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It’s good to be back again and as I am sure you have come to expect from us, we bring you another issue filled with the latest news and important updates from the industry. Following this summer’s board mee�ng it was agreed that we would form commi�ees covering the various responsibili�es of the board. Eric Klitsch will head the Reloca�on Commi�ee, Marc Van Hoof will be heading the Membership Commi�ee and Dave Deruytter has temporarily taken over heading the Events Commi�ee. Sue Black is no longer with Map Reloca�ons and as such will be unable to sit on the ABRA board, we wish her every succes in her new endeavours. The Expat Event sees its third edi�on coming up this October and ABRA is proud to be a partner of this unique event for expats, accompanying spouses and HR and Interna�onal Mobility Managers. With Dr Prof Kurt Verweire as our keynote speaker it promises to be another event that is not to be missed by anyone with an interest in living and working in Belgium. We look forward to welcoming you there. For our feature interview we meet with Marc Herremans, sports personality of the year 2002 and inspira�onal man all-round. Having been faced with the most trying of injuries, he has not only come out on top, but even gone on to compete and win gold in the Hawain Ironman compe��on. As Marc shows us, accidents happen when you least expect them. Having your insurance in order never seemed so important. Turn to page 7 for the expat case studies discussed at the round table during May’s Members’ Mee�ng. The buzzword in today’s society, both in business and in our personal lives, has to be social networks. The popularity of sites such as Facebook, Twi�er and LinkedIn con�nues to grow, and well, how could we resist such excellent networking opportuni�es? We hope you will join our growing online community for the latest pics, news and more!

cover image: “YESS!” An AIS student gets Marc’s autograph editorial: Fiona Klomp

Eddy Bonne




TRENDS IN COMPETITIVENESS: AN ANALYSIS Launched in 2005, the Global Compe��veness Index (GCI) is now in its seventh edi�on. Although the drivers of compe��veness are many and complex and their factors are complicated and evolve only slowly, some trends are emerging.

ANOTHER HIGH SCORE FOR BELGIUM Belgium has moved up 4 places to rank 15th in the World Compe��veness Report published by the World Economic Forum (WEF) on September 7th confirming that Belgium is a popular des�na�on for trade and industry. The top 3 remains unchanged (Switzerland, Singapore and Sweden) and the top 10 is once again dominated by Western European countries. The report scored 142 countries on Basic Requirements (ins�tu�ons, infrastructure, macroeconomic environment and health & primary educa�on), Efficiency Enhancers (higher educa�on & training, goods market efficiency, labour market efficiency, financial market development, technological readiness and market size) and Innova�on and Sophis�ca�on Factors (business sophis�ca�on and innova�on). Although Belgium appears to be not quite as labour market efficient as it could be, and our macroeconomic environment could do with a bit of a boost, our li�le country once again outshines pre�y much everyone else for health & primary educa�on, coming in second worldwide. WEF has also published the Global Informa�on Technology Report which examines how prepared countries are to use ICT effec�vely on three dimensions: the general business, regulatory and infrastructure environment for ICT; the readiness of the three key societal actors, namely individuals, businesses and governments, to use and benefit from ICT; and their actual usage of available ICT. With a record coverage of 138 economies worldwide, the report remains the world’s most comprehensive and authorita�ve interna�onal assessment of the impact of ICT on the development process and the compe��veness of na�ons. For the full reports please visit the World Economic Forum’s website: World Compe��veness Report: h�p://

Global Informa�on Technology Report:

The past few years have witnessed a shi� of economic power toward the emerging and developing na�ons, a trend accentuated by the recent global economic crisis. This shi� is also reflected to a certain extent in the compe��veness trends observed in different regions of the world. The emerging and developing economies seem to be catching up, albeit gradually. The weighted average overall GCI score of the 80 emerging and developing countries included since 2005 has improved from 4.1 in 2005 to 4.4 in 2011 on a 1-to-7 scale.1 Meanwhile, the weighted average of the 33 advanced economies in the constant sample has decreased from 5.4 to 5.2. As a result, since 2005 the point spread between the two groups has narrowed from 1.3 down to 0.8. Within the developing and emerging world, only sub-Saharan Africa fails to improve, thus losing ground to other regions. Developing Asia, on the other hand, has advanced the most of all the regions, with a gain of 0.4 points. Central and Eastern Europe (+0.3), La�n America (+0.2), the Middle East and North Africa (+0.2), and the Commonwealth of Independent States (+0.1) all progress, though from different bases and at different paces. This convergence is not surprising given that efficiency gains are easier to realize for countries in lower stages of development. The group performance of the developing world is boosted by the strong dynamics of some of the largest economies, including China (+0.5), Brazil (+0.2), India (+0.1), and Indonesia (+0.3). By contrast, the United States has experienced an erosion of its compe��ve edge. Ranked 1st overall in 2005, the country is now 5th. Rank-wise this remains a strong performance. However, the 0.4 point drop in its GCI score is the largest among the 113 economies covered in this analysis. As a result, the spread with fast-improving China has been reduced by a full point to just 0.5 in 2011. The diametrically opposed trends of the world’s two largest economies partly explain the reduc�on of the gap between the emerging and advanced blocks. Indeed, four of the five countries with the largest score loss belong to the group of advanced economies: the United States (–0.4); and Greece, Ireland, and Iceland (–0.2 each). The fi�h is Nigeria (–0.3). However, countries such as leading Switzerland and third-ranked Sweden have gained 0.3 points since 2005, demonstra�ng that stagna�on or decline for advanced economies is by no means inevitable.




An Iron Will

every day at 7am you start ge�ng up around this �me on other days as well. It’s important to have goals, to look forward to something and make sure you achieve these goals.” RL: There must have been dark moments a�er your accident. MH: “Although it felt like I’d been dealt a black card and my life was over, I never really doubted that I’d get back on top again. I never really allowed myself to dwell on the nega�ve. My dream to compete in Hawaii didn’t change. I decided that Hawaii couldn’t wait, I would compete and succeed. Eight months later I was at the star�ng line. I didn’t finish that race, but I certainly gave it my best shot. I’ve learnt to only ever look ahead, if you keep looking back and wonder ‘what if’ I can imagine you end up feeling pre�y nega�ve. I couldn’t have done it without my friends and family though; they were indispensible on my road to recovery. People seem so amazed, but compare it to carpentry; if you were to fall off the scaffolding and into a basement it would be pre�y difficult ge�ng back up by yourself, but if everyone gathers round and gives you their support you pull yourself right out of that hole.”

Ge�ng to Marc is not all that easy. Hordes of children are milling around, joking, vying for his a�en�on, hoping for an autograph. He’s hailed like a rock star and there are shining faces everywhere when they get their autograph. Marc’s in no rush and everyone gets a chance to speak to him. He has just given a talk to the students of Antwerp Interna�onal School on his life, showing how posi�ve thinking helped him to overcome the obstacles that were so rudely thrown in his path. Marc Herremans found fame as a triathlete in the late nine�es and early nough�es, twice winning the Belgian Championship, and a�er coming in 6th at the Ironman Hawaii in 2001 he was named ‘Rookie of the Year’. Spor�ng success a�er spor�ng success followed un�l in 2002 Marc, training in Lanzarote, fell off his bike, breaking his back on a rock. Paralyzed from the chest down, Marc’s life is over as he knows it. But his determina�on to win Ironman gold never le� him, and he set about training so that he could compete once again. RL: Most people would be amazed at your determina�on not to give up a�er such a horrific accident, but looking at your biography you seem to have been pre�y unstoppable even as a child. MH: ‘Hmm, maybe it’s in the genes? I’ve always been pre�y posi�ve anyway, have always set myself goals to achieve. But it’s something you can learn as well. It’s just a ques�on of training yourself, ge�ng into a rhythm. If you get up for work


never dwell on the negative RL: Your first book started to take shape while you were s�ll in hospital. Has pu�ng your feelings and thoughts into words been part of the reason you became a mo�va�onal speaker? MH: “Not at all” laughs Marc. “The idea wasn’t even mine, it was my trainer Paul who suggested wri�ng a book, but I really didn’t feel like it at all. Wri�ng a book didn’t fit in with my training schedule; a�er all, I was s�ll going to Hawaii. But I did phone Paul almost daily to let him know how I was ge�ng on and he used the quotes to shape the book.

