music, great food and of course great wine! 26 – Busselton: Light the Night. Shed some light and support the Leukaemia Foundation in raising awareness for Blood Cancer. 25-27 – Perth: Event Arcadia. The Arcadia Spectacular is an Australian-first and will combine theatre, circus, music, aerial performance, robotics and pyrotechnics. Transforming recycled military machinery and industrial components into spellbinding new worlds, the Arcadia Spectacular shows are the ultimate immersive experience

What’s On? | 63 artisans. 10 – Manjimup: Manjimup Cherry Harmony Festival. Experience a full program of events and festivities with special guests, street theatre and long table lunches amid fully laden cherry trees! 10 – Perth:Symphony In The City. Let the region showcase its talents, resources and produce and all the spills and thrills that accompany country spirit!

For more Tasmanian events click here!

NORTHERN TERRITORY 1-9 – Kakadu: Kakadu Bird Week. With a program catering to both experienced and beginner bird-watchers, explore and celebrate the diverse and extensive birdlife of Kakadu.

For more Western Australian events

click here!

TASMANIA 8 – Wynyard: Bloomin Tulips Festival. Celebrate spring, the spectacular tulip and all that is colourful, creative and charismatic about this local community. 14-16 – Queenstown: Unconformity, The. Previously known as the Queenstown Heritage & Arts Festival, a biennial three day festival that aims to be the most significant contemporary cultural programme in Tasmania. 23-25 – Cradle Mountain: Tastings at the Top. Two-day festival celebrating the finer things in life.

4-7 – Deloraine: Tasmanian Craft Fair. A craft experience like no other! Held over four days featuring the largest working display of arts and crafts in Australia with more than 200 artists and artisans. 19 – Bicheno: Bicheno Food and Wine Festival. One of Tasmania's best food and wine festivals held on a magnificent waterfront site in the town of Bicheno on Tasmania's East Coast. Featuring outstanding local food, wine, music and entertainment.

28 – Hobart: Taste Of Tasmania. A craft experience like no other! Held over four days featuring the largest working display of arts and crafts in Australia with more than 200 artists and

4-11 – Gove: Gove Game Classic Fishing Competition. Pit your strength against a barracuda, sailfish or marlin in the stunning waters off Nhulunbuy over four gruelling days of unforgettable fishing. 4-7 – Marrakai: Marrakai Mango Festival. Be entertained by all things ‘mango’ while enjoying the natural beauty of the savannah and wetlands of the area. From Mango cocktails to jumping crocodiles and all the local twitching delights in-between. 12 – Darwin: Charles Darwin Film Festival. An exclusive film festival seeking to embrace the principles of English naturist and geologist Charles Darwin. Featuring short films, documentaries and music videos produced by local Northern Territory Filmmakers. 22 – Darwin: Christmas Saltwater Craft Fair. Fill your Christmas with extra special gifts, buying handmade goods from the people that make them, in the stunning Darwin Waterfront Precinct.

64 | What’s On? impact war has on society. 2 – Alice Springs: Alice Springs Christmas Carnival. An evening of entertainment and Christmas festivities. 4 – Darwin: Carols By Candlelight. Belt out your favourite Christmas carols to kick off the Festive Season in the Botanic Gardens, with choral performances and spectacular fireworks. 10 – Darwin: Darwin Symphony Orchestra – Master Series 4 (Babe). Set to be an amazing experience, the Darwin Symphony Orchestra will perform Nigel Westlake’s magical film score to Babe, live to the film. A special wet season matinee for the whole family that is not to be missed. For more Northern Territory events click here!

