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CONVENIENTLY LOCATED AT: 37˚ 46’ 47.5” NORTH - 122˚ 23’ 16.2” WEST


vivete lente, navigate celeriter

VO LU M E X X I I SS U E 2 1 February 201 4


F ebruary A lrea d y ? The Trieschmann Plan: for the Development of Alcatraz Island, 1969. From the Ernest and Esther Born Collection, Environmental Design Archives.


o, it can’t be! Would someone double-check the math on that, please? I’m just getting over the Y2K scare in 2000 – remember that? The word on the street was that the chickens would stop laying eggs and that all the cows would stop giving milk. Sure enough the DOT COM bubble burst, the boody stock market did a nose dive, and the money to buy things like eggs and milk got scarce. About that same time there was talk of a “permanent” building for the South Beach Harbormaster with a positive “maybe” that it would have room for a yacht club. Was all that over fourteen years ago? Holy guacamole! As I sit here nursing the last nog from my last six pack of Happy New Year Eggnog, I wonder what the next 25 years will bring to our club. Hmmm… that would be 2039.

I wonder if…. The possession of any tobacco product whatsoever will be prohibited on the whole west coast including the Farallons and the Channel Islands off Santa Barbara. However, the smoking of “therapeutic” marijuana will be allowed anyplace, anytime in the state including voting booths by California’s 38.2 million registered chronically infirm invalids. The last gasoline powered auto will have long ago been towed to the junkyard. Only bicycles will be allowed in San Francisco including on the bridges leading into and out of the city. Bicycles will have rightof-way over pedestrians, cats, dogs, nursing mothers, baby carriages, police and firemen on all roads, sidewalks, crosswalks, paths and in restrooms. Only solar powered electric motorboats, rowboats and sailboats will be allowed on the Bay.

Cell phones with voice recognition, call waiting, caller ID will be surgically implanted in everyone’s ears The only call tone available will be a telemarketer with a phony British accent promoting the original recordings of every song, music and poem every written, sung or recited since the beginning of time. You’ll nod your head to answer a call, and shake it to hang up, wink to take a picture and blow your nose to get a GPS reading. Sadly, a nation wide pandemic of Carpal Thumb Sydrome will have eliminated texting altogether and emergency classes in Inter-Personal Spoken English clinics will be rushed into service. Have a Happy 2014 anyway. Check it out: August 2014, will have 5 Fridays, 5 Saturdays and 5 Sundays. This happens only once every 823 years so conduct yourself accordingly.

Ray Hall – Dancing Bear

WAVEL E NGT H f e br uary 201 4



s 2013 fades into the sunset, we can reflect on our Club’s 25th Anniversary year. The amazing Oracle comeback win in the AC34 and the BAADS IACA North American Championships along with all of the supporting events and activities surrounding these memorable events making it one of the most exciting “On the Water” years in our Club’s history. So, how will we maintain the enthusiastic spirit of our members for yachting and the excitement of our Club’s participation in international events? By hosting more, interesting sporting events coming to the Club this year. In April, we host the finish of the Qingdao, China to San Francisco leg of the Clipper Round the World Yacht Race. Twelve 70’ ocean racers with colors flying will be berthed in our harbor. Help host these sailors while sharing in their experiences. We need volunteers to participate in and support the Committee. The planning for this year’s anual and traditional events in the Club has a great start with Barrie Wheeler’s Events Committee bringing back many of your favorite time honored event sponsors as hosts. All of our events tend to be more successful when you volunteer. Last year, we had more than 200 members contribute their time and talents to help with both Clubhouse events and on-the-water events with over 1,200 individual contributions,

not counting the 98 OOD’s which each served at least one shift behind the bar each quarter. and 86 Deck Captain Shifts by 33 volunteers. We have an extraordinary model for our Club with an all volunteer management team and diehard event coordinators. All this without a membership mandated specific requirement for volunteer hours to be contributed by each member, as is generally the case with most volunteer organizations. Our success depends upon all of our members accepting their individual responsibility to contribute. This is the basis of our Club structure which keeps dues low and allows for the foundational work of running the Club to be distributed evenly and effectively.

Make one of your New Year’s resolutions to volunteer at the Club. Please call one of the Club officers now and discover a fresh, exciting opportunity to contribute your given talents and time.



Bill Adams Espirit de Liberte


Photo: © Tommy Bonbon



e have a great lineup of events this first quarter of 2014! But first, we are very pleased to announce our new Club Steward. Introducing Kevin Moss, a UCB alum with extensive experience in running clubs having served at the Moraga Country Club, California Tennis Club, Commonwealth Club and most recently at the SF Botanical Gardens. Kevin is looking forward to working with members to make their experience a positive one.

