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The CSU Statesman Olympics 2016 Issue Vol. 14 No. 1 September 2016


Body over mind this time The sports atmosphere this year is hyped up. For one, our delegation did not come back empty-handed from Rio Olympics. Hidilyn Diaz ended the country’s two-decade dry spell in the Olympics, finishing with a silver medal in the 53-kg weightlifting event. The glory she reaped brought forth high hopes to the Philippine sports. Such is the scenario here in the University as optimism surged among student athletes because tangible development for sports in the campus is underway. President Minerva I. Morales during the Opening Ceremonies of the CSU Olympics 2016 pronounced a rather “great” news. A “sports arena,” as she called it, will soon rise in the campus. The million-worth “arena” will have three playing courts, an office, comfort rooms, and classrooms. Finally, the administration has heeded the call to address the growing demand for sports facilities improvement and athletic program development. For the past years, student-athletes settle for worn-out sports facilities and equipment during Intramurals. And for the past years, we have been falling behind our competitors in regional and national sports meets. To fulfill its mission for “a holistic outcome-based education,”


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the university should not only capitalize on intellect. If we can produce topnotchers and placers in board exams, who knows? Maybe the next Hidilyn Diaz will come from our school. This can be achieved if, and only if, we give utmost priority to sports development and our sports system continually improves.

“It is highly important for academic institutions to be at the forefront in prioritizing aspects such as sports, which the government often neglects. Educational institutions serve as the arena where budding athletes are honed. Sooner or later, they will emerge as professional athletes who will bring glory to the country.” The Intramurals serve as elimination round to choose the best athletes who will represent CSU. This calls for a competitive atmosphere even at the university level. And to attain competitiveness, our athletes should experience worthy battles, quality training, and good facilities and equipment at the campus level.

Moreover, hosting Regional and National SCUAA will not be a problem anymore, as we can now boost our morale for having, at the very least, a “sports arena.” It is highly important for academic institutions to be at the forefront in prioritizing aspects such as sports, which the government often neglects. Educational institutions serve as the arena where budding athletes are honed. Sooner or later, they will emerge as professional athletes who will bring glory to the country. Embodied in our Constitution is a state policy to prioritize sports, along with education, science and technology, arts, culture, which aims “to foster patriotism and nationalism, accelerate social progress, and promote total human liberation and development.” Sports is therefore deemed significant in honing wellrounded Filipinos. The administration’s move to construct an infrastructure mainly for sports adheres to its thrust for the holistic development of its main clientele – the students. But this is only a start; more developments should materialize – those which are vital and substantial to elevate the current state of sports in the University. ▫

The CSU Statesman To Exalt God; To Honor Man

The Official Tertiary Student Publication of the Catanduanes State University

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Fair and Square


“Kung sisay pa dai nakatuwang, ‘yan pa grabeng reklamo.” I was on my way to Statesman office when I caught that line from an enraged man, probably a burned-out officer, walking fast with long strides and closed fists. He disappeared quickly, yet his words and image lingered. After which, a series of personal experiences reverted swiftly on me. As President also of an organization, I a familiar with the hardships of endless planning and making things happen, whether on my own or with my colleagues. I try my best to thrive intra-and interpersonally. But the latter seems harder as it entails overcoming erratic pressures. But when our plans have materialized, I feel real ecstasy.

students, less than 10% have attended. And worse fate for both the Org’s Fair and Brigada. Many have turned passive and indifferent, that collecting fines became an alternative means of discipline. Many became irresponsibly complacent with their stance—“Attend attend man jan. Mayad pang ikatulog ko na sana an.” Observe at Intramurals: the athletes are the audience. If not, they are the officers of the different SBOs and Sub-orgs, and only few are non-officers or non-athletes. Where is the student body’s involvement? One thing college students must outgrow is their defiance to their responsibilities as students— academics for one. What if the day comes when everyone no longer

