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The man behind the pages.. Hi, My name is Michael and I am the man behind the issues. I have never really touched on myself over the 23 issues that came before. Which was for a range of reasons. The main one, I always felt my face didn’t fit. Not with Image 34 that would be crazy, I built this from nothing, I mean in the industry. I don’t exactly look my age and I felt if I showed who I was people might not take the magazine seriously. This was very apparent when meeting with singers or models for shoots, who clearly didn’t expect to see my face greeting them. I wanted everyone to judge my work as a photographer and the issues rather than judging me.

I also wanted the magazine to be about well... the magazine. I never felt people would need or want to know about who I was. But now with the re-brand I don’t see why I should hide it anymore. I want people to see how what this magazine has achieved hasn’t been because of a huge team. Yes I am grateful for everyone who has worked with me on various issues. The magazine wouldn’t be here today without them all. But every late night, every hard decision and then making it happen has been down to me. Lets start at the beginning... I originally created the magazine after actually not enjoying University (yes I said it). I didn’t connect with my course, but when you have struggled half way through and have a big old debt to your name, you might as well see it

through. To keep myself busy I went to the drawing board and decided to mix my love for magazines and photography and create my own. With no training or industry knowledge I never thought for one second that the magazine would turn into what it has to today. Sheer determination and passion is what kept me going. I struggled and still do struggle keeping the magazine going whilst keeping a social life, a relationship and holding down a full-time job. Oh yes you read that right. Image 34 is created from the blood sweat and tears after normal working hours are done. My poor partner has to suffer long evenings on shoots holding reflectors and countless evenings of me half listening whilst I edit in front of my Mac. Which leads to another reason I never really wanted people to know me. Incase they didn’t see the magazine as being a serious publication. If they realised it isn’t a full team in an office somewhere. Sorry to spoil the illusion, just the dog and I in the living room. When I look at the magazine’s stats. When I look what Image 34 has acheived I couldn’t be prouder. Now is the time I want to sing about what I have managed to achieve.

This rebrand was much needed. As I said I work full time and the issues started to slip. Although the content was on point the layout, logo and feel of the magazine were missing something. I knew I couldn’t re-brand as well as producing issues. So I took the tough decision to slow things down and stop publishing for a while to focus on the re-brand. But here we are back and hopefully you will agree better than ever. In this issue mixing things up from our usual female led covers you will see we have the lovely singer Mike Petri on the cover. The rest of the issue features some other passionate singer / songwriters who are all making a name for themselves one way or another. We are also sharing some brilliant fashion pieces from recently graduated Grace Horler to independant and ethical fashion brand Bo Carter who has worked with the magazine since issue four. All that is left to say is enjoy the issue and I hope you enjoy the re-brand... from the man behind the pages.

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Hannah Trigwell Hannah Trigwell, welcome to your first feature with us. With your debut album and tour right around the corner lets first start about your journey to it. When did you first discover music was for you? I have always been quite musical, but I first realised I could potentially make a career out of doing it in my year out before University. I was busking every single day in my hometown and it was hard work, but people were really connecting with what I was doing, and I was starting to be able to pay my bills by doing that. I continued busking throughout University, and then uploading videos of my performances to the internet. By the time I graduated, music was already a full-time job for me so I just carried on! I absolutely love songwriting, recording, playing live and making videos. Music is a HUGE passion of mine.

You are a self-taught singer and songwriter, how did you teach yourself and how long did it take? I was listening to the music that my parents would play in the car and around the house and I wanted to make beautiful songs like that - I really wanted to connect with people through that. I started to learn to play guitar on a nylon string (which I would HIGHLY recommend as the strings aren’t quite as cheese-wired as a steel string) and I would go on to learn the chords of my favourite songs. There were a lot of really useful videos on YouTube too. That platform helped a lot when I first started learning how to play and transition from one chord to the next.