Be sure and introduce yourself next time you drop by. Now for the coming events: Susie Fay is hosting a French Cabaret style Valentine’s Party on Saturday evening, Feburary 15th. Please register early. It will be quite a romatic show and the six course gourmet French cuisine promises to be divine. Bring your sweetie for a romantic and interactive evening. Next is our second annual Pigskin Pig Roast to be held on Superbowl Sunday Feburary 3rd. Even though the Forty-Niners aren’t in the Super Bowl come on down and enjoy the combined Club spirit! With March Madness we have another revival planned for you. Greg and Cathy Sherwood are hosting the 8th Annual Mardi Gras Party on Saturday, March 1. Anybody who has been to this extravanganza raves about it. We are already taking reservations so please register early to avoid any disappointments.

BARR I E W H EE L ER I would also like to say what a great pleasure it is working with the members who volunteer their time, year after year. This year I would like to see more members step up and help out with events and other jobs around the Club. We are a volunteer organization and we need to not lose sight of that, so please, if you are able to help, reach out to me, or Kevin Moss.

WAVEL E NGT H f e br uary 201 4



ow THAT’S what I call a contribution to our Junior Sailing! On Monday, January 20th, for the third time in the past three years Jesse James hosted the MoMo’s Holiday party held at the club. Well, actually it’s more than MoMo’s – it’s all the folks who work at MoMo’s, Pete’s, Pedro’s and Mission Rock, about 150 servers, cooks, bartenders, wait staff and kitchen helpers. Pete Osborne, the owner, (or this year, his son) cooks for the whole group on our grill, and Jesse James, Mark Miner and the HOOD served behind the bar, backed brilliantly this year by Cat Reining who kept the bar running at full speed for us! Here’s the best part: although all the guests drinks were paid for, they still donated generously to our Junior Sailing tip jar. OK, they donated more than generously – a total of just under $900! And, when the party was over, they couldn’t thank us enough and told us just how much they love SBYC and our ambience and hospitality. So next time you’re wondering where to eat or where to suggest reciprocal club visitors go to eat (only when our own kitchen isn’t open, of course!), give a thought to our neighbors and friends in the three restaurants just across the street and at Mission Rock! And, when you’re there, tell them you’re from SBYC!

OOD Tip of the Month



We all know that there are times when there are very few people in the club and your OOD duty is just plain boring. If that happens on your shift, here are some things you can do that will help organize the bar and be truly appreciated by your fellow OODs: • Make sure all glasses are shelved where they are supposed to be; • Wipe down the bottles and the bar surfaces and make sure all liquor bottles are back where they belong (next to the other gins, vodkas, whiskeys, rums, etc.); • Freshen up the condiment caddies and restock the napkin and straws holders; • Restock the bar fridges; • Explore the cupboards and cabinets around the club so you know where to find things in future; • Tidy the bar tools and the folders and manuals stored to the right of the main POS. And thanks again for serving as OODs! Splice the mainbrace!




his is my first report as your Rear Commodore. It’s my pleasure to serve you and I’m really looking forward to it. I have big shoes to fill following Milt Smith’s very successful year and he’s been very helpful getting me up to speed on the projects and priorities for the year ahead. Each month I’ll pick one of these projects and go into details on what it is and why we want to do it and how it fits in with our overall plans for the development and advancement of our on-the-water activities. I’m fortunate to have some very experienced people helping me with a busy agenda this year. Leading the Executive Race Committee is Nancy DeMauro - our one and only US Sailing qualified Area Race Officer. Paul Janofsky has agreed to be our Fleet Captain again this year and I’m so pleased about this as he knows our boat fleet so well and of course, in particular Anabel. Finally, Alan Maybruck is our Cruise Out Director and I’m glad to be working with Alan again after our time together on Membership Committee several years ago. I’m confident he’ll do an excellent job organizing cruises to all your favorite destinations and I’m sure he’ll appreciate any ideas, help and assistance you may choose to offer him. We held our first Executive Race Committee meeting in early January, chaired by Nancy DeMauro.