PAGE 5 I think it would have been harder to get back into compe�ng if I’d already reached the top; to beat my own best. But as I hadn’t achieved my dream of winning the Ironman yet, I felt I hadn’t reached my goal, the challenge was s�ll there. It took un�l 2006 but then I finally won gold in Hawaii.” RL: You then went on to compete in the Crocodile Trophy in the Australian Outback in 2007, as the very first ever athlete to compete by hand-bike. The 1400km mountain bike race is universally known as the toughest race there is. MH: “It was the hardest race I’ve ever done and it broke my body, but I have no regrets. I’m so glad I took part, even if it meant never being able to compete again.”

keep chasing your dreams Today, Marc gives mo�va�onal talks to large audiences as well as being involved in the training of a number of young triathletes and running a charity. RL: You seem such an easy going, down to earth kind of guy. Going from being an athlete to becoming a mo�va�onal speaker is a huge change. Being named ‘Sports Personality of the Year’, being held up to the light in the way you are, does the a�en�on get a bit much some�mes? MH: “Of course there are days where I’d much rather be si�ng in my back garden with my dog, but an evening like this evening, seeing the kids enthusiasm; if I can just inspire one of them, it’s worth it. That’s why I do this. I also do mo�va�onal talks for companies, and although I really enjoy it, I some�mes find management issues harder to relate to. Speaking with pa�ents in a hospital or rehabilita�on centre, that makes sense to me, I find I can really connect with the situa�on. It’s the same with schools.” RL: Following your accident you set up the charity ‘To Walk Again’. MH: “It’s been an experience. The first 4 years the two of us

did absolutely everything. We didn’t have a penny, received no subsidies, nothing. But by the �me we handed the management of the charity over to Sparta there was over €800,000 in income. Nowadays there are four full-�me staff working for the charity. We sponsor 2 sports centres where people can train for free for up to 35 hours a week. Sports wheelchairs, summer camps for the kids, everything is paid for by the charity. It’s an amazing experience for the children to try all manner of different sports, not just basketball, but also hockey and even parapain�ng, it gives them the chance to find out what they enjoy doing best. It’s important to be ac�ve every day and to keep your mind and body healthy, so that should there be a medical break-through one day, you’re ready to take it head on. We also work with Christopher Reeves’ charity in the States, the charity funds medical research into spinal injuries and stem cells, but financially we can’t keep up with them, we’re much too small in comparison. We focus on rehabilita�on and sports for people with spinal injuries. Our dream is to build a centre where sports are the main focus. Where people can come for rehabilita�on with a sports therapist, massage, get their made-to-measure equipment, etc. and where we can guide the young towards spor�ng excellence. We’ve actually already found a property on the border between the Netherlands and Belgium, now we just need to convince the bank.” Marc posi�vely beams telling me this. RL: Who inspires the inspiring man Marc Herremans? MH: “Christopher Reeves has been a huge inspira�on to me. If my injury has been just 3cm higher I would have been in exactly the same posi�on as him and I would have never been able to do any sports ever again. He could only move his head but s�ll remained so strong and posi�ve despite the fact he was so dependent on help. It’s easy to think we’ve been dealt a bad hand in life, but people should come and have a look around a rehabilita�on centre; they’d soon be able to put things into perspec�ve. I have a massive amount of respect for people who leave everything behind in order to help someone less fortunate, for example by digging wells in Africa. I have much more respect for these people than say for a pro footballer. If someone gives up everything to help someone else, that’s what makes them a real hero in my eyes. I’d love to go abroad and do something like that but I don’t think I could. I’m way too much of a family man. My brother and sister each have three kids, I’d miss them so much I couldn’t manage a week away from them. We’re incredibly close as a family.”


PAGE 6 >>> from p. 5

every setback is an opportunity RL: You’ve achieved so much, what do you s�ll hope to achieve? MH: “I’d love to have 3 children of my own, my girlfriend is hoping for six, but I’m not so sure about that... I help train athletes now, including for the Ironman. I try to guide them as best I can, physically as well as mentally, to help them achieve their best. Of course, part of me hopes to keep them from making the same mistake I did back in 2002: I was �red from training too much and never should have gone training that day. One split second of ina�en�veness can change your en�re life...

But each setback is an opportunity to fight back. You should enjoy life, get the most out of every single experience. Set yourself goals, and when you’ve achieved them, set new ones. You have to keep striving for something because what kind of life is it if there is nothing le� to want?” Following this interview medical student and triathlete Arthur Aghajanyan fell off his bike in the Waasland Tunnel during the 2011 Antwerp Ironman compe��on. He later died in hospital from injuries to his head. A tragedy that underlines just how easy it is for any accident to happen. With thanks to Antwerp Interna�onal School for se�ng up this interview and congratula�ons to the AIS Booster Club and PTO for raising a fantas�c €400 for Marc’s Charity ‘To Walk Again’.

