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IMAGISM Nr 6. January 2019








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Imagism Magazine is constantly looking for new talents who want to present their work in our online and print publications. We want to be a platform for creatives all over the world to showcase their talent. Photographers, models, make up artists,hair stylist, designers or retouchers. We present their work not only in our magazine but also on our website and on social media platforms such as instagram and facebook. We do not ask for previously unreleased content. Once the submitted images are accepted we ask for a "short story behind the shot" in which the photographer and/or other team-members tell us about the shooting itself. What was the source of inspiration for the shooting, funny anecdotes, mishaps, success stories. We want to get a little insight into the behind the scenes. We want to thank all our contributors for their beautiful content.













Photographer: Rebecca Millen, Model: Marine Lemielle, Designer: Fraise Au Loup, Mua: Angeline Aron


Photo/Model/Makeup/Styling: Rebecca Millen

photography by REBECCA MILLEN

What inspires me most for my shootings are emotions. A lot of my works convey a specific feeling, a role or an atmosphere. I love to start with an abstract mood, it can be given by a design. I work with a topic that is given to me when I work for specific projects. Everything else flows very intuitive: the styling, makeup, pose and final retouch. Most of my works are selfportraits. I create the makeup, styling, setup – everything. I can give myself into a role to show an emotional concept that is asked and use the tools I have to make an abstract fantasy visible. I absoluetely love to create makeup concepts and stylings, to create connections between the different aspects of a shoot and build another world. By combining all those creative fields, I can bring in my passion


for fashion, art and beauty in these works and at the same time express myself. My motivation ever since was to make feelings visible. To touch people and make them forget about their mind for a moment, to set peoples spirit free and let them see the magic of our inner room that usually hides behind our every-day life. The magic lies in the truth that we all have so much power and beauty within us. It's that kind of energy which is mostly invisible in our material world but it's strongly recognizable when we feel connected and truly authentic with each other.

Photo/Model/Makeup/Styling: Rebecca Millen, Designer: Agnieska Osipa


Photo/Model/Makeup/Styling: Rebecca Millen, Designer: Lory Sun Artistry



Photo/Model/Makeup/Styling: Rebecca Millen, Designer: Agnieszka Osipa


Photo/Model/Makeup/Styling: Rebecca Millen, Headpiece: Hysteria Machine, Claws: IVY-Design


I met Katya when I first got to New York in 2005. We became instant friends while discovering the city together. Katya was a phenomenal dancer. Every time I watched her perform, I felt the perfect balance between the body and the soul. As life almost always goes , we drifted apart for a while. When I went to visit her in Little Rock, Arkansas about 4 years ago, where she now lives with her husband, I realized that the time apart didn’t interfere with our friendship and understanding of one another. I decided to photograph the way I saw and remembered her. I didn’t have the right setting or camera equipment with me, and so we improvised. She took all of her clothes off and started dancing; facing her insecurities and fears, forgetting the years that had passed since she last danced. It took me a couple of years to

bring that shoot to the way you see it now. Looking back at the circumstances, I am grateful. Not having the accommodations I am used to in my studio in New York gave me the opportunity to look at this shoot from a different perspective, in an “inverted” kind of way. Hence the title, “Involution”, which to my understanding is Evolution within. Joseph Campbell once said, “The most heroic of all acts is the courage to discover who you are and what you would like to be, to slay the savage dragon of the Ego and to follow your bliss to the truth of your life.”



Model: Katya Aksenuk



CELESTIAL Photography by ALEXANDER BUTTERFIELD I was inspired by this Abby’s capsule collection. The combination materials, the textures, the color pallet reminded me of hazy otherworldly, almost surreal, dreams I’ve had of late. I sought out a model whom I have worked with before, someone I knew well enough to push the concept and someone with a performance background. The color of her eyes and hair also play into the otherworldly concept I had in mind. In regard to the rest of the team, I chose similarly, with people whom I’ve worked with and have a good set presence with. I like to laugh and enjoy myself, as shooting makes me happy - I tend to work with people who share the same joy of creating. I prelit this the day before, focused on the mood and imagery of my dreams,

which also turned out to be the biggest challenge during the shoot. By this, I mean putting aside technical best practices vs. what I had seen in my dreams. It was difficult to put a mood board together, I hadn’t seen the shots I wanted anywhere and while I had referenced some historical fine art pieces, I don’t think that everyone was clear until about the 4th shot and there was a magical moment we all came together, in a beautiful moment, like we could read each other's minds.  It was a real collective effort that I hope comes across in this work.