But there are people who cannot see even the tangible product; they naysay. For many times, I try hard to stifle my dismay over student members who can only brag about their personal distresses, which mostly are petty concerns, when they can help to address it. And I am glad to have manage to steer clear of reprimanding what they deserve. It is really hard to expect a level of responsibility among college students nowadays despite their coming of age. I could recall the poor student participations last Leadership Training. Many seats remained unoccupied until the event culminated. Similarly, Linggo ng Kalikasan celebration was a fiasco. Out of roughly 6700 enrolled

Schooling Ignorance Due process has become the most common word related to death. Thanks to the media and the efforts of the current administration. But before it became the nation’s problem, it has been an indisputable issue inside the schools. Some are just too blind to see it. It is disappointing to know that for six years, since the Board of Trustees approved Board Resolution No. 24, series of 2010, which states that the athletics fee be raised to 150 pesos from 50 pesos in addition to no collection of other fees, there had not been any sign of compliance to the concerned Student Body Organizations. It is alarming that these SBOs can get approval from

their respective deans without any of opposition. In one College for example, the Olympics fee was raised from 20 pesos to 40 pesos in order to fund the cheerdance delegate of their unit. In other college, the collection of 20 pesos was mandatory and failure to pay forbids the student to sign the attendance sheet which in the end will turn to 320 pesos after the end of the semester. It is stated in the Constitution and By-Laws of the different Student Body Organizations that one of their functions is to serve as an arm to protect the welfare and the rights of the students. If they, themselves, are ignorant to the very law that should have

SQUARE ONE “If this kind of ignorance is freely lurking in education system, then there is no question why such treachery exists in the society. The institution that should have been enlightening the youth of the injustice of the society is the one that have been cultivating this ignorance.”


Roy D. Tablate

wants to do leadership? College will become merely a schoolhome-school routine; there is no in between. Boring, right? Let us cut to the chase: in order to develop open communication and mutual respect, and achieve holistic development, between the student officers and members, both must comply with their responsibilities to commonly benefit. The former to commit to their legitimacy to provide constitutional programs inside their jurisdiction, and the latter to observe live-in accordance to imposed policies. If by any way, you impede progress of the organization, then that is just not fair and square. ▫


protected the students, can we call them efficient leaders? If this kind of ignorance is freely lurking in education system, then there is no question why such treachery exists in the society. The institution that should have been enlightening the youth of the injustice of the society is the one that have been cultivating this ignorance. These days, it seemed that all of a sudden everyone appears to be concerned about what is in the law or in the constitution. But before we try to analyze the misconducts of the system and the government, we should bravely be able to resist the injustice inside schools. Let due process start at school. ▫

Talent is able to achieve what is beyond other people’s capacity to achieve, yet not what is beyond their capacity of apprehension; therefore it at once finds its appreciators. The achievement of genius, on the other hand, transcends not only others’ capacity of achievement, but also their capacity of apprehension; therefore they do not become immediately aware of it. Talent is like the marksman who hits a target which

others cannot reach; genius is like the marksman who hits a target … which others cannot even see.

Arthur Schopenhauer

4 Morales: 13M worth ‘sports arena’ to rise by 2017 The CSU Statesman Olympics 2016 Issue Vol. 14 No. 1 September 2016

President Minerva I. Morales may have delivered the best news in years for sports development at CSU as she shared the administration’s plan to construct, of what she called ‘sports arena’ worth of a total 13 million pesos. This was her surprise during the opening ceremony of the 2016 CSU Olympics. The arena includes three million worth of Multi-Purpose Function Hall funded by the Department of Public Works and Highways which has started its construction earlier this month. The other 10 million, which came from the 2016 CSU Annual Budget, will be used in the construction of a Grandstand that will have three playing courts, classrooms at the bottom, comfort rooms and an office. At press time, the project is ready for bidding and President Morales is planning to hold the groundbreaking ceremonies this week. “It’s good news. It is another improvement to the sports development,” said Professor Green Netters survived a hardEdgar Tatel, the sports coordinator fought victory after conquering of the university. Blue spikers to a close 2-1 in Tatel added that the Men’s Volleyball. administration has new fitness After a consecutive exchange gym facilities such as weights, of errors of both teams, the stationary bicycle, and bench momentum shifted midway of machine that athletes can use. ▫ the initial set after Green netter Kenneth Tugano and John Lewis Nikko Franco B. Templonuevo Obogne released powerful spikes that stunned their opponent, ending the set with a score of 2521. CHANGE IS COMING. Meanwhile, in the second set, Baseball and football Blue spikers capitalized on the players have something to errors committed by the green look forward next year after team overturning the favor with an President Minerva I. Morales impressive 25-16 gain. broke the news about the In the deciding set, Green construction of a sports arena netters emphasized their where such events will be supremacy with a kill delivered by held. The construction of the Obogne leaving the opponent stuck sports arena promises to bring in 11 points. positive changes in the state of Immediately after a service sports in the University. error of the Green netters, the Photo by Jordan Ignacio, Blue spikers stole the momentum Nathalie Claire Tivar & and scored up to 21 points yet Roselle Templonuevo failed to hold on after committing consecutive errors handing the last set to the victor , with a score of 25-21. ▫