Essential Reading Invaluable to anyone new to Belgium, and excellent reads for expats and locals with interna�onal flair alike, are the publica�ons that should be on everyone’s essen�al reading lists. From Newcomer magazine (published twice-yearly) to the fortnightly The Bulle�n and bimonthly (A)WAY magazine, Belgium offers its interna�onal community a wealth of wri�en word. If you haven’t discovered them yet, a trip to the newsstand is certainly in order!

A�er an extensive redesign, The Bulle�n is back this September with a brand-new look, a brand-new website and a renewed focus on everything the interna�onal community needs to know about what is happening in the capital of Europe. Published every two weeks, The Bulle�n will be packed with exclusive interviews, expert analysis and your defini�ve guide to lifestyle & culture in Brussels and Belgium. From poli�cs to culture, business to travel, food to fashion, if it’s happening and you need to know about it, you’ll find it in The Bulle�n. The new, fortnightly Bulle�n will be in shops from September 8. Readers of The Bulle�n enjoy certain privileges: • Free entrances, discounts and compe��ons – and there is something to please everyone; • For 90€/year you receive 23 issues which you pay 25% less than by purchasing them in newsstands; • In addi�on, subscribers receive the Newcomer Guide which helps newcomers se�le in. This is the ul�mate guide and contains essen�al informa�on for an expat to integrate into Belgium. So do not miss out and read The Bulle�n – con�nental Europe’s leading Englishspeaking magazine! Also visit our brand new website: www.thebulle� The Bulle�n is delighted to offer a free trial in the welcome packs of ABRA members; for more informa�on about this offer, please contact Annika Strasser on 02.373.83.25 or by email



Medical Insurance for Expats and their Families

Reloca�ng to a new country means many changes and can be a confusing �me for both expats and their families. Employers too are o�en le� with ques�ons regarding the best op�ons for medical health insurance, especially when transferring someone in from abroad, either on a long-term assignment or on detachment. Our panel members Filip Declercq from Expat & Co, Kurt Mellaerts from Euromut and Hendrik Boelens from Allianz Worldwide Care answered four case studies that represent the most frequently asked ques�ons by expats and relocators, posed by Nicole De Badts from NOVA Reloca�on. Case 1: Our new arrivals have been told to provide proof of medical insurance for their visa applica�on with the Belgian embassy and for registra�on into the Belgian popula�on registry at a local municipality. A: “If the new arrival has come from within Europe obtaining this documenta�on is fairly straigh�orward. They will need to request an ‘E’ form from their last country of residence, which will prove they were covered by a public health care system. If the expat is arriving from outside of Europe he can take a Schengen Visa insurance. This is an insurance for max. 90 days, with a minimum of 30.000 € health cover, repatria�on and private liability. During these 90 days he has the �me to arrange all formali�es at the municipality and with the public health fund.” Case 2: We have two unmarried partners living together, one of whom works and the other does not. They fall under the Belgian Social Security system and are therefore en�tled to reimbursement by the Belgian health care system. However, they can only claim reimbursement once they are registered with a Belgian health insurance provider. This can only be done once they are registered at the municipality. This means that there is a period where they are not covered for the �me beingWhat is our best op�on?

By designing a policy that can work as a top-up plan to the public health insurance, you know that you are covered from the very first euro, enjoying all the benefits of private health insurance, without having to pay the full, premium rates. And what makes it really interes�ng is that this policy will travel with you, wherever you go in the world. Should you move to another country with a public health care system, the policy will be adapted to that mutuality system. Should you move somewhere with li�le or no public health care, you can simply upgrade your policy to full coverage. Equally, should you be offered excellent employer coverage on another assignment just switch the policy to ‘sleeper mode’ un�l you wish to reac�vate it. The next �me you move, there is no need to start the insurance process all over again in your new country of residence, you can simply adapt it to suit your exact requirements. With this system you never pay double.” Case 4: Our expat is on secondment from another EER country, their social security payments are made in their home country, so why would they need to join a mutuality in Belgium? A: “Joining a mutuality means the expat can get reimbursed almost immediately for the treatments they’ve received in Belgium. The mutuality will then recover their expenses from the home country of the expat. If the expat has to recover his expenses himself from his home country, it can take up to 4 to 6 months, so it certainly is worth joining a local public health fund.”

I’ts a colourful world...

