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EDITOR´S NOTE Imagism Magazine is constantly looking for new talents who want to present their work in our online and print publications. We want to be a platform for creatives all over the world to showcase their talent. Photographers, models, make up artists,hair stylist, designers or retouchers. We present their work not only in our magazine but also on our website and on social media platforms such as instagram and facebook. We do not ask for previously unreleased content. Once the submitted images are accepted we ask for a "short story behind the shot" in which the photographer and/or other team-members tell us about the shooting itself. What was the source of inspiration for the shooting, funny anecdotes, mishaps, success stories. We want to get a little insight into the behind the scenes. We want to thank all our contributors for their beautiful content.

content WONDERLAND 6


HER 22












Model: Brooke Bonelli @ Elite Models Los Angeles, Make Up & Hair: Paolo Mistrorigo, Michela Bressan, Stylist: Paolo 6 Mistrorigo, Styling Assistants: Mauro Poli/ Roby Vignato, Wardrobe: Top: Paolo Mistrorigo, Skirt: Mauro Poli


We thought of a story of a magic world, sort of a dream, a Wonderland. A story about an elegant and sophisticated woman, that dreams about living in an old palace in an unknown country. She dreams about a magic world where she can wear beautiful clothes and jewels. During these moments, everything around her becomes Wonderland: all the atmosphere around her is magical and she is as beautiful as never before. We chose this old Palace as our location to develop our idea and it was perfect for the wardrobe, as some of the dresses are haute couture. The clothes we had were so different from each other, so we needed a very good model that could interpret all these different situations. We asked her to be an elegant lady,then a sexy woman, then a dreamer, later a romantic girl. We changed the attitude of the model everytime we changed the dress. And she did a perfect job. At the end the editorial is a little bit strange, non conventional, but I think it is a beautiful work.

Collier: Albadoro, Ph. Assistant: Ronny Bellotto, Lorenzo Brasco 7 Production: Next Communication



Wardrobe: Paolo Mistrorigo


Wardrobe: Dress & Hat: Paolo Mistrorigo, Shoes: Ermanno Scervino, Earrings&Collier: Albadoro




Wardrobe: Paolo Mistrorigo, Jewels: Albadoro


Wardrobe: Hat & Coat:Paolo Mistrorigo, Earrings: private collection

Wardrobe: Top:Paolo Mistrorigo, Hat Charme/Fur Charme, Necklace and Earrings: Gabor


photos by SEGEV ORLEV My inspiration for the shooting was the art of H.R Giger (RIP) and the Alien movie series. Giger was one of the main designers of the movies. The project took me back to my childhood when I had an action figure of the xenomorph queen (The “Alien” queen from the movie). Actually, it wasn’t mine, but I’ll bring it back to my cousin one day. I made a research before the shooting about Giger’s life and work, I saw the movies again and read books about his journey. I wanted to bring this queen for the shooting. Beautiful, strong, frightening expressions with long dark hair that will give her the look of the alien from the movie. We wanted the Make-up to be as clean as possible.

Separate it from a gothic look. And a dark styling that will balance the scene. We were looking for a location that will give a Sci-fi atmosphere. The Positive side is that we found a great place! The downside was that the location is the homeland of 10000’s pigeons. Thank God I was the only one who was covered in pigeon shit at the end of the day. But it was worth it! Thanks to my awesome team! Love You & I owe you a one-year shampoo supply as I promised!

