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SEPT 15-OCT 15 2010

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Photo by Eros Goze


Back in 2006, the idea of publishing a premium magazine devoted to the Filipino community was just too preposterous to consider for most. We were deemed as crazy and arrogant, and out-of-touch with what was perceived as the sorry ‘masa’ reality. Worse, we were viewed with suspicion with what can only be termed as entrenched Pinoy “crab mentality.” But we persisted and persevered. For the last four years, we’ve set out to contribute to the upliftment of the image and morale of the Filipino community, keeping our eyes peeled on the vision “Global Vision, Native Soul.” We have endeavored to build a magazine to feed the progressive Filipino in you; one that champions your cause and pushes you towards greater heights; a mirror that shows you a brighter image of yourself which is based on the reality that gets very little public attention in traditional media. Since we started, we are pleased to say that Illustrado has grown into an infectiously positive medium read by people from all walks of life – from entrepreneurs, to top executives, stay-at-home moms, regular office people, and even domestic helpers - breaking the boundaries of traditional social definitions. Because now, it is not anymore about how much money or what social standing you have; it is all about how talented and strong you are, and what you aspire for yourself and for your country moving forward. We have also enjoyed supporting Pinoy talent - here, back home and around the world, providing a credible platform for our creative and gifted kababayans to shine. And boy, did we have a fabulous time! Because our own people are truly some of the best the world has seen. And even more than this, what has given us fulfillment is seeing how we were able to touch some lives, albeit in our own small way, or how we have somehow contributed to painting a more balanced picture about us Filipinos, in the region. But, we are only really just getting started. We still have a long way to go, a lot to learn, and more talented and gifted Filipinos to meet. And in our journey with all of you, as the Illustrado family grows to embrace even more brilliant contributors from different parts of the world, and an even bigger pool of generous co-collaborators in the community, we hope to stay true to our calling, bearing in mind that we are here to “enlighten,” to boost, empower, and connect Filipinos, not only amongst themselves but to their culture and true capacity for greatness. Let us remind ourselves too, that despite the usual glitz and glamor while we celebrate achievement, style, art, talent and Pinoy joie de vivre, about how fragile our situation is, as a people who share a common fate. Developments last month particularly connected to the hostage taking crisis in the Philippines and the unsatisfactory performance of our government in handling the incident has been a cause of sadness for Filipinos all over the world. Still we must move on from this negative episode. However, in moving on, we must never forget the lessons learned and ensure that we call on our people and hold our government to account. That is something we Filipinos need never forget. Illustrado’s September issue, true to its title, is a virtual fête of Filipino style and luxury from all over the world. Here, we exalt the true creative genius and sense for the finer things that sets us apart from the rest. We also provide you all the other great stuff that you have come to love in our magazine all these years. As we celebrate our fourth birthday in fabulous style – allow us to share this timely thought with you All roads lead to a shining future for all of us. All we need to do is to seize the day. Thank you for your unwavering support. LALAINE CHU-BENITEZ Publisher and Editor-in-Chief


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Innocent Muslims suffered discrimination in the US after 9/11. Modern Germans still get the tag of Nazis. From those historical events to the small bombings, gun shootings, hostage dramas in different countries, it is an UNFORTUNATE FACT that the offender’s countrymen will be affected in some way or form by the victims’ countrymen - or worst, the world. We cannot apologize for what our police did, the government should. But we need to improve police force, re-educate media. We do have to show our sympathy though to the affected party and just keep quiet. But it’s a basic example that in whatever walks Thank you very much for the opportunity. It has of life we are in, we should do our best because we been a pleasure meeting you guys. You were really represent our country - wherever we are. That’s the role you can do every day. amazing. Keep it up! Flordeliza Pesigan - Dubai Firefly Fotography - Abu Dhabi before. Not to mention the fun we have in meeting new models and getting reunited with other models who became our friends too. And who will forget the fashion designers who were marvelous to provide us with their most beautiful creations? The time frame is now becoming tight. Submission of entries will be on September 25 and we still have a lot of things to do. While others enjoyed the weekends from the previous Eid Holidays, 77th Street took pleasure in doing our shoots sessions. Cristina Linaza - Dubai

Well-earned Kudos You and your staff and what you do, are clear examples of what “Taas Noo Filipino” is all about. I was in Sweden for the summer and my friends there became instant fans of Illustrado. Last week, I spent a great deal of postage stamps, sending them your latest issue - in-demand! Agnes Pedrosa Mårelid, Abu Dhabi Love every detail! Astounding creativity by the Pinoy Artists! Mabuhay!!!! And most of all we can never thank enough the tireless and supportive Illustrado team, kayo po ang tunay na bayani for spearheading the push of the Global Filipino!!!!! Ralph Ramirez, Sharjah What I really like with Illustrado is the fashion photography - it stands out, really stands out. It is very artistic and provides a showcase to the hotographers on how they express their art. Illustrado Magazine is indeed a work of art. Mabuhay!!! Arthur Simplina – Dubai Ilustrado Magazine is a work of art... Pride of the Filipinos... A Liza Julao - Miami Wow! I’m loving Illustrado because it’s the taste of the new generation and it’s connecting people. Congrats! Ron Events - Dubai

Biennial & Seminar Acknowledgements It was overwhelming that a credible publishing house will host such an event for the Filipino community and opportunities like this should be given an importance. Let us look on the positive side wherein the goal will be beneficial to all. 77th Street sees to it that our portfolio is always updated. We are always looking forward to weekends as this will be the time where we will get together as photographers, as friends, as a team, and as a family. Illustrado’s biennial book project is such an inspiration to us to be more focused, creative and passionate. I would say that from the series of photoshoots during Fridays, off-days and even holidays, the tie that binds us all is stronger than

The world doesn’t stop just because of one person who put us into celebrated disgust. We’re on one nation. Dont cry over spilled milk people. Hindi kayang sirain ng isang pulis lang ang pagiging Pilipino natin. The first thing we have to do is to accept that it happened - nangyare at walang may gusto noon. People have to realize that certain things in this world are not in our hands. But we can make a change, and we need people na kayang maniwala na hindi lang dahil sa Salamat sa pagbahagi ng kaalaman, isang isang bus na gawa sa lata ang makakapagpabagsak makabuluhang hapon para sa aming mga dumalo sa Pilipinas. Benedict Navarro - Dubai ng Fashion Photography Workshop. Shirley Aguilar - Dubai Filipinos are very resilient; I don’t think there is On behalf of the Shootercada Photographers’ Circle, anything that we cannot survive. We have had worst we would like to thank Madame Lalaine for sharing situations and I can honestly say that we survived all her thoughts, views and experience regarding of them with flying colors. I think that our nation and Fashion Photography’s behind the scene side. May people will move on from this incident just like what Illustrado continue to serve as an inspiration to all we have always done in the past - with humor. I hope that people won’t find this absurd but it is our nation’s of us Filipino expats. God Bless! humor which has made us glide through dictatorship, Arthur Allan Avila – Abu Dhabi typhoons, landslides etc. There is nothing that the It was a fun filled seminar. I will definitely use what Filipinos and the Philippines cannot bounce back I learned as guidelines, especially the concept. from. This is how much I still believe in the Philippines Thank you for giving us additional knowledge in and us - THE FILIPINOS. Anna De Leon - Dubai fashion. Congrats and more power! Jon de Guzman Jr - Dubai Maraming salamat Illustrado magazine for the fashion photography aesthetics seminar. I’ve learned a lot about fashion and glamour and how to critique images. It is really about the substance, the story behind etc. Two of my submitted pictures were critiqued. So, at least alam ko na ang mga flaws and how to improve it the next time. Benjamin Soriano

August Eco-Chic Issue

If possible, stop talking about it. Huwag na nating sirain pa ang image ng Pinas. Alvin Balmaceda Andrade – Kuala Lumpur

Fabulous fashion editorials! Congrats to the designers and to the beautiful photography of Eros Goze and amazing make-up of Gene. Kudos to the We should acknowledge and accept the fact that there is inadequacy in our police training. There was Illustrado team! Proud to be PINOY!!! a lack of objectivity on how they handled the situation. Michael Cinco - Dubai This is nothing new and it is so unfortunate that we So avante garde! It’s nice to see something out have to witness such tragic event for our country to of the ordinary. Fierce! Good job Eros and the realize that there is a big problem with the people who are suppose to be responsible for the prevention Illustrado team. of crimes, people who are suppose to protect us and Dennis V. Celestial - Manila maintain order. But the fact is, our police force lack I’m so proud of my assistant Designer Jessie support from our government as well. Therefore we Sindayen! You made it to the cover of Illustrado – can clearly assume that they don’t even have the and a beautiful cover at that. Well done illustrado ! effective training to handle these scenarios. Ezra Santos - Dubai Yes the head of the nation should address this and Superb! Congrats Jesse Sindayen for the fabulous should now strive to improve the situation and training creation, Gene for the uber cool make up, Eros of our national civil force! Individual Filipinos should for the right angles and lights, and of course to not feel the need to apologize in behalf of all those Illustrado for the concept and the initiative to uplift involved in this incident, but we should acknowledge the problem and accept that we have to do something our own. Mabuhay and God bless you all! about this. We have to be objective! We need help in Reynaldo Gonzaga - Dubai training these people, even if it means that we have to seek out help from other countries to enhance and upgrade our own training. This is a real disappointment On Moving on from the Manila Hostage but enough with the finger-pointing and start with Incident working on the source of the problem. Pauline Moreno - Dubai


He doesn’t only teach spirituality, he also gives timely and relevant financial advice. This month, Preacher in Blue Jeans Bro. Bo Sanchez shows us how to remove our common misconceptions about money and shares why prosperity is so important in our lives in his column – Spirituality.

Alfred ‘Krip’ Yuson

Literary legend Krip Yuson’s column for September 2010 is devoted to lusting after some amazing hotels from Asia to the Middle East - guaranteed to make you long for a cocktail in hand are some of the world’s most privileged views that only significant cash could buy.

Ambassador Grace RelucioPrincesa

Philippine Ambassador Grace Relucio-Princesa imparts her thoughts on strengthening community ties in her column “Bayanihan Corner.” This month, the good ambassador shares her best wishes for Illustrado, especially citing the magazine’s compelling slogan “Taas Noo, Filipino!”

Francisco J. Colayco

Sherry Tenorio

Being a regular fixture in the emirates’ happening social scene is definitely a great help to writer and editor Sherry Tenorio who gives us an account of everything and anything fabulous – from high-flying Pinoys and their glam jobs, to stuff and brand obsessions, as well as eccentric personalities, this month.

Philippine financial guru Francisco J. Colayco believes that the only way to move up into a life of luxury is to work for it and make it happen by honest-to-goodness good work and money-smarts. Check out the Kabuhayan section for his quick tips on moving up the financial ladder.

Al Manlangit

Second-time visitor to the Big Apple, Illustrado travel writer Al Manlangit takes us through the many interesting spots around the city that never sleeps, and concludes how well-deserved the tributes are to one of the most fabulous places in the world in “Pinoy Planet: I Love New York.”

Eros Goze Loraine Balita

In this issue, freelance writer, teacher and travel junkie Loraine Balita recounts how one humble Filipino foodie, Chef Louis Eguaras, made his way into serving his creations on a platter to prominent personalities like George Bush Sr., Bill Clinton and a host of other notable statesmen during his stint at the White House.

Artist Eros Goze who is both a fashion designer and photographer shoots the most awaited fashion spread of the year involving 26 sumptuous gowns, six models and a race to capture fading sunlight, in “Ethereality” featuring the acclaimed designs of haute couture maverick Furne One.

Excel Dyquianco

Illustrado contributor Excel Dyquianco is a freelance writer and copy editor who has a penchant for travelling around the Philippines. Out to correct the notion that Siargao is not the only notable place in Surigao del Norte, Excel highlights the other must-visit places in the province in the column ‘Bakasyon Grande.’

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SEPT 2010

Filipina-Austrian beauties Anna Larndorfer and Katrina Ilming are joined by a bevy of beautiful models in this Anniversary Issue’s sumptuous special fashion editorial featuring the dreamy creations of Furne One.


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Trippin’: Five Things to Do this Month 90 Bakasyon Grande: Surigao’s Other Islands 96 Pinoy Planet: I Love New York 92


Ethereality 42 A One-on-One with ‘The’ One 68 Items of Envy 72 Global Filipino Fashion 78



“Taas Noo, Filipino!” By Ambassador Grace Relucio-Princesa

I first read about Lalaine Chu-Benitez from Kerygma Magazine. She was featured in one issue by Bro. Bo Sanchez. I was impressed by her and her husband’s crusade to uplift the Filipinos in this part of the Middle East. Since she was based in Dubai, I thought about the possibility of meeting her one day. I was once assigned in the UAE as Consul and still knew some people so the wish was not so far-fetched. Then, the miraculous blessing came. Last year, I was been nominated to become Philippine Ambassador to the United Arab Emirates. While waiting for my agreement or approval from the host government to come, I kept attending my Light of Jesus community weekly Feasts. In one of those Sunday gatherings and fellowships, Chelle, Bo’s sister handed me a copy of an Illustrado magazine. I got impressed with its world-class appeal. Leafing through this glossy publication, I read Lalaine’s particular article for that issue. I was impressed by her love for the Philippines and her burning desire to uplift our countrymen - sacrifices and all. Particularly, I took note of the notation on the cover page “Taas Noo Filipino.” It made me want to meet her even more. I said to myself “Hmmm… Somebody shares my passion for the Philippines and its world class citizenry and natural beauty.”

Due to the myriad activities of settling in a new place, my first days and months in UAE were spent doing the necessary. It was such a pleasant surprise then to be informed that Lalaine and her spouse, Ramon, wanted to meet me. I said yes immediately and the rest is history. Up close and personal, the same first impression I had of the couple, who wanted to make a positive difference for the Philippines despite all odds, has stayed steady. We, Filipinos, should be “Taas Noo” because of what this dynamic duo has done so far and further intend to do for us, not just here in the Emirates but wherever their message is heard - i.e back in the Philippines itself or in some other parts of the Gulf and the world. This month is another anniversary they should be proud of. It is an honor and a privilege to partner with them in their noble endeavor. Keep up the good work guys. May you have more anniversaries to come. Mabuhay!


Most Glamorous Filipino Jobs By Sherry Tenorio

Glamour cannot exist without personal social envy being a common and widespread emotion. - John Berger Despite commitment to your profession, there are times when you just stare at the distance and daydream that you are doing something else. Yes? Well, you are not alone. Indeed, there are days when you’d rather be somewhere else - working in a dream job that comes with the big bucks, the privilege of meeting interesting personalities like celebrities, socialites and even royalty, invitations to A-list parties, and even travel to exclusive and exotic destinations. Welcome to the world of glamorous professions.

However, the reality is that these jobs which millions would kill for are especially reserved for the fortunate and deserving few. Still, here in the city of gold, a growing number of Filipinos are gaining prominence in the prime social scenes, upping the notch of professions that Pinoys are in, which pave the way for true talent and remarkable ingenuity to glitter in glam. Fashion, fashion and fashion Is there anything more glamorous than the industry of fashion? There is no other single business field that stands out for its allure, sophistication and excitement. Anyone who gets the chance of a lifetime to work in fashion should definitely grab the opportunity. The world of seemingly endless beauty, creativity and fame is not forgiving to those who do not have the passion, commitment and

talent. So, if you would like to become the next Furne One, Michael Cinco or Ezra Santos who are gaining local and international popularity, for their capacity to create high style, you need to have all the right ingredients to make it in this beautiful rarefied field. However, being a fashion designer is not your only ticket into this bewitching trade. Depending on your talent, you can also opt for fashion photography or fashion journalism. Even the job of a fashion assistant, make-up artist and hair stylist is outrageously glamorous since being in fashion media allows you tons of unbelievable perks and great chances to meet the designers, editors, as well as the moversand-shakers of this dazzling industry. And, if you are good looking, tall and with the perfect attitude, then the runway is your passport. There are a number of Filipino booking

FEATURE 9 agents from Diva Dubai and Bareface modeling agencies that usually scout for models and talents. So, if you have what it takes, and you’re sure that you want the ravishing feel of strutting the catwalk or posing for the next Sheikh Zayed billboard, then better build a portfolio that would make you stand out of the rest of other hopeful wannabe-models.

Behind very important events If there is one singular job of a Filipino that sizzles in glamour then one can only think of the legendary Bong Guerrero. He is the man who was behind the success of countless fashion shows, concerts and corporate events. As an events guru, he is both the maker and the life of a party. He personifies a glamorous life where five star hotels, champagne and fancy cars are plain accessories in his daily regimen. His job does not only allow him to have celebrities on speed dial, he also has members of royal families in his close-friends list. From conceptualizing, creating and organizing VIP parties and highlyrated corporate socials over the years, Bong has certainly put a high benchmark for the Filipinos who would like to enter this field. That is why breaking into the events industry can be exciting – just imagine yourself living the life of a Bong Guerrero, surrounded by beautiful models and socialites, of movie stars and celebrities, business icons and royalty. And it’s definitely challenging – becoming a veritable events guru is undeniably difficult yet definitely worth the supreme effort.

Up in the air They say that the job of an air hostess is quite demeaning – serving passengers, handling their demands and cleaning up their mess requires the utmost patience. The job is also physically exhausting and unhealthy as it shifts the body clock ever so often. Yet, despite of the downsides, working in the airline industry is certainly glamorous. Getting paid to travel the world is totally above the ordinary. Just imagine all the first-class hotels, exotic destinations, top-rate food stops, the shopping and adventure that these high flyers enjoy while on the job, and you’ll be green with envy. Moreover, the fact that only the smart and the beautiful ones get accepted, adds quite the charm to this fascinating profession. That is why, hundreds of Filipinos working as air hostesses and pilots for reputable airlines in the UAE are not only enviable in terms of their position in life, but also serve as inspirations to the many other Filipinos who dream of working high up in the air someday.