G ERAR D S H ER I D A N Executive Race Committee members include, Janelle Van Rensselaer, Winnie Kelley and Mike Kastrop. Our first order of business was to review the race calendar for the year and agree on Race Chair and PRO’s for each regatta or series. In preparation for Friday Night Series racing which starts in April, we’ll be hosting two club events focused on getting you and your crew ready - a Racing Rules of Sailing refresher workshop lead by Mike Gross on April 10th and another event focused on sharpening your race tactics - date tbd. Mike Kastrop is working on identifying a lead for this workshop and you can expect to see emails from us shortly on this so keep an eye out for them if you’re a SBYC racer. Mike and I will be taking a fresh look at the race courses for FNS to see if we can refine them but as most of you know, we’re pretty limited to

existing fixed marks. If you have any suggestions, by all means please email them to me. Finally, I’d like you to think about volunteering for race committee this year. You’d be surprised how much you’ll learn and it’s very rewarding. Also, have you ever thought of going through the US Sailing Race officer training and certification process? I recently completed a two-day Advanced Race Management Seminar at the St. Francis Yacht Club and as a self considered experienced racer, I was surprised to learn so much and found it very enjoyable. So I’m appealing to some of our experienced racers and their crew to consider taking this track as one of your racing competence development goals. You’ll get a new insight into to the Racing Rules of Sailing and parts of the rulebook you’ve probably never read but impact us all as racers. Talk to Nancy or myself if you’re at all interested and we’ll give you more details. Our goal is to increase the numbers of US Sailing qualified PRO’s (Principal Race Officer) in the club and continue to enhance the growing profile and reputation SBYC has in the Bay Area race community.

WAVEL E NGT H FEBRuary 201 4

S B YC C L U B N O TA B L E S 2013 Commodore’s Award Determined by Staff Comodore Tom Rogers The winner of the Commodore’s Award for 2013 is Janelle Van Rensselaer. Janelle has made major contributions in the successful operation of SBYC, particularly in the last two years playing key roles on virtually all of SBYC’s committees including: Executive Race Management, Race Committees, Club Steward Transition, Finance, Auction, 25th Anniversary, Volunteer Tracking, BAADS Regatta Mgt, and as well as our 2013 Secretary, and the Chair of the Election Committee. As if these efforts weren’t enough, Janelle was the “go-to” person anytime someone wanted an email blast sent, a website update, or just wanted to know where something was in the Club! The Commodore’s Award is traditionally not given to a standing officer, but given Janelle’s over-the-top list of contributions, it was impossible to do otherwise. The pepetual Award plaque has been updated with Janelle’s name and the inscription “Superstar”. Unable to attend the ceremony, Janelle will receive her plaque at the March Member’s Meeting. Right Hand Man Award

Eugene Hu might have won the coveted Commodore’s Award if he didn’t have such tough competition so close to home. Eugene served with Janelle on virtually all of the committees and activities enumerated above except those associated with the Secretary position. It should be mentioned that Eugene was not just a peripheral player in these activities. His efforts ranged from being in key leadership positions to that of being a key individual contributor. Not wishing such significant contributions to go unrecognized, Staff Commodore Rogers presented Eugene with an engraved plaque declaring him the winner of the “Right Hand Man” award for 2013.

AC34 Afterguard AwarD

Janelle Van Rensselaer

Eugene Hu

Lisa Gidley

Determined by Paul Oliva From the winter of 2010 into the summer of 2011, your Club’s Board of Directors debated how our Club could and should involve itself in 34th America’s Cup preparations. Lisa Gidley committed to chair an AC34 committee that would take on the board’s direction. On the water, our club fielded the largest group of course marshals and related volunteers. In the clubhouse, we enjoyed a steady stream of events for members filled with America’s Cup insights, and some of sailing’s biggest names, largely due to the relationships that Lisa forged with the Bay Area Yacht Club Alliance. There were trips to races and insider tours. There were lots of Kiwis. Our Club became known throughout the bay, and around the world as not only as a friend to the Cup, but to the cause of enjoying fellowship on and around the water. In partnership with BAADS, we used the occasion of the America’s Cup to show that a sound boat, some breeze, and lots of heart can overcome the failures of our bodies. All this was thanks to Lisa’s efforts along with that of many dozens of volunteers. And so it is with our most heartfelt thanks to Lisa, who agreed to lead it, to stick with it, and to bring a vision for an America’s Cup, that she is awarded the “SBYC AC34 Afterguard Award”.

Award recognition for Suzie Fay by then Vice Commodore Bill Adams to appear in the upcoming March issue of WaveLength.