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Why did you decide to teach yourself rather than being taught by someone else? I think I did have one lesson, but it was much too theory based for me - I had done all of that when I learnt flute, and I just wanted it to be fun. So learning the songs I wanted to learn and doing it my own time was something that helped it to never be a chore to play. You have a huge Youtube presence, what made you want to upload your videos there? I started uploading videos because I wanted to reach an international audience - or just people that weren’t necessarily going to be able to see me perform on the streets of Leeds. I wasn’t at the stage where I could tour across the UK, so this seemed like a great thing to do to be able to reach people. I had seen a few artists and bands use the site but I could never had imagined how big it would all become.


Were you shocked when the videos racked up some serious views? I had worked really hard on learning guitar, songwriting and singing, making videos… and I believed in what I was doing (still do of course!) so I had a vision of my audience growing due to the quality of music I’d started making. I was definitely surprised, but it is something that I really worked hard to make happen. When the views came and people in their thousands, and then millions, started connecting with the music it was kind of mad but it felt amazing that I could affect people in a way that I had been affected when I listened to the music my mum and dad played around the house when I was growing up. You also share your life through your vlog on your channel. What do you love and hate the most about sharing your life to the internet? I love being able to share my musical journey and all of the behind the scenes stuff, I love being able to

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document that. Sometimes I watch my really old videos to look back at an old tour or something and it’s so awesome to be able to do that. Sometimes there are some not nice people online, or people who go too far in terms of trying to get to the people in your personal life, obviously that’s not cool. You have also been given the name ‘The Peoples Popstar’. How does it feel to have this title? Kind of crazy! And from Lorraine as well! What a legend. She is lovely, it was a pretty decent introduction to get from her haha. I do think the most important people in the music biz are the people who listen to your music, so it was a big compliment. Now onto your debut album ‘Red’. How long have you been working on the album? I’ve been recording the album on and off for about a year, I wrote all of songs over the last 5 or 6 years but not really with a view to recording them for the album - just for the sake of writing songs!


My producer (Ben Matravers) and I had a few set-backs (personal and technical) that meant the album release got delayed, but I think everything happens for a reason, and what we are releasing into the world is absolutely the best it can be. I’m so excited for people to hear it. What is your favourite track off the album and why? Ooh. That’s a tough question. I’ve been sat here for a few minutes and still can’t choose. Taboo is one of my favourite upbeat tracks. Miss You is one of my favourite sad ones… Describe your debut album in three words. Emotional. Dark. Rollercoaster. You are also going on a tour, what can fans expect from this tour? Acoustic stripped tunes, electric upbeat ones, looper pedal action, emotional vocals, and some really, really bad jokes.

Any last shout outs? Just a huge thanks to the people that pre-ordered the album and that have been so patient with its delayed release. It’s out on August 31st and it’s literally the best thing I have ever made.

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Grace Horler Grace Horler, welcome to your first feature with Image 34. When did you first get into designing jewellery? I’ve always had design as an anchor but found a true love for jewellery after doing a course in Hatton Gardens back in 2015. The durability and longevity of metal means that it has the qualities to last 100’s of years, knowing that my jewellery will surpass my lifetime and potentially one day end up in a museum or dug up on an excavation site excites me! Your designs are very unique, how would describe them? I would describe them as energetic, tactile and spontaneous! I want to create jewellery that stands out from the ordinary and bridges the gap between wearable fashion pieces and mini art sculptures.

How long did it take you to find your creative direction? I’ve always had a distinctive style and have always loved eclectic, antique, rugged styles with lots of embellishment and heavy textures. Turning this into jewellery has taken lots of hard work, and for many years I was frustrated at having vision for designs but not having the skillset to realise them. This year has been the first year where I have finally felt like I have a sufficient amount of making skills to be able to turn my designs into reality. I by no means feel like I have cracked my creative direction knowing that new ideas and projects will constantly influence me differently. However, I definitely feel that I’m on the right path! Where do you find your inspiration when designing? I find a lot of my inspiration from

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textures in nature, from rock formation to decaying shrubs to funky shaped tree bark. I see an understated beauty in the fragility of deterioration and enjoy combining textures with a highly-polished surface to create a contrasting appearance. Whenever I travel or go on holiday I am constantly picking up shells, rocks, debris or anything shiny that catches my eye and will sometimes use these as a starting point for a design.