Inside hotel lobbies Another job in the hospitality industry that glitters is that of being a top-notch hotelier. They do not only exist within the world-class confines of some of the best hotel properties, and dine in the best restaurants; they also rub elbows with high society visitors, and know the thin line between discretion over sensitive public issues and highly personal matters. Other than these, hoteliers get to satisfy themselves in living a high life, learning the distinction of tasteful living and affluence. Here in the UAE, a number of Filipinos who have made it through the ranks and are now driving decision-


making in five-star chains. Among the most prominent Filipinos in this category are Shangri-la Hotel’s Director of Communications Neil Rumbaoa and Dubai Renaissance Hotel’s PR & Marketing Manager Yasmine Hidalgo. All of them serve as inspirations to the thousands of Filipinos working in the hotel industry, allowing them to dream that one day their wishful thinking of living a glamorous life would be reality.

Designing the high rise Have you ever wondered why interior designers and architects are highly-sought after and well paid? Well, their job description entails transforming a construction site into a marvelous piece of art and lifestyle. Here in the UAE where the construction projects should always be the best among the best – the most elegant, the most stunning and the most creative – the interior designers and architects are challenged on how to manifest these superlatives into reality, into something that people can see, smell and touch. And while at it, these architects and interior designers enter and recreate the glamorous world of class and sophistication. Numerous architects and interior designers work here in the emirates but only a chosen few really experience a graceful life of glamour with their connection to high profile projects. One such Filipino is Architect Medardo Cadiz whose projects include not only notable office, residential, and retail endeavors but also master planning communities not only in the UAE, but also Oman, Malaysia and Indonesia, as well as countries such as Kyrgyzstan, Georgia, Armenia, etc. The stunning design of Bur Juman Center just one of his firm’s creation. From the brilliant architectural designs to his fabulous career, the life of this Pinoy architect, and the likes of him, is definitely worth aspiring for.

Michael Cinco, Ezra Santos and Furne One Fashion designers par exellence - glam creations on the runway from Dubai, to Manila, Germany, Miami, Los Angeles, New York and London.

Neil Rumbaoa and Yasmine Hidalgo Glam hoteliers – definitely five star all the way Bong Guerrero Events guru bar none – surrounded by models, socialites, celebs, business icons and royalty

Medardo Cadiz Preeminent Architect – creating and building art, lifestyle and commerce

12 illuminati

Licking up the By Krip Yuson Photos:Š2010 Las Vegas Sands Corp. All Rights Reserved.

A recent e-mail making the rounds has been trumpeting the architectural marvel that's the latest addition to Singapore's already impressive skyline — in the wondrous three-tower form of the newly opened Marina Bay Sands Hotel. Crowning the towers' roof decks is an infinity pool that's twice the Olympic size, bordered on the non-drop end with wooden deck lounges for sunbathing. The views are of course striking, from all the stylish elements in this pool-in-the-sky area to the panorama below and beyond. The first time I saw the attached photographs, I quickly e-mailed our National Artist for Visual Arts, Bencab, whom I knew to be spending a month in Lion City to conduct grant work on his latest prints. I had also heard that our popular pop historian Ambeth Ocampo would be joining Ben on a week's visit. So I asked them both to see if they could have a photo-op by that infinity pool, surely the highest and longest lap pool in the world. Eventually I found out that entry for visitors other than hotel guests would cost 50 Singapore dollars, and that it wouldn't even include the privilege of strutting by the edge of that pool for a possible photoop. One could only go to a certain parallel level to take souvenir shots of the infinitely more attractive area, as far as style and luxury would have it. A Pinoy photographer-friend based in Singapura subsequently e-mailed his own shots of that lap of luxury. He only used a cellphone cam, but must have gotten quite close to the sundeck area, as most of his photos focused on bikinied Westerners enjoying the equatorial sun while supine or prone. Now all the more did I lick my chops in gluttonous envy.

The lowest room rate is said to amount to something like 15 thou in pesos a night. So now I have something to aspire and save for — only a three-hour flight and then some to a neighboring country, if only to blow that much moolah on a memorable dip. Maybe it can even be a skinny dip, should that desideratum of a swimming pool stay open well past sundown. I'll get there yet, maybe by the skin of my teeth if it can't be on a freebie as has been customary with a vastly experienced media junketeer. Until then, why, I can still gorge on my memories of a couple of relatively recent stays at two of Singapore's finest lodging places. The last one, more than a year ago, was at the Naumi boutique hotel, back of the venerable Raffles thus in a central part of town. It was modest and discreet, but very postmodern-stylish in its amenities, including a room that allowed me to invite more than half-a-dozen friends to lounge in a receiving area with a bar and kitchenette and a curving red couch that faced the Plasma TV. The bedroom had its own. But Naumi's best feature was its swimming pool and deck lounge area on its topmost floor, which had a commanding view of town. At around sunset, it became a terrific panorama of lights popping on, including those of the durian shape of the cultural center by waterside, and across it, the illumined vintage columns of what used to be the

illuminati 13

the city-state's Post Office, and which has since been transformed into The Fullerton. Why, I've spent a weekend in that five-star hotel, too, and enjoyed a superior room or suite that opened to a private balcony overlooking its own Olympic-sized pool. And the view from that balcony and that pool is the durian building up close. Now neither of these hotel pools was of the infinity variety, yet I felt it was enough to bask in the sun, and sunset, and evening air in the company of a city's man-made illumination, in such stylish and luxurious environments. It's a recharging experience on all counts, of course, especially when substance is part of the equation. In both cases, the medium was not only the message, but also the substance of the largesse — or what spells out the truism that the humdrum quotidian is best appreciated when one has savored extraordinary ambience even if one is not the Sultan of Brunei. Times, too, when a luxurious lifestyle betrays a bit of a glitch or wart, something like the opposite of a beauty spot. A very recent weekend at the otherwise classy Pan Pacific Hotel in Xiamen also offered frustration with a negative eureka: the discovery that my room's Internet connection, at 60 yuan per 24 hours, had all the hallmarks of a glacial pace. So much so that my Gmail inbox could only be visited in html conduct.

Then there are showy exhibits that seem to be all show, in an effort to project class. One such example is yet another ultra-expensive hotel, set right in the waters off a kingdom in the Middle East, to which I happened to gain entry by way of a host's invite to high tea. Otherwise, the snap and shoot tourist would have to pay for access — to glorious kitsch. It seemed to want to outdo Vegas' ostentatious and oftentimes outré amenities. And it did succeed, in over-the-top fashion. But then there's something about Luxor, or generically, luxury, that does not always go hand-in-hand with fine style. More often than not, "in the grand style" means taking a risk that all the overpowering features could well approach Grand Guignol levels instead. Walking up and down some halls of the Palace of Versailles can easily affirm this. Did all those corseted ladies seeking audience with the Sun King admire themselves as they sashayed in their heavy, ruffled gowns past mirror after gilded mirror on those gaudy walls, perchance to tell themselves that there but for the grace of simplicity (and much later, minimalism — long after Zen) go I in my much-adorned, preBotox-era old age? Settling on and licking up the lap of luxury can also result in heartburn, or at least a dizzying whiff of unnecessary excess. Sometimes the sound of one hand clapping can be more comforting than a standing ovation.




By Sherry Tenorio

Most of us would have fantasized about being a gazillionaire in a snap. But, have you ever thought of what to do if you had all the money you can splurge? If you were thinking of shopping sprees, mansions and travels then I’d say you’re not yet ready to live the A-list way. Think creatively and outdo Tessa Prieto-Valdes’ diamond studded fake eyelashes or her endless collection of millinery, Bryanboy’s French gourmet line of limited edition greens, Chavit Singson’s ala-Neverland Baluarte, Imelda Marcos’ queen-ship in the world of shoes, and Manny Pacquiao’s desperate bid for a music career.

Talk about outrageous spending, everybody probably remembers that news item on the US$ 20,000 dinner at Le Cirque in New York that former Philippine President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo and her entourage had indulged on in the heat of the global financial crisis last year. That news even got splashed in the popular New York Post’s page six, to which a lot of Filipinos all over the world reacted violently – they felt that the act was too lavish at such a tough economic period. Given the fact that the Philippines is not exactly in top economic shape, the use of over PHP800,000 for a mere dinner was deemed totally inappropriate. Yet, in reality there are times when we could not blame the rich for acting like “rich” people; we could not deny that the ridiculously wealthy have a different standard and sense of what makes them happy and satisfied. Most of the times, the high society’s idea of fun and fabulous is utterly frivolous to outsiders like you and me. So, regardless of the economic climate, we cannot help

it if there are affluent Filipinos who take pride in what their money can do. Imelda Marcos If there was any Filipino who is known globally for living an ostentatious life, that would be the one and only Imelda Marcos. Popular for her extensive wardrobe, Imelda Marcos was said to have at least 15 mink coats, 65 parasols, 71 pairs of sunglasses, 508 gowns, 888 handbags and 1,500 pairs of shoes. In a published interview, singer Mariah Carey even conceded and commented that her collections of shoes “was no Imelda Marcos.” Imelda Marcos has always been and will be the world’s shoe queen. More than just splurging money on fashion, the former First Lady was also infamous for her jewelry collections that included her precious sets of diamond tiaras, ruby brooches, emerald necklaces and a rare

FEATURE 15 huge plans. So, she called her friends, and gave the girls hammers while the men took the sledgehammers, and they had fun breaking everything (not the valuables) that they could see. Philippine newspapers reported that Tessa was thrilled by the success and fun of such a hammering party. A mother, columnist, entrepreneur, flamenco dancer, philanthropist, theme-party hostess, celebrity endorser, reality TV debutante and former feng shui student, Tessa Prieto-Valdes’ life is as colourful as the head dresses and hats that she is also known for. Just recently, she was reported to have received a shipment of 30 dainty hats with distinct materials suited for her style: unique fabrics and crystals. Last year, she was photographed on Hollywood red carpet at the premier screening of the film Enchanted at Los Angeles (LA) with a Rajo Laurel trailing gown weighing 4 kilograms paired with tiara and a pair of wings. Her costume created a buzz, and charmed every one even the movie’s star Patrick Dempsey. In spite of the negative comments against her style, she continues to be the woman that she is – the embodiment of a rich girl with the capacity to flaunt her artistry in high fashion and bizarre parties. Bryanboy: The Blogger

150 carat ruby pendant (bigger than a man’s thumb). Just recently, there were published accounts that the Philippine government would auction the Marcos’ jewels estimated at a staggering amount of US$ 300 million. Today, although living in more “modestly” as compared to her past lifestyle, Imelda marcos remains unmoved by her previous posh ways. Her usual answer on that matter is that the Filipinos needed an aspiration amidst hunger and poverty. She had been quoted saying that she was “some kind of light, a star to give them (the poor) some guidelines.”

Tessa Prieto-Valdes Filipino socialite Tessa Prieto-Valdes, daughter of Marixi RufinoPrieto who was among Forbes Magazine’s 40 Richest Filipinos with assets over US$34 million, is often seen in magazine covers and events pages wearing her signature ball gowns complete with trains and elaborate embellishments. A lover of the haute couture, Tessa Prieto-Valdes is also fond of jewels, especially bright coloured diamonds and 30-carat stones, and counts a pair of diamond studded false eyelashes as one of her prized possessions. Married to Dennis Valdes, also from an elite family, the couple is touted to be one of the most prominent figures in Philippine high society. They just recently finished building her dream Venetian house. However, before Tessa Prieto-Valdes finally saw the creation of their renovated home, she threw a party: a demolition party. Since the property is old – built by her parents in the 70’s and given as a gift for her wedding – she had to redo everything according to her

Passion for fashion and the craving for the high life moved this young web developer to write his thoughts and daily ordeals in the now uber-famous blog under his code name Bryanboy. His eponymous blog has more than 180,000 hits everyday from all over the world, and is read by fashion gurus like Marc Jacobs and Stefano Ferragamo. He had received awards and international citations in Teen Vogue, Elle, Glamour, New York Post and New York Times. He also had a Marc Jacobs’ bag named after him: the BB ostrich bag. However, for the boy who has been exposed to the glam world for he longest time, things could be quite boring. So he focuses on doing things in a not-so-ordinary way. For example, when he wanted antioxidants, he bought himself injectable glutathione. Then, when he recently got a new phone, he refrained from designing it with Swarovski crystals because that would not be so original. And,

16 FEATURE when he opened a business partnership – people would expect a clothing line – instead he opted to produce his “Limited EditionGreens by Bryanboy” sold only in Paris. The exclusive and limited line of gourmet greens packaged with his headshot is indeed, quite distinct. Wait till he gets older, and we’ll surely witness major fashion brouhaha that no Pinoy has ever dared instigating.

not been published, it has been reported that the place requires at least PHP30 million a month to maintain. Indeed, Chavit Singson has a lot of money to spare.

Manny Pacquiao New money spells the rags-to-riches story of Manny Pacquiao. Cited by Time’s Magazine as one of the world’s most influential people for the year 2009, he is now ranked with the likes of US President Barack Obama, the Dalai Lama, Oprah Winfrey and Brad Pitt. Being the first Filipino and Asian boxer to win five world titles in five different weight divisions, Manny Pacquiao is celebrated for his glorious winnings and for bringing pride to the country. Thriving not only with fame but financial abundance, Forbes Magazine noted that Manny Pacquiao was the world’s 6th highest-paid athlete with a total of US$40 million from the second half of 2008 to the first half of 2009, where David Beckham was listed as the fifth with US$42 million. With his hard-earned money, Manny Pacquiao’s purchased mansions, an LA apartment, and splurges on his family’s shopping sprees, as well as charitable donations to his hometown General Santos City. However, even with millions on hand, Manny Pacquiao would still find himself yearning for something more unusual. In his provincial mansion with a boxing glove-shaped pool, there are two buildings - one is the family home and the other is for the sports room, entertainment center, sauna, gym and a dedicated recording studio. Manny Pacquiao persisted, even inside his home, to desperately achieve a glorious singing career. His music album released in 2005 produced a karaoke hit “Para Sa Yo Ang Laban Na To.” It does not appear a practical option nor a sound business decision to shift from boxing to singing, but what could a multi-millionaire sportsman do with his money but follow his passion for the music, right?

Luis “Chavit” Singson Luis Crisologo Singson, or more commonly known as Chavit, had created a mark as a Governor in Ilocos Sur, a gambling tycoon and a major player in EDSA II. His ludicrous wealth and infamous political stint made him a household name in the Philippines. At present, after laying low from the political limelight, Chavit Singson has been seen watching the many fights of Manny Pacquiao. But, his accumulated wealth is not only evident in the amount of money he puts in his hobbies, but also in his beloved estate, the Baluarte. The 80-hectare Baluarte is not as huge as Michael Jackson’s Neverland but its concept of turning a household property into a mini zoo, a butterfly garden, a skeet shooting range, with free palomino rides is quite similar to the King of Pop’s hideout. What began as a fondness for animals, turned out to be a huge collection of creatures from monkeys, to large lizards (bayawak), chickens, to rare birds, tigers, and ostriches. The vast greenery in Baluarte provide a beautiful landscape and a natural habitat for the animals. The Baluarte, Chavit’s mansion and zoo, is now open for public viewing for free, and is growing to be one of the major attractions in Northern Luzon. Though the estimated value of the property has


For the love of


By Sherry Tenorio

Have you ever wondered why Filipino lifestyle is widely reliant on anything that is branded? From the super rich to the ‘masa,’ each and every Filipino is somehow well aware of the various trends in the market, regardless of their social and financial status. Considering how often we are branded as ‘poor,’ Filipinos are definitely one discriminating lot. Just imagine this: Pinoy shoppers who visit ultra-chic Greenbelt 5 and rowdy Divisoria, or for that matter, Karama v/s Dubai’s high-end malls, are looking for the same things – Louis Vuitton suitcases, Gucci bags, Lacoste t-shirts, Rolex watches, animal-printed silk dresses, colored leggings, to name just a few.

Can we blame it on ‘colonial mentality’ that we have been born into a nation that succumbs to anything that is foreign and fad? Or, shall we point fingers to our artistas for bombarding us with too many endorsements? Maybe, it stems from years of being influenced by anything that we see on the boob tube, from the big screen, in the billboards along every high way and, now, the internet. Perhaps, the growth of disposable income of families in the Philippines also brought about the capacity to buy brands? Whatever it is, one thing is certain, there are brands that come and go, but there are some that remain as part of the lives of majority of Filipinos. On brands that are trusted and highly preferred, Filipino consumers are surely loyal – these brands have been engraved in the Pinoy’s hearts even when they leave the Philippines. While, there are brands that despite exclusivity have become constant obsessions, and are part of the perennial Pinoy wish list.

Read on as Illustrado gives a glimpse on Filipino lifestyle revolve around popular brands…

Top Loyalties Jollibee – When it comes to fast food, nothing beats our preference for the happy red bee. Was it the jingle that caught us, or is it Aga Muhlach who persuaded the whole nation? Who cares, as long as we are to eat fried chicken dipped in signature gravy, paired with Pinoysweet hotdog and spaghetti, right? And, even when we travel abroad or settle outside the Philippines, we still long for these comfort foods in Jollibee. That is why here in Dubai, despite the not-so-original taste, we still drop by Jollibee to indulge on our faves.


Great Obsessions Louis Vuitton – It is common knowledge that nothing beats Louis Vuitton (LV) from the top spot of Filipinos’ most aspired for brands. While Gucci prevailed in the aforementioned 2008 luxury brand survey conducted by Nielsen, it actually measured that if money was no object, “Two in five Filipinos would choose Louis Vuitton.” Before, only a few affluent socialites and classy celebrities are spotted carrying designer handbags such as LV, Gucci, Chanel, Christian Dior, and even Hermes. Now, the LV can be seen dangling as arm candies with many Filipinas, especially those living abroad. Try to attend classy gatherings, and you’ll see Filipinos carrying all types of LV bags.

