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Fine Art

Five Elements | (5) 21x54� mixed media on canvas, Jamie Wells, 2006

Communicating with your artist. To be a patron of art is more than just to personally appreciate art’s beauty. It is to surround yourself with the works that move you. Our clients explore and elevate their expressive spirit in collaborative creativity with our classically-trained artists. To define spaces. To energize environments. To speak in the language of the soul.

Ponte Vittorio Emanuele | 48x60� oil on canvas, Jamie Wells, 2005

Jamie Wells // Founder. Artist. Jamie’s training is from the renowned Rhode Island School of Design, where she received her degree in illustration. She went on to study classical painting and art history in Rome, Italy, before returning to her native Houston to paint professionally. Jamie draws inspiration from nature, motherhood, light and beauty.

Morning Light | 40x60� acrylic on canvas, Jeremy Wells, 2006

Jeremy Wells // Founder. Artist. Wielding a palette derived from nature, Jeremy Wells, founder and contributing artist of Imago Dei, is creating innovative mixed media works. Comfortable working in several mediums, Jeremy will often start his conceptual work digitally then execute in a variety of mixed media.

Retrato | 48x60� enamel on canvas, Luis Angulo, 2006

Luis Angulo // Austin General Manager. Artist. Luis was born in Caracas, Venezuela and grew up in Miami Florida. His work includes mixed media collages and paintings where he explores the disparity of social and economic issues between the US and Venezuela. Luis lives with his wife, Kristin, in Austin, Texas where he serves as General Manager for Imago Dei Austin.


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Imago Dei | Fine Art