What is the favourite materials you like working with?

How do you begin making your jewellery?

At the moment, it’s probably the large knuckle duster with the three rocks going across it because it’s quite different to all of the other pieces I have designed. It’s totally unpractical and looks like it could remove a few teeth but I think its eye catching. I will however, probably have changed my reply by next week. All my friends know how indecisive I can be!

Often, I will start with a really hot flame and melt my silver into a mould. Using old fashioned ways of casting such as with sand or cuttlefish means the results aren’t always controlled. It’s part of the excitement to have the surprise of a strange shape come out. I then look at the piece and decide whether it belongs on the ear, hand or neck. Once I have a form to work with the time-consuming part is working into the metal adding small details of gold, stones and polished surfaces.

Silver but if I had unlimited money gold! I also enjoy occasionally throwing in a found object such as rock, as you don’t know how the material will behave with the metal which is half the fun! What is the favourite piece you have ever designed and why?

What do you hope to achieve in the next few years? To have travelled the world and been lucky enough to work with other jewellers and galleries across the globe. I want to continue making and pushing my designs and materials in innovative and unusual ways.

Any last shout outs? To my Mum and Dad for putting up with a messy carpet because they understand the high risk of hoovering and the importance of saving scrap silver!

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Elena Ramona Elena Ramona welcome back to Image 34 magazine. For those who didn’t read our last interview please introduce yourself. Hi everyone my name is Elena Ramona and I am a singer songwriter based in Guildford. I have been writing music seriously for about 7 years now and I have had such a blast!!

explains just that, I use lyrics from my songs Hold On and Rise which featured in my debut EP to connect the two worlds together and remind my listeners where I came from. The first lyrics in the pre chorus in Foreverlution are ‘Welcome to Foreverlution’ this is me saying to my listeners welcome to my journey.

Your brand new E.P Foreverlution just launched describe it in three words.

What was the inspiration behind the E.P?

Vibrant, Energetic and Meaningful

Every song is a story which is relevant to my journey in the music world so far. I want to give people an insight into my perspective.

Please explain the meaning behind the title of the E.P. The word Forverlution means forever evolving in this case , I feel that since my debut EP Hold On I have changed as a person and grown as an artist, the song Foreverlution which features in my second EP

What did you hope to achieve with this E.P? I would like to breakthrough to national radio in the UK and perform these songs live in well known venues


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around Europe.

what is to come.

How does this E.P differ from your other releases?

Any last shout outs?

I took some time out to improve myself lyrically and work on all the constructive feedback I have received in the past from fellow peers and professionals, this has resulted in this EP having a much stronger production value and the writing style is much more advanced and informed. Electric Love was the first track to be released why did you choose this track to lead? Electric Love is really up beat and energetic and I wanted to give people a taste of

I would like to thank my legendary production team and live team for supporting and helping me showcase this EP. Getting it out there to the world would not have been possible without you guys. I would also like to thank my amazing friend Zoe Etter who has supported me hugely and is always there to give me the best advice.

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Jorgie Porter Jorgie Porter, welcome to Image 34 Magazine. Most people will recognise you from Hollyoaks, where you were a member of one of the feistiest families on TV. However, we are here to talk to you about your new role in the Fame Musical UK Tour. How does it feel to being doing something completely different?

Being on stage is completely live and anything can happen and I love dancing full out every show! Acting on screen I also have a love for because it’s high drama usually but the hours in tv can be so long - I’m loving having a set schedule whilst being on tour and getting to have a lie in too.

This is completely different to Hollyoaks and past jobs I’ve been involved in and I’m absolutely loving the theatre and being on tour.

How did you come to be a part of the show?

Had you ever done theatre before? This is my first proper theatre role. I’d done pantomime in Liverpool before as Snow White and that was epic, so had the taste for it to want to do live audiences again. What do you prefer about acting on a stage to acting in a soap?

I auditioned like everybody else - First acting audition then a dance audition. When I was in the dance audition I just remembered how much I’ve missed it. Who do you play in the show? I play Iris Kelly in the show. Do you have any similarities to the character you play?