Green netters steal homecourt victory from Blue spikers

John Joshua Teston



Unit I escapes backbreaking defeat vs Unit IV If there is one thing Unit IV has to prove to the home crowd of CSU Main Campus, it is that they will not fall without a good fight. Unit I surpassed resilient visitors notching their first BENCHWARMERS this time. victory after overthrowing Unit IV contingent from Panganiban Campus in their intense seesaw basketball game at CSU Covered Court. With the home crowd behind their back, the Red team posted a dominant first half with John Kobe Molina, a Bicol Meet player, together with Jon Allen Sarmiento, Jerome Caballero, and Roden Tagle, displaying their precise shooting skills ending the first half with a 15-point lead, 52-37. Unit IV easily demolished and basta-basta na sana ang mga making three free throws to take Villacorta placed the home the Red’s lead turning the tides drives ninda, ” said Patrick Yutan, back the lead, 84-86. team at the point break after in their favor after completing six Unit 1 student coach. Unit IV failed to hold the lead completing his two free throws but fastbreak points at the outset of He added that it was their as their turnover dropped them Molina of Unit I took back the lead the second half. defense that sealed the victory. a possible upset letting the Red after converting a three-point shot Jay R Valerio, Melvin “Masyadong matangkad yung scored a 5-0 run and ending the with 55 seconds remaining in the Villacorta and Edilbert Tucelida kalaban buda homecourt ninda. game 89-86. clock, 84-83. took advantage of the weakening Masyado na pati kaming ngalo, ” “Maganda ang start ng team With 42 seconds in the clock, defense of Unit I and provided sighed Panganiban native Valerio. in the first two quarters, pero Unit I made a mistake fouling enough firepower to reach the first nagkaroon ng conflict sa second Villacorta while attempting a deadlock of the game at 81, with Xyra Mae S. Rabe half. Dae na gaingat sa pagpasa rainbow shot and successfully 1:36 remaining in the last quarter.

Yellow to dominate in 2016 Olympics, survey says Forty five per cent of randomly selected students out of 100 respondents believed that Yellow or Unit III will outshine all other competing units this CSU Olympics 2016, according to a survey conducted by this publication on August 30, 2016. “Unit III ang feeling kong magana ta yun ang nadadangog Likewise, Alona Araojo of CAS kong makusog ngunyan”, Hannah said that the competitiveness of Vargas of College of Education CED and its full support will most said. likely bring back Red’s glory. Yellow (Unit III) is composed Prof. Edgar O. Tatel, Sports of College of Engineering Coordinator, however, insisted (COE), College of Business and that the grand champion for this Accountancy (CBA), and College of year’s Olympics is hard to predict Information and Communication since the reshuffling of the units is Technology (CICT). challenging. Moreover, Rusty M. Benavidez, “Yung college na alisto sa CBA-SBO President said that they sarong game pigbali mi sa college (CBA) feel more confident this year na maluya dun sa game na yun AMBULANCE ON FEET. Member of Medical Team carries an athlete who considering that they (CBA) are na alisto man sa ibang game,” he collapses during the first day of the athletics competition. with the College of Engineering clarified. Nevertheless, 21% believed Arts and Sciences (CAS), College which has always been in the “Dapat tang abangan (ang that Red (Unit I) will end its twoof Agriculture and Fisheries (CAF) winning side for the last nine Olympics) ta ngunyan dai kita year title drought this time saying and College of Health Sciences years. makadetermine kung sisay that the manpower of College of (CHS). Following the lead, 34% of ang machampion. Halos wellIndustrial Technology (CIT) and “Kung hain ang CAF adun ang the students surveyed believed distributed ang satuyang mga mind power of the College of magana. Ang CAF pano active sa that Blue or Unit II will upkeep its players,” he ended.▫ Education (CED) will equal to a games”, Laarnie Togueño from glory as it joined with a new team sure victory. COE asserted. lineup composed of College of Ariadne Mae B. Tesorero For more news updates, follow us @ and like our official Facebook page