Makeup Artist/Hair Stylist: Samuelle Hope Dilla, Model: Ally Anthony, Fashion Designer: Abby Schraufnagel






FEATHER photography by KATARZYNA NIWINSKA In many of my editorials, my own oniric world is the prevalent theme. Also, a character from the court of King Louis XVI of France was my second inspiration - namely, it was the King's beautiful wife, Her Majesty Marie Antoinette. The main point of focus for me was the private time of the Queen, her mirrors, flowers, games and dressing up for masquerades. I know Paulina Romanek from one of my workshops ("Mad tea party" inspired by "Alice in Wonderland"), where she was acting as a main character - Alice. I created my own make up for her, based on the fashion of the court of King Louis XVI of France. She perfectly understood her character and in each picture her posing suit the mood I was looking for. One main obstacle I had to overcome during

this shooting was that one photo was made from a ladder and I was very scared of it. But in order to get the perfect shot I overcame that fear. During the time we planned our shooting it was raining heavily. A force of nature we can do nothing about. So we had to wait for a sunny day to finally make our shooting happen. It was the first time I used filters - a piece of foil for foggy effects on photos and I love the result. It suits the editorial well as I didn´t want a clean look on each of the shots.

Model : Paulina Romanek | Dress - Małgorzata Motas | Make Up, Hair, Styling, Photos - Katarzyna Niwinska - Katherine Anne

I SWEAR GOD IS A WOMAN photos by GOKHAN GOKSOY I have been doing fashion photography since 2008. I prefer to use strong light, contrast and colourful photos for my portfolio. I am so picky with my team because I always want to get perfect results. I create vivid and impactful photography supporting campaign, content & editorial teams to deliver creative works that enables bold brands and beautiful design to stand out. This shooting is inspired by fetishism in Berlin over the 20s and 30s and burlesque dancer of the time Anita Berber, who was one of the first bysexuals of the times. Known as the muse of artist Otto Dix, Berber was a woman who wanted to paint the town red, the talk of the town as she wrapped herself in fur coats as a pet monkey hangs on her neck. She was called as Berlin's "Goddess of the Night", the "Princess of Debauchery", the symbol of Weimar

decadence. She was the scandal, and she embraced the label. Raised by her grandmother, Berber quit family home for the unpredictable life as a dancer in cabaret shows, and she was reckless with her passion. She then became a movie actor after the First World War, becoming a dancer, a sultry temptress or a drug-addled prostitute with her dark bob hair and androgynous looks. She created a style that was deemed a red flag for men and women. But women, of course, envied her freedom and care-for-less personality.


Stylist: Daniella Salvanou, Assistant: Curtis Bird, Makeup Artist: Tamara Tott, Model: Sylvia Flote, Nail Artist: Edyta Betka, Hair Stylist: Hakan Kose London



Model: Maddison Taylor, Makeup Artist: Valentino Pino, Stylist: Daniella Salvanou, Assistant: Curtis Bird, Nail Artist: Edyta Betka, Hair Stylist: Hakan Kose London

"Women envied her freedom and care-for-less personality"


Make-up artist: Einat Dan , Production: Paolo Salerno, Model: Laura DoĂ&#x;mann

CAMILLA photos by CAMILLA CAMAGLIA I have always been interested in arts in general, but I chose photography because I saw in it a modern and more versatile medium to create. I became interested in beauty photography about 8 years ago, I literally fell in love with it when I saw a photography book about creative makeup. In my vision I thought that I could create art by combining photography and makeup to create visually appealing images in terms of shapes, colors and emotions. So I decided to develop my portfolio following this path, and I started looking for makeup artists interested in collaborating with me in creating artistic and tasteful images. It was not easy at first because I could not find people able to realize my ideas as I wanted. Even finding the right models was not easy because not many agreed to have images where makeup made the face less recognizable. But I continued to persevere and over the years I found the right makeup artists to work with and always better models, especially starting to work with model agencies. I think the biggest obstacle in my work was to convince people that you can create images where even if the makeup is creative and more exaggerated than a normal one, you can still create images of good taste and that have a strong visual impact. Sometimes I have also been criticized because my images seem "too perfect" and not real, but the images I create are not made to be real, it is never what I wanted, because they reflect my dreams and emotions. This is