There are not too many similarities as she’s age 14-18 - But I can relate to her being brought up with not much money and being helped and encouraged to dance as she has a passion for it just as did I as a kid.

When growing up you attended a ballet school. Did this help you when preparing for the role? Yes majorly - ballet is a hard technique and I was doing it at the age of three. It would’ve be difficult to be thrown in at the deep end to ‘learn’ ballet if just learn you’d never learnt even the basics, and people can tell if you’ve danced before - Growing up this is all I ever wanted to be . Also being in dance college means you can definitely relate to the story line of fame the musical!

What has been your favourite part of the tour so far? I love all aspects of tour life! I love driving my car to every new city for the week. I love the people on tour. I love the actual show - I thought I might get bored of hearing the songs over and over but I still stand in the wings and still love to watch the show after 4 months on tour.

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Libby Whitehouse Libby Whitehouse welcome to your first feature with us. What made you want to get into music? I’ve wanted to get into music from a very young age, I’ve been singing/ dancing since I was little. It’s always been a passion of mine! The one time I really knew I wanted it to be my career aswell as just a hobby was 2016 when I saw Rihanna at V Festival. As weird as it sounds I was like picking apart everything she did (in a good way), I was almost taking mental notes of how she performed and why she sung certain bits the way she did etc. It was the first time I looked so in depth into a performance and I knew I want to be doing exactly that in the future. How would you describe your music? I would describe my music as a fun mix of pop/rnb with a hint of dance music in there I guess?

I basically just make the kind of music that I would want to listen to when getting ready for a night out so that kind of vibe. Your recently dropped your first music video ‘New Boy’. Are you happy with your fan’s response? Yesss I recently released the music video which I’m so happy about because having to keep a project quiet for months before releasing it is so hard as I just want to get it out there! Everyone’s reaction has been so lovely and I’m so glad they love it as much as I do. What is the track about? New Boy is actually written from my perspective looking into a best friends ‘toxic’ relationship with a boy. My friend kept going back to this boy who wasn’t treating her very nice, and it was my way of saying she can get so much better than you and when

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she does don’t come running back. Explain the concept for the video to us? I wanted the video to have that same fun, vibrant and colourful feel the song has, so I made sure all the outfits and shots were full of colour but the strong message was still there (my facial expressions) Having performed and various UK festivals. Where would be the one festival or venue you would most like to play at? I would of course love to perform at Wireless that is probably one of my favourite festivals. I go each year and it was actually one of the first festivals I went to as the music and artists that play there I really look up to. I would love to perform at Ally Pally (who wouldn’t?!) and Wildlife Festival as it’s just outside of my hometown Brighton! So I’m setting myself big goals haha! Tell us about your up-coming gig and what fans can expect for the show? So my up and coming headline


show is on the November 13th at The Haunt in Brighton. It’s going to be full of energy and I’m honestly so excited for it, it will be the first time I’ve performed with dancers, which has been a dream of mine. All the music will be live and I just want everyone to think of it as a party. When can fans expect more music form you? My EP comes out very very soon and maybe expect a new release within the next week or so..the new music for 2019 will be setting the bar even higher so I’m already working on that!

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SuRie SuRie welcome to your first issue of Image 34. Firstly, congratulations on representing the U.K at this year’s Eurovision Song Contest. However, before we get to that, when did you first discover you wanted to peruse music?

participate for the UK, it was great fun. It’s such an honour to be a part of the Eurovision Song Contest in any capacity.

Thank you! Hi! Music and performance has always been everything to me, there was and is no other option. I was drawn to the piano at home from as young as I can remember and being on stage is always where I feel most at home.

The music always triumphs. It’s a song contest and the better songs end up at the top of the leaderboard on the night.

What made you want to audition for Eurovision? I had an insight into the fun world that Eurovision can be, when I was a backing vocalist for Loic Nottet and Blanche (who represented Belgium in 2015 and 2017, respectively), so when the BBC approached me to

Do you think the show is still very political led?