6 Kozma, Tomagan lift Yellow past Blue The CSU Statesman Olympics 2016 Issue Vol. 14 No. 1 September 2016

Yellow striker Ken Kozma and midfielder Carlo Tomagan provided the finishing touches after slipping two successful goals after an hour and 40 minutes of hustle against Blue team, 3-2. After 45 minutes of failed goal attempts and wasted free kicks, the crowd was finally aroused after Tapia managed to slide in an unexpected goal, 1-0. Five minutes before the clock off, Blue managed to give their opponents an unanticipated counterattack as its team captain and forward, Allan Tabuzo, stole the ball from defensive Yellows and pass it to Blue’s defender, Francis Dela Cruz making connecting an overhead pass to Tabinas and converted it to a perfect diving header directly to a goal, stunning the keeper, 1-1. “Nawala ako sa focus. Akala ko yung header niya out na,”said Errol John Dela Cruz, Yellow goalkeeper. A determined Blue team through Tabinas glided an effective goal giving the team a brace, 2-2 but Yellow striker slipped another successful goal ending the game 3-2. Despite winning the game, Yellow team believes in their mantra, “Mayong kumpyansa. Bawal ang kampante”. ▫ Ariadne Mae B. Tesorero

GAME OF ACES. Two of Unit III ace players, Ken Kozma and Manny Val Tapia and Unit II ace pitcher provide finishing blows for their respective team during the first day of CSU Olympics 2016. Photos by Roselle Templonuevo & Jordan Ignacio

Tugano lifts Unit IV to haul 1st W in Sepak Jet Tugano showcased his regu prowess to carry Unit IV in three come-from-behind win sets, 15-11; 13-15; 15-7; 15-13, in the opening game of the Sepak Takraw tournament held in front of the CSU Admin Building. Tugano showed no signs of surrender despite trailing by a huge margin in all four sets of the match. After being down by 4 in the first set, 3-7, Tugano unleashed three consecutive rolling spikes to spark the Green’s momentum that would eventually earn them a 1511 win of the opening canto. With their egos bruised in their first set meltdown, Yellow tekung James Noel Tasarra, led a fiery start in the second set for Unit III pouring in calculated inside kicks to maintain a three-point cushion late in the 2nd canto.

However, Tugano will not bow down just yet. He led another scoring spurt to inch the gap closer with his smooth taps and gutsy defensive plays. But Unit III’s John Robert Gatila spoiled Tugano’s late flurry with his own three consecutive head smashes finishing the set 15-13. At the outset of the 3rd canto, the Yellows was poised to take control of the set once again preserving an early 7-3 lead. But Tugano’s heroics will not be tamed once more. Trailing by 4, he unfurled another series of

precise smashes, tricky moves and careful taps to hoist his team in a masterful 12-0 run and secure the the 3rd set, 15-7. With their winning hopes in slumber, Gatila rose to the occasion in the 4th set for the Yellows. He converted powerful head smashes to keep a commanding 8-1 lead to start the game-tying set. But Tugano’s resiliency was never to be denied. Riding on their solid defensive coverage, Tugano took every offensive opportunity to deliver his perfect side swipes