Photographer : Segev Orlev, Model: Nasti @ PMA Models, Styling: Sharon Starr, Hair Stylist: Elad Uziel, Makeup Artist: Noa Bukra, P. Assistant: Mor Kleiner & Sergei Starodubtsev


photos by CHLOE TAYLOR

As a natural creative, I often see a photo opportunity everywhere I go. The 'Her' photoshoot was no different. I walked into my friend, Garth's, living room and noticed how the light came in from the windows. The symmetry of the windows and the fireplace got me really excited. Symmetry is my favourite element when constructing an image, and Garth's living room had it perfect! Immediately I told Garth of my creative vision and, as a fellow photographer, he naturally agreed to let me use his living room and build my fantasy world. All I needed was the perfect model; so I took to Instagram and started browsing models, only to have no luck. I couldn't find anyone to complete the vision; I had a very specific look in mind. A week later, I was working on a film set, and Emily walked into the hair and make up trailer. As soon as she walked in, I knew it had to be her. And so I named the series as a tribute to that moment. I text Garth immediately and told him I had found her. On the day of the shoot everything went perfectly. Garth surprised us with a smoke machine, and acted as a brilliant second eye and assistant. Emily was so comfortable in front of the camera and was so willing to push creative limits. It was honestly a dream team. I started off with one shot in mind, but as the three of us collaborated and added input we exceeded our own expectations and got a number of beautiful images. Even the dog jumped in for a few frames! I think this was an important element to the day. Allowing everyone to contribute something, and keeping an open mind while shooting. It's important to not be rigid, especially when working with a team of creatives. I went into the shoot with one idea in mind, but once that had been achieved we just kept going and had a 'yes' mentality. The skies the limit when you have an open mind, but


it's equally important to remain focused and not get too carried away. I was fortunate because I trust the judgement of Garth and Emily, they are both incredibly skilled, and working with them was so easy. I could not have executed my vision with anyone else. When it came time to post production, all I did was a bit of colour correcting and minor detail adjustments. I pushed my greens and blues and accentuated my blacks. Mainly because it made Emily pop, being so blonde and fair skinned, I wanted to really highlight her soft features. The green hues was important to push because it helped tell the eerie story that was being created. Every detail counts. I believe colour is really important when conveying a specific mood. People relate colour to so many different things and feelings, so you need to get it right. Editing your highlights and shadows separately is also a great technique to refine and opens up more options for conveying a mood or feeling. For the 'Her' series, I wanted to keep everything very ethereal and dream like. I used Gregory Crewdson as part of the aesthetic stimulus. I was very lucky that Garth has a taxidermy collection because this really added to the mood of the images. Emily had also dyed her eyebrows bleach blonde, on a whim the day before. All these details came together and made the photos even more special and unique. Emily and I are still good friends, and Garth is wanting to photograph her for his own visions. We all catch up regularly and continue to inspire each other. It's amazing who you can meet in the industry and what you can achieve when you work together.


Model: Emily Jenifer Gabel @ Unique Model Management, New Zealand, Styling/Set : Garth Badger owner of Thievery Studio, New Zealand






photos by RICCARDO CARRARO This shooting was inspired by the collection of the designer, something scary, something different from other creations. We searched for a desolated location, but not an abandoned factory we were looking for something different, to fit the outfits. So we found this old power plant that fit best our ideas. Siri, the model, shows a girl who is running away from a world that she doesn't recognize. This world doesn't belong to her, she is scared. Siri is alone, trying to find herself but she can't . Not in this place. She is isolated in a place of no one, which doesn't represent anything like her. Minute after minute, she starts to be part of the nature, her clothes hide her face, they don't have normal forms : they are oversize, they don't fit on her, they aren't made to measure. As she starts becoming part of the surrounding environments, outfits become deformer and de-

former. At the end of the story, Siri is a part of that empty place, she stopped to be human. Now Siri is all one with that forgotten world. She fought against nature, moving strongly in her dress, she tried not to loose her nature and personality but the dark mark won her over. Every element in this shoot wants to show this struggle. We found this location near Milan and it was perfect. We waited for a grey day to underline the sadness. I use natural and gloomy light to strengthen the concept of discomfort. I choose a very desaturated and cold color to improve the sensation of dead nature, the absence of happy life.