Do you agree with the new voting system including the public vote more? The system seems to change a little each year, to keep it a TV spectacle for the audiences and that’s normal, I don’t really keep tabs on the changes or the details of how the system works. I’m in it for the music and sharing that stage with the fabulous array of artists from all over the world.

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Who was your favourite act on the night? On the night I was really blown away by the beauty, tone, truthfulness and honesty of Ieva Zasimauskaite, for Lithuania. Why do you think people think the U.K Eurovision acts never stand a chance? With a stand out song, we can. Most people are in agreement with that. With this is mind what made you want to represent the U.K? I had an insight into the fun world that Eurovision can be, when I was a backing vocalist for Loic Nottet and Blanche (who represented Belgium in 2015 and 2017, respectively), so when the BBC approached me to participate for the UK, it was great fun. It’s such an honour to be a part of the Eurovision Song Contest in any capacity. What was the meaning behind your song ‘Storm’?


Hope and positivity. A reminder that our storms - be them personal, national, global - don’t last forever. We must talk about your controversial performance at this year’s final. For those who missed this year’s Eurovision and the headlines SuRies final performance was invaded. Which saw a protester forcefully take the microphone half way through the performance. What went through your head in that moment? It all happened very quickly and very slowly! But the crowd were incredible and I wanted to finish singing for them so as soon as I saw the microphone was back on the floor, near my feet, I thought ‘that’s mine, I’ll have that back, ta, I’ve a song to finish!’ Remarkably you managed to carry on. Where did you find this strength? The performer instinct certainly kicked in and the classic phrase, ‘the show must go on’! It was a case of ‘Keep calm and SuRie on’!

Page 39

After being offered to perform again you chose not to perform. Why did you make this decision? Together with my team we decided there was no need to go again, we were all very proud of the performance. After Eurovision you toured the U.K. What was your favourite experience from this tour? The tour has just begun, with a sold out opening night in London and a very special gig in Redditch, also. Now off to Crewe and back to my hometowns in Hertfordshire and Essex, and onwards further. So exciting to get back on stage and sing for the wonderful audiences and it’s so lovely to meet and greet the fans and thank them in person for their love and support. Your brand-new single ‘Taking it over’ is out now. What was the inspiration behind the track? Empowerment, taking control of your life, your choices, your moments. Is there new music along the way?


Yes, I’m now working on the follow up SuRie album. It’s so good to be writing again and I can’t wait to share it with you all. Any last shout outs? Check out the SuRie socials for updates and thanks to all the amazing fans for their support and love!

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Sapphire Sapphire, welcome to your first interview with Image 34. You must be one of the youngest singers we have interviewed. When did your passion for music begin? Hey hey! I think my passion for singing started when I was really quite young, I can’t remember a moment where I wasn’t passionate. To be honest, I started taking my music a lot more seriously when I was around 13/14, it’s all I ever want to do - hehe. Do you find that being a young singer that people don’t take your music seriously?

Yes, very much so. It’s definitely a case of being young & underestimated, and I believe that if you ask any other young musician, they’ll say the exact same thing. It’s a really difficult industry to be in, but if you love it then you can’t let anyones judgements stop you. What other singer’s careers do you admire? Ariana Grande is my idol, she’s got an incredible voice and she’s so genuine. If I could be like her one day, that would be amazing.


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How does it feel to be so young and have the backing from such big brands like Sennheiser and Dreamworks? Absolutely insane, like I can’t even describe how amazing it feels when companies like that ask you to do work for them. I feel extremely lucky, such a surreal feeling. Music isn’t the only reason you have a growing fan base. Part of your following also came from Youtube. What made you want to start making Youtube videos? It was actually my Mum’s suggestion to start YouTube when I was around 7. I had just come out of a musical theatre Saturday school and really struggled with stage fright, but I loved singing, so my Mum thought it may be a good idea. And here we are, nearly 9 years later. So a massive, huge thank you to my Mum for giving me so much positive encouragement to do it, my life wouldn’t be the same without making videos.