Team favorite Unit I starts campaign with easy victory Day one is no time for cooling down as Unit I set the baseball field afire when ace pitcher Zandro Benavidez busted batters with fastball pitches leaving Unit IV a slim chance to win the game and sealing it in an easy 3-1 score. Benavidez, tagged as one of the best pitchers of CSU baseball, was at the peak of his performance, creating three consecutive strike outs at one time. His teammate, Julius Jan Vargas, added intensity to the game making a three home runs, giving 3-0. Gine Pul Albay of the opposing team, Unit IV, provided his team with their only score in the game. Meanwhile, Rhenz Rojas of Unit II provided the final blow by catching a fly ball, ending the game with a score of 6-1 favoring Unit II against Unit III. “Pirmi man sila (Unit I) ang ga-champion,” said expectant tournament manager Joselito S. Villegas who also coached most of the players in Unit I during a national competition in baseball. “Manggana sa madaog, malaban pa man syempre kami,” said Paul Sorreda, captain ball of Unit II and also a SCUAA player, about the expected game against the crafty pitcher Benavidez and his team. ▫ Cloie T. Tapel and somersault spikes to execute a miraculous comeback. With the scores even at 13 all, the Yellows committed two consecutive heartbreaking errors, giving the Greens the W, 15-13, on the final set. Meanwhile, on the other match between Unit I and Unit II, the Reds prevailed winning three(3) sets to two(2). ▫ Allan-Jay B. Madrid


Yellow secures first win vs Red in women’s volleyball

After three roller-coaster sets of exchange of attacks and long rallies, Yellow volleybelles melted their Red opponents, 25-18, 17-25, 25-20, during the Volleyball (Women’s Division) opening game. The opposing teams started the first set with a close, seesaw fight but the Red committed several errors like net blocks, and misguided tosses, giving the Yellow a five-point lead, 14-19. Upset by her team’s faulty play, Red coach Kathy Lorraine Esdicul called a time-out to cut the momentum of the Yellow team. “Nanginabang ang kalaban sa errors ninyo,” she warned. But luck failed to shift on Red’s side as their mishaps continued with multiple service and unforced errors and net blocks, ending the first set with 18-25. On the second set, Red team heated up and outscored

the Yellow after several rallies, enabling them to lead the game, 16-12. Red team captain Rose Ann Pelagio ended the set with service aces aided by the opponents’ receiving and attacking errors, pinning the Yellow at score of 17. The crowd got wild at the start of the third set as the Yellow spikers unleashed several powerful attacks and spikes, giving them a head start of 5-0. But the Red , thrilled by the cheer of the crowd, powered up and kept up with the opponent after several rallies, closing the gap to 3 points, 10-13. Yellow team captain Krizzette Panti performed several heroic

saves and digs to maintain their lead but she fumbled, 16-17. Red failed to sustain their play as they commited several netballs, service and unforced errors, inflating the lead to five until the end of set, 20-25, in favor of Yellow. “Yung cheer ng crowd nagtao samo nin expectation na manggagana kami and at the same time, pressure buda kaba na nagging cause nin mga errors namo,” confessed Pelagio. The games in both men and women’s division will resume on September 1, 1:30 P.M. at the CSU Volleyball Court. ▫ Marianne Claire T. Ogalesco

“IT WAS ALL YELLOW.” Unit III dominates the first day of the annual Olympics asserting queenship at the Volleyball court drawing first blood in the Women’s Division, defeating Unit I. Photos by Mikko V. Isorena