Havaianas – In a tropical country where people dress up like it is summer forever, is a brand which hit the general masses’ hearts like thunder on a rainy day. Offering hip looking slippers, Havaianas have grown so much from being the staple “kolehiyala” flip-flops to being the national “tsinelas.” But, how did a flip-flop become a national sensation, is still a wonder. Havaianas, although, comfortable and durable, don’t come so cheap to the average Filipinos. So why buy? Whether it is about the quality or the brand, Havaianas is certainly reaping handsome returns for having the Philippines as their second largest buyer, next to Brazil, their country of origin. San Miguel/Tide/Coke/Colgate – These four brands are tied in the ranks of the most popular names in the daily household lives of general Pinoys. We use these brand names to refer to common nouns such as alcoholic drinks (San Miguel), laundry detergent (Tide), soft drink (Coke) and toothpaste (Colgate). Admit it or not, when we go to a grocery or a “sari-sari” store, we just say “Pabili ng Coke” and even if they give you other brands, it will be totally fine. And since these brands have been so ubiquitous with us for generations, these will be very difficult to remove from our vocabulary. Nokia – With the rise of digital technology is the rise of consumer demand of mobile phones and gadgets from the Philippines. Remember how often one changes a phone every time Nokia issues a new model? Every Filipino has a collection of Nokia mobile phones gathering dust somewhere at home. According to the 2008 global luxury brands survey by The Nielsen Company – where Gucci was named as the most coveted luxury brand, followed by Chanel and Calvin Klein both on second place: “Asian consumers from the Philippines, Indonesia and China were most enthusiastic about a luxury-branded mobile phone and lap tops, and flat screen TV’s – where 74% of Filipinos said they would buy a luxury-branded mobile phone.” True enough the obsession has become loyalty to Filipinos, especially when the overseas professionals have enough disposable income to buy these gadgets, and send home as homecoming gifts. Albeit, that loyalty has been shaken in recent years with the entry of the Iphone and the obsession-causing Blackberry, which have become the leading aspirational phone brands for Pinoys lately.

Rolex – Another big ticket item that Filipinos covet is timeless classic Rolex. The prestige and elegance of this Swiss watch is what this luxury brand stands for. For many Filipinos, paying over a hundred thousand pesos for one wrist accessory is an investment of a lifetime. That is why up until now the obsession over this timepiece is still very strong. Of course, one does not count the Rolex that are on offer in the outskirts of Karama or Satwa, or even Dragon Mart. Mercedes Benz – When it comes to luxury cars, most Filipinos aspire for the sophisticated and classic look of a Mercedes Benz. Although other cars like Ferrari, Jaguar, Porsche and BMW are found sexy and chic by many Filipino men, still Mercedes Benz is the automobile brand which has captured the aspirations of most Pinoys. Mercedes, as how we fondly call the brand, is sleek, elegant and speaks of high class. It is the kind of car that we only see parked in the garages of the rich politicians, or we see cruising from the gates of Forbes Park and Ayala Alabang. Tiffany & Co. – Diamonds are forever, and, yes, diamonds are in every Filipinas dream forever. While this may be debatable, it is definitely modern Filipinas that have known desire for diamonds. Blame it on foreign movies wherein an exclusive brand takes on jewelry - but really in this day and age, a glimpse of the brand Tiffany & Co. is an embodiment of a dream-come-true. When (and if ) a Filipina receives a gift packed in that famous little blue box, then that is the time when the heaven’s heard a princess’ one wishful thinking.

20 PINOY PRO Celebrating the Professional Pinoy

Ferdinand M. Soriano

Kirby Zalameda

Senior Surveyor / ISM & ISPS Auditor Lloyd's Register EMEA Dubai

Senior Project Designer KEO International Consultants Abu Dhabi

Ferdinand ‘Ferds’ Soriano was born and raised in Tarlac City, as the second youngest among nine siblings. A working student, he graduated from NAMEI Polytechnic Institute in 1992 earning a B.S. Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering degree, with honors. Ferds gained invaluable experience in the marine field working with RWR Marine Works, Twin Hull Shipyard, Double Hull Shipyard, Petron Corporation, Bureau Veritas and Lloyd’s Register, which he joined in 2002. He has also worked in various countries including - Singapore, Taiwan, China, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Macau, Korea, Sri Lanka, Cape Town, Bahrain, Oman and India. Because of his career as Class LR Marine Surveyor and Auditor, and had the privilege to study and train in London for his professional upgrading. His career continues with short term assignments in Shanghai, China and Cebu, Philippines at a senior management and technical level. Ferds currently works in Dubai, as Senior Surveyor/ISM & ISPS Auditor for Lloyds Registed EMEA. Ferds, who is a member of respected Institutions - TWI (UK), RINA (UK), SNAME (USA), PANAME (PH) SONAME INC. (PH), BCCP (PH) and LSG. Aux. Phil. Navy, enjoys reading, surfing, eating spicy foods and playing with his kids. He lives in Dubai with his wife Rosalie, and two kids.

Florinda Pamintuan Journalist, Public Relations Executive Venture Communications Dubai A mother of three, Flor Pamintuan arrived in Dubai in 2006 after spending 12 years in Saipan, Northern Mariana Islands where she worked as Operations Manager for a marketing and advertising agency and as Senior Reporter for a local newspaper. Flor started working abroad since 1994 and has been visiting Dubai since 2000. She witnessed the developments happening in the country and realized its potentials so after being prodded by her siblings, Flor and her family decided to relocate. Flor first worked for Kalimat Group International as Editor of Travel Arabia, an English travel magazine published in Dubai. Her job brought her to different countries in Asia and the Middle East. She says of this experience, “Never had I imagined that I would be able to set foot on these places where I experienced different cultures, met other nationalities and learnt from their history. The trips were very interesting and very educational. By writing about these places, I was able to share with the readers the beauty of each country that I have visited.” In 2009, Flor decided to try her chance at Public Relations. She now works for Venture Communications and is in charge of English media relations. Her current job is an entirely different role but Flor views the change as another learning experience. She still writes for several publications in Dubai and spends her free time with eight year old daughter Thea and husband Aven.

Senior Project Designer Kirby Zalameda is a second generation Overseas Filipino (OF) with 15 years of experience from working with companies such as RMJM Philippines, Kajiwara Gallagher Paine Design Studio and Meinhardt International. He originally joined KEO International Consultants in its head office in Kuwait in early 2005 as an Architect. He was promoted to Senior Architect and eventually to his current position as Senior Project Designer during his four year stay with the head office. While in Kuwait, he was given senior design responsibilities for the international competition held for the Kuwait Investment Authority headquarters wherein KEO won. He also performed the same role as part of the team which designed the first LEED® accredited building in Kuwait. In the beginning of 2009, he was offered to transfer with this design team to the UAE in the Abu Dhabi headquarters. Since then, his portfolio has been filled with projects ranging from large scale high-rise residential and mixed use, commercial, hospitality, education, government, civic and housing developments. This year, his portfolio has been submitted by KEO to the 2010 ITP Middle-East Architect Awards and he has been short-listed for the category of Architect of the Year. Aside from the full-time profession, he is also a new member in the recently chartered United Architects of the Philippines – Abu Dhabi chapter, currently assigned to play the role of Editor-in-Chief for its chapter’s journal arm. He resides in Abu Dhabi with his architect wife Rosalyn also with KEO, and their daughter Ysabella.

Anna Villanueva– Cardoso Deputy Director of Sales Four Points Sheraton Complex Dubai Anna Villanueva-Cardoso, a Hotel and Restaurant Management graduate from the University of San Jose Recoletos in Cebu, Philippines, started her hotelier career in 1993 as a Receptionist at the Forte Grand Hotel in Abu Dhabi (now Le Royal Meridien). She joined the opening team of the Sofitel City Center in 1998 as Front Office Supervisor and was promoted as Reservation Manager within two years. She then shifted to Corporate Sales at the Sheraton Deira Hotel for three years and became a part of the pre-opening team of the Four Points Sheraton Complex – Sheikh Zayed and Downtown properties back in July 2007 as Senior Sales Manager. Anna currently functions as Deputy Director of Sales. Married to Peter Cardoso, an Indian Travel Professional, with two children, Anna is an avid member of PEACE (Pinoy Expats Auto Club in the Emirates) a family-oriented group actively involved in any Filipino community activities in the UAE. Her lifelong ambition is to be able to transform an inherited beach property back home, into a resort hotel and tourist destination in memory of her late mother.

22 kabuhayan money

Getting into a Life of Luxury By Francisco J Colayco

To a large extent, preparing to be financially independent is not compatible with “luxury and the good life” as normally defined. The image that immediately comes to mind with this phrase is EXPENSIVE WITH GREAT COMFORT! The Encarta dictionary defines Luxury as “an activity that gives great pleasure especially one only rarely indulges in.” It also defines the good life as “a life of carefree comfort and luxury.” I define a person to be wealthy when he does not have to work actively to live the lifestyle he is happy with. For those who believe they have to be wealthy to have a luxurious good life, there are four ways to come into money:

Marry It.

If you choose this, make sure you are not condemning yourself to a rich life of misery. Someone commented though that he would rather be rich miserably than miserably poor!

InhErIt It.

remember to always be good to whoever will leave you a fortune. Wills can always be changed to the very end! Even sadder, is that it can be completely spent even before you inherit it.

StEaL It.

Don’t do this because there is a risk you might not enjoy it behind


MakE It.

and this is the only way I recommend and it can be easy if you are determined, disciplined and decisive. I am assuming that you have made your personal financial plan and know how much your targets are for your different financial objectives in life. If you have not, then I recommend you read further below. Here are three major rules for those already with specific goals: 1) Follow the Principle: INCOME MINUS SAVINGS EQUALS EXPENSES. When you are budgeting, you must put aside your savings before you even consider what you can spend on.

2) INVEST YOUR SAVINGS regularly in risk-diversified instruments. I keep emphasizing investing in well-managed mutual funds. There are some in the Philippines. Surely there are in other countries but I am not familiar with them. The best system is to invest regularly, preferably monthly, whether the market is up or down and aim to stay in your investment for at least five years. Do not panic when the market is down because a well-managed fund will always recover. you only lose money if you sell in a bad market just as you only make money when you sell in a good market. 3) DO NOT LOSE IN YOUR INVESTMENTS. This means that you should not get into scams that encourage you to get rich quick. remember that when you do not have any earnings, you are ZErO and you have to earn OnE PESO to be ahead. But if you lose One Peso, you are nEGatIVE OnE PESO and you have to earn tWO PESOS to be ahead. thE BESt Way tO GEt rICh QUICk IS tO GEt rICh SLOW. There are those who believe they have to sacrifice and live a frugal and not too comfortable life so they can save more. They are on the right track but only if they know how to invest their savings. I always say that the difference between the rich and the poor is not “sikap and tiyaga.” The difference is the information the rich have on how to invest. Sometimes, people write me asking me general questions on what kind of information they need. I need to answer that it has taken me four books and a DVD and over 500 articles in various publications over six years to try to explain all these concepts on personal financial literacy. I tell them that I hope they don’t mind that I ask them to read and really study my books. They are very simple and two are now available as e-books for those who are not in the Philippines. There is now even the first all-tagalog publication called “Pisobilities handbook” available in bookstores. Please check


Prosper your Mind, Prosper your Money By Bo Sanchez

Do you want to be free from financial worry? Do you want to pay your debts? Do you want to send your kids to good schools? Do you want to buy a car that doesn’t break down every two months? Do you want to buy your own house? Do you want to, one day, walk up to me and give me a one million donation? (Yes!)


My helpers? The three of them opened an account in citiseconline, an online trading platform. Yes, my helpers will be investing in the stock market under my guidance. (A year ago, one of them already invested in a Euro Mutual Fund—and earned well.) I shocked them. I told them, “If you’ll continue the investment program I taught you, you’ll retire as millionaires!” You should have seen their faces. I wish I took their picture! Awe. Joy. Disbelief. Most of all, it was hope shining through their eyes. I was changing their beliefs. Once they prosper their mind, I know their money will prosper too.

I Want To Give You Hope Six years ago, I started preaching on how to be truly rich. I knew it was controversial. A few persons were turned off. They asked me why I kept talking about money. It’s so unbecoming of a preacher, they said. One person even emailed me and said, “Bo, you’ve become worldly. I wish you go back to your old self and talk only about prayer, faith, and love. Stop talking about money!”

Friend, all this is possible. How? You’ve got to learn a new system. The legendary business guru, W. Edwards Deming, said, “Your system is perfectly designed to give you the results you’re getting.” What did he mean by that? That if all the cars coming out of a car factory have inverted bumpers, then that factory’s system is perfectly designed to produce cars with inverted bumpers. It’s the same with your finances. If you have a mountain of debt, if you can’t make ends meet, it’s because your financial system is perfectly designed to give you your financial struggles. By making changes in your financial system, you’ll be able to change the results you’re getting in your financial life. Today, I’d like to share about the power of belief.

My Passion Is To Teach the Poor to Prosper Each week, I preach to thousands. I preach on television too. I also lead a small group of very big businessmen—all multi-millionaires. But each week, I also lead another small group in our home, composed of my driver and three helpers. In our small group, we do the same thing. We pray together and share our life. Last year, I taught them how to save, invest, and tithe. In last week’s meeting, they thanked me for teaching them how to prosper. They were crying tears of joy! I was so touched by their gratitude. My driver said, “Sir, for the first time in my life, I now have savings. I’ve never saved before. Now, I have PHP20,000!” He said he has PH5,000 in the bank, and another PHP15,000 invested in a business. My driver lives in the slum area. To him, PHP20,000 was like a million pesos.

I’m sorry. I can’t do that. Let me give you two reasons why. The Bible talks about money more than any other topic. Jesus spoke about money more than Heaven and Hell. Secondly, I want people to prosper. I want everyone to have financial freedom. My heart breaks when I see friends suffer in want. And I know this pain I feel in my heart isn’t just mine. And I know that God’s heart breaks as well. I believe God wants us to prosper in all areas of our life—including your finances. It’s possible! There’s hope. You can prosper. The first step of becoming financially free is by changing what you believe. Prosper in your mind, and you prosper in your money.

Is Money Evil? One time, I showed my audience a crisp PHP1,000 bill in my hand. I asked them, “Is this evil?” There was a split-second pause. And then some answered, “No!” But it wasn’t convincing. I knew it was their subconscious at work. Consciously, they knew money wasn’t evil. But deep within, their old programming was pulling them. That’s our problem. I said, “If this is evil, why does Anawim, our home for the abandoned elderly, need PHP700, 000 every single month to feed and care for the poorest of the poor? And if this piece of paper is evil, why do our orphanage (Tahanan ng Pagmamahal) and shelter for women in crisis (Grace To Be Born ), our scholarship fund for out-of school youth (Pagasa ng Pamilya), and our streetkids ministry (He Cares), need another PHP700,000 to do God’s heavenly work on earth every month?” Then, I gave them my punchline: “And please tell me, how can this PHP1,000 bill be evil if the person holding it is very good? And handsome?” And everyone laughed. (They thought it was a joke!)

26 SUCCESSFUL PINOY SPIRITUALITY said, “Please pray for my baby, Bo. She can’t breathe. We’re in the emergency room of a hospital now. They’re asking for a deposit, but we don’t have money.” I realized they weren’t just asking for prayers. They were asking for money. But I didn’t have any! So I called up a friend who I knew was rich. But no one was answering the phone. (It was 2 a.m.) I tried another friend. As I dialed, I remembered he was abroad. I called up a third person. And a fourth person. And a fifth person. All night, I was trying to call up my rich friends.

Create a New Meaning for Money Friend, money is evil only if the person holding it is evil. But money becomes very good if the person holding it is good. That’s why I want good people to prosper! Read carefully: If good people won’t be wise investors and entrepreneurs, then all the money of the world will go to the hands of selfish men. Then God can’t use that money. So, banish the idea in your mind that money is evil. Drive it away from your subconscious. This warped idea had already robbed you of so much wealth! Instead of “Money = Evil”, burn this new emotional association in your brain… “Money = God’s Provision.” Consider as well that when you earn money, you’re using God’s power. When you work, God’s power is working within you. If God thinks that wealth is evil, why would He give us the power to create wealth in the first place? Pretty illogical, right? Create this new emotional association brain… “Money = God’s Power”

And then it hit me, “Why don’t I become rich myself?” And little by little, the wrong emotional link of money was replaced by new emotional links. I began to see money as God’s provision, God’s power, and God’s pleasure. Soon, I was praying a new prayer: “Lord, prosper me so that I can prosper others.”

God Planted a Seed of Prosperity in You I don’t know what your financial condition is now. You may be in debt. You may be in a financial famine. You may be without a job or stuck in a low paying job. You may be where I was 12 years ago—wanting to help people but not having enough to help. in


Friend, here’s my message to you: There’s hope. Prosper your mind and you prosper your money.

Moreso, God is happy when He sees you successful. He claps. He sings. He hops. He does the boogie when He sees you blessed. I think I know the feeling. Last year, through her savings program, one of my house helpers built a small house for her family. My other helper bought a piece of property in her hometown. Despite those expenses, the two of them still had PHP15,000 in each of their bank accounts—now ready to be invested in the stock market. Gosh, I was so proud of them. Yes, I felt pleasure in their prosperity! And I believe God takes pleasure when we prosper too. So burn this emotional association in your brain… “Money = God’s Pleasure”

When you were born, God planted a seed of prosperity into your life. During a Feast, our Sunday prayer gathering, I gave our attendees a small potted basil plant as a symbol for the six weeks we’ll be talking about Prosper! I also showed them what the plant will look like six weeks later—it was a large plant in a large pot. I told them that if they want their plant to grow, they needed to do one thing: Transfer the plant to a bigger pot. If they don’t, their plant won’t grow. It’ll become a bonsai.