Carol Shoaff - Sea of Dreams

HANDS ON HAUL OUT Club member Carol Schoaff took a good look at her underside and fell in love with it.“Every two or three years a boat owner gets to enjoy getting their bottom power-washed, scraped, sanded, patched and painted. With the guidance and help of a friend who is experienced, I found it to be an extremely positive learning experience where we get to be hands-on with the part the boat you never would otherwise see. At first it’s a bit unnerving to stand beneath thousands of pounds of boat and trusting, that your boat that you cared enough about to give a wellthought out name, would not betray you by falling and crushing you or as a result of living in earthquake country.



eMeRY COve • SAN RAfAel • Sf

2005 - 43’ leO pARd CATAMARAN $ 3 49,0 0 0

20 0 5 - 49’ JeAN N eAU dS $289, 000

1 979 - 38’ HAN S CHRIST IAN $110,000

2005 - 3 6 .7’ Be N e T eAU fI RST $ 1 12, 0 0 0

1979/2005 - 43’ gUlfSTAR Mk II $79,000

1 9 80 - 38’ CA RReRA S lO O p $49 ,000

1984 - 30’ eRICSON 30 plUS $23,950

3300 pOwell ST., eMeRYvIlle (510) 601-5010 • 25-3 Rd ST., SAN RAfAel (415) 453-4770 • 48 COlIN p. kellY JR. ST., SAN fRANCISCO (415) 484-1300

WAVEL E NGT H f e br uary 201 4


THE BOTTOMLINE operations and accounting systems. She may contact you occasionally regarding outstanding invoices or other issues. If you have any questions regarding statements, you can contact Gloria, or myself. We will do our best to resolve your issue as quickly as possible. Let’s have a great 2014 in South Beach!

hanks to responsible Board actions, Pete Hamm’s diligent services and active oversight from your Finance Committee these last two years, SBYC heads into 2014 in strong financial shape. Compared to many other clubs in the area, SBYC is growing and remains financially secure. We aim to keep that up this year.

2014 Budget

Currently, your board is working frantically on the details for this year’s budget. This includes not only the club’s operations but also the investments in current and future needs. Our goal is to have it ready to be presented to you and voted on during the March Members Meeting. The last two years have been financially very good for SBYC. A large part of that is due to the AC34 activities we were able to hold at the club. Plus we had two very good auctions. This year, without AC34, we are forecasting modest results, profitable, but more in tune with earlier years results.Please review the figures when you receive them prior to the members meeting. Member Dues

By now you should have received your statement that included January’s dues. As in past, those who paid their dues annually last year were billed annually this year. It’s the same for those who paid monthly last year. You were billed only January’s dues. However, if you wish to change to annually, please feel free to do so.

r og e r

l a dwig

“The superior seaman will use his superior judgment to avoid having to use his superior skills.” Annual dues must be received by February 15. If not received, we will change you to monthly. It really helps us to have the dues money up front, so please consider paying annually. Additionally, your January statement included the annual PICYA charge of $6.50. Plus we added an optional $5.00 donation to RBOC, our recreational boating lobbying group. They are an important organization that works to help all of us boaters in the face of ever increasing state regulations and fees. Although its’s optional, we encourage you to support RBOC. If you do not wish to contribute, just deduct $5.00 from your payment. Bookkeeper

Late last year we were lucky to hire Gloria Lynch as our Bookkeeper. She is very knowledgeable about our

Cruise-OuTS Calling All Cruisers – Calling All Cruisers - Alan Maybruck I’m the new Cruise Out Director this year. I’m looking for volunteers to help plan and implement cruise outs. This is a fun way to step up to the plate and fulfill your volunteer commitment to the club because a) it’s a great way to meet people, b) co host with a friend or another club member, c) it’s a great way to “… mess around in boats.” So where’s your favorite spot on the Bay? Want to visit other clubs in the area? Choose one and let’s make it happen. Let me hear from you. I’ve posted a spreadsheet with the URLs for Yacht Clubs around the bay, and a description of host duties. 98% of what needs to happen can be accomplished over the phone, or from your desktop. Go to On the Water > Cruise Outs to access information.



Encinal Yacht Club will be hosting the One Day Race Management Seminar on February 8, 2014 under the sponsorship of US Sailing. This seminar is designed for people who have some race committee experience, but newcomers are also welcome. The seminar will be held in the Regatta Room at the club. The seminar will begin at 0800 and end at 1730. The topics to be covered include: • Race Committee objectives, responsibilities, jobs and equipment • Sailing instructions, setting the course, starting system, starting penalties, before the start, during the race, finishing, and scoring • Changes in The Racing Rules of Sailing 2013-2016 that affect race management William Gage will serve as the principal instructor for the seminar again this year. Bill is a certified National Race Officer who has taught numerous One-Day and Advanced Seminars. He also served as the US Sailing Area Race Officer from 2007-2012. The seminar fee is $50.00 and includes a copy of Join the Race Committee Team and a seminar workbook, as well as refreshments in the morning, lunch and beverages for the afternoon break. Registration is available online.


