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Murals. Finishes. Art.

Imago Dei

Rice Village Gallery & Studio | 2525 Robinhood St. Suite 1000 Houston, TX 77005

Who We Are. Founded by Jamie and Jeremy Wells in 2001, Imago Dei is a team of artists, sculptors, graphic designers, decorative painters, and carpenters. Our main studio and gallery is located in Houston, Texas, providing murals, finishes, and art available worldwide.

Chevron Private Art Collection Commission | “Life & Light — The Texas Landscape” (6) 15x30’ Triptychs, 2008

Murals. With an Imago Dei mural, lifeless spaces become charged with the energy of a romantic or historic setting, building the focal point of conversation in your home. There are infinite styles that can be commissioned from highly realistic trompe l’oeil style paintings to more whimsical, playful, or abstract works. Our designers and artists can help you create a tasteful and compelling design around your vision.

Bedroom Walls & Ceiling | custom 7 layer stencil design with metallic texture

Finishes. We take pride in the unique and creative quality of our finishes. From clean, elegant, and simple to bold, striking, and daring, our highly skilled artists are capable of creating any treatment that suits your style. We research, test, and experiment with the finest materials in order to push the limits of decorative finishing to an entirely new level. Imago Dei utilizes only the highest quality, and greenest products available.

Val d’Orchia | original oil on canvas by jamie wells, 2005

Art. Commissioning an art piece from Imago Dei allows you to express yourself through the hands of our classically trained artists. We include our clients in every step along the way. In order to thoroughly understand your vision, our designers and artists will collaborate with you, discussing every detail and aspect of you project. Our fine art gallery is also a great resource for original artwork ready to be displayed in your space.


Houston Studio 2525 Robinhood St. Suite 1000 Houston, TX 77005 713.520.5557 713.520.5553


Austin Studio 12215 Hunters Chase Dr. Suite 9208 Austin, TX 78729 512.705.6005


Imago Dei | Murals. Finishes. Art.