Some people think God wants us to be poor because Jesus was poor. Yes, Jesus was poor. But I believe poverty is a special call He gives to very special people, like celibates in religious orders. But the Bible also says that you need to provide for the needs of your relatives and immediate family, or you’re worse than an unbeliever. If you’re like me, you’ll understand what I’ll say next: My heart is big and I have a very big family! Oh, this topic is very close to my heart. Let me tell why…

How I Changed My Belief about Money Once upon a time, I was a poor missionary with very little money. I couldn’t even buy the things I needed for my preaching. For example, I couldn’t afford books. I would go to a bookstore, read a book, return it, go home, and go back the next day to continue reading it. If the sales lady or the security guard looks at me in a funny way, I’d just go to another branch. But all that was nothing. What was most painful to me was my inability to help the people I wanted to help…

“Why Don’t I Become Rich?” I remember a friend who called me in the middle of the night. He

Friend, the container of the plant is a symbol of your belief. And the seed of prosperity will grow to the size of your belief. The reason many don’t prosper is because their wrong beliefs prevent them from prospering. They don’t believe that they will prosper. They don’t believe that they deserve to prosper. They don’t believe that God wants them to prosper. Their container is too small!

Inside You Is a Giant I also placed the tiny seed of the basil plant on my hand. I showed it to my audience. It was smaller than a mongo seed. I told them, “But inside this seed is the tree.” I then looked at them and said, “You are a seed. And inside you is a multi-millionaire.” I may have been imagining it, but I really felt that right at that moment, people were changing their beliefs.

Nothing Is Impossible! You don’t have to suffer financial struggles. You can be financially free. How? Start by changing your beliefs. Prosper your mind so you can prosper your money.


Former UAE Ambassador becomes the Philippines’ Permanent UN Rep After his successful stint as the Philippines Ambassador in the United Arab Emirates from December 2003 to June 2009, Ambassador Libran N. Cabactulan joined the United Nations, to head as President, the Review Conference on the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty. With his leadership, the Philippines scored a major success in convincing all 188 UN member-countries to adopt the final text of the treaty on the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons (NPT) that strengthens global resolve for nuclear disarmament and end nuclear enrichment programs. Now, Ambassador Cabactulan is based in New York where he acts

as the Permanent Representative of the Philippines to the United Nations. In June 2010, he was conferred to his position by former President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo with the Order of Sikatuna, one of the highest decorations of the Republic, during a ceremony in Malacanang. Ambassador Cabactulan was commended for breaking a 10-year impasse in the global nuclear disarmament agenda by successfully steering the recently concluded 2010 Review Conference of States Parties to the Treaty on the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons in New York. Illustrado Women of Substance awardee Mrs. Remedios Fe Cabactulan witnessed her husband’s momentous achievement.

Saudi-based Filipino writer releases new book Saudi-based writer and Pinoy Sining member Jaime Nava Cruz launched his new book ‘OFWs Behind the Curtain’ (Mga OFWs sa Likod ng Kurtina), a 210-page compilation of his short stories, essays, advocacy-write-ups, commentaries, news reports, poems and songs, in English and Tagalog. The book was made possible through the author’s enthusiasm to narrate the life experiences of the OFs. He believes that the book triggers the reading consciousness of the majority of Filipinos based outside the country and their families back home. The book is now available at the Central Bookstore SM Mega Mall 5th Level, Building A in Ortigas; also in Cebu City at Cebu GV Building, P. Del Rosario Street; in Davao at Aldevinco Shopping Center, Roxas Avenue; in Iloilo City at Robinson’s Place and in Cagayan de Oro City at West Concourse Limketkai Mall. As of the moment, Nava Cruz is preparing for his second book ‘The Desert Roses’ which is scheduled for publication and launching in Manila towards the first quarter of 2011.

Fil-Am is top choice for Chief Justice of the California Supreme Court Filipino-American Tani Cantil-Sakauye is named as California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger’s choice for chief justice of the California Supreme Court. According to a news release, Schwarzenegger said, “Justice Tani Cantil-Sakauye has a distinguished history of public service and understands that the role of a justice is not to create law, but to independently and fairly interpret and administer the law. She is a living example of the American Dream and when she is confirmed by the voters in November, Judge CantilSakauye will become California’s first Filipina Chief Justice, adding to our High Court’s already rich diversity.”

Cantil-Sakauye started as Office of Governor Deukmejian as a Deputy Legislative Secretary in 1989 and worked her way up to her current position as Associate Justice for the Third District Court of Appeal in Sacramento since 2005. Cantil-Sakauye was in the same release saying, “Being nominated to serve on the highest court in California is a dream come true. As a jurist, woman and a Filipina, I am extremely grateful for the trust Governor Schwarzenegger has placed in me. I hope to show young people what they can achieve if they follow their dreams and reach for their full potential.” The governor’s nomination for chief justice must be submitted to the State Bar’s Commission on Judicial Nominees Evaluation and confirmed by the Commission on Judicial Appointments. Once confirmed by the commission, the nominee will appear on the November 2nd ballot for voter approval.


NASA awards Filipina’s outstanding achievement Just recently in Maryland, USA, Angelita Castro-Kelly received the National Aeronautics and Space Administration’s (NASA) Medal for Exceptional Achievement, one of the most prestigious awards for outstanding contribution to the space mission agency. Castro-Kelly has provided outstanding support, dedication, and leadership to NASA, serving in a dual role as the Earth Science

Brillante Mendoza’s Lola reaps highest film award in Rome From winning various film awards in different film festivals around the world including the Dubai International Film Festival, Brillante ‘Dante’ Mendoza’s film Lola continues to bring honor as it won Best Film at the recently held Rome Asian Film Festival in Italy.

Mission Operation Science Interface Manager for the past 12 years and the Earth Science Constellation Manager for the past six years. Displaying leadership and diplomatic skill, she works with various groups and organizations including the Jet Propulsion Lab, Kirkland Air Force Base, Langley Research Center, and the International French Space Agency. She was instrumental in getting two key documents signed by all parties, including the various project science/scientist teams and the mission operation teams. Born in Jones, Isabela, Angelita Albano Castro is the youngest of the six children of Dr. Miguel Castro and Eufemia Lagasca Albano. She graduated summa cum laude major in Mathematics and Physics from the University of Sto. Tomas.

As noted in previous reports, the jury unanimously gave the award to Lola “for the extraordinary narrative grace which has conjugated an almost documentary glance about the dignity of the poorer classes’ life, to a subtle ability to create characters made of a huge humanity.” Moreover, the judges composed of actor Giorgio Colangeli, director Serafino Murri and Claudia Bedogni also cited Mendoza’s “incredible directorial skill in the use of space, time and light that are perfectly inherent to a story where lightness and drama are combined together, to return us a profound reflection on the meaning of the bittersweet life.” Lola depicts the personal drama of two grandmothers played by Anita Linda and Rustica Carpio.

Ezra Santos and Furne One to Take New York and London by Storm

Filipino creative artist bags an Emmy award Pinoy animator Joseph ‘Joe’ Mateo recently won an Emmy award for Creative Arts for a project he did for animation giant Disney. Mateo received the award for Outstanding Individual Achievement in Animation for Disney’s Prep & Landing, for which he was the storyboard artist. The award was given during the 62nd Primetime Creative Arts Emmy Awards at the Nokia Theatre L.A. on August 21 in Los Angeles, California. The Creative Arts Emmys are under the Emmy Awards for technical and other such achievements in American television. Recipients of the awards include behind-the-scene staff such as art directors, costume designers, cinematographers, casting directors and sound editors.

This month, two of the Gulf ’s most highly acclaimed fashion designers will hit the catwalk at the New York and London Fashion Week. Dubai-based Ezra Santos will make his debut in the Big Apple at the Couture Fashion Week on the 11th of September 2010, at the legendary Grand Ballroom of the Waldorf-Astoria on Park Avenue, New York City. On the other hand, Dubai’s Furne One will be unveiling his creations at the Amato Couture show to be held on the 17th September at the London Fashion Week’s Luxurious Charing Cross Hotel. Both designers are known for their distinctive take on haute couture and are patronized by an elite clientele which includes the region’s royals. This year, Furne One adds the London Fashion Week to his string of fashion coups which include the Dubai Fashion Fiesta, the Bench Uncut Show in Manila, Project Runway Germany, and soon to come, his homecoming gala show in the Philippines in collaboration with the Red Cross in October. Ezra Santos, on the other hand, is fresh from his debut gala show in Dubai last April, as well as the Bench Uncut Show, and is looking forward to bringing his show-stopping butterfly sleeves, among other style inspirations to the New York runway.

Get ILLUSTRADO The Magazine for the International Filipino


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A Pinoy Chef ’s Journey to the White House By Loraine Balita

Chef Louis Eguaras worked his way to the White House kitchen and served many a famous palates like that of Former President George Bush Sr., First Lady Barbara Bush, Former President Bill Clinton, Armold Schwarzenegger, Bruce Willis, Demi Moore, and Nelson Mandela just to name a few. He now shares with Illustrado the culinary journey that took him from cooking spaghetti in his Mom’s kitchen in Alabang to preparing gourmet dishes for dignitaries in the US capital. White House Chef in the Making Born and raised in Manila Chef Louis remembers how as a kid his Mom who was then working for the Intercontinental Hotel would take him to her workplace in Makati. He would spend his time in the hotel kitchen listening to the clanking sounds of the pots and pans and savoring the aroma of the meals crafted by the chef. “I enjoyed going to The Jeepney Grille (Intercon’s restaurant by the lobby) and going into the kitchen watching the cooks and chef. This, I believe was my introduction to the hustle and bustle of the organized chaos of the culinary world,” he shares. He warmed the kind of world he saw in the kitchen — “I loved the uniforms, the language, the terminology and having the chef let me try little morsels of whatever they were preparing,” he explains. But it was not until he turned 13 when he became absolutely hooked to cooking — just after his mother taught him how to cook spaghetti with meatballs. “I really enjoyed the “mise en place” or the preparation of the meal. I enjoyed the sounds the food made on the sauté pan or when people commented “this is delicious!” He even remembers how he would open his mother’s cookbook and try out recipes. The Beginning of a Long Journey “I started working as a dishwasher at a restaurant down the street from me and worked there all throughout high school,” he shares. Right after high school the then 20-year-old Louis enlisted in the US Navy as a culinary specialist. Soon after, he joined the Camp David Presidential Retreat culinary team under the White House Military

Office. There he had the honor of cooking for President George Bush Sr., First Lady Barbara Bush, Vice President Dan Quayle, Second Lady Marilyn Quayle and other presidential guests like Prime Minister John Majors of Great Britain and Prime Minister Mulroney of Canada. “When President Bill Clinton won the election, he started downsizing the US Navy and hardly used Camp David because he had allergies,” Chef Louis narrates. And it was around this time when he was given the opportunity of a lifetime.

“I enjoyed going to The Jeepney Grille (Intercon’s restaurant by the lobby) and going into the kitchen watching the cooks and chef. This, I believe was my introduction to the hustle and bustle of the organized chaos of the culinary world.”


In 1993, he was offered a job in the White House. Chef Louis grabbed the chance and within a week he was on his way to the White House Staff Mess - “a fine dining restaurant in the West Wing that served the President, First Lady and Senior Staff members like David Gergen, Leon Panetta, Sandy Berger, George Stephanoupolis and Dee Dee Myers,” he shares. During his two years there, he also served many foreign dignitaries like Nelson Mandela and celebrities like Tom Hanks, Jimmy Buffett, Sir Anthony Hopkins, Oliver Stone, James Woods, Mick Jagger and the Rolling Stones. In 1995 he was offered an opportunity to work in Hawaii as a personal chef for a Four-Star Admiral. He recalls how one of the Filipino Master Chefs in the White House advised him to take his culinary adventure to other places aside from Camp David and the White House to further his career so he said yes to the post in Hawaii. There he would start work by 5am to cook breakfast for the admiral and stayed till a little after lunch. “By 2pm I would be done with my day and by 2:30pm, if I was not at the residence by then, I was at Waikiki Beach or Haunama Bay!” In 1997 he decided to take his culinary journey to California. There he started his own catering company which he called Presidential Culinary Service and catered for small events. Then one day while teaching his wife Agnes how to cook, the latter noticed how Chef Louis has talent not just in cooking but in teaching. Agnes who has been teaching for more than 15 years encouraged Chef Louis to try his hand at sharing his knowledge to the next generation of chefs. Teacher Chef Louis Chef Louis went back to culinary school to finally finish his degree in 2005 before applying for teaching posts in culinary schools. “I started teaching actually at a local college in 2005 and enjoyed it so much.” He then decided to teach at Le Cordon Bleu in 2006 which made him fall in love with the profession even more.

“I am currently teaching at Le Cordon Bleu College of Culinary Arts, Hart District ROP Culinary Arts Program and Los Angeles Mission College Culinary Arts Institute.” Chef Louis who has been teaching in Le Cordon Bleu for four years and Hart District ROP for two years is so excited about his new teaching post at the Los Angeles Mission College. He loves sharing his passion for cooking and extensive experience that he even wrote a book entitled 101 Things I Learned in Culinary School. The book is for people who are interested in the culinary arts or for students who are just starting out.

Do Something That You Love The amicable chef who is currently working on another book advises those who would like to follow his footsteps to ask themselves if this is something that they really love. “The most important factor is doing this because you love what you do when you cook,” he says. He reminds would be chefs to not do it for fame or fortune or to make money right away. “Like any industry, it takes time and it [success] does not happen overnight. Be patient, work hard, play hard and have fun!” he shares.

38 ILLUSTRADO SCRAPBOOK A platform for budding Filipino creative talent

Richard Martinez Fine Arts major in Advertising graduate Richard Martinez got his first break into the world of photography when he was taken under the wing of Bern Mejias a prominent member of the Wedding and Portrait Photographers of the Philippines (WPPP). A freelance graphic designer then, Richard was given the chance to try his hand on capturing distinctive images on camera, specifically photographing nuptials. Several years down the road, he has developed his skills and his passion for other types of photography, specifically fashion, for which he says he is truly hooked on. Richard moved to the UAE in 2008 to work as a Photographer for a media production company – All4Media Dubai Studio City. Some of the recent projects that he has had the privilege to work in include - the Hydra Executive Reality Show, The Circle Conferenc 2009, Abu Dhabi Adventure Challenge and UFC 112. He currently works for the Abu Dhabi Department of Municipality Affairs (DMA) as Photographer and Graphic Designer.

A platform for budding Filipino creative talent ILLUSTRADO SCRAPBOOK


Jude Tadeo Cruz A native of Lingayen, Pangasinan, Jude Tadeo Cruz is a Philippine registered Electronics and Communication Engineer who currently works for one of the UAE’s Telecom Operators. Jude’s work entails travels to different islands and places where he sees beautiful sceneries. The desire to capture such picture-perfect landscapes inspired him to develop a passion for photography which he developed with much enthusiasm by attending workshops, learning from reading materials and exchanging information with co-enthusiasts in the UAE capital. These days, Jude spends much of his weekends shooting fashion, events, weddings, portraits, sports as well as corporate assignments. He also functions as one of the advisers of the Filipino photography club Shootercada based in Abu Dhabi.

Mario Cardenas University of Santo Tomas graduate, Architect Mario Cardenas might have just taken up photography late last year, but already list an impressive roster of awards from competitions in the country, even at such an early stage in his hobby. His achievements to date include - Yasalam Image Competition by Flash Production (sole winner), 8th Environmental Awareness Photo Competition by Lightform and Dubai Municipality (2nd place) and the most recognized competition he has won so far, was the 5th Emirates Photography Competition – Al Dhafra in the Photographer’s Eyes, organized by Abu Dhabi Authority of Culture and Heritage (ADACH) and supervised by The Abu Dhabi International Association of Photography (3rd Place). Never to rest on his laurels, Mario is still striving to learn and hone the craft that he has grown to love.

40 ADVERTORIAL With the first launch of the DU campaign using ADBAND, Al Maya Super Markets and Geant Hypermarket has been announced as being the first retailers in the region adapting this new in-store advertising medium.

Sony’s Smallest and Lightest Interchangeable Lens Camera

Co-founder of Elaan Marketing & Advertising, Eng. Ahmad Al Mahri states “We are aiming to bring fresh breeze to the regional market with innovative advertising mediums. ADBAND is a living proof of our promise in delivering our client’s message by breaking the noise. I believe this first campaign launched jointly with a leading brand like DU will be an excellent opportunity for both retailers and international companies in demonstrating the unique advantage of the medium.”

Sony’s 14.2-megapixel resolution NEX-3 and NEX-5 feature the world’s smallest and lightest digital camera body with interchangeable lens, ideal for professional and amateur photographers. Equipped with the latest ExmorTM APS-C HD CMOS image sensor and high speed BIONZ processor, the cameras deliver high quality images and Full HD movie recording. Professional photographers can swap between lenses for flexibility and precision with the range of E-mount lenses. An optional adapter allows use of the existing range of A-mount lenses. The simplified layout integrates a control wheel and two customizable soft keys, where the GUI lets users select from six shoot settings. The new 3D Sweep Panorama mode enables capture of high quality 3D photos. In addition, both models feature the Background Defocus Control, Handheld Twilight mode, Anti-Motion Blur mode, Intelligent Auto mode, Auto HDR Mode for true point-and-shoot simplicity. Compatible with the latest Memory Stick PRO-HG Duo HX media, the cameras sport dual slots for the Memory Stick and SD media. The NEX-3 is available in black, red and silver, while the NEX-5 comes in black and silver.

Wired: Conveying a message

Revitalizing your Makati: SMDC Jazz Residences SM Development Corporation (SMDC) recently launched its Jazz Residences, which offers potential homeowners a unique perspective of the Makati district in a high-rise development featuring affordable, fivestar homes from PHP1.5 million (monthly amortization - PHP9,000) central to the emerging lifestyle hub in the Makati Bel-Air area. The 2.5 hectare development is bounded by N. Garcia (formerly Reposo) and Jupiter Streets, providing accessibility to main roads such as Buendia, Kalayaan, Ayala, and Makati avenues. SMDC will even construct a special bridgeway connecting Jazz Residences to Salcedo for maximized convenience, rendering its location closer to the city’s business hub. This bridgeway will help ease traffic in the area and enable Bel-Air residents with more accessibility to the Makati CBD. Traffic will further be eased with a loop road built-in to Jazz Residences and two extra car lanes along Jupiter and N. Garcia from a reduction in its lot area.