Your new single ‘Foundations’ is out now. What was the inspiration behind the track? The track’s lyrics were actually inspired by a relationship I was in at the time. It’s a co-written song, and we decided to write about something I could relate too. To be honest with you, ‘Foundations’ means more to me now than it did then, and I remember almost being in tears when it was released, what an amazing moment. Describe the track in three words? Tropical. Sassy. Fun. How would you say this new track is different from your previous releases? I’ve only released one other original to be honest called ‘Turn The Music Loud’. That song is totally different to ‘Foundations’ as it’s a lot more of a Taylor-Swift-Pop vibe compared to the tropical vibes that radiate off this track. Were you happy with your fans response to the song? Yes yes yes. The night it was released, I stayed up to see it be

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released for the world to hear and lots of my fans (we call them Unicorns) stayed up too and that was an incredible feeling. We also had a launch party one month before the song was released, and so many people came to hear the song exclusively & see it’s video. Then when it charted in the iTunes Pop Chart, I couldn’t believe it, like I’m just lil Saph and I was charting - surreal moment, totally surreal.

of being on such a huge stage. The buzz is insane and I couldn’t feel more lucky to have had those opportunities.

Do you have any future plans for anymore music?

There’s so many people I could shoutout right now haha. But to be specific of a few - my parents, for driving me around everywhere, filming videos, supporting me and being all round amazing. My lil sister & boyfriend for just being adorable & supporting me. My band (Charlie & Toby) for just being super crazy (they’re both currently rehearsing behind me for our next show!). And then the Unicorns, who I love with all my heart.

Of course, I am extremely excited, although the music that is gonna be released will be different to both ‘Foundations’ & ‘Turn The Music Loud’, as it’s the type of music I naturally create. Very very excited for everyone to hear them! You were lucky enough to have toured around the world including venues like Wembley Arena. How did it feel to perform such an iconic venue? Wow that was a very long time ago haha, I can’t even explain the feeling

Can fans expect you on tour anytime soon? I hope so! Team Saph are desperate to go back on tour as it’s such an amazing experience. Any last shout outs?

Thank you so much to everyone, so much love xo

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Frankie Davies Hi Frankie Davies, welcome to Image 34 Magazine.

you love most about being there?

Starting things off, when did you first discover music was for you?

I love that everybody you meet has a passion for music, music is everywhere. As a songwriter and musician I had common ground with everyone I met and that is special in itself.

From a very early age I was always interested in music, but I knew I wanted to pursue music as a career from about 13 when I started writing my own songs. How would you describe your sound? Country soul with a rocky edge but with the singersongwriter at the core. You have visited Nashville several times, what do

Do you feel this has influenced your music in anyway? Definitely! I grew up listening to the women of Country music from an early age and when it came to writing my own songs I found that those influences left an imprint on my voice and helped shape my style


Page 50

and sound. You have played all over the U.K and Europe. What has been your favourite place to perform and why? Last year I played St Luke’s in Glasgow, it’s such a beautiful venue and the audience were unlike any other I had performed to before. They were attentive, supportive and they were all singing along to my songs. It was a really special show and the reason why I keep doing what I’m doing. Where would your dream place to perform be? The Ryman Auditorium in Nashville, that’s the dream. Your debut album ‘Wherever I go’ is out now! How does it feel to have the album out there for everyone to hear? It feels really good, I was so nervous and anxious to hear what people thought of the album because it’s been so long in the making. I’m really proud of it and what it represents and I’m so relieved that it is out there for people to enjoy. How would you describe the album?


This album is who I am and through it you’ll be taken through my own journey, through music, love, family and friendship. Country music is the essence of this album, mixed with Pop, Rock and stripping it right back to how I perform, as a Singersongwriter. What is your favourite track of the album and why? I think my favourite is ‘Front Row Seat’. It’s my story, what i’ve learnt and gained from my beginnings as a performer and songwriter playing to empty rooms. It nearly didn’t make the album and we reworked it a few times to get it right, I needed it to be raw and emotional because it’s a song that is so very personal. Which one can’t you wait to perform live for your fans? I can’t wait to play ‘The Sweetest Sound’, it was one of the last additions to the album because it became a favourite to perform throughout this year and now, I hope I can convince my audiences to join in on the choruses really loud.