ACT 7-9 – Canberra: Czech and Slovak Film Festival. Making its Canberra debut with a theme of Text and Texture, experience an on and offscreen visual celebration of Czech and Slovak literature and film. 17 Sep-16 Oct – Canberra: Floriade. Australia’s largest and most iconic celebration of spring, experience an ever expanding program of music, cultural celebrations, food and wine, horticultural workshops, market traders, artistic displays, entertainment and recreational activities. 8-15 – Canberra: Environmental Film Festival Australia. Experience the best of Australian and international socially-conscious filmmakers as they present a visual catalyst for positive and sustainable change by challenging the way viewers think about the world. 8 – Kambah: The Canberra Highland Gathering & Scottish Fair. A free community event offering an afternoon of pipes and drums, massed bands, pipe band competitions and highland dancing. Enjoy the spectacle of Scottish athletic events, clan stalls, craft stalls and more. 13-15 – Canberra: Veterans Film Festival. Held at the Australian War Memorial in conjunction with Remembrance Day, the 2nd annual Veterans Film Festival showcases films about serving and ex-serving military personnel which highlight the

14-23 – Griffith: Japanese Film Festival. Returning for its 20th anniversary experience exciting new films direct from Japan, including comedy, samurai and yakuza action, manga adaptations and high school romance. 27 Oct-6 Nov – Canberra: Canberra International Film Festival. Canberra International Film Festival is a celebration of international cinema and screen arts with a decidedly Canberran touch. This year marks the 20th year anniversary of the festival. 29 – Yarralumla: Canberra Nara Candle Festival. Celebrate the unification of sister cities and cultures with a spectacular light display, delicious Japanese food and cultural activities. Lennox Gardens shimmers to life under the light of 2000 candles marking Canberra's sister city relationship with Nara in Japan. http://visitcanberra. com.au/events/56b23aed3ed14ca745317a29/ canberra-nara-candle-festival

11 Nov-17 Dec – Acton: Sunset Cinema Canberra, Australian National Botanic Gardens. Held at the National Botanic Gardens, experience cinema in a whole new light this summer, sit back, relax and watch the stars under the stars! http:// www.sunsetcinema.com.au/canberra 13 – Parkes: Country Fair Day. Inspired by the summer exhibition, the Popular Pet Show, the National Portrait Gallery are hosting a country fair! Enjoy a day out – there will be farm animals to pat, fairy floss to eat, live music and creative activities. 19 – Parkes: Wanderlust 108. The world's only mindful triathlon, with markets, workshops and festival theme. It’s a field day for your mind, body and soul, featuring walking, yoga and meditation. http://wanderlust.com/108s/

3 – Parkes: Spilt Milk. If experimental art and culture is your jam, then combine it with the latest cutting edge music and step outside life’s small things. Spilt Milk is bringing together some of Australia’s best things: music, food and art, within the tree lined land For more ACT events click here!

BLACK BEAUTY! Next issue read Malcolm’s report on the Swift Bolero – a fully imported British-built beauty loaded with Euro chic and packed with features. Like many European brands Swift is slowly but steadily establishing a presence in the Australian marketplace and its products – like this luxurious Bolero – provide a different and appealing value proposition to buyers.

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Project Polly will be back now she’s had a ‘serious’ wheel alignment and we’ll be using her as our mobile office and reporting live from the CMCA’s 31st National Rally in Canberra (watch out for her and come and say g’day!). Emily has a great app review – very handy for people on the road longterm – and Sharon will bring us another of our new My Town travel features.

Oct 6-9






7-9 07-09 Oct21-23




Melbourne Leisurefest

Toowoomba Home Show

Sundown Racecourse Princes Highway, Springvale. Vic. 3171.

Toowoomba Showgrounds Toowoomba, Qld. 4350.

• • • • •

Open 10:00-5:00 daily (4:00pm Sunday) Parking: Free Adults: $16 ($14 online) Seniors: $12 ($10 online) Kids: Not advised!

Visit Website Click for Google Maps

• • • • •

Open 9:00-5:00 daily (4:00pm Sunday) Parking: Free Adults: $10 Seniors: $8 Kids: Free with adult

Visit Website Click for Google Maps





21-23 06-09 07-09

Adelaide 4WD and Adventure Show Adelaide Showground Goodwood Rd, Wayville. SA. 5034. • • • • •



Open 9:00-5:00 daily Parking: Onsite (paid) Adults: $18 Seniors: $14 Kids: U16 free

Visit Website Click for Google Maps

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