Makeup Artist: Erika Calabrò, Model: Siri Lehland @Monster Mngmnt, Fashion Designer: Ilaria De Lorenzi, Wardrobe Stylist: Marco Costa






postproduction by Patrick Askani, photos by: Judith Bender-Jura/ Verena Mandragora The Retouchers Story: I came to retouching first when I took pictures myself and quickly realized that you can optimize each image further. Therefore, I have dealt more intensively with Photoshop and taught myself step by step the art of retouching. Since I take few pictures I have devoted my entire attention to retouching. My areas of work include Beauty, fashion, editorial and product toiletries. Before retouching, I prepare myself as follows: should the customer have certain ideas I will prepare a mood board or reference pictures, so I see what look is sought for.


For a retoucher inspiration is always very important, nothing lifts a picture more of the broad mass than a look that you do not know yet. But where do I get my inspiration from? Color looks from movies are usually very inspiring as well as editorials in magazines. This is not about copying the look one by one, but creating a new one.


Postproduction: Patrick Askani /Askani Retouching, Photos: Judith Bender-Jura, Model: Alina Chlebecek @Addicted to Models Hair&Makeup: Nicole Stuparek Powder&Brush, Stylist Guy-DĂŠdier Debast

Makeup: Nicole Stuparek Powder&Brush, Fashion: Maiken Domenica Kloser Maiken K. 36

Retouch: Patrick Askani / Askani Retouching , Photographer: Judith Bender-Jura 37 Model: Marija Ĺ ajkovic



Postproduction: Patrick Askani, Photos: Verena Mandragora, Photo assistant: Christian Crnko, Make Up/Hair: Barbara Maria Hutter, Model: Lucia @ Mix Model Management, Jewelery: Lio.Works

Postproduction: Patrick Askani / Askani 40Retouching, Photo: Verena Mandragora Models: Adrian & Michael @ Addicted to Models

Styling: Guy Debast, Styling 41 Assistant: Georg Priemer Photo Assistant:Larissa Koudela

hair by ROSWITHA OTT photos by MAURO MOSCHETTA Internationally awarded work of art made of hair. Not just a profession, but pure passion. My job is not just "a job" for me, it's pure passion! Through the art of the hair, I can let my imagination run wild. Turning my fantasies into reality is my motivation. All my artworks come from my heart. I have an idea, start to develop this idea by being inspired everywhere and by everything. It may be a beetle in the meadow, a flower, the seasons, or my emotions and feelings. Everything is integrated into this artwork. My whole life is packed in this work. First the resulting work is quite small, has been on a small table,then, the longer I occupy myself with it the bigger and more intense it gets until I fill a large room with it. And then it's done. In this work, I came up with the idea to create the flowers of human hair. Artificial flowers were not nice enough for me or too little emotional. I made every single flower out of human hair and a lot of love. Flower by flower, I was able to give my imagination full rein, every flower is a work of art in itself. The technique of how such a flower is created, I have found out myself. I tinkered until it fit. Flower to flower, then I had finished the headdress. Then, driven by my ideas and fantasies, the neck brace, the fan and all the little details were created. How do I get these flowers on a human head? What does this work look like? Which person fits in with this work? Step by step, something wonderful was created. This phase is like a


source that has its source in the heart of the mountain. She makes her way through stick and stone and turns into a mighty river, which flows into the sea and thus becomes something big. As a contrast to all the beautiful, actual very feminine flowers, I chose a male model. This decision was absolutely right. The whole production, also the photography was incredibly beautiful and harmonious. I wanted to create a work. Special, beautiful, wonderful, unique -so it had to be! That's how it became! The photographers story: The project was prepared for a long time by Roswitha Ott. So the idea came from her. My part was to pull all the strings and to bring the model, the make-up artist and also Roswitha to a common denominator. This ensured that the image as a whole did not miss its effect on the viewer. As a photographer, I am always anxious to create a good mood in the studio. Only that way the picture will succeed. The shoot had to be targeted. Even if creativity plays a big part, so too must the procedure be well planned and managed. It was worth it, the picture was awarded international.