SCUAA player spoils newbie’s debut game Badminton SCUAA player Jecel de Mesa prepared a ‘bitter’ welcome party to the newbie Unit IV netter John Marshal Aquino, spoiling his debut game, while the former easily owned a straight two-set victory, 2-0. Equipped with powerful net shots, De Mesa showcased an impressive performance sustained throughout his game, forbidding Aquino to get close in points. De Mesa consistently fired up the court with dominant drop shots ensuring his big lead for both the first and second sets—21-9, 21-6— clearly claiming victory. “Kaipuhan na manggana. Dai ko na ihalat na magtaning ang score. Dapat ko nang bayaan,” de Mesa said after his game, adding that he held on to their SBO President’s request to immediately “go for the gold.” Jecel de Mesa, a 2nd year LBSIT- FSM student, is a twotime medallist in Bicol Meet. He confirmed that he is already set to represent CSU in SCUAA along with Rey Eusebio and Christian Abrasaldo, also returning SCUAA players. Meanwhile, in the Women’s Division, Unit II lady smashers ruled over Unit III to draw first blood both in Singles and Doubles in the opening game. Shiena Liz Ann Tomez of Unit II made an easy straight two-set win over Marianne Chavez of Unit III. On the other hand, Mary Grace Tabinas and Magie Osido of Unit II (Doubles) easily snatched glory against the tandem of Fiona Taraya and Kristel Abrasaldo (Unit III) tallying a 21-11, 21-16 score. ▫ Roy D. Tablate Arnila C. Saldua Rodolfo B. Tomagan


The CSU Statesman Olympics 2016 Issue Vol. 14 No. 1 September 2016

Tejada slips after 7 set ping-pong battle vs Lumbao

In a battle of two varsitarian with the same caliber and experience, someone somehow has to give in. Unfortunately for Unit II’s Karl Kennon Tejada, he ended as the recipient of misfortune.

After making a 3-1 lead, Manlourd Lumbao of Unit II managed to end with a heartbreaking 4-3 win against Unit III’s Tejada, 11-5, 1012, 10-12, 6-11, 11-5, 12-10, 11-8. Lumbao posted an early 4-1 lead but Tejada immediately recovered tying up 5-all. Lumbao as a response, finished the 1st set by nailing Tejada with his remarkable finishing spins, 11-5. However, crowd favorite Tejada gained enough energy from his ever supportive Barasnon folks fueling up a three consecutive set win, 12-10, 12-10, 11-6. Down by 3-1, Lumbao heated up and ignited on the 5th set handing Tejada a stunning 5-11 loss. However, both players showed a seasaw type of match with the flurry exchanges of bombs

but Lumbao ended as victor at the end of the 6th set, 12-10. Entering the 7th and final set, Lumbao was poised by having successful returns grabbing an early four-point lead, 7-3. Lumbao gained momentum as he finished the match 11-8 as a big retaliation, closing 4-3 sets win. In Men’s Doubles, Mark Daryl Teston and Marvin Marin of Unit III dominated the game by their sharp attacks, 7-11, 11-10, 11-7, 11-8, 11-8 garnering an astounding 4-1 win. Paul Joseph Del Valle of Unit III, avenged his team’s near defeat after thrashing contender Edzen de Los Santos of Unit II, 11-5, 11-1, 11-9, 11-9 on the last match-up garnering their team’s first win in the tournament.

BEND AND BREAK. ‘Survival of the fittest’ is the game in Table Tennis as paddlers catapult themselves past their respective opponents. Photos by Roselle Templonuevo & Jordan Ignacio

Regional SCUAA player Del Valle, 3rd year BSCE student, relied on his hard chop services capitalizing on his veteran experience. De Los Santos did not manage to return Del Valle’s soft and tricky moves causing him drastic errors. Furthermore, Del Valle targets this year’s Gold medal like he did last year. “Main goal nin team and mag-champion talaga,” he said.

Unit III players came home victorious after defeating hard hitting Unit II in the Singles B and Doubles event of the Table Tennis Men’s Division second game. ▫ John Carlo R. Montero


