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Top Investment Banking Courses In India If making money out of money interests you, the field of Investment Banking is the go-to option for you, when it comes to choosing careers. Investment Banking, is a branch of the Finance industry, where the one has to know the trick to ensure, that the expectations of people who need capital or funds, are compatible with those are ready to offer them. In the business world, the most important driving force is considered to be capital and as a result of this, investment banking is one such field, which deals with capital at all of its stages; from the grassroots level to the stock markets. Any professional working in this sphere is known as an Investment Banker, who usually acts as a financial adviser to huge firms, when it comes to borrowing money, merging or acquiring another firm and other such activities. This field is considered to have great future prospects and opportunities for any candidate. In terms of India, Investment Banking is slowly becoming the most sought after firm, mainly because of the salary packages it provides, a fresher can earn anything up to 20 lakh per annum, with no upper limit to increase in salary. One thing that separates this career from many others, is the fact that just background education is never enough here. If you wish to reach amazing heights in this field, pursuing an industry endorsed specialization course becomes a prerequisite. This has given a lot of popularity to a number of institutes, which provide candidates with industry relevant professional programs, which further their careers and help them achieve new heights. Imarticus Learning is India’s leading professional education institute, which offer certified industry endorsed course programs in Finance Services, Investment Banking, Business Analysis and so on. It has received a number of accolades for its unparalleled contribution in the field of professional education, especially as all of the courses are thoroughly industry endorsed and ensure that a candidate is job ready. Here is a list of its top ranking courses for Investment Banking in India: Certified Investment Banking Operations Professional

This course provides comprehensive coverage of complex securities and derivative products and other such functions in the field of Investment Banking. The most unique attribute of this courses at Imarticus, is its method of experiential learning. It ensures that a candidate is groomed in every way possible to enter the corporate world with its hands-on learning, trading simulations and case studies. This course is certified and affiliated with the CISI, whereby candidates can also receive the optional Investment Operations Certificate, thereby brightening their career aspects. The CIBOP course is the most sought after IB course offered by Imarticus Learning Certified Investment Banking IT Professional

This program includes comprehensive coverage of advanced technologies such as WPF, RDBMS, Advanced Java,, coupled with an understanding of Securities and Derivative products and other similar functions within Investment Banking. This course is unique in terms of its real-life projects, which help train the candidates on the technology domain across banking and financial services firms. On completion of this program, the candidates receive a CIBIT certification, which equips them for a highly rewarding technology career within the spectacular field of Investment Banking.

Top investment banking courses in india  
Top investment banking courses in india  

Imarticus Learning is India’s leading professional education institute, which offer certified industry endorsed course programs in Finance S...