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We are located on the south of Lisbon, in Seixal County

Some of our local patrimony Our school is located in Aldeia de Paio Pires. Its name “Paio Pires” originates from the name of the great conqueror medieval Paio Peres Correia, who has a statue in his honor in the center of the parish (1). It is also known for National Steel, which originated the population growth in the 70's.(2)

Quinta of Fidalga

Flamingos on the bay

Seixal is a Portuguese city/county seat belonging to the District of Setúbal, Lisbon region and sub-region of the Setubal Peninsula, with about 178.000 inhabitants.

View by the river

ex-cork factory ”Mundet”

Aerial view of Seixal’s bay


The early history of the Municipality little is known. However, this city probably had its origin, most probably, in a small village of fishermen and their name can be associated with numerous pebble beaches existing.

Paio Pires is also well known due to the running of the bulls on the Festivities in early August, where bulls are dropped down the avenue with the right to free adventure and lots of fun.

This is where Vasco da Gama and Paulo da Gama built its maritime fleet to move to India. With a strong connection to water, the craft in Seixal stands out through miniatures of typical boats, pieces of wicker and cork.


Tipical boats of river Judeu

Tide mill

We are 198 students, spread over five levels.

Agrupamento de escolas DR. AntĂłnio Augusto Louro

From preschool to the fourth grade.

EB1/JI Aldeia de Paio Pires

We have 7 classrooms and a library. In total there are 14 teachers, 9 with class, the remaining divided between support for children with learning difficulties, library, and school leadership. Theather

We have 6 assistants who support the operational day to day. Our school is a classic model and has no gym, but has a grassed area which is a real treat. We have many projects and activities that keep us busy throughout the year.

Sports and study visits

Health Project, Hat Stories, Experiences, Mathematics More Success, With intelligence no violence, educational garden‌ And theater, library activities, sports, carnival, popular marches, field trips, arts, ...

We are happy here.

Welcome to our school

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Leaflet portuguese school