Make up: Sibel Celik , Model: Drew Marmont aka Milky Diamond






hair by NADIN SCHNEIDEREIT; photos by SASCHA HEKS HAUBOLD When I applied for the German Hair Dressing Award 2017 in the category „Avantgarde", it was important to me to create a collection, which has never been seen before in that competition. I wanted to challenge myself and push myself over my limits. Getting away from the ordinary daily routine of a hairdresser and just let creativity flow. In the beginning I was overwhelmed by concepts and it took one year to plan and realize every little detail – very often I was baffled and distressed. But giving up was not an option for me. As a mother of two Kids we spend a lot of time in the nature and that inspired me a lot. Especially those fine organic structures of trees, plants as well as arid soil with its special texture. It was my wish that all of this is reflected in my creation plus a feminine and noble style. It was a pleasure to work with photographer Sascha Heks Haubold and

the charming designer Paula Kunkel. They both helped me to implement my idea with very helpful hints. Finally it was time for the shooting and nothing should go wrong on that day. When I saw the models fully styled for the first time – I was flashed. Before that day I practiced on doll heads and I saw the clothes only on pictures. The finishing touch was made by my make up artist Janine Bohn. Now everything has been put together and the composition was amazing. The models where shining in the spotlight. There are no words to describe this feeling – it was just magnificent. Now I can say that I am very proud of my team and myself and I wouldn't do anything differently.



Model: Margarita Ruhl, Hair: Nadin Schneidereit, Photographer: Sascha Heks Haubold, Make Up: Janine Bohn , Designer: Paula Kunkel Paularisierend


Model: Anna Bachmann


Model: Lucie Märtens


Model: Inga Klaassen

Model: Margarita Ruhl


make up by RESLIE MUNDWILER-DE CASTRO photos by ZK FOTOGRAFIE Since it is winter time, I and ZK Fotografie decided for an Ice Queen inspired photo shooting. The idea was actually to use the photos for advertisement on social media. When ZK asked me if I want to create the Ice Queen look, I immediately said yes because most of my makeup works are beauty and fashion looks. As a makeup artist, I love to try different looks, something more creative, I think that is what a Makeup Artist all about, to be creative. We worked as a team, to be able to create the ice queen look, everyone had contributed. We selected a model according to the looks we wanted. We specifically looked for a blonde girl with blue eyes and long hair. Luckily we found Cindy Zolinger. Zk created the headpiece while I pro-


vided other materials like faux lashes which are specially made for ice queen and artificial snow. My friend Jack Andersen provided the crown for us. The shooting lasted literally 30 mins., we did the photo shooting at ZK’s balcony in Steckborn. Cindy really did a great job despite of the cold. She was freezing but remained calm. She knew exactly what to do. It was raining and windy but the photo shooting was successful despite of the bad weather. What I love most about this editorial, is the amazing result. We had such an amazing team.


Make up/Hair: Reslie Mundwiler de Castro , Model: Cindy Zollinger, Photos & Headpiece right: ZK Fotografie, Crown right: Natthaphat Andersen



Model: Adriana Karz Make Up Artist: Constanze Roth Location:, Schmuck: Boutique Ammann 56



As I am always on the lookout for new exotic animals to shoot with, I was so surprised to find reindeers in the middle of Switzerland. The time was just perfect and we started this long trip to the heart of Switzerland. The Make up Artist and the beautiful model set off in the north of Switzerland, picking me up in Zurich. It took us three hours to get to the mountains, and even the journey was gorgeous. We drove on the mountain through a blanket of dense fog - it was almost impossible even to see the road. When we arrived, an amazing view was waiting for us: winter wonderland with snow, beautiful mountains and a village covered in fog. Adriana got this gorgeous princess dress and acted like she never ever felt cold in her life. Photo shoots with animals are always a challenge. Snow, our reindeer, preferred to eat snow instead of interacting with Adriana. The sun in the background just before sunset made this scene perfect. And after a while, when Adriana had broken the ice with Snow, the reindeer, she got his full attention, the result of which were these wonderful shots.