Being the pioneer of noise breaking Out of Home advertising solutions, Elaan Marketing & Advertising has brought the ADBAND concept live for the first time to the GCC region. ADBAND (patented adverting solution on checkout counter conveyor belts) has been introduced lately in Dubai for the recent DU campaign at the Geant Hypermarket - Ibn Battuta Mall as well as the five main branches of Al Maya supermarkets (Al Satwa, Al Reef Mall, Lamcy Plaza, JBR Sadaf and Bahar).

The development will feature four majestic towers that stand tall on a five-storey podium for commercial establishments and one floor for the amenities and garden sprawl. There will be four lap swimming pools and two kiddie pools, a fitness gym, mini-theater, children’s playground, jogging paths and landscaped gardens—all ready to cater to the leisure needs of this “Vertical Village” with 40 levels for residential spaces, featuring studio, one-bedroom, and two-bedroom units. The development will also feature a mini SM Mall, and SM Hypermarket, as well as a business center.

Being a premier supporter of innovative marketing solutions, DU has been convinced with the effectiveness of ADBAND being the most attractive in-store advertising tool and therefore decided to be the first advertiser using this innovative medium in the entire GCC region. Accordingly, this medium has now become the first choice to reach DU clients at the Point Of Sale area.

Contact SMDC Jazz Residences at +632 858-0300 or +63 917-500-5151 or check out You may also visit the showroom at - 2nd Floor, Crown Center, Jupiter corner N. Garcia Streets, Bel-Air, Makati City.




We are inviting all Filipino Photography Clubs and Photographers at all levels (professional, hobbyists and amateurs) to participate in the biggest and most ambitious Pinoy photography project in the region-the Filipino Photography Biennial, a coffee table book to be published every two years showcasing the works of Filipino photographers in the UAE, Oman, Bahrain, Qatar, Kuwait, and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. 2010’s theme-“The Gulf in the Eyes of a Filipino Photographer” will be captured in five photographic categories: Landscape

and Architecture (local), Heritage and Culture (local), Pinoy Slice of Life, Fashion, and Beauty (Filipino). We are also calling all Filipino photography clubs in the region to participate and help us shape this worthwhile project that will boost our community. For each participating org, we will be inviting a representative to join the selection panel. Deadline for Submissions- Sept 25, 2010 For queries, you may e-mail us at: You may also call us at: (+9714) 4 365 4543 or 365 4547




Ethereality The whispers of another place, another time blow softly within the exquisite folds and romantic detailing of ethereal pieces meant to take you into suspended fascination.



































Victorian Bag Lady

Victorian ball gown made of plastic garbage bags, held in by safety pins, accessorized with necklace made out of laundry clips matched with a steel wool bib, steel wool arm “warmers” and braided garbage bag headpiece with net – by Eros Goze


By Lalaine Chu-Benitez Photography by Eros Goze

We have fondly given him the title “The ONE and only” - and quite rightly so. Virtually everybody that matters in the regional haute couture industry knows what makes this Dubai-based Filipino artist a stand-out in the world of elite style. However, unbeknownst to many, there is so much more that makes him unique, and that truly establishes “The One” (pronounced ‘oh-nay’) as somebody even larger, than “merely” a true fashion maverick well-ahead of the pack.




f there is anything that truly defines Furne One’s creations it is the word ‘grandiose.’ When you say Furne Amato, it has to be something huge. Nothing is ever small; everything is maximal, dramatic, and larger than life. We have seen his head turning creations on the catwalk and in the pages of reputable glossies around the region. We know of his “shock and awe” attitude to color that is uniquely his, the strong style statements he creates, as well as his “take it all the way” bravado when it comes to design elements which are truly distinctive – whether it is in his irreverent mixing of crystals, patterns and embellishments, or his exaggerated hips or any other latest style fixation of his. A tough act to follow, but the one thing that perhaps matches Furne’s grandiosity in aesthetics is how he attacks work and the design process itself. Unlike others in the same creative field who look at the small things like elements, colors, or the details and inspirations du jour, Furne thinks and creates in 4D, High Definition, full fashion production drama. “I love films and I am fascinated by big productions especially movies of a gothic nature, or those that revolve around fairytales, vampires and wolves,” the artist shares enthusiastically, his eyes shining. “I think about all the details of the fashion process, from the tinniest embellishments of the clothes, to the fashion show, complete with the music, lighting, ambience, choreography, as well as the models’ styling, make up – the works.” No wonder, Furne’s fashion shows are touted as some of the best and most-awaited in the country. A fashion designer whose penchant for the unexpected is well known, Furne professes, “When it comes to fashion, of course, I don’t like to be just like everybody else. Having my own identity is very important to me.” He continues, “I design for my own pleasure and it is important for me to get the whole look right. So more than just the dress, I also like to play with the styling. Trying stuff and changing them around, until I achieve just the right and complete look.” And the process just doesn’t stop there. Seeing the artists creations on the ramp, is one thing, but having a front row peek at how he operates is quite another. Witnessing Furne One in action, one gets a grip of his true gravitas when it comes to his art and discipline. He is never big enough to get his hands dirty, and yet by showing what a consummate professional he is, one who is thoroughly concerned about his craft, who will move just about everything necessary to make sure that he gets what he needs and the richness it deserves, One proves he is head and shoulder above the rest, not only by virtue of creativity, but also with his strong work ethics. For this month’s Illustrado fashion editorial, the designer, handpicked, set-planned and personally oversaw the casting, styling and phasing of what can only be described as an over-the-top shootcum-fashion show which featured 26 lavish haute couture gowns and six models captured in fading daylight. It was elaborate, fussy and huge, but fabulously worth all the trouble - just like any Furne One concoction. Alas, nothing is ever simple when it comes to ‘The One and only.’ “I work with my entire team. I am open to suggestions and like to hear comments from my assistants. I do not stop until I get it just right. And of course, in the end, I follow my vision and what I think works best,” the designer remarks.

From an entrepreneurial angle, this Cebu-born design visionary seems to have been blessed with a business acumen that is quite a rarity in the creative field. While most designers are merely purveyors of style, One also displays the astuteness and savvy of a seasoned businessman - one who knows the difference between merely creating fashion, to one who is building a veritable couture business, which has attracted serious investment proposals, and one that is to be reckoned with in the future, not only in the Gulf. Since the emergence of his fashion house in the last five years, Furne has built his brand, Amato, into a strong and reputed haute couture name patronized by an elite roster of clients, including royals. Furne, together with his team of professional consultants, has also managed other aspects of his business including publicity, promotions, and launches of his new collections, with the measured shrewdness of someone who understands exactly how to market his brand. His outward orientation towards the global runway and forays into style hubs like Los Angeles, Miami, and Germany via Germany's Next Top Model by Heidi Klum, has bode him well and has added another level of prestige to his conquests on the ramps of Dubai, a feat still unequalled by his peers.

Witnessing Furne One in action, one gets a grip of his true gravitas when it comes to his art and discipline. He is never big enough to get his hands dirty, and yet by showing what a consummate professional he is, One proves he is head and shoulder above the rest, not only by virtue of creativity, but also with his strong work ethics. This month, Furne is set to storm London Fashion Week, wirh his brand of high fashion on that side of the prestigious global style network. The designer is excited to premiere his Elizabethan inspired collection with the theme “Love and War,” featuring startling combinations of materials, textures and embellishments, to the sound of galloping horses and a dramatic production that is distinctly One’s. In October, Furne celebrates his homecoming in the Philippines with an exclusive gala show under the auspices of the international charity organization at the Red Cross Ball, to be held at the Shangri-La Hotel in Makati - an event slated to be the toast of Philippine high society. Still, with his undisputed success and his providential combination of creativity, hard work and innate business savvy, Furne, looks at his oeuvre with a distinct sense of pragmatism and gratitude. “I’ve been very lucky,” he says as a matter of fact. “There are a lot of good Filipino designers, a lot of hardworking ones too. But you also need luck to be successful. And I have been very fortunate.”


Kenneth Cobonpue - Dreamcatcher

Stool of hand-woven synthetic fiber and nylon on a steel frame.

Josie Natori Animal Chiffon Caftan

100% printed silk chiffon 58” caftan with gold sequin and bead embellishments; includes detachable silk slip

Aranas – Foliage

Handsculpted wooden clutch

Rafe NY – Maryanne

Metal and shell minaudiere

Rafe NY – Denise

Brian Tenorio – 8 Leather Monster in Vinyl

SInspired by Tenorio’s Eight Leather Monster with 8 different skins, this time made in just one material – vinyl.

Medium hobo of Italian stamped matte snake leather with shiny gunmetal hardware


Rafe NY – Erin Flap clutch with hand embroidered sequin animal pattern embellishment, lambskin leather and shiny gunmetal hardware


Aranaz - Abanico Blanco Handbeaded fan shaped clutch embellished with Swarovski crystals, feathers and glass beads.

Kenneth Cobonpue - Hagia Gothic-inspired table made of hand-woven synthetic fiber on lightweight aluminum frame.

Rafe – Eugenia Clutch in Italian textured, stamped snake and stamped lizard leather and shiny gunmetal hardware

Brian Tenorio - DuDu Aranaz - Oro Minaudiere of coconut shell chips with leather flap and Swarovski crystal accent.

Unlined all-suede one-piece lace-ups, with very minimal insole detailing with a rubber concealed base. Available in colors - Grey Days, Funny Olive, Purple Hickey, and Yellow Likey (from left to right).



Kenneth Cobonpue - Bloom

The Bloom is handmade of microfiber stitched over a resin top with a steel base. Inspired by the graceful blossom of a flower, this lounge chair is sculpted by hundreds of fine running stitches radiating from the center of the seat creating a subtle textural feel. Invisible supports form shapes reminiscent of soft and graceful musical tones. Bloom sits on top of a steel base that provides a good counterpoint to its playful organic form.

Aranaz – Rosas

Handscuplted wooden clutch

Josie Natori Silk Charmeuse Gown

Natorious solid silk charmeuse gown and matching robe with tie, in deep red; both with embroidery detail.

Rafe NY – Aleks

Small cross body in sheepskin leather, shiny gunmetal hardware

Brian Tenorio – Gigante

Raven silhouette in six-inch all patent platforms - a scultpural behemoth in any runway. Patent leather boots with kidskin leather lining, attached onto a handformed rubber platform sole, formed over Tenorio’s signature extended lip.


Kenneth Cobonpue - Hagia Gothic-inspired day bed made of hand-woven synthetic fiber on lightweight aluminum frame.


Brian Tenorio - Onyx Encounter Spanish calfskin top slip-on with a one-and-a-half-inch emerald-cut solid slab of real onyx. Sheepskin leather lining, hand-buffed leather sole.

Kenneth Cobonpue - Hugo Seaters in airy rattan weave for indoor or synthetic fiber weave for the outdoors, over a steel frame.

Rafe NY – Aimee Flap clutch in genuine snakeskin with shiny gunmetal hardware

Aranaz - Therese Brian Tenorio – Miss W

Handsculpted resin molded clutch

Boy shoes for the ladies. Brogues in exotic skins, laced with velvet.


76 ADVERTORIAL Ishwar Chugani, Executive Director, Giordano ME, says: “We knew the Lion Polo was going to be big, but we didn’t realize quite how big – you could say it’s been a roaring success!“ As the temperatures continue to remain warm, Giordano’s casual range of linen and cotton shirts are a must for the season - designed for flexibility they provide 101 easy mix-and-match dressing options. Also newly arrived in stores is Giordano’s latest line in seasonal graphic tees, with designs inspired by artistic, musical and sporty slogans. Fun and witty, they are perfect for those customers who really want to make a statement with their outfit. The t-shirts are available for men and for women with a special slim-fit, cut to flatter.

‘Bling it on’ this Festive Season There’s a festive mood in Splash these days as the high-street fashion brand commemorates the holy month of Ramadan and the festive spirit of Eid Al Fitr. With everyone looking to add a touch of “bling” to their wardrobe staples, Splash is all set to woo its customers with an exclusive sequined and crystal-embellished collection. The compilation of 15 different styles will be available under the ‘MS’ label, one of the most popular brands in the Splash bouquet.

And of course, Giordano is still the go-to place for your everyday clothing essentials including a wide variety of 100 per cent cotton shirts and t-shirts, innerwear, khakis, and jeans.

Transclucent flawless skin from Clarins

In keeping with the festive mood, MS offers all key on-trend styles with sequined boleros, vests, tube tops, cowl necks and skirts. Available in a variety of bold colours like golden, silver, hot pink, purple and black the collection also features crystal-embellished T-shirts with quirky designs. Speaking of the Eid collection, Mr. Raza Beig, CEO, Splash said, “It’s that time of the year again when embellishments and bling become a staple in every fashion lover’s wardrobe. Staying true to our ‘Eye on Design’ philosophy it was only natural for us to give our customers all on-trend pieces with styles and colors that capture the festive spirit. This capsule collection also comes in time with our Autumn/Winter season launch, giving our customers an added advantage.” Making a definite style statement, these embellished pieces will be up for grabs across all Splash stores, starting 15th August, 2010. So, make a dash for Splash and take your time to enjoy the fun and festivities of this wonderful season without breaking the bank.

Giordano’s Lion Polo Roars in Stores

Giordano’s new range of Lion Polo t-shirts is proving to be a real hit with the region’s fashion conscious consumers. Made of 95 per cent cotton and 5 per cent lycra to give a richer look and feel, the polos emblazoned with a bold rampant lion logo have been grabbing attention since they hit the stores in early summer. Giordano’s Lion Polo is available in a variety of colors for both men and women. In a slim fit with sizes ranging from small to double extra large, these t-shirts are flying off the shelves across all Giordano stores worldwide.

Day after day, brighter more translucent, flawless skin – skin that recalls the freshness and incredible luminosity of a lily with even more high performance brightness and radiant transparency. In 2007, Clarins launched WHITE PLUS HP, a new generation of whitening skincare based on a patented innovation that controls the excessive transfer of melanin to the epidermis. Today, for the first time, Clarins Research Laboratories are targeting another major, and until now untreated, cause of uncontrolled pigmentation: the extension of dendrites, the “arms” of melanocytes which transport melanin pigments and release them in the epidermis. This action is provided by an exclusive active ingredient exceptional for both its capacity to control dendricity and also its evocative power: Sea Lily extract. The control of dendrite extension by Sea Lily: a new advance from Clarins Research for flawless skin protected from darkening and dark spots. Of all lilies, the Sea Lily has incredible resistance and an exceptional action on proteins responsible for dendricity. It also helps inhibit the synthesis of Rab27a protein, involved in the transport of melanosomes to the extremities of dendrites. In vitro studies carried out in Clarins Cell Biology Laboratory, demonstrated the action of Sea Lily extract on the two main proteins that regulate the formation of dendrites. Tested on melanocyte cultures at different concentrations to validate the pharmacological effect, Sea Lily extract helped to inhibit the synthesis of Rac1 protein and stimulate synthesis of RhoA protein. Another breakthrough of the new WHITE PLUS HP is the exceptional sensorial qualities of its textures resulting from Clarins’ unrivalled expertise in Institute beauty treatments to pamper skin and surround it in a cocoon of freshness and softness. It’s more than formula effectiveness.

Alan Del Rosario LOS ANGELES


Alan Del Rosario has been adding color and style to the Los Angeles fashion landscape for over ten years. His unique style perfectly blends eastern and European influences, re-imagining them for the American woman’s sensibilities and beyond. Originally a civil engineer, Del Rosario studied at the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising in Los Angeles, and began to garner attention from the industry before he even completed his courses, winning the coveted Bob Mackie scholarship, enabling him to create his first signature collection. Soon after graduating, he launched his first label – “Del Rosario.” Within a years’ time, the designer garnered the honor of California’s “Designer of the Year” as well as GenArt LA’s “Fresh Face” for his innovative and exciting evening wear. His work has appeared in countless magazine editorials, television shows and could be seen on such famous bodies as Michele Pfeiffer, Debra Messing, Paris Hilton and many more. Over the next few years, Del Rosario sharpened his skills, dabbling in trends as varied as junior apparel and denim, but finally settled on his true calling last year, launching his contemporary women’s line, Burlapp, though he continues to create red-carpet fabulousness for private clients. Burlapp is a major label found in retail giants Anthropologie, as well as Lord & Taylor, Bloomingdale’s and Nordstrom, as well as other outlets across the US and abroad.


Jasper Garvida LONDON


Jasper Garvida graduated from the prestigious Central St. Martins in 2004 with a BA with honors in fashion design (womens swear). On graduation Jasper’s first appointment was designing for Couture Label Michiko Koshino as a chief designer. In 2008, he won Sky One’s Project Catwalk and in the same year set up his own label “Jasper Garvida.” Since then, he has produced three acclaimed Ready-to-Wear collections and has established a high-profile clientele. He has worked with celebrities such as Liz Hurley, Sophie Dahl, Sophie Ellis Bexter, Beverley Knight and Cheryl Cole, and his designs have also recently been seen on Diana Vickers, the members of Sugababes and Shingai Shoniwa of the Noisettes. In addition, since having his work featured in London Fashion Weekk, Garvida has steadily remained in the press, highlighted in publications like Vogue, Elle, Grazia, ID magazine, Dazed and Confused, V Magazine, the Daily Telegraph, and many more. The label is stocked in My Sugarland, Angel; Subcouture, Notting Hill and Style Clinic, Liverpool, in the UK, as well as across the Atlantic, in Cyrille & Clövr in Beverly Hills, LA. This month, the designer is gearing up to present his Paris 50’s-inspired Spring/Summer 2011 Collection; ‘Belle’. The catwalk show, sponsored by Miele, will be held on the 20th September at the LFW Vauxhall Fashion Scout’s Freemason Hall.




