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Unveiling the Places to Visit in Coorg

Coorg, a picturesque hill station in Karnataka is renowned worldwide as a wonderful holiday destination. This place is praised everywhere for its green and natural environment which it offers to its visitors. With a cool ambiance all around, travelers coming from hotter regions get much needed relief from summer heat. However, Coorg tourism has a lot more to offer other than its mesmerizing aesthetic beauty. You can also indulge in numerous recreational and adventurous activities like trekking, river rafting, etc. Dense green forests can be seen all around where a large variety of diverse flora and fauna species may be spotted. Several exotic places to visit in Coorg contribute to making it one of leading hill stations in India in terms of its tourism industry.

Over the years, Coorg has gained popularity among travellers, many of them being families keen on exploring this beautiful region in the west coast. Though there are numerous places to visit in Coorg, a few stand out and are a hit among the visitors. There is something for everyone- heritage, culture, nature, wildlife and for those who seek peace and quiet, Coorg is the ideal spot.

In the hectic lifestyle of today’s world, everyone needs a break by way of a quality outing with family and friends. But proper holiday planning is important to make the most of your vacation. So if you are wondering about which places to visit in Coorg, the information here will prove handy. Check out some popular tourist attractions, which you must incorporate in your holiday plan:  Tomb of Gaddige Raja is a renowned historical site which you must see, while on a

visit to this place. This structure was brilliantly designed by skilled architects of ancient time and is a shining example of Indo-Islamic style of architecture. A number of other historical tombs are located in the vicinity of this mausoleum, where many famous personalities of ancient times lie in their final rest.  Omkareshwara Temple is a religious place, which you must visit while on a tour

to this place. This famous temple was built in early 19th century by Linagarajendra II, which displays Islamic as well as Gothic architectural style in a brilliant manner. An interesting ancient legend concerning the Shiva Linga here is also associated with this place of worship.  Madikeri Fort is another historical monument which is worth seeing at this place.

This fort was built in about 17th century and has deep archeological importance. A palace was also constructed inside this fort but major changes were brought

about in it during Tipu Sultan’s reign when it was reconstructed with granite stone. This is a good location for sightseeing as magnificent views of the city can be enjoyed. Some historical legends are also associated with the fort.  For those interested in wildlife, Pushpagiri Wildlife Sanctuary is an ideal location

where you can spot varied animal species.  Abbey falls as well as Iruppu waterfalls are a couple of other mesmerizing places to

visit in Coorg.

Coorg tourism also offers ample adventure opportunities in Madikeri, Dubare, and Kakkabe for those who are adventurous and enjoy hiking, trekking, rock climbing and other similar activities.

Unveiling the places to visit in coorg  

Numerous breathtaking places to visit in Coorg make the destination a highly sought after holiday getaway. So, find out what all Coorg has o...