why photo editing is an important part of my work and is made by me in most of my photographs, it's a medium that allows me to reach my final vision. I draw inspiration from different things ranging from painting to architecture, from the shapes, colors and textures or from the face I chose to photograph, as well as the work of makeup artists and the products they use. I build my moodboards by combining a series of images that make my team understand what I want to achieve. For me it is very important to work with people with whom I can have an exchange of ideas and not only that they are good at carrying out what I want. I am very open minded and if I think I can reach a better result I'm ready to change my ideas, some of my images are born also in the moment. I also try to combine the technical ability in the use of lights with which I like to experiment all the time. However in most cases I shoot having already in mind how the final image will have to look after the editing. What I love about my work is the creative energy that comes during a shooting and the endless possibilities to create, as I keep changing and developing my style, and reaching the right combination between all the elements of the shooting makes me happy about the images I create.



Make-up: Ines Schult, Model: Pauline Schmiechen @ Viva Models Berlin


Make-up Artist: Sandra Flรถther , Model: Janna Hills @ Modelfabrik


Make-up artist: Einat Dan, Hairstylist: Sacha Schuette , Model: Laura Kasz , Wardrobe-Stylist: Marina Boll


Make-up Artist and creative direction: Elena Bettanello, Model: Zhong Yang @ Tune Model Management


Make-up artist: Einat Dan, Model: Nina Vitsch


Make-up Artist: Beatrice Contino , Model: Maryana Hordiytsyak


Make-up Artist: Einat Dan , Model: Tanja Lebedeva


Mua: Olga Barannikova, Model - Kate Yanovich

SPARKLE photos by Tatya Lushchyk

The ideal result in a beauty shooting is a “puzzle”, which can only be made with all its parts. A team of professionals: make-up artist, stylist, designer, photographer, retoucher, model - all of its necessary elements. One case helped me to go on beauty shooting. It was this experience that helped me to understand that this is the direction that I find interesting, something that inspires me and gives me the strength to create, study and develop further. The most difficult thing in all my projects is to find a suitable model for a fictional image. It seems to a couple that you are going against the stream and everything is not going in your favor. And when it is already necessary to cancel the designated shooting, there is exactly the model that I represent in this project, which fits perfectly and agrees to the shooting. As a rule, such shootings are the most vivid, spectacular and memorable. I can say that it


is precisely the difficulties that I manage to overcome that give the necessary creative wave, energy and inspiration. Photos of the model with blue hair and glitter are a vivid example of such situations. The models were found at the very last moment, the shooting took place and was crowned with success. Each random encounters and acquaintances are not at all random, these are the clues that you need to pay attention to and follow them. All my pictures as spiritual food for me, thanks to them, I find strength for the following ideas. Thanks to every master with whom I had to cooperate, thanks to their professional work I was able to assemble the necessary “puzzle” and this is success.


Hair : Iwan Lisanowski, Make Up: Nataliya Tkacheva, Model: Victoria Grom


Hair and Make Up: Alina Vorobeva, Model: Valeria Popylina


Model: Mia Arndt, Make-Up: Laetitia Lemak, Retouch: Emilie Desmeules


I love to plan and realize creative and elaborate photoshoots. In editorial photography, I live my creativity and publish my work with a great layout in print magazines. I also enjoy photographing clean looks with beach waves in the hair and natural make-up. 46

Model: Mila Rabini, Make Up: Laetitia Lemak, Retouch: Alekra Antalya

Model: Mila Rabini, Make Up: Laetitia Lemak, Retouch: links: Paula Ramirez, rechts: Alekra Antalya



Model: Neele Gebauer, Make-Up: Shari Kramer, Retouc: Julia Retouch



Model: Laura Kaszemeck, Make Up: Darja Crainiucenco, Assistant: Florian Eising, Retoucher:Lisa Evoluter

These looks wonderfully show the unique faces of the models.I always write a concept before the shooting but often we do not stick to the moods because we are in the creative process. You need a well-rehearsed team for this, that's why I only work with 3-4 selected make-up artists. When it comes to creative work we complement each other perfectly because everyone lets their ideas flow in and, at the end, we create something great. Of course, the model also plays a big role. I only work with experienced agency models and rarely with newfaces. If a model knows exactly how beauty pictures should be, then everyone can better focus on their work and the results will be better. For the model selection, a good skin, full eyebrows and nice lips are important to me. My light setup is always very similar, that's because I do not like hard shadows in beauty pictures. From time to time I try other lighting setups and notice again and again that I do not like it so much. My favorite lens for beauty pictures is the 105mm 2.8 SIGMA macro and I use it in almost all my pictures.