A: “During the �me that registra�on at the municipality is in process and registra�on with a public health insurance provider is completed, one can have full coverage with a private health insurer. Once registered with a public health insurance provider, he or she could change the private cover into an addi�onal cover, topping up the public health insurance.” answers Kurt Mellaerts. Case 3: Our expats have always received 100% reimbursement through their private health insurance. Their new employer feels it is unnecessary to offer private health insurance as Belgium has good public health services. Unfortunately the mutuali�es do not reimburse 100% of medical expenses and our expat would like to have this addi�onal security. Is there any way in which our expats can take out insurance that will offer all of the benefits of private health insurance without the price tag tradi�onally a�ached to this? A: “We have spcifically designed an insurance package to answer this problem,” offers Filip Declercq. “As it is compulsory to have a mutuality in Belgium, full private health insurance o�en overlaps with what you are already paying for through your wage packet. Why would anyone want to pay twice?

...and there is no one else quite like you So why would we think a standard policy would suit you?

Well, we don’t. We know how different you are, how individual your needs can be and offer insurance solutions as colourful as you are. Find out today what makes us your perfect match.


Expat & Co bvba - T: +32 (0)2 463 0404 - F: +32 (0)2 463 2333 WWW.EXPATINSURANCE.EU

PAGE 8 CREATIVE WRITING The new school year also sees the start of another “crea�ve wri�ng for expatriates” course with Anne Randerson, Ph.D. at Boston University Brussels. The course is open to everyone with an interest in crea�ve wri�ng and will be offered at the American Women’s Club of Brussels. Classes will be held on the following Fridays: October 7th, October 21st, November 18th and December 2nd, from 10:30 am to 12:30 pm. The course is limited to 12 persons so prospec�ve students will need to be quick. Anne will also be offering a new, 3-hour “mo�va�on” seminar on December 9th at the AWCB. Please contact Anne Randerson for further informa�on: or tel: +32 (0)485 35 70 29

NEWS FROM OUR MEMBERS A BRAND NEW LOOK REVEALED Following this summers’ refurbishments THON Residence Parnasse is honoured to welcome you in its 100 completely refurbished apartments. Located in the heart of the European Quarter, just a few steps from the European Parliament, these contemporary apartments have been designed in a comfortable, cosy design to make guests feel at home. THON Residence Parnasse has been providing one, two and even three bedroom apartments to expatriate guests for 10 years and are delighted to put their experience at your service. Contact Hsuan Liu for a visit: Tel.: +32 2 205 15 07 or

• VIRTUAL TOURING Raddisson Blu Astrid Antwerp invites you to their new virtual tour of the hotel. h�p://

• ERC SUMMIT AMSTERDAM: IN-Lease BISCUIT CONTEST Following the great chocolate taste test at the Palma Conference, this summer saw IN-Lease holding a bu�er biscuit taste contest between Belgium and The Netherlands (Cort Global Network “Cookie” Taste Contest) during the ERC Summit in Amsterdam.

A NEW LIBRARY FOR THE NEW SCHOOLYEAR Antwerp Interna�onal School has just opened it’s brand new library on September 5th. We wish you all many happy hours of reading!


85% of the par�cipants chose the Belgian biscuits as the best flavoured. An overwhelming victory from Belgium against our neighbours from The Netherlands! The winner of the drawing, Kaye Marshall, Writer Reloca�ons, Dubai will receive 1Kg of Belgian biscuits. In-Lease hopes to see you again next �me at their Cort Global Network Stand in Denver.

A NEW HEADMASTER FOR AIS Dr. Geoff Fisher has joined the Antwerp Interna�onal School in August 2011, following a career in interna�onal educa�on that includes Scotland, England, the Netherlands, Egypt, Argen�na, Australia, and India.

Dr. Geoff Fisher

Who is Geoffrey Fisher? I am a husband, a father, an academic, a prac��oner, a leader and a friend! I have been a teacher for thirty years and an educa�onal leader in interna�onal school for twenty years. My experience encompasses five con�nents, day schools, boarding schools, seven na�onal systems, and four interna�onal systems of educa�on. I con�nue to enjoy the company of young people, to be enthralled by the opportuni�es and challenges of educa�on within schools, and to love my job because at its heart, it is fun.

Hopes? I would hope to bring to the Antwerp Interna�onal School exper�se, experience, energy and enthusiasm. To provide a sense of direc�on and development for what is already an outstanding school.

Looking forward to? What I am looking forward to the most is: having arrived here in Antwerp, I have found a school with great strengths, including academic rigor, a sense of care for the individual, an extraordinarily vibrant student culture, and a wonderfully welcoming community. So while looking forward to ge�ng to know Flanders, Antwerp and Belgium, I am also looking forward to playing a role within the school and its wider community.