make up by PATRIZIA CAMARDELLA "No rules" Forget about all the rules you learned at school, in fashion there are no rules. With this statement Einat Dan, international Make up Artist started the creative Workshop in Lucerne. I'm excited about Einats way of working and I'm fascinated about her creativity. I liked the idea to have no rules and boundaries. However it wasn't so easy to apply this to the model. The question was where should I start? The task was to create with pigments, bright colors and a thin thread a face ornament. Fortunately I knew my model Kim from other shootings and I had clear in mind which style was fitting to her. It was funny how she helped

and supported me to hold the thread. It was a real challenge to juggle with sticky glue and a thin thread at the same time. Finally it was worth the efforts. Kim is an amazing, fantastic, beautiful and self-confident model. She knows how to put herself to the right scene before the camera. I didn't know for a long time in which direction to develop my skills but after this amazing workshop I'm sure that the creative make up is my way.



Model:Kim H @ Fotogenmodels ZĂźrich, Make Up & Hair: Patrizia Camardella, Photos: Mascha Dahan

make up by NIKOLETTA TEMELKOU I don’t follow trends, I just want to do beautiful make up. I will always see make up as a form of art. And everyone sees, feels and interprets art differently. For me, the art of make up is feeling the best version of yourself. The make up on the beautiful Romy is inspired by the true Hollywood look. Classic, chic & timeless. Where there is smoke, there is fire. A fierce smokey eye topped with the star of this look: the eyeliner. The perfect eyeliner can take you a lot of time sometimes – I am sure you know that - but it was absolutely worth it. When I heard my team saying that they never saw such a perfect eyeliner, I was going to pass out. To complement the eyes I did two variants of lipsticks. Dangerous red lips for the ultimate Hollywood pout. The combination of eyeliner and red lips is screaming strong, confident & sexy. And secondly the nude, glossy lips always seal the deal. Glam, glam, glam! A turquoise smokey eye – why not? Brave, bold & beautiful. I

wanted to shake things up and did a pop of color on the lovely Meret. That smokey eye is definitely a statement. The cover girl, with her chiseled cheeks and peachy kiss-me lips, will stop traffic wherever she goes. For the second look on Meret I wanted to keep it simple. Or more precisely my version of nude make up. She’s radiant, fresh-faced and effortlessly cool with her hair slicked back. Her green eyes are mesmerizing, aren’t they? It’s all about the dewy skin, juicy lips and a wide-eyed flutter of lashes. The skin looks glossy and healthy and is shining brighter than a disco ball. 8 Hours, 9591 brushstrokes, 279 dashes of hairspray and 1256 camera shoots later we got the breath-taking results. Really a dreamteam! Thank you for the amazing shooting.


Model:Meret M@Fotogen Models Zürich, Photos: Mascha Dahan, Make Up: Nikoletta Temelkou, Hair: Despina Stafylaki





Model:Romy S@Time Models ZĂźrich, Photos: Mascha Dahan, Make Up: Nikoletta Temelkou, Hair: Despina Stafylaki



Model:Romy S@Time Models ZĂźrich, Photos: Mascha Dahan, Make Up: Nikoletta Temelkou, Hair: Despina Stafylaki


photos by BOGDANOVA KATYA From the history of creating these images. I created these images in a creative alliance with the talented make-up artist Sasha Vanhanen. Sasha was inspired by the work with the pearls Sam McKnight did for Chanel Cruise and she really wanted to do something like that. In order to think over several images united by one theme, it was necessary to arrange a brainstorm. What details? Focus only on the face or only on the hair? It was necessary to think about how to quickly move from one make-up to another. For my part, as a photographer, I thought about how light would convey the tenderness and softness of these romantic images. I decided to take paper backgrounds of delicate shades, pink and

violet, put the softest light. With the model, Natasha, we met on one of the commercial shootings, then we were already in search of the perfect music for our beauty story ... As soon as we saw the result of Natasha's work, immediately fell in love and invited her to our creative photography. The result of our teamwork has surpassed all expectations! We are very glad that your magazine wanted to publish us, thus, we will be able to share the beauty with a large number of not indifferent spectators.