SAN DIEGO > FEbRUARY 6-8, 2014

This landmark event will connect sailors from all aspects of our sport in a fun and exciting learning environment. BAADS will be well represented at the forum: Commodore Rubke will be speaking alongside US Paralympic coach Betsy Alison about adaptive sailing programs (scheduled Friday) and find BAADS at the community booth on Saturday morning (9:30-10:30). Visit for event information. Get the Mobile APP! BAADS BOARD OF DIRECTORS

BAADS Board of Directors is excited to announce its 2014 Board members: Tom Allegretti, Jeff Breen, Roger Crawford, Eli Frank, Alex Hruzewicz, Brian Pease, Stephen Pendas, Kathi Pugh, Alex Okrut, Nina Riehs, Chris Rubke, Cristina Rubke, and Margreta von Pein. Welcome Tom, Roger and Nina as new Board members. SF INTERNATIONAL OCEAN FILM FESTIVAL > MARCH 5-9, 2014

The festival is a five-day event featuring independent, ocean inspired films of all genres from around the world. Followed by Q&A sessions with filmmakers, and panel discussions with industry experts. All events take place at the Bay Theater at Pier 39 and the Aquarium of the Bay in San Francisco.

Twenty Eight Days on a Little Wooden Boat

WAVEL E NGT H f e br uary 201 4


Nicky Barber: Born a boater having lived on her father’s Grand Banks. She fished and drove ski boats throughout childhood years. Nicky was a regular at SBYC during the America’s Cup where she fell in love with sailing and a member of Team New Zealand…James. She is has been an active volunteer for several months and wants to offer her volunteer interests and skills in Budget/Finance, Social Events and Fundraising.


Dan Couter is an outstanding volunteer and a blessing to Anabel. She looks beautiful now as a result of his painting her and in the process, saved her fly bridge! He also refinished all her brightwork, so she looked terrific all throughout Fall racing and the America’s Cup. Dan has skippered Anabel for many races including Jr. Sailing. He’s trained new skippers and was also one of our AC34 volunteers on the water. If that’s not enough, he is one of our two PICYA reps, he’s a longtime OOD and an occassional Deck Captain.






San Francisco’s Distinguished Brokerage and Dealer.


David Trollope received the highest of honors having been nominated for recognition on three separate occasions by fellow members. His signature wasn’t even dry on his application when he jumped at volunteering. He has become an Anabel skipper; does Race Committee; held set-up Members Meetings; captained one of the youth sailing programs; is a Deck Captain; and worked tirelessly at the auction. And he did this in his first five months of membership. Thank you David. You are a perfect example to all new members.


Whether you are buying or selling, please allow me to be of service to you. For more information about our professional services, please contact

Rick Peterson, Senior Broker at: 415 -599-5506 New Sales Int’l Brokerage Custom Builds

Sausalito Silicon Valley The Delta Specializing in Luxury Yachts to 165 ft


South Beach Yacht Club Events Calendar Commodore Bill Adams 415-425-5099 Vice Commodore Barrie Wheeler 707-938-9442 Rear Commodore Gerard Sheridan 415-810-2004 Secretary Kathleen Dunn Treasurer Roger Ladwig Membership Chair Lynda Maybruck 408-472-3667 HOOD Hugh Coppen Port Captain Peter Otten Junior Sailing Kevin Wilkinson 650-333-7873 Cruise Out Director Alan Maybruck 408.489.2477 Chairman of the Board Tim Wier Board Members Debra Phairas BAADS Commodore Cristina Rubke 415 533 0276 South Beach Steward Kevin Moss 415-000-0000 SB Harbormaster Jim Walter 415-495-4911 NEWSLETTer Editor Patti Mangan 415-272-2053

Sunday, Feb 2, 2:00 PM

Super Bowl XLVIII “Pigskin Pig Roast II”

Saturday Feb 8, 8:00 AM

US SAILING One Day Race Management Seminar @ EYC

Saturday, Feb 8, 10:00 AM

Sea Scavenger Shoreline Cleanup - join the morning fun

Friday, Feb 14, 6:00 PM

Member meeting

Saturday, Feb 15 6:00 PM

Cabaret Style Valentines Dinner

Saturday, Feb 18 10:00 AM

Island Fever Race

Saturday, March 1, 6:00 PM

Mardi Gras Party

visit for details and reservations

Facebook Newsletter: Patti Mangan Photos: Gerard Sheridan, Michael Drew, Carol Shoaff & Milt Smith plus various members

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