As a student of architecture, no one appreciates the importance of construction or the aesthetics of symmetry better than Joseph Domingo. Joseph’s creative passion inevitably drew him to the fashion industry. He worked for a variety of manufacturing companies and fashion houses throughout the West Coast, honing his abilities in design, cutting, pattern making and draping. Later, Joseph began working at an atelier in San Francisco with a French designer who impressed upon him the kind of discipline in the revered traditions of the couture. The boutique ran very much like its old world counterparts with a respect for the needs of their clientele and pride in the craftsmanship of the work. Since opening his own atelier on 808 Post Street in San Francisco in 1999, Joseph caters to a diverse clientele of women and men in society and business. The majority of regular clients purchase complete wardrobes for the exquisite fit of made-to-measure and the inimitable touch of custom design. The brand ‘Joseph Domingo’ initially debuted at the Los Angeles Mercedes Benz Fashion Week for Fall 2006. After receiving an overwhelmingly positive response from the fashion industry’s major players, Joseph’s collections are certain to build his reputation as an important talent to watch - with brilliance and dedication to his craft and artistry. Joseph Domingo has just begun to conquer fashion. Photography Credits: “Pink Goddess” by Billy Winters, ‘Inabel” by Peter Tjahjadi.


LesleyLONDON Mobo


After graduating with both a BA and MA with first-class honors from the prestigious Central Saint Martins College, fashion designer Lesley Mobo caught the approving eyes of Renzo Rosso of Diesel, Enio Capasa of Costume National, Antonio Marras of Kenzo and Raf Simon when he won the International Diesel Award during the International Talent Support 3 in Italy. Quite apart from his Diesel capsule collection, which sold out in New York, Berlin, Antwerp, London, Paris , Milan and Tokyo, Mobo’s designs have been featured in a substantial number of highly-respected fashion journals and magazines including Vogue, i-D, Dazed and Confused, Self-Service, Purple Magazine and Another Magazine. His designs have been worn by celebrities such as Daisy Lowe and super model Caroline Trentini, and photographed by Mario Sorrenti, Richard Bush and Rankin. MOBO, Lesley Mobo’s own fashion brand in partnership with Micahel Bowden, is a British women’s wear line. The brand launched its wholesale campaign during Paris Fashion Week last October 2009 for S/S 10 and was instantly snapped by the Villa Moda Chain of Department Stores which have outlets in Kuwait, Dubai and Bahrain. The label’s inimitable identity combines the designer’s development of timeless silhouettes with modern attitude towards eveningwear. Traditional couture techniques are mixed with, traditional craftsmanship, drapings, beadings and luxurious textures, to come up with contemporary and understated pieces which personify what has come to be known as the signature “Mobo look.”


Joanne Cordero Reyes NEW YORK


Joanne Cordero Reyes studied at Parsons School of Design in New York. During her stint there, she interned for top New York design houses such as Vivienne Tam, Jill Stuart, House of Diehl, and Maggie Norris Couture. In 2002, Reyes freelanced for the Ji Haye Fall 2003 Haute Couture collection while still a student, studying abroad in Paris. At the completion of her studies, she was nominated as one of the Top Ten Designers of her class and named one of America’s Next Designers by Fashion Week Daily. Upon graduation, Reyes sharpened her skills by designing freelance for Reem Acra (Spring 2005), J. Mendel and Monique Lhuillier (2007 and 2008). Throughout this exposure, she dreamt of having her own label. Inspired by the tenacity and talent of her maternal grandfather, a well-traveled music composer who came to New York City in 1971, Reyes launched her line named after him — “Vicente Villarin.” Her delicate, timeless pieces have managed to catch the attention of magazines all over the world and have also been worn by celebrities such as Sarah Michelle Gellar, Alicia Witt, Freida Pinto, Christina Ricci, and Joanna Garcia of CW’s “Privileged” and “Gossip Girl.” The collections have been bought by prestigious stores and custom made orders have also been placed by clients, internationally. Under her own label, Reyes has been named one of the Top Ten New Designers by Style. com, one of the Top Five Designers to Watch by New York Magazine, and one of Gen Art’s 2009 Fresh Faces in Fashion.


Josie Natori NEW YORK


Filipina icon of empowerment and international success, Josie Natori, crossed continents, navigated varying careers, and surmounted countless obstacles to build Natori as a global brand more than three decades ago. Through that time what started out as an elegant lingerie line transformed into an entire lifestyle concept with Asian aesthetics that includes intimate apparel (Josie Natori, Natori, Josie and N Natori), the Josie Natori ready-to-wear collection, home, fragrance and eyewear, which all revolve around the mantra “Natori is where life meets art.” The appeal of the Natori brand stems from its distinct melding of the visual inspirations from both the East and the West. Natori’s luxurious items have been worn by discerning women around the world, and have been featured by a slew of prestigious titles including Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, W, Glamour, O Magazine, InStyle, Elle, Town and Country, Marie Claire, among so many others. They are available through high end retails outlets around the world including the Gulf region. In the UAE, the Natori brand is carried by Saks Fifth Avenue. Natori’s Fall 2010 collection combines Eastern heritage and Western life to reflect Josie Natori’s personal style - the simplicity of effortless, soft dressing. Refined silhouettes, a range of textures, traditional Tibetan tiger prints and deep saturated colors. This season is about contours; modern shapes and lines married with intricate detailing. Reinvented laces and graphic prints. An emphasis on knitwear, focusing on the sleek attitude of tonal dressing- head to toe sandstone or ink blue. Timeless looks that can be worn on any occasion, anytime.


5 Month 90 LIVING

things To Do This

Back home in the Philippines, the countdown to Christmas has surely started as the ‘ber months begin this September. Here in Dubai, we not only mark the days to the much-awaited festivities but we actually look forward to the change in weather as well. Inasmuch By Sherry Tenorio as we love the sun, we also long to feel the cool breeze. That’s why this month, we at Illustrado will help you enjoy the rest of the summer and, at the same time, prepare you for the fabulous winter ahead. So, read on and get perfect ideas on how to remarkably spend the rest of the month.


Indulge yourself this Eid

With the Eid Al Fitr holidays on the way, you’ll get extra days to either bum around the house, mall hop or give yourself a quick yet truly rejuvenating break. Then, of course, we recommend that you do the latter since it is the one that makes sense the most. In your search for the ultimate Eid getaway, there are a number of resorts in Al Ain, Fujairah and Ras Al Khaimah. Check out www. as this website has amazing lists of great deals that are up for grabs. Yet, if you are wishing for a dreamy, luxurious treat, put an eye on the all-villa desert resort Banyan Tree Al Wadi. Whether it is summer or winter, the place is so marvelous you will not be able to stop yourself from yapping about its wildlife reserve, palatial villas, the Arabesque-inspired architecture and interiors, its amazing restaurants and the friendly staff. If you have the budget to go a bit overboard, trust us that the Banyan Tree Al Wadi is the answer to your need for true indulgence.


Take a dive! Go beyond your regular swimming regime, and try exploring the Emirate’s underwater world. Since the seabed in Dubai and Abu Dhabi is mostly made up of sand, diving here is focused on wreck diving. The wrecks are excellent sites to spot marine life like large barracudas, rays, dolphins, turtles, sea snakes, batfish and the Arabian angelfish. Unfortunately, with all the construction and dredging in the area, visibility is not that great. Over at the East Coast (Fujairah/ Khor Fakkan/Dibba) is where you’ll find all the colorful coral and reefs that are teeming with all sorts of marine life. You’re likely to come across black tips, moray eels, turtles, lionfish, rays, and cuttlefish. The diving in this area is suitable for all levels of divers, and you’ll also find fantastic spots for snorkeling. Don’t worry about not having a diver’s certificate, since it is not a worry for the first-timers. There are a plenty of courses that different dive centers provide. Try the contacting Al Boom Diving (04 342 2993), Scuba Dubai (04 3414940) and The Pavilion Dive Centre (04 406 8827) from Dubai, or get in touch with 7 Seas Divers (09 238 7400) and Divers Down (09 237 0299) in Fujairah.

LIVING 91 Spring clean your closet Knowing that the cold season is about to set in, you should begin organizing your closet since most of the stuff you wear for summer will surely not be applicable for winter. It simply does not make sense for you to wear tank tops or your jersey shirts and shorts even. So, start saying goodbye to your summer wardrobe for now, and begin looking for good and comfy clothes for the upcoming change in the season. The Fall/Winter collections that are probably filling the pages of your favorite fashion magazines can provide you the updated fashion trends. There are even upcoming Ramadan sales so take advantage for your winter attire stock. Moreso, once you are done with your spring cleaning, you may find clothes, shoes and accessories that you can give to charity. What a brilliant win-win idea, right?


Feast on buffet treats Are you tired of eating at home? Well then, we know that you can definitely find yourself fabulous and delicious treats from the all-day buffet at the refurbished Dunes Café in Shangri-la Hotel Dubai. They offer great dining experience with live cooking stations, where food is freshly prepared by world-class chefs as part of the international buffet. Aside from this, an a la carte menu is available to suit every mood and palate from breakfast through to dinner, so you can enjoy the buffet at any time you want. On the other hand, the buffet at Renaissance Hotel’s Spice Island is also a popular one, with a great mix of Asian, European and Middle Eastern dishes to offer. While, for great steak at reasonable price, the Ponderosa restaurant in Deira is also a must-try.


Go for a facial

With your busy work schedule, we understand that paying a visit to a dermatologist or a spa center can be quite tasking. Yet, you definitely have to put in your monthly to-do list a facial ritual, especially in this country where your skin gets too much exposure to the sun. You must have an expert help you to thoroughly cleanse and moisturize your facial skin. Good thing, Merle Norman Cosmetics starts offering its customers facial regimen that is customized according to skin types. The experts in Merle Norman take the client over a consultation before providing recommendations on the appropriate facial treatment and products to be used. This ‘try-before-you-buy’ philosophy is something that popularized Merle Norman over the years. Moreover, Merle Norman shops are located inside the malls (Dubai Festival City, Mirdif City Center to name a couple), thus making it convenient for you to squeeze time for the treatment. Just think about an additional hour to your trip to the supermarket, and voila, you have extra time for the facial.


© Mikkohyvarinen Dreamstime


Sudden downpour along Fifth avenue

Statue of Liberty

Wandering ‘Round Manhattan Text and Photos by Al Manlangit

Gotham. The Big Apple. The City of Towers. The World’s Financial Capital. The City That Never Sleeps. These and more describe only one city – New York. It sounds like all hype but once you land at JFK Airport and your taxi gets stuck in a forest of skyscrapers in the middle of Manhattan, you realize that it’s all for real.

Finding a decently-priced hotel downtown is an expensive proposition so we ended up at the Holiday Inn in Queens where a small room, breakfast excluded, two blocks away from the subway station which was seven stops from Times Square cost us US$160, plus tax. Steep but at least we could see the upper portion of the Empire State building from our window!

many to choose from but because we couldn’t cram all in one visit, we concentrated on just a handful. Devoted to science, the American Museum of Natural History near Central Park has as its big draw - the Hall of Dinosaurs which displayed real fossils (not casts). Attached to it, the Hayden Planetarium was a gem and I had to drag my two boys away for they wanted to stay there the whole day!

Though New York is divided into five boroughs, we concentrated on Manhattan only where the major sites were. Since this was my second visit, I acted as tour guide and the first stop were the museums. So

Next was the Solomon Guggenheim Museum, Frank Lloyd Wright’s inverted-ziggurat masterpiece whose spiraling ramp made it an instant hit when it was built in 1959. It houses abstract collections

PINOY PLANET 93 of Chagall and Kandinsky among others but I was more interested in the building itself. We then made a quick stop in MoMA (Museum of Modern Art) to view Van Gogh’s “Starry Night” plus several Rodins and Picassos before proceeding to the Metropolitan Museum of Art on 5th Avenue. It is a huge place and rightly so with so many works on display from a staggering collection of Egyptian, Greek and Roman art down to its awesome European and American paintings. If I had one whole day free to spend in this city, this would be the place. But we had to move to the Intrepid Sea, Air and Space Museum by the Hudson River. Exploring this former aircraft carrier converted into a museum was pretty exhilarating specially going through the planes on the flight deck and hangars below. It was all the more interesting to know that this ship saw action and played an important role in the Japanese Navy’s defeat in the Battle of Leyte Gulf in WWII. Sprawling Central Park is the playground for New Yorkers. Here you can play football, jog, bike, skate or just lie on the grass staring at the skyscrapers in the distance. This 800-acre green island in the middle of the concrete jungle has expansive fields labeled as Sheep’s Lawn, Great Lawn and Shakespeare Garden complete with landscaped footpaths and ponds filled with swans. There is even a big lake in the northern part where you can go boating in summer or ice skating in winter. We started our walk from one corner on 72nd Street called “Imagine” which featured a mosaic in memory of John Lennon commemorating his life and music. The Dakota mansion where he lived and was gunned down was just a stone’s throw away. We walked down a couple of blocks enjoying the scenery and the sound of birds chirping, and watched people playing touch football, walking their dogs, flying kites or picnicking. Then we sat on one of the numerous rocky outcroppings to rest and eat our hotdogs bought from a nearby stall. It was one of those rare and beautiful afternoons before dusk when one could peacefully contemplate the world go by.

© Raphael Chay Dreamstime

From the southern corner of Central Park where 5th Avenue meets 59th Street, serious high-end shopping begins. Starting with FAO Schwarz, there’s Bergdorf, Van Cleef & Arpels, LV, Prada, Fendi, Tiffany, Gucci, Ferragamo, Harry Winston, Cartier, Versace, Kenneth Cole, Saks Fifth Ave. and the NBA Store. Mind you, these aren’t small branches but anchor stores that have everything you could dream of from their catalogue. While the wife enjoyed her window

Central Park

shopping, I got intrigued by the interiors and design concepts they had to offer so that by the time we reached St. Patrick’s Cathedral, we had to take a break and rest our overloaded sensory organs as well as our weary feet. So after a brief spell inside the church’s cool and quiet surroundings, we stopped at a nearby deli. Then it was off to Rockefeller Center which actually is a staggering complex of 19 commercial buildings occupying two blocks between 5th and 6th Avenues. The centerpiece is the 70-story GE Bldg. where you usually see the famous ice-skating rink in front of the Prometheus sculpture and giant Christmas tree put up on the lower plaza during wintertime. The NBC studios are located here and Avril Lavigne was having a free outdoor concert when we passed by - we could only hear but not see her because the weekend crowd was out in full force. Heading on to 7th Ave., we turned left and walked six blocks more until our final destination, Times Square. Nicknamed the “Crossroads of the World” this iconic square is synonymous to NYC. You have to see it to believe it, because there’s nothing quite like it in the world. Hemmed in by towering buildings whose facades are all emblazoned with brash neon lights advertising anything from noodles to beer to movies to high fashion - it’s kitschy Americana gone wild! Then there are the stores with their crazy layouts and over-the-top signage like the huge Kids ‘R Us, MTV, Hershey’s and Virgin. Plus there are restaurants and souvenir shops that sell every imaginable thing to remind you of the city. In the middle of all this madness was a US Army recruiting station sitting on an island with a marine standing in full dress regalia as traffic swirled around and tourists gawked at him. We shuffled our way past tourists craning their necks at the latest giant billboards and almost bumped into a street performer dressed like a cowboy with an acoustic guitar playing a mournful country ballad. We finally found what we were looking for: the TKTS discount booth where one could buy discounted Broadway show tickets. We all wanted to watch “The Lion King” but alas! All shows were sold out. We went to the Ed Sullivan theater instead where David Letterman’s “Late Show” is taped hoping to get some standby tickets but being a Friday, there was no show. So we ended up in Hello Deli beside the theater and chatted up Rupert Jee, the owner, who’s sometimes a guest on the show – that was the closest we ever got to a celebrity in New York!

The US Interpid Museum

The Bull in Wall Street

94 PINOY PLANET The oversized bronze sculpture has become an iconic symbol of the financial district and people there said you have to rub the nose, horns and testicles for good luck. Well, I saw some ladies do funny things with the last piece of anatomy!

Ready to roll from Queens

The skyscraper is what makes the Big Apple different from any other city for nowhere else on earth will you find so many tall buildings clustered together in such a small space. With the Twin Towers gone, the highest building there is once again the 102-story, 443-meter tall Empire State Building built in 1931 whose claim to fame was sealed in the original movie “King Kong”. We took the high-speed lift to the 86th floor outdoor observatory deck and had the whole spread of the city below us. From that vantage point, you could see for miles and miles and appreciate the grid streets of Manhattan that make traffic move quite smoothly – both people and the yellow taxicabs were as small as ants. It was so windy that several visitors lost their hats and we couldn’t take any decent pictures, as our hair flapped wildly in the wind. Back down on street level, we crossed Broadway Ave. once more, to get to Madison Square Garden and then to Macy’s where a big sale was going on. I ended up with two Ungaro suits bought at bargain-basement prices and the wife, well, she bought half of the store!

From Battery Park, after a rigid security screening, we boarded the ferry to the Statue of Liberty. No visit to New York would be complete without paying homage to this historical landmark and being a clear day, the view of Manhattan from Liberty Island was beautiful. The statue, standing 46 meters from foot to crown, towers over the park majestically as you stand below the granite pedestal that supports it. On its base is a plaque with Emma Lazarus’s immortal words: “Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free…”. You could walk the full 354 steps all the way up to the crown for a great view after paying the entrance fee and being frisked once more by Security but the queue was so long and the thought of climbing the equivalent of 22 stories made us pass! Instead, we went

The NBA Store

through the exhibit which told the story of the Statue, then sat on the lawn outside wondering how the thousands of immigrants must have felt upon setting foot on the Land of the Free.

One of the earliest skysrapersThe Flat Iron Bldg.