Model: Natasha Sidykova@ Art model management, Photo: Bogdanova Katya, Hair& Make Up: SashaVanhanen 67



Model: Natsha Sidykova@ Art model management, Photo: Bogdanova Katya, Hair& Make Up: Sasha Vanhanen


make up by ANGELIQUE WALTENBERG photos by LYNN THEISEN As a hair and make-up artist I love to work very creative. Normally it starts with a theme, in this case the first theme was rhinestones (and other glitter objects) and the other one was wool. Glitter Stones Editorial: When I showed up to Lynn, we talked about which rhinestones, or sequins we liked to choose. I brought a lot of stuff with me to the theme we had in mind, in many sizes, shapes and colors and we discuss which 6 we like to use for the model. Sometimes I also ask the model, if she has a favourite color, and I use it aswell, it is a challenge for me, too. I start with a normal look, and adding more make-up and themestuff. Our model was just for a short time in Berlin, and we loved the idea of having an editorial-beauty-shoot with rhinestones, and sequins with her. I love to make models look gorgeous with that little extra ;

Wool Editorial: The main theme was wool, now, that sounds maybe a bit boring, but I brought a lot of different wool types with me on the day of the photo shoot, I also bought effect wool, and that looked very cool. Lynn and I discuss which 6 colors we like the most and work with them. I start with a lighter look, than getting darker and finally very dramatic. Sometimes I know which colors I like to use, before I meet the model, and sometimes I just wait to see her in real life. I like to see her skin tone, eye color and hair color, to decide which colors I take for the make-up. Before I met Scarlett, I knew that I´d love to do a purple make-up on her.


Model: Tanya C. @ Iconic Management Photos: Lynn Theisen, Make Up: Angelique Waltenberg 71



Model: Scarlett Simoneit, Photos: Lynn Theisen, Make Up: Angelique Waltenberg


make up by SERENA PALMA photos by VALENTINA DEMEO This isn’t a recent work, it's more than 2 years old. It was born randomly during a moment in life when me and the photographer Valentina De Meo were experimenting a lot. We always loved to work together since the first time we met. It’s that kind of alchemy that you can’t create or research, it just happen. You don’t have to say a word, It’s really some kind of magic. My work and her lighting have merged together since the beginning. In general, I think that my “style” works perfectly when is captured and shot by a feminine eye. I don’t know exactly why, but I feel it. Furthermore, when you dive into a new creative road and you are sill not sure about the final result, It's really important to work and create with someone walking with you along that road. I never do face-charts, except for campaigns or similar things , where I need to show my ideas to the client. For the editorial works everything happens in my head; I strive about shapes, materials, textures and visual reactions between colors and shapes. Then I start working directly on the face. This imply a considerable “risk” with a mix of adrenalin and panic while slowly the make-up is coming out… and I also feel a genuine amazement for the final result. Because sometimens I just have a general idea about the final result,I don't know exactly what’s gonna happen, and what are the elements

that are going compose the make-up. I love to create and follow a small story in my mind during while working, one where even I don't t know the final. That year, for my birthday I received an amazing book called “Gallimore by Rankin”, it really opened a new world in my head: I was completely charmed by the skulls series; full of different textures, materials, and colors made by this crazy makeup artist. In that moment of my life I was obsessed with make-up applications and everything you could glue on a face, so I decided to take inspiration from the book. The materials (dried flowers and diamonds) were chosen depending on the colors of the model and her physiognomy (the hardest part is to know how to put together shapes and materials that respects and/or emphasize the curves the we find of the face. Before proceeding with the applications on the clean base I create spots and spurts with the color: I love to create those strong pictorial points; they are really instinctive and they balance the rigidity of the application composition. The make up was shot in 4 different phases, each one of those phases created a different drawing on the face.



Model:Alex Ford, Photos: Valentina Demeo



Model:Thalia Kelly, Photos: Valentina Demeo



Foto:Paolo Guadagnin


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Imagism Magazine issue 2  

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