Don’t forget! Friday October 14th sees the third edi�on of the Expat Event with Vlerick Leuven Gent Management School. An exclusive event for expats, accompanying spouses and interna�onal mobility managers, this is the place to be networking this October and ABRA is proud to be a partner to this event. Keynote speaker Dr Prof Kurt Verweire will be explaining why many companies struggle with the challenge of strategy implementa�on. He will also offer insights into how to create a high performance and high commitment organisa�on. To register please visit the Vlerick website:h�p://

to join the ABRA LinkedIn group:

ABRA goes social! Yes, the digital revolu�on turned social some �me ago, and well, we couldn’t get le� behind! The fastest way of socialising and networking with like-minded individuals and companies, ABRA’s social groups are open to all, which means you can not only reach our members with just a click, but people from around the world with an interest in all things reloca�on. Post your queries, pictures, �t-bits and other news online, expand your personal network today and watch your opportuni�es grow. So why not join us on Facebook and LinkedIn, we’ve made it super easy for you... Simply follow these links to join and if you’d like to invite your contacts to join the ABRA Groups but are having some trouble working out the quickest way, please follow the instruc�ons, it won’t take more than a few minutes of your �me. Good luck and thanks for taking a moment to help us grow our ranks! We look forward to seeing you online :)

follow this link to our group and either sign in to your account or join LinkedIn to join us online. It really is that simple! h�p:// &trk=hb_side_g to invite your contacts to the ABRA group on LinkedIn: Sign into your linkedin account Fourth tab in topmost toolbar = groups Select ABRA Select ‘members’ in the second toolbar from the top (discussions, promo�ons, members.....) Far right corner in this toolbar = share group Select ‘invite others’ Click on the li�le ‘IN’ icon next to the connec�ons box, this will bring you to your list of contacts so you don’t need to manually type out all the names, but rather can just check the people you want to invite to join. to join the ABRA Facebook group: Follow this link to our group and either sign in to your account or sign up to Facebook to join our Facebook group for pics, events and more: h�ps:// to invite your friends to the ABRA group on Facebook: Select the op�on ‘invite friends to join’ from the right hand column of your facebook page. simply enter your friends’ names and they will receive an invita�on to join.



AGM and Members’ Meeting - Tuesday 10th May

This year’s AGM and Members’ Mee�ng were hosted by Euromut at their offices in Brussels. Following the board elec�ons, which were open to our full members, all members’ were welcomed for the mee�ng. Health insurance and interna�onal mobility were the topic of the day and the round table discussion between Kurt Mellaerts of Euromut, Filip Declercq of Expat & Co, Nicole De Badts of NOVA Reloca�on and Hendrik Boelen of Allianz Worldwide Care opened up the floor for ques�ons, problems and answers. For those of you who were unable to a�end the mee�ng we bring the round table discussion on page 7.




DATES FOR YOUR DIARY: EXPAT EVENT ABRA partners with Vlerick Management School Date: Friday 14th October 2011 Time: 18.00 - 22.00 Loca�on: ING Belgium, Troonstraat 1, 1000 Brussels PLEASE REGISTER ONLINE TO ATTEND

ABRA MEMBERS’ MEETING Date: Wednesday 7th December 2011 Time: 16.30 - 20.00 Loca�on & Speakers: to be announced

EuRA is looking forward to welcoming delegates to the 15th EuRA Interna�onal Reloca�on Congress being held in the stunning city of Stockholm.

ReLocate is published quarterly for Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter. www.abra-reloca�

Branded as the Capital of Scandinavia, Stockholm is spread over 14 islands and is a city lived on the water. The EuRA Congress takes place over three days, with registra�on and training taking place on Wednesday 25th, training, open sessions and the Gala Dinner on Thursday 26th, the conference day and party night taking place on Friday 27th. Our venue will be the Clarion Sign hotel. For all sponsorship opportuni�es please download the file under the Sponsorship sec�on.

For the digital version of ReLocate please visit our website to either view or to sign up to receive your quarterly copy straight to your inbox.

To register for the conference please visit www.eura-reloca�

If you would like to see your event listed in ReLocate, or for further informa�on on adver�sing, please contact relocate@abra-reloca� with the details. For any other enquiries contact admin@abra-reloca�

ReLocate magazine Autumn 2011  

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