The view from 5th Avenue

Manhattan’s lower end has the densest concentration of skyscrapers where the World Trade Center used to stand tall. Now the place is a beehive of frenzied activity as they were reconstructing the memorial site; you could peer down into the deep excavated section through the fence and for a moment visualize what happened on that memorable 11th day of September 2001. We walked past Wall Street pausing by The Bull near the NYSE which was always crowded with tourists.

I think the best thing you can do when visiting New York is to go cruising on a Circle Line yacht. For US$30 we went on the full 3-hour cruise that left Pier 83 on the wide Hudson River which separates Manhattan from New Jersey. Heading south to the bay, we enjoyed the famous skyline, picking out as many famous, then cruised by Ellis Island and the Statue of Liberty before turning north at the tip of Lower Manhattan into the East River. Here we passed under the iconic Brooklyn and Manhattan bridges before the massive rectangular building of the UN came into view. The running commentary onboard kept us all updated with what the lesser but equally-charming sights were: Roosevelt Island, Gracie Mansion the official residence of the Mayor, Yankee Stadium, Harlem and the Lincoln Center plus numerous other bridges with the tall George Washington bridge at the end of the trip. As we got down, Frank Sinatra was singing over the loudspeaker: “If I can make it there, I can make it anywhere; it’s up to you New York, New York!” Great lyrics of a great song in tribute to a great City. Couldn’t agree more.

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96 bakasyon grande

By Excel V. Dyquiangco

Photography by Brian Blas

Surigao del Norte may be known as one of the country’s premiere surfing spots but a deeper look at the intricate maze of caves and crystal clear waters indicate that this small island in the south has a celebrated history aside from that of Siargao’s. A two-hour boat ride away from those gigantic and colossal waves brings you to the other, less famous side of Surigao del Norte. Bucas Grande Island, off the northeastern coast, seemingly stretches into a rich cluster of islets with radiant caves and coves, striking white sand beaches, and hidden lagoons. Its marine life and verdant forests, not to mention the presence of endemic species such as the tariktik hornbill and the rufus hornbill, and even the Philippine tarsier, fuel a sense of longing and want for adventure. Also in this island is abundant coastal vegetation which includes the carnivorous pitcher plant, and a profusion of pine trees. The Philippine iron wood, considered to be the hardest wood in the country, can only be found here. Bucas Grande has just one municipality – Socorro, which is composed of 14 barangays. Within that huge area, one finds the main attractions of the Sohoton Natural Park or the Sohoton Cove, an approximately 60-meter long tunnel passable only by boat during the low tide. This has only one exit and one entrance, marked by what is known as the ‘horseshoe’ - a stalactite formation which is shaped as a horseshoe. The shape hangs amidst boulders and hardly touches the water so it’s quite easy for lost visitors or fishermen to spot. Another popular locale in the area is the ‘Simbahan na hindi katulad natin,’ a white rock-wall formation filled with limestone, located high above a mountain in Sohoton. Legend has it that during Sundays or the Holy Week, mysterious ringing bells can be heard coming from this place. Yet, no one is really sure who does the tolling.

Sohoton’s Natural Caves The Hagukan Cave, or ‘Snoring Cave’ in the Visayan vernacular, is a cave which can only be entered by swimming or snorkeling. The height from the ceiling of the cave to that of the water level is just slightly bigger than that of one’s head. Once inside, stunning stalactites which look like snakes, shine above. But what really sets this apart from the other caves is its luminous water; when the light that enters the cave meets its sandy bottom, the water glows in reflection. For those

bakasyon grande 97

Gamay, which literally means small Sohoton. Visitors reach the huge opening of the cave, via a clearing. Inside, the cave is an endless labyrinth of small and large rock formations, bird’s nests, which should be left untouched. Some portions of the cave have enormous gaping holes so it’s better to really watch each step you take.

who have a hard time swimming to the center of the cave to see its wonders, there is a rock formation at the middle of the cave where they can relax and find footing.

Nearby Crystal Cave, also atop Sohoton Gamay, can be found the most challenging cave to explore - the Bolitas Cave, whose name comes from a Visayan word meaning ‘marbles’ in lieu of the marblelike stones which fill the cave. Here, visitors need to crawl to enter – yes, crawl – from the opening of the cave until the area widens and they can walk on their knees. Once inside, birds such as the Nido who have mde their home here, can be found in their nests, apart from the usual rock formations. Do take note that this cavern is too small for anyone to stand up properly. Islands Galore

A short five-minute boat ride away from Hagukan is the Diving Cave, so-called because it is a cave fit for that popular sport. Unlike Hagukan, though, the Diving Cave has waters knee-deep, so visitors need to enter by walking or wading. Once inside, take your fill on the interesting stalactite and stalagmite formations, and then make your exit by jumping off a 15 feet high ledge. Off to the rightmost part of the cave is a vertical rock formation – not an easy climb - that would lead visitors to the ledge to dive.

Part of Surigao del Norte are three smaller islands which amplify the wonders of crystal clear water, corals and the majestic nature of the country. Naked Island is a two-hour boat ride from the main attractions of Sohoton, and is located opposite Siargao. With no trees, no shrubbery, not even a glimpse of green, this island is actually a spectacular white sandbar. Visitors can just gaze around the area to absorb the majestic lure of Surigao. It is advisable, however, not to stay for a long period of time since the temperature sizzles, along with the sand underneath your feet.

After exploring the latter, get a lowdown on the Crystal Cave, where the stalactites and stalagmites glitter like crystals. To get to this cave, one must take a short 10-minute trek in a mountain called Sohoton

Just a couple of minutes away from Naked Island are two islands with similar features. Dako Island (‘dako’ meaning big in Visayas) and Guyam Island are stunning isles where visitors can laze around,

98 bakasyon grande

have a picnic, swim or snorkel. The former has a small village, where visitors can buy food, while the latter features a developed grove of huts and coconut trees. Both provide ample relaxation and rejuvenation opportunities for families and friends. Those who want to relax and just take in the peaceful and green serene landscape can drop by Tiktikan Lake, which can be accessed through the mountains. This place is already inhabited by some people as evidenced by a makeshift sari-sari store, and - surprise – a solar panel. Huts and shades are also found fronting the lake, surrounded by trees and shrubs. Visitors can have different activities here such as boating, bird watching and even fishing. The Small island, named because of its size, is an islet located in the middle of Sohoton. Stinging jellyfish are prevalent in the area, so visitors are well-advised to be careful. Here, visitors mainly snorkel. Marka-A Beach, on the other hand, is a white sand beach that’s also apt for snorkeling and for discovering various coral-formations underneath the waters. Surigao’s Seasons Sohoton’s amazing caves and exciting waters can be explored all year round, even if through the rainy season. The rains do not affect the high and low tides but if visitors want a smooth travel to and from the islands, it is advisable not to get on the boat during these months. Still, seeing all these new and profound sights and experiencing what is offered down south of the Philippines makes for great adventure and fun. Sohoton’s coves, caves, and white sand beaches, prove that this is another one of Surigao del Norte’s pride and glory.


Liali Unveils the “Nouf” Collection

Pure Gold launches new pendant for Trillium collection Award-winning jewelry retailer Pure Gold Jewellers unveils a new design for its Trillium collection. The latest addition is a pendant accented with three stones with a total weight of 25-cents diamonds and is available in 18-karat white and yellow gold. The new design in the Trillium collection is being sold for AED1,099.

The “Nouf ” collection is exclusively designed for well known LIALI Jewellery by Italian designers. These rings showcase splendid artistry and innovative workmanship. There is no higher aspiration than reaching the zenith, that’s “Nouf ” - the highest point. The new collection is a poetic translation of the concept of “Nouf ”. Be it the design-ideas, or the rich tapestry of color that has been woven through a vignette of precious and semi precious stones along with exquisite different shades of diamonds. In essence, the collection is an accolade for conquering of life. Liali Jewellery LLC is a Dubai based jewelry retailer with 18 outlets in most of the UAE’s prestigious malls and shopping centers, and is famous for premium diamond jewelry brands including Vivien Westwood, Memories and Petite. Pearl brands include Sakura and Kimono, while semi-precious stone jewelry includes Braseel and Tirisi. Liali also retails customized gold, diamond and pearl jewelry and designer timepieces that are popular for all occasions. The company specializes in 18k gold, precious and semiprecious stones, certified diamonds, silver and bespoke hand crafted pieces. Liali takes pride in bringing innovative concepts in jewelry to Dubai and consistently endeavors to keep up with the latest trends. Their name is associated with fine jewelry and personalized service that are completely trustworthy.

A delightful day for customers of Xpress Money Xpress Money, the leading global instant money transfer brand spread joy last August 5 at its mega prize distribution concluding the Double Delight promotion which successfully ran for 60 days. The ceremony was held at the Xpress Money Corporate Office in Abu Dhabi and was attended by the lucky winners, Xpress Money’s senior management, and representatives from Sapil, as well as the media. The promotion which ended on 29th July, 2010 offered a scratch and win prize to every individual Xpress Money transaction sent to anywhere in the world from agent locations in the UAE. Five winners were picked through four fortnightly draws for prizes including half a kilo of gold, a Ford Fiesta car, cash prizes of AED 15000, AED 10000 and AED 5000, and 10 air tickets to leading destinations. The Scratch and Win prizes for over 32,000 winners included LCD TVs, home theatre systems, one gram gold coins and more. Pakistani Sajid Mehmood Muhammad, the first Mega Prize winner received 500gms gold, while national Husain Mohamed Mansour, another Mega Prize winner and received the keys to a brand new Ford Fiesta car. Filipina Josephine Olga Ybanez who won AED15,000 in cash couldn’t contain her smile and stated “Xpress Money has been my only choice for

“The pendant for our Trillium collection was created keeping the changing requirements and spending of customers in mind. A decorative piece that highlights beauty and style is reasonably priced and won’t hurt the budget. We have seen an increasing demand for diamond jewelry so we want to give all customers a reason to add a piece to their collection and with the price that we are offering, more people can now buy the Trillium collection,” said Karim F. Merchant. Classically designed, the vertical three-stone pendant can be worn on a special occasion or a daily basis by women who prefer beauty and elegance. The Trillium collections are inspired by a trinity of solitaires that signify the bond between the past, present and future. Presented in 18-k white and yellow gold, every piece is set with the finest cut diamonds in dazzling trilogy setting. The pendant has an elegant, sleek and contemporary look and is intricately hand crafted, finished and polished by Pure Gold Jewellers’ highly skilled craftsmen for a durable and lasting use. The new pendant for the Trillium collection is available at all Pure Gold Jewellers outlets in the Middle East and India. sending money home since the time I received my first paycheck here in the country. They have a great network here and in Philippines which makes it very convenient and I am assured that the money can be collected within minutes by my family. Moreover, the charge for sending money to Philippines with Xpress Money is just AED25!” ‘Double Delight with Xpress Money’ promotion was strongly supported by the prominent partners, Nikai and Sapil. Xpress Money is one of the fastest growing global brands in instant money transfers, and has an agent network spanning over 90 countries with over 55,000 locations across five continents. Its agent network includes many prestigious banking and non-banking entities.

100 community

The 9th Environmental Awareness Photo Competition 2010 The Dubai Municipality and Lightform International Filipino Photographers Guild (LIFPG), are organizing the 9th Environmental Awareness Photo Competition. The annual photography exhibition, first launched in 2002, provides amateur photographers in the UAE the chance to support and participate in the cleanup campaign of Dubai Municipality, by creating awareness through the lens. LIFPG Club President, Myrna Rebulanan-Anderson, said “we would like to focus on environmental awareness through the lens of amateur photographers, and thus help in our small way in the preservation and protection of the environment, not only in the UAE, but the world.” Open to all Amateur Photographers currently residing in the UAE, the competition will give amateur photographers the chance to support and participate in the worldwide appeal for environmental responsiveness and action.

Photo Entries can be submitted at BurJuman, Level 1 (near the Information Desk). Printing of photo print entries will be available for free from 10th to 15 October 2010 (while supply lasts) from 5pm to 9pm. Registration Form can be downloaded at The Awarding Night is open to the public and is scheduled on the 5th November (Friday) at BurJuman. Prizes include - 1st Place: AED 3,000 Gift Voucher plus Adobe Software, 2nd Place: AED 2,000 Gift Voucher, 3rd Place: AED 1,000 Gift Voucher, Dubai Municipality Choice: AED 1,000 Gift Voucher Environmental Photo Entries will be exhibited at BurJuman from the 4th to 10th November 2010. For more information & details, kindly email: or visit

PBO Press Conference The PBO (Premier Basketball Organization) in association with the HBL (Hotel Basketball League, Dubai) held a Press Conference hosted by Citymax Hotel in Barsha, Dubai on the 31st July 2010 to announce the opening of the 1st Summer Inter-Hotel Basketball Tournament 2010 - set to kick off on the 27th August at Al Safa Gym located behind Gulf News in Sheik Zayed Road, Dubai.

Shootercada 1st 2010 General Assembly Shootercada Photographers Circle (SPC) recently held their 1st General Assembly for 2010 in Abu Dhabi. SPC advisers Jude Cruz, Ryan George Francisco and Eugene Vilbar served as Committee Chairman for the yearly election of officers. The set of elected officers for year 2010 is now headed by newly elected President, Allan Arthur Avilla. Over the last two years, SPC has fostered camaraderie with its members, as well as the greater Filipino community in the emirates by participation in different activities together with the Philippine Embassy. SPC continues to encourage and provide members the opportunity to learn techniques from all branches of photography, in order to uplift them and help them specialize in the different skills of the art. For more information about the group, please email to

However, due to the Ramadan period the official opening day has been moved to September 17, 2010, as requested by the majority of the participants. Apart from tournament mechanics and other relevant event details, the PBO also announced future plans, including a planned ladies volleyball competition. The upcoming basketball tournament will see participation from – the Kempinski – Mall of the Emirates, Pullman Dubai, MOE, Dubai International and Le Meridien, Al Murooj Rotana, Crowne Plaza, JW Marriott, and Dusit hotels. The event is slated to be sponsored by Agemono Restaurant, Al Ain Water, New Dubai Team Travel & Tourism and Philippine Supermarket.


Filipino Wins at the 5th Emirates Photography Competition Lightform Abu Dhabi Chapter member Mario Cardenas recently won 3rd Place in the 5th Emirates Photography Competition – Al Dhafra Festival in Photographer’s Eyes, which was organized by the Abu Dhabi Authority of Culture and Heritage (ADACH) and supervised by The Abu Dhabi International

Association of Photography. Cardenas is the first Filipino to have won in the prestigious competition wherein international photographers of all levels participated in. He was awarded a trophy and AED12,000 in cash, and his winning photo was displayed at the exhibit at the National Theater until the 23rd June 2010.

FSDC Masquerade Ball

New FSDC Officers

The Filipino Scuba Divers Club (FSDC) celebrated its 16th Anniversary in style – with a Masquerade Ball at the Gulf Auditorium of The Fairmont Hotel, Dubai. The avid divers donned their best formals with colorful masks and enjoyed perfect ambient music to set the stage for the scuba diving Oscars, the Oyster Awards were given to the few deserving divers – from “Rookie of the Year” culminating to “Diver of the Year”. The Starfish Awards also honoured the veterans of the club for their invaluable contribution. Other special diving awards were announced while the rest of the members were treated to raffle prizes followed by a delectable buffet dinner and delightful entertainment by none other than their fellow divers. The 2009/2010 FSDC officers also bid farewell during the party with an MTV-style recap of their jam-packed year of activities.


Onli In Da Pilipins - 1. n. a phrase used to define anything or anyone that only exists anywhere in the 7,107 islands of the Philippines || 2. adj. a phrase used to describe a Pinas episode or a Pinoy persona so rare one would never find anywhere else in the WWW (whole, wide world). It merits a .documentation of some sort


Speaking of Style… By Aby Yap

No, we won’t go into that “what-is-Filipino-fashion?” endless debate where some smarty pants would likely pose the rhetorical question with one raised eyebrow followed by Lavinia-inspired mockery, “You’re nothing but a second-rate, trying-hard copycat!” (So, who’s the real poseur now, huh?) Such a dissertation is best left to our internationally recognized Pinoy fashion connoisseurs. You know, the likes of Monique Lhullier, Ramon Felix Totengco, Josie Natori, Jose Pitoy Moreno, just to name a few (and make yabang). Besides, in a country as quirky as our beloved Philippines, some Filipinos are REALLY more — or less — fashionable than others. Like it or not.

Samu’t-Saring Estilo From vogue-acious to bonggacious, from halo-halo to plain lugaw — that’s what how pormang Pinoy is. How else would you describe someone who wears flip-flops

(Havainas, says the sosyal; tsinelas na goma, argues the elderly), cargo shorts (a la Indiana Jones), a jersey (Celtics! Lakers!) and a jejecap (a cap that merely sits on top of the head, FYI, care of the jejemons)? Or, someone who dons Chucks, skinny jeans from Madonna’s era, a plaid blouse from the current Korean invasion, and a bag you can’t even pronounce, like an LV from DV? (Note to the tipid shopper: DV is Divisoria, where you can get designer bags and clothes at 1% of their original prices. Wink, wink.) Now, before anyone starts chanting gaya-gaya, puto maya or declares Pinas the baduy country, here’s the deal. We, too, have our pormang patriotic (that’s not all limited to our politicians and TV reporters). Meaning, we can be original and all-Filipino in our japorms if we want. There’s Rhett Eala’s Philippine map embossed on the right


Underneath it all, though, is the simple Pinoy who lives in the bliss and comfort of — janjararan! — shirt-jeans-sneakers, so it feels like home already. Off we go to the mall, church, bar, party, beach, school, workplace, and even to another planet if only it’s visa-free, in good ol’ shirt-jeans-sneakers. And because we believe less is more, we boldly proclaim that it’s our pambansang uniform. Well, we could put on larger-than-life (literally and figuratively) headdresses and gowns or mustard-colored suits with red-dotted green bows. Sadly, it takes only a Tessa Prieto, Kuya Germs, or Bro. Mike to pull it off. Amen.