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Mike Petri Mike Petri. Welcome to Image 34 magazine for your first feature with us. When did you discover music was for you?

this was something I had never seen before! I knew I wanted to do exactly that – perform my own songs to thousands of people from then on.

Thank you for having me feature on your magazine! I first discovered music as a career when I attended my local festival called Guilfest in 2010. I made it my mission to get the front row of the main stage to be as close to the artist as possible. I saw Wretch 32 perform live and the connection he had with the audience was something I would never forget. The whole atmosphere and energy couldn’t be replicated from just listening to his songs on the radio. I remember very clearly that after his set he left the stage and the whole crowd was chanting his name for about 5 minutes until he came back to do an encore. These were huge crowds of people! From all across the country to see this artist perform, and

Did you have a musical upbringing? Since a young age I learned how to play the flute. I did this all throughout primary school only learning classical pieces. On my 13th birthday I asked for a guitar as I wanted to start learning more contemporary/pop songs. I still felt that I was restricted in my creativity as I had to only play pieces that were in my music exams. I eventually stopped taking guitar lessons and this was when I started to write my own songs – I enjoyed the freedom I had because there was not a right or wrong way of playing. I was my own teacher!


Page 57

Who were your music inspirations growing up? I would always follow popular music because I wanted to understand what makes these songs so catchy and how could I replicate that. So artists that were always dominating the mainstream charts would be; Bruno Mars, Coldplay, One republic, Chris Brown, etc. These were big artists when I was at school and everyone was listening to them. I was always fascinated about singer songwriters including Taylor Swift, Jason Mraz, Train etc. It was only in 2009 when I stumbled across John Mayer. The unique style he has to both his songs and his own voice was something I fell in love with. I feel that he has been a major influence to my song writing techniques. Your single ‘Come Back To Me’ is out now. What was the inspiration behind the song? This song is based on my first relationship and I wrote it about a few years ago. I didn’t want the song to be a slow ballad but wanted more of a fun upbeat rhythm which reflects the experience I had in the


relationship. It was a really fun and happy time for me and I wanted to express that in the melody of the song. I didn’t want to have deep and meaningful lyrics, I just simply wanted the listeners to sing along without any thought in the words. Describe the song in 3 words. Simple, Fun, Catchy How involved were you in producing the track? I had full control in what was created and removed from the track. I had a very talented producer that would create the specific sound I wanted by using filters and compressors etc. I loved working in that environment and I can see myself in the future recording more songs leading to full albums. Some people know they want to work in an office – I know I want to create music (in a recording studio). Were you happy with your fans response to the track? I was so overwhelmed by the positive feedback I had received. The thing

Page 59


that makes me most happy more than anything are the people from all corners of the world who I have not met before, but they have found my music through my social media platforms. They message me directly saying how this song has made them smile and it has put them in a better mood for the day. Receiving messages like this really motivates me to want to create more music impacting more lives. If 1 song creates 1 smile then It was all worth while.

performing them is something I want to do for the rest of my life.

What do you find hardest about being an unsigned artist?

I want to thank RSartists for recording my songs in your studios, I have gained invaluable experience working in that environment.

The hardest thing is trying to get your name out there. Trying to get your music heard is harder than ever because the field is so saturated. Ive lost count about the amount of radio stations, music blogs and music magazines that have rejected my song. That is why to be successful in this industry takes motivation and determination. Yes I have had a few set backs but this encourages me more to try even harder. Writing my own songs and

When can fans expect more music from you? I shall be releasing an EP early 2019 which will consist of 5 songs. I want to try to make them all different from each other so there is something for everyone. You can follow my journey on my Instagram. Any last shout outs?

I want to thank my family and everyone who has supported me from the very start by sharing all my music. I would also like to thank Image 34 for featuring me, it really does mean a lot when an major magazine takes notice of an unsigned artist.



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Model: Summer Crosley

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