NO RULES make up by Éva Tóth

The motto of my editorial is “Go at it boldly, and you'll find unexpected forces closing round you and coming to your aid.” (W. B. Basil King) This work was shot in Berlin, by amazing Camilla Camaglia The theme is the Woman, who gets closer and closer to her inner self by living a passionate life. She opens herself to the world as she opens her wings. Passion, as a transforming force let us connect to Eternity. It helps looking inside us deeply and living every moment of our life with full intensity. Through these changes we can make our dreams come true, we become stronger and brave. Our creativity grows and finally we live a complete life. The confident woman can manage her life properly. She sees herself gorgeous and reflecting around the same. Her relationships become stable and harmonic. When passion wakes up, our world fills with colors and life starts giving its

presents to us. The pictures show this process from one step to the other from simplicity to magnificence. The story is told by the make-up and the look of the model in a nice way. You can see the phases of this progress, as the changes in her soul are visible and reflecting on her face as well. Also the colors show the same. There is passion and power represented by red and gold colors. The ornateness of the creative make-up, which I love the most, shows how this woman gets more meaningful, opened and brave during her journey. She is ready to show herself honestly at the end. The conscious woman is able to redeem her world. Her presence is a gift. Good example for all of us.



Photographer: Camilla Camaglia, Model: Sarah RenĂŠe




Photographer: Vicky Reder, Make up an Hair: Alessandra Semisa, Make up Assistant: Nicole Bellanti, Model: Andrea @ Run Models

ODD LIPS make up by ALESSANDRA SEMISA I knew I wanted to make an editorial focused on the lips, keeping the rest of the face very clean, so I started sketching some I also created different shapes and I used different textures and products such like glitters, shimmer eyeshadows, jewels, creamy lipsticks, matte eyeshadow and so on. Vicky, the photographer, liked this project, so we started looking for a model with beautiful lips to make it happen! I’m always very happy to work with her for beauty projects, because we have the same taste when it comes to models and make up so I always have fun doing things I like. I think she is so talented and she’s getting better every time we work together!

ideas to show them to the photographer. I wanted to create something very playful using different colors for each shot, so I had a look through my make up products and I got inspired by them. For some looks the inspiration was a combination of colors, like the yellow-purple contrast which I really love, for some others it was the lipstick texture itself, so I decided to apply it with a spatula creating a thick layer. The most important thing for me was to make the looks as unique as possible, I didn’t want any of them to look similar to the other. That’s why





Dress - Monique Huillier

Producer: Melissa Rodwell, Makeup Artist/Hair Stylist: Roberto Morelli, Wardrobe Stylist: Mindy Saad, Wardrobe Stylist/Assistants: Ajai Johnson, Susan Padron Female Model: Nikola Romanova @Truvo Model Management , Digitech: Tyler Mitchell, Cape - Junya Watanabe


HAVE IT photography by RON BEAVER

This story features the intense gaze of model Nikola Romanova. She was a pleasure to shoot, and I hope I captured her energy My team, stylist Mindy Saad and hair and make-up artist Roberto Morelli, did amazing work, but in the end Nikola stole the show. After seeing the final images, I cropped them much more tightly than I had originally planned to focus attention on her. My producer, Melissa Rodwell, is also instrumental in helping me shoot such quality work in New York and I am forever in her debt. The name for this editorial is a take-off on the English saying, “The ayes (‘yes votes’) have it.” I shot this with my Nikon D850 and 85mm at f8. We shot mostly bust and above for this shoot, so f8 is essentially all in focus with this lens. A single light - an Adorama Glow 2.8" silver beauty dish with a 20 degree grid - was set in a Rembrandt position off to the right. A sliver flat was set far to the left to fill in some shadows. This simple set-up is ma favourite, as it delivers dramatic, beautiful light in almost every situation, with just the right balance of soft but well defined shadows and specular highlights.



Kimono - Norma Kamali


Blouse - Lanvin


Top - Versace


Bodysuit - Thierry Mugler




Photo: Camilla Camaglia, Make-up Artist: Sandra Flรถther , Model: Janna Hills @ Modelfabrik

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Imagism Magazine issue 6  

Extraordinary Beauty and Fine Art Photography. The story behind the shot - Artists reveal their thoughts from behind the scenes.

Imagism Magazine issue 6  

Extraordinary Beauty and Fine Art Photography. The story behind the shot - Artists reveal their thoughts from behind the scenes.