Aquarius (Jan. 21-Feb 18). Nasali ka sa Horroscope, hooray! Ito lang ang Virgo (Aug. 23-Sept. 22). Limpak-limpak na suwerte swerteng makukuha mo ngayong araw. ang darating sa iyo. Bongga ka, day! Kaso pag tinanggap mo ito, magiging single ka for the rest of Ikaw rin nga pala ang magiging dahilan your college days. Mapuputol lang ang sumpa kung ng break-up ni Capricorn at ng jowa niya in the near future. #justsaying makahahanap ka ng taong lima ang balat sa pwet at siya ay paiibigin. Ito ang balanseng hinihingi ng celestial sphere. Good luck and may the odds be ever in your favor. Lucky color: blue na gagur-green. Pisces (Feb 19-March 20). Mas masuwerte ka Lucky number: 5 of course, duh? nga sa Scorpio ngunit hindi ibig sabihin nito ay magpapakakampante ka na. Share your blessings Libra (Sept. 23-Oct. 23). Third day na ng Olympics bes. Sa pamamagitan ng pagkuha ng medyas ng kaya nagamit mo na ang Side A at Side B ng isang athlete at pagpasa nito sa malas na Zodiac, underwear mo. Wag nang tangkain na gamitin pa maipapasa mo ang suwerte. Kapag di mo ito nagawa ito, dahil tol, ooooh may amoy ang katotohanan. Ito mamalasin ka. Lucky color: All colors in the color ang magdadala sa iyo ng kamalasan. Ang susi para wheel. Lucky number: All irrational numbers. i-boom-boom paw ang naipong amoy, sumayaw ng Downy dance craze. Lucky color: Yucky dirty white. Aries (March 21-April 20). Fresh from breakup? Kung tingin mo naligaw ng landas jowa mo, mali Sagittarius (Nov. 22-Dec. 21). Huling araw mo na para ka bes. Naligaw yun ng landi. Para mabawasan magpapansin sa crush mong Basketball player. Kaya kailangan mong maging maganda. Sundin ang sinasabi ng ang sakit, mag-message ka sa sa admin ng CSU X Files at ikwento ang pinagdadaanan mo. Advice ko mga bituin: Hiramin ang toothbrush ng kapatid mo, pero wag nang magpaalam. Gamitin ito para tanggalin ang libag lang: wag magbasa sa comment section para iwas paghuhusga. ng mga nagdaang dekada. Wag gumamit ng kahit anong sabon at wag nang magbanlaw. Tiyak na mapapansin (at maaamoy) ka ni crush lalo na’t mahilig siya sa Dalmatian. Taurus (April 21-May 21). Ikaw ang tutulong kay Lucky color: black and white. Pisces para maisakatuparan niya ang kaniyang tungkulin. Isa sa dalawa ang maaaring mangyari Scorpio (Oct. 23-Nov. 21). Suwerte ka sana kaso kung di mo siya tutulungan: (1) Maiinlove ang jowa mas suwerte si Pisces, kaya malas ka pa rin. Ito ang mo sa athlete na may putok, o (2) Ipaamoy sa iyo ni tinatawag na kakemehan effect na dulot ng ipagTaurus ang mga pinaghalong tagumpay at amoy na intersect ng parallel universe. Apektado kasi nito matatagpuan sa sapatos ng Basketball team. ang alignment ng mga pimples sa mukha mo, este ng mga constellations. Ang maaari mong gawin ay Gemini (May 22-June 21). Gawin ang “Oowa” pumanhik-panaog sa Main Building na ala-Linda incantation sa gitna ng CSU Grounds bago ang Blair. Lucky color: Black like the color of the soul. Cheerdance Competition para manalo ang bet mong pep squad. Magpaturo sa kahit sinong Junior staff ng Capricorn (Dec. 22-Jan 20). Mamalasin ka dahil may The CSU Statesman. Master sila ng ritual na iyan. Ito love life ka. Wala kang lucky color at lucky number. ang pinakamabisang paraan para mag-reconnect with Asdfghjkl qwertyuiop zxcvbnm. Magbi-break din kayo. the universe. Charot. Leo (July 23-August 22). Hindi ko maaninag sa aking bolang Cancer (June 22-July 22). Puntahan ang poging Kristal ang mangyayari sa iyo ngayong araw. Baka signos propesor sa Languages Department at humingi itong made-delay ka sa graduation. Ang maipapayo ko ay ng basbas para malampasan ang pinagdadaanan unahin ang pag-aaral bago ang paglalandi. Lucky number: mo. Siya ang isa sa mga sinugo ng sansinukob na 3.0. Lucky color: Na-mula-mula. magpadala ng magandang mensahe para sa iyo.

CSU Olympics 2016 Coverage - Day 1  
CSU Olympics 2016 Coverage - Day 1