A Word on Style If someone tells you you’re “umi-style” or says “Style mo, ha!” don’t flash what you deem is your cutest smile and drown in teeming gratefulness. Don’t even think of articulating a “TY.” Please. Otherwise, you’re committing a major social faux pas, at least in the Pinoy milieu. For the kabayan, SMB isn’t your preferred choice of toma alone; it also refers to Style Mo Bulok. Meaning, you’ve got a rotten way of doing things and that we can see too well that you’re just pulling our leg, so back off, hmp! Of course, that’s the long — and na-carried away lang — definition of it, but you get the drift, hopefully. To give you an example of an SMB in action, let’s again use the popular cell phone — that device that’s more and more becoming a playground of idle hands, which belong either to the jejemon or pa-cute/pa-pansin. Clarification: pa-cute means the subject is kinda cute, which could make up for the horrible style, while pa-pansin means subject doesn’t deserve your attention, period. This time, though, we’ll give the jejemon their much-needed respite, so we’ll have the pa-cute/pa-pansin on the hot seat instead.

of our tops because...our country is close to our hearts, naks! (A great present for the homesick balikbayan. Nudge, nudge.) Even P-Noy (that’s President Noynoy for you, dear Pinoy) heralds the comeback of the ‘yellow fad’ — yellow ribbons, Cory shirts, Ninoy eyeglasses. (See, 2010 is the new 80s, so start digging up your Bagets wardrobe.) Still looking for the bona fide fashionista? You mean you haven’t been to Starbucks and seen our yuppies sporting the layered look— sweater, jacket, and trench coat mala-Matrix worn simultaneously with matching scarf and bonnet. And it isn’t because of climate change change, so chill. It’s the call center trend, which means braving not just the crazy works hours but the freezing office temperature as well, just so they can yield another US$5 billion for Pinas.

Ever received a missent text (daw!) full of sweet nothings — something like “ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTVWXYZ… oops, i miss U!” — that would cause even an ant to die instantly from diabetes? That might be an SMB situation since if you were the sender, (1)Why would you missend something that’s compromising your human dignity? and (2) Why, despite a litany of apologies over the “missent” text, would you keep on harassing, er, engaging someone in a friendly albeit no-brainer chat with those have-youeaten/slept/yawned/inhaled/exhaled-already close-ended questions? Now, whether you’ll ignore the SMB sender or not depends on his/ her classification (pa-cute vs. pa-pansin), in which case please see the clarification note above. Here’s a warning, though. Some people go beyond innocent activities like texting and choose to be full-time SMB practitioners. So, when someone asks you if you want to see your future, takes both your hands in his/hers, and starts caressing your outspread palms to study where those lines are supposed to lead you, congratulations, you’ve just been an SMB victim of a certified manyakis! Next time you itch to know when (and if ) you’ll ever meet your prospective lover, just consult “The” Madame Auring instead!


The Annie B (Batobalani) Chronicles

The adventures and misadventures of a ‘not so average’ Pinay trying to make it in the cosmpolitan city of Dubai.




The Battle of the Jejemons One boring Friday morning, while desserting on my favorite Chowking Halo-halo Special, sabay browsing thru my Fezbook, nasight ko ang isang post that caught my attention: “DO YOU WANT TO BE A MODEL? Pinoy Kodakero Club – the newest organization of Filipino Photographers – is looking for new and fresh faces to become portfolio models. Do you have exotic looks, an adventurous and pleasing personality and a desire for an exciting life? If so, this opportunity maybe for you. Sounds interesting? Join now!” Ay, without battling an eyelush, click ko agad ang Like button at double click ang post that led me to their Fezbuk page: Audition now and join our photo test shoot! Click! Click! Click! Bukod sa pag-career ko sa mga beauty contests noon eh isa din sa mga lifelong ambitions ko ang maging isang model – korek – a fashion mowdel! Yun bang kinukuyog ng mga photographer habang gumigilinggiling at pumo-pose ng kung anu-ano - Click! Click! Panay ang flash ng camera tuwing gagalaw ako, tapos nagkakagulo ang mga make up artist at hair stylists para ayusan ako every five minutes tapos change outfit galore. Major! Major! Highschool pa lang ako noon nang mapanood ko sa TV si Melanie Marquez na pumo-project na parang giraffe to the tune of “Head Over Hills” ng Tears for Peers noon… Aaaaay, kakaloka ang lola mo – kakaiba at nanlalamon ng ibang contestants. Tapos…pak! First Runner-Up! Bongga…dinaot lang ni Monika Schnarre ng Canada – sayang, title na sana. Mula noon, taon taon ko nang inaabangan ang pa-contest na Supermodel of The World at Look of The Year – tinaga ko noon sa bato na someday, sasali ako at magiging supermodel din. Kaya lang, nang magdalaga na ako eh napansin kong kulang ako

sa height, at sa katawan, at sa ilong, at sa haba ng leeg, at sa liit ng puson at marami pang iba, ehem… upang mag-qualify as a contestant sa modeling contests noon. Ang tanging qualification ko lang na pasok sa banga eh yung pleasing personality at fighting spirit – yun madami ako nun. Eh na-realize ko rin na kung itatabi mo ako kina Tweetie De Leon, Abbygale Arenas at Lou Bunyi eh baka mapagkamalan lang akong anino nila. Bukod sa tangkad at ganda nila eh promding-promdi pa ako noon. Pero hindi pa rin ako nawalan ng pagasa. Madalas iniipon ko ang baon ko noon at nagtitiis sa gutom para makabili lang ng Vogue magasin, pag may extra budget pa. Mega magasin na rin. Kaya upto-date ako lagi sa fashion world ever since, kaya nga natunton ko ang kinalalagyan ko ngayon working in the fashion industry – as an executive assistant. O di ba? Destiny talaga. Talagang I live, breathe, eat, drink, sleep, wake up, bathe, dress up fashion all the way. Miski nga noong executive pa ako noon sa Makati eh talagang rumarampa ako sa Ayala Avenue as if nasa runaway ako – kebs ko sa mga nagtitinginan – basta feeling ko talaga supermodel ako habang naka-fur (japeyks lang) at French coat at velvet boots ako miski umambon lang – basta pinangangatawan ko ang pagiging model ko. Malay mo ma-discover pa ako? Kaya naku, ramdam ko na talaga na, eto na… eto na! Ang aking lifelong dream to become a mawdel ay nalalapit na. Konting tiis na lang, mapapansin din ako. Tutal nasa ibang city naman ako na napaka-diverse ng tingin sa beauty – sa atin jologin ang looks ko pero dito malamang exotic – a rare mix of Latin, Oriental, Spanish, Malay breed…parang aso no? Dizizziiiittt!!! So I wasted no time and sized the day. Tinawagan ko si BFF Sheila for instant help and moral support. Since we’ve became close friends lately eh I share everything with her – mula sa career at lovelife, BFF Sheila is always there for me. Syempre hindi sya dapat mawala ngayong milestone sa buhay ko ang malapit nang matupad any


moment from now. As usual, maasahan talaga sya. I told her to meet me at the photo studio na lang since nagmamadali na rin ako. Pag arrive ko sa venue ng photo test shoot – nawindang ako sa sobrang dami ng utaw. May renewal ba ng passport dito? May mga nag-aapply ba ng OEC? Bakit para akong napunta sa Philippine Consulate? Bumabaha ng mga kabayan! Jusko, isandamukal na mga kalalakihan na pare-parehong may hawak ng camera. Lahat ba ito eh mga tinaguriang photographer? Porque ba may DLSR ka eh photographer ka na? Hmmmm… ito na ba ang pinakabagong usong status symbol sa mga kabayan ngayon? Ang maging photographer? Susyal huh? Maya-maya ay may lumitaw na kakaibang anyo mula sa nagkakagulong crowd – OH-EM-GEE!!! – si BFF Sheila – naka-gown at kuntodo make up!!! Teka my friend, akala ko ba susuportahan mo ako dito sa modeling career ko? Baket parang kinukumpetensya mo yata ako? Dream din daw pala nya ang maging supermowdel. Tulad ko, bata pa lang daw sya ay nangarap na rin syang maging cover girl ng FHM at Panorama Magasin….nagulintang ako – destiny talaga ang friendship namin ni BFF – imagine pati pangarap pareho kami? So we decided that two heads are better than before and promised to help and support each other. Hating kapatid sa pangarap, ika nga – the more the manyer! Mas na-excite ako dun. Pero habang nagsimula na akong magpahid ng make-up sa pagmumukha ko eh biglang naglaho na lang ng parang bula si BFF. Sa sobrang dami ng tao eh hindi ko sya makita at sa sobrang ingay sa dressing room eh hindi nya ako marinig. Sayang, akala ko eh matutulungan ako ni BFF miksi magkabit man lang ng false eyelashes ko – buti na lang carry ko na agad. Medyo slightly eh kinabahan ako kasi andami palang gustong mag-audition para maging mowdel dito sa Pinoy Kodakero Club. Karamihan eh ang babata at ang papayat – pero wala sila sa exotic looks ko. Kaya mo yan, Annie! Fight to Win! Tingnan ko lang kung hindi tumaas ang mga kilay nyo kapag nakita nyo ang suot kong outfit – pang-Dubai Fashionweek! Teka, nasan na nga ba yung isang bag ko? Ay, biglang nawala! Naku, nandito lang yun kanina ah…. hindi kaya naiwan ko sa labas? O sa taxi? Para ten seconds lang ako pumikit kanina habang pinapatuyo ko ang pandikit ng false eyelashes ko…BFF Sheila, where art daw? Please help me find my bag. Nandun ang prized outfit ko!!!

Ilang beses nagpa-balik-balik si BFF Sheila sa dressing room pero lagi syang bigo sa paghanap sa aking bag. Hanggang sa nagsimula nang humulas ang make up nya at sumuko na rin sya sa kakahanap ng bag ko. Kawawa naman sya, ayokong maging hadlang sa audition nya. Pero pano na ako? Plus ten thouand beauty points pa naman sana yung baon kong outfit….haaayyy. Tumingin ako sa paligid ko, nagisip ng paraan at improvisation – salamat sa experience ko sa mga beauty contests at trained ako sa mga ganitong sitwasyon. Walang makakapigil sa akin this time, harangan man ako ng sibat hindi ako magpapatalbog – kid wag kang susuko! Mabuti na lang at very interesting ang mga kurtina sa dressing room na yun – konting tupi, konting gupit, konting safety pins at packaging tape, flowers and pakalat-kalat na bling blings on the floor – equals instant new outfit for me! Itsura ni Karl Lagerfield meets Roberto Cabali meets Lanban meets Fanny Serrano…presents my new “haute kukur” collection – kukurtinahin man, Pret-a-Porter naman! Napa-kartwheel lahat ng mga nasa dressing room – mula sa mga bekimon na hairstylists at make-up artists, sa mga stage mothers at lahat ng mga ibang wannabe models – pinalakpakan nila ang instant outfit ko. Thanks to my magic touch, na-redeem ko uli ang self confident ko. Everybody was congratulating me and telling me how fabulous my outfit is, except for BFF Sheila – na mukhang Biyernes Santo ang reaction sa akin. Well, obviously nagmukhang basahan ang suot nya compared to mine – sorry sister, I didn’t mean to upstage you. Malay ko bang magiging apparition ang kalalabasan ng itsura ko? Mapipigilan ko ba kung naisin ng mga tao na lumuhod at sambahin ang kagandahan ko? What to do? Get over with it unto others. Habang nilalamon ng inggit at insecurity si BFF Sheila eh nagsimula na akong pumroject sa mga camera. Dizzizit Annie, pakita mo sa kanila ang natatago mong alindog…ang X, pati Y and Z Factor mo: pout ng lips dito, tingala doon, bow ngayon, tapos biglang nganga – kunwari nagulat ka – tapos sabay kunot ng noo, kagat labi, nganga ulit, tawa nang malaki, biglang lukot ng mukha, malungkot, tapos galit, nauuhaw… naiinitan, pameywang naman, taas kamay, pakita mo kili-kili mo, lakihan ang mga mata, na-shock, lingon sa langit, luhod sa sahig, gapang…magpagulong-gulong ka…higa! bangon… tindig…turo sa kaliwa, taas ng kilay, sabay tirik ng mga mata… emoooooooooote!!! Kunyari ikaw si Melanie Marquez, magpaikot ikot, sige pa, click! Click! Click! Sarap ng feeling! O, Miriam Quiambao projection naman…tapos syempre pang-Venus Raj na pose – click! Click! Click! Work it, Annie!!! Work it!


Part One – Solo Portion – done! Palakpakan!!! Part Two naman daw – Pairs. I have to find a partner - to see how we interact with other models. Yakang-yaka! Of course for this challenge, I chose BFF Shiela to be my partner – since we’ve been practicing our poses for many weeks now – eto na ang pagkakataon natin! Attaaaaaack!!! So eto na naman, this time with BFF Sheila: lingon sa kanan, pameywang sa kaliwa, akbay kay BFF, yakap kay BFF, tingala sa langit, turo sa tabi, sabay tawa, pout ng lips, tiger look, side view titigan, click! Click! Click! Napansin ko panay ang galaw at change blocking ko pero si BFF Sheila, panay ang overtake sa position ko. Hindi gumagalaw sa pwesto nya! Hinaharangan ako! Aba teka, akala ko ba magtutulungan tayo? Eh bakit parang nasasapawan na yata ako? Maya-maya pa, pinagkaguluhan sya ng mga photographer – aba, nakalabas ang dila, at nakaladlad ang dibdib ng bruha! Ang laswa! Yuckkk! Habang ako eh pang-Vanity Fair ang mga projection ko eh si BFF Shiela naman mistulang nasa front page ng Abante ang dating! At ang mga kabayan naming mga photographer, parang mga asong ulol, pinagsasamatalahan lalo ang kalaswaan ni BFF! Sa totoo lang, isa akong professional. I will never compromise my career for blatant and tasteless ST thrills. Excuse me, hindi yata ako pipitsuging mowdel! I have to be choosy with my projects – hindi basta tanggap lang ng tanggap tapos kung saang website at tabloid lang pala a-apir ang mga pictures ko. Pero if it will advance my career, siguro I will pose nude – if the role calls for it and if it’s done for art’s sake. Carry mo yun? So balik tayo sa photo shoot turned showdown naming ni BFF Sheila. Ayaw pa rin patalbog ng lola mo – halos iharang na nya ang buong katawan nya para hindi na ako makunan ng camera, mayamaya akala ko yayakapin ako for another pose, aba, pinunit pa ang suot kong kurtina – naku, sabotahe na talaga itu! Pero akala nya susuko ako nang basta basta ha? Pwes, sorry sya, nilabas ko bigla ang mga natitira kong Melanie Marquez routines – ayun naloka sya! Pero lalo syang naging palaban – ako naman never surrender – matira ang matibay – let the battle begin! Sige, pose dito, kembot doon, turo sa kanan, tingala sa langit, luhod, higa, dapaaaaaaaa!!! Akala nya makukuha nya ako sa maitim nyang balak ha? Pwes lumabas tuloy na ako ang mas magaling magmowdel kesa sa kanya. Napahiya sya at um-exit nang luhaan mistulang basang sisiw na ulilang palaboy na taong grasa sa lansangan. Tse!

Matapos akong magbura ng mukha, este make-up ko ay nagulat na lang ako nang makita ko ang nawawala kong bag – sa tabi ng mga foil ni BFF Sheila! Aha…sinasabi ko na nga ba eh – planado mo ang lahat ng sabotaheng ito noh? Wala syang nasabi at may gana pang mag-walk out. Umuwi tuloy ako mag-isa at napilitang magbayad ng taxi nang walang kahati. Para akong tinamaan ng kidlat sa tindi ng sama ng loob ko. Bukod sa pumalpak ang shoto shoot audition ko eh sinaktan pa ni BFF Sheila ang damdamin ko. She betray me. It’s hurts. Paguwi ko ng flat ay lalo ako nakapagmuni-muni. Dalawang bagay ang bumagabag sa isip ko: Una, siguradong bagsak ako sa test shoot kanina sa sobrang kahihiyang ginawa naman ni BFF na halos mag-wrestling kami sa harap ng mga camera doon. For sure, puro si BFF ang lalabas sa picures sa inawa nyang pagkakalat sa shoot namin. Pangalawa: Nagulat at na-shocks ako sa ugaling pinakita ni BFF Shiela kanina. Bakit parang napapansin ko lagi na lang nya akong kinakalaban at kinukumpitensya? Kasalanan ko ba kung mas matangos ang mata ko sa kanya at mas maputi ng two shades ang facial skin color ko kumpara sa mala-plato nyang pagmumukha? Harapang pambabastos at pandaraya ang ipinakita nya sa akin ha? Bakit kaya bigla syang naging kakaiba? Hmmmm… Pero hindi bale….miski hindi ako matanggap dun sa mowdel search eh oks na oks lang sa akin. Atleast na-feel ko ang maging supermowdel miski 20 minutes lang. At miski pa sinabotahe ako ni BFF eh napatunayan ko na kaya kong lusutan ang problema by being creative and innovative – at since pinuri ng lahat ang instant outfit ko eh napatunayan kong panalo ako sa challenge na yun. Sarap isipin. Siguro sa susunod na mowdel search, kaya ko nang i-perfect ang score ko. And what about BFF Sheila? Ano ba talaga ang mga totoong motibo nya sa akin? Dapat ko ba syang patuloy na pagkatiwalaan? Kikinis pa kaya ang balat nya? Parang kinukutoban ako, kinakabahan…parang may mga nag-aantay na sagot sa mga tanong ko very soon…at afraid akong malaman ang mga yun. Ang moral of the lesson from the story: Keep your friends close, but your enemies off the grass. Dizizzit!!!

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Helping The Filipino Flourish Global Vision, Native Soul Taas Noo Filipino!

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Helping The Filipino Flourish Global Vision, Native Soul Taas Noo Filipino!